Burns Paiute Indian Colony Burns Paiute Indian Colony Harney 4124 Ninemile Slough
Warm Springs Reservation Warm Springs Reservation Wasco 2661 Potters Ponds
Baker County Baker County Baker 4249 Encina
Clatsop County Clatsop County Clatsop 1152 Green Mountain
Columbia County Columbia County Columbia 1096 Baker Point
Coos County Coos County Coos 98 McKinley
Douglas County Douglas County Douglas 814 Oak Creek Valley
Gilliam County Gilliam County Gilliam 2211 Mikkalo
Grant County Grant County Grant 4275 Mount Vernon
Harney County Harney County Harney 4718 Jackass Butte
Jackson County Jackson County Jackson 1870 Brownsboro
Lake County Lake County Lake 5180 Sharp Top
Lane County Lane County Lane 814 Jasper
Lincoln County Lincoln County Lincoln 151 Toledo North
Linn County Linn County Linn 1407 Green Peter
Malheur County Malheur County Malheur 4229 The Hole in the Ground
Marion County Marion County Marion 2037 Elk Prairie
Morrow County Morrow County Morrow 2119 Swaggart Buttes
Multnomah County Multnomah County Multnomah 36 Camas
Polk County Polk County Polk 1378 Socialist Valley
Sherman County Sherman County Sherman 2231 Moro
Tillamook County Tillamook County Tillamook 200 Tillamook
Wheeler County Wheeler County Wheeler 2802 Toney Butte
Yamhill County Yamhill County Yamhill 476 Muddy Valley
State of Oregon State of Oregon Crook 4042 Sugarloaf Butte
Siletz Reservation Siletz Reservation Lincoln 535 Valsetz
Benton County Benton County Benton 745 Flat Mountain
Clackamas County Clackamas County Clackamas 1421 Bedford Point
Crook County Crook County Crook 3809 Prairie Hill
Curry County Curry County Curry 771 Quosatana Butte
Deschutes County Deschutes County Deschutes 4751 Kelsey Butte
Hood River County Hood River County Hood River 2434 Dee
Jefferson County Jefferson County Jefferson 2464 Madras West
Josephine County Josephine County Josephine 1631 Selma
Klamath County Klamath County Klamath 4813 Applegate Butte
Wallowa County Wallowa County Wallowa 4564 Elk Mountain
Wasco County Wasco County Wasco 1811 Tygh Valley
Washington County Washington County Washington 194 Forest Grove
Umatilla County Umatilla County Umatilla 1463 Table Rock
Umatilla Reservation Umatilla Reservation Umatilla 2818 Cayuse
Union County Union County Union 2710 La Grande
Adrian Division Adrian Division Malheur 2201 Adrian
Newport Division Newport Division Lincoln 0 Newport North
Agness Division Agness Division Curry 1257 Illahe
Albany Division Albany Division Linn 230 Tangent
Antelope Division Antelope Division Wasco 3389 Shaniko Summit
Arlington Division Arlington Division Gilliam 732 Shutler Flat
Ashland Division Ashland Division Jackson 1749 Ashland
Ashwood Division Ashwood Division Jefferson 4242 Ashwood
Astoria Division Astoria Division Clatsop 7 Astoria
Athena Division Athena Division Umatilla 2031 Waterman
Badger Mountain Division Badger Mountain Division Lane 571 Noti
Baker City Division Baker City Division Baker 4842 Virtue Flat
Bandon Division Bandon Division Coos 115 Bandon
Bay City Division Bay City Division Tillamook 1102 Cedar Butte
Beaver Division Beaver Division Tillamook 466 Beaver
Beavercreek Division Beavercreek Division Clackamas 459 Oregon City
Beaverton-Hillsboro Division Beaverton-Hillsboro Division Washington 466 Beaverton
Bend Division Bend Division Deschutes 3465 Bend Airport
Boardman Division Boardman Division Morrow 610 Boardman
Brogan Division Brogan Division Malheur 3980 Buckbrush Creek
Brookings Division Brookings Division Curry 3051 Collier Butte
Brownsville Division Brownsville Division Linn 968 Union Point
Burns Division Burns Division Harney 5331 Egypt Canyon
Butte Falls-Prospect Division Butte Falls-Prospect Division Jackson 3442 Prospect South
