Hoag Coal Mine Draw Hoag Coal Mine Draw Harding 3163 Capitol Rock
Hoag Coal Mine Draw Hoag Coal Mine Draw Harding 3120 Camp Crook
Watson Draw Watson Draw Butte 3133 Mud Buttes NW
Adams Draw Adams Draw Meade 2411 Elm Springs
Adams Gulch Adams Gulch Harding 3278 Moreau Peak
Antelope Valley Antelope Valley Grant 1896 Antelope Valley
Ash Coulee Ash Coulee Harding 2995 Alkali Creek East
Ash Draw Ash Draw Jones 1857 Capa SE
Bakers Gulch Bakers Gulch Sully 1611 Mail Shack Creek
Beaver Dam Draw Beaver Dam Draw Harding 3612 J K Butte
Belcher Draw Belcher Draw Haakon 2103 Philip SE
Berry Draw Berry Draw Hughes 1437 Rousseau
Big Canyon Big Canyon Pennington 2159 Dalzell SE
Big Canyon Big Canyon Butte 3182 Sourdough Flats
Big Coulee Big Coulee Roberts 1444 Summit NE
Big Dam Draw Big Dam Draw Harding 3182 Capitol
Big Draw Big Draw Haakon 1804 Rattlesnake Lake SE
Big Negro Draw Big Negro Draw Jackson 2100 Belvidere NW
Black Bull Draw Black Bull Draw Ziebach 1801 Rattlesnake Lake SW
Black Timber Gulch Black Timber Gulch Charles Mix 1266 Fort Randall Dam
Bobcat Canyon Bobcat Canyon Harding 3179 Battleship Rock
Bourne Draw Bourne Draw Pennington 2067 Pedro
Boydson Draw Boydson Draw Meade 2428 Hereford SW
Bradley Draw Bradley Draw Meade 2178 Dalzell
Brekke Draw Brekke Draw Hughes 1519 Canning
Browns Draw Browns Draw Meade 2552 Fairpoint SW
Carley Draw Carley Draw Pennington 2070 Pedro
Carlin Draw Carlin Draw Ziebach 1640 Carlin Flat
Carlson Draw Carlson Draw Hughes 1440 Rousseau
Casey Draw Casey Draw Stanley 1821 Lacy
Casper Gulch Casper Gulch Harding 2966 McKenzie Butte
Cedar Canyon Cedar Canyon Meade 2608 Cedar Canyon
Cedar Canyon Cedar Canyon Pennington 2270 Wasta
Chalk Butte Draw Chalk Butte Draw Harding 3274 Bog Creek
Chapman Draw Chapman Draw Meade 2083 Pedro NW
Clayton Draw Clayton Draw Haakon 1854 Bridger SE
Cooper Draw Cooper Draw Harding 3061 Ladner
Council Bear Draw Council Bear Draw Haakon 1857 Bridger SE
Coyote Draw Coyote Draw Pennington 3176 Hermosa NW
Crazy Horse Canyon Crazy Horse Canyon Todd 2441 Soldier Creek
Curtis Draw Curtis Draw Haakon 1742 Rattlesnake Lake SE
Dalzell Canyon Dalzell Canyon Pennington 2139 Dalzell SE
Davis Draw Davis Draw Harding 2923 Ludlow
Davis Draw Davis Draw Meade 2382 Elm Springs
Dead Horse Draw Dead Horse Draw Jackson 2162 Belvidere NW
Deep Draw Deep Draw Harding 2831 Irish Butte
Deer Draw Deer Draw Harding 3291 J B Hill
Dehart Draw Dehart Draw Hughes 1568 Canning
Devils Canyon Devils Canyon Harding 3150 Ladner SE
Dillon Draw Dillon Draw Perkins 2510 Imogene
Doc Hodge Draw Doc Hodge Draw Harding 3077 Battleship Rock
Dodge Draw Dodge Draw Harding 3356 Harding
Dover Draw Dover Draw Meade 2369 Elm Springs
Dunn Draw Dunn Draw Haakon 2005 Hilland NW
Eagle Chasing Draw Eagle Chasing Draw Ziebach 1749 Rattlesnake Lake SE
Eagles Nest Canyon Eagles Nest Canyon Harding 2946 Irish Butte
Elm Draw Elm Draw Hughes 1444 Rousseau
Elm Tree Draw Elm Tree Draw Haakon 2037 Hilland NW
Feeney Draw Feeney Draw Haakon 1650 Carlin Flat
Ferguson Draw Ferguson Draw Harding 3284 Capitol
Fine Weather Draw Fine Weather Draw Dewey 1621 Rousseau Creek
Fish Draw Fish Draw Butte 2661 Fish Draw
Fivemile Draw Fivemile Draw Pennington 2251 Wasta
Fourmile Draw Fourmile Draw Pennington 2218 Creighton
Fuller Canyon Fuller Canyon Harding 2963 Ladner NE
Gallager Draw Gallager Draw Harding 3002 Ladner
Gilam Draw Gilam Draw Meade 2260 Elm Springs
Gilbert Draw Gilbert Draw Harding 3356 Harding
Gladson Draw Gladson Draw Butte 2710 Tomato Can Buttes
Government Draw Government Draw Stanley 1647 Oahe SW
Grandma Schang Draw Grandma Schang Draw Harding 3127 Camp Crook
Greasewood Draw Greasewood Draw Butte 3255 Greasewood Draw
Green Draw Green Draw Meade 1962 Pedro
Hall Draw Hall Draw Haakon 1883 Bridger
Hawk Canyon Hawk Canyon Pennington 2339 Wasta
Hawkeye Valley Hawkeye Valley Aurora 1627 Crow Lake
Hawks Nest Draw Hawks Nest Draw Butte 3140 Battle Creek Butte
Hay Draw Hay Draw Haakon 1952 Nowlin
Hay Draw Hay Draw Meade 2349 Owanka NE
Hells Canyon Hells Canyon Harding 3474 Hells Canyon
Helster Draw Helster Draw Haakon 1785 Rattlesnake Lake SE
Hiddenwood Gulch Hiddenwood Gulch Hughes 1499 Canning
Hilgers Gulch Hilgers Gulch Hughes 1463 Pierre
