Ab Well Ab Well White Pine 6394 Brown Knoll
Albert Well Albert Well White Pine 5840 Brown Knoll
Anderson Well Anderson Well Esmeralda 6220 Scottys Junction SW
Ardans Well Ardans Well Eureka 6332 Combs Peak
Bald Mountain Well Bald Mountain Well Eureka 6690 Telegraph Canyon
Barclay Well Barclay Well Lincoln 5594 Bunker Peak
Basque Well Basque Well Elko 6171 Lion Spring
Baumann Well Baumann Well Eureka 5797 Rocky Hills
Bell Flat Well Bell Flat Well Churchill 5463 Bell Canyon
Bench Creek Well Bench Creek Well Churchill 5098 Eastgate
Benchland Well Benchland Well Lincoln 5948 Mount Wilson SW
Big Buffalo Well Big Buffalo Well Churchill 5610 Buffalo Summit
Bill Delong Well Bill Delong Well Humboldt 4071 Salt Water Spring
Black Mountain Well Black Mountain Well Mineral 5029 Hussman Spring
Black Point Well Black Point Well White Pine 5978 Pinto Summit SW
Black Rock Well Black Rock Well Nye 6024 Rays
Blue Eagle Well Blue Eagle Well Nye 4842 Currant
Bobtown Well Bobtown Well Lander 5102 Manhattan Mountain NW
Bog Hot Well Bog Hot Well Humboldt 4321 Alder Creek Ranch
Bog Hot Well Bog Hot Well Humboldt 4249 Bog Hot Springs
Boyles 1 Drill Hole Boyles 1 Drill Hole Nye 5092 Oak Spring
Bradshaw Well Bradshaw Well White Pine 5964 Mount Grafton NE
Bramlett Well Bramlett Well Humboldt 4445 Denio Summit
Bridge Well Bridge Well Nye 5102 San Antonio Ranch SW
Bristol Well Bristol Well Lincoln 5446 Bristol Well
Browns Well Browns Well Lincoln 5791 Acoma
Buck Wash Well Buck Wash Well Lincoln 6132 Buck Wash Well
Buckbrush Well Buckbrush Well Douglas 4767 McTarnahan Hill
Burnt Peak Well Burnt Peak Well Lincoln 6148 Silver King Mountain
Butler Well Butler Well Elko 6086 Gilmer Ranch
Button Lake Well Button Lake Well Elko 5430 Button Lake Well
Cabin Well Cabin Well Nye 5381 Moorman Spring NW
Camp Valley Well Camp Valley Well Lincoln 6253 Buck Wash Well
Carter Well Carter Well Nye 5400 Moorman Spring NW
Castle Park Well Castle Park Well Elko 5000 Pilot Peak SW
Cattle Camp Wash Well Cattle Camp Wash Well White Pine 6916 White Rock Creek
Cave Valley Seeding Well Cave Valley Seeding Well Lincoln 6224 Shingle Pass SE
Cave Valley Well Cave Valley Well Lincoln 6027 Cave Valley Well
Cave Valley Well Number Two Cave Valley Well Number Two Lincoln 6417 Shingle Pass SE
China Well China Well Lincoln 6660 Slidy Mountain
Circle Creek Well Circle Creek Well Elko 5466 Groundhog Reservoir
Cleto Well Cleto Well Humboldt 4137 Moonshine Canyon
Cobre Well Cobre Well Elko 5810 Loray
Connors Pass Well Connors Pass Well White Pine 6834 Connors Pass
Copper Flat Well Copper Flat Well White Pine 6936 Riepetown
Corta Well Number Two Corta Well Number Two Eureka 6696 Mineral Hill
Cove Well Cove Well Nye 5482 Moorman Spring NW
Coyote Well Coyote Well Lincoln 5075 Coyote Spring
Craw Creek Well Craw Creek Well Lincoln 5925 Bristol Range NE
Currie Well Currie Well Nye 4508 Bullfrog Mountain
Dahl Well Dahl Well Elko 5515 Tabor Flats
Deep Well Deep Well Elko 5367 The Point
Delano Well Delano Well Elko 5886 Dry Canyon
Dennis Flats Well Dennis Flats Well Elko 5528 Heelfly Creek
Desert Queen Well Desert Queen Well Clark 3940 Keyhole Canyon
Desert Well Desert Well Nye 4675 Pack Rat Canyon
Desert Well Desert Well Esmeralda 4754 Devils Gate
Desert Well Desert Well Washoe 3983 State Line Peak
Devils Gate Well Devils Gate Well Elko 5400 Coal Mine Canyon SE
Diamond Well Diamond Well Churchill 4232 Diamond Canyon
Dillon Well Dillon Well Lander 4678 McCoy NE
Dodge Well Dodge Well Lincoln 5945 Bristol Range NE
Dogies Well Dogies Well Elko 5922 Wieland Flat
Dolomite Hill Drill Hole Dolomite Hill Drill Hole Nye 6388 Rainier Mesa
Double Check Well Double Check Well Washoe 4009 Astor Pass
Double Mountain Well Double Mountain Well Elko 6033 Double Mountain
Drill Hole 2 Drill Hole 2 Nye 4475 Oak Spring
Drill Hole A-2 Drill Hole A-2 Nye 4006 Yucca Flat
Drill Hole D Drill Hole D Nye 4153 Yucca Flat
Drill Hole Me 1 Drill Hole Me 1 Nye 5194 Oak Spring
Drill Hole Me 2 Drill Hole Me 2 Nye 5253 Oak Spring
Drill Hole Me 3 Drill Hole Me 3 Nye 5285 Oak Spring
Drill Hole Me 4 Drill Hole Me 4 Nye 5436 Oak Spring
Drill Hole U 15-32 Drill Hole U 15-32 Nye 5072 Oak Spring
Drill Hole U 15-33 Drill Hole U 15-33 Nye 5105 Oak Spring
Drill Hole U 15-35 Drill Hole U 15-35 Nye 4987 Oak Spring
Drumm East Well Drumm East Well Lander 6106 Emigrant Peak
Drumm West Well Drumm West Well Lander 6083 Emigrant Peak
Dry Basin Well Dry Basin Well Elko 5843 Harris Canyon
Dry Creek Well Dry Creek Well Elko 6125 Boies Reservoir
Dry Gulch Well Dry Gulch Well Elko 5410 Morgan Hill
Dry Lake Well Dry Lake Well Nye 6575 Red Ring Mountain
Dry Lake Well Dry Lake Well Eureka 7214 Spring Valley Summit
Dry Mountain Well Dry Mountain Well White Pine 6027 Beck Pass
Dry Well Dry Well Washoe 5745 Big Hat Mountain
Dry Well Dry Well Elko 5390 Winters Ranch Reservoir
Dutch John Well Dutch John Well Lincoln 5942 Dutch John Mountain
Dyer Flat Well Dyer Flat Well Churchill 3573 Humboldt Salt Marsh
Eagle Rock Flat Well Eagle Rock Flat Well Elko 6053 Reed Station
East Bench Well Number One East Bench Well Number One White Pine 6024 Mount Grafton NE
Eden Valley Well Eden Valley Well Humboldt 4318 Gumboot Lake
Edwards Creek Well Number One Edwards Creek Well Number One Churchill 5177 New Pass Well
Effinger 1 Drill Hole Effinger 1 Drill Hole Nye 5148 Rainier Mesa
Effinger 2 Drill Hole Effinger 2 Drill Hole Nye 5600 Rainier Mesa
Effinger 3 Drill Hole Effinger 3 Drill Hole Nye 5036 Rainier Mesa
Effinger 4 Drill Hole Effinger 4 Drill Hole Nye 5600 Rainier Mesa
Etcheverria Well Etcheverria Well Nye 6322 Portuguese Mountain NW
Fallini Well Fallini Well Nye 5190 Tybo Well
Fera Well Fera Well White Pine 5613 South Bastian Spring
Fera Well Fera Well Eureka 5971 Telegraph Canyon
Fivemile Draw Well Fivemile Draw Well Elko 5656 Ninemile Mountain
Fivemile Well Fivemile Well Humboldt 4173 Donna Schee Peak
Fortification Well Fortification Well Lincoln 6152 Horse Corral Pass
Fourmile Point Well Fourmile Point Well Churchill 3940 Foxtail Lake
Fourmile Well Fourmile Well Lincoln 5522 Pioche
Fred True Well Fred True Well Washoe 4019 Astor Pass
Freds Well Freds Well Nye 4865 Freds Well
Free Well Free Well Lincoln 6178 Milk Ranch Spring
Frenchman Well Frenchman Well Esmeralda 6230 Gold Point
Gamble Well Gamble Well Elko 5157 Montello
Gambles Hole Gambles Hole Elko 5161 Nile Spring
George Roger Well George Roger Well Lincoln 5791 Chief Mountain
Giliotti Well Giliotti Well Humboldt 4419 Alder Creek Ranch
Goicoechea Well Goicoechea Well White Pine 6001 Beck Pass
Gold Flat Well Number One Gold Flat Well Number One Nye 5141 Gold Flat East
Gold Flat Well Number Two (historical) Gold Flat Well Number Two (historical) Nye 5239 Gold Flat West
Gouge Eye Well Gouge Eye Well Lincoln 5981 Gouge Eye Well
Government Well Government Well Clark 2625 Mesquite Lake
Government Well Government Well Nye 5364 Moorman Spring NW
Granny Goose Well Granny Goose Well Mineral 5174 Granny Goose Well
Grassy Well Grassy Well Lincoln 5935 Mustang Well
Grover Point Well Grover Point Well Churchill 3547 Cow Canyon
