Fort Boreman (historical) Fort Boreman (historical) Wood 840 Parkersburg
Camp Gauley (historical) Camp Gauley (historical) Nicholas 1699 Summersville Dam
Fort Enochs (historical) Fort Enochs (historical) Morgan Unknown
Fort Maidstone (historical) Fort Maidstone (historical) Morgan Unknown
Fort Chapman (historical) Fort Chapman (historical) Hancock Unknown
Fort Van Meter (historical) Fort Van Meter (historical) Brooke Unknown
Cooks Fort (historical) Cooks Fort (historical) Monroe Unknown
Jarrets Fort (historical) Jarrets Fort (historical) Monroe Unknown
Woods Fort (historical) Woods Fort (historical) Monroe Unknown
Fort Randolph (historical) Fort Randolph (historical) Mason 564 Gallipolis
Fort Backus (historical) Fort Backus (historical) Wood Unknown
Fort Belleville (historical) Fort Belleville (historical) Wood Unknown
Fort Neal (historical) Fort Neal (historical) Wood Unknown
Fort Moore (historical) Fort Moore (historical) Gilmer 981 Glenville
Bushs Fort (historical) Bushs Fort (historical) Upshur Unknown
Anglins Fort (historical) Anglins Fort (historical) Barbour Unknown
Fort George (historical) Fort George (historical) Grant Unknown
Fort Mullegan (historical) Fort Mullegan (historical) Grant 1115 Maysville
Shepherds Fort (historical) Shepherds Fort (historical) Ohio 686 Wheeling
Fort Tomlinson (historical) Fort Tomlinson (historical) Marshall 643 Moundsville
Fort Van Metre (historical) Fort Van Metre (historical) Marshall 741 Moundsville
Fort Baker (historical) Fort Baker (historical) Marshall 686 Powhatan Point
Fort Ashby (historical) Fort Ashby (historical) Mineral Unknown
Fort Fuller (historical) Fort Fuller (historical) Mineral 938 Keyser
Fort Ohio (historical) Fort Ohio (historical) Mineral 640 Cumberland
Fort Sellers (historical) Fort Sellers (historical) Mineral Unknown
Fort Coon (historical) Fort Coon (historical) Marion Unknown
Fort Paw Paw (historical) Fort Paw Paw (historical) Marion Unknown
Fort Prickett (historical) Fort Prickett (historical) Marion 912 Rivesville
Houltown Fort (historical) Houltown Fort (historical) Marion Unknown
Fort Powers (historical) Fort Powers (historical) Harrison Unknown
Fort McIntire (historical) Fort McIntire (historical) Harrison Unknown
Fort Richards (historical) Fort Richards (historical) Harrison Unknown
Fort Buttermilk (historical) Fort Buttermilk (historical) Hardy Unknown
Fort Harness (historical) Fort Harness (historical) Hardy Unknown
Fort Pleasant (historical) Fort Pleasant (historical) Hardy Unknown
Fort Warden (historical) Fort Warden (historical) Hardy Unknown
Town Fort (historical) Town Fort (historical) Hardy Unknown
Fort Capon (historical) Fort Capon (historical) Hampshire Unknown
Fort Cox (historical) Fort Cox (historical) Hampshire Unknown
Fort Edwards (historical) Fort Edwards (historical) Hampshire Unknown
Fort Furman (historical) Fort Furman (historical) Hampshire Unknown
Fort Mackeys (historical) Fort Mackeys (historical) Hampshire Unknown
Fort Parker (historical) Fort Parker (historical) Hampshire Unknown
Fort Pearsall (historical) Fort Pearsall (historical) Hampshire 814 Romney
Kuykendalls Fort (historical) Kuykendalls Fort (historical) Hampshire Unknown
Friends Fort (historical) Friends Fort (historical) Randolph Unknown
Fort Friend (historical) Fort Friend (historical) Randolph Unknown
Fort Wilson (historical) Fort Wilson (historical) Randolph Unknown
Fort Currence (historical) Fort Currence (historical) Randolph Unknown
Fort Hadden (historical) Fort Hadden (historical) Randolph Unknown
Fort Milroy (historical) Fort Milroy (historical) Randolph Unknown
Fort Hedges (historical) Fort Hedges (historical) Berkeley Unknown
Fort Evans (historical) Fort Evans (historical) Berkeley Unknown
Fort Neally (historical) Fort Neally (historical) Berkeley Unknown
Fort Shepherd (historical) Fort Shepherd (historical) Jefferson 390 Shepherdstown
John Browns Fort (historical) John Browns Fort (historical) Jefferson 276 Harpers Ferry
United States Armory and Arsenal at Harpers Ferry (historical) United States Armory and Arsenal at Harpers Ferry (historical) Jefferson 285 Harpers Ferry
Fort Drinnon (historical) Fort Drinnon (historical) Pocahontas Unknown
Fort Dunmore (historical) Fort Dunmore (historical) Pocahontas Unknown
Fort Greenbrier (historical) Fort Greenbrier (historical) Pocahontas 2133 Marlinton
Fort Keckley (historical) Fort Keckley (historical) Pocahontas Unknown
Fort Warwick (historical) Fort Warwick (historical) Pocahontas Unknown
Fort Baldwin (historical) Fort Baldwin (historical) Monongalia Unknown
Fort Worley (historical) Fort Worley (historical) Monongalia Unknown
Statlers Fort (historical) Statlers Fort (historical) Monongalia Unknown
Fort Burris (historical) Fort Burris (historical) Monongalia 1027 Morgantown North
Fort Dinwiddie (historical) Fort Dinwiddie (historical) Monongalia Unknown
Fort Harrison (historical) Fort Harrison (historical) Monongalia Unknown
Fort Morgan (historical) Fort Morgan (historical) Monongalia Unknown
Fort Pierpont (historical) Fort Pierpont (historical) Monongalia Unknown
Kerns Fort (historical) Kerns Fort (historical) Monongalia Unknown
Fort Coburn (historical) Fort Coburn (historical) Monongalia Unknown
Fort Pleasant (historical) Fort Pleasant (historical) Monongalia Unknown
Fort Stewart (historical) Fort Stewart (historical) Monongalia Unknown
Fort Tabor (historical) Fort Tabor (historical) Monongalia Unknown
Huffmans Blockhouse (historical) Huffmans Blockhouse (historical) Monongalia Unknown
Fort Pickens (historical) Fort Pickens (historical) Lewis 1207 Walkersville
Fort Richards (historical) Fort Richards (historical) Lewis Unknown
Wests Fort (historical) Wests Fort (historical) Lewis Unknown
Biggs Armory (historical) Biggs Armory (historical) Cabell 548 Huntington
Fort Lee (historical) Fort Lee (historical) Kanawha 600 Charleston West
Fort Scammon (historical) Fort Scammon (historical) Kanawha 978 Charleston West
Kellys Fort (historical) Kellys Fort (historical) Kanawha Unknown
Guthrie Air Force Station (historical) Guthrie Air Force Station (historical) Kanawha 1132 Pocatalico
West Virginia Ordnance Works (historical) West Virginia Ordnance Works (historical) Mason 610 Cheshire
Camp Dawson Air Force Reserve Center Camp Dawson Air Force Reserve Center Preston 1276 Kingwood
Naval Information Operations Command Sugar Grove Naval Information Operations Command Sugar Grove Pendleton 2155 Sugar Grove