Sand Hollow Sand Hollow Lake 4711 Tired Horse Butte
Fox Valley Fox Valley Grant 4406 Belshaw Meadows
The Basin The Basin Malheur 4764 Flat Top Mountain SE
Angell Basin Angell Basin Baker 7743 Anthony Lakes
Antelope Swale Antelope Swale Malheur 4987 Tims Peak
Apple Valley Apple Valley Columbia 341 Chapman
Barren Valley Barren Valley Malheur 4045 Mustang Butte
Bear Valley Bear Valley Clatsop 3 Tillamook Head
Bear Wallow Bear Wallow Klamath 4363 Howard Bay
Big Basin Big Basin Lake 4439 Coglan Buttes SE
Big Basin Big Basin Malheur 4423 Palomino Hills
Big Basin Big Basin Grant 2641 Picture Gorge East
Big Cove Big Cove Lake 5144 Arkansas Flat
Big Cove Big Cove Wasco 2329 Shaniko Junction
Boney Basin Boney Basin Malheur 3091 Stemler Ridge
Brushy Valley Brushy Valley Harney 5246 Rock Camp Draw
Bull Basin Bull Basin Gilliam 1234 Indian Cove
Butler Basin Butler Basin Grant 2178 Picture Gorge West
Cable Cove Cable Cove Baker 7129 Mount Ireland
Catlow Valley Catlow Valley Harney 4554 Blitzen
Chalk Basin Chalk Basin Malheur 3366 Lambert Rocks
Christmas Lake Valley Christmas Lake Valley Lake 4308 Fossil Lake
Clover Swale Clover Swale Harney 4803 Clover Swale
Comstock Basin Comstock Basin Wheeler 3461 Salmon Fork
Connolly Basin Connolly Basin Harney 4301 Bartlett Mountain
Cook Stove Basin Cook Stove Basin Malheur 5141 Cedar Mountain
Coon Hollow Coon Hollow Marion 1014 Stout Mountain
Cougar Basin Cougar Basin Baker 7805 Elkhorn Peak
Cunningham Cove Cunningham Cove Grant 7274 Anthony Lakes
Daisy Basin Daisy Basin Malheur 4806 Keeney Ridge
Day Basin Day Basin Wheeler 4429 Day Basin
Devils Punch Bowl Devils Punch Bowl Lincoln 3 Newport North
Diamond Valley Diamond Valley Harney 4173 Diamond
Donnelly Basin Donnelly Basin Wheeler 2018 Masiker Mountain
Dry Valley Dry Valley Lake 5066 Arkansas Flat
Dust Bowl Dust Bowl Harney 4229 Krumbo Reservoir
Dutch Oven Dutch Oven Harney 4429 Krumbo Reservoir
First Pines Hollow First Pines Hollow Jefferson 3875 Horse Heaven Creek
Flournoy Valley Flournoy Valley Douglas 659 Reston
Freezeout Basin Freezeout Basin Malheur 4380 Keeney Ridge
Gin Basin Gin Basin Malheur 3963 Rooster Comb
Gravelly Cove Gravelly Cove Baker 4019 Bridgeport
Greaser Basin Greaser Basin Lake 5689 Blizzard Gap
Griffin Basin Griffin Basin Harney 4872 Coleman Mountain
Hawks Valley Hawks Valley Harney 5476 Hawks Mountain
Henry Basin Henry Basin Harney 6421 Skull Creek Butte
Hickey Basin Hickey Basin Malheur 4350 Hickey Basin
Hidden Valley Hidden Valley Washington 902 Meacham Corner
Hole in the Ground Hole in the Ground Harney 5403 Red Bank Lakes
Hole in the Ground Hole in the Ground Harney 5115 Irish Lake
Hole in the Ground Hole in the Ground Harney 4528 Coleman Mountain
Hole in the Ground Hole in the Ground Grant 2926 Picture Gorge East
Hole in Ground Hole in Ground Malheur 4600 Little Grassy Mountain
Horseshoe Basin Horseshoe Basin Union 6332 Mount Fanny
Indian Arrows Indian Arrows Jefferson 3753 Ashwood
Indian Hollow Indian Hollow Wasco 1549 Brown Creek
Jory Basin Jory Basin Jefferson 2871 Ashwood
Juniper Basin Juniper Basin Malheur 3832 Selle Gap
Kern Basin Kern Basin Malheur 2723 Grassy Mountain
Kings Valley Kings Valley Benton 322 Kings Valley