Sutherlin Division Sutherlin Division Douglas 850 Sutherlin
Canby Division Canby Division Clackamas 141 Canby
Carlton Division Carlton Division Yamhill 728 Fairdale
Cascade Locks Division Cascade Locks Division Hood River 3195 Carson
Cave Junction Division Cave Junction Division Josephine 1585 Takilma
Chehalem Mountains Division Chehalem Mountains Division Washington 682 Laurelwood
Chiloquin Division Chiloquin Division Klamath 5558 Calimus Butte
Clatskanie Division Clatskanie Division Columbia 659 Clatskanie
Coast Range Division Coast Range Division Washington 915 Roaring Creek
Coburg Division Coburg Division Lane 384 Coburg
Colton Division Colton Division Clackamas 1493 Colton
Condon Division Condon Division Gilliam 2963 Condon
Coos Bay Division Coos Bay Division Coos 351 Charleston
Coquille Division Coquille Division Coos 10 Coquille
Corbett Division Corbett Division Multnomah 3819 Multnomah Falls
Corvallis Division Corvallis Division Benton 476 Corvallis
Cottage Grove Division Cottage Grove Division Lane 2172 Culp Creek
Cove Division Cove Division Union 2687 Gasset Bluff
Crescent Lake Division Crescent Lake Division Klamath 4708 Muttonchop Butte
Creswell Division Creswell Division Lane 531 Creswell
Crooked River Division Crooked River Division Crook 5325 Arrowwood Point
Culver Division Culver Division Jefferson 2621 Culver
Dallas Division Dallas Division Polk 308 Dallas
Dayton-Amity Division Dayton-Amity Division Yamhill 230 McMinnville
Dead Ox Flat Division Dead Ox Flat Division Malheur 2221 Weiser South
Dee Division Dee Division Hood River 2152 Dee
Lincoln City Division Lincoln City Division Lincoln 951 Devils Lake
Depoe Bay Division Depoe Bay Division Lincoln 66 Mowrey Landing
Diamond Division Diamond Division Harney 4583 Walls Lake
Drewsey Division Drewsey Division Harney 4705 Stinkingwater Pass
Dufur Division Dufur Division Wasco 2356 Postage Stamp Butte
Eagle Point Division Eagle Point Division Jackson 1316 Eagle Point
Eagle Valley Division Eagle Valley Division Baker 3320 Sparta
East Linn Division East Linn Division Linn 3635 Upper Soda
Eastside Division Eastside Division Coos 741 Golden Falls
Eddyville Division Eddyville Division Lincoln 545 Harlan
Elgin Division Elgin Division Union 3497 Partridge Creek
Elkton-Drain Division Elkton-Drain Division Douglas 1217 Beaver Creek
Enterprise Division Enterprise Division Wallowa 3642 Enterprise
Estacada Division Estacada Division Clackamas 2195 Fish Creek Mountain
Eugene-Springfield Division Eugene-Springfield Division Lane 407 Eugene West
Falls City Division Falls City Division Polk 1004 Fanno Ridge
Flora Division Flora Division Wallowa 4774 Wenaha Forks
Forest Grove-Cornelius Division Forest Grove-Cornelius Division Washington 197 Forest Grove
Fossil Division Fossil Division Wheeler 3514 Fossil South
Goble Division Goble Division Columbia 492 Trenholm
Gold Beach Division Gold Beach Division Curry 157 Gold Beach
Grandview Division Grandview Division Jefferson 4180 Prairie Farm Spring
Grants Pass Division Grants Pass Division Josephine 1942 Sexton Mountain
Halfway Division Halfway Division Baker 3658 Halfway
Harbor Division Harbor Division Curry 1365 Fourth of July Creek
Harrisburg Division Harrisburg Division Linn 279 Harrisburg
Heppner Division Heppner Division Morrow 3465 Skinners Fork
Hereford Division Hereford Division Baker 3957 Unity Reservoir
Hood River Division Hood River Division Hood River 919 Hood River
Hubbard Division Hubbard Division Marion 180 Woodburn
Huntington Division Huntington Division Baker 3461 Rye Valley
Imnaha Division Imnaha Division Wallowa 3146 Findley Buttes
Ione-Lexington Division Ione-Lexington Division Morrow 1624 Ione North
