Marion Forks Forest Service Station Marion Forks Forest Service Station Linn 2447 Marion Forks
Marion Forks Recreation Site Marion Forks Recreation Site Linn 2497 Marion Forks
Cedar Camp Cedar Camp Curry 3209 Tincup Peak
Jacks Camp Jacks Camp Curry 2661 Big Craggies
Rogue River Ranch Rogue River Ranch Curry 400 Marial
Camp Tacoma Camp Tacoma Curry 397 Marial
Fourbit Ford Recreation Site Fourbit Ford Recreation Site Jackson 3189 Big Butte Springs
Mulligan Bay Campground (historical) Mulligan Bay Campground (historical) Jackson 3133 Squaw Lakes
Jackson Recreation Site Jackson Recreation Site Jackson 1644 Squaw Lakes
Placer Recreation Site Placer Recreation Site Jackson 1654 Squaw Lakes
Flumet Flat Recreation Site Flumet Flat Recreation Site Jackson 1657 Squaw Lakes
Oriental Creek Recreation Site Oriental Creek Recreation Site Grant 3212 Kelsay Butte
Lake County Fairgrounds Lake County Fairgrounds Lake 4741 Lakeview
Illahe Lodge Illahe Lodge Curry 289 Illahe
Woodward Recreation Site Woodward Recreation Site Umatilla 4892 Tollgate
Lick Creek Recreation Site Lick Creek Recreation Site Wallowa 5440 Lick Creek
Suttle Lake Forest Service Station Suttle Lake Forest Service Station Jefferson 3474 Black Butte
Columbia Gorge Work Center Columbia Gorge Work Center Hood River 112 Carson
Hunters Camp Hunters Camp Hood River 3865 Carson
Ridge Camp Ridge Camp Hood River 3960 Carson
Deadwood Camp Deadwood Camp Hood River 2579 Carson
Winans Winans Hood River 915 Dee
Winsor Place Winsor Place Wallowa 2881 Temperance Creek
Catherine Creek Cabin Catherine Creek Cabin Union 5682 China Cap
Rugg Cabin Rugg Cabin Union 3661 Huron
Lemon Cabin Lemon Cabin Grant 4984 Vinegar Hill
Elkhorn Microwave Station Elkhorn Microwave Station Baker 6732 Deardorff Mountain
Breiten Guard Station Breiten Guard Station Marion 2290 Breitenbush Hot Springs
Marble Creek Recreation Site Marble Creek Recreation Site Baker 4587 Wingville
River Recreation Site River Recreation Site Union 3940 Little Beaver Creek
Delore Place Delore Place Grant 4842 Suplee Butte
Bernard Mill Bernard Mill Grant 5072 Suplee Butte
Ellingson Mill Ellingson Mill Grant 3691 Suplee Butte
Robinson Homestead Robinson Homestead Grant 4196 Suplee Butte
Frazier Recreation Site Frazier Recreation Site Grant 4587 Suplee Butte
Negro Cabin Negro Cabin Grant 4373 Suplee Butte
Prairie Farm Guard Station (historical) Prairie Farm Guard Station (historical) Jefferson 4468 Prairie Farm Spring
Payton (historical) Payton (historical) Jackson 2146 Cascade Gorge
Naef (historical) Naef (historical) Clackamas 79 Lake Oswego
Acty Cow Camp Acty Cow Camp Harney 6138 Hawks Mountain
Albina Yard Albina Yard Multnomah 33 Portland
Alder Grove School Alder Grove School Columbia 420 Clatskanie
Alexander School Alexander School Benton 463 Kings Valley
Alkali Flat Corrals Alkali Flat Corrals Harney 6378 Skull Creek Butte
Alkali Lake Station Alkali Lake Station Lake 4498 Juniper Mountain
Alpine Junction Alpine Junction Benton 285 Monroe
Altnow Ranch Altnow Ranch Harney 3622 Drinkwater Pass
Alvey Substation Alvey Substation Lane 509 Creswell
Anawalt Lake Ranch Anawalt Lake Ranch Malheur 4298 Cow Lakes
Anderson Cabin Anderson Cabin Harney 4669 Rock Camp Draw
Anderson Camp Anderson Camp Morrow 2930 Gleason Butte
Anderson Ranch Anderson Ranch Lake 5279 Coleman Point
Angel Camp Angel Camp Lake 5463 Quartz Valley
Antelope Ranch Antelope Ranch Klamath 4777 Brady Butte
Arritola Ranch Arritola Ranch Malheur 4639 Whitehorse Butte
Aspen Cabin Aspen Cabin Lake 6611 Crook Peak
Astoria Air Marine Service Astoria Air Marine Service Clatsop 3 Astoria
B K Corral B K Corral Klamath 6204 Sandhill Crossing
Bacon Camp Bacon Camp Harney 5079 Corporation Rim
Baker Cabin Baker Cabin Clackamas 118 Damascus
Baker Ranch Baker Ranch Harney 4196 Poison Creek
Bald Headed Camp Bald Headed Camp Harney 5617 Roaring Springs
Bally Camp Bally Camp Union 4669 Bally Mountain
Barnes Valley Guard Station Barnes Valley Guard Station Klamath 5203 Barnes Valley
Barnes Yard Barnes Yard Multnomah 46 Portland
Barry Cabin Barry Cabin Lake 6568 Blizzard Gap
Barry Ranch Barry Ranch Lake 5203 Piute Reservoir
Barry Ranch Barry Ranch Lake 4478 Priday Reservoir
Bartlett Landing Bartlett Landing Multnomah 10 Camas
Barton Ranch Barton Ranch Harney 4167 Barton Lake
Bass Haines Place Bass Haines Place Harney 4534 Square Mountain
Baughaman Lookout Baughaman Lookout Douglas 2841 Callahan
Beacon Number Five Beacon Number Five Clatsop 0 Cape Disappointment
Beaver Hill Beaver Hill Coos 138 Riverton
Beber Ranch Beber Ranch Malheur 4147 Jackies Butte
Becker Horse Camp Becker Horse Camp Malheur 4813 Westfall Butte
Beckley Beckley Harney 4554 Butler Hill
Bee Ranch Bee Ranch Clackamas 1188 Gawley Creek
Belknap Camp Belknap Camp Lane 1483 Belknap Springs
Belle Passi School Belle Passi School Marion 187 Silverton
Benson Lookout Benson Lookout Columbia 1841 Clatskanie
Beshell Grade Beshell Grade Harney 4298 Northwest Harney Lake
Bethel Substation Bethel Substation Marion 220 Salem East
Bieler Ranch Bieler Ranch Klamath 4944 Goodlow Mountain
Big Eddy Substation Big Eddy Substation Wasco 505 Petersburg
Big Field Pit Big Field Pit Malheur 4318 Skull Spring
Big Springs Pump Big Springs Pump Klamath 4127 Lorella
Bill Taber Cabin Bill Taber Cabin Harney 5456 Ankle Creek
Black Canyon Camp Black Canyon Camp Wheeler 5594 Day Basin
Black Ranch Black Ranch Harney 4301 Poison Creek
Blitzen Blitzen Harney 4554 Blitzen
Blue Lake Guard Station Blue Lake Guard Station Tillamook 2848 Rogers Peak
Blue Sky Hotel Camp (historical) Blue Sky Hotel Camp (historical) Lake 6227 Warner Peak
Bluejoint Ranch Bluejoint Ranch Lake 4472 Bluejoint Lake West
Bodnar Ranch Bodnar Ranch Klamath 4196 Swan Lake
Bogus Ranch Bogus Ranch Malheur 3671 Lambert Rocks
Boiling Point (historical) Boiling Point (historical) Umatilla 3222 Cabbage Hill
Boomer Hill School Boomer Hill School Douglas 1995 Myrtle Creek
Booneville Booneville Benton 249 Greenberry
Borax Works Borax Works Harney 4049 Borax Lake
Boston Horse Camp Boston Horse Camp Malheur 4967 Brogan
Boulder Camp Boulder Camp Polk 2664 Laurel Mountain
Boulder Corral Boulder Corral Wasco 2671 Potters Ponds
Boulder Park Resort (historical) Boulder Park Resort (historical) Baker 4987 Bennet Peak
Boundary Creek Forest Service Station Boundary Creek Forest Service Station Grant 4747 Mount Ireland
Bowden Ranch Bowden Ranch Malheur 3953 Bowden Ranch
Box D Ranch Box D Ranch Jackson 3241 Parker Mountain
Boys Forest Ranch Boys Forest Ranch Coos 46 Charleston
Bradford Warden Station Bradford Warden Station Douglas 1037 Chipmunk Ridge
Brandt (historical) Brandt (historical) Douglas 1204 Rabbit Mountain
Braun Braun Columbia 712 Vernonia
Brenton Cabin Brenton Cabin Harney 4173 Frenchglen
Brewster Ranch Brewster Ranch Malheur 4872 Brewster Reservoir
Brezniak Ranch Brezniak Ranch Harney 4659 Skull Creek Butte
Brooks Cabin Brooks Cabin Malheur 4823 Bannock Ridge
Buckaroo Cabin Buckaroo Cabin Malheur 3356 Harper
Buckhorn Camp Buckhorn Camp Umatilla 4167 Bassey Creek
Buckhorn Ranch Buckhorn Ranch Gilliam 2913 Chimney Springs
Buena Vista Patrol Station Buena Vista Patrol Station Harney 4140 Diamond Swamp
Burnt Creek Ranch Burnt Creek Ranch Jackson 5253 Hyatt Reservoir
Burnt Ranch Burnt Ranch Wheeler 1493 Painted Hills
Buster Camp Buster Camp Clatsop 1050 Sager Creek
Butter Creek Junction Butter Creek Junction Morrow 1004 Butter Creek Junction
Butteville Station Butteville Station Marion 190 Sherwood
Cabin Sixty-nine Cabin Sixty-nine Jackson 5259 Soda Mountain
Cache Camp Cache Camp Lake 6296 Lee Thomas Crossing
Camp Twenty-six Camp Twenty-six Linn 1916 Mill City South
Camp Four Camp Four Klamath 4108 Mule Hill
Camp Adams Camp Adams Clackamas 430 Colton
Camp Cabin Camp Cabin Malheur 3743 Three Fingers Rock
Camp Collins Camp Collins Multnomah 121 Washougal
Camp Colton Camp Colton Clackamas 643 Colton
Camp Fifteen Camp Fifteen Lake 5085 Sycan Marsh West
Camp Hancock Camp Hancock Wheeler 1552 Clarno
Camp Kilowan Camp Kilowan Polk 643 Falls City
Camp Lee Camp Lee Baker 5538 Elkhorn Peak
Camp Lyons (historical) Camp Lyons (historical) Malheur 4619 Sheaville
Camp Magruder Camp Magruder Tillamook 26 Garibaldi
Camp McGregor Camp McGregor Clatsop 1175 Sunset Spring
Camp Melakwa Camp Melakwa Lane 4908 Linton Lake
Camp Millard (historical) Camp Millard (historical) Clackamas 262 Estacada
Camp Olson Camp Olson Clatsop 1736 Elsie
Camp Russell Camp Russell Polk 820 Valsetz
Camp Smith Camp Smith Yamhill 794 Fairdale
Camp Tapawingo Camp Tapawingo Polk 705 Falls City
Camp Tawanka Camp Tawanka Coos 200 McKinley
Camp Twelve Camp Twelve Lincoln 174 Toledo North
Camp Tyee Camp Tyee Douglas 223 Tyee Mountain
Camp Yamhill Camp Yamhill Yamhill 325 Fairdale
Canby Ferry Landing South Canby Ferry Landing South Clackamas 62 Canby
Cannery Light Cannery Light Clatsop 0 Rosburg
Cannon Beach Junction Cannon Beach Junction Clatsop 46 Tillamook Head
Carey Ranch Carey Ranch Crook 3461 Eagle Rock
Carter Homestead Carter Homestead Harney 6125 Roaring Springs SE
Carton Ranch Carton Ranch Lake 5036 Sycan Marsh West
Casebeer Ranch Casebeer Ranch Klamath 4934 Gerber Reservoir
Casebeer Ranch Casebeer Ranch Klamath 4445 Paradise Mountain
Castle Rock Fire Station Castle Rock Fire Station Malheur 5804 Castle Rock
Catherine Creek Guard Station Catherine Creek Guard Station Union 3291 Little Catherine Creek
Catherson Cabin Catherson Cabin Harney 6309 McCoy Ridge
Catlow Catlow Harney 4564 Butler Hill
Cedar Camp Cedar Camp Douglas 3100 McCullough Creek
Cedar Grove School Cedar Grove School Columbia 636 Delena
Celilo Converter Station Celilo Converter Station Wasco 741 Petersburg
Chambers Ranch Chambers Ranch Lake 4977 Crooked Creek Valley
Chandler Cabin Chandler Cabin Lake 6312 Little Honey Creek
Charley Corral Charley Corral Wasco 1946 Mutton Mountain
Chemawa Substation Chemawa Substation Marion 164 Gervais
Cherry Creek Ranch Cherry Creek Ranch Jefferson 1457 Muddy Ranch
Chico Guard Station (historical) Chico Guard Station (historical) Wallowa 3271 Roberts Butte
Chinatown Pump Chinatown Pump Lake 4308 Coglan Buttes
Chrome Chrome Coos 72 Coquille
Chutes Chutes Multnomah 102 Lake Oswego
Circle Bar Circle Bar Harney 3884 Circle Bar
Circle Bar Ranch Circle Bar Ranch Malheur 4865 Brewster Reservoir
Circle Bar Ranch Circle Bar Ranch Harney 3904 Circle Bar
City Farm City Farm Gilliam 2336 Gwendolen
Clark Creek Guard Station Clark Creek Guard Station Union 4888 Gasset Bluff
Clark Ranch Clark Ranch Malheur 4075 Sacramento Butte
Clarnie (historical) Clarnie (historical) Multnomah 213 Mount Tabor
Cliff Ranch Cliff Ranch Jackson 2060 Boswell Mountain
Cliff Ranch Cliff Ranch Lake 4321 Silver Lake
Clover Creek Ranch Clover Creek Ranch Malheur 3711 Clover Creek Ranch
Cold Camp Cold Camp Wasco 3363 Antelope
Cold Spring School Cold Spring School Douglas 440 Drain
Coleman Ranch Coleman Ranch Klamath 4226 Whiteline Reservoir
Columbia Beach Columbia Beach Clatsop 30 Warrenton
Columbia Hall Columbia Hall Wasco 994 Emerson
Colvard Station Colvard Station Baker 2634 Glasgow Butte
Concomly (historical) Concomly (historical) Marion 184 Gervais
Coos River Fish Hatchery Coos River Fish Hatchery Coos 52 Golden Falls
Copsey Camp Copsey Camp Josephine 3300 Bunker Creek
Cornutt Cornutt Douglas 722 Nickel Mountain
Cote Grade Cote Grade Harney 4213 Palomino Buttes
Cottonwood Complex Campground Cottonwood Complex Campground Lake 6191 Cougar Peak
Cove Camp Cove Camp Wasco 2175 Kaskela
Cow Hollow Siphon Cow Hollow Siphon Malheur 2510 Mitchell Butte
Coyote Corner Coyote Corner Clatsop 2470 Sunset Spring
Coyote Gap Corral Coyote Gap Corral Harney 4846 Coyote Gap
Crabtree Guard Station Crabtree Guard Station Linn 863 Lacomb
Cracker Camp Cracker Camp Baker 6880 Bourne
Crates Point Light Crates Point Light Wasco 112 The Dalles North
Crooked Creek Ranch Crooked Creek Ranch Malheur 3455 Rome
Cross Ranch Cross Ranch Umatilla 2152 Coombs Canyon
Crowley Guard Station Crowley Guard Station Malheur 4052 Mustang Butte
Crowley Ranch Crowley Ranch Malheur 4124 Crowley
Crump Ranch Crump Ranch Lake 4577 Adel
Cullen Cabin Cullen Cabin Harney 6903 McCoy Ridge
Dairy Creek Guard Station Dairy Creek Guard Station Lake 5200 Coleman Point
Dairy Pump Dairy Pump Klamath 4124 Bonanza
Dairy Siding Dairy Siding Klamath 4153 Dairy
Dayton Station Dayton Station Yamhill 174 Dayton
Dead Horse Recreation Site Dead Horse Recreation Site Lake 5354 Coleman Point
Deady (historical) Deady (historical) Douglas 492 Winchester
Deer Creek Recreation Site Deer Creek Recreation Site Baker 4485 Phillips Lake
Denis Cabin Denis Cabin Harney 5213 Balls Lake
Derby School Derby School Jackson 1883 Obenchain Mountain
Derby Station Derby Station Jackson 2178 Obenchain Mountain
Deschutes Junction Deschutes Junction Deschutes 3264 Tumalo
Devaul Ranch Devaul Ranch Klamath 5164 Barnes Valley
Devils Kitchen Devils Kitchen Coos 23 Bandon
Dickey Prairie Dickey Prairie Clackamas 436 Wilhoit
Divide Divide Lane 745 Cottage Grove
Dixie Ranch Dixie Ranch Washington 1404 Dixie Mountain
Doe Camp Doe Camp Harney 6102 Big Pasture Creek
Doherty Ranch Doherty Ranch Lake 5220 Piute Reservoir
Dolph Corner Dolph Corner Polk 226 Dallas
Douglas Hollow School Douglas Hollow School Wasco 1368 Emerson
Dovre Campground Dovre Campground Tillamook 1384 Trask Mountain
Dowell Ranch Dowell Ranch Malheur 4111 Dowell Butte
Downing (historical) Downing (historical) Columbia 269 Coal Creek
Drake Peak Lookout Drake Peak Lookout Lake 8232 Crook Peak
Drake Ranch Drake Ranch Jackson 1847 Boswell Mountain
Drews Ranch Drews Ranch Klamath 4186 Swan Lake
Drews Valley Ranch Drews Valley Ranch Lake 5016 Cougar Peak
Dry Creek Horse Camp Dry Creek Horse Camp Jefferson 1404 Eagle Butte
Dryland Dryland Clackamas 236 Yoder
Duck Club Duck Club Columbia 20 Saint Helens
Dune Dune Wasco 207 Stacker Butte
Dutch John Cabin Dutch John Cabin Malheur 5000 De Bord Peaks
Dutch John Section Dutch John Section Malheur 5128 De Bord Peaks
Eagle Springs Corral Eagle Springs Corral Wasco 3612 Mutton Mountain
Eden Community Hall Eden Community Hall Wallowa 3182 Eden Ridge
Edgewood Ranch Edgewood Ranch Klamath 4337 Whiteline Reservoir
Egan Cabin Egan Cabin Harney 5056 Red Bank Lakes
Elder Ranch Elder Ranch Lake 4314 Coglan Buttes SE
Eldorado School Eldorado School Clackamas 617 Molalla
Elk Creek Guard Station Elk Creek Guard Station Douglas 131 Elkton
Elk Point Elk Point Union 5610 Mount Moriah
Entrance Rear Range Light Entrance Rear Range Light Clatsop 0 Chinook
Ewauna Camp Ewauna Camp Lake 5558 Quartz Valley
Fairfield Grange Fairfield Grange Marion 171 Gervais
Fairview Fairview Sherman 1804 Harmony
Fan Creek Campground Fan Creek Campground Tillamook 1181 Trask Mountain
Fanno Fanno Washington 203 Beaverton
Farrin Camp Farrin Camp Coos 302 Tioga
Fayetteville Fayetteville Linn 262 Peoria
Feldheimer Ferry Feldheimer Ferry Clackamas 243 Redland
Fendall School Fendall School Yamhill 272 Sheridan
Fernhill School Fernhill School Columbia 656 Rainier
Ferry Grade Ferry Grade Harney 4209 Palomino Buttes
Finley Corrals Finley Corrals Lake 5961 Gearhart Mountain
Finns Corner Finns Corner Polk 171 Amity
Fir Grove School Fir Grove School Polk 1033 Falls City
Fischers Mill Fischers Mill Clackamas 299 Redland
Fish Lake Campground Fish Lake Campground Harney 7388 Fish Lake
Fish Lake Guard Station Fish Lake Guard Station Baker 6772 Deadman Point
Fisherman Camp Fisherman Camp Polk 502 Summit
Fishhole Guard Station Fishhole Guard Station Lake 5420 Quartz Valley
Fitzgerald Ranch Fitzgerald Ranch Lake 5351 Drake Peak NE
Fivemile Lock Light Fivemile Lock Light Wasco 161 Stacker Butte
Flanagan Flanagan Wasco 1968 Dead Dog Canyon
Flat Rock Forest Camp Flat Rock Forest Camp Union 6096 Bennet Peak
Flook Ranch Flook Ranch Lake 5111 Flook Lake
Flying M Ranch Flying M Ranch Yamhill 463 Fairdale
Folly Farm Folly Farm Malheur 4065 Folly Farm
Foot of the Trail Corral Foot of the Trail Corral Harney 4865 Balls Lake
Forest Queen Forest Queen Josephine 1991 Sexton Mountain
Forks Forest Camp Forks Forest Camp Baker 4462 Bennet Peak
Forty-one Ranch Forty-one Ranch Klamath 2946 Mule Hill
Four Corners Four Corners Wasco 3179 Simnasho
Four Corners Four Corners Clackamas 659 Redland
Four Corners Four Corners Washington 1578 Turner Creek
Four Corners Four Corners Morrow 1001 Ward Butte
French Cabin French Cabin Grant 5003 Logan Valley East
Frying Pan Ranch Frying Pan Ranch Malheur 4291 Burnt Flat
G I Ranch G I Ranch Crook 4140 G I Ranch
Gales Creek Childrens Camp Gales Creek Childrens Camp Washington 554 Timber
Gates Guard Station Gates Guard Station Linn 1043 Mill City South
Gem (historical) Gem (historical) Klamath 4091 Altamont
Gerber Ranch Gerber Ranch Klamath 4961 Horsefly Mountain
Ghost Camp Ghost Camp Gilliam 1614 Devils Gap
Gillespie Corners Gillespie Corners Lane 509 Fox Hollow
Girand Homestead Girand Homestead Harney 6220 Roaring Springs SE
Glendale Junction Glendale Junction Douglas 1470 Quines Creek
Glover Ranch Glover Ranch Klamath 4360 Goodlow Mountain
Goat Ranch Goat Ranch Columbia 1407 Delena
Gold Center Gold Center Grant 5410 Mount Ireland
Goodwin Tomb Goodwin Tomb Malheur 4114 Castle Rock
Goose Ranch Goose Ranch Malheur 4242 Danner
Grande Ronde Guard Station Grande Ronde Guard Station Union 3983 Little Beaver Creek
Greenberry Greenberry Benton 256 Greenberry
Greenville (historical) Greenville (historical) Washington 197 Forest Grove
Gunkel Ranch Gunkel Ranch Lake 4787 Crooked Creek Valley
Gwendolen Gwendolen Gilliam 2513 Gwendolen
H L Ranch H L Ranch Harney 4921 Skull Creek Butte
Haley Haley Clackamas 515 Damascus
Halls Ferry Halls Ferry Marion 236 Rickreall
Hamilton Ranch Hamilton Ranch Harney 4482 Circle Bar
Hammond Camp Hammond Camp Linn 899 Lacomb
Hanover (historical) Hanover (historical) Baker 4993 Bourne
Happy Camp Recreation Site Happy Camp Recreation Site Lake 5292 Coleman Point
Harmony Harmony Sherman 1798 Harmony
Harrisburg Substation Harrisburg Substation Linn 302 Harrisburg
Hayes Ranch Hayes Ranch Harney 4203 Poison Creek
Hemmy Cabin Hemmy Cabin Harney 5194 Rock Camp Draw
Hermiston Junction Hermiston Junction Umatilla 469 Umatilla
Hess Ranch Hess Ranch Douglas 446 Twin Sisters
Hills Hills Lane 554 Jasper
Hinkle Yards Hinkle Yards Umatilla 627 Hermiston
Hinton-Ward Ranch Hinton-Ward Ranch Wasco 2720 Shaniko
Hogan Hogan Multnomah 341 Damascus
Hollywood Camp OHV Staging Area Hollywood Camp OHV Staging Area Tillamook 436 Trask
Holman Guard Station Holman Guard Station Lane 948 Nimrod
Home Creek Ranch Home Creek Ranch Harney 4573 Home Creek Butte
Horse Creek Group Camp Horse Creek Group Camp Lane 1434 McKenzie Bridge
Horse Range Camp (historical) Horse Range Camp (historical) Josephine 2165 Bunker Creek
Horsepasture Pass Shelter (historical) Horsepasture Pass Shelter (historical) Lane 4754 French Mountain
Hot Springs Campground (historical) Hot Springs Campground (historical) Lake 6007 Warner Peak
Hotchkiss Ranch Hotchkiss Ranch Lake 4816 Big Baldy
Hudspeth Corral Hudspeth Corral Baker 4318 Beaverdam Creek
Hudspeth Cow Camp Hudspeth Cow Camp Baker 4311 Beaverdam Creek
Huffman Camp Huffman Camp Harney 6040 Roaring Springs SE
Hughes Ranch Hughes Ranch Harney 3848 Venator
Humphrey Ranch Humphrey Ranch Grant 2228 Picture Gorge West
Hunt Ranch Hunt Ranch Klamath 5335 Barnes Valley
Hunter Cabin (historical) Hunter Cabin (historical) Harney 4915 Alsup Mountain
Hunter Campground Hunter Campground Malheur 4997 Castle Rock
Hunter Ranch Hunter Ranch Harney 4478 Tin Can Ridge
Hyline Hall Hyline Hall Malheur 2339 Weiser South
Indian Ceremonial Ground Indian Ceremonial Ground Umatilla 1247 Mission
Indian Creek Camp Indian Creek Camp Union 6706 Mount Fanny
Indian Fort Indian Fort Malheur 4445 Indian Fort
Indian Fort Cabin Indian Fort Cabin Malheur 4475 Indian Fort
Ingram Camp Ingram Camp Lane 3944 Substitute Point
Irwins Pump Irwins Pump Klamath 4121 Lorella
Island Ranch Island Ranch Harney 4114 Redess
Island Windmill Island Windmill Wasco 2631 Hehe Butte
Iven Stephens Homestead Iven Stephens Homestead Harney 6092 Roaring Springs SE
Jacktown Jacktown Washington 190 Scholls
Janssen Ranch Janssen Ranch Klamath 4537 Whiteline Reservoir
Jenkins Ranch Jenkins Ranch Malheur 3579 Little Juniper Spring
Jewell Junction Jewell Junction Clatsop 453 Elsie
John Day Substation John Day Substation Sherman 909 Rufus
Johnson Landing Johnson Landing Columbia 26 Sauvie Island
Johnson Ranch Johnson Ranch Klamath 4357 Goodlow Mountain
Johnson Ranch Johnson Ranch Lake 4281 Lake Abert South
Johnson Ranch Johnson Ranch Lake 4363 Silver Lake
Jones Horse Camp Jones Horse Camp Malheur 4685 Monument Peak
Jordan Guard Station Jordan Guard Station Linn 1020 Jordan
Jordan Ranch Jordan Ranch Malheur 2874 Little Valley
Judson Landing Judson Landing Polk 157 Sidney
Jumpoff Joe Jumpoff Joe Jefferson 3694 Ashwood
Junction City Substation Junction City Substation Lane 344 Junction City
Juniper Grade Juniper Grade Harney 5089 Juniper Lake
Juniper Mountain Ranch Juniper Mountain Ranch Malheur 4619 Brady Creek
Juniper Park Ranch Juniper Park Ranch Harney 4810 Jackass Butte
Kellogg Grange Kellogg Grange Douglas 381 Kellogg
Keno Guard Station Keno Guard Station Klamath 4924 Yainax Butte
Keno Springs Ranch Keno Springs Ranch Klamath 4928 Yainax Butte
Kenton Yard Kenton Yard Multnomah 59 Portland
Keuny Cabin (historical) Keuny Cabin (historical) Harney 5443 Anderson Mountain
King Brown Cabin (historical) King Brown Cabin (historical) Malheur 3993 Rufino Butte
King Camp King Camp Linn 1650 Mount Hagan
King Ranch King Ranch Lane 574 Letz Creek
King Ranch King Ranch Baker 3940 Unity Reservoir
Kings Corner Kings Corner Umatilla 1644 Holdman SE
Kitts Mill Kitts Mill Klamath 5239 Yainax Butte
Kiwanis Camp Kiwanis Camp Umatilla 2073 Kooskooskie
Klamath Junction (historical) Klamath Junction (historical) Jackson 2244 Emigrant Lake
Klaus Ranch Klaus Ranch Crook 3261 Eagle Rock
Kloan (historical) Kloan (historical) Wasco 364 Emerson
Knappa Guard Station Knappa Guard Station Clatsop 236 Knappa
Knappa Junction Knappa Junction Clatsop 128 Knappa
Knobs Sheep Camp Knobs Sheep Camp Lane 4108 Linton Lake
Knox Ranch Knox Ranch Wheeler 2982 Porcupine Butte
Kokel Corner Kokel Corner Clackamas 1578 Wilhoit
Koontz Homestead Koontz Homestead Harney 4560 Butler Hill
Kueny Ranch Kueny Ranch Harney 4085 Andrews
Lace Camp Lace Camp Wasco 2598 Arrastra Butte
Lake Yard Lake Yard Multnomah 36 Portland
Lamb Ranch Lamb Ranch Harney 3793 Bartlett Mountain
Lambert Gardens Lambert Gardens Multnomah 98 Lake Oswego
Lane Ranch Lane Ranch Lake 4347 Silver Lake
Lanel Substation Lanel Substation Lane 400 Eugene West
Lapham Ranch Lapham Ranch Lake 5381 Arkansas Flat
Lauserica Camp Lauserica Camp Harney 5479 Roaring Springs SE
Lawrence Ranch Lawrence Ranch Malheur 3465 Little Black Canyon
Lebanon Substation Lebanon Substation Linn 390 Onehorse Slough
Lee Thomas Recreation Site Lee Thomas Recreation Site Lake 6256 Lee Thomas Crossing
Lees Camp Lees Camp Tillamook 610 Jordan Creek
Leewood Camp Leewood Camp Clackamas 568 Estacada
Lents Junction (historical) Lents Junction (historical) Multnomah 210 Gladstone
Levanger Well Levanger Well Malheur 4639 Mosquito Mountain
Liberty (historical) Liberty (historical) Sherman 2385 Bronx Canyon
Lilly Pump Lilly Pump Baker 3346 Haines
Limberlost Recreation Site Limberlost Recreation Site Lane 1709 Belknap Springs
Linebaugh Ranch Linebaugh Ranch Lake 4327 Silver Lake
Link (historical) Link (historical) Polk 253 Falls City
Lockit Lockit Wasco 384 Erskine
Lodge Ranch Lodge Ranch Malheur 4357 Cow Lakes
Ione Substation Ione Substation Morrow 1591 Ione North
Lone Tree Ranch Lone Tree Ranch Malheur 2989 Brogan
Lookout Mountain Lookout Lookout Mountain Lookout Marion 4324 Gawley Creek
Lorane Guard Station Lorane Guard Station Lane 633 Letz Creek
Lost Creek School Lost Creek School Columbia 656 Delena
Loveland Horse Camp Loveland Horse Camp Malheur 4600 Squaw Flat
Loveless Homestead Loveless Homestead Lake 5259 Valley Falls
Lower Alder Springs Forest Camp (historical) Lower Alder Springs Forest Camp (historical) Lane 3553 Linton Lake
Lower Bacon Camp Lower Bacon Camp Harney 4485 Corporation Rim
Lucas Cabin Lucas Cabin Harney 4833 Coleman Mountain
Lucky Camp Lucky Camp Lake 6594 Cougar Peak
Lucky Queen Lucky Queen Josephine 1417 Sexton Mountain
Lucky Star Mine Lucky Star Mine Harney 4475 Fields
M C Ranch M C Ranch Lake 4528 Adel
M S Davies Ranch M S Davies Ranch Harney 4777 Irish Lake
MacLaren Forestry Camp MacLaren Forestry Camp Clatsop 781 Tillamook Head
Madarieta Cabin Madarieta Cabin Harney 6558 Ankle Creek
Mallett Mallett Malheur 2195 Cairo
Malloy Cabin Malloy Cabin Baker 4692 Blue Canyon
Malloy Ranch Malloy Ranch Malheur 4081 Sheaville
Mansfield Lookout Mansfield Lookout Columbia 1578 Bacona
Mascall Ranch Mascall Ranch Grant 2283 Picture Gorge East
Massinger Corner Massinger Corner Clackamas 807 Redland
Maxwell Ranch Maxwell Ranch Lake 4869 Big Baldy
Mayes Cabin Mayes Cabin Harney 4245 Burns NW
Mayfield Ranch Mayfield Ranch Crook 3238 Eagle Rock
McCartie Ranch McCartie Ranch Klamath 4199 Lorella
McCully Recreation Site McCully Recreation Site Baker 4560 Bourne
McDaid Springs McDaid Springs Morrow 955 Strawberry Canyon SW
McDonald Camp McDonald Camp Lake 6368 Big Baldy
Tri-Creek Ranch Tri-Creek Ranch Wheeler 2484 Picture Gorge West
McEwen Ranch McEwen Ranch Malheur 3402 McEwen Butte
McKenzie Salmon Hatchery McKenzie Salmon Hatchery Lane 718 Leaburg
McKenzie Trout Hatchery McKenzie Trout Hatchery Lane 751 Vida
McKinley Corral McKinley Corral Wasco 1972 Eagle Butte
McLoughlin Substation McLoughlin Substation Clackamas 397 Oregon City
McNab McNab Morrow 974 Cecil
McRae Homestead McRae Homestead Malheur 3392 McEwen Butte
Meadow View Meadow View Lane 358 Junction City
Meissner Lookout Meissner Lookout Columbia 1368 Trenholm
Memorial Coliseum Memorial Coliseum Multnomah 85 Portland
Mendell Ranch Mendell Ranch Lake 5016 Big Baldy
Messner (historical) Messner (historical) Morrow 276 Boardman
Meter Station Meter Station Clackamas 436 Damascus
Middle Bridge Middle Bridge Baker 2684 Keating
Middle Camp Middle Camp Wasco 2316 Hastings Peak
Middle Creek Warden Station Middle Creek Warden Station Douglas 2208 Rabbit Mountain
Miller Miller Linn 285 Harrisburg
Miller Cabin Miller Cabin Malheur 4131 Alder Creek
Miller Ranch Miller Ranch Harney 3855 Circle Bar
Milton Substation Milton Substation Umatilla 1122 Milton-Freewater
Minam Lodge Minam Lodge Wallowa 3612 Mount Fanny
Mitchell Mitchell Linn 745 Chandler Mountain
Mitchell Corner Mitchell Corner Marion 213 Salem East
Mogul Mine Mogul Mine Harney 4944 Fields
Montgomerys Cabin Montgomerys Cabin Coos 472 Coquille
Moody School Moody School Benton 384 Kings Valley
Moon Ranch Moon Ranch Harney 4121 Southwest Harney Lake
Mooreville Mooreville Malheur 4058 Mustang Butte
Morcom Cow Camp Morcom Cow Camp Malheur 3855 Quartz Mountain Basin
Morgan Landing Morgan Landing Multnomah 33 Sauvie Island
Moss Springs Recreation Site Moss Springs Recreation Site Union 5843 Mount Fanny
Mount Hope School Mount Hope School Clackamas 276 Molalla
Mountain Home Mountain Home Linn 988 Waterloo
Mountain Home Mountain Home Washington 702 Newberg
Muddy Ranch Muddy Ranch Wasco 1568 Muddy Ranch
Jeld - Wen Field Jeld - Wen Field Multnomah 75 Portland
Munson (historical) Munson (historical) Linn 279 Peoria
Murphy Corral Murphy Corral Lake 5177 Murphy Waterholes
Murphy Ranch Murphy Ranch Lake 5272 Coleman Point
Mutton Mountain Corral Mutton Mountain Corral Wasco 3386 Mutton Mountain
N G Horse Camp N G Horse Camp Malheur 5945 Brady Creek
Nansene Community Hall Nansene Community Hall Wasco 2618 Dufur East
Napton Napton Malheur 2224 Adrian
Natal Natal Columbia 551 Pittsburg
Natron Natron Lane 525 Springfield
Natural Corral Natural Corral Harney 4869 Duhaime Flat West
Naylox (historical) Naylox (historical) Klamath 4193 Wocus
Newton Newton Washington 177 Hillsboro
Newton Cabin Newton Cabin Harney 5269 Fish Lake
Nichols Pump Nichols Pump Klamath 4121 Bonanza
Ninety-one Ninety-one Clackamas 180 Yoder
Noble Ranch Noble Ranch Klamath 4938 Goodlow Mountain
North Creek Campground North Creek Campground Lake 6719 Lee Thomas Crossing
Norton Ranch Norton Ranch Jefferson 2963 Axehandle Butte
Notch Corrals Notch Corrals Klamath 4833 Sagebrush Butte
O'Keefe Ranch O'Keefe Ranch Lake 4570 Adel
O'Shea Cabin O'Shea Cabin Klamath 4931 Gerber Reservoir
Oakbrook Oakbrook Wasco 614 Sinamox
Oakville (historical) Oakville (historical) Linn 239 Riverside
Ocean Home Farm Ocean Home Farm Clatsop 20 Gearhart
Olallie Guard Station Olallie Guard Station Lane 4783 French Mountain
Old Armunger Cabin Old Armunger Cabin Wheeler 3809 Picture Gorge West
Old Buckhorn Ranch Old Buckhorn Ranch Wheeler 4199 Picture Gorge West
Old Camp Warner Old Camp Warner Lake 6168 Warner Peak
Old Frizzell Ranch Old Frizzell Ranch Wheeler 3438 Toney Butte
Old Johnson Cabin Old Johnson Cabin Wheeler 3153 Picture Gorge West
Old Mill Camp Old Mill Camp Wasco 3031 Sawmill Butte
Old Tioga Camp Old Tioga Camp Coos 591 Tioga
Old Watkins Cabin (historical) Old Watkins Cabin (historical) Grant 3474 Picture Gorge East
Oliver Ranch Oliver Ranch Grant 4685 Seneca
Olney G S Olney G S Clatsop 197 Green Mountain
Open Triangle Tee Ranch Open Triangle Tee Ranch Jackson 3442 Parker Mountain
Oregon Agricultural Experimental Station Oregon Agricultural Experimental Station Harney 4134 Burns
Oregon Slope Community Hall Oregon Slope Community Hall Malheur 2178 Weiser South
Oregon State Fish Hatchery Oregon State Fish Hatchery Lincoln 269 Nortons
Oriana Corrals Oriana Corrals Klamath 5426 Barnes Valley
Orleans Orleans Linn 233 Riverside
Orrs Corner Orrs Corner Polk 230 Rickreall
Overlook Triangle Overlook Triangle Multnomah 187 Portland
Round Grove Ranch Round Grove Ranch Klamath 4888 Paradise Mountain
Oxman Oxman Baker 3143 Oxman
P Ranch P Ranch Harney 4196 Frenchglen
Paradise Ranch Paradise Ranch Klamath 4833 Paradise Mountain
Paradise Recreation Site Paradise Recreation Site Lane 1509 Belknap Springs
Paterson Junction Paterson Junction Morrow 272 Paterson
Patterson Cabin Patterson Cabin Harney 6345 McCoy Ridge
Pebble Springs Camp Pebble Springs Camp Gilliam 702 Arlington
Pendair (historical) Pendair (historical) Umatilla 1014 Pendleton
Penland Ranch Penland Ranch Harney 4203 Andrews
Penny Spring Station Penny Spring Station Klamath 4587 Chicken Hills
Percy West Cabin Percy West Cabin Harney 4767 Stinkingwater Pass
Peterson Ranch Peterson Ranch Harney 4245 Poison Creek
Pleasant Creek Guard Station Pleasant Creek Guard Station Jackson 1217 Wimer
Pleasant Hill School Pleasant Hill School Coos 125 McKinley
Pole Creek Camp Pole Creek Camp Baker 4642 Bourne
Porcupine Guard Station Porcupine Guard Station Union 5600 Anthony Butte
Port of Portland Port of Portland Multnomah 10 Portland
Port of the Dalles Port of the Dalles Wasco 82 The Dalles South
Porter Ranch Porter Ranch Lake 4324 Silver Lake
Potter Potter Linn 266 Peoria
Prairie Ranch Prairie Ranch Wheeler 3077 Kinzua
Prineville Junction Prineville Junction Deschutes 2959 Redmond
