Caney Valley Caney Valley Fayette 1565 Friendsville
Abbott Hollow Abbott Hollow Tioga 1319 Knoxville
Acid Factory Hollow Acid Factory Hollow Potter 1506 Galeton
Akely Hollow Akely Hollow Centre 1594 Karthaus
Al Wright Hollow Al Wright Hollow Cameron 1457 Wildwood Fire Tower
Allard Hollow Allard Hollow Potter 1634 Roulette
Allens Valley Allens Valley Fulton 896 Burnt Cabins
Allison Hollow Allison Hollow Washington 961 Washington East
Amberson Valley Amberson Valley Franklin 896 Doylesburg
Ames Hollow Ames Hollow Cameron 1214 Emporium
Andrew Hollow Andrew Hollow Potter 1824 Keating Summit
Ansley Hollow Ansley Hollow Potter 1434 West Pike
Antietam Cove Antietam Cove Franklin 718 Waynesboro
Apple Tree Hollow Apple Tree Hollow Tioga 1358 Lee Fire Tower
Archie Barr Hollow Archie Barr Hollow Cameron 1033 Driftwood
Arnold Hollow Arnold Hollow Washington 955 Washington East
Arnold Hollow Arnold Hollow Potter 1342 Emporium
Ash Tree Hollow Ash Tree Hollow Potter 1503 Short Run
Askon Hollow Askon Hollow Fayette 1270 Brownfield
Auman Hollow Auman Hollow Elk 1742 Kersey
Avery Hollow Avery Hollow Potter 1145 Wharton
Axe Factory Hollow Axe Factory Hollow Clinton 614 Mill Hall
Ayers Hollow Ayers Hollow Tioga 1010 Morris
Bach Hollow Bach Hollow Potter 1847 Galeton
Bachman Hollow Bachman Hollow Potter 1588 Short Run
Back Hollow Back Hollow Huntingdon 863 Donation
Baders Hollow Baders Hollow Potter 1906 Galeton
Bailey Hollow Bailey Hollow Tioga 1939 Marshlands
Baker Hollow Baker Hollow Potter 1539 Austin
Baker Hollow Baker Hollow Potter 1696 Roulette
Baker Hollow Baker Hollow McKean 1581 Eldred
Baker Hollow Baker Hollow Armstrong 932 Whitesburg
Baker Hollow Baker Hollow Potter 1814 Roulette
Baldwin Hollow Baldwin Hollow Potter 1854 Harrison Valley
Ball Ridge Hollow Ball Ridge Hollow Lycoming 705 Hughesville
Bar Bottom Hollow Bar Bottom Hollow Lycoming 673 Huntersville
Barber Hollow Barber Hollow Tioga 1161 Jackson Summit
Bark Shanty Hollow Bark Shanty Hollow Potter 1631 Austin
Barlow Hollow Barlow Hollow Centre 1407 Philipsburg
Barnes Hollow Barnes Hollow Potter 1880 Cherry Springs
Barr Hollow Barr Hollow Elk 1070 Weedville
Barrel Slide Hollow Barrel Slide Hollow Potter 1260 Short Run
Barren Hollow Barren Hollow Potter 1496 Austin
Barton Hollow Barton Hollow Juniata 705 Blairs Mills
Bartons Hollow Bartons Hollow Fayette 1230 Smithfield
Bates Hollow Bates Hollow Potter 1926 Ayers Hill
Bates Hollow Bates Hollow Crawford 1188 Titusville South
Bauer Hollow Bauer Hollow Cameron 1033 Emporium
Baughman Hollow Baughman Hollow Blair 1020 Tyrone
Beachdale Hollow Beachdale Hollow Somerset 1988 Murdock
Bear Cave Hollow Bear Cave Hollow Westmoreland 1030 Blairsville
Bear Den Hollow Bear Den Hollow Bedford 1296 Hyndman
Bear Hollow Bear Hollow Cumberland 699 Newburg
Bear Hollow Bear Hollow Clinton 1050 Keating
Bear Hollow Bear Hollow Luzerne 1129 Harveys Lake
Bear Hollow Bear Hollow Potter 1752 Austin
Bear Pen Hollow Bear Pen Hollow Lycoming 1191 Williamsport
Bear Pen Hollow Bear Pen Hollow Clearfield 1460 Pottersdale
Bear Pen Hollow Bear Pen Hollow Clinton 869 Glen Union
Bear Pen Hollow Bear Pen Hollow Potter 1437 Emporium
Bear Pond Hollow Bear Pond Hollow Westmoreland 1325 Wilpen
Bear Trap Hollow Bear Trap Hollow Clinton 810 Renovo West
Bear Valley Bear Valley Franklin 1676 Fannettsburg
Bear Valley Bear Valley Franklin 669 McConnellsburg
Bear Valley Bear Valley Northumberland 745 Shamokin
Bear Wallow Bear Wallow Elk 1394 Kersey
Bear Wallow Bear Wallow Cambria 2497 Beaverdale
Bear Wallow Hollow Bear Wallow Hollow Fulton 1214 Breezewood
Bear Wallow Hollow Bear Wallow Hollow Clinton 817 Farrandsville
Bearfield Hollow Bearfield Hollow Clinton 1483 Keating
Bearpen Hollow Bearpen Hollow Mifflin 1138 Allensville
Bearpen Hollow Bearpen Hollow Cameron 915 Driftwood
Bearpen Hollow Bearpen Hollow Tioga 1391 Cedar Run
Beartrap Hollow Beartrap Hollow Lycoming 584 Williamsport SE
Bearwallow Hollow Bearwallow Hollow Elk 1375 Dents Run
Beatty Hollow Beatty Hollow Centre 778 Howard
Beaver Hollow Beaver Hollow Tioga 1532 Lee Fire Tower
Beaver Valley Beaver Valley Columbia 823 Shumans
Bee Hollow Bee Hollow Clearfield 1512 Huntley
Bee Sellers Hollow Bee Sellers Hollow Columbia 686 Stillwater
Bee Tree Draft Bee Tree Draft Clinton 1440 Keating
Bee Tree Hollow Bee Tree Hollow Clinton 1224 Renovo West
Bee Tree Hollow Bee Tree Hollow Tioga 1168 Tiadaghton
Beech Hollow Beech Hollow Potter 2080 Cherry Springs
Beecher Hollow Beecher Hollow Tioga 1565 Tiadaghton
Beers Hollow Beers Hollow McKean 1457 Eldred
Bell Hollow Bell Hollow McKean 1444 Eldred
Bell Hollow Bell Hollow Elk 1220 Weedville
Bemis Hollow Bemis Hollow McKean 1558 Port Allegany
Benaur Hollow Benaur Hollow Tioga 1286 Marshlands
Bend Gully Bend Gully Tioga 1437 Sabinsville
Benjamin Hollow Benjamin Hollow Tioga 1066 Cedar Run
Benson Hollow Benson Hollow Wyoming 584 Tunkhannock
Benson Hollow Benson Hollow McKean 1529 Roulette
Bentley Hollow Bentley Hollow Potter 1135 Wharton
Berger Hollow Berger Hollow McKean 1040 Uniontown
Bergstresser Hollow Bergstresser Hollow Potter 1161 Short Run
Bergstrom Hollow Bergstrom Hollow Westmoreland 1280 Derry
Bettem Hollow Bettem Hollow Cumberland 755 Dickinson
Betz Hollow Betz Hollow Centre 879 Howard
Big Basin Hollow Big Basin Hollow Clinton 1283 Renovo West
Big Bench Hollow Big Bench Hollow Potter 1319 Short Run
Big Break Hollow Big Break Hollow Bedford 1709 Blue Knob
Big Bridge Hollow Big Bridge Hollow Tioga 1322 Sabinsville
Big Carlson Hollow Big Carlson Hollow Potter 1493 Wharton
Big Dam Hollow Big Dam Hollow Lycoming 1171 Lee Fire Tower
Big Fill Hollow Big Fill Hollow McKean 1473 Keating Summit
Big Fill Hollow Big Fill Hollow Potter 2073 Brookland
Big Hollow Big Hollow Fulton 705 Big Cove Tannery
Big Hollow Big Hollow Huntingdon 860 Donation
Big Hollow Big Hollow Centre 922 State College
Big Hollow Big Hollow Potter 1572 Marshlands
Big Hollow Big Hollow Potter 1801 Oswayo
Big Hollow Big Hollow Potter 1407 Ayers Hill
Big Jackson Hollow Big Jackson Hollow Cameron 1073 Emporium
Big Poe Valley Big Poe Valley Centre 1148 Coburn
Big Spring Draft Big Spring Draft Cameron 1476 Devils Elbow
Big Tree Hollow Big Tree Hollow Potter 1693 Austin
Big Tree Hollow Big Tree Hollow Tioga 1640 Asaph
Big Widger Big Widger Potter 2021 Harrison Valley
Big Younglove Hollow Big Younglove Hollow Potter 1506 Austin
Bingman Hollow Bingman Hollow Cameron 1424 Rich Valley
Binky Hollow Binky Hollow Potter 1818 Cherry Springs
Birch Hollow Birch Hollow Tioga 1572 Lee Fire Tower
Birch Still Hollow Birch Still Hollow Potter 1680 Galeton
Biscuit Hollow Biscuit Hollow Tioga 1332 Knoxville
Black Dog Hollow Black Dog Hollow Washington 863 Mather
Black Dog Valley Black Dog Valley Juniata 656 Millerstown
Black Mark Hollow Black Mark Hollow Potter 1634 Short Run
Black Stump Hollow Black Stump Hollow Potter 1171 Conrad
Black Valley Black Valley Bedford 883 Beans Cove
Black Valley Black Valley Bedford 1001 Everett West
Blacksmith Hollow Blacksmith Hollow Potter 1749 Short Run
Blain Hollow Blain Hollow Perry 1024 Blain
Blair Hollow Blair Hollow Juniata 702 Blairs Mills
Blauvelt Hollow Blauvelt Hollow Potter 1591 Shinglehouse
Bletz Hollow Bletz Hollow Clinton 1312 Millheim
Blocks Hollow Blocks Hollow Huntingdon 797 Aughwick
Blodgett Hollow Blodgett Hollow Bradford 1217 Gillett
Bloomster Hollow Bloomster Hollow McKean 1598 Hazel Hurst
Bloss Hollow Bloss Hollow Potter 1463 Oleona
Blue Lick Hollow Blue Lick Hollow Huntingdon 728 Allensville
Blumenthal Hollow Blumenthal Hollow Potter 1647 Galeton
Board Rock Hollow Board Rock Hollow Cameron 784 Sinnemahoning
Bog Hollow Bog Hollow Crawford 1270 Titusville North
Bog Ore Hollow Bog Ore Hollow Cameron 955 Sinnemahoning
Boggs Hollow Boggs Hollow Clinton 643 Renovo East
Bohunk Hollow Bohunk Hollow Potter 1854 Galeton
Bohunk Hollow Bohunk Hollow Potter 1545 Oleona
Bone Yard Hollow Bone Yard Hollow Bedford 1106 Clearville
Boose Hollow Boose Hollow Tioga 1411 Antrim
Boston Hollow Boston Hollow Allegheny 751 McKeesport
Bowman Hollow Bowman Hollow Wyoming 833 Meshoppen
Boy Scout Hollow Boy Scout Hollow Elk 1827 Wildwood Fire Tower
Brace Hollow Brace Hollow Tioga 1729 Cedar Run
Brace Hollow Brace Hollow Tioga 1401 Potter Brook
Brackman Hollow Brackman Hollow Tioga 1585 Lee Fire Tower
Brainard Hollow Brainard Hollow Potter 1230 Wharton
Breese Hollow Breese Hollow McKean 1660 Eldred
Brewster Hollow Brewster Hollow Bedford 1079 Saxton
Brick House Hollow Brick House Hollow Clinton 745 Renovo West
Brill Hollow Brill Hollow Tioga 1073 Morris
Brizzee Hollow Brizzee Hollow Potter 1755 Oswayo
Brooder Hollow Brooder Hollow McKean 1522 Smethport
Brooks Hill Hollow Brooks Hill Hollow Tioga 1030 Morris
Brooks Hollow Brooks Hollow Tioga 1453 Lee Fire Tower
Broughton Hollow Broughton Hollow Lycoming 1102 Waterville
Broughton Hollow Broughton Hollow Tioga 1371 Potter Brook
Brower Hollow Brower Hollow Centre 764 Bellefonte
Brown Hollow Brown Hollow Potter 1699 Keating Summit
Brown Hollow Brown Hollow Potter 1732 Cherry Springs
Brown Hollow Brown Hollow Potter 1699 Roulette
Brownfield Hollow Brownfield Hollow Fayette 1214 Smithfield
Browns Mill Hollow Browns Mill Hollow McKean 1850 Crosby
Brush Valley Brush Valley York 535 Seven Valleys
Brush Valley Brush Valley Northumberland 725 Shamokin
Brush Valley Brush Valley Centre 1161 Madisonburg
Brushy Hollow Brushy Hollow Carbon 883 Weatherly
Brushy Hollow Brushy Hollow Centre 1870 Bear Knob
Bryant Hollow Bryant Hollow Potter 1703 Oswayo
Bryson Hollow Bryson Hollow Perry 417 Harrisburg West
Buchanan Hollow Buchanan Hollow McKean 1483 Derrick City
Buchanan Valley Buchanan Valley Adams 856 Arendtsville
Bucher Hollow Bucher Hollow Cameron 1309 Emporium
Buck Hollow Buck Hollow Potter 1637 Keating Summit
Buck Hollow Buck Hollow McKean 1552 Port Allegany
Buckbee Hollow Buckbee Hollow Potter 1437 Keating Summit
Buckhorn Hollow Buckhorn Hollow Clinton 784 Farrandsville
Buckhorn Hollow Buckhorn Hollow Clinton 1804 Keating
Bucks Valley Bucks Valley Perry 381 Millersburg
Buckshot Hollow Buckshot Hollow Centre 1434 Snow Shoe NW
Buckwheat Valley Buckwheat Valley Snyder 495 Dalmatia
Buffalo Switch Hollow Buffalo Switch Hollow Potter 1312 Emporium
Buffalo Valley Buffalo Valley York 584 Seven Valleys
Buffalo Valley Buffalo Valley Union 469 Lewisburg
Bull Hollow Bull Hollow Snyder 1339 Weikert
Bull Wheel Hollow Bull Wheel Hollow Elk 1673 Wildwood Fire Tower
Bunker Hollow Bunker Hollow Potter 1778 Oswayo
Burbank Hollow Burbank Hollow McKean 1509 Smethport
Burdock Hollow Burdock Hollow Potter 1759 Cherry Springs
Burleson Hollow Burleson Hollow Potter 1621 Ayers Hill
Burnisky Hollow Burnisky Hollow Potter 1690 Oleona
Burns Valley Burns Valley Franklin 945 Doylesburg
Burnt Hollow Burnt Hollow Potter 1601 Cherry Springs
Burt Hollow Burt Hollow Potter 1391 Ayers Hill
Burt Hollow Burt Hollow Potter 1535 Roulette
Bush Hollow Bush Hollow Potter 1719 Keating Summit
Bush Hollow Bush Hollow Centre 778 Bellefonte
Buskirk Hollow Buskirk Hollow Lycoming 830 Cedar Run
Butcher Hollow Butcher Hollow Carbon 732 Christmans
Butler Hollow Butler Hollow Clinton 702 Renovo West
Butler Hollow Butler Hollow Clinton 928 Keating
Butler Hollow Butler Hollow Cameron 1447 Emporium
Butler Hollow Butler Hollow Tioga 1650 Lee Fire Tower
Buttermilk Hollow Buttermilk Hollow Bedford 1083 Chaneysville
Butternut Hollow Butternut Hollow Potter 1240 Wharton
Butternut Hollow Butternut Hollow Potter 1568 Lee Fire Tower
