Crissey Airport (historical) Crissey Airport (historical) Curry 23 Smith River
Sasser Landing Strip Sasser Landing Strip Wallowa 3232 Wallowa
Fall River Fish Hatchery Airport Fall River Fish Hatchery Airport Deschutes 4252 Pistol Butte
Roberts Field Airport Roberts Field Airport Deschutes 3064 Redmond
Wagoner Airport Wagoner Airport Marion 718 Sidney
Walker Airport Walker Airport Lane 594 Cottage Grove
Wallace Airstrip Wallace Airstrip Multnomah 30 Mount Tabor
Wasco State Airport Wasco State Airport Sherman 1457 Wasco
Waynes Air Service Airport Waynes Air Service Airport Linn 289 Harrisburg
West Buttercreek Airport West Buttercreek Airport Umatilla 906 Ward Butte
Westlog Airstrip Westlog Airstrip Coos 10 Coos Bay
Whitehorse Ranch Airport Whitehorse Ranch Airport Harney 4445 Red Mountain
World Trade Center Heliport World Trade Center Heliport Multnomah 43 Portland
Willamette Falls Community Hospital Heliport Willamette Falls Community Hospital Heliport Clackamas 276 Oregon City
Winn Airport Winn Airport Benton 210 Riverside
Woodland Park Hospital Helipad Woodland Park Hospital Helipad Multnomah 299 Mount Tabor
Wooldridge Agstrip Wooldridge Agstrip Linn 203 Albany
Workman AirPark Workman AirPark Clackamas 217 Yoder
Wrights Airfield Wrights Airfield Linn 361 Indian Head
Wiley's Seaplane Port Wiley's Seaplane Port Clackamas 10 Lake Oswego
Willamette River Airstrip Willamette River Airstrip Multnomah 10 Portland
Hanna Industries Airstrip Hanna Industries Airstrip Clackamas 52 Lake Oswego
Hessel Tractor Airstrip Hessel Tractor Airstrip Multnomah 13 Portland
Hoffman Airstrip Hoffman Airstrip Multnomah 89 Mount Tabor
Portland Auto Port Airstrip Portland Auto Port Airstrip Multnomah 59 Portland
Station L Airstrip (historical) Station L Airstrip (historical) Multnomah 36 Portland
Town Concrete Pipe Airstrip Town Concrete Pipe Airstrip Multnomah 56 Portland
Portland General Electric Service Center Heliport Portland General Electric Service Center Heliport Multnomah 52 Lake Oswego
Christmas Valley Airport Christmas Valley Airport Lake 4318 Christmas Valley
Chehalem Airpark Chehalem Airpark Yamhill 194 Dundee
Clackamas County Redsoils Heliport Clackamas County Redsoils Heliport Clackamas 446 Oregon City
Clackamas Heights Airstrip Clackamas Heights Airstrip Clackamas 545 Oregon City
Astoria Regional Airport Astoria Regional Airport Clatsop 10 Warrenton
Cline Falls Air Park Cline Falls Air Park Deschutes 2917 Cline Falls
Compressor Station Number 10 Airstrip Compressor Station Number 10 Airstrip Sherman 2520 Horseshoe Bend
Compressor Station 14 Airstrip Compressor Station 14 Airstrip Klamath 4131 Bonanza
Condon State Pauling Field Airport Condon State Pauling Field Airport Gilliam 2917 Condon
Corvallis Municipal Airport Corvallis Municipal Airport Benton 246 Corvallis
Country Squire Airpark Country Squire Airpark Clackamas 1158 Estacada
Crow-Mag Airport Crow-Mag Airport Lane 423 Noti
Crowley Ranch Airstrip Crowley Ranch Airstrip Malheur 4108 Crowley
Daniels Field Airport Daniels Field Airport Linn 325 Indian Head
Davis Airstrip Davis Airstrip Harney 4150 Burns
Anderson Airfield Anderson Airfield Marion 184 Gervais
Amart Farms Airstrip Amart Farms Airstrip Clackamas 308 Lake Oswego
Alkali Lake State Airport Alkali Lake State Airport Lake 4314 Venator Canyon
Albany Municipal Airport Albany Municipal Airport Linn 223 Albany
Ajax Airport Ajax Airport Gilliam 2136 Esau Canyon
Arlington Municipal Airport Arlington Municipal Airport Gilliam 892 Arlington
Arnold Airstrip Arnold Airstrip Harney 4167 Crane
Aurora State Airport Aurora State Airport Marion 197 Woodburn
Ayres Airstrip Ayres Airstrip Lane 318 Junction City
B F Goodlife Airstrip B F Goodlife Airstrip Marion 1152 Stout Mountain
Bandon State Airport Bandon State Airport Coos 108 Bandon
Barrett Field Airport Barrett Field Airport Umatilla 1742 Athena
Barton Lake Ranch Airport Barton Lake Ranch Airport Harney 4163 Barton Lake
Beagle Sky Ranch Airport Beagle Sky Ranch Airport Jackson 1421 Boswell Mountain
Bend Municipal Airport Bend Municipal Airport Deschutes 3428 Bend Airport
Big Sky Ranch Airstrip Big Sky Ranch Airstrip Clackamas 371 Redland
Boardman Airport Boardman Airport Morrow 371 Crow Butte
Bohemia Incorporated Airfield Bohemia Incorporated Airfield Lane 423 Eugene East
Boulder Park Resort Airstrip Boulder Park Resort Airstrip Baker 5046 Medical Springs
Brothers Landing Strip Brothers Landing Strip Deschutes 4596 Brothers
Burns Municipal Airport Burns Municipal Airport Harney 4144 Poison Creek Slough
