McArthur Frandsen Canal McArthur Frandsen Canal Sanpete 5712 Mount Pleasant
Aberdare Canal Aberdare Canal Beaver 5633 Greenville Bench
Abraham Canal Abraham Canal Millard 4593 Sutherland
Allred Ditch Allred Ditch Uintah 5741 Whiterocks
Langston Ditch Langston Ditch Millard 4593 Hinckley
Antelope Ditch Antelope Ditch Garfield 9206 Pollywog Lake
Ashley Central Canal Ashley Central Canal Uintah 5423 Vernal NE
Barton Ditch Barton Ditch Beaver 5673 Greenville Bench
Bear River Canal Bear River Canal Rich 6342 Woodruff Narrows
Beckwith and Quinn Canal Beckwith and Quinn Canal Rich 6220 Leefe
Bench Canal Bench Canal Uintah 5394 Roosevelt
Bench Ditch Bench Ditch Weber 4970 Huntsville
Big Ditch Big Ditch Rich 6325 Randolph
Big Robinson Ditch Big Robinson Ditch Summit 5745 Turner Hollow
Big Six Canal Big Six Canal Uintah 5741 Whiterocks
Blackhawk A Lateral Blackhawk A Lateral Duchesne 5748 Whiterocks
Blackhawk B Lateral Blackhawk B Lateral Uintah 5554 Whiterocks
Blackhawk Canal Blackhawk Canal Duchesne 5728 Whiterocks
Blackhawk Lateral Blackhawk Lateral Uintah 5545 Roosevelt
Blake Ditch Blake Ditch Millard 4600 Hinckley
Bliss Canal Bliss Canal Millard 4583 Hinckley
Blue Cut Ditch Blue Cut Ditch Emery 5794 Castle Dale
Bluebell Lateral Bluebell Lateral Duchesne 6040 Bluebell
Booth Canal Booth Canal Rich 6319 Woodruff Narrows
Bridger Ditch Bridger Ditch Duchesne 6581 Tabiona
Brighton Canal Extension Brighton Canal Extension Salt Lake 4242 Salt Lake City South
Brighton Drain Brighton Drain Salt Lake 4219 Baileys Lake
Bypass Canal Bypass Canal Duchesne 6181 Whiterocks
C Canal C Canal Duchesne 6099 Altamont
Canal B Canal B Millard 4642 Delta NE
Carbon Canal Carbon Canal Carbon 5623 Price
Cedar Fort Ditch Cedar Fort Ditch Utah 5374 Tickville Spring
Cement Ditch Cement Ditch Salt Lake 5023 Copperton
Center Ditch Center Ditch Millard 4587 Hinckley
Central Canal Central Canal Box Elder 4281 Tremonton
Chapman Canal Chapman Canal Rich 6460 Neponset Reservoir NE
City Canal City Canal Duchesne 5584 Duchesne
City Ditch City Ditch Beaver 5932 Beaver
City Ditch City Ditch Sanpete 5197 Gunnison
City Ditch City Ditch Sanpete 6014 Mount Pleasant
City Ditch City Ditch Utah 4573 Goshen
Cleveland Center Ditch Cleveland Center Ditch Emery 5823 Huntington
Co-Op Ditch Co-Op Ditch Rich 6322 Neponset Reservoir NW
Copperfields Lateral Copperfields Lateral Uintah 5820 Whiterocks
County Road Drain County Road Drain Beaver 5774 Beaver
Crawford Thompson Canal Crawford Thompson Canal Rich 6273 Woodruff
Currant Creek Canal Currant Creek Canal Utah 4774 Goshen
Current Spring Ditch Current Spring Ditch Millard 5243 Holden
Dalley Ditch Dalley Ditch Garfield 8186 Circleville Mountain
Dameron Ditch Dameron Ditch Millard 4587 Hinckley
Deep Creek Canal Deep Creek Canal Uintah 5531 Lapoint
Deseret Canal Deseret Canal Millard 4590 Hinckley
Desert Lake North Ditch Desert Lake North Ditch Emery 5558 Cow Flats
Ditch A Ditch A Uintah 5777 Whiterocks
Ditch B Ditch B Uintah 5617 Whiterocks
Ditch C Ditch C Uintah 5571 Whiterocks
Ditch D Ditch D Uintah 5620 Whiterocks
Dover Canal Dover Canal Sanpete 5039 Hayes Canyon
Draper Irrigation Canal Draper Irrigation Canal Salt Lake 4547 Draper
Draper Irrigation Company Ditch Draper Irrigation Company Ditch Salt Lake 4810 Draper
Dry Gulch Canal Dry Gulch Canal Duchesne 5154 Myton
Duchesne Feeder Canal Duchesne Feeder Canal Duchesne 5341 Bridgeland
Duncan Ditch Duncan Ditch Uintah 6306 Whiterocks
East Bench Ditch East Bench Ditch Utah 4879 Lehi
East Lateral East Lateral Box Elder 4209 Whistler Canal
Eliason Jensen Ditch Eliason Jensen Ditch Millard 4596 Delta
Elmo Branch Cleveland Canal Elmo Branch Cleveland Canal Emery 5728 Elmo
Epperson Ditch Epperson Ditch Wasatch 5568 Heber City
Escalante Mine Canal Escalante Mine Canal Iron 5167 Beryl Junction
F Canal F Canal Duchesne 6391 Neola NW
Farm Creek Canal Farm Creek Canal Uintah 6647 Ice Cave Peak
Flinders Ditch Flinders Ditch Weber 4242 Roy
Fullmer Canal Fullmer Canal Millard 4590 Sutherland
Furnace Ditch Furnace Ditch Beaver 5554 Adamsville
Galena Canal Galena Canal Salt Lake 4350 Midvale
Gardner Canal Gardner Canal Utah 4550 Saratoga Springs
Glen Canal Glen Canal Carbon 5856 Helper
