A P Canal A P Canal Benton 856 Kennewick
A P Lateral A P Lateral Benton 899 Kennewick
Amon Wasteway Amon Wasteway Benton 499 Kennewick
Ayres Lateral Ayres Lateral Yakima 883 White Swan
Barney Pacific Lateral Barney Pacific Lateral Yakima 850 White Swan
Brown Lateral Brown Lateral Yakima 892 Harrah
Bull Ditch Bull Ditch Kittitas 1483 Ellensburg South
Burlingame Ditch Burlingame Ditch Walla Walla 650 Lowden
Canal W 20 Canal W 20 Grant 1263 Moses Lake NW
Chandler Canal Chandler Canal Benton 630 Whitstran
Congdon Canal Congdon Canal Yakima 1253 Yakima West
Coulee Drain Coulee Drain Yakima 682 Granger
Crab Creek Lateral Crab Creek Lateral Adams 919 Royal Camp
Demaris Ditch Demaris Ditch Walla Walla 522 Lowden
Dills Lemon Lateral Dills Lemon Lateral Yakima 863 Harrah
Double Ditch Double Ditch Whatcom 115 Lynden
Drain 2 Drain 2 Yakima 863 Wapato
Drain 215 Drain 215 Yakima 686 Bluelight NW
Drain 3 Drain 3 Yakima 827 Wapato
Drain 4 Drain 4 Yakima 794 Toppenish SW
Durham Lateral Durham Lateral Yakima 709 Granger
East Island Lateral East Island Lateral Yakima 843 Harrah
East Lateral East Lateral Yakima 692 Granger
East Low Canal East Low Canal Grant 1283 Wheeler
East Turbine Lateral East Turbine Lateral Yakima 997 Grandview
East Unit 1 Highline Canal East Unit 1 Highline Canal Yakima 1010 Yakima West
Esquatzel Diversion Channel Esquatzel Diversion Channel Franklin 518 Columbia Point
Fogarty Ditch Fogarty Ditch Kittitas 1480 Ellensburg South
Foster Drain Foster Drain Yakima 696 Granger
Franklin County Irrigation Canal Franklin County Irrigation Canal Franklin 423 Columbia Point
Frenchman Hills Wasteway Frenchman Hills Wasteway Grant 1194 Winchester SW
Gleed Ditch Gleed Ditch Yakima 1316 Selah
Granger Drain Granger Drain Yakima 830 Granger
Gravity Ditch Gravity Ditch Kittitas 1988 East Kittitas
Hanford Ditch Hanford Ditch Benton 430 Hanford
Highland Feeder Canal Highland Feeder Canal Benton 610 Kennewick
Highlift Canal Highlift Canal Benton 558 Kennewick
Highline Canal Highline Canal Kittitas 2037 East Kittitas
Horn Rapids Canal Horn Rapids Canal Benton 423 Benton City
Indian Lateral Indian Lateral Yakima 896 White Swan
Kamm Ditch Kamm Ditch Whatcom 66 Lynden
Kansas Prairie Siphon Kansas Prairie Siphon Adams 1191 Bruce
Kelly Ditch Kelly Ditch Yakima 1437 Naches
Kennewick Main Canal Kennewick Main Canal Benton 705 Webber Canyon
Kiona Canal Kiona Canal Benton 499 Corral Canyon
Laclair Drain Laclair Drain Yakima 892 Harrah
Lake Washington Ship Canal Lake Washington Ship Canal King 16 Seattle North
Larson Lateral Larson Lateral Yakima 896 Harrah
Lateral 1 Lateral 1 Yakima 909 Harrah
Lateral 2 Lateral 2 Yakima 853 Wapato
Lateral 3 Lateral 3 Yakima 823 Wapato
Lateral 4 Lateral 4 Yakima 807 Harrah SE
Lateral C Lateral C Yakima 1781 Naches
Lateral J Lateral J Yakima 1781 Naches
Lateral L Lateral L Yakima 1421 Yakima West
Lateral N Lateral N Yakima 1302 Wiley City
Lateral P Lateral P Yakima 1581 Wiley City
Lateral T Lateral T Yakima 1535 Wiley City
Longmire Wenas Canal Longmire Wenas Canal Yakima 1581 The Cottonwoods
Lowry Ditch Lowry Ditch Yakima 1463 Naches
Mabton Feeder Lateral Mabton Feeder Lateral Yakima 807 Prosser
Mabton Siphon Mabton Siphon Yakima 699 Mabton East
Main Canal Main Canal Grant 2116 Little Soap Lake
Main Canal Extension Main Canal Extension Yakima 909 White Swan
Marion Drain Marion Drain Yakima 715 Hembre Mountain