Prunedale Prunedale Umatilla 889 Milton-Freewater
Pulp Pulp Clackamas 79 Canby
Quinaby Quinaby Marion 180 Gervais
Rainbow Lodge Rainbow Lodge Yamhill 630 Fairdale
Ramsey Hall Ramsey Hall Wasco 1621 Dufur West
Reallis Homestead Reallis Homestead Harney 4167 Andrews
Red Cloud Ranch Red Cloud Ranch Crook 3524 Powell Buttes
Red Hill School Red Hill School Douglas 1240 Yoncalla
Redmond Ranch Redmond Ranch Malheur 4908 Juniper Point
Redmond Substation Redmond Substation Deschutes 3012 Redmond
Reds Horse Ranch Reds Horse Ranch Wallowa 3589 Mount Fanny
Rehart Ranch Rehart Ranch Lake 4928 Crooked Creek Valley
Reinecke Cabin Reinecke Cabin Union 4957 Glass Hill
Rennie Landing Rennie Landing Lane 863 Nimrod
Rice (historical) Rice (historical) Wasco 1010 Petersburg
Riddle Ranch Riddle Ranch Harney 4990 Tombstone Canyon
Riddle Ranch Riddle Ranch Harney 4278 Happy Valley
Rieckens Corner Rieckens Corner Harney 4577 Butler Hill
Rietmann Ranch Rietmann Ranch Gilliam 2087 Esau Canyon
Rinehart Ranch Rinehart Ranch Malheur 3658 Rinehart Canyon
Riverside Recreation Site Riverside Recreation Site Linn 2349 Mount Bruno
Roaring River State Fish Hatchery Roaring River State Fish Hatchery Linn 531 Jordan
Roaring Springs Ranch Roaring Springs Ranch Harney 4596 Roaring Springs
Rock Creek Fish Hatchery Rock Creek Fish Hatchery Douglas 807 Glide
Rock Creek Powerplant Rock Creek Powerplant Baker 4026 Rock Creek
Rock Creek Ranch Rock Creek Ranch Harney 4573 Blitzen NW
Rock Point Rock Point Jackson 1050 Gold Hill
Rock Springs Camp Rock Springs Camp Lake 5919 Mahogany Butte
Rockie Four Corners Rockie Four Corners Marion 328 Scotts Mills
Rocky Ford Campground Rocky Ford Campground Baker 3829 Rock Creek
Roddy Roddy Gilliam 761 Shutler Flat
Rodger Ranch Rodger Ranch Malheur 4495 Star Creek Reservoir
Rogers Ranch Rogers Ranch Lake 4947 Adel
Rooke and Higgins County Park Boat Ramp Rooke and Higgins County Park Boat Ramp Coos 20 Allegany
Rooper Ranch Rooper Ranch Wasco 2982 Shaniko Summit
Roundup Substation Roundup Substation Umatilla 1424 Mission
Rowland (historical) Rowland (historical) Linn 315 Indian Head
Ruthers Corners Ruthers Corners Umatilla 1831 Helix
Ryan Cabin Ryan Cabin Klamath 6040 Sandhill Crossing
Ryegrass Ranch Ryegrass Ranch Malheur 4265 Turnbull Peak
Sage Hen Pen Sage Hen Pen Malheur 3940 Keeney Ridge
Saint Marys Substation Saint Marys Substation Washington 190 Linnton
Salmonberry Guard Station Salmonberry Guard Station Tillamook 423 Hamlet
Sand Island Dike Light Sand Island Dike Light Clatsop 0 Chinook
Sand Island Dike Middle Light Sand Island Dike Middle Light Clatsop 3 Chinook
Sandhill Recreation Site Sandhill Recreation Site Lake 6089 Sandhill Crossing
Santiam Junction Santiam Junction Linn 3753 Santiam Junction
Santiam River Safety Rest Area Santiam River Safety Rest Area Marion 203 Albany
Schaffer Cabin Schaffer Cabin Malheur 4603 Rooster Comb
School Section Cabin School Section Cabin Wheeler 3592 Toney Butte
Schoolhouse Ranch Schoolhouse Ranch Jackson 3658 Soda Mountain
Scissors Cabin Scissors Cabin Lake 6339 Coffeepot Creek
Sea Lion View Point Sea Lion View Point Coos 112 Cape Arago
Serrano Point Ranch Serrano Point Ranch Harney 4101 Andrews
Seven Springs Ranch Seven Springs Ranch Klamath 4167 Bonanza
Shake Camp Shake Camp Jackson 4357 Willow Lake
Shaniko Junction Shaniko Junction Wasco 3228 Shaniko Junction
Sheep Ranch Sheep Ranch Malheur 3704 Arock
Sheep Rock Sheep Rock Baker 6017 Beaverdam Creek
Shelley Corral Shelley Corral Harney 5056 Weed Lake Butte
Shepard Camp Shepard Camp Lake 6509 Coleman Point
Sherars Bridge Sherars Bridge Wasco 741 Sherars Bridge
Shirley Gap Lookout Shirley Gap Lookout Douglas 3848 Burnt Mountain
Shoofly Ranch Shoofly Ranch Wheeler 3192 Toney Butte
Shumway Ranch Shumway Ranch Malheur 4485 Shumway Reservoir
Shutler (historical) Shutler (historical) Gilliam 712 Arlington
Sidney Sidney Marion 200 Sidney
Sidwalter Corral Sidwalter Corral Wasco 2710 Potters Ponds
Silver Creek Camp Silver Creek Camp Baker 5108 Bourne
Simms Ranch Simms Ranch Lake 4580 Valley Falls
Simpsons Camp Simpsons Camp Polk 371 Kings Valley
Sinamox Sinamox Wasco 535 Sinamox
Siskiyou Siskiyou Jackson 4085 Siskiyou Pass
Sixshooter Ranch Sixshooter Ranch Wheeler 4304 Richmond
Skelley Skelley Douglas 692 Yoncalla
Skull Creek Ranch Skull Creek Ranch Harney 4905 Skull Creek Butte
Sky Ranch Sky Ranch Multnomah 1329 Dixie Mountain
Slate Slide Shelter (historical) Slate Slide Shelter (historical) Josephine 584 Bunker Creek
Smith Creek Youth Camp Smith Creek Youth Camp Marion 1384 Stout Mountain
Smyth Ranch Smyth Ranch Harney 4275 Happy Valley
Snow Peak Camp Snow Peak Camp Linn 1234 Keel Mountain
Snuff Shelter Snuff Shelter Douglas 2290 Illahee Rock
Somers Ranch Somers Ranch Wallowa 2415 Lord Flat
Sorefoot Ranch Sorefoot Ranch Wasco 2497 Hastings Peak
South Burn Guard Station South Burn Guard Station Marion 1739 Stout Mountain
South Fork Camp South Fork Camp Douglas 1676 McCullough Creek
South Fork Guard Station South Fork Guard Station Douglas 669 Beaver Creek
South Junction South Junction Wasco 1257 Gateway
South Oak Grove School South Oak Grove School Clackamas 220 Molalla
South Silver Creek Youth Camp South Silver Creek Youth Camp Marion 1542 Lyons
Spalding Ranch Spalding Ranch Lake 5279 Rocky Canyon
Spicer Spicer Linn 295 Lebanon
Spring Coyote Wells Spring Coyote Wells Malheur 4495 Rufino Butte
Spring Valley Community Center Spring Valley Community Center Polk 213 Mission Bottom
Springfield Junction Springfield Junction Lane 469 Eugene East
Spurlock Ranch Spurlock Ranch Malheur 3402 McEwen Butte
Standley Cabin Standley Cabin Union 3422 Kamela SE
Star Ranch Star Ranch Malheur 4846 Star Creek Reservoir
State Line State Line Umatilla 932 Bowlus Hill
Stearns Ranch Stearns Ranch Crook 2946 Stearns Butte
Sterling Forest Station Sterling Forest Station Clatsop 1424 Sunset Spring
Stewart Homestead Stewart Homestead Harney 6001 Roaring Springs SE
Stone Corral Stone Corral Lake 4482 Campbell Lake
Strubes Forest Camp (historical) Strubes Forest Camp (historical) Lane 1214 McKenzie Bridge
Summit Summit Hood River 755 Hood River
Summit Ranch Summit Ranch Jackson 4344 Hyatt Reservoir
Summit Spring Forest Camp (historical) Summit Spring Forest Camp (historical) Wallowa 4373 Sherod Meadows
Sunnydale School Sunnydale School Douglas 246 Putnam Valley
Sunset Camp Sunset Camp Washington 778 Clear Creek
Sunset Safety Rest Area Sunset Safety Rest Area Clatsop 1434 Sunset Spring
Suppah Windmill Suppah Windmill Wasco 2828 Simnasho
Sutherland Cabin Sutherland Cabin Malheur 4541 Star Creek Reservoir
Sutton Ranch Sutton Ranch Wheeler 1739 Rowe Creek
Swain Swain Lane 331 Junction City
Swamp Creek Cow Camp Swamp Creek Cow Camp Wallowa 3402 Roberts Butte
Swamp Creek Ranch Swamp Creek Ranch Malheur 4121 Venator Reservoir
Swigert Cow Camp Swigert Cow Camp Malheur 2995 Owyhee Ridge
Sycamore Sycamore Multnomah 246 Gladstone
Sycan Fire Guard Station Sycan Fire Guard Station Klamath 4977 Riverbed Butte Spring
Table Rock School Table Rock School Jackson 1197 Sams Valley
Tarter (historical) Tarter (historical) Polk 249 Airlie North
Taylor Ranch Taylor Ranch Lake 5249 Drake Peak NE
Taylor Ranch Taylor Ranch Wheeler 1877 Painted Hills
Terminal Number 1 Terminal Number 1 Multnomah 10 Portland
Terry Ranch Terry Ranch Malheur 4285 Cow Lakes
Thatcher (historical) Thatcher (historical) Washington 177 Gales Creek
The Homestead The Homestead Harney 4600 Warm Springs Creek
The Hunters Cabin The Hunters Cabin Harney 4931 Wildhorse Lake
The Oaks Amusement Park The Oaks Amusement Park Multnomah 23 Lake Oswego
Thomas Cairn Thomas Cairn Linn 4255 Snow Peak
Thousand Springs Ranch Thousand Springs Ranch Harney 4623 Poison Creek
Three Spring Ranch Three Spring Ranch Crook 3743 Powell Buttes
Threemile Ranch Threemile Ranch Harney 4583 Home Creek Butte
Timber Substation Timber Substation Washington 764 Clear Creek
Tioga Guard Station Tioga Guard Station Coos 696 Tioga
Tommies Homestead Tommies Homestead Harney 5919 Anderson Mountain
Tophill Tophill Washington 1007 Vernonia
Tramway Spur Tramway Spur Multnomah 108 Lake Oswego
Trappers Camp Trappers Camp Josephine 3015 Bunker Creek
Trask Guard Station Trask Guard Station Tillamook 299 Trask
Trask House Trask House Tillamook 322 Trask
Trinity Guard Station Trinity Guard Station Baker 7090 Deadman Point
Trojan Trojan Columbia 26 Rainier
Trout Creek Camp Trout Creek Camp Multnomah 784 Sandy
Troutdale Substation Troutdale Substation Multnomah 26 Camas
Tulana Farms Tulana Farms Klamath 4111 Worden
Tulsa Tulsa Linn 282 Peoria
Tunnel Number 4 Tunnel Number 4 Malheur 2625 Mitchell Butte
Tuskan Tuskan Wasco 801 Maupin
Tutuilla Mission Tutuilla Mission Umatilla 1391 Mission
Twin Sisters Guard Station (historical) Twin Sisters Guard Station (historical) Douglas 292 Twin Sisters
Two Color Guard Station Two Color Guard Station Baker 4810 Bennet Peak
Two Springs Ranch Two Springs Ranch Wasco 1047 Dant
Twomile Twomile Coos 82 Bandon
Tyee Camp Tyee Camp Douglas 351 Tyee
Tygh Valley Fairgrounds Tygh Valley Fairgrounds Wasco 1175 Postage Stamp Butte
Union Creek Recreation Site Union Creek Recreation Site Baker 4108 Phillips Lake
Upper Cherry Creek Ranch Upper Cherry Creek Ranch Jefferson 2707 Sandrock Mountain
Upton Cabin Upton Cabin Harney 3432 Upton Mountain
Utley Cabin Utley Cabin Lake 4757 Gearhart Mountain
Venator Ranch Venator Ranch Harney 3862 Venator
Vesper School Vesper School Clatsop 505 Birkenfeld
Vey Ranch Vey Ranch Morrow 1401 Vey Ranch
Vincent Ranch Vincent Ranch Union 4875 Glass Hill
Vinson Ranch Vinson Ranch Klamath 4938 Dry Prairie
Wagner Ranch Wagner Ranch Wheeler 1444 Muddy Ranch
Wankers Corner Wankers Corner Clackamas 184 Lake Oswego
Warren Stephens Homestead Warren Stephens Homestead Harney 6181 Roaring Springs SE
Wasco Light Wasco Light Hood River 79 White Salmon
Watson (historical) Watson (historical) Multnomah 203 Gladstone
Way Ranch Way Ranch Crook 3245 Eagle Rock
Webfoot Webfoot Sherman 1316 Klondike
Wedeburg Wedeburg Washington 1306 Timber
Weir Ranch Weir Ranch Lake 4636 Crooked Creek Valley
West (historical) West (historical) Clatsop 59 Gearhart
West Fork West Fork Douglas 1010 Rabbit Mountain
West Hurlburt Camp West Hurlburt Camp Gilliam 837 Arlington
Western Camp Western Camp Polk 997 Valsetz
Weston Station Weston Station Umatilla 1781 Athena
White Branch Youth Camp White Branch Youth Camp Lane 2467 Linton Lake
White Rock Ranch White Rock Ranch Lake 4924 Crooked Creek Valley
Whitehorse Ranch Whitehorse Ranch Harney 4380 Whitehorse Ranch
Wigrich Landing Wigrich Landing Polk 141 Monmouth
Wilcox Wilcox Sherman 2638 Kent
Wild Rose Camp Wild Rose Camp Douglas 5266 Illahee Rock
Wildcat School Wildcat School Clackamas 669 Wilhoit
Williams Guard Station Williams Guard Station Josephine 1237 Applegate
Willow Springs Camp Willow Springs Camp Malheur 2385 McCarthy Ridge
Willow Springs School Willow Springs School Jackson 1329 Sams Valley
Wilson Corner Wilson Corner Clackamas 689 Damascus
Winona (historical) Winona (historical) Josephine 1493 Sexton Mountain
Winter Camp Winter Camp Malheur 3606 Keeney Ridge
Wire Corral Wire Corral Wasco 1837 Mutton Mountain
Witzel Ranch Witzel Ranch Harney 4160 Krumbo Reservoir
Wocus Wocus Klamath 4147 Wocus
Wolf Creek Store Wolf Creek Store Lane 863 High Point
Yankey Sawmill Yankey Sawmill Baker 5010 Rock Creek
Yellowstone Guard Station Yellowstone Guard Station Linn 1165 Yellowstone Mountain
Youngs Bay Light Youngs Bay Light Clatsop 3 Astoria
ZX Ranch ZX Ranch Lake 4383 Silver Lake
ZX Ranch Grain Camp ZX Ranch Grain Camp Lake 4314 Coglan Buttes
Sandon Sandon Sherman 1545 Klondike
Blackhorse Recreation Site Blackhorse Recreation Site Wallowa 3960 Puderbaugh Ridge
Marion (historical) Marion (historical) Union 2789 Union
Park (historical) Park (historical) Union 3015 Union
Benson (historical) Benson (historical) Union 3369 Little Catherine Creek
Nibley (historical) Nibley (historical) Union 2710 Conley
Joy (historical) Joy (historical) Wallowa 4705 Elk Mountain SE
Aitken (historical) Aitken (historical) Baker 3819 Encina
Lasen (historical) Lasen (historical) Lane 404 Eugene West
Douglas (historical) Douglas (historical) Lane 486 Springfield
Fort Dobie (historical) Fort Dobie (historical) Malheur 4226 Danner
Skinner (historical) Skinner (historical) Malheur 4255 Danner
Three Springs (historical) Three Springs (historical) Wasco 2037 Dufur West
Annalore (historical) Annalore (historical) Wasco 2172 Dufur West
Grandview (historical) Grandview (historical) Hood River 2884 Foreman Point
Conway (historical) Conway (historical) Hood River 692 Hood River
Hardin (historical) Hardin (historical) Crook 3993 Angell Butte
Milorn (historical) Milorn (historical) Lane 344 Junction City
Riverview Riverview Lane 344 Junction City
Saxe Saxe Umatilla 1214 Mission
Campbell Campbell Umatilla 873 Barnhart
Tumia (historical) Tumia (historical) Umatilla 1693 Thorn Hollow
Brookhouse Brookhouse Wasco 617 Emerson
Freebridge Freebridge Wasco 659 Emerson
Butter Creek (historical) Butter Creek (historical) Umatilla 1991 Vinson
Payette Junction Payette Junction Malheur 2146 Payette
Weiser Junction Weiser Junction Malheur 2165 Weiser South
Mosquite (historical) Mosquite (historical) Malheur 2178 Weiser South
Oregon Slope Oregon Slope Malheur 2192 Weiser South
Emigrant (historical) Emigrant (historical) Sherman 1293 Quinton
Rock Creek Corner Rock Creek Corner Clackamas 177 Gladstone
Ewing (historical) Ewing (historical) Morrow 518 Dalreed Butte
Butter Creek Junction Butter Creek Junction Umatilla 568 Hermiston
Allendale (historical) Allendale (historical) Clatsop 23 Gearhart
Stavebolt Landing (historical) Stavebolt Landing (historical) Clatsop 26 Olney
Hopkins (historical) Hopkins (historical) Clatsop 515 Sager Creek
Mountain House (historical) Mountain House (historical) Yamhill 860 Fairdale
Trotter Trotter Clatsop 36 Astoria
West Lake West Lake Clatsop 43 Gearhart
Oak Park (historical) Oak Park (historical) Washington 177 Forest Grove
Ruley (historical) Ruley (historical) Columbia 627 Chapman
Springville (historical) Springville (historical) Multnomah 233 Linnton
Maple Lane Maple Lane Clackamas 384 Oregon City
Lights (historical) Lights (historical) Clackamas 774 Sandy
Mabery (historical) Mabery (historical) Clackamas 732 Sandy
Skunk Hollow Skunk Hollow Clackamas 217 Canby
Kruse (historical) Kruse (historical) Clackamas 262 Canby
Ryan Corner Ryan Corner Wasco 335 The Dalles South
Wasco Guard Station Wasco Guard Station Wasco 2333 Brown Creek
Arthur (historical) Arthur (historical) Multnomah 43 Sauvie Island
Spring Creek Camp Spring Creek Camp Malheur 2864 Rooster Comb
Leslie Gulch Camp Leslie Gulch Camp Malheur 2802 Rooster Comb
Dry Creek Camp Dry Creek Camp Malheur 2772 Twin Springs
Holman (historical) Holman (historical) Polk 190 Salem West
Wintel (historical) Wintel (historical) Marion 190 Sidney
Roby (historical) Roby (historical) Marion 171 Sidney
Conser (historical) Conser (historical) Linn 243 Albany
Leander (historical) Leander (historical) Linn 217 Albany
Weston (historical) Weston (historical) Yamhill 89 Dayton
Nixon (historical) Nixon (historical) Linn 292 Harrisburg
Pine Tree Corner Pine Tree Corner Yamhill 171 Mission Bottom
East Independence (historical) East Independence (historical) Marion 194 Monmouth
Neahr (historical) Neahr (historical) Polk 262 Monmouth
Claxtar (historical) Claxtar (historical) Marion 157 Salem West
Gilliams (historical) Gilliams (historical) Polk 279 Airlie North
Krono (historical) Krono (historical) Yamhill 210 Carlton
Priceboro (historical) Priceboro (historical) Linn 331 Indian Head
Twin Buttes (historical) Twin Buttes (historical) Linn 315 Indian Head
Orchard Dale (historical) Orchard Dale (historical) Washington 440 Gales Creek
Soda Springs (historical) Soda Springs (historical) Washington 325 Gales Creek
Carstens (historical) Carstens (historical) Washington 243 Buxton
Crawford (historical) Crawford (historical) Washington 256 Buxton
Fern Hill Fern Hill Columbia 663 Rainier
Neer City (historical) Neer City (historical) Columbia 20 Rainier
Dunaway Dunaway Malheur 2221 Owyhee
Richland Richland Malheur 2267 Owyhee
Kingman Kolony Kingman Kolony Malheur 2198 Owyhee
Glasser (historical) Glasser (historical) Linn 299 Tangent
Froman (historical) Froman (historical) Linn 236 Tangent
Went (historical) Went (historical) Linn 302 Tangent
Linn (historical) Linn (historical) Linn 299 Halsey
Thompson's Mills State Heritage Site Thompson's Mills State Heritage Site Linn 262 Halsey
Asbahr Asbahr Benton 230 Riverside
Swegle Swegle Marion 207 Salem East
Yeoman (historical) Yeoman (historical) Marion 230 Salem East
Gesner (historical) Gesner (historical) Marion 223 Salem East
Rickey Rickey Marion 236 Salem East
White Settlement White Settlement Malheur 2224 Cairo
Handy (historical) Handy (historical) Clackamas 115 Woodburn
Michigan (historical) Michigan (historical) Sherman 2316 Grass Valley
Day (historical) Day (historical) Sherman 269 Rufus
Buckley (historical) Buckley (historical) Sherman 2244 Sinamox
Coleman (historical) Coleman (historical) Jefferson 1306 Gateway
Hobbsford (historical) Hobbsford (historical) Douglas 2598 King Mountain
Croy (historical) Croy (historical) Gilliam 436 Turner Butte
Barclay (historical) Barclay (historical) Benton 269 Greenberry
Leffler (historical) Leffler (historical) Linn 456 Stayton
Selah (historical) Selah (historical) Marion 200 Stayton NE
Skunkville Skunkville Marion 154 Gervais
Townsend (historical) Townsend (historical) Marion 174 Silverton
Bernice (historical) Bernice (historical) Marion 210 Silverton
Monte Cristo (historical) Monte Cristo (historical) Clackamas 220 Scotts Mills
Hermans Hermans Clackamas 420 Wilhoit
Russellville Russellville Clackamas 1355 Wilhoit
Boar Camp Boar Camp Clackamas 2884 Gawley Creek
Burghardts Mill Burghardts Mill Clackamas 197 Damascus
North Logan (historical) North Logan (historical) Clackamas 308 Damascus
Firgrove Firgrove Clackamas 600 Redland
Murphy Camp Murphy Camp Clackamas 3284 Gawley Creek
Hyland (historical) Hyland (historical) Lane 558 Marcola
Nye (historical) Nye (historical) Linn 463 Waterloo
Burp Hollow Burp Hollow Lane 571 Horton
Jetson (historical) Jetson (historical) Lane 381 Veneta
Remington (historical) Remington (historical) Linn 463 Stayton
Orchid Camp Orchid Camp Wasco 443 The Dalles South
Hale (historical) Hale (historical) Lane 489 Noti
Vaughn Station Vaughn Station Lane 548 Noti
Scare Ridge Lookout Scare Ridge Lookout Douglas 1657 Twin Sisters
Twin Sisters Creek Camp (historical) Twin Sisters Creek Camp (historical) Douglas 522 Roman Nose Mountain
Yellow Lookout Yellow Lookout Douglas 1381 Gunter
Siuslaw Guard Station Siuslaw Guard Station Lane 528 Clay Creek
Joler (historical) Joler (historical) Lane 381 Clay Creek
Walton Guard Station Walton Guard Station Lane 876 Walton
Kingman Kingman Malheur 2211 Owyhee
Summons (historical) Summons (historical) Lane 535 Springfield
Yarnell (historical) Yarnell (historical) Lane 472 Springfield
Panther (historical) Panther (historical) Lane 814 High Point
Arell (historical) Arell (historical) Polk 433 Summit
Mount Carmel (historical) Mount Carmel (historical) Baker 3514 Rock Creek
Nagle (historical) Nagle (historical) Baker 2096 Olds Ferry
Blakes Junction (historical) Blakes Junction (historical) Baker 2123 Olds Ferry
Farewell Bend (historical) Farewell Bend (historical) Baker 2087 Olds Ferry
Chimney Rock Campground Chimney Rock Campground Crook 3025 Stearns Butte
Kimwood Kimwood Lane 699 Cottage Grove
Spencer Creek Spencer Creek Lane 453 Fox Hollow
Dead Horse Lake Recreation Site Dead Horse Lake Recreation Site Lake 7382 Lee Thomas Crossing
Whitaker (historical) Whitaker (historical) Lake 5207 Clover Flat
Old Stage Station (historical) Old Stage Station (historical) Lake 5039 Cougar Peak
Polk County Fairgrounds Polk County Fairgrounds Polk 210 Rickreall
Mitchell Guard Station Mitchell Guard Station Wheeler 4131 Keyes Mountain
Bridge Creek (historical) Bridge Creek (historical) Wheeler 1755 Painted Hills
Ramsey Springs (historical) Ramsey Springs (historical) Lake 4311 Fossil Lake
Warner Lake (historical) Warner Lake (historical) Lake 4557 May Lake
Hindman (historical) Hindman (historical) Baker 3356 Oxman
Norton (historical) Norton (historical) Baker 3944 Encina
Grade (historical) Grade (historical) Wheeler 1473 Sandrock Mountain
Lander (historical) Lander (historical) Baker 3113 Lost Basin
Minersville (historical) Minersville (historical) Baker 4833 Phillips Lake
Denny (historical) Denny (historical) Baker 3730 Blue Canyon
Lockhart (historical) Lockhart (historical) Baker 3763 Blue Canyon
Thompson (historical) Thompson (historical) Baker 3819 Blue Canyon
South Baker (historical) South Baker (historical) Baker 3497 Bowen Valley
Bowen (historical) Bowen (historical) Baker 3504 Bowen Valley
King (historical) King (historical) Marion 1033 Stout Mountain
Sunset (historical) Sunset (historical) Union 3642 Medical Springs
Bully (historical) Bully (historical) Malheur 3048 Westfall
Stone (historical) Stone (historical) Malheur 2546 Jamieson
Miller (historical) Miller (historical) Malheur 4797 Mormon Basin
Powderville (historical) Powderville (historical) Baker 3389 Wingville
Palmer (historical) Palmer (historical) Baker 3107 Keating
Jamestown (historical) Jamestown (historical) Baker 3189 Keating NW
Miles (historical) Miles (historical) Baker 2799 Keating NW
Burkemont (historical) Burkemont (historical) Baker 3369 Sawtooth Ridge
Cleveland (historical) Cleveland (historical) Baker 5200 Bourne
Anthony Lakes Sno-Park Anthony Lakes Sno-Park Baker 7123 Anthony Lakes
Cross Keys (historical) Cross Keys (historical) Jefferson 1785 Willowdale
West Eagle Horse Camp West Eagle Horse Camp Union 5440 Bennet Peak
Boulder Park Recreation Site Boulder Park Recreation Site Baker 4987 Bennet Peak
North Fork Anthony Campground North Fork Anthony Campground Union 4308 Anthony Butte
Sprague River Park Recreation Site Sprague River Park Recreation Site Klamath 4452 Paradise Mountain
Alder Springs (historical) Alder Springs (historical) Lane 3652 Linton Lake
Crown Rock (historical) Crown Rock (historical) Wheeler 1417 Clarno
Bourne Landing Bourne Landing Columbia 13 Rainier
Old Slow and Easy Landing Old Slow and Easy Landing Lane 850 Dorena Lake
Rocky Point (historical) Rocky Point (historical) Multnomah 128 Sauvie Island
Starvout Starvout Douglas 1906 Starvout Creek
Sand Hollow Battleground Sand Hollow Battleground Morrow 837 Strawberry Canyon NE
Siskeyville (historical) Siskeyville (historical) Tillamook 115 The Peninsula
Trask Trask Tillamook 282 Trask
Murphy Guard Station Murphy Guard Station Tillamook 2159 Trask
Netarts Bay Campground Netarts Bay Campground Tillamook 10 Sand Lake
Beaver Lookout Beaver Lookout Coos 531 Riverton
Beaverton (historical) Beaverton (historical) Coos 39 Riverton
Devils Punch Bowl Devils Punch Bowl Douglas 938 Rabbit Mountain
Ninemile Camp Ninemile Camp Douglas 3520 Dutchman Butte
Glenbrook Glenbrook Douglas 725 Nickel Mountain
Meadow Creek Campground Meadow Creek Campground Josephine 3507 Cave Junction
Horseshoe Bend Campground Horseshoe Bend Campground Josephine 479 Bunker Creek
Russian Creek Campground Russian Creek Campground Josephine 551 Bunker Creek
Helloff (historical) Helloff (historical) Tillamook 312 Cook Creek
Wilson (historical) Wilson (historical) Tillamook 689 Jordan Creek
Klootchy Creek County Campground Klootchy Creek County Campground Clatsop 92 Tillamook Head
Upper Nehalem Upper Nehalem Tillamook 62 Foley Peak
Yew Camp Yew Camp Douglas 2247 Reston
Big Burn Camp Big Burn Camp Douglas 1883 Camas Valley
Hare (historical) Hare (historical) Curry 1234 Calf Ranch Mountain
Okietown Okietown Curry 528 Calf Ranch Mountain
Fort Birdseye (historical) Fort Birdseye (historical) Jackson 997 Rogue River
Holland (historical) Holland (historical) Klamath 4091 Worden
Ady (historical) Ady (historical) Klamath 4091 Worden
4H Camp 4H Camp Coos 236 Dora
Maxwell (historical) Maxwell (historical) Coos 10 Coos Bay
Masters Landing (historical) Masters Landing (historical) Coos 26 Coos Bay
Watsonville (historical) Watsonville (historical) Coos 0 Coos Bay
Sunset (historical) Sunset (historical) Coos 79 Coos Bay
Coos County Youth Camp Coos County Youth Camp Coos 180 McKinley
Blood Camp Blood Camp Douglas 2382 Callahan
Woods Camp Woods Camp Douglas 2221 Cedar Creek
Mason Dam Recreation Site Mason Dam Recreation Site Baker 3924 Blue Canyon
Wagner Springs (historical) Wagner Springs (historical) Jackson 2411 Emigrant Lake
Oreoil (historical) Oreoil (historical) Klamath 4127 Dairy
Clinton (historical) Clinton (historical) Klamath 4071 Merrill
Shake (historical) Shake (historical) Jackson 3481 Parker Mountain
Black (historical) Black (historical) Jackson 2516 Mount Isabelle
One Horse Town (historical) One Horse Town (historical) Jackson 2251 Mount Isabelle
Kenny (historical) Kenny (historical) Josephine 1552 Merlin
Stites (historical) Stites (historical) Josephine 1860 Golden
Kettering (historical) Kettering (historical) Josephine 1588 Sexton Mountain
Pattersons Mills (historical) Pattersons Mills (historical) Douglas 764 Glide
Lone Rock Camp Lone Rock Camp Douglas 764 Glide
Hatfield (historical) Hatfield (historical) Douglas 751 Dixonville
Millpond Campground Millpond Campground Douglas 1063 Harrington Creek
Weeping Rock Campground Weeping Rock Campground Douglas 1627 Illahee Rock
Steamboat Falls Recreation Site Steamboat Falls Recreation Site Douglas 1532 Benjamin Lake
Sawyers Ferry (historical) Sawyers Ferry (historical) Douglas 115 Devils Graveyard
Fort Flournoy (historical) Fort Flournoy (historical) Douglas 623 Reston
Wardton Wardton Douglas 456 Roseburg West
Barnes (historical) Barnes (historical) Douglas 525 Roseburg East
Cabin Creek Safety Rest Area Cabin Creek Safety Rest Area Douglas 518 Sutherlin
Devore (historical) Devore (historical) Douglas 344 Drain
Loon Lake Lookout Loon Lake Lookout Coos 1962 Elk Peak
Willow Valley Campground Willow Valley Campground Klamath 4534 Brady Butte
Gerber Reservoir South Recreation Site Gerber Reservoir South Recreation Site Klamath 4862 Goodlow Mountain
Vance Ranch Vance Ranch Malheur 4462 Boghole Spring
Boyce Ranch Boyce Ranch Harney 4531 Dry Valley Rim
Simmons Ranch Simmons Ranch Lake 5318 Barnes Valley
Nelson Place Nelson Place Baker 5111 Big Lookout Mountain
Whisky Creek Cabin Whisky Creek Cabin Josephine 673 Bunker Creek
Loma Loma Harney 4117 The Narrows
Hart Ranch Hart Ranch Harney 4219 Poison Creek
East Fork/Echo Recreation Site East Fork/Echo Recreation Site Lane 1785 Cougar Reservoir
Slide Creek Recreation Site Slide Creek Recreation Site Lane 1726 Cougar Reservoir
Ludlum Place Ludlum Place Curry 194 Fourth of July Creek
Howard Meadow Camp Howard Meadow Camp Grant 4649 Sharp Ridge
Saddle Camp Saddle Camp Grant 4928 Miller Flat
L S Ranch L S Ranch Grant 2946 Courthouse Rock
Carter Park Safety Rest Area Carter Park Safety Rest Area Grant 4573 Long Creek
Mountain Rest Mountain Rest Grant 3671 Johnson Saddle
O'Rorke Ranch O'Rorke Ranch Grant 3629 Susanville
Flat Camp Flat Camp Grant 4396 Susanville
Wisenor Place Wisenor Place Wallowa 1453 Temperance Creek
Haas Horse Troughs (historical) Haas Horse Troughs (historical) Wallowa 5479 Sleepy Ridge
Saddle Creek Recreation Site Saddle Creek Recreation Site Wallowa 6611 Hat Point
Fivemile Viewpoint Fivemile Viewpoint Wallowa 4659 Imnaha
Rhodes Creek Ranch Rhodes Creek Ranch Wallowa 2070 Fingerboard Saddle
Fish Lake Recreation Site Fish Lake Recreation Site Baker 6716 Deadman Point
Twin Lakes Recreation Site Twin Lakes Recreation Site Baker 6489 Deadman Point
Indian Crossing Recreation Site Indian Crossing Recreation Site Wallowa 4550 Deadman Point
Lightning Creek Ranch Lightning Creek Ranch Wallowa 3927 Three Lakes Country
Beoletto Ranch Beoletto Ranch Crook 3963 Conant Basin
Ninety-Six Ranch Ninety-Six Ranch Grant 4810 Scotty Creek
Holliday Ranch Holliday Ranch Grant 4685 Scotty Creek
Lowe Ranch Lowe Ranch Grant 4770 Scotty Creek
Wade Ranch Wade Ranch Harney 4363 Calamity Butte
Purdy Ranch Purdy Ranch Harney 4593 Trout Creek
Groff Ranch Groff Ranch Harney 4885 Mosquito Flat
Allison Ranch Allison Ranch Harney 5371 Big Mowich Mountain
Old McKinney Mill (historical) Old McKinney Mill (historical) Harney 5879 Telephone Butte
Lockaby Recreation Site Lockaby Recreation Site Clackamas 860 Bedford Point
Bedford Point Lookout Bedford Point Lookout Clackamas 2336 Bedford Point
South Fork Water Board Intake South Fork Water Board Intake Clackamas 666 Bedford Point
Joe Hostler Camp Joe Hostler Camp Curry 1798 Carpenterville
XL Ranch XL Ranch Lake 4288 Sawed Horn
Duncan Place Duncan Place Lake 4285 Sawed Horn
McQuade Creek Shelter McQuade Creek Shelter Linn 4222 Chimney Peak
Pengra Pengra Lane 643 Lowell
Halfway Recreation Site Halfway Recreation Site Baker 3087 Jimtown
Sunshine Bar Recreation Site Sunshine Bar Recreation Site Curry 974 Father Mountain
Minnehaha Camp Minnehaha Camp Douglas 4042 Hamaker Butte
Muir Camp Muir Camp Douglas 3894 Hamaker Butte
Castro Corral (historical) Castro Corral (historical) Malheur 5984 Guadalupe Meadows
Hannah Myers Ranch Hannah Myers Ranch Harney 4550 Goose Egg Butte
Menears Bend Campground Menears Bend Campground Linn 676 Green Peter
Kendall Cabin Kendall Cabin Josephine 5597 Grayback Mountain
Camp Elliff (historical) Camp Elliff (historical) Douglas 1699 Quines Creek
Curry County Rodeo and Fairgrounds Curry County Rodeo and Fairgrounds Curry 33 Gold Beach
Four Points Four Points Benton 1844 Kings Valley
Viewpoint Ranch Viewpoint Ranch Lake 4347 Fandango Canyon
Zimmerman Ranch Zimmerman Ranch Malheur 5082 Payne Creek
Turner Ranch Turner Ranch Malheur 5223 Payne Creek
Umpqua Landing Umpqua Landing Douglas 358 Garden Valley
Klamath State Fish Hatchery Klamath State Fish Hatchery Klamath 4157 Fort Klamath
Oregon Canyon Ranch Oregon Canyon Ranch Malheur 5010 Oregon Canyon Ranch
Ansotegui Place Ansotegui Place Malheur 5115 Oregon Canyon Ranch
Gavica Place Gavica Place Malheur 5321 Oregon Canyon Ranch
Jaca Place Jaca Place Malheur 5243 Oregon Canyon Ranch
Timber Lake Job Corps Center Timber Lake Job Corps Center Clackamas 1532 Fish Creek Mountain
Indian Henry Recreation Site Indian Henry Recreation Site Clackamas 1253 Fish Creek Mountain
Mitchell Ranch (historical) Mitchell Ranch (historical) Malheur 5066 Boghole Spring
McCormick Ranch McCormick Ranch Malheur 4442 Boghole Spring
Battle Creek Ranch Battle Creek Ranch Malheur 4797 Battle Creek Ranch
The Homestead Cabin The Homestead Cabin Malheur 4895 Deacon Crossing
Beaver Charlie Cabin Beaver Charlie Cabin Malheur 4239 Beaver Charlie Breaks
Tenmile Ranch Tenmile Ranch Malheur 4721 Tenmile Ranch
Jackson Creek Ranch Jackson Creek Ranch Malheur 5075 Jackson Summit
Callahan Place Callahan Place Malheur 5105 Rawhide Springs
Cathcart Place Cathcart Place Malheur 5029 Rawhide Springs
Still Place Still Place Malheur 5253 Rawhide Springs
Five Bar Five Bar Malheur 4042 Drummond Basin