Holdup Canyon Holdup Canyon Harding 2959 McKenzie Butte
Horn Draw Horn Draw Ziebach 1808 Rattlesnake Lake NE
Huckfeldt Draw Huckfeldt Draw Stanley 1722 Willow Creek Butte
Huddleston Draw Huddleston Draw Meade 2267 Elm Springs
Icebox Canyon Icebox Canyon Harding 3008 Ladner SE
J K Gulch J K Gulch Harding 3228 J K Butte
Jackson Draw Jackson Draw Ziebach 1844 Bridger SE
Johnson Draw Johnson Draw Harding 3320 J K Butte
Killdeer Draw Killdeer Draw Meade 2165 Boneita Springs
Kirley Draw Kirley Draw Hughes 1440 Rousseau
Lane Canyon Lane Canyon Harding 3100 Ladner SE
Little Canyon Little Canyon Pennington 2139 Dalzell SE
Little Dog Draw Little Dog Draw Ziebach 1831 Rattlesnake Lake
Lone Tree Draw Lone Tree Draw Harding 2887 Lone Tree Draw East
Long Hollow Long Hollow Roberts 1289 Sisseton
Maddox Draw Maddox Draw Meade 2218 Elm Springs
Madison Draw Madison Draw Pennington 2556 Owanka
Majors Gulch Majors Gulch Hand 1601 Vayland
Marble Gulch Marble Gulch Marshall 1411 Kidder SE
McKenzie Gulch McKenzie Gulch Harding 2900 McKenzie Butte
Mitchell Draw Mitchell Draw Harding 2867 Battleship Rock
Monkhouse Gulch Monkhouse Gulch Hughes 1434 Pierre NE
Moonshine Canyon Moonshine Canyon Pennington 3451 Hermosa NW
Mosteller Draw Mosteller Draw Hughes 1434 Antelope Island
Mud Draw Mud Draw Meade 2014 Pedro NW
Myer Gulch Myer Gulch Marshall 1384 Claire City SW
Ballard Canyon Ballard Canyon Stanley 1542 Teton
North Fork Fish Draw North Fork Fish Draw Butte 2680 Fish Draw
Norwegian Gulch Norwegian Gulch Clay 1171 Gayville NE
Nursery Draw Nursery Draw Harding 3018 Ladner NE
Oak Hollow Oak Hollow Hutchinson 1499 Oak Hollow
Old Eagles Nest Canyon Old Eagles Nest Canyon Harding 3169 Irish Butte
Olson Draw Olson Draw Dewey 1703 Herbert Creek SE
Opossum Hollow Opossum Hollow Butte 2976 Antelope Butte
Palmer Draw Palmer Draw Butte 2703 Tomato Can Buttes
Pats Draw Pats Draw Pennington 2339 Wasta
Peterson Canyon Peterson Canyon Harding 3094 Ladner SE
Pierce Draw Pierce Draw Meade 2362 Elm Springs
Pine Draw Pine Draw Harding 3182 Camp Crook
Plum Draw Plum Draw Meade 2106 Pedro NW
Poison Weed Draw Poison Weed Draw Pennington 2008 Pedro NW
Porcupine Draw Porcupine Draw Harding 3402 J K Butte
Prairie Chicken Draw Prairie Chicken Draw Pennington 3442 Hermosa NW
Putney Slough Putney Slough Brown 1280 Putney
Red Bull Draw Red Bull Draw Ziebach 1841 Rattlesnake Lake
Red Cross Draw Red Cross Draw Harding 3140 Battleship Rock
Red Horse Draw Red Horse Draw Ziebach 1903 Bridger
Red Point Canyon Red Point Canyon Custer 3901 Jewel Cave SW
Reed Draw Reed Draw Custer 3061 Hermosa SE
Road Draw Road Draw Harding 3179 J B Hill
Robbs Draw Robbs Draw Haakon 1726 Carlin Flat
Sagebrush Draw Sagebrush Draw Harding 3189 Capitol
Sand Coulee Sand Coulee Harding 3360 Harding
Sand Draw Sand Draw Pennington 2320 Wasta
Sand Springs Draw Sand Springs Draw Meade 2172 Dalzell
Sandrock Draw Sandrock Draw Ziebach 2221 Dupree NE
Sawmill Canyon Sawmill Canyon Todd 2621 Spring Creek
Sawmill Canyon Sawmill Canyon Harding 3068 Ladner SE
Sawmill Gulch Sawmill Gulch Harding 3783 Gustave
Schleichart Draw Schleichart Draw Harding 2936 Ladner SE
Seal Draw Seal Draw Harding 3041 Scott Creek
Seven D Draw Seven D Draw Pennington 2336 Pedro SE
Seventysix Draw Seventysix Draw Pennington 2244 Wasta NW
Sheep Draw Sheep Draw Harding 3314 Gustave
Sheep Pen Draw Sheep Pen Draw Harding 2723 Sheep Pen Draw
Slate Spring Draw Slate Spring Draw Fall River 3041 Buffalo Gap
Smith Draw Smith Draw Harding 3592 J K Butte
Soft Water Draw Soft Water Draw Harding 2999 Roundup Butte
Spring Draw Spring Draw Haakon 1762 Rattlesnake Lake SE
Spring Draw Spring Draw Sully 1614 Artichoke Butte NE
Stockade Draw Stockade Draw Harding 2989 Roundup Butte
Stony Butte Draw Stony Butte Draw Haakon 1821 Cherry Creek
Stony Buttes Draw Stony Buttes Draw Pennington 2320 Pedro SE
Straighthead Draw Straighthead Draw Ziebach 1788 Rattlesnake Lake NE
Swallow Draw Swallow Draw Harding 2900 Bams Butte SE
Swan Draw Swan Draw Ziebach 1752 Rattlesnake Lake SE
Swan Draw Swan Draw Perkins 2359 Deep Creek NW
Sweet Gulch Sweet Gulch Meade 2867 Bend
Sweetwater Draw Sweetwater Draw Butte 2664 Fish Draw
T-M Draw T-M Draw Haakon 1873 Midland SE
