Back Valley Back Valley Lee 1742 Ben Hur
Back Valley Back Valley Lee 1975 Stickleyville
Bear Wallow Bear Wallow Buchanan 3087 Big A Mountain
Caney Valley Caney Valley Washington 1637 Wallace
Combs Valley Combs Valley Russell 1827 Lebanon
Crockett Cove Crockett Cove Tazewell 1831 Tazewell North
Double Lick Double Lick Scott 1289 Kingsport
Hybla Valley Hybla Valley Fairfax 33 Mount Vernon
Little Poor Valley Little Poor Valley Scott 1348 Gate City
Mason Cove Mason Cove Roanoke 1197 Salem
Raccoon Valley Raccoon Valley Washington 1496 Hansonville
Sal Hooker Hollow Sal Hooker Hollow Patrick 1781 Meadows of Dan
Sinking Waters Sinking Waters Tazewell 2277 Amonate
The Cove The Cove Fauquier 722 Flint Hill
The Laurels The Laurels Madison 2697 Fletcher
The Sinks The Sinks Scott 1506 Stickleyville
Union Valley Union Valley Montgomery 1972 Riner
Watauga Valley Watauga Valley Washington 1900 Abingdon
Back Valley Back Valley Scott 1394 Duffield
Bear Wallow Bear Wallow Frederick 1814 Mountain Falls
Bently Hole Bently Hole Smyth 2014 Chatham Hill
Big Valley Big Valley Highland 2713 Mustoe
Burkes Garden Burkes Garden Tazewell 3064 Garden Mountain
Clayman Hollow Clayman Hollow Washington 1906 Bristol
Creek Sinks Creek Sinks Giles 1755 Eggleston
Denton Valley Denton Valley Washington 2031 Shady Valley
Dishner Valley Dishner Valley Scott 1880 Blountville
Draper Valley Draper Valley Pulaski 2175 Fosters Falls
Dry Hollow Dry Hollow Scott 1509 Duffield
Greasy Valley Greasy Valley Scott 1575 Clinchport
Hall Bottom Hall Bottom Washington 1919 Wyndale
Huff Hollow Huff Hollow Smyth 2457 Nebo
Kinder Valley Kinder Valley Wythe 2523 Rural Retreat
Laurel Bed Laurel Bed Russell 3779 Saltville
Little Fort Valley Little Fort Valley Shenandoah 1197 Toms Brook
Little Meadows Little Meadows Giles 3097 Interior
Medley Valley Medley Valley Tazewell 3153 Garden Mountain
Poor Valley Poor Valley Lee 1362 Pennington Gap
Purchase Valley Purchase Valley Scott 1529 Duffield
Rhea Valley Rhea Valley Washington 1932 Damascus
Rockfish Valley Rockfish Valley Nelson 581 Greenfield
Robinette Valley Robinette Valley Scott 1555 Duffield
Speers Valley Speers Valley Scott 1411 Duffield
The Devils Hopper The Devils Hopper Grayson 3842 Elk Creek
The Kettle The Kettle Rockingham 1831 Harrisonburg
The Sinks The Sinks Alleghany 1404 Jordan Mines
Turkey Turkey Lee 1604 Big Stone Gap
Ward Cove Ward Cove Tazewell 2507 Pounding Mill
Water Sinks Water Sinks Highland 1959 Williamsville
Widener Valley Widener Valley Washington 2198 Konnarock
Madison Bowl Madison Bowl Charlottesville (city) 558 Charlottesville West
Rogues Hole Rogues Hole Lancaster 3 Urbanna
Ships Hole Ships Hole Lancaster 0 Deltaville
Culpeper Basin Culpeper Basin Prince William 217 Gainesville