Jefferson Division Jefferson Division Marion 682 Turner
Jewell Division Jewell Division Clatsop 696 Vinemaple
John Day Division John Day Division Grant 3199 Shop Gulch
Jordan Valley Division Jordan Valley Division Malheur 4108 Rockhouse Reservoir
Joseph Division Joseph Division Wallowa 7877 Aneroid Mountain
Junction City Division Junction City Division Lane 351 Cheshire
Juntura Division Juntura Division Malheur 4304 Skull Spring
Kellogg-Yoncalla Division Kellogg-Yoncalla Division Douglas 945 Yellow Butte
Keno Division Keno Division Klamath 5732 Pelican Bay
Klamath Falls Division Klamath Falls Division Klamath 4213 Klamath Falls
Knappa-Brownsmead Division Knappa-Brownsmead Division Clatsop 853 Cathlamet
La Grande Division La Grande Division Union 4393 La Grande
Lakeview Division Lakeview Division Lake 5679 Drews Gap
Langell Valley Division Langell Valley Division Klamath 5203 Horsefly Mountain
Lebanon Division Lebanon Division Linn 361 Lebanon
Long Creek Division Long Creek Division Grant 3770 Steet Mountain
Lowell Division Lowell Division Lane 2569 Fall Creek Lake
McKenzie River Division McKenzie River Division Lane 4075 Cougar Reservoir
McMinnville Division McMinnville Division Yamhill 154 McMinnville
Madras Division Madras Division Jefferson 2418 Madras West
Malheur Junction Division Malheur Junction Division Malheur 2349 Cairo
Malin Division Malin Division Klamath 4068 Malin
Marcola Division Marcola Division Lane 850 Marcola
Medford Division Medford Division Jackson 1322 Medford West
Melrose Division Melrose Division Douglas 2133 Callahan
Merrill Division Merrill Division Klamath 4078 Lost River
Middle Siuslaw River-Triangle Lake Division Middle Siuslaw River-Triangle Lake Division Lane 1339 Greenleaf
Mill City Division Mill City Division Linn 2382 Mill City South
East Marion Division East Marion Division Marion 3911 Mother Lode Mountain
Mitchell Division Mitchell Division Wheeler 4833 Richmond
Molalla Division Molalla Division Clackamas 1654 Fernwood
Monmouth-Independence Division Monmouth-Independence Division Polk 344 Monmouth
Moro Division Moro Division Sherman 2402 Rosebush
Mount Angel Division Mount Angel Division Marion 200 Silverton
Mount Hood Division Mount Hood Division Clackamas 1286 Rhododendron
Mulino Division Mulino Division Clackamas 446 Molalla
Myrtle Creek-Riddle Division Myrtle Creek-Riddle Division Douglas 1188 Dodson Butte
Myrtle Point Division Myrtle Point Division Coos 715 Remote
Nehalem Division Nehalem Division Tillamook 210 Cook Creek
Neskowin Division Neskowin Division Tillamook 348 Nestucca Bay
Newberg Division Newberg Division Yamhill 118 Dundee
North Albany Division North Albany Division Benton 509 Lewisburg
North Bayside Division North Bayside Division Coos 741 Lakeside
North Benton Division North Benton Division Benton 738 Kings Valley
Milton-Freewater Division Milton-Freewater Division Umatilla 2208 Peterson Ridge
North Plains Division North Plains Division Washington 1014 Dixie Mountain
Florence Division Florence Division Lane 1460 Heceta Head
North Umpqua Division North Umpqua Division Douglas 1549 Illahee Rock
Northwest Clackamas Division Northwest Clackamas Division Clackamas 75 Gladstone
Northwest Jackson Division Northwest Jackson Division Jackson 2490 McConville Peak
Northwest Josephine Division Northwest Josephine Division Josephine 2493 Mount Peavine
Hermiston-Umatilla Division Hermiston-Umatilla Division Umatilla 640 Hermiston
Nyssa Division Nyssa Division Malheur 2254 Cairo
Oakridge Division Oakridge Division Lane 2077 McCredie Springs
Prineville Division Prineville Division Crook 4774 Steins Pillar
Odell Division Odell Division Hood River 994 Parkdale
Ontario Division Ontario Division Malheur 2162 Malheur Butte