Talcut Draw Talcut Draw Dewey 1719 Herbert Creek SE
Taylor Draw Taylor Draw Hughes 1460 Antelope Island
Telegraph Draw Telegraph Draw Meade 2306 Wasta NW
The Drips The Drips Hughes 1496 Rousseau
Three Tree Draw Three Tree Draw Pennington 2165 Creighton
Timber Canyon Timber Canyon Harding 3182 Ladner SE
Tischudy Gulch Tischudy Gulch Brule 1362 Chamberlain
Tobin Draw Tobin Draw Hughes 1424 Rousseau
True Draw True Draw Stanley 1699 Willow Creek Butte
Trumbo Draw Trumbo Draw Hughes 1424 Rousseau
Trussman Draw Trussman Draw Meade 2185 Elm Springs
Turner Draw Turner Draw Meade 2218 Elm Springs
Uncle John Coulee Uncle John Coulee Marshall 1273 Claire City SW
V-Tail Draw V-Tail Draw Shannon 2759 Stirk Table
Vogeler Draw Vogeler Draw Faulk 1673 Faulkton West
Waddell Gulch Waddell Gulch Harding 3294 Moreau Peak
Wagner Draw Wagner Draw Lyman 1384 Reliance SE
Ward Gulch Ward Gulch Harding 3399 Moreau Peak
Webb Draw Webb Draw Pennington 1962 Pedro
Westbrook Draw Westbrook Draw Haakon 1644 Alleman Station
Whimmer Whammer Draw Whimmer Whammer Draw Meade 1959 Howes
Whiskey Gulch Whiskey Gulch Hughes 1424 Pierre NE
Williamson Gulch Williamson Gulch Charles Mix 1257 Fort Randall Dam
Winter Draw Winter Draw Harding 2953 Reva
Zurcher Draw Zurcher Draw Butte 2657 Tomato Can Buttes
Wolf Canyon Wolf Canyon Fall River 2890 Rockyford NW
Argyle Canyon Argyle Canyon Custer 4219 Minnekahta
Adams Canyon Adams Canyon Fall River 3189 Angostura Reservoir
Alabaugh Canyon Alabaugh Canyon Fall River 3419 Cascade Springs
Allen Gulch Allen Gulch Pennington 5003 Hill City
Anderson Draw Anderson Draw Pennington 2392 Quinn Table
Antelope Canyon Antelope Canyon Custer 4275 Pringle
Antelope Draw Antelope Draw Pennington 6184 Preacher Spring
Banner Gulch Banner Gulch Pennington 4957 Silver City
Battle Creek Canyon Battle Creek Canyon Shannon 2651 Red Shirt NE
Bear Gulch Bear Gulch Custer 5308 Custer
Bear Gulch Bear Gulch Pennington 4583 Silver City
Bear Gulch Bear Gulch Custer 3625 Hayward
Bearcat Gulch Bearcat Gulch Pennington 5111 Rochford
Beatty Gulch Beatty Gulch Meade 3944 Tilford
Beaver Gulch Beaver Gulch Meade 3970 Tilford
Beaver Valley Beaver Valley Custer 4862 Pringle
Bee Draw Bee Draw Pennington 6076 Nahant
Benner Gulch Benner Gulch Pennington 5144 Rochford
Bennett Canyon Bennett Canyon Fall River 3625 Burdock
Big Corral Draw Big Corral Draw Pennington 2579 Red Shirt NE
Billings Draw Billings Draw Lawrence 6335 Nahant
Bjornland Draw Bjornland Draw Pennington 6312 Crows Nest Peak
Black Miner Gulch Black Miner Gulch Pennington 4993 Hill City
Blacktail Gulch Blacktail Gulch Lawrence 4813 Lead
Blind Gulch Blind Gulch Pennington 5134 Rochford
Bloody Gulch Bloody Gulch Pennington 5197 Rochford
Blue Draw Blue Draw Lawrence 4678 Nemo
Boarding House Gulch Boarding House Gulch Pennington 4583 Silver City
Bobcat Canyon Bobcat Canyon Custer 3622 Butcher Hill
Bobcat Gulch Bobcat Gulch Pennington 6138 Medicine Mountain
Bobcat Gulch Bobcat Gulch Pennington 4957 Rochford
Bobtail Gulch Bobtail Gulch Pennington 4180 Mount Rushmore
Bobtail Gulch Bobtail Gulch Lawrence 4819 Lead
Boehniein Canyon Boehniein Canyon Fall River 3323 Hot Springs
Boles Canyon Boles Canyon Custer 4567 Fanny Peak
Bombard Draw Bombard Draw Pennington 6325 Crooks Tower
Bonanza Gulch Bonanza Gulch Lawrence 5689 Old Baldy Mountain
Boomer Gulch Boomer Gulch Lawrence 5013 Deadwood South
Booms Canyon Booms Canyon Fall River 4137 Minnekahta NE
Boone Draw Boone Draw Pennington 4616 Pactola Dam
Boulder Canyon Boulder Canyon Lawrence 3556 Sturgis
Bowman Draw Bowman Draw Custer 4718 Pringle
Brady Canyon Brady Canyon Fall River 3317 Flint Hill
Brady Canyon Brady Canyon Fall River 3353 Hot Springs
Breakneck Gulch Breakneck Gulch Meade 3697 Tilford
Breakneck Gulch Breakneck Gulch Lawrence 5039 Savoy
Broad Gulch Broad Gulch Pennington 4862 Silver City
Brown Jug Draw Brown Jug Draw Pennington 5443 Rochford
Buck Canyon Buck Canyon Fall River 3563 Cascade Springs
Buck Spring Canyon Buck Spring Canyon Custer 4705 Clifton
Buckeye Gulch Buckeye Gulch Pennington 4360 Mount Rushmore
Bugtown Gulch Bugtown Gulch Custer 5879 Berne
Bulldog Gulch Bulldog Gulch Meade 3678 Tilford
Burno Gulch Burno Gulch Lawrence 4245 Spearfish
