Osage Reservation Osage Reservation Osage 856 Bluestem Lake
Fort Sill Indian School Reservation (historical) Fort Sill Indian School Reservation (historical) Comanche 1112 Lawton
Rainy Mountain Indian School Reservation (historical) Rainy Mountain Indian School Reservation (historical) Kiowa 1378 Unap Mountain
Adair County Adair County Adair 1276 Christie
Alfalfa County Alfalfa County Alfalfa 1161 Cherokee South
Atoka County Atoka County Atoka 541 Bruno
Beaver County Beaver County Beaver 2507 Clear Lake NW
Beckham County Beckham County Beckham 1821 Sayre
Blaine County Blaine County Blaine 1549 Watonga Lake
Bryan County Bryan County Bryan 564 Roberta
Caddo County Caddo County Caddo 1480 Fort Cobb Dam
Canadian County Canadian County Canadian 1352 El Reno
Carter County Carter County Carter 876 Milo
Cherokee County Cherokee County Cherokee 873 Tahlequah
Choctaw County Choctaw County Choctaw 581 Hugo
Cimarron County Cimarron County Cimarron 4183 Boise City
Cleveland County Cleveland County Cleveland 1043 Denver
Coal County Coal County Coal 666 Centrahoma
Comanche County Comanche County Comanche 1214 Fort Sill
Cotton County Cotton County Cotton 1020 Walters
Craig County Craig County Craig 784 Pyramid Corners
Creek County Creek County Creek 948 Heyburn Reservoir
Custer County Custer County Custer 1726 Anthon
Delaware County Delaware County Delaware 1037 Jay
Dewey County Dewey County Dewey 1791 Aledo NE
Ellis County Ellis County Ellis 2362 Arnett
Garfield County Garfield County Garfield 1158 Enid East
Garvin County Garvin County Garvin 965 Elmore City NE
Grady County Grady County Grady 1076 Chickasha
Grant County Grant County Grant 1066 Wakita SE
Greer County Greer County Greer 1627 Mangum North
Harmon County Harmon County Harmon 1713 Gould
Harper County Harper County Harper 2001 Buffalo
Haskell County Haskell County Haskell 604 Lafayette
Hughes County Hughes County Hughes 892 Lake Holdenville
Jackson County Jackson County Jackson 1345 Olustee
Jefferson County Jefferson County Jefferson 928 Ryan SE
Johnston County Johnston County Johnston 856 Reagan
Kay County Kay County Kay 1089 Newkirk SW
Kingfisher County Kingfisher County Kingfisher 1099 Dover
Kiowa County Kiowa County Kiowa 1542 Rainy Mountain Creek
Latimer County Latimer County Latimer 981 Wilburton
Le Flore County Le Flore County Le Flore 541 Wister
Lincoln County Lincoln County Lincoln 945 Chandler
Logan County Logan County Logan 994 Guthrie North
Love County Love County Love 915 Marietta West
Major County Major County Major 1322 Glass Mountains
Marshall County Marshall County Marshall 873 Madill
Mayes County Mayes County Mayes 659 Salina
McClain County McClain County McClain 1214 Washington
McCurtain County McCurtain County McCurtain 781 Steel Junction
McIntosh County McIntosh County McIntosh 617 Stidham
Murray County Murray County Murray 932 Dougherty
Muskogee County Muskogee County Muskogee 581 Oktaha
Noble County Noble County Noble 1017 Red Rock
Nowata County Nowata County Nowata 751 Childers
Okfuskee County Okfuskee County Okfuskee 922 Okemah
Oklahoma County Oklahoma County Oklahoma 1142 Spencer
Okmulgee County Okmulgee County Okmulgee 679 Okmulgee North
Osage County Osage County Osage 856 Bluestem Lake
Ottawa County Ottawa County Ottawa 751 Miami SE
Pawnee County Pawnee County Pawnee 866 Casey
Payne County Payne County Payne 840 Ripley
Pittsburg County Pittsburg County Pittsburg 768 Krebs
Pontotoc County Pontotoc County Pontotoc 1070 Ahloso
Pottawatomie County Pottawatomie County Pottawatomie 1014 Brooksville
Pushmataha County Pushmataha County Pushmataha 1070 Snow
Roger Mills County Roger Mills County Roger Mills 2116 Cheyenne NW
Rogers County Rogers County Rogers 702 Claremore
Seminole County Seminole County Seminole 869 Wewoka West
Sequoyah County Sequoyah County Sequoyah 545 Sallisaw
Stephens County Stephens County Stephens 1112 Harrisburg
Texas County Texas County Texas 3002 Guymon
Tillman County Tillman County Tillman 1158 Hackberry Flat
Tulsa County Tulsa County Tulsa 741 Jenks
Wagoner County Wagoner County Wagoner 522 Red Bird
Washington County Washington County Washington 781 Bartlesville South
Washita County Washita County Washita 1535 Cordell
Woods County Woods County Woods 1706 Tegarden SE
Woodward County Woodward County Woodward 1831 Woodward NE
Sans Bois Sans Bois Haskell 554 Robert S Kerr Dam
Township of Kully Chaha Township of Kully Chaha Le Flore 466 Poteau East
Township of Tuskahoma Township of Tuskahoma Pushmataha 1631 Clayton
Township of Coweta Township of Coweta Wagoner 630 Coweta
Township of Baron Township of Baron Adair 1109 Westville
Township of Wauhillau Township of Wauhillau Adair 951 Tailholt
State of Oklahoma State of Oklahoma Oklahoma 1138 Britton
Township of Kellyville Township of Kellyville Creek 974 Mannford SE
McCurtain Indian Reservation (historical) McCurtain Indian Reservation (historical) Haskell 568 Lafayette
Kalhoma Indian Reservation (historical) Kalhoma Indian Reservation (historical) Pontotoc 755 Steedman
Township of Rainey Township of Rainey Washita 1673 Gotebo NW
Cooweescoowee District (historical) Cooweescoowee District (historical) Rogers Unknown
Little Axe Independent School District Little Axe Independent School District Cleveland 1115 Stella
Township of Collinsville Township of Collinsville Rogers 689 Collinsville
Township of Skiatook Township of Skiatook Tulsa 689 Sperry
Township of Owasso Township of Owasso Tulsa 682 Sperry
Township of Dawson Township of Dawson Tulsa 600 Tulsa
Township of Lynn Lane Township of Lynn Lane Tulsa 833 Broken Arrow
Township of Tulsa Township of Tulsa Tulsa 774 Tulsa
Township of Wekiwa Township of Wekiwa Tulsa 833 Wekiwa
Township of Red Fork Township of Red Fork Tulsa 712 Lake Sahoma
Township of Jenks Township of Jenks Tulsa 617 Jenks
Township of Frye Township of Frye Tulsa 732 Jenks
Township of Boles Township of Boles Tulsa 692 Broken Arrow
Township of Willow Springs Township of Willow Springs Tulsa 587 Leonard
Township of Bixby Township of Bixby Tulsa 627 Leonard
Township of Glenpool Township of Glenpool Tulsa 741 Sapulpa South
Township of Talala Township of Talala Rogers 725 Talala
Township of Chelsea Township of Chelsea Rogers 748 Chelsea
Township of Oologah Township of Oologah Rogers 689 Oologah
Township of Foyil Township of Foyil Rogers 778 Foyil
Township of Oowala Township of Oowala Rogers 702 Foyil
Township of Verdigris Township of Verdigris Rogers 679 Claremore
Township of Catoosa Township of Catoosa Rogers 614 Catoosa
Township of Inola Township of Inola Rogers 581 Inola
Township of Jefferson Township of Jefferson Washington 807 Copan
Township of Jackson Township of Jackson Washington 787 Bartlesville South
Township of Madison Township of Madison Washington 696 Ramona
Township of Hickory Township of Hickory Nowata 853 Elliott
Township of Snow Creek Township of Snow Creek Nowata 853 Hayrick Mound
Township of Lenapah Township of Lenapah Nowata 725 Delaware
Township of Armstrong Township of Armstrong Nowata 748 Sanders
Township of Alluwe Township of Alluwe Nowata 692 Chelsea NW
Township of Nowata Township of Nowata Nowata 758 Nowata West
Township of Watova Township of Watova Nowata 722 Nowata West
Township 1 Township 1 Craig 814 Welch North
Township 2 Township 2 Craig 919 Hollow
Township 3 Township 3 Craig 853 Centralia
Township 4 Township 4 Craig 751 Welch South
Township 5 Township 5 Craig 768 Estella
Township 7 Township 7 Craig 692 Vinita NE
Township 8 Township 8 Craig 709 Big Cabin
Township 9 Township 9 Craig 715 Vinita NE
Township 10 Township 10 Craig 873 Hollow
Township of Quapaw Township of Quapaw Ottawa 833 Picher
Township of Peoria Township of Peoria Ottawa 869 Picher
Township of Ottawa Township of Ottawa Ottawa 840 Miami SE
Township of Narcissa Township of Narcissa Ottawa 774 Miami SW
Township of Afton Township of Afton Ottawa 810 Afton
Township of Council House Township of Council House Ottawa 928 Cayuga
Township of Wyandotte Township of Wyandotte Ottawa 928 Wyandotte
Township 5 Township 5 Delaware 741 Bernice
Township 6 Township 6 Delaware 886 Dodge
Township 3 Township 3 Delaware 830 Chloeta
Township 4 Township 4 Delaware 1109 Sycamore
Township 1 Township 1 Delaware 1135 Leach
Township 2 Township 2 Delaware 997 Siloam Springs NW
Township of Rider Township of Rider Mayes 640 Adair
Township of Adair Township of Adair Mayes 636 Strang
Township of River Township of River Mayes 702 Spavinaw
Township of Hogan Township of Hogan Mayes 610 Pryor
Township of Center Township of Center Mayes 676 Salina
Township of Saline Township of Saline Mayes 807 Salina SE
Township of Chouteau Township of Chouteau Mayes 581 Chouteau
Township of Bryan Township of Bryan Mayes 820 Locust Grove
Township of Mazie Township of Mazie Mayes 627 Rocky Point
Township of Murphy Township of Murphy Mayes 696 Cedar Crest
Township of Adams Creek Township of Adams Creek Wagoner 610 Oneta
Township of Lone Star Township of Lone Star Wagoner 705 Oneta
Township of Coal Creek Township of Coal Creek Wagoner 561 Catoosa SE
Township of Creek Township of Creek Wagoner 604 Neodesha
Township of Cherokee Township of Cherokee Wagoner 807 Rocky Point
Township of Shahan Township of Shahan Wagoner 702 Coweta
Township of Stone Bluff Township of Stone Bluff Wagoner 673 Coweta
Township of Gatesville Township of Gatesville Wagoner 554 Taft
Township of Porter Township of Porter Wagoner 610 Taft
Township of Blue Mound Township of Blue Mound Wagoner 584 Wagoner West
Township of Tallahasse Township of Tallahasse Wagoner 597 Northwest Muskogee
Township of Shannon Township of Shannon Wagoner 541 Northeast Muskogee
Township of Peggs Township of Peggs Cherokee 981 Peggs
Township of Moodys Township of Moodys Cherokee 1037 Moodys
Township of Hulbert Township of Hulbert Cherokee 561 Hulbert
Township of Crittenden Township of Crittenden Cherokee 869 Thompson Corner
Township of Park Hill Township of Park Hill Cherokee 673 Park Hill
Township of Grandview Township of Grandview Cherokee 981 Tahlequah
Township of Briggs Township of Briggs Cherokee 1001 Proctor
Township of Cookson Township of Cookson Cherokee 820 Cookson
Township of Chance Township of Chance Adair 1027 Chance
Township of Ballard Township of Ballard Adair 1099 Watts
Township of Christie Township of Christie Adair 797 Christie
Township of Westville Township of Westville Adair 1138 Westville
Township of Bunch Township of Bunch Adair 768 Bunch
Township of Stilwell Township of Stilwell Adair 1024 Stilwell East
Township of Lees Creek Township of Lees Creek Adair 1070 Big Round Mountain
Township of Campbell Township of Campbell Sequoyah 591 Gore
Township of Blackgum Township of Blackgum Sequoyah 922 Blackgum
Township of Marble Township of Marble Sequoyah 607 Marble City
Township of Rocky Mountain Township of Rocky Mountain Sequoyah 1093 Brushy
Township of Long Township of Long Sequoyah 541 Nicut
Township of Vian Township of Vian Sequoyah 531 Vian
Township of McKey Township of McKey Sequoyah 518 Sallisaw
Township of Prices Chapel Township of Prices Chapel Sequoyah 728 Brushy
Township of Akins Township of Akins Sequoyah 610 Gans
Township of Sallisaw Township of Sallisaw Sequoyah 489 Sallisaw
Township of Hanson Township of Hanson Sequoyah 584 Gans
Township of Muldrow Township of Muldrow Sequoyah 561 Muldrow
Township of Roland Township of Roland Sequoyah 663 Muldrow
Township of Sadie Township of Sadie Sequoyah 459 Sallisaw
Township of Brent Township of Brent Sequoyah 479 Robert S Kerr Dam
Township of Redland Township of Redland Sequoyah 463 Muldrow SW
Township of Paw Paw Township of Paw Paw Sequoyah 417 Fort Coffee
Township of Moore Township of Moore Muskogee 591 Haskell
Township of Agency Township of Agency Muskogee 709 Northwest Muskogee
Township of Harris Township of Harris Muskogee 614 Southeast Muskogee
Township of Nash Township of Nash Muskogee 666 Fort Gibson Dam
Township of Sutton Township of Sutton Muskogee 600 Boynton
Township of Ogle Township of Ogle Muskogee 643 Southwest Muskogee
Township of Brewer Township of Brewer Muskogee 617 Braggs
Township of Brown Township of Brown Muskogee 725 Wainwright
Township of Darling Township of Darling Muskogee 686 Oktaha
Township of McLain Township of McLain Muskogee 489 Webbers Falls
Township of Vann Township of Vann Muskogee 492 Holt Mountain
Township of Martin Township of Martin Muskogee 656 Holt Mountain
Township of Porum Township of Porum Muskogee 656 Porum
Township of McDaniels Township of McDaniels McIntosh 623 Hoffman
Township of Turner Township of Turner McIntosh 600 Pierce
Township of Checotah Township of Checotah McIntosh 610 Checotah
Township of Beck Township of Beck McIntosh 883 Oktaha
Township of Ryals Township of Ryals McIntosh 879 Henryetta SW
Township of Simpson Township of Simpson McIntosh 627 Stidham
Township of Eufaula Township of Eufaula McIntosh 581 Eufaula
Township of Cobb Township of Cobb McIntosh 597 Texanna
Township of Hanna Township of Hanna McIntosh 682 Hanna
Township of Barton Township of Barton McIntosh 659 Indianola
Township of Quinton Township of Quinton Pittsburg 912 Featherston
Township of Canadian Township of Canadian Pittsburg 584 Crowder
Township of Bucklucksy Township of Bucklucksy Pittsburg 643 Haywood
Township of Alderson Township of Alderson Pittsburg 748 McAlester
Township of Dow Township of Dow Pittsburg 610 Hartshorne
Township of Kiowa Township of Kiowa Pittsburg 755 Kiowa
Township of Savanna Township of Savanna Pittsburg 699 Savanna
Township of Ti Township of Ti Pittsburg 748 Ti
Township of Liberty Township of Liberty Haskell 509 Stigler NE
Township of Taloka Township of Taloka Haskell 784 Stigler East
Township of Brooken Township of Brooken Haskell 748 Enterprise
Township of Machire Township of Machire Haskell 837 Quinton North
Township of Center Township of Center Haskell 531 Lafayette
Township of Sans Bois Township of Sans Bois Haskell 459 Keota
Township of Beaver Township of Beaver Haskell 538 Kinta
Township of Diamond Township of Diamond Haskell 702 Lequire
Township of Degnan Township of Degnan Latimer 1007 Wilburton
Township of Red Oak Township of Red Oak Latimer 1207 Red Oak
Township of Gowen Township of Gowen Latimer 663 Gowen
Township of Cravens Township of Cravens Latimer 1024 Wilburton
Township of Salonia Township of Salonia Latimer 755 Talihina
Township of Damon Township of Damon Latimer 741 Damon
Township of Buffalo Township of Buffalo Latimer 617 Yanush
Township of Cowlington Township of Cowlington Le Flore 472 Robert S Kerr Dam
Township of Spiro Township of Spiro Le Flore 505 Muldrow SW
Township of Braden Township of Braden Le Flore 420 Fort Coffee
Township of Pocola Township of Pocola Le Flore 466 Hackett
Township of Milton Township of Milton Le Flore 531 Bokoshe
Township of Bokoshe Township of Bokoshe Le Flore 482 Bokoshe
Township of Shady Point Township of Shady Point Le Flore 423 Panama
Township of Cameron Township of Cameron Le Flore 535 Spiro
Township of Kennady Township of Kennady Le Flore 1253 Potato Peaks
Township of Poteau Township of Poteau Le Flore 676 Poteau West
Township of Wister Township of Wister Le Flore 564 Summerfield
Township of Howe Township of Howe Le Flore 499 Wister
Township of Monroe Township of Monroe Le Flore 620 Heavener