Gray Mountain Canal Gray Mountain Canal Duchesne 5331 Bridgeland
Gronning Canal Gronning Canal Millard 4603 Sutherland
Gunnison Fayette Canal Gunnison Fayette Canal Sanpete 5059 Gunnison
Hancock Lateral Hancock Lateral Duchesne 5203 Hancock Cove
Harding Lateral Harding Lateral Uintah 5331 Roosevelt
Harms Canal Harms Canal Uintah 5613 Whiterocks
Henrie Ditch Henrie Ditch Millard 4593 Sutherland
Henry Jim Canal Henry Jim Canal Uintah 4829 Randlett
Hicken Ditch Hicken Ditch Duchesne 6437 Tabiona
Hidden Valley Canal Hidden Valley Canal Duchesne 6657 Tabiona
High Line Canal High Line Canal Beaver 5180 Cave Canyon
Highline Canal Highline Canal Millard 4610 Hinckley
Highline Canal Highline Canal Box Elder 4360 Tremonton
Holmes-Ferrin Ditch Holmes-Ferrin Ditch Weber 5134 Huntsville
Hooper Branch Canal Hooper Branch Canal Weber 4249 Roy
Hull Canal Hull Canal Box Elder 4222 Public Shooting Grounds
Hurricane Canal Hurricane Canal Washington 3471 Hurricane
Imperial Avenue Canal Imperial Avenue Canal Beaver 5082 Cave Canyon
Irrigation Canal Irrigation Canal Tooele 4265 Mills Junction
Island Ditch Island Ditch Wasatch 5469 Heber City
Johnson Ditch Johnson Ditch Millard 5321 Holden
Jones Ditch Jones Ditch Millard 4632 Delta
Kendall Canal Kendall Canal Box Elder 4209 Whistler Canal
Kennedy Ditch Kennedy Ditch Rich 6325 Randolph
Kersey Creek Canal Kersey Creek Canal Salt Lake 4222 Magna
Knight Ditch Knight Ditch Duchesne 5938 Duchesne NE
Lake Canal Lake Canal Uintah 4790 Pelican Lake
Lake Fork Canal Lake Fork Canal Duchesne 6155 Altamont
Lake Fork Extension Canal Lake Fork Extension Canal Duchesne 6207 Altamont
Lake Fork Western Canal Lake Fork Western Canal Duchesne 6667 Altonah
Larsen Ditch Larsen Ditch Uintah 6145 Whiterocks
La Verkin Canal La Verkin Canal Washington 3294 Hurricane
Lee Ditch Lee Ditch Millard 4580 Hinckley
Lee Ditch Lee Ditch Rich 6355 Woodruff Narrows
Little Abraham Canal Little Abraham Canal Millard 4593 Sutherland
Little Bench Ditch Little Bench Ditch Weber 4967 Huntsville
Little Blackhawk Canal Little Blackhawk Canal Duchesne 5889 Whiterocks
Little Valley Ditch Little Valley Ditch Washington 2641 Saint George
Low Line Canal Low Line Canal Beaver 5098 Cave Canyon
Lower Charleston Canal Lower Charleston Canal Wasatch 5440 Charleston
Lower Pleasant Valley Canal Lower Pleasant Valley Canal Duchesne 5246 Myton SE
Lower Santa Clara Bench Canal Lower Santa Clara Bench Canal Washington 3035 Santa Clara
Lowline Canal Lowline Canal Millard 4603 Hinckley
Lyman Ditch Lyman Ditch Millard 4632 Delta
Macks Ditch Macks Ditch Millard 4770 Lynndyl East
Marshall Ditch Marshall Ditch Millard 4564 Crafts Lake
Martin Lateral Martin Lateral Duchesne 5157 Hancock Cove
Mascotte Tunnel Ditch Mascotte Tunnel Ditch Salt Lake 5223 Copperton
McMinn Canal McMinn Canal Rich 6237 Rex Peak
Melville East Canal Melville East Canal Millard 4629 Delta
Melville West Canal Melville West Canal Millard 4632 Delta
Metcalf Ditch Metcalf Ditch Sanpete 5033 Hayes Canyon
Middle Ditch Middle Ditch Wasatch 5594 Heber City
Midview Ditch Midview Ditch Duchesne 5315 Bridgeland
Midview Lateral Midview Lateral Duchesne 5216 Bridgeland
Mill Ditch Mill Ditch Box Elder 4268 Tremonton
Mill Race Ditch Mill Race Ditch Salt Lake 4265 Salt Lake City South
Minersville Canal Minersville Canal Beaver 5285 Minersville
Moffat Canal Moffat Canal Uintah 5210 Fort Duchesne
Moon Lake Canal Moon Lake Canal Duchesne 5292 Bridgeland
Moroni and Mount Pleasant Canal Moroni and Mount Pleasant Canal Sanpete 5787 Mount Pleasant
Moroni City Ditch Moroni City Ditch Sanpete 5610 Moroni
Murray White Canal Murray White Canal Duchesne 5784 Duchesne
Myton Townsite Canal Myton Townsite Canal Uintah 4980 Windy Ridge
Neeley Ditch Neeley Ditch Millard 4600 Hinckley
Nielson Ditch Nielson Ditch Millard 4593 Hinckley
Neville Canal Neville Canal Rich 6325 Woodruff Narrows
New Hope Canal New Hope Canal Duchesne 5118 Myton
Newton Branch West Cache Canal Newton Branch West Cache Canal Cache 4485 Trenton
Nickerson Cutoff Nickerson Cutoff Tooele 4229 Poverty Point
North Branch Cleveland Canal North Branch Cleveland Canal Emery 5794 Elmo