Bushnell Draw Bushnell Draw Jackson 2159 Kadoka NE
Butcher Gulch Butcher Gulch Lawrence 4787 Deadwood South
Butte Draw Butte Draw Jackson 2178 Kadoka NE
Cabin Draw Cabin Draw Pennington 6171 Crows Nest Peak
Calamity Gulch Calamity Gulch Lawrence 4964 Savoy
Calico Canyon Calico Canyon Custer 3399 Boland Ridge
California Gulch California Gulch Pennington 5456 Silver City
Cave Draw Cave Draw Pennington 5928 Nahant
Cedar Canyon Cedar Canyon Fall River 3271 Cascade Springs
Centennial Gulch Centennial Gulch Lawrence 5630 Tinton
Charles Draw Charles Draw Custer 2940 Caputa SW
Chicago Gulch Chicago Gulch Lawrence 5171 Tinton
Chilson Canyon Chilson Canyon Fall River 3300 Flint Hill
Chimney Canyon Chimney Canyon Meade 3671 Piedmont
China Gulch China Gulch Pennington 4918 Hill City
Chism Gulch Chism Gulch Lawrence 5203 Spearfish
Clayton Draw Clayton Draw Lawrence 6099 Crooks Tower
Cleghorn Canyon Cleghorn Canyon Pennington 3409 Rapid City West
Clog Gulch Clog Gulch Pennington 4646 Mount Rushmore
Cluder Gulch Cluder Gulch Pennington 5026 Rochford
Coal Canyon Coal Canyon Fall River 3727 Edgemont NE
Cold Brook Canyon Cold Brook Canyon Fall River 3468 Hot Springs
Cole Draw Cole Draw Pennington 2484 Scenic SW
Coon Hollow Coon Hollow Pennington 4140 Mount Rushmore
Coulsen Hughes Draw Coulsen Hughes Draw Pennington 6453 Preacher Spring
Cowboy Gulch Cowboy Gulch Pennington 5039 Hill City
Coyote Draw Coyote Draw Fall River 3812 Coffee Flats
Craven Canyon Craven Canyon Fall River 3602 Edgemont NE
Curley Canyon Curley Canyon Custer 4062 Wind Cave
Custer Gulch Custer Gulch Pennington 4583 Pactola Dam
Dark Canyon Dark Canyon Pennington 3517 Rapid City West
Day Brown Draw Day Brown Draw Pennington 2493 Creston
Deadhorse Canyon Deadhorse Canyon Fall River 3632 Flint Hill
Deadhorse Gulch Deadhorse Gulch Lawrence 5636 Savoy
Deadman Gulch Deadman Gulch Pennington 3399 Rapid City West
Deadman Gulch Deadman Gulch Custer 3461 Hayward
Deadman Gulch Deadman Gulch Meade 3494 Sturgis
Deadwood Gulch Deadwood Gulch Lawrence 4682 Deadwood South
Dick Canyon Dick Canyon Fall River 3218 Cascade Springs
Dipping Vat Draw Dipping Vat Draw Pennington 2520 Creston
Dougherty Gulch Dougherty Gulch Pennington 5298 Rochford
Driftwood Canyon Driftwood Canyon Fall River 3671 Edgemont NE
Dry Elk Gulch Dry Elk Gulch Meade 4350 Deadman Mountain
Dry Gulch Dry Gulch Lawrence 5417 Savoy
Dudley Canyon Dudley Canyon Fall River 3340 Hot Springs
Dugout Draw Dugout Draw Jackson 2362 Cottonwood NE
Dump Draw Dump Draw Pennington 5485 Nahant
East Bennett Canyon East Bennett Canyon Fall River 3773 Burdock
East China Gulch East China Gulch Pennington 5203 Hill City
East Fork Higgins Gulch East Fork Higgins Gulch Lawrence 4206 Maurice
East Nugget Gulch East Nugget Gulch Pennington 4774 Silver City
Echo Valley Echo Valley Custer 5236 Cicero Peak
Eldrige Draw Eldrige Draw Fall River 3848 Coffee Flats
Eleven Hour Gulch Eleven Hour Gulch Lawrence 4659 Maurice
Elkhorn Draw Elkhorn Draw Pennington 2615 Caputa NE
Empress Gulch Empress Gulch Pennington 4583 Silver City
Erskine Gulch Erskine Gulch Meade 4439 Piedmont
Fall Draw Fall Draw Pennington 4780 Silver City
Falls Canyon Falls Canyon Fall River 3333 Cascade Springs
Farnum Draw Farnum Draw Pennington 2434 Brennan Flat
First Black Canyon First Black Canyon Fall River 2821 Smithwick NE
Fish Hatchery Gulch Fish Hatchery Gulch Lawrence 3714 Spearfish
Forbes Gulch Forbes Gulch Meade 3757 Tilford
Foster Gulch Foster Gulch Pennington 3871 Rockerville
Friday Gulch Friday Gulch Pennington 5463 Silver City
Fulton Draw Fulton Draw Pennington 6207 Crows Nest Peak
Fuson Canyon Fuson Canyon Custer 3396 Boland Ridge
Gettys Canyon Gettys Canyon Custer 4701 Fanny Peak
Gingrass Draw Gingrass Draw Lawrence 4888 Nemo
Gobbler Canyon Gobbler Canyon Custer 3681 Wind Cave
Gold Standard Gulch Gold Standard Gulch Pennington 4534 Pactola Dam
Goose Pasture Draw Goose Pasture Draw Pennington 4632 Silver City
Gooseberry Draw Gooseberry Draw Pennington 5955 Medicine Mountain
Gordon Canyon Gordon Canyon Custer 3714 Butcher Hill
Gordon Gulch Gordon Gulch Pennington 4669 Mount Rushmore
Gorman Gulch Gorman Gulch Pennington 4629 Silver City
