Pymatuning Swamp (historical) Pymatuning Swamp (historical) Crawford 1007 Leon
Bald Hill Swamp Bald Hill Swamp Pike 1352 Edgemere
Balsam Swamp Balsam Swamp Lackawanna 1893 Pleasant View Summit
Balsam Swamp Balsam Swamp Pike 1713 Promised Land
Bates Swamp Bates Swamp Luzerne 2129 Sweet Valley
Beagle Hole Swamp Beagle Hole Swamp Monroe 1837 Tobyhanna
Bear Rock Swamp Bear Rock Swamp Pike 1365 Edgemere
Bear Swamp Bear Swamp Dauphin 1207 Lykens
Bear Swamp Bear Swamp Northampton 692 Stroudsburg
Bear Swamp Bear Swamp Luzerne 1339 Freeland
Bear Swamp Bear Swamp Luzerne 942 Stillwater
Bear Swamp Bear Swamp Lackawanna 2123 Pleasant View Summit
Bear Swamp Bear Swamp Luzerne 1207 Sweet Valley
Bear Swamp Bear Swamp Lackawanna 1762 Moscow
Bear Swamp Bear Swamp Sullivan 2283 Red Rock
Bear Swamp Bear Swamp Wayne 1355 Honesdale
Bear Swamp Bear Swamp Susquehanna 1129 Clifford
Bear Swamp Bear Swamp Susquehanna 1398 Susquehanna
Bear Swamp Bear Swamp Clinton 1129 Howard NW
Beaver Dam Swamp Beaver Dam Swamp Luzerne 1260 Wilkes-Barre West
Beaver Meadow Swamp Beaver Meadow Swamp Bradford 1240 Laceyville
Behler Swamp Behler Swamp Lackawanna 1916 Pleasant View Summit
Ben Bush Swamp Ben Bush Swamp Pike 1467 Pecks Pond
Ben Hanna Swamp Ben Hanna Swamp Pike 1158 Twelvemile Pond
Bender Swamp Bender Swamp Monroe 1991 Tobyhanna
Benson Swamp Benson Swamp Warren 1427 Columbus
Big Bear Swamp Big Bear Swamp Pike 1286 Lake Maskenozha
Big Deer Swamp Big Deer Swamp Wyoming 2267 Jenningsville
Big Inlet Swamp Big Inlet Swamp Pike 1867 Promised Land
Big Sampson Swamp Big Sampson Swamp Wayne 2100 Sterling
Big Swamp Big Swamp Pike 1194 Twelvemile Pond
Birch Swale Birch Swale Monroe 1844 Tobyhanna
Black Ash Swamp Black Ash Swamp Pike 1509 Promised Land
Black Bear Swamp Black Bear Swamp Monroe 1998 Tobyhanna
Blackwell Swamp Blackwell Swamp Lycoming 1736 Waterville
Bleeksley Swamp Bleeksley Swamp Monroe 1827 Thornhurst
Bloomer Swamp Bloomer Swamp Monroe 1339 Skytop
Blue Swamp Blue Swamp Crawford 1578 Grand Valley
Broadbent Swamp Broadbent Swamp Wyoming 968 Factoryville
Brown Swamp Brown Swamp Wyoming 1102 Hop Bottom
Carey Swamp Carey Swamp Bradford 1388 Little Meadows
Carpenter Swamp Carpenter Swamp Lackawanna 1581 Dalton
Cathrine Swamp Cathrine Swamp McKean 2060 Hazel Hurst
City of Rome Dark Swamp City of Rome Dark Swamp Monroe 1811 Thornhurst
City of Rome Swamp City of Rome Swamp Monroe 1801 Thornhurst
Company Swamp Company Swamp Pike 1526 Promised Land
Conneaut Marsh Conneaut Marsh Crawford 1060 Geneva
Covey Swamp Covey Swamp Lackawanna 1060 Avoca
Cranberry Swamp Cranberry Swamp Monroe 919 Mount Pocono
Cranberry Swamp Cranberry Swamp Clinton 1778 Renovo East
Crooked Swamp Crooked Swamp Pike 1384 Edgemere