North Branch Wilson Canal North Branch Wilson Canal Weber 4268 Roy
North Ditch North Ditch Beaver 5243 Minersville
North Ditch North Ditch Wasatch 5620 Charleston
North Ditch North Ditch Duchesne 6384 Neola NW
North Ditch North Ditch Emery 5856 Huntington
North Ditch North Ditch Millard 4580 Hinckley
North Dotson Gillins Ditch North Dotson Gillins Ditch Beaver 5276 Minersville
North Fork Dry Gulch Canal North Fork Dry Gulch Canal Duchesne 5079 Windy Ridge
North Jordan Canal North Jordan Canal Salt Lake 4298 Salt Lake City South
North Lateral C Canal North Lateral C Canal Duchesne 5338 Myton
North Lateral Lake Fork Canal North Lateral Lake Fork Canal Duchesne 5679 Bluebell
North Morgan Canal North Morgan Canal Morgan 5069 Morgan
North Narrows Ditch North Narrows Ditch Summit 5764 Turner Hollow
Northwest Branch Davis-Weber Canal Northwest Branch Davis-Weber Canal Weber 4485 Roy
Oasis Canal Oasis Canal Millard 4603 Delta
Old Canal Old Canal Millard 4590 Hinckley
South Extension Old Field Canal South Extension Old Field Canal Sanpete 5121 Redmond
Old Field Canal Old Field Canal Sanpete 5125 Redmond
Ouray Park Canal Ouray Park Canal Uintah 5108 Fort Duchesne
Ouray School Canal Ouray School Canal Uintah 4872 Randlett
Ouray Valley Canal Ouray Valley Canal Uintah 5220 Vernal SW
Page Canal Page Canal Duchesne 5348 Hancock Cove
Pahcease Canal Pahcease Canal Duchesne 5203 Bridgeland
Pahcease Canal Pahcease Canal Duchesne 5180 Bridgeland
Patterson Ditch Patterson Ditch Beaver 5774 Beaver
Payne Canal Payne Canal Duchesne 7034 Altonah
Pete Black Cut Pete Black Cut Millard 4573 Hinckley
Pickup Wash Lateral Pickup Wash Lateral Uintah 5033 Roosevelt
Pioneer Canal Pioneer Canal Duchesne 5837 Talmage
Pleasant Valley Canal Pleasant Valley Canal Duchesne 5305 Myton
Price Bench Ditch Price Bench Ditch Washington 2569 Saint George
Price Canal Price Canal Carbon 5640 Price
Provo Reservoir Canal Provo Reservoir Canal Salt Lake 4692 Midvale
Pump Ditch Pump Ditch Rich 6342 Randolph
Purdy Canal Purdy Canal Duchesne 5705 Bluebell
Randolph Woodruff Canal Randolph Woodruff Canal Rich 6289 Woodruff
Randolph Woodruff Extension Canal Randolph Woodruff Extension Canal Rich 6273 Randolph
Red Cap Canal Red Cap Canal Duchesne 5344 Bridgeland
Rees Canal Rees Canal Rich 6306 Woodruff Narrows
Reid Canal Reid Canal Millard 4603 Sutherland
Rex Canal Rex Canal Rich 6234 Rex Peak
Rhoades Canal Rhoades Canal Duchesne 7024 Hanna
Ridgeland Canal Ridgeland Canal Salt Lake 4252 Salt Lake City South
Ridgeland Canal Ridgeland Canal Salt Lake 4249 Magna
Riter Canal Riter Canal Salt Lake 4242 Magna
Riter Drain Riter Drain Salt Lake 4213 Baileys Lake
River Ditch River Ditch Wasatch 5673 Heber City
Riverdell Canal Riverdell Canal Duchesne 5033 Myton
Rocky Point B Canal Rocky Point B Canal Duchesne 5499 Duchesne NE
Rocky Point Canal Rocky Point Canal Duchesne 5673 Duchesne
Roosevelt Lateral Roosevelt Lateral Duchesne 5305 Hancock Cove
Sage Creek Canal Sage Creek Canal Rich 6247 Randolph
Saint George and Washington Canal Saint George and Washington Canal Washington 2671 Washington Dome
Saint George Valley Lateral Saint George Valley Lateral Washington 2621 Saint George
Sandy Ditch Sandy Ditch Salt Lake 4728 Draper
Sandy Irrigation Canal Sandy Irrigation Canal Salt Lake 4547 Draper
Santa Clara Saint George Canal Santa Clara Saint George Canal Washington 2634 Saint George
Saratoga Canal Saratoga Canal Utah 4587 Jordan Narrows
Sect Ditch Sect Ditch Sanpete 5968 Mount Pleasant
Sheehan Lateral Sheehan Lateral Duchesne 5095 Hancock Cove
Sidehill Ditch Sidehill Ditch Rich 6296 Woodruff Narrows
Silka Lateral Silka Lateral Uintah 5673 Whiterocks
South Boneta Canal South Boneta Canal Duchesne 6361 Altamont
South Branch Cleveland Canal South Branch Cleveland Canal Emery 5797 Huntington
South Branch Wilson Canal South Branch Wilson Canal Weber 4272 Roy
South Ditch South Ditch Duchesne 6443 Neola NW
South Field Ditch South Field Ditch Beaver 5892 Beaver
South Fork Dry Gulch Canal South Fork Dry Gulch Canal Uintah 5043 Windy Ridge
South Hinckley Canal South Hinckley Canal Millard 4583 Hinckley
South Jordan Canal South Jordan Canal Salt Lake 4419 Midvale
South Lateral South Lateral Duchesne 5321 Bridgeland