Graveyard Gulch Graveyard Gulch Custer 5817 Berne
Green Canyon Green Canyon Fall River 3189 Angostura Reservoir
Green Draw Green Draw Lawrence 4780 Nemo
Greens Gulch Greens Gulch Lawrence 5669 Minnesota Ridge
Greyhound Gulch Greyhound Gulch Pennington 4196 Iron Mountain
Griffis Canyon Griffis Canyon Custer 4944 Fourmile
Griggs Gulch Griggs Gulch Lawrence 4298 Maurice
Grizzly Gulch Grizzly Gulch Lawrence 4836 Deadwood South
Gudat Gulch Gudat Gulch Lawrence 5850 Nahant
Hallorans Draw Hallorans Draw Lawrence 6174 Nahant
Haven Canyon Haven Canyon Custer 4718 Cicero Peak
Hay Canyon Hay Canyon Fall River 2861 Smithwick NE
Hay Draw Hay Draw Pennington 4879 Hill City
Hay Draw Hay Draw Pennington 6627 Ditch Creek
Hay Draw Hay Draw Pennington 4898 Silver City
Hay Draw Hay Draw Custer 4872 Jewel Cave NW
Hell Canyon Hell Canyon Fall River 3222 Cascade Springs
Hell Canyon Hell Canyon Custer 3901 Jewel Cave SW
Hellsgate Gulch Hellsgate Gulch Lawrence 5545 Savoy
Hibbs Draw Hibbs Draw Custer 2894 Caputa SW
Higgins Gulch Higgins Gulch Lawrence 3386 Chicken Creek
Hollens Draw Hollens Draw Lawrence 6191 Nahant
Hollingsworth Draw Hollingsworth Draw Fall River 3799 Coffee Flats
Hoodoo Gulch Hoodoo Gulch Pennington 5000 Rochford
Hop Draw Hop Draw Custer 4819 Dead Horse Flats
Horse Camp Draw Horse Camp Draw Fall River 3058 Angostura Reservoir
Horsely Gulch Horsely Gulch Pennington 4190 Mount Rushmore
Horton Gulch Horton Gulch Pennington 5157 Silver City
Hot Brook Canyon Hot Brook Canyon Fall River 3478 Hot Springs
Hughes Draw Hughes Draw Pennington 6138 Deerfield
Hungry Hollow Gulch Hungry Hollow Gulch Lawrence 3674 Spearfish
Indian Trail Draw Indian Trail Draw Custer 2943 Caputa SW
Intake Gulch Intake Gulch Lawrence 5791 Crooks Tower
Irish Gulch Irish Gulch Pennington 5335 Minnesota Ridge
Iron Draw Iron Draw Fall River 2871 Smithwick NW
Jackass Gulch Jackass Gulch Lawrence 5236 Savoy
Jackrabbit Draw Jackrabbit Draw Jackson 2431 Cottonwood
Jay Gulch Jay Gulch Lawrence 5266 Maurice
Jenks Draw Jenks Draw Pennington 6565 Crows Nest Peak
Jenney Gulch Jenney Gulch Pennington 4616 Silver City
Jim Wilson Canyon Jim Wilson Canyon Fall River 2825 Smithwick NE
Joe Dollar Gulch Joe Dollar Gulch Pennington 4678 Mount Rushmore
Johnson Canyon Johnson Canyon Custer 5492 Custer
Johnson Gulch Johnson Gulch Pennington 4472 Mount Rushmore
Johnson Gulch Johnson Gulch Lawrence 4931 Savoy
Johnston Gulch Johnston Gulch Lawrence 3599 Chicken Creek
Kelly Gulch Kelly Gulch Pennington 4777 Silver City
Keough Draw Keough Draw Lawrence 5794 Lead
Kerrington Draw Kerrington Draw Jackson 2146 Kadoka NE
Knapple Canyon Knapple Canyon Fall River 3051 Angostura Reservoir
Labrador Gulch Labrador Gulch Lawrence 5259 Lead
Ladyfinger Gulch Ladyfinger Gulch Lawrence 5702 Old Baldy Mountain
Lafferty Gulch Lafferty Gulch Pennington 4439 Mount Rushmore
Lauzon Gulch Lauzon Gulch Custer 2982 Caputa SW
Layton Canyon Layton Canyon Custer 4921 Fourmile
Lead Draw Lead Draw Pennington 3871 Rockerville
Lemming Draw Lemming Draw Custer 6178 Signal Hill
Lena Gulch Lena Gulch Pennington 5089 Hill City
Lessering Draw Lessering Draw Pennington 5699 Deerfield
Limestone Canyon Limestone Canyon Custer 3957 Wind Cave
Lind Gulch Lind Gulch Pennington 5036 Rochford
Lindsey Draw Lindsey Draw Pennington 2671 Caputa NE
Lindsley Canyon Lindsley Canyon Fall River 3409 Cascade Springs
Lithograph Canyon Lithograph Canyon Custer 5115 Jewel Cave
Little Corral Draw Little Corral Draw Pennington 2569 Red Shirt NE
Little Elk Canyon Little Elk Canyon Lawrence 3579 Piedmont
Little Thompson Draw Little Thompson Draw Pennington 5781 Medicine Mountain
Long Draw Long Draw Custer 4823 Fourmile
Long Draw Long Draw Pennington 6526 Ditch Creek
Long Draw Long Draw Pennington 5955 Medicine Mountain
Long Draw Long Draw Pennington 5663 Nahant
Long Draw Long Draw Lawrence 5846 Nahant
Long Valley Long Valley Lawrence 4902 Maurice
Lost Camp Gulch Lost Camp Gulch Lawrence 5545 Lead
Lost Gulch Lost Gulch Lawrence 4131 Deadman Mountain
Loveland Canyon Loveland Canyon Pennington 3976 Pactola Dam
Lyman Draw Lyman Draw Custer 4363 Jewel Cave NW
Lyons Draw Lyons Draw Pennington 6358 Deerfield
L Seven Draw L Seven Draw Custer 3120 Hermosa SE