Burrill Airport Burrill Airport Jackson 1309 Eagle Point
Calvert Peak Airport Calvert Peak Airport Curry 3806 Dutchman Butte
Charles H Wenger Airfield Charles H Wenger Airfield Marion 200 Salem East
Grabhorn's Airport Grabhorn's Airport Columbia 256 Chapman
Green Acres Air Park Green Acres Air Park Hood River 781 Hood River
Grells Airport Grells Airport Linn 256 Tangent
Lafferty Field Airport Lafferty Field Airport Linn 374 Indian Head
Langmack Field Langmack Field Linn 633 Sweet Home
Lebanon Community Hospital Heliport Lebanon Community Hospital Heliport Linn 341 Lebanon
Lebanon State Airport Lebanon State Airport Linn 344 Lebanon
Lenhardt Airpark Lenhardt Airpark Clackamas 174 Yoder
Lexington Airport Lexington Airport Morrow 1631 Lexington
Lone Oaks Ranch Airport Lone Oaks Ranch Airport Linn 636 Stayton
Long Ranch Landing Strip Long Ranch Landing Strip Klamath 4088 Lost River
Mahlon Sweet Field Airport Mahlon Sweet Field Airport Lane 367 Eugene West
Malin Airport Malin Airport Klamath 4052 Tulelake
Mason Airstrip Mason Airstrip Clackamas 20 Gladstone
McDermitt State Airport McDermitt State Airport Malheur 4432 Tenmile Ranch
McGill Airstrip McGill Airstrip Clackamas 371 Redland
Mc Kenzie Bridge State Airport Mc Kenzie Bridge State Airport Lane 1611 Belknap Springs
McNary Field Airport McNary Field Airport Marion 197 Salem West
Rogue Valley International - Medford Airport Rogue Valley International - Medford Airport Jackson 1312 Medford East
Legacy Meridian Park Hospital Heliport Legacy Meridian Park Hospital Heliport Clackamas 213 Lake Oswego
Merle West Medical Center Helipad Merle West Medical Center Helipad Klamath 4357 Wocus
Meyer Riverside Airpark Meyer Riverside Airpark Washington 197 Beaverton
Mill Creek Field Mill Creek Field Wasco 253 The Dalles South
Miller Airstrip Miller Airstrip Linn 282 Lebanon
Miller Memorial Airpark Miller Memorial Airpark Malheur 2274 Vale West
Millican Airstrip Millican Airstrip Deschutes 4314 Millican
Minam Lodge Airport Minam Lodge Airport Wallowa 3596 Mount Fanny
Morlan Airfield Morlan Airfield Polk 167 Sidney
Mountain View Air Park Mountain View Air Park Jackson 1407 Shady Cove
Muddy Creek Airport Muddy Creek Airport Baker 3497 Rock Creek
Mulino State Airport Mulino State Airport Clackamas 253 Molalla
Nehalem Bay State Airport Nehalem Bay State Airport Tillamook 23 Nehalem
Nielsen Airport Nielsen Airport Clackamas 512 Oregon City
Harchenko Indusdrial Airfield Harchenko Indusdrial Airfield Marion 187 Gervais
Hatch Airport Hatch Airport Marion 384 Stayton
Hemmingson Airport Hemmingson Airport Benton 285 Lewisburg
Hermiston Municipal Airport Hermiston Municipal Airport Umatilla 640 Hermiston
Hines Airstrip Hines Airstrip Harney 4147 Burns
Hobby Field Airport Hobby Field Airport Lane 545 Creswell
Holiday Airport Holiday Airport Linn 230 Riverside
Hollin Airport Hollin Airport Marion 167 Gervais
Ken Jernstedt Airfield Ken Jernstedt Airfield Hood River 630 Hood River
Skydive Oregon Airport Skydive Oregon Airport Clackamas 335 Molalla
Independence State Airport Independence State Airport Polk 177 Monmouth
Jensens Strip Airport Jensens Strip Airport Baker 3366 Haines
Johnson Airstrip Johnson Airstrip Gilliam 2907 Gwendolen
Juniper Air Park Juniper Air Park Deschutes 3497 Alfalfa
Juntura Airport Juntura Airport Malheur 3015 Juntura
Karpens Airport Karpens Airport Clatsop 121 Cathlamet Bay
King's Airport King's Airport Umatilla 938 Milton-Freewater
Klamath Falls Airport Klamath Falls Airport Klamath 4088 Altamont
Kinzua Airport Kinzua Airport Wheeler 3878 Salmon Fork
Knox's Private Airstrip Knox's Private Airstrip Linn 315 Harrisburg
Norway Airstrip Norway Airstrip Coos 26 Myrtle Point
Oak Hill Airstrip Oak Hill Airstrip Clackamas 207 Gladstone
Olinger Airpark Olinger Airpark Washington 190 Forest Grove
Ontario Municipal Airport Ontario Municipal Airport Malheur 2188 Malheur Butte
Oregon City Airpark Oregon City Airpark Clackamas 341 Oregon City
Oregon Sky Ranch Airport Oregon Sky Ranch Airport Umatilla 1339 Milton-Freewater
Owyhee Reservoir State Airport Owyhee Reservoir State Airport Malheur 2684 Pelican Point
Oxbow Airport Oxbow Airport Baker 1831 Homestead
Harvey's Acres Airport Harvey's Acres Airport Washington 269 Scholls
Pendleton Community Hospital Helipad (historical) Pendleton Community Hospital Helipad (historical) Umatilla 1316 Pendleton
Eastern Oregon Regional At Pendleton Airport Eastern Oregon Regional At Pendleton Airport Umatilla 1493 Pendleton
Pinehurst State Airport Pinehurst State Airport Jackson 3632 Soda Mountain