Owyhee Division Owyhee Division Malheur 2290 Owyhee
Parkdale Division Parkdale Division Hood River 4226 Dog River
Pendleton Division Pendleton Division Umatilla 1270 Barnhart
Pilot Rock Division Pilot Rock Division Umatilla 4449 Tamarack Gulch
Pleasant Hill Division Pleasant Hill Division Lane 633 Jasper
Yonna Valley-Poe Valley Division Yonna Valley-Poe Valley Division Klamath 4199 Swan Lake
Port Orford Division Port Orford Division Curry 66 Sixes
Powell Butte Division Powell Butte Division Crook 3094 O'Neil
Powers Division Powers Division Coos 1647 China Flat
Prairie City Division Prairie City Division Grant 5321 Bates
Rainier Division Rainier Division Columbia 531 Rainier
Redland Division Redland Division Clackamas 259 Redland
Redmond Division Redmond Division Deschutes 2986 Redmond
Reedsport Division Reedsport Division Douglas 194 Deer Head Point
Umatilla Reservation Division Umatilla Reservation Division Umatilla 2165 Cayuse
Roseburg Division Roseburg Division Douglas 981 Roseburg East
Saint Helens Division Saint Helens Division Columbia 673 Chapman
Saint Paul Division Saint Paul Division Marion 174 Saint Paul
Salem Division Salem Division Marion 210 Salem East
Salem Division Salem Division Polk 892 Rickreall
Sams Valley Division Sams Valley Division Jackson 1434 Boswell Mountain
Sandy Division Sandy Division Clackamas 620 Sandy
Scappoose Division Scappoose Division Columbia 46 Chapman
Scio-Lacomb Division Scio-Lacomb Division Linn 292 Scio
Seaside Division Seaside Division Clatsop 948 Tillamook Head
Seneca Division Seneca Division Grant 5344 Lewis Creek
Shady Cove Division Shady Cove Division Jackson 2444 Trail
Sheridan Division Sheridan Division Yamhill 535 Springer Mountain
Siletz Division Siletz Division Lincoln 614 Euchre Mountain
Silver Lake-Fort Rock Division Silver Lake-Fort Rock Division Lake 4298 Christmas Lake
Silverton Division Silverton Division Marion 1522 Drake Crossing
Sisters-Millican Division Sisters-Millican Division Deschutes 5449 Fuzztail Butte
Skyline Division Skyline Division Multnomah 56 Sauvie Island
Rockcreek Division Rockcreek Division Washington 187 Linnton
Southeast Benton Division Southeast Benton Division Benton 285 Greenberry
Southeast Jackson Division Southeast Jackson Division Jackson 5800 Hyatt Reservoir
Dunes City Division Dunes City Division Lane 128 Florence
South Umpqua Division South Umpqua Division Douglas 1670 Tiller
Southwest Benton Division Southwest Benton Division Benton 390 Alsea
Southwest Jackson Division Southwest Jackson Division Jackson 2031 Sterling Creek
Starkey Division Starkey Division Union 4649 Little Beaver Creek
Stayton Division Stayton Division Marion 656 Stayton
Summer Lake Division Summer Lake Division Lake 4150 Fremont Point
Sweet Home Division Sweet Home Division Linn 617 Sweet Home
Tenmile Division Tenmile Division Douglas 1568 Tenmile
The Dalles Division The Dalles Division Wasco 991 Brown Creek
Tillamook Division Tillamook Division Tillamook 732 The Peninsula
Toledo Division Toledo Division Lincoln 115 Toledo South
Tumalo Division Tumalo Division Deschutes 3153 Cline Falls
Umapine Division Umapine Division Umatilla 689 Milton-Freewater
Union Division Union Division Union 3579 Little Catherine Creek
Upper Siuslaw River Division Upper Siuslaw River Division Lane 1122 High Point
Vale Division Vale Division Malheur 2365 Willowcreek
Vernonia Division Vernonia Division Columbia 781 Pittsburg
Waldport Division Waldport Division Lincoln 312 Tidewater
Wallowa Division Wallowa Division Wallowa 2995 Wallowa
Warm Springs Division Warm Springs Division Jefferson 3153 Metolius Bench
Warm Springs Division Warm Springs Division Wasco 2634 Hehe Butte
