Washboards Washboards Cache 5358 Clarkston
Blakes Lambing Grounds Blakes Lambing Grounds Washington 4101 White Hills
Deer Trails Deer Trails Kane 6335 Deer Range Point
Devils Garden Devils Garden Garfield 5243 Seep Flat
Devils Playground Devils Playground Box Elder 5449 Emigrant Pass
East of the Navajo East of the Navajo Kane 6417 East of the Navajo
Egypt Egypt Garfield 5853 Egypt
Ernies Country Ernies Country Garfield 4957 Elaterite Basin
Hancock Cove Hancock Cove Duchesne 5121 Hancock Cove
Keesle Country Keesle Country Emery 5476 Hunt Draw
Hondu Country Hondu Country Emery 5541 Tomsich Butte
Kelleys Place Kelleys Place Beaver 6339 Wah Wah Cove
Labyrinths Labyrinths Uintah 6489 Jones Hole
Low Spur Low Spur Emery 5131 Horsethief Canyon
Mouth of Bear River Mouth of Bear River Box Elder 4209 Mouth of Bear River
Raggy Draws Raggy Draws Garfield 8012 Mount Ellen
Rush Beds Rush Beds Kane 6450 Slickrock Bench
Sinbad Country Sinbad Country Emery 6739 Twin Knolls
The Grassies The Grassies Grand 4879 Danish Flat
The Hartnet The Hartnet Wayne 5902 Fruita NW
The Iron Mines The Iron Mines Beaver 7126 Lamerdorf Peak
The Maze The Maze Wayne 5138 Elaterite Basin
The Needles The Needles San Juan 5433 Druid Arch
The Stirrup The Stirrup Uintah 4977 Vernal SE
The V The V Garfield 5499 Red Breaks
The Windows Section The Windows Section Grand 5049 The Windows Section
Washboard Washboard Kane 5003 Basin Canyon
Land of Standing Rocks Land of Standing Rocks Wayne 5466 Spanish Bottom
The Doll House The Doll House Garfield 5125 Spanish Bottom
The Grabens The Grabens San Juan 5512 Cross Canyon
Behind the Rocks Behind the Rocks San Juan 5403 Kane Springs
The Biscuits The Biscuits Grand 4974 Mollie Hogans
Book Cliffs Natural Area Book Cliffs Natural Area Uintah 7490 Tom Patterson Canyon
Bridger Jack Mesa Outstanding Natural Area Bridger Jack Mesa Outstanding Natural Area San Juan 6713 Harts Point South
Canaan Mountain RV Closure Area Canaan Mountain RV Closure Area Washington 6237 Hildale
Deer Creek Recreation Area Deer Creek Recreation Area Garfield 5594 King Bench
Devils Garden Outstanding Natural Area Devils Garden Outstanding Natural Area Garfield 5272 Seep Flat
Garden of Eden Garden of Eden Grand 5052 The Windows Section
Gilex Gilex Wayne 4104 Burr Point
The Grabens The Grabens San Juan 5430 Cross Canyon
Herdina Park Herdina Park Grand 4961 The Windows Section
Hurricane Fields Hurricane Fields Washington 3307 Hurricane
Link Flat Natural Area Link Flat Natural Area Emery 6768 Copper Globe
Little Purgatory Little Purgatory Washington 3363 Hurricane
Lower Group Lower Group Wayne 5433 Fruita NW
Marching Men Marching Men Grand 5089 Klondike Bluffs
Mill Field Mill Field Wayne 8012 Government Point
Oak Glens Oak Glens San Juan 3980 Rainbow Bridge
Petrified Forest Petrified Forest Washington 4373 Springdale West
Petrified Sand Dunes Petrified Sand Dunes Grand 4482 The Windows Section
Pinyon Juniper Study Area Pinyon Juniper Study Area Beaver 6558 The Tetons
Rock Hounding Area Rock Hounding Area Juab 5279 Picture Rock Hills
Rock Pinnacles Rock Pinnacles Grand 4938 The Windows Section
Sin-av-to-weap Sin-av-to-weap Garfield 3875 Spanish Bottom
The Gulch Outstanding Natural Area The Gulch Outstanding Natural Area Garfield 5476 King Bench
The Needles Country The Needles Country San Juan 5518 Cross Canyon
Topaz Slough Conservation Area Topaz Slough Conservation Area Millard 4573 Smelter Knolls East
Twin Valleys Twin Valleys San Juan 5046 The Loop
Watershed Study Plot Watershed Study Plot San Juan 6558 Cedar Mesa North
White Rocks White Rocks Kane 4531 Lower Coyote Spring
Wingate Mesa Wingate Mesa San Juan 6683 Jacobs Chair
Wolverine Petrified Wood Area Wolverine Petrified Wood Area Garfield 6004 Pioneer Mesa