South Lateral C Canal South Lateral C Canal Duchesne 5328 Myton
South Lateral Lake Fork Canal South Lateral Lake Fork Canal Duchesne 5636 Bluebell
South Track Canal South Track Canal Millard 4613 Delta
Southwest Lewiston Canal Southwest Lewiston Canal Cache 4478 Trenton
Spring Creek Ditch Spring Creek Ditch Iron 8159 Kolob Reservoir
Spring Ditch Spring Ditch Sevier 5098 Redmond
State Road Lateral State Road Lateral Uintah 5036 Roosevelt
State Road Lateral State Road Lateral Duchesne 5069 Roosevelt
Stewart Ditch Stewart Ditch Millard 4623 Delta
Styler Ditch Styler Ditch Millard 4590 Delta
Sulphur Creek Canal Sulphur Creek Canal Box Elder 4219 Bear River City
Terry Ditch Terry Ditch Millard 4642 Delta
The Mile Ditch The Mile Ditch Beaver 5246 Minersville
Tolbert Ditch Tolbert Ditch Millard 4593 Sutherland
Town Ditch Town Ditch Millard 4600 Delta
Town Ditch Town Ditch Millard 4587 Hinckley
Trans River Canal Trans River Canal Beaver 5111 Cave Canyon
Uintah Independent Canal Uintah Independent Canal Uintah 6076 Whiterocks
Union and East Jordan Ditch Union and East Jordan Ditch Salt Lake 4580 Draper
United States Lake Fork Canal United States Lake Fork Canal Duchesne 6624 Altonah
Upper Pleasant Valley Canal Upper Pleasant Valley Canal Duchesne 5295 Myton
Upper Santa Clara Bench Canal Upper Santa Clara Bench Canal Washington 3215 Santa Clara
Utah and Salt Lake Canal Utah and Salt Lake Canal Salt Lake 4482 Midvale
Utah Lake Distributing Canal Utah Lake Distributing Canal Salt Lake 4567 Midvale
Utah Lake Distributing Canal Utah Lake Distributing Canal Utah 4577 Jordan Narrows
Utah Lake District Canal Utah Lake District Canal Utah 4495 Pelican Point
Uteland Canal Uteland Canal Duchesne 5535 Bluebell
Utopia Ditch Utopia Ditch Beaver 5207 Minersville
Virgin Canal Virgin Canal Washington 3668 Virgin
Walker Canal Walker Canal Millard 4590 Sutherland
Wellington Canal Wellington Canal Carbon 5551 Wellington
West Branch Brighton Canal West Branch Brighton Canal Salt Lake 4239 Baileys Lake
West Cache Canal West Cache Canal Cache 4491 Trenton
West Ditch West Ditch Garfield 6634 Panguitch
West Lateral West Lateral Box Elder 4209 Whistler Canal
West Pump Canal West Pump Canal Cache 4498 Trenton
West Pump Canal West Pump Canal Cache 4505 Trenton
Western Ditch Western Ditch Emery 5961 Castle Dale
Westside Ditch Westside Ditch Wasatch 5571 Heber City
Whistler Canal Whistler Canal Box Elder 4213 Whistler Canal
Whiterocks and Ouray Valley Canal Whiterocks and Ouray Valley Canal Uintah 5807 Lapoint
Whiterocks Canal Whiterocks Canal Uintah 6535 Ice Cave Peak
Will Ruben Canal Will Ruben Canal Millard 4600 Hinckley
Wilson Canal Wilson Canal Weber 4272 Roy
Wilson Canal Wilson Canal Millard 4603 Sutherland
Wissiup Ditch Wissiup Ditch Uintah 4682 Pelican Lake
Woods James Ditch Woods James Ditch Beaver 5279 Minersville
Yellowstone Extension Canal Yellowstone Extension Canal Duchesne 6411 Neola NW
Yellowstone Feeder Canal Yellowstone Feeder Canal Duchesne 6647 Neola NW
2D Northwest Ditch 2D Northwest Ditch Beaver 5935 Beaver
Clipper Canal Clipper Canal Emery 5860 Castle Dale
Dooley Ditch Dooley Ditch Emery 5856 Castle Dale
Fugate Ditch Fugate Ditch Emery 5902 Molen
North Ditch North Ditch Emery 5974 Castle Dale
Peterson Ditch Peterson Ditch Emery 5738 Molen
Pioneer Number Two Canal (historical) Pioneer Number Two Canal (historical) Carbon 5518 Price
South Branch West Weber Canal South Branch West Weber Canal Weber 4239 Plain City
Taylor Canal Taylor Canal Weber 4219 Roy
West Weber Canal West Weber Canal Weber 4252 Roy
Rio Buenaventura Canal Rio Buenaventura Canal Tooele 4255 Hogup Ridge North
Humbug Canal Humbug Canal Wasatch 5682 Charleston
Ogden Canyon Conduit Ogden Canyon Conduit Weber 4783 Huntsville
Mountain Canal Mountain Canal Weber 5013 Browns Hole
Provo Bench Canal Provo Bench Canal Utah 4816 Orem
Wellsville-Mendon Lower Canal Wellsville-Mendon Lower Canal Cache 4626 Mount Pisgah
Wellsville-Mendon Upper Canal Wellsville-Mendon Upper Canal Cache 4692 Mount Pisgah
Allred Ditch Allred Ditch Sanpete 6371 Spring City
Almond Ditch Almond Ditch Millard 4980 Fillmore
Alta Aqueduct Alta Aqueduct Utah 5512 Orem