Butternut Hollow Butternut Hollow Potter 1368 Ayers Hill
Butternut Hollow Butternut Hollow Potter 1693 Galeton
Button Hollow Button Hollow Tioga 1273 Keeneyville
Button Hollow Button Hollow Potter 1690 Harrison Valley
Button Hollow Button Hollow Potter 1814 Harrison Valley
Button Hollow Button Hollow Potter 1562 Galeton
Cabbage Hollow Cabbage Hollow Centre 1722 Sandy Ridge
Cady Hollow Cady Hollow McKean 1558 Keating Summit
Calamity Hollow Calamity Hollow Allegheny 732 Glassport
California Hollow California Hollow Columbia 801 Lairdsville
California Hollow California Hollow Centre 1093 Tyrone
Callahan Hollow Callahan Hollow Tioga 1211 Cedar Run
Calvary Hollow Calvary Hollow Bedford 1362 Ogletown
Camp Hollow Camp Hollow Tioga 1604 Lee Fire Tower
Camp Hollow Camp Hollow McKean 1870 Keating Summit
Campbell Hollow Campbell Hollow Juniata 833 Blairs Mills
Campbell Hollow Campbell Hollow Mifflin 951 Barrville
Campbell Hollow Campbell Hollow Lycoming 1207 Morris
Campbell Hollow Campbell Hollow Potter 1654 Austin
Campbell Hollow Campbell Hollow McKean 1588 Port Allegany
Caney Valley Caney Valley Fayette 1572 Friendsville
Cannon Hollow Cannon Hollow McKean 1496 Keating Summit
Canoe Hollow Canoe Hollow Centre 925 Howard
Card Hollow Card Hollow Potter 1736 Ayers Hill
Card Hollow Card Hollow Potter 1368 Wharton
Carpenter Hollow Carpenter Hollow Tioga 1768 Asaph
Carson Hollow Carson Hollow Tioga 1184 Lee Fire Tower
Carson Valley Carson Valley Blair 1047 Hollidaysburg
Case Glen Case Glen Bradford 1358 Troy
Cassidy Hollow Cassidy Hollow Potter 1273 Short Run
Catlin Hollow Catlin Hollow Cameron 1135 Emporium
Catlin Hollow Catlin Hollow Tioga 1161 Keeneyville
Cave Hollow Cave Hollow Fayette 1230 Brownfield
Cedar Hollow Cedar Hollow Chester 194 Malvern
Cemetery Hollow Cemetery Hollow Lycoming 682 Waterville
Chadwick Draft Chadwick Draft Cameron 1270 Rich Valley
Chamberlain Hollow Chamberlain Hollow McKean 1667 Derrick City
Champlin Hollow Champlin Hollow McKean 1522 Bullis Mills
Champlin Hollow Champlin Hollow McKean 1486 Smethport
Chase Hollow Chase Hollow Elk 1050 Weedville
Chemung Valley Chemung Valley Bradford 758 Sayre
Cherry Hollow Cherry Hollow Juniata 863 Blairs Mills
Cherry Hollow Cherry Hollow Potter 1194 Oleona
Cherry Hollow Cherry Hollow Potter 1706 Austin
Cherry Valley Cherry Valley Washington 1010 Midway
Cherry Valley Cherry Valley Butler 935 Curtisville
Cherry Valley Cherry Valley Union 846 Weikert
Cherry Valley Cherry Valley Monroe 318 Stroudsburg
Christie Hollow Christie Hollow Cambria 2188 Cresson
Church Hollow Church Hollow McKean 1598 Shinglehouse
Clark Hollow Clark Hollow Westmoreland 1161 Derry
Cleveland Hollow Cleveland Hollow Clinton 869 Glen Union
Climax Hollow Climax Hollow Cameron 1020 Emporium
Cloverlot Hollow Cloverlot Hollow McKean 1549 Smethport
Coal Hill Coal Hill Lancaster 515 Gap
Coal Hollow Coal Hollow Washington 778 Steubenville East
Coalbed Hollow Coalbed Hollow McKean 1608 Port Allegany
Cochrane Hollow Cochrane Hollow Potter 1404 Austin
Cody Hollow Cody Hollow Potter 1375 Austin
Coke Oven Hollow Coke Oven Hollow Somerset 1503 Confluence
Colbert Hollow Colbert Hollow Cameron 1440 Wharton
Cold Spring Hollow Cold Spring Hollow Lycoming 1099 Waterville
Cole Draft Cole Draft Elk 1096 Dents Run
Coleman Hollow Coleman Hollow McKean 1519 Roulette
Coles Valley Coles Valley Huntingdon 922 Saltillo
Collins Hollow Collins Hollow Potter 1768 Oswayo
Company Hollow Company Hollow Elk 1512 Wildwood Fire Tower
Compound Hollow Compound Hollow Tioga 1266 Asaph
Confer Sag Confer Sag Tioga 1526 Asaph
Cook Hollow Cook Hollow Blair 978 Tyrone
Coon Chastain Hollow Coon Chastain Hollow Potter 1686 Austin
Coon Hollow Coon Hollow Potter 1381 Short Run
Coon Hollow Coon Hollow McKean 1614 Shinglehouse
Coon Hollow Coon Hollow Cambria 2431 Beaverdale
Cooney Hollow Cooney Hollow Potter 1250 Wharton
Coony Hollow Coony Hollow Beaver 804 Ambridge
Copp Hollow Copp Hollow Tioga 1257 Blossburg
Copperhead Hollow Copperhead Hollow Juniata 1138 Alfarata
County Line Hollow County Line Hollow McKean 1699 Keating Summit
Cove Hollow Cove Hollow Adams 594 Blue Ridge Summit
Covode Hollow Covode Hollow Westmoreland 1220 Wilpen
Cow Hole Cow Hole Clinton 1142 Keating
Cowbell Hollow Cowbell Hollow Union 1109 Williamsport SE
Coxes Valley Coxes Valley Mifflin 1220 Barrville
Cozy Hollow Cozy Hollow Clearfield 1384 Clearfield
Crabapple Hollow Crabapple Hollow Clinton 1594 Keating
Cramer Hollow Cramer Hollow Lycoming 994 Salladasburg
Cranberry Valley Cranberry Valley Adams 617 Biglerville
Crandall Hollow Crandall Hollow Potter 1421 West Pike
Crawford Hollow Crawford Hollow Clinton 1467 Keating
Crawford Hollow Crawford Hollow Potter 1611 Keating Summit
Creasy Hollow Creasy Hollow Columbia 656 Mifflinville
Cresheim Valley Cresheim Valley Philadelphia 95 Germantown
Crippen Hollow Crippen Hollow Potter 1375 Galeton
Croft Hollow Croft Hollow Tioga 1470 Elkland
Crooked Bridge Hollow Crooked Bridge Hollow Elk 1125 Weedville
Croutslot Hollow Croutslot Hollow Potter 1900 Ayers Hill
Crowell Hollow Crowell Hollow Potter 1752 Brookland
Crowley Hollow Crowley Hollow Clinton 899 Keating
Crowns Nest Hollow Crowns Nest Hollow Centre 1624 Sandy Ridge
Culver Hollow Culver Hollow Potter 1657 Keating Summit
Cushing Hollow Cushing Hollow Potter 1611 West Pike
D A Smith Hollow D A Smith Hollow Tioga 1371 Marshlands
Daggett Hollow Daggett Hollow Potter 1644 Cherry Springs
Daggett Hollow Daggett Hollow Tioga 1581 Asaph
Daly Hollow Daly Hollow Tioga 1257 Keeneyville
Dam Hollow Dam Hollow Tioga 1178 Cedar Run
Dan Barr Hollow Dan Barr Hollow Cameron 1247 Emporium
Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Franklin 1312 Caledonia Park
Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Bedford 1122 Hopewell
Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Westmoreland 1444 Derry
Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Perry 873 Newport
Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Cameron 1217 Sinnemahoning
Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Luzerne 1263 Avoca
Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Tioga 1844 Lee Fire Tower
Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Susquehanna 1161 Springville
Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Tioga 1063 Jackson Summit
Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Greene 1007 Waynesburg
Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Clinton 1506 Keating
Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Elk 1286 Dents Run
Davis Cabin Hollow Davis Cabin Hollow Clinton 1112 Glen Union
Davis Hollow Davis Hollow Columbia 627 Bloomsburg
Davis Hollow Davis Hollow Columbia 735 Benton
De France Hollow De France Hollow Lycoming 1053 Salladasburg
Dead Bear Hollow Dead Bear Hollow Potter 1772 Marshlands
Dead Horse Hollow Dead Horse Hollow Potter 1611 Oleona
Dead Horse Hollow Dead Horse Hollow Tioga 2018 Marshlands
Dead Horse Hollow Dead Horse Hollow Potter 1644 Galeton
Dead Woman Hollow Dead Woman Hollow Cumberland 965 Dickinson
Deadman Hollow Deadman Hollow Tioga 1296 Tiadaghton
Death Valley Death Valley Westmoreland 1506 Wilpen
Decker Hollow Decker Hollow Tioga 1227 Marshlands
Decker Valley Decker Valley Centre 1404 Spring Mills
Deep Hollow Deep Hollow Bedford 1089 Clearville
Deep Hollow Deep Hollow Dauphin 863 Elizabethville
Deep Hollow Deep Hollow Monroe 1096 Skytop
Deep Hollow Deep Hollow Luzerne 1325 Wilkes-Barre East
Deep Hollow Deep Hollow Clinton 958 Glen Union
Deep Hollow Deep Hollow Sullivan 1657 Elk Grove
Deep Hollow Deep Hollow Bradford 1175 Powell
Deepcut Hollow Deepcut Hollow Centre 1194 Sandy Ridge
Deer Lick Hollow Deer Lick Hollow Potter 1381 Galeton
Deer Lick Hollow Deer Lick Hollow Tioga 1365 Marshlands
Deering Hollow Deering Hollow Potter 1631 Oswayo
Delaney Hollow Delaney Hollow Clinton 837 Snow Shoe NW
Deloy Hollow Deloy Hollow Cameron 1365 Wharton
Dennison Hollow Dennison Hollow Lycoming 577 Jersey Shore
Desperation Hollow Desperation Hollow Allegheny 787 New Kensington West
Detling Hollow Detling Hollow Westmoreland 1604 Derry
Devil Alex Hollow Devil Alex Hollow Franklin 909 Scotland
Dewey Hollow Dewey Hollow Tioga 1572 Marshlands
Dexter Hollow Dexter Hollow McKean 1522 Roulette
Diamond Rock Hollow Diamond Rock Hollow Clinton 1122 Renovo West
Diamond Valley Diamond Valley Huntingdon 804 Pine Grove Mills
Dibble Hollow Dibble Hollow Potter 1512 Potter Brook
Diegel Hollow Diegel Hollow McKean 1447 Smethport
Diehls Hollow Diehls Hollow Centre 833 Mingoville
Dimmick Hollow Dimmick Hollow Tioga 1821 Marshlands
Dishpan Hollow Dishpan Hollow Clinton 1362 Howard NW
Ditch Run Hollow Ditch Run Hollow Fulton 981 Breezewood
Dixon Hollow Dixon Hollow Tioga 1444 Lee Fire Tower
Dock Hollow Dock Hollow Armstrong 764 Freeport
Dodge Hollow Dodge Hollow Cameron 1102 Rich Valley
Dodge Hollow Dodge Hollow Cameron 1270 Emporium
Dodge Hollow Dodge Hollow Potter 1529 Harrison Valley
Donovan Hollow Donovan Hollow Potter 1394 Austin
Dopps Hollow Dopps Hollow Centre 758 Mingoville
Dothan Valley Dothan Valley Franklin 1276 Fannettsburg
Dotts Hollow Dotts Hollow Clearfield 1358 Irvona
Doubler Hollow Doubler Hollow McKean 1568 Norwich
Douglas Hollow Douglas Hollow Wyoming 896 Jenningsville
Doyle Hollow Doyle Hollow McKean 1755 Shinglehouse
Dragoo Hollow Dragoo Hollow Fayette 1109 Lake Lynn
Drake Hollow Drake Hollow Clinton 994 Renovo West
Drake Hollow Drake Hollow Clinton 1188 Renovo West
Drake Hollow Drake Hollow McKean 1519 Eldred
Driscoll Hollow Driscoll Hollow Cambria 1480 Hastings
Dry Hollow Dry Hollow Centre 1289 Black Moshannon
Dry Hollow Dry Hollow Centre 1339 Bear Knob
Dry Hollow Dry Hollow Centre 1378 Snow Shoe
Dry Hollow Dry Hollow Elk 1194 Dents Run
Dry Hollow Dry Hollow Clinton 728 Renovo West
Dry Hollow Dry Hollow Clinton 840 Keating
Dry Hollow Dry Hollow Potter 1093 Wharton
Dry Hollow Dry Hollow Potter 1325 Short Run
Dry Hollow Dry Hollow Potter 1332 Short Run
Dry Hollow Dry Hollow Tioga 1703 Lee Fire Tower
Dry Hollow Dry Hollow Potter 1585 Austin
Dry Hollow Dry Hollow Potter 1690 Harrison Valley
Dry Hollow Dry Hollow Tioga 1480 Lee Fire Tower
Dry Valley Dry Valley Mifflin 531 Burnham
Duck Hollow Duck Hollow Clinton 758 Keating
Dugan Hollow Dugan Hollow Clinton 961 Renovo West
Duncan Hollow Duncan Hollow Juniata 643 Blain
Dunkard Valley Dunkard Valley York 512 Glen Rock
Dunn Valley Dunn Valley Juniata 650 Beaver Springs
Dutch Hollow Dutch Hollow Westmoreland 791 Smithton
Dutch Hollow Dutch Hollow Clearfield 1037 Devils Elbow
Dutch Hollow Dutch Hollow Clinton 571 Jersey Shore
Dutton Hollow Dutton Hollow McKean 1476 Bullis Mills
Dwight Hollow Dwight Hollow Potter 1670 Oswayo
Dyke Hollow Dyke Hollow Westmoreland 1339 Wilpen
Earl Hollow Earl Hollow Potter 1637 Coudersport
Eaton Hollow Eaton Hollow Greene 1010 Mather
Egler Hollow Egler Hollow Potter 1329 Galeton
Eighteen Hollow Eighteen Hollow Cameron 1496 Rich Valley
Eightmile Dam Hollow Eightmile Dam Hollow Clinton 1457 Keating
Eleven Hollow Eleven Hollow Cameron 1306 Rich Valley
Elevenmile Hollow Elevenmile Hollow Potter 1296 Austin
Elkhorn Hollow Elkhorn Hollow Potter 1240 Short Run
Ellis Hollow Ellis Hollow Potter 1650 Brookland
Elm Hollow Elm Hollow Potter 1834 Brookland
English Valley English Valley Franklin 820 Scotland
Ensign Hollow Ensign Hollow Cameron 1138 Emporium
Erick Hollow Erick Hollow Clearfield 1266 Penfield
Ernst Hollow Ernst Hollow Potter 1604 Roulette
Estes Hollow Estes Hollow Potter 1670 Oswayo
