Fort Jay (historical) Fort Jay (historical) New York 39 Jersey City
Fort Ontario (historical) Fort Ontario (historical) Oswego 295 Oswego West
Fort Ticonderoga (historical) Fort Ticonderoga (historical) Essex 194 Ticonderoga
Fort Tilden (historical) Fort Tilden (historical) Queens 7 Coney Island
Fort William Henry (historical) Fort William Henry (historical) Warren 322 Lake George
Fort Putnam (historical) Fort Putnam (historical) Orange 489 West Point
Fort Niagara (historical) Fort Niagara (historical) Niagara 259 Fort Niagara
Neuter Fort (historical) Neuter Fort (historical) Orleans 604 Medina
New York Naval Shipyard (historical) New York Naval Shipyard (historical) Kings 0 Brooklyn
Plattsburgh Air Force Base (historical) Plattsburgh Air Force Base (historical) Clinton 187 Plattsburgh
Griffiss Air Force Base (historical) Griffiss Air Force Base (historical) Oneida 482 Rome
Camp Mills (historical) Camp Mills (historical) Nassau 72 Freeport
Battery Beecher (historical) Battery Beecher (historical) Bronx 13 Flushing
Battery Bell (historical) Battery Bell (historical) Bronx 13 Flushing
Battery Gansevoort (historical) Battery Gansevoort (historical) Bronx 20 Flushing
Battery Hazzard (historical) Battery Hazzard (historical) Bronx 26 Flushing
Fort Schuyler (historical) Fort Schuyler (historical) Bronx 16 Flushing
Battery Baker (historical) Battery Baker (historical) Queens 16 Flushing
Battery Burnes (historical) Battery Burnes (historical) Queens 0 Flushing
Battery Graham (historical) Battery Graham (historical) Queens 59 Flushing
Battery King (historical) Battery King (historical) Queens 62 Flushing
Battery Mahan (historical) Battery Mahan (historical) Queens 56 Flushing
Battery Stuart (historical) Battery Stuart (historical) Queens 10 Flushing
Battery Sumner (historical) Battery Sumner (historical) Queens 52 Flushing
Battery Fraser (historical) Battery Fraser (historical) Westchester 20 Mount Vernon
Battery Haskin (historical) Battery Haskin (historical) Westchester 20 Mount Vernon
Battery Kinney (historical) Battery Kinney (historical) Westchester 20 Mount Vernon
Battery Overton (historical) Battery Overton (historical) Westchester 26 Mount Vernon
Castle Williams (historical) Castle Williams (historical) New York 0 Jersey City
Fort George (historical) Fort George (historical) New York 10 Jersey City
Fortysecond Division Armory (historical) Fortysecond Division Armory (historical) New York 30 Brooklyn
Sixtyninth Regiment Armory (historical) Sixtyninth Regiment Armory (historical) New York 33 Brooklyn
Seventyfirst Regiment Armory (historical) Seventyfirst Regiment Armory (historical) New York 59 Brooklyn
Fort Wood (historical) Fort Wood (historical) New York 7 Jersey City
Fort Slocum (historical) Fort Slocum (historical) Westchester 20 Mount Vernon
Suffolk County Air Force Base (historical) Suffolk County Air Force Base (historical) Suffolk 56 Eastport
Farmingdale Army Air Field (historical) Farmingdale Army Air Field (historical) Suffolk 69 Amityville
Fort George (historical) Fort George (historical) New York 230 Central Park
Fort Prince Charles (historical) Fort Prince Charles (historical) New York 75 Yonkers
Fort Washington (historical) Fort Washington (historical) New York 262 Central Park
Onehundred and Second Medical Battalion Armory (historical) Onehundred and Second Medical Battalion Armory (historical) New York 75 Central Park
Naval Ammunition Depot Iona Island (historical) Naval Ammunition Depot Iona Island (historical) Rockland 36 Peekskill