Township of Summerfield Township of Summerfield Le Flore 522 Leflore
Township of Heavener Township of Heavener Le Flore 817 Heavener
Township of Talihina Township of Talihina Le Flore 646 Whitesboro
Township of Houston Township of Houston Le Flore 853 Hodgen
Township of Page Township of Page Le Flore 866 Page
Township of Muse Township of Muse Le Flore 1250 Big Cedar
Township of Octavia Township of Octavia Le Flore 1102 Octavia
Township of Sulphur Township of Sulphur McCurtain 702 Bear Mountain
Township of Kirk Township of Kirk McCurtain 495 Garvin
Township of White Township of White McCurtain 351 Idabel SE
Township of Frisco Township of Frisco McCurtain 427 Bokhoma
Township of Hunter Township of Hunter Choctaw 515 New Oberlin
Township of Oakes Township of Oakes Choctaw 587 Soper
Township of Ratliffe Township of Ratliffe Choctaw 492 Hugo Dam
Township of Wilson Township of Wilson Choctaw 561 Fort Towson
Township of Jeter Township of Jeter Choctaw 554 Hugo
Township of Everidge Township of Everidge Choctaw 417 Shoals
Township of Kosoma Township of Kosoma Pushmataha 761 Jumbo
Township of Finley Township of Finley Pushmataha 1073 Wildhorse Mountain
Township of Antlers Township of Antlers Pushmataha 525 Antlers West
Township of Kiamichi Township of Kiamichi Pushmataha 614 Cloudy
Township of Speairs Township of Speairs Bryan 636 Roberta
Township of Caddo Township of Caddo Bryan 643 Caddo South
Township of Matoy Township of Matoy Bryan 548 Bennington North
Township of Brown Township of Brown Bryan 791 Little City
Township of Bokchito Township of Bokchito Bryan 653 Bokchito
Township of Bennington Township of Bennington Bryan 581 Bennington South
Township of Colbert Township of Colbert Bryan 659 Achille
Township of Calera Township of Calera Bryan 577 Roberta
Township of Albany Township of Albany Bryan 545 Yuba
Township of Kemp Township of Kemp Bryan 600 Kemp
Township of Halford Township of Halford Marshall 791 McMillan
Township of Taliaferro Township of Taliaferro Marshall 866 Madill
Township of Odell Township of Odell Marshall 673 Kingston South
Township of Willis Township of Willis Marshall 636 Shay
Township of Burney Township of Burney Love 699 Burneyville
Township of Hickory Township of Hickory Love 738 Overbrook
Township of Washington Township of Washington Love 883 Thackerville
Township of Graham Township of Graham Carter 1024 Tatums
Township of Akers Township of Akers Carter 866 Milo
Township of Berwyn Township of Berwyn Carter 761 Gene Autry
Township of Hewitt Township of Hewitt Carter 915 Healdton
Township of Lone Grove Township of Lone Grove Carter 889 Lone Grove
Township of Morgan Township of Morgan Carter 830 Ardmore West
Township of Wilson Township of Wilson Carter 909 Ardmore East
Township of Lindsay Township of Lindsay Garvin 1001 Lindsay
Township of Whitebread Township of Whitebread Garvin 909 Paoli
Township of Stratford Township of Stratford Garvin 981 Byars
Township of Elmore Township of Elmore Garvin 1066 Elmore City North
Township of Brady Township of Brady Garvin 883 Hennepin
Township of Walker Township of Walker Garvin 1007 Pauls Valley NE
Township of Johnson Township of Johnson McClain 1312 Newcastle
Township of Goldsby Township of Goldsby McClain 1211 Newcastle
Township of Victor Township of Victor McClain 1145 Cole
Township of Perry Township of Perry McClain 1132 Washington
Township of Colbert Township of Colbert McClain 1125 Criner
Township of Muncrief Township of Muncrief McClain 1115 Stealy
Township of Turnbull Township of Turnbull McClain 1109 Criner
Township of Wayne Township of Wayne McClain 1066 Wayne
Township of Hopping Township of Hopping McClain 1060 Rosedale
Township of Byars Township of Byars McClain 1014 Wanette
Township of Taylor Township of Taylor Cleveland 1243 Oklahoma City SE
Township of Case Township of Case Cleveland 1125 Franklin
Township of Stell Township of Stell Cleveland 1194 Stella
Township of Liberty Township of Liberty Cleveland 1135 Oklahoma City SE
Township of Norman Township of Norman Cleveland 1191 Norman
Township of Little River Township of Little River Cleveland 1066 Little Axe
Township of Noble Township of Noble Cleveland 1089 Denver
Township of Lexington Township of Lexington Cleveland 1093 Purcell
Township of Canadian Township of Canadian Cleveland 1158 Eason
Township of Deer Creek Township of Deer Creek Oklahoma 1073 Bethany NE
Township of Edmond Township of Edmond Oklahoma 1165 Edmond
Township of Lincoln Township of Lincoln Oklahoma 1070 Arcadia
Township of Deep Fork Township of Deep Fork Oklahoma 1119 Arcadia
Township of Luther Township of Luther Oklahoma 945 Luther
Township of Hartzell Township of Hartzell Oklahoma 1158 Jones
Township of Springer Township of Springer Oklahoma 1152 Jones
Township of Dewey Township of Dewey Oklahoma 1050 Horseshoe Lake
Township of Crutcho Township of Crutcho Oklahoma 1220 Jones
Township of Choctaw Township of Choctaw Oklahoma 1197 Jones
Township of Elk Township of Elk Oklahoma 1096 Horseshoe Lake
Township of Boone Township of Boone Oklahoma 1207 Midwest City
Township of Cass Township of Cass Oklahoma 1175 Choctaw
Township of Pottawatomie Township of Pottawatomie Oklahoma 1145 Harrah
Township of Oklahoma City Township of Oklahoma City Oklahoma 1316 Britton
Township of Marshall Township of Marshall Logan 1040 Bridge Creek
Township of LeBron Township of LeBron Logan 1089 Bridge Creek
Township of Orlando Township of Orlando Logan 1001 Mulhall
Township of Oak View Township of Oak View Logan 1050 Bridge Creek
Township of Rose Hill Township of Rose Hill Logan 935 Bridge Creek
Township of Mulhall Township of Mulhall Logan 1001 Mulhall
Township of Antelope Township of Antelope Logan 938 Langston
Township of Crescent Township of Crescent Logan 1142 Crescent
Township of Woodland Township of Woodland Logan 1115 Crescent
Township of Lawrie Township of Lawrie Logan 899 Guthrie North
Township of Cedar Township of Cedar Logan 997 Navina
Township of Iron Mound Township of Iron Mound Logan 1053 Navina
Township of Guthrie Township of Guthrie Logan 971 Guthrie North
Township of Bear Creek Township of Bear Creek Logan 1060 Guthrie SE
Township of North Cimarron Township of North Cimarron Logan 879 Coyle
Township of South Cimarron Township of South Cimarron Logan 1024 Meridian
Township of Iowa Township of Iowa Logan 1063 Meridian
Township of Spring Creek Township of Spring Creek Logan 1007 Navina
Township of Seward Township of Seward Logan 974 Navina
Township of Springer Township of Springer Logan 1197 Guthrie SE
Township of Springvale Township of Springvale Logan 1112 Guthrie SE
Township of Bunch Creek Township of Bunch Creek Noble 994 Billings
Township of Glenrose Township of Glenrose Noble 1037 Tonkawa SE
Township of Buffalo Township of Buffalo Noble 997 Marland
Township of West Bressie Township of West Bressie Noble 984 Ponca City SE
Township of East Bressie Township of East Bressie Noble 1014 Prettyhair Creek
Township of White Rock Township of White Rock Noble 1020 Perry NW
Township of Red Rock Township of Red Rock Noble 938 Ceres
Township of Carson Township of Carson Noble 889 Red Rock
Township of Oakdale Township of Oakdale Noble 1050 Lucien
Township of Black Bear Township of Black Bear Noble 1050 Ceres
Township of Santa Fe Township of Santa Fe Noble 1007 Red Rock
Township of Missouri Township of Missouri Noble 1007 Morrison NE
Township of Otoe Township of Otoe Noble 902 Morrison NE
Township of Warren Valley Township of Warren Valley Noble 1135 Lucien
Township of Watkins Township of Watkins Noble 1027 Perry
Township of Noble Township of Noble Noble 1060 Black Bear
Township of Auburn Township of Auburn Noble 942 Morrison
Township of Autry Township of Autry Noble 928 Lela
Township of Lowe Township of Lowe Noble 1194 Orlando West
Township of Rock Township of Rock Noble 1073 Orlando East
Township of Walnut Township of Walnut Noble 981 Lake Carl Blackwell
Township of Rock Falls Township of Rock Falls Kay 1089 Blackwell NW
Township of Lowe Township of Lowe Kay 1089 Braman
Township of Vernon Township of Vernon Kay 1175 Peckham
Township of Newkirk Township of Newkirk Kay 1152 Newkirk
Township of Dale Township of Dale Kay 1060 Kaw City NW
Township of Brewer Township of Brewer Kay 1083 Hardy
Township of Renfrow Township of Renfrow Kay 1089 Nardin
Township of Blackwell Township of Blackwell Kay 1020 Blackwell
Township of Weston Township of Weston Kay 1060 Newkirk SW
Township of Kildare Township of Kildare Kay 1040 Kildare
Township of Waltham Township of Waltham Kay 1145 Uncas
Township of Kaw Township of Kaw Kay 1132 Kaw City
Township of Carlisle Township of Carlisle Kay 1037 Eddy
Township of Tonkawa Township of Tonkawa Kay 994 Tonkawa
Township of Round Grove Township of Round Grove Kay 997 Ponca City NW
Township of Cross Township of Cross Kay 1017 Ponca City
Township of Longwood Township of Longwood Kay 1089 Charley Creek West
Township of Owen Township of Owen Kay 961 Tonkawa
Township of Miller Township of Miller Kay 938 Ponca City NW
Township of Foraker Township of Foraker Osage 1220 Foraker North
Township of Caney Township of Caney Osage 787 Whippoorwill
Township of Big Hill Township of Big Hill Osage 1106 Charley Creek East
Township of Fairfax Township of Fairfax Osage 1014 Lucy Creek
Township of Hominy Township of Hominy Osage 945 Hominy
Township of Strike Axe Township of Strike Axe Osage 928 Nelagoney
Township of Bigheart Township of Bigheart Osage 827 Barnsdall
Township of Black Dog Township of Black Dog Osage 860 Avant SW
Township of Eagle Township of Eagle Pawnee 942 Masham
Township of Coal Creek Township of Coal Creek Pawnee 902 Masham
Township of Skedee Township of Skedee Pawnee 965 Skedee
Township of Blackburn Township of Blackburn Pawnee 883 Blackburn
Township of Liberty Township of Liberty Pawnee 951 Pawnee
Township of Burnham Township of Burnham Pawnee 883 Pawnee
Township of Valley Township of Valley Pawnee 768 Blackburn
Township of Jordan Valley Township of Jordan Valley Pawnee 879 Cleveland
Township of Banner Township of Banner Pawnee 1053 West Point
Township of Lagoon Township of Lagoon Pawnee 958 Maramec
Township of McElroy Township of McElroy Pawnee 869 Jennings
Township of House Creek Township of House Creek Pawnee 942 Terlton
Township of Cimarron Township of Cimarron Pawnee 761 Keystone Dam
Township of Clear Creek Township of Clear Creek Payne 1020 Clear Creek
Township of Cherokee Township of Cherokee Payne 978 Stillwater SW
Township of Eden Township of Eden Payne 1053 Stillwater North
Township of Glencoe Township of Glencoe Payne 1010 Glencoe
Township of Rose Township of Rose Payne 1004 West Point
Township of Stillwater Township of Stillwater Payne 919 Lake Carl Blackwell
Township of Henry Township of Henry Payne 899 Ripley
Township of Pawnee Township of Pawnee Payne 837 Twin Mounds
Township of Mound Township of Mound Payne 955 Twin Mounds
Township of Eagle Township of Eagle Payne 988 Yale
Township of Clarkson Township of Clarkson Payne 994 Clear Creek
Township of Paradise Township of Paradise Payne 925 Stillwater SW
Township of Elm Grove Township of Elm Grove Payne 994 Stillwater SW
Township of Clayton Township of Clayton Payne 912 Ripley
Township of Perkins Township of Perkins Payne 840 Perkins
Township of Cimarron Township of Cimarron Payne 876 Cushing
Township of Union Township of Union Payne 827 Twin Mounds
Township of Indian Township of Indian Payne 892 North Village
Township of Tiger Township of Tiger Creek 906 Oilton
Township of Mannford Township of Mannford Creek 741 Olive
Township of Olive Township of Olive Creek 889 Olive
Township of Hazlie Township of Hazlie Creek 991 Olive
Township of Kellyville Township of Kellyville Creek 820 Kellyville
Township of Sapulpa Township of Sapulpa Creek 679 Sapulpa North
Township of Shannon Township of Shannon Creek 974 Drumright
Township of Creek Township of Creek Creek 817 Heyburn Reservoir
Township of Bristow Township of Bristow Creek 804 Bristow
Township of Euchee Township of Euchee Creek 833 Slick
Township of Mounds Township of Mounds Creek 764 Sapulpa South
Township of Depew Township of Depew Creek 912 Depew
Township of Sunny Slope Township of Sunny Slope Creek 955 Ritts Junction
Township of Lakeside Township of Lakeside Creek 755 Gypsy
Township of Newby Township of Newby Creek 850 Newby
Township of Pascoe Township of Pascoe Okmulgee 699 Nuyaka
Township of Beggs Township of Beggs Okmulgee 781 Lake Boren
Township of Natura Township of Natura Okmulgee 702 Spanish Peak
Township of Bryan Township of Bryan Okmulgee 833 Concharty Mountain
Township of Tiger Township of Tiger Okmulgee 758 Okmulgee Lake
Township of Hamilton Township of Hamilton Okmulgee 650 Beggs
Township of Bald Hill Township of Bald Hill Okmulgee 669 Okmulgee NE
Township of Severs Township of Severs Okmulgee 696 Okmulgee South
Township of Morris Township of Morris Okmulgee 676 Morris
Township of Schulter Township of Schulter Okmulgee 699 Okmulgee South
Township of Henry Township of Henry Okmulgee 866 Henryetta
Township of Creek Township of Creek Okfuskee 840 Paden
Township of Okfuskee Township of Okfuskee Okfuskee 827 Mason
Township of Paden Township of Paden Okfuskee 951 Prague NE
Township of Castle Township of Castle Okfuskee 830 Mason
Township of Morse Township of Morse Okfuskee 745 Okfuskee
Township of Lester Township of Lester Okfuskee 814 Okfuskee
Township of Okemah Township of Okemah Okfuskee 866 Okemah
Township of Lincoln Township of Lincoln Okfuskee 784 Clearview
Township of Bearden Township of Bearden Okfuskee 771 Okemah SE
Township of Hickory Ridge Township of Hickory Ridge Okfuskee 741 Weleetka
Township of Weleetka Township of Weleetka Okfuskee 830 Dustin
Township of Iowa Township of Iowa Lincoln 925 Perkins
Township of Cimarron Township of Cimarron Lincoln 902 Tryon North
Township of Osage Township of Osage Lincoln 978 Cushing
Township of Pawnee Township of Pawnee Lincoln 942 Cushing
Township of Ponca Township of Ponca Lincoln 948 North Village
Township of Tohee Township of Tohee Lincoln 991 Carney
Township of Otoe Township of Otoe Lincoln 951 Tryon South
Township of Union Township of Union Lincoln 1024 Tryon South
Township of North Fox Township of North Fox Lincoln 883 Kendrick
Township of North Keokuk Township of North Keokuk Lincoln 912 Stroud North
Township of Wellston Township of Wellston Lincoln 915 Wellston
Township of McKinley Township of McKinley Lincoln 827 Chandler
Township of Chandler Township of Chandler Lincoln 961 Chandler
Township of South Fox Township of South Fox Lincoln 823 Davenport
Township of South Keokuk Township of South Keokuk Lincoln 787 Stroud South
Township of Bryan Township of Bryan Lincoln 994 Luther SE
Township of North Wichita Township of North Wichita Lincoln 876 Meeker
Township of North Choctaw Township of North Choctaw Lincoln 938 Meeker
Township of Sparks Township of Sparks Lincoln 860 Sparks
Township of North Creek Township of North Creek Lincoln 804 Arlington
Township of South Wichita Township of South Wichita Lincoln 984 Meeker
Township of South Choctaw Township of South Choctaw Lincoln 856 Meeker
Township of South Seminole Township of South Seminole Lincoln 919 Sparks
Township of Kickapoo Township of Kickapoo Lincoln 1053 Luther SE
