Paiute Reservation Paiute Reservation Washington 3547 Shivwits
Piute Indian Reservation-Cedar City (historical) Piute Indian Reservation-Cedar City (historical) Iron 5797 Cedar City
Military Springs Reservation (historical) Military Springs Reservation (historical) Davis 6056 Ogden
Skull Valley Reservation Skull Valley Reservation Tooele 4669 Deseret Peak West
Uintah and Ouray Reservation Uintah and Ouray Reservation Duchesne 6916 Neola NW
Beaver County Beaver County Beaver 6243 Picacho Peak
Cache County Cache County Cache 7566 Logan Peak
Carbon County Carbon County Carbon 6361 Pine Canyon
Daggett County Daggett County Daggett 6890 Flaming Gorge
Davis County Davis County Davis 4203 Saltair NE
Duchesne County Duchesne County Duchesne 6470 Talmage
Emery County Emery County Emery 5840 The Wickiup
Garfield County Garfield County Garfield 6027 Calf Creek
Grand County Grand County Grand 5013 Sagers Flat
Iron County Iron County Iron 5230 Avon SE
Kane County Kane County Kane 5531 Calico Peak
Millard County Millard County Millard 4528 Long Ridge SE
Morgan County Morgan County Morgan 6309 Devils Slide
Piute County Piute County Piute 6352 Piute Reservoir
Rich County Rich County Rich 6588 Randolph
Salt Lake County Salt Lake County Salt Lake 4272 Salt Lake City South
San Juan County San Juan County San Juan 7903 Kigalia Point
Sanpete County Sanpete County Sanpete 5518 Ephraim
Sevier County Sevier County Sevier 7362 Boobe Hole Reservoir
Summit County Summit County Summit 9380 Whitney Reservoir
Tooele County Tooele County Tooele 4278 Wig Mountain NW
Uintah County Uintah County Uintah 4892 Ouray SE
Utah County Utah County Utah 4560 Spanish Fork
Wasatch County Wasatch County Wasatch 8681 Co-op Creek
Washington County Washington County Washington 5987 Saddle Mountain
Wayne County Wayne County Wayne 4544 Town Point
Weber County Weber County Weber 7123 North Ogden
Kanosh Indian Reservation (historical) Kanosh Indian Reservation (historical) Millard 5236 Kanosh
Koosharem Indian Reservation (historical) Koosharem Indian Reservation (historical) Piute 6959 Greenwich
Juab County Juab County Juab 4708 The Hogback
Northwestern Shoshone Reservation Northwestern Shoshone Reservation Box Elder 4524 Portage
Box Elder County Box Elder County Box Elder 4206 Crocodile Mountain SE
State of Utah State of Utah Sanpete 5466 Manti
American Fork-Pleasant Grove Division American Fork-Pleasant Grove Division Utah 10312 Timpanogos Cave
Beaver Division Beaver Division Beaver 6496 Black Ridge
Beryl-Newcastle Division Beryl-Newcastle Division Iron 5151 Yale Crossing
Bingham Division Bingham Division Salt Lake 5256 Copperton
Blanding Division Blanding Division San Juan 6437 Kane Gulch
Brigham City Division Brigham City Division Box Elder 4209 Willard
Castle Dale-Huntington Division Castle Dale-Huntington Division Emery 5823 Huntington
Cedar City Division Cedar City Division Iron 5613 The Three Peaks
Circleville Division Circleville Division Piute 8724 Malmsten Peak
Coalville Division Coalville Division Summit 6197 Upton
Cottonwood Division Cottonwood Division Salt Lake 9403 Dromedary Peak
Delta Division Delta Division Millard 4623 Delta
Duchesne Division Duchesne Division Duchesne 5958 Rabbit Gulch
Dugway-Wendover Division Dugway-Wendover Division Tooele 4544 Wildcat Mountain
East Carbon Division East Carbon Division Carbon 8727 Bruin Point
East Daggett Division East Daggett Division Daggett 6844 Clay Basin