Lequerica Trap Lequerica Trap Malheur 4081 Threemile Hill
Linder Basin Linder Basin Grant 3255 Bullock Gulch
Little Cove Little Cove Wasco 2923 Shaniko Junction
Little Stinkingwater Basin Little Stinkingwater Basin Harney 5102 Warm Springs Creek
Long Hollow Long Hollow Harney 4386 New Princeton
Long Lake Valley Long Lake Valley Klamath 4262 Keno
Lost Basin Lost Basin Baker 4728 Lost Basin
Lower Powder Valley Lower Powder Valley Baker 2680 Keating
May Basin May Basin Wheeler 2100 Jennies Peak
McDade Cache McDade Cache Harney 5046 Square Mountain
Minton Cove Minton Cove Sherman 761 Indian Cove
Mormon Basin Mormon Basin Malheur 4806 Mormon Basin
Mount Ruth Cove Mount Ruth Cove Grant 7566 Anthony Lakes
Mule Springs Valley Mule Springs Valley Harney 4642 Rock Camp Draw
Mustang Basin Mustang Basin Harney 6273 Beatys Butte
Mustang Basin Mustang Basin Malheur 4928 Stemler Ridge
Old Maids Basin Old Maids Basin Malheur 5403 Mahogany Gap
Opal Valley Opal Valley Malheur 4144 Folly Farm
Owens Basin Owens Basin Gilliam 1152 Harmony
Oxbow Basin Oxbow Basin Malheur 3182 The Elbow
Pankey Basin Pankey Basin Klamath 4711 Goodlow Mountain
Patterson Basin Patterson Basin Grant 4127 Wildcat Point
Paulina Basin Paulina Basin Jefferson 2595 Degner Canyon
Peach Cove Peach Cove Clackamas 92 Canby
Poison Basin Poison Basin Malheur 3228 Selle Gap
Pothole Pothole Gilliam 1903 Condon
Putnam Valley Putnam Valley Douglas 243 Putnam Valley
Quartz Mountain Basin Quartz Mountain Basin Malheur 3543 Quartz Mountain Basin
Rabbit Basin Rabbit Basin Lake 4544 Rabbit Hills NW
Red Rock Basin Red Rock Basin Malheur 3409 Diamond Butte
Reeds Basin Reeds Basin Harney 4682 South Fork Reservoir
Rim Basin Rim Basin Malheur 4659 Whitehorse Butte
Ryegrass Valley Ryegrass Valley Harney 5489 Mahogany Butte
Sand Basin Sand Basin Malheur 3835 Rinehart Canyon
Sand Hollow Sand Hollow Malheur 3458 Twin Springs
Sand Hollow Sand Hollow Harney 4662 Duhaime Flat East
Sawmill Basin Sawmill Basin Baker 4990 Connor Creek
Sheephead Basin Sheephead Basin Malheur 3963 Pelican Point
Sherman Valley Sherman Valley Lake 6624 Crook Peak
Shiloh Basin Shiloh Basin Columbia 417 Trenholm
Shoestring Valley Shoestring Valley Douglas 892 Scotts Valley
Shovel Basin Shovel Basin Malheur 4144 Monument Peak
Snow Basin Snow Basin Malheur 4534 Keeney Ridge
Sourdough Basin Sourdough Basin Malheur 3350 Sourdough Spring
Spanish Charlie Basin Spanish Charlie Basin Malheur 4281 Pole Creek Top
Stemler Basin Stemler Basin Malheur 2874 Stemler Ridge
Stinkingwater Basin Stinkingwater Basin Harney 5230 Coleman Mountain
Sunset Valley Sunset Valley Harney 4117 The Narrows
Sunshine Valley Sunshine Valley Clackamas 463 Damascus
Texaco Basin Texaco Basin Harney 4649 Warm Springs Creek
The Basin The Basin Malheur 3760 The Basin
The Basin The Basin Harney 5105 Balls Lake
The Cove The Cove Wheeler 2333 Porcupine Butte
The Pot The Pot Wasco 1430 Kaskela
The Potholes The Potholes Lane 5036 French Mountain
The Rafferty The Rafferty Wheeler 3560 Fossil South
Thomas Creek Basin Thomas Creek Basin Malheur 5384 Sheaville
Turtle Cove Turtle Cove Grant 2303 Picture Gorge East
Western Union Basin Western Union Basin Baker 7280 Bourne