Warner Valley Division Warner Valley Division Lake 4478 Plush
Wasco Division Wasco Division Sherman 1549 Wasco
Weston Division Weston Division Umatilla 3218 Weston Mountain
West Bench Division West Bench Division Malheur 2451 Vale West
Wilderville Division Wilderville Division Josephine 3491 Chrome Ridge
Willamina Division Willamina Division Polk 407 Grand Ronde
Williams Division Williams Division Josephine 2133 Williams
Wilsonville Division Wilsonville Division Clackamas 62 Sherwood
Wingville-Haines Division Wingville-Haines Division Baker 7303 Rock Creek
Woodburn Division Woodburn Division Marion 187 Saint Paul
Yoder Division Yoder Division Clackamas 207 Yoder
City of Cascade Locks City of Cascade Locks Hood River 157 Carson
City of Cave Junction City of Cave Junction Josephine 1335 Cave Junction
City of Central Point City of Central Point Jackson 1273 Sams Valley
City of Chiloquin City of Chiloquin Klamath 4186 Chiloquin
City of Clatskanie City of Clatskanie Columbia 52 Clatskanie
City of Coburg City of Coburg Lane 400 Coburg
City of Adair Village City of Adair Village Benton 318 Lewisburg
City of Adams City of Adams Umatilla 1519 Adams
City of Adrian City of Adrian Malheur 2231 Adrian
City of Albany City of Albany Linn 223 Albany
City of Amity City of Amity Yamhill 161 Amity
City of Antelope City of Antelope Wasco 2667 Antelope
City of Arlington City of Arlington Gilliam 873 Arlington
City of Ashland City of Ashland Jackson 1959 Ashland
City of Astoria City of Astoria Clatsop 161 Astoria
City of Athena City of Athena Umatilla 1722 Athena
City of Aumsville City of Aumsville Marion 361 Stayton
City of Aurora City of Aurora Marion 167 Woodburn
City of Baker City City of Baker City Baker 3448 Baker City
City of Bandon City of Bandon Coos 69 Bandon
City of Banks City of Banks Washington 210 Forest Grove
Barlow City Hall Barlow City Hall Clackamas 102 Canby
City of Bay City City of Bay City Tillamook 112 Garibaldi
City of Beaverton City of Beaverton Washington 213 Beaverton
City of Bend City of Bend Deschutes 3645 Bend
City of Boardman City of Boardman Morrow 318 Boardman
City of Brookings City of Brookings Curry 233 Brookings
City of Brownsville City of Brownsville Linn 335 Brownsville
City of Burns City of Burns Harney 4190 Burns
City of Canby City of Canby Clackamas 151 Canby
City of Cannon Beach City of Cannon Beach Clatsop 33 Tillamook Head
City of Canyonville City of Canyonville Douglas 774 Canyonville
City of Carlton City of Carlton Yamhill 197 Carlton
City of Idanha City of Idanha Marion 1637 Idanha
City of Imbler City of Imbler Union 2733 Imbler
City of Independence City of Independence Polk 177 Monmouth
City of Ione City of Ione Morrow 1099 Ione North
City of Irrigon City of Irrigon Morrow 302 Irrigon
City of Island City City of Island City Union 2739 La Grande
City of Jacksonville City of Jacksonville Jackson 1588 Medford West
City of Jefferson City of Jefferson Marion 243 Albany
City of John Day City of John Day Grant 3077 John Day
City of Johnson City City of Johnson City Clackamas 112 Gladstone
City of Jordan Valley City of Jordan Valley Malheur 4511 Jordan Valley
City of Joseph City of Joseph Wallowa 4196 Joseph
City of Junction City City of Junction City Lane 318 Junction City
City of Keizer City of Keizer Marion 125 Mission Bottom
City of Columbia City City of Columbia City Columbia 75 Deer Island
City of Condon City of Condon Gilliam 2848 Condon
City of Coos Bay City of Coos Bay Coos 138 North Bend
City of Coquille City of Coquille Coos 62 Coquille
City of Cornelius City of Cornelius Washington 184 Forest Grove
City of Corvallis City of Corvallis Benton 256 Corvallis
City of Cottage Grove City of Cottage Grove Lane 650 Cottage Grove