Township of South Creek Township of South Creek Lincoln 922 Arlington
Township of Bales Township of Bales Pottawatomie 1043 McLoud
Township of Davis Township of Davis Pottawatomie 948 Aydelotte
Township of Brinton Township of Brinton Pottawatomie 1129 Shawnee Reservoir
Township of Rock Creek Township of Rock Creek Pottawatomie 1027 Earlsboro
Township of Forest Township of Forest Pottawatomie 997 Brooksville
Township of Earlsboro Township of Earlsboro Pottawatomie 919 Maud
Township of Burnett Township of Burnett Pottawatomie 1001 Macomb
Township of Moore Township of Moore Pottawatomie 1007 Brooksville
Township of Eason Township of Eason Pottawatomie 1020 Wanette
Township of Saint Louis Township of Saint Louis Pottawatomie 1004 Saint Louis
Township of Dent Township of Dent Pottawatomie 1010 Prague
Township of Avoca Township of Avoca Pottawatomie 948 Konawa
Township of Econtuchka Township of Econtuchka Seminole 955 Prague SW
Township of Red Mound Township of Red Mound Seminole 925 Prague SE
Township of Wolf Township of Wolf Seminole 853 Wolf
Township of Brown Township of Brown Seminole 1020 Tate Mountain
Township of Konawa Township of Konawa Seminole 961 Vamoosa
Township of Miller Township of Miller Seminole 873 Sasakwa
Township of Lincoln Township of Lincoln Seminole 922 Wewoka West
Township of Yeager Township of Yeager Hughes 748 Yeager
Township of Wetumka Township of Wetumka Hughes 722 Wetumka
Township of Dustin Township of Dustin Hughes 741 Carson
Township of Jacobs Township of Jacobs Hughes 886 Lake Holdenville
Township of Barnard Township of Barnard Hughes 968 Lamar
Township of Bilby Township of Bilby Hughes 787 Allen
Township of Newburg Township of Newburg Hughes 712 Gerty
Township of Calvin Township of Calvin Hughes 781 Calvin East
Township of Stuart Township of Stuart Hughes 869 Calvin East
Township of Jackson Township of Jackson Coal 659 Parker
Township of Bryan Township of Bryan Coal 669 Tupelo
Township of Jefferson Township of Jefferson Coal 682 Centrahoma
Township of Haskell Township of Haskell Coal 692 Parker
Township of Ash Flat Township of Ash Flat Coal 669 Wapanucka North
Township of Murray Township of Murray Coal 607 Centrahoma
Township of Hanraty Township of Hanraty Coal 643 Coalgate
Township of Phillips Township of Phillips Coal 617 Olney
Township of Stringtown Township of Stringtown Atoka 653 Stringtown
Township of Wilson Township of Wilson Atoka 689 Boggy Depot
Township of Lewis Township of Lewis Atoka 620 Tushka
Township of Farris Township of Farris Atoka 659 Farris
Township of Caney Township of Caney Atoka 597 Caney
Township of Bentley Township of Bentley Atoka 571 Bentley
Township of Maxwell Township of Maxwell Pontotoc 971 Konawa
Township of Francis Township of Francis Pontotoc 856 Vamoosa
Township of Allen Township of Allen Pontotoc 827 Steedman
Township of Midland Township of Midland Pontotoc 961 Vanoss
Township of Chickasaw Township of Chickasaw Pontotoc 1102 Ahloso
Township of Fitzhugh Township of Fitzhugh Pontotoc 1234 Roff South
Township of Stonewall Township of Stonewall Pontotoc 728 Harden City
Township of Gibbs Township of Gibbs Johnston 1135 Mill Creek
Township of Harris Township of Harris Johnston 1073 Connerville
Township of Brogdon Township of Brogdon Johnston 853 Connerville NE
Township of Ratliff Township of Ratliff Johnston 712 Nebo
Township of Garner Township of Garner Johnston 784 Troy
Township of Garrett Township of Garrett Johnston 745 Reagan
Township of Thomas Township of Thomas Johnston 804 Milburn
Township of Myrick Township of Myrick Johnston 761 Connerville SE
Township of Coyle Township of Coyle Murray 968 Davis
Township of Leeper Township of Leeper Murray 1122 Sulphur North
Township of Turner Township of Turner Murray 1289 Turner Falls
Township of Allen Township of Allen Murray 942 Dougherty
Township of Lowrance Township of Lowrance Murray 1119 Sulphur South
Township of Morgan Township of Morgan Murray 942 Sulphur South
Township of Bourland Township of Bourland Jefferson 951 Waurika West
Township of Price Township of Price Jefferson 932 Ryan NE
Township of Earl Township of Earl Jefferson 876 Ringling NW
Township of Grayson Township of Grayson Jefferson 909 Ryan NE
Township of Wright Township of Wright Jefferson 791 Grady
Township of Patterson Township of Patterson Jefferson 971 Irving
Township of Blackburn Township of Blackburn Jefferson 932 Ryan
Township of Brown Township of Brown Jefferson 794 Grady
Township of Wray Township of Wray Jefferson 892 Fleetwood
Township of Bryan Township of Bryan Cotton 1053 Whites Lake
Township of Jackson Township of Jackson Cotton 1014 Cookietown
Township of Strauss Township of Strauss Cotton 981 Walters NE
Township of Hulen Township of Hulen Cotton 1056 Temple NW
Township of Beaver Township of Beaver Cotton 1007 Temple NW
Township of Cache Township of Cache Cotton 974 Walters
Township of Devol Township of Devol Cotton 1060 Devol
Township of Jefferson Township of Jefferson Cotton 1024 Randlett
Township of Texas Township of Texas Cotton 899 Taylor
Township of Hunter Township of Hunter Tillman 1309 Manitou
Township of Richland Township of Richland Tillman 1237 White Lake
Township of Maquire Township of Maquire Tillman 1371 Frederick
Township of Holton Township of Holton Tillman 1148 Hollister NE
Township of Hazel Township of Hazel Tillman 1276 Frederick
Township of Haskell Township of Haskell Tillman 1066 Hollister
Township of Red River Township of Red River Tillman 1175 Frederick SE
Township of Stephens Township of Stephens Tillman 1129 Augar Creek
Township of Loveland Township of Loveland Tillman 1099 Hollister
Township of Alfalfa Township of Alfalfa Tillman 1079 Grandfield
Township of Carr Township of Carr Tillman 1161 Augar Creek
Township of Martha Township of Martha Jackson 1440 Altus
Township of Navajo Township of Navajo Jackson 1506 Warren
Township of Duke Township of Duke Jackson 1421 Duke
Township of Olustee Township of Olustee Jackson 1352 Olustee
Township of Baucum Township of Baucum Jackson 1375 Altus SE
Township of Headrick Township of Headrick Jackson 1329 Tipton
Township of Eldorado Township of Eldorado Jackson 1450 Eldorado
Township of Carmel Township of Carmel Jackson 1348 Ayers Island
Township of Elmer Township of Elmer Jackson 1342 Elmer
Township of Madge Township of Madge Harmon 1906 Madge
Township of Francis Township of Francis Harmon 1834 Vinson
Township of Hollis Township of Hollis Harmon 1627 Hollis
Township of Dryden Township of Dryden Harmon 1798 Shrewder
Township of Looney Township of Looney Harmon 1539 McQueen
Township of Martin Township of Martin Harmon 1522 Louis
Township of Coralea Township of Coralea Harmon 1568 Gould
Township of Elk Township of Elk Beckham 2014 Elk City
Township of Buffalo Township of Buffalo Beckham 2100 Mayfield
Township of Sayre Township of Sayre Beckham 1880 Sayre
Township of Merritt Township of Merritt Beckham 2031 Hocker
Township of Texola Township of Texola Beckham 2080 Texola
Township of Dabney Township of Dabney Beckham 2067 Bull Creek
Township of Erick Township of Erick Beckham 2041 Erick
Township of Delhi Township of Delhi Beckham 1932 Delhi
Township of Richland Township of Richland Beckham 2070 Minnow Creek
Township of Bettina Township of Bettina Beckham 1818 Carter West
Township of Poarch Township of Poarch Beckham 1772 Carter East
Township of North Fork Township of North Fork Beckham 1752 Carter East
Township of West Turkey Creek Township of West Turkey Creek Washita 1965 Canute
Township of North Elk Township of North Elk Washita 1795 Sentinel
Township of South Elk Township of South Elk Washita 1617 Sentinel
Township of East Turkey Creek Township of East Turkey Creek Washita 1847 Foss
Township of Bessie Township of Bessie Washita 1522 Bessie
Township of Union Township of Union Washita 1555 Corn
Township of Texas Township of Texas Washita 1667 Crowder Lake
Township of Seger Township of Seger Washita 1555 Colony
Township of Cordell Township of Cordell Washita 1516 Cordell
Township of Rainey Township of Rainey Washita 1667 Gotebo NW
Township of Oakdale Township of Oakdale Washita 1358 Cowden
Township of Hydro Township of Hydro Caddo 1631 Hydro
Township of Caddo Township of Caddo Caddo 1650 Eakly NE
Township of Beaver Township of Beaver Caddo 1572 Eakly
Township of Swan Lake Township of Swan Lake Caddo 1404 Alfalfa
Township of North Lathram Township of North Lathram Caddo 1437 Alfalfa
Township of South Lathram Township of South Lathram Caddo 1460 Carnegie
Township of Banner Township of Banner Caddo 1430 Alden
Township of Cache Township of Cache Caddo 1670 Alden
Township of Mound Valley Township of Mound Valley Caddo 1555 Bridgeport
Township of Lone Mound Township of Lone Mound Caddo 1647 Rock Mary
Township of Sickles Township of Sickles Caddo 1631 Sickles
Township of Willow Township of Willow Caddo 1388 Fort Cobb Dam
Township of North Cobb Township of North Cobb Caddo 1362 Fort Cobb Dam
Township of Hale Township of Hale Caddo 1378 Boone
Township of Boone Township of Boone Caddo 1411 Boone
Township of Waconda Township of Waconda Caddo 1535 Geary South
Township of Cedar Township of Cedar Caddo 1427 Hinton
Township of Fern Township of Fern Caddo 1424 Binger
Township of Connewango Township of Connewango Caddo 1470 Binger
Township of Lone Rock Township of Lone Rock Caddo 1483 Cogar
Township of Walnut Township of Walnut Caddo 1325 Gracemont
Township of White Bread Township of White Bread Caddo 1250 Gracemont
Township of Jefferson Township of Jefferson Caddo 1270 Anadarko NW
Township of Grand View Township of Grand View Caddo 1424 Gracemont
Township of Gracemont Township of Gracemont Caddo 1276 Gracemont
Township of Lincoln Township of Lincoln Caddo 1181 Anadarko NW
Township of Fort Cobb Township of Fort Cobb Caddo 1280 Fort Cobb
Township of West McKinley Township of West McKinley Caddo 1339 Anadarko West
Township of East McKinley Township of East McKinley Caddo 1178 Anadarko East
Township of Delaware Township of Delaware Caddo 1220 Anadarko East
Township of Highland Township of Highland Caddo 1378 Apache
Township of Tonkawa Township of Tonkawa Caddo 1345 Apache
Township of North Cement Township of North Cement Caddo 1437 Cyril
Township of Abilene Township of Abilene Caddo 1296 Apache
Township of Doyle Township of Doyle Caddo 1375 Apache
Township of South Cement Township of South Cement Caddo 1398 Cyril
Township of Washington Township of Washington Grady 1463 Cogar SE
Township of Union Township of Union Grady 1276 Minco
Township of Tuttle Township of Tuttle Grady 1329 Tuttle
Township of Waldron Township of Waldron Grady 1329 Blanchard
Township of Prairie Valley Township of Prairie Valley Grady 1250 Anadarko NE
Township of Pocasset Township of Pocasset Grady 1158 Pocasset
Township of Amber Township of Amber Grady 1184 Chickasha NE
Township of Vincent Township of Vincent Grady 1332 Blanchard
Township of Shirley Township of Shirley Grady 1122 Verden
Township of Chickasha Township of Chickasha Grady 1093 Chickasha
Township of Tabler Township of Tabler Grady 1152 Tabler
Township of Middleberg Township of Middleberg Grady 1257 Dibble
Township of Hillsboro Township of Hillsboro Grady 1302 Laverty
Township of Lucile Township of Lucile Grady 1043 Alex
Township of Naples Township of Naples Grady 1125 Bradley
Township of Chandler Township of Chandler Grady 1270 Laverty
Township of Ninnekah Township of Ninnekah Grady 1191 Ninnekah
Township of Alex Township of Alex Grady 1201 Alex
Township of Bradley Township of Bradley Grady 1004 Bradley
Township of Cross Township of Cross Grady 1250 Rocky Ford
Township of Rush Springs Township of Rush Springs Grady 1362 Rush Springs
Township of Starr Township of Starr Grady 1319 Denton
Township of Pursley Township of Pursley Grady 1122 Lindsay SW
Township of Harrison Township of Harrison Grady 1102 Cox City
Township of Richland Township of Richland Stephens 1109 Nellie
Township of Wall Township of Wall Stephens 1227 Duncan North
Township of Hope Township of Hope Stephens 1076 Lake Fuqua
Township of Rock Creek Township of Rock Creek Stephens 1145 Empire City
Township of King Township of King Stephens 1099 Harrisburg
Township of Parks Township of Parks Stephens 1030 Velma
Township of McPherson Township of McPherson Stephens 1027 Corum
Township of Brown Township of Brown Stephens 1004 Comanche
Township of Loco Township of Loco Stephens 1076 Loco
Township of Saddle Mountain Township of Saddle Mountain Comanche 1647 Saddle Mountain
Township of McMaster Township of McMaster Comanche 1657 Meers
Township of Lake Township of Lake Comanche 1594 Richards Spur
Township of Chandler Township of Chandler Comanche 1273 Elgin
Township of Richard Township of Richard Comanche 1260 Elgin
Township of Cedar Grove Township of Cedar Grove Comanche 1302 Fletcher
Township of Brown Township of Brown Comanche 1165 Sterling
Township of Zella Township of Zella Comanche 1171 Sterling
Township of Hulen Township of Hulen Comanche 1093 Letitia
Township of Lincoln Township of Lincoln Comanche 1076 Ninemile Creek
Township of Crosby Township of Crosby Comanche 1093 Geronimo
Township of Mangan Township of Mangan Comanche 1083 Faxon
Township of Indiahoma Township of Indiahoma Comanche 1332 Indiahoma
Township of Wichita Township of Wichita Comanche 1690 Cooperton
Township of Painter Township of Painter Comanche 1211 Post Oak Creek
Township of Deyo Township of Deyo Comanche 1145 Taupa
Township of Lawrence Township of Lawrence Comanche 1122 Lawton
Township of Quanna Township of Quanna Comanche 1283 Mount Scott
Township of Lawton Township of Lawton Comanche 1204 Fort Sill
Township of Dill Township of Dill Kiowa 1503 Lone Wolf
Township of Hobart Township of Hobart Kiowa 1588 Hobart
Township of Otter Creek Township of Otter Creek Kiowa 1450 Roosevelt
Township of Mountain Park Township of Mountain Park Kiowa 1358 Snyder
Township of Harrison Township of Harrison Kiowa 1411 Gotebo East
Township of Mountain View Township of Mountain View Kiowa 1394 Stinking Creek
Township of Marshall Township of Marshall Kiowa 1634 Bally Mountain
Township of Cooper Township of Cooper Kiowa 1496 Rainy Mountain Creek
Township of Jester Township of Jester Greer 1765 Vinson
Township of Raney Township of Raney Greer 1949 Plainview
Township of Willow Township of Willow Greer 1644 Willow
Township of Granite Township of Granite Greer 1637 Granite
Township of Quartz Township of Quartz Greer 1512 Blair
Township of Bloomington Township of Bloomington Greer 1624 Reed
Township of Mangum Township of Mangum Greer 1558 Mangum North
Township of Tilley Township of Tilley Greer 1591 Mangum South
Township of Bar X Township of Bar X Roger Mills 2146 Flying Creek
Township of Dewey Township of Dewey Roger Mills 1988 Leedey SW
Township of Wilcox Township of Wilcox Roger Mills 2362 Antelope Hills NE
Township of Streeter Township of Streeter Roger Mills 2316 Roll
Township of Washita Township of Washita Roger Mills 2425 Durham
Township of Bowman Township of Bowman Roger Mills 2326 Reydon
Township of Cheyenne Township of Cheyenne Roger Mills 2100 Cheyenne NW
Township of Kiowa Township of Kiowa Roger Mills 1923 Big Kiowa Creek
Township of Meridian Township of Meridian Roger Mills 2379 Sweetwater