Wild Horse Basin Wild Horse Basin Malheur 3570 The Elbow
Wildhorse Basin Wildhorse Basin Malheur 4774 Monument Peak
Willow Basin Willow Basin Harney 4974 Crane
Wrangle Basin Wrangle Basin Malheur 3064 Big Mud Flat
Stein Basin Stein Basin Baker 7109 Cornucopia
Norway Basin Norway Basin Baker 6955 Cornucopia
Lake Pit Lake Pit Malheur 5377 Folly Farm
Hammond Boat Basin Hammond Boat Basin Clatsop 7 Warrenton
Mott Basin Mott Basin Clatsop 121 Astoria
Red Basin Red Basin Malheur 4426 Alder Creek
Depression Sump Depression Sump Lake 4291 Thorn Lake
Wheel Gulch Basin Wheel Gulch Basin Malheur 2326 Tub Mountain
Log Creek Basin Log Creek Basin Malheur 4239 Scratch Post Butte
Harney Valley Harney Valley Harney 4127 Ninemile Slough
Cow Creek Sink Cow Creek Sink Harney 4137 Carson Point
Harney Basin Harney Basin Harney 4131 Burns
Twomile Valley Twomile Valley Klamath 4393 Whiteline Reservoir
Bugby Hole Bugby Hole Clatsop 7 Cathlamet
Womack Basin Womack Basin Wallowa 5528 Fox Point
Bear Valley Bear Valley Baker 5335 Mormon Basin
Coffeepot Basin Coffeepot Basin Lake 4547 Saint Patrick Mountain
Jackings Hole Jackings Hole Lake 4373 Diablo Peak
Sherman Field Sherman Field Harney 7848 Chicken Spring
Gawley Basin Gawley Basin Clackamas 3091 Gawley Creek
Pole Creek Basin Pole Creek Basin Malheur 4760 Deacon Crossing
Drummond Basin Drummond Basin Malheur 4560 Drummond Basin
Rock Lakes Basin Rock Lakes Basin Clackamas 4252 High Rock
East Basin East Basin Harney 6020 The V
Punchbowl Punchbowl Clackamas 1243 Wilhoit
Bear Wallow Bear Wallow Jackson 2037 Skeleton Mountain
The Basin The Basin Malheur 6486 Hoppin Springs
Juans Forty Juans Forty Malheur 6384 Hoppin Springs
Animal Bedground Animal Bedground Lake 4439 Alkali Lake
Poverty Basin Poverty Basin Lake 4354 Poverty Basin North
Antelope Swale Antelope Swale Harney 5266 Knox Mountain
Ash Swale Ash Swale Jackson 2746 Willow Lake
Baldwin Area Baldwin Area Wallowa 2165 Jim Creek Butte
Bear Valley Bear Valley Klamath 5289 Antler Point
Bear Valley Bear Valley Grant 4737 Scotty Creek
Bear Wallow Bear Wallow Douglas 4997 Twin Lakes Mountain
Bearwallows Bearwallows Deschutes 6001 Tumalo Falls
Big Riner Basin Big Riner Basin Grant 7447 Strawberry Mountain
Big Sink Big Sink Union 3901 Jubilee Lake
Bingham Basin Bingham Basin Linn 4902 Marion Lake
Blowout Basin Blowout Basin Wallowa 6608 Jim White Ridge
Bologna Basin Bologna Basin Grant 3405 Bologna Basin
Bonanza Basin Bonanza Basin Curry 2405 Ophir Mountain
Brownie Basin Brownie Basin Wallowa 7119 North Minam Meadows
Buck Basin Buck Basin Jackson 5843 Rustler Peak
Buck Basin Buck Basin Jackson 4455 Whetstone Point
Cairn Basin Cairn Basin Hood River 5659 Mount Hood North
Conant Basin Conant Basin Crook 4245 Conant Basin
Corral Basin Corral Basin Grant 6414 Logan Valley East
Corral Basin Corral Basin Wallowa 6913 Jim White Ridge
Cottonwood Basin Cottonwood Basin Grant 3182 Day Basin
Dead Horse Basin Dead Horse Basin Grant 6683 Roberts Creek
Devils Kitchen Devils Kitchen Hood River 10279 Mount Hood South
Dollar Basin Dollar Basin Grant 4993 Dollar Basin
Dukes Valley Dukes Valley Hood River 965 Parkdale
Eden Park Eden Park Hood River 5253 Mount Hood North
Eight Lakes Basin Eight Lakes Basin Linn 4957 Marion Lake