Emery-Ferron Division Emery-Ferron Division Emery 6086 Mesa Butte
Emigration Division Emigration Division Salt Lake 5748 Mount Aire
Enterprise Division Enterprise Division Washington 5994 Central East
Ephraim-Manti Division Ephraim-Manti Division Sanpete 10259 Black Mountain
Escalante Division Escalante Division Garfield 5935 Calf Creek
Eureka Division Eureka Division Juab 5522 Maple Peak
Fillmore Division Fillmore Division Millard 4882 Tabernacle Hill
Garden City-Laketown Division Garden City-Laketown Division Rich 7123 Laketown
Garrison-Sevier Lake Division Garrison-Sevier Lake Division Millard 4734 Bullgrass Knoll
Goshen Division Goshen Division Utah 4774 Goshen
Green River Division Green River Division Emery 5827 Spotted Wolf Canyon
Gunnison Division Gunnison Division Sanpete 5079 Gunnison
Hanksville Division Hanksville Division Wayne 4488 Hanksville
Helper Division Helper Division Carbon 7224 Standardville
East Garfield Division East Garfield Division Garfield 6614 Cass Creek Peak
Howell-Snowville Division Howell-Snowville Division Box Elder 5403 Sunset Pass
Hurricane Division Hurricane Division Washington 4623 Virgin
Hyrum Division Hyrum Division Cache 4790 Paradise
Kamas Division Kamas Division Summit 9796 Red Knob
Kanab Division Kanab Division Kane 5574 Fourmile Bench
Lehi Division Lehi Division Utah 4842 Cedar Fort
Lewiston Division Lewiston Division Cache 4432 Trenton
Loa Division Loa Division Wayne 7113 Bicknell
Logan Division Logan Division Cache 4452 Logan
Magna Division Magna Division Salt Lake 4213 Baileys Lake
Marysvale Division Marysvale Division Piute 6204 Marysvale
Milford-Minersville Division Milford-Minersville Division Beaver 5400 Frisco SW
Moab Division Moab Division Grand 5558 Fisher Towers
Monroe Division Monroe Division Sevier 5495 Antelope Range
Monticello Division Monticello Division San Juan 6181 Photograph Gap
Morgan North Division Morgan North Division Morgan 7287 Bybee Knoll
Morgan South Division Morgan South Division Morgan 5623 Porterville
Mount Pleasant-Moroni Division Mount Pleasant-Moroni Division Sanpete 6174 Mount Pleasant
Nephi Division Nephi Division Juab 5915 Juab
North Davis Division North Davis Division Davis 4203 Antelope Island North
North Duchesne Division North Duchesne Division Duchesne 10292 Garfield Basin
Ogden Division Ogden Division Weber 4311 Roy
Ogden Valley Division Ogden Valley Division Weber 6594 Browns Hole
Oljato Division Oljato Division San Juan 4606 Jacobs Monument
Rush Valley Division Rush Valley Division Tooele 5184 Vernon NE
Orderville Division Orderville Division Kane 6827 Orderville
Panguitch Division Panguitch Division Garfield 6634 Panguitch
Park City Division Park City Division Summit 6384 Park City West
Parowan Division Parowan Division Iron 5846 Paragonah
Price Division Price Division Carbon 5709 Price
Provo-Orem Division Provo-Orem Division Utah 4541 Orem
Randolph-Woodruff Division Randolph-Woodruff Division Rich 6844 Neponset Reservoir NW
Casa del Eco Mesa-White Mesa Division Casa del Eco Mesa-White Mesa Division San Juan 5029 White Mesa Village
Richfield Division Richfield Division Sevier 10564 Mount Terrill
Roosevelt Division Roosevelt Division Duchesne 5935 Bluebell
Saint George Division Saint George Division Washington 3566 Shivwits
Salina Division Salina Division Sevier 7792 Steves Mountain
Salt Lake City Division Salt Lake City Division Salt Lake 4301 Salt Lake City South
Smithfield Division Smithfield Division Cache 4413 Newton