Amalga Branch West Cache Canal Amalga Branch West Cache Canal Cache 4449 Trenton
American Fork Canyon Ditch American Fork Canyon Ditch Utah 4882 Lehi
Annabella Canal Annabella Canal Sevier 5295 Annabella
Ashley Upper Canal Ashley Upper Canal Uintah 5650 Vernal NE
Bambrough Canal Bambrough Canal Davis 4521 Ogden
Barton Tebbs LaFevre Canal Barton Tebbs LaFevre Canal Garfield 6503 Panguitch NW
Becks Ditch Becks Ditch Sanpete 10469 Spring City
Benson Canal Benson Canal Cache 4511 Logan
Bertlesen Ditch Bertlesen Ditch Sevier 5604 Monroe Peak
Big Ditch Canal Big Ditch Canal Salt Lake 4298 Sugar House
Bill Allred Ditch Bill Allred Ditch Sanpete 5869 Chester
Black Canyon Black Canyon Sanpete 10436 South Tent Mountain
Blacksmith Fork Nibley Canal Blacksmith Fork Nibley Canal Cache 4590 Logan
Bonneville Supply Canal Bonneville Supply Canal Davis 4213 Salt Lake City North
Boren Ditch Boren Ditch Wasatch 6066 Wallsburg Ridge
Boulderville Ditch Boulderville Ditch Summit 6506 Kamas
Box Elder Canal Box Elder Canal Box Elder 4442 Brigham City
Brighton Canal Brighton Canal Salt Lake 4242 Salt Lake City South
Brooklyn Canal Brooklyn Canal Sevier 5335 Elsinore
Bull River Ditch Bull River Ditch Utah 4819 Lehi
Calder Ditch Calder Ditch Uintah 7388 Crouse Reservoir
Cane Valley Ditch Cane Valley Ditch Sanpete 5882 Ephraim
Carter Ditch Carter Ditch Beaver 6079 Beaver
Cedar Hollow Ditch Cedar Hollow Ditch Utah 4813 Lehi
Cedarview Canal Cedarview Canal Duchesne 6519 Neola
Center Ditch Center Ditch Utah 4534 Spanish Fork
Central Utah Canal Central Utah Canal Millard 4806 McCornick
Cherry Creek Ditch Cherry Creek Ditch Cache 5210 Richmond
Church Spring Ditch Church Spring Ditch Millard 5141 Duggins Creek
City Drain City Drain Salt Lake 4252 Salt Lake City North
Cleveland Canal Cleveland Canal Emery 5882 Huntington
Clipper Western Canal Clipper Western Canal Carbon 6040 Red Point
Corinne Canal Corinne Canal Box Elder 4281 Tremonton
Cottonwood Creek Huntington Canal Cottonwood Creek Huntington Canal Emery 5961 Red Point
Cottonwood Creek Huntington Canal Cottonwood Creek Huntington Canal Emery 5889 Red Point
Crawford Ditch Crawford Ditch Sanpete 6050 Chester
Cudahy Drain Cudahy Drain Davis 4229 Salt Lake City North
Currant Creek Feeder Canal Currant Creek Feeder Canal Wasatch 8917 Co-op Creek
Davis-Weber Canal Davis-Weber Canal Weber 4610 Roy
Dodd Ditch Dodd Ditch Duchesne 6503 Neola
Draper Canal Draper Canal Salt Lake 4567 Jordan Narrows
Dunn Canal Dunn Canal Davis 4524 Ogden
East Bench Canal East Bench Canal Utah 4744 Spanish Fork Peak
East Bench Canal East Bench Canal Garfield 6644 Panguitch
East Fork Canal East Fork Canal Garfield 6388 Angle
East Fork Ditch East Fork Ditch Millard 5420 Scipio Pass
East Jordan Canal East Jordan Canal Salt Lake 4455 Draper
East Panguitch Canal East Panguitch Canal Garfield 6585 Panguitch
East Pump Canal East Pump Canal Cache 4511 Richmond
East Warm Creek Ditch East Warm Creek Ditch Utah 4537 Santaquin
Eighty Rod Ditch Eighty Rod Ditch Utah 4908 Lehi
Enterprise Ditch Enterprise Ditch Morgan 4977 Morgan
Farm Creek Canal Farm Creek Canal Duchesne 6699 Farm Creek Peak
Farnsworth Canal Farnsworth Canal Duchesne 7549 Mountain Home
Fox Ditch Fox Ditch Utah 4659 Lehi
Fremont Loa Ditch Fremont Loa Ditch Wayne 7257 Loa
Gateway Canal Gateway Canal Morgan 4980 Peterson
Gobblefield Ditch Gobblefield Ditch Sanpete 5587 Chester
Goggin Drain Goggin Drain Salt Lake 4209 Baileys Lake
Granite Flume Granite Flume Salt Lake 5443 Sugar House
Greendale Canal Greendale Canal Daggett 7211 Mount Lena
Haight Bench Canal Haight Bench Canal Davis 4583 Kaysville
Hammond East Branch Canal Hammond East Branch Canal Box Elder 4373 Honeyville
Hammond Main Canal Hammond Main Canal Box Elder 4390 Cutler Dam
Hammond West Branch Canal Hammond West Branch Canal Box Elder 4275 Honeyville
Harmon Ditch Harmon Ditch Utah 4829 Lehi
Harris Ditch Harris Ditch Beaver 6083 Black Ridge
High Line Ditch High Line Ditch Wayne 7254 Lyman
High Water Canal High Water Canal Sanpete 5925 Manti
Highland Canal Highland Canal Sanpete 5305 Redmond
Highline Canal Highline Canal Uintah 5682 Vernal NE
Highline Canal Highline Canal Wasatch 6381 Twin Peaks