Evans Hollow Evans Hollow Juniata 489 Millerstown
Evans Hollow Evans Hollow McKean 1588 Crosby
Falling Springs Hollow Falling Springs Hollow Potter 1348 Galeton
Fallow Hollow Fallow Hollow Columbia 1004 Red Rock
Fanton Hollow Fanton Hollow Potter 1631 Ayers Hill
Farmer Shanty Hollow Farmer Shanty Hollow Tioga 1460 Lee Fire Tower
Farr Hollow Farr Hollow Wyoming 787 Jenningsville
Faust Valley Faust Valley Centre 1637 Spring Mills
Fay Hollow Fay Hollow Potter 1949 Harrison Valley
Fegley Hollow Fegley Hollow Potter 1972 Marshlands
Ferguson Hollow Ferguson Hollow Cameron 1106 Rich Valley
Fern Hollow Fern Hollow Allegheny 863 Ambridge
Fester Hollow Fester Hollow Columbia 636 Mifflinville
Fetzer Hollow Fetzer Hollow Centre 1266 Snow Shoe NE
Filmore Hollow Filmore Hollow Tioga 1532 Lee Fire Tower
Finley Hollow Finley Hollow Elk 1499 Sabula
Finn Hollow Finn Hollow McKean 1549 Bullis Mills
First Fork Hollow First Fork Hollow Clinton 807 Renovo West
First Hollow First Hollow Potter 1906 Marshlands
Fish Basket Hollow Fish Basket Hollow Potter 1171 Wharton
Fisher Hollow Fisher Hollow Centre 1240 Snow Shoe NW
Fisher Hollow Fisher Hollow Lycoming 978 Cogan Station
Fisher Hollow Fisher Hollow Clinton 810 Keating
Fisk Hollow Fisk Hollow Potter 1722 Roulette
Fitzsimmons Hollow Fitzsimmons Hollow McKean 1591 Bullis Mills
Fivemile Hollow Fivemile Hollow Clinton 764 Keating
Flint Hollow Flint Hollow Juniata 551 McCoysville
Flint Valley Flint Valley Snyder 436 Freeburg
Flugey Hollow Flugey Hollow Somerset 1795 Kingwood
Flynn Hollow Flynn Hollow Potter 1640 West Pike
Foley Draft Foley Draft Cameron 1486 Driftwood
Ford Hollow Ford Hollow Cameron 1489 Rich Valley
Ford Hollow Ford Hollow Potter 1775 Ayers Hill
Foster Hollow Foster Hollow McKean 1670 Derrick City
Fourmile Hollow Fourmile Hollow Cameron 1368 Rich Valley
Fox Hollow Fox Hollow Lycoming 571 Williamsport
Fox Hollow Fox Hollow Wyoming 709 Meshoppen
Foxy Hollow Foxy Hollow Centre 1686 Bear Knob
Frenchman Hollow Frenchman Hollow Centre 1516 Snow Shoe NW
Frog Camp Hollow Frog Camp Hollow McKean 1608 Crosby
Frog Hollow Frog Hollow Mifflin 748 Barrville
Frost Hollow Frost Hollow Tioga 1289 Blossburg
Frosty Valley Frosty Valley Columbia 564 Millville
Fry Hollow Fry Hollow Blair 1024 Tipton
Frying Pan Hollow Frying Pan Hollow Tioga 1532 Asaph
Fuller Hollow Fuller Hollow Tioga 1211 Keeneyville
Furnace Hollow Furnace Hollow Northumberland 482 Riverside
Ganoga Glen Ganoga Glen Luzerne 1578 Red Rock
Garlock Hollow Garlock Hollow McKean 1631 Derrick City
Garretson Hollow Garretson Hollow Potter 1348 Austin
Gas Hollow Gas Hollow Wayne 1640 Sterling
Gas Well Hollow Gas Well Hollow Tioga 1503 Lee Fire Tower
Gas Well Hollow Gas Well Hollow Potter 1578 Austin
Gas Well Hollow Gas Well Hollow Tioga 1371 Marshlands
Gas Well Hollow Gas Well Hollow Potter 1329 Wharton
Gee Hollow Gee Hollow Tioga 1201 Tioga
Gee Hollow Gee Hollow Tioga 1194 Asaph
Geisinger Hollow Geisinger Hollow Columbia 633 Mifflinville
Gene Brown Hollow Gene Brown Hollow Potter 1591 Potter Brook
George Hollow George Hollow McKean 1617 Bullis Mills
Georges Valley Georges Valley Centre 1053 Spring Mills
Germany Valley Germany Valley Huntingdon 633 Aughwick
Gifford Hollow Gifford Hollow Huntingdon 915 Aughwick
Gifford Hollow Gifford Hollow McKean 1509 Smethport
Gilbert Hollow Gilbert Hollow Somerset 1512 Boswell
Gilmore Hollow Gilmore Hollow Potter 1680 Oswayo
Glades Valley Glades Valley Somerset 2215 Stoystown
Gleason Hollow Gleason Hollow Tioga 1076 Cedar Run
Gleason Hollow Gleason Hollow Potter 1621 Austin
Gleason Hollow Gleason Hollow McKean 1798 Roulette
Glen Leigh Valley Glen Leigh Valley Luzerne 1565 Red Rock
Glen Rock Valley Glen Rock Valley York 551 Glen Rock
Good Spring Hollow Good Spring Hollow Tioga 958 Tiadaghton
Goodall Hollow Goodall Hollow Tioga 1345 Asaph
Goodman Hollow Goodman Hollow Clinton 922 Glen Union
Gore Draft Gore Draft Cameron 1299 Driftwood
Gorman Draft Gorman Draft Lycoming 1211 Jersey Mills
Grandpap Hollow Grandpap Hollow Clinton 817 Glen Union
Grassy Hollow Grassy Hollow Columbia 1207 Red Rock
Graveyard Hollow Graveyard Hollow Potter 1470 Conrad
Gray Hollow Gray Hollow Tioga 1175 Asaph
Green Hollow Green Hollow Centre 843 Howard
Green Hollow Green Hollow Potter 1499 Short Run
Green Hollow Green Hollow Potter 1634 Cherry Springs
Green Hollow Green Hollow Potter 1654 Roulette
Green Valley Green Valley Greene 1332 Cameron
Green Valley Green Valley Lycoming 610 Hughesville
Greens Valley Greens Valley Mifflin 1545 Spring Mills
Greens Valley Greens Valley Centre 1197 Mingoville
Greenwood Valley Greenwood Valley Columbia 600 Bloomsburg
Griers Hollow Griers Hollow Franklin 1040 Scotland
Grim Hollow Grim Hollow Tioga 1690 Marshlands
Grindstone Hollow Grindstone Hollow Cameron 883 Driftwood
Gross Hollow Gross Hollow Potter 1893 Marshlands
Gross Hollow Gross Hollow Potter 2018 Sweden Valley
Grover Hollow Grover Hollow Potter 1778 Oswayo
Grubb Hollow Grubb Hollow Lancaster 190 Conestoga
Grugan Hollow Grugan Hollow Clinton 587 Glen Union
Guffey Hollow Guffey Hollow Westmoreland 837 McKeesport
Gundigut Valley Gundigut Valley Tioga 1791 Cedar Run
Gunter Valley Gunter Valley Franklin 896 Roxbury
Gutshall Hollow Gutshall Hollow Perry 981 Andersonburg
Guy Hollow Guy Hollow McKean 1831 Roulette
Guys Hollow Guys Hollow Cameron 919 Sinnemahoning
H C Hollow H C Hollow Elk 1473 Wildwood Fire Tower
Hacket Hollow Hacket Hollow McKean 1489 Smethport
Haggerty Hollow Haggerty Hollow Venango 1056 Polk
Hailstone Hollow Hailstone Hollow Potter 1512 Short Run
Hairy Springs Hollow Hairy Springs Hollow Cumberland 873 Walnut Bottom
Hakes Hollow Hakes Hollow McKean 1503 Bullis Mills
Halfmoon Valley Halfmoon Valley Centre 1191 Port Matilda
Hall Hollow Hall Hollow Clinton 1299 Loganton
Hamilton Hollow Hamilton Hollow Tioga 938 Cedar Run
Hancock Hollow Hancock Hollow Tioga 1496 Potter Brook
Hanging Valley Hanging Valley Franklin 860 Smithsburg
Hanson Hollow Hanson Hollow Potter 1545 Roulette
Hardes Hollow Hardes Hollow McKean 1785 Roulette
Hardscrabble Hollow Hardscrabble Hollow Potter 1591 West Pike
Hares Valley Hares Valley Huntingdon 584 Mount Union
Harrier Hollow Harrier Hollow Potter 1503 Austin
Harrison Hollow Harrison Hollow Allegheny 922 McKeesport
Harrys Valley Harrys Valley Huntingdon 1033 Pine Grove Mills
Hartle Hollow Hartle Hollow Potter 1657 West Pike
Hartman Hollow Hartman Hollow Potter 1801 Galeton
Hartslog Valley Hartslog Valley Huntingdon 689 Huntingdon
Hartzler Hollow Hartzler Hollow Mifflin 922 Barrville
Haskell Hollow Haskell Hollow Potter 1867 Sweden Valley
Hasker Hollow Hasker Hollow Potter 1722 Galeton
Havice Valley Havice Valley Mifflin 843 Spring Mills
Hayes Hollow Hayes Hollow Centre 1650 Woodward
Hayfield Hollow Hayfield Hollow Cameron 1155 Emporium
Healey Hollow Healey Hollow Potter 1788 Keating Summit
Heath Hollow Heath Hollow Potter 1726 Ayers Hill
Heath Hollow Heath Hollow McKean 1657 Keating Summit
Heath Hollow Heath Hollow Potter 1975 Brookland
Heckman Hollow Heckman Hollow Somerset 1381 Johnstown
Victor Hollow Victor Hollow Fayette 1552 Brownfield
Hedgehog Hollow Hedgehog Hollow Potter 1699 Lee Fire Tower
Hells Hollow Hells Hollow Mercer 1083 Greenfield
Hemphill Hollow Hemphill Hollow Huntingdon 627 Mount Union
Hen Barton Hollow Hen Barton Hollow Fulton 1201 Breezewood
Henderson Hollow Henderson Hollow Huntingdon 604 Mount Union
Hensel Hollow Hensel Hollow Potter 1821 Galeton
Henstep Valley Henstep Valley Union 1093 Beavertown
Hereford Hollow Hereford Hollow Fayette 791 Carmichaels
Herring Hollow Herring Hollow Potter 1598 Oswayo
Herrington Hollow Herrington Hollow Tioga 1188 Tiadaghton
Hess Hollow Hess Hollow Columbia 965 Red Rock
Hi Foster Hollow Hi Foster Hollow Potter 1398 Conrad
Hibard Hollow Hibard Hollow Tioga 1283 Keeneyville
Hickok Hollow Hickok Hollow Cameron 1352 Emporium
Hickory Point Hollow Hickory Point Hollow McKean 1791 Crosby
Hickory Swale Hickory Swale Lycoming 1312 Waterville
Hicks Hollow Hicks Hollow Clinton 774 Keating
Hicks Hollow Hicks Hollow Cameron 899 Driftwood
Hiester Valley Hiester Valley Snyder 551 Richfield
High Dry Hollow High Dry Hollow Cameron 1401 Rich Valley
High Valley High Valley Centre 1260 Coburn
Hill Hollow Hill Hollow Potter 1808 Austin
Hill Valley Hill Valley Huntingdon 568 Mount Union
Hinkles Valley Hinkles Valley Carbon 925 Christmans
Hoadley Hollow Hoadley Hollow Tioga 1237 Asaph
Hockney Hollow Hockney Hollow Potter 1798 Ayers Hill
Hog Hollow Hog Hollow Juniata 886 Blairs Mills
Hogback Hollow Hogback Hollow Potter 1522 Short Run
Hogpen Hollow Hogpen Hollow Potter 1880 Coudersport
Holt Hollow Holt Hollow Centre 699 Bellefonte
Holt Hollow Holt Hollow Centre 1575 Snow Shoe NW
Homer Hollow Homer Hollow Lycoming 886 Cogan Station
Homestead Hollow Homestead Hollow Potter 1975 Brookland
Homler Hollow Homler Hollow Bedford 1138 Clearville
Honest Hollow Honest Hollow Blair 866 Tyrone
Hoover Hollow Hoover Hollow Potter 1614 Short Run
Hope Hollow Hope Hollow Fayette 794 Morgantown North
Hoppe Hollow Hoppe Hollow Potter 1680 Galeton
Hopper House Hollow Hopper House Hollow Potter 1742 Cherry Springs
Hopple Hollow Hopple Hollow Clinton 1519 Loganton
Horn Hollow Horn Hollow Potter 1407 Austin
Hornby Hollow Hornby Hollow Tioga 1460 Knoxville
Horning Hollow Horning Hollow Clearfield 1217 Penfield
Horse Hollow Horse Hollow Centre 1834 Sandy Ridge
Horse Hollow Horse Hollow Wayne 1106 Hancock
Horse Pen Hollow Horse Pen Hollow Bedford 1253 Clearville
Horse Valley Horse Valley Franklin 902 Roxbury
Horse Valley Horse Valley Perry 820 Blain
Horsehead Hollow Horsehead Hollow Cameron 955 Driftwood
Horseshoe Bend Hollow Horseshoe Bend Hollow Elk 1614 Kersey
Hoyt Hollow Hoyt Hollow Lycoming 1102 Cedar Run
Hubers Hollow Hubers Hollow Tioga 1640 Marshlands
Huggler Hollow Huggler Hollow Potter 1424 Galeton
Hults Hollow Hults Hollow Potter 1558 Galeton
Hungry Hollow Hungry Hollow Potter 1273 Short Run
Hunter Hollow Hunter Hollow Clinton 1106 Glen Union
Hunter Hollow Hunter Hollow Potter 1394 Conrad
Hunters Valley Hunters Valley Perry 367 Millersburg
Hurlbert Hollow Hurlbert Hollow Tioga 1444 Marshlands
Illinois Valley Illinois Valley Centre 1299 Spring Mills
Impson Hollow Impson Hollow Potter 1355 Oleona
Indian Bill Hollow Indian Bill Hollow Tioga 1414 Lee Fire Tower
Irish Hollow Irish Hollow McKean 1506 Smethport
Irishtown Gap Hollow Irishtown Gap Hollow Cumberland 702 Dickinson
Irons Hollow Irons Hollow McKean 1549 Smethport
Ives Hollow Ives Hollow Potter 1686 Galeton
Jacks Hollow Jacks Hollow Lycoming 551 Williamsport
Jackson Valley Jackson Valley Bradford 1073 Le Raysville
Jacob Hollow Jacob Hollow Potter 1683 Cherry Springs
Jacob Hollow Jacob Hollow Clinton 948 Keating
Jacobs Hollow Jacobs Hollow Lycoming 1444 Waterville
Jenkins Hollow Jenkins Hollow Tioga 1384 Lee Fire Tower
Jimmy Hollow Jimmy Hollow Clinton 1086 Renovo West
John Smith Hollow John Smith Hollow Tioga 1404 Marshlands
Johnson Hollow Johnson Hollow Potter 1388 Galeton
Jolley Hollow Jolley Hollow Washington 984 West Middletown
Jordan Hollow Jordan Hollow Potter 1230 Conrad
Jordan Hollow Jordan Hollow Potter 1453 Short Run
Jordan Hollow Jordan Hollow Potter 1585 Roulette
Judson Hollow Judson Hollow Potter 1535 West Pike
Jug Hollow Jug Hollow Chester 98 Valley Forge
Jug Hollow Jug Hollow Lycoming 1440 Lee Fire Tower
Kansas Valley Kansas Valley Perry 827 Blain
Karnes Hollow Karnes Hollow Columbia 725 Benton
Karnes Hollow Karnes Hollow Columbia 722 Benton