Magpie Gulch Magpie Gulch Pennington 4583 Silver City
Maitland Draw Maitland Draw Pennington 5761 Deerfield
Manganese Draw Manganese Draw Pennington 6542 Crows Nest Peak
Mannhan Canyon Mannhan Canyon Pennington 3537 Hermosa NW
Marshall Gulch Marshall Gulch Pennington 5072 Hill City
Martin Draw Martin Draw Custer 4655 Argyle
Martin Valley Martin Valley Custer 3481 Wind Cave
Maurice Gulch Maurice Gulch Lawrence 4380 Maurice
McCurdy Gulch McCurdy Gulch Pennington 4436 Pactola Dam
McKinley Gulch McKinley Gulch Lawrence 5118 Savoy
Meadow Draw Meadow Draw Custer 5505 Fanny Peak
Mercedes Gulch Mercedes Gulch Pennington 5843 Deerfield
Middle Canyon Middle Canyon Fall River 3215 Cascade Springs
Middle Knappie Canyon Middle Knappie Canyon Fall River 3192 Angostura Reservoir
Middle Nugget Gulch Middle Nugget Gulch Pennington 4993 Silver City
Mike Canyon Mike Canyon Fall River 3307 Cascade Springs
Minnesota Gulch Minnesota Gulch Pennington 5089 Rochford
Moonshine Gulch Moonshine Gulch Lawrence 6083 Old Baldy Mountain
Moonshine Gulch Moonshine Gulch Pennington 5230 Rochford
Negro Canyon Negro Canyon Custer 3839 Wind Cave
Negro Gulch Negro Gulch Lawrence 5682 Tinton
Quinn Draw Quinn Draw Shannon 2628 Red Shirt NE
Ninemile Draw Ninemile Draw Custer 5108 Fourmile
Norbeck Draw Norbeck Draw Custer 4951 Iron Mountain
North Fork Bear Gulch North Fork Bear Gulch Custer 4409 Iron Mountain
North Knappie Canyon North Knappie Canyon Fall River 3192 Angostura Reservoir
Nugget Gulch Nugget Gulch Pennington 4610 Silver City
Paradise Gulch Paradise Gulch Lawrence 4862 Spearfish
Payne Canyon Payne Canyon Fall River 3379 Cascade Springs
Pecks Gulch Pecks Gulch Lawrence 4685 Deadwood South
Peedee Gulch Peedee Gulch Lawrence 4577 Deadwood North
Penalua Gulch Penalua Gulch Pennington 4793 Hill City
Pettigrew Gulch Pettigrew Gulch Lawrence 5390 Savoy
Plains Valley Plains Valley Fall River 3491 Rumford
Pleasant Valley Pleasant Valley Custer 4623 Argyle
Plum Canyon Plum Canyon Custer 3720 Dewey
Polo Gulch Polo Gulch Lawrence 4331 Deadwood North
Pony Gulch Pony Gulch Pennington 4911 Rochford
Post Draw Post Draw Pennington 4672 Silver City
Potato Gulch Potato Gulch Custer 4797 Iron Mountain
Poverty Gulch Poverty Gulch Pennington 5361 Rochford
Powerhouse Gulch Powerhouse Gulch Pennington 4167 Pactola Dam
Prairie Dog Canyon Prairie Dog Canyon Custer 3924 Wind Cave
Preacher Canyon Preacher Canyon Fall River 3304 Hot Springs
Priest Canyon Priest Canyon Meade 3592 Piedmont
Prospect Gulch Prospect Gulch Lawrence 5276 Maurice
Nevis Draw Nevis Draw Shannon 2631 Red Shirt NE
Rabbit Gulch Rabbit Gulch Pennington 4964 Hill City
Raddick Gulch Raddick Gulch Lawrence 5797 Savoy
Ralph Draw Ralph Draw Pennington 2582 Scenic SW
Ranger Draw Ranger Draw Lawrence 5479 Savoy
Raspberry Gulch Raspberry Gulch Lawrence 5321 Lead
Reaves Gulch Reaves Gulch Custer 4108 Wind Cave
Red Canyon Red Canyon Fall River 3189 Angostura Reservoir
Red Canyon Red Canyon Fall River 3474 Edgemont
Red Canyon Red Canyon Custer 3688 Butcher Hill
Red Dog Gulch Red Dog Gulch Pennington 5203 Hill City
Red Gulch Red Gulch Fall River 3202 Cascade Springs
Redbird Canyon Redbird Canyon Custer 4567 Fanny Peak
Redbird Draw Redbird Draw Pennington 5987 Preacher Spring
Reno Gulch Reno Gulch Pennington 5082 Hill City
Richard Draw Richard Draw Lawrence 4665 Nemo
Roberts Draw Roberts Draw Lawrence 4600 Nemo
Robison Gulch Robison Gulch Lawrence 4311 Maurice
Roby Canyon Roby Canyon Custer 4777 Fanny Peak
Rockerville Gulch Rockerville Gulch Pennington 4140 Rockerville
Rocky Gulch Rocky Gulch Pennington 4321 Mount Rushmore
Rubicon Gulch Rubicon Gulch Lawrence 4363 Maurice
Ruby Gulch Ruby Gulch Pennington 4737 Hill City
Ruby Gulch Ruby Gulch Lawrence 4865 Deadwood South
Rutabaga Gulch Rutabaga Gulch Lawrence 5223 Lead
S and G Canyon S and G Canyon Custer 4852 Fourmile
Saffron Gulch Saffron Gulch Lawrence 5108 Tinton
Sawbuck Draw Sawbuck Draw Pennington 5741 Deerfield
Sawmill Draw Sawmill Draw Pennington 6713 Ditch Creek
Sawmill Gulch Sawmill Gulch Lawrence 5200 Maurice
Sawpit Gulch Sawpit Gulch Lawrence 4852 Lead
Schenk Canyon Schenk Canyon Custer 4055 Jewel Cave SW
School Section Draw School Section Draw Custer 2913 Caputa SW