Soldier Summit Division Soldier Summit Division Wasatch 8629 Soldier Summit
South Davis Division South Davis Division Davis 4262 Farmington
South Duchesne Division South Duchesne Division Duchesne 7100 Currant Canyon
Spanish Fork-Payson Division Spanish Fork-Payson Division Utah 4921 Spanish Fork
Springville-Mapleton Division Springville-Mapleton Division Utah 6568 Rays Valley
Thompson Springs Division Thompson Springs Division Grand 5315 Calf Canyon
Tooele-Grantsville Division Tooele-Grantsville Division Tooele 4213 Burmester
Tremonton Division Tremonton Division Box Elder 4898 Bear River City
Tropic Division Tropic Division Garfield 7415 Flake Mountain East
Uintah and Ouray Division Uintah and Ouray Division Grand 8625 Walker Point
Uintah and Ouray Division Uintah and Ouray Division Uintah 5374 Big Pack Mountain NE
Uintah and Ouray Division Uintah and Ouray Division Wasatch 8704 Strawberry Reservoir NE
Vernal Division Vernal Division Uintah 6174 Donkey Flat
East Cache Division East Cache Division Cache 6509 Logan Peak
Northwest Weber Division Northwest Weber Division Weber 4206 Ogden Bay
Wellsville Division Wellsville Division Cache 5223 Wellsville
West Box Elder Division West Box Elder Division Box Elder 4252 Terrace Mountain East
West Daggett Division West Daggett Division Daggett 7930 Manila
West Juab Division West Juab Division Juab 4416 Sand Pass NE
Cedar County (historical) Cedar County (historical) Utah Unknown
Desert County (historical) Desert County (historical) Tooele Unknown
Greasewood County (historical) Greasewood County (historical) Box Elder Unknown
Mulad County (historical) Mulad County (historical) Box Elder Unknown
Rio Virgin County (historical) Rio Virgin County (historical) Washington Unknown
Shambip County (historical) Shambip County (historical) Tooele Unknown
Town of Bryce Canyon City Town of Bryce Canyon City Garfield 7641 Bryce Canyon
City of Castle Dale City of Castle Dale Emery 5800 Castle Dale
City of Cedar City City of Cedar City Iron 5659 Cedar City
City of Cedar Hills City of Cedar Hills Utah 4931 Lehi
City of Centerville City of Centerville Davis 4242 Farmington
City of Clearfield City of Clearfield Davis 4442 Clearfield
City of Clinton City of Clinton Davis 4337 Roy
City of Coalville City of Coalville Summit 5646 Coalville
City of Alpine City of Alpine Utah 5049 Lehi
City of American Fork City of American Fork Utah 4629 Lehi
City of Aurora City of Aurora Sevier 5190 Aurora
City of Bear River City City of Bear River City Box Elder 4232 Brigham City
City of Beaver City of Beaver Beaver 5889 Beaver
City of Blanding City of Blanding San Juan 6083 Black Mesa Butte
City of Bluffdale City of Bluffdale Salt Lake 4534 Jordan Narrows
City of Bountiful City of Bountiful Davis 4783 Fort Douglas
City of Brigham City City of Brigham City Box Elder 4239 Brigham City
City of Hurricane City of Hurricane Washington 3238 Hurricane
City of Hyde Park City of Hyde Park Cache 4649 Smithfield
City of Hyrum City of Hyrum Cache 4780 Logan
City of Ivins City of Ivins Washington 3169 Santa Clara
City of Kamas City of Kamas Summit 6699 Kamas
City of Kanab City of Kanab Kane 4888 Kanab
City of Kaysville City of Kaysville Davis 4298 Kaysville
City of Corinne City of Corinne Box Elder 4236 Brigham City
City of Cottonwood Heights City of Cottonwood Heights Salt Lake 4800 Draper
City of Delta City of Delta Millard 4639 Delta
City of Draper City of Draper Salt Lake 4754 Lehi