Battery Barlow (historical) Battery Barlow (historical) Suffolk 23 New London
Battery Benjamin (historical) Battery Benjamin (historical) Suffolk 23 Plum Island OE E
Battery Bogardus Eldridge (historical) Battery Bogardus Eldridge (historical) Suffolk 13 Plum Island
Battery Bradford (historical) Battery Bradford (historical) Suffolk 66 Plum Island
Battery Butterfield (historical) Battery Butterfield (historical) Suffolk 30 New London
Battery Clinton (historical) Battery Clinton (historical) Suffolk 20 New London
Battery Dutton (historical) Battery Dutton (historical) Suffolk 10 New London
Battery Edmund Smith (historical) Battery Edmund Smith (historical) Suffolk 0 Plum Island
Battery Hamilton (historical) Battery Hamilton (historical) Suffolk 30 New London
Battery Henry Campbell (historical) Battery Henry Campbell (historical) Suffolk 30 Plum Island
Battery Hoffman (historical) Battery Hoffman (historical) Suffolk 13 New London
Battery Hoppock (historical) Battery Hoppock (historical) Suffolk 23 New London
Battery James Dalliba (historical) Battery James Dalliba (historical) Suffolk 26 Plum Island
Battery John Greble (historical) Battery John Greble (historical) Suffolk 49 Plum Island
Battery Justin Dimick (historical) Battery Justin Dimick (historical) Suffolk 69 Plum Island
Battery Kelly (historical) Battery Kelly (historical) Suffolk 72 Plum Island
Battery Marcy (historical) Battery Marcy (historical) Suffolk 20 New London
Battery Palmer (historical) Battery Palmer (historical) Suffolk 16 Plum Island OE E
Battery Robert Floyd (historical) Battery Robert Floyd (historical) Suffolk 20 Plum Island
Battery Peter Hagner (historical) Battery Peter Hagner (historical) Suffolk 10 Plum Island
Battery Steele (historical) Battery Steele (historical) Suffolk 75 Plum Island
Battery Stoneman (historical) Battery Stoneman (historical) Suffolk 79 Plum Island
Battery William Maitland (historical) Battery William Maitland (historical) Suffolk 16 Plum Island OE E
Battery William Pasco (historical) Battery William Pasco (historical) Suffolk 10 Plum Island OE E
Fort H G Wright (historical) Fort H G Wright (historical) Suffolk 7 New London
Fort Michie (historical) Fort Michie (historical) Suffolk 23 Plum Island OE E
Fort Terry (historical) Fort Terry (historical) Suffolk 26 Plum Island
Fort Tyler (historical) Fort Tyler (historical) Suffolk 0 Plum Island
Lockport Air Force Station (historical) Lockport Air Force Station (historical) Niagara 633 Cambria
Montauk Air Force Station (historical) Montauk Air Force Station (historical) Suffolk 56 Montauk Point
Roslyn Air Force Station (historical) Roslyn Air Force Station (historical) Nassau 194 Sea Cliff
Saratoga Springs Air Force Station (historical) Saratoga Springs Air Force Station (historical) Saratoga 604 Quaker Springs
Syracuse Air Force Station (historical) Syracuse Air Force Station (historical) Onondaga 417 Syracuse East
Watertown Air Force Station (historical) Watertown Air Force Station (historical) Jefferson 958 Watertown
Syracuse Army Air Base (historical) Syracuse Army Air Base (historical) Onondaga 413 Syracuse East
Camp Hero (historical) Camp Hero (historical) Suffolk 39 Montauk Point OE E
Charlotte Center Gap Filler Annex (historical) Charlotte Center Gap Filler Annex (historical) Chautauqua 2100 Hamlet
Manorville Gap Filler Annex (historical) Manorville Gap Filler Annex (historical) Suffolk 266 Moriches