McWhorter Canal McWhorter Canal Benton 505 Benton City
Mormon Ditch Mormon Ditch Whatcom 56 Lynden
Mousser Hall Ditch Mousser Hall Ditch Walla Walla 459 Touchet
Mud Creek Canal Mud Creek Canal Walla Walla 528 Lowden
Mud Lake Drain Mud Lake Drain Yakima 823 Harrah
Naches and Cowiche Ditch Naches and Cowiche Ditch Yakima 1148 Yakima West
Number 1 Lateral Number 1 Lateral Yakima 1552 Selah
Number 2 Lateral Number 2 Lateral Yakima 1447 Selah
North Barnhart Road Draw North Barnhart Road Draw Yakima 692 Granger
North Drain North Drain Yakima 676 Granger
Old Wilbur Lateral Old Wilbur Lateral Yakima 919 Harrah
Olney Flat Drain Olney Flat Drain Yakima 840 Harrah
Outlook Canal Outlook Canal Yakima 928 Sunnyside
Outlook Siphon Outlook Siphon Yakima 915 Grandview
Parton Drain Parton Drain Yakima 712 Granger
Piute Lateral Piute Lateral Yakima 833 Harrah
Prosser East Lateral Prosser East Lateral Benton 718 Whitstran
Prosser West Lateral Prosser West Lateral Benton 741 Prosser
Pump Ditch Pump Ditch Kittitas 2103 East Kittitas
Ringold Wasteway Ringold Wasteway Franklin 889 Mathews Corner
Rocky Coulee Wasteway Rocky Coulee Wasteway Grant 1201 Wheeler
Rocky Ford Lateral Rocky Ford Lateral Yakima 722 Mabton East
Royal Branch Canal Royal Branch Canal Grant 1204 Royal City
Royal Branch Canal Wasteway Royal Branch Canal Wasteway Grant 843 Smyrna
Scooteney Wasteway Scooteney Wasteway Franklin 1145 Frischknecht
Shano Siphon Shano Siphon Adams 1191 Shano
Smith Canal Smith Canal Grays Harbor 10 Montesano
Snipes Mountain Lateral Snipes Mountain Lateral Yakima 751 Sunnyside
South Drain South Drain Yakima 669 Granger
Sulphur Creek Wasteway Sulphur Creek Wasteway Yakima 686 Sunnyside
Sunnyside Canal Sunnyside Canal Yakima 853 Grandview
Tjossem Ditch Tjossem Ditch Kittitas 1473 Ellensburg South
Toppenish Drain Toppenish Drain Yakima 735 Hembre Mountain
Touchet East Side Ditch Touchet East Side Ditch Walla Walla 492 Touchet
Touchet West Side Ditch Touchet West Side Ditch Walla Walla 466 Touchet
Turbine Ditch Turbine Ditch Kittitas 1913 Kittitas
Turner Lateral Turner Lateral Yakima 787 Sunnyside
Union Canal Union Canal Yakima 1115 Yakima West
Vogler Lateral Vogler Lateral Yakima 906 Harrah
W 9-B Canal W 9-B Canal Grant 1489 Little Soap Lake
Wahluke Branch Canal Wahluke Branch Canal Franklin 965 Eagle Lakes
Wahluke Siphon Wahluke Siphon Franklin 883 Eagle Lakes
Wasteway 3 Wasteway 3 Yakima 1119 Toppenish
Weber Wasteway Weber Wasteway Grant 1158 Bassett Junction
West Island Lateral West Island Lateral Yakima 853 Harrah SE
West Lateral West Lateral Yakima 932 Granger NW
West Turbine Lateral West Turbine Lateral Yakima 991 Grandview
Whitman Ditch Whitman Ditch Walla Walla 577 Lowden
Wilbur Lateral Wilbur Lateral Yakima 873 Harrah
Williams Ditch Williams Ditch Walla Walla 548 Lowden
Winchester Wasteway Winchester Wasteway Grant 1148 Winchester SW
P E Sixteen Point Four Wasteway P E Sixteen Point Four Wasteway Franklin 574 Basin City
White Bluffs Wasteway White Bluffs Wasteway Grant 732 Locke Island
Saddle Mountain Wasteway Saddle Mountain Wasteway Grant 676 Vernita Bridge
Mattawa Drain Mattawa Drain Grant 741 Priest Rapids NE
Ditch Number Six Ditch Number Six Cowlitz 33 Coal Creek
West Grandview Lateral West Grandview Lateral Yakima 906 Sagebrush Ridge
W B Five K Wasteway W B Five K Wasteway Franklin 741 Savage Island