Karnes Hollow Karnes Hollow Columbia 797 Stillwater
Karr Hollow Karr Hollow Potter 1526 Shinglehouse
Kashinka Hollow Kashinka Hollow Columbia 666 Mifflinville
Kavanaugh Hollow Kavanaugh Hollow Potter 1745 Coudersport
Kaylor Hollow Kaylor Hollow Cambria 1676 Ebensburg
Keck Hollow Keck Hollow Tioga 1243 Keeneyville
Keeney Hollow Keeney Hollow Tioga 1247 Keeneyville
Keeney Hollow Keeney Hollow Potter 1171 Short Run
Keesler Hollow Keesler Hollow McKean 1768 Norwich
Keister Hollow Keister Hollow Fayette 896 New Salem
Kellars Gap Hollow Kellars Gap Hollow Cumberland 755 Dickinson
Kelley Hollow Kelley Hollow Huntingdon 945 Aughwick
Kelly Hollow Kelly Hollow Allegheny 764 Donora
Kelly Hollow Kelly Hollow Clinton 1243 Renovo West
Kennedy Valley Kennedy Valley Perry 515 Landisburg
Kent Hollow Kent Hollow McKean 1473 Smethport
Kilbourne Hollow Kilbourne Hollow Potter 1480 West Pike
Kimball Hollow Kimball Hollow McKean 1585 Crosby
King Smith Hollow King Smith Hollow Potter 1519 Lee Fire Tower
Kings Gap Hollow Kings Gap Hollow Cumberland 663 Dickinson
Kings Hollow Kings Hollow Mifflin 984 Allensville
Kinney Hollow Kinney Hollow Tioga 1204 Asaph
Kirkendahl Hollow Kirkendahl Hollow Potter 1312 Wharton
Kishacoquillas Valley Kishacoquillas Valley Mifflin 817 Burnham
Kistler Valley Kistler Valley Berks 404 New Tripoli
Kline Hollow Kline Hollow Lycoming 843 Salladasburg
Knickerbocker Hollow Knickerbocker Hollow Potter 1444 Short Run
Knickerbocker Hollow Knickerbocker Hollow Potter 1841 Ayers Hill
Knowlton Hollow Knowlton Hollow Potter 1598 Coudersport
Kocher Hollow Kocher Hollow Tioga 1516 Potter Brook
Kohler Hollow Kohler Hollow Tioga 1680 Marshlands
Kohler Hollow Kohler Hollow Potter 1942 Sweden Valley
Kohler Valley Kohler Valley Centre 1368 Spring Mills
Kramer Hollow Kramer Hollow Potter 1316 Lee Fire Tower
Krebs Hollow Krebs Hollow Cameron 1240 Emporium
Krebs Valley Krebs Valley York 509 Seven Valleys
Kreitner Hollow Kreitner Hollow Cameron 1286 Emporium
Krise Valley Krise Valley Centre 938 Madisonburg
Krusen Hollow Krusen Hollow Tioga 1398 Potter Brook
Kryder Hollow Kryder Hollow Clinton 594 Jersey Shore
Kyler Hollow Kyler Hollow Clinton 909 Jersey Shore
La Porte Hollow La Porte Hollow Lycoming 919 Waterville
Lamb Hollow Lamb Hollow Clearfield 1230 Penfield
Larson Hollow Larson Hollow McKean 1729 Norwich
Laurel Draft Laurel Draft Cameron 1099 Driftwood
Laurel Swamp Draft Laurel Swamp Draft Clearfield 1624 Pottersdale
Lawson Hollow Lawson Hollow Potter 1762 Oswayo
Layfield Hollow Layfield Hollow Potter 1220 Oleona
Layton Hollow Layton Hollow Potter 1217 Wharton
Leadville Hollow Leadville Hollow Potter 1696 Ellisburg
Leech Hollow Leech Hollow Potter 1516 Galeton
Left Fork Stink Hollow Left Fork Stink Hollow Clinton 879 Renovo West
Left Stony Hollow Left Stony Hollow Potter 1801 Galeton
Leighty Hollow Leighty Hollow Westmoreland 1033 Mount Pleasant
Leister Valley Leister Valley Juniata 646 Beaver Springs
Leman Hollow Leman Hollow Potter 1644 Roulette
Lent Hollow Lent Hollow Potter 1804 Sweden Valley
Lettie Shaffer Hollow Lettie Shaffer Hollow Westmoreland 1194 Ligonier
Lewistown Valley Lewistown Valley Schuylkill 889 Orwigsburg
Liberty Valley Liberty Valley Perry 915 Spruce Hill
Lick Hollow Lick Hollow Fulton 791 Meadow Grounds
Lick Hollow Lick Hollow Clinton 1227 Renovo West
Lick Hollow Lick Hollow Potter 1368 Short Run
Lick Hollow Lick Hollow Potter 1634 Oleona
Lick Hollow Lick Hollow Centre 1043 Coburn
Lily Valley Lily Valley Bucks 151 Lumberville
Lime Hollow Lime Hollow Carbon 1368 Hickory Run
Limekiln Hollow Limekiln Hollow Tioga 1299 Blossburg
Linville Hill Valley Linville Hill Valley Lancaster 538 Gap
Lithia Valley Lithia Valley Wyoming 738 Factoryville
Little Basin Hollow Little Basin Hollow Clinton 1194 Renovo West
Little Break Hollow Little Break Hollow Bedford 1749 Blue Knob
Little Buckhorn Hollow Little Buckhorn Hollow Clinton 768 Farrandsville
Little Burdick Hollow Little Burdick Hollow Potter 1384 Short Run
Little Carlson Hollow Little Carlson Hollow Potter 1404 Wharton
Little Cove Valley Little Cove Valley Franklin 617 Mercersburg
Little Fill Hollow Little Fill Hollow McKean 1414 Keating Summit
Little Hollow Little Hollow Potter 1417 Ayers Hill
Little Indian Hollow Little Indian Hollow Perry 584 Landisburg
Little Jackson Hollow Little Jackson Hollow Cameron 1063 Emporium
Little Nittany Valley Little Nittany Valley Centre 814 Mingoville
Little Pfoutz Valley Little Pfoutz Valley Perry 463 Millerstown
Little Poe Valley Little Poe Valley Centre 1368 Coburn
Little Sandy Hollow Little Sandy Hollow Lycoming 945 Salladasburg
Little Sugar Valley Little Sugar Valley Centre 1227 Madisonburg
Little Valley Little Valley York 620 Hanover
Little Valley Little Valley Huntingdon 935 Entriken
Little Widger Little Widger Potter 2021 Harrison Valley
Locke Valley Locke Valley Huntingdon 837 Orbisonia
Lockings Hollow Lockings Hollow Fulton 515 Big Cove Tannery
Locks Hollow Locks Hollow Tioga 1335 Lee Fire Tower
Lockwood Hollow Lockwood Hollow Cameron 1529 Wildwood Fire Tower
Log Hollow Log Hollow Centre 1270 Snow Shoe NW
Log Hollow Log Hollow Clinton 876 Snow Shoe NW
Log Road Hollow Log Road Hollow Clinton 814 Renovo East
Log Slide Hollow Log Slide Hollow Clinton 1378 Keating
Logan Valley Logan Valley Blair 1037 Bellwood
Long Hollow Long Hollow Mifflin 554 Newton Hamilton
Long Hollow Long Hollow Columbia 709 Shumans
Long Hollow Long Hollow Luzerne 1316 White Haven
Long Hollow Long Hollow Potter 1253 Conrad
Long Hollow Long Hollow Potter 1778 Oswayo
Losch Hollow Losch Hollow Lycoming 633 Cogan Station
Lost Hollow Lost Hollow McKean 1870 Crosby
Louis Main Hollow Louis Main Hollow Potter 1631 Galeton
Loves Hollow Loves Hollow Westmoreland 1165 Wilpen
Loves Valley Loves Valley Huntingdon 709 Aughwick
Hardin Hollow Hardin Hollow Fayette 1319 Smithfield
Lower Vag Hollow Lower Vag Hollow Potter 1204 Conrad
Lucore Hollow Lucore Hollow Cameron 1142 Emporium
Lynch Hollow Lynch Hollow McKean 1617 Bullis Mills
Lynn Run Hollow Lynn Run Hollow Fulton 965 Needmore
Mackey Hollow Mackey Hollow Potter 1460 Emporium
Mackintosh Hollow Mackintosh Hollow Clinton 951 Renovo West
Macks Hollow Macks Hollow Clinton 1227 Renovo West
Madison Hollow Madison Hollow Tioga 1398 Marshlands
Madison Hollow Madison Hollow Potter 1394 Galeton
Main Lot Hollow Main Lot Hollow Potter 1506 Galeton
Maley Hollow Maley Hollow Huntingdon 699 Mount Union
Maple Hollow Maple Hollow Fulton 1332 Breezewood
Maple Hollow Maple Hollow Blair 1070 Hollidaysburg
Maple Hollow Maple Hollow Carbon 699 Christmans
Maple Hollow Maple Hollow Tioga 1795 Marshlands
Marsh Creek Hollow Marsh Creek Hollow Adams 1040 Caledonia Park
Marshall Hollow Marshall Hollow Fulton 1257 Breezewood
Marshall Hollow Marshall Hollow Franklin 656 Fannettsburg
Marshall Hollow Marshall Hollow Luzerne 801 Shickshinny
Martin Hollow Martin Hollow Potter 1473 West Pike
Mason Hollow Mason Hollow Cameron 1522 Wildwood Fire Tower
Match Pine Hollow Match Pine Hollow Lycoming 1043 Salladasburg
Matley Hollow Matley Hollow Clearfield 1270 Penfield
Maynard Hollow Maynard Hollow Tioga 1683 Marshlands
McAllister Hollow McAllister Hollow McKean 1647 Norwich
McCluskey Hollow McCluskey Hollow Tioga 1060 Morris
McConnell Hollow McConnell Hollow Potter 1532 Conrad
McCracker Hollow McCracker Hollow Tioga 1476 Marshlands
McCurvey Hollow McCurvey Hollow Potter 1709 Keating Summit
McDonald Hollow McDonald Hollow Potter 1522 Conrad
McGinnis Hollow McGinnis Hollow Potter 1975 Ellisburg
McIntosh Hollow McIntosh Hollow Tioga 1923 Gleason
McLaughlin Hollow McLaughlin Hollow Potter 1759 Keating Summit
McManas Hollow McManas Hollow Fayette 1247 South Connellsville
McMann Hollow McMann Hollow Potter 1608 Emporium
McMillen Hollow McMillen Hollow Crawford 1050 Conneaut Lake
McNamara Hollow McNamara Hollow Potter 1778 Austin
McPherson Hollow McPherson Hollow Elk 1493 Weedville
McQuen Hollow McQuen Hollow McKean 1772 Cyclone
Mccloskey Hollow Mccloskey Hollow Tioga 1060 Morris
Meeker Hollow Meeker Hollow Potter 1473 West Pike
Mill Hollow Mill Hollow Tioga 1312 Cedar Run
Mill Hollow Mill Hollow Potter 1788 Brookland
Miller Hollow Miller Hollow Lycoming 758 Hughesville
Miller Hollow Miller Hollow Tioga 1591 Potter Brook
Milligan Cove Milligan Cove Bedford 1316 Rainsburg
Mink Hollow Mink Hollow Potter 1332 Short Run
Mink Hollow Mink Hollow Tioga 1591 Potter Brook
Misner Hollow Misner Hollow Tioga 1522 Lee Fire Tower
Mitchell Hollow Mitchell Hollow Tioga 1709 Marshlands
Mitcheltree Hollow Mitcheltree Hollow Potter 1795 Keating Summit
Mix Hollow Mix Hollow McKean 1539 Bullis Mills
Mock Hollow Mock Hollow Westmoreland 1014 Connellsville
Moffit Hollow Moffit Hollow Tioga 1266 Knoxville
Mohawk Valley Mohawk Valley Allegheny 942 Canonsburg
Monkey Hollow Monkey Hollow Greene 1037 New Freeport
Monks Hollow Monks Hollow Tioga 1302 Keeneyville
Monroe Valley Monroe Valley Huntingdon 659 Butler Knob
Monroe Valley Monroe Valley Lebanon 456 Indiantown Gap
Moody Hollow Moody Hollow McKean 1440 Eldred
Moonshine Hollow Moonshine Hollow Somerset 1378 Johnstown
Moore Hollow Moore Hollow Potter 1535 Harrison Valley
Morgan Valley Morgan Valley Northampton 190 Easton
Morrison Hollow Morrison Hollow Lycoming 919 Cedar Run
Morrow Hollow Morrow Hollow Westmoreland 912 Dawson
Mosch Hollow Mosch Hollow Potter 1726 Galeton
Mosier Hollow Mosier Hollow McKean 1699 Crosby
Mosquito Hollow Mosquito Hollow Allegheny 948 Canonsburg
Mosquito Valley Mosquito Valley Lycoming 636 Williamsport
Mott Hill Hollow Mott Hill Hollow Potter 1729 Galeton
Mud Hollow Mud Hollow Potter 1699 Galeton
Mud Lick Hollow Mud Lick Hollow Elk 1214 Dents Run
Mud Lick Hollow Mud Lick Hollow Potter 1391 Short Run
Mud Lick Hollow Mud Lick Hollow Potter 1575 Ayers Hill
Mulligan Hollow Mulligan Hollow Blair 1204 Tipton
Mundell Hollow Mundell Hollow Greene 915 Masontown
Mundell Hollow Mundell Hollow Greene 804 Masontown
Murphy Hollow Murphy Hollow Huntingdon 751 Allensville
Musto Hollow Musto Hollow Potter 1860 Ulysses
Nady Hollow Nady Hollow Potter 1286 Emporium
Nefure Hollow Nefure Hollow Clinton 1093 Keating
Negro Hollow Negro Hollow Schuylkill 1129 Delano
Negro Hollow Negro Hollow Centre 1614 Woodward
Negro Hollow Negro Hollow Clearfield 1302 Penfield
Negro Hollow Negro Hollow Susquehanna 1115 Springville
Negro Hollow Negro Hollow Bedford 1283 Schellsburg
Neitz Valley Neitz Valley Snyder 436 Freeburg
Nelson Hollow Nelson Hollow Potter 1722 Conrad
Nelson Hollow Nelson Hollow Potter 1798 Ellisburg
Nestor Hollow Nestor Hollow Potter 1312 Austin
Neufer Hollow Neufer Hollow Lycoming 561 Hughesville
Nevel Hollow Nevel Hollow Luzerne 961 Shickshinny
New England Valley New England Valley Schuylkill 758 Tamaqua
Newcomb Hollow Newcomb Hollow Potter 1434 Galeton
Nice Hollow Nice Hollow Lycoming 571 Jersey Shore
Nichols Hollow Nichols Hollow Potter 1690 Roulette
Niles Hollow Niles Hollow Potter 1706 Coudersport
Niles Hollow Niles Hollow Tioga 1247 Keeneyville
Nippenose Valley Nippenose Valley Clinton 807 Jersey Shore
Nis Hollow Nis Hollow Carbon 499 Lehighton
Nittany Valley Nittany Valley Centre 1004 Julian
Nittany Valley Nittany Valley Centre 1063 Mingoville
Number 2 Hollow Number 2 Hollow Tioga 1148 Morris
North Hollow North Hollow Potter 1716 Sweden Valley
Notch Hollow Notch Hollow Potter 1975 Galeton
Null Hollow Null Hollow Westmoreland 935 Mount Pleasant
Numer Hollow Numer Hollow Huntingdon 623 Mount Union
O'Brien Hollow O'Brien Hollow McKean 1552 Norwich
