Balanced Rock Balanced Rock Gillespie 1831 Fredericksburg East
Cathedral Rock Cathedral Rock Dimmit 679 Chupadera Creek
Chimney Rock Chimney Rock Presidio 3264 The Solitario
Pillar Rock Pillar Rock Gillespie 1893 Nott Branch
Balance Rock Balance Rock Jeff Davis 5069 Little Aguja Mountain
Boot Rock Boot Rock Brewster 6716 Emory Peak
Corner Rock Corner Rock Burnet 909 Marble Falls
Devils Tombstone Devils Tombstone Randall 3209 Fortress Cliff
Goose Rock Goose Rock Burnet 876 Marble Falls
Hickory Rock Hickory Rock Burnet 948 Marble Falls
Needle Point Needle Point Reeves 4071 Barrilla Mountains West
Needle Rock Needle Rock Jeff Davis 4806 Little Aguja Mountain
Paint Rock Paint Rock Oldham 3898 Signal Spring SE
School Rock School Rock Burnet 846 Marble Falls
Sow Rock Sow Rock Burnet 869 Marble Falls
The Chimneys The Chimneys Brewster 2802 Cerro Castellan
The Ice Cream Cone The Ice Cream Cone Hudspeth 3520 Schroder Arroyo
The Monument The Monument Pecos 3839 Deep Well Ranch
The Pinnacle The Pinnacle Culberson 4101 Seven L Peak
Twin Rock Twin Rock Panola 194 Grand Bluff
Veterans Memorial Monument Veterans Memorial Monument Jefferson 7 Port Arthur North