Hagestad 1 Drill Hole Hagestad 1 Drill Hole Nye 7487 Rainier Mesa
Hamlin Well Hamlin Well Lincoln 5922 Hamlin Well
Harris Well Harris Well Lincoln 6165 Shingle Pass SE
Hay Quinn River Well Hay Quinn River Well Humboldt 4098 Quinn River Crossing
Hayden Well Hayden Well Pershing 4560 Natchez Pass
Heavens Well Heavens Well Clark 3707 Heavens Well
Heckethorn Well Heckethorn Well White Pine 6056 Lake Valley Summit
Hercules Gap Well Hercules Gap Well White Pine 6512 Lusetti Canyon
Hidden Well Hidden Well Elko 5561 Morgan Hill
High Rock Well High Rock Well Washoe 4006 Flanigan
Highway Seeding Well Highway Seeding Well Lincoln 5948 Milk Ranch Spring
Highway Well Number Seventy-eight Highway Well Number Seventy-eight Elko 4970 Pilot Peak NW
Hole in the Wall Well Hole in the Wall Well Churchill 5305 Shoshone Meadows SE
Hole in the Wall Well Number Two Hole in the Wall Well Number Two Churchill 4396 Shoshone Meadows NE
Hoppie Basin Well Hoppie Basin Well Elko 6178 Montello Canyon
Hopps Well Hopps Well Clark 4852 Hopps Well
Horse Camp Well Horse Camp Well White Pine 6791 White Rock Creek
Horseshoe Well Horseshoe Well Churchill 5298 New Pass Well
Hot Springs Well Hot Springs Well Humboldt 4360 Denio Summit
Hubbard Well Hubbard Well Elko 6302 Boies Reservoir
Hylton Well Number Two Hylton Well Number Two Elko 5686 Metropolis
Independence Well Independence Well Elko 5741 Pequop Summit SW
Indian Springs North Well Indian Springs North Well White Pine 5873 Indian Springs Knolls
Indian Well Indian Well Nye 5403 Granny Goose Well
Indian Well Indian Well Elko 5679 Red Spring
Izzenhood Gap Well Izzenhood Gap Well Lander 4882 Izzenhood Gap
Jackrabbit Well Jackrabbit Well Lincoln 5787 Bristol Range SE
Jacks Well Jacks Well Clark 3934 Hart Peak
Joes Well Joes Well Nye 5269 Warm Springs
John Henry Wash Well John Henry Wash Well White Pine 6188 North Spring Point
Johns Wash Well Johns Wash Well White Pine 5932 Indian Springs Knolls
Johnson Well Johnson Well Elko 5633 Moor Summit
Kaiser Well Kaiser Well Mineral 5643 Broken Hills
Kaiser Well Number Two Kaiser Well Number Two Mineral 5633 Broken Hills
Klondike Well Klondike Well Esmeralda 4924 Klondike
Lahontan Well Lahontan Well Lyon 4213 Silver Springs South
Lake Creek Well Lake Creek Well Elko 5305 Star Valley Ridge SW
Lander Well Lander Well Lander 4888 Izzenhood Ranch
Lander Well Number One Lander Well Number One Lander 4482 Russells
Lee Travis Well Lee Travis Well Lincoln 5935 Mustang Well
Leonard Creek Well Leonard Creek Well Humboldt 4058 Deer Creek Slough
Lewis Well Lewis Well Lincoln 6247 Silver King Well
Lime Rock Well Lime Rock Well Washoe 3983 State Line Peak
Little Buffalo Well Little Buffalo Well Churchill 5905 Buffalo Summit
Lone Tree Well Lone Tree Well Churchill 5364 Camp Creek Canyon
Lower Lime Mountain Well Lower Lime Mountain Well Lincoln 3291 Scarecrow Peak
Lower Phillips Well Lower Phillips Well Nye 4295 Mount Annie
Lower Sheep Canyon Well Lower Sheep Canyon Well Churchill 4902 Foxtail Lake
Marble Well Marble Well Elko 5643 Deeth
Mauds Well Mauds Well Pershing 5062 Sawtooth Knob
McCleary Well Number Two McCleary Well Number Two Elko 5335 McCleary Wells
McCoy Well McCoy Well Pershing 3888 Home Station Ranch
McNinch Well McNinch Well Humboldt 4153 Donna Schee Peak
Mendenhall Well Mendenhall Well Lincoln 5968 Pony Springs
Middle Well Middle Well White Pine 5777 Lake Valley Summit
Mikes Well Mikes Well Esmeralda 6562 Lone Mountain
Milk Ranch Well Milk Ranch Well Lincoln 6207 Milk Ranch Spring
Miller Crossing Well Miller Crossing Well Lincoln 5666 Miller Wash
Mine Well Mine Well Eureka 6562 West of Bellevue Peak
Mint Well Mint Well Eureka 6171 Bartine Ranch NW
Montello Well Number One Montello Well Number One Elko 4957 Pilot Peak NW
Montello Well Number Two Montello Well Number Two Elko 4951 Pilot Peak NW
Monument Well Monument Well Lincoln 5673 Hyde Well
Moon River Basin Well Moon River Basin Well Nye 5587 Forest Home NE
Mormon Well Mormon Well Clark 6539 Mormon Well
Mountain Well Mountain Well Churchill 5482 La Plata Canyon
Muleshoe Well Muleshoe Well Lincoln 6329 Dutch John Mountain
Mustang Well Mustang Well Lincoln 5984 Mustang Well
Muttlebury Well Muttlebury Well Pershing 4265 Coal Canyon
Nall Well Nall Well Elko 5741 Knoll Mountain
Natomas Well Natomas Well Lander 4744 McCoy NW
Nelson Well Nelson Well Pershing 4203 Rye Patch Reservoir North
New Fortification Well New Fortification Well Lincoln 6043 Horse Corral Pass
New Pass Well New Pass Well Churchill 5335 New Pass Well
Noble Well Noble Well Elko 5154 Pilot Peak NW
North Dutch John Well North Dutch John Well Lincoln 6053 Dutch John Mountain
North Eldridge Well North Eldridge Well White Pine 6224 Mount Grafton
North Fork Well North Fork Well Elko 5305 Coal Mine Canyon SE
North Fox Well North Fox Well White Pine 5791 Lake Valley Summit
North Gouge Eye Well North Gouge Eye Well Lincoln 6086 Mount Grafton NE
North Lake Valley Well Number One North Lake Valley Well Number One White Pine 6030 Mount Grafton NE
North Lake Valley Well Number Two North Lake Valley Well Number Two White Pine 6145 Mount Grafton NE
North Well North Well Churchill 4222 Drumm Summit
North Well North Well Lander 5269 Gilbert Creek SW
Old Stockton Well Old Stockton Well Lyon 4291 Stockton Flat Well
PU Well PU Well Nye 5243 Hot Creek Butte
Paine Well Paine Well Humboldt 4121 Quinn River Crossing
Pasture Well Pasture Well Washoe 5568 Granite Peak
Pedro Well Pedro Well Nye 6165 Tybo Well
Pequop Well Pequop Well Elko 6673 Pequop
Pickett Well Pickett Well Lander 4632 McCoy NW
Pigeon Well Pigeon Well Nye 4793 The Wall SW
Pilot Cone Well Pilot Cone Well Mineral 4298 Hu-Pwi Wash
Pilot Well Pilot Well Elko 4505 Pilot
Pilot Well Pilot Well Elko 4849 Pilot Peak SW
Pine Wash Well Pine Wash Well Lincoln 5745 Fife Mountain
Poco Well Poco Well Churchill 4091 Cox Canyon
Point of the Mountain Well Point of the Mountain Well Churchill 4035 Foxtail Lake
Pony Spring Well Pony Spring Well Lincoln 6069 Pony Springs
Powers Well Powers Well Washoe 5600 Powers Well
Ralphs Well Ralphs Well Elko 6165 Wells Peak
Ramsey Well Ramsey Well Esmeralda 4980 McMahon Ridge
Rays Well Rays Well Nye 5174 Buckwheat Rim
Rebholtz Well Number One Rebholtz Well Number One Eureka 5344 Swales Mountain NW
Red Hill Well Red Hill Well Elko 6480 Ruby Lake NE
Renner Well Renner Well Washoe 4715 Seven Lakes Mountain
Ridge Well Ridge Well Elko 5492 Montello Canyon
Ringing Well Ringing Well Pershing 4488 Kennedy Canyon
Riordans Well Riordans Well Nye 5344 Moorman Spring
Robbers Roost Well Robbers Roost Well White Pine 6850 Bullwhack Summit
Robbers Roost Well Robbers Roost Well White Pine 7077 Marking Corral Summit
Rock Cabin Well Rock Cabin Well Elko 6240 Ruby Lake NE
Rock Canyon Well Rock Canyon Well Lincoln 5607 Bunker Peak
Roosevelt Well Roosevelt Well Esmeralda 4521 Tule Canyon
Rosencrans Well Rosencrans Well Lincoln 5764 Hyde Well
Russells Well Number Two Russells Well Number Two Lander 4472 Russells
Russells Well Number Three Russells Well Number Three Lander 4564 Russells
