West Side Canal West Side Canal Carbon 6316 Baggs
State Line Ditch State Line Ditch Lincoln 6083 Auburn
East Springer Main Lateral East Springer Main Lateral Goshen 4101 Lyman
North Horse Creek Lateral North Horse Creek Lateral Goshen 4058 Lyman
School Number 81 School Number 81 Goshen 4022 Lyman
Lateral Number 2 Lateral Number 2 Goshen 4213 Torrington SE
Bob Brock Ditch Bob Brock Ditch Johnson 5148 Hibbard Draw
Kidman Well Canal Kidman Well Canal Uinta 6667 Opal
Pavillion Drain Pavillion Drain Fremont 5184 Lost Wells Butte
Pick Ditch Pick Ditch Carbon 6762 Overland
Sheep Creek Canal Sheep Creek Canal Sweetwater 6424 Manila
Brown and Croxell Ditch Brown and Croxell Ditch Big Horn 4331 Burlington
Nickel Scribner Ditch Nickel Scribner Ditch Carbon 6962 Oberg Ranch
Wyoming Development Company Canal Wyoming Development Company Canal Platte 5351 Squaw Rock
Abo Ditch Abo Ditch Sublette 7054 Big Piney West
Adin Brown Ditch Adin Brown Ditch Uinta 6585 Murphy Ridge
Affalter Ditch Affalter Ditch Johnson 4757 Dry Creek Reservoir
Agrarian Ditch Agrarian Ditch Big Horn 4052 Gould Butte
Agrarian Ditch Agrarian Ditch Big Horn 4022 Sheep Canyon
Albany Ditch Albany Ditch Albany 7405 Millbrook
Alpha Ditch Alpha Ditch Carbon 7661 Elk Mountain SW
Anderson Ditch Anderson Ditch Lincoln 6601 Opal
Anna May Ditch Anna May Ditch Park 4324 Clark
Apex Ditch Apex Ditch Sublette 7431 Daniel Junction
Aragon Ditch Aragon Ditch Fremont 5381 Morton
Arapahoe Ditch Arapahoe Ditch Fremont 7005 Brenton Springs
Ardie Ditch Ardie Ditch Lincoln 7067 Ball Island
Arnold Drainage Ditch Arnold Drainage Ditch Goshen 4137 Torrington
Ashley Wolf Ditch Ashley Wolf Ditch Sublette 7385 Daniel Junction
Athorpe Rogers Ditch Athorpe Rogers Ditch Sheridan 4186 Ucross
Austin Canal Austin Canal Uinta 6673 Austin Reservoir
Badger Wasteway Badger Wasteway Fremont 5079 Mexican Pass SW
Baggs Ditch Baggs Ditch Carbon 6240 Baggs
Bahr Lateral Bahr Lateral Big Horn 4449 Burlington
Ball Ditch Ball Ditch Sublette 7024 Boulder
Bank Lateral Bank Lateral Big Horn 4455 Burlington
Barkey Ditch Barkey Ditch Johnson 4911 Lake De Smet West
Barnum Ditch Barnum Ditch Johnson 5098 Barnum
Barrett Ditch Barrett Ditch Johnson 5423 Mayoworth
Battin Ditch Battin Ditch Albany 7303 James Lake
Bear Canal Bear Canal Uinta 7664 Pine Knoll
Bear Canal Bear Canal Uinta 7648 Pine Knoll
Bear Creek Ditch Bear Creek Ditch Goshen 4780 Kessler Gap
Bear River Canal Bear River Canal Uinta 6352 Woodruff Narrows
Beaver Creek Ditch Beaver Creek Ditch Johnson 5279 Barnum
Beaver Dam Ditch Beaver Dam Ditch Laramie 5571 Arcola
Beaver Dam Ditch Beaver Dam Ditch Fremont 7283 Atlantic City
Beaver Ditch Beaver Ditch Sublette 7500 Deer Hill
Beaver Tooth Ditch Beaver Tooth Ditch Johnson 4842 Schlicht Draw
Beck and Allen Lateral Beck and Allen Lateral Big Horn 4409 Burlington
Beckwith and Quinn Canal Beckwith and Quinn Canal Lincoln 6211 South Lake
Beckwith and Quinn Ditch Beckwith and Quinn Ditch Lincoln 6214 Leefe
Bellamy Ditch Bellamy Ditch Albany 7293 James Lake
Bennett Creek Ditch Bennett Creek Ditch Park 4209 Clark
Beta Ditch Beta Ditch Lincoln 7060 Ball Island
Bickel Ditch Bickel Ditch Sublette 7487 Warren Bridge
Biddick Ditch Biddick Ditch Albany 7083 Bamforth Lake
Big Bear Ditch Big Bear Ditch Big Horn 4879 Hyatt Ranch
Big Bonanza Ditch Big Bonanza Ditch Johnson 4150 Ucross
Big Corral Ditch Big Corral Ditch Fremont 5066 Hudson
Big Fork Canal Big Fork Canal Big Horn 3760 Natural Trap Cave
Big Harrison Ditch Big Harrison Ditch Carbon 7185 Pierce Reservoir
Big Heart Ditch Big Heart Ditch Carbon 7136 Pierce Reservoir
Big Meadow Ditch Big Meadow Ditch Sweetwater 4918 Bordeaux
Binning Ditch Binning Ditch Sublette 7434 Cora
Bishop Lateral Bishop Lateral Natrona 5430 Smith Flats
Black Water Ditch Black Water Ditch Albany 7283 Millbrook
Black Water Ditch Black Water Ditch Albany 7274 Millbrook
Blacks Fork Canal Blacks Fork Canal Uinta 6745 Mountain View
Blue Creek Ditch Blue Creek Ditch Johnson 5203 Barnum
Bluff Canal Bluff Canal Washakie 4150 Worland
Bluff Ditch Bluff Ditch Sublette 7359 Meadow Canyon
Bluff Ditch Bluff Ditch Albany 6788 Wilcox
Blydenburg and Morgan North Ditch Blydenburg and Morgan North Ditch Carbon 6995 Walck Ranch
Blydenburg and Morgan South Ditch Blydenburg and Morgan South Ditch Carbon 6985 Walck Ranch
Bolln Ditch Bolln Ditch Laramie 5833 Archer
Bordeaux Canal Bordeaux Canal Sweetwater 5138 Ferguson Corner
Bordeaux Ditch Bordeaux Ditch Sweetwater 4967 Bordeaux
Botero Ditch Botero Ditch Uinta 7687 Robertson
Boughton Canal Boughton Canal Albany 7041 Bosler
Boulder Canal Boulder Canal Sublette 7093 Boulder Lake
Box Elder Drain Box Elder Drain Goshen 4222 Veteran
Boxelder Ditch Boxelder Ditch Johnson 4236 Ucross
Brand Point Ditch Brand Point Ditch Sheridan 4278 Dayton North
Brauer Ditch Brauer Ditch Carbon 6781 Saratoga
Bridger Butte Canal Bridger Butte Canal Uinta 6952 Fort Bridger
Bright and Southerland Ditch Bright and Southerland Ditch Platte 4406 Register Cliff
Brome Ditch Brome Ditch Sublette 7188 Daniel
Broughton Ditch Broughton Ditch Johnson 4924 Hibbard Draw
Brown Ditch Brown Ditch Fremont 6667 Barras Springs
Bryan Ditch Bryan Ditch Lincoln 7067 Ball Island
Budd Extension Budd Extension Sublette 7615 Deer Hill
Bump-Sullivan Ditch Bump-Sullivan Ditch Goshen 4311 Hawk Springs
Burkhalter Ditch Burkhalter Ditch Sublette 7106 Boulder Lake
Burlington Ditch Burlington Ditch Fremont 5361 Lysite
Burn Cleuch Ditch Burn Cleuch Ditch Sheridan 3862 Sheridan
Burnt Ranch Ditch Burnt Ranch Ditch Fremont 7300 Atlantic City
Bush and Holliday Ditch Bush and Holliday Ditch Albany 7211 Caldwell Lake
Bush Ditch Bush Ditch Albany 7224 Caldwell Lake
Butler Ditch Butler Ditch Sublette 6906 Olsen Ranch
Caldwell Ditch Caldwell Ditch Albany 7241 Caldwell Lake
Campbell Ditch Campbell Ditch Carbon 6749 Coal Bank Basin
Number 2 Canal Number 2 Canal Platte 4764 Wheatland
Canyon Ditch Canyon Ditch Sublette 7602 Warren Bridge
Capitola Ditch Capitola Ditch Johnson 5282 Mayoworth
Carroll Alsop Ditch Carroll Alsop Ditch Albany 7126 Alsop Lake
Casper Canal Casper Canal Natrona 5479 Clarkson Hill
Cedar Basin Ditch Cedar Basin Ditch Uinta 7720 Burntfork
Cemetery Ditch Cemetery Ditch Fremont 5407 Lander
Center Ditch Center Ditch Uinta 6772 Fort Bridger
Cerlew Ditch Cerlew Ditch Johnson 5134 The Horn
Chambers Ditch Chambers Ditch Sweetwater 6765 Eden Reservoir East
Chambers Ditch Chambers Ditch Sweetwater 6778 Big Sandy Reservoir SE
Chapman Canal Chapman Canal Uinta 6565 Neponset Reservoir NE
Cherokee Gulch Ditch Cherokee Gulch Ditch Carbon 7480 T L Ranch
Cherry Creek Drain Cherry Creek Drain Goshen 4163 Cottier
Cherry Creek Lateral Cherry Creek Lateral Goshen 4216 Yoder
Cherry Creek Wasteway Cherry Creek Wasteway Goshen 4114 Torrington
Christensen Ditch Christensen Ditch Uinta 6466 Neponset Reservoir NE
Church Ditch Church Ditch Sheridan 4659 Columbus Peak
City Ditch City Ditch Uinta 6939 Evanston
Clark Ditch Clark Ditch Park 4081 Badger Basin
Close Call Ditch Close Call Ditch Johnson 5164 The Horn
Coad Ditch Coad Ditch Laramie 4869 Petsch Reservoir
Cody Lateral Ditch Cody Lateral Ditch Park 5095 Cody
Comstock Ditch Comstock Ditch Johnson 4928 Red Fork Powder River
Connley Ditch Connley Ditch Johnson 4321 Horse Hill
Coolidge Canal Coolidge Canal Fremont 5430 Ray Lake
Coolidge Ditch Coolidge Ditch Fremont 5207 Lander NW
Cottonwood Canal Cottonwood Canal Lincoln 7011 Ball Island
Coutis Ditch Coutis Ditch Washakie 4196 Banjo Flats West
Covey Canal Covey Canal Lincoln 6214 Beckwith
Cow Creek Highland Ditch Cow Creek Highland Ditch Carbon 7178 Cow Creek Ranch
Cowdell Waste Water Ditch Cowdell Waste Water Ditch Sublette 8743 Trail Lake
Coyote Ditch Coyote Ditch Carbon 6818 Coal Bank Basin
Crandall Ditch Crandall Ditch Sublette 6818 Ross Butte
Crazy Horse Ditch Crazy Horse Ditch Converse 5577 Hermit Rock
Crockett Main Drain Crockett Main Drain Goshen 4183 Duroc
Crompton Ditch Crompton Ditch Uinta 6489 Neponset Reservoir NE
Crown Ditch Crown Ditch Uinta 7516 Myers Reservoir