Township of Berlin Township of Berlin Roger Mills 2293 Berlin
Township of Otter Township of Otter Ellis 2270 Laverne SW
Township of Jefferson Township of Jefferson Ellis 2480 Shattuck NW
Township of Morgan Township of Morgan Ellis 2139 May East
Township of Murdock Township of Murdock Ellis 2320 Shattuck NE
Township of Greenwood Township of Greenwood Ellis 2182 Fargo NW
Township of Athens Township of Athens Ellis 2398 Shattuck NW
Township of Woodrow Township of Woodrow Ellis 2241 Shattuck NE
Township of Oleta Township of Oleta Ellis 2129 Fargo SW
Township of Ivanhoe Township of Ivanhoe Ellis 2208 Shattuck
Township of Oliver Township of Oliver Ellis 2461 Goodwin
Township of Rock Township of Rock Ellis 2221 Gage
Township of Dale Township of Dale Ellis 2293 Fargo SW
Township of Ohio Township of Ohio Ellis 2405 Arnett
Township of Hopewell Township of Hopewell Ellis 2402 Arnett SW
Township of Benton Township of Benton Ellis 2474 Harmon SW
Township of Sheldon Township of Sheldon Ellis 2405 Arnett
Township of Austin Township of Austin Ellis 2375 Harmon NW
Township of Parkman Township of Parkman Ellis 2326 Vici SW
Township of Little Robe Township of Little Robe Ellis 2359 Antelope Hills
Township of Day Township of Day Ellis 2467 Harmon SW
Township of Rawdon Township of Rawdon Ellis 1978 Roll NE
Township of Grand Township of Grand Ellis 2310 Roll NW
Township of Garfield Township of Garfield Harper 2047 Rosston NW
Township of Adams Township of Adams Harper 1932 Buffalo NW
Township of Wilson Township of Wilson Harper 2090 Buffalo NW
Township of Little Township of Little Harper 1913 Buffalo NE
Township of Kiowa Township of Kiowa Harper 2129 Rosston
Township of Laverne Township of Laverne Harper 2133 Laverne
Township of Doby Township of Doby Harper 2047 Rosston SE
Township of George Township of George Harper 2080 Fort Supply NW
Township of Good Township of Good Harper 1831 Buffalo SE
Township of Saline Township of Saline Harper 1719 Selman
Township of Speermoore Township of Speermoore Harper 2254 Laverne
Township of Otter Township of Otter Harper 2142 Fort Supply NW
Township of Buffalo Township of Buffalo Harper 1932 Buffalo
Township of Center Township of Center Harper 2123 Sleeping Bear Creek NW
Township of Patterson Township of Patterson Woods 1765 Lookout
Township of OBryan Township of OBryan Woods 1978 Freedom NW
Township of Penn Township of Penn Woods 1581 Freedom
Township of Yellowstone Township of Yellowstone Woods 1886 Freedom NE
Township of Cedar Township of Cedar Woods 1611 Tegarden NW
Township of Jefferson Township of Jefferson Woods 1476 Tegarden NE
Township of Fritzlen Township of Fritzlen Woods 1417 Alva NW
Township of Driftwood Township of Driftwood Woods 1302 Capron
Township of Spring Township of Spring Woods 1283 Alva SE
Township of Valley Township of Valley Woods 1394 Dacoma
Township of McKinley Township of McKinley Woods 1762 Waynoka NW
Township of Whitehorse Township of Whitehorse Woods 1791 Tegarden
Township of Alva Township of Alva Woods 1519 Tegarden SE
Township of Avard Township of Avard Woods 1499 Avard
Township of Liberty Township of Liberty Woods 1476 Hopeton
Township of Eagle Township of Eagle Woods 1670 Avard
Township of Hopeton Township of Hopeton Woods 1473 Hopeton
Township of Belle Township of Belle Woods 1401 Dacoma
Township of Waynoka Township of Waynoka Woods 1398 Waynoka West
Township of Walnut Grove Township of Walnut Grove Woods 1512 Waynoka East
Township of Galena Township of Galena Woods 1532 Dacoma SW
Township of Green Valley Township of Green Valley Woods 1401 Dacoma SE
Township of Elberta Township of Elberta Woods 1453 Glass Mountains NE
Township of Cloud Township of Cloud Alfalfa 1243 Burlington
Township of Keith Township of Keith Alfalfa 1243 Burlington
Township of Stella Township of Stella Alfalfa 1230 Burlington
Township of Driftwood Township of Driftwood Alfalfa 1184 Cherokee North
Township of Byron Township of Byron Alfalfa 1201 Amorita
Township of Parsons Township of Parsons Alfalfa 1332 Manchester NW
Township of Beard Township of Beard Alfalfa 1152 Manchester SW
Township of Saline Township of Saline Alfalfa 1211 Jet
Township of Spring Township of Spring Alfalfa 1430 Lambert
Township of Lincoln Township of Lincoln Alfalfa 1161 Cherokee South
Township of Eagle Chief Township of Eagle Chief Alfalfa 1345 Carmen
Township of Clay Township of Clay Alfalfa 1257 Cherokee South
Township of Aline Township of Aline Alfalfa 1289 Cleo Springs
Township of Round Grove Township of Round Grove Alfalfa 1450 Helena
Township of Helena Township of Helena Alfalfa 1371 Helena
Township of Karoma Township of Karoma Alfalfa 1381 Goltry
Township of Jones Township of Jones Major 1601 Togo
Township of Crowell Township of Crowell Major 1437 Glass Mountains SW
Township of Cleo Township of Cleo Major 1250 Cleo Springs
Township of Stone Township of Stone Major 1335 Fairview NE
Township of Van Township of Van Major 1371 Fairview NE
Township of Meno Township of Meno Major 1322 Ringwood
Township of Fairview Township of Fairview Major 1293 Homestead
Township of Quinlan Township of Quinlan Major 1204 Fairview SE
Township of Deep Creek Township of Deep Creek Major 1289 Isabella
Township of Cimarron Township of Cimarron Major 1211 Ames
Township of Bishop Township of Bishop Major 1759 Phroso
Township of Sheridan Township of Sheridan Major 1739 Orion
Township of Dane Township of Dane Major 1726 Canton NW
Township of Cantonment Township of Cantonment Blaine 1631 Canton
Township of Homestead Township of Homestead Blaine 1296 Southard
Township of Seay Township of Seay Blaine 1161 Okeene
Township of Wells Township of Wells Blaine 1289 Hitchcock
Township of Cedar Valley Township of Cedar Valley Blaine 1289 Watonga SE
Township of Lincoln Township of Lincoln Blaine 1506 Watonga SE
Township of Cimarron Township of Cimarron Blaine 1178 Okeene
Township of Canadian Township of Canadian Blaine 1493 Geary North
Township of Alfalfa Township of Alfalfa Blaine 1594 Geary South
Township of Canton Township of Canton Blaine 1558 Canton
Township of Carlton Township of Carlton Blaine 1624 Southard
Township of Flynn Township of Flynn Blaine 1220 Okeene
Township of Liberty Township of Liberty Blaine 1690 Eagle City
Township of River Township of River Blaine 1572 Watonga Lake
Township of Lawton Township of Lawton Blaine 1391 Hitchcock
Township of Arapahoe Township of Arapahoe Blaine 1772 Oakwood SE
Township of Watonga Township of Watonga Blaine 1539 Watonga
Township of Kennedy Township of Kennedy Blaine 1627 Oakwood SE
Township of Dixon Township of Dixon Blaine 1581 Watonga
Township of Long Township of Long Blaine 1581 Hydro
Township of Logan Township of Logan Blaine 1535 Squaw Creek
Township of Barnitz Township of Barnitz Custer 1693 Butler
Township of Grant Township of Grant Custer 1716 Custer City
Township of Deer Creek Township of Deer Creek Custer 1742 Weatherford NW
Township of Washita Township of Washita Custer 1640 Foss Dam
Township of Arapaho Township of Arapaho Custer 1627 Clinton
Township of Cedar Township of Cedar Custer 1755 Weatherford
Township of Clinton Township of Clinton Custer 1489 Clinton
Township of Johnson Township of Johnson Dewey 2182 Camargo
Township of Cleveland Township of Cleveland Dewey 1936 Camargo
Township of Simpson Township of Simpson Dewey 1916 Mutual SW
Township of Marion Township of Marion Dewey 1844 Lenora
Township of Seiling Township of Seiling Dewey 1841 Taloga
Township of Little Robe Township of Little Robe Dewey 1942 Hucmac
Township of Lincoln Township of Lincoln Dewey 1667 Canton SW
Township of Harper Township of Harper Dewey 1870 Canton SW
Township of Sickle Township of Sickle Dewey 1886 Oakwood
Township of Boyd Township of Boyd Dewey 1706 Fay
Township of Dewey Township of Dewey Dewey 1601 Rough Creek
Township of Banner Township of Banner Dewey 1880 Putnam
Township of Trail Township of Trail Dewey 2090 Trail
Township of Grant Township of Grant Dewey 2011 Leedey
Township of Haddon Township of Haddon Dewey 1821 Lenora
Township of Taloga Township of Taloga Dewey 1726 Taloga
Township of Webb Township of Webb Dewey 1978 Webb
Township of Clark Township of Clark Dewey 1923 Rhea
Township of Dawson Township of Dawson Dewey 1844 Putnam NW
Township of Harrison Township of Harrison Dewey 1890 Aledo
Township of Penn Township of Penn Woodward 1726 Alabaster Caverns
Township of Supply Township of Supply Woodward 2031 Fort Supply
Township of Woodward Township of Woodward Woodward 2011 Woodward
Township of Union Township of Union Woodward 1801 Fairvalley SW
Township of Mooreland Township of Mooreland Woodward 1870 Mooreland
Township of Liberty Township of Liberty Woodward 1962 Quinlan
Township of Garvey Township of Garvey Woodward 1745 Quinlan
Township of McNeal Township of McNeal Woodward 2326 Fargo SE
Township of Irwin Township of Irwin Woodward 2234 Vici NW
Township of Jefferson Township of Jefferson Woodward 2241 Woodward SW
Township of Detroit Township of Detroit Woodward 2103 Vici
Township of Webster Township of Webster Woodward 1873 Mutual
Township of Cedardale Township of Cedardale Woodward 1759 Mooreland SE
Township of Oak Township of Oak Canadian 1421 Porcupine Butte
Township of Cement Township of Cement Canadian 1234 Fort Reno NE
Township of Rock Island Township of Rock Island Canadian 1175 Okarche
Township of Mathewson Township of Mathewson Canadian 1197 Piedmont
Township of Valley Township of Valley Canadian 1493 Geary North
Township of Calumet Township of Calumet Canadian 1411 Fort Reno SW
Township of Darlington Township of Darlington Canadian 1348 Fort Reno
Township of Reno Township of Reno Canadian 1302 Richland
Township of Frisco Township of Frisco Canadian 1260 Richland
Township of Yukon Township of Yukon Canadian 1273 Richland
Township of Union City Township of Union City Canadian 1302 Union City
Township of West Walnut Township of West Walnut Canadian 1535 Hinton
Township of Maple Township of Maple Canadian 1437 Cogar NW
Township of East Walnut Township of East Walnut Canadian 1463 Cogar NW
Township of Prairie Township of Prairie Canadian 1345 Cogar NE
Township of El Reno Township of El Reno Canadian 1312 El Reno
Township of Forest Township of Forest Kingfisher 1099 Parvin
Township of Lacey Township of Lacey Kingfisher 1191 Lacey
Township of Sherman Township of Sherman Kingfisher 1158 Union
Township of Skeleton Township of Skeleton Kingfisher 1030 Lovell
Township of Columbia Township of Columbia Kingfisher 1135 Lovell
Township of Excelsior Township of Excelsior Kingfisher 1056 Crescent NW
Township of Logan Township of Logan Kingfisher 974 Cashion
Township of Downs Township of Downs Kingfisher 1129 Cashion
Township of River Township of River Kingfisher 1194 Parvin
Township of Coronado Township of Coronado Kingfisher 1056 Lacey
Township of Center Township of Center Kingfisher 1063 Hennessey
Township of Union Township of Union Kingfisher 1158 Union
Township of Cimarron Township of Cimarron Kingfisher 1122 Dover
Township of Banner Township of Banner Kingfisher 1010 Kingfisher NE
Township of Kingfisher Township of Kingfisher Kingfisher 1079 Kingfisher
Township of Grant Township of Grant Kingfisher 1109 Kingfisher SE
Township of Otter Township of Otter Kingfisher 1171 Loyal NW
Township of Cooper Township of Cooper Kingfisher 1089 Loyal
Township of Omega Township of Omega Kingfisher 1135 Omega
Township of Altona Township of Altona Kingfisher 1237 Omega
Township of Reserve Township of Reserve Kingfisher 1099 Loyal SE
Township of Park Township of Park Kingfisher 1178 Loyal SE
Township of Harrison Township of Harrison Kingfisher 1145 Kingfisher
Township of Lynn Township of Lynn Kingfisher 1188 Kingfisher SE
Township of McKinley Township of McKinley Garfield 1289 Jet SE
Township of Hobart Township of Hobart Garfield 1345 Lahoma
Township of Logan Township of Logan Garfield 1253 Lahoma
Township of Sheridan Township of Sheridan Garfield 1211 Drummond
Township of Washington Township of Washington Garfield 1266 Barr
Township of Keowee Township of Keowee Garfield 1240 Hillsdale
Township of Banner Township of Banner Garfield 1332 Enid West
Township of Kremlin Township of Kremlin Garfield 1106 Kremlin
Township of Buffalo Township of Buffalo Garfield 1145 Hunter
Township of Noble Township of Noble Garfield 1076 Lamont SE
Township of Blaine Township of Blaine Garfield 1020 Lamont SE
Township of North Enid Township of North Enid Garfield 1263 Enid East
Township of Union Township of Union Garfield 1161 Breckinridge
Township of Allison Township of Allison Garfield 1086 Garber
Township of Grant Township of Grant Garfield 1056 Garber
Township of Garland Township of Garland Garfield 1270 Waukomis
Township of Waukomis Township of Waukomis Garfield 1201 Waukomis
Township of Sumner Township of Sumner Garfield 1204 Bison
Township of Enid Township of Enid Garfield 1197 Enid SE
Township of Patterson Township of Patterson Garfield 1197 Breckinridge
Township of Fairmont Township of Fairmont Garfield 1132 Enid SE
Township of Hackberry Township of Hackberry Garfield 1115 Enid SE
Township of Osborn Township of Osborn Garfield 1086 Steinerts Lake
Township of Skeleton Township of Skeleton Garfield 1099 Fairmont
Township of Flynn Township of Flynn Garfield 1053 Marshall West
Township of Otter Township of Otter Garfield 1115 Covington
Township of Reed Township of Reed Garfield 1040 Marshall East
Township of Wood Township of Wood Garfield 1175 Covington
Township of Marshall Township of Marshall Garfield 1106 Marshall East
Township of Lincoln Township of Lincoln Garfield 1086 Garber
Township of Olive Township of Olive Garfield 1096 Garber
Township of Manchester Township of Manchester Grant 1171 Manchester
Township of Ware Township of Ware Grant 1152 Sand Creek
Township of Coldwater Township of Coldwater Grant 1099 Nash
Township of Prairie Township of Prairie Grant 1148 Nash
Township of Wakita Township of Wakita Grant 1161 Wakita
Township of Jarvis Township of Jarvis Grant 1129 Wakita NE
Township of Hickory Township of Hickory Grant 1165 Renfrow
Township of Fairview Township of Fairview Grant 1197 Medford NE
Township of Bluff Township of Bluff Grant 1171 Medford NE
Township of Gore Township of Gore Grant 1135 Wakita SW
Township of Barr Township of Barr Grant 1093 Pond Creek NW
Township of Banner Township of Banner Grant 1155 Pond Creek NW
Township of Berry Township of Berry Grant 1066 Pond Creek
Township of Reno Township of Reno Grant 1030 Lamont NW
Township of Salt Fork Township of Salt Fork Grant 1010 Lamont
Township of Alfalfa Township of Alfalfa Grant 991 Lamont
Township of Lamont Township of Lamont Grant 1043 Lamont
Township of Rock Island Township of Rock Island Grant 1056 Pond Creek
Township of Liberty Township of Liberty Grant 1037 Lamont NW
Township of Bryan Township of Bryan Grant 1040 Lamont NW
Township of Valley Township of Valley Grant 1079 Wakita SE
Township of Medford Township of Medford Grant 1089 Medford
Township of Numa Township of Numa Grant 1053 Deer Creek
Township of Dirigo Township of Dirigo Grant 1083 Deer Creek
Township of Beaver North Township of Beaver North Beaver 2667 Beaver NW
Township of Beaver South Township of Beaver South Beaver 2871 Boyd