City of Duchesne City of Duchesne Duchesne 5705 Duchesne
City of Eagle Mountain City of Eagle Mountain Utah 4885 Cedar Fort
City of East Carbon City of East Carbon Carbon 6001 Sunnyside
City of Elk Ridge City of Elk Ridge Utah 5390 Spanish Fork
City of Enoch City of Enoch Iron 5489 Enoch
City of Enterprise City of Enterprise Washington 5351 Enterprise
City of Ephraim City of Ephraim Sanpete 5564 Ephraim
City of Escalante City of Escalante Garfield 5820 Escalante
City of Eureka City of Eureka Juab 6545 Eureka
City of Fairview City of Fairview Sanpete 5978 Fairview
City of Farmington City of Farmington Davis 4245 Farmington
City of Farr West City of Farr West Weber 4252 Plain City
City of Ferron City of Ferron Emery 5951 Ferron
City of Fillmore City of Fillmore Millard 5075 Fillmore
City of Fountain Green City of Fountain Green Sanpete 5919 Fountain Green North
City of Fruit Heights City of Fruit Heights Davis 4567 Kaysville
City of Garland City of Garland Box Elder 4340 Tremonton
City of Grantsville City of Grantsville Tooele 4344 Grantsville
City of Green River City of Green River Emery 4199 Green River NE
City of Gunnison City of Gunnison Sanpete 5167 Gunnison
City of Harrisville City of Harrisville Weber 4308 North Ogden
City of Heber City of Heber Wasatch 5663 Heber City
City of Helper City of Helper Carbon 5889 Helper
City of Herriman City of Herriman Salt Lake 5023 Tickville Spring
City of Highland City of Highland Utah 4872 Lehi
City of Hildale City of Hildale Washington 5141 Hildale
City of Holladay City of Holladay Salt Lake 4409 Sugar House
City of Honeyville City of Honeyville Box Elder 4268 Honeyville
City of Hooper City of Hooper Weber 4203 Fremont Island
City of Huntington City of Huntington Emery 5800 Huntington
City of Lehi City of Lehi Utah 4564 Lehi
City of Lewiston City of Lewiston Cache 4501 Trenton
City of Lindon City of Lindon Utah 4672 Orem
City of Logan City of Logan Cache 4508 Logan
City of Richfield City of Richfield Sevier 5344 Richfield
City of Richmond City of Richmond Cache 4646 Richmond
City of River Heights City of River Heights Cache 4580 Logan
City of Riverdale City of Riverdale Weber 4373 Roy
City of Riverton City of Riverton Salt Lake 4541 Midvale
City of Roosevelt City of Roosevelt Duchesne 5138 Roosevelt
City of Roy City of Roy Weber 4383 Roy
City of Manti City of Manti Sanpete 5617 Manti
City of Mapleton City of Mapleton Utah 4787 Spanish Fork Peak
City of Marriott-Slaterville City of Marriott-Slaterville Weber 4239 Plain City
City of Mendon City of Mendon Cache 4485 Wellsville
City of Midvale City of Midvale Salt Lake 4390 Midvale
City of Midway City of Midway Wasatch 5656 Heber City
City of Milford City of Milford Beaver 5020 Milford
City of Millville City of Millville Cache 4646 Logan
City of Moab City of Moab Grand 4022 Moab
City of Mona City of Mona Juab 5049 Mona
City of Monroe City of Monroe Sevier 5423 Monroe Peak
City of Monticello City of Monticello San Juan 7054 Monticello South
City of Morgan City of Morgan Morgan 5052 Morgan
City of Moroni City of Moroni Sanpete 5581 Moroni
City of Mount Pleasant City of Mount Pleasant Sanpete 5922 Mount Pleasant
City of Murray City of Murray Salt Lake 4334 Salt Lake City South
City of Myton City of Myton Duchesne 5085 Myton
City of Naples City of Naples Uintah 5184 Naples
City of Nephi City of Nephi Juab 5141 Nephi
City of Nibley City of Nibley Cache 4554 Logan