Sagebrush Well Sagebrush Well Elko 5617 Deeth
Sagehen Well Sagehen Well Humboldt 5695 Whiskey Springs
Sams Camp Well Sams Camp Well Lincoln 4649 Jacks Mountain
San Antonio Well San Antonio Well Nye 6040 San Antonio Well
Sand Dunes Well Sand Dunes Well Humboldt 4153 Dry Hills
Sario Well Sario Well Lyon 4885 Lincoln Flat
Sawmill Well Sawmill Well Lincoln 6086 Shingle Pass SE
Schaffer Well Number One Schaffer Well Number One White Pine 5964 Mount Grafton NE
Secrist Well Secrist Well Elko 5531 Te-Moak Well
Shaffer Well Shaffer Well Lincoln 6421 Dutch John Mountain
Shafter Well Shafter Well Elko 5807 Morgan Pass
Shafter Well Number One Shafter Well Number One Elko 5600 Shafter
Shafter Well Number Two Shafter Well Number Two Elko 5607 Morgan Pass
Shafter Well Number Four Shafter Well Number Four Elko 6903 Lion Spring
Shaw Well Shaw Well Churchill 3432 Dixie Valley
Sheep Canyon Well Sheep Canyon Well Churchill 5108 La Plata Canyon
Sheep Creek Well Sheep Creek Well Elko 5220 Osino
Sheep Pass Well Sheep Pass Well White Pine 5764 Hardy Springs
Sheppard Well Sheppard Well Pershing 4131 Kyle Hot Springs
Shirttail Well Shirttail Well Churchill 3940 Foxtail Lake
Silver King Well Silver King Well Lincoln 6214 Silver King Well
Silver Zone Well Silver Zone Well Elko 5905 Silver Zone Pass
Sixmile Well Sixmile Well Nye 5495 Moores Station SW
Sorensen Well Sorensen Well Nye 5344 Moorman Spring NW
South Fork Well South Fork Well Elko 5561 Te-Moak Well
South Fox Well South Fox Well White Pine 5791 Lake Valley Summit
South Gouge Eye Well South Gouge Eye Well Lincoln 5961 Gouge Eye Well
South Lake Valley Well Number One South Lake Valley Well Number One Lincoln 5922 Milk Ranch Spring
South Milk Ranch Well South Milk Ranch Well Lincoln 6217 Dutch John Mountain
South Well South Well White Pine 5830 Indian Springs Knolls
South Well South Well Elko 5321 Loray
South Well Number Three South Well Number Three Lincoln 5925 Mustang Well
Spotlight Well Spotlight Well Lincoln 5984 Pony Springs
Spratling Well Spratling Well Elko 5449 Tabor Flats
Squaw Flat Well Squaw Flat Well Elko 5915 Hardy Creek
Stateline Well Stateline Well Elko 5354 The Point
Stockberger Well Stockberger Well Elko 4819 Tecoma
Stockton Flat Well Stockton Flat Well Lyon 4386 Stockton Flat Well
Stone Corral Well Stone Corral Well Nye 4852 The Wall SW
Stray Cow Well Stray Cow Well Clark 3907 Hart Peak
Sulphide Well Sulphide Well Nye 6142 Trappman Hills
Summit Lake Well Summit Lake Well Humboldt 5860 Summit Lake
Sustacha Well Sustacha Well Elko 5367 Boyd Reservoir
Te-Moak Well Te-Moak Well Elko 5384 Te-Moak Well
Telephone Well Telephone Well Churchill 4557 Telephone Well
Tenmile Well Tenmile Well Elko 5384 Te-Moak Well
The Big Well The Big Well Nye 4734 Blue Eagle Springs SW
Three C Well Three C Well Eureka 6401 West of Bellevue Peak
Threemile Canyon Well Threemile Canyon Well Washoe 4049 San Emidio Desert South
Tip Top Well Tip Top Well Clark 3235 Fourth of July Mountain
Toano Well Number One Toano Well Number One Elko 5594 Wine Cup Ranch SE
Toano Well Number Two Toano Well Number Two Elko 5761 Wine Cup Ranch SE
Toilet Well Number One Toilet Well Number One Elko 5928 Ninemile Mountain SW
Toilet Well Number Two Toilet Well Number Two Elko 6145 Ninemile Mountain SW
Tokop Well Tokop Well Esmeralda 5987 Scottys Junction SW
Treasure Well Treasure Well Eureka 6099 Bartine Ranch
Tule Desert Well Tule Desert Well Lincoln 3107 Toquop Gap
Turn of the Road Well Turn of the Road Well Washoe 4111 Flanigan
Twelvemile Well Twelvemile Well Elko 5318 Coal Mine Canyon SE
Upper Sheep Canyon Well Upper Sheep Canyon Well Churchill 5203 La Plata Canyon
Valley Well Valley Well Lincoln 6083 Mustang Well
View Well View Well Eureka 5863 Tule Dam Spring
Well Three Well Three Nye 3973 Yucca Lake
Well Five A Well Five A Nye 3094 Frenchman Lake
Well Five C Well Five C Nye 3084 Frenchman Lake
Well B Well B Nye 3934 Yucca Lake
Well C Well C Nye 3924 Yucca Lake
Well G Well G Nye 3238 Cane Spring
Well J-Twelve Well J-Twelve Nye 3127 Busted Butte
Wendover Well Wendover Well Elko 4580 Ola
West Tabor Well West Tabor Well Elko 5577 Tabor Flats
Whipple Well Whipple Well White Pine 5630 Hardy Springs
White Hills Well White Hills Well Elko 5384 Morgan Hill
White River Well White River Well Lincoln 4954 Silver King Mountain SW
White Rock Seeding Well White Rock Seeding Well Lincoln 6109 Buck Wash Well
White Rock Well White Rock Well Lincoln 5971 Eagle Valley Reservoir
White Sage Canyon Well White Sage Canyon Well Lander 5800 Mount Airy NE
White Sage Flat Well White Sage Flat Well Washoe 4098 San Emidio Desert South
Whiterock 1 Drill Hole Whiterock 1 Drill Hole Nye 5062 Rainier Mesa
Whiterock 2 Drill Hole Whiterock 2 Drill Hole Nye 5085 Rainier Mesa
Whiterock 4 Drill Hole Whiterock 4 Drill Hole Nye 5003 Rainier Mesa
Wightman Well Wightman Well Churchill 4190 Fourmile Canyon
Wildhorse Well Wildhorse Well Elko 5886 Ninemile Mountain NE
Williams Canyon Well Williams Canyon Well Douglas 5298 McTarnahan Hill
Winter Creek Well Winter Creek Well Elko 5426 Morgan Hill
Wrights Well Wrights Well Elko 6135 Wells Peak
Willow Witch Well Willow Witch Well Nye 5928 Reveille Peak
Deep Well Deep Well Nye 5210 Reveille Peak SE
Callaway Well Callaway Well Nye 5853 Callaway Well
Dales Well Dales Well White Pine 6368 North Spring Point
Eightmile Well Eightmile Well Lincoln 5577 Mount Wilson SW
Esplin Well Esplin Well Nye 5039 Timber Mountain Pass NE
Fergy Well Fergy Well Nye 4826 The Wall SE
Gubler Well Gubler Well Nye 5351 Moorman Spring NW
Hyde Well Hyde Well Lincoln 5732 Hyde Well
Manzone Well Manzone Well Nye 6286 Callaway Well
Shafter Well Number Three Shafter Well Number Three Elko 6109 Lion Spring
Shoebox Well Shoebox Well Lincoln 2680 Lyman Crossing
Sixmile Well Sixmile Well Lincoln 5541 Mount Wilson SW
Tait Well Tait Well Lincoln 5709 Miller Wash
Townsend Well Townsend Well White Pine 6598 Marking Corral Summit
West Camp Well West Camp Well White Pine 7349 Riepetown
Cedar Wells Cedar Wells Nye 6683 Cedar Pass
Fraziers Well Fraziers Well Nye 6204 Rays
Salisbury Well (historical) Salisbury Well (historical) Nye 5269 Mount Helen
Bettles Well Bettles Well Mineral 6204 Bettles Well
Clarks Well Clarks Well Clark 4803 Hopps Well
Griswold Well Griswold Well Lincoln 6237 Silver King Well
Jasper Well Jasper Well Elko 5653 Flowery Lake
Keystone Well Keystone Well Nye 5561 Blue Jay Spring
McCleary Well Number One McCleary Well Number One Elko 5266 McCleary Wells
Meloy Well Meloy Well Lincoln 5669 Sidehill Pass
Millers Well Number One Millers Well Number One Nye 2444 South of Amargosa Valley
New Pony Spring Well New Pony Spring Well Lincoln 6037 Pony Springs
Pine Creek Well Pine Creek Well Nye 5269 McKinney Tanks
Pony Well Pony Well Lincoln 5994 Pony Springs
Rays Wells Rays Wells Nye 6558 Rays
Roses Well Roses Well Nye 2543 Big Dune
Swiss Bob Well Swiss Bob Well Lincoln 5656 Ely Springs
Tenmile Well Tenmile Well Clark 2897 Tenmile Well
Tybo Well Tybo Well Nye 5328 Tybo Well
Upper Lime Mountain Well Upper Lime Mountain Well Lincoln 3668 Dodge Spring