Township of Garland Township of Garland Beaver 2126 Gate NW
Township of Knowles Township of Knowles Beaver 2510 Mocane SE
Township of Gate Township of Gate Beaver 2208 Gate
Township of Elmwood Township of Elmwood Beaver 2507 Clear Lake NW
Township of Benton Township of Benton Beaver 2457 Clear Lake
Township of Logan Township of Logan Beaver 2556 Clear Lake SE
Township of Blue Grass Township of Blue Grass Beaver 2461 Slapout
Township of Cathage Township of Cathage Texas 3520 Eva NE
Township of Friendship Township of Friendship Texas 3150 Straight
Township of Hooker Township of Hooker Texas 2995 Hooker NW
Township of Pleasant View Township of Pleasant View Texas 2907 Tyrone
Township of Nabisco Township of Nabisco Texas 2858 Adams
Township of Turney Township of Turney Texas 3461 Eva SE
Township of Texhoma Township of Texhoma Texas 3363 Texhoma North
Township of Goodwell Township of Goodwell Texas 3320 Goodwell
Township of Guymon Township of Guymon Texas 3087 Guymon SW
Township of Optima Township of Optima Texas 2989 Optima
Township of Grand Valley Township of Grand Valley Texas 2821 Hardesty NE
Township of Hackberry Township of Hackberry Texas 2733 Hardesty SE
Township of Kenton Township of Kenton Cimarron 4226 Kenton NE
Township of Wheeless Township of Wheeless Cimarron 4573 Felt NE
Township of Gresham Township of Gresham Cimarron 4528 Felt
Township of Garrett Township of Garrett Cimarron 3891 Keyes NW
Township of Sandy Hook Township of Sandy Hook Cimarron 3875 Sturgis NW
Township of Willow Bar Township of Willow Bar Cimarron 3898 Keyes East
Township of Marella Township of Marella Cimarron 3862 Griggs SW
Township of Cleveland Township of Cleveland Cimarron 4111 Conrad NW
Ada Division Ada Division Pontotoc 1020 Ada
Adair Division Adair Division Mayes 659 Adair
Afton-Fairland Division Afton-Fairland Division Ottawa 830 Afton NE
New Alluwe Division New Alluwe Division Nowata 827 Chelsea NW
Altus Division Altus Division Jackson 1414 Altus
Altus South Division Altus South Division Jackson 1316 Altus SE
Alva Division Alva Division Woods 1483 Tegarden SE
Amber-Pocasset Division Amber-Pocasset Division Grady 1204 Chickasha NE
Anadarko Division Anadarko Division Caddo 1188 Anadarko NW
Antlers Division Antlers Division Pushmataha 499 Moyers
Apache Division Apache Division Caddo 1270 Boone
Ardmore Division Ardmore Division Carter 869 Ardmore West
Ardmore North Division Ardmore North Division Carter 925 Springer
Arkoma Division Arkoma Division Le Flore 410 South Fort Smith
Barnsdall Division Barnsdall Division Osage 702 Barnsdall
Bartlesville Division Bartlesville Division Washington 751 Bartlesville North
Beggs Division Beggs Division Okmulgee 784 Lake Boren
Billings Division Billings Division Noble 984 Tonkawa SE
Binger-Hinton Division Binger-Hinton Division Caddo 1414 Hinton
Blackwell Division Blackwell Division Kay 1050 Blackwell
Newcastle-Blanchard Division Newcastle-Blanchard Division McClain 1165 Newcastle
Boise City Division Boise City Division Cimarron 4304 Boise City NW
Boley Division Boley Division Okfuskee 876 Welty
Boynton Division Boynton Division Muskogee 646 Boynton
Braman Division Braman Division Kay 1093 Braman
Bristow Division Bristow Division Creek 810 Bristow
Bristow South Division Bristow South Division Creek 817 Gypsy
Broken Bow Division Broken Bow Division McCurtain 479 Broken Bow
Buffalo Division Buffalo Division Harper 1791 Buffalo SE
Butler Division Butler Division Custer 1703 McClure
Cameron Division Cameron Division Le Flore 469 Poteau East
Canton Division Canton Division Blaine 1565 Canton
Carmen Division Carmen Division Alfalfa 1332 Carmen
Carnegie Division Carnegie Division Caddo 1316 Carnegie
Carter Division Carter Division Beckham 1890 Carter East
Catoosa Division Catoosa Division Rogers 791 Sageeyah
Central Atoka Division Central Atoka Division Atoka 584 Lane
Central Washita Division Central Washita Division Washita 1509 Cordell
Chandler Division Chandler Division Lincoln 968 Davenport
Checotah Division Checotah Division McIntosh 643 Warner NW
Chelsea Division Chelsea Division Rogers 715 Chelsea
Cherokee Division Cherokee Division Alfalfa 1171 Cherokee South
Cheyenne Division Cheyenne Division Roger Mills 2119 Mackie
Chickasha Division Chickasha Division Grady 1201 Laverty
Claremore Division Claremore Division Rogers 617 Claremore
Cleveland Division Cleveland Division Pawnee 866 Terlton
Clinton Division Clinton Division Custer 1621 Stafford
Colbert Division Colbert Division Bryan 673 Denison Dam
Colcord Division Colcord Division Delaware 1135 Siloam Springs NW
Comanche Division Comanche Division Stephens 1017 Comanche
Copan Division Copan Division Washington 781 Copan
Coweta Division Coweta Division Wagoner 686 Oneta
Crescent Division Crescent Division Logan 1135 Crescent
Cushing Division Cushing Division Payne 889 Cushing
Custer City Division Custer City Division Custer 1791 Custer City
Cyril-Cement Division Cyril-Cement Division Caddo 1414 Cyril
Davidson Division Davidson Division Tillman 1125 Frederick SE
Taloga-Leedey Division Taloga-Leedey Division Dewey 1755 Aledo NE
Drumright Division Drumright Division Creek 971 Drumright
Duncan Division Duncan Division Stephens 1119 Duncan North
Durant Division Durant Division Bryan 689 Durant South
East Bryan Division East Bryan Division Bryan 581 Boswell SW
East Canadian Division East Canadian Division Canadian 1348 Mustang
East Cherokee Division East Cherokee Division Cherokee 1096 Tailholt
East Cleveland Division East Cleveland Division Cleveland 1129 Little Axe
East Coal Division East Coal Division Coal 663 Coalgate
East Jackson Division East Jackson Division Jackson 1381 Headrick
East Johnston Division East Johnston Division Johnston 768 Connerville SE
East Logan Division East Logan Division Logan 1020 Meridian
East Love Division East Love Division Love 850 Marietta East
East McClain Division East McClain Division McClain 1020 Wanette
East Major Division East Major Division Major 1253 Fairview SE
East Mayes Division East Mayes Division Mayes 784 Spavinaw
East Murray Division East Murray Division Murray 1093 Sulphur South
East Noble Division East Noble Division Noble 932 Morrison NE
East Roger Mills Division East Roger Mills Division Roger Mills 1939 Hammon
East Tillman Division East Tillman Division Tillman 1050 Chattanooga SW
Elk City Division Elk City Division Beckham 2116 Elk City
Elmore City Division Elmore City Division Garvin 1024 Elmore City South
El Reno Division El Reno Division Canadian 1319 El Reno
Enid Division Enid Division Garfield 1247 Enid East
Erick Division Erick Division Beckham 2060 Texola
Eufaula Division Eufaula Division McIntosh 666 Stidham
Fairfax Division Fairfax Division Osage 843 Fairfax
Fairview Division Fairview Division Major 1457 Glass Mountains SW
Finley-Rattan Division Finley-Rattan Division Pushmataha 863 Cloudy
Fort Cobb Division Fort Cobb Division Caddo 1270 Fort Cobb
Fort Towson Division Fort Towson Division Choctaw 522 Fort Towson
Frederick Division Frederick Division Tillman 1234 Hollister NW
Geary Division Geary Division Blaine 1749 Greenfield
Gould Division Gould Division Harmon 1601 Gould
Granite Division Granite Division Greer 1719 Granite
Grove Division Grove Division Delaware 807 Grove
Guthrie Division Guthrie Division Logan 1053 Guthrie South
Guymon Division Guymon Division Texas 3071 Guymon
Hanna Division Hanna Division McIntosh 791 Henryetta SW
Haskell Division Haskell Division Muskogee 571 Haskell
Healdton Central Division Healdton Central Division Carter 951 Ringling
Healdton North Division Healdton North Division Carter 935 Cottonwood Creek
Heavener Division Heavener Division Le Flore 545 Hodgen
Helena Division Helena Division Alfalfa 1368 Goltry
Hennessey Division Hennessey Division Kingfisher 1148 Hennessey
Henryetta Division Henryetta Division Okmulgee 837 Henryetta
Hitchita-Pierce Division Hitchita-Pierce Division McIntosh 584 Pierce
Hobart Division Hobart Division Kiowa 1529 Hobart
Holdenville Division Holdenville Division Hughes 820 Lake Holdenville
Hollis Division Hollis Division Harmon 1860 Vinson
Hominy Division Hominy Division Osage 774 Hominy
Hooker Division Hooker Division Texas 2897 Hooker
Hugo Division Hugo Division Choctaw 541 Hugo
Hulbert Division Hulbert Division Cherokee 604 Hulbert
Hydro Division Hydro Division Caddo 1637 Eakly NE
Idabel Division Idabel Division McCurtain 453 Idabel SE
Inola Division Inola Division Rogers 666 Inola
Jay Division Jay Division Delaware 1037 Jay
Kansas Division Kansas Division Delaware 1076 Lake Eucha West
Kaw City Division Kaw City Division Kay 1142 Kaw City
Kellyville-Slick Division Kellyville-Slick Division Creek 850 Kiefer SW
Keota Division Keota Division Haskell 554 Keota
Keyes Division Keyes Division Cimarron 3881 Keyes East
Keystone Lake Division Keystone Lake Division Creek 820 Olive
Kingfisher Division Kingfisher Division Kingfisher 1191 Loyal
Kiowa-Pittsburg Division Kiowa-Pittsburg Division Pittsburg 758 Kiowa
Konawa Division Konawa Division Seminole 922 Vamoosa
Lamont Division Lamont Division Grant 1024 Lamont
Laverne Division Laverne Division Harper 2178 Rosston SE
Lawton Division Lawton Division Comanche 1089 Lawton
Lenapah-Delaware Division Lenapah-Delaware Division Nowata 699 Childers
Lexington Division Lexington Division Cleveland 1040 Wayne
Lindsay Division Lindsay Division Garvin 1030 Lindsay
Locust Grove Division Locust Grove Division Mayes 850 Locust Grove
Lone Wolf Division Lone Wolf Division Kiowa 1545 Lone Wolf
McAlester Division McAlester Division Pittsburg 745 McAlester
McCord-Braden Division McCord-Braden Division Osage 1027 Charley Creek West
McCurtain Division McCurtain Division Haskell 604 Lafayette
Mangum Division Mangum Division Greer 1535 Mangum South
Marlow Division Marlow Division Stephens 1257 Hope
Maud Division Maud Division Pottawatomie 928 Saint Louis
Maysville Division Maysville Division Garvin 1040 Maysville
Medford Division Medford Division Grant 1165 Medford
Meeker Division Meeker Division Lincoln 899 Meeker
Miami Division Miami Division Ottawa 781 Miami SW
Minco Division Minco Division Grady 1368 Minco
Mooreland Division Mooreland Division Woodward 1814 Fairvalley SE
Morris Division Morris Division Okmulgee 692 Okmulgee NE
Mountain View Division Mountain View Division Kiowa 1401 Gotebo East
Muldrow Division Muldrow Division Sequoyah 522 Gans
Muskogee Division Muskogee Division Muskogee 558 Southeast Muskogee
Muskogee Southwest Division Muskogee Southwest Division Muskogee 666 Beland
Newkirk Division Newkirk Division Kay 1168 Newkirk
Alex Division Alex Division Grady 1093 Alex
Noble Division Noble Division Cleveland 1135 Norman
Norman Division Norman Division Cleveland 1188 Norman
North Alfalfa Division North Alfalfa Division Alfalfa 1204 Amorita
North Atoka Division North Atoka Division Atoka 965 Limestone Gap
North Beaver Division North Beaver Division Beaver 2556 Mocane NW
North Central Bryan Division North Central Bryan Division Bryan 574 Bokchito
North Central Pittsburg Division North Central Pittsburg Division Pittsburg 627 Lake McAlester
North Cherokee Division North Cherokee Division Cherokee 1079 Moodys
North Cleveland Division North Cleveland Division Cleveland 1175 Moore
North Craig Division North Craig Division Craig 860 Welch NW
Northeast Comanche Division Northeast Comanche Division Comanche 1250 Fletcher
Northeast Ellis Division Northeast Ellis Division Ellis 2264 Fargo NW
Northeast Lincoln Division Northeast Lincoln Division Lincoln 988 Stroud North
Northeast Pontotoc Division Northeast Pontotoc Division Pontotoc 850 Francis
Northeast Washita Division Northeast Washita Division Washita 1617 Corn
North Garfield Division North Garfield Division Garfield 1142 Kremlin
North Logan Division North Logan Division Logan 1083 Mulhall
North McCurtain Division North McCurtain Division McCurtain 886 Hee Creek
North Marshall Division North Marshall Division Marshall 830 Madill
North Pushmataha Division North Pushmataha Division Pushmataha 1161 Clayton
North Tulsa Division North Tulsa Division Tulsa 650 Vera
Northwest Comanche Division Northwest Comanche Division Comanche 1503 Meers
Northwest Ellis Division Northwest Ellis Division Ellis 2428 Shattuck NW
Northwest Greer Division Northwest Greer Division Greer 1706 Plainview
Northwest Lincoln Division Northwest Lincoln Division Lincoln 968 Tryon South
Northwest Osage Division Northwest Osage Division Osage 1204 Foraker South
Northwest Pittsburg Division Northwest Pittsburg Division Pittsburg 702 Haywood
Northwest Pontotoc Division Northwest Pontotoc Division Pontotoc 1083 Vanoss
Northwest Washita Division Northwest Washita Division Washita 1811 Foss
Nowata Division Nowata Division Nowata 755 Nowata West
Ochelata-Ramona Division Ochelata-Ramona Division Washington 659 Ramona
Okarche-Cashion Division Okarche-Cashion Division Kingfisher 1093 Kingfisher
Okeene Division Okeene Division Blaine 1217 Okeene
Okemah Division Okemah Division Okfuskee 909 Okemah
Okmulgee Division Okmulgee Division Okmulgee 686 Beggs
Oologah-Talala Division Oologah-Talala Division Rogers 659 Oologah
Paden Division Paden Division Okfuskee 896 Paden
Panama-Bokoshe Division Panama-Bokoshe Division Le Flore 459 Bokoshe
Pauls Valley Division Pauls Valley Division Garvin 892 Pauls Valley
Pawhuska Division Pawhuska Division Osage 860 Herd
Pawnee Division Pawnee Division Pawnee 860 Pawnee
Perry Division Perry Division Noble 1063 Perry
Quapaw Division Quapaw Division Ottawa 843 Picher
Pocola Division Pocola Division Le Flore 492 Hackett
Ponca City Division Ponca City Division Kay 981 Ponca City
Porum Division Porum Division Muskogee 577 Stigler West
Poteau Division Poteau Division Le Flore 492 Poteau East
Prague Division Prague Division Lincoln 843 Arlington
Pryor Creek Division Pryor Creek Division Mayes 591 Chouteau
Purcell Division Purcell Division McClain 1109 Stealy
Quinton Division Quinton Division Pittsburg 751 Blocker
Red Oak Division Red Oak Division Latimer 1535 Red Oak
Ringling Division Ringling Division Jefferson 801 Ringling NW
Roland Division Roland Division Sequoyah 823 Nicut
Roosevelt Division Roosevelt Division Kiowa 1499 Glen Mountains
Rush Springs Division Rush Springs Division Grady 1263 Rush Springs
Sallisaw Division Sallisaw Division Sequoyah 525 Sallisaw
Sallisaw North Division Sallisaw North Division Sequoyah 938 Brushy
Sapulpa Division Sapulpa Division Creek 653 Sapulpa South
Sayre Division Sayre Division Beckham 1857 Sayre
Seiling Division Seiling Division Dewey 1857 Hucmac
Seminole North Division Seminole North Division Seminole 1027 Prague SW
Seminole South Division Seminole South Division Seminole 846 Wolf
Shamrock-Heyburn Lake Division Shamrock-Heyburn Lake Division Creek 932 Bellvue
Shawnee Division Shawnee Division Pottawatomie 984 Shawnee
Fort Sill Division Fort Sill Division Comanche 1296 Fort Sill
Snyder Division Snyder Division Kiowa 1362 Snyder
South Beaver Division South Beaver Division Beaver 2598 Clear Lake NW
South Bryan Division South Bryan Division Bryan 682 Kemp
South Central Pontotoc Division South Central Pontotoc Division Pontotoc 1073 Fittstown
South Cherokee Division South Cherokee Division Cherokee 922 Zeb
