Acme Mine Acme Mine Grant 981 Platteville
Blackstone Mine Blackstone Mine Lafayette 1043 New Diggings
Burkett Mine Burkett Mine Lafayette 965 Cuba City
Calumet and Hecla Mine Calumet and Hecla Mine Lafayette 1093 Shullsburg
Cary Mine Cary Mine Iron 1549 Ironwood
Homestead Mine Homestead Mine Grant 971 Platteville
Jackson County Iron Mine Jackson County Iron Mine Jackson 955 Hatfield SW
Leo V Mine Leo V Mine Lafayette 1004 Belmont
Liberty Mine Liberty Mine Lafayette 981 Belmont
Little Grant Mine Little Grant Mine Grant 814 Dickeyville
Mifflin Mine Mifflin Mine Iowa 991 Montfort
Mulcahy Mine Mulcahy Mine Lafayette 994 New Diggings
New Dall Mine New Dall Mine Lafayette 912 Belmont
Rasque Mine Rasque Mine Grant 1007 Platteville
Montello Granite Quarry Montello Granite Quarry Marquette 787 Montello
Bass Island Brownstone Company Quarry Bass Island Brownstone Company Quarry Ashland 627 Bayfield
Leuthold Granite Quarry Leuthold Granite Quarry Waupaca 899 Marion
Munot Quarry Munot Quarry Marinette 902 Amberg
Reformatory Quarry Reformatory Quarry Marinette 928 Amberg
Oshkosh Quarry Oshkosh Quarry Winnebago 725 Oshkosh
Racine Quarry Racine Quarry Racine 633 Racine North
Sussex Quarry Sussex Quarry Waukesha 873 Waukesha
Iowa County Quarry Iowa County Quarry Iowa 1207 Jonesdale
Barnveld Quarry Barnveld Quarry Iowa 1227 Barneveld
Bay Settlement Quarry Bay Settlement Quarry Brown 751 New Franken
North Lake Pit North Lake Pit Waukesha 988 Merton
North Sawyer Pit North Sawyer Pit Waukesha 906 Oconomowoc East
Paddock Pit Paddock Pit Walworth 948 Elkhorn
Oliver Quarry Oliver Quarry Green 889 Albany
Oakfield Quarry Oakfield Quarry Fond du Lac 1076 Oakfield
Nellis Limestone Quarry Nellis Limestone Quarry Fond du Lac 961 Ripon
Ober Quarry Ober Quarry La Crosse 1096 Coon Valley
Nelson Quarry Nelson Quarry Outagamie 804 Seymour
Gerke Quarry Gerke Quarry Monroe 1381 Oakdale
Ruby Red Quarry Ruby Red Quarry Marathon 1430 Brokaw
Rib Mountain Quarry Rib Mountain Quarry Marathon 1407 Brokaw
Red Granite Quarry Red Granite Quarry Marathon 1421 Nutterville
Cold Spring Wausau Quarry Cold Spring Wausau Quarry Marathon 1476 Nutterville
Akan Township Quarry Akan Township Quarry Richland 994 Boaz
Belmont Quarry Belmont Quarry Lafayette 1070 Belmont
Berends Quarry Berends Quarry Monroe 1381 Oxbo
Bethke Quarry Bethke Quarry Richland 1010 Richland Center
Bishop Quarry Bishop Quarry Calumet 961 Sherwood
Bjoin Quarry Bjoin Quarry Rock 922 Janesville East
Black Creek Limestone Quarry Black Creek Limestone Quarry Outagamie 928 Hortonville
Boulanger Quarry Boulanger Quarry Brown 853 De Pere
Boutelle Quarry Boutelle Quarry Rock 883 Shopiere
Brillion Quarry Brillion Quarry Calumet 827 Brillion
Broeder Quarry Broeder Quarry Green Lake 997 Markesan
Budde-Miller Quarries Budde-Miller Quarries Dodge 850 Beaver Dam
Buechel Quarry Buechel Quarry Calumet 925 Marytown
Burgess Quarry Burgess Quarry Iowa 1207 Dodgeville
Chilton Quarry Chilton Quarry Calumet 912 Marytown
Cook Quarry Cook Quarry Vernon 1161 Avalanche
Coon Valley Quarry Coon Valley Quarry Vernon 1112 Esofea
Croft Quarry Croft Quarry Grant 1161 Fennimore
Crystal Lake Crushed Stone Quarry Crystal Lake Crushed Stone Quarry Sheboygan 1033 Elkhart Lake
