Agency Canal Agency Canal Elko 5344 The Point
Main Canal Main Canal Elko 5321 Mountain View Lake
White Rock Lateral White Rock Lateral Elko 5335 The Point
Dunham McGill Ditch Dunham McGill Ditch White Pine 6024 McGill
Winsett Drain Winsett Drain Churchill 3911 Lahontan Mountains
Agency Canal Agency Canal Elko 5371 Owyhee
Allerman Canal Allerman Canal Douglas 4859 Gardnerville
American Canal American Canal Pershing 3993 Lovelock
Anderson Canal Anderson Canal Eureka 4685 Beowawe
Army Drain Army Drain Pershing 3904 Granite Point
Back Fox Ditch Back Fox Ditch Lyon 4416 Yerington
Big Cedar Creek Ditch Big Cedar Creek Ditch Humboldt 4252 Schoolhouse Butte
Big Five Canal Big Five Canal Pershing 3921 Wildhorse Pass
Blue House Ditch Blue House Ditch Lander 4590 Argenta
Boulder City Lateral Boulder City Lateral Clark 1667 Boulder Beach
Branch One Drain Branch One Drain Churchill 3921 Indian Lakes
Buckland Ditch Buckland Ditch Lyon 4193 Silver Springs South
Bull Creek Ditch Bull Creek Ditch Humboldt 4216 Schoolhouse Butte
Campbell Ditch Campbell Ditch Lyon 4383 Mason Butte
Carson Lake Drain Carson Lake Drain Churchill 3927 Grimes Point
Chandler Ditch Chandler Ditch Washoe 4587 Steamboat
Crane Ditch Crane Ditch Washoe 4534 Steamboat
D Canal D Canal Churchill 3953 Grimes Point
Dayton Town Ditch Dayton Town Ditch Lyon 4445 Dayton
Drain Number One Drain Number One Mineral 4114 Schurz
Duck Creek Overflow Canal Duck Creek Overflow Canal White Pine 6273 McGill
Duck Valley Canal Duck Valley Canal Elko 5410 The Point
East Campbell Ditch East Campbell Ditch Lyon 4360 Mason Butte
East Canal East Canal Churchill 3898 Foxtail Lake
Erb Drain Erb Drain Churchill 3947 Soda Lake East
Fernley Drain Fernley Drain Lyon 4134 Fernley East
Fox Ditch Fox Ditch Lyon 4442 Yerington
Gee Ditch Gee Ditch Lyon 4318 Flowery Peak
Gimble One Ditch Gimble One Ditch Lander 4495 Battle Mountain
Gimble Two Ditch Gimble Two Ditch Lander 4491 Battle Mountain
Gimble Four Ditch Gimble Four Ditch Lander 4488 Battle Mountain
Graveyard Drain Graveyard Drain Pershing 3993 Lovelock
Greenwood Ditch Greenwood Ditch Lyon 4439 Yerington
Hall Ditch Hall Ditch Lyon 4462 Yerington
Harmon Drain Harmon Drain Churchill 3921 Grimes Point
Henderson Lateral Henderson Lateral Clark 1831 Henderson
High Line Canal High Line Canal Elko 5203 Squaw Valley Ranch
Houghman and Howard Ditch Houghman and Howard Ditch Lyon 4252 Churchill Butte
Hunter Drain Hunter Drain Churchill 3884 Foxtail Lake
Joggles Ditch Joggles Ditch Lyon 4344 Hinkson Slough
Johnson Drain Johnson Drain Pershing 3976 Lovelock
KX Lateral Canal KX Lateral Canal Churchill 4111 Hazen
Kent Drain Kent Drain Churchill 3894 Stillwater
Kent Lake Drain Kent Lake Drain Churchill 3894 Stillwater
Knott Creek Channel Knott Creek Channel Humboldt 4619 Knott Creek
Koch Ditch Koch Ditch Lyon 4291 Misfits Flat
K2B Canal K2B Canal Lyon 4157 Fernley East
L Drain L Drain Churchill 3921 Grimes Point
Lakeshore Ditch Lakeshore Ditch Pershing 3924 Granite Point
Las Vegas Valley Lateral Las Vegas Valley Lateral Clark 1719 Henderson
Lateral Two-B Lateral Two-B Mineral 4134 Schurz