Andes Gap Filler Annex (historical) Andes Gap Filler Annex (historical) Delaware 2664 Andes
Suttons Corner Gap Filler Annex (historical) Suttons Corner Gap Filler Annex (historical) Oswego 538 Pennellville
Oswegatchie Gap Filler Annex (historical) Oswegatchie Gap Filler Annex (historical) St. Lawrence 1742 Oswegatchie
Brockport Gap Filler Annex (historical) Brockport Gap Filler Annex (historical) Monroe 709 Brockport
Fort Montgomery (historical) Fort Montgomery (historical) Orange 131 Peekskill
Fort Vaughan (historical) Fort Vaughan (historical) Rockland 154 Peekskill
Battery Number 1 (historical) Battery Number 1 (historical) Orange 653 West Point
Fort Clinton (historical) Fort Clinton (historical) Orange 167 West Point
Redoubt Meigs (historical) Redoubt Meigs (historical) Orange 312 West Point
Redoubt Number 1 (historical) Redoubt Number 1 (historical) Orange 722 West Point
Redoubt Number 2 (historical) Redoubt Number 2 (historical) Orange 781 West Point
Redoubt Number 3 (historical) Redoubt Number 3 (historical) Orange 1007 West Point
Redoubt Number 4 (historical) Redoubt Number 4 (historical) Orange 810 West Point
Redoubt Wyllis (historical) Redoubt Wyllis (historical) Orange 381 West Point
Battery Knox (historical) Battery Knox (historical) Orange 131 West Point
Redoubt Webb (historical) Redoubt Webb (historical) Orange 377 West Point
Horn's Hook Battery (historical) Horn's Hook Battery (historical) New York 33 Central Park
Camp Bluefields (historical) Camp Bluefields (historical) Rockland 338 Nyack
Camp Shanks (historical) Camp Shanks (historical) Rockland 200 Nyack
Camp Upton (historical) Camp Upton (historical) Suffolk 79 Bellport
Nike Site NY-03/04C (historical) Nike Site NY-03/04C (historical) Rockland 105 Nyack
Nike Site NY-03/04L (historical) Nike Site NY-03/04L (historical) Rockland 79 Nyack
Nike Site NY-09C (historical) Nike Site NY-09C (historical) Rockland 673 Nyack
Nike Site NY-09L (historical) Nike Site NY-09L (historical) Rockland 72 Nyack
Nike Site NY-15C (historical) Nike Site NY-15C (historical) Westchester 20 Mount Vernon
Nike Site NY-15L (historical) Nike Site NY-15L (historical) Bronx 10 Flushing
Nike Site NY-20C (historical) Nike Site NY-20C (historical) Suffolk 141 Lloyd Harbor
Nike Site NY-20L (historical) Nike Site NY-20L (historical) Suffolk 118 Lloyd Harbor
Nike Site NY-23C (historical) Nike Site NY-23C (historical) Nassau 295 Hicksville
Nike Site NY-23L (historical) Nike Site NY-23L (historical) Nassau 226 Hicksville
Nike Site NY-24C (historical) Nike Site NY-24C (historical) Suffolk 52 Amityville
Nike Site NY-24L (historical) Nike Site NY-24L (historical) Suffolk 46 Amityville
Nike Site NY-25C (historical) Nike Site NY-25C (historical) Suffolk 177 Wading River
Nike Site NY-25L (historical) Nike Site NY-25L (historical) Suffolk 112 Wading River
Nike Site NY-29/30C (historical) Nike Site NY-29/30C (historical) Nassau 7 Lawrence
Nike Site NY-29/30L (historical) Nike Site NY-29/30L (historical) Nassau 16 Jones Inlet
Nike Site NY-99C (historical) Nike Site NY-99C (historical) Rockland 630 Thiells
Nike Site NY-99L (historical) Nike Site NY-99L (historical) Rockland 571 Thiells
Nike Site BU-09C (historical) Nike Site BU-09C (historical) Erie 577 Clarence Center
Nike Site BU-09L (historical) Nike Site BU-09L (historical) Erie 581 Clarence Center
Nike Site BU-18C (historical) Nike Site BU-18C (historical) Erie 771 Clarence
Nike Site BU-18L (historical) Nike Site BU-18L (historical) Erie 771 Clarence