Hilliard Canal Hilliard Canal Summit 7985 Deadman Mountain
Hilliard East Fork Canal Hilliard East Fork Canal Summit 7841 Deadman Mountain
Hilliard Westside Canal Hilliard Westside Canal Summit 7779 Deadman Mountain
Hooper Canal Hooper Canal Weber 4239 Clearfield
Horseshoe Ditch Horseshoe Ditch Sanpete 10374 Danish Knoll
Hovarka Canal Hovarka Canal Summit 8386 Deadman Mountain
Huntington Canal Huntington Canal Emery 5882 Huntington
Huntsville South Branch Canal Huntsville South Branch Canal Weber 4970 Snow Basin
Huntsville South Ditch Huntsville South Ditch Weber 4984 Browns Hole
Hyde Park Canal Hyde Park Canal Cache 4557 Logan
Hyrum Canal Hyrum Canal Cache 4846 Paradise
Indian Creek Diversion Canal Indian Creek Diversion Canal Wasatch 7579 Strawberry Reservoir NW
Jackson Ditch Jackson Ditch Cache 5098 Paradise
Jasper Pike Canal Jasper Pike Canal Duchesne 6489 Tabiona
Jepp Thomas Canal Jepp Thomas Canal Duchesne 6667 Tabiona
Jordan and Salt Lake City Canal Jordan and Salt Lake City Canal Salt Lake 4403 Salt Lake City South
Kingston Canal Kingston Canal Piute 6079 Circleville
Knoll Ditch Knoll Ditch Sanpete 5581 Ephraim
Koosharem Canal Koosharem Canal Sevier 6929 Greenwich
Lake Bottom Canal Lake Bottom Canal Utah 4557 Orem
Lake Canal Lake Canal Sanpete 5600 Sterling
Lannon Ditch Lannon Ditch Summit 7831 Deadman Mountain
Larsen Ditch Larsen Ditch Sanpete 10407 Danish Knoll
Larson Ditch Larson Ditch Sanpete 5243 Sterling
Last Chance Canal Last Chance Canal Beaver 6476 Black Ridge
Last Chance Ditch Last Chance Ditch Sanpete 6119 Spring City
Leamington Canal Leamington Canal Millard 4747 Champlin Peak
Leeds Ditch Leeds Ditch Washington 3478 Hurricane
Leland Mill Race Leland Mill Race Utah 4626 Spanish Fork
Little Ditch Little Ditch Sevier 5167 Aurora
Little Farm Creek Canal Little Farm Creek Canal Duchesne 6870 Farm Creek Peak
Loa Town Ditch Loa Town Ditch Wayne 7103 Loa
Lodgepole Canal Lodgepole Canal Daggett 7477 Jessen Butte
Logan and Hyde Park Canal Logan and Hyde Park Canal Cache 4557 Smithfield
Logan Hyde Park and Smithfield Canal Logan Hyde Park and Smithfield Canal Cache 4826 Smithfield
Logan North Field Canal Logan North Field Canal Cache 4550 Smithfield
Logan Northern Canal Logan Northern Canal Cache 4619 Smithfield
Logan Northwest Field Canal Logan Northwest Field Canal Cache 4495 Smithfield
Long Canal Long Canal Garfield 6617 Panguitch
Lossee Canal Lossee Canal Garfield 8156 Pine Lake
Lost Creek Canal Lost Creek Canal Piute 6112 Circleville
Lower Chimney Ditch Lower Chimney Ditch Sanpete 5564 Chester
Lower High Creek Canal Lower High Creek Canal Cache 4629 Richmond
Lower Union Canal Lower Union Canal Utah 4580 Provo
Lynn Canal Lynn Canal Weber 4347 Ogden
Madsen Ditch Madsen Ditch Sanpete 10131 Danish Knoll
Mammoth Canal Mammoth Canal Beaver 6129 Black Ridge
Mammoth Canal Mammoth Canal Emery 5741 Huntington
Manderfield Ditch Manderfield Ditch Beaver 6526 Pole Mountain
Marriott Canal Marriott Canal Weber 4275 Ogden
Marshall Ditch Marshall Ditch Garfield 6414 Panguitch NW
McArthur Ditch McArthur Ditch Utah 4662 Lehi
McEwen Ditch McEwen Ditch Garfield 6480 Panguitch NW
McIntyre Canal McIntyre Canal Juab 4751 Lynndyl East
Merideth Ditch Merideth Ditch Utah 4947 Lehi
Middle Branch Brighton Canal Extension Middle Branch Brighton Canal Extension Salt Lake 4232 Salt Lake City North
Mill Race Canal Mill Race Canal Utah 4603 Spanish Fork
Mill Race Ditch Mill Race Ditch Sanpete 6214 Spring City
Millville Providence Canal Millville Providence Canal Cache 4675 Logan
Mitchell Ditch Mitchell Ditch Utah 4724 Lehi
Mitchell Ditch Mitchell Ditch Utah 4885 Lehi
Monroe Canal Monroe Canal Sevier 5367 Annabella
Mosby Canal Mosby Canal Uintah 10029 Paradise Park
Mountain Tunnel Ditch Mountain Tunnel Ditch Sanpete 10643 South Tent Mountain
New Field Canal New Field Canal Sanpete 5256 Gunnison
New Survey Ditch New Survey Ditch Utah 4567 Lehi
Nielson Ditch Nielson Ditch Utah 4987 Lehi
North Branch Warren Canal North Branch Warren Canal Weber 4222 Plain City
North Branch West Weber Canal North Branch West Weber Canal Weber 4242 Plain City
North Ephraim Ditch North Ephraim Ditch Sanpete 9682 Danish Knoll