Pyramid Well Pyramid Well Nye 5010 Freds Well
Last Stand Well Last Stand Well Nye 4967 Freds Well
Cattmans Well (historical) Cattmans Well (historical) Lyon 4022 Two Tips
Lintons Well Lintons Well Pershing 5381 Sage Hen Spring
Relief Well Relief Well Pershing 4521 Buffalo Mountain
Fernley Well Fernley Well Storey 4468 Fernley East
Sage Flat Well Sage Flat Well Lyon 5059 Fernley East
Surveyors Well Surveyors Well Nye 5650 Chuck Wagon Flat
Antelope Well Antelope Well Nye 5817 Moores Station SE
Sorhonet Well Number Two Sorhonet Well Number Two Nye 5633 Moores Station SW
Sorhonet Well Number One Sorhonet Well Number One Nye 6132 Moores Station
Cow Lake Well Cow Lake Well Washoe 5535 Calcutta Lake
Shoshone Wells Shoshone Wells Lander 5764 Wenban Spring
Well Number One Well Number One Lander 4797 East of Tenabo
Well Number Eight Well Number Eight Eureka 4734 Crescent Valley
Wholeys Well Number Three Wholeys Well Number Three Lander 5128 Carico Lake South
Well Number Two Well Number Two Lander 4793 East of Tenabo
Well Number Three Well Number Three Lander 4783 East of Tenabo
Well Number Four Well Number Four Eureka 4751 East of Tenabo
Well Number Seven Well Number Seven Lander 4757 East of Tenabo
Bauman Well Number One Bauman Well Number One Eureka 5640 Dugout Spring
Laborde Well Number Three Laborde Well Number Three Lander 5328 Manhattan Mountain NE
Well Number Six Well Number Six Eureka 4751 East of Tenabo
Hussey Well Hussey Well Eureka 4757 East of Tenabo
Well Number Five Well Number Five Eureka 4751 East of Tenabo
Firpos Well Firpos Well Clark 2405 Bridge Canyon
Voight Well Voight Well Clark 3783 Gold Butte
Salt Well Salt Well Clark 1204 Middle Point
Evey Well Evey Well Clark 2162 Las Vegas SW
Mesquite Well (historical) Mesquite Well (historical) Clark 1781 Las Vegas SE
Connolys Well Connolys Well Clark 1863 Las Vegas NE
Grub Flat Well Grub Flat Well Eureka 6138 Bean Flat East
Laborde Well Number Six Laborde Well Number Six Lander 5686 Mount Airy NE
Etcheverry Number One Etcheverry Number One Eureka 6211 Shagnasty
Damele Well Damele Well Lander 6361 Ackerman Canyon
Woods Well Two Woods Well Two Eureka 6227 Bean Flat West
Woods Well Woods Well Eureka 6184 Bean Flat West
Monitor Well Monitor Well Lander 6332 Hickison Summit
Damele Well Damele Well Lander 6302 Hickison Summit
Gravel Pit Well Gravel Pit Well Lander 6263 Hickison Summit
Camino Well Camino Well Eureka 6335 Jackrabbit Spring
Grimes Flat Well Grimes Flat Well Lander 6375 Jackrabbit Spring
Antelope Wayside Well Antelope Wayside Well Eureka 6358 Antelope Peak
Whitaker Smith Creek Valley Well Whitaker Smith Creek Valley Well Lander 6204 Emigrant Peak
Deep Hole Well Deep Hole Well Nye 6184 Eightmile Well
Segura Segura Eureka 6545 Ninemile Peak
Goldyke Well Goldyke Well Nye 5879 Goldyke
U S Well U S Well Nye 5823 Black Spring NW
Franks Well Number One Franks Well Number One Nye 4629 Downeyville
Triple T Well Triple T Well Nye 5558 Wildcat Peak NW
Alkali Flat Well Alkali Flat Well Lander 5581 Wildcat Peak NW
Izzenhood Well Number Sixteen Izzenhood Well Number Sixteen Lander 5312 Izzenhood Gap
Sheep Creek Well Number Fifteen Sheep Creek Well Number Fifteen Lander 4902 Izzenhood Spring
Sheep Mountain Well Number Two-Ten Sheep Mountain Well Number Two-Ten Lander 4567 Russells
Russell Well Number Twelve Russell Well Number Twelve Lander 4472 Russells
Sheep Mountain Well Number One-Eleven Sheep Mountain Well Number One-Eleven Lander 4495 Battle Mountain
Corta Well Number One Corta Well Number One Eureka 6539 Mineral Hill
East Well East Well Lander 5413 Gilbert Creek SE
Eightmile Well Eightmile Well Eureka 6401 Eightmile Well
Palo Alto Wells Palo Alto Wells Lander 4938 The Cedars SW
Ryepatch Well Ryepatch Well Eureka 6548 Telegraph Canyon
Liza Jane Well Liza Jane Well Elko 6109 Spruce Well
Dixie Sand Hill Well Dixie Sand Hill Well Churchill 3501 Dixie Valley
Fisk Well Fisk Well Churchill 3957 Lone Rock SE
West Ripley Canyon Well West Ripley Canyon Well Churchill 3983 Foxtail Lake
Long Canyon Well Long Canyon Well Churchill 3944 Table Mountain
Salt Well Salt Well Churchill 3957 Lahontan Mountains
Sage Flat Well Sage Flat Well Lyon 4354 Silver Springs North
Pony Express Well Pony Express Well Lyon 4278 Churchill Butte
Wilson Well Number Two Wilson Well Number Two Esmeralda 5207 Montezuma Peak SE
Huntoon Valley Well Number One Huntoon Valley Well Number One Mineral 5882 Huntoon Valley
Whiskey Flat Well Whiskey Flat Well Mineral 5853 Whisky Flat
Lattin Well Lattin Well Churchill 3921 Bunejug Mountains
Finger Rock Well Number Three Finger Rock Well Number Three Mineral 5023 Gabbs Mountain
Luning Well Luning Well Mineral 4472 Luning
Warrens Well (historical) Warrens Well (historical) Mineral 4262 Ramsey Spring
Hudson Well Hudson Well Lyon 4984 Smith
Fish Creek Well Fish Creek Well Douglas 5138 Gardnerville
Buckeye Creek Well Buckeye Creek Well Douglas 4987 Gardnerville
Ruhenstroth Well Ruhenstroth Well Douglas 5508 Gardnerville
Little Bell Flat Well Little Bell Flat Well Mineral 5397 Big Kasock Mountain
Reservation Well Reservation Well Lyon 4518 Weber Reservoir
Sargent Well (historical) Sargent Well (historical) Mineral 6092 Win Wan Flat
Well Number Three Well Number Three Nye 3970 Yucca Lake
Well E Well E Nye 4173 Paiute Ridge
Buttes Well Buttes Well Nye 4905 Goat Ranch Well
Hendrix Well Hendrix Well Nye 5341 Gap Mountain
Hendricks Well Hendricks Well Lyon 4895 Hussman Spring
Bucky O'Neil Well Bucky O'Neil Well Churchill 3914 Fourmile Canyon
Churchill Canyon Well Churchill Canyon Well Lyon 4728 Churchill Canyon Well
Desert Well Desert Well Churchill 3934 Cox Canyon
Mike Urrutia Well Mike Urrutia Well White Pine 6624 Parker Station
Murphys Well Murphys Well Mineral 4144 Murphys Well
Uhaldi Well Uhaldi Well Douglas 5390 Mount Siegel
West Lee Well West Lee Well Churchill 3924 Table Mountain
Garcia Well Garcia Well Elko 5787 Garcia Flat
Red Rock Pass Well Red Rock Pass Well Elko 6027 Garcia Flat
Basque Well Number 2 Basque Well Number 2 Elko 6033 West of Delcer Buttes
Murphy Well Murphy Well Elko 6024 West of Delcer Buttes
Frenchy Well Frenchy Well Elko 6060 Delcer Buttes
Dry Lake Well Dry Lake Well Elko 6037 Delcer Buttes
Brown Well Brown Well Elko 5892 Sadler Basin
Sleeman Well Sleeman Well Elko 5958 Cedar Ridge
Rose Well Rose Well Elko 5584 East of Bailey Mountain
Robinson Well Robinson Well Elko 5807 East of Bailey Mountain
West Jiggs Well West Jiggs Well Elko 5640 East of Bailey Mountain
Lindsay Creek Well Lindsay Creek Well Elko 5984 Frost Creek
Mustang Well Mustang Well Elko 5797 Currie
Walker Well Walker Well Elko 5705 Currie
East Railroad Well East Railroad Well Elko 5771 Currie
Domingo Well Domingo Well White Pine 6496 Ayarbe Spring
Phalen Well Phalen Well Elko 6188 McDermid Ranch
Mizpah Well Mizpah Well Elko 5673 Mizpah
Cordano Well Cordano Well Elko 5679 Mizpah
Gulf Well Gulf Well Elko 5676 Mizpah
South Spruce Well South Spruce Well Elko 5846 Mizpah
Mizpah Well Mizpah Well Elko 5676 Mizpah Point