Nike Site BU-34/35C (historical) Nike Site BU-34/35C (historical) Erie 902 Orchard Park
Nike Site BU-34/35L (historical) Nike Site BU-34/35L (historical) Erie 892 Orchard Park
Nike Site NF-03C (historical) Nike Site NF-03C (historical) Niagara 328 Ransomville
Nike Site NF-03L (historical) Nike Site NF-03L (historical) Niagara 331 Ransomville
Nike Site NF-16C (historical) Nike Site NF-16C (historical) Niagara 630 Cambria
Nike Site NF-16L (historical) Nike Site NF-16L (historical) Niagara 636 Cambria
Nike Site NF-17DC (historical) Nike Site NF-17DC (historical) Niagara 633 Cambria
Nike Site NF-41C (historical) Nike Site NF-41C (historical) Erie 591 Niagara Falls
Nike Site NF-41L (historical) Nike Site NF-41L (historical) Erie 591 Niagara Falls
Stewart Air Force Base (historical) Stewart Air Force Base (historical) Orange 456 Newburgh
Coble Hill Fort (historical) Coble Hill Fort (historical) Kings 49 Brooklyn
Naval Station New York (historical) Naval Station New York (historical) Richmond 0 Jersey City
Naval Training Station Sampson (historical) Naval Training Station Sampson (historical) Seneca 528 Dresden
Fort Greene (historical) Fort Greene (historical) Kings 102 Brooklyn
New York Port of Embarkation And Army Supply Base (historical) New York Port of Embarkation And Army Supply Base (historical) Kings 7 Jersey City
Napeague Coast Guard Station (historical) Napeague Coast Guard Station (historical) Suffolk 20 Napeague Beach
Battery Weed (historical) Battery Weed (historical) Richmond 13 The Narrows
Fort Lafayette (historical) Fort Lafayette (historical) Kings 13 The Narrows
Naval Air Station Rockaway (historical) Naval Air Station Rockaway (historical) Queens 10 Far Rockaway
Mitchell Air Force Base (historical) Mitchell Air Force Base (historical) Nassau 82 Freeport
Lake Ontario Ordnance Works (historical) Lake Ontario Ordnance Works (historical) Niagara 315 Ransomville
Naval Air Facility Roosevelt Field (historical) Naval Air Facility Roosevelt Field (historical) Nassau 92 Freeport
Manhattan Beach Coast Guard Training Station (historical) Manhattan Beach Coast Guard Training Station (historical) Kings 3 Coney Island
Fort Totten Military Reservation (historical) Fort Totten Military Reservation (historical) Queens 49 Flushing
Voorheesville Army Sub-Depot (historical) Voorheesville Army Sub-Depot (historical) Albany 318 Voorheesville
Shinnecock Coast Guard Station (historical) Shinnecock Coast Guard Station (historical) Suffolk 13 Shinnecock Inlet
Fort Gibson (historical) Fort Gibson (historical) New York 7 Jersey City
Plattsburg Barracks (historical) Plattsburg Barracks (historical) Clinton 161 Plattsburgh
Fort Montgomery (historical) Fort Montgomery (historical) Clinton 102 Rouses Point OE N
Fort Hamilton Fort Hamilton Kings 0 The Narrows
Bannerman's Island Arsenal (historical) Bannerman's Island Arsenal (historical) Dutchess 7 West Point
Fort Oswego (historical) Fort Oswego (historical) Oswego 262 Oswego West
Fort George (historical) Fort George (historical) Oswego 335 Oswego West
Fort Porter (historical) Fort Porter (historical) Erie 617 Buffalo NW
Ogdensburg State Armory Ogdensburg State Armory St. Lawrence 272 Ogdensburg East
Binghamton State Armory Binghamton State Armory Broome 879 Binghamton West
Cock Hill Fort (historical) Cock Hill Fort (historical) New York 217 Central Park
Maxey's Fort (historical) Maxey's Fort (historical) New York 0 Central Park
