El Camino Del Diablo El Camino Del Diablo Chaves 3845 L E Ranch
New Mexico State University Animal Science Ranch New Mexico State University Animal Science Ranch Doņa Ana 4347 Summerford Mountain
New Mexico State University Animal Science Ranch New Mexico State University Animal Science Ranch Doņa Ana 4465 Dona Ana
Roswell Industrial Air Center Roswell Industrial Air Center Chaves 3642 Roswell South
A D Helm Ranch A D Helm Ranch Socorro 5958 Oscura Peak
A Hindi Ranch A Hindi Ranch Torrance 5987 Duran NE
Abbie Windmill Abbie Windmill Lea 3875 Gladiola
Abbott Well Abbott Well Chaves 4436 Kenna
Abercrombie Ranch Abercrombie Ranch San Miguel 5479 Dilia
Abeyta Ranch Abeyta Ranch Rio Arriba 7821 Monero
Abrahm Ranch Abrahm Ranch Torrance 6263 Longhorn Reservoir
Acrey Ranch Acrey Ranch Lea 4226 Dallas Store
Adair Well Adair Well Chaves 3586 Eightmile Draw
Adams Diggings Adams Diggings Catron 7464 Adams Diggings
Aden Station Well Aden Station Well Doņa Ana 4491 Aden Hills
Aden Torres Windmill Aden Torres Windmill Sierra 5489 Priest Tank
Adobe Ranch Adobe Ranch Doņa Ana 4721 Rough and Ready Hills
Adobe Well Adobe Well Lea 3773 Lovington SE
Adobe Windmill Adobe Windmill Hidalgo 4176 Ninemile Hill
Agua de los Torres Mill Agua de los Torres Mill Socorro 5840 Cerro Montoso
Agua Fria Trail Camp Agua Fria Trail Camp Colfax 8770 Tooth of Time
Agua Negra Ranch Agua Negra Ranch Guadalupe 4587 Santa Rosa
Agua Verde Ranch Agua Verde Ranch San Miguel 6463 Jacinto Mesa
Aguila Aguila San Miguel 5315 Chaperito
Aguilar Aguilar San Miguel 5912 La Liendre
Air Force Well Air Force Well Otero 3868 Hackberry Hill
Airport Windmill Airport Windmill Lea 3973 Tatum North
Alamito Camp Alamito Camp San Miguel 5164 Horse Pasture Tank
Alamo Ranch Alamo Ranch Guadalupe 4573 Canada Colorado
Alamo Ranch Alamo Ranch Sandoval 5879 San Felipe Mesa
Alamo Windmill Alamo Windmill Otero 5276 Cornudas Mountain
Alamo Windmills Alamo Windmills Doņa Ana 5164 Souse Springs
Alamosa Windmill Alamosa Windmill San Miguel 4770 Monument Point
Alamosa Windmill Alamosa Windmill San Miguel 3950 Carpenter Mesa SW
Alamosa Windmill Alamosa Windmill Harding 3973 Montesito Creek
Albers Ranch Albers Ranch McKinley 7274 Borrego Pass
Albert P O Albert P O Harding 4508 Albert
Alberts Homestead Alberts Homestead Cibola 5823 Marmon Ranch
Alegre Windmill Alegre Windmill Guadalupe 5620 Thompson Ranch
Aleman Ranch Headquarters Aleman Ranch Headquarters Sierra 4642 Prisor Hill
Alexander Ranch Alexander Ranch Sandoval 7129 Taylor Ranch
Alexander Windmill Alexander Windmill Sandoval 6926 Deer Mesa
Alf Windmill Alf Windmill Hidalgo 4281 Cotton City
Alires Windmill Alires Windmill Quay 4262 Montoya
Alkali Well Alkali Well Chaves 3937 Shannon Draw
Alkali Windmill Alkali Windmill Luna 4252 Cambray
Allen Windmill Allen Windmill Lea 3786 Prairieview
Allen Windmill Allen Windmill Union 6496 Des Moines
Allred Ranch Allred Ranch Lea 3599 Laguna Gatuna
Almo Well Almo Well Chaves 5394 Dunken
Alston Ranch Alston Ranch Lea 4098 Alston Ranch
Amado Windmill Amado Windmill Cibola 6814 Rincon Hondo