Fortysix A Wasteway Fortysix A Wasteway Franklin 673 Basin City
DPE Thirtynine DPE Thirtynine Franklin 741 Mesa West
Crab Creek Wasteway Crab Creek Wasteway Grant 741 Corfu
Goose Lake Wasteway Goose Lake Wasteway Grant 1125 O'Sullivan Dam
Prosser West Lateral Prosser West Lateral Benton 715 Prosser
West Badger Lateral West Badger Lateral Benton 679 Badger Mountain
Selah Moxee Irrigation Canal Selah Moxee Irrigation Canal Yakima 1135 Yakima East
Hubbard Ditch Hubbard Ditch Yakima 1030 Yakima East
Low Line Pump Canal Low Line Pump Canal Yakima 886 Harrah SE
Moxee Canal Moxee Canal Yakima 1056 Yakima East
Blooms Ditch Blooms Ditch Thurston 131 Littlerock
Portage Canal Portage Canal Jefferson 0 Nordland
Toppenish Lateral Toppenish Lateral Yakima 1211 Fort Simcoe
Union Gap Canal Union Gap Canal Yakima 984 Wapato
Wahatis Wasteway Wahatis Wasteway Grant 653 Vernita Bridge
Spokane River Canal Spokane River Canal Spokane 2057 Greenacres
South Branch Canal South Branch Canal Spokane 2090 Liberty Lake
Hill Ditch Hill Ditch Skagit 10 Conway
Mill Creek Channel Mill Creek Channel Walla Walla 1033 Walla Walla
Pump High Lateral Pump High Lateral Spokane 2096 Greenacres
Quincy Lateral Canal Quincy Lateral Canal Grant 1417 Ephrata SW
Rocky Coulee Syphon Rocky Coulee Syphon Grant 1207 Wheeler
Sand Coulee Syphon Sand Coulee Syphon Grant 1266 Wheeler
Weber Branch Syphon Weber Branch Syphon Grant 1191 Bassett Junction
Weber Coulee Syphon Weber Coulee Syphon Grant 1148 Bassett Junction
Ditch Number Eight Ditch Number Eight Cowlitz 7 Coal Creek
West Canal West Canal Grant 1289 Quincy
Wipple Wasteway Wipple Wasteway Kittitas 1480 Kittitas
East Badger Lateral East Badger Lateral Benton 666 Badger Mountain
Columbia Canal Columbia Canal Benton 397 Badger Mountain
Division Four Canal Division Four Canal Benton 659 Pasco
Eltopia Branch Canal Eltopia Branch Canal Franklin 889 Mathews Corner
Garden City Ditch Garden City Ditch Walla Walla 525 Lowden
Gardena Ditch Gardena Ditch Walla Walla 584 Touchet
Horn Rapids Ditch Horn Rapids Ditch Benton 433 Richland
Pasco Pump Lateral Canal Pasco Pump Lateral Canal Franklin 502 Columbia Point
Potholes Canal Potholes Canal Franklin 902 Basin City
Short Low Ditch (historical) Short Low Ditch (historical) Walla Walla 568 Lowden
Lateral K Lateral K Yakima 1713 Wiley City
Mabton East Lateral Mabton East Lateral Yakima 755 Prosser
Mabton West Lateral Mabton West Lateral Yakima 758 Mabton East
Main Canal Main Canal Yakima 883 Harrah
Roza Canal Roza Canal Yakima 1194 Yakima East
Unit 2 Canal Unit 2 Canal Yakima 951 Toppenish Mountain
West Unit One Highline Canal West Unit One Highline Canal Yakima 988 White Swan
Mathieson Lateral Mathieson Lateral Yakima 837 Mabton East
Crown Zellerback Power Ditch Crown Zellerback Power Ditch Clark 174 Camas
Schell Ditch Schell Ditch Whatcom 13 Ferndale
Ahtanum Canal Ahtanum Canal Yakima 1611 Wiley City
Big Ditch Big Ditch Clark 200 Lacamas Creek
Cascade Canal Cascade Canal Kittitas 1673 Colockum Pass SW
Centralia Canal Centralia Canal Thurston 318 McKenna
Chewuch Canal Chewuch Canal Okanogan 1873 Winthrop
China Ditch China Ditch Clark 262 Lacamas Creek
Columbia Lateral Columbia Lateral Chelan 909 Wenatchee
Electron Flume Electron Flume Pierce 1552 Le Dout Creek
Ellensburg Power Canal Ellensburg Power Canal Kittitas 1588 Thorp
Entiat Ditch Entiat Ditch Chelan 827 Entiat
Gunn Ditch Gunn Ditch Chelan 705 Monitor