City of Cove City of Cove Union 2913 Cove
City of Creswell City of Creswell Lane 541 Creswell
City of Culver City of Culver Jefferson 2634 Culver
City of Dallas City of Dallas Polk 322 Dallas
City of Damascus City of Damascus Clackamas 712 Damascus
City of Dayton City of Dayton Yamhill 161 Dayton
City of Depoe Bay City of Depoe Bay Lincoln 3 Depoe Bay
City of Detroit City of Detroit Marion 1604 Detroit
City of Donald City of Donald Marion 197 Woodburn
City of Drain City of Drain Douglas 289 Drain
City of Dufur City of Dufur Wasco 1339 Dufur West
City of Dundee City of Dundee Yamhill 187 Dundee
City of Dunes City City of Dunes City Lane 108 Florence
City of Durham City of Durham Washington 200 Beaverton
City of Eagle Point City of Eagle Point Jackson 1296 Eagle Point
City of Echo City of Echo Umatilla 640 Echo
City of Elgin City of Elgin Union 2687 Elgin
City of Elkton City of Elkton Douglas 138 Elkton
City of Enterprise City of Enterprise Wallowa 3753 Enterprise
City of Estacada City of Estacada Clackamas 502 Estacada
City of Eugene City of Eugene Lane 413 Eugene East
City of Fairview City of Fairview Multnomah 30 Camas
City of Falls City City of Falls City Polk 381 Falls City
City of Florence City of Florence Lane 66 Florence
City of Forest Grove City of Forest Grove Washington 190 Forest Grove
City of Fossil City of Fossil Wheeler 2667 Fossil South
City of Garibaldi City of Garibaldi Tillamook 36 Garibaldi
City of Gaston City of Gaston Washington 266 Gaston
City of Gates City of Gates Marion 938 Mill City North
City of Gearhart City of Gearhart Clatsop 13 Gearhart
City of Gervais City of Gervais Marion 187 Gervais
City of Gladstone City of Gladstone Clackamas 89 Gladstone
City of Glendale City of Glendale Douglas 1430 Glendale
City of Gold Beach City of Gold Beach Curry 33 Gold Beach
City of Gold Hill City of Gold Hill Jackson 1257 Gold Hill
City of Granite City of Granite Grant 4669 Granite
City of Grants Pass City of Grants Pass Josephine 928 Grants Pass
City of Grass Valley City of Grass Valley Sherman 2267 Grass Valley
City of Greenhorn City of Greenhorn Baker 6296 Greenhorn
City of Gresham City of Gresham Multnomah 384 Camas
City of Haines City of Haines Baker 3337 Haines
City of Halfway City of Halfway Baker 2651 Halfway
City of Halsey City of Halsey Linn 289 Halsey
City of Happy Valley City of Happy Valley Clackamas 755 Gladstone
City of Harrisburg City of Harrisburg Linn 315 Harrisburg
City of Helix City of Helix Umatilla 1755 Helix
City of Heppner City of Heppner Morrow 2011 Heppner
City of Hermiston City of Hermiston Umatilla 479 Hermiston
City of Hillsboro City of Hillsboro Washington 190 Hillsboro
City of Hines City of Hines Harney 4153 Burns
City of Hood River City of Hood River Hood River 276 Hood River
City of Hubbard City of Hubbard Marion 187 Woodburn
City of Huntington City of Huntington Baker 2123 Huntington
City of Lebanon City of Lebanon Linn 351 Lebanon
City of Lincoln City City of Lincoln City Lincoln 20 Lincoln City
City of Lonerock City of Lonerock Gilliam 2835 Lonerock
City of Long Creek City of Long Creek Grant 3743 Long Creek
City of Lostine City of Lostine Wallowa 3373 Lostine
City of Lowell City of Lowell Lane 748 Lowell
City of Lyons City of Lyons Linn 633 Lyons
City of Madras City of Madras Jefferson 2267 Madras West
City of Malin City of Malin Klamath 4062 Malin
City of Reedsport City of Reedsport Douglas 3 Reedsport
City of Richland City of Richland Baker 2211 Richland
City of Riddle City of Riddle Douglas 712 Canyonville
City of Rivergrove City of Rivergrove Clackamas 131 Lake Oswego
City of Rockaway Beach City of Rockaway Beach Tillamook 13 Garibaldi
City of Rogue River City of Rogue River Jackson 1017 Rogue River