Christiansen Well Christiansen Well Elko 6024 Palomino Well
Itcaina Well Itcaina Well Elko 6073 Palomino Well
Palomino Well Palomino Well Elko 6204 Palomino Well
Odgers Well Odgers Well Elko 6096 Palomino Well
West Butte Well Number 1 West Butte Well Number 1 Elko 6037 Palomino Well
West Butte Well Number 2 West Butte Well Number 2 Elko 6056 Palomino Well
Fourmile Well Fourmile Well Elko 6965 Sharp Peak
North Pasture Well North Pasture Well Elko 6040 Silo Canyon
Egan Basin Well Egan Basin Well White Pine 6634 Exchequer Spring
South Butte Well South Butte Well White Pine 6765 Cherry Spring
Nicks Well Nicks Well White Pine 6106 Cabin Spring
Rye Grass Well Rye Grass Well White Pine 6142 Cabin Spring
Gulf Well Gulf Well White Pine 6270 Combs Creek
Henriod Seeding Well Henriod Seeding Well White Pine 6726 Becky Peak
Uhalde Well Uhalde Well White Pine 6253 White Sage Well
White Sage Well White Sage Well White Pine 6355 White Sage Well
Julian Well Julian Well White Pine 6608 Tognini Spring
Gracian Well Gracian Well White Pine 7510 Thirtymile Ranch
Moore Well Moore Well White Pine 6115 Sunshine Well
Sunshine Well Sunshine Well White Pine 6152 Sunshine Well
J and J Well J and J Well White Pine 6194 Sunshine Well
Maple Syrup Well Maple Syrup Well White Pine 6316 Sunshine Well
Ninemile Well Ninemile Well White Pine 6279 Ninemile Well
Caboose Well Caboose Well White Pine 6247 Ninemile Well
Dry Lake Well Dry Lake Well White Pine 6106 McBrides Sheep Well
McBrides Sheep Well McBrides Sheep Well White Pine 6188 McBrides Sheep Well
Mooney Basin Well Mooney Basin Well White Pine 6585 Long Valley Slough
Jesses Well Jesses Well White Pine 6171 Long Valley Slough
McBrides Long Valley Well McBrides Long Valley Well White Pine 6106 Long Valley Slough
Dickenson Well Dickenson Well White Pine 6227 Dickenson Well
Hequy Well Hequy Well Elko 6047 Valley Mountain
Company Well Company Well Elko 5991 Smith Well
Smith Well Smith Well Elko 5978 Smith Well
South Well South Well Elko 5968 Smith Well
North Murphy Well North Murphy Well Elko 6017 Smith Well
Robison Well Robison Well White Pine 6263 Cow Camp
Junction Well Junction Well White Pine 6188 Junction Well
Franks Well Franks Well White Pine 6706 Franks Well
Dry Lake Well Number 2 Dry Lake Well Number 2 White Pine 6112 Sunshine Well NW
Fera Well Fera Well White Pine 6030 Steptoe
Honest John Well Honest John Well Lincoln 4987 Honest John Well
Burner Basin Well Burner Basin Well Elko 5482 Elko East
Goat Ranch Well Goat Ranch Well Nye 5046 Goat Ranch Well
Eds Well Eds Well Nye 4961 Eds Well
Smith Creek Well Number Fifty Six Smith Creek Well Number Fifty Six Elko 5348 West of Lee
Four Mile Well Four Mile Well Elko 5466 Peterson Table East
Kennedy Well Kennedy Well Clark 3839 Hart Peak
Crippled Jack Well Crippled Jack Well Clark 4721 Crescent Peak
Franks Well Franks Well Humboldt 4150 Andorno Ranch
Minor Well Minor Well Humboldt 4157 Gallagher Flat
Gallagher Well Gallagher Well Humboldt 4127 Gallagher Flat
Hanks Well Hanks Well Humboldt 4137 Gallagher Flat
Jackson Well Jackson Well Humboldt 4203 Awakening Peak
J S Jones Well J S Jones Well Humboldt 4170 Awakening Peak
Havilah Well Havilah Well Humboldt 4829 Awakening Peak
Freys Well Freys Well Humboldt 4160 Mud Spring Canyon
Carl Hammond Well Carl Hammond Well Humboldt 4432 Red House Flat East
Phillip Hammond Well Phillip Hammond Well Humboldt 4403 Red House Flat East
Kearns Well Kearns Well Humboldt 4468 Weso
Miller and Lux Well Miller and Lux Well Humboldt 4180 Bloody Run Peak
Elevenmile Well Elevenmile Well Humboldt 4528 Elevenmile Well
Barrett Springs Well Barrett Springs Well Humboldt 4170 Barrett Springs
CCC Well CCC Well Humboldt 4258 Winnemucca Mountain
Tobin Well Tobin Well Humboldt 4167 Winnemucca Mountain
Hansel Well Number 2 Hansel Well Number 2 Elko 5456 Jiggs
Mainline Well Mainline Well Esmeralda 5079 Lone Mountain
Davids Well Davids Well Esmeralda 4783 Lone Mountain
Kibby Flat Well Kibby Flat Well Esmeralda 5325 Kibby Flat
Micro Wave Well Micro Wave Well Esmeralda 5305 Kibby Flat
Cedar Mountain Well Cedar Mountain Well Mineral 6030 Bettles Well
Coyote Well Coyote Well Esmeralda 6086 Silver Peak
Goble Well Goble Well Elko 6690 Wells
Coyote Basin Well Coyote Basin Well Elko 7274 Boone Spring
Doutre Henriod Well Doutre Henriod Well White Pine 5787 Big Hard Pan
Mormon Jack Well Mormon Jack Well White Pine 7123 Government Peak
Doutre Well Doutre Well White Pine 6749 Government Peak
Yelland Well Yelland Well White Pine 5613 Big Hard Pan
Eldridge Well Eldridge Well White Pine 5692 Big Hard Pan
Army Well Number 1 Army Well Number 1 Nye 3146 Point of Rocks
Itcaina Well Itcaina Well Elko 5607 Goshute Peak
Alta Well Number 1 Alta Well Number 1 Humboldt 4137 Bottle Creek Slough SW
Presnel Well Presnel Well Humboldt 4150 Presnel Well
Jackson Well Jackson Well Humboldt 4222 Jackson Well
Austin Well Austin Well Humboldt 4157 Jackson Well
Gone With the Wind Well Gone With the Wind Well Humboldt 4258 Sod House
Sod House - Quinn River Well Sod House - Quinn River Well Humboldt 4121 Sod House
Gabica Well Gabica Well Humboldt 4170 Sombrero Peak
Corbeal Well Corbeal Well Humboldt 4186 Sombrero Peak
Crescent Well Crescent Well Humboldt 4580 Sombrero Peak
Simon Well Simon Well Mineral 5850 Stewart Spring
Black Cabin Well Black Cabin Well Mineral 5964 Stewart Spring
Weeks Well Weeks Well Elko 5738 Oxley Peak
Town Creek Well Town Creek Well Elko 5709 Oxley Peak
Wood Ranch Well Number Fifty Three Wood Ranch Well Number Fifty Three Elko 5869 Oxley Peak
Central Well Central Well Pershing 4331 Cosgrave
Lowry Well Lowry Well Pershing 5174 Lowry Well
Mormon Dan Well Mormon Dan Well Humboldt 4131 Lay Waterhole
Sand Dunes Well Sand Dunes Well Humboldt 4160 Lay Waterhole
Hidden Playa Well Hidden Playa Well Humboldt 4153 Lay Waterhole
Barbara Worth Well Barbara Worth Well Humboldt 4183 Lay Waterhole
West Ragged Top Well West Ragged Top Well Pershing 4058 Ragged Top Mountain SW
Bach Well Bach Well Pershing 4298 Seven Troughs
Highway Well Highway Well Elko 5607 White Horse Mountain
Itcaina North Well Itcaina North Well Elko 5781 Dolly Varden Spring
Itcaina Mizpah Well Itcaina Mizpah Well Elko 5627 Mizpah Point
Humboldt Double Wells Humboldt Double Wells Churchill 3894 White Plains
Johnson Well Johnson Well Elko 6106 Valley Pass
Alum Well Alum Well Esmeralda 4783 North of Silver Peak
Minnesota Well Minnesota Well Esmeralda 4984 North of Silver Peak
Franklin Well Franklin Well Humboldt 4147 Jackson Well
Hard Pan Well Hard Pan Well Humboldt 4163 Gaskell
Johnson Well Johnson Well Humboldt 4190 Gaskell
Granite Spring Wash Well Granite Spring Wash Well Pershing 4669 Dead Horse Canyon NE
Buffalo Well Buffalo Well Washoe 4062 Buffalo Creek
Salt Works Well Salt Works Well Washoe 3953 Salt Marsh
Rye Grass Well Rye Grass Well Washoe 5722 Boulder Lake
Bishop Flat Well Bishop Flat Well Elko 6125 Melandco
Desert Well Desert Well Pershing 4728 Betty Creek
Twin Buttes Well Twin Buttes Well Pershing 4544 Twin Buttes Well
Spruce Well Spruce Well Elko 5676 Mizpah