Amarillo Well Amarillo Well Chaves 3648 Eightmile Draw
American Creek Cow Camp American Creek Cow Camp Colfax 9629 Garcia Peak
Amy Windmill Amy Windmill Guadalupe 4541 Ortega Tank
Anaya Ranch Anaya Ranch Santa Fe 6266 Longhorn Reservoir
Anaya Ranch Anaya Ranch Santa Fe 6296 Ojo Hedionda
Anchor D Ranch Anchor D Ranch Chaves 3661 King Camp
Anderegg Ranch Headquarters Anderegg Ranch Headquarters Doņa Ana 5308 Gardner Peak
Anderson Ranch Anderson Ranch Grant 5318 Walker Canyon
Anderson Ranch Anderson Ranch Lea 4311 Maljamar NE
Anderson Windmill Anderson Windmill Grant 4295 Nichols Canyon
Anderson Young Ranch Anderson Young Ranch Eddy 4190 Sixteenmile Draw East
Andes Windmill Andes Windmill Roosevelt 4439 Gammil Well
Andrews Ranch Andrews Ranch McKinley 6886 Thoreau NE
Angel Ranch Angel Ranch Eddy 3281 Angel Draw
Angelo Windmill Angelo Windmill Grant 5308 Steeple Rock
Antelope Tank Antelope Tank Otero 3960 Lake Lucero NE
Antelope Windmill Antelope Windmill Luna 4819 Antelope Hill
Antelope Windmill Antelope Windmill Sierra 5955 Bell Mountain
Antelope Windmill Antelope Windmill Lea 4209 Lane Salt Lake
Antelope Windmill Antelope Windmill Lea 3976 Walking Cane Ranch
Anthony Ranch Anthony Ranch Lea 2940 Javelina Basin
Antonio Sedillo Grant Headquarters Antonio Sedillo Grant Headquarters Valencia 5423 South Garcia
Apache Summit Apache Summit Otero 7611 Apache Summit
Apache Windmill Apache Windmill Chaves 4173 Denton Camp
Apodaca Well Apodaca Well Socorro 4780 Cerro De La Campana
Apodaca Windmill Apodaca Windmill Sierra 4760 Clark Spring Canyon
Apodaca Windmill Apodaca Windmill Catron 6722 Cerro Prieto
Arabella Windmill Arabella Windmill Guadalupe 4902 Pastura SE
Araya Well Araya Well Socorro 5003 Canon Agua Buena
Archuleta Windmill Archuleta Windmill Colfax 6398 Lawrence Arroyo
Armstrong Camp Armstrong Camp Colfax 7835 Caliente Canyon North
Armstrong Ranch Armstrong Ranch Guadalupe 5049 Salt Lake
Armstrong Ranch Headquarters Armstrong Ranch Headquarters San Miguel 5561 Mesa Chupinas
Arrieta Ranch Arrieta Ranch Socorro 4695 Foster Well
Arroyo de las Caņas Arroyo de las Caņas Socorro 5479 Bustos Well
Artesia Windmill Artesia Windmill Sierra 5426 Bell Mountain
Artesian Windmill Artesian Windmill San Miguel 3976 Trinchera Creek
Askew Windmill Askew Windmill Chaves 3966 Mesa SE
Aspen Springs Trail Camp Aspen Springs Trail Camp Colfax 7903 Ute Park
Aston Ranch Aston Ranch Lincoln 5161 Loco Draw
Atarque Corrals Atarque Corrals San Miguel 4104 Medina Mesa
Atarque Ranch Atarque Ranch Cibola 6768 Atarque Lake
Atarque Windmill Atarque Windmill San Miguel 3848 Trinchera Creek
Atkinson Ranch Atkinson Ranch Chaves 3619 Bottomless Lakes
Atmore Ranch Atmore Ranch Colfax 7959 Touch-Me-Not Mountain
Aton Jones Ranch Aton Jones Ranch Otero 4413 McVeigh Hills
Austin Well Austin Well Quay 4803 Weber City
Avant Ranch Avant Ranch Guadalupe 4468 Canada Colorado
Avilas Camp Avilas Camp Sierra 5554 Thumb Tank Peak
Axtell Windmill Axtell Windmill Cibola 6788 Cerro Del Oro
B Lucero Ranch B Lucero Ranch Socorro 5751 Wrye Peak
B T Ranch B T Ranch Otero 5075 B T Ranch