Pioneer Villa Airstrip Pioneer Villa Airstrip Linn 292 Halsey
Poehler Airport Poehler Airport Washington 230 Linnton
Pointers Airport Pointers Airport Wasco 1106 Brown Creek
Port Arbour Seaplane Base (historical) Port Arbour Seaplane Base (historical) Multnomah 52 Lake Oswego
Portland Adventist Medical Center Heliport Portland Adventist Medical Center Heliport Multnomah 249 Mount Tabor
Portland International Airport Portland International Airport Multnomah 26 Mount Tabor
Portland-Troutdale Airport Portland-Troutdale Airport Multnomah 33 Camas
Prineville Airport Prineville Airport Crook 3251 Houston Lake
Propst Airport Propst Airport Linn 239 Albany
Providence Hospital Heliport Providence Hospital Heliport Jackson 1355 Medford East
Pugh Landing Strip Pugh Landing Strip Linn 256 Peoria
Putnams Airfield Putnams Airfield Wheeler 3195 Fossil North
Reds Wallowa Horse Ranch Airport Reds Wallowa Horse Ranch Airport Wallowa 3592 Mount Fanny
Reed Airstrip Reed Airstrip Gilliam 1381 Mikkalo
Roaring Springs Ranch Airport Roaring Springs Ranch Airport Harney 4580 Roaring Springs
Rogue Valley Memorial Hospital Heliport Rogue Valley Memorial Hospital Heliport Jackson 1480 Medford East
Shady Cove Airpark Shady Cove Airpark Jackson 1503 Shady Cove
Rome State Airport Rome State Airport Malheur 4055 Rome State Airport
Roppair Airport Roppair Airport Linn 249 Tangent
Roseburg Lumber Company Airstrip Roseburg Lumber Company Airstrip Jackson 1227 Sams Valley
Roseburg Regional Airport Roseburg Regional Airport Douglas 505 Roseburg East
Rowena Dell Airstrip Rowena Dell Airstrip Wasco 1138 Lyle
S and E Farms Independence Airstrip S and E Farms Independence Airstrip Polk 164 Monmouth
Sacred Heart Medical Center Heliport Sacred Heart Medical Center Heliport Lane 430 Eugene East
Santiam Junction State Airport Santiam Junction State Airport Linn 3747 Santiam Junction
Santiam Memorial Hospital Helipad Santiam Memorial Hospital Helipad Marion 535 Stayton
Scappoose Industrial Airpark Scappoose Industrial Airpark Columbia 56 Saint Helens
Seaside Municipal Airport Seaside Municipal Airport Clatsop 13 Gearhart
Beaver Oaks Airport Beaver Oaks Airport Clackamas 397 Estacada
Siletz Airport Siletz Airport Lincoln 118 Toledo North
Siletz Bay State Airport Siletz Bay State Airport Lincoln 52 Lincoln City
Silverton Airfield Silverton Airfield Marion 213 Silverton
Simtag Farms Airstrip Simtag Farms Airstrip Morrow 554 Golgotha Butte
Skyhill Airport Skyhill Airport Clackamas 712 Redland
Snyder Ranch Airport Snyder Ranch Airport Gilliam 2644 Condon
Spray Airstrip Spray Airstrip Wheeler 2028 Spray
Springbrook Airport Springbrook Airport Jackson 1404 Wimer
Springfield Airport Springfield Airport Lane 466 Springfield
Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark Washington 174 Scholls
Sutherlin Municipal Airport Sutherlin Municipal Airport Douglas 499 Sutherlin
The Green Trees Ranch Airport The Green Trees Ranch Airport Linn 1115 Scio
The Pinnacle Ranch Airstrip The Pinnacle Ranch Airstrip Malheur 2713 Jordan Craters North
Top Line Helipad Top Line Helipad Multnomah 200 Mount Tabor
Myrtle Creek Municipal Airport Myrtle Creek Municipal Airport Douglas 623 Canyonville
Happy Valley Airport Happy Valley Airport Clackamas 794 Gladstone
Trojan Airstrip Trojan Airstrip Columbia 997 Delena
Oregon Health Sciences University Heliport Oregon Health Sciences University Heliport Multnomah 545 Lake Oswego
Umpleby Ranch Airstrip Umpleby Ranch Airstrip Union 4268 Craig Mountain
United Telephone System Airstrip United Telephone System Airstrip Hood River 207 Hood River
Venell Airport Venell Airport Benton 249 Greenberry
Vernonia Municipal Airport Vernonia Municipal Airport Columbia 643 Vernonia
Vey Sheep Ranch Airport Vey Sheep Ranch Airport Union 4160 Fly Valley
Vons Airstrip Vons Airstrip Yamhill 223 Fairdale
Wager Airstrip Wager Airstrip Washington 141 Beaverton
Davis Airstrip Davis Airstrip Umatilla 1565 Adams
Decker Ranch Airstrip Decker Ranch Airstrip Sherman 2641 Kent
Dietz Airpark Dietz Airpark Clackamas 180 Canby
Drews Airstrip Drews Airstrip Lane 331 Junction City
Eagle Nest Ranch Airstrip Eagle Nest Ranch Airstrip Clackamas 417 Estacada
Elkton Airfield Elkton Airfield Douglas 121 Kellogg
Legacy Emanuel Hospital Heliport 1 Legacy Emanuel Hospital Heliport 1 Multnomah 167 Portland
Valley View Airport Valley View Airport Clackamas 718 Estacada
Fairways Airport Fairways Airport Clackamas 502 Oregon City
Fargher Airfield Fargher Airfield Wasco 1434 Dufur West