Crown Ditch Crown Ditch Johnson 4882 Buffalo
Cummings Ditch Cummings Ditch Johnson 4970 Buffalo
D C P Ditch D C P Ditch Lincoln 6388 Cokeville
Darr Ditch Darr Ditch Carbon 6125 Poison Basin
David Kinker Ditch David Kinker Ditch Johnson 4879 Red Fork Powder River
Davis and Company Ditch Davis and Company Ditch Uinta 7339 Robertson
Deaver Canal Deaver Canal Big Horn 4183 Frannie
Deering Drain Deering Drain Goshen 4163 Cottier
Delaney Ditch Delaney Ditch Lincoln 6608 Names Hill
Des Moines Ditch Des Moines Ditch Johnson 4281 Buffalo NE
Deshaw Ditch Deshaw Ditch Fremont 5522 Argo Butte
Dew and Duffield Ditch Dew and Duffield Ditch Big Horn 3819 Sykes Spring
Dewey Ditch Dewey Ditch Sublette 7333 Meadow Canyon
Dickerson Ditch Dickerson Ditch Carbon 6824 Coal Bank Basin
Dinwoody Canal Dinwoody Canal Fremont 6437 Wilderness
Ditch H-16 Ditch H-16 Park 5184 Cody
Ditch H-24 Ditch H-24 Park 5164 Cody
Ditch H-28 Ditch H-28 Park 5134 Cody
Ditch H-28 Ditch H-28 Park 5161 Cody
Ditch H-33 Ditch H-33 Park 5184 Cody
Ditch H-41 Ditch H-41 Park 5079 Cody
Ditch H-57 Ditch H-57 Park 5046 Cody
Doctor Ditch Doctor Ditch Park 4144 Badger Basin
Donahue Ditch Donahue Ditch Laramie 5144 Midway
Donald Mcphail Ditch Donald Mcphail Ditch Carbon 6903 Walck Ranch
Donzelman and Tilton Ditch Donzelman and Tilton Ditch Carbon 7034 Cow Creek
Double Ditch Double Ditch Fremont 4980 Arapahoe
Dowlin Ditch Dowlin Ditch Albany 7182 Hutton Lake
Dry Creek Canal Dry Creek Canal Fremont 6322 Burris
Dry Creek Drain Branch B Dry Creek Drain Branch B Goshen 4167 Robb Draw
Dry Creek Lateral Bench Canal Dry Creek Lateral Bench Canal Big Horn 4452 Emblem
Dunlap Ditch Dunlap Ditch Johnson 4157 Ucross
Dunn Ditch Dunn Ditch Albany 6995 Lake Ione
Durbin Ditch Durbin Ditch Goshen 5125 Cattail Ranch
Dutch Flat Extension Dutch Flat Extension Fremont 5472 Lander
Dutton Creek Ditch Dutton Creek Ditch Albany 7428 Bengough Hill
Dutton Creek Reservoir Supply Ditch Dutton Creek Reservoir Supply Ditch Albany 7264 Bengough Hill
East Channel East Channel Sublette 6860 Big Piney West
East Goshen Hole Ditch East Goshen Hole Ditch Goshen 4242 Huntley
East Side Ditch East Side Ditch Sheridan 4019 Big Horn
East Springer Lateral East Springer Lateral Goshen 4193 Lyman
East Springer Lateral East Springer Lateral Goshen 4196 Lyman
East Springer Main Lateral East Springer Main Lateral Goshen 4213 Huntley
East Stock Ditch East Stock Ditch Lincoln 7385 Wilkinson Creek
Eden Canal Eden Canal Sweetwater 6690 Eden Reservoir East
Eden Lateral Eden Lateral Sweetwater 6621 Farson
Elizabeth Ditch Elizabeth Ditch Laramie 6470 Horse Creek
Elk Ditch Elk Ditch Carbon 8323 Elk Mountain SW
Elk Lovell Canal Elk Lovell Canal Big Horn 4101 Lovell
Elkhorn Ditch Elkhorn Ditch Sublette 7237 Leckie Reservoir
Emelle Ditch Emelle Ditch Lincoln 6476 Marse
Emigrant Ditch Emigrant Ditch Fremont 6302 Stampede Meadow
Encampment Ditch Encampment Ditch Carbon 7444 Encampment
Enterprise Supply Ditch Enterprise Supply Ditch Fremont 8560 Cony Mountain
Essex Ditch Essex Ditch Sublette 7201 Daniel
Ex Pence Ditch Ex Pence Ditch Sublette 7185 Deer Hill
Extension Dickinson Ditch Extension Dickinson Ditch Sublette 7415 Daniel Junction
Fabian and Tyler Ditch Fabian and Tyler Ditch Lincoln 6434 Moxa
Fabian Ditch Fabian Ditch Lincoln 6434 Moxa
Fairview Canal Fairview Canal Big Horn 4285 Otto
Fairview Extension Ditch Fairview Extension Ditch Big Horn 4222 Wardel Reservoir
Farmers Canal Farmers Canal Big Horn 4199 Gould Butte
Farson Lateral Farson Lateral Sweetwater 6663 Eden Reservoir West
Fayette Ditch Fayette Ditch Sublette 7205 Boulder Lake
Fifteenmile Siphon Fifteenmile Siphon Washakie 4081 Schuster Flats SE
First Mesa Ditch First Mesa Ditch Carbon 6381 Dixon
Fiscus and Vanoni Ditch Fiscus and Vanoni Ditch Washakie 4518 Ten Sleep
Fish Lateral Fish Lateral Johnson 5029 Lake De Smet West
Fivemile 52 Drain Fivemile 52 Drain Fremont 4984 Riverton NE
Fivemile Ditch Fivemile Ditch Sheridan 4416 Dayton North
Fivemile Lateral Fivemile Lateral Fremont 5394 Pavillion Butte
Fivemile Main Lateral Fivemile Main Lateral Fremont 5023 Riverton NE
Flat Ditch Flat Ditch Fremont 5479 Lander
Fork of North Canal Fork of North Canal Albany 7123 Bamforth Lake
Forney Ditch Forney Ditch Carbon 6821 Saratoga
Fort Bridger Canal Fort Bridger Canal Uinta 6686 Mountain View
Fort Collins Canal Fort Collins Canal Johnson 5269 T A Ranch
Fort Laramie Ditch Fort Laramie Ditch Goshen 4252 Yoder
Fox Ditch Fox Ditch Johnson 5026 Lake De Smet West
Frances Ditch Frances Ditch Johnson 5472 The Horn
Francis Ditch Francis Ditch Lincoln 6197 Border
Frannie Canal Frannie Canal Park 4495 Elk Basin SE
Frazier Drain Frazier Drain Goshen 4147 Huntley
Freeman Ditch Freeman Ditch Johnson 5082 Barnum
Fritz Canal Fritz Canal Big Horn 3947 Rairden
Garden Ditch Garden Ditch Laramie 5279 Indian Hill
Garland Canal Garland Canal Park 4596 Vocation
Gerdel Ditch Gerdel Ditch Sheridan 3917 Big Horn
Gering-Mitchell Canal Gering-Mitchell Canal Goshen 4032 Lyman
German Ditch German Ditch Big Horn 4528 Burlington
Gibson Blair Ditch Gibson Blair Ditch Carbon 6188 Poison Basin
Gibson Blair Ditch Gibson Blair Ditch Carbon 6204 Baggs
Gilbert Ditch Gilbert Ditch Converse 5016 Gilbert Lake
Gilchrist Lateral Gilchrist Lateral Sublette 6952 Big Piney East
Gladewater Ditch Gladewater Ditch Sheridan 3550 Acme
Globe Canal Globe Canal Big Horn 3888 Lovell
Go-Ahead Ditch Go-Ahead Ditch Big Horn 4754 Hyatt Ranch
Goshen Hole Ditch Goshen Hole Ditch Goshen 4239 Yoder
Gould Canal Gould Canal Big Horn 4045 Gould Butte
Graham Ditch Graham Ditch Lincoln 6598 Shute Creek Lake
Grand Teton Canal Grand Teton Canal Teton 6411 Clawson
Grand Valley Ditch Grand Valley Ditch Carbon 7132 Encampment
Grant Young Ditch Grant Young Ditch Fremont 5194 Lander
Grattan Ditch Grattan Ditch Goshen 4183 Barnes
Gravel Ditch Gravel Ditch Sublette 7162 Budd Reservoir
Graves Ditch Graves Ditch Johnson 5213 Barnum
Green Ditch Green Ditch Fremont 7116 Dubois
Green River Island Ditch Green River Island Ditch Sublette 6660 Milleson Draw
Green River Supply Canal Green River Supply Canal Sublette 7080 Daniel
Grinnell Ditch Grinnell Ditch Johnson 4377 Horse Hill
Grinnell Livestock Company Ditch Grinnell Livestock Company Ditch Sheridan 3694 Sheridan
Grout Ditch Grout Ditch Big Horn 4199 Otto
H McKay Ditch H McKay Ditch Sublette 7024 Big Piney West
Haglund Ditch Haglund Ditch Carbon 7707 Elk Mountain SW
Haley and Hoge Ditch Haley and Hoge Ditch Albany 7224 Caldwell Lake
Hallie Ditch Hallie Ditch Johnson 5216 Lake De Smet West
Hanna Ditch Hanna Ditch Sublette 6863 Ross Butte
Hanover Ditch Hanover Ditch Sheridan 3816 Ranchester
Hansen Drain Hansen Drain Fremont 5243 Lander NW
Hansen Drain Extension Hansen Drain Extension Fremont 5328 Lander NW
Harlin Robinson Ditch Harlin Robinson Ditch Carbon 8008 Elk Mountain SW
Harman Ditch Harman Ditch Sublette 6926 Mesa Spring
Harmony Ditch Harmony Ditch Big Horn 3934 Manderson
Harran Ditch Harran Ditch Albany 7431 Millbrook
Harris and Spang Ditch Harris and Spang Ditch Johnson 5180 The Horn
Harris Ditch Harris Ditch Fremont 7241 Radium Springs
Hat Ditch Hat Ditch Carbon 6870 Coal Bank Basin
Hatten Ditch Hatten Ditch Big Horn 4452 Black Mountain
Hawk Springs Ditch Hawk Springs Ditch Goshen 4429 Duroc
Hay Ditch Hay Ditch Sweetwater 6703 Fifteenmile Spring
Hay Lateral Hay Lateral Sweetwater 6624 Fifteenmile Spring
Hayes Ditch Hayes Ditch Fremont 5814 Lookout Butte SW
Heart Mountain Canal Heart Mountain Canal Park 5223 Eaglenest Basin
Hecht and Ferrall Ditch Hecht and Ferrall Ditch Albany 7313 Millbrook
Heeley Ditch Heeley Ditch Carbon 6132 Poison Basin
Hermit Rock Valley Ditch Hermit Rock Valley Ditch Converse 5692 Hermit Rock
Hesse Ditch Hesse Ditch Johnson 5200 The Horn
High Ditch High Ditch Big Horn 4403 Cottonwood Canyon
Highland Ditch Highland Ditch Carbon 7805 Elk Mountain SW
Highland Ditch Highland Ditch Big Horn 4603 Hyatt Ranch
Highland Hanover Canal Highland Hanover Canal Washakie 4213 Worland