Brown Place Brown Place Malheur 5282 Starvation Spring
Lucky Seven Cow Camp Lucky Seven Cow Camp Malheur 5548 Starvation Spring
Running Y Ranch Running Y Ranch Klamath 4203 Howard Bay
Whispering Falls Recreation Site Whispering Falls Recreation Site Marion 1939 Idanha
Frazier Turnaround Campground Frazier Turnaround Campground Clackamas 4596 High Rock
Oregon Hatchery Research Center Oregon Hatchery Research Center Lincoln 243 Hellion Rapids
Government Corral Government Corral Harney 7379 The V
Horseshoe Corral Horseshoe Corral Harney 7132 The V
Ring Orchard Ring Orchard Benton 794 Kings Valley
Twin Springs Campground (historical) Twin Springs Campground (historical) Lane 2392 Chucksney Mountain
Landis Cabin Landis Cabin Lane 3730 Chucksney Mountain
Century Ranch Century Ranch Lake 4357 Christmas Valley
Boundary Campground Boundary Campground Coos 413 China Flat
Koch Ranch Koch Ranch Douglas 2201 Cedar Springs Mountain
Andersons Corral Andersons Corral Malheur 6112 Deer Flat
Steamboat Ranch Steamboat Ranch Jackson 2372 Carberry Creek
Twin Rocks Shelter Twin Rocks Shelter Lane 4810 Fairview Peak
Mineral Recreation Site Mineral Recreation Site Lane 1775 Fairview Peak
Gertrude Shelter Gertrude Shelter Lane 4869 Bearbones Mountain
Three Corners Three Corners Jackson 3904 Mount Ashland
Gregory Loop Gregory Loop Jackson 3494 Mount Ashland
Miller Ranch Miller Ranch Jackson 1991 Ashland
Clawson (historical) Clawson (historical) Jackson 2175 Ashland
Belleview Belleview Jackson 2110 Ashland
Clawson Curve Clawson Curve Jackson 2234 Ashland
Oregon Tourism Safety Rest Area (historical) Oregon Tourism Safety Rest Area (historical) Jackson 2569 Ashland
Klamath County Fairgrounds Klamath County Fairgrounds Klamath 4117 Altamont
Carlon Ranch Carlon Ranch Lake 4163 Ana River
The Rosebud The Rosebud Lake 4268 Ana River
Turner Place Turner Place Lake 4216 Ana River
River Ranch River Ranch Lake 4163 Ana River
Lost Cabin Lost Cabin Lake 4252 Ana River
Thousand Springs Ranch Thousand Springs Ranch Lake 4258 Ana River
Connors Camp Recreation Site Connors Camp Recreation Site Benton 2608 Alsea
Table Rock Station (historical) Table Rock Station (historical) Jackson 1224 Sams Valley
Agate (historical) Agate (historical) Jackson 1273 Sams Valley
The Maples Safety Rest Area The Maples Safety Rest Area Marion 991 Mill City North
Medford Nursery Rogue River National Forest Medford Nursery Rogue River National Forest Jackson 1352 Medford West
Camp Baker (historical) Camp Baker (historical) Jackson 1627 Medford East
Kane (historical) Kane (historical) Jackson 1398 Medford East
Gas Works (historical) Gas Works (historical) Jackson 1444 Medford East
Thielsen Camp Thielsen Camp Douglas 6913 Mount Thielsen
Ponderosa Picnic Area Ponderosa Picnic Area Klamath 4478 Maklaks Crater
Twin Sisters (historical) Twin Sisters (historical) Douglas 299 Twin Sisters
Sacandaga Recreation Site Sacandaga Recreation Site Lane 2480 Rigdon Point
Rujada Recreation Site Rujada Recreation Site Lane 1207 Rose Hill
Bedrock Recreation Site Bedrock Recreation Site Lane 1056 Saddleblanket Mountain
Clark Creek Group Camp Clark Creek Group Camp Lane 1017 Saddleblanket Mountain
Broken Bowl Recreation Site Broken Bowl Recreation Site Lane 906 Saddleblanket Mountain
Winberry Recreation Site Winberry Recreation Site Lane 1414 Saddleblanket Mountain
Kiahanie Recreation Site Kiahanie Recreation Site Lane 2205 Sardine Butte
Manzanita Safety Rest Area Manzanita Safety Rest Area Josephine 1299 Sexton Mountain
Trask River State Fish Hatchery Trask River State Fish Hatchery Tillamook 79 The Peninsula
Stones Gap Stones Gap Tillamook 256 The Peninsula
Fish Corner Fish Corner Tillamook 1007 The Peninsula
Pickle Ranch Pickle Ranch Curry 2408 Signal Buttes
Coldiron Camp Coldiron Camp Curry 2575 Signal Buttes
Bessie Shelter Bessie Shelter Jackson 4734 Red Blanket Mountain
Saddle Campground (historical) Saddle Campground (historical) Jackson 6289 Rustler Peak
Small Ranch Small Ranch Lake 4245 Sheeplick Draw
Kippel Place Kippel Place Lake 4321 Sheeplick Draw
Haystack Reservoir Recreation Site Haystack Reservoir Recreation Site Jefferson 2884 Opal City
Whisky Camp (historical) Whisky Camp (historical) Jackson 4665 Thousand Springs
Elderberry Flat Recreation Site Elderberry Flat Recreation Site Jackson 1985 Skeleton Mountain
Bean Cabin Bean Cabin Jackson 5328 Siskiyou Pass
Dollarhide (historical) Dollarhide (historical) Jackson 3537 Siskiyou Pass
Dollarhide Curve Dollarhide Curve Jackson 3271 Siskiyou Pass
Foliage (historical) Foliage (historical) Jackson 3392 Siskiyou Pass
Wall Creek (historical) Wall Creek (historical) Jackson 3448 Siskiyou Pass
Soda Spring (historical) Soda Spring (historical) Jackson 2411 Siskiyou Pass
Cascade Experimental Forest Headquarters Cascade Experimental Forest Headquarters Lincoln 171 Neskowin
Fisher Landing Fisher Landing Tillamook 3 Nestucca Bay
English Settlement English Settlement Douglas 574 Nonpareil
Camp Wilani Camp Wilani Lane 545 Noti
Star Camp Star Camp Lane 531 Noti
Willamette Fish Hatchery Willamette Fish Hatchery Lane 1237 Oakridge
Oakridge Fish Hatchery Oakridge Fish Hatchery Lane 1230 Oakridge
CT Beach Recreation Site CT Beach Recreation Site Lane 1565 Oakridge
Mountain Lakes Organizational Camp Mountain Lakes Organizational Camp Klamath 4472 Pelican Bay
Odessa Recreation Site Odessa Recreation Site Klamath 4190 Pelican Bay
Lookout Springs Campground Lookout Springs Campground Clackamas 3901 Three Lynx
Shining Lake Campground Shining Lake Campground Clackamas 4442 Three Lynx
Sandpiper Sandpiper Lincoln 49 Waldport
Lodgepole Picnic Area Lodgepole Picnic Area Klamath 5843 Union Peak
Tyee Mountain Recreation Area Tyee Mountain Recreation Area Douglas 210 Tyee Mountain
Blachly Lane Picnic Area Blachly Lane Picnic Area Lane 709 Triangle Lake
Trask River Rearing Pond Trask River Rearing Pond Tillamook 423 Trask
Barretts Landing Barretts Landing Douglas 0 Winchester Bay
Strawberry Hill Picnic Area Strawberry Hill Picnic Area Lane 36 Yachats
Camp One (historical) Camp One (historical) Lincoln 66 Yachats
Camp Angell Camp Angell Lincoln 75 Yachats
Charles Applegate House Charles Applegate House Douglas 400 Yoncalla
Camp Florence Camp Florence Lane 131 Florence
North Waldo Recreation Site North Waldo Recreation Site Lane 5449 Waldo Mountain
Arden Craig (historical) Arden Craig (historical) Josephine 912 Wilderville
Jerome Prairie (historical) Jerome Prairie (historical) Josephine 1040 Wilderville
Wanoga Siding (historical) Wanoga Siding (historical) Deschutes 4209 Anns Butte
Gold Lake Sno-Park Gold Lake Sno-Park Lane 4990 Willamette Pass
Waldo Lake Sno-park Waldo Lake Sno-park Lane 4452 Willamette Pass
Bear Camp Bear Camp Douglas 5551 Staley Ridge
Reynolds Shelter Reynolds Shelter Douglas 5105 Reynolds Ridge
Bingham Recreation Site Bingham Recreation Site Lane 1545 Warner Mountain
North Eel Campground (historical) North Eel Campground (historical) Coos 39 Lakeside
Reames Country Club Reames Country Club Klamath 4173 Klamath Falls
Chino Homestead (historical) Chino Homestead (historical) Malheur 6332 Hoppin Springs
Waxmyrtle Recreation Site Waxmyrtle Recreation Site Lane 33 Goose Pasture
Little Fall Creek Picnic Area Little Fall Creek Picnic Area Lane 771 Fall Creek Lake
Upper End Campground Upper End Campground Lane 853 Fall Creek Lake
Sky Camp Sky Camp Lane 843 Fall Creek Lake
Noel Ranch Recreation Site Noel Ranch Recreation Site Douglas 13 North Fork
Henry Ranch Henry Ranch Jackson 4777 Emigrant Lake
Walker Sheep Camp Walker Sheep Camp Jackson 2484 Emigrant Lake
Cove Ranch Cove Ranch Jackson 3973 Emigrant Lake
Cummins Peak Weather Station Cummins Peak Weather Station Lane 2457 Cummins Peak
Josephine County Fairgrounds Josephine County Fairgrounds Josephine 932 Grants Pass
Spring Spring Josephine 1125 Grants Pass
Lone Wolf Shelter Lone Wolf Shelter Lane 4249 Westfir West
Little Crater Recreation Site Little Crater Recreation Site Deschutes 6348 East Lake
East Lake Recreation Site East Lake Recreation Site Deschutes 6391 East Lake
Hot Springs Recreation Site Hot Springs Recreation Site Deschutes 6411 East Lake
Cinder Hill Recreation Site Cinder Hill Recreation Site Deschutes 6398 East Lake
Hambone Springs Campground Hambone Springs Campground Clackamas 4108 High Rock
Camp Victoria Camp Victoria Curry 3051 Ophir Mountain
Colony Ranch Colony Ranch Harney 4203 Colony Ranch
Three Forks Three Forks Malheur 4009 Three Forks
Coyote Coyote Morrow 266 Boardman
Port of Portland Berth 301 Port of Portland Berth 301 Multnomah 10 Portland
Port of Portland Berth 206 Port of Portland Berth 206 Multnomah 10 Portland
Port of Portland Berth 304 Port of Portland Berth 304 Multnomah 33 Portland
Port of Portland Berth 205 Port of Portland Berth 205 Multnomah 33 Portland
Port of Portland Berth 303 Port of Portland Berth 303 Multnomah 30 Portland
Port of Portland Berth 302 Port of Portland Berth 302 Multnomah 30 Portland
Berth One (historical) Berth One (historical) Multnomah 33 Portland
Port of Portland Berth 308 Port of Portland Berth 308 Multnomah 36 Portland
Port of Portland Berth 204 Port of Portland Berth 204 Multnomah 10 Portland
Port of Portland Berth 203 Port of Portland Berth 203 Multnomah 36 Portland
Berth Two (historical) Berth Two (historical) Multnomah 36 Portland
Port of Portland Berth 307 Port of Portland Berth 307 Multnomah 36 Portland
Port of Portland Berth 306 Port of Portland Berth 306 Multnomah 36 Portland
Port of Portland Berth 305 Port of Portland Berth 305 Multnomah 23 Portland
Buchmans Landing Buchmans Landing Clackamas 62 Canby
West Rainier West Rainier Columbia 46 Rainier
Wildcat Recreation Site Wildcat Recreation Site Crook 3799 Steins Pillar
Bingham Landing Bingham Landing Clackamas 10 Lake Oswego
Starweather Landing Starweather Landing Clackamas 20 Lake Oswego
Ocean Lake Park (historical) Ocean Lake Park (historical) Tillamook 23 Garibaldi
Washburn (historical) Washburn (historical) Washington 381 Gales Creek
Axford (historical) Axford (historical) Wasco 1234 Kaskela
Mineral (historical) Mineral (historical) Baker 2064 Connor Creek
Abrams Abrams Lane 932 Blue Mountain
Adams Point Adams Point Klamath 4055 Malin
Advance Advance Clackamas 187 Canby
Alpine Alpine Morrow 1037 Strawberry Canyon SE
Amelia (historical) Amelia (historical) Malheur 3999 Mormon Basin
Anderson (historical) Anderson (historical) Clackamas 430 Damascus
Apex Apex Umatilla 1936 Smeltz
Ardgour (historical) Ardgour (historical) Clackamas 62 Lake Oswego
Arnaud (historical) Arnaud (historical) Multnomah 213 Gladstone
Ashdale (historical) Ashdale (historical) Clackamas 135 Gladstone
Augustine Gilbert Place Augustine Gilbert Place Harney 4941 Duhaime Flat West
Awbrey Awbrey Lane 364 Junction City
Bade Bade Umatilla 1135 Milton-Freewater
Bailey Junction Bailey Junction Benton 285 Monroe
Barnhart Barnhart Umatilla 909 Barnhart
Barrett Barrett Umatilla 879 Milton-Freewater
Belding (historical) Belding (historical) Tillamook 1155 Rogers Peak
Belfort (historical) Belfort (historical) Tillamook 367 Rogers Peak
Bell Bell Clackamas 164 Gladstone
Bellfountain Junction Bellfountain Junction Benton 272 Monroe
Bellrose Bellrose Multnomah 256 Gladstone
Black Place Black Place Jefferson 4498 Ashwood
Blakeley (historical) Blakeley (historical) Umatilla 1417 Cayuse
Bourbon (historical) Bourbon (historical) Sherman 2480 Rosebush
Brewster (historical) Brewster (historical) Linn 344 Onehorse Slough
Brookwild Brookwild Clackamas 118 Gladstone
Buckboard Buckboard Malheur 4482 Rufino Butte
Burns Junction Burns Junction Malheur 3934 Burns Junction
Butterfield (historical) Butterfield (historical) Clatsop 26 Gearhart
Bybee Springs Bybee Springs Jackson 1384 McConville Peak
Cairo Junction Cairo Junction Malheur 2192 Cairo
Cambrai Cambrai Wasco 892 Maupin
Carnes (historical) Carnes (historical) Douglas 561 Roseburg East
Cartney Cartney Linn 299 Harrisburg
Castle Castle Morrow 325 Crow Butte
Cheney (historical) Cheney (historical) Coos 43 Myrtle Point
Coalca Coalca Clackamas 92 Canby
Cochran (historical) Cochran (historical) Washington 1837 Cochran
Conley Conley Union 2726 Conley
Conrad Place Conrad Place Klamath 6194 Sandhill Crossing
Copeland Place Copeland Place Malheur 4229 Copeland Reservoirs
Cornell Place Cornell Place Umatilla 456 Hermiston
Crates Crates Wasco 157 The Dalles North
Cross Hollows Cross Hollows Wasco 3232 Shaniko Summit
Curtis Curtis Marion 190 Sherwood
Cutsforth Corner Cutsforth Corner Morrow 1650 Lexington
Damewoods Place Damewoods Place Douglas 502 Twin Sisters
Dehlinger (historical) Dehlinger (historical) Klamath 4094 Lost River
Dever (historical) Dever (historical) Linn 190 Albany
Dixie Dixie Baker 2379 Lime
Dixon Dixon Wasco 1109 Dant
Doctor Rankins Place Doctor Rankins Place Clatsop 728 Sager Creek
Dole Dole Douglas 577 Myrtle Creek
Dougren Dougren Lane 574 Jasper
Downing Downing Umatilla 1762 Athena
Duck Pond Duck Pond Malheur 4465 Stockade Mountain
Durbin (historical) Durbin (historical) Marion 223 Salem East
Eagle Crest Corner Eagle Crest Corner Polk 912 Rickreall
Eakin Eakin Sherman 2480 Grass Valley
East Saint Johns East Saint Johns Multnomah 62 Portland
Eddy Place Eddy Place Malheur 3704 Quartz Mountain Basin
Edwards Edwards Wheeler 2972 Salmon Fork
Egert Place Egert Place Klamath 4501 Swan Lake
Elk Rock (historical) Elk Rock (historical) Multnomah 325 Lake Oswego
Elrus Elrus Lane 469 Noti
Enid Enid Lane 374 Eugene West
Erickson Mill Erickson Mill Grant 4140 Picture Gorge East
Errol (historical) Errol (historical) Multnomah 108 Gladstone
Estoos Estoos Clatsop 492 Green Mountain
Fairview Fairview Morrow 1906 Ione South
Fallsview Fallsview Clackamas 735 Molalla
Faraday Faraday Clackamas 509 Estacada
Fawn (historical) Fawn (historical) Marion 702 Lyons
Fern Ridge (historical) Fern Ridge (historical) Clackamas 89 Gladstone
Finn Finn Lane 390 Eugene West
Fir Fir Multnomah 69 Mount Tabor
Firlock Firlock Washington 256 Beaverton
Flagg (historical) Flagg (historical) Lane 551 Noti
Fry Fry Linn 266 Tangent
Geer Geer Marion 243 Salem East
Gilbert Station Gilbert Station Multnomah 217 Gladstone
Gladstone Station Gladstone Station Clackamas 59 Gladstone
Glengary Glengary Douglas 574 Roseburg East
Golf Junction Golf Junction Clackamas 98 Lake Oswego
Gooch Gooch Marion 784 Lyons
Graham Graham Multnomah 207 Mount Tabor
Greenburg Greenburg Washington 197 Beaverton
Haig Haig Multnomah 62 Lake Oswego
Harborton Harborton Multnomah 151 Linnton
Harper Junction Harper Junction Malheur 2513 Harper
Havana Havana Umatilla 1312 Mission
Hazelia Hazelia Clackamas 371 Lake Oswego
Hemlock (historical) Hemlock (historical) Multnomah 52 Camas
Hereford (historical) Hereford (historical) Clackamas 66 Gladstone
Herrman Herrman Washington 138 Beaverton
Homly Homly Umatilla 1542 Cayuse
Horton (historical) Horton (historical) Klamath 4229 Swan Lake
Hosley Hosley Klamath 4085 Lost River
Indian Crossing Indian Crossing Wallowa 4534 Deadman Point
Irvinville (historical) Irvinville (historical) Linn 315 Lebanon
Jenne Jenne Multnomah 259 Damascus
Jordan (historical) Jordan (historical) Morrow 1181 Ione South
Judkins Judkins Lane 446 Eugene East
K Junction K Junction Polk 2920 Laurel Mountain
Kah-Nee-Ta Resort Kah-Nee-Ta Resort Wasco 1565 Eagle Butte
Kaskela Kaskela Wasco 1214 Kaskela
Kendall (historical) Kendall (historical) Multnomah 200 Gladstone
Kirkpatrick Kirkpatrick Multnomah 217 Gladstone
Kishwalks Kishwalks Wasco 3156 Simnasho
Kittleson Place Kittleson Place Lake 5075 Crooked Creek Valley
Knight (historical) Knight (historical) Clackamas 52 Lake Oswego
Kopplein (historical) Kopplein (historical) Benton 400 Kings Valley
Krewson (historical) Krewson (historical) Douglas 344 Drain
Ladd (historical) Ladd (historical) Clackamas 112 Lake Oswego
Langdon (historical) Langdon (historical) Douglas 1109 Rabbit Mountain
Lee Thomas Crossing Lee Thomas Crossing Lake 6201 Lee Thomas Crossing
Linnemann Linnemann Multnomah 269 Damascus
Little Valley (historical) Little Valley (historical) Malheur 2447 Little Valley
Lone Rock Place (historical) Lone Rock Place (historical) Klamath 4199 Swan Lake
Long Pass Long Pass Linn 384 Onehorse Slough
Long Tom Long Tom Lane 394 Noti
Lost River Lost River Klamath 4078 Lost River
Luse (historical) Luse (historical) Malheur 2205 Cairo
Luther (historical) Luther (historical) Clackamas 207 Gladstone
Malheur Junction Malheur Junction Malheur 2169 Nyssa
McCormmach (historical) McCormmach (historical) Umatilla 1617 Mission
McLean Place McLean Place Harney 4065 Andrews
Mecca Mecca Jefferson 1362 Eagle Butte
Midway Midway Umatilla 1663 Helix
Miller Place Miller Place Harney 4682 Duhaime Flat East
Minthorn Minthorn Umatilla 1358 Cayuse
Mohawk Junction (historical) Mohawk Junction (historical) Lane 476 Springfield
Monett Monett Lane 696 Cottage Grove
Moyina (historical) Moyina (historical) Klamath 4190 Dairy
Munley Munley Morrow 545 Ordnance
Munra (historical) Munra (historical) Umatilla 1152 Mission
Narrows Narrows Linn 489 Waterloo
Nehalem Junction Nehalem Junction Tillamook 85 Nehalem
Nelson (historical) Nelson (historical) Baker 2628 Durkee
Nelson Place Nelson Place Wheeler 3209 Day Basin
Nesmith (historical) Nesmith (historical) Washington 246 Beaverton
Nonpareil (historical) Nonpareil (historical) Douglas 702 Nonpareil
O'Neil (historical) O'Neil (historical) Crook 2789 O'Neil
Oak Grove Oak Grove Polk 299 Rickreall
Oak Springs Oak Springs Wasco 902 Maupin
Orville Orville Marion 180 Monmouth
Outlook Outlook Clackamas 564 Gladstone
Overstreet Overstreet Malheur 2205 Owyhee
Palestine Palestine Benton 351 Lewisburg
Parker Place (historical) Parker Place (historical) Klamath 4423 Swan Lake
Peninsula Junction Peninsula Junction Multnomah 39 Portland
Poe Place Poe Place Harney 4078 Borax Lake
Poindexter Place Poindexter Place Lake 4902 Sixmile Draw
Poison Creek (historical) Poison Creek (historical) Harney 4337 Poison Creek
Pollard (historical) Pollard (historical) Josephine 1194 Glendale
Pope Corner Pope Corner Clatsop 423 Elsie
Powwatka Powwatka Wallowa 3186 Troy
Prahl (historical) Prahl (historical) Clackamas 161 Sherwood
Quartz Quartz Baker 3622 Bowen Valley
Rafton (historical) Rafton (historical) Multnomah 20 Sauvie Island
Ramapo (historical) Ramapo (historical) Multnomah 246 Gladstone
Redess Redess Harney 4114 Redess
Reuben (historical) Reuben (historical) Douglas 1365 Glendale
River Junction River Junction Multnomah 75 Sauvie Island
Robertson Robertson Clackamas 135 Lake Oswego
Rock Hill Rock Hill Linn 351 Brownsville
Rocky Ford Rocky Ford Malheur 2966 Pole Creek Top
Rogers Rogers Baker 5013 Dooley Mountain
Rooster Rock (historical) Rooster Rock (historical) Multnomah 46 Washougal
Rosebush Rosebush Sherman 2356 Rosebush
Rothe Rothe Clackamas 66 Gladstone
Ruby Ruby Multnomah 262 Camas
Safley Safley Douglas 361 Drain
Sailor (historical) Sailor (historical) Lane 423 Noti
Saint Johns Junction Saint Johns Junction Multnomah 33 Portland
Salisbury (historical) Salisbury (historical) Baker 3655 Bowen Valley
Salmonberry (historical) Salmonberry (historical) Tillamook 463 Cook Creek
Sand Hollow Sand Hollow Morrow 1161 Strawberry Canyon SE
Sandhill Crossing Sandhill Crossing Klamath 6106 Sandhill Crossing
Sargent Place (historical) Sargent Place (historical) Malheur 3976 Bridgeport
Schmore Place (historical) Schmore Place (historical) Klamath 4193 Swan Lake
Sentinel Hill (historical) Sentinel Hill (historical) Multnomah 1001 Lake Oswego
Shady Shady Douglas 489 Roseburg East
Shaff Shaff Marion 384 Stayton
Shale City Shale City Jackson 4564 Grizzly Peak
Shannon Shannon Lane 413 Walton
Sharps Corner Sharps Corner Umatilla 325 Umatilla
Sherar Sherar Wasco 778 Sherars Bridge
Silver Falls City (historical) Silver Falls City (historical) Marion 1342 Stout Mountain
Skull Spring Skull Spring Malheur 4219 Skull Spring
Southport Southport Coos 30 Coos Bay
Speece Speece Gilliam 2375 Mikkalo
Spofford Spofford Umatilla 932 Bowlus Hill
Stanfield Junction Stanfield Junction Umatilla 709 Stanfield
Stanley Stanley Clackamas 138 Gladstone
Stanton (historical) Stanton (historical) Umatilla 1660 Smeltz
Stauffer Stauffer Lake 4570 Tired Horse Butte
Steinman Steinman Jackson 3100 Siskiyou Pass
Stewarts Stewarts Wheeler 3274 Salmon Fork
Strawberry (historical) Strawberry (historical) Morrow 1201 Strawberry Canyon SW
Stukel Stukel Klamath 4094 Lost River
Swedetown Swedetown Columbia 338 Delena
Sylvester Place Sylvester Place Harney 4193 Poison Creek
Teeters Landing Teeters Landing Klamath 4088 Hamaker Mountain
Texum (historical) Texum (historical) Klamath 4094 Klamath Falls
Thorn Hollow (historical) Thorn Hollow (historical) Umatilla 1575 Thorn Hollow
Tonquin Tonquin Washington 239 Sherwood
Trece Trece Washington 167 Beaverton
Tucke Place Tucke Place Harney 4836 Duhaime Flat East
Valle Vista (historical) Valle Vista (historical) Washington 377 Hillsboro
Van Horn Van Horn Hood River 640 Hood River
Vinson (historical) Vinson (historical) Umatilla 1988 Vinson
Wallace (historical) Wallace (historical) Clackamas 184 Sherwood
Warner (historical) Warner (historical) Coos 108 Dement Creek
Weldwood Weldwood Linn 361 Lebanon
Westland (historical) Westland (historical) Umatilla 571 Hermiston
Wetzels Corner Wetzels Corner Clackamas 610 Damascus
Whiskey Dick Whiskey Dick Wasco 1191 Kaskela
Whiskey Hill Whiskey Hill Clackamas 171 Yoder
Wichita Station Wichita Station Clackamas 141 Gladstone
Willows (historical) Willows (historical) Gilliam 299 Heppner Junction
Wilson (historical) Wilson (historical) Multnomah 249 Gladstone
Wilsonia (historical) Wilsonia (historical) Clackamas 72 Lake Oswego
Wing Wing Baker 3360 Wingville
Wrentham (historical) Wrentham (historical) Wasco 886 Emerson
Yampo Yampo Yamhill 607 Amity
Yoakum Yoakum Umatilla 830 Nolin
Deschutes (historical) Deschutes (historical) Sherman 764 Sherars Bridge
McMullins Landing McMullins Landing Lane 958 Nimrod
Roberts Ranch Roberts Ranch Lake 4774 Lakeview Airport
The Maples The Maples Lincoln 69 Mowrey Landing
Ada (historical) Ada (historical) Lane 23 Fivemile Creek
Ada Station Ada Station Lane 59 Fivemile Creek
Adams Ranch Adams Ranch Crook 4924 Conant Basin
Agency Agency Jefferson 2490 Culver
Alamo Alamo Grant 4875 Granite
Alder Flat Recreation Site Alder Flat Recreation Site Clackamas 1424 Fish Creek Mountain
Alder Glen Campground Alder Glen Campground Tillamook 745 Dovre Peak
Alder Spring Lookout Alder Spring Lookout Jefferson 4482 Shitike Butte
Alder Swamp Shelter Alder Swamp Shelter Clackamas 1818 Bull of the Woods
Allingham Guard Station Allingham Guard Station Jefferson 2917 Black Butte
Alpine Recreation Site Alpine Recreation Site Clackamas 5381 Mount Hood South
Alsea Guard Station Alsea Guard Station Benton 299 Alsea
Anderson Cabin Anderson Cabin Klamath 5781 Rodeo Butte
Anderson Station Anderson Station Josephine 1460 Selma
Angel Camp Angel Camp Jackson 4295 Skeleton Mountain
Antelope Cow Camp Antelope Cow Camp Lake 4898 Rodman Rock
Antlers Recreation Site Antlers Recreation Site Baker 4131 Whitney
Apple Creek Recreation Site Apple Creek Recreation Site Douglas 1444 Steamboat
Applegate Ford Applegate Ford Jackson 2234 Whetstone Point
Arbuckle Corral Arbuckle Corral Morrow 4692 Arbuckle Mountain
Arbuckle Ski Area Arbuckle Ski Area Morrow 5279 Matlock Prairie
Arrow Recreation Site Arrow Recreation Site Wallowa 5384 North Minam Meadows
Art Moore Ranch Art Moore Ranch Jackson 2890 Whetstone Point
Ash Homestead Ash Homestead Jackson 2441 Whetstone Point
Aspen Recreation Site Aspen Recreation Site Deschutes 4003 Benham Falls
Association Corral (historical) Association Corral (historical) Harney 5430 Buck Spring
Austin Junction Austin Junction Grant 4232 Bates
Austin Ranch Austin Ranch Wallowa 1962 Haas Hollow
Avery Ranch Avery Ranch Curry 367 Barklow Mountain
B F Smith Ranch B F Smith Ranch Harney 4278 Landing Creek
Babcock Cabin Babcock Cabin Josephine 4229 Kerby Peak
Baber Lookout Baber Lookout Lincoln 1440 Elk City
Badger Cabin Badger Cabin Crook 5269 Mount Pisgah
Bailey Cabin Bailey Cabin Curry 3015 Josephine Mountain
Bain Station Bain Station Curry 3255 Buckskin Peak
Bald Mountain Lookout Bald Mountain Lookout Jackson 5020 Whetstone Point
Bald Mountain Shelter Bald Mountain Shelter Hood River 4226 Bull Run Lake
Bar M Ranch Bar M Ranch Umatilla 2155 Bingham Springs
Barley Camp Barley Camp Lake 6407 Collins Rim
Barlow Campground Barlow Campground Clackamas 3008 Government Camp
Barlow Guard Station Barlow Guard Station Hood River 3711 Mount Hood South
Barr Ranch Barr Ranch Jackson 3159 Sterling Creek
Bartley Headquarters Bartley Headquarters Klamath 4947 Location Butte
Basin Camp Basin Camp Grant 3763 Kelsay Butte
Bass (historical) Bass (historical) Douglas 39 Fivemile Creek
Bossuot Cabin Bossuot Cabin Harney 4436 Landing Creek
Battle Creek Camp Battle Creek Camp Grant 5522 Kelsay Butte
Battle Creek Guard Station Battle Creek Guard Station Grant 5561 Kelsay Butte
Battle Creek Shelter Battle Creek Shelter Marion 2762 Mother Lode Mountain
Beach Recreation Site Beach Recreation Site Deschutes 4885 Elk Lake
Beachlers Union Trading Post Beachlers Union Trading Post Lake 4357 Tucker Hill
Beal Beal Klamath 4285 Masten Butte
Beamer Ranch Beamer Ranch Lane 2835 Mount David Douglas
Bear Camp Bear Camp Grant 4921 Pine Creek Mountain
Bear Camp (historical) Bear Camp (historical) Grant 5374 Sharp Ridge
Bear Camp Pasture Recreation Site Bear Camp Pasture Recreation Site Curry 4229 Hobson Horn
Bear Canyon Campground Bear Canyon Campground Wallowa 4862 Fry Meadow
Bear Creek Guard Station Bear Creek Guard Station Wallowa 4449 Fox Point
Bear Creek Guard Station Bear Creek Guard Station Umatilla 2507 Tollgate
Bear Flat Station Bear Flat Station Klamath 5010 Rodman Rock
Bear Paw Forest Camp Bear Paw Forest Camp Wasco 3291 Wapinitia Pass
Bear Springs Ranger Station (historical) Bear Springs Ranger Station (historical) Wasco 3061 Beaver Butte
Bear Tree Guard Station (historical) Bear Tree Guard Station (historical) Harney 4846 Alsup Mountain
Bear Valley Work Center Bear Valley Work Center Grant 4905 Logdell
Bear Wallow Creek Recreation Site Bear Wallow Creek Recreation Site Umatilla 3907 Owens Butte
Bear Wallow Forest Service Station Bear Wallow Forest Service Station Umatilla 4862 Granite Meadows
Bear Wallow Lookout (historical) Bear Wallow Lookout (historical) Curry 2372 Fourth of July Creek
Beatty Station Beatty Station Klamath 4324 Beatty
Beaver Creek Forest Camp Beaver Creek Forest Camp Tillamook 522 Beaver
Beaver Marsh Beaver Marsh Klamath 4639 Chemult
Beaver Ranch Beaver Ranch Jackson 3612 Dutchman Peak
Beaver Shelter Beaver Shelter Douglas 3589 Fish Creek Desert
Beaver Sulphur Recreation Site Beaver Sulphur Recreation Site Jackson 2290 Squaw Lakes
Beecher (historical) Beecher (historical) Lane 266 Greenleaf
Ben Camp Ben Camp Grant 6043 Olive Lake
Benham Falls Recreation Site Benham Falls Recreation Site Deschutes 4153 Benham Falls
Bennett Cabin Bennett Cabin Harney 4495 Myrtle Park Meadows
Berland Ranch (historical) Berland Ranch (historical) Wallowa 1440 Haas Hollow
Big Bear Camp Big Bear Camp Jackson 4911 Abbott Butte
Big Creek Forest Camp (historical) Big Creek Forest Camp (historical) Lane 459 Heceta Head
Big Creek Recreation Site Big Creek Recreation Site Grant 5089 Logan Valley East
Big Eddy Recreation Site Big Eddy Recreation Site Clackamas 883 Bedford Point
Big Elk Guard Station Big Elk Guard Station Jackson 4682 Brown Mountain
Big Meadow Camp Big Meadow Camp Grant 6106 Olive Lake
Big Pool Recreation Site Big Pool Recreation Site Lane 955 Saddleblanket Mountain
Big River Recreation Site Big River Recreation Site Deschutes 4170 Anns Butte
Big Tree Big Tree Josephine 4879 Oregon Caves
Big Tree Big Tree Deschutes 4190 Pistol Butte
Bigelow Cabins Bigelow Cabins Josephine 5128 Grayback Mountain
Bighorn Campground Bighorn Campground Clackamas 1713 Rhododendron
Billy Meadows Guard Station Billy Meadows Guard Station Wallowa 4875 Billy Meadows
Bingham Camp Bingham Camp Grant 5046 Pine Creek Mountain
Binghams Shelter Binghams Shelter Lane 4646 Diamond Peak
Black Canyon Recreation Site Black Canyon Recreation Site Lane 961 Westfir West
Black Canyon Ranch Black Canyon Ranch Grant 2851 Aldrich Gulch
Black Pine Spring Recreation Site Black Pine Spring Recreation Site Deschutes 4370 Three Creek Butte
Black Rock Ranch Black Rock Ranch Klamath 4465 Hamner Butte
Blue Creek Work Center Blue Creek Work Center Harney 5226 Hughet Valley
Blue Mountain Camp Blue Mountain Camp Umatilla 4242 Blalock Mountain
Blue Pool Recreation Site Blue Pool Recreation Site Lane 1936 McCredie Springs
Blue Spruce Camp Blue Spruce Camp Grant 3123 Turner Mountain
Bohannon Ranch Bohannon Ranch Lincoln 600 Hellion Rapids
Bona Fida Shelter Bona Fida Shelter Lane 2165 Chilcoot Mountain
Bone Spring Campground Bone Spring Campground Wallowa 5607 Bone Spring
Bonifer Bonifer Umatilla 1837 Gibbon
Bonney Crossing Bonney Crossing Wasco 2165 Flag Point
Bonnieview Ranch Bonnieview Ranch Crook 3343 Post
Booth (historical) Booth (historical) Douglas 75 Fivemile Creek
Boundary Recreation Site Boundary Recreation Site Wallowa 3730 Fox Point
Box Canyon Horse Camp Box Canyon Horse Camp Lane 3734 Chucksney Mountain
Boyce Corral Boyce Corral Jefferson 2821 Buck Butte
Boze Shelter Boze Shelter Douglas 2595 Twin Lakes Mountain
Brattain Ranch Brattain Ranch Lake 5046 Sycan Marsh East
Bravo Ranch (historical) Bravo Ranch (historical) Curry 1549 Bosley Butte
Braymill Braymill Klamath 4314 Chiloquin
Breitenbush Recreation Site Breitenbush Recreation Site Marion 2149 Breitenbush Hot Springs
Brenham (historical) Brenham (historical) Douglas 56 Fivemile Creek
Brewer Ranch Brewer Ranch Lake 4587 Bridge Creek Draw
Brickpile Ranch Brickpile Ranch Jackson 2828 Talent
Silvies Valley Ranch Silvies Valley Ranch Grant 4610 Silvies
Briggs Cabin Briggs Cabin Josephine 3159 Oregon Caves
Briggs Ranch Briggs Ranch Lake 4777 Fitzwater Point
Brockman Ranch Brockman Ranch Wallowa 1270 Temperance Creek
Brown Ranch Brown Ranch Douglas 2579 Tiller
Brown Ranch (historical) Brown Ranch (historical) Grant 4436 Alsup Mountain
Browns Mountain Recreation Site Browns Mountain Recreation Site Deschutes 4350 Davis Mountain
Browns Mill Browns Mill Josephine 1716 Williams
Browns Mountain Crossing Browns Mountain Crossing Deschutes 4363 Davis Mountain
Bruce Camp Bruce Camp Wallowa 3668 Promise
Brush Creek Camp Brush Creek Camp Josephine 3835 Oregon Caves
Buck Cabin Buck Cabin Grant 3757 Big Weasel Springs
Buck Creek Recreation Site Buck Creek Recreation Site Josephine 4052 Hobson Horn
Buck Creek Crossing Buck Creek Crossing Lake 4806 Bridge Creek Draw
Buck Spring Guard Station (historical) Buck Spring Guard Station (historical) Harney 4954 Buck Spring
Buckhorn Cabin Buckhorn Cabin Jackson 4012 Sugarpine Creek
Buckhorn Lookout Buckhorn Lookout Wallowa 5328 Deadhorse Ridge
Buckhorn Ranch Buckhorn Ranch Umatilla 3996 Deerhorn Creek
Bugman Ranch Bugman Ranch Harney 4150 Burns Butte
Burpee (historical) Burpee (historical) Lincoln 187 Toledo South