Schoolhouse Gulch Schoolhouse Gulch Lawrence 5607 Savoy
Seamore Gulch Seamore Gulch Lawrence 5148 Maurice
Shanks Gulch Shanks Gulch Pennington 3796 Rapid City West
Sheep Camp Draw Sheep Camp Draw Custer 2851 Fairburn NE
Sheep Canyon Sheep Canyon Fall River 3566 Edgemont
Sheep Draw Sheep Draw Fall River 3881 Coffee Flats
Sheep Draw Sheep Draw Custer 4961 Iron Mountain
Sheeptail Gulch Sheeptail Gulch Lawrence 5043 Spearfish
Sheps Canyon Sheps Canyon Fall River 3189 Angostura Reservoir
Shirttail Canyon Shirttail Canyon Custer 4390 Pringle
Shirttail Gulch Shirttail Gulch Lawrence 5833 Old Baldy Mountain
Shorty Draw Shorty Draw Custer 2887 Fairburn NE
Sixmile Draw Sixmile Draw Pennington 6555 Ditch Creek
Skull Gulch Skull Gulch Pennington 5246 Silver City
Slaughterhouse Canyon Slaughterhouse Canyon Fall River 3297 Hot Springs
Slaughterhouse Gulch Slaughterhouse Gulch Lawrence 4314 Deadwood North
Smith Gulch Smith Gulch Pennington 5364 Rochford
Smoker Gulch Smoker Gulch Pennington 4888 Silver City
Soholt Draw Soholt Draw Pennington 6227 Crows Nest Peak
Solomon Gulch Solomon Gulch Pennington 5446 Minnesota Ridge
Sourdough Draw Sourdough Draw Custer 5882 Signal Hill
South Canyon South Canyon Pennington 3474 Rapid City West
South Fork Bear Gulch South Fork Bear Gulch Custer 4409 Iron Mountain
South Fork Schoolhouse Gulch South Fork Schoolhouse Gulch Lawrence 5787 Old Baldy Mountain
South Fork Whaley Gulch South Fork Whaley Gulch Pennington 4888 Hill City
South Knappie Canyon South Knappie Canyon Fall River 3192 Angostura Reservoir
South Stagebarn Canyon South Stagebarn Canyon Meade 3665 Piedmont
Spaw Gulch Spaw Gulch Pennington 4970 Silver City
Spring Canyon Spring Canyon Fall River 3422 Hot Springs
Spring Canyon Spring Canyon Custer 2821 Fairburn SE
Spring Draw Spring Draw Pennington 2477 Scenic SW
Spruce Gulch Spruce Gulch Pennington 5433 Silver City
Spruce Gulch Spruce Gulch Lawrence 4462 Deadwood North
Spurgeon Gulch Spurgeon Gulch Pennington 4708 Silver City
Stagebarn Canyon Stagebarn Canyon Meade 3530 Blackhawk
Stewart Gulch Stewart Gulch Pennington 4675 Silver City
Stewart Gulch Stewart Gulch Lawrence 5564 Lead
Stone Quarry Canyon Stone Quarry Canyon Fall River 3474 Edgemont
Sunday Gulch Sunday Gulch Pennington 5180 Hill City
Sunnyside Gulch Sunnyside Gulch Pennington 4649 Silver City
Swede Gulch Swede Gulch Lawrence 5702 Nahant
Sweet Betsey Gulch Sweet Betsey Gulch Lawrence 5282 Savoy
Swinehart Draw Swinehart Draw Pennington 2572 Creston
Syndicate Gulch Syndicate Gulch Meade 4012 Tilford
Tamarack Gulch Tamarack Gulch Pennington 4406 Pactola Dam
Telegraph Gulch Telegraph Gulch Pennington 5518 Nahant
Tenderfoot Gulch Tenderfoot Gulch Custer 5554 Berne
Tepee Canyon Tepee Canyon Custer 3848 Jewel Cave SW
Tepee Gulch Tepee Gulch Pennington 4190 Mount Rushmore
Thompson Draw Thompson Draw Pennington 5748 Medicine Mountain
Tilford Gulch Tilford Gulch Meade 3694 Tilford
Timber Draw Timber Draw Pennington 2395 Brennan Flat
Timber Gulch Timber Gulch Lawrence 5079 Savoy
Toe Gulch Toe Gulch Custer 5581 Berne
Trebor Draw Trebor Draw Lawrence 6207 Crooks Tower
Tree Draw Tree Draw Pennington 6030 Medicine Mountain
Van Lone Draw Van Lone Draw Pennington 2559 Creston
Victoria Gulch Victoria Gulch Pennington 4121 Rockerville
Virkula Gulch Virkula Gulch Meade 4865 Deadman Mountain
W G Draw W G Draw Fall River 2890 Smithwick NW
Waite Gulch Waite Gulch Lawrence 4321 Piedmont
Wall Canyon Wall Canyon Fall River 3068 Angostura Reservoir
Walt Smith Canyon Walt Smith Canyon Pennington 3556 Hermosa NW
Ward Draw Ward Draw Lawrence 5705 Lead
Wards Canyon Wards Canyon Meade 3592 Blackhawk
Warren Gulch Warren Gulch Custer 5433 Fourmile
Water Draw Water Draw Custer 4790 Jewel Cave
West Hell Canyon West Hell Canyon Custer 5371 Jewel Cave
West Nugget Gulch West Nugget Gulch Pennington 4774 Silver City
West Tepee Canyon West Tepee Canyon Custer 5239 Jewel Cave NW
Wet Parmlee Canyon Wet Parmlee Canyon Pennington 5951 Parmlee Canyon
Whaley Canyon Whaley Canyon Fall River 3432 Cascade Springs
Whaley Gulch Whaley Gulch Pennington 4711 Hill City
Wheeler Gulch Wheeler Gulch Pennington 4984 Rochford
Whiskey Gulch Whiskey Gulch Custer 3802 Hayward