Highline Canal Highline Canal Sublette 6732 Milleson Draw
Highline Canal Highline Canal Sublette 6745 Big Piney East
Highline Ditch Highline Ditch Platte 4888 Wheatland
Highline Ditch Highline Ditch Sublette 7710 Cora
Highline Ditch Highline Ditch Johnson 4649 Banner
Hill Ditch Hill Ditch Sublette 6962 Mesa Spring
Hilliard East Fork Canal Hilliard East Fork Canal Uinta 7648 Pine Knoll
Hilliard Westside Canal Hilliard Westside Canal Uinta 7605 Pine Knoll
Holden Ditch Holden Ditch Sublette 6890 Big Piney West
Holder Ditch Holder Ditch Washakie 4783 Dutch Nick Flat
Holland Ditch Holland Ditch Washakie 4580 Schuster Flats
Holly and Niccolls Ditch Holly and Niccolls Ditch Washakie 4642 Dutch Nick Flat
Holms Lateral Ditch Holms Lateral Ditch Park 5102 Cody
Home Ditch Home Ditch Carbon 6125 Poison Basin
Home Ditch Home Ditch Platte 5177 Chugwater
Homer Ditch Homer Ditch Albany 7014 Cooper Lake South
Homestake Ditch Homestake Ditch Sublette 6982 Big Piney West
Hooker Drain Hooker Drain Big Horn 3779 Lovell Lakes
Hope Ditch Hope Ditch Sublette 7228 Onion Springs
Horn Creek Ditch Horn Creek Ditch Johnson 5180 The Horn
Horsefly Ditch Horsefly Ditch Sublette 7474 Warren Bridge
Howard Routh Ditch Howard Routh Ditch Sublette 7270 Boulder Lake
Hughes Ditch Hughes Ditch Goshen 4324 Hawk Springs
Hunt Godfrey Canal Hunt Godfrey Canal Big Horn 3822 Lovell
Hurtado Ditch Hurtado Ditch Fremont 5482 Morton
Hyrum Smith Ditch Hyrum Smith Ditch Lincoln 6726 Names Hill
Independent Ditch Independent Ditch Fremont 6558 Sweetwater Station
Interstate Canal Interstate Canal Sweetwater 7506 McKinnon
Interstate Ditch Interstate Ditch Park 4029 Badger Basin
Ione Ditch Ione Ditch Albany 6982 Lake Ione
Iowa Lateral Iowa Lateral Platte 4852 Hightower
J F W Ditch J F W Ditch Big Horn 4186 Otto
J H D Supply Ditch J H D Supply Ditch Laramie 5682 J H D Ranch
J-Pen Drain J-Pen Drain Goshen 4203 Huntley
James Lake North Canal James Lake North Canal Albany 7208 Alsop Lake
Jenkins Ditch Jenkins Ditch Sublette 7474 Cora
Jigger Ditch Jigger Ditch Lincoln 7047 Ball Island
Jim Blaine Ditch Jim Blaine Ditch Johnson 5039 Hibbard Draw
Joe Budd Supply Ditch Joe Budd Supply Ditch Sublette 7260 Budd Reservoir
Joe Moss Ditch Joe Moss Ditch Park 6883 Tonopah Ridge
John McCreary Ditch John McCreary Ditch Albany 7428 Millbrook
John Nolen Ditch John Nolen Ditch Johnson 4659 Kaycee NE
John White Enlargement Ditch John White Enlargement Ditch Albany 7113 Pierce Reservoir
Johnson Canal Johnson Canal Natrona 5371 Emigrant Gap NE
Johnson Creek Ditch Johnson Creek Ditch Johnson 5046 Lake De Smet West
Johnson Ditch Johnson Ditch Natrona 5485 Oil Mountain
Johnson Lateral Johnson Lateral Natrona 5394 Emigrant Gap NE
Johnson Spencer Ditch Johnson Spencer Ditch Lincoln 7444 Wilkinson Creek
Jones Drain Jones Drain Goshen 4176 Huntley
Jones North Ditch Jones North Ditch Lincoln 6591 Names Hill
Jones South Ditch Jones South Ditch Lincoln 6591 Names Hill
Katzer Drain Branch Katzer Drain Branch Goshen 4085 Lyman
Katzer Drain Branch A Katzer Drain Branch A Goshen 4117 Huntley
Katzer Drain Branch B Katzer Drain Branch B Goshen 4163 Huntley
Katzer Drain Branch C Katzer Drain Branch C Goshen 4183 Huntley
Katzer Drain Branch D Katzer Drain Branch D Goshen 4186 Huntley
Katzer Main Drain Katzer Main Drain Goshen 4124 Huntley
Keith Ditch Keith Ditch Johnson 4852 Kaycee
Kelly Ditch Kelly Ditch Park 4442 Clark
Kempton Ditch Kempton Ditch Johnson 5223 Lake De Smet West
Kendrick Canal Kendrick Canal Sheridan 3540 Cabin Creek SE
Kent Ditch Kent Ditch Laramie 5259 Tracy
Kessler Ditch Kessler Ditch Goshen 4724 Kessler Gap
King Ditch King Ditch Lincoln 7001 Ball Island
Kingman Ditch Kingman Ditch Laramie 5889 Altvan
Knuth Ditch Knuth Ditch Carbon 6745 Coal Bank Basin
Kumelos Drain Kumelos Drain Goshen 4153 Huntley
La Prele Main Canal La Prele Main Canal Converse 5249 Orpha
Lake DeSmet Canal Lake DeSmet Canal Johnson 4941 Lake De Smet West
Lambs Supply Ditch Lambs Supply Ditch Uinta 7198 Robertson
Lamma Drain Lamma Drain Goshen 4137 Huntley
Lannigans Ditch Lannigans Ditch Fremont 6043 Crowheart NW
Lannon Ditch Lannon Ditch Uinta 7697 Pine Knoll
Last Chance Ditch Last Chance Ditch Sheridan 4544 Big Horn
Lateral A Lateral A Park 4583 Elk Basin SE
Lateral B Lateral B Park 4423 Elk Basin SE
Lateral C Lateral C Park 4360 Elk Basin SE
Lateral D Lateral D Park 4304 Garland
Lateral D-23 Lateral D-23 Big Horn 4229 Frannie
Lateral D-56 Lateral D-56 Big Horn 4081 Frannie
Lateral H-103 Lateral H-103 Park 4806 Vocation
Lateral H-105 Lateral H-105 Park 4902 Vocation
Lateral H-141 Lateral H-141 Park 5049 Elk Basin SW
Lateral H-65 Lateral H-65 Park 4872 Corbett Dam
Lateral H-71 Lateral H-71 Park 5016 Corbett Dam
Lateral H-79 Lateral H-79 Park 4819 Vocation
Lateral H-89 Lateral H-89 Park 4862 Vocation
Number 1 Lateral Number 1 Lateral Sweetwater 5010 Natwick
Lateral P-27.0- A Lateral P-27.0- A Fremont 5069 Riverton NE
Lateral P-27.0- B Lateral P-27.0- B Fremont 4954 Riverton NE
Lateral P-27.0- C Lateral P-27.0- C Fremont 5016 Riverton NE
Lateral P-27.0- D Lateral P-27.0- D Fremont 5016 Riverton NE
Lateral P-28.2 Lateral P-28.2 Fremont 5118 Riverton NE
Lateral P-31.7 Lateral P-31.7 Fremont 4888 Riverton NE
Lateral P-31.7- B Lateral P-31.7- B Fremont 4947 Riverton NE
Lateral P-32.8 Lateral P-32.8 Fremont 4957 Riverton NE
Lateral P-34.0 Lateral P-34.0 Fremont 4944 Riverton NE
Lateral P-34.9 Lateral P-34.9 Fremont 4944 Riverton NE
Lateral R Lateral R Park 4498 Ralston
Lateral R-9 N Lateral R-9 N Park 4806 Elk Basin SW
Lateral S Lateral S Park 4459 Ralston
Lateral T Lateral T Park 4409 Ralston
Lateral U Lateral U Park 4360 Gilmore Hill NW
Lateral V Lateral V Park 4363 Garland
Lateral W Lateral W Park 4236 Gilmore Hill NW
Lateral W 113 Lateral W 113 Park 4242 Gilmore Hill NE
Lateral W 135 Lateral W 135 Big Horn 4242 Gilmore Hill NE
Lawrence Ditch Lawrence Ditch Sublette 7192 Daniel
Layton Drain Layton Drain Goshen 4190 Huntley
Layton Drain Branch A Layton Drain Branch A Goshen 4203 Huntley
Le clair Canal Le clair Canal Fremont 5210 Pavillion SE
Le Clair Drain Le Clair Drain Fremont 4793 Hidden Valley
Lea Ditch Lea Ditch Johnson 5420 Hole-in-the-Wall
Lee Ditch Lee Ditch Uinta 6355 Woodruff Narrows
Lefthand Ditch Lefthand Ditch Fremont 5000 Arapahoe
Lehmer Ditch Lehmer Ditch Sublette 7103 Big Piney West
Leiter Ditch Leiter Ditch Johnson 4636 Banner
Lena Ditch Lena Ditch Sublette 7625 Signal Hill
Lewis Ditch Lewis Ditch Goshen 4281 Duroc
Lily Ditch Lily Ditch Johnson 5007 Lake De Smet West
Lindback Ditch Lindback Ditch Sublette 7319 Onion Springs
Little Sandy Canal Little Sandy Canal Sweetwater 6703 Eden Reservoir East
Little Sandy Feeder Canal Little Sandy Feeder Canal Sweetwater 6739 Eden Reservoir East
Little Willow Ditch Little Willow Ditch Goshen 4291 Hawk Springs
Lone Tree Ditch Lone Tree Ditch Albany 7352 Downey Lakes
Long Hollow Ditch Long Hollow Ditch Park 6683 Tonopah Ridge
Lord Ditch Lord Ditch Carbon 6804 Coal Bank Basin
Loski Ditch Loski Ditch Carbon 7031 Cow Creek
Lost Wells Lateral Lost Wells Lateral Fremont 5338 Lost Wells Butte
Lovercheck Ditch Lovercheck Ditch Goshen 4655 Kessler Gap
Low Ditch Low Ditch Carbon 7096 Cow Creek Ranch
Lower Ditch Lower Ditch Carbon 6880 Saratoga
Lower Flying E Ditch Lower Flying E Ditch Sheridan 4360 Horse Hill
Lower Hanover Canal Lower Hanover Canal Washakie 4055 Worland
Lucerne Ditch Lucerne Ditch Goshen 4199 Lingle
Luman Ditch Luman Ditch Sublette 7001 Mesa Spring
Lyons Ditch Lyons Ditch Fremont 5197 Lander SE
Maller Ditch Maller Ditch Big Horn 4580 Burlington
Mammoth Ditch Mammoth Ditch Albany 7424 Millbrook
Marion Ditch Marion Ditch Carbon 6949 Walck Ranch
Markle Ditch Markle Ditch Albany 7995 Centennial
Marsh Ditch Marsh Ditch Carbon 6906 Lamont NE
Mau Ditch Mau Ditch Lincoln 6234 Cokeville
Mayer Ditch Mayer Ditch Laramie 6542 Horse Creek
McElhaney Drain McElhaney Drain Goshen 4098 Lyman
McElroy Drain McElroy Drain Goshen 4203 Robb Draw
McFarland Ditch McFarland Ditch Lincoln 6211 Leefe
McIntosh Beaton Ditch McIntosh Beaton Ditch Fremont 6181 Split Rock