Elk Cove Elk Cove Hood River 5479 Mount Hood North
Elk Wallow Elk Wallow Lincoln 2457 Stott Mountain
Elk Wallows Elk Wallows Curry 945 Mount Butler
Fields Basin Fields Basin Harney 5610 Fields Basin
Fort Rock Valley Fort Rock Valley Lake 4321 Schaub Lake
Gold Basin Gold Basin Curry 3940 Tincup Peak
Golden Basin Golden Basin Deschutes 4288 Horse Ridge
Guyon Basin Guyon Basin Grant 2917 Dayville
Hole in the Ground Hole in the Ground Douglas 5292 Fish Mountain
Hole-in-the-Ground Hole-in-the-Ground Lake 4731 Hole In The Ground
Hole-in-the Ground Hole-in-the Ground Grant 4442 Izee
Honeymoon Basin Honeymoon Basin Wheeler 4964 Wolf Mountain
Hunts Cove Hunts Cove Linn 5269 Mount Jefferson
Indian Holes Indian Holes Lane 4797 South Sister
Kahler Basin Kahler Basin Wheeler 2680 Whitetail Butte
Koski Basin Koski Basin Baker 6096 Rastus Mountain
Kotzman Basin Kotzman Basin Deschutes 4823 Millican SE
Lake Basin Lake Basin Wallowa 7644 Eagle Cap
Lake Basin Lake Basin Wallowa 6745 Fox Point
Lake Valley Lake Valley Lane 4780 Linton Lake
Little Riner Basin Little Riner Basin Grant 7375 Strawberry Mountain
Lone Pine Basin Lone Pine Basin Grant 3973 Wolfinger Butte
Lower Valley Lower Valley Wallowa 2812 Wallowa
McCubbin Basin McCubbin Basin Wallowa 6608 North Minam Meadows
McCully Basin McCully Basin Wallowa 7897 Aneroid Mountain
McIntire Basin McIntire Basin Grant 2595 Dayville
McKee Basin McKee Basin Jackson 5715 Rustler Peak
McNulty Basin McNulty Basin Grant 3963 Dayville
Middle Valley Middle Valley Hood River 1522 Parkdale
Millican Valley Millican Valley Deschutes 4232 Pine Mountain
Miner Basin Miner Basin Wallowa 7021 Jim White Ridge
Miners Basin Miners Basin Wallowa 7861 Chief Joseph Mountain
Mink Lake Basin Mink Lake Basin Lane 5174 Packsaddle Mountain
North Powder Valley North Powder Valley Baker 3258 North Powder
Oriental Basin Oriental Basin Umatilla 4898 Pearson Ridge
Mule Creek Basin Mule Creek Basin Harney 4587 Otis Mountain
Pansy Basin Pansy Basin Clackamas 4042 Bull of the Woods
Pine Knoll Basin Pine Knoll Basin Harney 4849 Hughet Valley
Pine Spring Basin Pine Spring Basin Harney 5013 Holmes Canyon
Rocky Basin Rocky Basin Harney 4564 Cottonwood Reservoir
Saddle Basin Saddle Basin Wallowa 6982 Jim White Ridge
Sage Hen Valley Sage Hen Valley Harney 4153 Weaver Lake
Seven Lakes Basin Seven Lakes Basin Klamath 6125 Devils Peak
Snow Basin Snow Basin Wheeler 4094 Wheeler Point
Socialist Valley Socialist Valley Polk 1037 Socialist Valley
South Fork Basin South Fork Basin Grant 3330 Dayville
Swamp Basin Swamp Basin Wallowa 7858 North Minam Meadows
Swede Basin Swede Basin Josephine 3396 Chrome Ridge
Tamarack Basin Tamarack Basin Umatilla 2881 Blalock Mountain
The Basin The Basin Klamath 4652 Rodeo Butte
The Dungeon The Dungeon Clackamas 1512 Rooster Rock
The Hole The Hole Grant 4879 McClellan Mountain
The Pothole The Pothole Lake 5407 Strawberry Butte
The Potholes The Potholes Harney 5807 Sage Hen Flats
The Punchbowl The Punchbowl Lake 4967 Fremont Point
Timber Basin Timber Basin Grant 4127 Sheep Ridge
Turner Basin Turner Basin Grant 4104 The Cockscomb
Twin Basin Twin Basin Wallowa 6758 Jim White Ridge
Vanata Basin Vanata Basin Grant 2897 Dayville