Bush Mill Bush Mill Grant 5161 Izee
Buster Spring Shelter Buster Spring Shelter Douglas 3113 Buckeye Lake
Buttes Ranch Buttes Ranch Harney 4944 Alsup Mountain
Buzzard Rock Buzzard Rock Douglas 3435 Richter Mountain
Byerle (historical) Byerle (historical) Coos 187 Powers
C and H Riders Camp C and H Riders Camp Baker 4137 Whitney
Cabin Guard Station Cabin Guard Station Crook 3461 Salt Butte
Calamity Forest Camp (historical) Calamity Forest Camp (historical) Klamath 5607 Mount McLoughlin
Callahan Lookout Callahan Lookout Douglas 2825 Tiller
Camp Camp Umatilla 2707 Huron
Camp One Camp One Deschutes 4954 Evans Well
Camp Fourteen Camp Fourteen Klamath 4987 Rodman Rock
Camp Two Camp Two Deschutes 4895 Evans Well
Camp Four Camp Four Jackson 3241 Big Butte Springs
Camp Seventy-six Camp Seventy-six Jackson 4108 Mount McLoughlin
Camp Nine Camp Nine Lake 5761 Pole Butte
Camp Arrah Wanna Camp Arrah Wanna Clackamas 1276 Rhododendron
Camp Baldwin Camp Baldwin Wasco 3540 Fivemile Butte
Camp Clark Camp Clark Tillamook 79 Sand Lake
Camp Cleawox Camp Cleawox Lane 125 Florence
Camp Coffee Pot Camp Coffee Pot Douglas 1539 Acker Rock
Camp Cooper Camp Cooper Tillamook 2031 Springer Mountain
Camp Creek Recreation Site Camp Creek Recreation Site Clackamas 2133 Government Camp
Camp Creek Forest Camp Camp Creek Forest Camp Douglas 5187 Diamond Lake
Camp Easter Seal Camp Easter Seal Coos 69 Trail Butte
Camp Esther Applegate Camp Esther Applegate Klamath 4980 Lake of the Woods South
Camp Faraway Camp Faraway Grant 4646 Graylock Butte
Camp Five Camp Five Wallowa 3684 Howard Butte
Camp Friend Camp Friend Wasco 3888 Flag Point
Camp Grant Camp Grant Douglas 4544 Taft Mountain
Grayback Campground Grayback Campground Josephine 1844 Kerby Peak
Camp Hope Camp Hope Curry 2720 Eden Valley
Camp Howard Camp Howard Clackamas 1283 Bull Run
Camp Makualla Camp Makualla Klamath 4865 Crescent Lake
Camp Marion Camp Marion Linn 4183 Marion Lake
Camp McLoughlin Camp McLoughlin Klamath 4961 Lake of the Woods North
Camp Meriwether Camp Meriwether Tillamook 105 Sand Lake
Camp Morrow Camp Morrow Wasco 1873 Wamic
Camp Namanu Camp Namanu Clackamas 318 Bull Run
Camp Number 2 Camp Number 2 Coos 2159 Eden Valley
Camp One Camp One Union 3468 Drumhill Ridge
Camp Polk Camp Polk Deschutes 2992 Sisters
Camp Sa-wa-li-na-is Camp Sa-wa-li-na-is Klamath 3822 Spencer Creek
Camp Simms Camp Simms Grant 7408 Vinegar Hill
Camp Six Camp Six Klamath 5249 Rodeo Butte
Camp Tamarack Camp Tamarack Jefferson 3750 Three Fingered Jack
Camp Three Camp Three Umatilla 4213 Drumhill Ridge
Camp Baker Camp Baker Lane 75 Florence
Camp Westwind Camp Westwind Lincoln 82 Neskowin OE W
Camp Windy Recreation Site Camp Windy Recreation Site Hood River 5394 Badger Lake
Camp Yallani Camp Yallani Hood River 3186 Mount Defiance
Campbell Ranch Campbell Ranch Harney 4488 Hughet Valley
Candle Creek Recreation Site Candle Creek Recreation Site Jefferson 2677 Prairie Farm Spring
Canton Shelter Canton Shelter Douglas 1342 Scaredman Creek
Canyon Creek Campground Canyon Creek Campground Crook 4698 Lookout Mountain
Canyon Creek Recreation Site Canyon Creek Recreation Site Jefferson 2897 Candle Creek
Carberry Recreation Site Carberry Recreation Site Jackson 2251 Carberry Creek
Carey Ranch (historical) Carey Ranch (historical) Grant 4665 Alsup Mountain
Carey Stearns Ranch Carey Stearns Ranch Deschutes 4216 La Pine
Carlson Camp Carlson Camp Jackson 3533 Big Butte Springs
Carrol Campground Carrol Campground Wheeler 6237 Mount Pisgah
Carson Cabin Carson Cabin Josephine 2904 Oregon Caves
Cascade Summit Cascade Summit Klamath 4846 Willamette Pass
Cash Camp (historical) Cash Camp (historical) Grant 7274 Roberts Creek
Cass Ranch Cass Ranch Jackson 2510 Sterling Creek
Castlerock Lodge Castlerock Lodge Tillamook 322 Hebo
Caves Camp Caves Camp Josephine 1903 Williams
Cavitt Shelter Cavitt Shelter Douglas 1844 Lane Mountain
Cawlfield Ranch Cawlfield Ranch Harney 4111 Van
Cedar Camp Cedar Camp Josephine 5420 Oregon Caves
Cedar Camp Cedar Camp Curry 3238 Collier Butte
Cedar Creek Recreation Site Cedar Creek Recreation Site Lane 1516 Rose Hill
Cedar Guard Station Cedar Guard Station Josephine 1837 Kerby Peak
Chatfield (historical) Chatfield (historical) Wasco 138 Lyle
Cheatem Holler Camp Cheatem Holler Camp Grant 5610 Five Hundred Flat
Cherry Creek Ranch Cherry Creek Ranch Wallowa 2264 Deadhorse Ridge
Chesnimnus Cow Camp Chesnimnus Cow Camp Wallowa 4419 Zumwalt
Chetco Lookout (historical) Chetco Lookout (historical) Curry 4265 Chetco Peak
Chicago Cabin Chicago Cabin Jackson 2474 Cleveland Ridge
Chilcoot Junction Shelter Chilcoot Junction Shelter Lane 3570 Chilcoot Mountain
China Garden China Garden Josephine 2165 Oregon Caves
Chrome Camp Chrome Camp Josephine 3832 Chrome Ridge
Cinder Prairie Lookout Cinder Prairie Lookout Douglas 5354 Toketee Falls
Circle M Ranch Circle M Ranch Jefferson 2877 Black Butte
City Creek Shelter City Creek Shelter Lane 1880 Reynolds Ridge
Clackamas Lake Recreation Site Clackamas Lake Recreation Site Clackamas 3356 Mount Wilson
Clear Creek Crossing Recreation Site Clear Creek Crossing Recreation Site Wasco 2989 Post Point
Cleator Bend Recreation Site Cleator Bend Recreation Site Marion 2106 Breitenbush Hot Springs
Clemens Ranch Clemens Ranch Grant 5436 Myrtle Park Meadows
Clement Ranch Clement Ranch Jackson 3386 Big Butte Springs
Cleopatra Lookout (historical) Cleopatra Lookout (historical) Curry 3405 Biscuit Hill
Cliff Lake Shelter Cliff Lake Shelter Lane 5161 Packsaddle Mountain
Clifford Clifford Baker 4278 Whitney
Cloud Cap Saddle Recreation Site Cloud Cap Saddle Recreation Site Hood River 5856 Mount Hood North
Clover Camp Clover Camp Lane 1535 Cummins Peak
Coal Creek Campground Coal Creek Campground Coos 449 China Flat
Cobleigh Ranch Cobleigh Ranch Jackson 2149 Butte Falls
Camp Cody Camp Cody Wasco 2257 Rock Creek Reservoir
Cofelt Ranch Cofelt Ranch Crook 4226 Conant Basin
Coffin Butte Lookout Coffin Butte Lookout Douglas 4219 Pickett Butte
Cold Spring Camp Cold Spring Camp Klamath 5850 Pelican Butte
Cold Spring Camp Cold Spring Camp Grant 5741 Magone Lake
Cold Spring Camp Cold Spring Camp Grant 5502 Kelsay Butte
Cold Springs Guard Station Cold Springs Guard Station Crook 4646 Williams Prairie
Cold Springs Guard Station Cold Springs Guard Station Wallowa 5590 Duck Creek
Collier Glacier View Collier Glacier View Lane 7136 North Sister
Collins Cabin Collins Cabin Lake 5902 Collins Rim
Collins Camp Collins Camp Douglas 4098 Illahee Rock
Collins Lookout Collins Lookout Douglas 3648 Pickett Butte
Cone Mill Cone Mill Wheeler 3681 Lonerock
Conners Place Conners Place Curry 279 Horse Sign Butte
Conroy Conroy Benton 308 Corvallis
Cool Camp Cool Camp Linn 3740 Harter Mountain
Corbett Cabin Corbett Cabin Harney 4636 Bear Canyon Butte
Corncob Ranch Corncob Ranch Wheeler 2323 Collins Butte
Corral Camp Corral Camp Baker 4980 Greenhorn
Corrigal Spring Campground Corrigal Spring Campground Grant 5669 Granite
Cottonwood Camp Cottonwood Camp Curry 1568 Chetco Peak
Cottonwood Recreation Site Cottonwood Recreation Site Wheeler 5735 Antone
Cougar Camp Cougar Camp Grant 4737 Canyon Mountain
Cove Spring Work Center (historical) Cove Spring Work Center (historical) Grant 4997 Jump-off Joe Mountain
Cover Recreation Site Cover Recreation Site Douglas 1788 Butler Butte
Coverdale Guard Station Coverdale Guard Station Wallowa 4262 Duck Creek
Cow Camp Cow Camp Klamath 4957 Muttonchop Butte
Cow Camp Cow Camp Douglas 4938 Abbott Butte
Cow Camp Cow Camp Harney 5000 Mosquito Flat
Cow Meadow Recreation Site Cow Meadow Recreation Site Deschutes 4452 Crane Prairie Reservoir
Coyote Recreation Site Coyote Recreation Site Wallowa 5052 Billy Meadows
Craigs Cabin Craigs Cabin Union 3878 Sanderson Spring
Crale Crale Lane 965 Mount June
Crane Creek Campground Crane Creek Campground Grant 4521 Flag Prairie
Crane Flats Forest Service Station Crane Flats Forest Service Station Grant 5554 Granite
Crane Prairie Recreation Site Crane Prairie Recreation Site Deschutes 4478 Crane Prairie Reservoir
Crane Prairie Guard Station Crane Prairie Guard Station Grant 5325 Crane Prairie
Crater Lake Camp Crater Lake Camp Klamath 4367 Beatty
Crater Lake Lodge Crater Lake Lodge Klamath 7136 Crater Lake West
Crescent Siding Crescent Siding Klamath 4403 Crescent
Crescent Recreation Site Crescent Recreation Site Grant 5154 Roberts Creek
Crescent Creek Recreation Site Crescent Creek Recreation Site Klamath 4488 Odell Butte
Crescent Lake Crescent Lake Klamath 4797 Odell Lake
Crescent Lake Junction Crescent Lake Junction Klamath 4767 Odell Lake
Crescent Lake Recreation Site Crescent Lake Recreation Site Klamath 4892 Cowhorn Mountain
Croft Forest Camp (historical) Croft Forest Camp (historical) Lane 1726 Warner Mountain
Cruzatte Cruzatte Lane 4071 Mount David Douglas
Culp Ranch Culp Ranch Harney 4301 Landing Creek
Cynosure Forest Camp (historical) Cynosure Forest Camp (historical) Lane 1959 Warner Mountain
Dahl Pine Dahl Pine Wasco 2520 Foreman Point
Dailey Ranch Dailey Ranch Douglas 164 North Fork
Dale Work Center Dale Work Center Grant 2867 Dale
Dam Observatory Dam Observatory Jefferson 2270 Round Butte Dam
Daphne Grove Recreation Site Daphne Grove Recreation Site Coos 1001 Illahe
Davenport Cabin (historical) Davenport Cabin (historical) Grant 5407 Logan Valley West
Davis Lake Guard Station Davis Lake Guard Station Klamath 4409 Odell Lake
Deadhorse Corral Deadhorse Corral Josephine 5338 Oregon Caves
Deadmond Place Deadmond Place Lake 4482 Oatman Flat
Deadwood Deadwood Jackson 4678 Robinson Butte
Deboy Ranch Deboy Ranch Lake 5554 Drake Peak
Dee Wright Observatory Dee Wright Observatory Deschutes 5331 Mount Washington
Deep Creek Recreation Site Deep Creek Recreation Site Lake 5860 Crane Mountain
Deep Creek Recreation Site Deep Creek Recreation Site Crook 4347 Keys Creek
Deep Creek Ranch Deep Creek Ranch Klamath 4616 The Bull Pasture
Deer Camp Deer Camp Lane 5659 Waldo Lake
Delles Creek Camp Delles Creek Camp Grant 5105 Alsup Mountain
Delp Creek Shelter Delp Creek Shelter Lane 1759 Sinker Mountain
Demaris Cabin Demaris Cabin Umatilla 2323 Blalock Mountain
Dement Ranch Dement Ranch Curry 489 Barklow Mountain
Denman Cabin Denman Cabin Josephine 5964 Grayback Mountain
Denzer Bridge Denzer Bridge Lincoln 115 Five Rivers
Derr Camp Derr Camp Wheeler 5722 Derr Meadows
Derr Guard Station Derr Guard Station Wheeler 5725 Derr Meadows
Deschutes Bridge Guard Station (historical) Deschutes Bridge Guard Station (historical) Deschutes 4632 Crane Prairie Reservoir
Desolation Guard Station Desolation Guard Station Grant 5485 Desolation Butte
Detrick Ranch Detrick Ranch Tillamook 568 Blaine
Devils Flat Guard Station Devils Flat Guard Station Douglas 2257 Cedar Springs Mountain
Devils Garden Forest Camp (historical) Devils Garden Forest Camp (historical) Deschutes 5436 South Sister
Devils Knob Lookout Devils Knob Lookout Douglas 4741 Ragsdale Butte
Devils Meadow Campground Devils Meadow Campground Clackamas 3894 Government Camp
Diamond Camp Diamond Camp Lane 5515 Diamond Peak
Diamond Lake Junction Diamond Lake Junction Klamath 4616 Mazama
Diamond Rock Lookout Diamond Rock Lookout Douglas 4045 Richter Mountain
Dietrich Ranch Dietrich Ranch Harney 4806 Craft Point
Digit Point Recreation Site Digit Point Recreation Site Klamath 5669 Miller Lake
Dillon Falls Recreation Site Dillon Falls Recreation Site Deschutes 4058 Benham Falls
Ditch Cabin Ditch Cabin Deschutes 6857 Broken Top
Ditch Creek Forest Sevice Station Ditch Creek Forest Sevice Station Morrow 4708 Lake Penland
Divide Cow Camp Divide Cow Camp Wallowa 5666 Kinney Lake
Divide Guard Station Divide Guard Station Jackson 3346 Ragsdale Butte
Divide Well Recreation Site Divide Well Recreation Site Umatilla 4724 Thompson Flat
Dividend Bar Dividend Bar Jackson 2434 Squaw Lakes
Dixie Recreation Site Dixie Recreation Site Grant 5187 Bates
Dobbin Cabin Dobbin Cabin Wallowa 5095 Deadhorse Ridge
Doe Spring Guard Station Doe Spring Guard Station Harney 5308 Mackey Butte
Dog Lake Work Center Dog Lake Work Center Lake 5239 Dog Lake
Dolly Varden Recreation Site Dolly Varden Recreation Site Lane 1001 Saddleblanket Mountain
Donnelly Camp Donnelly Camp Harney 5551 Donnelly Butte
Dorrance Cow Camp Dorrance Cow Camp Wallowa 5833 Lord Flat
Dorrance Ranch Dorrance Ranch Wallowa 1614 Wolf Creek
Double Corral Double Corral Wheeler 5167 Derr Meadows
Doug Ingram Tree Doug Ingram Tree Jackson 3202 Big Butte Springs
Dougherty Recreation Site Dougherty Recreation Site Wallowa 5121 Billy Meadows
Drews Creek Recreation Site Drews Creek Recreation Site Lake 4836 Fitzwater Point
Drift Campground Drift Campground Jefferson 2005 Metolius Bench
Drift Creek Shelter Drift Creek Shelter Lincoln 171 Tidewater
Drift Fence Recreation Site Drift Fence Recreation Site Umatilla 4636 Ukiah SE
Driftwood Recreation Site Driftwood Recreation Site Deschutes 6745 Broken Top
Dry Creek Butte Dry Creek Butte Grant 6457 Big Weasel Springs
Dry Creek Cabin Dry Creek Cabin Douglas 1503 Illahee Rock
Dry Creek Camp Dry Creek Camp Klamath 5223 Mount McLoughlin
Duncan Guard Station Duncan Guard Station Umatilla 2313 Duncan
Dunn Ranch Dunn Ranch Harney 4475 Hughet Valley
Dutch Creek Shelter Dutch Creek Shelter Clackamas 1880 Bull of the Woods
Dutch Oven Forest Camp Dutch Oven Forest Camp Lane 2251 Grasshopper Mountain
Eagle Creek Recreation Site Eagle Creek Recreation Site Multnomah 164 Bonneville Dam
Eagle Rock Eagle Rock Grant 4485 Hamilton
Eel Creek Recreation Site Eel Creek Recreation Site Coos 46 Lakeside
Egan Memorial Lodge (historical) Egan Memorial Lodge (historical) Deschutes 6496 Broken Top
Elder Cabin Elder Cabin Lake 5000 Partin Butte
Elk Camp Shelter Elk Camp Shelter Lane 4357 Sinker Mountain
Elk Creek Falls Recreation Site Elk Creek Falls Recreation Site Coos 443 China Flat
Elk Creek Recreation Site Elk Creek Recreation Site Baker 4557 Rail Gulch
Elkhorn Camp Elkhorn Camp Douglas 1306 Steamboat
Elkhorn Cow Camp Elkhorn Cow Camp Grant 5545 Five Hundred Flat
Emerson Ranch Emerson Ranch Douglas 3100 Buckeye Lake
Emigrant Crossing (historical) Emigrant Crossing (historical) Klamath 4724 Muttonchop Butte
Emigrant Forest Camp Emigrant Forest Camp Lane 3553 Emigrant Butte
Emile Shelter Recreation Site Emile Shelter Recreation Site Douglas 4016 Taft Mountain
Emily Cabin Emily Cabin Curry 2625 Josephine Mountain
Erickson Ranch Erickson Ranch Wheeler 3648 Antone
Erlebach Ranch Erlebach Ranch Douglas 1959 Acker Rock
Starkey Experimental Forest Headquarters Starkey Experimental Forest Headquarters Union 4144 Sullivan Gulch
Fairy Shelter Fairy Shelter Douglas 4062 Steamboat
Fall Creek Cabin Fall Creek Cabin Deschutes 5443 Broken Top
Fall Creek Guard Station Fall Creek Guard Station Lane 1001 Saddleblanket Mountain
Fall River Recreation Site Fall River Recreation Site Deschutes 4272 Pistol Butte
Fall River Guard Station Fall River Guard Station Deschutes 4268 Round Mountain
Fall River Lodge Fall River Lodge Deschutes 4249 Pistol Butte
Falls Creek Forest Camp Falls Creek Forest Camp Wallowa 5029 Chief Joseph Mountain
Fantz Ranch Fantz Ranch Josephine 430 Silver Peak
Farewell Bend Recreation Site Farewell Bend Recreation Site Jackson 3409 Union Creek
Fawn Camp Fawn Camp Douglas 4098 Sugarpine Creek
Feagin Ranch Feagin Ranch Wallowa 4544 Sled Springs
Fernview Recreation Site Fernview Recreation Site Linn 1424 Upper Soda
Fields Fields Lane 3310 McCredie Springs
Fifteen Mile Recreation Site Fifteen Mile Recreation Site Wasco 4590 Flag Point
Finke Ranch Finke Ranch Harney 4314 Landing Creek
Finley Creek Cow Camp Finley Creek Cow Camp Union 3435 Sanderson Spring
Fir Tree Forest Camp Fir Tree Forest Camp Clackamas 4436 Wolf Peak
Firo Firo Lane 30 Tiernan
First Creek Camp First Creek Camp Jefferson 5364 Three Fingered Jack
Fish Creek Recreation Site Fish Creek Recreation Site Clackamas 899 Bedford Point
Fish Creek Shelter Fish Creek Shelter Douglas 4924 Fish Mountain
Fish Hook Camp (historical) Fish Hook Camp (historical) Curry 4564 Brandy Peak
Fish Lake Recreation Site Fish Lake Recreation Site Jackson 4708 Mount McLoughlin
Fish Lake Recreation Site Fish Lake Recreation Site Linn 3205 Echo Mountain
Fish Lake Resort Fish Lake Resort Jackson 4659 Mount McLoughlin
Fitzgerald Ranch Fitzgerald Ranch Wheeler 2300 Lawson Mountain
Five Sticks Camp Five Sticks Camp Douglas 2474 Abbott Butte
Fivemile Cow Camp Fivemile Cow Camp Morrow 4915 Matlock Prairie
Fivemile Shelter Fivemile Shelter Lincoln 1302 Tidewater
Flagtail Cow Camp Flagtail Cow Camp Grant 5128 Logdell
Flapper Springs Guard Station Flapper Springs Guard Station Linn 3904 Mount Jefferson
Flat Creek Work Station Flat Creek Work Station Lane 1322 Westfir East
Flats Ranch Flats Ranch Douglas 3297 Ragsdale Butte
Florence Cabin Florence Cabin Morrow 4334 Thompson Flat
Fly Creek Ranch Fly Creek Ranch Jefferson 2431 Fly Creek
Fly Lake Lookout Fly Lake Lookout Jefferson 3028 Fly Creek
Fopian Campground Fopian Campground Baker 5023 Little Baldy Mountain
Target Meadows Campground Target Meadows Campground Umatilla 4793 Tollgate
Fort Klamath Junction Fort Klamath Junction Klamath 4180 Fort Klamath
Foster Creek Forest Camp Foster Creek Forest Camp Jackson 3589 Union Creek
Foster Ranch Foster Ranch Deschutes 4180 Pistol Butte
Fosters Temple Fosters Temple Josephine 5039 Grayback Mountain
Four Corners Four Corners Jackson 4511 Mount Ashland
Four Corners Four Corners Morrow 5134 Matlock Prairie
Four Corners Four Corners Clackamas 318 Molalla
Four Corners Recreation Site Four Corners Recreation Site Umatilla 4377 Sullivan Gulch
Fourbit Ford Fourbit Ford Jackson 3189 Big Butte Springs
Fox Corral Fox Corral Jefferson 2979 Madras East
Fox Mill Fox Mill Grant 4380 Fox
Frakes Cabin Frakes Cabin Lake 6148 Collins Rim
Franz Franz Douglas 30 Reedsport
Frazier Frazier Lane 3645 McCredie Springs
Frazier Recreation Site Frazier Recreation Site Umatilla 4308 Lehman Springs
Frazier Guard Station Frazier Guard Station Umatilla 4377 Lehman Springs
McNeil Recreation Site McNeil Recreation Site Clackamas 2057 Bull Run Lake
Freddy Camp Freddy Camp Jackson 4990 Abbott Butte
Freeman Ranch Freeman Ranch Lake 4541 Bridge Creek Draw
Freezeout Cabin Freezeout Cabin Jackson 5528 Siskiyou Peak
Freezeout Camp Freezeout Camp Douglas 2618 Butler Butte
French Camp Recreation Site French Camp Recreation Site Wallowa 5351 North Minam Meadows
Fritsche Cabin Fritsche Cabin Curry 2392 Quosatana Butte
Frog Camp (historical) Frog Camp (historical) Lane 4790 North Sister
Fry Meadow Guard Station Fry Meadow Guard Station Union 4140 Fry Meadow
Fry Place Fry Place Curry 1444 Horse Sign Butte
Fuego Fuego Klamath 4524 Fuego
Fulk Cabin Fulk Cabin Josephine 2520 Oregon Caves
Gales Landing Gales Landing Deschutes 4455 Crane Prairie Reservoir
Game Lake Lookout (historical) Game Lake Lookout (historical) Curry 4318 Horse Sign Butte
Gardner Ranch Gardner Ranch Curry 1086 Sundown Mountain
Garrett Place Garrett Place Lake 5449 Cox Flat
Geiser Geiser Baker 5184 Greenhorn
Gilchrist Junction Gilchrist Junction Klamath 4751 Muttonchop Butte
Gill Ranch Gill Ranch Wallowa 4606 Zumwalt
Gilman Ranch Gilman Ranch Umatilla 4626 Sugarbowl Creek
Gold Center Gold Center Josephine 5328 Oregon Caves
Gone Creek Recreation Site Gone Creek Recreation Site Clackamas 3248 Timothy Lake
Gorge Camp Gorge Camp Lincoln 518 Euchre Mountain
Goslin Corral Goslin Corral Baker 4793 Balm Creek Reservoir
Goss Ranch Goss Ranch Jackson 3540 Big Butte Springs
Gowdy Ranch Gowdy Ranch Lake 4396 Hager Mountain
Graham Corral Horse Camp Graham Corral Horse Camp Deschutes 3323 Black Crater
Grandview Campground Grandview Campground Union 5561 Summerville
Grassy Ranch Camp Grassy Ranch Camp Douglas 5525 Reynolds Ridge
Grayback Recreation Site Grayback Recreation Site Josephine 1877 Kerby Peak
Grayback Shelter Grayback Shelter Josephine 5571 Grayback Mountain
Gregory (historical) Gregory (historical) Jackson 3419 Mount Ashland
Griffin Ranch Griffin Ranch Klamath 4554 Rodeo Butte
Griggs Griggs Linn 308 Onehorse Slough
Grindstone Camp Grindstone Camp Grant 5443 Pine Creek Mountain
Grindstone Recreation Site Grindstone Recreation Site Wasco 3291 Wapinitia Pass
Groshen Cabin Groshen Cabin Morrow 4403 Lake Penland
Gulliford Crossing Gulliford Crossing Umatilla 4252 Deerhorn Creek
Gulling Gulling Union 2608 Elgin
H and Y Cabin H and Y Cabin Harney 5302 Calamity Butte
H J Baker Ranch H J Baker Ranch Harney 4321 Landing Creek
Hale Ranch Hale Ranch Baker 4249 Whitney
Halfway House Halfway House Klamath 4698 Odell Butte
Hall Cabin Hall Cabin Josephine 1959 Pearsoll Peak
Hall Ranch Hall Ranch Douglas 2684 Richter Mountain
Halls Cabin Halls Cabin Jackson 3232 Whetstone Point
Hamilton Ranch Hamilton Ranch Harney 4262 Landing Creek
Hampton Hampton Lane 958 Westfir West
Happy Camp Happy Camp Tillamook 121 Netarts
Happy Jack Camp Happy Jack Camp Wheeler 5453 Derr Meadows
Harriman Lodge Harriman Lodge Klamath 4147 Pelican Bay
Hauser Substation Hauser Substation Coos 171 Lakeside
Haw Cabin Haw Cabin Lake 5705 Collins Rim
Hawk Creek Station Hawk Creek Station Jackson 2162 Sugarpine Creek
Hay Creek Ranch Hay Creek Ranch Lake 4941 Drews Reservoir
Hay Creek Ranch Hay Creek Ranch Jefferson 2959 Brewer Reservoir
Hay Pen Camp Hay Pen Camp Wallowa 4803 Billy Meadows
Hazel Camp Hazel Camp Curry 2703 Collier Butte
Head O'Boulder Camp Head O'Boulder Camp Grant 7031 Desolation Butte
Headquarters Camp Headquarters Camp Grant 5266 Silver Butte
Heather Heather Lane 2559 Mount David Douglas
Hebo Work Camp Hebo Work Camp Tillamook 256 Hebo
Heceta Junction Heceta Junction Lane 102 Mercer Lake
Henline Mountain Lookout Henline Mountain Lookout Marion 4009 Elkhorn
Herbst Place Herbst Place Tillamook 906 Hebo
Herburger Cabin Herburger Cabin Grant 4111 Magone Lake
Hi Yu Guard Station Hi Yu Guard Station Grant 5243 Magone Lake
Hickey Ranch Hickey Ranch Lake 5610 Horse Prairie
High Camp High Camp Clackamas 4213 Soosap Peak
High Camp Lookout High Camp Lookout Clackamas 4416 Soosap Peak
High Rock Spring Recreation Site High Rock Spring Recreation Site Clackamas 4337 High Rock
Highland Cabin Highland Cabin Lane 3159 Sinker Mountain
Hill Ranch Hill Ranch Lake 4885 Drews Gap
Hillockburn Guard Station Hillockburn Guard Station Clackamas 2644 Elwood
Hinton Ranch Hinton Ranch Wallowa 3445 Greenwood Butte
Hoffman Ranch Hoffman Ranch Jackson 2749 Big Butte Springs
Hollow Log Cow Camp Hollow Log Cow Camp Wallowa 4669 Billy Meadows
Holmes Ranch Holmes Ranch Deschutes 2736 Steelhead Falls
Homestead Camp Homestead Camp Lane 4167 Reynolds Ridge
Homestead Recreation Site Homestead Recreation Site Lane 2293 Grasshopper Mountain
Hood View Recreation Site Hood View Recreation Site Clackamas 3287 Timothy Lake
Horner Ranch Horner Ranch Lincoln 958 Stott Mountain
Horse Creek Cabin Horse Creek Cabin Wallowa 6339 Hat Point
Horse Lake Guard Station Horse Lake Guard Station Lane 4944 Elk Lake
Horse Spring Camp Horse Spring Camp Josephine 5627 Grayback Mountain
Hotel de Bum Camp Hotel de Bum Camp Grant 6224 Pine Creek Mountain
House Rock Recreation Site House Rock Recreation Site Linn 1654 Harter Mountain
Howard Ranch Howard Ranch Lake 4550 Bridge Creek Draw
Hoyt Ranch Hoyt Ranch Klamath 4600 Gordon Lake
Huckleberry Camp Huckleberry Camp Grant 5568 Magone Lake
Huckleberry Guard Station Huckleberry Guard Station Jackson 5377 Thousand Springs
Humbug Recreation Site Humbug Recreation Site Marion 1847 Mother Lode Mountain
Humphreys Camp Humphreys Camp Wheeler 5794 Wolf Mountain
Hunter Camp Hunter Camp Union 4764 Tucker Flat
Hunters Camp Hunters Camp Clackamas 4340 Soosap Peak
Hunting Camp Cow Camp Hunting Camp Cow Camp Wallowa 4842 Teepee Butte
Huron Huron Umatilla 2923 Huron
Hurricane Creek Recreation Site Hurricane Creek Recreation Site Wallowa 4685 Chief Joseph Mountain
Hurricane Grange Hurricane Grange Wallowa 4268 Chief Joseph Mountain
Hurt Cabin Hurt Cabin Curry 1348 Horse Sign Butte
Idlewild Recreation Site Idlewild Recreation Site Harney 5315 Devine Ridge North
Illahee Guard Station Illahee Guard Station Douglas 2185 Illahee Rock
Imnaha Recreation Site Imnaha Recreation Site Jackson 3779 Imnaha Creek
Imnaha Grange Imnaha Grange Wallowa 2841 Sheep Creek Divide
Imnaha Guard Station Imnaha Guard Station Jackson 3802 Imnaha Creek
Indian Camp Indian Camp Morrow 3884 Chapin Creek
Indian Ford Indian Ford Deschutes 3248 Sisters
Irishmans Campground Irishmans Campground Lake 5620 Cox Flat
Irondyke Recreation Site Irondyke Recreation Site Wallowa 5171 North Minam Meadows
Ironside C and H Corrals Ironside C and H Corrals Baker 4593 Eldorado Pass
Island Recreation Site Island Recreation Site Douglas 1197 Steamboat
Ivory Pine Mill Ivory Pine Mill Klamath 4347 Bly
Jack Creek Corral Jack Creek Corral Klamath 4879 Sugarpine Mountain
Jack Shelter Jack Shelter Linn 5016 Three Fingered Jack
Jackson Creek Guard Station Jackson Creek Guard Station Klamath 4682 Gordon Lake
Jade Camp Jade Camp Douglas 2851 Buckeye Lake
James Creek Shelter James Creek Shelter Lane 5850 South Sister
Jamison Ranch Jamison Ranch Klamath 5256 Tea Table Mountain
Jaussaud Corral Jaussaud Corral Wallowa 5164 Fry Meadow
Jobs Garden Jobs Garden Douglas 1227 Mace Mountain
Johns Camp Johns Camp Jackson 3258 Whetstone Point
Johnson Barn Johnson Barn Klamath 4531 Wildhorse Ridge
Johnson Camp Johnson Camp Douglas 1608 Reynolds Ridge
Johnson Meadow Guard Station Johnson Meadow Guard Station Klamath 5387 Sellers Marsh
Jones Ranch Jones Ranch Harney 4081 Van
Jones Well Guard Station Jones Well Guard Station Lake 5089 Spring Butte
Joseph Canyon Viewpoint Joseph Canyon Viewpoint Wallowa 4544 Shamrock Creek
Jumpoff Joe Camp Jumpoff Joe Camp Grant 6660 Desolation Butte
Juniper Camp Juniper Camp Morrow 4626 Thompson Flat
Juno Juno Tillamook 75 Tillamook
Kamela Kamela Union 4199 Meacham Lake
Katydid Ranch Katydid Ranch Jackson 2641 Cascade Gorge
Keeney Camp (historical) Keeney Camp (historical) Grant 4941 Sharp Ridge
Keeps Mill Recreation Site Keeps Mill Recreation Site Wasco 2507 Post Point
Kellers Cabin Kellers Cabin Union 4318 Drumhill Ridge
Kelsay VAlley Recreation Site Kelsay VAlley Recreation Site Douglas 4229 Tolo Mountain
Keystone Ranch Keystone Ranch Crook 3255 Cadle Butte
Kimberling Cabin (historical) Kimberling Cabin (historical) Grant 5082 Logan Valley East
Kimmell (historical) Kimmell (historical) Wallowa 2342 Rondowa
King Cole King Cole Klamath 4098 Surveyor Mountain
King Forest Camp King Forest Camp Wallowa 5223 North Minam Meadows
King Spruce Camp King Spruce Camp Klamath 5741 Imnaha Creek
Kings Cabin Kings Cabin Lake 5741 Hamelton Butte
Kirkland Campground Kirkland Campground Wallowa 5118 Table Mountain
Kitson Hot Springs Kitson Hot Springs Lane 1604 McCredie Springs
Kittredge Ranch Kittredge Ranch Klamath 4557 Wildhorse Ridge
Kizer Ranch Kizer Ranch Crook 4324 Conant Basin
Klickitat Shelter Klickitat Shelter Lincoln 2224 Hellion Rapids
Kneeland Place Kneeland Place Wallowa 4029 Temperance Creek
Knights of Pythias Camp Knights of Pythias Camp Benton 1601 Marys Peak
Krause Cabin Krause Cabin Josephine 5518 Grayback Mountain
Kroll Kroll Douglas 85 Fivemile Creek
La Pine Station La Pine Station Deschutes 4236 Finley Butte
Ladd Creek Campground Ladd Creek Campground Hood River 2297 Bull Run Lake
Lake Creek Forest Camp Lake Creek Forest Camp Douglas 4482 Lemolo Lake
Lake Creek Forest Camp Lake Creek Forest Camp Wallowa 4908 North Minam Meadows
Lake Creek Guard Station Lake Creek Guard Station Grant 5210 Logan Valley West
Lakin Place Lakin Place Crook 3694 Steins Pillar
Lamb Ranch Lamb Ranch Lake 5197 Drews Gap
Lamm Camp Lamm Camp Klamath 4528 Military Crossing
Lamms Camp Lamms Camp Klamath 5007 The Bull Pasture
Lane Creek Recreation Site Lane Creek Recreation Site Umatilla 3839 Owens Butte
Lane Ranch Lane Ranch Klamath 4528 Round Butte
Lapover Ranch Lapover Ranch Wallowa 5292 North Minam Meadows
Larson Place Larson Place Jackson 2598 Whetstone Point
Last Camp Last Camp Grant 4931 Big Weasel Springs
Lava Cast Forest Recreation Site Lava Cast Forest Recreation Site Deschutes 5755 Lava Cast Forest
Lava Island Recreation Site Lava Island Recreation Site Deschutes 3940 Benham Falls
Lavadoure Community Hall Lavadoure Community Hall Douglas 886 Milo
Lazy Bend Recreation Site Lazy Bend Recreation Site Clackamas 745 Bedford Point
Leehmann Ranch Leehmann Ranch Lake 4770 Lakeview Airport
Lemiti Campground Lemiti Campground Clackamas 4206 Pinhead Buttes
Lemon Cabin Lemon Cabin Grant 4436 Big Weasel Springs
Lenz Lenz Klamath 4554 Lenz
Lenz Ranch Lenz Ranch Klamath 4537 Lenz
Liberty Grange Liberty Grange Wallowa 4180 Joseph
Lillyville Forest Camp Lillyville Forest Camp Wallowa 5203 North Minam Meadows
Lily Camp Lily Camp Klamath 4888 Tea Table Mountain
Limburger Cabin Limburger Cabin Lake 5492 Sage Hen Butte
Lincoln Grange Lincoln Grange Lincoln 46 Newport South
Litch Ranch Litch Ranch Wallowa 2178 Fingerboard Saddle
Little Badger Recreation Site Little Badger Recreation Site Wasco 1982 Friend
Little Bear Camp Little Bear Camp Jackson 4731 Abbott Butte
Little Blanket Shelter Little Blanket Shelter Lane 4318 Saddleblanket Mountain
Little Bunchgrass Lookout Little Bunchgrass Lookout Lane 5289 McCredie Springs
Little Crane Recreation Site Little Crane Recreation Site Grant 5561 Crane Prairie
Little Potamus Well Little Potamus Well Morrow 4859 Lake Penland
Little River Little River Klamath 4354 Cryder Butte
Little Sandy Guard Station Little Sandy Guard Station Clackamas 1050 Bull Run
Little Summit Campground Little Summit Campground Wheeler 5095 Little Summit Prairie
Lodgepole Guard Station Lodgepole Guard Station Jackson 3953 Prospect South
Log Table Camp Log Table Camp Grant 5571 Silver Butte
Logdell Logdell Grant 4783 Logdell
Lone Pine Lone Pine Klamath 4295 Buttes of the Gods
Lone Star Lone Star Linn 1660 Quartzville
Long Cabin Long Cabin Harney 5075 Buchanan
Long Lake Camp Long Lake Camp Klamath 6056 Lake of the Woods North
Long Prairie Forest Camp Long Prairie Forest Camp Douglas 4931 Union Creek
Lookout Lookout Lane 1083 Westfir West
Lookout Springs Guard Station Lookout Springs Guard Station Clackamas 4019 Three Lynx
Looney Spring Campground Looney Spring Campground Grant 6194 Deardorff Mountain
Lost Cabin Lost Cabin Grant 5653 Five Hundred Flat
Lost Camp Lost Camp Grant 6562 Desolation Butte
Lost Creek Camp Lost Creek Camp Grant 6739 Olive Lake
Riley Horse Camp Riley Horse Camp Clackamas 2057 Bull Run Lake
Lostine Guard Station Lostine Guard Station Wallowa 4970 North Minam Meadows
Love Station Love Station Josephine 1204 Selma
Lovlett Corral Lovlett Corral Grant 3563 Turner Mountain
Low Echo Camp Low Echo Camp Klamath 4967 Lake of the Woods South
Lowe Mill Lowe Mill Harney 5738 Telephone Butte
Lower Bridge Recreation Site Lower Bridge Recreation Site Jefferson 2713 Prairie Farm Spring
Lower Cougar Camp Lower Cougar Camp Grant 4288 Kelsay Butte
Lower Eightmile Crossing Recreation Site Lower Eightmile Crossing Recreation Site Wasco 3658 Fivemile Butte
Lower End Camp (historical) Lower End Camp (historical) Grant 4505 The Cockscomb