Lateral Two-D Lateral Two-D Mineral 4104 Schurz
Lateral Two-E Lateral Two-E Mineral 4098 Schurz
Lead Lake Canal Lead Lake Canal Churchill 3878 Foxtail Lake
Little Cedar Creek Ditch Little Cedar Creek Ditch Humboldt 4249 Schoolhouse Butte
Lower Twenty-five Ditch Lower Twenty-five Ditch Lander 4485 Battle Mountain
Lower Charlebois Ditch Lower Charlebois Ditch Lyon 4659 Yerington SE
Lower Humboldt Drain Lower Humboldt Drain Churchill 3911 Ocala
Lower Soda Lake Drain Lower Soda Lake Drain Churchill 3963 Soda Lake East
Lower Taylor Ditch Lower Taylor Ditch Pershing 3980 West of Lovelock
Main Canal Main Canal Elko 5403 Owyhee
Main Fox Ditch Main Fox Ditch Lyon 4396 Yerington
McLeod Ditch McLeod Ditch Lyon 4400 Yerington
Merchant Canal Merchant Canal Eureka 4672 Bobs Flat
Merritt Ditch Merritt Ditch Lyon 4344 Hinkson Slough
Mexican Ditch Mexican Ditch Carson City (city) 4626 New Empire
Mussi Drain Mussi Drain Churchill 3934 Indian Lakes
Nelson Ditch Nelson Ditch Lyon 4472 Yerington
Nichols-Merritt Ditch Nichols-Merritt Ditch Lyon 4367 Mason Butte
North Truckee Drain North Truckee Drain Washoe 4400 Vista
North Truckee Irrigation Ditch North Truckee Irrigation Ditch Washoe 4403 Vista
Norton Drain Norton Drain Churchill 3901 Stillwater
Old Virginia Canal Old Virginia Canal Douglas 4793 Gardnerville
Paiute Drain Paiute Drain Churchill 3898 Stillwater
Patrick Drain Patrick Drain Churchill 3894 Stillwater
Pioneer Ditch Pioneer Ditch Washoe 4396 Vista
Ponte Drain Ponte Drain Churchill 3953 Soda Lake East
R Drain R Drain Churchill 3993 Soda Lake East
Randall Ditch Randall Ditch Lyon 4377 Dayton
Rock Creek Ditch Rock Creek Ditch Lander 4606 Dunphy
Rose Canal Rose Canal Eureka 4649 Dunphy
S 2 Canal S 2 Canal Churchill 3894 Stillwater
S-Two Canal S-Two Canal Churchill 3924 Grimes Point
Sand Ridge Ditch Sand Ridge Ditch Lyon 4347 Mason Butte
Seven Ditch Seven Ditch Pershing 3934 Wildhorse Pass
Seventeen Ditch Seventeen Ditch Pershing 3914 Wildhorse Pass
Sky Lateral Sky Lateral Churchill 4062 Lahontan Dam
Soda Lake Drain Soda Lake Drain Churchill 3953 Soda Lake East
Sommers Ditch Sommers Ditch Pershing 3921 Wildhorse Pass
Spragg-Alcorn-Bewley Ditch Spragg-Alcorn-Bewley Ditch Lyon 4344 Mason Butte
Spragg-Woodcock Ditch Spragg-Woodcock Ditch Lyon 4393 Yerington
Stillwater Slough Cutoff Stillwater Slough Cutoff Churchill 3888 Stillwater
Strosnider East Ditch Strosnider East Ditch Lyon 4550 Yerington SE
Strosnider West Ditch Strosnider West Ditch Lyon 4521 Yerington SE
Stucky Ditch (historical) Stucky Ditch (historical) Mineral 4078 Gillis Canyon NW
Swope Drain Swope Drain Churchill 3914 Stillwater
T-S Ditch T-S Ditch Lander 4537 Stony Point
Taylor Canal Taylor Canal Pershing 4003 Lovelock
Thacker Lateral Thacker Lateral Elko 5358 The Point
Toulon Drain Toulon Drain Pershing 3930 Granite Point
Truckee Canal Truckee Canal Lyon 4183 Fernley East
Twenty Five Ditch Twenty Five Ditch Lander 4485 Battle Mountain
Upper Cardelli Ditch Upper Cardelli Ditch Lyon 4304 Flowery Peak
Upper Charlebois Ditch Upper Charlebois Ditch Lyon 4682 Yerington SE
Upper New Virginia Canal Upper New Virginia Canal Douglas 4819 Gardnerville