Devoe Quarry Devoe Quarry Green 876 Browntown
Don Borst Quarry Don Borst Quarry Pierce 837 Waverly
Door County Quarries Door County Quarries Door 650 Baileys Harbor West
Door Quarry South Door Quarry South Door 702 Forestville
Draeger Quarry Draeger Quarry Walworth 843 Whitewater
Dunn Quarry Dunn Quarry Rock 935 Shopiere
Eden Quarry Eden Quarry Fond du Lac 988 Byron
Ellefson Brothers Quarry Ellefson Brothers Quarry Vernon 1001 Readstown
Elroy Quarry Elroy Quarry Juneau 1302 Wonewoc
Endres Quarry Endres Quarry Dane 1004 Waunakee
Fairview Quarry Fairview Quarry Crawford 1007 Mount Sterling
Feltes Quarry Feltes Quarry Buffalo 1168 Dodge
Finn Quarry Finn Quarry Grant 1122 Bloomington
Fonda Limestone Quarry Fonda Limestone Quarry Waukesha 958 Sussex
Fort Quarry Fort Quarry Jefferson 830 Fort Atkinson
Franklin Quarry Franklin Quarry Milwaukee 499 Greendale
Freedom Quarry Freedom Quarry Outagamie 758 Kaukauna
Gaastra Quarry Gaastra Quarry Columbia 1001 Sand Spring Creek
Gottschalk Quarry Gottschalk Quarry Marathon 1280 Halder
Hackl Quarry Hackl Quarry Iowa 935 Highland East
Hammersley Number 1 Quarry Hammersley Number 1 Quarry Dane 1063 Madison West
Househoulder Quarry Househoulder Quarry Richland 1076 Sextonville
Huggins Quarry Huggins Quarry Lafayette 1047 Belmont
J and E Quarries J and E Quarries Calumet 978 Stockbridge
Porterfield Quarry Porterfield Quarry Marinette 689 Porterfield
Jarman Quarry Jarman Quarry Door 627 Baileys Harbor West
Johnston Quarry Johnston Quarry Iowa 1053 Linden
K and N Sand and Gravel Pit K and N Sand and Gravel Pit Waukesha 1066 Sussex
Kapel-Marquardt Quarry Kapel-Marquardt Quarry Dane 1027 Madison West
Karlsborg Quarry and Pit Karlsborg Quarry and Pit Burnett 1001 Siren West
Kaupanger-Ramsey Quarry Kaupanger-Ramsey Quarry Dane 942 Rockdale
Klemp Quarry Klemp Quarry Waupaca 889 Readfield
Ladick and Belanger Quarry Ladick and Belanger Quarry Marathon 1253 Halder
Ladick Quarry Ladick Quarry Marathon 1250 Halder
Leo Scray Quarry Leo Scray Quarry Brown 863 Bellevue
Limekiln Quarry Limekiln Quarry Shawano 1017 Shawano
Limestone Quarry Number 3 Limestone Quarry Number 3 Racine 745 Burlington
Linck Waupun Quarries Linck Waupun Quarries Fond du Lac 906 Brandon
Mackville Quarry Mackville Quarry Outagamie 833 Appleton
Mankowski Quarry Mankowski Quarry Jefferson 879 Lake Mills
Marrow Quarry Marrow Quarry Pierce 1079 River Falls East
Matousek Quarry Matousek Quarry Sauk 1086 Sauk Prairie
Mayville White Lime Quarry Mayville White Lime Quarry Dodge 1112 Mayville South
Mengel Sand and Gravel Pit Mengel Sand and Gravel Pit Portage 1165 Polonia
Merget Pit Number 2 Merget Pit Number 2 Washington 955 Sussex
Medina Pit Medina Pit Outagamie 850 Greenville
Milwaukee Street Quarry Milwaukee Street Quarry Dane 984 Madison East
Paulson Schwenn Quarry Paulson Schwenn Quarry Dane 1056 De Forest
Peacock Hill Quarry Peacock Hill Quarry Trempealeau 1266 Stevenstown
Pioneer Sand and Gravel Pit Pioneer Sand and Gravel Pit Barron 1135 Barron
Pockrandt Quarry Pockrandt Quarry Marquette 1040 Westfield West
Polk County Lime Quarry Polk County Lime Quarry Polk 991 Nye
Porpus Quarry Porpus Quarry Monroe 1306 Kendall West
Portage Quarry Portage Quarry Columbia 787 Portage
Poynette Quarry Poynette Quarry Columbia 1030 Arlington