Lower Howard Camp Lower Howard Camp Grant 4865 Desolation Butte
Lucas Ranch Lucas Ranch Douglas 1962 Tiller
Luce Place (historical) Luce Place (historical) Douglas 463 Roman Nose Mountain
Ludwick Cabin Ludwick Cabin Jefferson 4026 Stephenson Mountain
Lund Park Recreation Site Lund Park Recreation Site Lane 1804 Rose Hill
Lusby Cabin Lusby Cabin Jackson 4580 Whetstone Point
Mack Landing Mack Landing Lincoln 3 Mowrey Landing
Madras Station Madras Station Jefferson 2461 Madras West
Madstone Cabin Madstone Cabin Curry 2208 Chetco Peak
Mallard Marsh Recreation Site Mallard Marsh Recreation Site Deschutes 4967 Elk Lake
Maples Forest Camp (historical) Maples Forest Camp (historical) Lincoln 148 Five Rivers
Marion Lake Guard Station Marion Lake Guard Station Linn 4134 Marion Lake
Marks Cabin Marks Cabin Wallowa 6634 Squirrel Prairie
Marshall Place (historical) Marshall Place (historical) Douglas 3140 Tiller
Martie Creek Guard Station Martie Creek Guard Station Lane 3113 Huckleberry Mountain
Martins Mill Martins Mill Baker 4239 Unity Reservoir
Marval (historical) Marval (historical) Benton 627 Marys Peak
Mary Oard Homestead Mary Oard Homestead Harney 4797 Buchanan
Mascall Corralls Mascall Corralls Wheeler 5741 Antone
Mate Cabin Mate Cabin Lake 5741 Collins Rim
Matthews Guard Station Matthews Guard Station Jackson 2238 Whetstone Point
Maury Guard Station (historical) Maury Guard Station (historical) Crook 4550 Drake Butte
McBride Guard Station McBride Guard Station Baker 4724 Jimtown
McBroom Ranch McBroom Ranch Lake 4803 Bridge Creek Draw
McCaleb Ranch McCaleb Ranch Josephine 1204 Pearsoll Peak
McCallister Soda Spring Forest Camp (historical) McCallister Soda Spring Forest Camp (historical) Jackson 3071 Willow Lake
McCartie Ranch McCartie Ranch Klamath 4957 Rodeo Butte
McCready Ranch McCready Ranch Klamath 4288 S'Ocholis Canyon
McCurdy Campground McCurdy Campground Curry 2894 Ophir Mountain
McDougall Camp McDougall Camp Umatilla 4265 Blalock Mountain
McGribble Guard Station McGribble Guard Station Curry 636 Port Orford
McKee Bridge Recreation Site McKee Bridge Recreation Site Jackson 1634 Ruch
McKee Cabin McKee Cabin Curry 1837 Biscuit Hill
McKie Camp McKie Camp Klamath 5535 Devils Peak
McKinley Ranch McKinley Ranch Klamath 4944 Rodman Rock
McMurdo Cabin McMurdo Cabin Morrow 4291 Lake Penland
Meadow Recreation Site Meadow Recreation Site Deschutes 3825 Benham Falls
Meadow Cow Camp Meadow Cow Camp Union 3622 McIntyre Creek
Melco Landing Melco Landing Lincoln 36 Mowrey Landing
Memaloose Guard Station Memaloose Guard Station Wallowa 6614 Hat Point
Menefee Menefee Clackamas 177 Lake Oswego
Middle Bear Camp Middle Bear Camp Wallowa 6601 North Minam Meadows
Mike Bauer Recreation Site Mike Bauer Recreation Site Lincoln 135 Hellion Rapids
Mile Camp Recreation Site Mile Camp Recreation Site Deschutes 4695 Elk Lake
Mill-Mar Ranch Mill-Mar Ranch Jackson 3022 Prospect South
Miners Cabin Miners Cabin Grant 5223 Silver Butte
Mink Lake Shelter Mink Lake Shelter Lane 5059 Packsaddle Mountain
Minnow Minnow Lane 961 Fall Creek Lake
Minski Place Minski Place Lincoln 722 Stott Mountain
Mislatnah Lookout (historical) Mislatnah Lookout (historical) Curry 3091 Big Craggies
Missouri Bend School Missouri Bend School Benton 239 Digger Mountain
Mistletoe (historical) Mistletoe (historical) Jackson 2425 Ashland
Montgomery Ranch Montgomery Ranch Deschutes 4173 Anns Butte
Monty Recreation Site Monty Recreation Site Jefferson 1985 Metolius Bench
Moon Prairie Guard Station Moon Prairie Guard Station Jackson 4678 Brown Mountain
Moores Crossing Moores Crossing Grant 2595 Shop Gulch
Morgan Landing Morgan Landing Lincoln 13 Mowrey Landing
Morphine Ranch Morphine Ranch Morrow 3917 Madison Butte
Mosier Camp Mosier Camp Grant 4531 Canyon Mountain
Mosquito Camp Mosquito Camp Jackson 3596 Willow Lake
Moss Ranch Moss Ranch Lake 5997 Horse Prairie
Mount Pitt School Mount Pitt School Jackson 2713 Big Butte Springs
Mountain Home Mountain Home Umatilla 4081 Carney Butte
Mountain Ranch Mountain Ranch Josephine 2858 Oregon Caves
Mowich Mowich Klamath 4751 Muttonchop Butte
Mowrey Landing Mowrey Landing Lincoln 33 Mowrey Landing
Multnomah Falls Recreation Site Multnomah Falls Recreation Site Multnomah 75 Multnomah Falls
Murderers Creek Forest Service Station Murderers Creek Forest Service Station Grant 4390 Big Weasel Springs
Musick Guard Station Musick Guard Station Lane 5052 Fairview Peak
Mutton Camp Mutton Camp Harney 5695 Big Mowich Mountain
Mutton Camp Mutton Camp Grant 4452 Kelsay Butte
Myrtle Grove Recreation Site Myrtle Grove Recreation Site Coos 594 China Flat
Myrtlewood Campground Myrtlewood Campground Coos 233 Powers
Nanitch Campground Nanitch Campground Clackamas 4383 Mount Hood South
Nans Rock Nans Rock Grant 4639 Fall Mountain
Natural Bridge Recreation Site Natural Bridge Recreation Site Jackson 3209 Union Creek
Nebo Lookout Nebo Lookout Wallowa 7533 Lick Creek
Nekoma (historical) Nekoma (historical) Lane 154 Mapleton
Nelson Guard Station Nelson Guard Station Lane 367 Greenleaf
Nelson Monument Nelson Monument Crook 5082 Gerow Butte
George R Vogel Group Camp George R Vogel Group Camp Tillamook 400 Neskowin
Nichols Camp (historical) Nichols Camp (historical) Jackson 3986 Imnaha Creek
Nichols Ranch Nichols Ranch Douglas 2552 Pickett Butte
No Man Shelter No Man Shelter Douglas 1932 Scaredman Creek
North Fork North Fork Umatilla 2516 Duncan
North Fork Cow Camp North Fork Cow Camp Grant 4921 Crane Prairie
North Fork Guard Station North Fork Guard Station Clackamas 741 Bedford Point
North Fork John Day Recreation Site North Fork John Day Recreation Site Grant 5200 Trout Meadows
North Fork Malheur Recreation Site North Fork Malheur Recreation Site Grant 4734 Crane Prairie
North Minam Guard Station North Minam Guard Station Wallowa 5407 North Minam Meadows
North Wickiup Campground North Wickiup Campground Deschutes 4340 Davis Mountain
Nye Ranch Nye Ranch Crook 4426 Conant Basin
Oak Flat Lookout Oak Flat Lookout Douglas 3333 Illahee Rock
Obenchain Ranch Obenchain Ranch Klamath 4377 Rodeo Butte
Ocean Beach Recreation Site Ocean Beach Recreation Site Lane 102 Heceta Head
Ochoco Divide Recreation Site Ochoco Divide Recreation Site Wheeler 4718 Stephenson Mountain
Odell Creek Recreation Site Odell Creek Recreation Site Klamath 4793 Odell Lake
Oden Ranch Oden Ranch Jackson 2972 Big Butte Springs
Oh Boy Forest Camp Oh Boy Forest Camp Clackamas 2254 Bull of the Woods
Peninsula Recreation Site Peninsula Recreation Site Jefferson 4941 Olallie Butte
Old Dole Smith Homestead Old Dole Smith Homestead Harney 4928 Landing Creek
Old Forest Camp Old Forest Camp Klamath 4682 Wocus Bay
Old Humbolt Diggings Old Humbolt Diggings Grant 3307 John Day
Old Johnson Mill (historical) Old Johnson Mill (historical) Douglas 3235 Ragsdale Butte
Old Kennedy Cabin (historical) Old Kennedy Cabin (historical) Grant 3553 Picture Gorge East
Old Man Camp Old Man Camp Douglas 5558 Garwood Butte
Old Peterson Ranch Old Peterson Ranch Harney 3924 Moffit Table
Old Stephenson Ranch Old Stephenson Ranch Wheeler 3091 Stephenson Mountain
Olive Lake Camp Olive Lake Camp Grant 6040 Olive Lake
Oneonta (historical) Oneonta (historical) Multnomah 39 Multnomah Falls
Onion Camp Onion Camp Curry 4137 Josephine Mountain
Oregon Recreation Site Oregon Recreation Site Baker 4987 Pogue Point
Oregon Gulch Camp Oregon Gulch Camp Grant 5203 Olive Lake
Otis Junction Otis Junction Lincoln 33 Neskowin
Ott Cow Camp Ott Cow Camp Grant 5584 Knox Mountain
Oxbow Ranch Oxbow Ranch Grant 3894 Prairie City
Page Creek Guard Station Page Creek Guard Station Josephine 1755 Takilma
Paradise Park Shelter Paradise Park Shelter Clackamas 5699 Mount Hood South
Parker Meadows Recreation Site Parker Meadows Recreation Site Jackson 5046 Rustler Peak
Parkers Mill Parkers Mill Morrow 3576 Big Rock Flat
Parliament (historical) Parliament (historical) Wallowa 6273 Temperance Creek
Pass Creek Shelter Pass Creek Shelter Douglas 2539 Scaredman Creek
Paulina Lake Recreation Site Paulina Lake Recreation Site Deschutes 6342 Paulina Peak
Pawn Pawn Lane 423 Cummins Peak
Paxton Paxton Jefferson 2178 Madras East
Peabody Homestead Peabody Homestead Harney 5072 Mosquito Flat
Pearl Creek Guard Station Pearl Creek Guard Station Marion 1631 Elkhorn
Pearson Cabin Pearson Cabin Union 4236 Fry Meadow
Pearson Guard Station Pearson Guard Station Umatilla 5436 Pearson Ridge
Peavine Camp Peavine Camp Jackson 4229 Richter Mountain
Peavine Lookout Peavine Lookout Josephine 3779 Mount Peavine
Pebble Ford Recreation Site Pebble Ford Recreation Site Wasco 4186 Fivemile Butte
Pechuck Lookout Pechuck Lookout Clackamas 4222 Rooster Rock
Peck Cabin Peck Cabin Lincoln 1027 Euchre Mountain
Peep Creek Camp (historical) Peep Creek Camp (historical) Grant 4928 The Cockscomb
Pelican Guard Station Pelican Guard Station Klamath 4153 Pelican Bay
Pepper Camp Pepper Camp Josephine 4721 Oregon Caves
Perry School Perry School Jackson 2352 Butte Falls
Peterson Cabin Peterson Cabin Lake 5118 Rodman Rock
Petes Camp Petes Camp Lake 6004 Hamelton Butte
Phlox Point Recreation Site Phlox Point Recreation Site Clackamas 5581 Mount Hood South
Pickett Butte Lookout Tower Pickett Butte Lookout Tower Douglas 3258 Pickett Butte
Pig Iron Lookout Pig Iron Lookout Douglas 4849 Toketee Falls
Pikes Camp Pikes Camp Lincoln 23 Devils Lake
Pine Creek Cow Camp Pine Creek Cow Camp Harney 4862 Craft Point
Pine Creek Shelter (historical) Pine Creek Shelter (historical) Josephine 1647 York Butte
Pine Grove Pine Grove Umatilla 3281 Granite Meadows
Pine Mountain Observatory Pine Mountain Observatory Deschutes 6240 Pine Mountain
Pine Rest Recreation Site Pine Rest Recreation Site Jefferson 2923 Black Butte
Pine Ridge Pine Ridge Klamath 4183 Chiloquin
Pine Tree Campground Pine Tree Campground Grant 2762 Aldrich Gulch
Pioneer Ford Recreation Site Pioneer Ford Recreation Site Jefferson 2720 Prairie Farm Spring
Pioneer Tollgate Campground Pioneer Tollgate Campground Clackamas 1706 Rhododendron
Pismire Camp Pismire Camp Grant 5426 Donaldson Creek
Pitcher Ranch Pitcher Ranch Lake 4839 Bridge Creek Draw
Plainview Plainview Deschutes 3232 Tumalo Dam
Pleasant Center (historical) Pleasant Center (historical) Wallowa 4600 Kinney Lake
Point Recreation Site Point Recreation Site Deschutes 4905 Elk Lake
Pole Bridge Recreation Site Pole Bridge Recreation Site Wallowa 4091 Lostine
Porcupine Camp Porcupine Camp Grant 5377 Magone Lake
Porter Ranch Porter Ranch Klamath 4957 Bear Butte
Post Camp Recreation Site Post Camp Recreation Site Wasco 4003 Post Point
Pot Creek Cabin Pot Creek Cabin Clackamas 2110 Mount Mitchell
Pothole Camp Pothole Camp Grant 6152 Olive Lake
Poujade Ranch Poujade Ranch Harney 4144 Buchanan
Powers Ranch Powers Ranch Coos 797 Barklow Mountain
Prairie Camp Shelter Prairie Camp Shelter Lane 3835 Westfir West
Prairie Recreation Site Prairie Recreation Site Deschutes 4308 Finley Butte
Prairie Diggings Prairie Diggings Grant 3642 Castle Creek
Princess Creek Recreation Site Princess Creek Recreation Site Klamath 4819 Willamette Pass
Pringle Falls Recreation Site Pringle Falls Recreation Site Deschutes 4226 La Pine
Pryor Pryor Lane 1591 Oakridge
Puddle Spring Work Center Puddle Spring Work Center Lake 5830 Pole Butte
Puma Creek Recreation Site Puma Creek Recreation Site Lane 1115 Saddleblanket Mountain
Quartz Mountain Guard Station Quartz Mountain Guard Station Douglas 4413 Quartz Mountain
Quartzville Quartzville Linn 2270 Quartzville
Quartzville Guard Station Quartzville Guard Station Linn 1473 Quartzville
Quinn River Recreation Site Quinn River Recreation Site Deschutes 4459 Crane Prairie Reservoir
R F Smith Ranch R F Smith Ranch Harney 4308 Landing Creek
Rabbit and Porcupine Creek Forest Camp Rabbit and Porcupine Creek Forest Camp Douglas 5187 Diamond Lake
Rafter Ranch Rafter Ranch Klamath 4301 Chiloquin
Ragsdale Lookout Ragsdale Lookout Jackson 4613 Ragsdale Butte
Ramsey Ranch Ramsey Ranch Harney 4898 Hughet Valley
Rancheria Ranch Rancheria Ranch Jackson 2733 Big Butte Springs
Ranger Station Camp (historical) Ranger Station Camp (historical) Grant 5515 Desolation Butte
Ranger Station Camp (historical) Ranger Station Camp (historical) Grant 4508 Olive Lake
Rasmussen House Rasmussen House Josephine 2083 Oregon Caves
Ray Cole Campground Ray Cole Campground Grant 4232 Canyon Mountain
Ray Ranch Ray Ranch Klamath 4537 Applegate Butte
Rebel Rock Lookout Rebel Rock Lookout Lane 5007 Chucksney Mountain
Red Hill Guard Station Red Hill Guard Station Hood River 4485 Mount Hood North
Reed Ranch Reed Ranch Lake 5282 Strawberry Butte
Reed Ranch Reed Ranch Lake 4751 Lakeview Airport
Reeds Mill Reeds Mill Morrow 3494 Big Rock Flat
Renner Ranch Renner Ranch Lake 4760 Fitzwater Point
Reser Cabin Reser Cabin Umatilla 5495 Bone Spring
Reynolds Ridge Lookout Reynolds Ridge Lookout Douglas 5522 Reynolds Ridge
Rhinehart Rhinehart Union 2687 Imbler
Rhododendron Ridge Shelter Rhododendron Ridge Shelter Clackamas 4163 Mount Lowe
Richardson Richardson Lane 295 Greenleaf
Richter Cabin Richter Cabin Jackson 4485 Richter Mountain
Rickman Ranch Rickman Ranch Grant 4363 Alsup Mountain
Riders Camp Riders Camp Klamath 5308 Tea Table Mountain
Rigdon Guard Station Rigdon Guard Station Lane 2513 Rigdon Point
Rim Rock Ranch Rim Rock Ranch Deschutes 2625 Akawa Butte
Ripplebrook Recreation Site Ripplebrook Recreation Site Clackamas 1434 Fish Creek Mountain
Wyeth Recreation Site Wyeth Recreation Site Deschutes 4258 La Pine
River Head Camp (historical) River Head Camp (historical) Union 7018 Eagle Cap
Riverside Recreation Site Riverside Recreation Site Jefferson 3002 Black Butte
Riverside Recreation Site Riverside Recreation Site Clackamas 1483 Fish Creek Mountain
Riverside Ranch Riverside Ranch Crook 3304 Pilot Butte
Roaring River Recreation Site Roaring River Recreation Site Clackamas 1033 Three Lynx
Roberts (historical) Roberts (historical) Linn 955 Cascadia
Robideau Landing Robideau Landing Deschutes 4445 Crane Prairie Reservoir
Robinhood Guard Station Robinhood Guard Station Hood River 3540 Badger Lake
Robinson Ranch Robinson Ranch Lake 5594 Crane Mountain
Rock Creek Recreation Site Rock Creek Recreation Site Deschutes 4468 Crane Prairie Reservoir
Rock Creek Recreation Site Rock Creek Recreation Site Lane 46 Heceta Head
Rock Creek Guard Station Rock Creek Guard Station Douglas 883 Old Fairview
Rock Creek Hideout Rock Creek Hideout Polk 512 Midway
Rock Creek Ranch Rock Creek Ranch Klamath 4153 Shoalwater Bay
Rock Spring Camp Rock Spring Camp Grant 5797 Olive Lake
Rockpile Ranch Rockpile Ranch Grant 3120 Aldrich Gulch
Rocky Bend Recreation Site Rocky Bend Recreation Site Tillamook 577 Springer Mountain
Rocky Ford Rocky Ford Klamath 4560 Gordon Lake
Rocky Top Shelter Rocky Top Shelter Marion 4482 Battle Ax
Rogers (historical) Rogers (historical) Coos 20 North Bend
Rondowa Rondowa Wallowa 2313 Rondowa
Ross Ranch Ross Ranch Lake 5236 Dog Lake
Roundup Grounds Roundup Grounds Jefferson 4757 Opal Mountain
Royce Ranch Royce Ranch Klamath 4570 Gordon Lake
Ruckel Junction Ruckel Junction Umatilla 4459 Bingham Springs
Saddle Camp Saddle Camp Lane 3839 Fairview Peak
Saddle Camp Saddle Camp Grant 7070 Desolation Butte
Saddle Camp Saddle Camp Grant 5016 Olive Lake
Salado Salado Lincoln 164 Elk City
Salmon River Campground Salmon River Campground Clackamas 3612 Mount Hood South
Salmon River Guard Station Salmon River Guard Station Lincoln 623 Dolph
Salmon River Guard Station Salmon River Guard Station Clackamas 1552 Rhododendron
Salt Creek Guard Station Salt Creek Guard Station Jackson 2041 Skeleton Mountain
Sams Cabin Sams Cabin Lake 5463 Hamelton Butte
Satan Creek Forest Camp Satan Creek Forest Camp Deschutes 5433 Broken Top
Sawmill Creek Camp Sawmill Creek Camp Harney 4636 Buck Spring
Scaredman Camp Scaredman Camp Douglas 3264 Scaredman Creek
Schadler Cow Camp Schadler Cow Camp Lake 5741 Sage Hen Butte
Scotts Recreation Site Scotts Recreation Site Crook 5384 Mount Pisgah
Scout Lake Group Camp Scout Lake Group Camp Jefferson 3671 Black Butte
Secret Recreation Site Secret Recreation Site Lane 1870 Warner Mountain
Seekseequa Junction Seekseequa Junction Jefferson 1886 Seekseequa Junction
Seneca Substation Seneca Substation Grant 4688 Seneca
Serviceberry Camp Serviceberry Camp Douglas 5079 Butler Butte
Seven C Ranch Seven C Ranch Klamath 4380 Campbell Reservoir
Sevenmile Guard Station Sevenmile Guard Station Klamath 4199 Mares Egg Spring
Sevier Sevier Wallowa 2831 Wallowa
Shady Dell Recreation Site Shady Dell Recreation Site Lane 961 Westfir West
Shady Recreation Site Shady Recreation Site Wallowa 5459 North Minam Meadows
Shanahan Place Shanahan Place Lake 4898 Rodman Rock
Shangri-La Mill (historical) Shangri-La Mill (historical) Douglas 3084 Ragsdale Butte
Sharp Ranch Sharp Ranch Lincoln 1253 Grass Mountain
Shaws Camp Shaws Camp Klamath 4724 Sprague River West
Shed Camp Shed Camp Jackson 4180 Ragsdale Butte
Sheep Bridge Recreation Site Sheep Bridge Recreation Site Deschutes 4331 Davis Mountain
Sheep Camp Sheep Camp Jackson 3527 Rustler Peak
Sheep Corrals Sheep Corrals Wheeler 5348 Ochoco Butte
Shellrock Creek Recreation Site Shellrock Creek Recreation Site Clackamas 2428 Mount Mitchell
Sherman Ranch Sherman Ranch Curry 328 Brushy Bald Mountain
Sherwood Recreation Site Sherwood Recreation Site Hood River 3068 Dog River
Short Creek Forest Service Station Short Creek Forest Service Station Baker 5049 Little Baldy Mountain
Shorty Davis Ranch Shorty Davis Ranch Crook 3268 Pilot Butte
Shutter Landing Shutter Landing Coos 36 Lakeside
Siboco (historical) Siboco (historical) Lane 102 Florence
Silcox Hut Silcox Hut Clackamas 6922 Mount Hood South
Silica Camp Silica Camp Douglas 3396 Silica Mountain
Siltcoos Recreation Site Siltcoos Recreation Site Lane 39 Tahkenitch Creek
Siltcoos Lookout Siltcoos Lookout Lane 479 Fivemile Creek
Silver Spring Camp Silver Spring Camp Grant 5955 Silver Butte
Silver Tip Camp Silver Tip Camp Clackamas 1978 Fish Creek Mountain
Silvies Landing Silvies Landing Grant 4573 Silvies
Silvies Valley Ranch Silvies Valley Ranch Harney 4557 Trout Creek
Simmons Ranch (historical) Simmons Ranch (historical) Wallowa 1768 Haas Hollow
Sisters Horse Camp (historical) Sisters Horse Camp (historical) Deschutes 3596 Black Crater
Siuslaw (historical) Siuslaw (historical) Lane 144 Mapleton
Six Corners Six Corners Wheeler 5554 Six Corners
Skeen Ranch Skeen Ranch Klamath 4301 Sprague River West
Skeeter Camp Skeeter Camp Lane 2037 Bearbones Mountain
Skeeters Camp Skeeters Camp Jackson 2694 Prospect North
Skookum Creek Camp Skookum Creek Camp Douglas 2933 Acker Rock
Skookum Creek Recreation Site Skookum Creek Recreation Site Lane 4521 Waldo Mountain
Skookum Game Exclosure Skookum Game Exclosure Morrow 3704 Madison Butte
Skookum Prairie Lookout Skookum Prairie Lookout Douglas 5856 Garwood Butte
Skull Creek Camp Skull Creek Camp Lake 6109 Harvey Creek
Slaughterhouse Slaughterhouse Josephine 2234 Oregon Caves
Slayton Corral Slayton Corral Crook 4275 Salt Butte
Sled Springs Work Center Sled Springs Work Center Wallowa 4718 Sled Springs
Slough Recreation Site Slough Recreation Site Deschutes 4071 Benham Falls
Smith River Light Smith River Light Douglas 0 Reedsport
Smith Springs Campground Smith Springs Campground Douglas 1089 Old Fairview
Smiths Ford (historical) Smiths Ford (historical) Douglas 883 Old Fairview
Snow Cabin Snow Cabin Lake 5964 Harvey Creek
Snow Creek Project Camp Snow Creek Project Camp Deschutes 4577 Crane Prairie Reservoir
Snowbird Shelter Snowbird Shelter Douglas 4928 Quartz Mountain
Snowshoe Forest Camp (historical) Snowshoe Forest Camp (historical) Jackson 4045 Rustler Peak
Soda Creek Recreation Site Soda Creek Recreation Site Deschutes 5453 Broken Top
Solace Camp Solace Camp Klamath 5512 Devils Peak
Soldier Camp Soldier Camp Josephine 3451 Mount Peavine
Sourdough Camp Sourdough Camp Curry 1083 Biscuit Hill
Sourdough Camp (historical) Sourdough Camp (historical) Curry 3770 Horse Sign Butte
Sourgrass Camp Sourgrass Camp Josephine 4006 Mount Peavine
South Recreation Site South Recreation Site Deschutes 4964 Elk Lake
South Fork Recreation Site South Fork Recreation Site Baker 4396 Rail Gulch
South Fork Shelter South Fork Shelter Lane 1821 Westfir West
South Shore Recreation Site South Shore Recreation Site Jefferson 3465 Black Butte
South Umpqua Guard Station South Umpqua Guard Station Douglas 1654 Acker Rock
South Waldo Shelter South Waldo Shelter Lane 5453 Waldo Lake
Sparks Sparks Umatilla 1227 McKay Reservoir
Spaulding Mill Spaulding Mill Josephine 3356 Eight Dollar Mountain
Sponge Creek Camp Sponge Creek Camp Grant 5164 Desolation Butte
Perry South Campground Perry South Campground Jefferson 1978 Fly Creek
Spring Forest Camp Spring Forest Camp Klamath 4865 Cowhorn Mountain
Isqúulktpe Creek Overlook Isqúulktpe Creek Overlook Umatilla 3737 Meacham
Singing Horse Ranch Singing Horse Ranch Jefferson 2634 Akawa Butte
Squirrel Camp (historical) Squirrel Camp (historical) Curry 4134 Brandy Peak
Stag Shelter Stag Shelter Lane 3117 Huckleberry Mountain
Standley Guard Station Standley Guard Station Wallowa 7270 Fox Point
Stanley Cabin Stanley Cabin Union 3435 Sanderson Spring
Star Gulch Sulphur Camp Star Gulch Sulphur Camp Jackson 2949 Tallowbox Mountain
State Line Guard Station (historical) State Line Guard Station (historical) Lake 5325 Weed Valley
Stearns (historical) Stearns (historical) Deschutes 4206 Anns Butte
Steeds Crossing Steeds Crossing Wasco 2310 Flag Point
Steen Ranch Steen Ranch Wallowa 4465 Zumwalt
Stewart Cabin Stewart Cabin Grant 4131 Big Weasel Springs
Still Creek Recreation Site Still Creek Recreation Site Clackamas 3793 Mount Hood South
Store Gulch Guard Station Store Gulch Guard Station Josephine 1273 Pearsoll Peak
Stratton Place Stratton Place Lake 4728 Oatman Flat
Strawberry Recreation Site Strawberry Recreation Site Grant 5764 Strawberry Mountain
Sturgill (historical) Sturgill (historical) Baker 2221 Sturgill Creek
Sturgis Guard Station Sturgis Guard Station Jackson 2552 Carberry Creek
Sucker Creek Shelter Sucker Creek Shelter Josephine 5056 Grayback Mountain
Sugar Pine Camp Sugar Pine Camp Jefferson 3274 Prairie Farm Spring
Sugarpine Shelter Sugarpine Shelter Douglas 4088 Butler Butte
Sullens Cow Camp Sullens Cow Camp Grant 4318 Austin
Sulphur Springs Sulphur Springs Douglas 39 North Fork
Summer Lake Hot Spring Summer Lake Hot Spring Lake 4265 Slide Mountain
Summers Ranch Summers Ranch Klamath 4524 Wildhorse Ridge
Summit (historical) Summit (historical) Harney 5279 Devine Ridge North
Summit Cabin Summit Cabin Jackson 4455 Ragsdale Butte
Summit Camp Summit Camp Grant 6893 Desolation Butte
Summit Guard Station Summit Guard Station Douglas 3002 Pickett Butte
Summit Prairie Truck Barns (historical) Summit Prairie Truck Barns (historical) Grant 5308 Logan Valley East
Suncrest Point Lookout Suncrest Point Lookout Lincoln 1968 Stott Mountain
Sundstrom Place (historical) Sundstrom Place (historical) Grant 3724 Aldrich Gulch
Sunny Camp Sunny Camp Jackson 3832 Whetstone Point
Sunset Cove Recreation Site Sunset Cove Recreation Site Klamath 4800 Odell Lake
Sunset Landing Sunset Landing Lincoln 16 Devils Lake
Sunset Shelter Sunset Shelter Douglas 3773 Taft Mountain
Sunset View Recreation Site Sunset View Recreation Site Deschutes 4895 Elk Lake
Sutton Recreation Site Sutton Recreation Site Lane 92 Mercer Lake
Swampy Lakes Shelter Swampy Lakes Shelter Deschutes 5902 Tumalo Falls
Swede Cabin Swede Cabin Klamath 5049 Campbell Reservoir
Swede Cabin Swede Cabin Jackson 3465 Willow Lake
Swede Ridge Shelter Swede Ridge Shelter Deschutes 5673 Tumalo Falls
Sycan Siding Sycan Siding Klamath 4337 Ferguson Mountain
Symons Wood Camp Symons Wood Camp Crook 3730 Opal Mountain
Tahkenitch Recreation Site Tahkenitch Recreation Site Douglas 39 Tahkenitch Creek
Tamarack Camp (historical) Tamarack Camp (historical) Grant 5860 Dollar Basin
Tamarack Camp Tamarack Camp Grant 4806 Pine Creek Mountain
Tamba Ranch Tamba Ranch Curry 75 Mount Emily
Taylor Burn Guard Station Taylor Burn Guard Station Lane 5230 Waldo Mountain
Taylor Ranch Taylor Ranch Curry 1493 Mount Butler
Tenas Camp (historical) Tenas Camp (historical) Hood River 715 Tanner Butte
Ten Mile Creek Recreation Site (historical) Ten Mile Creek Recreation Site (historical) Lane 384 Heceta Head
Tenmile Shelter Tenmile Shelter Lincoln 1322 Hellion Rapids
Tharp (historical) Tharp (historical) Douglas 59 Reedsport
The Bridge School The Bridge School Wallowa 1985 Imnaha
The Holdout Cow Camp The Holdout Cow Camp Malheur 4610 Clevenger Butte
The Oaks The Oaks Curry 1529 Biscuit Hill
The Portage The Portage Lane 16 Mercer Lake
Thielsen Forest Camp Thielsen Forest Camp Douglas 4524 Lemolo Lake
Thomas Creek Campground (historical) Thomas Creek Campground (historical) Lake 5564 Cox Flat
Thomas Creek Work Center Thomas Creek Work Center Lake 5459 Shoestring Butte
Thompson Cabin Thompson Cabin Lake 5564 Sage Hen Butte
Thompson Corral Thompson Corral Morrow 4419 Thompson Flat
Thompson Corral Thompson Corral Morrow 4616 Lake Penland
Thompson Creek Forest Camp Thompson Creek Forest Camp Josephine 3035 Carberry Creek
Thompson Creek Guard Station Thompson Creek Guard Station Jackson 1647 Tallowbox Mountain
Thomson Ranch Thomson Ranch Jackson 3159 Big Butte Springs
Thorn Creek Guard Station Thorn Creek Guard Station Wallowa 1355 Haas Hollow
Three Creek Guard Station Three Creek Guard Station Klamath 4541 Round Butte
Three Tree Lookout (historical) Three Tree Lookout (historical) Curry 2949 Collier Butte
Threemile Shelter Threemile Shelter Lincoln 1916 Tidewater
Tilly Jane Guard Station Tilly Jane Guard Station Hood River 5761 Mount Hood North
Timber Cabin Timber Cabin Douglas 3812 Ragsdale Butte
Tipton (historical) Tipton (historical) Baker 5059 Greenhorn
Toast Camp Toast Camp Curry 2697 Ophir Mountain
Tobin Cabin Tobin Cabin Klamath 5335 Antelope Mountain
Tolman Ranch Tolman Ranch Curry 472 Big Craggies
Top Top Grant 3133 Johnny Cake Mountain
Top School Top School Grant 3186 Johnny Cake Mountain
Trapper Shelter Trapper Shelter Douglas 1640 Scaredman Creek
Tripod Camp Tripod Camp Jackson 4833 Abbott Butte
Trout Creek Cow Camp Trout Creek Cow Camp Jefferson 3432 Opal Mountain
Trout Creek Recreation Site Trout Creek Recreation Site Linn 1312 Upper Soda
Trout Creek Ranch (historical) Trout Creek Ranch (historical) Klamath 4692 Swan Lake Point
Trout Farm Recreation Site Trout Farm Recreation Site Grant 4888 Roberts Creek
Tryon Creek Ranch Tryon Creek Ranch Wallowa 2723 Lord Flat
Tulley Creek Ranch Tulley Creek Ranch Wallowa 2139 Deadhorse Ridge
South Fork Shelter South Fork Shelter Deschutes 4924 Tumalo Falls
Tunnel Spur Tunnel Spur Malheur 2674 South Mountain
Turner Cabin Turner Cabin Harney 4793 Alsup Mountain
Turner Ranch Turner Ranch Harney 4482 Hughet Valley
Twin Bridges Campground (historical) Twin Bridges Campground (historical) Clackamas 2815 Government Camp
Twin Ponds Camp Twin Ponds Camp Jackson 5262 Mount McLoughlin
Twin Springs Forest Camp Twin Springs Forest Camp Clackamas 4213 Three Lynx
Twinbuck Camp Twinbuck Camp Douglas 3353 Acker Rock
Ulrich Ranch Ulrich Ranch Jackson 3438 Whetstone Point
Umatilla Brakes Viewpoint Umatilla Brakes Viewpoint Union 5082 Andies Prairie
Umatilla Forks Recreation Site Umatilla Forks Recreation Site Umatilla 2369 Bingham Springs
Umli Umli Klamath 4770 Crescent Lake
Upper Campground (historical) Upper Campground (historical) Deschutes 4744 Elk Lake
Upper Cougar Camp Upper Cougar Camp Grant 5568 Kelsay Butte
Upper Farm Upper Farm Lincoln 246 Euchre Mountain
Upper Howard Camp Upper Howard Camp Grant 5341 Desolation Butte
Upper Sandy Guard Station Upper Sandy Guard Station Clackamas 3327 Bull Run Lake
Upper Yachats School Upper Yachats School Lincoln 269 Cannibal Mountain
Valley View Cabin Valley View Cabin Hood River 5371 Badger Lake
Vandevert Ranch Vandevert Ranch Deschutes 4170 Anns Butte
Vanora (historical) Vanora (historical) Jefferson 1572 Madras West
Vincent (historical) Vincent (historical) Union 2362 Rondowa
Vincent Creek Guard Station (historical) Vincent Creek Guard Station (historical) Douglas 207 Smith River Falls
Vinyard Cabin Vinyard Cabin Lake 5928 Drake Peak
Wagon Trail Ranch Wagon Trail Ranch Klamath 4265 Masten Butte
Wakefield Cabin Wakefield Cabin Lake 5732 Sage Hen Butte
Waldo Waldo Josephine 1552 O'Brien
Waldo Meadows Guard Station Waldo Meadows Guard Station Lane 4967 Waldo Mountain
Walker Peak Lookout Walker Peak Lookout Multnomah 1795 Brightwood
Walker Ranch Walker Ranch Baker 4160 Whitney
Walla Walla Recreation Site Walla Walla Recreation Site Wallowa 4984 North Minam Meadows
Wapiti Camp Wapiti Camp Umatilla 5558 Tower Mountain
Warm Springs Cabin Warm Springs Cabin Wasco 3714 Pinhead Buttes
Warnock Corral Warnock Corral Wallowa 6699 Hat Point
Warner Work Center Warner Work Center Lake 5669 Horse Prairie
Warren Tison Ranch Warren Tison Ranch Douglas 1946 Ragsdale Butte
Waterbury Mill Waterbury Mill Grant 4613 Fox
Watson Cabin Watson Cabin Douglas 3724 Red Butte
Watts Watts Klamath 4475 Bly
Weaver Ranch (historical) Weaver Ranch (historical) Josephine 715 York Butte
Weiss Ranch Weiss Ranch Douglas 52 North Fork
Welch Creek Recreation Site Welch Creek Recreation Site Grant 4924 The Cockscomb
Wenaha Forks (historical) Wenaha Forks (historical) Wallowa 2805 Wenaha Forks
Wendson Wendson Lane 13 Florence
West Davis Lake Recreation Site West Davis Lake Recreation Site Klamath 4393 Hamner Butte
West Lava Forest Camp (historical) West Lava Forest Camp (historical) Lane 5043 North Sister
West Ranch West Ranch Union 2864 Summerville
Wetmore (historical) Wetmore (historical) Wheeler 3980 Wheeler Point
Wetmore Recreation Site Wetmore Recreation Site Baker 4327 Pogue Point
Whisky Camp Whisky Camp Douglas 3852 Butler Butte
Whiskey Spring Recreation Site Whiskey Spring Recreation Site Jackson 3123 Willow Lake
Whispering Pine Horse Camp Whispering Pine Horse Camp Deschutes 4390 Black Crater
White Fir Forest Camp White Fir Forest Camp Douglas 5187 Diamond Lake
White River Park Campground White River Park Campground Hood River 4236 Mount Hood South
Whitehouse Place Whitehouse Place Lake 5331 Morgan Butte
Whitewater (historical) Whitewater (historical) Clackamas 1125 Three Lynx
Whiting Ranch Whiting Ranch Harney 4934 Mosquito Flat
Wickiup Campground (historical) Wickiup Campground (historical) Grant 5295 Logan Valley East
Wickiup Forest Camp (historical) Wickiup Forest Camp (historical) Jackson 4239 Rustler Peak
Wickiup Shelter Wickiup Shelter Klamath 5358 Rustler Peak
Wicopee Wicopee Lane 2920 McCredie Springs
Wildcat Camp Wildcat Camp Klamath 4577 Maklaks Crater
Wiley Flat Recreation Site Wiley Flat Recreation Site Crook 5869 Drake Butte
Williamson Recreation Site Williamson Recreation Site Wallowa 4882 North Minam Meadows
Willow Campground Willow Campground Klamath 4682 Chemult
Willow Creek Cabin Willow Creek Cabin Lake 6092 Crane Mountain
Willow Creek Recreation Site Willow Creek Recreation Site Lake 6069 Crane Mountain
Willow Creek Corral Willow Creek Corral Jefferson 2684 Buck Butte
