Franklin Mine Franklin Mine Fauquier 331 Midland
Pocahontas Mine Pocahontas Mine Tazewell 2372 Bramwell
Clinchfield Moss Mines Clinchfield Moss Mines Dickenson 1962 Pound
Exeter Mine Exeter Mine Wise 1913 Appalachia
Flatwood Shaft Flatwood Shaft Wythe 2182 Austinville
Ivanhoe Shaft Ivanhoe Shaft Wythe 2093 Austinville
Van Mater Shaft Van Mater Shaft Wythe 2185 Austinville
Worthy Mine Worthy Mine Smyth 2067 Broadford
Moss Number 2 Mine and Preparation Plant Moss Number 2 Mine and Preparation Plant Russell 1739 Carbo
Moss Number 3 Mine Moss Number 3 Mine Dickenson 1631 Duty
Moss Number 3 Preparation Plant Moss Number 3 Preparation Plant Russell 1549 Carbo
Skippers Quarry Skippers Quarry Greensville 20 Skippers
Field-Scott Mines Field-Scott Mines Tazewell 2231 Richlands
Clays Quarry Clays Quarry Charlotte 315 Buffalo Springs
Hitchcock Quarry Hitchcock Quarry Greensville 105 Skippers
Belle Hampton Mine Belle Hampton Mine Pulaski 2018 Staffordsville
Fenwick Mine Fenwick Mine Craig 1476 New Castle
Ritchpatch Mine Ritchpatch Mine Alleghany 1991 Strom
Stack Mine Stack Mine Alleghany 1552 Jerrys Run
Peanut Mine Peanut Mine Botetourt 1181 Strom
Bennett Mine Bennett Mine Pittsylvania 860 Pittsville
Thompsons Mine Thompsons Mine Pittsylvania 699 Pittsville
Indian Flint Quarries (historical) Indian Flint Quarries (historical) Highland Unknown
Allen Mine Allen Mine Augusta 2041 Greenville
Crimora Mine Crimora Mine Augusta 1542 Crimora
Harris Mine Harris Mine Augusta 2142 Greenville
Kennedy Mine Kennedy Mine Augusta 2087 Big Levels
Red Mountain Mine Red Mountain Mine Augusta 2247 Big Levels
Paynes Quarry Paynes Quarry Fauquier 978 Thoroughfare Gap
Sisslers Quarry Sisslers Quarry Fauquier 1060 Thoroughfare Gap
Irish Creek Mine Irish Creek Mine Rockbridge 2398 Montebello
Lone Jack Quarry Lone Jack Quarry Rockbridge 774 Glasgow
Stafford Quarry Stafford Quarry Stafford 0 Stafford
Doswell Quarry Doswell Quarry Hanover 220 Hewlett
Midlothian Quarry Midlothian Quarry Chesterfield 213 Hallsboro
Red Hill Quarry Red Hill Quarry Albemarle 817 Alberene
Anderson Creek Quarry Anderson Creek Quarry Goochland 236 Hylas
Carmel Church Quarry Carmel Church Quarry Caroline 112 Ruther Glen
Richmond - Arvonia Quarry Richmond - Arvonia Quarry Buckingham 276 Arvonia
Arvonia Quarry Arvonia Quarry Buckingham 295 Arvonia
Baker Mountain Mine Baker Mountain Mine Prince Edward 659 Madisonville
King George Pit King George Pit King George 33 Rappahannock Academy
Fredericksburg Sand and Gravel Pit Fredericksburg Sand and Gravel Pit Stafford 56 Fredericksburg
Mowers Dimension Stone Quarry Mowers Dimension Stone Quarry Fauquier 1129 Middleburg
Blue Ridge Quarry Blue Ridge Quarry Bedford 1440 Villamont
Mount Athos Quarry Mount Athos Quarry Campbell 679 Kelly
Lawyers Road Quarry Lawyers Road Quarry Campbell 764 City Farm
Buchanan Quarry Number 1 Buchanan Quarry Number 1 Botetourt 1050 Buchanan
Staunton Quarry Staunton Quarry Staunton (city) 1273 Staunton
Augusta Quarry Augusta Quarry Augusta 1440 Staunton
Frazier Quarry Frazier Quarry Harrisonburg (city) 1152 Bridgewater
Morefield Mine Morefield Mine Amelia 312 Amelia Court House
Sylvatus Quarry Sylvatus Quarry Wythe 2523 Fosters Falls
Amelia Quarry Amelia Quarry Amelia 187 Mannboro
Rich Patch Quarry Rich Patch Quarry Alleghany 2100 Strom
Piney River Quarry Piney River Quarry Amherst 718 Piney River
Fieldale Quarry Fieldale Quarry Henry 928 Martinsville West
Cardinal Quarries Cardinal Quarries Smyth 2425 Atkins
Holston River Quarries Holston River Quarries Pulaski 2123 Dublin
Jack Stone Quarry Jack Stone Quarry Dinwiddie 190 Sutherland
Lawrenceville Quarry Lawrenceville Quarry Brunswick 269 Lawrenceville
Loudoun Quarries Loudoun Quarries Loudoun 299 Herndon
Red Hill Quarry Red Hill Quarry Albemarle 830 Alberene
Jacks Mountain Quarry Jacks Mountain Quarry Franklin 879 Penhook
Rural Retreat Quarry Rural Retreat Quarry Wythe 2454 Rural Retreat
Shooting Creek Quarry Shooting Creek Quarry Floyd 2441 Floyd
Skippers Quarry Skippers Quarry Greensville 102 Skippers
South Boston Quarry South Boston Quarry Halifax 413 Omega
Tidewater Quarries Tidewater Quarries Richmond (city) -26 Drewrys Bluff
Dale Quarry Dale Quarry Chesterfield 180 Beach
Norton Quarry Norton Quarry Wise 2454 Norton
Austinville Quarry Austinville Quarry Wythe 2185 Austinville
Broadway Quarry Broadway Quarry Rockingham 1355 Singers Glen
Grayson Quarry Grayson Quarry Grayson 2598 Cumberland Knob
Castlewood Quarry Castlewood Quarry Russell 1850 Appalachia
Blacksburg Quarry Blacksburg Quarry Montgomery 1893 Blacksburg
Mitchell Quarry Mitchell Quarry Culpeper 338 Rapidan
Aston Quarry Aston Quarry Culpeper 341 Rapidan
Virginia Black Granite Quarry Virginia Black Granite Quarry Culpeper 374 Rapidan