McNinch Ditch McNinch Ditch Sublette 7132 Big Piney West
McNiven Lateral McNiven Lateral Big Horn 4426 Burlington
McGrath Ditch McGrath Ditch Johnson 5154 Lake De Smet West
Meadow Canyon Ditch Meadow Canyon Ditch Sublette 7342 Meadow Canyon
Meadow Creek Canal Meadow Creek Canal Fremont 6184 Crowheart
Means Canal Means Canal Sweetwater 6703 Eden Reservoir West
Midmermac Ditch Midmermac Ditch Sublette 6762 Milleson Draw
Midmermac Ditch Midmermac Ditch Sublette 6781 Big Piney East
Mikado Ditch Mikado Ditch Sheridan 3848 Ranchester
Miles Ditch Miles Ditch Johnson 4600 Kaycee NE
Military Ditch Military Ditch Big Horn 4600 Hyatt Ranch
Mill Creek Drain Mill Creek Drain Fremont 5243 Mule Butte
Millard Ditch Millard Ditch Fremont 5243 Lander SE
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch Fremont 6585 Sweetwater Station
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch Fremont 5804 Schoettlin Mountain
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch Fremont 5761 Red Canyon
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch Crook 3465 Beulah
Mission Ditch Mission Ditch Fremont 4964 Arapahoe
Mitchell and Long Ditch Mitchell and Long Ditch Johnson 4603 Trabing
Mock Ditch Mock Ditch Sheridan 4124 Dayton North
Modoc Ditch Modoc Ditch Johnson 4590 Kaycee NE
Monolith Ditch Monolith Ditch Albany 7175 Hutton Lake
Moore and Bagley Ditch Moore and Bagley Ditch Sweetwater 6322 Verne
Morgareidge Ditch Morgareidge Ditch Johnson 5472 Mayoworth
Morris Ditch Morris Ditch Uinta 6545 Murphy Ridge
Morton Ditch Morton Ditch Converse 4862 Douglas
Moxa Ditch Moxa Ditch Lincoln 6401 Moxa
Muddy Ridge Canal Muddy Ridge Canal Fremont 5463 Harris Bridge
Mullen Ditch Mullen Ditch Platte 4590 Hightower
Murphy Ditch Murphy Ditch Johnson 4665 Kaycee
Murphy Ditch Murphy Ditch Hot Springs 5121 Gillies Draw
Murphy Gulch Ditch Murphy Gulch Ditch Johnson 4777 Kaycee
Myers Drain Myers Drain Goshen 4236 Veteran
National Ditch National Ditch Fremont 6516 Sweetwater Station
Naylor Ditch Naylor Ditch Sublette 6982 Boulder
Nelson Ditch Nelson Ditch Carbon 7103 Cow Creek Ranch
Nelson Ditch Nelson Ditch Carbon 7054 T E Ranch
Newland Ditch Newland Ditch Johnson 4560 Kaycee NE
Nichols Ditch Nichols Ditch Carbon 7103 Encampment
Nielsen Ditch Nielsen Ditch Uinta 7365 Burntfork
Ninemile Ditch Ninemile Ditch Sheridan 3944 Sheridan
Ninetysix Canal Ninetysix Canal Washakie 4163 Weintz Draw
Noblitt Ditch Noblitt Ditch Lincoln 6161 Marse
Noel Ditch Noel Ditch Carbon 7113 Pierce Reservoir
North Canal North Canal Albany 7185 Bamforth Lake
North Fork Diversion Canal North Fork Diversion Canal Fremont 6083 Fort Washakie
North Horse Creek Lateral North Horse Creek Lateral Goshen 4101 Lyman
North Lateral Bench Canal North Lateral Bench Canal Big Horn 4436 Emblem
North Lodgepole Ditch North Lodgepole Ditch Laramie 6102 P O Ranch
North Piney Canal North Piney Canal Sublette 7342 Meadow Canyon
North Platte Ditch North Platte Ditch Goshen 4117 Torrington
Northside Ditch Northside Ditch Johnson 5079 Robinson Canyon
Norton Ditch Norton Ditch Fremont 6985 Dubois
Nutria Ditch Nutria Ditch Lincoln 6516 Church Butte NW
O'Neil Ditch O'Neil Ditch Sublette 6831 Big Piney East
Oasis Canal Oasis Canal Albany 7060 Bosler
Oasis Ditch Oasis Ditch Uinta 6949 Leroy
Ocean Drain Ocean Drain Fremont 5167 Lost Wells Butte
Old Channel Ditch Old Channel Ditch Albany 7936 Centennial
Old House Ditch Old House Ditch Park 5115 Sheets Flat
Old Mexican Ditch Old Mexican Ditch Lincoln 6519 Cow Hollow Creek
Old Muleshoe Drain Ditch Old Muleshoe Drain Ditch Platte 4692 Hightower
Old Smith Ditch Old Smith Ditch Park 4764 Y U Bench NE
Oliver Ditch Oliver Ditch Sublette 7064 Boulder Lake
Osterhout Edwards Ditch Osterhout Edwards Ditch Sublette 6985 Big Piney West
Otterson Ditch Otterson Ditch Sweetwater 6224 Lombard Buttes
Outlet Cross Ditch Outlet Cross Ditch Uinta 7136 Piedmont Reservoir
Owens Ditch Owens Ditch Sheridan 4390 Dayton North
Oz Ditch Oz Ditch Sheridan 3858 Ranchester
Packer Ditch Packer Ditch Goshen 4094 Lyman
Pappapau Ditch Pappapau Ditch Park 6237 Iron Creek
Paradise Ditch Paradise Ditch Sublette 6926 Ross Butte
Parco Ditch Parco Ditch Carbon 6545 Sinclair
Park Ditch Park Ditch Albany 7172 Alsop Lake
Park Ditch Park Ditch Albany 7142 Miller
Pate Ditch Pate Ditch Uinta 7874 Hague Creek
Pearce Lateral Pearce Lateral Big Horn 4396 Burlington
Perchal Drain Perchal Drain Goshen 4193 Yoder
Perkins Ditch Perkins Ditch Washakie 4980 Dutch Nick Flat SW
Perkins Ditch Perkins Ditch Big Horn 4268 Otto
Peterson Ditch Peterson Ditch Washakie 4708 Dutch Nick Flat
Phares Ditch Phares Ditch Sublette 6788 Big Piney East
Philbrick and Johnson Ditch Philbrick and Johnson Ditch Lincoln 6352 Moxa
Phillips and Reel Ditch Phillips and Reel Ditch Lincoln 6657 Names Hill
Pierotto Ditch Pierotto Ditch Sweetwater 6404 Thayer Junction
Pierson Ditch Pierson Ditch Johnson 5059 Lake De Smet West
Pilot Canal Pilot Canal Fremont 5364 Pavillion SE
Pilot Drain Pilot Drain Fremont 5325 Pavillion
Pine Grove Canal Pine Grove Canal Uinta 7283 Robertson
Pine Grove Canal Pine Grove Canal Uinta 7014 Fort Bridger
Pine Grove Canal Pine Grove Canal Uinta 7585 Hague Creek
Pine Tree Extension Ditch Pine Tree Extension Ditch Hot Springs 5256 Gillies Draw
Pioneer Lateral Pioneer Lateral Albany 7208 Hutton Lake
Pixley Ditch Pixley Ditch Lincoln 6197 Beckwith
Porter Canal Porter Canal Big Horn 4019 Devils Kitchen
Pratt Canal Pratt Canal Teton 6588 Clawson
Pride of the Valley Ditch Pride of the Valley Ditch Johnson 4951 Lake De Smet West
Quartz Ditch Quartz Ditch Hot Springs 5341 Gillies Draw
Ralston Lateral Ralston Lateral Park 4744 Vocation
Rambler Ditch Rambler Ditch Johnson 5279 The Horn
Ramsey Ditch Ramsey Ditch Platte 5249 Chugwater
Ranchero Ditch Ranchero Ditch Lincoln 7024 Ball Island
Rankin Ditch Rankin Ditch Park 4974 Sheets Flat
Ray Canal Ray Canal Fremont 5682 Ray Lake
Reardon Ditch Reardon Ditch Sublette 6942 Big Piney West
Redan Ditch Second Enlargement Redan Ditch Second Enlargement Sublette 7303 Deer Hill
Redman Ditch Redman Ditch Johnson 4488 Lake De Smet East
Renner-Sims Ditch Renner-Sims Ditch Park 4780 Y U Bench NE
Reynolds Ditch Reynolds Ditch Natrona 5538 Reynolds Reservoir
Richards Ditch Richards Ditch Albany 7228 Hutton Lake
Ridge Ditch Ridge Ditch Carbon 7070 Cow Creek Ranch
Riley Ditch Riley Ditch Carbon 6808 Coal Bank Basin
Riley Lateral Riley Lateral Big Horn 4472 Burlington
Ritchey Ditch Ritchey Ditch Johnson 4780 Lake De Smet West
River Ditch River Ditch Lincoln 6197 South Lake
Roberson Ditch Roberson Ditch Lincoln 6703 Opal
Rock Creek Ditch Rock Creek Ditch Fremont 7523 Atlantic City
Rock Ranch Canal Rock Ranch Canal Goshen 4140 Cottier
Rocky Point Ditch Rocky Point Ditch Lincoln 6106 Border
Rood Ditch Rood Ditch Sweetwater 6250 Lombard Buttes
Roseberry Ditch Roseberry Ditch Johnson 5108 Mayoworth
Ruby Ditch Ruby Ditch Johnson 4793 Lake De Smet West
Running Dutchman Ditch Running Dutchman Ditch Converse 4905 Careyhurst
Sage Ditch Sage Ditch Sublette 6844 Big Piney East
Saint Joe Canal Saint Joe Canal Big Horn 4416 Burlington
Samuel P Large Ditch Samuel P Large Ditch Fremont 5597 Yellowstone Ranch
Sand Butte Lateral Sand Butte Lateral Fremont 5512 Pavillion
Sand Gulch Lateral Sand Gulch Lateral Fremont 5246 Lost Wells Butte
Sandstone Ditch Sandstone Ditch Big Horn 4124 Gould Butte
Schlichting Ditch Schlichting Ditch Fremont 6217 Gravel Spring
School Section Ditch School Section Ditch Carbon 7985 Elk Mountain SW
Schounmaker Ditch Schounmaker Ditch Natrona 5919 Independence Rock
Schwab Ditch Schwab Ditch Goshen 4344 Hawk Springs
Scott Ditch Scott Ditch Sublette 7392 Webb Draw
Sears Ditch Sears Ditch Carbon 7602 Encampment
Seaverson Ditch Seaverson Ditch Carbon 7329 Jack Creek Reservoir
Shafer Ditch Shafer Ditch Lincoln 6978 Ball Island
Sharp Nose Drain Sharp Nose Drain Fremont 5194 Lander NW
Sheep Camp Drain Sheep Camp Drain Fremont 5538 Pavillion Butte
Sidon Canal Sidon Canal Big Horn 4085 Lovell