Willow Creek Resort Willow Creek Resort Jackson 3031 Willow Lake
Willow Prairie Recreation Site Willow Prairie Recreation Site Jackson 4377 Willow Lake
Wilson Cabin Wilson Cabin Curry 886 Quosatana Butte
Winant Winant Lincoln 66 Newport South
Winburn Camp Winburn Camp Jackson 3366 Ashland
Winchester Forest Camp (historical) Winchester Forest Camp (historical) Lane 5020 Waldo Mountain
Winchuck Recreation Site Winchuck Recreation Site Curry 230 Fourth of July Creek
Windy Camp Lookout Windy Camp Lookout Douglas 3940 Deadman Mountain
Wineburger Camp Wineburger Camp Wheeler 6256 Mount Pisgah
Wing Butte Cabin Wing Butte Cabin Lake 5361 Oatman Flat
Winlock Winlock Wheeler 3061 Wheeler Point
Wolf Creek Recreation Site Wolf Creek Recreation Site Crook 3966 Six Corners
Wolf Creek Job Corps Center Wolf Creek Job Corps Center Douglas 1230 Red Butte
Wolf Shelter Wolf Shelter Lane 5377 Groundhog Mountain
Wolff Ranch Wolff Ranch Klamath 4275 S'Ocholis Canyon
Wooden Rock Guard Station Wooden Rock Guard Station Coos 2244 Eden Valley
Woodland Recreation Site Woodland Recreation Site Union 5079 Andies Prairie
Wrangle Recreation Site Wrangle Recreation Site Jackson 6276 Siskiyou Peak
Wren Guard Station Wren Guard Station Benton 515 Wren
Wyeth Wyeth Hood River 128 Carson
Yainax Agency Yainax Agency Klamath 4363 Sprague River East
Yamsay Guard Station Yamsay Guard Station Klamath 4593 Fuego Mountain
Yamsay Ranch Yamsay Ranch Klamath 4593 Fuego Mountain
Yellow Pine Recreation Site Yellow Pine Recreation Site Baker 4439 Pogue Point
Yokum Corrals Camp Yokum Corrals Camp Grant 4734 Pine Creek Mountain
Younkers Ranch Younkers Ranch Jackson 2155 Cleveland Ridge
ZX Ranch ZX Ranch Lake 5003 Sycan Marsh East
Zigzag East Lookout Zigzag East Lookout Clackamas 4954 Government Camp
Zumwalt School Zumwalt School Wallowa 4685 Zumwalt
ZX Ranch ZX Ranch Lake 4396 Paisley
ZX Ranch Red House ZX Ranch Red House Lake 4334 Paisley
Hidden Recreation Site Hidden Recreation Site Wallowa 4432 Duck Creek
Evergreen Recreation Site Evergreen Recreation Site Wallowa 4459 Duck Creek
Ollokot Recreation Site Ollokot Recreation Site Wallowa 4016 Gumboot Butte
Eureka (historical) Eureka (historical) Wallowa 5056 Deadhorse Ridge
Glover (historical) Glover (historical) Union 3405 Huron
Howardville (historical) Howardville (historical) Wallowa 4196 Promise
Sacajawea Recreation Site Sacajawea Recreation Site Wallowa 6758 Hat Point
Comer (historical) Comer (historical) Grant 4318 Dixie Meadows
Dry Soda Lookout Dry Soda Lookout Grant 5604 Seneca
Olallie Butte Guard Station Olallie Butte Guard Station Jefferson 4970 Olallie Butte
Harper (historical) Harper (historical) Deschutes 4252 Anns Butte
Log Cabin (historical) Log Cabin (historical) Klamath 4324 Masten Butte
Swedes Landing (historical) Swedes Landing (historical) Baker 2064 Sturgill Creek
Magone Lake Recreation Site Magone Lake Recreation Site Grant 4997 Magone Lake
Howell (historical) Howell (historical) Grant 1552 White Monument
Gist Gist Deschutes 3268 Tumalo Dam
Barney Barney Crook 3586 Steins Pillar
Knox Cemetery Knox Cemetery Crook 3684 Mule Deer Ridge
Scissorsville Scissorsville Crook 4957 Ochoco Butte
Hickeyville Hickeyville Wasco 3405 Wapinitia Pass
Howard Howard Crook 3652 Cadle Butte
Taylorville (historical) Taylorville (historical) Wasco 1932 Wolf Run
Shell Rock (historical) Shell Rock (historical) Hood River 144 Carson
Lindsey (historical) Lindsey (historical) Hood River 135 Mount Defiance
Trout Creek Trout Creek Hood River 1135 Parkdale
Clinger Campground Clinger Campground Hood River 4239 Dog River
Brooks Meadow Guard Station Brooks Meadow Guard Station Hood River 4331 Dog River
Wahtum Lake Recreation Site Wahtum Lake Recreation Site Hood River 3799 Wahtum Lake
Dee Flat Guard Station Dee Flat Guard Station Hood River 1263 Dee
South Fork Campground South Fork Campground Umatilla 2608 Bingham Springs
Buck Creek Group Camp Buck Creek Group Camp Umatilla 2470 Bingham Springs
Sloan (historical) Sloan (historical) Umatilla 2146 Duncan
Porter (historical) Porter (historical) Umatilla 3570 Duncan
Tanks (historical) Tanks (historical) Umatilla 4655 Blalock Mountain
South Fork Camp South Fork Camp Umatilla 2234 Blalock Mountain
Conway (historical) Conway (historical) Umatilla 1965 Gibbon
Wastina (historical) Wastina (historical) Lake 4495 McCarty Butte
Beaver Marsh Guard Station Beaver Marsh Guard Station Klamath 4613 Mazama
Mazama Junction Mazama Junction Klamath 4610 Mazama
Wright (historical) Wright (historical) Jackson 1772 Squaw Lakes
Bingham (historical) Bingham (historical) Jackson 1745 Tallowbox Mountain
Tawney (historical) Tawney (historical) Clackamas 1322 Rhododendron
Robinhood Recreation Site Robinhood Recreation Site Hood River 3543 Badger Lake
Nottingham Campground Nottingham Campground Hood River 3284 Badger Lake
Wolf Run Wolf Run Wasco 2221 Wolf Run
Knebal Spring Recreation Site Knebal Spring Recreation Site Wasco 3796 Fivemile Butte
Champion (historical) Champion (historical) Lane 2759 Chilcoot Mountain
Red Bridge (historical) Red Bridge (historical) Lane 1391 Culp Creek
Star (historical) Star (historical) Lane 932 Culp Creek
Little Nestucca Camp (historical) Little Nestucca Camp (historical) Tillamook 325 Dolph
Panther Creek Panther Creek Lincoln 102 Neskowin
Hebo Lake Recreation Site Hebo Lake Recreation Site Tillamook 1617 Hebo
Castle Rock Recreation Site Castle Rock Recreation Site Tillamook 282 Hebo
Castle Rock Castle Rock Tillamook 322 Hebo
Pheasant (historical) Pheasant (historical) Benton 239 Corvallis
South Lake Recreation Site South Lake Recreation Site Yamhill 2326 Niagara Creek
Mount Hebo Recreation Site (historical) Mount Hebo Recreation Site (historical) Tillamook 3038 Niagara Creek
Lagoon Recreation Site Lagoon Recreation Site Lane 23 Goose Pasture
Box (historical) Box (historical) Benton 253 Digger Mountain
Five Rivers Lookout Five Rivers Lookout Lane 1765 Herman Creek
Farnham Landing Farnham Landing Lane 23 Tiernan
Slide Campground (historical) Slide Campground (historical) Lincoln 43 Hellion Rapids
Blackberry Recreation Site Blackberry Recreation Site Lincoln 62 Five Rivers
Canal Creek Recreation Site Canal Creek Recreation Site Lincoln 292 Cannibal Mountain
Upper Yachats Upper Yachats Lincoln 131 Cannibal Mountain
Keller Creek Recreation Site Keller Creek Recreation Site Lincoln 239 Cannibal Mountain
Betzen (historical) Betzen (historical) Lane 39 Tiernan
North Fork Siuslaw Recreation Site North Fork Siuslaw Recreation Site Lane 128 Tiernan
Alsea Mountain Roadside Rest Area Alsea Mountain Roadside Rest Area Benton 1096 Alsea
Yew Wood Camp (historical) Yew Wood Camp (historical) Benton 610 Digger Mountain
Side Camp (historical) Side Camp (historical) Lincoln 1680 Stott Mountain
Werner Camp (historical) Werner Camp (historical) Lincoln 1608 Euchre Mountain
Conger (historical) Conger (historical) Benton 607 Marys Peak
Marys Peak Recreation Site Marys Peak Recreation Site Benton 3592 Marys Peak
Smith River Recreation Site (historical) Smith River Recreation Site (historical) Douglas 226 Baldy Mountain
Schooner Creek Campground (historical) Schooner Creek Campground (historical) Lincoln 384 Devils Lake
North Creek Campground (historical) North Creek Campground (historical) Lincoln 266 Devils Lake
Thomason Meadow Guard Station Thomason Meadow Guard Station Wallowa 4550 Zumwalt
Dixie (historical) Dixie (historical) Grant 5043 Bates
Lawton (historical) Lawton (historical) Grant 4544 Granite
Willow Creek Guard Station Willow Creek Guard Station Lake 6089 Crane Mountain
Thomas (historical) Thomas (historical) Lake 4705 Crane Creek
Wendell (historical) Wendell (historical) Lake 4721 Crane Creek
Warner Canyon Ski Area Warner Canyon Ski Area Lake 5705 Lakeview
Big Minam Guard Station Big Minam Guard Station Wallowa 4626 China Cap
New Idaho New Idaho Lake 4787 Lakeview Airport
Newtons (historical) Newtons (historical) Grant 4324 Austin
Ledgerwood (historical) Ledgerwood (historical) Grant 4459 Hamilton
Granite Mountain (historical) Granite Mountain (historical) Marion 1512 Lawhead Creek
Hudspeth Mill Hudspeth Mill Wheeler 2464 Mitchell
White Pine (historical) White Pine (historical) Grant 5298 Greenhorn
Chapin Guard Station Chapin Guard Station Morrow 3481 Chapin Creek
Wakefield (historical) Wakefield (historical) Klamath 4675 Chemult
Williams Mill (historical) Williams Mill (historical) Lake 4600 Oatman Flat
Tamarack Spring Campground (historical) Tamarack Spring Campground (historical) Baker 4944 Rail Gulch
Sperry (historical) Sperry (historical) Malheur 2776 South Mountain
French Lane (historical) French Lane (historical) Grant 3845 Isham Creek
Parkers (historical) Parkers (historical) Baker 4209 Whitney
Gimlet (historical) Gimlet (historical) Baker 4610 Whitney
Larch (historical) Larch (historical) Baker 4846 Sumpter
South Fork Camp Creek Campground South Fork Camp Creek Campground Baker 4846 Rastus Mountain
Lemolo Lake Resort Lemolo Lake Resort Douglas 4209 Lemolo Lake
Opal Lake Recreation Site Opal Lake Recreation Site Douglas 5397 Cowhorn Mountain
Bunker Hill Recreation Site Bunker Hill Recreation Site Douglas 4255 Lemolo Lake
Inlet Recreation Site Inlet Recreation Site Douglas 4167 Lemolo Lake
East Lemolo Recreation Site East Lemolo Recreation Site Douglas 4176 Lemolo Lake
Poole Creek Recreation Site Poole Creek Recreation Site Douglas 4176 Lemolo Lake
Eagle Creek Forest Camp Eagle Creek Forest Camp Baker 3750 Sparta Butte
Mount Howard Gondola Lift Mount Howard Gondola Lift Wallowa 6742 Joseph
Mud Spring Camp Mud Spring Camp Klamath 5387 Antler Point
J M Ranch J M Ranch Grant 5236 Big Mowich Mountain
Landax (historical) Landax (historical) Lane 1109 Westfir West
Rand Ranger Station (historical) Rand Ranger Station (historical) Josephine 774 Galice
Schuster Place Schuster Place Lake 5354 Shoestring Butte
Woodworth (historical) Woodworth (historical) Hood River 1526 Parkdale
Wheeler City (historical) Wheeler City (historical) Josephine 1096 Eight Dollar Mountain
Kelsy Creek Campground Kelsy Creek Campground Josephine 476 Kelsey Peak
Nestocton (historical) Nestocton (historical) Tillamook 141 Tillamook
Tillamook River Safety Rest Area Tillamook River Safety Rest Area Tillamook 59 Netarts
Thomas Creek Rest Area Thomas Creek Rest Area Curry 338 Carpenterville
McFarlin (historical) McFarlin (historical) Curry 433 Barklow Mountain
Grant (historical) Grant (historical) Grant 3058 Mount Vernon
Almeda (historical) Almeda (historical) Josephine 689 Galice
All Hours (historical) All Hours (historical) Josephine 2982 Takilma
Bear Creek Recreation Site Bear Creek Recreation Site Douglas 666 Bone Mountain
Clear Creek Camp Clear Creek Camp Coos 2569 Eden Valley
Foggy Creek Camp Foggy Creek Camp Coos 2339 Eden Valley
Limber Camp (historical) Limber Camp (historical) Curry 3596 Williams
Saunders Lake Boat Ramp Saunders Lake Boat Ramp Coos 46 Lakeside
Butler Bar Recreation Site Butler Bar Recreation Site Curry 627 Father Mountain
Panther Creek Campground Panther Creek Campground Curry 607 Father Mountain
McGribble Campground McGribble Campground Curry 715 Port Orford
Mountain Well Camp Mountain Well Camp Curry 2664 Father Mountain
Corbin (historical) Corbin (historical) Curry 194 Ophir
Ophir Safety Rest Area Ophir Safety Rest Area Curry 56 Ophir
Frankport Frankport Curry 69 Ophir
Little Redwood Recreation Site Little Redwood Recreation Site Curry 135 Bosley Butte
Chetco (historical) Chetco (historical) Curry 138 Mount Emily
Malheur Ford Malheur Ford Grant 4774 Dollar Basin
Crump (historical) Crump (historical) Jackson 2057 Sterling Creek
Reynoldsville Reynoldsville Lincoln 52 Yachats
Baker Beach Recreation Site Baker Beach Recreation Site Lane 36 Mercer Lake
Judd Judd Lincoln 10 Waldport
Sevenmile Marsh Campground Sevenmile Marsh Campground Klamath 5535 Devils Peak
Calor (historical) Calor (historical) Klamath 4255 Hamaker Mountain
Ivan (historical) Ivan (historical) Klamath 4167 Hamaker Mountain
Abernathy Station (historical) Abernathy Station (historical) Coos 79 Dora
Humboldt Spring Camp (historical) Humboldt Spring Camp (historical) Curry 2569 Big Craggies
Bluebill Recreation Site Bluebill Recreation Site Coos 23 Empire
Palmer (historical) Palmer (historical) Multnomah 2264 Bridal Veil
Donahue (historical) Donahue (historical) Multnomah 2123 Bridal Veil
Brower (historical) Brower (historical) Multnomah 1736 Bridal Veil
Porter (historical) Porter (historical) Clackamas 1293 Cherryville
Hood River Hatchery Hood River Hatchery Hood River 896 Dee
Lint Slough Fish Hatchery (historical) Lint Slough Fish Hatchery (historical) Lincoln 3 Waldport
Spout Springs Ski Area Spout Springs Ski Area Union 5026 Tollgate
Tomahawk Ski Bowl (historical) Tomahawk Ski Bowl (historical) Klamath 4199 Pelican Bay
Sunset Campground Sunset Campground Klamath 4977 Lake of the Woods South
McCollum (historical) McCollum (historical) Klamath 3816 Spencer Creek
Forest (historical) Forest (historical) Klamath 3799 Spencer Creek
Maggard (historical) Maggard (historical) Klamath 5459 Surveyor Mountain
Parker (historical) Parker (historical) Klamath 4075 Surveyor Mountain
Idlerest (historical) Idlerest (historical) Klamath 4209 Fort Klamath
Agency Landing (historical) Agency Landing (historical) Klamath 4147 Agency Lake
Lobert (historical) Lobert (historical) Klamath 4176 Agency Lake
Scott Creek Recreation Site Scott Creek Recreation Site Klamath 4728 Pothole Butte
Sand Creek Junction Sand Creek Junction Klamath 5007 Sun Pass
Wocus Bay Guard Station Wocus Bay Guard Station Klamath 4521 Wocus Bay
Skellock Guard Station Skellock Guard Station Klamath 4531 Military Crossing
Needle Rock Spring Camp Needle Rock Spring Camp Jackson 4383 Whetstone Point
Parker (historical) Parker (historical) Jackson 3202 Big Butte Springs
Paradise (historical) Paradise (historical) Jackson 5059 Brown Mountain
Cave Creek Recreation Site Cave Creek Recreation Site Josephine 2907 Oregon Caves
Trail Camp Trail Camp Jackson 5403 Mount Ashland
White Point (historical) White Point (historical) Jackson 4032 Mount Ashland
Tuff (historical) Tuff (historical) Josephine 1237 Glendale
Simmons (historical) Simmons (historical) Josephine 1096 Wilderville
Cold Springs Campground Cold Springs Campground Klamath 5840 Union Peak
Crater Lake Ski Bowl Crater Lake Ski Bowl Klamath 2470 Cedar Springs Mountain
Granite Hill (historical) Granite Hill (historical) Josephine 2011 Grants Pass
Dumont Creek Recreation Site Dumont Creek Recreation Site Douglas 1335 Dumont Creek
Boulder Creek Recreation Site Boulder Creek Recreation Site Douglas 1440 Dumont Creek
White Creek Recreation Site White Creek Recreation Site Douglas 1506 Taft Mountain
Coolwater Recreation Site Coolwater Recreation Site Douglas 1398 Taft Mountain
Little River Christian Camp Little River Christian Camp Douglas 1161 Red Butte
Wolf Creek Recreation Site Wolf Creek Recreation Site Douglas 1194 Red Butte
Wolf Creek Falls Recreation Site Wolf Creek Falls Recreation Site Douglas 1345 Red Butte
Red Butte Burn Camp Red Butte Burn Camp Douglas 4465 Red Butte
Bogus Creek Recreation Site Bogus Creek Recreation Site Douglas 1175 Mace Mountain
Williams Creek Recreation Site Williams Creek Recreation Site Douglas 1276 Mace Mountain
Broken Arrow Recreation Site Broken Arrow Recreation Site Douglas 5246 Diamond Lake
South Shore Recreation Site South Shore Recreation Site Douglas 5190 Diamond Lake
Thielsen View Recreation Site Thielsen View Recreation Site Douglas 5200 Diamond Lake
Winter Knight Camp Winter Knight Camp Douglas 3002 Potter Mountain
Toketee Recreation Site Toketee Recreation Site Douglas 2457 Toketee Falls
Eagle Rock Recreation Site Eagle Rock Recreation Site Douglas 1575 Illahee Rock
Boulder Flat Recreation Site Boulder Flat Recreation Site Douglas 1795 Illahee Rock
Slim Chance Campground Slim Chance Campground Douglas 2287 Reynolds Ridge
Horseshoe Bend Recreation Site Horseshoe Bend Recreation Site Douglas 1404 Steamboat
Canton Creek Recreation Site Canton Creek Recreation Site Douglas 1129 Steamboat
Mosquito Camp Mosquito Camp Douglas 4875 Buckeye Lake
Buckeye Lake Campground Buckeye Lake Campground Douglas 4226 Buckeye Lake
Cliff Lake Campground Cliff Lake Campground Douglas 4176 Buckeye Lake
Birdseye Camp Birdseye Camp Douglas 3888 Twin Lakes Mountain
Buckhead Mountain Campground Buckhead Mountain Campground Douglas 5105 Twin Lakes Mountain
Big Twin Lakes Campground Big Twin Lakes Campground Douglas 4977 Twin Lakes Mountain
Lake in the Woods Recreation Site Lake in the Woods Recreation Site Douglas 2789 Quartz Mountain
Hemlock Lake Recreation Site Hemlock Lake Recreation Site Douglas 4416 Quartz Mountain
Last Camp Last Camp Douglas 2244 Acker Rock
Camp Vena Camp Vena Douglas 3661 Acker Rock
South Umpqua Falls Recreation Site South Umpqua Falls Recreation Site Douglas 4741 Buckeye Lake
Yamsay (historical) Yamsay (historical) Klamath 4941 The Bull Pasture
Herman Creek Horse Camp Herman Creek Horse Camp Hood River 1175 Carson
Sand Creek Sand Creek Klamath 4554 Lenz
Camp Six Guard Station Camp Six Guard Station Klamath 5253 Rodeo Butte
Ray Ranch Ray Ranch Grant 3940 Prairie City
Indian Springs Campground Indian Springs Campground Grant 6890 Strawberry Mountain
Slide Creek Recreation Site Slide Creek Recreation Site Grant 5036 Strawberry Mountain
McNaughton Spring Recreation Site McNaughton Spring Recreation Site Grant 4872 Strawberry Mountain
Deerhorn Campground Deerhorn Campground Grant 3930 Bates
Middle Fork Recreation Site Middle Fork Recreation Site Grant 3845 Vinegar Hill
Briggs Creek Recreation Site Briggs Creek Recreation Site Josephine 935 York Butte
Brushy Bar Recreation Site Brushy Bar Recreation Site Curry 407 Marial
West Ridge Camp West Ridge Camp Josephine 3048 Silver Peak
Bald Mountain Camp Bald Mountain Camp Josephine 3671 Silver Peak
Brandon Camp Brandon Camp Curry 1795 Horse Sign Butte
Burt Camp Burt Camp Curry 2536 Horse Sign Butte
Fresno Camp Fresno Camp Curry 3737 Chetco Peak
Illahe Recreation Site Illahe Recreation Site Curry 364 Illahe
Sru Lake Campground Sru Lake Campground Coos 2221 Illahe
Gawa Church Camp Gawa Church Camp Jackson 2612 Robinson Butte
Owens Ranch Owens Ranch Jackson 4442 Robinson Butte
Pennington Ranch Pennington Ranch Jackson 2913 Willow Lake
Stanley Ranch (historical) Stanley Ranch (historical) Jackson 3087 Willow Lake
Elder Ranch Elder Ranch Jackson 3681 Willow Lake
Harvey Ranch Harvey Ranch Lake 4258 Slide Mountain
J V Withers Ranch J V Withers Ranch Lake 4288 Slide Mountain
Mill Creek Recreation Site Mill Creek Recreation Site Jackson 2802 Prospect North
T Emery Ranch T Emery Ranch Lake 4478 Oatman Flat
Sycan Ford Sycan Ford Klamath 4879 Silver Dollar Flat
Remery Ranch Remery Ranch Lake 4482 Oatman Flat
Sunday Camp Sunday Camp Jackson 4049 Thousand Springs
Wagon Camp Wagon Camp Jackson 4308 Thousand Springs
Trail Forest Service Facility Trail Forest Service Facility Jackson 1657 Trail
Clearwater Falls Recreation Site Clearwater Falls Recreation Site Douglas 4291 Diamond Lake
Star Gulch Recreation Site Star Gulch Recreation Site Jackson 2966 Tallowbox Mountain
Huckleberry Mountain Recreation Site Huckleberry Mountain Recreation Site Jackson 5456 Thousand Springs
Sevenmile Marsh Trailhead Sevenmile Marsh Trailhead Klamath 5463 Devils Peak
Watkins Recreation Site Watkins Recreation Site Jackson 2096 Carberry Creek
Manzanita Trailhead Manzanita Trailhead Jackson 2260 Carberry Creek
Seattle Bar Trailhead Seattle Bar Trailhead Jackson 2034 Carberry Creek
Seattle Bar Recreation Site Seattle Bar Recreation Site Jackson 2031 Carberry Creek
Takelma Park Picnic Area Takelma Park Picnic Area Jackson 1968 McLeod
Neal Springs Campground Neal Springs Campground Douglas 5289 Abbott Butte
Abbott Creek Recreation Site Abbott Creek Recreation Site Jackson 3025 Abbott Butte
Copper Recreation Site Copper Recreation Site Jackson 1949 Carberry Creek
Huckleberry Lake Campground Huckleberry Lake Campground Douglas 5121 Abbott Butte
Lakeview Water Users Headquarters Lakeview Water Users Headquarters Lake 4803 Fitzwater Point
Ashcraft Ranch Ashcraft Ranch Lake 4764 Fitzwater Point
Fishhole Substation Fishhole Substation Klamath 4439 Bly
Lee Adkins Place Lee Adkins Place Klamath 4462 Bly
Obenchain Ranch Obenchain Ranch Klamath 4488 Bly
BK Ranch BK Ranch Klamath 4373 Bly
Campbell Ranch Campbell Ranch Klamath 4367 Bly
North Fork Ranch North Fork Ranch Klamath 4528 Bly
D Emery Ranch D Emery Ranch Lake 4521 Bridge Creek Draw
Silver Creek Marsh Recreation Site Silver Creek Marsh Recreation Site Lake 4819 Bridge Creek Draw
Wickiup Spring Forest Service Station Wickiup Spring Forest Service Station Lake 6040 Wickiup Spring
Gaylord Ranch Gaylord Ranch Lake 5207 Shoestring Butte
Fred Ross Fred Ross Lake 5203 Dog Lake
Dog Lake Recreation Site Dog Lake Recreation Site Lake 5203 Dog Lake
Vernon Ranch Vernon Ranch Lake 4810 Crane Creek
Snider Ranch Snider Ranch Lake 4764 Crane Creek
Fisher Ranch Fisher Ranch Lake 4793 Crane Creek
Warm Springs Campground (historical) Warm Springs Campground (historical) Deschutes 6339 East Lake
JC Collins Ranch JC Collins Ranch Klamath 4662 Crescent Lake
Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Substation Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Substation Klamath 4721 Muttonchop Butte
East Lake Resort East Lake Resort Deschutes 6381 East Lake
Boundary Springs Recreation Site Boundary Springs Recreation Site Klamath 5502 Crescent
Lava Flow Recreation Site Lava Flow Recreation Site Deschutes 4403 Hamner Butte
Timpanogas Recreation Site Timpanogas Recreation Site Douglas 5308 Cowhorn Mountain
Indigo Lake Recreation Site Indigo Lake Recreation Site Douglas 5899 Cowhorn Mountain
Elk Lake Pack Station Elk Lake Pack Station Deschutes 4921 Elk Lake
Elk Lake Guard Station Elk Lake Guard Station Deschutes 4905 Elk Lake
Lava Lake Boat Rental Lava Lake Boat Rental Deschutes 4744 Elk Lake
Cabin Lake Recreation Site Cabin Lake Recreation Site Lake 4544 Cabin Lake
Bates Ranch Bates Ranch Deschutes 4203 Pistol Butte
Pine Mountain Recreation Site Pine Mountain Recreation Site Deschutes 6240 Pine Mountain
Sparks Lake Recreation Site Sparks Lake Recreation Site Deschutes 5436 Broken Top
China Hat Recreation Site China Hat Recreation Site Deschutes 5082 China Hat
Upper Three Creek Sno-Park Upper Three Creek Sno-Park Deschutes 5056 Trout Creek Butte
Besson Boating Site Besson Boating Site Deschutes 4153 Benham Falls
Sand Spring Recreation Site Sand Spring Recreation Site Deschutes 4954 Plot Butte
Royce Mountain Snow Park (historical) Royce Mountain Snow Park (historical) Klamath 4780 Odell Lake
Crescent Lake Guard Station Crescent Lake Guard Station Klamath 4892 Odell Lake
Crescent Lake Resort Crescent Lake Resort Klamath 4895 Odell Lake
Sisters Guard Station (historical) Sisters Guard Station (historical) Deschutes 3205 Sisters
Charlton Lake Shelter Charlton Lake Shelter Deschutes 5722 The Twins
Summit Lake Recreation Site Summit Lake Recreation Site Klamath 5568 Emigrant Butte
Memaloose Memaloose Clackamas 814 Bedford Point
Elk Lake Recreation Site Elk Lake Recreation Site Marion 3707 Battle Ax
Latourell Recreation Site Latourell Recreation Site Multnomah 118 Bridal Veil
Bonney Crossing Recreation Site Bonney Crossing Recreation Site Wasco 2159 Flag Point
Lost Creek Recreation Site Lost Creek Recreation Site Hood River 2349 Bull Run Lake
Spring Butte Well Camp Spring Butte Well Camp Lake 4898 Spring Butte
Cascade Hyland Resort Cascade Hyland Resort Wasco 1821 Friend
Kinzel Lake Campground Kinzel Lake Campground Clackamas 4278 Government Camp
Wildwood Recreation Site and Picnic Area Wildwood Recreation Site and Picnic Area Clackamas 1175 Rhododendron
Joe Graham Horse Camp Joe Graham Horse Camp Clackamas 3346 Mount Wilson
Tenino Boat Launch Tenino Boat Launch Deschutes 4288 Wickiup Dam
Wickiup Butte Recreation Site Wickiup Butte Recreation Site Deschutes 4354 Wickiup Dam
Rho Ridge Shelter Rho Ridge Shelter Clackamas 4265 Mount Lowe
Devils Lake Recreation Site Devils Lake Recreation Site Deschutes 5466 South Sister
Sheep Spring Horse Camp Sheep Spring Horse Camp Jefferson 3176 Candle Creek
Sport Haven Trailer Park Recreation Site Sport Haven Trailer Park Recreation Site Curry 10 Brookings
Brookings Recreation Site Brookings Recreation Site Curry 7 Brookings
South Jetty Recreation Site South Jetty Recreation Site Lane 210 Florence
Siuslaw Vista Siuslaw Vista Lane 82 Florence
Alder Dune Recreation Site Alder Dune Recreation Site Lane 121 Mercer Lake
Holman Vista Recreation Site Holman Vista Recreation Site Lane 26 Mercer Lake
Griffin Picnic Area Griffin Picnic Area Josephine 843 Wilderville
Marys Wayside Recreation Site Marys Wayside Recreation Site Benton 1266 Alsea
Spalding Pond Recreation Site Spalding Pond Recreation Site Josephine 3323 Eight Dollar Mountain
Sam Brown Recreation Site Sam Brown Recreation Site Josephine 2051 Chrome Ridge
Secret Creek Recreation Site Secret Creek Recreation Site Josephine 1972 Chrome Ridge
Myers Creek Recreation Site Myers Creek Recreation Site Josephine 2326 Chrome Ridge
Indian Creek Campground Indian Creek Campground Curry 23 Gold Beach
Gold Beach Boat Launch Gold Beach Boat Launch Curry 0 Gold Beach
Agness Recreation Site Agness Recreation Site Curry 98 Agness
Villair Ranch Villair Ranch Josephine 1509 Holland
Cold Spring Camp Cold Spring Camp Douglas 3678 Mount Bolivar
Ferris Ford Work Center Ferris Ford Work Center Coos 883 Illahe
Eden Valley Recreation Site Eden Valley Recreation Site Coos 2303 Eden Valley
Bowman Ranch Bowman Ranch Curry 1063 Quosatana Butte
Cold Springs Camp Cold Springs Camp Curry 4511 Josephine Mountain
Angell Job Corps Center Angell Job Corps Center Lincoln 33 Yachats
Riveredge Recreation Site Riveredge Recreation Site Lincoln 138 Hellion Rapids
Blodgett Work Center Blodgett Work Center Lincoln 161 Yachats
Wren Forest Service Station Wren Forest Service Station Benton 486 Wren
Carter Lake Recreation Site Carter Lake Recreation Site Douglas 85 Tahkenitch Creek
Oregon Dunes Recreation Site Oregon Dunes Recreation Site Douglas 125 Tahkenitch Creek
Carter Lake Boat Ramp Carter Lake Boat Ramp Douglas 66 Tahkenitch Creek
Lodgepole Recreation Site Lodgepole Recreation Site Lane 112 Goose Pasture
Driftwood II Recreation Site Driftwood II Recreation Site Lane 23 Goose Pasture
Spinreel Recreation Site Spinreel Recreation Site Coos 33 Lakeside
Tahkenitch Boat Ramp Tahkenitch Boat Ramp Douglas 39 Tahkenitch Creek
Crown Zellerback Campground Crown Zellerback Campground Douglas 171 Tahkenitch Creek
Tahkenitch Landing Recreation Site Tahkenitch Landing Recreation Site Douglas 43 Tahkenitch Creek
Stagecoach Trailhead Stagecoach Trailhead Lane 20 Goose Pasture
Shedd Camp Shelter Shedd Camp Shelter Linn 2388 Harter Mountain
Crockett Knob Lookout Crockett Knob Lookout Grant 4806 Boulder Butte
Penland Lake Recreation Site Penland Lake Recreation Site Morrow 4941 Lake Penland
Monument Mountain Lookout Monument Mountain Lookout Grant 3884 Monument
Fish Lake Remount Depot Fish Lake Remount Depot Linn 3284 Echo Mountain
Shady Cove Recreation Site Shady Cove Recreation Site Marion 1503 Elkhorn
Lehman Hot Springs Recreation Site Lehman Hot Springs Recreation Site Umatilla 4439 Lehman Springs
Research Corrals Research Corrals Union 3973 Sullivan Gulch
Only Entry Point Only Entry Point Union 4167 Sullivan Gulch
Elgin Forest Service Station Elgin Forest Service Station Union 2677 Elgin
Oregon Mine Recreation Site Oregon Mine Recreation Site Grant 4409 Big Weasel Springs
Black Ranch Black Ranch Grant Unknown
Bear Wallow Camp Recreation Site (historical) Bear Wallow Camp Recreation Site (historical) Umatilla 4869 Granite Meadows
Yokum Cabin Yokum Cabin Morrow 3845 Arbuckle Mountain
Walker Walker Umatilla 2582 Meadow Brook Summit
Westview Shelter Westview Shelter Lane 5121 Willamette Pass
Salmon Creek Falls Recreation Site Salmon Creek Falls Recreation Site Lane 1496 Huckleberry Mountain
Big Creek Meadows Recreation Site Big Creek Meadows Recreation Site Umatilla 5098 Tower Mountain
Gold Dredge Recreation Site Gold Dredge Recreation Site Umatilla 3051 Ukiah SE
Toll Bridge Recreation Site Toll Bridge Recreation Site Grant 2848 Dale
North Shore Recreation Site North Shore Recreation Site Lane 899 Fall Creek Lake
Desolation Butte Lookout Desolation Butte Lookout Grant 6102 Desolation Butte
Santiam Sno-Park Santiam Sno-Park Linn 4872 Three Fingered Jack
Hoodoo Ski Bowl Snow-Park Hoodoo Ski Bowl Snow-Park Linn 4724 Three Fingered Jack
Corbett Sno-Park Corbett Sno-Park Jefferson 4232 Three Fingered Jack
Corral Spring Forest Service Station Corral Spring Forest Service Station Klamath 5443 Stams Mountain
Great Meadows Recreation Site Great Meadows Recreation Site Klamath 4961 Lake of the Woods North
Lake of the Woods Resort Lake of the Woods Resort Klamath 4977 Lake of the Woods North
Bear Camp Bear Camp Douglas 4728 Hamaker Butte
Devils Flat Recreation Site Devils Flat Recreation Site Klamath 2411 Cedar Springs Mountain
Crawfish Shelter Crawfish Shelter Lane 4570 Fairview Peak
Trail Cabin Trail Cabin Crook 5515 Opal Mountain
Oliver Ranch Oliver Ranch Grant 3225 Castle Creek
Jenkins Cabin Jenkins Cabin Grant 4272 Wolfinger Butte
Dunlap Cabin Dunlap Cabin Grant 4829 Wolfinger Butte
Rudio Mountain Lookout Rudio Mountain Lookout Grant 5669 Sheep Ridge
Holiday Ranch Holiday Ranch Grant 3287 Castle Creek
Call Meadow Forest Service Facility Call Meadow Forest Service Facility Harney 5390 Telephone Butte
Cross Ranch Cross Ranch Harney 4819 Devine Ridge North
Boy Scout Cabin Boy Scout Cabin Harney 4882 Devine Ridge North
Craddock Ranch Craddock Ranch Harney 4547 Trout Creek
West Myrtle Butte Forest Service Facility West Myrtle Butte Forest Service Facility Grant 6263 West Myrtle Butte
Glascock Ranch Glascock Ranch Grant 3655 Shop Gulch
Hankins Ranch Hankins Ranch Grant 4685 Silvies
Smith Ranch Smith Ranch Grant 4357 Izee
Brisbois Ranch Brisbois Ranch Grant 4068 Izee
Lower Camp Creek Recreation Site Lower Camp Creek Recreation Site Grant 3560 Susanville
Murray Recreation Site Murray Recreation Site Grant 5266 Logan Valley West
LC Mountain Translator Site LC Mountain Translator Site Grant 6152 Long Creek
Snowshoe Camp Snowshoe Camp Grant 5761 Logan Valley East
Sky Line Camp Sky Line Camp Grant 6119 Logan Valley East
John Day Sanitary Landfill John Day Sanitary Landfill Grant 3668 Mount Vernon
Benson Ranch Benson Ranch Grant 3451 Mount Vernon
Oliver Ranch Oliver Ranch Grant 2972 Mount Vernon
Pine Creek Recreation Site Pine Creek Recreation Site Grant 6388 Pine Creek Mountain
Buckhorn Meadow Recreation Site Buckhorn Meadow Recreation Site Grant 5981 Pine Creek Mountain
Fletcher Ranch Fletcher Ranch Grant 2887 Mount Vernon
A Coombs Ranch A Coombs Ranch Grant 3770 Prairie City
Miller Ranch Miller Ranch Grant 4429 Pine Creek Mountain
Howard Ranch Howard Ranch Grant 4465 Pine Creek Mountain
Carter Ranch Carter Ranch Grant 3730 Prairie City
I Standbro Ranch I Standbro Ranch Grant 3704 Prairie City