City of North Logan City of North Logan Cache 4662 Smithfield
City of North Ogden City of North Ogden Weber 4596 North Ogden
City of North Salt Lake City of North Salt Lake Davis 4239 Salt Lake City North
City of Oakley City of Oakley Summit 6558 Kamas
City of Ogden City of Ogden Weber 4337 Ogden
City of Orangeville City of Orangeville Emery 5817 Castle Dale
City of Orem City of Orem Utah 4764 Orem
City of Panguitch City of Panguitch Garfield 6624 Panguitch
City of Park City City of Park City Summit 7385 Park City West
City of Parowan City of Parowan Iron 6191 Parowan
City of Payson City of Payson Utah 4734 Spanish Fork
City of Perry City of Perry Box Elder 4308 Willard
City of Plain City City of Plain City Weber 4219 Plain City
City of Pleasant Grove City of Pleasant Grove Utah 4623 Orem
City of Pleasant View City of Pleasant View Weber 4501 Plain City
City of Price City of Price Carbon 5627 Price
City of Providence City of Providence Cache 4770 Logan
City of Provo City of Provo Utah 4610 Provo
Town of Randolph Town of Randolph Rich 6286 Randolph
City of La Verkin City of La Verkin Washington 3734 Hurricane
City of Layton City of Layton Davis 4459 Kaysville
Town of Ballard Town of Ballard Uintah 5020 Roosevelt
Town of Bicknell Town of Bicknell Wayne 7096 Bicknell
Town of Big Water Town of Big Water Kane 4111 Big Water
Town of Boulder Town of Boulder Garfield 7060 Boulder Town
Town of Brian Head Town of Brian Head Iron 9737 Brian Head
City of Saint George City of Saint George Washington 2533 Saint George
City of Salem City of Salem Utah 4610 Spanish Fork
City of Salina City of Salina Sevier 5243 Salina
City of Salt Lake City City of Salt Lake City Salt Lake 4222 Salt Lake City North
City of Sandy City of Sandy Salt Lake 4741 Draper
City of Santa Clara City of Santa Clara Washington 2766 Santa Clara
City of Santaquin City of Santaquin Utah 4997 Santaquin
City of Saratoga Springs City of Saratoga Springs Utah 4531 Saratoga Springs
City of Smithfield City of Smithfield Cache 4629 Smithfield
City of South Jordan City of South Jordan Salt Lake 4659 Midvale
City of South Ogden City of South Ogden Weber 4672 Ogden
City of South Salt Lake City of South Salt Lake Salt Lake 4245 Salt Lake City South
City of South Weber City of South Weber Davis 4508 Ogden
City of Spanish Fork City of Spanish Fork Utah 4715 Spanish Fork
City of Spring City City of Spring City Sanpete 5889 Spring City
City of Springville City of Springville Utah 4550 Springville
City of Sunnyside City of Sunnyside Carbon 6414 Sunnyside
City of Sunset City of Sunset Davis 4521 Roy
City of Syracuse City of Syracuse Davis 4272 Clearfield
City of Taylorsville City of Taylorsville Salt Lake 4347 Salt Lake City South
City of Tooele City of Tooele Tooele 4859 Tooele
City of Tremonton City of Tremonton Box Elder 4331 Tremonton
City of Vernal City of Vernal Uintah 5354 Vernal NE
City of Washington City of Washington Washington 2851 Harrisburg Junction
City of Washington Terrace City of Washington Terrace Weber 4642 Ogden
City of Wellington City of Wellington Carbon 5387 Wellington
City of Wellsville City of Wellsville Cache 4557 Wellsville
City of Wendover City of Wendover Tooele 4229 Wendover
City of West Bountiful City of West Bountiful Davis 4236 Farmington
City of West Haven City of West Haven Weber 4268 Roy
City of West Jordan City of West Jordan Salt Lake 4669 Copperton
City of West Point City of West Point Davis 4285 Clearfield