Lower Smoke Creek Well Lower Smoke Creek Well Washoe 3989 Sheepshead Spring
Bonham Well Bonham Well Washoe 3986 Sheepshead Spring
Waterspout Well Waterspout Well Elko 5984 Goshute Lake NE
Salt Well Salt Well Churchill 3881 Stillwater
East Lake Well East Lake Well Churchill 3888 Stillwater
Brady Springs Well Brady Springs Well Churchill 4354 Telephone Well
Maxfield Well Number One Maxfield Well Number One Elko 5564 Flowery Lake
Acorda Well Number Three Acorda Well Number Three Elko 5656 Morgan Pass
Acorda Well Acorda Well Elko 5640 Morgan Pass
Flat Well Number Fifty-Six Flat Well Number Fifty-Six Elko 5663 Chase Spring
Maxfield Well Number Two Maxfield Well Number Two Elko 5597 Dolly Varden
Noonan Crane Well Noonan Crane Well Elko 5617 Dolly Varden
Casey Well Casey Well Lyon 4190 Hooten Well
North Well North Well Churchill 4091 Salt Cave
Hot Well Hot Well Lyon 4478 Salt Cave
Kent Well Kent Well Churchill 4026 Lahontan Mountains
Kent Well Number 2 Kent Well Number 2 Churchill 3947 Lahontan Mountains
Lattin Well Lattin Well Churchill 3963 Bunejug Mountains
South Well South Well Churchill 4278 Chukar Canyon
Julian Well Julian Well Lyon 4340 Parker Butte
Derringer Well Derringer Well Nye 4396 Mount Annie SE
Finger Rock Well Number 2 Finger Rock Well Number 2 Mineral 4642 Mount Annie SE
Stinson Well Stinson Well Mineral 4780 Gabbs Mountain
Finger Rock Well Number 1 Finger Rock Well Number 1 Mineral 4423 Ramsey Spring
Upper Phillips Well Upper Phillips Well Nye 4547 Mount Annie NE
Nineteen Mile Well Nineteen Mile Well Churchill 4062 South of Fallon
Paris Well Paris Well White Pine 6345 Ninemile Well
Lagari Well Lagari Well White Pine 5869 West of Beck Pass
Ruby Wash Well Ruby Wash Well Elko 6457 Ruby Lake NE
Uhalde Well Uhalde Well White Pine 6247 Cow Camp
Fera Twentyone Fera Twentyone White Pine 6027 Egan Canyon
Rye Grass Well Rye Grass Well White Pine 6250 Cow Camp
Fera Fortysix Fera Fortysix White Pine 6037 Exchequer Spring
Spring Gulch Well Spring Gulch Well White Pine 5886 Cherry Creek Station
Sellas Well Sellas Well White Pine 5676 Sunset Reservoir
White Cloud Well White Cloud Well White Pine 6840 White Cloud Point
Fera Ninetyone Fera Ninetyone White Pine 5945 Borchert Spring
Fera Ninety Fera Ninety White Pine 5942 Monte Neva Hot Springs
Fera Thirtynine Fera Thirtynine White Pine 6007 Steptoe
Fera Thirtyeight Fera Thirtyeight White Pine 5964 Steptoe
Pogue Well Pogue Well White Pine 6352 Pogues Station
New Deep Well New Deep Well Nye 6145 Moody Peak NW
Eldridge Well Eldridge Well White Pine 5590 Third Butte West
Olevia Well Olevia Well Nye 6795 Portuguese Mountain NW
Maryland Wells Maryland Wells White Pine 6798 Pinto Summit
Fera Forty Fera Forty White Pine 6220 Lusetti Canyon
Fera Thirtyseven Fera Thirtyseven White Pine 6978 Lusetti Canyon
Abel Flat Well Abel Flat Well Humboldt 4334 Rose Creek
Clark Well Clark Well Nye 5361 Moorman Spring NW
Douglas Well Douglas Well White Pine 5554 Lund
Preston Well Preston Well White Pine 5653 Lund
Upper Patterson Well Upper Patterson Well Lincoln 7188 Milk Ranch Spring
Uhalde Well Uhalde Well Nye 5098 Timber Mountain Pass NW
Ferguson Well Ferguson Well Nye 5351 Water Gap NE
South Well South Well Nye 5220 Water Gap NW
Griswold Lower Well Griswold Lower Well Nye 5072 Timber Mountain Pass NE
Burnt Station Well Burnt Station Well Lincoln 5964 Silver King Mountain
Coyote Well Coyote Well Lincoln 5564 Bailey Wash
Twentyonemile Well Twentyonemile Well Lincoln 5777 Bristol Range NE
Black Rock Well Black Rock Well Lincoln 4757 White Blotch Springs NE
Number Six Well Number Six Well Lincoln 4764 White Blotch Springs NE
Rye Grass Well Rye Grass Well Lincoln 6302 Meeker Peak
Oak Wells Oak Wells Lincoln 6283 Dow Mountain
Yucca Well Yucca Well Clark 4810 Gass Peak
Whitney Well Whitney Well Clark 1719 Las Vegas SE
Crossman Well Crossman Well Clark 4035 Crescent Peak
Wilsons Well Wilsons Well Clark 2825 West of Shenandoah Peak
Deep Well Deep Well Clark 2756 Searchlight SE
Six Mile Well Six Mile Well Clark 3409 Searchlight
Midway Well Midway Well Clark 3704 Searchlight
South Well South Well Nye 5223 Monitor Peak
Number Three Well Number Three Well Nye 5377 Reeds Ranch
Number One Well Number One Well Nye 5384 Reeds Ranch
Number Two Well Number Two Well Nye 5295 Reeds Ranch
Towers Well Towers Well Nye 5823 Stinking Spring NW
Twin Mills Twin Mills Nye 5472 Stinking Spring NW
Eastside Well Eastside Well Nye 4852 Freds Well
McLaughlins Well McLaughlins Well Esmeralda 5899 Goldfield
Seattle Well Seattle Well Nye 3980 Bonnie Claire
Tonopah Well Tonopah Well Nye 3947 Bonnie Claire
Wilsons Well (historical) Wilsons Well (historical) Esmeralda 5262 Montezuma Peak SE
Miller Well Number Two Miller Well Number Two Nye 2402 Specter Range SW
Cornell Well Cornell Well Nye 5485 East of Tonopah
Hooper Well Hooper Well Nye 5804 Tonopah
Blair Well Blair Well Nye 5909 Henrys Well
Chance Well Chance Well Nye 6024 Henrys Well
Peavine Well Peavine Well Nye 5617 San Antonio Ranch
Monte Cristo Oil Corporation Well Monte Cristo Oil Corporation Well Esmeralda 5302 Kibby Flat
Charlies Well Charlies Well Nye 5443 Warm Springs SE
Salsbury Well Salsbury Well Nye 5522 Yellow Cone
Salsbury Well Salsbury Well Nye 5705 Yellow Cone
Lower Belie Helen Gulch Well Number Two Lower Belie Helen Gulch Well Number Two Nye 6493 Bellehelen
Lower Belie Helen Gulch Well Number One Lower Belie Helen Gulch Well Number One Nye 6857 Bellehelen
Combination Well Combination Well Nye 6286 Flagstaff Mountain
Paradise Well Paradise Well Humboldt 4482 Paradise Well
Bridges Well (historical) Bridges Well (historical) Lander 4911 The Cedars SW
Filippini Well (historical) Filippini Well (historical) Lander 5207 Carico Lake South
Laborde Well (historical) Laborde Well (historical) Lander 5121 Carico Lake South
Wholey Well Number Two (historical) Wholey Well Number Two (historical) Lander 5138 Carico Lake South
Wilder Ranch Well Wilder Ranch Well Humboldt 4862 Wilder Creek Ranch
Radar Well Radar Well Humboldt 4150 Mustang Spring
Leuder Well Leuder Well Humboldt 4147 Mustang Spring
Water Company Well Water Company Well Mineral 4163 Murphys Well
Deep Well Deep Well White Pine 7083 Riepetown
Waldos Well Waldos Well Lander 6690 Wallace Canyon
Burnt Station Well Burnt Station Well Nye 6273 Wells Station
Rye Spring Well Rye Spring Well White Pine 5777 Preston
Shallow Well Shallow Well White Pine 6322 Sunshine Well NW
Big Brush Well Big Brush Well Nye 5351 Moorman Spring NW
Fifteenmile Well Fifteenmile Well Lincoln 5676 Bristol Range SE
Grayback Well Number One Grayback Well Number One Churchill 5092 Quartz Mountain NW
Grayback Well Number Two Grayback Well Number Two Churchill 5138 Quartz Mountain NW
Lagari Well Lagari Well White Pine 5938 Silverado Mountain
Lund Group Well Lund Group Well White Pine 7050 Bullwhack Summit
Salt Block Well Salt Block Well Elko 5784 Twin Buttes
White Rock Well Number One White Rock Well Number One Lincoln 5997 Buck Wash Well
Long Valley Well Number 1 Long Valley Well Number 1 White Pine 6106 Sunshine Well NW