Odin Hollow Odin Hollow Potter 1706 Austin
Oil Valley Oil Valley McKean 1732 Eldred
Oil Well Hollow Oil Well Hollow Cameron 1509 Rich Valley
Oil Well Hollow Oil Well Hollow Tioga 1414 Keeneyville
Old Mingle Valley Old Mingle Valley Centre 984 Coburn
Oley Valley Oley Valley Berks 256 Boyertown
Olive Draft Olive Draft Tioga 1673 Marshlands
Opossum Hollow Opossum Hollow Washington 1017 West Middletown
Orchard Hollow Orchard Hollow Bedford 1211 Buffalo Mills
Osgood Hollow Osgood Hollow Potter 1381 Galeton
Osgood Hollow Osgood Hollow Tioga 1890 Asaph
Ostrander Hollow Ostrander Hollow McKean 1489 Port Allegany
Oviatt Hollow Oviatt Hollow McKean 1663 Crosby
Owl Hollow Owl Hollow Centre 1434 Snow Shoe NE
Owl Hollow Owl Hollow Clinton 837 Keating
Oxbow Hollow Oxbow Hollow Lycoming 810 Cedar Run
Paddytown Hollow Paddytown Hollow Somerset 1398 Confluence
Page Hollow Page Hollow Warren 1302 Pittsfield
Page Valley Page Valley Juniata 617 Beaver Springs
Painter Den Painter Den Bedford 1099 Amaranth
Panther Hollow Panther Hollow Allegheny 807 Pittsburgh East
Panther Hollow Panther Hollow Mifflin 928 Coburn
Panther Hollow Panther Hollow Centre 1499 Snow Shoe NW
Panther Hollow Panther Hollow Clearfield 1709 Pottersdale
Panther Lick Hollow Panther Lick Hollow Cameron 1302 Emporium
Parker Hollow Parker Hollow Lycoming 673 Waterville
Parker Hollow Parker Hollow Potter 1306 Short Run
Parker Hollow Parker Hollow Tioga 2011 Marshlands
Parker Hollow Parker Hollow Tioga 1703 Asaph
Path Valley Path Valley Franklin 850 Blairs Mills
Path Valley Path Valley Franklin 577 McConnellsburg
Peach Orchard Hollow Peach Orchard Hollow Cumberland 745 Dickinson
Pecking Patch Hollow Pecking Patch Hollow Clinton 794 Renovo West
Penns Valley Penns Valley Centre 1099 State College
Pennsylvania Hollow Pennsylvania Hollow Warren 1145 Youngsville
Perry Valley Perry Valley Perry 410 Reward
Pete Buck Hollow Pete Buck Hollow Elk 1424 Sabula
Peters Hollow Peters Hollow Clinton 568 Beech Creek
Peterson Hollow Peterson Hollow Warren 1381 Russell
Phoenix Hollow Phoenix Hollow McKean 1722 Bullis Mills
Pigeon Cove Pigeon Cove Fulton 499 Needmore
Pigeon Hollow Pigeon Hollow Cameron 1161 Emporium
Pigeon Hollow Pigeon Hollow McKean 1755 Norwich
Pigeon Hollow Pigeon Hollow Potter 1965 Sweden Valley
Pine Hollow Pine Hollow Westmoreland 1489 Wilpen
Pine Hollow Pine Hollow Armstrong 807 Leechburg
Pine Hollow Pine Hollow Lycoming 1020 Jersey Mills
Pine Lick Hollow Pine Lick Hollow Bedford 1056 Clearville
Pine Tree Hollow Pine Tree Hollow Potter 1125 Short Run
Pipe Line Hollow Pipe Line Hollow Potter 2221 Oleona
Pipe Line Hollow Pipe Line Hollow Potter 1404 Oleona
Piper Hollow Piper Hollow Blair 2067 Blue Knob
Pitch Pine Hollow Pitch Pine Hollow Clinton 1339 Keating
Planing Mill Hollow Planing Mill Hollow Potter 1804 Keating Summit
Plank Hollow Plank Hollow Tioga 1470 Potter Brook
Plank Road Hollow Plank Road Hollow Cameron 1040 Emporium
Platte Hollow Platte Hollow Juniata 522 Millerstown
Pleasant Valley Pleasant Valley Fulton 1293 Breezewood
Pleasant Valley Pleasant Valley Washington 1047 Washington West
Pleasant Valley Pleasant Valley Mifflin 682 Alfarata
Pleasant Valley Pleasant Valley Sullivan 1093 Overton
Pleasant Valley Pleasant Valley Wayne 1368 Hancock
Pleasant Valley Pleasant Valley Snyder 446 Freeburg
Plum Hollow Plum Hollow Fulton 804 Burnt Cabins
Plummer Hollow Plummer Hollow Blair 909 Tyrone
Pole Bridge Hollow Pole Bridge Hollow Centre 1050 Howard
Polecat Hollow Polecat Hollow Fayette 1309 Connellsville
Polecat Hollow Polecat Hollow Washington 945 West Middletown
Polly Hollow Polly Hollow Greene 974 Wind Ridge
Pond Hollow Pond Hollow Lycoming 925 Salladasburg
Pond Lick Cove Pond Lick Cove Lycoming 1132 Waterville
Pool Hollow Pool Hollow Centre 1801 Sandy Ridge
Poplar Hollow Poplar Hollow Huntingdon 820 Saltillo
Poplar Springs Hollow Poplar Springs Hollow Fulton 791 Breezewood
Poplar Valley Poplar Valley Monroe 423 Stroudsburg
Porcupine Hollow Porcupine Hollow Cameron 1394 Emporium
Porcupine Hollow Porcupine Hollow McKean 1631 Norwich
Porcupine Hollow Porcupine Hollow Elk 1250 Dents Run
Port Stewart Hollow Port Stewart Hollow Clinton 1135 Renovo West
Possum Hollow Possum Hollow Westmoreland 1339 Mammoth
Possum Hollow Possum Hollow Westmoreland 804 McKeesport
Post Draft Post Draft Clinton 1024 Glen Union
Post Hollow Post Hollow Cameron 1440 Wildwood Fire Tower
Post Hollow Post Hollow Potter 1365 Wharton
Postalweight Hollow Postalweight Hollow Potter 1795 Austin
Pot Lick Hollow Pot Lick Hollow Lycoming 1043 Salladasburg
Pot Pie Hollow Pot Pie Hollow Union 1371 Carroll
Potash Hollow Potash Hollow Juniata 443 Millerstown
Potato Valley Potato Valley Snyder 518 Richfield
Powder Horn Hollow Powder Horn Hollow Potter 1572 Austin
Pratt Hollow Pratt Hollow McKean 1676 Derrick City
Pratt Hollow Pratt Hollow Susquehanna 797 Lenoxville
Pritchard Hollow Pritchard Hollow Potter 1473 Oleona
Pritchard Hollow Pritchard Hollow Tioga 1476 Potter Brook
Proctor Hollow Proctor Hollow Clinton 1184 Snow Shoe NE
Prosser Hollow Prosser Hollow Potter 1795 Sweden Valley
Pump Station Hollow Pump Station Hollow Potter 1631 Austin
Pumpkin Hollow Pumpkin Hollow Cameron 853 Sinnemahoning
Purgatory Hollow Purgatory Hollow Beaver 820 East Liverpool North
Putt Hollow Putt Hollow Lycoming 902 Lee Fire Tower
Quaker Valley Quaker Valley Juniata 538 Richfield
Quaker Valley Quaker Valley Adams 604 Biglerville
Raccoon Hollow Raccoon Hollow Juniata 1201 Alfarata
Rag Hollow Rag Hollow Mifflin 1083 Barrville
Rag Valley Rag Valley Centre 1224 Mingoville
Railroad Hollow Railroad Hollow Potter 1552 Wharton
Rammage Hollow Rammage Hollow Cameron 837 Sinnemahoning
Ramsey Hollow Ramsey Hollow Huntingdon 735 Donation
Randall Hollow Randall Hollow Tioga 1283 Lee Fire Tower
Raplee Hollow Raplee Hollow Potter 2139 Brookland
Rattlesnake Hollow Rattlesnake Hollow Tioga 1598 Asaph
Raub Hollow Raub Hollow McKean 1512 Shinglehouse
Rebel Hollow Rebel Hollow Potter 1138 Short Run
Red Valley Red Valley Schuylkill 518 New Ringgold
Rednor Hollow Rednor Hollow Cameron 1371 Emporium
Redrock Glen Redrock Glen Monroe 709 East Stroudsburg
Reese Hollow Reese Hollow Potter 1384 Emporium
Reese Hollow Reese Hollow Potter 1808 Marshlands
Reese Hollow Reese Hollow Potter 1801 Keating Summit
Reese Hollow Reese Hollow Potter 1772 Galeton
Reese Hollow Reese Hollow Potter 1778 Brookland
Reese Hollow Reese Hollow Potter 1703 Coudersport
Rehmeyer Hollow Rehmeyer Hollow York 712 Glen Rock
Reilly Hollow Reilly Hollow McKean 1519 Smethport
Reissing Hollow Reissing Hollow Washington 1125 Canonsburg
Reservoir Hollow Reservoir Hollow Bedford 1070 Hyndman
Reservoir Hollow Reservoir Hollow Cumberland 984 Walnut Bottom
Rexford Hollow Rexford Hollow Tioga 1545 Potter Brook
Rhinehimmer Hollow Rhinehimmer Hollow Potter 1473 Oleona
Rhines Hollow Rhines Hollow Juniata 676 Blairs Mills
Rhulo Hollow Rhulo Hollow Potter 1280 Short Run
Rice Hollow Rice Hollow Tioga 1024 Cedar Run
Rich Valley Rich Valley Cameron 1089 Rich Valley
Rickard Hollow Rickard Hollow Columbia 636 Benton
Riddles Hollow Riddles Hollow Cameron 912 Sinnemahoning
Right Branch Bark Shanty Hollow Right Branch Bark Shanty Hollow Potter 1745 Austin
Right Stony Hollow Right Stony Hollow Potter 1811 Galeton
Ringtown Valley Ringtown Valley Schuylkill 1079 Shenandoah
Ripper Hollow Ripper Hollow Elk 1860 Dents Run
Ripple Hollow Ripple Hollow Potter 1280 Wharton
Rixford Hollow Rixford Hollow Potter 1171 Oleona
Road Hollow Road Hollow Potter 1250 Wharton
Road Hollow Road Hollow Potter 1391 Short Run
Robber Hollow Robber Hollow Perry 886 Blain
Robbins Hollow Robbins Hollow Clinton 1188 Renovo West
Robin Hollow Robin Hollow Potter 1411 Short Run
Roby Hollow Roby Hollow Tioga 1549 Cedar Run
Rock Hollow Rock Hollow Westmoreland 1083 Derry
Rock Hollow Rock Hollow Potter 1644 Austin
Rock Hollow Rock Hollow McKean 1716 Hazel Hurst
Rock Hollow Rock Hollow Perry 574 Andersonburg
Rockhouse Hollow Rockhouse Hollow Fulton 781 Breezewood
Rocky Draft Rocky Draft Cameron 1339 Rich Valley
Rocky Hollow Rocky Hollow Greene 804 Masontown
Rocky Hollow Rocky Hollow Franklin 689 McConnellsburg
Roe Hollow Roe Hollow Tioga 1293 Keeneyville
Roger Hollow Roger Hollow Clinton 942 Howard NW
Rogers Hollow Rogers Hollow Wyoming 741 Meshoppen
Root Hollow Root Hollow Potter 1319 Emporium
Root Hollow Root Hollow Tioga 1329 Keeneyville
Rose Valley Rose Valley Tioga 1299 Knoxville
Ross Hollow Ross Hollow Huntingdon 919 Aughwick
Ross Hollow Ross Hollow Potter 1942 Ayers Hill
Ross Hollow Ross Hollow Potter 1598 Oswayo
Rough Hollow Rough Hollow Luzerne 1440 Avoca
Roundtop Hollow Roundtop Hollow Clinton 925 Keating
Rupp Hollow Rupp Hollow Centre 1394 Coburn
Russell Hollow Russell Hollow Cameron 1250 Emporium
Ryan Hollow Ryan Hollow Fayette 1050 Lake Lynn
Sackett Hollow Sackett Hollow McKean 1601 Crosby
Saint Clair Hollow Saint Clair Hollow Westmoreland 1066 Derry
Saltlog Hollow Saltlog Hollow McKean 1759 Norwich
Sand Hollow Sand Hollow Centre 1473 Woodward
Sanders Draft Sanders Draft Elk 1332 Driftwood
Sandy Hollow Sandy Hollow Somerset 2231 Berlin
Sandy Hollow Sandy Hollow Fayette 981 Dawson
Savage Hollow Savage Hollow Clinton 1611 Keating
Sawdust Hollow Sawdust Hollow Centre 1335 Black Moshannon
Sawmill Hollow Sawmill Hollow Fulton 630 Bellegrove
Sawmill Hollow Sawmill Hollow Clinton 1270 Renovo West
Schanbacher Hollow Schanbacher Hollow Tioga 1197 Asaph
Schnarr Draft Schnarr Draft Clearfield 1778 Devils Elbow
Schoolhouse Hollow Schoolhouse Hollow Clinton 636 Renovo East
Schoolhouse Hollow Schoolhouse Hollow Potter 1529 Lee Fire Tower
Schoolhouse Hollow Schoolhouse Hollow Potter 1302 Wharton
Schoolhouse Hollow Schoolhouse Hollow Potter 1654 Cherry Springs
Schoolhouse Hollow Schoolhouse Hollow Tioga 1227 Keeneyville
Schoonover Hollow Schoonover Hollow Tioga 1716 Marshlands
Schultz Hollow Schultz Hollow Columbia 945 Benton
Scotch Pine Hollow Scotch Pine Hollow Tioga 1355 Asaph
Scott Hollow Scott Hollow Potter 1696 West Pike
Scott Hollow Scott Hollow Tioga 1549 Potter Brook
Scranton Hollow Scranton Hollow Warren 1516 Russell
Sears Hollow Sears Hollow McKean 1322 Emporium
Sease Hollow Sease Hollow Tioga 1568 Marshlands
Seeley Hollow Seeley Hollow Tioga 1197 Mansfield
Seely Hollow Seely Hollow Potter 1529 Shinglehouse
Seldom Seen Hollow Seldom Seen Hollow Warren 1352 Grand Valley
Seven Springs Hollow Seven Springs Hollow Centre 1913 Sandy Ridge
Shaar Hollow Shaar Hollow Potter 1978 Marshlands
Shang Hollow Shang Hollow Potter 1526 Conrad
Shanty Hollow Shanty Hollow Potter 1788 Ulysses
Sharps Hollow Sharps Hollow Potter 1762 Austin
Shaver Hollow Shaver Hollow Tioga 1565 Marshlands
Shaw Cabin Hollow Shaw Cabin Hollow Fulton 1339 Breezewood
Shaw Hollow Shaw Hollow Perry 594 Andersonburg
Sheaffer Valley Sheaffer Valley Perry 581 Landisburg
Shear Hollow Shear Hollow Fayette 886 Fayette City
Sheepskin Hollow Sheepskin Hollow Fulton 807 Burnt Cabins
Shelander Hollow Shelander Hollow McKean 1755 Hazel Hurst
Shelander Hollow Shelander Hollow McKean 1752 Crosby
Shelhammer Hollow Shelhammer Hollow Crawford 1115 Meadville
Sheridan Hollow Sheridan Hollow McKean 1749 Bullis Mills
Sherman Valley Sherman Valley Bedford 896 Everett East
Sherwood Hollow Sherwood Hollow McKean 1581 Port Allegany
Sheshequin Valley Sheshequin Valley Bradford 735 Towanda
Shin Hollow Shin Hollow Tioga 1220 Marshlands
Shingle Hollow Shingle Hollow Clearfield 958 Frenchville