H Coombs Ranch H Coombs Ranch Grant 3707 Prairie City
Winegar Ranch Winegar Ranch Grant 3635 Prairie City
B Standbro Ranch B Standbro Ranch Grant 3619 Prairie City
Velvin Ranch Velvin Ranch Grant 3652 Prairie City
Johnson Ranch Johnson Ranch Grant 3799 Isham Creek
Drinkwater Ranch Drinkwater Ranch Grant 3845 Isham Creek
Kimberly Ranch Kimberly Ranch Grant 3878 Isham Creek
Strawberry Lake Camp Strawberry Lake Camp Grant 6299 Strawberry Mountain
Ricco Ranch Ricco Ranch Grant 3806 Isham Creek
Joaquin Miller Recreation Site Joaquin Miller Recreation Site Grant 6033 Canyon Mountain
Canyon Mountain Recreation Site (historical) Canyon Mountain Recreation Site (historical) Grant 5656 Canyon Mountain
Stevens Creek Recreation Site Stevens Creek Recreation Site Baker 4465 Rail Gulch
Pelican Fire Guard Station Pelican Fire Guard Station Klamath 4150 Pelican Bay
Kodiac Kodiac Klamath 5118 Yonna
Cold Springs Recreation Site Cold Springs Recreation Site Klamath 5889 Pelican Butte
Crystal Springs Recreation Site Crystal Springs Recreation Site Klamath 4167 Crystal Spring
Crystal Spring Trailhead Crystal Spring Trailhead Klamath 4173 Crystal Spring
Malone Springs Recreation Site Malone Springs Recreation Site Klamath 4147 Crystal Spring
Little Crater Lake Recreation Site Little Crater Lake Recreation Site Clackamas 3238 Wapinitia Pass
Sunset Recreation Site Sunset Recreation Site Klamath 4974 Lake of the Woods South
Barlow Creek Recreation Site Barlow Creek Recreation Site Wasco 3084 Wapinitia Pass
Paul Dennis Recreation Site Paul Dennis Recreation Site Jefferson 4970 Olallie Butte
Camp Ten Recreation Site Camp Ten Recreation Site Jefferson 4951 Olallie Butte
Rock Creek Reservoir Work Center Rock Creek Reservoir Work Center Wasco 2228 Rock Creek Reservoir
Larch Mountain Recreation Site Larch Mountain Recreation Site Multnomah 3930 Multnomah Falls
Methodist Youth Camp Methodist Youth Camp Jefferson 3484 Black Butte
Triangle Lake Recreation Site Triangle Lake Recreation Site Marion 4514 Olallie Butte
Lower Lake Recreation Site Lower Lake Recreation Site Marion 4833 Olallie Butte
Camp Sherman Recreation Site Camp Sherman Recreation Site Jefferson 2933 Black Butte
Lake Creek Lodge Lake Creek Lodge Jefferson 2992 Black Butte
Jack Creek Recreation Site Jack Creek Recreation Site Jefferson 3153 Black Butte
House on the Metolius Resort House on the Metolius Resort Jefferson 2930 Black Butte
Head of Jack Creek Head of Jack Creek Jefferson 3235 Black Butte
Digit Point Trailhead Digit Point Trailhead Klamath 5653 Miller Lake
Annie Creek Sno-Park Annie Creek Sno-Park Klamath 4363 Maklaks Crater
Sugarpine Mountain Lookout Sugarpine Mountain Lookout Klamath 6381 Sugarpine Mountain
Mazama Sheep Corral Mazama Sheep Corral Klamath 4606 Mazama
Cow Camp Cow Camp Harney 5266 Buck Spring
Sherman Ranch Sherman Ranch Harney 4803 Delintment Lake
Buck Spring Campground Buck Spring Campground Harney 4947 Buck Spring
Mills Upper Ranch Mills Upper Ranch Crook 4951 Delintment Lake
McCormack Ranch McCormack Ranch Crook 4393 Pringle Flat
Rickman Ranch Rickman Ranch Crook 4751 Pringle Flat
Puett Ranch (historical) Puett Ranch (historical) Crook 3862 Mud Spring
Miller Ranch Miller Ranch Crook 3911 Mud Spring
Sugar Creek Recreation Site Sugar Creek Recreation Site Crook 3999 Mud Spring
Cow Camp Cow Camp Grant 4675 Funny Butte
Powell Ranch Powell Ranch Crook 3894 Powell Mountain
Cow Camp Cow Camp Crook 4865 Suplee
Cow Camp Cow Camp Crook 4669 Suplee
H Bernard Ranch (historical) H Bernard Ranch (historical) Crook 4760 Suplee
Mud Springs Recreation Site Mud Springs Recreation Site Crook 4921 Wolf Mountain
North Crater Trailhead North Crater Trailhead Douglas 5794 Pumice Desert East
Long Prairie Corral Long Prairie Corral Klamath 4655 Bear Butte
McKinney Ranch McKinney Ranch Klamath 4951 Bear Butte
Thielsen Creek Recreation Site Thielsen Creek Recreation Site Klamath 6922 Mount Thielsen
Severance Ranch Severance Ranch Crook 3645 Arrowwood Point
Glenn Ranch Glenn Ranch Crook 3566 Arrowwood Point
Silver Fork Gap Point of Interest Silver Fork Gap Point of Interest Jackson 6617 Dutchman Peak
Dexter Ranch Dexter Ranch Grant 2461 Dayville
Joe Fisher Ranch Joe Fisher Ranch Crook 3120 Grizzly Mountain
Robertson Ranch Robertson Ranch Crook 4842 Suplee
Bernard Ranch Bernard Ranch Crook 4311 Suplee
Big Springs Recreation Site Big Springs Recreation Site Crook 5029 Little Summit Prairie
Beaver Forest Service Station Beaver Forest Service Station Wheeler 3911 Lawson Mountain
Ihrig Ranch Ihrig Ranch Wheeler 3412 Lawson Mountain
Howard Ranch Howard Ranch Wheeler 3356 Lawson Mountain
Payne Ranch (historical) Payne Ranch (historical) Wheeler 3373 Lawson Mountain
Bandit Spring Safety Rest Area Bandit Spring Safety Rest Area Crook 4521 Whistler Point
Bootan Ranch Bootan Ranch Crook 3402 Post
Walton Lake Recreation Site Walton Lake Recreation Site Crook 5203 Ochoco Butte
Crystal Springs Organization Camp Crystal Springs Organization Camp Wheeler 5161 Ochoco Butte
Teaters Ranch Teaters Ranch Crook 3717 Committee Creek
Mossy Rock Camp Mossy Rock Camp Wheeler 3907 Lawson Mountain
Negus Ranch Negus Ranch Crook 4009 Grizzly Mountain
Pine Creek Campground Pine Creek Campground Crook 5551 Mule Deer Ridge
Arrow Wood Camp (historical) Arrow Wood Camp (historical) Crook 5469 Arrowwood Point
R Knox Ranch R Knox Ranch Crook 3363 Post
Union Creek Resort Union Creek Resort Jackson 3419 Union Creek
National Creek Camp National Creek Camp Douglas 4600 Hamaker Butte
Buckhead Trail Recreation Site Buckhead Trail Recreation Site Lane 997 Westfir West
Big Bend Camp Big Bend Camp Jackson 3514 Union Creek
Ochoco Divide Research Area Ochoco Divide Research Area Wheeler 5200 Whistler Point
Union Creek Recreation Site Union Creek Recreation Site Jackson 3291 Union Creek
Caritt Falls Recreation Site Caritt Falls Recreation Site Douglas 1040 Lane Mountain
Oregon Cascades Recreation Area Oregon Cascades Recreation Area Douglas 5246 Diamond Lake
Beaver Swamp Trailhead Beaver Swamp Trailhead Douglas 4006 Buckeye Lake
Skookum Chuck Camp (historical) Skookum Chuck Camp (historical) Douglas 2933 Acker Rock
Windy Camp Windy Camp Douglas 3966 Deadman Mountain
Elliot Ranch Elliot Ranch Crook 3297 Hensley Butte
Isadore Ranch Isadore Ranch Crook 3842 Rabbit Valley
Cow Camp Cabin Cow Camp Cabin Crook 3442 Salt Butte
Rainbow Campground Rainbow Campground Harney 4915 Bear Canyon Butte
Emigrant Recreation Site Emigrant Recreation Site Harney 4839 Bear Canyon Butte
Surveyor Mountain Recreation Site Surveyor Mountain Recreation Site Klamath 5167 Lake of the Woods South
Fish Lake Trailhead Fish Lake Trailhead Douglas 2333 Buckeye Lake
Skimmerhorn Trailhead Skimmerhorn Trailhead Douglas 3566 Buckeye Lake
Head of the River Recreation Site Head of the River Recreation Site Klamath 4596 Fuego Mountain
Mount Scott Lookout Mount Scott Lookout Klamath 8855 Crater Lake East
Lost Creek Recreation Site Lost Creek Recreation Site Klamath 5984 Crater Lake East
Jackson Creek Recreation Site Jackson Creek Recreation Site Klamath 4711 Gordon Lake
Klamath Junction Klamath Junction Klamath 4173 Fort Klamath
Sweikert Ranch Sweikert Ranch Union 4055 Fry Meadow
Tollgate Chateau Tollgate Chateau Umatilla 4367 Blalock Mountain
Blue Mountain Lutheran Bible Camp Blue Mountain Lutheran Bible Camp Umatilla 5049 Tollgate
Tollgate Work Center Tollgate Work Center Umatilla 4885 Tollgate
Vermillion Bar Campground Vermillion Bar Campground Wallowa 1955 White Monument
Moon Lake Shelter Moon Lake Shelter Lane 4954 Warner Mountain
Twin Lakes Recreation Site Twin Lakes Recreation Site Douglas 5853 Twin Lakes Mountain
Morrow Ranch Morrow Ranch Jefferson 3592 Brewer Reservoir
Gates Ranch Gates Ranch Jefferson 2444 Steelhead Falls
Blue Lake Resort Blue Lake Resort Jefferson 3461 Three Fingered Jack
Hells Canyon Creek Recreation Site Hells Canyon Creek Recreation Site Wallowa 1503 Squirrel Prairie
Dug Bar Recreation Site Dug Bar Recreation Site Wallowa 2687 Cactus Mountain
Ketchum Ranch Ketchum Ranch Wasco 3120 Ketchum Reservoir
Rigdon District Ranger Office (historical) Rigdon District Ranger Office (historical) Lane 1260 Oakridge
Logger Butte Recreation Site Logger Butte Recreation Site Lane 5531 Groundhog Mountain
Houston Ranch Houston Ranch Crook 4875 Drake Butte
Summer Lake Safety Rest Area Summer Lake Safety Rest Area Lake 4229 Summer Lake
S D Harris Ranch S D Harris Ranch Lake 4203 Summer Lake
Lower Walker Quarry Lower Walker Quarry Klamath 4895 Walker Mountain
Packsaddle Lookout Packsaddle Lookout Curry 2556 Fourth of July Creek
Devils Knob Camp Devils Knob Camp Douglas 4524 Ragsdale Butte
Threehorn Recreation Site Threehorn Recreation Site Douglas 2680 Ragsdale Butte
Brattain Ranch Brattain Ranch Lake 4449 Paisley
Marsters Spring Recreation Site Marsters Spring Recreation Site Lake 4757 Morgan Butte
Rock Springs Campground Rock Springs Campground Grant 5157 Calamity Butte
Buchanan Ranch Buchanan Ranch Harney 4199 Buchanan
Ludlum House Recreation Site Ludlum House Recreation Site Curry 246 Fourth of July Creek
McBride Recreation Site McBride Recreation Site Baker 4711 Jimtown
Peavy Cabin Recreation Site Peavy Cabin Recreation Site Grant 5873 Crawfish Lake
North Pine Rest Area North Pine Rest Area Baker 2923 McLain Gulch
Balm Creek Reservoir Recreation Site Balm Creek Reservoir Recreation Site Baker 4550 Balm Creek Reservoir
Summit Point Trailhead Summit Point Trailhead Baker 6453 Jimtown
HB Murray HB Murray Baker 4603 Eldorado Pass
Murray Reservoir Recreation Site Murray Reservoir Recreation Site Baker 4498 Eldorado Pass
Bend City Water Intake Bend City Water Intake Deschutes 5190 Tumalo Falls
Morris Ranch Morris Ranch Deschutes 4386 Millican SE
Dixon Ranch Dixon Ranch Harney 5049 Mosquito Flat
Van Guard Station Van Guard Station Harney 4049 Van
Kelsay Valley Trailhead Kelsay Valley Trailhead Douglas 4301 Tolo Mountain
Rosland Campground Rosland Campground Deschutes 4216 La Pine
Dehne Ranch Dehne Ranch Lake 4498 McCarty Butte
Snow Bunny Lodge Snow Bunny Lodge Clackamas 3832 Mount Hood South
Trillium Lake Recreation Site Trillium Lake Recreation Site Clackamas 3622 Mount Hood South
Devils Half Acre Meadow Recreation Site Devils Half Acre Meadow Recreation Site Hood River 3766 Mount Hood South
Hurricane Creek Trailhead Hurricane Creek Trailhead Wallowa 5115 Chief Joseph Mountain
Summit Lake Recreation Site Summit Lake Recreation Site Clackamas 4186 Timothy Lake
Buck Creek Trailhead Buck Creek Trailhead Union 5873 China Cap
Wagon Road Trailhead Wagon Road Trailhead Wallowa 6135 Lick Creek
Tenderfoot Trailhead Tenderfoot Trailhead Wallowa 6158 Lick Creek
Lick Creek Trailhead Lick Creek Trailhead Wallowa 6069 Lick Creek
Mahogany Corral Mahogany Corral Wallowa 5646 Gumboot Butte
Marr Flat Cow Camp Marr Flat Cow Camp Wallowa 5403 Harl Butte
North Fork Catherine Creek Recreation Site North Fork Catherine Creek Recreation Site Union 4239 China Cap
North Fork Picnic Area North Fork Picnic Area Union 4009 China Cap
Mount Howard Gondola Recreation Site Mount Howard Gondola Recreation Site Wallowa 8156 Joseph
McColly Trailhead McColly Trailhead Wallowa 5964 Joseph
Harl Butte Lookout Harl Butte Lookout Wallowa 6060 Harl Butte
Bearwallow Trailhead Bearwallow Trailhead Wallowa 6096 Fox Point
Pilcher Creek Reservoir Recreation Site Pilcher Creek Reservoir Recreation Site Union 4039 Tucker Flat
Wolf Creek Reservoir Recreation Site Wolf Creek Reservoir Recreation Site Union 3707 Tucker Flat
Joseph Grain Elevator Joseph Grain Elevator Wallowa 4147 Joseph
Chief Joseph Cemetery Recreation Site Chief Joseph Cemetery Recreation Site Wallowa 4373 Joseph
Wallowa Lake Forest Service Station Wallowa Lake Forest Service Station Wallowa 4478 Joseph
Boy Scout Camp Boy Scout Camp Wallowa 4737 Joseph
Wallowa Lake Trailhead Wallowa Lake Trailhead Wallowa 4678 Joseph
Enterprise Magnetic Station Enterprise Magnetic Station Wallowa 3750 Enterprise
Black Lake Recreation Site Black Lake Recreation Site Wallowa 3747 Enterprise
Enterprise Forest Service Station Enterprise Forest Service Station Wallowa 3753 Enterprise
Little Creek Fish Weir Recreation Site Little Creek Fish Weir Recreation Site Wallowa 2979 Clear Lake Ridge
Warnock Corral Trailhead Warnock Corral Trailhead Wallowa 6716 Hat Point
Big Canyon Fish Weir Recreation Site Big Canyon Fish Weir Recreation Site Wallowa 2598 Minam
North Fork Gravel Pit North Fork Gravel Pit Union 4810 Minam
Corral Creek Ranch Corral Creek Ranch Wallowa 1427 Haas Hollow
Horse Creek Viewpoint Horse Creek Viewpoint Wallowa 5987 Hat Point
Granny View Recreation Site Granny View Recreation Site Wallowa 6279 Hat Point
Freezeout Trailhead Freezeout Trailhead Wallowa 3566 Sheep Creek Divide
Wallowa Forest Service Station Wallowa Forest Service Station Wallowa 2959 Wallowa
Jim Creek Ranch Jim Creek Ranch Wallowa 2257 Jim Creek Butte
Lillyville Trailhead Lillyville Trailhead Wallowa 5180 North Minam Meadows
Tilly Jane Recreation Site Tilly Jane Recreation Site Hood River 5732 Mount Hood North
Kinnikinnick Recreation Site Kinnikinnick Recreation Site Hood River 2956 Mount Hood North
Dog Fight Corral Dog Fight Corral Wallowa 5174 Table Mountain
Indian Rock Recreation Site (historical) Indian Rock Recreation Site (historical) Union 5541 Summerville
Pole Creek Ridge Trailhead Pole Creek Ridge Trailhead Union 5613 Summerville
Mount Emily Sno-Park Mount Emily Sno-Park Union 6001 Summerville
Eureka Creek Cabin Eureka Creek Cabin Wallowa 1795 Deadhorse Ridge
Buckhorn Recreation Site Buckhorn Recreation Site Wallowa 5194 Deadhorse Ridge
Kirkland Cabin Kirkland Cabin Wallowa 5216 Table Mountain
Two Pan Trailhead Two Pan Trailhead Wallowa 5725 Eagle Cap
Coal Docks Coal Docks Wallowa 4085 Howard Butte
Bush Ranch Bush Ranch Grant 4258 Lewis Creek
Officer Ranch Officer Ranch Grant 4193 Lewis Creek
Bradley Ranch Bradley Ranch Grant 4564 Lewis Creek
P W Hyde Ranch P W Hyde Ranch Grant 4560 Lewis Creek
Hyde Ranch Hyde Ranch Grant 4455 Lewis Creek
H H Trowbridge Ranch H H Trowbridge Ranch Grant 4108 Lewis Creek
Tamarack Spring Camp Tamarack Spring Camp Grant 5456 Jump-off Joe Mountain
Horse Ranch Horse Ranch Lake 4478 McCarty Butte
Geo Peyerl Ranch Geo Peyerl Ranch Lake 4518 McCarty Butte
Klamath County Dump Klamath County Dump Klamath 4377 Chiloquin
Whistler Recreation Site Whistler Recreation Site Crook 5482 Whistler Point
Bunchgrass Meadows Shelter Bunchgrass Meadows Shelter Douglas 3451 Pickett Butte
Williams Forest Service Facility Williams Forest Service Facility Josephine 1362 Williams
Stuart Falls Camp Stuart Falls Camp Klamath 5430 Union Peak
Lucky Camp Lucky Camp Klamath 5213 Union Peak
Grouse Gap Shelter Grouse Gap Shelter Jackson 6539 Mount Ashland
Mount Ashland Recreation Site Mount Ashland Recreation Site Jackson 6526 Mount Ashland
East Eagle Trailhead East Eagle Trailhead Baker 4583 Krag Peak
Copperfield Campground Copperfield Campground Baker 1722 Oxbow
Ferguson Recreation Site Ferguson Recreation Site Wallowa 5220 Kinney Lake
Tipsu Tyee Recreation Site Tipsu Tyee Recreation Site Jackson 2165 Squaw Lakes
Harr Point Recreation Site Harr Point Recreation Site Jackson 2093 Squaw Lakes
Latgawa Cove Recreation Site Latgawa Cove Recreation Site Jackson 2037 Squaw Lakes
Rim Village Picnic Area Rim Village Picnic Area Klamath 7119 Crater Lake West
Vigne Recreation Site Vigne Recreation Site Wallowa 3757 Greenwood Butte
Flag Prairie Cow Camp Flag Prairie Cow Camp Grant 4685 Flag Prairie
Blue Bucket Cow Camp Blue Bucket Cow Camp Harney 5538 Knox Mountain
Little Malheur River Recreation Site Little Malheur River Recreation Site Grant 5111 Flag Prairie
Breitenbush Lake Recreation Site Breitenbush Lake Recreation Site Marion 5525 Olallie Butte
Olallie Meadow Recreation Site Olallie Meadow Recreation Site Marion 4472 Olallie Butte
Olallie Lake Recreation Site Olallie Lake Recreation Site Jefferson 4967 Olallie Butte
Ivy Station Ivy Station Clatsop 10 Cathlamet Bay
Kirbros (historical) Kirbros (historical) Lane 299 Greenleaf
Sycan Capacitor Station Sycan Capacitor Station Lake 5679 Pole Butte
Separation Corrals Camp Separation Corrals Camp Grant 3996 Big Weasel Springs
Main Eagle Bridge Campground Main Eagle Bridge Campground Baker 3750 Sparta Butte
Eagle Forks Recreation Site Eagle Forks Recreation Site Baker 2946 Sparta Butte
Lake Fork Recreation Site Lake Fork Recreation Site Baker 3376 Duck Creek
Hat Point Recreation Site Hat Point Recreation Site Wallowa 6857 Hat Point
West Cultus Lake Recreation Site West Cultus Lake Recreation Site Deschutes 4678 Irish Mountain
North Twin Recreation Site North Twin Recreation Site Deschutes 4360 Davis Mountain
South Twin Recreation Site South Twin Recreation Site Deschutes 4370 Davis Mountain
North Davis Creek Recreation Site North Davis Creek Recreation Site Deschutes 4331 Davis Mountain
Reservoir Recreation Site Reservoir Recreation Site Deschutes 4347 Davis Mountain
North Pine Recreation Site North Pine Recreation Site Baker 4170 McLain Gulch
Lynch Creek Forest Camp Lynch Creek Forest Camp Wallowa 1690 White Monument
Vermilion Forest Camp Vermilion Forest Camp Wallowa 7720 Purgatory Saddle
Lower Twin Campground Lower Twin Campground Wasco 4190 Wapinitia Pass
Three Creek Lake Recreation Site Three Creek Lake Recreation Site Deschutes 6542 Tumalo Falls
Trapper Meadow Camp (historical) Trapper Meadow Camp (historical) Deschutes 6322 Tumalo Falls
Double Cabin Recreation Site Double Cabin Recreation Site Crook 5243 Drake Butte
Biggs Spring Recreation Site Biggs Spring Recreation Site Crook 4813 Lookout Mountain
Ochoco Recreation Site Ochoco Recreation Site Crook 4163 Whistler Point
Cougar Forest Camp Cougar Forest Camp Crook 4180 Whistler Point
Little Cultus Lake Recreation Site Little Cultus Lake Recreation Site Deschutes 4764 Crane Prairie Reservoir
Rock Creek Reservoir Campground Rock Creek Reservoir Campground Wasco 2208 Rock Creek Reservoir
Rock Creek Recreation Site Rock Creek Recreation Site Wasco 3212 Foreman Point
McKay Creek Forest Camp McKay Creek Forest Camp Crook 3465 Salt Butte
Cayuse Forest Camp Cayuse Forest Camp Crook 4258 Steins Pillar
Elk Campground Elk Campground Umatilla 2779 Bingham Springs
Trough Creek Campground Trough Creek Campground Umatilla 2989 Ukiah SE
Tupper Corral Tupper Corral Morrow 4252 Big Rock Flat
Divide Cabin Divide Cabin Crook 5640 Opal Mountain
Bingham Prairie Campground Bingham Prairie Campground Crook 5456 Opal Mountain
Sand Prairie Recreation Site Sand Prairie Recreation Site Lane 1588 Warner Mountain
Hobo Creek Recreation Site Hobo Creek Recreation Site Lane 1949 Rose Hill
Fairview Camp Fairview Camp Lane 1870 Fairview Peak
Alder Spring Recreation Site Alder Spring Recreation Site Lake 5226 Partin Butte
Squaw Spring Corral Squaw Spring Corral Lake 5007 Thompson Reservoir
East Bay Recreation Site East Bay Recreation Site Lake 4961 Thompson Reservoir
Thompson Reservoir Recreation Site Thompson Reservoir Recreation Site Lake 4967 Thompson Reservoir
Cline Clark Recreation Site Cline Clark Recreation Site Lane 1545 Oakridge
Gate Creek Forest Camp Gate Creek Forest Camp Lane 1837 McCredie Springs
Noisy Creek Forest Camp Noisy Creek Forest Camp Lane 2559 Groundhog Mountain
Camp 5 Camp 5 Lane 1962 Sardine Butte
Kingfisher Recreation Site Kingfisher Recreation Site Clackamas 1791 Bull of the Woods
Piety Island Recreation Site Piety Island Recreation Site Marion 1709 Detroit
Upper Arm Recreation Site Upper Arm Recreation Site Marion 1585 Detroit
Hoover Recreation Site Hoover Recreation Site Marion 3684 Chimney Peak
Round Lake Christian Camp Round Lake Christian Camp Jefferson 4357 Three Fingered Jack
Round Lake Recreation Site Round Lake Recreation Site Jefferson 4347 Three Fingered Jack
Link Creek Recreation Site Link Creek Recreation Site Jefferson 3451 Three Fingered Jack
Tandy Bay Recreation Site Tandy Bay Recreation Site Klamath 4849 Cowhorn Mountain
Allen Creek Horse Camp Allen Creek Horse Camp Crook 4787 Mount Pisgah
Salt Creek Falls Recreation Site Salt Creek Falls Recreation Site Lane 4114 Diamond Peak
Pebble Bay Recreation Site Pebble Bay Recreation Site Klamath 4790 Willamette Pass
Willamette Pass Ski Area Willamette Pass Ski Area Klamath 5387 Willamette Pass
Shadow Bay Recreation Site Shadow Bay Recreation Site Lane 5449 Waldo Lake
Gold Lake Recreation Site Gold Lake Recreation Site Lane 5243 Waldo Lake
Trapper Creek Recreation Site Trapper Creek Recreation Site Klamath 4856 Willamette Pass
Malheur Ford Camp (historical) Malheur Ford Camp (historical) Grant 4888 Dollar Basin
Allingham Recreation Site Allingham Recreation Site Jefferson 3005 Black Butte
River Island Forest Camp (historical) River Island Forest Camp (historical) Jefferson 2926 Black Butte
Smiling River Recreation Site Smiling River Recreation Site Jefferson 3008 Black Butte
Shaver Mooring Shaver Mooring Multnomah 10 Portland
Big Tree Campground Big Tree Campground Coos 1089 China Flat
Fish Creek Campground Fish Creek Campground Douglas 2900 Fish Creek Desert
Camas Creek Campground Camas Creek Campground Douglas 3012 Fish Creek Desert
Whitehorse Falls Recreation Site Whitehorse Falls Recreation Site Douglas 3642 Garwood Butte
Dog Prairie Shelter Dog Prairie Shelter Douglas 6158 Garwood Butte
Prineville Camp (historical) Prineville Camp (historical) Douglas 4987 Hamaker Butte
Haymaker Campground Haymaker Campground Douglas 3989 Hamaker Butte
Log Camp Log Camp Douglas 5079 Hamaker Butte
Rainbow Recreation Site Rainbow Recreation Site Clackamas 1463 Fish Creek Mountain
Armstrong Recreation Site Armstrong Recreation Site Clackamas 1060 Bedford Point
Carter Bridge Recreation Site Carter Bridge Recreation Site Clackamas 833 Bedford Point
Cripple Creek Forest Camp Cripple Creek Forest Camp Clackamas 1194 Fish Creek Mountain
Linney Creek Recreation Site Linney Creek Recreation Site Clackamas 2684 Wolf Peak
Hideaway Lake Recreation Site Hideaway Lake Recreation Site Clackamas 4111 Mount Mitchell
Oak Fork Recreation Site Oak Fork Recreation Site Clackamas 3251 Timothy Lake
Pine Point Recreation Site Pine Point Recreation Site Clackamas 3258 Timothy Lake
Frazier Fork Campground Frazier Fork Campground Clackamas 4698 High Rock
Lake Harriet Recreation Site Lake Harriet Recreation Site Clackamas 2054 Mount Mitchell
Woodruff Bridge Recreation Site Woodruff Bridge Recreation Site Jackson 2963 Whetstone Point
Dead Soldier Camp Dead Soldier Camp Jackson 5272 Red Blanket Mountain
South Fork Recreation Site South Fork Recreation Site Jackson 4088 Imnaha Creek
Sumpter Creek Camp (historical) Sumpter Creek Camp (historical) Jackson 3927 Imnaha Creek
Shadow Falls Campground Shadow Falls Campground Douglas 2411 Red Butte
Mazama Campground Mazama Campground Klamath 6014 Union Peak
Coverdale Recreation Site Coverdale Recreation Site Wallowa 4262 Duck Creek
Blue Bay Recreation Site Blue Bay Recreation Site Jefferson 3510 Black Butte
Gorge Recreation Site Gorge Recreation Site Jefferson 2907 Black Butte
Cold Spring Recreation Site Cold Spring Recreation Site Deschutes 3438 Black Crater
Oral Hull Picnic Area Oral Hull Picnic Area Clackamas 718 Bull Run
Gibson Prairie Horse Camp Gibson Prairie Horse Camp Hood River 4009 Dog River
Dove Creek Campground Dove Creek Campground Wallowa 1808 White Monument
Koehler Ranch Koehler Ranch Grant 4800 Rail Creek Butte
Sproul Ranch Sproul Ranch Grant 4777 Logdell
Lake Creek Organization Camp Lake Creek Organization Camp Grant 5207 Logan Valley West
Phillips Ranch Phillips Ranch Grant 4265 Izee
Keerins Ranch Keerins Ranch Grant 3894 Izee
Hamlin Boat Landing Hamlin Boat Landing Lane 1112 Blue River
Abbott Butte Lookout Abbott Butte Lookout Douglas 6106 Abbott Butte
Halls Point Lookout Halls Point Lookout Jackson 5207 Whetstone Point
White Point Lookout White Point Lookout Jackson 5016 Whetstone Point
Persist Ranch Persist Ranch Jackson 2831 Whetstone Point
Southworth Ranch Southworth Ranch Grant 4675 Seneca
Biggs Ranch Biggs Ranch Grant 4764 Seneca
Delta Recreation Site Delta Recreation Site Lane 1129 Blue River
Old Horton Mill Old Horton Mill Harney 4757 Holmes Canyon
Nena Nena Wasco 958 Dant
Morgan Ranch Morgan Ranch Grant 3966 Isham Creek
Hat Point Lookout Tower Hat Point Lookout Tower Wallowa 6978 Hat Point
Saddle Camp Saddle Camp Douglas 5344 Abbott Butte
Paradise Camp Paradise Camp Douglas 4961 Abbott Butte
River Bridge Recreation Site River Bridge Recreation Site Jackson 2825 Prospect North
Mammoth Pines Picnic Area (historical) Mammoth Pines Picnic Area (historical) Jackson 2930 Prospect North
Bull Bend Recreation Site Bull Bend Recreation Site Deschutes 4265 Wickiup Dam
Wampus Campground Wampus Campground Deschutes 4258 Wickiup Dam
Round Swamp Campground Round Swamp Campground Deschutes 4357 Wickiup Dam
Mid Columbia Agricultural Experiment Station Mid Columbia Agricultural Experiment Station Hood River 531 Hood River
Windmaster Corner Windmaster Corner Hood River 620 Hood River
Seven-and-a-Half Mile Campsite (historical) Seven-and-a-Half Mile Campsite (historical) Hood River 2877 Wahtum Lake
Cedar Swamp Campsite (historical) Cedar Swamp Campsite (historical) Hood River 2946 Wahtum Lake
Blue Grouse Campsite (historical) Blue Grouse Campsite (historical) Hood River 922 Wahtum Lake
Wy'East Campsite (historical) Wy'East Campsite (historical) Hood River 866 Wahtum Lake
Seven-and-a-Half Mile Campsite (historical) Seven-and-a-Half Mile Campsite (historical) Hood River 1427 Wahtum Lake
Swim (historical) Swim (historical) Clackamas 3901 Mount Hood South
Scott Lake Recreation Site Scott Lake Recreation Site Lane 4836 Linton Lake
Hand Lake Shelter Hand Lake Shelter Lane 4747 Linton Lake
Three C Rock Recreation Site Three C Rock Recreation Site Douglas 1115 Tiller
Multnomah County Farm and Home (historical) Multnomah County Farm and Home (historical) Multnomah 138 Camas
Woodrow (historical) Woodrow (historical) Lake 4321 Schaub Lake
Connley Connley Lake 4318 Schaub Lake
Three-Mile Corner Three-Mile Corner Lake 4304 Fort Rock
Adrian Place Adrian Place Harney 4406 Trout Creek Canyon
Mickey Cabin (historical) Mickey Cabin (historical) Harney 3957 Mickey Springs
Skeeter Camp Skeeter Camp Coos 2313 Sitkum
McGee Ranch McGee Ranch Harney 4334 Suntex
Harry Arnold Ranch Harry Arnold Ranch Harney 4967 Hay Lake
Old Egli Place Old Egli Place Harney 4803 Hay Lake
Anderl Place Anderl Place Lake 4829 Round Top Butte
Old Pony Express Station (historical) Old Pony Express Station (historical) Harney 4445 Red Mountain
Swisher Ranch Swisher Ranch Malheur 4488 Little Grassy Mountain
Owyhee Canyon Overlook Owyhee Canyon Overlook Malheur 4655 Skull Creek
Old Stoney Corral Old Stoney Corral Malheur 5446 Stoney Corral
Stoney Corral Stoney Corral Malheur 5335 Stoney Corral
Trout Creek Ranch Trout Creek Ranch Harney 4144 Tumtum Lake
Leonard (historical) Leonard (historical) Baker 2969 Lawrence Creek
Camp Rilea Camp Rilea Clatsop 33 Gearhart
Sky Ranch Sky Ranch Washington 1608 Meacham Corner
Long Long Malheur 3195 Mosquito Mountain
Twelvemile Ranch Twelvemile Ranch Malheur 4514 Twelvemile Ridge
Lower Roux Place Lower Roux Place Harney 4085 Tumtum Lake
Weberg Ranch Weberg Ranch Grant 4846 Suplee
Brennan Ranch Brennan Ranch Crook 3940 Angell Butte
McIntosh Ranch McIntosh Ranch Crook 4787 Mackey Butte
Humphrey Ranch Humphrey Ranch Crook 3957 Powell Mountain
Palmer Ranch Palmer Ranch Crook 3950 Powell Mountain
Sartain Ranch Sartain Ranch Crook 3757 Paulina
Minifie Ranch Minifie Ranch Crook 3793 Paulina
Miller Ranch Miller Ranch Crook 3904 Mud Spring
Durgan Ranch Durgan Ranch Crook 3835 Mud Spring
Laughlin Ranch Laughlin Ranch Crook 3806 Mud Spring
Lister Ranch Lister Ranch Crook 3779 Mud Spring
Myers Ranch Myers Ranch Crook 3829 Mud Spring
Congleton Ranch Congleton Ranch Crook 3704 Paulina
Ferian Ranch Ferian Ranch Crook 3753 Paulina
Double O Station Double O Station Harney 4134 Stinking Lake
Elk Butte Camp Elk Butte Camp Lake 4593 Elk Butte
Pine Meadows Campground Pine Meadows Campground Lane 794 Cottage Grove Lake
Primitive Campground Primitive Campground Lane 804 Cottage Grove Lake
Hardin Ranch Hardin Ranch Crook 4488 Hardin Ranch
McDaniels Cabin McDaniels Cabin Harney 5295 Little Juniper Mountain
Hamilton Ranch Hamilton Ranch Harney 4856 Windy Point
Sweeney Ranch Sweeney Ranch Malheur 4705 Whitehorse Ranch
Doolittle Camp Doolittle Camp Malheur 6591 Doolittle Creek
Rock Fort Rock Fort Jefferson 1991 Muddy Ranch
Barnes Cabin Barnes Cabin Malheur 4340 Rooster Comb
Bagby Hot Springs Guard Station Bagby Hot Springs Guard Station Clackamas 2277 Bagby Hot Springs
Campers Flat Recreation Site Campers Flat Recreation Site Lane 2018 Warner Mountain
East Davis Lake Recreation Site East Davis Lake Recreation Site Klamath 4393 Hamner Butte
Pegleg Falls Recreation Site Pegleg Falls Recreation Site Clackamas 2037 Bagby Hot Springs
Skookum Lake Campground Skookum Lake Campground Clackamas 4173 Bagby Hot Springs
Roads End Camp Roads End Camp Grant 7808 Strawberry Mountain
Scoggins Creek Picnic Area (historical) Scoggins Creek Picnic Area (historical) Washington 308 Gaston
Sunset Grove Golf Course Sunset Grove Golf Course Washington 180 Forest Grove
Buck Mountain Ranch (historical) Buck Mountain Ranch (historical) Washington 1407 Meacham Corner
Camp Mountaindale Camp Mountaindale Washington 341 Meacham Corner
Davies Junction Davies Junction Washington 210 Buxton
Duke Landing Duke Landing Yamhill 82 Dayton
Durettes Landing Durettes Landing Marion 85 Dayton
Meacham Corner Meacham Corner Washington 404 Meacham Corner
Orchard View Orchard View Yamhill 463 Muddy Valley
Pleasantdale Pleasantdale Yamhill 167 Dayton
Roberts School (historical) Roberts School (historical) Washington 656 Gaston
Snooseville Corner Snooseville Corner Washington 518 Meacham Corner
Staleys Junction Staleys Junction Washington 259 Buxton
Strassel Strassel Washington 984 Buxton
Wapato (historical) Wapato (historical) Yamhill 200 Laurelwood
Weston Landing Weston Landing Yamhill 121 Dayton
Wheatland Ferry Wheatland Ferry Yamhill 95 Mission Bottom
Whites Landing Whites Landing Yamhill 112 Dayton
Woods Landing Woods Landing Yamhill 72 Dayton
South Yamhill (historical) South Yamhill (historical) Polk 180 Ballston
Grand Island Junction Grand Island Junction Yamhill 171 Dayton
Gopher (historical) Gopher (historical) Yamhill 217 Stony Mountain
West Chehalem (historical) West Chehalem (historical) Yamhill 194 Dundee
Barnhardy Barnhardy Lake 6394 Warner Peak
Still (historical) Still (historical) Baker 2064 Connor Creek
Barklow Mountain Campground Barklow Mountain Campground Curry 3228 Barklow Mountain
Bloucher (historical) Bloucher (historical) Hood River 807 Hood River
Boardman Oasis Roadside Rest Boardman Oasis Roadside Rest Morrow 289 Clarke
Bull Prairie Guard Station (historical) Bull Prairie Guard Station (historical) Grant 4108 Whitetail Butte
Cache Creek Toll Station Cache Creek Toll Station Deschutes 4101 Mount Washington
Camp Pioneer Camp Pioneer Linn 4554 Marion Forks
Cliffs Camp Cliffs Camp Grant 4957 Flagtail Mountain
Clifton Clifton Hood River 361 Hood River