Prairie Sand and Gravel Pit Prairie Sand and Gravel Pit Crawford 627 Prairie du Chien
Pretitti Pit Pretitti Pit Crawford 623 Prairie du Chien
Quinn Pit Quinn Pit Chippewa 1001 Cornell
R and R Pit R and R Pit Fond du Lac 856 Green Lake
Radke Sand and Gravel Pit Radke Sand and Gravel Pit Burnett 1030 Birch Island Lake
Reindahl Quarries Reindahl Quarries Dane 994 Evansville
Rock Road Blue Bell Quarry Rock Road Blue Bell Quarry Outagamie 820 Appleton
Rocky Road Quarry Rocky Road Quarry Outagamie 823 Black Creek
Rockwell Quarry Rockwell Quarry Manitowoc 702 Mishicot
Rosemeyer Quarry Rosemeyer Quarry Grant 997 Platteville
Speedbowl Quarry Speedbowl Quarry Green 1017 Juda
Rugby Pit Rugby Pit Washington 1093 Jackson
Ryan Pit Ryan Pit Walworth 1027 Lake Geneva
Salzgeber Quarry Salzgeber Quarry Grant 876 Long Hollow
Sheppard Quarry Sheppard Quarry Winnebago 794 Omro
Shuh Quarry Shuh Quarry Outagamie 764 Freedom
Smith Quarry Smith Quarry Wood 1158 Lake Manakiki
Somers Gravel Pit Somers Gravel Pit Portage 1161 Arnott
Spooner Quarry Spooner Quarry St. Croix 1135 Baldwin East
Saint Croix Pit Saint Croix Pit Burnett 820 Bass Creek
Stephens Quarry Stephens Quarry Iowa 1132 Linden
Stillrecht Pit Stillrecht Pit Burnett 1073 Poquettes Lake
Stores Lake Pit Stores Lake Pit Rock 889 Milton
Strasburg Pit Strasburg Pit Jefferson 860 Busseyville
Stress Pit Stress Pit Sawyer 1220 Bean Lake
Taylor Pit Taylor Pit Jackson 1047 Blair
Tebon Sand and Gravel Pit Tebon Sand and Gravel Pit Kewaunee 669 Casco
Thompson Pit Thompson Pit Sawyer 1388 Blaisdell Lake
Tomczyk Pit Tomczyk Pit Taylor 1260 Lublin
Toutant Pit Toutant Pit Chippewa 938 Cadott
Township of Fern Pit Township of Fern Pit Florence 1365 Florence SE
Trapp Brothers Pit Trapp Brothers Pit Vilas 1637 Woodruff
Ulbrick Quarry Ulbrick Quarry Grant 883 Potosi
Walker Road Quarry Walker Road Quarry Door 751 Institute
Wislanco Limestone Quarry Wislanco Limestone Quarry Waukesha 856 Sussex
Ziegler Quarry Ziegler Quarry Dane 1089 Springfield Corners
Bloomer Sand and Gravel Pit Bloomer Sand and Gravel Pit Chippewa 1001 Bloomer
D and J Quarry D and J Quarry Brown 886 Bellevue
Scray Quarry Scray Quarry Brown 860 Bellevue
Ebbens Quarry Ebbens Quarry Brown 620 Oneida South
Greenleaf Quarry Greenleaf Quarry Brown 781 Greenleaf
Chase Quarry Chase Quarry Oconto 771 Pulaski
Kapinos Pit Kapinos Pit Manitowoc 879 Morrison
Murray Sand and Gravel Pit Murray Sand and Gravel Pit Door 787 Namur
Brocker Pit Brocker Pit Manitowoc 856 Potter
Hayton Quarry Hayton Quarry Calumet 873 Kiel
Pound Pit Pound Pit Marinette 712 Coleman
Schelle Pit Schelle Pit Washington 1096 Allenton
Hartmann Pit Hartmann Pit Ozaukee 843 Batavia
Spring Lake Pit Spring Lake Pit Ozaukee 951 Random Lake
Opelt Sand and Gravel Pit Opelt Sand and Gravel Pit Clark 942 Hatfield
Colony Pit Colony Pit Chippewa 961 Lake Wissota
Brown Pit Number 1 Brown Pit Number 1 Sauk 1089 North Freedom
Capitol Sand Pit Capitol Sand Pit Dane 906 Cross Plains
Northwestern Stone Quarry Northwestern Stone Quarry Dane 984 Middleton
Fond du Lac Quarry Fond du Lac Quarry Fond du Lac 971 Byron
Gobels Pit Gobels Pit Fond du Lac 1132 Eden
Warren Pit Warren Pit Racine 823 Burlington
Morgan Pit Morgan Pit Marathon 1224 Edgar