South Coffeyville-Wann Division South Coffeyville-Wann Division Nowata 771 Elliott
Southeast Bryan Division Southeast Bryan Division Bryan 564 Yuba
Southeast Comanche Division Southeast Comanche Division Comanche 1135 Ninemile Creek
Southeast McCurtain Division Southeast McCurtain Division McCurtain 381 Bokhoma
Southeast Osage Division Southeast Osage Division Osage 853 Avant SE
Southeast Pontotoc Division Southeast Pontotoc Division Pontotoc 755 Stonewall
Southeast Washita Division Southeast Washita Division Washita 1355 Lake Valley
South Ellis Division South Ellis Division Ellis 2457 Harmon SW
South Garfield Division South Garfield Division Garfield 1060 Enid SE
South Hughes Division South Hughes Division Hughes 823 Calvin East
South Jefferson Division South Jefferson Division Jefferson 886 Ryan SE
South Latimer Division South Latimer Division Latimer 984 Damon
South Le Flore Division South Le Flore Division Le Flore 1430 Octavia
South Marshall Division South Marshall Division Marshall 692 Kingston South
South Roger Mills Division South Roger Mills Division Roger Mills 2251 Grimes
South Tulsa Division South Tulsa Division Tulsa 679 Bixby
South Wagoner Division South Wagoner Division Wagoner 604 Taft
Southwest Comanche Division Southwest Comanche Division Comanche 1142 Taupa
Southwest Cotton Division Southwest Cotton Division Cotton 1063 Randlett
Southwest Grant Division Southwest Grant Division Grant 1079 Pond Creek NW
Southwest Pontotoc Division Southwest Pontotoc Division Pontotoc 1211 Roff South
Southwest Washita Division Southwest Washita Division Washita 1690 Sentinel
South Woods Division South Woods Division Woods 1614 Dacoma SW
Spiro Division Spiro Division Le Flore 420 Muldrow SW
Stigler Division Stigler Division Haskell 571 Stigler East
Stillwater Division Stillwater Division Payne 922 Stillwater South
Stilwell East Division Stilwell East Division Adair 1010 Stilwell East
Stilwell West Division Stilwell West Division Adair 1286 Stilwell West
Stratford Division Stratford Division Garvin 1010 Pauls Valley NE
Tahlequah Division Tahlequah Division Cherokee 843 Thompson Corner
Talihina Division Talihina Division Le Flore 761 Muse
Temple Division Temple Division Cotton 984 Hooper
Thomas Division Thomas Division Custer 1719 Weatherford NW
Tipton Division Tipton Division Tillman 1319 Tipton SE
Tishomingo Division Tishomingo Division Johnston 938 Reagan
Tonkawa Division Tonkawa Division Kay 961 Tonkawa
Tulsa Division Tulsa Division Tulsa 758 Tulsa
Tuttle Division Tuttle Division Grady 1345 Tuttle
Hartshorne-Haileyville Division Hartshorne-Haileyville Division Pittsburg 945 Hartshorne
Valliant Division Valliant Division McCurtain 443 Wright City
Velma-Alma Division Velma-Alma Division Stephens 1050 Velma
Vian Division Vian Division Sequoyah 778 Blackgum
Vici Division Vici Division Dewey 2126 Mutual SW
Vinita East Division Vinita East Division Craig 692 Vinita NE
Vinita West Division Vinita West Division Craig 764 Estella
Wagoner Division Wagoner Division Wagoner 591 Wagoner East
Wakita Division Wakita Division Grant 1155 Wakita
Walnut Division Walnut Division Canadian 1542 Cogar NW
Walters Division Walters Division Cotton 1093 Geronimo
Wanette-Asher Division Wanette-Asher Division Pottawatomie 1020 Pearson
Warner Division Warner Division Muskogee 564 Warner
Watonga Division Watonga Division Blaine 1549 Watonga
Watts Division Watts Division Adair 1083 Chance
Waurika Division Waurika Division Jefferson 922 Waurika East
Weatherford Division Weatherford Division Custer 1785 Weatherford
Webbers Falls Division Webbers Falls Division Muskogee 482 Webbers Falls
Weleetka Division Weleetka Division Okfuskee 843 Weleetka
Wellston Division Wellston Division Lincoln 935 Wellston
West Atoka Division West Atoka Division Atoka 574 Boggy Depot
West Canadian Division West Canadian Division Canadian 1516 Fort Reno SW
West Choctaw Division West Choctaw Division Choctaw 522 Boswell
West Coal Division West Coal Division Coal 627 Tupelo
West Haskell Division West Haskell Division Haskell 614 Quinton North
West Jackson Division West Jackson Division Jackson 1398 Prairie Hill
West Johnston Division West Johnston Division Johnston 869 Troy
West Love Division West Love Division Love 974 Leon North
West Murray Division West Murray Division Murray 1027 Turner Falls
West Texas Division West Texas Division Texas 3484 Eva SE
Westville Division Westville Division Adair 1020 Chance
West Woods Division West Woods Division Woods 1752 Freedom NW
Wetumka Division Wetumka Division Hughes 702 Wetumka
Wewoka Division Wewoka Division Seminole 856 Wewoka West
Wilburton Division Wilburton Division Latimer 663 Gowen
Wilson Division Wilson Division Carter 945 Healdton
Wister Division Wister Division Le Flore 482 Summerfield
Woodward Division Woodward Division Woodward 2054 Woodward SW
Wright City Division Wright City Division McCurtain 718 Alikchi
Wyandotte Division Wyandotte Division Ottawa 833 Wyandotte
Yale Division Yale Division Payne 823 Yale
City of Catoosa City of Catoosa Rogers 669 Mingo
City of Cedar Valley City of Cedar Valley Logan 991 Guthrie North
City of Centrahoma City of Centrahoma Coal 705 Centrahoma
City of Chandler City of Chandler Lincoln 984 Chandler
City of Checotah City of Checotah McIntosh 620 Checotah
City of Cherokee City of Cherokee Alfalfa 1181 Cherokee North
City of Chickasha City of Chickasha Grady 1112 Chickasha
City of Choctaw City of Choctaw Oklahoma 1158 Choctaw
City of Claremore City of Claremore Rogers 610 Claremore
City of Cleveland City of Cleveland Pawnee 778 Cleveland
City of Clinton City of Clinton Custer 1549 Clinton
City of Coalgate City of Coalgate Coal 617 Coalgate
City of Ada City of Ada Pontotoc 1033 Ada
City of Altus City of Altus Jackson 1365 Altus
City of Alva City of Alva Woods 1362 Alva
City of Anadarko City of Anadarko Caddo 1178 Anadarko East
City of Antlers City of Antlers Pushmataha 515 Antlers East
City of Ardmore City of Ardmore Carter 879 Ardmore West
City of Atoka City of Atoka Atoka 623 Lehigh
City of Barnsdall City of Barnsdall Osage 748 Barnsdall
City of Bartlesville City of Bartlesville Washington 728 Bartlesville South
City of Beggs City of Beggs Okmulgee 863 Beggs
City of Bethany City of Bethany Oklahoma 1309 Bethany
City of Bixby City of Bixby Tulsa 600 Bixby
City of Blackwell City of Blackwell Kay 1024 Blackwell
City of Blanchard City of Blanchard McClain 1309 Blanchard
City of Boise City City of Boise City Cimarron 4167 Boise City
City of Bridgeport City of Bridgeport Caddo 1493 Bridgeport
City of Bristow City of Bristow Creek 820 Bristow
City of Broken Arrow City of Broken Arrow Tulsa 709 Broken Arrow
City of Broken Bow City of Broken Bow McCurtain 469 Broken Bow
City of Cache City of Cache Comanche 1250 Mount Scott
City of Idabel City of Idabel McCurtain 472 Idabel
City of Jay City of Jay Delaware 1027 Jay
City of Jenks City of Jenks Tulsa 682 Bixby
City of Kaw City City of Kaw City Kay 1155 Kaw City
City of Collinsville City of Collinsville Tulsa 679 Collinsville
City of Comanche City of Comanche Stephens 932 Comanche
City of Commerce City of Commerce Ottawa 801 Picher
City of Coweta City of Coweta Wagoner 702 Coweta
City of Crescent City of Crescent Logan 1142 Crescent
City of Cushing City of Cushing Payne 922 Cushing
City of Davis City of Davis Murray 1204 Turner Falls
City of Del City City of Del City Oklahoma 1211 Midwest City
City of Dewey City of Dewey Washington 692 Bartlesville North
City of Drumright City of Drumright Creek 820 Drumright
City of Duncan City of Duncan Stephens 1155 Duncan North
City of Durant City of Durant Bryan 673 Durant South
City of Edmond City of Edmond Oklahoma 1122 Edmond
City of El Reno City of El Reno Canadian 1332 El Reno
City of Elgin City of Elgin Comanche 1270 Elgin
City of Elk City City of Elk City Beckham 1995 Elk City
City of Enid City of Enid Garfield 1250 Enid East
City of Erick City of Erick Beckham 2067 Erick
City of Eufaula City of Eufaula McIntosh 610 Eufaula
City of Fairview City of Fairview Major 1296 Fairview
City of Frederick City of Frederick Tillman 1240 Hackberry Flat
City of Garber City of Garber Garfield 1175 Garber
City of Geary City of Geary Canadian 1601 Geary South
City of Glenpool City of Glenpool Tulsa 722 Sapulpa South
City of Grandfield City of Grandfield Tillman 1125 Grandfield
City of Grove City of Grove Delaware 748 Grove
City of Guthrie City of Guthrie Logan 1083 Edmond
City of Guymon City of Guymon Texas 3123 Guymon
City of Haileyville City of Haileyville Pittsburg 646 Hartshorne
City of Harrah City of Harrah Oklahoma 1142 Harrah
City of Hartshorne City of Hartshorne Pittsburg 699 Hartshorne
City of Healdton City of Healdton Carter 951 Healdton
City of Heavener City of Heavener Le Flore 610 Heavener
City of Henryetta City of Henryetta Okmulgee 728 Henryetta
City of Hobart City of Hobart Kiowa 1542 Hobart
City of Holdenville City of Holdenville Hughes 886 Holdenville
City of Hollis City of Hollis Harmon 1631 Hollis
City of Hominy City of Hominy Osage 761 Hominy
City of Hooker City of Hooker Texas 2992 Hooker
City of Hugo City of Hugo Choctaw 551 Hugo
City of Lehigh City of Lehigh Coal 607 Lehigh
City of Lexington City of Lexington Cleveland 1030 Purcell
City of Lindsay City of Lindsay Garvin 974 Lindsay
City of Lone Grove City of Lone Grove Carter 945 Lone Grove
City of Madill City of Madill Marshall 804 Madill
City of Mangum City of Mangum Greer 1608 Mangum North
City of Marietta City of Marietta Love 837 Marietta East
City of Marlow City of Marlow Stephens 1280 Marlow
City of Maud City of Maud Pottawatomie 978 Maud
City of McAlester City of McAlester Pittsburg 702 McAlester
City of Medford City of Medford Grant 1089 Medford
City of Miami City of Miami Ottawa 778 Picher
City of Midwest City City of Midwest City Oklahoma 1224 Choctaw
City of Minco City of Minco Grady 1309 Minco
City of Moore City of Moore Cleveland 1211 Moore
City of Morris City of Morris Okmulgee 715 Morris
City of Muskogee City of Muskogee Muskogee 577 Southeast Muskogee
City of Mustang City of Mustang Canadian 1335 Mustang
City of New Cordell City of New Cordell Washita 1558 Cordell
City of Newcastle City of Newcastle McClain 1214 Newcastle
City of Newkirk City of Newkirk Kay 1152 Newkirk
City of Nichols Hills City of Nichols Hills Oklahoma 1204 Britton
City of Nicoma Park City of Nicoma Park Oklahoma 1197 Choctaw
City of Noble City of Noble Cleveland 1181 Denver
City of Norman City of Norman Cleveland 1122 Denver
City of Nowata City of Nowata Nowata 699 Nowata West
City of Oilton City of Oilton Creek 791 Oilton
City of Okemah City of Okemah Okfuskee 873 Okemah
City of Oklahoma City City of Oklahoma City Oklahoma 1197 Oklahoma City
City of Okmulgee City of Okmulgee Okmulgee 653 Okmulgee South
City of Owasso City of Owasso Tulsa 702 Collinsville
City of Pauls Valley City of Pauls Valley Garvin 873 Pauls Valley
City of Pawhuska City of Pawhuska Osage 817 Pawhuska
City of Pawnee City of Pawnee Pawnee 850 Pawnee
City of Perkins City of Perkins Payne 902 Perkins
City of Perry City of Perry Noble 1047 Perry
City of Picher (historical) City of Picher (historical) Ottawa 817 Picher
City of Piedmont City of Piedmont Canadian 1214 El Reno NE
City of Ponca City City of Ponca City Kay 1020 Ponca City
City of Pond Creek City of Pond Creek Grant 1050 Pond Creek
City of Poteau City of Poteau Le Flore 525 Poteau West
City of Prague City of Prague Lincoln 997 Prague
City of Pryor Creek City of Pryor Creek Mayes 627 Pryor
City of Purcell City of Purcell McClain 1148 Purcell
City of Kingfisher City of Kingfisher Kingfisher 1086 Kingfisher
City of Konawa City of Konawa Seminole 971 Konawa
City of Krebs City of Krebs Pittsburg 666 Krebs
City of Lawton City of Lawton Comanche 1142 Lawton
Town of Arkoma Town of Arkoma Le Flore 433 South Fort Smith
Town of Armstrong Town of Armstrong Bryan 584 Caddo South
Town of Arnett Town of Arnett Ellis 2457 Arnett
Town of Asher Town of Asher Pottawatomie 991 Asher
Town of Ashland Town of Ashland Pittsburg 771 Ashland
Town of Atwood Town of Atwood Hughes 781 Calvin West
Town of Avant Town of Avant Osage 679 Avant
Town of Avard (historical) Town of Avard (historical) Woods 1476 Avard
Town of Bearden Town of Bearden Okfuskee 860 Cromwell
Town of Beaver Town of Beaver Beaver 2425 Beaver
Town of Bennington Town of Bennington Bryan 620 Bennington North
Town of Bernice Town of Bernice Delaware 748 Bernice
Town of Bessie Town of Bessie Washita 1542 Bessie
Town of Bethel Acres Town of Bethel Acres Pottawatomie 1138 Shawnee Reservoir
Town of Big Cabin Town of Big Cabin Craig 722 Big Cabin
Town of Billings Town of Billings Noble 1010 Billings
Town of Binger Town of Binger Caddo 1348 Binger
Town of Blackburn Town of Blackburn Pawnee 807 Blackburn
Town of Blair Town of Blair Jackson 1463 Blair
Town of Bluejacket Town of Bluejacket Craig 778 Welch South
Town of Bokchito Town of Bokchito Bryan 633 Bokchito
Town of Bokoshe Town of Bokoshe Le Flore 535 Bokoshe
Town of Boley Town of Boley Okfuskee 863 Boley
Town of Boswell Town of Boswell Choctaw 617 Boswell
Town of Bowlegs Town of Bowlegs Seminole 942 Seminole
Town of Boynton Town of Boynton Muskogee 617 Boynton
Town of Bradley Town of Bradley Grady 1083 Bradley
Town of Braggs Town of Braggs Muskogee 554 Braggs
Town of Braman Town of Braman Kay 1050 Braman
Town of Bray Town of Bray Stephens 1250 Hope
Town of Breckenridge Town of Breckenridge Garfield 1168 Breckinridge
Town of Bridge Creek Town of Bridge Creek Grady 1339 Blanchard
Town of Bromide Town of Bromide Johnston 696 Wapanucka North
Town of Brooksville Town of Brooksville Pottawatomie 968 Brooksville
Town of Buffalo Town of Buffalo Harper 1808 Buffalo
Town of Burbank Town of Burbank Osage 981 Burbank
Town of Burlington Town of Burlington Alfalfa 1220 Burlington
Town of Burns Flat Town of Burns Flat Washita 1906 Dill City
Town of Butler Town of Butler Custer 1713 Foss Dam
City of Sallisaw City of Sallisaw Sequoyah 531 Sallisaw
City of Sand Springs City of Sand Springs Tulsa 646 Wekiwa
City of Sapulpa City of Sapulpa Creek 738 Sapulpa North
City of Sayre City of Sayre Beckham 1804 Doxey
City of Seiling City of Seiling Dewey 1739 Seiling
City of Seminole City of Seminole Seminole 955 Seminole
City of Shawnee City of Shawnee Pottawatomie 1083 Shawnee
City of Shidler City of Shidler Osage 1155 Shidler
City of Snyder City of Snyder Kiowa 1352 Snyder
City of Spencer City of Spencer Oklahoma 1168 Jones
City of Stigler City of Stigler Haskell 574 Stigler East
City of Stillwater City of Stillwater Payne 932 Stillwater North
City of Stilwell City of Stilwell Adair 1079 Stilwell West
City of Stroud City of Stroud Lincoln 853 Stroud North
City of Sulphur City of Sulphur Murray 981 Dougherty
City of Tahlequah City of Tahlequah Cherokee 820 Tahlequah
City of Tecumseh City of Tecumseh Pottawatomie 1033 Shawnee
City of The Village City of The Village Oklahoma 1191 Britton
City of Thomas City of Thomas Custer 1759 Weatherford NW
City of Tishomingo City of Tishomingo Johnston 689 Tishomingo
City of Tonkawa City of Tonkawa Kay 984 Tonkawa
City of Tulsa City of Tulsa Tulsa 715 Tulsa
City of Tupelo City of Tupelo Coal 709 Tupelo
