Centennial Island Centennial Island Tipton 230 Frenchmans Bayou
Chestnut Flat Chestnut Flat Grainger 1929 Luttrell
Smith Island Smith Island Franklin 778 Lois
Spice Lick Bottoms Spice Lick Bottoms Campbell 1663 Ivydell
Spruce Flats Spruce Flats Blount 1558 Wear Cove
Stony Flat Stony Flat Anderson 971 Windrock
Sweet Gum Flats Sweet Gum Flats Campbell 1886 Ivydell
Tamp Gilbert Flat Tamp Gilbert Flat Bledsoe 2018 Billingsley Gap
Tannery Flats Tannery Flats Hamilton 643 Chattanooga
The Barrens The Barrens Lincoln 961 Huntland
The Big Flat The Big Flat Bledsoe 1801 Mount Airy
The Cowbones The Cowbones Marion 1739 Orme
The Deadening The Deadening Cumberland 2979 Grassy Cove
The Glades The Glades Cumberland 1693 Ozone
The Mushpot The Mushpot Williamson 591 Leipers Fork
The Sugarlands The Sugarlands Sevier 1739 Gatlinburg
Thompson Flat Thompson Flat Overton 1339 Obey City
Towhead of Island Number Eighteen Towhead of Island Number Eighteen Dyer 266 Cottonwood Point
Upper Chestnut Flats Upper Chestnut Flats Blount 2651 Thunderhead Mountain
Vice Presidents Island Number Forty-six Vice Presidents Island Number Forty-six Shelby 213 Fletcher Lake
Walker Fields Walker Fields Blount 1362 Wear Cove
Whiteoak Flats Whiteoak Flats Claiborne 1388 Ausmus
Whiteoak Flats Whiteoak Flats Monroe 1886 Whiteoak Flats
Whites Lake Whites Lake Dyer 272 Caruthersville SE
Windrock Fields Windrock Fields Anderson 3140 Windrock
Beech Bottoms Beech Bottoms Sevier 1207 Wear Cove
Beech Flats Beech Flats Sevier 4052 Mount Le Conte
Bent Field Bent Field Sevier 1234 Gatlinburg
Blue Grass Towhead Blue Grass Towhead Dyer 262 Chic
Braden Flats Braden Flats Anderson 1929 Lake City
Brown Flats Brown Flats Anderson 1680 Lake City
Chestnut Flats Chestnut Flats Blount 2133 Wildwood
Dogwood Flat Dogwood Flat Marion 2149 Palmer
Dogwood Flats Dogwood Flats Wayne 981 Three Churches
Dogwood Flats Dogwood Flats Anderson 2162 Duncan Flats
Doll Flats Doll Flats Carter 4567 White Rocks Mountain
Duncan Flats Duncan Flats Anderson 1978 Duncan Flats
Flat Woods Flat Woods Jefferson 1106 White Pine
Frog Level Frog Level Carter 2861 White Rocks Mountain
Fry Fields Fry Fields Blount 1457 Kinzel Springs
Frying Pan Frying Pan Cumberland 1194 Roddy
Gore Towhead Gore Towhead Dyer 269 Tennemo
Grassy Flats Grassy Flats Blount 2342 Calderwood
Grassy Glade Grassy Glade Franklin 1532 Beans Creek
Green Forks Green Forks Rhea 1427 Roddy
Greenbrier Flat Greenbrier Flat Coffee 1093 Fredonia
Half Way Ground Half Way Ground Hickman 784 Greenfield Bend
Hatchie Island Hatchie Island Tipton 239 Nodena
Hickory Flat Hickory Flat Coffee 1070 Manchester
Hunter Meadow Hunter Meadow Cumberland 1877 Isoline
Indian Grave Flats Indian Grave Flats Sevier 4718 Clingmans Dome
Island Number Twelve Island Number Twelve Lake 282 Tiptonville
Island Number Thirteen Island Number Thirteen Lake 279 Mooring
Island Number Fifteen Island Number Fifteen Lake 276 Caruthersville
Island Number Thirty-seven Island Number Thirty-seven Tipton 220 Pecan Point
Island Number Thirty-nine Island Number Thirty-nine Shelby 223 Locke