Upper Paiute Drain Upper Paiute Drain Churchill 3914 Indian Lakes
Upper Paiute Number Two Upper Paiute Number Two Churchill 3907 Stillwater
Vencill Drain Vencill Drain Churchill 3914 Indian Lakes
Wabuska Drain Wabuska Drain Lyon 4311 Mason Butte
Wade Drain Wade Drain Churchill 3957 Soda Lake East
West Campbell Ditch West Campbell Ditch Lyon 4344 Mason Butte
West Canal West Canal Churchill 3888 Foxtail Lake
West Hyland Ditch West Hyland Ditch Lyon 4363 Mason Butte
Westside Ditch Westside Ditch Eureka 4675 The Geysers
Westside Drain Westside Drain Churchill 3966 Fallon
White House Ditch White House Ditch Lander 4580 Argenta
White Rock Lateral White Rock Lateral Elko 5325 The Point
Woods Ditch Woods Ditch Lyon 4413 Yerington
Young Canal Young Canal Pershing 4003 Lovelock
Lower Diagonal Drain Lower Diagonal Drain Churchill 3921 Lahontan Mountains
L Line Canal L Line Canal Churchill 3953 Fallon
Lower Diagonal Number 1 Drain Lower Diagonal Number 1 Drain Churchill 3930 Grimes Point
N Line Canal N Line Canal Churchill 4016 Sheckler Reservoir
Rock Dam Ditch Number 1 Rock Dam Ditch Number 1 Churchill 4065 Lahontan Dam
S Line Canal S Line Canal Churchill 3947 Grimes Point
Upper West Side Drain Upper West Side Drain Churchill 3993 Sheckler Reservoir
Lovelock Drain Lovelock Drain Pershing 3983 Lovelock
Shaffner Drain Shaffner Drain Churchill 3914 Indian Lakes
T Line Canal T Line Canal Churchill 3999 Soda Lake East
Union Canal Union Canal Pershing 3993 Lovelock
Fairview Slough Fairview Slough Pershing 3953 Lovelock
Reed Ditch Reed Ditch Pershing 3953 Lovelock
Willow Slough Willow Slough Pershing 3963 West of Lovelock
Rudell Ditch Rudell Ditch Pershing 3989 Lovelock
Rodgers Ditch Rodgers Ditch Pershing 3970 Lovelock
Highline Canal Highline Canal Eureka 4721 Beowawe
Corbett Canal Corbett Canal Eureka 4701 Beowawe
Prosser Valley Ditch Prosser Valley Ditch Washoe 4705 Reno
Topaz Canal Topaz Canal Douglas 4997 Long Dry Canyon
Lagomarsino Murphy Ditch Lagomarsino Murphy Ditch Storey Unknown
McCarran Ditch McCarran Ditch Storey 4331 Patrick
Canal Number Two Canal Number Two Mineral 4140 Schurz
Lateral One-A Lateral One-A Mineral 4140 Schurz
Lateral Two-A Lateral Two-A Mineral 4094 Schurz
Hazen Drain Hazen Drain Churchill 3973 Hazen
Old Channel Canal Old Channel Canal Pershing 4003 Lovelock
Orr Ditch Orr Ditch Washoe 4498 Vista
Paiute Diversion Drain Paiute Diversion Drain Churchill 3888 Stillwater
Stillwater Point Reservoir Diversion Canal Stillwater Point Reservoir Diversion Canal Churchill 3914 Lahontan Mountains
Union Rodgers Canal Union Rodgers Canal Pershing 3950 Lovelock
Irish-American Canal Irish-American Canal Pershing 3983 Lovelock
Chin Creek Ditch Chin Creek Ditch White Pine 5991 Chin Creek Reservoir
Mesquite Ditch Mesquite Ditch Lincoln 1611 Mesquite
Bunkerville Ditch Bunkerville Ditch Clark 1549 Mesquite
French Canal French Canal Humboldt 4347 Pole Creek
D 3 Canal D 3 Canal Churchill 3921 Indian Lakes
F 2 Drain F 2 Drain Churchill 3921 Indian Lakes
Shaffner Branch Shaffner Branch Churchill 3924 Indian Lakes