City of West Valley City City of West Valley City Salt Lake 4344 Magna
City of Willard City of Willard Box Elder 4291 Willard
City of Woodland Hills City of Woodland Hills Utah 5709 Spanish Fork
City of Woods Cross City of Woods Cross Davis 4249 Salt Lake City North
Town of Alta Town of Alta Salt Lake 9160 Brighton
Town of Altamont Town of Altamont Duchesne 6388 Altamont
Town of Alton Town of Alton Kane 7234 Long Valley Junction
Town of Amalga Town of Amalga Cache 4445 Newton
Town of Annabella Town of Annabella Sevier 5318 Annabella
Town of Antimony Town of Antimony Garfield 6489 Antimony
Town of Apple Valley Town of Apple Valley Washington 4852 Smithsonian Butte
Town of Daniel Town of Daniel Wasatch 5748 Charleston
Town of Deweyville Town of Deweyville Box Elder 4321 Honeyville
Town of Elmo Town of Elmo Emery 5682 Elmo
Town of Elsinore Town of Elsinore Sevier 5351 Elsinore
Town of Elwood Town of Elwood Box Elder 4285 Tremonton
Town of Emery Town of Emery Emery 6289 Emery West
Town of Plymouth Town of Plymouth Box Elder 4491 Portage
Town of Portage Town of Portage Box Elder 4482 Portage
Town of Redmond Town of Redmond Sevier 5115 Redmond
Town of Rockville Town of Rockville Washington 4006 Springdale West
Town of Rocky Ridge Town of Rocky Ridge Juab 4954 Santaquin
Town of Rush Valley Town of Rush Valley Tooele 5046 Saint John
Town of Fairfield Town of Fairfield Utah 4872 Goshen Pass
Town of Fayette Town of Fayette Sanpete 5069 Gunnison
Town of Fielding Town of Fielding Box Elder 4373 Cutler Dam
Town of Francis Town of Francis Summit 6578 Francis
Town of Garden City Town of Garden City Rich 6135 Garden City
Town of Genola Town of Genola Utah 4521 West Mountain
Town of Glendale Town of Glendale Kane 5896 Glendale
Town of Glenwood Town of Glenwood Sevier 5282 Sigurd
Town of Goshen Town of Goshen Utah 4557 Goshen
Town of Hanksville Town of Hanksville Wayne 4295 Hanksville
Town of Hatch Town of Hatch Garfield 7011 Hatch
Town of Henefer Town of Henefer Summit 5331 Henefer
Town of Henrieville Town of Henrieville Garfield 5971 Cannonville
Town of Hinckley Town of Hinckley Millard 4596 Hinckley
Town of Holden Town of Holden Millard 5108 Holden
Town of Howell Town of Howell Box Elder 4501 Howell
Town of Huntsville Town of Huntsville Weber 4928 Huntsville
Town of Joseph Town of Joseph Sevier 5449 Antelope Range
Town of Junction Town of Junction Piute 6017 Junction
Town of Kanarraville Town of Kanarraville Iron 5564 Kanarraville
Town of Kanosh Town of Kanosh Millard 5016 Kanosh
Town of Kingston Town of Kingston Piute 6030 Junction
Town of Koosharem Town of Koosharem Sevier 6942 Koosharem
Town of Laketown Town of Laketown Rich 5968 Laketown
Town of Leamington Town of Leamington Millard 4741 Lynndyl East
Town of Leeds Town of Leeds Washington 3570 Hurricane
Town of Levan Town of Levan Juab 5325 Levan
Town of Loa Town of Loa Wayne 7077 Loa
Town of Lyman Town of Lyman Wayne 7182 Lyman
Town of Lynndyl Town of Lynndyl Millard 4783 Lynndyl West
Town of Manila Town of Manila Daggett 6358 Manila
Town of Mantua Town of Mantua Box Elder 5154 Mount Pisgah
Town of Marysvale Town of Marysvale Piute 6361 Mount Brigham
Town of Mayfield Town of Mayfield Sanpete 5522 Mayfield
Town of Meadow Town of Meadow Millard 4859 Meadow
Town of Minersville Town of Minersville Beaver 5282 Minersville
Town of New Harmony Town of New Harmony Washington 5315 New Harmony
Town of Newton Town of Newton Cache 4524 Newton
Town of Oak City Town of Oak City Millard 5072 Oak City North
