Big Muddy Bottom Big Muddy Bottom Fayette 315 Dancyville
Hatchie Bottom Hatchie Bottom Haywood 302 Hillville
Loosahatchie Bottom Loosahatchie Bottom Fayette 312 Lambert
Tatumville Bottom Tatumville Bottom Dyer 269 Tatumville
The Basin The Basin Cumberland 1968 Roddy
The Big Bottom The Big Bottom Hardeman 358 Hornsby
The Big Sink The Big Sink Franklin 958 Sewanee
The Pocket The Pocket Marion 1657 Whitwell
The Punch Bowl The Punch Bowl Dickson 738 Burns
The Sink The Sink Sevier 1670 Shady Grove
The Sinks The Sinks Franklin 1007 Pitcher Ridge
The Sinks The Sinks Sevier 1608 Wear Cove
Thomas Bottom Thomas Bottom Chester 427 Masseyville
Treadville Bottom Treadville Bottom Fayette 312 Lambert
Twomey Hole Twomey Hole Williamson 699 Fairview
Ward Bottom Ward Bottom Henry 423 Osage
West Sandy Creek Dewatering Area West Sandy Creek Dewatering Area Henry 348 West Sandy Dike
Whiteoak Slash Whiteoak Slash Cannon 1145 Hollow Springs
Wolf Cove Wolf Cove Franklin 965 Pitcher Ridge
Baxter Bottom Baxter Bottom Tipton 302 Mason
Big Sandy River Dewatering Area Big Sandy River Dewatering Area Henry 354 Big Sandy
Big Sink Big Sink Warren 1125 Irving College
Big Sink Big Sink Blount 1453 Kinzel Springs
Big Sink Big Sink Van Buren 1243 Lonewood
Big Sink Big Sink White 1453 Dry Valley
Big Sink Big Sink Claiborne 1168 Clouds
Big Sinks Big Sinks Union 1257 Maynardville
Big Spring Cove Big Spring Cove Blount 1818 Thunderhead Mountain
Busseltown Dewatering Area Busseltown Dewatering Area Decatur 367 Jeannette
Buzzard Roost Bottom Buzzard Roost Bottom Gibson 292 Yorkville
Caney Sinks Caney Sinks Hancock 1339 Sneedville
Cathey Sink Cathey Sink Coffee 958 Normandy Lake
Cave Cove Cave Cove Franklin 1309 Pitcher Ridge
Cherry Bottom Cherry Bottom Humphreys 381 Hurricane Mills
Coolies Rift Coolies Rift Grundy 1821 Sewanee
Crabtree Cove Crabtree Cove Franklin 1250 Pitcher Ridge
Cypress Bottom Cypress Bottom Fayette 302 Lambert
Denson Cove Denson Cove Franklin 1693 Pitcher Ridge
Devils Den Devils Den Sevier 1119 Douglas Dam
Dickey Bottom Dickey Bottom Coffee 971 Alto
Dry Pond Dry Pond Hamilton 846 East Ridge
Dry Shave Dry Shave Warren 1132 Irving College
Duck River Dewatering Area Duck River Dewatering Area Humphreys 351 Hustburg
Duncan Sink Duncan Sink Fentress 1152 Moodyville
East Perryville Dewatering Area East Perryville Dewatering Area Perry 361 Jeannette
Fairview Gullies Fairview Gullies Henderson 538 Yuma
Farmer Cove Farmer Cove Franklin 1184 Pitcher Ridge
Frazier Bottoms Frazier Bottoms Bledsoe 1942 Melvine
Fruit Valley Fruit Valley Bedford 781 Rover
Gray Cove Gray Cove Franklin 968 Pitcher Ridge
Greenbrier Cove Greenbrier Cove Sevier 1690 Mount Le Conte
Gumdale Dewatering Area Gumdale Dewatering Area Decatur 364 Pope
Hannah Sink Hannah Sink Hardin 502 Olivehill
Hell Hole Hell Hole White 1457 Lonewood
Hellhole Hellhole Cumberland 1814 Vandever
Hellhole Hellhole Bledsoe 1106 Melvine
Huggins Hell Huggins Hell Sevier 4518 Mount Le Conte
Icy Cove Icy Cove Putnam 1375 Monterey Lake
Lamb Bottoms Lamb Bottoms Rutherford 755 Rover
Laurel Bottom Laurel Bottom Fayette 308 Lambert
Macedonia Bottom Macedonia Bottom Gibson 272 Tatumville
Mill Hole Mill Hole White 1007 Lonewood
Perryville Dewatering Area Perryville Dewatering Area Decatur 364 Perryville
Punch Bowl Punch Bowl Franklin 1795 Beans Creek
Round Cove Round Cove Putnam 1388 Monterey Lake
Whiteoak Sink Whiteoak Sink Blount 1673 Wear Cove
Big Sunk Cane Big Sunk Cane Overton 1161 Obey City
Byler Bottoms Byler Bottoms Bedford 745 Rover
Wells Creek Basin Wells Creek Basin Stewart 361 Cumberland City
The Basin The Basin Monroe 1637 Mecca
Boyd Bottoms Boyd Bottoms Polk 705 Benton
Copper Basin Copper Basin Polk 1634 Isabella
Dry Valley Dry Valley Hancock 1401 Looneys Gap
Holston Valley Holston Valley Sullivan 1801 Holston Valley
Hedden Grave Hedden Grave Polk 1719 Ducktown
Sally Hole Sally Hole Washington 1581 Telford
Blue Sink Blue Sink Rutherford 889 Rockvale
The Gulf The Gulf Rutherford 728 Rockvale