East Haven East Haven Norfolk (city) 0 Norfolk North
Hampton Roads Hampton Roads Hampton (city) 0 Norfolk North
Atlantic Yacht Basin Atlantic Yacht Basin Chesapeake (city) 0 Fentress
Holiday Harbor Holiday Harbor Portsmouth (city) 0 Norfolk South
Freemason Harbor Freemason Harbor Norfolk (city) 0 Norfolk South
Appomattox Small Boat Harbor Appomattox Small Boat Harbor Prince George 0 Chester
Rescue Yacht Basin Rescue Yacht Basin Isle of Wight 3 Benns Church
Port of Rappahannock (historical) Port of Rappahannock (historical) Lancaster 0 Irvington
Marina Cove Boat Basin Marina Cove Boat Basin Hampton (city) 0 Hampton
Jamestown Yacht Basin Jamestown Yacht Basin James City 0 Surry
Little Creek Harbor Little Creek Harbor Virginia Beach (city) 0 Little Creek
Fishing Bay Harbor Marina Fishing Bay Harbor Marina Middlesex 0 Deltaville
Freeport Marina Freeport Marina Gloucester 0 Saluda
Gloucester Point Marina Gloucester Point Marina Gloucester 0 Achilles
Holiday Marina Holiday Marina Gloucester 3 Achilles
Holly Cove Marina Holly Cove Marina Gloucester 0 Achilles
Horn Harbor Marina Horn Harbor Marina Mathews 0 New Point Comfort
Jordan Marine Services Jordan Marine Services Gloucester 10 Achilles
Locklies Marina Locklies Marina Middlesex 3 Wilton
Mobjack Bay Marina Mobjack Bay Marina Mathews 0 Ware Neck
Constance Wharf Park and Marina Constance Wharf Park and Marina Suffolk (city) 7 Suffolk
Narrows Marina Narrows Marina Mathews 0 Mathews
Nicholsons Marina Nicholsons Marina Gloucester 3 Achilles
Regent Point Marina Regent Point Marina Middlesex 0 Wilton
Sarahs Creek Marina Sarahs Creek Marina Gloucester 3 Achilles
Smithfield Station Marina Smithfield Station Marina Isle of Wight 0 Benns Church
Stingray Point Marina Stingray Point Marina Middlesex 0 Deltaville
Tuckers Marina Tuckers Marina King and Queen 0 Gressitt
Waldens Marina Waldens Marina Middlesex 0 Deltaville
Walters Marina Walters Marina Middlesex 0 Deltaville
Windmill Point Yacht Harbor Windmill Point Yacht Harbor Lancaster 0 Deltaville
Winter Harbor Haven Marina Winter Harbor Haven Marina Mathews 3 Mathews
Norview Marina Norview Marina Middlesex 3 Deltaville
Bay Creek Marina Bay Creek Marina Northampton 0 Cape Charles
Bay Point Marina Bay Point Marina Norfolk (city) 3 Little Creek
Bell Isle Marina Bell Isle Marina Hampton (city) 0 Hampton
Browns Marina Browns Marina Isle of Wight 3 Benns Church
Buzzard's Point Marina Buzzard's Point Marina Northumberland 10 Reedville
Coan River Marina Coan River Marina Northumberland 0 Heathsville
Cobb's Marina Cobb's Marina Norfolk (city) 0 Little Creek
Colonial Harbor Marina Colonial Harbor Marina New Kent 0 Walkers
Crown Pointe Marina Crown Pointe Marina Gloucester 0 Achilles
Cutty Sark Marina Cutty Sark Marina Norfolk (city) 7 Little Creek
Dandy Haven Marina Dandy Haven Marina Hampton (city) 3 Hampton
Dare Marina Dare Marina York 0 Poquoson West
Deltaville Marina Deltaville Marina Middlesex 0 Deltaville
Fairport Marina Fairport Marina Northumberland 0 Reedville
Fisherman's Wharf Marina Fisherman's Wharf Marina Virginia Beach (city) 0 Virginia Beach
Freeport Marina Freeport Marina Gloucester 3 Achilles
Garrett's Marina Garrett's Marina Essex 3 Morattico
Greenvale Creek Marina Greenvale Creek Marina Lancaster 3 Urbanna
Hampton Creek Marina Hampton Creek Marina Hampton (city) 0 Hampton
Hampton's Landing Marina Hampton's Landing Marina Prince William 3 Quantico
Holiday Harbor Marina Holiday Harbor Marina Stafford 0 Widewater
Ingram Bay Marina Ingram Bay Marina Northumberland 0 Reedville
James River Marina James River Marina Newport News (city) 0 Mulberry Island
Jamestown Yacht Basin Jamestown Yacht Basin James City 0 Surry
Leeward Municipal Marina Leeward Municipal Marina Newport News (city) 0 Newport News North
Lewisetta Marina Lewisetta Marina Northumberland 0 Heathsville
Little Creek Marina Little Creek Marina Norfolk (city) 0 Little Creek
Old Point Comfort Marina Old Point Comfort Marina Hampton (city) 0 Hampton
Perrin Boat Yard Perrin Boat Yard Mathews 0 Mathews
Pungo Ferry Marina Pungo Ferry Marina Virginia Beach (city) 3 Creeds
Rudee's Inlet Station Marina Rudee's Inlet Station Marina Virginia Beach (city) 0 Virginia Beach
Scott's Creek Marina Scott's Creek Marina Portsmouth (city) 0 Norfolk South
Severn River Marina Severn River Marina Gloucester 0 Achilles
Smith Point Marina Smith Point Marina Northumberland 10 Burgess
Southall Landings Marina Southall Landings Marina Hampton (city) 0 Hampton
Thomas Marina Thomas Marina York 0 Poquoson West
Wachapreague Marina Wachapreague Marina Accomack 3 Wachapreague
York River Yacht Haven York River Yacht Haven Gloucester 3 Achilles
Waterside Marina Waterside Marina Norfolk (city) 0 Norfolk South
Waugh Point Marina Waugh Point Marina King George 0 Passapatanzy
West Neck Marina West Neck Marina Virginia Beach (city) 0 Pleasant Ridge
Whelan's Marina Whelan's Marina Richmond 0 Morattico
Willoughby Harbor Marina Willoughby Harbor Marina Norfolk (city) 0 Norfolk North
Willow Landing Marina Willow Landing Marina Stafford 3 Widewater
Wormley Creek Marina Wormley Creek Marina York 0 Poquoson West
York Haven Marina York Haven Marina Poquoson (city) 0 Poquoson West