Town of Ophir Town of Ophir Tooele 6421 Ophir
Town of Orderville Town of Orderville Kane 5325 Orderville
Town of Paradise Town of Paradise Cache 4947 Paradise
Town of Paragonah Town of Paragonah Iron 5905 Paragonah
Town of Cannonville Town of Cannonville Garfield 5833 Cannonville
Town of Castle Valley Town of Castle Valley Grand 4751 Big Bend
Town of Cedar Fort Town of Cedar Fort Utah 5374 Cedar Fort
Town of Centerfield Town of Centerfield Sanpete 5102 Gunnison
Town of Central Valley Town of Central Valley Sevier 5308 Annabella
Town of Charleston Town of Charleston Wasatch 5463 Charleston
Town of Circleville Town of Circleville Piute 6066 Circleville
Town of Clarkston Town of Clarkston Cache 4882 Clarkston
Town of Clawson Town of Clawson Emery 5942 Castle Dale
Town of Cleveland Town of Cleveland Emery 5735 Cleveland
Town of Cornish Town of Cornish Cache 4485 Trenton
Town of Scipio Town of Scipio Millard 5312 Scipio South
Town of Scofield Town of Scofield Carbon 7746 Scofield
Town of Sigurd Town of Sigurd Sevier 5223 Sigurd
Town of Snowville Town of Snowville Box Elder 4514 Snowville
Town of Springdale Town of Springdale Washington 3865 Springdale West
Town of Sterling Town of Sterling Sanpete 5577 Sterling
Town of Stockton Town of Stockton Tooele 5029 Stockton
Town of Tabiona Town of Tabiona Duchesne 6522 Tabiona
Town of Toquerville Town of Toquerville Washington 3442 Pintura
Town of Torrey Town of Torrey Wayne 6854 Torrey
Town of Trenton Town of Trenton Cache 4462 Trenton
Town of Tropic Town of Tropic Garfield 6391 Tropic Canyon
Town of Uintah Town of Uintah Weber 4505 Ogden
Town of Vernon Town of Vernon Tooele 5525 Vernon
Town of Vineyard Town of Vineyard Utah 4528 Pelican Point
Town of Virgin Town of Virgin Washington 3586 Virgin
Town of Wales Town of Wales Sanpete 5640 Wales
Town of Wallsburg Town of Wallsburg Wasatch 5718 Charleston
Town of Woodruff Town of Woodruff Rich 6339 Woodruff
Mexican Water Chapter Mexican Water Chapter San Juan 5118 Boundary Butte
Navajo Mountain Chapter Navajo Mountain Chapter San Juan 5886 Navajo Begay
Oljato Chapter Oljato Chapter San Juan 5003 Goulding
Red Mesa Chapter Red Mesa Chapter San Juan 4806 Hogan Mesa
San Juan Southern Paiute Northern Area San Juan Southern Paiute Northern Area San Juan 5807 Navajo Begay
Aneth Chapter Aneth Chapter San Juan 4902 Navajo Canyon
Town of Hideout Town of Hideout Wasatch 6598 Park City East
Town of Independence Town of Independence Wasatch 7995 Center Creek
Heber City East Division Heber City East Division Wasatch 8533 Woodland
Heber City South Division Heber City South Division Wasatch 5948 Charleston
Heber City West Division Heber City West Division Wasatch 6230 Aspen Grove
North Wasatch Division North Wasatch Division Wasatch 6752 Heber City
Castle Gate Precinct (historical) Castle Gate Precinct (historical) Carbon 6040 Unknown
Township of Copperton Township of Copperton Salt Lake 6480 Bingham Canyon
Township of Emigration Canyon Township of Emigration Canyon Salt Lake 5978 Mountain Dell
Township of Kearns Township of Kearns Salt Lake 4672 Magna
Township of Magna Township of Magna Salt Lake 4216 Baileys Lake
Township of Millcreek Township of Millcreek Salt Lake 5958 Mount Aire
Township of White City Township of White City Salt Lake 4573 Unknown
Township of Reese Township of Reese Weber 4219 Unknown
City of East Carbon-Sunnyside City of East Carbon-Sunnyside Carbon 6102 Sunnyside