Watervliet Arsenal Watervliet Arsenal Albany 59 Troy South
Fort Crailo (historical) Fort Crailo (historical) Rensselaer 16 Troy South
United States Naval Reserve Training Center United States Naval Reserve Training Center Chautauqua 1512 Lakewood
Fort Decker (historical) Fort Decker (historical) Orange 443 Port Jervis North
Flagstaff Fort (historical) Flagstaff Fort (historical) Richmond 144 The Narrows
Fort Wadsworth (historical) Fort Wadsworth (historical) Richmond 92 The Narrows
Battery Catlin (historical) Battery Catlin (historical) Richmond 23 The Narrows
Fort Tompkins (historical) Fort Tompkins (historical) Richmond 144 The Narrows
Battery Duane (historical) Battery Duane (historical) Richmond 121 The Narrows
Battery Bacon (historical) Battery Bacon (historical) Richmond 16 The Narrows
Battery Turnbull (historical) Battery Turnbull (historical) Richmond 16 The Narrows
Battery Barbour (historical) Battery Barbour (historical) Richmond 33 The Narrows
Battery Hudson (historical) Battery Hudson (historical) Richmond 56 The Narrows
Battery Mills (historical) Battery Mills (historical) Richmond 59 The Narrows
Battery Dix (historical) Battery Dix (historical) Richmond 59 The Narrows
Battery Upton (historical) Battery Upton (historical) Richmond 85 The Narrows
Battery Barry (historical) Battery Barry (historical) Richmond 79 The Narrows
Battery Richmond (historical) Battery Richmond (historical) Richmond 89 The Narrows
Battery Ayres (historical) Battery Ayres (historical) Richmond 95 The Narrows
Scotia Naval Supply Depot (historical) Scotia Naval Supply Depot (historical) Schenectady 292 Schenectady
Madison Barracks (historical) Madison Barracks (historical) Jefferson 282 Sackets Harbor
Whitehall Armory Whitehall Armory Washington 128 Whitehall
Niagara Falls International Airport Air Reserve Station Niagara Falls International Airport Air Reserve Station Niagara 591 Tonawanda West
Rome Laboratory Rome Laboratory Oneida 469 Rome
Staten Island Armory Staten Island Armory Richmond 144 The Narrows
Stewart Air Guard Station Stewart Air Guard Station Orange 443 Newburgh
Bellmore Maintenance Facility Bellmore Maintenance Facility Nassau 52 Freeport
Coast Guard Air Station Brooklyn Coast Guard Air Station Brooklyn Kings 13 Coney Island
Coast Guard Station Jones Beach Freeport Coast Guard Station Jones Beach Freeport Nassau 10 Jones Inlet
Coast Guard Station Montauk Coast Guard Station Montauk Suffolk 3 Montauk Point
Coast Guard Station Moriches Coast Guard Station Moriches Suffolk 0 Eastport
Coast Guard Station Northport Coast Guard Station Northport Suffolk 59 Lloyd Harbor
Coast Guard Station Oswego Coast Guard Station Oswego Oswego 259 Oswego West
Coast Guard Station Shinnecock Coast Guard Station Shinnecock Suffolk 7 Quogue
Verona Test Annex Verona Test Annex Oneida 443 Verona
West Point United States Military Academy West Point United States Military Academy Orange 682 Popolopen Lake
Camp Smith Camp Smith Westchester 614 Peekskill
Coast Guard Station Fire Island Coast Guard Station Fire Island Suffolk 16 Bay Shore West OE S
Fort Drum Fort Drum Jefferson 643 North Wilna
Fishkill Supply Depot (historical) Fishkill Supply Depot (historical) Dutchess 210 Wappingers Falls
Fort Frederick (historical) Fort Frederick (historical) Albany 89 Albany
Fort Hardy (historical) Fort Hardy (historical) Saratoga 92 Schuylerville
Balcarres Redoubt (historical) Balcarres Redoubt (historical) Saratoga 272 Quaker Springs