Lusardi Field Airport Lusardi Field Airport Marion 194 Salem East
Flamingo Motel Heliport Flamingo Motel Heliport Multnomah 85 Mount Tabor
Flying K Bar J Ranch Airport Flying K Bar J Ranch Airport Clackamas 623 Sandy
Flying M Airport Flying M Airport Yamhill 456 Fairdale
George Felt Airport George Felt Airport Douglas 423 Roseburg West
George Wilson Ranch Airstrip George Wilson Ranch Airstrip Sherman 2612 Horseshoe Bend
Gilmour Ag Air Airport Gilmour Ag Air Airport Marion 207 Sidney
Land's Inn Ranch Airport Land's Inn Ranch Airport Grant 3911 Picture Gorge East
Ponderosa Ranch Airport Ponderosa Ranch Airport Grant 4587 Silvies
Wakonda Beach State Airport Wakonda Beach State Airport Lincoln 46 Waldport
Inshallah International Airport Inshallah International Airport Grant 4537 Lewis Creek
Winkle Bar Airport Winkle Bar Airport Curry 453 Kelsey Peak
Wonder Airstrip (historical) Wonder Airstrip (historical) Josephine 2044 Onion Mountain
Wulff Airstrip Wulff Airstrip Wallowa 4370 Flora
Circle W Ranch-Condon Airstrip Circle W Ranch-Condon Airstrip Gilliam 1952 Wolf Hollow Falls
Madras Municipal Airport Madras Municipal Airport Jefferson 2438 Madras West
Compressor Station Number 11 Airstrip Compressor Station Number 11 Airstrip Jefferson 3264 Gray Butte
Crescent Lake State Airport Crescent Lake State Airport Klamath 4783 Odell Lake
D M Stevenson Ranch Airport D M Stevenson Ranch Airport Deschutes 3760 Bend
Andersons Airfield Andersons Airfield Polk 361 Grand Ronde
Ashland Municipal Airport-Sumner Parker Field Ashland Municipal Airport-Sumner Parker Field Jackson 1880 Ashland
Backachers Ranch Airport Backachers Ranch Airport Josephine 1463 Selma
Barkers Field Barkers Field Coos 217 Lakeside
Beach Ranch Airport Beach Ranch Airport Wallowa 3980 Paradise
Brookings Airport Brookings Airport Curry 456 Brookings
Cascade Locks State Airport Cascade Locks State Airport Hood River 125 Bonneville Dam
Bay Area Hospital Heliport Bay Area Hospital Heliport Coos 33 North Bend
Good Samaritan Hospital Heliport Good Samaritan Hospital Heliport Benton 305 Corvallis
Gopher Gulch Airport Gopher Gulch Airport Deschutes 3481 Bend
Kuhn Emergency Airstrip Kuhn Emergency Airstrip Wallowa 4006 Paradise
Lake Billy Chinook State Airport Lake Billy Chinook State Airport Jefferson 2694 Round Butte Dam
Lake County Airport Lake County Airport Lake 4724 Lakeview Airport
Lakeside State Airport Lakeside State Airport Coos 39 Lakeside
Lord Flat Airport Lord Flat Airport Wallowa 5525 Lord Flat
Mc Kinnon Airpark Mc Kinnon Airpark Clackamas 643 Bull Run
Memaloose Airport Memaloose Airport Wallowa 6660 Hat Point
Meuret Airstrip Meuret Airstrip Jefferson 2585 Culver
Monument Municipal Airport Monument Municipal Airport Grant 2333 Monument
Newport Municipal Airport Newport Municipal Airport Lincoln 121 Newport South
Southwest Oregon Regional Airport Southwest Oregon Regional Airport Coos 23 North Bend
Hanel Field Airport Hanel Field Airport Hood River 1631 Parkdale
Hendershots Airstrip Hendershots Airstrip Josephine 2897 Kerby Peak
Inland Helicopters Heliport Inland Helicopters Heliport Josephine 1152 Grants Pass
Round Butte Heliport Round Butte Heliport Jefferson 2513 Round Butte Dam
Grant County Regional Airport/Ogilvie Field Grant County Regional Airport/Ogilvie Field Grant 3694 John Day
Joseph State Airport Joseph State Airport Wallowa 4127 Chief Joseph Mountain
Josephine Memorial Hospital Emergency Heliport Josephine Memorial Hospital Emergency Heliport Josephine 1024 Grants Pass
Oakridge State Airport Oakridge State Airport Lane 1381 Westfir East
Lehman Field Airport Lehman Field Airport Multnomah 951 Bull Run
Oxbow Ranch Airport Oxbow Ranch Airport Grant 3894 Prairie City
Pacific City State Airport Pacific City State Airport Tillamook 13 Nestucca Bay
Paisley Airport Paisley Airport Lake 4393 Paisley
Pineridge Ranch Airport Pineridge Ranch Airport Deschutes 3054 Henkle Butte
Powers Airport Powers Airport Coos 312 China Flat
Powwatka Ridge Airport Powwatka Ridge Airport Wallowa 3422 Wood Butte
Prospect State Airport Prospect State Airport Jackson 2569 Prospect South
Sandy River Airport Sandy River Airport Clackamas 702 Bull Run
Riverview Ranch Airport Riverview Ranch Airport Douglas 853 Milo
Roseburg Lumber Chip Facility Airstrip Roseburg Lumber Chip Facility Airstrip Coos 16 Empire
Roseburg Lumber Company Airstrip Roseburg Lumber Company Airstrip Josephine 942 Grants Pass
Sawalish Airstrip Sawalish Airstrip Umatilla 2198 Duncan
Silver Lake Forest Service Strip Silver Lake Forest Service Strip Lake 4495 Hager Mountain