Sights Ditch Sights Ditch Lincoln 6115 Border
Sill Ditch Sill Ditch Sublette 7142 Pinedale
Simmons Ditch Simmons Ditch Johnson 5623 The Horn
Simpson Ditch Simpson Ditch Park 4124 Badger Basin
Sinnard Ditch Sinnard Ditch Goshen 4347 Hawk Springs
Sioux Ditch Sioux Ditch Fremont 5413 Lander NW
Sirrine Ditch Sirrine Ditch Park 4078 Badger Basin
Sixmile Ditch Sixmile Ditch Johnson 4898 Buffalo
Sixty-Seven Reservoir Distribution Sixty-Seven Reservoir Distribution Sublette 7027 Big Piney West
Smith Ditch Smith Ditch Lincoln 7001 Ball Island
Smith Ditch Smith Ditch Johnson 4514 Trabing
Snake Ditch Snake Ditch Albany 7214 Alsop Lake
Snyders Ditch Snyders Ditch Park 5049 Sheets Flat
Soap Hole Ditch Soap Hole Ditch Sublette 7060 Mount Airy
Sophia Ditch Sophia Ditch Laramie 6483 Horse Creek
South Horse Creek Ditch South Horse Creek Ditch Laramie 6565 Horse Creek
South Lateral Bench Canal South Lateral Bench Canal Big Horn 4472 Otto
South Piney Ditch South Piney Ditch Sublette 7093 Big Piney West
South Side Ditch South Side Ditch Albany 6919 Dodge Ranch
South Side Ditch South Side Ditch Lincoln 6696 Opal
Spencer Ditch Spencer Ditch Sublette 7221 Budd Reservoir
Spring Ditch Spring Ditch Sublette 7487 Deer Hill
Springer Ditch Springer Ditch Goshen 4262 Hawk Springs
Springer Lateral Springer Lateral Goshen 4186 Huntley
Springer Main Lateral Springer Main Lateral Goshen 4226 Huntley
Springs Drain Springs Drain Fremont 4806 Hidden Valley
Springvale Ditch Springvale Ditch Laramie 5023 Meriden
Standish Ditch Standish Ditch Washakie 4514 Ten Sleep
Star Ditch Star Ditch Hot Springs 5433 Hillberry Rim
State Ditch State Ditch Park 4193 Badger Basin
Steed Ditch Steed Ditch Lincoln 6611 Names Hill
Steele Ditch Steele Ditch Washakie 4869 Dutch Nick Flat SW
Stewart Canal Stewart Canal Albany 7533 Millbrook
Stewart Ditch Stewart Ditch Laramie 5919 Altvan
Stoner Nelson Wheelock Ditch Stoner Nelson Wheelock Ditch Lincoln 6394 Cokeville
Strickler Rinker Ditch Strickler Rinker Ditch Johnson 5180 Mayoworth
Sturdevant Ditch Sturdevant Ditch Sheridan 4288 Horse Hill
Sub-Agency Ditch Sub-Agency Ditch Fremont 5118 Arapahoe
Sublet Ditch Sublet Ditch Lincoln 6526 Names Hill
Summit Ditch Summit Ditch Sublette 6952 Big Piney West
Sun Ditch Sun Ditch Hot Springs 5522 Hillberry Rim
Sunlight Canal Sunlight Canal Big Horn 3799 Lovell Lakes
Sunnyside Drain Sunnyside Drain Fremont 5325 Pavillion
Symes and Deerlove Ditch Symes and Deerlove Ditch Albany 7451 Millbrook
Table Mountain Ditch Table Mountain Ditch Albany 7503 Millbrook
Table Mountain Ditch Table Mountain Ditch Fremont 5735 Lander
Table Mountain Ditch Extension Table Mountain Ditch Extension Fremont 5646 Lander
Tableland Ditch Tableland Ditch Carbon 7700 Elk Mountain
Tallman Ditch Tallman Ditch Sweetwater 6325 McCullen Bluff
Tanner Hunt Garrett Tanner Hunt Garrett Lincoln 6329 Cokeville
Tarter Ditch Tarter Ditch Sublette 6863 Big Piney West
Tatman Canal Tatman Canal Big Horn 4465 Burlington
Taylor Ditch Taylor Ditch Fremont 5361 Lander
Taylor Ditch Extension Taylor Ditch Extension Fremont 5285 Lander
The West Ditch The West Ditch Washakie 4281 Wild Horse Hill
Thompson and Kirby Ditch Thompson and Kirby Ditch Sublette 7146 Daniel Junction
Thompson Ditch Thompson Ditch Sublette 7428 Deer Hill
Thompson Lateral Thompson Lateral Big Horn 4022 Devils Kitchen
Thornton Ditch Thornton Ditch Carbon 7037 Foote Creek Lake
Threemile Ditch Threemile Ditch Sweetwater 6673 Red Desert
Tibbets Drain Tibbets Drain Goshen 4199 Cottier
Tilard Canal Tilard Canal Big Horn 3839 Greybull South
Tisdale Ditch Tisdale Ditch Johnson 4911 TTT Ranch
Todd Ditch Todd Ditch Sublette 7159 Daniel
Tongue River Ditch Tongue River Ditch Sheridan 3724 Monarch
Torrington Ditch Torrington Ditch Goshen 4140 Cottier
Town Lateral Town Lateral Big Horn 4419 Burlington
Tunnel Ditch Tunnel Ditch Uinta 6562 Neponset Reservoir NE
Twenty and One Half Ditch Twenty and One Half Ditch Johnson 5007 T A Ranch
Twin Buttes Canal Twin Buttes Canal Uinta 6719 Mountain View
Twin Creek Ditch Twin Creek Ditch Lincoln 6263 Sage
Two Bar Ditch Two Bar Ditch Sweetwater 4888 Natwick
Upper Flying E Ditch Upper Flying E Ditch Johnson 4396 Horse Hill
Upper Hanover Canal Upper Hanover Canal Washakie 4157 Banjo Flats West
Upper Phil Kearny Ditch Upper Phil Kearny Ditch Johnson 4915 Banner
Urie Ditch Urie Ditch Uinta 6562 Turtle Hill
Uva Ditch Uva Ditch Platte 4462 Wheatland
Valley Ditch Valley Ditch Lincoln 7080 Ball Island
Van Ditch Van Ditch Sublette 7221 Daniel Junction
Vandiver Ditch Vandiver Ditch Carbon 6624 Medicine Bow
Victoria Ditch Victoria Ditch Albany 7159 Alsop Lake
Victoria Ditch Victoria Ditch Washakie 4455 Ten Sleep
Victoria Winsor Ditch Victoria Winsor Ditch Washakie 4373 Ten Sleep
Vienna Ditch Vienna Ditch Carbon 6739 Coal Bank Basin
Vruwink Ditch Vruwink Ditch Johnson 4701 Kaycee
W L Smith Ditch W L Smith Ditch Lincoln 7083 Ball Island
Waldron Ditch Waldron Ditch Carbon 7251 Cow Creek Ranch
Walters Supply Ditch Walters Supply Ditch Big Horn 4642 Hyatt Ranch
Wardell Ditch Wardell Ditch Sublette 6785 Ross Butte
Warren Drain Warren Drain Fremont 5075 Hudson
Wash Supply Ditch Wash Supply Ditch Uinta 8051 Moslander Reservoir
Watkins Ditch Watkins Ditch Johnson 6781 Colter Bay
Watkins Lateral Ditch Watkins Lateral Ditch Park 4967 Cody
Webb Perkins Ditch Webb Perkins Ditch Johnson 5679 Packsaddle Canyon
West Channel West Channel Sublette 6860 Big Piney West
West Side Ditch West Side Ditch Lincoln 6197 Leefe
West Side Lateral West Side Lateral Sweetwater 6663 Eden Reservoir West
Whaley Ditch Whaley Ditch Big Horn 4042 Devils Kitchen
White Ditch White Ditch Sublette 7106 Boulder Lake
White Panther Ditch White Panther Ditch Johnson 5358 Barnum
White Water Ditch White Water Ditch Lincoln 6230 Cokeville
Whites Rock Creek Ditch Whites Rock Creek Ditch Albany 7119 Pierce Reservoir
Whitney Ditch Whitney Ditch Laramie 6703 Hecla
Willow Creek Canal Willow Creek Canal Fremont 6047 Crowheart
Willow Ditch Willow Ditch Carbon 7300 Cow Creek Ranch
Wilson Ditch Wilson Ditch Sublette 7060 Big Piney West
Wilson-McKissack Ditch Wilson-McKissack Ditch Park 5545 Castle Rock Creek
Winchester Ditch Winchester Ditch Fremont 5679 Argo Butte
Wind River Canal Wind River Canal Fremont 6132 Wilderness
Wind River Canal Wind River Canal Fremont 6040 Crowheart
Windall Ditch Windall Ditch Carbon 7296 Cow Creek
Winsor Ditch Winsor Ditch Johnson 5318 Barnum
Wise Ditch Wise Ditch Fremont 5092 Hudson
Wolford Ditch Wolford Ditch Carbon 7444 Encampment
Wolford Ditch Wolford Ditch Carbon 7290 Cow Creek Ranch
Wood and Burnett Ditch Wood and Burnett Ditch Big Horn 4153 Otto
Wood and Lykins Ditch Wood and Lykins Ditch Laramie 4915 Meriden
Woodard Ditch Woodard Ditch Goshen 4377 Hawk Springs
Woodbury Ditch Woodbury Ditch Carbon 6132 Poison Basin
Wycross Ditch Wycross Ditch Goshen 4511 La Grange
Wyoming Canal Wyoming Canal Fremont 5564 Pavillion
Wyoming Central Canal Wyoming Central Canal Fremont 5010 Riverton West
Yankee Ditch Yankee Ditch Sublette 6985 Big Piney West
Yarwood Ditch Yarwood Ditch Johnson 4957 Lake De Smet West
York Ditch York Ditch Sheridan 3842 Ranchester
Ziegler Ditch Ziegler Ditch Lincoln 6388 Moxa
42 Lateral 42 Lateral Big Horn 4554 Burlington
Anita Ditch Anita Ditch Big Horn 4524 Flitner Reservoir
Bench Canal Bench Canal Big Horn 4616 Y U Bench NE
Graham Ditch Graham Ditch Fremont 6457 Myers Ranch
Hugus Mullison Ditch Hugus Mullison Ditch Carbon 6785 Saratoga
Sandstone Ditch Sandstone Ditch Big Horn 4157 Wardel Reservoir
Senff Ditch Senff Ditch Johnson 4452 Horse Hill
Shafer Ditch Shafer Ditch Big Horn 4042 Manderson SE
Sheep Ditch Sheep Ditch Sublette 6857 Ross Butte
Wright Ditch Wright Ditch Lincoln 6742 Willow Springs
Sussex Irrigation Canal Sussex Irrigation Canal Johnson 4537 Figure 8 Reservoir
Avent Ditch Avent Ditch Big Horn 4035 Manderson SE
Bertram Ditch Bertram Ditch Sublette 6860 Olsen Ranch
Bigelow Ditch Bigelow Ditch Uinta 7431 Leroy
Bigelow Ditch Bigelow Ditch Uinta 8176 Meeks Cabin Reservoir