Cottonwood Camp Cottonwood Camp Klamath 4373 Lake of the Woods North
Crooks Crooks Union 3156 Union
Currier Guard Station Currier Guard Station Klamath 5932 Shake Butte
Dairy Creek Campground (historical) Dairy Creek Campground (historical) Lake 5791 Coleman Point
Dexter Siding Dexter Siding Lane 797 Lowell
Diamond Lake Guard Station Diamond Lake Guard Station Douglas 5233 Diamond Lake
Dolph Dolph Tillamook 436 Dolph
Eagle Camp Eagle Camp Lane 4754 Mount David Douglas
Freeman Dry Camp Freeman Dry Camp Lake 4974 Oatman Flat
Free Bridge Free Bridge Sherman 272 Emerson
Fredenburg Ranch Fredenburg Ranch Jackson 2726 Butte Falls
Gladtidings Gladtidings Clackamas 210 Scotts Mills
Granger Granger Benton 230 Riverside
Heisler Station Heisler Station Jefferson 1883 Teller Butte
Hi Desert Ski Area (historical) Hi Desert Ski Area (historical) Harney 5167 Devine Ridge North
Jonesboro (historical) Jonesboro (historical) Malheur 2805 Jonesboro
Juniper Juniper Umatilla 397 Juniper
Ladd Circle Ladd Circle Multnomah 59 Portland
Lava Lava Deschutes 4236 Benham Falls
Lava River Cave Recreation Site Lava River Cave Recreation Site Deschutes 4511 Lava Butte
Lilleas Lilleas Clatsop 492 Green Mountain
Iowa Hill School (historical) Iowa Hill School (historical) Washington 558 Laurelwood
McIntyre Lookout McIntyre Lookout Umatilla 5171 Tollgate
McLeod Guard Station McLeod Guard Station Jackson 1532 McLeod
Meadow Camp Meadow Camp Josephine 3517 Bunker Creek
Meadow Camp Meadow Camp Grant 4787 Desolation Butte
Meditation Point Recreation Site Meditation Point Recreation Site Clackamas 3251 Wolf Peak
Motanic Motanic Union 3773 Huron
Necanicum Guard Station Necanicum Guard Station Clatsop 69 Tillamook Head
Neverstill Neverstill Yamhill 1686 Turner Creek
North Fork Recreation Site North Fork Recreation Site Jackson 4570 Mount McLoughlin
Parish Cabin Recreation Site Parish Cabin Recreation Site Grant 4957 Big Canyon
Portland Meadows Portland Meadows Multnomah 13 Portland
Prospect Guard Station Prospect Guard Station Jackson 2487 Cascade Gorge
Rector Rector Tillamook 154 Cook Creek
Rock Creek Recreation Site Rock Creek Recreation Site Coos 1178 Illahe
Rockville Rockville Malheur 3960 Rockville
Simax Group Camp Simax Group Camp Klamath 4882 Crescent Lake
Sonny (historical) Sonny (historical) Hood River 79 Hood River
Camp Kuratli Camp Kuratli Clackamas 223 Damascus
Vey Ranch Vey Ranch Union 4170 Fly Valley
Wahtum Lake Guard Station Wahtum Lake Guard Station Hood River 4409 Wahtum Lake
Wakefield (historical) Wakefield (historical) Tillamook 161 Cook Creek
Quinton Quinton Gilliam 282 Quinton
Shevlin (historical) Shevlin (historical) Deschutes 4501 Anns Butte
Todd Lake Recreation Site Todd Lake Recreation Site Deschutes 6211 Broken Top
Powerdale (historical) Powerdale (historical) Hood River 102 Hood River
Holstein (historical) Holstein (historical) Hood River 928 Parkdale
Viento (historical) Viento (historical) Hood River 98 Mount Defiance
Shevlin (historical) Shevlin (historical) Klamath 5000 Sugarpine Mountain NW
Rivergate Rivergate Multnomah 30 Linnton
Suver Junction Suver Junction Polk 213 Lewisburg
Rhea (historical) Rhea (historical) Gilliam 400 Horn Butte
Goltra (historical) Goltra (historical) Linn 282 Tangent
Lowson (historical) Lowson (historical) Linn 299 Tangent
Sherar Grade (historical) Sherar Grade (historical) Sherman 2129 Sinamox
Packard Creek Recreation Site Packard Creek Recreation Site Lane 1545 Oakridge
Lun (historical) Lun (historical) Union 3209 North Powder
Tranquil Cove Recreation Site Tranquil Cove Recreation Site Klamath 4865 Cowhorn Mountain
Lonoley Lonoley Umatilla 3002 Bridge Creek
Big Eddy (historical) Big Eddy (historical) Wasco 863 Petersburg
Shevlin (historical) Shevlin (historical) Klamath 4734 Big Hole
Ruthton (historical) Ruthton (historical) Hood River 148 Hood River
Shore Acres (historical) Shore Acres (historical) Coos 72 Cape Arago
Valsetz Guard Station Valsetz Guard Station Polk 1184 Fanno Ridge
Cow Creek Safety Rest Area Cow Creek Safety Rest Area Douglas 1460 Quines Creek
Camp Nehalem Camp Nehalem Tillamook 125 Foley Peak
Varmint Camp Varmint Camp Jackson 5545 Red Blanket Mountain
Kubli (historical) Kubli (historical) Jackson 1322 Applegate
Diamond Lake Recreation Site Diamond Lake Recreation Site Douglas 5207 Diamond Lake
Alca (historical) Alca (historical) Douglas 712 Lorane
Deadwood Junction Deadwood Junction Jackson 4642 Brown Mountain
Utley Ranch Utley Ranch Lake 5243 Arkansas Flat
Quosatana Recreation Site Quosatana Recreation Site Curry 66 Quosatana Butte
Fry Landing Fry Landing Curry 72 Quosatana Butte
Wildhorse Recreation Site Wildhorse Recreation Site Curry 3556 Quosatana Butte
Shan Creek Recreation Site Shan Creek Recreation Site Josephine 3753 Onion Mountain
French Pete Recreation Site French Pete Recreation Site Lane 1781 Cougar Reservoir
Four Corners Four Corners Grant 5285 Cougar Rock
McGraw Lookout McGraw Lookout Wallowa 6020 Puderbaugh Ridge
Duck Lake Recreation Site Duck Lake Recreation Site Wallowa 5476 Duck Creek
McGraw Creek Cabin McGraw Creek Cabin Wallowa 2776 Homestead
Dickenson Ranch Dickenson Ranch Harney 4908 Devine Ridge North
Purdy Ranch Purdy Ranch Harney 4751 Devine Ridge North
Crow Flat Guard Station Crow Flat Guard Station Harney 5102 Devine Ridge North
Keenig Campground (historical) Keenig Campground (historical) Tillamook 433 Jordan Creek
Bolan Lake Recreation Site Bolan Lake Recreation Site Josephine 5426 Oregon Caves
Upper South Fork Campground (historical) Upper South Fork Campground (historical) Jackson 4367 Rustler Peak
Sand Beach Recreation Site Sand Beach Recreation Site Tillamook 16 Sand Lake
Big Stump Beach Big Stump Beach Lincoln 39 Waldport
Diamond Lake Information Center Diamond Lake Information Center Douglas 5197 Diamond Lake
Cook Ranch Cook Ranch Jackson 2766 Big Butte Springs
Ashland Forest Service Facility (historical) Ashland Forest Service Facility (historical) Jackson 2126 Ashland
Hart-Tish Recreation Site Hart-Tish Recreation Site Jackson 2083 Carberry Creek
McLeod Forest Service Station McLeod Forest Service Station Jackson 1526 McLeod
Camp Makualla Camp Makualla Klamath 4856 Crescent Lake
Gull Point Recreation Site Gull Point Recreation Site Deschutes 4347 Davis Mountain
Harralson Horse Camp Harralson Horse Camp Lane 5610 Irish Mountain
Cultus Lake Recreation Site Cultus Lake Recreation Site Deschutes 4692 Crane Prairie Reservoir
Cultus Lake Resort Cultus Lake Resort Deschutes 4678 Crane Prairie Reservoir
McKay Crossing Recreation Site McKay Crossing Recreation Site Deschutes 4757 Finley Butte
Whitefish Horse Camp Whitefish Horse Camp Klamath 4885 Cowhorn Mountain
Elk Lake Lodge Elk Lake Lodge Deschutes 4947 Elk Lake
Elk Lake Recreation Site Elk Lake Recreation Site Deschutes 4905 Elk Lake
Maidu Lake Recreation Site Maidu Lake Recreation Site Douglas 5994 Burn Butte
Inn of the Seventh Mountain Resort Inn of the Seventh Mountain Resort Deschutes 3884 Benham Falls
Lava Camp Lake Recreation Site Lava Camp Lake Recreation Site Deschutes 5289 Mount Washington
Wyeth Recreation Site Wyeth Recreation Site Hood River 184 Carson
McCubbins Gulch Recreation Site McCubbins Gulch Recreation Site Wasco 2936 Foreman Point
Roslyn Lake Picnic Area (historical) Roslyn Lake Picnic Area (historical) Clackamas 679 Bull Run
Lost Lake Recreation Site Lost Lake Recreation Site Hood River 3169 Bull Run Lake
Green Canyon Recreation Site Green Canyon Recreation Site Clackamas 1568 Rhododendron
Mount Hood Skibowl Mount Hood Skibowl Clackamas 3668 Government Camp
Wizard Falls State Fish Hatchery Wizard Falls State Fish Hatchery Jefferson 2776 Candle Creek
Coast Creek Shelter Coast Creek Shelter Yamhill 1867 Springer Mountain
Big Elk Campground Big Elk Campground Lincoln 213 Harlan
Alsea River Hatchery Alsea River Hatchery Benton 390 Alsea
Alsea Ranger Station (historical) Alsea Ranger Station (historical) Benton 299 Alsea
Tin Can Recreation Site Tin Can Recreation Site Josephine 1398 Galice
Elk River State Fish Hatchery Elk River State Fish Hatchery Curry 151 Port Orford
Foster Bar Recreation Site Foster Bar Recreation Site Curry 223 Illahe
Pioneer Recreation Site Pioneer Recreation Site Coos 2257 Eden Valley
Tillicum Beach Recreation Site Tillicum Beach Recreation Site Lincoln 36 Yachats
Glen Cabin Glen Cabin Lake 5092 Fox Butte
Poplars Ranch Poplars Ranch Lake 4334 Schaub Lake
O'Conner Homestead O'Conner Homestead Harney 5725 Van Horn Basin
Poor Farm Poor Farm Harney 4206 Van Horn Basin
Tiller Cabin Tiller Cabin Harney 5377 Van Horn Basin
McDade Ranch McDade Ranch Harney 4600 Ladycomb Peak
Starr Homestead (historical) Starr Homestead (historical) Harney 4993 Ladycomb Peak
Roux Place (historical) Roux Place (historical) Harney 5354 Ladycomb Peak
Oleachea Place (historical) Oleachea Place (historical) Harney 5669 Ladycomb Peak
Stergen Cabin Stergen Cabin Harney 5390 Ladycomb Peak
McLean Cabin McLean Cabin Harney 6184 Ladycomb Peak
Alvord Ranch Alvord Ranch Harney 4199 Miranda Flat SW
Mann Lake Ranch Mann Lake Ranch Harney 4239 Miranda Flat
Carlon Corral Carlon Corral Lake 4646 Hat Butte
Walker Cabin Walker Cabin Lake 4639 Walker Butte
Jacks Place Jacks Place Lake 4390 Jacks Place
Quinook (historical) Quinook (historical) Gilliam 272 Sundale NW
Drewsey Rodeo Ground Drewsey Rodeo Ground Harney 3520 Drewsey
Leland (historical) Leland (historical) Clackamas 397 Oregon City
McNary Dam Fish Viewing Station McNary Dam Fish Viewing Station Umatilla 341 Umatilla
McNary Dam Fish Ladder McNary Dam Fish Ladder Umatilla 315 Umatilla
Spanish Hollow (historical) Spanish Hollow (historical) Sherman 1050 Wasco
John Day Dam Fish Ladder John Day Dam Fish Ladder Sherman 253 Rufus
Vaughn Peach Ranch Vaughn Peach Ranch Malheur 2841 Jonesboro
D Jones Ranch D Jones Ranch Malheur 2818 Jonesboro
P Coyne Ranch P Coyne Ranch Malheur 2730 South Mountain
Cow Camp Cow Camp Malheur 6384 Payne Creek
Lasa Place Lasa Place Malheur 5676 Payne Creek
Potomac Ranch Potomac Ranch Malheur 5072 Rattlesnake Canyon
Fort Rock Substation Fort Rock Substation Lake 4442 Tuff Butte
Hayes Place Hayes Place Lake 4314 Tuff Butte
Arrow Arrow Lake 4321 Tuff Butte
Tuff Cabin Tuff Cabin Lake 4340 Tuff Butte
Little Windy Creek Campground Little Windy Creek Campground Josephine 541 Bunker Creek
North Jenny Creek Campground North Jenny Creek Campground Josephine 522 Bunker Creek
Black Bar Lodge Black Bar Lodge Josephine 561 Bunker Creek
Doe Creek Campground Doe Creek Campground Josephine 650 Bunker Creek
Big Slide Campground Big Slide Campground Josephine 591 Bunker Creek
Whiskey Creek Campground Whiskey Creek Campground Josephine 597 Bunker Creek
Big Windy Creek Campground Big Windy Creek Campground Josephine 528 Bunker Creek
Wildcat Campground Wildcat Campground Josephine 571 Bunker Creek
Fort Briggs (historical) Fort Briggs (historical) Josephine 1345 Holland
High Bridge High Bridge Wasco 200 The Dalles North
Ponderosa Substation Ponderosa Substation Crook 3497 Powell Buttes
Doe Camp Doe Camp Curry 755 Calf Ranch Mountain
Camp Fir Croft Camp Fir Croft Curry 866 Calf Ranch Mountain
Cold Spring Ranch Cold Spring Ranch Crook 4049 Sand Hollow
Lower Sherman Ranch Lower Sherman Ranch Crook 4180 Sand Hollow
Cole M Rivers Fish Hatchery Cole M Rivers Fish Hatchery Jackson 1549 McLeod
Box O Ranch Box O Ranch Jackson 3159 Parker Mountain
Taylor Ranch Taylor Ranch Jackson 3143 Parker Mountain
Leonard Ranch Leonard Ranch Jackson 3510 Parker Mountain
Fall Creek Ranch Fall Creek Ranch Jackson 3337 Parker Mountain
Clackamas County Fairgrounds Clackamas County Fairgrounds Clackamas 144 Canby
Oregon End Ranch Oregon End Ranch Harney 4524 Oregon End Table
Fleetwood Fleetwood Lake 4327 Lane Lake
Loma Vista Loma Vista Lake 4331 Lane Lake
Cookes Camp Cookes Camp Lake 6194 Gearhart Mountain
Corral Creek Recreation Site Corral Creek Recreation Site Lake 5951 Gearhart Mountain
Indian Camp Indian Camp Malheur 3852 Keeney Ridge
Wisner (historical) Wisner (historical) Malheur 2989 Juntura
Lower Crossing Lower Crossing Harney 5856 Roaring Springs SE
Buck Point Lookout Buck Point Lookout Jackson 4957 Willow Lake
Juniper Lake Ranch Juniper Lake Ranch Harney 4098 Juniper Lake
Steens Mountain School Steens Mountain School Harney 4029 Juniper Lake
Alberson (historical) Alberson (historical) Harney 4029 Juniper Lake
Riddle Mountain Lookout Riddle Mountain Lookout Harney 6339 Anderson Mountain
Tom Jenkins Cabin Tom Jenkins Cabin Harney 6614 Comegys Lake
Mclean Cabin Mclean Cabin Harney 5394 Comegys Lake
Clark Place Clark Place Harney 6184 Comegys Lake
Ward Place Ward Place Harney 6306 Comegys Lake
Smyth Cabin Smyth Cabin Harney 6161 Comegys Lake
Slim Dupree Place Slim Dupree Place Harney 6460 Comegys Lake
Comegys Cabin Comegys Cabin Harney 6030 Comegys Lake
Mann Lake Cabin Mann Lake Cabin Harney 6680 Mann Lake
Alberson Station (historical) Alberson Station (historical) Harney 4163 Mann Lake
Hamilton Place (historical) Hamilton Place (historical) Harney 6457 Mann Lake
Eagle Fern Youth Camp Eagle Fern Youth Camp Clackamas 623 Estacada
Shirk Ranch Shirk Ranch Lake 5223 Guano Lake
Mercer (historical) Mercer (historical) Deschutes 3566 Bend Airport
Dog Lake Guard Station Dog Lake Guard Station Lake 5210 Dog Lake
Friday Ranch Friday Ranch Lake 4797 Fitzwater Point
Becraft Ranch Becraft Ranch Lake 4793 Fitzwater Point
Trask Mountain Lookout Trask Mountain Lookout Yamhill 3428 Trask Mountain
Tillamook Gate Tillamook Gate Yamhill 797 Fairdale
Gribble (historical) Gribble (historical) Clackamas 194 Yoder
Harding (historical) Harding (historical) Clackamas 220 Scotts Mills
Abiqua (historical) Abiqua (historical) Marion 200 Silverton
Central Howell Central Howell Marion 200 Salem East
McNary (historical) McNary (historical) Polk 177 Rickreall
Finzer (historical) Finzer (historical) Marion 223 Salem West
Polk County Fairgrounds Polk County Fairgrounds Polk 210 Rickreall
Five Points Five Points Malheur 5029 No Crossing Crossing
Antelope Corral Antelope Corral Malheur 4593 No Crossing Crossing
No Crossing Crossing No Crossing Crossing Malheur 4977 No Crossing Crossing
Berger Ranch Berger Ranch Harney 4888 Twelvemile Reservoir
Baker Ranch Baker Ranch Crook 4770 Twelvemile Reservoir
Anderson (historical) Anderson (historical) Harney 4173 Adobe Flat
Davies Ranch Davies Ranch Harney 4183 Adobe Flat
Angell Ranch Angell Ranch Crook 3966 Angell Butte
Abbot Creek Recreation Site Abbot Creek Recreation Site Jefferson 3035 Candle Creek
Allen Springs Recreation Site Allen Springs Recreation Site Jefferson 2743 Candle Creek
Barnett (historical) Barnett (historical) Gilliam 1194 Turner Butte
Boardman Junction Boardman Junction Morrow 394 Clarke
Cabbage Patch Camp Cabbage Patch Camp Grant 6197 Aldrich Mountain South
Camp Two Camp Two Jackson 3314 Willow Lake
Camp Walker (historical) Camp Walker (historical) Polk 807 Fanno Ridge
China Diggings China Diggings Union 4675 Tucker Flat
Cleo (historical) Cleo (historical) Coos 23 Coos Bay
Coal Creek Camp Coal Creek Camp Coos 2359 Eden Valley
Dixie (historical) Dixie (historical) Klamath 3743 Parker Mountain
Dollar (historical) Dollar (historical) Linn 863 Chandler Mountain
Eldriedge Landing Eldriedge Landing Marion 108 Mission Bottom
Emigrant Crossing Emigrant Crossing Klamath 5371 Shake Butte
Glen Brown Place Glen Brown Place Harney 6968 McCoy Ridge
Goff (historical) Goff (historical) Sherman 266 Rufus
Grant Place Grant Place Harney 5007 Wildhorse Lake
Huntington Junction Huntington Junction Malheur 3209 Becker Creek
Lamm Crossing Lamm Crossing Klamath 4518 Military Crossing
Lockhart Crossing Lockhart Crossing Grant 4423 Clevenger Butte
Military Crossing Military Crossing Klamath 4518 Military Crossing
Miller (historical) Miller (historical) Sherman 184 Wishram
Moody Moody Wasco 292 Wishram
Murderers Creek Ranch Murderers Creek Ranch Grant 3235 Aldrich Mountain South
Mustang Jail Mustang Jail Harney 5161 Fish Fin Rim
Namorf (historical) Namorf (historical) Malheur 2625 Namorf
New Pass New Pass Umatilla 1581 McKay Reservoir
Old Kelly Mill (historical) Old Kelly Mill (historical) Wheeler 4150 Ochoco Butte
Olson (historical) Olson (historical) Polk 774 Fanno Ridge
Page Place Page Place Malheur 4153 Wall Rock Springs
Pikes Crossing Recreation Site Pikes Crossing Recreation Site Klamath 5666 Shake Butte
Riley Huff Place Riley Huff Place Harney 6466 Ankle Creek
Sage Hen Crossing Sage Hen Crossing Lake 5440 Sage Hen Butte
Shrock Shrock Benton 249 Greenberry
Simon Landing Simon Landing Marion 118 Mission Bottom
Simpson Place Simpson Place Wheeler 5325 Ochoco Butte
Sitka Dock Sitka Dock Coos 0 Empire
Spongs Landing Spongs Landing Marion 131 Mission Bottom
Starr Recreation Site Starr Recreation Site Grant 5079 Fall Mountain
Stewarts Crossing Stewarts Crossing Grant 2385 Aldrich Mountain North
Tioga (historical) Tioga (historical) Coos 676 Tioga
Todd Creek Camp Todd Creek Camp Grant 6191 Aldrich Mountain South
Tompkins Landing Tompkins Landing Yamhill 98 Mission Bottom
Tucker Flat Camp Tucker Flat Camp Curry 502 Marial
Union Creek (historical) Union Creek (historical) Douglas 915 Rabbit Mountain
Upper Crossing Upper Crossing Harney 5922 Roaring Springs SE
Voorhies Voorhies Jackson 1447 Medford East
Weaver Cabin Weaver Cabin Grant 3566 Aldrich Mountain South
Weaver Place Weaver Place Harney 5426 Tombstone Canyon
Wizard Falls Campground (historical) Wizard Falls Campground (historical) Jefferson 2762 Candle Creek
Tumalo Falls Recreation Site Tumalo Falls Recreation Site Deschutes 4961 Tumalo Falls
Robbins (historical) Robbins (historical) Clackamas 417 Oregon City
Bruce Bruce Benton 262 Greenberry
Rickard Rickard Benton 266 Greenberry
Hughes (historical) Hughes (historical) Benton 259 Greenberry
Buchanan Buchanan Benton 259 Greenberry
Kime (historical) Kime (historical) Malheur 2582 Namorf
Seventh Day Adventist Organization Camp Seventh Day Adventist Organization Camp Linn 4692 Mount Washington
Islet Recreation Site Islet Recreation Site Lane 5426 Waldo Lake
Horse Prairie (historical) Horse Prairie (historical) Douglas 1434 Live Oak Mountain
Aspen Point Recreation Site Aspen Point Recreation Site Klamath 4970 Lake of the Woods North
White Pine Campground (historical) White Pine Campground (historical) Klamath 4957 Lake of the Woods North
Rainbow Bay Recreation Site Rainbow Bay Recreation Site Klamath 4957 Lake of the Woods North
Fourmile Lake Recreation Site Fourmile Lake Recreation Site Klamath 5748 Lake of the Woods North
Sandoz (historical) Sandoz (historical) Jackson 1690 McLeod
Southshore Campground Southshore Campground Linn 1604 Detroit
Ajax (historical) Ajax (historical) Gilliam 2231 Indian Spring
Vance Creek Safety Rest Area (historical) Vance Creek Safety Rest Area (historical) Grant 4114 Canyon Mountain
Christmas Creek Camp Christmas Creek Camp Wallowa 1020 Wolf Creek
Cat Creek Ranch Cat Creek Ranch Wallowa 1184 Wolf Creek
Irish and Taylor Recreation Site Irish and Taylor Recreation Site Deschutes 5564 Irish Mountain
Fremont (historical) Fremont (historical) Klamath 4321 Crescent NE
Rosedale (historical) Rosedale (historical) Klamath 4485 Crescent
Squirrel Camp Squirrel Camp Klamath 5548 Sellers Marsh
Brothers Oasis Safety Rest Area Brothers Oasis Safety Rest Area Deschutes 4632 Brothers
Olive Lake Recreation Site Olive Lake Recreation Site Grant 6063 Olive Lake
Fairview Recreation Site Fairview Recreation Site Wheeler 4291 Whitetail Butte
Faith Spring Forest Camp Faith Spring Forest Camp Wasco 2789 Post Point
Forest Creek Recreation Site Forest Creek Recreation Site Wasco 3133 Post Point
Crane Creek Forest Camp Crane Creek Forest Camp Wasco 3028 Post Point
Keen Camp Keen Camp Wasco 3855 Post Point
Bear Springs Recreation Site Bear Springs Recreation Site Wasco 3048 Beaver Butte
Cedar Burn Camp Cedar Burn Camp Wasco 3405 Wapinitia Pass
Warm Springs Junction Warm Springs Junction Wasco 3445 Post Point
White River Crossing Camp (historical) White River Crossing Camp (historical) Wasco 2851 Post Point
Potters Camp Potters Camp Wasco 3563 Mount Wilson
Little Fawn Recreation Site (historical) Little Fawn Recreation Site (historical) Deschutes 4892 Elk Lake
Burma Burma Lane 404 Eugene West
Oak Grove Safety Rest Area Oak Grove Safety Rest Area Linn 344 Coburg
Prineville Reservoir Resort Prineville Reservoir Resort Crook 3248 Alkali Flat
Reservoir Campground Reservoir Campground Hood River 3005 Mount Hood North
Emigrant Hill Viewpoint Emigrant Hill Viewpoint Umatilla 2507 Table Rock
United States Forest Service Guard Station United States Forest Service Guard Station Morrow 2070 Heppner
Matlock Water Hole Camp Matlock Water Hole Camp Morrow 4678 Thompson Flat
Boardman Safety Rest Area Boardman Safety Rest Area Morrow 282 Crow Butte
McGee Ranch McGee Ranch Harney 4304 Riley
Upper Silver Creek Ranch Upper Silver Creek Ranch Harney 4295 Riley
Dunn Ranch Dunn Ranch Harney 4272 Riley
Morgan Ranch Morgan Ranch Harney 4255 Riley
Kellogg Ranch Kellogg Ranch Harney 4268 Riley
Frazee Ranch Frazee Ranch Lake 4350 Jacks Place
Houston Ranch Houston Ranch Crook 4153 G I Ranch
Watkins Watkins Jackson 2073 Carberry Creek
Eugene Blue Star Safety Rest Area (historical) Eugene Blue Star Safety Rest Area (historical) Lane 354 Junction City
Convent of the Good Shepherd Convent of the Good Shepherd Multnomah 171 Portland
Baldock Safety Rest Area Baldock Safety Rest Area Clackamas 200 Sherwood
Callahan Rehabilitation Center Callahan Rehabilitation Center Clackamas 210 Sherwood
Bonney Meadows Recreation Site Bonney Meadows Recreation Site Hood River 5246 Badger Lake
Badger Lake Recreation Site Badger Lake Recreation Site Hood River 4465 Badger Lake
Wasco Lookout Wasco Lookout Wasco 2333 Brown Creek
Davis Ranch Davis Ranch Malheur 2559 Graveyard Point
Mayo Mayo Washington 1237 Cochran
Pittsburg Guard Station Pittsburg Guard Station Columbia 669 Pittsburg
Verges Ranch Verges Ranch Crook 4554 Dust Bowl
Barney Ranch Barney Ranch Crook 4337 Dust Bowl
Cowan Ranch Cowan Ranch Harney 4321 Suntex
Stayton Bridge County Boat Ramp Stayton Bridge County Boat Ramp Linn 436 Stayton
Blue Star Safety Rest Area (historical) Blue Star Safety Rest Area (historical) Marion 180 Gervais
Errin Campground Errin Campground Lane 1073 Holland Point
Camp Cascade Camp Cascade Marion 1122 Mill City North
Roaring River Group Camp Roaring River Group Camp Lane 2644 Chucksney Mountain
Wendling Picnic Area Wendling Picnic Area Lane 738 Marcola
Long Bow Group Camp Long Bow Group Camp Linn 4770 Echo Mountain
Lakes End Recreation Site Lakes End Recreation Site Linn 2139 Tamolitch Falls
Trail Bridge Recreation Site Trail Bridge Recreation Site Linn 2126 Tamolitch Falls
Olallie Recreation Site Olallie Recreation Site Linn 1988 Tamolitch Falls
Gardiner Landing Gardiner Landing Douglas 33 Fivemile Creek
Elbow Lake Campground Elbow Lake Campground Douglas 43 Tahkenitch Creek
Lost Lake Campground (historical) Lost Lake Campground (historical) Douglas 151 Tahkenitch Creek
Tyee Recreation Site Tyee Recreation Site Lane 16 Florence
Booth Landing Booth Landing Douglas 20 Fivemile Creek
McKenzie Bridge Recreation Site McKenzie Bridge Recreation Site Lane 1329 McKenzie Bridge
Echo Campground Echo Campground Lane 1706 McKenzie Bridge
Meredith (historical) Meredith (historical) Lane 430 Walton
Ice Cap Creek Recreation Site Ice Cap Creek Recreation Site Linn 2690 Tamolitch Falls
Finn Rock Safety Rest Area (historical) Finn Rock Safety Rest Area (historical) Lane 1194 Mount Hagan
Silver Creek Landing Silver Creek Landing Lane 928 Nimrod
Mona Recreation Site Mona Recreation Site Lane 1526 Blue River
McDowell Creek Camp McDowell Creek Camp Linn 915 Sweet Home
Camp Tadmor Camp Tadmor Linn 1585 Sweet Home
Lost Prairie Recreation Site Lost Prairie Recreation Site Linn 3356 Echo Mountain
Tombstone Prairie Campground Tombstone Prairie Campground Linn 4137 Harter Mountain
Heck and Gone Heck and Gone Morrow 4672 Lake Penland
Nibley (historical) Nibley (historical) Umatilla 3740 Meacham Lake
Camp Morrison Camp Morrison Linn 1253 Jordan
Cougar Camp Cougar Camp Linn 4199 Mill City South
Beaver Marsh Safety Rest Area Beaver Marsh Safety Rest Area Klamath 4711 Chemult
Camas Creek Corral Camas Creek Corral Umatilla 4350 Sullivan Gulch
Camp Peterson Camp Peterson Marion 1978 Elk Prairie
North Silver Creek Youth Camp North Silver Creek Youth Camp Marion 1539 Drake Crossing
Butler Ranch Butler Ranch Malheur 3487 Beulah
Munkers Ranch Munkers Ranch Malheur 3448 De Armond Mountain
Murphy Brothers Ranch Murphy Brothers Ranch Malheur 3445 Beulah
Perry Ranch Perry Ranch Malheur 2694 South Mountain
Hinkle Ranch Hinkle Ranch Malheur 2674 South Mountain
Contorta Point Recreation Site Contorta Point Recreation Site Klamath 4852 Cowhorn Mountain
Cow Canyon Safety Rest Area Cow Canyon Safety Rest Area Wasco 2562 Willowdale
Temple Ranch Temple Ranch Harney 4944 Devine Ridge North
Nelson Ranch Nelson Ranch Harney 4911 Devine Ridge North
Hardesty Ranch Hardesty Ranch Harney 4803 Devine Ridge North
Old Graham Homestead Old Graham Homestead Harney 4967 Devine Ridge South
Jameson Ranch Jameson Ranch Harney 4308 Devine Ridge South
Reed Ranch Reed Ranch Harney 4124 Ninemile Slough
Upper Sherman Ranch (historical) Upper Sherman Ranch (historical) Harney 4803 Delintment Lake
Harris Ranch Harris Ranch Grant 5095 Big Mowich Mountain
Robertson Ranch Robertson Ranch Grant 4954 Big Mowich Mountain
Pine Creek Ranch Pine Creek Ranch Harney 3812 House Butte
George Clark Ranch George Clark Ranch Harney 3707 House Butte
Joel Sword Ranch Joel Sword Ranch Harney 3773 Moffit Table
Jack Miller Ranch Jack Miller Ranch Harney 3832 Moffit Table
Shelly Ranch Shelly Ranch Harney 3878 Moffit Table
George Riley Ranch George Riley Ranch Harney 3845 Moffit Table
Cleveland Ranch Cleveland Ranch Malheur 4094 Van
Azley Acton Cow Camp Azley Acton Cow Camp Harney 5095 Moffit Table
Jack Bear Cabin Jack Bear Cabin Harney 4147 Van
Ripple (historical) Ripple (historical) Tillamook 591 Rogers Peak
Preston (historical) Preston (historical) Tillamook 528 Rogers Peak
Buick (historical) Buick (historical) Tillamook 341 Cook Creek
Snark (historical) Snark (historical) Tillamook 308 Cook Creek
Maples (historical) Maples (historical) Tillamook 226 Cook Creek
Nehalem Falls (historical) Nehalem Falls (historical) Tillamook 98 Foley Peak
Knudson (historical) Knudson (historical) Tillamook 174 Foley Peak
Bufo (historical) Bufo (historical) Douglas 13 Lakeside
North Lake (historical) North Lake (historical) Coos 26 Lakeside
Suncrest Safety Rest Area Suncrest Safety Rest Area Jackson 1555 Medford East
Cape Perpetua Recreation Site Cape Perpetua Recreation Site Lincoln 144 Yachats
Alder Lake Camp Alder Lake Camp Lane 128 Mercer Lake
S'Ocholis Campground (historical) S'Ocholis Campground (historical) Klamath 4278 S'Ocholis Canyon
RAAB Recreation Site RAAB Recreation Site Clackamas 1506 Fish Creek Mountain
Two Rivers Recreation Site Two Rivers Recreation Site Clackamas 1473 Fish Creek Mountain
Sunstrip Recreation Site Sunstrip Recreation Site Clackamas 1099 Three Lynx
Whitewater Forest Camp Whitewater Forest Camp Clackamas 1227 Three Lynx
River Ford Recreation Site River Ford Recreation Site Clackamas 2172 Fish Creek Mountain
Oux-Kanee Recreation Site Oux-Kanee Recreation Site Klamath 4649 Soloman Butte
Bray Mill (historical) Bray Mill (historical) Klamath 4327 Chiloquin
Wood River Recreation Site Wood River Recreation Site Klamath 4186 Fort Klamath
Pothole Well Guard Station Pothole Well Guard Station Klamath 4695 Pothole Butte
Yainax Guard Station Yainax Guard Station Klamath 4619 Sprague River West
Blue Lake Camp Blue Lake Camp Klamath 5715 Rustler Peak
Pear Lake Camp Pear Lake Camp Klamath 5771 Rustler Peak
Carney Lake Camp (historical) Carney Lake Camp (historical) Klamath 6043 Rustler Peak
Meadow Lake Camp Meadow Lake Camp Klamath 5666 Rustler Peak
Rogue Head Camp Rogue Head Camp Klamath 5640 Rustler Peak
Beaver Dam Recreation Site Beaver Dam Recreation Site Jackson 4547 Brown Mountain
Daley Creek Recreation Site Daley Creek Recreation Site Jackson 4547 Brown Mountain
Pole Bridge Campgound (historical) Pole Bridge Campgound (historical) Jackson 4800 Brown Mountain
Lilyglen (historical) Lilyglen (historical) Jackson 4560 Robinson Butte
Grizzly Camp Grizzly Camp Josephine 5400 Grayback Mountain
Mount Ashland Ski Area Mount Ashland Ski Area Jackson 6509 Mount Ashland
Fall Creek Recreation Site Fall Creek Recreation Site Douglas 981 Mace Mountain
South Umpqua Safety Rest Area South Umpqua Safety Rest Area Douglas 594 Myrtle Creek
Umpqua River Safety Rest Area (historical) Umpqua River Safety Rest Area (historical) Douglas 20 Scottsburg
Murphys Camp (historical) Murphys Camp (historical) Douglas 108 Scottsburg
Blue Buck Camp Blue Buck Camp Lake 7034 Yamsay Mountain
Pelican Bay Camp (historical) Pelican Bay Camp (historical) Klamath 5095 Silver Dollar Flat
Raymonds Camp (historical) Raymonds Camp (historical) Klamath 4846 Cooks Mountain
Archie Knowles Recreation Site Archie Knowles Recreation Site Lane 115 Mapleton
Wendson Substation Wendson Substation Lane 295 Mercer Lake
Tahkenitch substation Tahkenitch substation Douglas 144 Reedsport
Fall Creek Work Center Fall Creek Work Center Lane 948 Saddleblanket Mountain
Cedar Creek Administration Site Fish Hatchery Cedar Creek Administration Site Fish Hatchery Tillamook 171 Hebo
Elk Flats Recreation Site (historical) Elk Flats Recreation Site (historical) Wallowa 4924 Wenaha Forks
Monon Lake Recreation Site Monon Lake Recreation Site Jefferson 4964 Olallie Butte
Horseshoe Lake Recreation Site Horseshoe Lake Recreation Site Jefferson 5328 Olallie Butte
Barlow Crossing Recreation Site Barlow Crossing Recreation Site Wasco 3002 Post Point
Camp Comfort Recreation Site Camp Comfort Recreation Site Douglas 2064 Buckeye Lake
Eightmile Crossing Recreation Site Eightmile Crossing Recreation Site Wasco 3868 Fivemile Butte
Elk Creek Recreation Site Elk Creek Recreation Site Grant 5069 Crane Prairie
Frissell Crossing Recreation Site Frissell Crossing Recreation Site Lane 2566 Chucksney Mountain
North Fork Crossing Forest Camp North Fork Crossing Forest Camp Clackamas 2169 Bedford Point
Taylor Place (historical) Taylor Place (historical) Lake 5348 Coffeepot Creek
Wildwood Recreation Site Wildwood Recreation Site Wheeler 4928 Ochoco Butte
C 2 Lumber Camp C 2 Lumber Camp Clatsop 315 Olney
Fort Miner (historical) Fort Miner (historical) Curry 131 Gold Beach
Camp Six Camp Six Lane 2388 Westfir East
Oxbow Hatchery Oxbow Hatchery Hood River 223 Carson
Reeher CCC Camp (historical) Reeher CCC Camp (historical) Washington 1053 Timber
Consolidated Timber Company Camp (historical) Consolidated Timber Company Camp (historical) Washington 643 Timber
Mulkey (historical) Mulkey (historical) Polk 233 Rickreall
Meadowhurst Meadowhurst Washington 236 Linnton
Saint Marys (historical) Saint Marys (historical) Washington 200 Linnton
Haynes (historical) Haynes (historical) Washington 180 Forest Grove
Varley (historical) Varley (historical) Washington 184 Forest Grove
Ballins Mill (historical) <