North Logan Benson Canal North Logan Benson Canal Cache 4432 Newton
North Ogden Canal North Ogden Canal Weber 4396 North Ogden
North Point Consolidated Canal North Point Consolidated Canal Salt Lake 4226 Baileys Lake
North Slaterville Canal North Slaterville Canal Weber 4249 Plain City
North String Irrigation Ditch North String Irrigation Ditch Box Elder 4275 Brigham City
North Union Canal North Union Canal Utah 4790 Orem
Northern Canal Northern Canal Cache 4646 Logan
Northwest Bench Ditch Northwest Bench Ditch Morgan 4951 Snow Basin
O'Berry Canal O'Berry Canal Cache 4823 Paradise
Ogden Brigham Canal Ogden Brigham Canal Weber 4718 North Ogden
Ogden Valley Canal Ogden Valley Canal Weber 5085 Browns Hole
Oil Drain Oil Drain Davis 4219 Salt Lake City North
Old Manderfield Ditch Old Manderfield Ditch Beaver 6489 Pole Mountain
Old State Ditch Old State Ditch Garfield 6670 Panguitch NW
Owens Ditch Owens Ditch Beaver 6109 Black Ridge
Panguitch Canal Panguitch Canal Garfield 6627 Panguitch NW
Paradise Canal Paradise Canal Cache 4984 Paradise
Peoples Canal Peoples Canal Daggett 6174 Manila
Perry Canal Perry Canal Box Elder 4459 Willard
Pioneer Canal Pioneer Canal Weber 4475 Ogden
Pioneer Ditch Pioneer Ditch Millard 5216 Holden
Pitt Ditch Pitt Ditch Uintah 5728 Steinaker Reservoir
Piute Canal Piute Canal Sevier 5318 Redmond Canyon
Plain City Canal Plain City Canal Weber 4242 Plain City
Pleasant Grove Ditch Pleasant Grove Ditch Utah 4934 Lehi
Point Ditch Point Ditch Sanpete 5886 Spring City
Pole Creek Canal Pole Creek Canal Duchesne 7392 Dark Canyon
Potters Canyon Ditch Potters Canyon Ditch Sanpete 10659 South Tent Mountain
Power House Canal Power House Canal Sanpete 6240 Ephraim
Powerplant Canal Powerplant Canal Duchesne 7398 Dark Canyon
Prattsville Canal Prattsville Canal Sevier 5269 Richfield
Murdock Canal Murdock Canal Utah 4879 Timpanogos Cave
Quarry Field Canal Quarry Field Canal Sanpete 5673 Ephraim
Reclamation Ditch Reclamation Ditch Salt Lake 4222 Salt Lake City North
Richfield Canal Richfield Canal Sevier 5292 Richfield
Riverdale Bench Canal Riverdale Bench Canal Weber 4416 Ogden
Rock Dam Canal Rock Dam Canal Sanpete 5502 Chester
Rock Point Canal Rock Point Canal Uintah 5374 Steinaker Reservoir
Rocky Ford Canal Rocky Ford Canal Sevier 5174 Aurora
Sagebrush and Spring Creek Canal Sagebrush and Spring Creek Canal Wasatch 5545 Charleston
Salem Canal Salem Canal Utah 4701 Spanish Fork
Salt Lake City Aqueduct Salt Lake City Aqueduct Utah 4918 Lehi
Salt Lake City Sewage Canal Salt Lake City Sewage Canal Salt Lake 4236 Salt Lake City North
Sevier Valley Canal Sevier Valley Canal Sevier 5387 Richfield
Sheep Creek Canal Sheep Creek Canal Daggett 7730 Jessen Butte
Silver Creek Ditch Silver Creek Ditch Sanpete 5499 Chester
Sink Ditch Sink Ditch Millard 4947 Fillmore
Smithfield Canal Smithfield Canal Cache 4902 Logan
South Bend Canal South Bend Canal Sevier 5440 Monroe Peak
South Branch Warren Canal South Branch Warren Canal Weber 4219 Plain City
South Ditch South Ditch Garfield 6676 Panguitch
South Ditch South Ditch Utah 4524 Spanish Fork
South Ephraim Ditch South Ephraim Ditch Sanpete 10134 Danish Knoll
South Field Canal South Field Canal Utah 4629 Spanish Fork
South Logan Benson Canal South Logan Benson Canal Cache 4432 Newton
South Ogden Highline Canal South Ogden Highline Canal Weber 4757 Ogden
South Slaterville Canal South Slaterville Canal Weber 4255 Roy
South Valley Canal South Valley Canal Daggett 6883 Jessen Butte
Spring City Ditch Spring City Ditch Sanpete 9882 South Tent Mountain
Spring Ditch Spring Ditch Wayne 6922 Bicknell
Spring Ditch Spring Ditch Sanpete 5561 Chester
State Canal State Canal Sevier 5381 Richfield
Steinaker Ditch Steinaker Ditch Uintah 5755 Steinaker Reservoir
Steinaker Feeder Canal Steinaker Feeder Canal Uintah 5604 Vernal NE
Steinaker Service Canal Steinaker Service Canal Uintah 5446 Vernal NE
Stone Quarry Ditch Stone Quarry Ditch Sevier 5184 Salina
Strawberry Ditch Strawberry Ditch Wasatch 8176 Co-op Creek
Strawberry Highline Canal Strawberry Highline Canal Utah 4829 Spanish Fork
Surplus Canal Surplus Canal Salt Lake 4222 Salt Lake City North
Tabby Canal Tabby Canal Duchesne 6594 Tabiona