Baca Ranch Baca Ranch Cibola 6640 Los Pilares
Baca Ranch Baca Ranch Harding 4222 Buffalo Springs
Backer Ranch Backer Ranch Hidalgo 4163 Rock Tank Draw
Backus Windmill Backus Windmill Chaves 3989 Culp Ranch
Badger Well Badger Well Otero 4882 B T Ranch
Badger Well Badger Well Chaves 3701 Cottonwood Draw
Badger Windmill Badger Windmill Hidalgo 4262 Hatchet Ranch
Badger Windmill Badger Windmill Lea 4117 Simanola Valley
Badger Windmill Badger Windmill Cibola 5784 Marmon Ranch
Badger Windmill Badger Windmill San Miguel 4465 Carpenter Mesa SW
Bailey Well Bailey Well Eddy 3245 Jumping Spring
Bailey Windmill Bailey Windmill Harding 4183 Hampton Ranch
Baird Ranch Baird Ranch Doņa Ana 4147 Gardner Peak
Bairds Ranch Bairds Ranch Otero 3963 Lake Lucero NE
Baker Ranch Baker Ranch Grant 4521 Gage NW
Baker Windmill Baker Windmill Luna 4459 Gage NW
Baker Windmill Baker Windmill Lea 4196 Lane Salt Lake
Baker Windmill Baker Windmill Union 6276 Cross L Ranch SW
Bald Hill Windmill Bald Hill Windmill Luna 4495 Gage SW
Baliff Well Baliff Well Roosevelt 4468 Button Mesa North
Ball Ranch Ball Ranch McKinley 6503 Mesita Americana
Ballard Windmill Ballard Windmill Hidalgo 4455 Culberson Ranch
Ballew Ranch Ballew Ranch Quay 4649 Hassell
Ballinger Ranch Ballinger Ranch Torrance 6745 Chilili
Balsh Windmill Balsh Windmill Lea 3770 Prairieview
Bar B Ranch Bar B Ranch Quay 4488 Jordan
Bar C Bar Ranch Bar C Bar Ranch Chaves 3589 Bar C Bar Ranch
Bar H Farm Bar H Farm Lincoln 4482 Horseshoe Bend
Bar O Ranch Bar O Ranch Luna 4708 Antelope Hill
Bar T Cross Camp Bar T Cross Camp Harding 4344 Arroyo Del Alamo
Bar Y Ranch Bar Y Ranch Guadalupe 4879 Bar Y Ranch
Barelas Windmill Barelas Windmill Cibola 6903 Atarque Lake
Barker Windmill Barker Windmill Harding 4147 Hampton Ranch
Barn Point Windmill Barn Point Windmill San Miguel 5285 Solano
Barnes Ranch Barnes Ranch Lincoln 5892 Wagon Canyon
Barney Stage Station Barney Stage Station Hidalgo 4203 Lordsburg
Barnhill Windmill Barnhill Windmill Chaves 4180 Dunlap Sill
Barren Windmill Barren Windmill Lea 3950 Gladiola
Barrow Windmill Barrow Windmill Grant 5102 Soldiers Farewell Hill
Bascom Pens Bascom Pens San Miguel 3983 Bascom Camp
Basin Windmill Basin Windmill San Miguel 4321 Minese Mesa
Bassett Ranch Bassett Ranch Santa Fe 6624 Edgewood
Bates Ranch Bates Ranch Eddy 3225 Angel Draw
Bates Windmill Bates Windmill Chaves 5233 Lewis Peak NE
Battle-axe Ranch Battle-axe Ranch Lea 3130 Paduca Breaks West
Battle-axe West Windmill Battle-axe West Windmill Lea 3186 Paduca Breaks West
Beal Ranch Beal Ranch Doņa Ana 3989 Selden Canyon
Beatonbough Windmill Beatonbough Windmill Chaves 4121 Denton Camp
Beaubien Camp Beaubien Camp Colfax 9347 Tooth of Time
Becenti Chapter House Becenti Chapter House McKinley 6588 Antelope Lookout Mesa
Beckham Ranch Beckham Ranch Lea 2913 Javelina Basin
Bedford Ranch Bedford Ranch Guadalupe 4997 Salt Lake
Bedford Ranch Bedford Ranch Colfax 6161 Charette Lake
Beebe Well Beebe Well Harding 3947 Logan North
Beeson Station Beeson Station Eddy 3520 Loco Hills
Belden Ranch Belden Ranch San Miguel 6814 Las Vegas SE