Shingle Hollow Shingle Hollow Wayne 938 Hancock
Shingle Mill Hollow Shingle Mill Hollow McKean 1821 Hazel Hurst
Shingle Shanty Hollow Shingle Shanty Hollow Tioga 1522 Potter Brook
Shinglebolt Hollow Shinglebolt Hollow Potter 1660 Cherry Springs
Shore Valley Shore Valley Huntingdon 827 Saltillo
Shrink Hollow Shrink Hollow McKean 1627 Eldred
Shufelt Hollow Shufelt Hollow Tioga 1565 Potter Brook
Silver Mill Hollow Silver Mill Hollow Elk 1073 Weedville
Simpson Hollow Simpson Hollow Westmoreland 1033 Mount Pleasant
Sinking Valley Sinking Valley Blair 778 Spruce Creek
Six and One Half Mile Hollow Six and One Half Mile Hollow Cameron 1604 Rich Valley
Sixmile Hollow Sixmile Hollow Cameron 1558 Rich Valley
Sixth Hollow Sixth Hollow Tioga 1821 Marshlands
Sixth Street Hollow Sixth Street Hollow Clinton 669 Renovo West
Skinner Hollow Skinner Hollow Tioga 1325 Knoxville
Skunk Hollow Skunk Hollow Clinton 702 Renovo West
Skunk Hollow Skunk Hollow Clinton 755 Renovo East
Skunk Hollow Skunk Hollow Tioga 1175 Morris
Slab Hollow Slab Hollow Clinton 1348 Renovo West
Slabtown Hollow Slabtown Hollow Potter 1463 Keating Summit
Slack Hollow Slack Hollow McKean 1529 Bullis Mills
Slater Hollow Slater Hollow Bradford 942 Ulster
Slaughter House Hollow Slaughter House Hollow Cameron 1178 Emporium
Slaughterhouse Hollow Slaughterhouse Hollow Potter 1398 Galeton
Sled Road Hollow Sled Road Hollow Clinton 1489 Renovo East
Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow Allegheny 928 Bridgeville
Slide Hollow Slide Hollow Union 1427 Hartleton
Slide Hollow Slide Hollow Centre 741 Howard
Slide Hollow Slide Hollow Clinton 758 Keating
Slide Hollow Slide Hollow Tioga 1106 Morris
Slide Hollow Slide Hollow Potter 1739 Galeton
Slim Valley Slim Valley Juniata 538 Mifflintown
Slip Hollow Slip Hollow Potter 1312 Short Run
Slippery Elm Hollow Slippery Elm Hollow Fulton 1033 Breezewood
Slippery Elm Hollow Slippery Elm Hollow McKean 1575 Bullis Mills
Sloan Hollow Sloan Hollow Bedford 1102 Bedford
Smith Hollow Smith Hollow Fulton 1240 Breezewood
Smith Hollow Smith Hollow Juniata 643 Blain
Smith Hollow Smith Hollow Centre 807 Howard
Smith Hollow Smith Hollow Potter 2087 Keating Summit
Smith Hollow Smith Hollow Potter 1555 Coudersport
Smith Hollow Smith Hollow Somerset 1421 Confluence
Smith Valley Smith Valley Lackawanna 1102 Dalton
Smith Valley Smith Valley Huntingdon 564 Mount Union
Smoke Draft Smoke Draft Cameron 968 Sinnemahoning
Smokestack Hollow Smokestack Hollow Clinton 676 Glen Union
Smoky Valley Smoky Valley Juniata 584 McCoysville
Smut Hollow Smut Hollow Bradford 1217 Gillett
South Hollow South Hollow Potter 1726 Austin
South Hollow South Hollow Potter 1719 Sweden Valley
Sowers Hollow Sowers Hollow Franklin 810 Big Cove Tannery
Spangler Hollow Spangler Hollow McKean 1860 Crosby
Sperl Hollow Sperl Hollow Potter 1791 Coudersport
Spike Buck Hollow Spike Buck Hollow Tioga 1831 Asaph
Spike Hollow Spike Hollow Elk 1562 Dents Run
Splash Dam Hollow Splash Dam Hollow Clinton 997 Renovo West
Splash Dam Hollow Splash Dam Hollow Potter 1880 Cherry Springs
Spook Hollow Spook Hollow Lycoming 951 Salladasburg
Spoor Hollow Spoor Hollow Tioga 1575 Keeneyville
Sprague Hollow Sprague Hollow Potter 1421 Wharton
Spruce Hollow Spruce Hollow Fayette 1280 Connellsville
Spruce Hollow Spruce Hollow Indiana 1496 Brush Valley
Squab Hollow Squab Hollow McKean 1716 Norwich
Squaw Valley Squaw Valley Butler 883 Emlenton
Stambaugh Hollow Stambaugh Hollow Perry 659 Andersonburg
State Road Hollow State Road Hollow Cumberland 755 Dickinson
Steel Hollow Steel Hollow Tioga 938 Cedar Run
Steel Hollow Steel Hollow McKean 1558 Port Allegany
Steele Run Hollow Steele Run Hollow Tioga 1184 Tiadaghton
Stepping Stone Hollow Stepping Stone Hollow Potter 1572 Short Run
Stevens Valley Stevens Valley Clinton 1384 Renovo East
Sthromes Hollow Sthromes Hollow Cumberland 958 Walnut Bottom
Stickel Hollow Stickel Hollow Fayette 948 Dawson
Stickles Hollow Stickles Hollow McKean 1486 Smethport
Stilhouse Hollow Stilhouse Hollow Perry 558 Landisburg
Stillhouse Hollow Stillhouse Hollow Mifflin 1493 Spring Mills
Stillhouse Hollow Stillhouse Hollow Centre 1050 Coburn
Stillhouse Hollow Stillhouse Hollow Huntingdon 741 McAlevys Fort
Stine Hollow Stine Hollow Columbia 823 Stillwater
Stink Hollow Stink Hollow Clinton 784 Renovo West
Stone Chimney Hollow Stone Chimney Hollow Cameron 1257 Emporium
Stone Chimney Hollow Stone Chimney Hollow McKean 1542 Norwich
Stone Hollow Stone Hollow Clinton 784 Renovo East
Stone Hollow Stone Hollow Potter 1841 West Pike
Stone Quarry Hollow Stone Quarry Hollow Cameron 1877 Driftwood
Stone Watering Trough Hollow Stone Watering Trough Hollow Potter 1578 Oleona
Stony Hollow Stony Hollow Warren 1270 Grand Valley
Stony Pitch Draft Stony Pitch Draft Cameron 1430 Emporium
Stony Valley Stony Valley Tioga 1250 Lee Fire Tower
Stouts Valley Stouts Valley Northampton 171 Riegelsville
Straight Hollow Straight Hollow Potter 1637 Oswayo
Straitz Hollow Straitz Hollow Tioga 1424 Marshlands
Straley Hollow Straley Hollow Potter 1890 Galeton
Strang Hollow Strang Hollow McKean 1709 Norwich
Stranger Hollow Stranger Hollow Columbia 738 Shumans
Strap Mill Hollow Strap Mill Hollow Tioga 1122 Tiadaghton
Strauss Valley Strauss Valley Carbon 643 Nesquehoning
Stuck Hollow Stuck Hollow Fayette 1480 Friendsville
Stuckey Hollow Stuckey Hollow Potter 1526 Austin
Sugar Bush Hollow Sugar Bush Hollow McKean 1663 Crosby
Sugar Bush Hollow Sugar Bush Hollow Potter 1470 Galeton
Sugar Bush Hollow Sugar Bush Hollow Potter 1506 Galeton
Sugar Hollow Sugar Hollow Armstrong 801 Vandergrift
Sugar Hollow Sugar Hollow Wyoming 630 Tunkhannock
Sugar Hollow Sugar Hollow Bedford 1197 Buffalo Mills
Sugar Valley Sugar Valley Mifflin 577 Newton Hamilton
Sugar Valley Sugar Valley Clinton 997 Millheim
Sugarcamp Hollow Sugarcamp Hollow Fayette 1841 Mill Run
Sugarcamp Hollow Sugarcamp Hollow Franklin 1211 Doylesburg
Swamp Draft Swamp Draft Clinton 1010 Renovo West
Swartz Hollow Swartz Hollow Potter 2005 Harrison Valley
Swartz Valley Swartz Valley Juniata 600 Beaver Springs
Sweet Hollow Sweet Hollow Tioga 1608 Keeneyville
Sweet Hollow Sweet Hollow Tioga 1188 Keeneyville
Swesey Hollow Swesey Hollow Cameron 1089 Rich Valley
Swope Hollow Swope Hollow Potter 1657 Marshlands
Sybert Hollow Sybert Hollow Luzerne 505 Berwick
Sygan Hollow Sygan Hollow Allegheny 846 Canonsburg
Tanglefoot Hollow Tanglefoot Hollow Centre 938 Snow Shoe NW
Tank Hollow Tank Hollow Carbon 837 Christmans
Tank Hollow Tank Hollow Clinton 751 Keating
Tannery Hollow Tannery Hollow Westmoreland 1122 Bolivar
Tar Kill Hollow Tar Kill Hollow Centre 787 Howard
Tarkiln Draft Tarkiln Draft Pike 1030 Skytop
Teaberry Hollow Teaberry Hollow Huntingdon 741 Alexandria
Teed Hollow Teed Hollow Potter 1768 Ayers Hill
Teed Hollow Teed Hollow Potter 1503 Potter Brook
The Black Hole The Black Hole Potter 1900 Ayers Hill
The Corner The Corner Fulton 807 Big Cove Tannery
Third Hollow Third Hollow Potter 1900 Marshlands
Thompson Hollow Thompson Hollow Tioga 1617 Marshlands
Thompson Hollow Thompson Hollow Lycoming 1175 Waterville
Three Falls Glen Three Falls Glen Bradford 994 Bentley Creek
Three Lick Hollow Three Lick Hollow Bedford 1135 Chaneysville
Three Square Hollow Three Square Hollow Cumberland 988 Newburg
Threepoint Hollow Threepoint Hollow Clinton 1401 Keating
Tibbitts Hollow Tibbitts Hollow McKean 1634 Derrick City
Tin Can Hollow Tin Can Hollow Tioga 1703 Marshlands
Tinker Hollow Tinker Hollow Susquehanna 1352 Clifford
Tinsmith Hollow Tinsmith Hollow Clinton 879 Farrandsville
Toad Hollow Toad Hollow Perry 505 Reward
Toad Hollow Toad Hollow Bradford 794 Ulster
Toad Hollow Toad Hollow Potter 1696 Oswayo
Tobe Hollow Tobe Hollow Potter 1473 Short Run
Toles Hollow Toles Hollow Potter 1726 Coudersport
Tom Cabin Hollow Tom Cabin Hollow Potter 1394 West Pike
Tomcat Hollow Tomcat Hollow Fayette 823 Masontown
Tommy Hollow Tommy Hollow Lycoming 597 Hughesville
Toombs Hollow Toombs Hollow Potter 1949 Sweden Valley
Tramroad Hollow Tramroad Hollow McKean 1545 Port Allegany
Transfer Hollow Transfer Hollow Elk 1539 Wildwood Fire Tower
Traplog Hollow Traplog Hollow Potter 1362 Oleona
Treaster Valley Treaster Valley Mifflin 712 Burnham
Trestle Hollow Trestle Hollow Tioga 1421 Cedar Run
Triester Valley Triester Valley Centre 1519 Centre Hall
Trump Hollow Trump Hollow Fayette 1076 Connellsville
Tub Hollow Tub Hollow Potter 1309 Short Run
Tubbs Hollow Tubbs Hollow Potter 1693 West Pike
Tubbs Hollow Tubbs Hollow McKean 1631 Bullis Mills
Turkey Hollow Turkey Hollow Greene 1060 Holbrook
Turkey Valley Turkey Valley Blair 906 Frankstown
Twelve Hollow Twelve Hollow Cameron 1329 Rich Valley
Twenty Hollow Twenty Hollow Cameron 1535 Rich Valley
Twigg Hollow Twigg Hollow Bedford 1093 Beans Cove
Twin Dam Hollow Twin Dam Hollow Clinton 1437 Glen Union
Twin Hollow Twin Hollow Clinton 1657 Keating
Twin Sisters Hollows Twin Sisters Hollows Potter 1516 Short Run
Tyler Hollow Tyler Hollow Potter 1667 Oswayo
Tyler Hollow Tyler Hollow Potter 1818 Ellisburg
Upper Dry Hollow Upper Dry Hollow Potter 1667 Cherry Springs
Upper Pine Draft Upper Pine Draft Cameron 1270 Driftwood
Upper Pine Hollow Upper Pine Hollow Cameron 1119 Driftwood
Upper Vag Hollow Upper Vag Hollow Potter 1184 Conrad
Van Horn Glen Van Horn Glen Bradford 1112 Canton
Walker Hollow Walker Hollow Tioga 1562 Asaph
Walman Nichlos Hollow Walman Nichlos Hollow Potter 1588 Oswayo
Wambold Hollow Wambold Hollow Potter 1998 Sweden Valley
Wapsena Hollow Wapsena Hollow Potter 1545 Shinglehouse
Wasp Hollow Wasp Hollow Cumberland 699 Newburg
Water Plug Hollow Water Plug Hollow Cameron 902 Driftwood
Water Tank Hollow Water Tank Hollow Potter 1663 Cherry Springs
Water Trough Hollow Water Trough Hollow Tioga 1759 Marshlands
Water Trough Hollow Water Trough Hollow Clinton 1260 Renovo West
Waterfalls Hollow Waterfalls Hollow Potter 1608 Oleona
Watery Hollow Watery Hollow Cumberland 781 Walnut Bottom
Watt Hollow Watt Hollow Lycoming 1112 Salladasburg
Weaver Hollow Weaver Hollow Clinton 866 Renovo East
Wedge Hollow Wedge Hollow Tioga 1270 Keeneyville
Welch Hollow Welch Hollow Potter 1558 Lee Fire Tower
Welch Hollow Welch Hollow Washington 837 Bethany
Weller Hollow Weller Hollow Cameron 1276 Emporium
Wentling Hollow Wentling Hollow Bedford 1296 Hyndman
Wenzel Hollow Wenzel Hollow Potter 1690 Galeton
Wenzel Hollow Wenzel Hollow Potter 1545 Galeton
Wernwag Hollow Wernwag Hollow McKean 1850 Crosby
Werts Hollow Werts Hollow Schuylkill 784 Friedensburg
Wertz Hollow Wertz Hollow Clinton 1516 Renovo East
Woodcock Valley Woodcock Valley Huntingdon 640 Huntingdon
Wheatfield Hollow Wheatfield Hollow Lycoming 961 Cedar Run
Wheatfield Hollow Wheatfield Hollow Cameron 1191 Emporium
Wheaton Hollow Wheaton Hollow Cameron 1096 Emporium
Wheaton Hollow Wheaton Hollow Potter 1407 Galeton
Wheaton Hollow Wheaton Hollow Tioga 1263 Knoxville
Whippoorwill Hollow Whippoorwill Hollow Wyoming 876 Tunkhannock
White and Burney Hollow White and Burney Hollow Clinton 1604 Tamarack
White Hollow White Hollow Potter 1732 Coudersport
White Hollow White Hollow McKean 1532 Crosby
White Horse Hollow White Horse Hollow Tioga 1585 Marshlands
White Oak Draft White Oak Draft Cameron 1076 Driftwood
White Oak Hollow White Oak Hollow Juniata 577 Millerstown
White Rock Hollow White Rock Hollow Fayette 1296 Brownfield
Whitehouse Hollow Whitehouse Hollow Tioga 1273 Keeneyville
Whitman Hollow Whitman Hollow Elk 1440 Wildwood Fire Tower
Whitney Hollow Whitney Hollow Tioga 1260 Marshlands