Land of Standing Rocks Land of Standing Rocks Wayne 5476 Spanish Bottom
Badlands Badlands Millard 6027 Miller Cove
Bishop Springs Area Bishop Springs Area Millard 4819 Foote Range
Painted Potholes Painted Potholes Millard 5964 Crystal Peak
Beaver Dams Beaver Dams Sevier 9747 Yogo Creek
Black Bunch Black Bunch Tooele 5705 North Willow Canyon
Devils Kitchen Devils Kitchen Juab 8192 Nebo Basin
Fairyland Fairyland Garfield 7484 Bryce Canyon
Greendale Greendale Daggett 6877 Dutch John
Grizzly Ridge Winter Sports Area Grizzly Ridge Winter Sports Area Daggett 8501 Mount Lena
Hells Kitchen Hells Kitchen Cache 5171 Logan
Hogle Zoological Gardens Hogle Zoological Gardens Salt Lake 4836 Sugar House
Queens Garden Queens Garden Garfield 7621 Bryce Point
Pauls Meadow Pauls Meadow Millard 8484 Oak City North
Shurtz Bush Shurtz Bush Garfield 8041 Canaan Peak
Star Seep Star Seep Garfield 6608 Death Ridge
The Wilderness The Wilderness San Juan 8117 Chippean Rocks
Wildwest Wildwest Sanpete 9577 Black Mountain
Baullies Baullies San Juan 6178 South Long Point
Bryce Amphitheater Bryce Amphitheater Garfield 7559 Bryce Canyon
Cedar Breaks Amphitheater Cedar Breaks Amphitheater Iron 9905 Brian Head
Drive Through the Ages Geological Area Drive Through the Ages Geological Area Uintah 7854 Burnt Cabin Gorge
Maloy Park Maloy Park Grand 7326 Warner Lake
Phipps-Death Hollow Outstanding Natural Area Phipps-Death Hollow Outstanding Natural Area Garfield 6496 Escalante
Sheep Creek Canyon Geological Area Sheep Creek Canyon Geological Area Daggett 7926 Jessen Butte
Cathedral Valley Cathedral Valley Wayne 6427 Cathedral Mountain
Chimney Park Chimney Park San Juan 7333 Poison Canyon
The Confluence The Confluence San Juan 3875 Spanish Bottom
The Doll House The Doll House Garfield 5164 Spanish Bottom
Fry Mesa Fry Mesa San Juan 6358 The Cheesebox
Pappys Pasture Pappys Pasture San Juan 6260 Cross Canyon
Beef Pasture Beef Pasture Wasatch 8464 Wolf Creek Summit
Browns Dairy Browns Dairy Piute 9524 Marysvale Peak
Central Pasture Central Pasture Sevier 9659 Koosharem
Deer Pasture Deer Pasture Millard 6453 Fillmore
Deer Study Plot Deer Study Plot Piute 7835 Marysvale
The Hole The Hole Emery 7874 Ferron
Jass Dairy Jass Dairy Piute 9442 Marysvale Peak
Park Valley Park Valley Box Elder 5676 Rosette
Partridge Mountain Research Natural Area Partridge Mountain Research Natural Area Millard 7825 Oak City South
The Pines The Pines Sevier 8697 Emery West
Smith Overflow Smith Overflow Sevier 8865 Fish Lake
Anderson Dairy Anderson Dairy Piute 9235 Marysvale Peak
Big Meadow Big Meadow Duchesne 9869 Explorer Peak
Bighorn Enclosure Bighorn Enclosure Box Elder 5413 Mantua
Bull Pasture Bull Pasture Uintah 7126 Ice Cave Peak
The Hideout The Hideout San Juan 8008 Woodenshoe Buttes
High Uintas Primitive Area High Uintas Primitive Area Duchesne 10502 Oweep Creek
Lightning Park Lightning Park Duchesne 10886 Whiterocks Lake
Timpanogos Scenic Area Timpanogos Scenic Area Utah 10072 Timpanogos Cave
Twin Parks Twin Parks Uintah 9035 Dyer Mountain
Twin Trees Twin Trees Garfield 7205 Griffin Point
Dark Canyon Primitive Area Dark Canyon Primitive Area San Juan 6608 Bowdie Canyon East
Land of Standing Rocks Land of Standing Rocks Wayne 5367 Spanish Bottom
North Escalante Canyon Outstanding Natural Area North Escalante Canyon Outstanding Natural Area Garfield 5246 Red Breaks
Paria Canyon Primitive Area Paria Canyon Primitive Area Kane 4577 West Clark Bench
Sinbad Valley Sinbad Valley Emery 7044 The Blocks
White Sand Dunes White Sand Dunes Juab 4954 Lynndyl NW
Lone Mesa Lone Mesa Grand 5787 Jug Rock
Knolls Dunes Knolls Dunes Tooele 4278 Knolls SE
Wildcat Dunes Wildcat Dunes Tooele 4357 Wildcat Mountain
Wild Isle Dunes Wild Isle Dunes Tooele 4249 Wildcat Mountain NW