City of Roseburg City of Roseburg Douglas 476 Roseburg East
City of Rufus City of Rufus Sherman 217 Rufus
City of Manzanita City of Manzanita Tillamook 39 Nehalem
City of Maupin City of Maupin Wasco 1227 Maupin
City of Maywood Park City of Maywood Park Multnomah 157 Mount Tabor
City of McMinnville City of McMinnville Yamhill 164 McMinnville
City of Medford City of Medford Jackson 1421 Medford East
City of Merrill City of Merrill Klamath 4068 Merrill
City of Metolius City of Metolius Jefferson 2549 Culver
City of Mill City City of Mill City Linn 837 Mill City North
City of Millersburg City of Millersburg Linn 220 Albany
City of Milton-Freewater City of Milton-Freewater Umatilla 1030 Milton-Freewater
City of Milwaukie City of Milwaukie Clackamas 154 Gladstone
City of Mitchell City of Mitchell Wheeler 3113 Mitchell
City of Molalla City of Molalla Clackamas 364 Molalla
City of Monmouth City of Monmouth Polk 210 Monmouth
City of Monroe City of Monroe Benton 292 Monroe
City of Monument City of Monument Grant 2024 Monument
City of Moro City of Moro Sherman 1854 Moro
City of Mosier City of Mosier Wasco 98 White Salmon
City of Mount Angel City of Mount Angel Marion 184 Silverton
City of Mount Vernon City of Mount Vernon Grant 2854 Mount Vernon
City of Myrtle Creek City of Myrtle Creek Douglas 610 Myrtle Creek
City of Myrtle Point City of Myrtle Point Coos 131 Myrtle Point
City of Nehalem City of Nehalem Tillamook 10 Nehalem
City of Newberg City of Newberg Yamhill 213 Newberg
City of Newport City of Newport Lincoln 0 Newport South
City of North Bend City of North Bend Coos 3 North Bend
City of North Plains City of North Plains Washington 207 Hillsboro
City of North Powder City of North Powder Union 3264 North Powder
City of Nyssa City of Nyssa Malheur 2178 Nyssa
City of Oakland City of Oakland Douglas 456 Sutherlin
City of Oakridge City of Oakridge Lane 1211 Oakridge
City of Ontario City of Ontario Malheur 2155 Payette
City of Oregon City City of Oregon City Clackamas 472 Oregon City
City of Paisley City of Paisley Lake 4373 Paisley
City of Pendleton City of Pendleton Umatilla 1115 Pendleton
City of Philomath City of Philomath Benton 279 Corvallis
City of Phoenix City of Phoenix Jackson 1503 Medford East
City of Pilot Rock City of Pilot Rock Umatilla 1634 McKay Reservoir
City of Port Orford City of Port Orford Curry 49 Port Orford
City of Portland City of Portland Multnomah 161 Portland
City of Powers City of Powers Coos 279 Powers
City of Prairie City City of Prairie City Grant 3530 Prairie City
City of Prescott City of Prescott Columbia 46 Rainier
City of Prineville City of Prineville Crook 2848 Prineville
City of Rainier City of Rainier Columbia 85 Rainier
City of Redmond City of Redmond Deschutes 3012 Redmond
City of King City City of King City Washington 161 Beaverton
City of Klamath Falls City of Klamath Falls Klamath 4094 Klamath Falls
City of La Grande City of La Grande Union 2772 La Grande
City of La Pine City of La Pine Deschutes 4229 Finley Butte
City of Lafayette City of Lafayette Yamhill 203 Dayton
City of Lake Oswego City of Lake Oswego Clackamas 249 Lake Oswego
City of Lakeside City of Lakeside Coos 33 Lakeside
Town of Bonanza Town of Bonanza Klamath 4137 Bonanza
Town of Butte Falls Town of Butte Falls Jackson 2549 Butte Falls
City of Saint Helens City of Saint Helens Columbia 89 Saint Helens
City of Saint Paul City of Saint Paul Marion 171 Saint Paul
City of Salem City of Salem Marion 177 Salem West
City of Sandy City of Sandy Clackamas 919 Sandy
City of Scappoose City of Scappoose Columbia 66 Chapman
City of Scio City of Scio Linn 312 Scio
City of Scotts Mills City of Scotts Mills Marion 499 Scotts Mills