Dark Swamp Dark Swamp Monroe 1781 Tobyhanna
Dark Swamp Dark Swamp Pike 1270 Edgemere
DuBois Swamp DuBois Swamp Pike 1322 Edgemere
Elbow Swamp Elbow Swamp Pike 1191 Twelvemile Pond
Elbow Swamp Elbow Swamp Pike 1339 Pecks Pond
English Swamp English Swamp Lackawanna 1936 Sterling
Eschenbaugh Swamp Eschenbaugh Swamp Monroe 1906 Tobyhanna
Gallager Swamp Gallager Swamp Wyoming 781 Tunkhannock
Bear Meadows Bear Meadows Centre 1818 McAlevys Fort
Grisco Swamp Grisco Swamp Columbia 1247 Stillwater
Gulf Pond Gulf Pond Bradford 1453 Little Meadows
Half Moon Swamp Half Moon Swamp Sullivan 2034 Lopez
Halfmoon Swamp Halfmoon Swamp Mercer 1358 Jackson Center
Helman Swamp Helman Swamp Wyoming 1027 Tunkhannock
Henderson Swamp Henderson Swamp Monroe 1260 Skytop
Hickory Swale Hickory Swale Luzerne 1250 Wilkes-Barre West
High Swamp High Swamp Monroe 1145 Skytop
Holcomb Pond Holcomb Pond Bradford 1926 Leroy
Holsey Meadow Swamp Holsey Meadow Swamp Pike 1384 Pecks Pond
Horseshoe Swamp Horseshoe Swamp Lackawanna 1913 Pleasant View Summit
Horseshoe Swamp Horseshoe Swamp Pike 1726 Promised Land
Huckleberry Marsh Huckleberry Marsh Monroe 1913 Tobyhanna
Huckleberry Swamp Huckleberry Swamp Monroe 1158 Mount Pocono
Hughes Swamp Hughes Swamp Carbon 1565 Weatherly
Indian Swamp Indian Swamp Pike 1352 Promised Land
Inlet Swamp Inlet Swamp Pike 1335 Pecks Pond
Ivan Swamp Ivan Swamp Monroe 1106 East Stroudsburg
Ivan Swamp Ivan Swamp Monroe 1148 Skytop
Jenkins Swamp Jenkins Swamp Wyoming 1024 Tunkhannock
Jimmy Kane Swamp Jimmy Kane Swamp Luzerne 1952 Wilkes-Barre East
Kinney Swamp Kinney Swamp Susquehanna 1227 Hop Bottom
Kintz Swamp Kintz Swamp Monroe 1375 Skytop
Kistler Swamp Kistler Swamp Monroe 1923 Tobyhanna
Langan Swamp Langan Swamp Lackawanna 1706 Moscow
Little Bear Swamp Little Bear Swamp Pike 1319 Lake Maskenozha
Little York Swamp Little York Swamp Pike 1348 Pecks Pond
Long Pond Swamp Long Pond Swamp Pike 1640 Promised Land
Long Swamp Long Swamp Monroe 1066 Skytop
Long Swamp Long Swamp Luzerne 1913 Wilkes-Barre East
Long Swamp Long Swamp Pike 1306 Lake Maskenozha
Long Swamp Long Swamp Pike 1440 Promised Land
Long Swamp Long Swamp Pike 1299 Edgemere
Longpatch Swamp Longpatch Swamp Monroe 1795 Thornhurst
Loomis Swamp Loomis Swamp Wyoming 1073 Springville
Malone Swamp Malone Swamp Susquehanna 1129 Auburn Center
Maple Swamp Maple Swamp Pike 1407 Pecks Pond
McKean Swamp McKean Swamp Luzerne 1791 Wilkes-Barre East
Middle Ridge Swamp Middle Ridge Swamp Tioga 1831 Tiadaghton
Mud Run Swamp Mud Run Swamp Luzerne 1913 Wilkes-Barre East
Mud Swamp Mud Swamp Carbon 1726 Pohopoco Mountain
Mullen Swamp Mullen Swamp Lackawanna 1768 Moscow
Nebo Swamp Nebo Swamp Pike 1263 Twelvemile Pond