Hellroaring Ditch Hellroaring Ditch Yakima 3012 Jungle Butte
High Line Ditch High Line Ditch Chelan 922 Wenatchee
Icicle Canal Icicle Canal Chelan 1283 Cashmere
John Cox Ditch John Cox Ditch Yakima 2221 Tampico
Lanham Lateral Lanham Lateral Chelan 886 Wenatchee
Lateral A Lateral A Yakima 2142 Tieton
Lateral B Lateral B Yakima 2011 Tieton
Lateral C Lateral C Yakima 1959 Naches
Lateral E Lateral E Yakima 2149 Tieton
Lateral F Lateral F Yakima 2021 Tieton
Lateral G Lateral G Yakima 1873 Naches
Lateral R Lateral R Yakima 1640 Wiley City
Lateral S Lateral S Yakima 1768 Wiley City
Lesh Ditch Lesh Ditch Yakima 1965 Tampico
Lost Creek Ditch Lost Creek Ditch Skamania 3143 Little Huckleberry Mountain
Main Canal Main Canal Kittitas 2155 Cle Elum
Newman Siphon Newman Siphon Kittitas 2116 Taneum Canyon
North Branch Canal North Branch Canal Kittitas 2057 Colockum Pass SE
Sage Flat Ditch Sage Flat Ditch Klickitat 1916 Glenwood
Selah Valley Canal Selah Valley Canal Yakima 1594 Naches
Shaw Knox Ditch Shaw Knox Ditch Yakima 2096 Tampico
Shotwell Ditch Shotwell Ditch Chelan 804 Monitor
South Branch Canal South Branch Canal Kittitas 2083 Thorp
South Branch Extension South Branch Extension Kittitas 1850 Manastash Creek
Taneum Ditch Taneum Ditch Kittitas 1831 Thorp
Town Canal Town Canal Kittitas 1591 Ellensburg South
Walsh Lake Diversion Ditch Walsh Lake Diversion Ditch King 669 Hobart
Wapatox Canal Wapatox Canal Yakima 1575 Naches
Wenatchee Reclamation Ditch Wenatchee Reclamation Ditch Douglas 853 Wenatchee
West Side Canal West Side Canal Kittitas 1640 Thorp
Whitestone Ditch Whitestone Ditch Okanogan 1532 Enterprise
Yakima Tieton Main Canal Yakima Tieton Main Canal Yakima 2329 Weddle Canyon
Yelm Ditch Yelm Ditch Thurston 404 McKenna
Main Ditch Main Ditch Okanogan 1368 Omak
Low Line Ditch Low Line Ditch Okanogan 1191 Omak
High Line Ditch High Line Ditch Okanogan 1273 Omak
Olive Ditch Olive Ditch Chelan 919 Monitor
Peshastin Ditch Peshastin Ditch Chelan 1138 Peshastin
High Line Canal High Line Canal Chelan 1204 Peshastin
Wahluke Branch Ten-A Wasteway Wahluke Branch Ten-A Wasteway Franklin 968 Hanford NE
Wahluke Branch Ten Wasteway Wahluke Branch Ten Wasteway Grant 751 Hanford NE
Ditch Number Ten Ditch Number Ten Cowlitz 0 Coal Creek
Crab Creek Lateral Extension Crab Creek Lateral Extension Grant 1093 Smyrna
High Lift Canal High Lift Canal Walla Walla 427 Humorist
Columbia Canal Number 1 Columbia Canal Number 1 Benton 387 Pasco
Columbia Canal Number 2 Columbia Canal Number 2 Benton 361 Pasco
Columbia Canal Number 3 Columbia Canal Number 3 Benton 384 Pasco
Drainage Ditch Number 1 Drainage Ditch Number 1 Pacific 13 Grayland
Lateral Number 1.8 (historical) Lateral Number 1.8 (historical) Benton 614 Kennewick
Lind Coulee Siphon Number 1 Lind Coulee Siphon Number 1 Adams 1230 Hatton NW
Lind Coulee Siphon Number 2 Lind Coulee Siphon Number 2 Adams 1234 Hatton NW
Mud District Number 2 Canal Mud District Number 2 Canal Walla Walla 545 Lowden
Roza Wasteway Number 4 Roza Wasteway Number 4 Yakima 948 Granger NW
Satus Number 2 Pump Canal Satus Number 2 Pump Canal Yakima 702 Bluelight NW
Satus Number 3 Pump Canal Satus Number 3 Pump Canal Yakima 781 Mabton West
Mud District Number 7 Canal Mud District Number 7 Canal Walla Walla 502 Lowden
Clinesmith Irrigation Ditch Clinesmith Irrigation Ditch Kittitas 1503 Ellensburg South