Wiemer Hollow Wiemer Hollow Potter 1762 Roulette
Wildcat Hollow Wildcat Hollow Perry 1040 Andersonburg
Wildcat Hollow Wildcat Hollow Huntingdon 932 Aughwick
Wildcat Hollow Wildcat Hollow Centre 791 Snow Shoe NW
Wildcat Hollow Wildcat Hollow Clinton 902 Glen Union
Wildcat Hollow Wildcat Hollow Clinton 1394 Keating
Wildcat Hollow Wildcat Hollow Tioga 1545 Lee Fire Tower
Wildcat Hollow Wildcat Hollow Potter 1562 Galeton
Wildcat Hollow Wildcat Hollow McKean 1660 Hazel Hurst
Wildcat Hollow Wildcat Hollow Tioga 1765 Asaph
Wildcat Hollow Wildcat Hollow McKean 1713 Cyclone
Wildcat Hollow Wildcat Hollow Fulton 1250 Mench
Williams Hollow Williams Hollow Potter 1384 Oleona
Williams Hollow Williams Hollow Cameron 1348 Emporium
Williams Hollow Williams Hollow Bradford 1181 Canton
Windfall Hollow Windfall Hollow Tioga 1001 Morris
Windfall Hollow Windfall Hollow Potter 1709 Austin
Windfall Hollow Windfall Hollow McKean 1453 Eldred
Wingard Hollow Wingard Hollow McKean 1552 Shinglehouse
Winnie Hollow Winnie Hollow Tioga 1532 Lee Fire Tower
Wisdom Hollow Wisdom Hollow Bedford 1529 Saxton
Wokeley Hollow Wokeley Hollow Potter 1680 Oswayo
Wolf Hollow Wolf Hollow Blair 1762 Blue Knob
Wolf Hollow Wolf Hollow Potter 1775 Ulysses
Wolf Rock Hill Wolf Rock Hill Lancaster 495 Gap
Wolfe Hollow Wolfe Hollow Bradford 1197 Troy
Wood Hollow Wood Hollow Tioga 1339 Knoxville
Woodbury Hollow Woodbury Hollow Potter 1759 Austin
Woodcock Valley Woodcock Valley Bedford 906 Hopewell
Woodley Draft Woodley Draft Clinton 988 Renovo West
Woodruff Hollow Woodruff Hollow Tioga 1270 Asaph
Wooley Lot Hollow Wooley Lot Hollow Potter 1854 Austin
Wrigley Hollow Wrigley Hollow Centre 1234 Snow Shoe NW
Wrinkle Hollow Wrinkle Hollow Westmoreland 2211 Ligonier
Wyoming Valley Wyoming Valley Luzerne 522 Kingston
Yaudes Hollow Yaudes Hollow Potter 1558 Oleona
Yeager Hollow Yeager Hollow Potter 1785 Galeton
York Hollow York Hollow Columbia 863 Benton
Young Hollow Young Hollow Potter 1230 Wharton
Zeorb Hollow Zeorb Hollow Potter 1614 Galeton
Zimmerman Hollow Zimmerman Hollow Greene 1115 Wind Ridge
Zundel Hollow Zundel Hollow Potter 1759 Galeton
Allenport Hollow Allenport Hollow Washington 758 Fayette City
Ardery Hollow Ardery Hollow Centre 942 Port Matilda
Bearpen Hollow Bearpen Hollow Westmoreland 2323 Boswell
Beckwith Hollow Beckwith Hollow McKean 1732 Roulette
Bee Hollow Bee Hollow McKean 1499 Shinglehouse
Bell Hollow Bell Hollow Centre 1053 Port Matilda
Big Hollow Big Hollow Centre 1073 Port Matilda
Big Valley Big Valley Huntingdon 925 Allensville
Birch Hollow Birch Hollow Elk 1673 Glen Hazel
Blacklog Valley Blacklog Valley Huntingdon 915 Aughwick
Bloom Draft Bloom Draft Centre 1742 Snow Shoe NW
Blue Spring Hollow Blue Spring Hollow Juniata 446 Mifflintown
Blue Springs Hollow Blue Springs Hollow Centre 1020 Port Matilda
Briggs Hollow Briggs Hollow Elk 1726 Glen Hazel
Buckwheat Hollow Buckwheat Hollow Tioga 1145 Jackson Summit
Burch Hollow Burch Hollow McKean 1729 Roulette
Carlson Hollow Carlson Hollow Elk 1844 Glen Hazel
Chestnut Bridge Hollow Chestnut Bridge Hollow Fulton 1211 Breezewood
Combs Hollow Combs Hollow McKean 1575 Crosby
Conemaugh Gorge Conemaugh Gorge Westmoreland 1096 Vintondale
Conklin Hollow Conklin Hollow Clinton 817 Howard NW
Crooked Riffles Hollow Crooked Riffles Hollow Lycoming 663 Montoursville North
Dividing Hollow Dividing Hollow Cambria 2129 Cresson
Dry Draft Dry Draft Clearfield 1932 Devils Elbow
Dutton Hollow Dutton Hollow Potter 1644 Oswayo
English Draft English Draft Elk 1368 Dents Run
Fowler Hollow Fowler Hollow Centre 1076 Port Matilda
Friends Cove Friends Cove Bedford 1033 Everett West
Graff Hollow Graff Hollow Armstrong 889 Kittanning
Granville Hollow Granville Hollow Washington 807 California
Greens Hollow Greens Hollow Lycoming 594 Montoursville North
Hackett Hollow Hackett Hollow Potter 1673 Roulette
Hammer Hollow Hammer Hollow Juniata 528 Mifflintown
Hollenback Hollow Hollenback Hollow Potter 1739 Oswayo
Hoods Hollow Hoods Hollow Washington 837 California
Howes Hollow Howes Hollow Elk 1690 Glen Hazel
Hurd Hollow Hurd Hollow Potter 1470 Galeton
Jacoby Hollow Jacoby Hollow Lycoming 725 Montoursville North
Jenkins Hollow Jenkins Hollow Elk 1647 Glen Hazel
Jerry Lick Draft Jerry Lick Draft Cameron 1407 Sinnemahoning
Johns Hollow Johns Hollow Fayette 1831 South Connellsville
June Hollow June Hollow McKean 1703 Bullis Mills
Kaiser Hollow Kaiser Hollow Lycoming 673 Montoursville North
Kurtz Valley Kurtz Valley Juniata 568 Millerstown
Larson Hollow Larson Hollow Elk 1729 Glen Hazel
Left Branch Bark Shanty Hollow Left Branch Bark Shanty Hollow Potter 1745 Austin
Limestone Hollow Limestone Hollow Armstrong 899 Kittanning
Little Fork Draft Little Fork Draft Cameron 991 Driftwood
McDonald Hollow McDonald Hollow Centre 1243 Port Matilda
Mealey Hollow Mealey Hollow Elk 1680 Glen Hazel
Morrisons Cove Morrisons Cove Bedford 1437 Hopewell
Mountain Glen Mountain Glen Clinton 669 Renovo West
Myers Hollow Myers Hollow Elk 1745 Glen Hazel
Naval Hollow Naval Hollow Elk 1752 Glen Hazel
New Lancaster Valley New Lancaster Valley Mifflin 692 Burnham
Oregon Hollow Oregon Hollow Washington 807 California
Ospeck Hollow Ospeck Hollow Elk 1696 Glen Hazel
Palmatier Hollow Palmatier Hollow Potter 2011 Cherry Springs
Pangburn Hollow Pangburn Hollow Allegheny 748 Glassport
Pest Hollow Pest Hollow Elk 1699 Glen Hazel
Pfoutz Valley Pfoutz Valley Perry 420 Millerstown
Poormans Draft Poormans Draft Cameron 1106 Sinnemahoning
Porcupine Draft Porcupine Draft Elk 1175 Driftwood
Reese Hollow Reese Hollow Centre 1037 Port Matilda
Rider Draft Rider Draft Clearfield 1427 Pottersdale
Scotch Valley Scotch Valley Columbia 810 Shumans
Scott Hollow Scott Hollow Potter 1565 Shinglehouse
Slide Island Draft Slide Island Draft Tioga 1240 Cedar Run
Smoke Draft Smoke Draft Cameron 1742 Pottersdale
Soap Hollow Soap Hollow Somerset 1247 Johnstown
Steel Hollow Steel Hollow Centre 915 Julian
Stone Dock Hollow Stone Dock Hollow McKean 1801 Hazel Hurst
Strawn Hollow Strawn Hollow Greene 971 New Freeport
Sunnyside Hollow Sunnyside Hollow Centre 955 Port Matilda
Tinsmith Hollow Tinsmith Hollow Potter 1535 Lee Fire Tower
Toner Hollow Toner Hollow Elk 1506 Wildwood Fire Tower
Trapping Hollow Trapping Hollow Centre 1073 Howard
Trough Creek Valley Trough Creek Valley Huntingdon 1211 Saltillo
Trout Hollow Trout Hollow Fayette 1946 Fort Necessity
Twilight Hollow Twilight Hollow Washington 807 California
Warpath Hollow Warpath Hollow Potter 1473 Oleona
Water Trough Hollow Water Trough Hollow Tioga 1772 Marshlands
Watery Hollow Watery Hollow Cumberland 1207 Dickinson
Whips Cove Whips Cove Fulton 1004 Needmore
Whittaker Hollow Whittaker Hollow Elk 1670 Glen Hazel
Williams Hollow Williams Hollow Centre 932 Port Matilda
Wills Hollow Wills Hollow Centre 1214 Port Matilda
Wolf Hollow Wolf Hollow Perry 610 Landisburg
Wood Run Hollow Wood Run Hollow Washington 791 California
Rocky Valley Rocky Valley Bucks 509 Quakertown
Pleasant Valley Pleasant Valley Bucks 141 Riegelsville
Jews Hollow Jews Hollow Northumberland 417 Sunbury
Black Hollow Black Hollow Sullivan 1749 Laporte
White Oak Hollow White Oak Hollow Fulton 512 Needmore
Chipmunk Hollow Chipmunk Hollow Susquehanna 1135 Thompson
White Deer Valley White Deer Valley Lycoming 761 Williamsport SE
Mahoning Valley Mahoning Valley Schuylkill 558 Nesquehoning
Kenyon Hollow Kenyon Hollow Potter 1739 Ellisburg
Reese Hollow Reese Hollow Potter 1906 Brookland
Weller Gap Weller Gap Luzerne 712 Wilkes-Barre West
Wild Cat Hollow Wild Cat Hollow Potter 1391 Oleona
Appletree Hollow Appletree Hollow Lycoming 1191 Cammal
Ash Hollow Ash Hollow Clinton 1070 Young Womans Creek
Austin Hollow Austin Hollow Clinton 1194 Hammersley Fork
Austin Hollow Austin Hollow Clinton 1575 Tamarack
Baldy Hollow Baldy Hollow Clinton 938 Hammersley Fork
Bark Shanty Hollow Bark Shanty Hollow Clinton 1617 Tamarack
Bark Shanty Hollow Bark Shanty Hollow Clinton 1663 Tamarack
Barrett Slide Barrett Slide Potter 1050 First Fork
Bartoff Hollow Bartoff Hollow Lycoming 928 Trout Run
Basswood Hollow Basswood Hollow Lycoming 922 Cammal
Bear Hollow Bear Hollow Clinton 1122 Hammersley Fork
Bear Hollow Bear Hollow Lycoming 1568 English Center
Bear Hollow Bear Hollow Lycoming 1719 Trout Run
Bear Hollow Bear Hollow Lycoming 1299 English Center
Bear Hollow Bear Hollow Lycoming 1194 White Pine
Bear Trap Hollow Bear Trap Hollow Cameron 1217 First Fork
Beaver Hollow Beaver Hollow Clinton 1755 Tamarack
Bee Tree Hollow Bee Tree Hollow Clinton 1053 Young Womans Creek
Beech Bottom Hollow Beech Bottom Hollow Clinton 1089 Hammersley Fork
Beer Keg Hollow Beer Keg Hollow Potter 1696 Hammersley Fork
Beldin Hollow Beldin Hollow Cameron 1463 West Creek
Bell Hollow Bell Hollow Elk 1394 Rathbun
Beny Hollow Beny Hollow Cameron 863 Cameron
Betz Hollow Betz Hollow Potter 1158 Tamarack
Big Basin Hollow Big Basin Hollow Cameron 1470 Rathbun
Big Hollow Big Hollow Lycoming 1394 Barbours
Birch Hollow Birch Hollow Clinton 1083 Young Womans Creek
Bobsled Hollow Bobsled Hollow Clinton 1562 Tamarack
Breeing Hollow Breeing Hollow Lycoming 850 Trout Run
Brown Hollow Brown Hollow Clinton 1716 Tamarack
Brown Hollow Brown Hollow Lycoming 837 Trout Run
Browns Mill Hollow Browns Mill Hollow Clinton 1467 Tamarack
Bruner Hollow Bruner Hollow Cameron 1132 West Creek
Bundle Hollow Bundle Hollow Potter 1148 Tamarack
Bunnell Hollow Bunnell Hollow Potter 1158 Tamarack
Butler Hollow Butler Hollow Clinton 1129 Young Womans Creek
Cal Hollow Cal Hollow Clinton 1729 Tamarack
Calamity Hollow Calamity Hollow Clinton 1522 Young Womans Creek
Cards Hollow Cards Hollow Cameron 1204 West Creek
Chubb Hollow Chubb Hollow Lycoming 1299 Cammal
Clark Hollow Clark Hollow Potter 1138 Tamarack
Coal Mine Hollow Coal Mine Hollow Lycoming 830 Barbours
Conway Hollow Conway Hollow Cameron 1234 West Creek
Cooney Hollow Cooney Hollow Cameron 1411 Hammersley Fork
Cove Hollow Cove Hollow Lycoming 686 Barbours
Cove Hollow Cove Hollow Clinton 1686 Tamarack
Dan Day Hollow Dan Day Hollow Lycoming 1109 English Center
Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Clinton 1145 Tamarack
Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Clinton 1358 Tamarack
Darr Hollow Darr Hollow Lycoming 791 Bodines
Daugherty Hollow Daugherty Hollow Clinton 1096 Young Womans Creek
Deep Hollow Deep Hollow Lycoming 1201 Trout Run
Devils Elbow Hollow Devils Elbow Hollow Clinton 1237 Tamarack
Divine Hollow Divine Hollow Lycoming 801 Cammal
Dry Hollow Dry Hollow Sullivan 1841 Laporte
Dry Hollow Dry Hollow Lycoming 1050 English Center
Dry Hollow Dry Hollow Cameron 1470 West Creek
Dry Hollow Dry Hollow Potter 1086 Tamarack
Dump Hollow Dump Hollow Potter 1165 Tamarack
Dusty Hollow Dusty Hollow Elk 1532 Saint Marys
Elbow Hollow Elbow Hollow Lycoming 948 Trout Run
Eli Hollow Eli Hollow Clinton 1470 Tamarack
Elk Hollow Elk Hollow Clinton 1732 Tamarack
Eutermarks Hollow Eutermarks Hollow Lycoming 1060 White Pine
Finch Hollow Finch Hollow Lycoming 1076 White Pine
Fourmile Hollow Fourmile Hollow Lycoming 1040 Trout Run
Friddle Hollow Friddle Hollow Elk 1329 Rathbun
Georges Hollow Georges Hollow Clinton 1549 Tamarack
Geyser Hollow Geyser Hollow Clinton 1181 Young Womans Creek
Gibson Hollow Gibson Hollow Lycoming 1125 Cammal
Ginseng Hollow Ginseng Hollow Clinton 1247 Young Womans Creek
Green Timber Hollow Green Timber Hollow Clinton 1542 Tamarack
Gum Draft Gum Draft Clinton 1102 Tamarack
Headgate Hollow Headgate Hollow Potter 1073 Tamarack