Jackson Flats Jackson Flats Unicoi 2828 Sams Gap
Jerry Fields Jerry Fields Campbell 3018 Block
Joe Eckles Towhead Joe Eckles Towhead Lake 279 Mooring
John Hall Flats John Hall Flats Scott 1624 Huntsville
Kate Aubrey Towhead Kate Aubrey Towhead Lauderdale 236 Osceola
Liza Flats Liza Flats Anderson 1795 Duncan Flats
Lower Chestnut Flats Lower Chestnut Flats Blount 2447 Thunderhead Mountain
Mart Fields Mart Fields Morgan 3130 Petros
McKiever Fork McKiever Fork Cumberland 1325 Roddy
Mine Flat Mine Flat Unicoi 2087 Chestoa
Mound Field Mound Field Crockett 302 Alamo
Neal Towhead Neal Towhead Tipton 226 Nodena
Nig Field Nig Field Campbell 3218 Block
Pine Orchard Flats Pine Orchard Flats Anderson 2031 Duncan Flats
Porters Flat Porters Flat Sevier 2375 Mount Le Conte
Russell Field Russell Field Blount 4390 Cades Cove
Sandy Fork Sandy Fork Cumberland 1624 Roddy
Service Flat Service Flat Scott 2254 Gobey
Whiteoak Flat Whiteoak Flat Bledsoe 1378 Pikeville
Beef Island Beef Island Shelby 223 Jericho
Grassy Patch Grassy Patch Sevier 3852 Mount Le Conte
Josie Harry Towhead Josie Harry Towhead Shelby 210 Fletcher Lake
Presidents Island Number Forty-five Presidents Island Number Forty-five Shelby 213 Fletcher Lake
Icehouse Bottom Icehouse Bottom Monroe 814 Vonore
Toqua Bottoms Toqua Bottoms Monroe 814 Vonore
Miller Flats Miller Flats Hawkins 1096 Burem
Hickory Flat Hickory Flat Perry 873 Graves Spring
Perryville Bottom Perryville Bottom Perry 371 Jeannette
Pulley Field Pulley Field Stewart 453 Dover
Dutch Bottoms Dutch Bottoms Cocke 1001 White Pine
Rankin Bottoms Rankin Bottoms Cocke 1001 Rankin
Bateman Bottom Bateman Bottom Decatur 358 Jeannette
Halabough Bottom Halabough Bottom Decatur 371 Pope
Sycamore Bottom Sycamore Bottom Humphreys 358 Hustburg
Bowman Flats Bowman Flats Claiborne 1863 Fork Ridge
Cup Fields Cup Fields Claiborne 1676 Fork Ridge
Peacock Field Peacock Field Lake 282 Mooring
Modoc Bottom (historical) Modoc Bottom (historical) Clay 643 Dale Hollow Dam
Stones Bottom Stones Bottom Clay 545 Celina
Willis Bottom (historical) Willis Bottom (historical) Clay 650 Dale Hollow Reservoir SE
Cypress Creek Bottom Cypress Creek Bottom Weakley 315 Gardner
Grocery Bottom Grocery Bottom Hamilton 682 Graysville
Fraley Field Fraley Field Hardin 486 Counce
Sigler Island Number Thirty-six Sigler Island Number Thirty-six Tipton 233 Drummonds
Stratton Meadows Stratton Meadows Monroe 4291 Big Junction
Tellico Plains Tellico Plains Monroe 837 Mount Vernon
Whigg Meadow Whigg Meadow Monroe 4931 Big Junction
Ball Ground Ball Ground Greene 4774 Greystone
Chestnut Flats Chestnut Flats Carter 2900 Keenburg
Dutch Fields Dutch Fields Polk 1529 Caney Creek
Holly Flats Holly Flats Cocke 1719 Hartford
Jones Meadow Jones Meadow Greene 4439 Greystone
Loggers Flat Loggers Flat Carter 2887 Iron Mountain Gap
Millstone Flats Millstone Flats Cocke 1939 Hartford
Jackson Flats Jackson Flats Unicoi 2874 Sams Gap
Cooper Flat Cooper Flat Monroe 1493 Farner
Tillery Flat Tillery Flat Monroe 1503 Farner
Good Fields Good Fields Monroe 935 Whiteoak Flats