Amsterdam Armory Amsterdam Armory Montgomery 305 Amsterdam
Fort Johnson (historical) Fort Johnson (historical) Montgomery 279 Amsterdam
Fort Klock (historical) Fort Klock (historical) Montgomery 344 Fort Plain
Naval Air Station New York (historical) Naval Air Station New York (historical) Kings 10 Coney Island
South Battery (historical) South Battery (historical) New York 10 Jersey City
New York Arsenal (historical) New York Arsenal (historical) New York 13 Jersey City
United States Coast Guard Support Center Governors Island (historical) United States Coast Guard Support Center Governors Island (historical) New York 3 Jersey City
Fort Lawrence (historical) Fort Lawrence (historical) Kings 23 Brooklyn
Olean Armory Olean Armory Cattaraugus 1444 Olean
Auburn Armory Auburn Armory Cayuga 696 Auburn
Horseheads Armory Horseheads Armory Chemung 974 Horseheads
Morrisonville Armory Morrisonville Armory Clinton 381 Morrisonville
Poughkeepsie Armory (historical) Poughkeepsie Armory (historical) Dutchess 174 Poughkeepsie
Geneseo Armory Geneseo Armory Livingston 794 Geneseo
Oneida Armory Oneida Armory Madison 430 Oneida
Oneonta Armory Oneonta Armory Otsego 1122 Oneonta
Hornell Armory Hornell Armory Steuben 1161 Hornell
Ithaca Armory Ithaca Armory Tompkins 1047 Ithaca East
Kingston Armory Kingston Armory Ulster 180 Kingston West
Glens Falls Armory Glens Falls Armory Warren 335 Glens Falls
Batavia Armory Batavia Armory Genesee 919 Batavia North
Carthage Armory Carthage Armory Jefferson 745 Carthage
Cortland Armory Cortland Armory Cortland 1122 Cortland
Dunkirk Armory Dunkirk Armory Chautauqua 666 Dunkirk
Freeport Armory Freeport Armory Nassau 16 Freeport
Gloversville Armory Gloversville Armory Fulton 830 Gloversville
Hoosick Falls Armory (historical) Hoosick Falls Armory (historical) Rensselaer 449 Hoosick Falls
Jamestown Armory Jamestown Armory Chautauqua 1437 Lakewood
Malone Armory Malone Armory Franklin 748 Malone
Peekskill Armory Peekskill Armory Westchester 121 Peekskill
Rome Armory Rome Armory Oneida 469 Rome
Saratoga Springs Armory Saratoga Springs Armory Saratoga 279 Saratoga Springs
Schenectady Armory (historical) Schenectady Armory (historical) Schenectady 230 Schenectady
Troy - Glenmore Road Armory Troy - Glenmore Road Armory Rensselaer 194 Troy South
Troy - South Lake Armory Troy - South Lake Armory Rensselaer 394 Troy South
Valhalla Armory Valhalla Armory Westchester 285 White Plains
Yonkers Armory Yonkers Armory Westchester 95 Yonkers
New Scotland Avenue Armory (historical) New Scotland Avenue Armory (historical) Albany 213 Albany
Buffalo Connecticut Street Armory Buffalo Connecticut Street Armory Erie 627 Buffalo NW
Buffalo Masten Avenue Armory Buffalo Masten Avenue Armory Erie 682 Buffalo NE
Tonawanda Armory Tonawanda Armory Erie 571 Tonawanda East
Newburgh Armory Newburgh Armory Orange 174 Cornwall-on-Hudson
Oswego Armory Oswego Armory Oswego 302 Oswego West
Orangeburg Armory Orangeburg Armory Rockland 187 Nyack
Bay Shore Armory Bay Shore Armory Suffolk 16 Bay Shore East
Huntington Station Armory Huntington Station Armory Suffolk 299 Greenlawn
Patchogue Armory Patchogue Armory Suffolk 52 Patchogue
Riverhead Armory Riverhead Armory Suffolk 30 Riverhead
Ronkonkoma Armory Ronkonkoma Armory Suffolk 82 Patchogue
Lockport Armory Lockport Armory Niagara 617 Lockport
Niagara Falls Armory Niagara Falls Armory Niagara 614 Niagara Falls
Marcy Avenue Armory (historical) Marcy Avenue Armory (historical) Kings 20 Brooklyn