Hell Hollow Hell Hollow Lycoming 712 Waterville
Hercules Hollow Hercules Hollow Cameron 1119 West Creek
Hickory Hollow Hickory Hollow Clinton 1427 Hammersley Fork
Holly Hollow Holly Hollow Lycoming 1575 Trout Run
Hoover Hollow Hoover Hollow Elk 1270 Rathbun
Hoover Hollow Hoover Hollow Clinton 853 Hammersley Fork
Horning Hollow Horning Hollow Cameron 1152 West Creek
Hubbard Hollow Hubbard Hollow Cameron 1273 West Creek
Ingram Hollow Ingram Hollow Clinton 1270 Young Womans Creek
Jordan Hollow Jordan Hollow Clinton 1427 Tamarack
Kates Hollow Kates Hollow Clinton 1132 Hammersley Fork
Kephart Hollow Kephart Hollow Cameron 1063 First Fork
Kirk Hollow Kirk Hollow Clinton 1591 Tamarack
Layton Draft Layton Draft Lycoming 912 English Center
Leeds Hollow Leeds Hollow Clinton 1204 Hammersley Fork
Lehman Hollow Lehman Hollow Potter 1844 Harrison Valley
Lick Draft Lick Draft Lycoming 922 English Center
Little Dry Hollow Little Dry Hollow Cameron 1512 West Creek
Long Hollow Long Hollow Clinton 1322 Young Womans Creek
Long Hollow Long Hollow Potter 1608 Galeton
Long Hollow Long Hollow Clinton 1381 Hammersley Fork
Longsdorf Hollow Longsdorf Hollow Lycoming 1289 White Pine
Lower Dry Hollow Lower Dry Hollow Potter 1591 Galeton
Lymanwood Hollow Lymanwood Hollow Lycoming 1394 English Center
Manning Hollow Manning Hollow Clinton 1614 Tamarack
Manning Hollow Manning Hollow Clinton 1398 Tamarack
Marsh Hollow Marsh Hollow Clinton 1152 Tamarack
Merriman Hollow Merriman Hollow Clinton 1611 Tamarack
Merriman Hollow Merriman Hollow Clinton 1394 Young Womans Creek
Miller Hollow Miller Hollow Cameron 1181 Cameron
Monks Hollow Monks Hollow Lycoming 1253 Cammal
Moore Draft Moore Draft Cameron 1342 Wharton
O'Brian Hollow O'Brian Hollow Lycoming 1253 Cammal
Owl Hollow Owl Hollow Cameron 1004 First Fork
Oxbow Hollow Oxbow Hollow Clinton 1099 Young Womans Creek
Painter Hollow Painter Hollow Clinton 1001 Tamarack
Parker Hollow Parker Hollow Cameron 978 Cameron
Paul Hollow Paul Hollow Potter 1608 Galeton
Peachtree Hollow Peachtree Hollow Lycoming 1637 Cammal
Pheasant Hollow Pheasant Hollow Lycoming 1647 Trout Run
Pigeon Hollow Pigeon Hollow Lycoming 1234 Trout Run
Pine Stump Hollow Pine Stump Hollow Clinton 1483 Tamarack
Poges Hole Poges Hole Potter 1608 Hammersley Fork
Pong Hollow Pong Hollow Clinton 1588 Tamarack
Poplar Hollow Poplar Hollow Potter 1667 Young Womans Creek
Post Hollow Post Hollow Clinton 764 Young Womans Creek
Quiggle Hollow Quiggle Hollow Clinton 919 Young Womans Creek
Rakestraw Hollow Rakestraw Hollow Cameron 1506 Rathbun
Reed Hollow Reed Hollow Cameron 1263 Rathbun
Reed Hollow Reed Hollow Cameron 1132 Cameron
Reeder Hollow Reeder Hollow Lycoming 991 Trout Run
Renz Hollow Renz Hollow Clinton 1631 Tamarack
Road Hollow Road Hollow Clinton 965 Hammersley Fork
Rock Hollow Rock Hollow Clinton 1690 Tamarack
Rock Hollow Rock Hollow Lycoming 1270 English Center
Roote Hollow Roote Hollow Wyoming 869 Noxen
Sawmill Hollow Sawmill Hollow Lycoming 1096 White Pine
Schoolhouse Hollow Schoolhouse Hollow Lycoming 804 English Center
Schoolhouse Hollow Schoolhouse Hollow Elk 1348 Rathbun
Seeley Hollow Seeley Hollow Elk 1335 Rathbun
Shadrach Draft Shadrach Draft Lycoming 965 English Center
Sixth Bottom Hollow Sixth Bottom Hollow Lycoming 1171 Bodines
Skunk Hollow Skunk Hollow Lycoming 1217 Trout Run
Snorting Buck Hollow Snorting Buck Hollow Sullivan 2188 Lopez
Spook Hollow Spook Hollow Lycoming 827 Cammal
Sprinkling Canal Hollow Sprinkling Canal Hollow Tioga 1499 Lee Fire Tower
Steinhopper Hollow Steinhopper Hollow Elk 1483 Rathbun
Stone Hollow Stone Hollow Potter 1785 Galeton
Stout Hollow Stout Hollow Clinton 840 Young Womans Creek
Stradley Hollow Stradley Hollow Lycoming 1365 Cammal
Stump Hollow Stump Hollow Clinton 968 Hammersley Fork
Sugar Bush Hollow Sugar Bush Hollow Cameron 1598 Rathbun
Sugarcamp Hollow Sugarcamp Hollow Lycoming 774 Trout Run
Summerson Hollow Summerson Hollow Clinton 1076 Hammersley Fork
Swede Shanty Hollow Swede Shanty Hollow Clinton 1204 Tamarack
Tate Hollow Tate Hollow Potter 1644 Hammersley Fork
Tegerman Hollow Tegerman Hollow Clinton 1299 Young Womans Creek
Thurston Draft Thurston Draft Lycoming 1115 White Pine
Thurston Hollow Thurston Hollow Wyoming 869 Center Moreland
Tin Can Hollow Tin Can Hollow Clinton 1601 Tamarack
Trout Valley Trout Valley Snyder 476 Dalmatia
Tub Hollow Tub Hollow Clinton 1542 Tamarack
Tub Hollow Tub Hollow Clinton 1388 Tamarack
Turntable Hollow Turntable Hollow Lycoming 1076 Trout Run
Turtle Point Hollow Turtle Point Hollow Clinton 991 Tamarack
Upper Logue Hollow Upper Logue Hollow Cameron 1079 First Fork
Van Oak Hollow Van Oak Hollow Clinton 1391 Hammersley Fork
Van Sickle Hollow Van Sickle Hollow Clinton 1020 Tamarack
Warburton Hollow Warburton Hollow Sullivan 991 Hillsgrove
Warner Hollow Warner Hollow Elk 1309 Rathbun
Watt Hollow Watt Hollow Lycoming 850 Cammal
Wheaton Hollow Wheaton Hollow Clinton 1260 Hammersley Fork
Wheeler Hollow Wheeler Hollow Potter 1693 Hammersley Fork
Whippoorwill Hollow Whippoorwill Hollow Cameron 1342 West Creek
Wren Hollow Wren Hollow Lycoming 1565 Trout Run
Wykoff Hollow Wykoff Hollow Potter 1122 Tamarack
Yoder Hollow Yoder Hollow Lycoming 1316 Trout Run
Yutamark Hollow Yutamark Hollow Lycoming 902 English Center
Beartrap Hollow Beartrap Hollow Lycoming 856 Bodines
Bell Draft Bell Draft Elk 1086 Dents Run
Big Slide Hollow Big Slide Hollow Clinton 1171 Slate Run
Boardinghouse Hollow Boardinghouse Hollow Cameron 1066 West Creek
Cannon Hole Hollow Cannon Hole Hollow Lycoming 997 Slate Run
Cold Run Hollow Cold Run Hollow Lycoming 709 Bodines
De Bois Hollow De Bois Hollow Lycoming 794 Bodines
Eighth Bottom Hollow Eighth Bottom Hollow Lycoming 1197 Bodines
Fifth Bottom Hollow Fifth Bottom Hollow Lycoming 1119 Bodines
Fourth Bottom Hollow Fourth Bottom Hollow Lycoming 1056 Bodines
Herritt Hollow Herritt Hollow Lycoming 801 Cammal
Holt Hollow Holt Hollow Clinton 1483 Slate Run
Jordan Hollow Jordan Hollow Cameron 1457 Rathbun
Mill Hollow Mill Hollow Lycoming 938 Bodines
Muschino Hollow Muschino Hollow Clinton 1122 Slate Run
Number Four Hollow Number Four Hollow Lycoming 1184 Slate Run
Number Three Hollow Number Three Hollow Lycoming 1079 Slate Run
Number Two Hollow Number Two Hollow Lycoming 1102 Slate Run
Painter Hollow Painter Hollow Sullivan 1027 Hillsgrove
Potash Hollow Potash Hollow Lycoming 984 Bodines
Seventh Bottom Hollow Seventh Bottom Hollow Lycoming 1158 Bodines
Shaffer Draft Shaffer Draft Elk 1286 West Creek
Slaughter Hollow Slaughter Hollow Lycoming 846 Bodines
Slide Hollow Slide Hollow Clinton 1457 Slate Run
Cow Hollow Cow Hollow Clinton 1522 Keating
Panther Hollow Panther Hollow Centre 1368 Black Moshannon
Totten Hollow Totten Hollow McKean 1545 Derrick City
Wildcat Hollow Wildcat Hollow Lycoming 1066 English Center
Pine Creek Gorge Pine Creek Gorge Lycoming 571 Waterville
Slick Hollow Slick Hollow McKean 1673 Hazel Hurst
Meacham Hollow Meacham Hollow Potter 1558 Roulette
Sanders Draft Sanders Draft Cameron 1893 Devils Elbow
Dry Draft Dry Draft Clearfield 1634 Devils Elbow
Kitchen Creek Gorge Kitchen Creek Gorge Luzerne 1197 Red Rock
Fishing Creek Gorge Fishing Creek Gorge Sullivan 997 Red Rock
Kinzua Gorge Kinzua Gorge McKean 1788 Cyclone
Dry Run Gorge Dry Run Gorge Sullivan 840 Hillsgrove
Kettle Creek Gorge Kettle Creek Gorge Sullivan 860 Hillsgrove
Loyalsock Creek Gorge Loyalsock Creek Gorge Sullivan 781 Hillsgrove
Cold Valley Cold Valley Allegheny 889 Glenshaw
Slippery Rock Creek Gorge Slippery Rock Creek Gorge Lawrence 896 Portersville
Casselman Gorge Casselman Gorge Somerset 1909 Meyersdale
Loyalhanna Gorge Loyalhanna Gorge Westmoreland 1109 Derry
Delaware River Gorge Delaware River Gorge Pike 413 Port Jervis South
Ohiopyle Gorge Ohiopyle Gorge Fayette 1276 Ohiopyle
Glen Onoko Glen Onoko Carbon 558 Weatherly
Lehigh Gorge Lehigh Gorge Carbon 522 Lehighton
Martin Hollow Martin Hollow Washington 974 Burgettstown
Crozier Hollow Crozier Hollow Armstrong 827 Parker
Binker Valley Binker Valley Armstrong 833 Parker
Lambskin Hollow Lambskin Hollow Clearfield 1424 Sabula
Midway Crevasse Midway Crevasse Luzerne 2169 Red Rock
Indian Creek Gorge Indian Creek Gorge Fayette 945 South Connellsville
Nay Aug Park Gorge Nay Aug Park Gorge Lackawanna 892 Scranton
Valley Creek Gorge Valley Creek Gorge Montgomery 59 Valley Forge
The Rocky Gorge The Rocky Gorge Clinton 984 Carroll
The Glens The Glens Luzerne 1522 Red Rock
Conejohela Valley Conejohela Valley York 220 Safe Harbor
York Valley York Valley York 226 Columbia West
Trinity Gorge Trinity Gorge Carbon 653 Palmerton
Frost Hollow Frost Hollow Northampton 200 Easton
The Loop The Loop Blair 945 Frankstown
Bloomingdale Valley Bloomingdale Valley Carbon 971 Nesquehoning
Walkers Hollow Walkers Hollow Huntingdon 787 Huntingdon
Castle Hollow Castle Hollow Potter 1913 Coudersport
Rocky Hollow Rocky Hollow Cumberland 879 Shermans Dale
Funston Hollow Funston Hollow Lycoming 1047 Salladasburg
Little Valley Little Valley Huntingdon 1207 Entriken
Beaver Valley Beaver Valley Forest 1247 Kellettville
Beers Hollow Beers Hollow Warren 1322 Cobham
Brown Valley Brown Valley McKean 1713 Bradford
Bully Hollow Bully Hollow Warren 1165 Cobham
Bush Hollow Bush Hollow Elk 1634 James City
Cable Hollow Cable Hollow Warren 1509 Scandia
Cobb Hollow Cobb Hollow McKean 1821 Stickney
Conover Hollow Conover Hollow McKean 1565 Stickney
Crooker Hollow Crooker Hollow McKean 1572 Bradford
Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Elk 1201 Sigel
Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Warren 1319 Cobham
Gates Hollow Gates Hollow McKean 1519 Bradford
Hedgehog Hollow Hedgehog Hollow McKean 1699 Bradford
Holmes Hollow Holmes Hollow McKean 1450 Stickney
Indian Hollow Indian Hollow Warren 1243 Warren
Lindsey Hollow Lindsey Hollow Forest 1243 Lynch
Niles Hollow Niles Hollow McKean 1545 Bradford
Page Hollow Page Hollow Warren 1375 Clarendon
Porter Hollow Porter Hollow McKean 1785 Stickney
Possum Hollow Possum Hollow Warren 1332 Clarendon
Priest Hollow Priest Hollow Warren 1522 Scandia
Prue Hollow Prue Hollow McKean 1604 Stickney
Rock Hollow Rock Hollow Warren 1375 Tidioute
Roper Hollow Roper Hollow Warren 1339 Cornplanter Run
Schoolhouse Hollow Schoolhouse Hollow McKean 1470 Stickney
Schoolhouse Hollow Schoolhouse Hollow McKean 1375 Cornplanter Run
Shingle Mill Hollow Shingle Mill Hollow McKean 1624 Stickney
Simons Hollow Simons Hollow Warren 1273 Russell
Slide Hollow Slide Hollow McKean 1588 Stickney
Tome Hollow Tome Hollow McKean 1650 Bradford
Town Hollow Town Hollow Forest 1178 Kellettville
Trail Hollow Trail Hollow McKean 1591 Stickney
Weed Hollow Weed Hollow Warren 1355 Cornplanter Run
Bullis Hollow Bullis Hollow McKean 1368 Cornplanter Run
Lewis Hollow Lewis Hollow McKean 1601 Lewis Run
Miam Hollow Miam Hollow McKean 1650 Lewis Run
Boggs Hollow Boggs Hollow Westmoreland 1112 Slickville
Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow Westmoreland 1155 Slickville
Kemerer Hollow Kemerer Hollow Westmoreland 994 Murrysville
Whitten Hollow Whitten Hollow Westmoreland 899 New Kensington East
Lebanon Valley Lebanon Valley Berks Unknown
Silver Mine Hollow Silver Mine Hollow Westmoreland 1617 Ligonier
Stone Valley Stone Valley Huntingdon 830 Pine Grove Mills
Coal Hollow Coal Hollow Westmoreland 1102 Greensburg
Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow Berks 374 Morgantown
Cooney Hollow Cooney Hollow Potter 1486 Wharton