D Line Canal D Line Canal Churchill 3924 Indian Lakes
Upper Soda Lake Drain Upper Soda Lake Drain Churchill 3983 Fallon
Thoma Drain Thoma Drain Churchill 3966 Fallon
Sheckler Drain Sheckler Drain Churchill 3980 Fallon
Sheckler 1 Drain Sheckler 1 Drain Churchill 3986 Fallon
Mills Drain Mills Drain Churchill 3973 Fallon
South Upper Soda Lake Drain South Upper Soda Lake Drain Churchill 3976 Fallon
Upper Soda Lake 1 Drain Upper Soda Lake 1 Drain Churchill 3986 Fallon
UID Drain UID Drain Churchill 3989 Soda Lake East
Baily Drain Baily Drain Churchill 3888 Stillwater
O Line Canal O Line Canal Churchill 3921 Indian Lakes
S 5 A Drain S 5 A Drain Churchill 3914 Stillwater
Lead Bypass Canal Lead Bypass Canal Churchill 3881 Stillwater
Streiff Drain Streiff Drain Lyon 4117 Fernley East
L2 Drain L2 Drain Churchill 3950 Fallon
L D Drain L D Drain Churchill 3953 Fallon
E Line Canal E Line Canal Churchill 3973 Fallon
West Lee Drain West Lee Drain Churchill 3914 Carson Lake
East Lee Drain East Lee Drain Churchill 3914 Carson Lake
Rice Ditch Rice Ditch Churchill 3914 Carson Lake
Branch 5 Drain Branch 5 Drain Churchill 3921 Grimes Point
S 7 Canal S 7 Canal Churchill 3940 Grimes Point
S 5 Canal S 5 Canal Churchill 3947 Indian Lakes
R Line Canal R Line Canal Churchill 3917 Grimes Point
L 3 Drain L 3 Drain Churchill 3950 Grimes Point
Grimes Slough Grimes Slough Churchill 3917 Grimes Point
Grimes Slough Extension Grimes Slough Extension Churchill 3921 Grimes Point
Pierson Slough Pierson Slough Churchill 3914 Carson Lake
Rock Dam Ditch Rock Dam Ditch Churchill 4055 Lahontan Dam
Goose Lake Bypass Goose Lake Bypass Churchill 3884 Foxtail Lake
G Line Extension Drain G Line Extension Drain Churchill 3921 South of Fallon
West Carson Lake Drain West Carson Lake Drain Churchill 3914 South of Fallon
G Line Canal G Line Canal Churchill 3921 South of Fallon
Carson Lake A1 Extension Drain Carson Lake A1 Extension Drain Churchill 3940 South of Fallon
Gummow Drain Gummow Drain Churchill 3947 Fallon
G 3 Canal G 3 Canal Churchill 3927 South of Fallon
G Line Drain G Line Drain Churchill 3940 South of Fallon
Carson Lake 1 Drain Carson Lake 1 Drain Churchill 3927 South of Fallon
Hamblin Valley Flood Water Wash Ditch Hamblin Valley Flood Water Wash Ditch White Pine 5502 Tweedy Wash
Carpenter Pipe Line (historical) Carpenter Pipe Line (historical) Lincoln 5804 Wadsworth Ranch
Garden Springs Pipe Line Garden Springs Pipe Line Lincoln 4281 Blue Nose Peak
Number Three Ditch Number Three Ditch Lincoln 3547 Ash Springs
Number One Ditch Number One Ditch Lincoln 3570 Ash Springs
New East Ditch New East Ditch Lincoln 3540 Ash Springs
Number Four Ditch Number Four Ditch Lincoln 3570 Ash Springs
Alamo Company Canal Alamo Company Canal Lincoln 3481 Alamo
Alamo Company East Ditch Alamo Company East Ditch Lincoln 3428 Alamo
Lyng Ditch Lyng Ditch Humboldt 4386 Willow Point
Humboldt Canal Humboldt Canal Humboldt 4331 Golconda Butte
Union Canal Union Canal Pershing 3963 Lovelock
Sheep Creek Ditch Sheep Creek Ditch Elko 5358 The Point
Hammond Ditch Hammond Ditch Humboldt 4393 Red House Flat East
Highline Ditch Highline Ditch Douglas 5210 Risue Canyon