Whistler Gulch Whistler Gulch Lawrence 4655 Deadwood South
White Draw White Draw Fall River 3461 Edgemont
White House Gulch White House Gulch Pennington 5863 Berne
Whitetail Gulch Whitetail Gulch Pennington 4967 Rochford
Wild Irishman Gulch Wild Irishman Gulch Pennington 3586 Rapid City West
Wildcat Canyon Wildcat Canyon Fall River 3218 Cascade Springs
Wildcat Canyon Wildcat Canyon Custer 3907 Wind Cave
Wildcat Draw Wildcat Draw Pennington 5866 Dead Horse Flats
Wildcat Gulch Wildcat Gulch Lawrence 5505 Savoy
Williams Draw Williams Draw Pennington 6598 Ditch Creek
Wilson Draw Wilson Draw Lawrence 4836 Nemo
Wind Cave Canyon Wind Cave Canyon Custer 3619 Wind Cave
Windmill Draw Windmill Draw Custer 5882 Signal Hill
Windmill Draw Windmill Draw Pennington 6791 Ditch Creek
Wolf Draw Wolf Draw Custer 5843 Dead Horse Flats
Wyoming Gulch Wyoming Gulch Lawrence 5341 Tinton
Yellow Draw Yellow Draw Jackson 2369 Cottonwood NE
Smith Draw Smith Draw Pennington 6378 Ditch Creek
Grand Vista Draw Grand Vista Draw Pennington 6489 Ditch Creek
Frink Draw Frink Draw Pennington 5994 Medicine Mountain
Brushy Draw Brushy Draw Pennington 5430 Medicine Mountain
Simkins Draw Simkins Draw Pennington 5505 Berne
Devil Canyon Devil Canyon Fall River 3258 Flint Hill
Nevada Gulch Nevada Gulch Lawrence 5289 Lead
Trail Draw Trail Draw Pennington 6361 Preacher Spring
Riggs Gulch Riggs Gulch Lawrence 4108 Spearfish
Spearfish Canyon Spearfish Canyon Lawrence 3724 Spearfish
Cameron Draw Cameron Draw Pennington 6161 Preacher Spring
Mooquit Valley Mooquit Valley Corson 1608 Mobridge NW
Stony Gulch (historical) Stony Gulch (historical) Sully 1608 Artichoke Butte SW
Campbell Gulch Campbell Gulch Hand 1863 Miller Dale Colony
Sawmill Gulch Sawmill Gulch Lawrence 4872 Lead
Wolf Canyon Wolf Canyon Fall River 3586 Flint Hill
Devil Canyon Devil Canyon Fall River 3350 Flint Hill
Cottonwood Draw Cottonwood Draw Meade 2733 Cottonwood Draw
Devils Gulch Devils Gulch Minnehaha 1467 Garretson East
Oak Gulch Oak Gulch Marshall 1348 Britton East
Sieche Hollow Sieche Hollow Roberts 1247 Claire City SW
Winnebago Valley Winnebago Valley Hand 1821 Prairie Center School
Icebox Gulch Icebox Gulch Lawrence 5331 Lead
Blooming Valley Blooming Valley Douglas 1604 Corsica Lake
Sand Draw Sand Draw Ziebach 2211 Red Elm NW
Big Draw Big Draw Meade 2493 Big Draw
Buck Williams Draw Buck Williams Draw Stanley 1824 Standing Butte
Chasing Hawk Draw Chasing Hawk Draw Ziebach 2041 Chasing Hawk Draw
Corsaurt Draw Corsaurt Draw Meade 2526 Big Draw
Cowboy Draw Cowboy Draw Meade 2379 Thompson Lake
Dead Horse Draw Dead Horse Draw Ziebach 2047 Chasing Hawk Draw
Middle Draw Middle Draw Haakon 2067 Murray Draw
Murray Draw Murray Draw Haakon 2057 Murray Draw
Murray Draw Murray Draw Meade 2447 Marcus
Whiteman Draw Whiteman Draw Stanley 1624 Rousseau Creek
Mallory Draw Mallory Draw Perkins 2612 Daviston
School Section Draw School Section Draw Perkins 2365 Coal Springs SE
Boggy Draw Boggy Draw Perkins 2382 Coal Springs SW
Tailor Draw Tailor Draw Perkins 2546 Chance
Motts Draw Motts Draw Aurora 1371 Fraser Dam
Piersons Draw Piersons Draw Aurora 1381 Fraser Dam
Donegans Draw Donegans Draw Aurora 1398 Fraser Dam
Crooked Eyes Canyon Crooked Eyes Canyon Shannon 3113 Evergreen
Iron Cloud Canyon Iron Cloud Canyon Shannon 3081 Evergreen
Yellow Bear Canyon Yellow Bear Canyon Bennett 3146 Yellow Bear Camp
Lightning Draw Lightning Draw Fall River 3465 Heppner
Hay Draw Hay Draw Fall River 3776 Provo
Buck Draw Buck Draw Fall River 3789 Phister Ranch
Black Gulch Black Gulch Fall River 3858 Wallace Ranch
Hoag Coal Mine Draw Hoag Coal Mine Draw Harding 3120 Camp Crook
Little Dam Draw Little Dam Draw Harding 3182 Capitol
Antelope Hollow Antelope Hollow Fall River 3366 Oelrichs
Beef Draw Beef Draw Dewey 1798 Herbert Creek SE
Haxby Draw Haxby Draw Haakon 2185 Hilland NW
Larue Draw Larue Draw Harding 3222 Capitol
Lost Draw Lost Draw Jackson 2438 Cottonwood
Moon Draw Moon Draw Ziebach 2073 Bridger SE
Sled Canyon Sled Canyon Pennington 5600 Dead Horse Flats
Red Valley Red Valley Custer 3592 Wind Cave
Cottonwood Creek Basin Cottonwood Creek Basin Jackson 2192 Wanblee NE
White Horse Gulch White Horse Gulch Pennington 5348 Custer