Long Valley Well Number 2 Long Valley Well Number 2 White Pine 6115 Sunshine Well NW
Rogers Well Rogers Well Nye 4862 Millers
Atomic Well Atomic Well Churchill 4026 Fourmile Canyon
Fera Well Fera Well White Pine 5417 Lund
Whitaker Well Whitaker Well Nye 4921 Downeyville
Bitter Well Bitter Well Lincoln 5928 Gouge Eye Well
Bonham Well Bonham Well Washoe 4042 Astor Pass
Cliffside Well Cliffside Well Elko 4970 Leppy Peak NW
Flanigan Well Flanigan Well Washoe 4058 Flanigan
North Lake Valley Well Number Three North Lake Valley Well Number Three Lincoln 5945 Mount Grafton NE
Rebholtz Number Two Well Rebholtz Number Two Well Eureka 5239 Schroeder Mountain
Antonio Well Antonio Well Mineral 5180 Granny Goose Well
Lower Signboard Well Lower Signboard Well Elko 5948 The Baldies
Mesquite Well Mesquite Well Elko 5846 Crittenden Springs
Judd Well Number 1 Judd Well Number 1 Elko 5348 Cedar Mountain Draw
Marys River Well Number 1 Marys River Well Number 1 Elko 5919 Buena Vista Ranch
C P Well Number 1 C P Well Number 1 Elko 5403 Cedar Mountain Draw
C P Well Number 2 C P Well Number 2 Elko 5308 Cedar Mountain Draw
Judd Well Number 2 Judd Well Number 2 Elko 5325 Cedar Mountain Draw
New Well New Well Elko 5837 Cedar Mountain Draw
Eccus Rand Well Eccus Rand Well Elko 5961 Ninemile Mountain
Sand Springs Well Sand Springs Well Nye 5994 Chaos Creek
Mission Peak Well Mission Peak Well Washoe 4258 Astor Pass
Morgan Well Morgan Well Clark Unknown
Boulder Well Boulder Well Elko 5830 Dry Canyon
Sims Well Sims Well Elko 5479 Chicken Springs
Winecup Well Winecup Well Elko 5613 Emigrant Springs
Rock Springs Well Rock Springs Well Elko 5568 Emigrant Springs
Rock Springs Well Rock Springs Well Elko 5489 Chicken Springs
Hill Well Hill Well Elko 5587 Delano Peak
Bedke Well Bedke Well Elko 5843 Mustang Draw
Railroad Well Railroad Well Elko 5958 Pequop
Wine Cup Well Wine Cup Well Elko 6174 Holborn
Brush Creek Well Brush Creek Well Elko 5745 Wilkins
Golcoa Well Golcoa Well Elko 5676 Snow Water Lake NE
South Well Number 3 South Well Number 3 Elko 5600 Independence Valley SE
Lower Spruce Well Lower Spruce Well Elko 5686 Dolly Varden
Warehouse Well Warehouse Well Elko 5692 Dolly Varden
South Well Number 6 South Well Number 6 Elko 5692 Chase Spring
Nine Mile Well Nine Mile Well Elko 5725 Ninemile Canyon
South Well Number 4 South Well Number 4 Elko 5987 Ninemile Canyon
Fish Creek Well (historical) Fish Creek Well (historical) Eureka 6824 West of Bellevue Peak
Number 4 Well Number 4 Well Lander 6329 Hickison Summit
Grapevine Summit Well Grapevine Summit Well Esmeralda 4183 Bonnie Claire SW
Corral Lake Well Corral Lake Well Elko 5348 Button Lake Well
Eightyfoot Well Eightyfoot Well Elko 6135 Ninemile Mountain SW
Elevenmile Well Elevenmile Well Churchill 4124 Pirouette Mountain
Jog Well Jog Well Elko 5991 Ninemile Mountain SW
Jayhawk Well Jayhawk Well Pershing 4511 Jayhawk Well
White River Well White River Well Nye 5043 Timber Mountain Pass NE
Griswold Upper Well Griswold Upper Well Nye 5105 Timber Mountain Pass NW
Uhalde Well Uhalde Well Lincoln 5551 Worthington Peak
Deadhorse Well Deadhorse Well Mineral 4144 Pilot Cone
Smith Well Smith Well Lincoln 5036 Honest John Well
Timpahute Well Timpahute Well Lincoln 4872 Tempiute Mountain North
Southwestern Well Southwestern Well Lincoln 4865 White Blotch Springs NE
Highway Well Highway Well Lincoln 4846 White Blotch Springs NE
Southeastern Well Southeastern Well Lincoln 4882 White Blotch Springs SE
Hot Water Well Hot Water Well Lincoln 4938 White Blotch Springs SE
Rosebud Well Rosebud Well Lincoln 7109 White Blotch Springs SE
Shadow Well Shadow Well Lincoln 4842 Worthington Peak SW
Spruce Well Spruce Well Elko 5761 Spruce Mountain NW
Jim Thomas Well Jim Thomas Well Elko 6575 Ninemile Mountain SW
Jackson Well Number Two Jackson Well Number Two Elko 5426 Jackson Spring
Valley Well Valley Well Elko 6168 Valley Pass
Jackson Well Jackson Well Elko 5062 Jackson Spring
Black Butte Well Black Butte Well Elko 5594 White Horse Mountain NW
Blue Wing Well Blue Wing Well Pershing 4242 Ragged Top Mountain
Rocky Butte Well Rocky Butte Well Elko 5522 Ninemile Mountain NE
Black Butte Well Black Butte Well Elko 5604 White Horse Mountain NW
Cayton Well Cayton Well Nye 2605 Sixmile Spring
Ray Thomas Well Ray Thomas Well Nye 2671 Pahrump
Raycraft Well Raycraft Well Nye 2654 Pahrump
Ambassador Well Ambassador Well Lyon 4587 Artesia Lake
Wilcox Well Wilcox Well Nye 2625 Last Chance Range
Embry Well Embry Well Nye 2175 Franklin Well
Mecca Well Mecca Well Nye 2277 Franklin Well
Purgatory Spring Well Purgatory Spring Well Nye 2333 Devils Hole
D H Well D H Well Nye 2411 Devils Hole
Stanley A Tanner Well Stanley A Tanner Well Nye 5141 Rainier Mountain
Carl Hanks Well Carl Hanks Well Nye 4751 Blue Eagle Springs
Hughes Well Hughes Well Washoe 3944 Gerlach
Yates Well Yates Well Washoe 4528 Mount Rose NE
University Farm Well University Farm Well Washoe 4491 Mount Rose NE
Frey Well Frey Well Washoe 4528 Mount Rose NE
Helms Well Helms Well Washoe 4557 Mount Rose NE
Siri Well Siri Well Washoe 4557 Mount Rose NE
Parragari Well Parragari Well Washoe 4557 Mount Rose NE
Pecknam Well Pecknam Well Washoe 4468 Mount Rose NE
Martic Well Martic Well Washoe 4514 Mount Rose NE
Kimberley Well Kimberley Well Washoe 4514 Mount Rose NE
Clark Well Clark Well Washoe 4541 Mount Rose NE
King Well King Well Washoe 4541 Mount Rose NE
Clark Well Clark Well Washoe 4514 Mount Rose NE
McCulloch Well McCulloch Well Washoe 4541 Mount Rose NE
Terrill Well Terrill Well Washoe 4541 Mount Rose NE
Arbico Well Arbico Well Washoe 4541 Mount Rose NE
Brown Well Brown Well Washoe 4541 Mount Rose NE
Hobson Well Hobson Well Washoe 4531 Mount Rose NE
Upton Well Upton Well Washoe 4531 Mount Rose NE
Etcheberry Well Etcheberry Well Washoe 4531 Mount Rose NE
Van Slyck Well Van Slyck Well Washoe 4491 Mount Rose NE
Johnson Well Johnson Well Washoe 4491 Mount Rose NE
Randall Well Randall Well Washoe 4491 Mount Rose NE
Smith Well Smith Well Washoe 4511 Mount Rose NE
Tachino Well Tachino Well Washoe 4669 Virginia City
Darrough Ranch Well Darrough Ranch Well Nye 5558 Carvers SE
Garrett Ranch Well Garrett Ranch Well Pershing 3937 Dry Mountain NW
Mineral Materials Well Mineral Materials Well Pershing 4098 Lovelock
DeGiovanni Well DeGiovanni Well Washoe 4544 Mount Rose NE
Glatly Well Glatly Well Washoe 4544 Mount Rose NE
Etnyre Well Etnyre Well Washoe 4544 Mount Rose NE
Edmiston Well Edmiston Well Washoe 4544 Mount Rose NE
Gibbons Well Gibbons Well Washoe 4528 Mount Rose NE
Matley Well Matley Well Washoe 4528 Mount Rose NE
Hill Well Hill Well Washoe 4528 Mount Rose NE
Berrum Well Berrum Well Washoe 4528 Mount Rose NE
Double Diamond Well Double Diamond Well Washoe 4449 Steamboat
Jack Bonham Ranch Well Jack Bonham Ranch Well Washoe 3888 Sand Pass
Bailey Well Bailey Well Pershing 4085 Hualapai Flat North
Paris Well Paris Well Pershing 4232 Sou Hills
John Casey Steam Well John Casey Steam Well Washoe 4016 Hualapai Flat South
LeCroix Well LeCroix Well Washoe 4475 Steamboat
Davidson Well Davidson Well Washoe 4478 Steamboat