City of Tuttle City of Tuttle Grady 1243 Tuttle
City of Vinita City of Vinita Craig 702 Vinita
City of Wagoner City of Wagoner Wagoner 581 Wagoner West
City of Walters City of Walters Cotton 1070 Walters
City of Warr Acres City of Warr Acres Oklahoma 1309 Britton
City of Watonga City of Watonga Blaine 1522 Watonga
City of Waurika City of Waurika Jefferson 886 Waurika West
City of Waynoka City of Waynoka Woods 1489 Waynoka West
City of Weatherford City of Weatherford Custer 1634 Weatherford
City of Wetumka City of Wetumka Hughes 761 Wetumka
City of Wewoka City of Wewoka Seminole 876 Wewoka East
City of Wilburton City of Wilburton Latimer 650 Wilburton
City of Wilson City of Wilson Carter 909 Healdton
City of Woodward City of Woodward Woodward 1982 Woodward
City of Wynnewood City of Wynnewood Garvin 896 Pauls Valley
City of Yale City of Yale Payne 801 Yale
City of Yukon City of Yukon Canadian 1270 Richland
Town of Achille Town of Achille Bryan 669 Achille
Town of Adair Town of Adair Mayes 679 Adair
Town of Addington Town of Addington Jefferson 951 Waurika East
Town of Afton Town of Afton Ottawa 781 Afton
Town of Agra Town of Agra Lincoln 1030 Cushing
Town of Albion Town of Albion Pushmataha 659 Albion
Town of Alderson Town of Alderson Pittsburg 696 Krebs
Town of Alex Town of Alex Grady 1020 Alex
Town of Aline Town of Aline Alfalfa 1289 Carmen
Town of Allen Town of Allen Pontotoc 863 Allen
Town of Amber Town of Amber Grady 1257 Pocasset
Town of Ames Town of Ames Major 1211 Ames
Town of Amorita Town of Amorita Alfalfa 1207 Amorita
Town of Apache Town of Apache Caddo 1293 Apache
Town of Arapaho Town of Arapaho Custer 1660 Clinton
Town of Arcadia Town of Arcadia Oklahoma 958 Arcadia
Town of Council Hill Town of Council Hill Muskogee 659 Council Hill
Town of Covington Town of Covington Garfield 1145 Covington
Town of Cowlington Town of Cowlington Le Flore 502 Robert S Kerr Dam
Town of Coyle Town of Coyle Logan 915 Coyle
Town of Cromwell Town of Cromwell Seminole 961 Cromwell
Town of Crowder Town of Crowder Pittsburg 636 Crowder
Town of Custer City Town of Custer City Custer 1765 Custer City
Town of Cyril Town of Cyril Caddo 1371 Cyril
Town of Dacoma Town of Dacoma Woods 1362 Dacoma
Town of Davenport Town of Davenport Lincoln 846 Davenport
Town of Davidson Town of Davidson Tillman 1168 Davidson
Town of Deer Creek Town of Deer Creek Grant 1089 Deer Creek
Town of Delaware Town of Delaware Nowata 718 Delaware
Town of Depew Town of Depew Creek 883 Depew
Town of Devol Town of Devol Cotton 1063 Devol
Town of Dewar Town of Dewar Okmulgee 646 Henryetta
Town of Dibble Town of Dibble McClain 1181 Dibble
Town of Dickson Town of Dickson Carter 853 Mannsville
Town of Dill City Town of Dill City Washita 1863 Dill City
Town of Disney Town of Disney Mayes 745 Spavinaw
Town of Dougherty Town of Dougherty Murray 771 Dougherty
Town of Douglas Town of Douglas Garfield 1135 Fairmont
Town of Dover Town of Dover Kingfisher 1033 Dover
Town of Drummond Town of Drummond Garfield 1224 Drummond
Town of Dustin Town of Dustin Hughes 722 Dustin
Town of Eakly Town of Eakly Caddo 1480 Eakly
Town of Earlsboro Town of Earlsboro Pottawatomie 1017 Earlsboro
Town of East Duke Town of East Duke Jackson 1417 Duke
Town of Eldorado Town of Eldorado Jackson 1450 Eldorado
Town of Elmer Town of Elmer Jackson 1309 Elmer
Town of Elmore City Town of Elmore City Garvin 991 Elmore City North
Town of Empire City Town of Empire City Stephens 1161 Empire City
Town of Pocasset Town of Pocasset Grady 1201 Pocasset
Town of Pocola Town of Pocola Le Flore 456 Hackett
Town of Porter Town of Porter Wagoner 623 Taft
Town of Porum Town of Porum Muskogee 584 Porum
Town of Prue Town of Prue Osage 814 Keystone Dam
Town of Putnam Town of Putnam Dewey 1965 Putnam
Town of Quapaw Town of Quapaw Ottawa 843 Picher
Town of Quay (historical) Town of Quay (historical) Pawnee 682 Talala
Town of Quinton Town of Quinton Pittsburg 623 Quinton South
Town of Ralston Town of Ralston Pawnee 814 Fairfax
Town of Ramona Town of Ramona Washington 646 Ramona
Town of Randlett Town of Randlett Cotton 1040 Randlett
Town of Ratliff City Town of Ratliff City Carter 1070 Ratliff City
Town of Rattan Town of Rattan Pushmataha 463 Rattan
Town of Ravia Town of Ravia Johnston 748 Ravia
Town of Red Oak Town of Red Oak Latimer 587 Red Oak
Town of Red Rock Town of Red Rock Noble 915 Red Rock
Town of Redbird Town of Redbird Wagoner 640 Red Bird
Town of Renfrow Town of Renfrow Grant 1214 Renfrow
Town of Rentiesville Town of Rentiesville McIntosh 591 Oktaha
Town of Reydon Town of Reydon Roger Mills 2270 Reydon
Town of Ringling Town of Ringling Jefferson 912 Ringling
Town of Ringwood Town of Ringwood Major 1319 Ringwood
Town of Ripley Town of Ripley Payne 853 Ripley
Town of Rock Island Town of Rock Island Le Flore 505 Hackett
Town of Rocky Town of Rocky Washita 1650 Rocky
Town of Roff Town of Roff Pontotoc 1250 Roff North
Town of Roland Town of Roland Sequoyah 476 Muldrow
Town of Roosevelt Town of Roosevelt Kiowa 1460 Roosevelt
Town of Rosedale Town of Rosedale McClain 1063 Rosedale
Town of Rosston Town of Rosston Harper 2139 Rosston
Town of Rush Springs Town of Rush Springs Grady 1296 Rush Springs
Town of Ryan Town of Ryan Jefferson 899 Ryan
Town of Saint Louis Town of Saint Louis Pottawatomie 948 Saint Louis
Town of Erin Springs Town of Erin Springs Garvin 981 Lindsay
Town of Etowah Town of Etowah Cleveland 1070 Little Axe
Town of Fair Oaks Town of Fair Oaks Wagoner 568 Catoosa
Town of Fairfax Town of Fairfax Osage 883 Fairfax
Town of Fairland Town of Fairland Ottawa 833 Miami SE
Town of Fairmont Town of Fairmont Garfield 1204 Fairmont
Town of Fallis Town of Fallis Lincoln 988 Wellston
Town of Fanshawe Town of Fanshawe Le Flore 728 Leflore
Town of Fargo Town of Fargo Ellis 2116 Fargo SE
Town of Faxon Town of Faxon Comanche 1083 Faxon
Town of Fitzhugh Town of Fitzhugh Pontotoc 1286 Roff North
Town of Fletcher Town of Fletcher Comanche 1388 Fletcher
Town of Foraker Town of Foraker Osage 1270 Foraker South
Town of Forest Park Town of Forest Park Oklahoma 1178 Spencer
Town of Forgan Town of Forgan Beaver 2585 Forgan
Town of Fort Cobb Town of Fort Cobb Caddo 1253 Fort Cobb
Town of Fort Coffee Town of Fort Coffee Le Flore 453 Fort Coffee
Town of Fort Gibson Town of Fort Gibson Muskogee 509 Northeast Muskogee
Town of Fort Supply Town of Fort Supply Woodward 2005 Fort Supply
Town of Fort Towson Town of Fort Towson Choctaw 505 Fort Towson
Town of Foss Town of Foss Washita 1621 Foss
Town of Foster Town of Foster Garvin 978 Elmore City South
Town of Foyil Town of Foyil Rogers 745 Foyil
Town of Francis Town of Francis Pontotoc 948 Francis
Town of Freedom Town of Freedom Woods 1529 Freedom
Town of Friendship Town of Friendship Jackson 1398 Headrick
Town of Gage Town of Gage Ellis 2139 Gage
Town of Gans Town of Gans Sequoyah 531 Gans
Town of Garvin Town of Garvin McCurtain 492 Garvin
Town of Gate Town of Gate Beaver 2264 Gate
Town of Gene Autry Town of Gene Autry Carter 843 Gene Autry
Town of Geronimo Town of Geronimo Comanche 1079 Geronimo
Town of Gerty Town of Gerty Hughes 837 Gerty
Town of Glencoe Town of Glencoe Payne 1050 Glencoe
Town of Goldsby Town of Goldsby McClain 1158 Norman
Town of Goltry Town of Goltry Alfalfa 1378 Goltry
Town of Goodwell Town of Goodwell Texas 3297 Goodwell
Town of Gore Town of Gore Sequoyah 535 Gore
Town of Gotebo Town of Gotebo Kiowa 1430 Gotebo East
Town of Gould Town of Gould Harmon 1621 Gould
Town of Gracemont Town of Gracemont Caddo 1260 Gracemont
Town of Grainola Town of Grainola Osage 1211 Grainola
Town of Grand Lake Towne Town of Grand Lake Towne Mayes 787 Ketchum
Town of Granite Town of Granite Greer 1594 Lake Altus
Town of Grayson Town of Grayson Okmulgee 663 Morris
Town of Greenfield Town of Greenfield Blaine 1457 Greenfield
Town of Hall Park (historical) Town of Hall Park (historical) Cleveland 1191 Norman
Town of Hallett Town of Hallett Pawnee 922 Jennings
Town of Hammon Town of Hammon Roger Mills 1742 Hammon
Town of Hanna Town of Hanna McIntosh 682 Hanna
Town of Hardesty Town of Hardesty Texas 2913 Hardesty
Town of Haskell Town of Haskell Muskogee 587 Haskell
Town of Hastings Town of Hastings Jefferson 997 Waurika West
Town of Haworth Town of Haworth McCurtain 404 Haworth
Town of Headrick Town of Headrick Jackson 1362 Headrick
Town of Helena Town of Helena Alfalfa 1404 Helena
Town of Hendrix Town of Hendrix Bryan 584 Achille
Town of Hennessey Town of Hennessey Kingfisher 1161 Hennessey
Town of Hickory Town of Hickory Murray 1220 Roff South
Town of Hillsdale Town of Hillsdale Garfield 1234 Hillsdale
Town of Hinton Town of Hinton Caddo 1670 Hinton
Town of Hitchcock Town of Hitchcock Blaine 1286 Hitchcock
Town of Hitchita Town of Hitchita McIntosh 653 Morris
Town of Hoffman Town of Hoffman Okmulgee 627 Hoffman
Town of Hollister Town of Hollister Tillman 1125 Hollister
Town of Hoot Owl Town of Hoot Owl Mayes 705 Salina SE
Town of Horntown Town of Horntown Hughes 843 Lamar
Town of Howe Town of Howe Le Flore 495 Wister
Town of Hulbert Town of Hulbert Cherokee 620 Hulbert
Town of Hunter Town of Hunter Garfield 1089 Hunter
Town of Hydro Town of Hydro Caddo 1526 Hydro
Town of Indiahoma Town of Indiahoma Comanche 1342 Indiahoma
Town of Indianola Town of Indianola Pittsburg 663 Indianola
Town of Inola Town of Inola Rogers 574 Catoosa SE
Town of IXL Town of IXL Okfuskee 866 Welty
Town of Jamestown (historical) Town of Jamestown (historical) Rogers 682 Talala
Town of Jefferson Town of Jefferson Grant 1047 Pond Creek
Town of Jennings Town of Jennings Pawnee 932 Jennings
Town of Jet Town of Jet Alfalfa 1243 Jet
Town of Johnson Town of Johnson Pottawatomie 1040 Shawnee NE
Town of Jones Town of Jones Oklahoma 1112 Jones
Town of Kansas Town of Kansas Delaware 1148 Kansas
Town of Katie Town of Katie Garvin 892 Hennepin
Town of Kellyville Town of Kellyville Creek 791 Kellyville
Town of Kemp Town of Kemp Bryan 633 Kemp
Town of Kendrick Town of Kendrick Lincoln 856 Kendrick
Town of Kenefic Town of Kenefic Bryan 663 Caddo North
Town of Keota Town of Keota Haskell 482 Keota
Town of Ketchum Town of Ketchum Craig 801 Ketchum
Town of Keyes Town of Keyes Cimarron 3944 Keyes West
Town of Kiefer Town of Kiefer Creek 692 Sapulpa South
Town of Kildare Town of Kildare Kay 1119 Kildare
Town of Kingston Town of Kingston Marshall 791 Kingston South
Town of Kinta Town of Kinta Haskell 545 Kinta
Town of Kiowa Town of Kiowa Pittsburg 735 Kiowa
Town of Knowles Town of Knowles Beaver 2539 Knowles
Town of Kremlin Town of Kremlin Garfield 1122 Kremlin
Town of Lahoma Town of Lahoma Garfield 1243 Lahoma
Town of Lake Aluma Town of Lake Aluma Oklahoma 1106 Spencer
Town of Lamar Town of Lamar Hughes 761 Wetumka SE
Town of Lambert Town of Lambert Alfalfa 1276 Lambert
Town of Lamont Town of Lamont Grant 1010 Lamont
Town of Langley Town of Langley Mayes 761 Spavinaw
Town of Langston Town of Langston Logan 1007 Langston
Town of Laverne Town of Laverne Harper 2116 Laverne
Town of Lawrence Creek Town of Lawrence Creek Creek 751 Olive
Town of Le Flore Town of Le Flore Le Flore 541 Leflore
Town of Leedey Town of Leedey Dewey 2057 Leedey
Town of Lenapah Town of Lenapah Nowata 751 Delaware
Town of Leon Town of Leon Love 807 Leon North
Town of Liberty Town of Liberty Okmulgee 676 Spanish Peak
Town of Lima Town of Lima Seminole 896 Wewoka West
Town of Loco Town of Loco Stephens 968 Loco
Town of Locust Grove Town of Locust Grove Mayes 692 Locust Grove
Town of Lone Wolf Town of Lone Wolf Kiowa 1568 Lone Wolf
Town of Longdale Town of Longdale Blaine 1650 Longdale
Town of Lookeba Town of Lookeba Caddo 1335 Binger
Town of Lotsee Town of Lotsee Tulsa 758 Wekiwa
Town of Loveland Town of Loveland Tillman 1073 Hollister
Town of Loyal Town of Loyal Kingfisher 1115 Loyal
Town of Luther Town of Luther Oklahoma 902 Luther
Town of Macomb Town of Macomb Pottawatomie 984 Macomb
Town of Manchester Town of Manchester Grant 1283 Manchester
Town of Manitou Town of Manitou Tillman 1250 Manitou
Town of Mannford Town of Mannford Creek 722 Keystone Dam
Town of Mannsville Town of Mannsville Johnston 768 Mannsville
Town of Maramec Town of Maramec Pawnee 961 Maramec
Town of Marble City Town of Marble City Sequoyah 735 Marble City
Town of Marland Town of Marland Noble 1024 Marland
Town of Marshall Town of Marshall Logan 1047 Marshall West
Town of Martha Town of Martha Jackson 1407 Martha
Town of May Town of May Harper 2041 May East
Town of Maysville Town of Maysville McClain 965 Maysville
Town of McCurtain Town of McCurtain Haskell 633 McCurtain
Town of McLoud Town of McLoud Pottawatomie 1079 McLoud
Town of Mead Town of Mead Bryan 751 Little City
Town of Medicine Park Town of Medicine Park Comanche 1594 Fort Sill
Town of Meeker Town of Meeker Lincoln 968 Aydelotte
Town of Meno Town of Meno Major 1342 Ringwood
Town of Meridian Town of Meridian Logan 1030 Meridian
Town of Milburn Town of Milburn Johnston 712 Milburn
Town of Mill Creek Town of Mill Creek Johnston 1033 Mill Creek
Town of Millerton Town of Millerton McCurtain 489 Millerton
Town of Moffett Town of Moffett Sequoyah 417 Fort Smith
Town of Mooreland Town of Mooreland Woodward 1890 Mooreland
Town of Morrison Town of Morrison Noble 948 Morrison
Town of Mounds Town of Mounds Creek 761 Lake Boren
Town of Mountain Park Town of Mountain Park Kiowa 1371 Snyder
Town of Mountain View Town of Mountain View Kiowa 1342 Gotebo East
Town of Muldrow Town of Muldrow Sequoyah 502 Muldrow
Town of Mule Barn (historical) Town of Mule Barn (historical) Pawnee 840 Keystone Dam
Town of Mulhall Town of Mulhall Logan 994 Clear Creek
Town of Mutual Town of Mutual Woodward 1877 Mutual
Town of Nash Town of Nash Grant 1125 Nash
Town of New Alluwe Town of New Alluwe Nowata 732 Chelsea
Town of New Tulsa (historical) Town of New Tulsa (historical) Wagoner 718 Oneta
Town of New Woodville Town of New Woodville Marshall 755 Kingston South
Town of Ninnekah Town of Ninnekah Grady 1158 Ninnekah
Town of Norge Town of Norge Grady 1263 Ninnekah
Town of North Enid Town of North Enid Garfield 1260 Enid East
Town of North Miami Town of North Miami Ottawa 807 Miami NW
Town of Oak Grove Town of Oak Grove Pawnee 771 Keystone Dam
Town of Oakland Town of Oakland Marshall 856 Madill
Town of Oaks Town of Oaks Delaware 988 Kansas
Town of Oakwood Town of Oakwood Dewey 1844 Oakwood
Town of Ochelata Town of Ochelata Washington 741 Ramona
Town of Okarche Town of Okarche Canadian 1237 Okarche
Town of Okay Town of Okay Wagoner 538 Northeast Muskogee
Town of Okeene Town of Okeene Blaine 1217 Okeene
Town of Oktaha Town of Oktaha Muskogee 597 Oktaha
Town of Olustee Town of Olustee Jackson 1332 Olustee
Town of Oologah Town of Oologah Rogers 643 Oologah
Town of Optima Town of Optima Texas 3015 Optima
Town of Orlando Town of Orlando Logan 1086 Clear Creek
Town of Osage Town of Osage Osage 833 Cleveland
Town of Paden Town of Paden Okfuskee 994 Paden
Town of Panama Town of Panama Le Flore 456 Panama
Town of Paoli Town of Paoli Garvin 955 Paoli
Town of Paradise Hill Town of Paradise Hill Sequoyah 843 Gore
Town of Pensacola Town of Pensacola Mayes 663 Strang
Town of Peoria Town of Peoria Ottawa 883 Peoria