Whitaker Holes Whitaker Holes Deschutes 4324 Millican SE
Wildcat Basin Wildcat Basin Grant 7087 Strawberry Mountain
Wilson Basin Wilson Basin Wallowa 7198 North Minam Meadows
Wind Creek Basin Wind Creek Basin Clackamas 3973 Government Camp
Wy'east Basin Wy'east Basin Hood River 5679 Mount Hood North
Yocum Valley Yocum Valley Lake 5361 Strawberry Butte
Maxwell Basin Maxwell Basin Wallowa 3757 Imnaha
Morris Basin Morris Basin Grant 6811 Vinegar Hill
Big Sheep Basin Big Sheep Basin Wallowa 7684 Aneroid Mountain
Crystal Basin Crystal Basin Lane 4596 Fairview Peak
Weaver Waterhole Weaver Waterhole Lake 4357 Egli Rim
Burnt Basin Burnt Basin Harney 4902 Landing Creek
Fourmile Flat Quarry Fourmile Flat Quarry Klamath 4186 Lake of the Woods North
Long Creek Municipal Watershed Long Creek Municipal Watershed Grant 4367 Long Creek
Chicago Valley Chicago Valley Lake 4642 Chicago Valley
Browns Valley Browns Valley Lake 4603 Moonlight Butte
Mickey Basin Mickey Basin Harney 3924 Mickey Springs
Sinks of Lost Creek Sinks of Lost Creek Lake 4583 Round Top Butte
Smith Basin Smith Basin Crook 4718 Suplee
Trail Basin Trail Basin Crook 4071 Angell Butte
Upper Pocket Upper Pocket Crook 3957 Paulina
Lower Pocket Lower Pocket Crook 3862 Paulina
Blue Mountain Basin Blue Mountain Basin Malheur 5010 Blue Mountain Basin
Grassy Basin Grassy Basin Harney 5174 Windy Point
Willow Spring Basin Willow Spring Basin Malheur 3684 Juntura
Harper Basin Harper Basin Malheur 3422 Harper
Van Horn Basin Van Horn Basin Harney 6001 Van Horn Basin
Monument Basin Monument Basin Harney 5463 Van Horn Basin
Willow Creek Pockets Willow Creek Pockets Harney 6424 Ladycomb Peak
Robbers Roost Robbers Roost Harney 5180 Robbers Roost
Big Basin Big Basin Harney 4449 Miranda Flat
Ice Cave Pothole Ice Cave Pothole Lake 4531 Jacks Place
Jew Valley Jew Valley Lake 4567 Rams Butte
Sand Hollow Sand Hollow Klamath 4147 Malin
Big Basin Big Basin Harney 5062 Burns NW
Sand Hollow Sand Hollow Crook 4094 Sand Hollow
Yoncalla Valley Yoncalla Valley Douglas 361 Yoncalla
Hawkins Basin Hawkins Basin Malheur 4961 No Crossing Crossing
Rabbit Valley Rabbit Valley Crook 3904 Rabbit Valley
Bitter Brush Basin Bitter Brush Basin Lake 5797 Adel
Badger Hole Badger Hole Lake 5899 Mud Lake Reservoir
Crows Nest Crows Nest Malheur 4393 Indian Fort
Harney Holes Harney Holes Deschutes 4508 Brothers
Abiqua Basin Abiqua Basin Marion 1959 Elk Prairie
Garrish Valley Garrish Valley Yamhill 289 Gaston
Keg Springs Valley Keg Springs Valley Harney 4885 Keg Springs Valley East
Hansen Valley Hansen Valley Lake 4521 Buffalo Well
Baker Valley Baker Valley Baker 3369 Baker City
Grande Ronde Valley Grande Ronde Valley Union 2697 Conley
Firestone Basin Firestone Basin Deschutes 4678 Soldiers Cap
Canyon City Municipal Watershed Canyon City Municipal Watershed Grant 5321 Canyon Mountain
Willow Basin Willow Basin Malheur 4298 Hunter Mountain
Whitehorse Valley Whitehorse Valley Harney 4301 Red Mountain
Clarke Orchard Clarke Orchard Jefferson 3648 Ashwood
Hole in the Ground Hole in the Ground Malheur 4344 Dry Creek Rim
Rock Creek Sinks Rock Creek Sinks Harney 4550 Butler Hill
Tualatin Valley Tualatin Valley Washington 177 Scholls