Big Horn Canal Big Horn Canal Washakie 4068 Rairden
Blackburn Ditch Blackburn Ditch Fremont 5216 Mule Butte
Bluff Ditch Bluff Ditch Washakie 4153 Neiber
Domick Ditch Domick Ditch Albany 8123 Centennial
Grant Young Ditch Grant Young Ditch Fremont 5184 Lander SE
Hedin and Slate Ditch Hedin and Slate Ditch Sublette 7136 Daniel
Jarrard Ditch Jarrard Ditch Johnson 4682 Kaycee NE
Jimmerfield Ditch Jimmerfield Ditch Park 4829 Y U Bench NE
Johnston Ditch Johnston Ditch Albany 6722 Cannonball Cut
Johnstown Ditch Johnstown Ditch Fremont 5272 Mule Butte
Keystone Ditch Keystone Ditch Park 4902 Y U Bench NW
Lovell Canal Lovell Canal Big Horn 3858 Lovell Lakes
McNinch Supply Ditch McNinch Supply Ditch Sublette 7185 Deer Hill
Old City Ditch Old City Ditch Uinta 6877 Evanston
Pavillion Main Lateral Pavillion Main Lateral Fremont 4803 Hidden Valley
Poverty Flat Ditch Poverty Flat Ditch Albany 7192 Miller
S G Drain S G Drain Fremont 5285 Lost Wells Butte
Soldier Creek Ditch Soldier Creek Ditch Sheridan 3825 Sheridan
South Canal South Canal Albany 7241 Caldwell Lake
Stuck Creek Ditch Stuck Creek Ditch Albany 7716 Old Roach
Superior Ditch Superior Ditch Sweetwater 6296 Thoman School
Table Mountain Lateral Table Mountain Lateral Goshen 4180 Robb Draw
Taylor Canal Taylor Canal Lincoln 6211 Geneva
Taylor Ditch Taylor Ditch Albany 6690 Cannonball Cut
Thornton Ditch Thornton Ditch Carbon 7044 Pine Ridge
Turkey Track Ditch Turkey Track Ditch Natrona 6050 Bucklin Reservoirs
WJD Ditch WJD Ditch Sheridan 4252 Horse Hill
West Side Ditch West Side Ditch Converse 5256 Orpha
Wiley Canal Wiley Canal Park 5111 Eagle Pass
Winslow Hallock and Capen Ditch Winslow Hallock and Capen Ditch Lincoln 6503 Church Butte NW
Y Z Ditch Y Z Ditch Natrona 6069 Bucklin Reservoirs
Neff Ditch Neff Ditch Park 5682 Castle Rock Creek
Dempsey Canal Dempsey Canal Hot Springs 4406 Thermopolis
Kirby Ditch Kirby Ditch Hot Springs 4295 Thermopolis
Kirby Ditch Kirby Ditch Hot Springs 4285 Thermopolis
South Side Ditch South Side Ditch Hot Springs 4383 Thermopolis
Only Chance Ditch Only Chance Ditch Park 6617 Iron Creek
Peoples Canal Peoples Canal Sweetwater 6211 Manila
Sheep Creek Irrigation Canal Sheep Creek Irrigation Canal Sweetwater 6388 Linwood Canyon
Ada Ditch Ada Ditch Sublette 7067 Mount Airy
Adams Ditch Adams Ditch Albany 7926 Rex Lake
Allen Ditch Allen Ditch Carbon 6988 Oberg Ranch
Alliance Ditch Alliance Ditch Sheridan 4308 Wolf
Alliance Lateral Alliance Lateral Sheridan 4281 Hultz Draw
Anderson Ditch Anderson Ditch Carbon 7625 Overlook Hill
Anderson Ditch Anderson Ditch Carbon 7267 Gunst Reservoir
Anderson Howard Canal Anderson Howard Canal Lincoln 7083 Red Gap
Antelope Ditch Antelope Ditch Carbon 7543 Gunst Reservoir
Ault Faussett Ditch Ault Faussett Ditch Carbon 7083 Oberg Ranch
Ault Highline Ditch Ault Highline Ditch Carbon 7182 Oberg Ranch
Aurora Ditch Aurora Ditch Sublette 7723 Springman Creek
Bacus Ditch Bacus Ditch Carbon 7300 Barcus Peak
Baker Ditch Baker Ditch Lincoln 5777 Etna
Barbara Budd Ditch Barbara Budd Ditch Sublette 7644 Springman Creek
Bedford Canal Bedford Canal Lincoln 6197 Thayne East
Bellamy Ditch Bellamy Ditch Albany 7543 Rex Lake
Belvidere Ditch Belvidere Ditch Carbon 8123 Cottonwood Rim
Betty Supply Ditch Betty Supply Ditch Converse 4787 Coal Draw North
Big Cottonwood Ditch Big Cottonwood Ditch Fremont 5650 Mount Arter SE
Big Creek Ditch Big Creek Ditch Park 6230 Flag Peak
Big Goose and Beaver Ditch Big Goose and Beaver Ditch Sheridan 4596 Beaver Creek Hills
Big Piney Divide Ditch Big Piney Divide Ditch Johnson 5298 Story
Blair Ditch Blair Ditch Fremont 7588 South Pass City
Bliler and Boswell Ditch Bliler and Boswell Ditch Albany 7716 Old Roach
Blue Hill Lateral Blue Hill Lateral Fremont 5709 Wolf Point
Bonita Ditch Bonita Ditch Sublette 7700 Springman Creek
Botero Ditch Botero Ditch Uinta 7874 Buck Fever Ridge
Brown and Foster Ditch Brown and Foster Ditch Johnson 5095 Lake De Smet West
Brownlee Ditch Brownlee Ditch Carbon 8084 Encampment
Brush Creek Supply Ditch Brush Creek Supply Ditch Carbon 7247 Cow Creek
Buffalo Ditch Buffalo Ditch Carbon 7224 Gunst Reservoir
Burg Ditch Burg Ditch Albany 7454 Sodergreen Lake
Butte Ditch Butte Ditch Park 6421 Sunshine Reservoir
Canon Ditch Canon Ditch Carbon 7690 Arlington
Canyon Creek Ditch Canyon Creek Ditch Park 5784 Flag Peak
Carson Ditch Carson Ditch Fremont 6578 Torrey Lake
Casteel Ditch Casteel Ditch Carbon 7710 Trent Creek
Casteel Ditch Casteel Ditch Carbon 7726 Trent Creek
Cedar Basin Ditch Cedar Basin Ditch Uinta 7733 Lonetree
Centennial Ditch Centennial Ditch Carbon 7192 Cow Creek Ranch
Cherokee Ditch Cherokee Ditch Carbon 7251 Indian Rocks
Cody Canal Cody Canal Park 5138 Cody
Continental Ditch Continental Ditch Carbon 8425 Trent Creek
Continental Divide Ditch Continental Divide Ditch Sublette 8031 Jensen Meadows
Cook Ditch Cook Ditch Carbon 7296 Ryan Park
Cramer Ditch Cramer Ditch Platte 4928 Hightower SW
Cross Ditch Cross Ditch Johnson 4977 North Ridge
Cyclops Ditch Cyclops Ditch Carbon 7093 Cow Creek
Davis Folsom and Brewer Ditch Davis Folsom and Brewer Ditch Carbon 6903 Finley Reservoir
Decker Ditch Decker Ditch Sheridan 4281 Wolf
Deep Creek Ditch Deep Creek Ditch Carbon 8100 Singer Peak
Dettinger Ditch Dettinger Ditch Carbon 7260 Gunst Reservoir
Diamond Ditch Diamond Ditch Fremont 6850 Torrey Lake
Dodds and Allen Ditch Dodds and Allen Ditch Carbon 7067 Oberg Ranch
Dodge Ditch Dodge Ditch Sublette 7431 New Fork Lakes
Dunkard Ditch Dunkard Ditch Carbon 7467 Indian Rocks
Dye-Shields Ditch Dye-Shields Ditch Sheridan 4055 Wolf
Eagle Ditch Eagle Ditch Johnson 5922 North Ridge
East Side Canal East Side Canal Lincoln 5896 Thayne West
Elk Hollow Ditch Elk Hollow Ditch Carbon 7582 Cow Creek
Encampment Platte Valley Ditch Encampment Platte Valley Ditch Carbon 6962 Cow Creek
Enlarged Cherokee Ditch Enlarged Cherokee Ditch Carbon 7169 Gunst Reservoir
Enlarged Encampment Ditch Enlarged Encampment Ditch Carbon 7572 Gunst Reservoir
Enterprise Ditch Enterprise Ditch Fremont 7359 Fossil Hill
Fairview Canal Fairview Canal Lincoln 6266 Afton
Fisher Ditch Fisher Ditch Albany 7319 Sodergreen Lake
Fmnegan Ditch Fmnegan Ditch Sublette 7835 Springman Creek
Fox Creek Ditch Fox Creek Ditch Albany 7493 Lake Owen
Fremont Ditch Fremont Ditch Sublette 7395 Fremont Lake South
Garrard Ditch Garrard Ditch Sheridan 4153 Wolf
Gaylor and Warnock Ditch Gaylor and Warnock Ditch Fremont 6024 Mount Arter SE
George Nagle Ditch George Nagle Ditch Converse 5502 Maneater Creek
Gilbert Warren Ditch Gilbert Warren Ditch Sublette 7562 Meadow Canyon
Graham Ditch Graham Ditch Sublette 7477 New Fork Lakes
Grimsley Ditch Grimsley Ditch Uinta 7943 Lonetree
Grinnell Ditch Grinnell Ditch Sheridan 4445 Wolf
Hackmaster Ditch Hackmaster Ditch Carbon 7139 Fletcher Peak
Haines Ditch Haines Ditch Carbon 7018 Walck Ranch
Hardman Ditch Hardman Ditch Lincoln 6368 Thayne East
Hay Creek Ditch Hay Creek Ditch Carbon 7474 Finley Reservoir
Hazelton Ditch Hazelton Ditch Johnson 8018 Hazelton
Henry Ditch Henry Ditch Carbon 7730 Elkhorn Point
High Line Ditch High Line Ditch Big Horn 4357 Shell
Highland Ditch Highland Ditch Carbon 7854 Kennaday Peak
Highline Ditch Highline Ditch Big Horn 4281 Otto
Hildebrand Ditch Hildebrand Ditch Converse 7283 School Section Mountain
Hubbell Ditch Hubbell Ditch Carbon 7798 Overlook Hill
Indian Pass Lateral Indian Pass Lateral Park 5262 Indian Pass
J E Ditch J E Ditch Uinta 7972 Lonetree
Jack Creek Ditch Jack Creek Ditch Carbon 7506 Sharp Hill
Jim Crow Ditch Jim Crow Ditch Johnson 5456 Stone Mountain
Joe Ditch Joe Ditch Albany 7398 Cottonwood Creek
Johnson County Ditch Johnson County Ditch Johnson 5036 North Ridge
Johnson Ditch Johnson Ditch Lincoln 6539 Smoot
Josephine Ditch Josephine Ditch Sublette 7654 New Fork Lakes
Kearns Ditch Kearns Ditch Carbon 7247 Gunst Reservoir
Kershner Ditch Kershner Ditch Big Horn 4347 Black Mountain
Kincaid Ditch Kincaid Ditch Carbon 7044 Oberg Ranch
King Ditch King Ditch Albany 7267 Caldwell Lake