Tailrace Canal Tailrace Canal Garfield 7634 Boulder Town
The Canal Ditch The Canal Ditch Sanpete 5531 Chester
Timpanogos Canal Timpanogos Canal Wasatch 5843 Heber City
Timranogos Canal Timranogos Canal Utah 4800 Orem
Tropic Ditch Tropic Ditch Garfield 7674 Bryce Canyon
Trunk Ditch Trunk Ditch Sevier 5243 Salina
Tub Ditch Tub Ditch Wayne 6952 Bicknell
Uintah Canal Uintah Canal Duchesne 6348 Neola
Uintah Central Canal Uintah Central Canal Weber 4511 Ogden
Union Aqueduct Union Aqueduct Utah 5131 Orem
Upper Canal Upper Canal Salt Lake 4587 Sugar House
Upper Canal Upper Canal Salt Lake 4550 Sugar House
Upper Charleston Canal Upper Charleston Canal Wasatch 5482 Charleston
Upper Chimney Ditch Upper Chimney Ditch Sanpete 5627 Chester
Upper High Creek Canal Upper High Creek Canal Cache 4957 Richmond
Upper Union Canal Upper Union Canal Utah 4715 Orem
Venice Canal Venice Canal Sevier 5223 Sigurd
Vermillion Canal Vermillion Canal Sevier 5236 Sigurd
Warm Springs Ditch Warm Springs Ditch Utah 4534 Santaquin
Warren Canal Warren Canal Weber 4232 Plain City
Warren Canal Warren Canal Weber 4249 Roy
Wasatch Canal Wasatch Canal Wasatch 5636 Heber City
Wasatch Ditch Wasatch Ditch Sanpete 10226 Danish Knoll
Weber Aqueduct Weber Aqueduct Weber 4823 Ogden
Weber Canal Weber Canal Weber 4363 Ogden
Weber Provo Diversion Canal Weber Provo Diversion Canal Summit 6486 Kamas
Wellsville Canal Wellsville Canal Cache 4603 Logan
West Bench Ditch West Bench Ditch Wasatch 5794 Heber City
West Canal West Canal Box Elder 4373 Riverside
West Canal West Canal Piute 6004 Junction
West Side Canal West Side Canal Box Elder 4400 Cutler Dam
West Union Canal West Union Canal Utah 4718 Orem
West View Canal West View Canal Sanpete 5085 Redmond
Western Canal Western Canal Weber 4377 Ogden
Western Canal Western Canal Weber 4301 North Ogden
Willard Canal Willard Canal Weber 4252 Plain City
Willis Ditch Willis Ditch Beaver 6047 Black Ridge
Willow Creek Ditch Willow Creek Ditch Wasatch 8222 Co-op Creek
Bench Ditch Bench Ditch Emery 5928 Molen
Torrey Canal Torrey Canal Wayne 6880 Torrey
Canal A Canal A Millard 4652 Delta NE
Canal C Canal C Millard 4649 Delta
Dutch Flat Ditch Dutch Flat Ditch Emery 5820 Molen
Elisnore Canal Elisnore Canal Sevier 5315 Annabella
Highline Ditch Highline Ditch Wayne 7231 Lyman
King Ditch King Ditch Emery 5968 Ferron
Molen Ditch Molen Ditch Emery 5902 Molen
South Ditch South Ditch Emery 6047 Ferron
Zwahlen Ditch Zwahlen Ditch Emery 5919 Molen
Power Canal Power Canal Utah 4869 Spanish Fork Peak
South Field Ditch South Field Ditch Beaver 6155 Black Ridge
Blackburn Ditch Blackburn Ditch Wayne 6194 Sewing Machine Pass
Vat Tunnel Vat Tunnel Wasatch 9780 Wolf Creek Summit
Emery Canal Emery Canal Emery 6358 Emery East
Rochester Canal Rochester Canal Emery 6355 Emery East
Drain Tunnel Number 1 Drain Tunnel Number 1 Summit 7585 Park City East
Lateral Number 1 Lateral Number 1 Duchesne 7306 Mountain Home
Lateral Number 1 Lateral Number 1 Duchesne 6171 Neola
Lateral Number 2 Lateral Number 2 Duchesne 7188 Mountain Home
Lateral Number 2 Lateral Number 2 Duchesne 5823 Neola
Lateral Number 2 1/2 Lateral Number 2 1/2 Duchesne 6165 Neola
Lateral Number 3 Lateral Number 3 Duchesne 6227 Neola
Lateral Number 3 Lateral Number 3 Duchesne 6788 Talmage
Lateral Number 4 Lateral Number 4 Duchesne 6155 Neola
Lateral Number 4 Lateral Number 4 Duchesne 6273 Neola
Lateral Number 5 Lateral Number 5 Duchesne 5308 Bridgeland
Lateral Number 5 Lateral Number 5 Duchesne 6086 Neola
Number 1 Canal Number 1 Canal Duchesne 6699 Altonah
Uintah Number 1 Canal Uintah Number 1 Canal Duchesne 5964 Whiterocks
Mapleton Lateral Mapleton Lateral Utah 4816 Spanish Fork Peak
Highline Canal Highline Canal Cache 5161 Paradise
Layout Tunnel Layout Tunnel Wasatch 8530 Jimmies Point
Water Hollow Tunnel Water Hollow Tunnel Wasatch 9039 Strawberry Reservoir NE
Taylor Ditch Taylor Ditch Piute 6493 Mount Brigham
Sevier Valley Canal Sevier Valley Canal Sevier 5440 Elsinore
Rocky Point C Canal Rocky Point C Canal Duchesne 5485 Duchesne NE
Currant Tunnel Currant Tunnel Wasatch 8586 Jimmies Point
Blacksmith Fork Hyrum Canal Blacksmith Fork Hyrum Canal Cache 4603 Logan