Sisters Eagle Air Airport Sisters Eagle Air Airport Deschutes 3166 Sisters
Skirvin Air Park Skirvin Air Park Benton 262 Corvallis
Saint Charles Medical Center Heliport Saint Charles Medical Center Heliport Deschutes 3589 Bend
Sunnyhill Airport Sunnyhill Airport Coos 299 North Bend
Sunriver Airport Sunriver Airport Deschutes 4160 Benham Falls
Tillamook Airport Tillamook Airport Tillamook 23 Tillamook
Toketee State Airport Toketee State Airport Douglas 3241 Fish Creek Desert
Toledo State Airport Toledo State Airport Lincoln 10 Toledo South
Miranda's Skyranch Airport Miranda's Skyranch Airport Grant 3835 Flowers Gulch
Ellingson Lumber Company Airstrip Ellingson Lumber Company Airstrip Baker 3973 Unity
Enterprise Municipal Airport Enterprise Municipal Airport Wallowa 3914 Enterprise
Florence Municipal Airport Florence Municipal Airport Lane 49 Florence
Flying T Ranch Airport Flying T Ranch Airport Klamath 4334 Beatty
Garvins Airfield Garvins Airfield Curry 292 Brookings
Gold Beach Municipal Airport Gold Beach Municipal Airport Curry 13 Gold Beach
Crescent Airport Crescent Airport Klamath 4485 Crescent
Hyde Airstrip Hyde Airstrip Klamath 4406 Bly
Rayenoof Field (historical) Rayenoof Field (historical) Klamath 4157 Agency Lake
Chandler Airstrip Chandler Airstrip Union 2674 Elgin
Big Flat Airstrip Big Flat Airstrip Morrow 4393 Big Rock Flat
Rothrock Landing Strip Rothrock Landing Strip Umatilla 1522 Mission
Woodpecker Landing Strip Woodpecker Landing Strip Umatilla 1394 Mission
Goering Ranches Airport Goering Ranches Airport Crook 3419 Horse Butte
Cold Spring Guard Station Landing Field Cold Spring Guard Station Landing Field Crook 4610 Williams Prairie
Rager Airstrip Rager Airstrip Crook 4199 Mud Spring
Reed Landing Strip Reed Landing Strip Harney 4140 Northwest Harney Lake
Chadwick Airport Chadwick Airport Washington 666 Buxton
Helitack Base Helitack Base Wallowa 6667 Hat Point
Collins Landing Strip Collins Landing Strip Wheeler 3963 Frog Hollow
Collins Landing Strip Airport Collins Landing Strip Airport Wheeler 1585 Sutton Mountain
Cottage Grove State Airport Cottage Grove State Airport Lane 643 Cottage Grove
Briggs Airport Briggs Airport Lane 390 Coburg
Cape Blanco State Airport Cape Blanco State Airport Curry 217 Cape Blanco
Central Oregon District Hospital Helipad Central Oregon District Hospital Helipad Deschutes 2995 Redmond
Grants Pass Airport Grants Pass Airport Josephine 1109 Merlin
Starvout Creek Airport Starvout Creek Airport Douglas 1644 Starvout Creek
Teufels Farm Strip Teufels Farm Strip Washington 187 Hillsboro
Hawks Valley Airstrip Hawks Valley Airstrip Harney 5531 Hawks Mountain
McLoughlin Airfield McLoughlin Airfield Jackson 1325 Eagle Point
Chiloquin State Airport Chiloquin State Airport Klamath 4203 Agency Lake
West Point Airport West Point Airport Lane 377 Coburg
Horne Airfield Horne Airfield Umatilla 1394 McKay Reservoir
Beaver Marsh State Airport Beaver Marsh State Airport Klamath 4636 Chemult
Wonder Airport Wonder Airport Josephine 1322 Selma
Illinois Valley Airport Illinois Valley Airport Josephine 1378 O'Brien
Wigrich Airfield Wigrich Airfield Polk 174 Monmouth
Vineyard Airport Vineyard Airport Polk 190 Amity
Western Division Service Center Airport Western Division Service Center Airport Washington 262 Gaston
Davidson Ranch Airstrip Davidson Ranch Airstrip Linn 289 Crabtree
Capital Mall Heliport Capital Mall Heliport Marion 167 Salem West
Cascade Airstrip Cascade Airstrip Polk 217 Rickreall
Kohlmeyer Private Airstrip Kohlmeyer Private Airstrip Washington 138 Forest Grove
Lafayette Airstrip Lafayette Airstrip Yamhill 174 Dayton
Marr Field Airport Marr Field Airport Polk 279 Airlie North
Mc Minnville Municipal Airport Mc Minnville Municipal Airport Yamhill 157 McMinnville
McLagan Airstrip McLagan Airstrip Benton 387 Lewisburg
Mountaindale Airstrip Mountaindale Airstrip Washington 180 Forest Grove
Mount Jefferson Lumber Company Airstrip Mount Jefferson Lumber Company Airstrip Marion 200 Salem West
Joe Cards Airpark Joe Cards Airpark Polk 417 Dallas
Gates Airport Gates Airport Benton 223 Lewisburg
Kingston Airpark Kingston Airpark Linn 860 Stout Mountain
Portland-Hillsboro Airport Portland-Hillsboro Airport Washington 200 Hillsboro
Salem General Unit Hospital Heliport Salem General Unit Hospital Heliport Marion 190 Salem West
Abba's Airport Abba's Airport Yamhill 203 Sheridan
Skyport Airport Skyport Airport Washington 177 Forest Grove
Sportsman Airpark Sportsman Airpark Yamhill 171 Newberg