Town of Phillips Town of Phillips Coal 584 Coalgate
Town of Pink Town of Pink Pottawatomie 1070 Macomb
Town of Pittsburg Town of Pittsburg Pittsburg 764 Pittsburg
Town of Byars Town of Byars McClain 1027 Byars
Town of Byng Town of Byng Pontotoc 994 Ada
Town of Byron Town of Byron Alfalfa 1194 Amorita
Town of Caddo Town of Caddo Bryan 725 Caddo North
Town of Calera Town of Calera Bryan 699 Durant South
Town of Calumet Town of Calumet Canadian 1384 Fort Reno
Town of Calvin Town of Calvin Hughes 761 Calvin West
Town of Camargo Town of Camargo Dewey 1942 Camargo
Town of Cameron Town of Cameron Le Flore 479 Spiro
Town of Canadian Town of Canadian Pittsburg 718 Canadian
Town of Caney Town of Caney Atoka 591 Caney
Town of Canton Town of Canton Blaine 1588 Canton
Town of Canute Town of Canute Washita 1886 Canute
Town of Capron Town of Capron Woods 1293 Capron
Town of Cardin (historical) Town of Cardin (historical) Ottawa 810 Picher
Town of Carmen Town of Carmen Alfalfa 1352 Carmen
Town of Carnegie Town of Carnegie Caddo 1342 Carnegie
Town of Carney Town of Carney Lincoln 1050 Carney
Town of Carrier Town of Carrier Garfield 1352 Lahoma
Town of Carter Town of Carter Beckham 1831 Carter West
Town of Cashion Town of Cashion Kingfisher 1115 Cashion
Town of Castle Town of Castle Okfuskee 981 Boley
Town of Cement Town of Cement Caddo 1529 Cyril
Town of Central High Town of Central High Stephens 1171 Nellie
Town of Chattanooga Town of Chattanooga Comanche 1145 Chattanooga
Town of Chelsea Town of Chelsea Rogers 715 Chelsea
Town of Cheyenne Town of Cheyenne Roger Mills 2028 Cheyenne
Town of Chouteau Town of Chouteau Mayes 630 Chouteau
Town of Cimarron City Town of Cimarron City Logan 965 Crescent
Town of Clayton Town of Clayton Pushmataha 607 Clayton
Town of Clearview Town of Clearview Okfuskee 778 Clearview
Town of Cleo Springs Town of Cleo Springs Major 1276 Cleo Springs
Town of Colbert Town of Colbert Bryan 679 Denison Dam
Town of Colcord Town of Colcord Delaware 1155 Colcord
Town of Cole Town of Cole McClain 1115 Cole
Town of Colony Town of Colony Washita 1460 Colony
Town of Cooperton Town of Cooperton Kiowa 1542 Glen Mountains
Town of Copan Town of Copan Washington 761 Copan
Town of Corn Town of Corn Washita 1585 Corn
Town of Cornish Town of Cornish Jefferson 869 Ringling
Town of Salina Town of Salina Mayes 633 Salina
Town of Sasakwa Town of Sasakwa Seminole 833 Sasakwa
Town of Savanna Town of Savanna Pittsburg 741 Savanna
Town of Sawyer Town of Sawyer Choctaw 449 Hugo Dam
Town of Schulter Town of Schulter Okmulgee 702 Okmulgee South
Town of Sentinel Town of Sentinel Washita 1663 Sentinel
Town of Shady Grove (historical) Town of Shady Grove (historical) Pawnee 804 Keystone Dam
Town of Shady Point Town of Shady Point Le Flore 486 Panama
Town of Shamrock Town of Shamrock Creek 994 Drumright
Town of Sharon Town of Sharon Woodward 2060 Sharon
Town of Shattuck Town of Shattuck Ellis 2310 Shattuck
Town of Silo Town of Silo Bryan 804 Durant North
Town of Skedee Town of Skedee Pawnee 830 Skedee
Town of Skiatook Town of Skiatook Osage 682 Avant SE
Town of Slaughterville Town of Slaughterville Cleveland 1175 Purcell
Town of Slick Town of Slick Creek 702 Slick
Town of Smith Village Town of Smith Village Oklahoma 1214 Midwest City
Town of Smithville Town of Smithville McCurtain 741 Smithville
Town of Soper Town of Soper Choctaw 535 Soper
Town of South Coffeyville Town of South Coffeyville Nowata 728 South Coffeyville
Town of Sparks Town of Sparks Lincoln 853 Sparks
Town of Spaulding Town of Spaulding Hughes 810 Holdenville
Town of Spavinaw Town of Spavinaw Mayes 702 Spavinaw
Town of Sperry Town of Sperry Tulsa 623 Sperry
Town of Spiro Town of Spiro Le Flore 489 Spiro
Town of Sportsmen Acres Town of Sportsmen Acres Mayes 610 Chouteau
Town of Springer Town of Springer Carter 853 Springer
Town of Sterling Town of Sterling Comanche 1230 Sterling
Town of Stidham Town of Stidham McIntosh 630 Stidham
Town of Stonewall Town of Stonewall Pontotoc 696 Stonewall
Town of Strang Town of Strang Mayes 643 Strang
Town of Stratford Town of Stratford Garvin 1106 Stratford
Town of Stringtown Town of Stringtown Atoka 617 Stringtown
Town of Strong City Town of Strong City Roger Mills 1893 Strong City
Town of Stuart Town of Stuart Hughes 732 Stuart
Town of Sugden Town of Sugden Jefferson 846 Ryan
Town of Summit Town of Summit Muskogee 610 Southwest Muskogee
Town of Sweetwater Town of Sweetwater Beckham 2172 Sweetwater
Town of Swink (historical) Town of Swink (historical) Choctaw 489 Swink
Town of Taft Town of Taft Muskogee 594 Taft
Town of Talala Town of Talala Rogers 682 Talala
Town of Talihina Town of Talihina Le Flore 696 Talihina
Town of Taloga Town of Taloga Dewey 1706 Taloga
Town of Tamaha Town of Tamaha Haskell 472 Stigler NE
Town of Tatums Town of Tatums Carter 981 Tatums
Town of Temple Town of Temple Cotton 1007 Temple
Town of Terlton Town of Terlton Pawnee 784 Terlton
Town of Terral Town of Terral Jefferson 843 Terral
Town of Texhoma Town of Texhoma Texas 3484 Texhoma North
Town of Texola Town of Texola Beckham 2152 Texola
Town of Thackerville Town of Thackerville Love 866 Thackerville
Town of Tipton Town of Tipton Tillman 1299 Tipton
Town of Tribbey Town of Tribbey Pottawatomie 1142 Tribbey
Town of Tryon Town of Tryon Lincoln 997 Tryon North
Town of Tullahassee Town of Tullahassee Wagoner 607 Northwest Muskogee
Town of Tushka Town of Tushka Atoka 610 Tushka
Town of Tyrone Town of Tyrone Texas 2926 Tyrone
Town of Union City Town of Union City Canadian 1312 Union City
Town of Valley Brook Town of Valley Brook Oklahoma 1263 Midwest City
Town of Valley Park Town of Valley Park Rogers 673 Sageeyah
Town of Valliant Town of Valliant McCurtain 522 Wright City
Town of Velma Town of Velma Stephens 1040 Velma
Town of Vera Town of Vera Washington 659 Vera
Town of Verden Town of Verden Grady 1135 Verden
Town of Verdigris Town of Verdigris Rogers 600 Sageeyah
Town of Vian Town of Vian Sequoyah 558 Blackgum
Town of Vici Town of Vici Dewey 2264 Vici
Town of Wainwright Town of Wainwright Muskogee 643 Wainwright
Town of Wakita Town of Wakita Grant 1175 Wakita
Town of Wanette Town of Wanette Pottawatomie 1020 Wanette
Town of Wann Town of Wann Nowata 860 Wann
Town of Wapanucka Town of Wapanucka Johnston 633 Wapanucka South
Town of Warner Town of Warner Muskogee 561 Warner
Town of Warwick Town of Warwick Lincoln 863 Wellston
Town of Washington Town of Washington McClain 1129 Washington
Town of Watts Town of Watts Adair 971 Watts
Town of Waukomis Town of Waukomis Garfield 1237 Waukomis
Town of Wayne Town of Wayne McClain 1109 Wayne
Town of Webb City Town of Webb City Osage 1102 Shidler
Town of Webbers Falls Town of Webbers Falls Muskogee 486 Holt Mountain
Town of Welch Town of Welch Craig 823 Welch South
Town of Weleetka Town of Weleetka Okfuskee 725 Weleetka
Town of Wellston Town of Wellston Lincoln 948 Wellston
Town of West Siloam Springs Town of West Siloam Springs Delaware 1145 Siloam Springs
Town of Westport Town of Westport Pawnee 768 Keystone Dam
Town of Westville Town of Westville Adair 1155 Westville
Town of Whitefield Town of Whitefield Haskell 548 Stigler West
Town of Willow Town of Willow Greer 1742 Willow
Town of Winchester Town of Winchester Okmulgee 840 Spanish Peak
Town of Wister Town of Wister Le Flore 518 Wister
Town of Woodlawn Park Town of Woodlawn Park Oklahoma 1289 Bethany
Town of Wright City Town of Wright City McCurtain 404 Wright City
Town of Wyandotte Town of Wyandotte Ottawa 764 Wyandotte
Town of Wynona Town of Wynona Osage 902 Wynona
Town of Yeager Town of Yeager Hughes 791 Yeager
Township of Center Township of Center Woodward 2060 Sleeping Bear Creek SE
Township of Collinsville Township of Collinsville Tulsa 679 Collinsville NE
Township of Hulen Township of Hulen Comanche 1050 Letitia
Township of Penn Township of Penn Woodward 1699 Alabaster Caverns
County District 1 County District 1 McCurtain 440 Idabel SE
County District 10 County District 10 Atoka 666 Stringtown
County District 11 County District 11 Pittsburg 709 Hartshorne SW
County District 12 County District 12 Pittsburg 863 Non
County District 2 County District 2 McCurtain 600 Stephens Gap
County District 3 County District 3 Le Flore 883 Big Cedar
County District 4 County District 4 Le Flore 866 Poteau West
County District 5 County District 5 Haskell 653 Lafayette
County District 6 County District 6 Latimer 715 Wilburton
County District 7 County District 7 Pushmataha 741 Wildhorse Mountain
County District 8 County District 8 Choctaw 581 Hugo
County District 9 County District 9 Bryan 554 Blue
Oklahoma City Northeast Division Oklahoma City Northeast Division Oklahoma 1010 Arcadia
Oklahoma City Northwest Division Oklahoma City Northwest Division Oklahoma 1099 Bethany NE
Oklahoma City Southeast Division Oklahoma City Southeast Division Oklahoma 1168 Choctaw
Oklahoma City Southwest Division Oklahoma City Southwest Division Oklahoma 1217 Oklahoma City
Adair Non-Community Adair Non-Community Adair 1355 Big Round Mountain
Akins Akins Sequoyah 597 Brushy
Badger Lee Badger Lee Sequoyah 584 Sallisaw
Ballou Ballou Mayes 699 Locust Grove
Belfonte Belfonte Sequoyah 663 Nicut
Bell Bell Adair 1335 Big Round Mountain
Blackgum Blackgum Sequoyah 869 Blackgum
Box Box Sequoyah 922 Blackgum
Brent Brent Sequoyah 502 Robert S Kerr Dam
Briggs Briggs Cherokee 948 Proctor
Brush Creek Brush Creek Delaware 971 Jay
Brushy Brushy Sequoyah 866 Brushy
Bull Hollow Bull Hollow Delaware 1073 Lake Eucha West
Bunch Bunch Adair 1027 Bunch
Bushyhead Bushyhead Rogers 820 Foyil
Butler Butler Delaware 869 Dodge
Carlisle Carlisle Sequoyah 548 Gore
Cayuga Cayuga Delaware 850 Dodge
Cedar Crest Cedar Crest Mayes 801 Cedar Crest
Cherokee Non-Community Cherokee Non-Community Cherokee 843 Qualls
Cherry Tree Cherry Tree Adair 1037 Greasy
Chewey Chewey Adair 1066 Chance
Christie Christie Adair 1070 Christie
Cleora Cleora Delaware 791 Bernice
Cloud Creek Cloud Creek Delaware 928 Colcord
Copeland Copeland Delaware 784 Afton NE
Craig Non-Community Craig Non-Community Craig 722 Pyramid Corners
Deer Lick Deer Lick Delaware 981 Jay
Delaware Non-Community Delaware Non-Community Delaware 886 Jay
Dennis Dennis Delaware 846 Grove
Dodge Dodge Delaware 922 Dodge
Dotyville Dotyville Ottawa 823 Miami SW
Dripping Springs Dripping Springs Delaware 1047 Siloam Springs NW
Drowning Creek Drowning Creek Delaware 912 Chloeta
Dry Creek Dry Creek Cherokee 1010 Bunch
Duchess Landing Duchess Landing McIntosh 607 Warner NW
Dwight Mission Dwight Mission Sequoyah 781 Marble City
Eldon Eldon Cherokee 732 Proctor
Elm Grove Elm Grove Adair 1204 Stilwell East
Evening Shade Evening Shade Sequoyah 863 Blackgum
Fairfield Fairfield Adair 1152 Stilwell East
Flint Creek Flint Creek Delaware 1171 Siloam Springs NW
Flute Springs Flute Springs Sequoyah 758 Bunch
Gideon Gideon Cherokee 850 Peggs
Grandview Grandview Cherokee 961 Thompson Corner
Greasy Greasy Adair 968 Greasy
Gregory Gregory Rogers 633 Inola
Indianola Indianola Delaware 1083 Sycamore
Iron Post Iron Post Mayes 886 Locust Grove
Johnson Prairie Johnson Prairie Cherokee 1076 Moodys
Justice Justice Rogers 646 Claremore
Kenwood Kenwood Delaware 958 Lake Eucha West
Ketchum Community Ketchum Community Mayes 801 Ketchum
Keys Keys Cherokee 925 Park Hill
Leach Leach Delaware 1138 Leach
Liberty Community Liberty Community Sequoyah 863 Muldrow
Limestone Limestone Rogers 712 Sageeyah
Long Long Sequoyah 692 Muldrow
Lost City Lost City Cherokee 810 Peggs
Lowrey Lowrey Cherokee 1102 Moodys
Lyons Switch Lyons Switch Adair 1053 Stilwell West
Marble City Community Marble City Community Sequoyah 600 Marble City
Marietta Marietta Adair 1148 Stilwell West
Mayes Non-Community Mayes Non-Community Mayes 1056 Rose
Mazie Mazie Mayes 610 Chouteau
McCoy Ford McCoy Ford Sequoyah 515 Sallisaw
McIntosh Non-Community McIntosh Non-Community McIntosh 650 Warner NW
McKey McKey Sequoyah 604 Vian
Moodys Moodys Cherokee 981 Moodys
Mulberry Mulberry Adair 1191 Stilwell West
Murphy Murphy Mayes 784 Locust Grove
Muskogee Non-Community Muskogee Non-Community Muskogee 538 Webbers Falls
Narcissa Narcissa Ottawa 840 Miami SW
New Eucha New Eucha Delaware 1060 Chloeta
Nicut Nicut Sequoyah 676 Nicut
Notchietown Notchietown Sequoyah 584 Gore
Nowata Non-Community Nowata Non-Community Nowata 751 Childers
Oak Hill-Piney Oak Hill-Piney Delaware 1063 Sycamore
Oaks Community Oaks Community Cherokee 1086 Kansas
Old Eucha Old Eucha Delaware 915 Lake Eucha West
Old Green Old Green Adair 1083 Westville
Ottawa Non-Community Ottawa Non-Community Ottawa 810 Miami SW
Park Hill Park Hill Cherokee 702 Park Hill
Peavine Peavine Adair 1129 Westville
Peggs Community Peggs Community Cherokee 938 Peggs
Pettit Pettit Cherokee 732 Park Hill
Pin Oak Acres Pin Oak Acres Mayes 653 Rocky Point
Piney Piney Adair 1010 Stilwell East
Pinhook Corner Pinhook Corner Sequoyah 640 Blackgum
Proctor Proctor Adair 981 Chewey
Pump Back Pump Back Mayes 620 Salina SE
Redbird Smith Redbird Smith Sequoyah 778 Gore
Remy Remy Sequoyah 883 Fort Smith
River Bottom River Bottom Muskogee 584 Braggs
Rocky Ford Rocky Ford Delaware 1102 Leach
Rocky Mountain Rocky Mountain Adair 1407 Tailholt
Rogers Non-Community Rogers Non-Community Rogers 600 Foyil
Rose Rose Delaware 1027 Rose
Salem Salem Adair 1096 Stilwell East
Sams Corner Sams Corner Mayes 617 Locust Grove
Sand Hill Sand Hill Muskogee 623 Braggs
Scraper Scraper Cherokee 1184 Chewey
Sequoyah Sequoyah Rogers 748 Foyil
Sequoyah Non-Community Sequoyah Non-Community Sequoyah 1211 Brushy
Shady Grove Shady Grove Cherokee 755 Thompson Corner
Shady Grove Community Shady Grove Community McIntosh 692 Warner NW
Short Short Sequoyah 673 Nicut
Simms Simms Muskogee 522 Holt Mountain
Snake Creek Snake Creek Mayes 925 Rose
Sour John Sour John Muskogee 804 Webbers Falls
Sparrowhawk Sparrowhawk Cherokee 722 Tahlequah
Sportsmen Acres Community Sportsmen Acres Community Mayes 591 Chouteau
Steely Hollow Steely Hollow Cherokee 988 Tahlequah
Stoney Point Stoney Point Sequoyah 1227 Brushy
Sycamore Sycamore Sequoyah 709 Blackgum
Sycamore Springs Sycamore Springs Delaware 1040 Sycamore
Tagg Flats Tagg Flats Delaware 902 Lake Eucha West
Taylor Taylor Delaware 965 Colcord
Tenkiller Tenkiller Cherokee 856 Tailholt
Teresita Teresita Cherokee 1047 Leach
Texanna Texanna McIntosh 778 Texanna
Tiawah Tiawah Rogers 607 Inola
Titanic Titanic Adair 1234 Christie
Tulsa Non-Community Tulsa Non-Community Tulsa 686 Sperry
Turley Turley Tulsa 617 Tulsa
Twin Oaks Twin Oaks Delaware 1056 Kansas
Tyio-Dry Creek Tyio-Dry Creek Delaware 981 Lake Eucha East
Wagoner Non-Community Wagoner Non-Community Wagoner 554 Wagoner East
Washington Non-Community Washington Non-Community Washington 781 Bartlesville South
Watts Community Watts Community Adair 1132 Watts
Wauhillau Wauhillau Adair 886 Tailholt
Welling Welling Cherokee 1007 Tailholt
West Peavine West Peavine Adair 1243 Christie
White Oak White Oak Craig 830 Estella
White Water White Water Delaware 1004 Dodge
Wickliffe Wickliffe Mayes 853 Salina SE
Woodall Woodall Cherokee 702 Zeb
Zeb Zeb Cherokee 823 Zeb
Zena Zena Delaware 945 Grove
Zion Zion Adair 1043 Stilwell West
Town of Carlton Landing Town of Carlton Landing Pittsburg 646 Longtown