Cooney Ditch (historical) Cooney Ditch (historical) Lander 5971 Dutch Flat
Fred Ahles Ditch Fred Ahles Ditch Lander 5991 Dutch Flat
Ryan Ditch (historical) Ryan Ditch (historical) Nye 6316 Reese River Butte
East Ditch (historical) East Ditch (historical) Nye 6293 Reese River Butte
Pyramid Lake Fishway Pyramid Lake Fishway Washoe 3842 Pah Rah Mountain
A Drain A Drain Lyon 4078 Fernley East
Canal Number One Canal Number One Mineral 4140 Schurz
L 12 Canal L 12 Canal Churchill 3924 Grimes Point
S-One Canal S-One Canal Churchill 3940 Grimes Point
New River Extension Branch Drain New River Extension Branch Drain Churchill 3980 Fallon
Hankins Bellinger Ditch Hankins Bellinger Ditch Elko 5433 West of Lee
Pitt-Taylor Diversion Canal Pitt-Taylor Diversion Canal Pershing 4180 Imlay
Syphus Canal (historical) Syphus Canal (historical) Clark Unknown
Lower Old Virginia Canal Lower Old Virginia Canal Douglas 4787 Gardnerville
New River Drain New River Drain Churchill 3947 Grimes Point
A Line Canal A Line Canal Churchill 3953 Fallon
Harmon Number One Drain Harmon Number One Drain Churchill 3930 Grimes Point
Lake Ditch Lake Ditch Washoe 4600 Reno
V Line Canal V Line Canal Churchill 4045 Sheckler Reservoir
Big Ditch Big Ditch Douglas 4711 Minden
Big Ditch Big Ditch Washoe 4678 Virginia City
Coldron Ditch Coldron Ditch Washoe 4911 Verdi
D and GW Ditch D and GW Ditch Lyon 4534 Wilson Canyon
Edna Wilslef Ditch Edna Wilslef Ditch Douglas 4800 Gardnerville
Falke and Tillman Ditch Falke and Tillman Ditch Douglas 4856 Carters Station
Fredericksburg Ditch Fredericksburg Ditch Douglas 4836 Woodfords
Heise Company Ditch Heise Company Ditch Douglas 4734 Minden
Heyburn Ditch Heyburn Ditch Douglas 4675 Genoa
High Ditch High Ditch Lyon 4501 Yerington
Highland Ditch Highland Ditch Washoe 4728 Reno
Hillbun Ditch Hillbun Ditch Lyon 4478 Wilson Canyon
Homer Ditch Homer Ditch Elko 5689 Dry Creek Reservoir
Kelly Alkali Ditch Kelly Alkali Ditch Lyon 4482 Wilson Canyon
Last Chance Ditch Last Chance Ditch Washoe 4662 Reno
Lee Sanders Ditch Lee Sanders Ditch Lyon 4505 Wilson Canyon
Mickey Ditch Mickey Ditch Lyon 4452 Yerington
Middle Ditch Middle Ditch Douglas 4682 Minden
Middle River Ditch Middle River Ditch Douglas 4705 Minden
Park and Bull Slough Park and Bull Slough Douglas 4718 Minden
Plymouth Canal Plymouth Canal Lyon 4842 Smith
Saint Louis Straight Ditch Saint Louis Straight Ditch Douglas 4708 Minden
Saroni Canal Saroni Canal Lyon 4924 Desert Creek Ranch
Steamboat Ditch Steamboat Ditch Washoe 4947 Verdi
Swamp Ditch Swamp Ditch Elko 5876 Noon Rock
Tunnel Ditch Tunnel Ditch Lyon 4567 Wilson Canyon
West Side Canal West Side Canal Lyon 4528 Wilson Canyon
Wiley Ditch Wiley Ditch Lyon 6945 Nye Canyon
John Magnuson Ditch John Magnuson Ditch White Pine 6919 Mattier Creek
O'Connells Ditch O'Connells Ditch Elko 6804 Green Mountain
Suttles Ditch Suttles Ditch Elko 6840 Green Mountain
Cochran Ditch Cochran Ditch Washoe 4462 Mount Rose NE
Sanders Canal Sanders Canal Lyon 4514 Wilson Canyon
Colony Ditch Colony Ditch Lyon 4842 Oreana Peak
Hilton Ditch Hilton Ditch Elko 5246 Te-Moak Well