Steel Systems Airstrip Steel Systems Airstrip Polk 200 Rickreall
Sunset Air Strip Sunset Air Strip Washington 207 Forest Grove
North Plains Gliderport North Plains Gliderport Washington 213 Forest Grove
Flying E Airport Flying E Airport Marion 335 Turner
Felts Field Felts Field Douglas 427 Roseburg West
Baker City Municipal Airport Baker City Municipal Airport Baker 3369 Baker City
La Grande/Union County Airport La Grande/Union County Airport Union 2710 La Grande
Rambling Rotors Heliport Rambling Rotors Heliport Union 2723 La Grande
Saint Elizabeth Community Hospital Helipad Saint Elizabeth Community Hospital Helipad Baker 3389 Baker City
Aeroacres Airport Aeroacres Airport Clackamas 417 Oregon City
Cub Airport Cub Airport Clackamas 617 Gladstone
PUI Airstrip PUI Airstrip Union 4331 Fly Valley
Brewer Airstrip Brewer Airstrip Jefferson 2680 Culver
Red and White Airport Red and White Airport Lake 4367 Hager Mountain
Aeropuerto de los Banditos Aeropuerto de los Banditos Jackson 1240 Sams Valley
Hulse Airstrip Hulse Airstrip Union 2795 Elgin
Pratt Ranch Airstrip Pratt Ranch Airstrip Union 3412 North Powder
Finney Lake Airport Finney Lake Airport Marion 112 Mission Bottom
Nelson Ranch Airport Nelson Ranch Airport Wasco 2005 Maupin SW
Commons Airport Commons Airport Linn 312 Harrisburg
Mitchell Airstrip Mitchell Airstrip Wheeler 2936 Mitchell
Jordan Valley Airstrip Jordan Valley Airstrip Malheur 4370 Jordan Valley
Allen Airstrip Allen Airstrip Malheur 2986 Juntura
Horn Airport Horn Airport Linn 873 Stout Mountain
Francis Davis Airport Francis Davis Airport Clackamas 433 Canby
Adams Airport Adams Airport Clackamas 187 Yoder
Reids Airport Reids Airport Marion 197 Salem East
Fly 'N' W Airport Fly 'N' W Airport Marion 200 Salem East
Harper Airstrip Harper Airstrip Malheur 2648 Namorf
Harmon Airport Harmon Airport Douglas 443 Garden Valley
Kleinschmidt Airport Kleinschmidt Airport Linn 272 Crabtree
Sabin Airport Sabin Airport Clackamas 456 Redland
Warner Airstrip Warner Airstrip Clackamas 568 Redland
Art Brandt Airport Art Brandt Airport Marion 226 Sidney
Bend-Redmond Airport Bend-Redmond Airport Deschutes 3064 Redmond
Kissack/Reynolds Airport Kissack/Reynolds Airport Harney 4216 Andrews
Sutton on Rogue Airport Sutton on Rogue Airport Jackson 1250 Eagle Point
Bero Field Airport Bero Field Airport Columbia 702 Clear Creek
Poverty Hollow Airport Poverty Hollow Airport Yamhill 315 Stony Mountain
Mach-O Acres Airport Mach-O Acres Airport Yamhill 417 Muddy Valley
Mendenhall Airstrip Mendenhall Airstrip Yamhill 344 Grand Ronde
Trivelpiece Airport Trivelpiece Airport Yamhill 177 Carlton
Stan Jost Airport Stan Jost Airport Yamhill 180 Dundee
Ribbon Ridge Airport Ribbon Ridge Airport Yamhill 453 Dundee
Goodin Creek Airport Goodin Creek Airport Yamhill 230 Gaston
Dick Fisher Airport Dick Fisher Airport Yamhill 299 Gaston
Apple Valley Airport Apple Valley Airport Washington 249 Buxton
Rieben Airport Rieben Airport Washington 203 Forest Grove
Flying K Ranch Airport Flying K Ranch Airport Washington 381 Beaverton
Stargazer Field Airport Stargazer Field Airport Clackamas 522 Sandy
Schmidt Airport Schmidt Airport Clackamas 643 Sandy
Fly JLA Airport Fly JLA Airport Clackamas 620 Sandy
Parson Landing Airport Parson Landing Airport Clackamas 627 Redland
Compton Airport Compton Airport Clackamas 171 Yoder
Mc Gee Airport Mc Gee Airport Marion 180 Woodburn
Smith Private Airport Smith Private Airport Marion 174 Gervais
Iron Crown Airport Iron Crown Airport Marion 741 Stayton NE
Davidson Field Airport Davidson Field Airport Marion 194 Sidney
Faust Field Airport Faust Field Airport Polk 174 Monmouth
JPM Airport JPM Airport Polk 262 Airlie North
Gillette Field Airport Gillette Field Airport Linn 741 Jordan
Inspiration Airport Inspiration Airport Linn 499 Scio
MT Hope Airport MT Hope Airport Linn 397 Onehorse Slough
Tallman Airport Tallman Airport Linn 305 Lebanon
Flying Tom Airport Flying Tom Airport Benton 312 Lewisburg
Dunning Vineyards Airport Dunning Vineyards Airport Benton 230 Riverside
Muddy Creek Airport Muddy Creek Airport Benton 256 Greenberry
Schrock Airport Schrock Airport Benton 249 Peoria
Jim's Airstrip Jim's Airstrip Linn 276 Peoria
J & J Airport J & J Airport Linn 302 Halsey
Greer Airport Greer Airport Lane 367 Coburg
Strauch Field Airport Strauch Field Airport Lane 338 Junction City
Jasper Ridge Airstrip Jasper Ridge Airstrip Lane 1119 Springfield
Aubrey Mountain Airstrip Aubrey Mountain Airstrip Lane 1631 Oakridge
Farm Yard Field Airport Farm Yard Field Airport Douglas 230 Kellogg
