Beans Cove Beans Cove Bedford 1161 Beans Cove
Boar Hole Boar Hole Lackawanna 1585 Moscow
Misery Bay Misery Bay Erie 571 Erie North
Presque Isle Bay Presque Isle Bay Erie 571 Erie South
Reserve Basin Reserve Basin Philadelphia 0 Philadelphia
Round Hole Round Hole Monroe 1083 Skytop
The Cove The Cove Schuylkill 892 Nuremberg
The Cove The Cove Clinton 699 Howard
The Devils Hole The Devils Hole Monroe 1493 Buck Hill Falls
The Mouth The Mouth Erie 571 Fairview
Thompson Bay Thompson Bay Erie 571 Erie North
Wallowing Hole Wallowing Hole Pike 1329 Pond Eddy
Goose Cove Goose Cove Montour 591 Washingtonville
Heron Cove Heron Cove Montour 591 Washingtonville
Althom Eddy Althom Eddy Warren 1125 Cobham
Chappel Bay Chappel Bay McKean 1325 Cornplanter Bridge
Courson Eddy Courson Eddy Warren 1099 Tidioute
Dawson Eddy Dawson Eddy Forest 1053 West Hickory
Kinzua Bay Kinzua Bay McKean 1325 Cornplanter Bridge
Lower Eddy Lower Eddy Warren 1089 Tidioute
Magee Eddy Magee Eddy Warren 1109 Cobham
Shanley Eddy Shanley Eddy Warren 1112 Cobham
Sugar Bay Sugar Bay McKean 1325 Cornplanter Run
Tidioute Eddy Tidioute Eddy Warren 1096 Tidioute
Willow Bay Willow Bay Warren 1325 Cornplanter Run
Porters Cove Porters Cove Butler 1188 Portersville
Crescent Bay Crescent Bay Butler 1188 Prospect
Beaver Cove Beaver Cove Butler 1188 Prospect
Muskrat Cove Muskrat Cove Butler 1188 Prospect
Lost Cove Lost Cove Butler 1188 Prospect
Trout Cove Trout Cove Butler 1188 Prospect