Lake Creek Ditch Lake Creek Ditch Park 4370 Chapman Bench
Lake Hattie Canal Lake Hattie Canal Albany 7264 Caldwell Lake
Lake Hattie Supply Canal Lake Hattie Supply Canal Albany 7362 Sodergreen Lake
Lakeview Ditch Lakeview Ditch Park 5869 Belknap Creek
Laroy Ditch Laroy Ditch Carbon 7513 Gunst Reservoir
Laroy Ditch Laroy Ditch Carbon 7411 Gunst Reservoir
Last Chance Ditch Last Chance Ditch Sheridan 4675 Little Goose Peak
Last Chance Ditch Last Chance Ditch Albany 7319 Caldwell Lake
Lee Ditch Lee Ditch Sublette 7208 Pinedale
Leseburg Ditch Leseburg Ditch Fremont 6929 Mason Draw
Little Brush Creek Ditch Little Brush Creek Ditch Carbon 7546 Coad Mountain
Lizzie Lozier Ditch Lizzie Lozier Ditch Sublette 7516 New Fork Lakes
Lizzie Lozier North Ditch Lizzie Lozier North Ditch Sublette 7444 New Fork Lakes
London Ditch London Ditch Big Horn 5899 Leavitt Reservoir
Lordier Ditch Lordier Ditch Carbon 7280 Gunst Reservoir
Lovatt Ditch Lovatt Ditch Sublette 7175 Scab Creek
Sunshine Basin Ditch Sunshine Basin Ditch Park 6637 Sunshine Reservoir
Luckey Ditch Luckey Ditch Uinta 7795 Lonetree
Mansfield Ditch Mansfield Ditch Albany 7270 Caldwell Lake
Max Ditch Max Ditch Sublette 7526 Deer Hill
McLaughlin Ditch McLaughlin Ditch Park 6371 Valley
Mcmicken Ditch Mcmicken Ditch Carbon 7267 Cow Creek Ranch
Meade Coffeen Ditch Meade Coffeen Ditch Sheridan 4823 Story
Mertz Ditch Mertz Ditch Platte 4875 Hightower SW
Miami Ditch Miami Ditch Sublette 7634 Springman Creek
Milich Ditch Milich Ditch Uinta 7287 Leavitt Bench
Miller Red Creek Canal Miller Red Creek Canal Fremont 6443 Blue Holes
Mitchell Ditch Mitchell Ditch Platte 4734 Johnson Mountain
Moeller Ditch Moeller Ditch Johnson 5528 North Ridge
Mowry Basin Ditch Mowry Basin Ditch Johnson 5584 Stone Mountain
Murray Ditch Murray Ditch Uinta 8297 Buck Fever Ridge
Nelson Ditch Nelson Ditch Park 7093 Noon Point
Newport Ditch Newport Ditch Carbon 7132 Cow Creek Ranch
Nicol Table Mountain Ditch Nicol Table Mountain Ditch Fremont 5741 Lander
North Fork Ditch North Fork Ditch Fremont 5515 Mount Arter SE
North Fork Valley Ditch North Fork Valley Ditch Park 5741 Wapiti
North Laramie Canal North Laramie Canal Platte 4741 Lewis Flat
Old King Ditch Old King Ditch Albany 7293 Jelm Mountain
Old Reliable Ditch Old Reliable Ditch Sheridan 4262 Wolf
Old Spring Creek Ditch Old Spring Creek Ditch Carbon 7316 Cow Creek Ranch
Olsen Ditch Olsen Ditch Albany 7313 Sodergreen Lake
P K Ditch P K Ditch Sheridan 4468 Wolf
Paralda Ditch Paralda Ditch Fremont 5646 Mount Arter SE
Park Reservoir Divide Ditch Park Reservoir Divide Ditch Sheridan 8192 Park Reservoir
Parker Ditch Parker Ditch Albany 7362 Sodergreen Lake
Penrose Ditch Penrose Ditch Johnson 5269 Lake De Smet West
Peralta Ditch Peralta Ditch Sheridan 8271 Park Reservoir
Peralta Ditch Peralta Ditch Sheridan 4537 Beaver Creek Hills
Perry and Partridge Ditch Perry and Partridge Ditch Lincoln 6558 Marse
Pine Ditch Pine Ditch Platte 4803 Hightower SW
Pine Grove Ditch Pine Grove Ditch Sublette 7648 Warren Bridge
Pioneer Canal Pioneer Canal Albany 7201 Laramie SW
Pitchfork Ditch Pitchfork Ditch Park 6857 Pitchfork
Platt and Pryor Ditch Platt and Pryor Ditch Carbon 7477 Gunst Reservoir
Prairie Dog Kruse Ditch Prairie Dog Kruse Ditch Sheridan 4793 Story
Rahm Ditch Rahm Ditch Sublette 7461 Cora
Red Hill Ditch Red Hill Ditch Sheridan 4603 Little Goose Peak
Reservoir Ditch Reservoir Ditch Carbon 7365 Gunst Reservoir
Rinker Ditch Rinker Ditch Fremont 8205 Anderson Ridge
Rock Creek and Piney Diversion Ditch Rock Creek and Piney Diversion Ditch Johnson 8287 Willow Park Reservoir
Rocky Point Ditch Rocky Point Ditch Carbon 7447 Barcus Peak
Rocky Point Ditch Rocky Point Ditch Carbon 7280 Barcus Peak
Rollman Ditch Rollman Ditch Carbon 7585 Gunst Reservoir
Rowe Ditch Rowe Ditch Lincoln 7726 Red Castle Creek
Ryan Foreman and Elk Hollow Ditch Ryan Foreman and Elk Hollow Ditch Carbon 7766 Kennaday Peak
Sandstone Ditch Sandstone Ditch Fremont 5545 Mount Arter SE
Shell Canal Shell Canal Big Horn 4078 Wild Horse Flats
Shelton Allen Ditch Shelton Allen Ditch Carbon 7100 Oberg Ranch
Sodergreen High Line Ditch Sodergreen High Line Ditch Albany 7405 Sodergreen Lake
South Fork Ditch South Fork Ditch Lincoln 7434 Fontenelle Basin
Stag Hollow Ditch Stag Hollow Ditch Uinta 7936 Lonetree
Standish Ditch Standish Ditch Fremont 6194 Mount Arter SE
Stewart Ditch Stewart Ditch Carbon 8087 Ryan Park
Summers Ditch Summers Ditch Carbon 7172 Gunst Reservoir
Swan Ditch Swan Ditch Carbon 6903 Oberg Ranch
Taylor Ditch Taylor Ditch Sublette 7277 Scab Creek
Toothaker Brothers Ditch Toothaker Brothers Ditch Carbon 7392 Gunst Reservoir
Tweed Ditch Tweed Ditch Fremont 7011 Gravel Spring
V R Ditch V R Ditch Converse 5617 Banner Mountain
V R Ditch V R Ditch Converse 5600 Banner Mountain
Valley Ditch Valley Ditch Park 5732 Flag Peak
Ver Plancke Snow Water Ditch Ver Plancke Snow Water Ditch Carbon 7566 Gunst Reservoir
Vermillion Ditch Vermillion Ditch Lincoln 7805 Red Castle Creek
Wagoner Ditch Wagoner Ditch Carbon 7169 Gunst Reservoir
Walck Ditch Walck Ditch Carbon 7264 Cow Creek Ranch
Walker Ditch Walker Ditch Fremont 6844 Fossil Hill
West Wolf Ditch West Wolf Ditch Sheridan 3937 Wolf
Wiant Ditch Wiant Ditch Carbon 7513 Finley Reservoir
Wiant Ditch Wiant Ditch Carbon 7726 Ryan Park
Wiant Highland Ditch Wiant Highland Ditch Carbon 7257 Finley Reservoir
Wiant Supply Ditch Wiant Supply Ditch Carbon 7602 Kennaday Peak
South Side Ditch South Side Ditch Sheridan 3999 Dayton South
Colorado Colony Ditch Colorado Colony Ditch Sheridan 4190 Beaver Creek Hills
Hopkins Ditch Hopkins Ditch Johnson 5029 Lake De Smet West
Circle Ditch Circle Ditch Fremont 6798 Bain Draw
Frisbie Ditch Frisbie Ditch Sheridan 4245 Dayton South
Sunshine Supply Ditch Sunshine Supply Ditch Park 6647 Sunshine Reservoir
Turnbull Ditch Turnbull Ditch Carbon 7618 Gunst Reservoir
Watkins Ditch Watkins Ditch Johnson 5197 T A Ranch
Wiant and Highline Ditch Wiant and Highline Ditch Carbon 7785 Ryan Park
Castle Rock Ditch Castle Rock Ditch Park 5607 Castle Rock Creek
Pitchfork Ditch Pitchfork Ditch Park 6913 Pitchfork
Whaley Ditch Whaley Ditch Big Horn 8674 Shell Falls
Brown Jug Ditch Brown Jug Ditch Fremont 6299 Mount Arter
Eureka Ditch Eureka Ditch Sheridan 7385 Skull Ridge
Big Goose and Beaver Ditch Big Goose and Beaver Ditch Sheridan 7697 Park Reservoir
Byrne Ditch Number 2 Byrne Ditch Number 2 Uinta 7001 Leroy
Petsch Ditch Number 1 Petsch Ditch Number 1 Laramie 4882 Gurney Peak
Pole Creek Ditch Number 2 Pole Creek Ditch Number 2 Sublette 7264 Boulder Lake
Adamson Ditch Number 1 Adamson Ditch Number 1 Laramie 5997 Nimmo Ranch
Adamson Ditch Number 2 Adamson Ditch Number 2 Laramie 6014 Nimmo Ranch
Adamson Ditch Number 3 Adamson Ditch Number 3 Laramie 5928 Nimmo Ranch
Alsop Ditch Number 1 Alsop Ditch Number 1 Albany 7146 Alsop Lake
Alsop Ditch Number 2 Alsop Ditch Number 2 Albany 7152 Alsop Lake
Arnold Ditch Number 1 Arnold Ditch Number 1 Fremont 6706 Lewiston Lakes
Bellamy Ditch Number 1 Bellamy Ditch Number 1 Albany 7342 James Lake
Bellamy Ditch Number 2 Bellamy Ditch Number 2 Albany 7392 James Lake
Bellamy Ditch Number 2 Bellamy Ditch Number 2 Albany 7296 James Lake
Blue Gap Ditch Number 19 Blue Gap Ditch Number 19 Johnson 5325 Klondike Ranch
Bosler Ditch Number 3 Bosler Ditch Number 3 Albany 6952 Wilcox
Bosler Ditch Number 3 Bosler Ditch Number 3 Albany 7018 Pierce Reservoir
Byrne Number 2 Ditch Byrne Number 2 Ditch Uinta 7024 Hague Creek
Canal Number 3 Canal Number 3 Sweetwater 4980 Natwick
Carey Horse Creek Ditch Number 1 Carey Horse Creek Ditch Number 1 Laramie 5925 Lewis Ranch
Carey Horse Creek Ditch Number 10 Carey Horse Creek Ditch Number 10 Laramie 5761 Lewis Ranch
Carey Horse Creek Ditch Number 5 Carey Horse Creek Ditch Number 5 Laramie 5869 Lewis Ranch
Carey Horse Creek Ditch Number 6 Carey Horse Creek Ditch Number 6 Laramie 5794 Lewis Ranch
Carey Horse Creek Ditch Number 9 Carey Horse Creek Ditch Number 9 Laramie 5840 Lewis Ranch
Carroll Ditch Number 1 Carroll Ditch Number 1 Albany 7100 Bamforth Lake