Nelson Swamp Nelson Swamp Pike 1309 Edgemere
Nicks Swamp Nicks Swamp Pike 1332 Edgemere
Oakes Swamp Oakes Swamp Monroe 1955 Tobyhanna
Painter Swamp Painter Swamp Pike 1273 Twelvemile Pond
Palen Swamp Palen Swamp Monroe 2087 Tobyhanna
Panther Swamp Panther Swamp Monroe 1302 Skytop
Panther Swamp Panther Swamp Pike 1752 Promised Land
Pepridge Swamp Pepridge Swamp Wayne 2051 Tobyhanna
Phelps Swamp Phelps Swamp Wyoming 1129 Hop Bottom
Pine Swamp Pine Swamp Chester 515 Elverson
Pine Swamp Pine Swamp Monroe 1155 Skytop
Pine Swamp Pine Swamp Mercer 1365 Sandy Lake
Pine Swamp Pine Swamp Wayne 1440 Starrucca
Pine Swamp Pine Swamp Susquehanna 2024 Thompson
Pole Bridge Swamp Pole Bridge Swamp Luzerne 1355 Wilkes-Barre West
Pond Swamp Pond Swamp Monroe 1923 Tobyhanna
Pymatuning Swamp Pymatuning Swamp Crawford 1014 Hartstown
Robert Swamp Robert Swamp Susquehanna 1319 Auburn Center
Round Swamp Round Swamp Wyoming 955 Tunkhannock
Sap Swamp Sap Swamp Pike 1289 Edgemere
Selfice Swamp Selfice Swamp Monroe 1759 Thornhurst
Shaffer Swamp Shaffer Swamp Pike 1512 Promised Land
Snyder Swamp Snyder Swamp Bradford 1365 Laceyville
Spring Swamp Spring Swamp Monroe 1863 Tobyhanna
Stantontown Swamp Stantontown Swamp Wyoming 1089 Factoryville
Stark Swamp Stark Swamp Wyoming 669 Factoryville
Stearns Swamp Stearns Swamp Susquehanna 2011 Thompson
Stein Swamp Stein Swamp Monroe 1801 Tobyhanna
Still Swamp Still Swamp Monroe 1726 Tobyhanna
Tamarack Swamp Tamarack Swamp Lycoming 1811 Cedar Run
Tamarack Swamp Tamarack Swamp Susquehanna 1250 Lenoxville
Tamarack Swamp Tamarack Swamp Bradford 2346 Troy
Tamarack Swamp Tamarack Swamp Warren 1457 Columbus
Tea Run Swamp Tea Run Swamp Monroe 1381 Skytop
Thousand Acre Swamp Thousand Acre Swamp Wayne 1929 Sterling
Tims Swamp Tims Swamp Monroe 1129 Twelvemile Pond
Tinglepaugh Swamp Tinglepaugh Swamp Susquehanna 2014 Thompson
Townsend Swamp Townsend Swamp Pike 1250 Edgemere
Turner Swamp Turner Swamp Luzerne 1148 Wilkes-Barre West
Turner Swamp Turner Swamp Pike 1165 Twelvemile Pond
Underhill Swamp Underhill Swamp Bradford 1316 Laceyville
Underwood Swamp Underwood Swamp Monroe 1827 Thornhurst
Union Mill Swamp Union Mill Swamp Lackawanna 1745 Moscow
Utts Swamp Utts Swamp Pike 1175 Skytop
Wagner Swamp Wagner Swamp Monroe 1818 Tobyhanna
Wenner Swamp Wenner Swamp Columbia 1083 Stillwater
White Birch Swamp White Birch Swamp Pike 1467 Pecks Pond
Wildcat Swamp Wildcat Swamp Lackawanna 1890 Sterling
Wilder Swamp Wilder Swamp Wayne 1309 Honesdale
Wilson Swamp Wilson Swamp Pike 1709 Promised Land
Wishart Swamp Wishart Swamp Fulton 1240 Wells Tannery
Wolf Swamp Wolf Swamp Bedford 2372 Hyndman
Wolf Swamp Wolf Swamp Pike 1312 Pecks Pond