Heavens Gate Ranch Airport Heavens Gate Ranch Airport Douglas 935 Sutherlin
Whitaker Airport Whitaker Airport Douglas 574 Sutherlin
Flying D Ranch Airport Flying D Ranch Airport Douglas 676 Nonpareil
Umpqua Airport Umpqua Airport Douglas 692 Oak Creek Valley
Glide Aero Airport Glide Aero Airport Douglas 928 Glide
Flournoy Valley Airport Flournoy Valley Airport Douglas 764 Reston
Lookingglass Airport Lookingglass Airport Douglas 574 Reston
Benham Airport Benham Airport Coos 118 Coquille
B Bar Ranch Airport B Bar Ranch Airport Josephine 1427 Holland
Fly By Night Airport Fly By Night Airport Jackson 1604 Ruch
Prospect State Airport Prospect State Airport Jackson 2569 Prospect South
Mucky Flat Airport Mucky Flat Airport Jackson 2064 Obenchain Mountain
Snider Creek Airport Snider Creek Airport Jackson 1404 Boswell Mountain
Firefly Ranch Airfield Firefly Ranch Airfield Jackson 1306 Boswell Mountain
East Oregon Cattle Company Airport East Oregon Cattle Company Airport Jackson 1329 Shady Cove
Moondance Ranch Airport Moondance Ranch Airport Klamath 4947 Silver Dollar Flat
Allen's Airstrip Allen's Airstrip Klamath 4403 Bly
Wilderness Airport Wilderness Airport Klamath 4528 Paradise Mountain
Sky Wagon Ranch Airport Sky Wagon Ranch Airport Klamath 4140 Dairy
Farr Airport Farr Airport Lake 4774 Lakeview Airport
Mc Ranch Airport Mc Ranch Airport Lake 4557 Adel
Saxon Sycan Airport Saxon Sycan Airport Lake 4990 Sycan Marsh East
Table Rock Airport Table Rock Airport Lake 4314 Thorn Lake
Wagontire Airport Wagontire Airport Harney 4734 Locust Butte
Rome Service Airport Rome Service Airport Malheur 3392 Rome
Skinner Ranch Airport Skinner Ranch Airport Malheur 4252 Danner
Murphy Ranch Airport Murphy Ranch Airport Malheur 3461 Beulah
Lockhart Airport Lockhart Airport Malheur 4616 Clevenger Butte
Sundance Meadows Airport Sundance Meadows Airport Deschutes 3835 Kelsey Butte
Pilot Butte Airport Pilot Butte Airport Deschutes 3671 Bend
Kennel Airstrip Kennel Airstrip Deschutes 3599 Bend Airport
Sage Ranch Airport Sage Ranch Airport Deschutes 3176 Tumalo Dam
Whippet Field Airport Whippet Field Airport Deschutes 3041 Henkle Butte
The Citadel Airport The Citadel Airport Deschutes 2674 Cline Falls
River Run Ranch Airport River Run Ranch Airport Crook 2795 O'Neil
Tailwheel Airport Tailwheel Airport Crook 3071 Prineville
Dry Creek Airpark Dry Creek Airpark Crook 3622 Stearns Butte
3 Rivers Recreation Area Airport 3 Rivers Recreation Area Airport Jefferson 2946 Fly Creek
Bombay Farms Airport Bombay Farms Airport Jefferson 2388 Madras West
Ochs Private Airport Ochs Private Airport Jefferson 1752 Willowdale
Big Muddy Ranch Airport Big Muddy Ranch Airport Wasco 1627 Muddy Ranch
Shaniko Ranch Airport Shaniko Ranch Airport Wasco 3307 Macken Canyon
Wapinitia Airport Wapinitia Airport Wasco 1903 Tygh Valley
Pine Hollow Airport Pine Hollow Airport Wasco 1850 Friend
Lyda Ranch Airstrip Lyda Ranch Airstrip Wasco 2444 Wolf Run
Seneca Emergency Airstrip Seneca Emergency Airstrip Grant 4675 Seneca
Wiley Creek Airport Wiley Creek Airport Grant 4029 Donaldson Creek
Hi Country No 2 Airport Hi Country No 2 Airport Grant 3796 Prairie City
Rothrock Field Airport Rothrock Field Airport Umatilla 1499 Adams
Pine Valley Airport Pine Valley Airport Baker 2579 Posy Valley
Cove Side Ranch Port Airport Cove Side Ranch Port Airport Union 2759 Cove
Six Ranch Airport Six Ranch Airport Wallowa 3560 Enterprise
Tamarack Springs Ranch Airport Tamarack Springs Ranch Airport Wallowa 3340 Evans
Lazy F Ranch Airport Lazy F Ranch Airport Wallowa 3707 Howard Butte
Lost Creek Airport Lost Creek Airport Lane 715 Lowell
Red's Field Airport Red's Field Airport Yamhill 184 Amity
Mahogany Mountain Airport Mahogany Mountain Airport Lake 4616 Hager Mountain
Withrotor Airport Withrotor Airport Lake 4921 Big Baldy
Oakridge Ranch Airport Oakridge Ranch Airport Jackson 1575 Brownsboro
El Rancho Airport El Rancho Airport Harney 4140 Fields
Shotgun Ranch Airstrip Shotgun Ranch Airstrip Crook 3419 Prairie Hill
George Airport George Airport Polk 489 Sheridan
Cerny Airport Cerny Airport Grant 4764 Scotty Creek
Cable Creek Ranch Airport Cable Creek Ranch Airport Umatilla 4068 Ukiah SE
Bybee Field Airport Bybee Field Airport Malheur 2178 Nyssa
Hilltop Airport Hilltop Airport Douglas 1266 Oak Creek Valley
Munson Airport Munson Airport Lane 312 Harrisburg
Longview Ranch Airport Longview Ranch Airport Wheeler 1991 Mount Misery
Napier Ranch Airport Napier Ranch Airport Douglas 486 Roseburg West
Nace Family Airstrip Nace Family Airstrip Douglas 1509 Quines Creek