Carroll Ditch Number 2 Carroll Ditch Number 2 Albany 7100 Bamforth Lake
Chadwick Ditch Number 1 Chadwick Ditch Number 1 Laramie 6663 Islay
Chadwick Ditch Number 5 Chadwick Ditch Number 5 Laramie 6604 Federal
Chadwick Reservoir Number 1 Chadwick Reservoir Number 1 Laramie 6634 Federal
Chadwick Reservoir Number 2 Chadwick Reservoir Number 2 Laramie 6657 Federal
Chadwick Reservoir Number 3 Chadwick Reservoir Number 3 Laramie 6686 Islay
Chrisman Ditch Number 1 Chrisman Ditch Number 1 Lincoln 6568 Cow Hollow Creek
Christensen Ditch Number 2 Christensen Ditch Number 2 Albany 7864 Centennial
Cluff and Nichols Ditch Number 1 and 2 Cluff and Nichols Ditch Number 1 and 2 Carbon 7323 Encampment
Collins Ditch Number 1 Collins Ditch Number 1 Carbon 7605 Gunst Reservoir
Cook Ditch Number 9 Cook Ditch Number 9 Johnson 5298 Klondike Ranch
Crout Ditch Number 1 Crout Ditch Number 1 Carbon 7556 Gunst Reservoir
Crout Ditch Number 2 Crout Ditch Number 2 Carbon 7428 Gunst Reservoir
Davis Brothers Ditch Number 1 Davis Brothers Ditch Number 1 Albany 7346 Downey Lakes
Devoe Ditch Number 1 Devoe Ditch Number 1 Johnson 4649 Purdy Reservoir
Dickinson Number 1 Ditch Dickinson Number 1 Ditch Sublette 7415 Daniel Junction
Ditch Number 1 Ditch Number 1 Platte 4731 Lewis Flat
Ditch Number 9 Ditch Number 9 Sheridan 4104 Beaver Creek Hills
Dyer Ditch Number 8 Dyer Ditch Number 8 Laramie 6562 Federal
Feeder Ditch Number 2 Feeder Ditch Number 2 Platte 4879 Hightower
Fisher Field Number 1 Ditch Fisher Field Number 1 Ditch Carbon 7267 Pierce Reservoir
Gilchrist Ditch Number 4 Gilchrist Ditch Number 4 Laramie 6532 Silver Crown
Gilchrist Ditch Number 9 Gilchrist Ditch Number 9 Laramie 6532 Silver Crown
Graham and Farmsley Ditch Number 1 Graham and Farmsley Ditch Number 1 Fremont 6585 Sweetwater Station
Graham and Farmsley Ditch Number 2 Graham and Farmsley Ditch Number 2 Fremont 6581 Sweetwater Station
Green River Supply Canal Lateral Number 1 Green River Supply Canal Lateral Number 1 Lincoln 7060 Ball Island
Griffin Number 2 Ditch Griffin Number 2 Ditch Sublette 6886 Two Buttes Reservoir
Guyette Ditch Number 1 Guyette Ditch Number 1 Lincoln 7306 The Hogsback
Hamp Ditch Number 2 Hamp Ditch Number 2 Sweetwater 6283 Thoman School
Hanna Number 2 Ditch Hanna Number 2 Ditch Sublette 6831 Ross Butte
Holmes Number 1 Ditch Holmes Number 1 Ditch Fremont 7178 Dubois
Homer Ditch Number 1 Homer Ditch Number 1 Sublette 7123 Big Piney West
Hopkins Number 1 Ditch Hopkins Number 1 Ditch Carbon 7001 Cow Creek
Horse Creek Ditch Number 1 Horse Creek Ditch Number 1 Laramie 6083 Nimmo Ranch
Horse Creek Ditch Number 2 Horse Creek Ditch Number 2 Laramie 6073 Nimmo Ranch
Horse Creek Ditch Number 3 Horse Creek Ditch Number 3 Laramie 6529 Horse Creek
Jaycox Number 1 Ditch Jaycox Number 1 Ditch Sublette 7178 Scab Creek
King Ditch Number 1 King Ditch Number 1 Albany 7178 Big Judson
King Ditch Number 2 King Ditch Number 2 Albany 7109 Big Judson
Lake Hattie Supply Ditch Number 2 Lake Hattie Supply Ditch Number 2 Albany 7362 Millbrook
Lambe Ditch Number 1 Lambe Ditch Number 1 Converse 5971 Blue Nose Creek
Laramie River Ditch Number 1 Laramie River Ditch Number 1 Platte 4544 Wheatland
Lateral Number 1 Lateral Number 1 Goshen 4180 Torrington SE
Lateral Number 2 Lateral Number 2 Goshen 4213 Torrington SE
Little Horse Creek Number 4 Ditch Little Horse Creek Number 4 Ditch Laramie 4941 Meriden
Lone Bear Ditch Number 2 Lone Bear Ditch Number 2 Natrona 6119 Otter Creek
Lowica Ditch Number 2 Lowica Ditch Number 2 Platte 4770 Lewis Flat
Marolf and Walker Ditch Number 1 Marolf and Walker Ditch Number 1 Carbon 6860 Walker Draw NW
McLaughlin Ditch Number 5 McLaughlin Ditch Number 5 Laramie 6647 Horse Creek
McLaughlin Ditch Number 6 McLaughlin Ditch Number 6 Laramie 6644 Horse Creek
Merkel Ditch Number 1 Merkel Ditch Number 1 Platte 4924 Johnson Mountain
Mitchell Ditch Number 1 Mitchell Ditch Number 1 Platte 4577 Lewis Flat
Mock Ditch Number 2 Mock Ditch Number 2 Sheridan 4219 Dayton North
Moeller Ditch Number 1 Moeller Ditch Number 1 Johnson 5056 North Ridge
North Fork Ditch Number 1 North Fork Ditch Number 1 Fremont 5942 Fort Washakie
North Fork Ditch Number 2 North Fork Ditch Number 2 Fremont 5804 Fort Washakie
North Fork Ditch Number 2 North Fork Ditch Number 2 Albany 8153 Rex Lake
North Fork Ditch Number 5 North Fork Ditch Number 5 Fremont 5948 Fort Washakie
North Laramie Ditch Number 3 North Laramie Ditch Number 3 Platte 4606 Lewis Flat
Northrop Ditch Number 5 Northrop Ditch Number 5 Albany 7352 Bengough Hill
Northrop Ditch Number 7 Northrop Ditch Number 7 Albany 7441 Bengough Hill
Park Ditch Number 1 Park Ditch Number 1 Lincoln 6968 Ball Island
Pilson Ditch Number 1 Pilson Ditch Number 1 Carbon 7516 Encampment
Pilson Ditch Number 2 Pilson Ditch Number 2 Carbon 7644 Encampment
Poole Ditch Number 2 Poole Ditch Number 2 Sublette 7146 Daniel
Prairie Dog Ditch Number 11 Prairie Dog Ditch Number 11 Sheridan 3737 Wyarno
Prairie Dog Ditch Number 12 Prairie Dog Ditch Number 12 Sheridan 3720 Sheridan
Prairie Dog Ditch Number 13 Prairie Dog Ditch Number 13 Sheridan 3615 Bar N Draw
Prairie Dog Ditch Number 13 Prairie Dog Ditch Number 13 Sheridan 3681 Wyarno
Prairie Dog Ditch Number 14 Prairie Dog Ditch Number 14 Sheridan 3638 Bar N Draw
Pratt and Ferris Ditch Number 1 Pratt and Ferris Ditch Number 1 Sheridan 4078 Julio Draw
Red Bank Ditch Number 2 Red Bank Ditch Number 2 Johnson 5256 Klondike Ranch
Rice Ditch Number 1 Rice Ditch Number 1 Johnson 5541 Klondike Ranch
Ridding Number 1 Ditch Ridding Number 1 Ditch Carbon 6965 Cow Creek
Riverside Ditch Number 1 Riverside Ditch Number 1 Albany 7264 Caldwell Lake
Riverside Ditch Number 2 Riverside Ditch Number 2 Albany 7323 Sodergreen Lake
Riverton Number 2 Canal Riverton Number 2 Canal Fremont 5075 Riverton East
Silver State Ditch Number 1 Silver State Ditch Number 1 Natrona 5440 Banner Mountain
Smiley Ditch Number 2 Smiley Ditch Number 2 Carbon 6834 Coal Bank Basin
Smiley Ditch Number 3 Smiley Ditch Number 3 Carbon 6863 Coal Bank Basin
Smith Ditch Number 1 Smith Ditch Number 1 Lincoln 7359 Wilkinson Creek
Snow Cattle Co Ditch Number 4 Snow Cattle Co Ditch Number 4 Laramie 6184 Nimmo Ranch
South McKay Ditch Number 2 South McKay Ditch Number 2 Sublette 6916 Big Piney West
Springvale Number 1 Ditch Springvale Number 1 Ditch Laramie 4984 Meriden
Straus Ditch Number 2 Straus Ditch Number 2 Albany 7595 Strouss Hill
Thompson and Mathews Ditch Number 35 Thompson and Mathews Ditch Number 35 Johnson 5407 Klondike Ranch
Tongue River Ditch Number 1 Tongue River Ditch Number 1 Sheridan 3930 Dayton North
Toothaker Ditch Number 1 and 2 Toothaker Ditch Number 1 and 2 Carbon 7510 Gunst Reservoir
Toothaker Ditch Number 2 Toothaker Ditch Number 2 Carbon 7349 Barcus Peak
Trapp Ditch Number 1 Trapp Ditch Number 1 Carbon 7037 Walck Ranch
Trapp Ditch Number 2 Trapp Ditch Number 2 Carbon 6995 Walck Ranch
Tschirgi Ditch Number 1 Tschirgi Ditch Number 1 Sheridan 4715 Columbus Peak
Wagon Hound Ditch Number 3 Wagon Hound Ditch Number 3 Converse 5440 Maneater Creek
Wyoming Hereford Ranch Ditch Number 1 Wyoming Hereford Ranch Ditch Number 1 Laramie 5935 Altvan
Wyoming Hereford Ranch Ditch Number 2 Wyoming Hereford Ranch Ditch Number 2 Laramie 5777 Durham
Hamp Ditch Number 1 Hamp Ditch Number 1 Sweetwater 6302 McCullen Bluff
Interstate Canal Interstate Canal Goshen 4226 Carpenter Ranch
Platte Valley Ditch Number 1 Platte Valley Ditch Number 1 Converse 4662 Glendo
Pratt and Ferris Ditch Number 2 Pratt and Ferris Ditch Number 2 Sheridan 3845 Leiter
Pratt and Ferris Ditch Number 3 Pratt and Ferris Ditch Number 3 Sheridan 3812 Leiter
Springvale Number 2 Ditch Springvale Number 2 Ditch Laramie 4990 Meriden
City Ditch City Ditch Platte 4879 Wheatland
Polaris Ditch Polaris Ditch Laramie 6243 Borie
Maverick Ditch Maverick Ditch Sheridan 4314 Horse Hill
Bump Sullivan Ditch Bump Sullivan Ditch Goshen 4265 Yoder
Canal Number 1 Canal Number 1 Sweetwater 5161 Natwick
Crockett Drain Crockett Drain Goshen 4213 Robb Draw