Woodpecker Swamp Woodpecker Swamp Monroe 1759 Tobyhanna
Yetter Swamp Yetter Swamp Monroe 1877 Tobyhanna
Yost Swamp Yost Swamp Carbon 1614 Blakeslee
Cattail Swamp Cattail Swamp Pike 1175 Narrowsburg
Flag Marsh Flag Marsh Sullivan 2119 Lopez
Lake Leigh Lake Leigh Luzerne 2195 Red Rock
Long Swamp Long Swamp Luzerne 1329 White Haven
Rowland Swamp Rowland Swamp Pike 1181 Narrowsburg
Spruce Swamp Spruce Swamp Pike 1181 Narrowsburg
Wolf Swamp Wolf Swamp Bradford 2060 Shunk
Laurel Swamp (historical) Laurel Swamp (historical) Northampton 909 Stroudsburg
Bobs String Swamp Bobs String Swamp Pike 1289 Twelvemile Pond
Balsam Swamp Balsam Swamp Elk 1936 Saint Marys
Bear Swamp Bear Swamp Pike 1302 Rowland
Beaver Swamp Beaver Swamp Pike 1404 Rowland
Bushkill Swamp Bushkill Swamp Pike 1280 Pond Eddy
Buzzard Swamp Buzzard Swamp Forest 1617 Marienville East
Cattail Swamp Cattail Swamp Pike 1329 Hawley
Coalbed Swamp Coalbed Swamp Wyoming 2211 Dutch Mountain
Corby Swamp Corby Swamp Lackawanna 1283 Ransom
Cranberry Swamp Cranberry Swamp Sullivan 2024 Laporte
Crane Swamp Crane Swamp Wyoming 2247 Dutch Mountain
Dutchman Swamp Dutchman Swamp Sullivan 2014 Laporte
Koski Swamp Koski Swamp Pike 1263 Rowland
Laurel Swamp Laurel Swamp Pike 1194 Shohola
Little Mud Pond Swamp Little Mud Pond Swamp Pike 1306 Rowland
Silkmans Swamp Silkmans Swamp Wayne 1358 Lake Ariel
Smiths Swamp Smiths Swamp Pike 1319 Rowland
Spook Swamp Spook Swamp Sullivan 1814 Hillsgrove
Steam Mill Swamp Steam Mill Swamp Pike 1398 Rowland
Tamarack Swamp Tamarack Swamp Clinton 1676 Tamarack
Tamarack Swamp Tamarack Swamp Wyoming 2228 Dutch Mountain
Tisdale Swamp Tisdale Swamp Wayne 1444 Lake Ariel
Cranberry Swamp Cranberry Swamp Mercer 1375 Hadley
Slab Run Swamp Slab Run Swamp Sullivan 1824 Hillsgrove
Black Ash Swamp Black Ash Swamp Crawford 1483 Blooming Valley
Sugar Grove Swamp Sugar Grove Swamp Warren 1526 Sugar Grove
Reynolds Spring Bog Reynolds Spring Bog Tioga 1834 Cedar Run
Algerine Swamp Bog Algerine Swamp Bog Lycoming 1811 Cedar Run
Titus Bog Titus Bog Erie 1427 Union City
Cranberry Swamp Cranberry Swamp Tioga 2201 Asaph
Beaver Run Shallow Water Impoundment Beaver Run Shallow Water Impoundment Elk 1929 Dents Run
Horse Shoe Swamp Horse Shoe Swamp Luzerne 1713 Conyngham
Spruce Swamp Spruce Swamp Lackawanna 1388 Carbondale
Black Creek Swamp (historical) Black Creek Swamp (historical) Luzerne 876 Nanticoke
Jeffs Swamp Jeffs Swamp Schuylkill 846 Pine Grove
Cranberry Swamp Cranberry Swamp Warren 1368 Clarendon
Johnsons Swamp (historical) Johnsons Swamp (historical) Northampton 1063 Stroudsburg
Thompsons Meadow Thompsons Meadow Centre 994 State College
Morris Marsh Morris Marsh Tioga 1161 Keeneyville