Quail Field Airport Quail Field Airport Umatilla 1601 Cayuse
Watts Landing Airport Watts Landing Airport Yamhill 154 McMinnville
Bald Mountain Airport Bald Mountain Airport Baker 4613 Dooley Mountain
Coca-Cola Airport Coca-Cola Airport Benton 259 Greenberry
Cottonwood Creek Ranch Airport Cottonwood Creek Ranch Airport Malheur 2546 Harper
Six Springs Ranch Airport Six Springs Ranch Airport Jefferson 3730 Grizzly Mountain
Shaniko Cattle Airport Shaniko Cattle Airport Wasco 3238 Shaniko Junction
Chadwick Airport Chadwick Airport Washington 574 Buxton
Blue Skies Farm Airport Blue Skies Farm Airport Marion 200 Salem East
Cubehole Airport Cubehole Airport Linn 358 Union Point
Columbia Memorial Hospital Heliport Columbia Memorial Hospital Heliport Clatsop 26 Astoria
Bay Area Hospital Heliport Bay Area Hospital Heliport Coos 131 North Bend
Lake Woahink Seaplane Base Lake Woahink Seaplane Base Lane 49 Florence
Saint Elizabeth Hospital Heliport Saint Elizabeth Hospital Heliport Baker 3412 Baker City
Pioneer Memorial Hospital Heliport Pioneer Memorial Hospital Heliport Crook 2930 Prineville
Prineville Bureau of Land Management Heliport Prineville Bureau of Land Management Heliport Crook 3248 Houston Lake
Deschutes County Sheriff's Heliport Deschutes County Sheriff's Heliport Deschutes 3517 Bend
Saint Charles Medical Center Heliport Saint Charles Medical Center Heliport Deschutes 3592 Bend
Cinder Butte Heliport Cinder Butte Heliport Deschutes 2917 Redmond
Lake District Hospital Heliport Lake District Hospital Heliport Lake 4757 Lakeview
Holy Rosary Medical Center Heliport Holy Rosary Medical Center Heliport Malheur 2152 Payette
Good Shepherd Hospital Heliport Good Shepherd Hospital Heliport Umatilla 466 Hermiston
Saint Anthony Hospital Heliport Saint Anthony Hospital Heliport Umatilla 1125 Pendleton
Sky Lakes Medical Center Heliport Sky Lakes Medical Center Heliport Klamath 4363 Wocus
Central Cascade Fire and Emergency Medical Services Heliport Central Cascade Fire and Emergency Medical Services Heliport Klamath 4760 Odell Lake
Army National Guard McNary Field Helipad Army National Guard McNary Field Helipad Marion 207 Salem East
Columbia Aviation Heliport Columbia Aviation Heliport Marion 197 Sherwood
Columbia Helicopters Heliport Columbia Helicopters Heliport Marion 197 Sherwood
Croman Corporation Helipad Croman Corporation Helipad Jackson 1283 Sams Valley
Elkins Helipad Elkins Helipad Marion 558 Sidney
Erickson Air Crane Heliport Erickson Air Crane Heliport Jackson 1217 Sams Valley
Helitradewinds Heliport Helitradewinds Heliport Clackamas 377 Molalla
Hood River Fire Department Heliport Hood River Fire Department Heliport Hood River 486 Hood River
Jacks Heliport Jacks Heliport Linn 335 Scio
Katu Heliport Katu Heliport Multnomah 144 Portland
Legacy Emanuel Hospital Heliport 2 Legacy Emanuel Hospital Heliport 2 Multnomah 164 Portland
Light Valley Tree Farm Heliport Light Valley Tree Farm Heliport Jackson 2287 Grizzly Peak
Mid - Columbia Medical Center Heliport Mid - Columbia Medical Center Heliport Wasco 489 The Dalles South
Mount Hood Medical Center Heliport Mount Hood Medical Center Heliport Multnomah 348 Camas
Mountain View Hospital Heliport Mountain View Hospital Heliport Jefferson 2310 Madras East
Oregon Department of Forestry Heliport Oregon Department of Forestry Heliport Jackson 1273 Sams Valley
Oregon Health Sciences University C - Wing Heliports Oregon Health Sciences University C - Wing Heliports Multnomah 440 Lake Oswego
Portland Adventist Medical Center Heliport Portland Adventist Medical Center Heliport Multnomah 262 Mount Tabor
Portland Downtown Heliport Portland Downtown Heliport Multnomah 36 Portland
Portland General Electric Salem Helipad Portland General Electric Salem Helipad Marion 187 Salem East
Providence Portland Medical Center Heliport Providence Portland Medical Center Heliport Multnomah 174 Mount Tabor
Pynn Heliport Pynn Heliport Clackamas 584 Canby
Reforestation Services Helipad Reforestation Services Helipad Marion 400 Sidney
Rose Garden Heliport Rose Garden Heliport Multnomah 98 Portland
Salem Hospital Heliport Salem Hospital Heliport Marion 157 Salem West
South Hill Helipad South Hill Helipad Marion 679 Sidney
Timberland Shop Heliport Timberland Shop Heliport Jackson 2051 Ashland
United States Bancorp Helistop United States Bancorp Helistop Multnomah 36 Portland
Antone Ranch Airport Antone Ranch Airport Wheeler 3924 Antone
Stearns Airfield (historical) Stearns Airfield (historical) Deschutes 4167 Anns Butte