Sutherland Well Sutherland Well Washoe 4544 Steamboat
McComas Well McComas Well Washoe 4544 Steamboat
West Reno Well West Reno Well Washoe 4606 Steamboat
East Reno Well East Reno Well Washoe 4590 Steamboat
Reno Well Reno Well Washoe 4590 Steamboat
Warren Well Warren Well Washoe 4550 Steamboat
Mount Rose 1 Well Mount Rose 1 Well Washoe 4587 Steamboat
Rodeo Well Rodeo Well Washoe 4669 Steamboat
South Steamboat Well South Steamboat Well Washoe 4603 Steamboat
Johnson Well Johnson Well Washoe 4724 Steamboat
Frazier Well Frazier Well Washoe 4770 Steamboat
McKnight Well McKnight Well Washoe 4626 Steamboat
Isbell Well Isbell Well Washoe 4639 Steamboat
Steamboat 4 Well Steamboat 4 Well Washoe 4603 Steamboat
Carver Well Carver Well Washoe 4603 Steamboat
Mercury Well Mercury Well Washoe 4810 Mount Rose NE
Cox Well Cox Well Washoe 4810 Mount Rose NE
Reno Press Brick Well Reno Press Brick Well Washoe 4882 Mount Rose NE
Christman Well Christman Well Washoe 4600 Mount Rose NE
Hall Well Hall Well Washoe 4554 Mount Rose NE
Herz Well Herz Well Washoe 4587 Mount Rose NE
J R Martie Well J R Martie Well Washoe Unknown
Geyser Well Geyser Well Washoe Unknown
Morrey Well Morrey Well Washoe 4669 Mount Rose NE
Isabell Well Isabell Well Washoe 4642 Mount Rose NE
McKenzie Well McKenzie Well Washoe 4623 Mount Rose NE
Campbell Well Campbell Well Washoe 4587 Mount Rose NE
Newton Well Newton Well Washoe 4432 Mount Rose NE
Fife Well Fife Well Washoe 4472 Mount Rose NE
Guisti Well Guisti Well Washoe 4783 Mount Rose NE
Knox Well Knox Well Washoe 4610 Steamboat
Moffat Well Moffat Well Washoe 4449 Mount Rose NE
Moana Springs Well Moana Springs Well Washoe 4465 Mount Rose NE
Crano Wells Crano Wells Washoe 4508 Mount Rose NE
Al Koenig Well Al Koenig Well Washoe 4872 Mount Rose NE
Jack Horgan Well Jack Horgan Well Washoe 4695 Mount Rose NE
Country Club Wells Country Club Wells Washoe 4541 Mount Rose NE
Moore Well Moore Well Washoe 4541 Mount Rose NE
Kelty Well Kelty Well Washoe 4541 Mount Rose NE
Biglin Well Biglin Well Washoe 4541 Mount Rose NE
Miles Well Miles Well Washoe 4541 Mount Rose NE
Quadrio Well Quadrio Well Washoe 4567 Mount Rose NE
Drendel Well Drendel Well Washoe 4541 Mount Rose NE
Erskine Well Erskine Well Washoe 4557 Mount Rose NE
Harold Herz Wells Harold Herz Wells Washoe 4593 Steamboat
Senges Well Senges Well Washoe 4629 Steamboat
Willis Well Willis Well Washoe Unknown
Mackay Well Mackay Well Washoe 4629 Mount Rose NE
Peigh Well Peigh Well Washoe 4629 Mount Rose NE
Woodruff and Perkins Well Woodruff and Perkins Well Clark 1827 Moapa West
George P Brooks Well George P Brooks Well Nye 2638 Pahrump
Clarence Lewis Well Clarence Lewis Well Clark 1821 Moapa West
Emigrant Well Emigrant Well Esmeralda 4885 Rhyolite Ridge NE
C Kenneth Lee South Well C Kenneth Lee South Well Lincoln 4787 Panaca
Kenneth D Lee South Well Kenneth D Lee South Well Lincoln 4764 Panaca
James Lister Well James Lister Well Lander 5210 Manhattan Mountain NE
Panaca LDS Church Well Panaca LDS Church Well Lincoln 4754 Panaca
Delmue Brothers North Well Delmue Brothers North Well Lincoln 4718 Panaca
Lester Mathews Well Lester Mathews Well Lincoln 4751 Panaca
Noques Nevada Well Noques Nevada Well Humboldt 4406 McDermitt
Westgate Well Westgate Well Churchill 4524 West Gate
Frenchman Flat Well Frenchman Flat Well Churchill 4373 Frenchman
Henrys Well Henrys Well Nye 5886 Henrys Well
Shanghai Well Shanghai Well Churchill 3950 Lone Rock SE
Spruce Well Spruce Well Elko 5896 Spruce Well
Negro Ligge Well Negro Ligge Well Lincoln 5876 Pierson Summit
AEC Well Number 3 AEC Well Number 3 Churchill 4239 Fourmile Canyon
Hidden Well Hidden Well Elko 6289 Ninemile Mountain
The Geyser Well The Geyser Well Washoe 3999 Hualapai Flat South
Forest Eccks Well Forest Eccks Well Washoe Unknown
AEC Well 1-4 AEC Well 1-4 Churchill 4252 Chukar Canyon
Farias Well Farias Well Lyon 4311 Mason Butte
Hooten Well Hooten Well Lyon 4199 Hooten Well
Anderson Well Anderson Well Elko 6050 Marys River Basin SE
Big 10 Well Big 10 Well Nye 6247 Big Ten Peak West
Brown Well Brown Well Lander 6066 Iron Mountain
Bruner Well Bruner Well Nye 6781 Burnt Cabin Summit
Cerutti Well Cerutti Well Eureka 6289 Sullivan Wash
Doyles Well Doyles Well White Pine 5794 Baking Powder Flat
Drumm Well Drumm Well Lander 5909 Dutch Flat
Ford Well Ford Well Nye 6286 Paradise Peak
Government Well Government Well Mineral 5659 Huntoon Valley
Holly Well Holly Well Nye 4669 Downeyville
Hylton Well Number One Hylton Well Number One Elko 5640 Welcome
Jakes Wash Well Jakes Wash Well White Pine 6079 Preston Reservoir
Jakes Well Jakes Well Nye 5692 Carvers SE
Kellys Wells Kellys Wells Nye 4583 Gabbs
Midway Well Midway Well White Pine 6814 Blackjack Springs
Missouri Flat Well Missouri Flat Well Lyon 4826 Wilson Canyon
Petes Well Petes Well Lander 5774 Spencer Hot Springs
Potts Well Potts Well Lander 6450 Potts Well
Rattlesnake Well Rattlesnake Well Mineral 6020 Rattlesnake Flat
South Steptoe Fence Well South Steptoe Fence Well White Pine 6758 Ward Charcoal Ovens
Spanish Pipeline Well Spanish Pipeline Well Nye 6178 Big Ten Peak West
Steam Wells Steam Wells Washoe 4833 Mount Rose NE
Swallow Well Swallow Well White Pine 5781 Hogum
Tri-County Well Tri-County Well Churchill 5640 Burnt Cabin Summit
Trudgen Well Trudgen Well Nye 6388 Big Ten Peak West
Well One Well One Nye 3100 Frenchman Lake
Zabriskie Well Zabriskie Well Nye 7201 Belmont West
Number One Well Number One Well Nye 6516 The Monitor
White Pine Well White Pine Well Elko 5850 Belmont Creek
Sharps Well Sharps Well Elko 6007 Ruby City Creek
Carters Well Carters Well White Pine 6909 Seligman Canyon
Cathedral Well Cathedral Well White Pine 6096 Mount Hamilton
Fera One Hundred One Fera One Hundred One White Pine 7336 Schellbourne
Snyder Well Number One Snyder Well Number One White Pine 5830 Majors Place
Fera Well Fiftytwo Fera Well Fiftytwo White Pine 5833 Majors Place
Huesser Winter Well Huesser Winter Well White Pine 6181 East Ely
Eagle Springs Oil Wells Eagle Springs Oil Wells Nye 4715 Bullwhacker Springs
Gopher Creek Well Gopher Creek Well Elko 5574 Twin Buttes
Fera Fifteen Fera Fifteen White Pine 5896 Borchert Spring
Cave Well Cave Well Nye 6066 Callaway Well
Bull Creek Well Number Two Bull Creek Well Number Two Nye 5505 Duckwater NE
Douglas Point Well Douglas Point Well White Pine 5426 Douglas
Mud Well Mud Well Clark 2385 Saint Thomas Gap
Potts Well Potts Well Lander 6388 Potts Well
Negro Wells Negro Wells Churchill 5558 Burnt Cabin Summit
Mud Wash Well Mud Wash Well Churchill 6060 Quartz Mountain NW
Hickison Well Hickison Well Lander 6316 Hickison Summit
Baker Well Baker Well Mineral 4528 Camp Douglas
Uhalde Well Uhalde Well Nye 5295 Water Gap NW
A P W Well A P W Well Lincoln 4970 Coyote Spring
Moana Well Moana Well Washoe 4531 Mount Rose NE
NERA Well NERA Well Humboldt 4035 Leonard Creek Slough North
Windy Point Well Windy Point Well Humboldt 4068 Leonard Creek Slough North
Itcaina Well Itcaina Well Elko 5997 Kinsley Mountains
Panama Well Panama Well Pershing 6174 Rochester