City of Seaside City of Seaside Clatsop 23 Tillamook Head
City of Seneca City of Seneca Grant 4675 Seneca
City of Shady Cove City of Shady Cove Jackson 1388 Shady Cove
City of Shaniko City of Shaniko Wasco 3343 Shaniko
City of Sheridan City of Sheridan Yamhill 194 Sheridan
City of Sherwood City of Sherwood Washington 203 Sherwood
City of Siletz City of Siletz Lincoln 135 Toledo North
City of Silverton City of Silverton Marion 266 Silverton
City of Sisters City of Sisters Deschutes 3192 Sisters
City of Sodaville City of Sodaville Linn 522 Waterloo
City of Springfield City of Springfield Lane 472 Springfield
City of Stanfield City of Stanfield Umatilla 610 Stanfield
City of Stayton City of Stayton Marion 456 Stayton
City of Sublimity City of Sublimity Marion 554 Stayton
City of Sumpter City of Sumpter Baker 4462 Sumpter
City of Sutherlin City of Sutherlin Douglas 525 Sutherlin
City of Sweet Home City of Sweet Home Linn 604 Sweet Home
City of Talent City of Talent Jackson 1637 Talent
City of Tangent City of Tangent Linn 246 Tangent
City of The Dalles City of The Dalles Wasco 262 The Dalles South
City of Tigard City of Tigard Washington 217 Beaverton
City of Tillamook City of Tillamook Tillamook 33 Tillamook
City of Toledo City of Toledo Lincoln 180 Toledo South
City of Troutdale City of Troutdale Multnomah 154 Camas
City of Tualatin City of Tualatin Washington 171 Beaverton
City of Turner City of Turner Marion 417 Turner
City of Ukiah City of Ukiah Umatilla 3360 Ukiah
City of Umatilla City of Umatilla Umatilla 505 Umatilla
City of Union City of Union Union 2785 Union
City of Unity City of Unity Baker 3980 Unity
City of Vale City of Vale Malheur 2244 Vale East
City of Veneta City of Veneta Lane 420 Veneta
City of Vernonia City of Vernonia Columbia 774 Vernonia
City of Waldport City of Waldport Lincoln 157 Waldport
City of Wallowa City of Wallowa Wallowa 2936 Wallowa
City of Warrenton City of Warrenton Clatsop 7 Warrenton
City of Wasco City of Wasco Sherman 1283 Wasco
City of West Linn City of West Linn Clackamas 679 Canby
City of Westfir City of Westfir Lane 1070 Westfir West
City of Weston City of Weston Umatilla 1824 Athena
City of Wheeler City of Wheeler Tillamook 52 Nehalem
City of Willamina City of Willamina Yamhill 230 Sheridan
City of Wilsonville City of Wilsonville Clackamas 174 Sherwood
City of Winston City of Winston Douglas 528 Winston
City of Wood Village City of Wood Village Multnomah 151 Camas
City of Woodburn City of Woodburn Marion 184 Woodburn
City of Yachats City of Yachats Lincoln 190 Yachats
City of Yamhill City of Yamhill Yamhill 194 Carlton
City of Yoncalla City of Yoncalla Douglas 390 Yoncalla
Town of Dayville Town of Dayville Grant 2346 Dayville
Town of Lakeview Town of Lakeview Lake 4760 Lakeview
Town of Lexington Town of Lexington Morrow 1460 Lexington
Town of Canyon City Town of Canyon City Grant 3166 John Day
Town of Spray Town of Spray Wheeler 1781 Spray
Town of Summerville Town of Summerville Union 2713 Summerville
Town of Waterloo Town of Waterloo Linn 404 Waterloo
Coos, Lower Umpqua, and Siuslaw Reservation Coos, Lower Umpqua, and Siuslaw Reservation Lane 82 Florence
Coquille Reservation Coquille Reservation Coos 1217 Remote
Cow Creek Reservation Cow Creek Reservation Douglas 1129 Canyonville
Grand Ronde Community Grand Ronde Community Polk 997 Niagara Creek
Klamath Reservation Klamath Reservation Klamath 4400 Beatty
Celilo Village Celilo Village Wasco 443 Wishram
Gresham Division Gresham Division Multnomah 354 Camas
Portland East Division Portland East Division Multnomah 249 Mount Tabor
Portland West Division Portland West Division Multnomah 738 Portland
Kawumkan District Kawumkan District Klamath 4380 Fort Klamath