Bell Lake Windmill Bell Lake Windmill Lea 3570 Bell Lake
Bell Ranch Bell Ranch San Miguel 4327 Bell Ranch
Bell Well Bell Well Quay 4071 Nara Visa
Bella Vista Ranch Bella Vista Ranch Santa Fe 6683 Edgewood
Benavidez Ranch Benavidez Ranch Bernalillo 5400 Benavidez Ranch
Benavidez Windmill Benavidez Windmill Guadalupe 4442 Ortega Tank
Benavidez Windmill Benavidez Windmill Sandoval 5718 San Felipe Mesa
Bench Windmill Bench Windmill San Miguel 4058 La Cinta Mesa
Benedict Ranch Benedict Ranch Luna 4583 Grandmother Mountain East
Benedict Ranch Benedict Ranch Chaves 3858 Cottonwood Draw
Benedict Ranch Benedict Ranch Chaves 3681 Deering Place
Bennett Ranch Bennett Ranch Hidalgo 5010 Gillespie Mountain
Bennett Ranch Bennett Ranch Otero 4121 Shiloh Hills SE
Bennett Ranch Bennett Ranch Otero 5197 Alamo Mountain
Benson Ranch Benson Ranch Eddy 3320 Illinois Camp SE
Benton Ranch Benton Ranch Hidalgo 4337 Big Hatchet Peak
Benton Ranch Benton Ranch Guadalupe 4662 Mesita Del Gato
Bents Camp Bents Camp Colfax 7136 Ute Park
Berino Siding Berino Siding Doņa Ana 3806 La Mesa
Berkshire Ranch Berkshire Ranch Torrance 6102 Lobo Hill SW
Berkshire Windmill Berkshire Windmill Torrance 6106 Mountainair NE
Berlier Ranch Berlier Ranch Mora 6299 Frutosa Lake
Berrendo Windmill Berrendo Windmill Quay 3937 Riley Camp
Berry Ranch Berry Ranch Lea 3793 Lea
Berry Well Berry Well Roosevelt 4452 Schram Lake
Berry Windmill Berry Windmill Lea 3871 Bronco
Berryhill Ranch Berryhill Ranch McKinley 7034 Goat Mountain
Berryhill Windmill Berryhill Windmill Lea 3986 Tatum North
Bert Windmill Bert Windmill Hidalgo 4249 Cotton City
Bertoglio-Merrill Ranch Bertoglio-Merrill Ranch Hidalgo 4396 Coyote Peak
Bethe Windmill Bethe Windmill Quay 3927 Martin Draw
Betties Windmill Betties Windmill Harding 3960 Montesito Creek
Bibbs Ranch Bibbs Ranch Guadalupe 5417 San Ignacio
Bibo Ranch Bibo Ranch Cibola 6959 Los Pilares
Big Box Windmill Big Box Windmill Grant 4787 Soldiers Farewell Hill
Big Cottonwood Windmill Big Cottonwood Windmill Quay 4012 Rock Camp
Big Creek Windmill Big Creek Windmill Chaves 4278 White Flat SE
Big Dix Windmill Big Dix Windmill Grant 4629 Antelope Ridge
Big Flat Corral Big Flat Corral San Miguel 4491 Bell Ranch
Big Pocket Windmill Big Pocket Windmill San Miguel 5259 Tenaja Mesa
Big Red Windmill Big Red Windmill San Miguel 5420 Cactus Tank
Big Spring Pasture Windmill Big Spring Pasture Windmill Guadalupe 5003 Sunshine Mesa
Big Windmill Big Windmill Luna 4455 Gage SE
Big Windmill Big Windmill Lea 3031 Javelina Basin
Big Windmill Big Windmill Luna 4505 Gage NW
Big Windmill Big Windmill Union 5003 Atencio
Bigbee Ranch Bigbee Ranch Torrance 6329 North Lucy
Biggs Ranch Biggs Ranch Doņa Ana 4314 Mount Aden
Bill Jones Ranch Bill Jones Ranch Otero 4619 McVeigh Hills
Bill Kamradt Ranch Bill Kamradt Ranch Santa Fe 6535 Stanley
Bingham Ranch Bingham Ranch Lea 3586 Laguna Gatuna
Birchfield Ranch Birchfield Ranch Doņa Ana 4009 Camel Mountain
Bisbee Windmill Bisbee Windmill Luna 4324 Bisbee Hills
Bishop Ranch Bishop Ranch Socorro 5732 Bishop Ranch
Bisti Trading Post Bisti Trading Post San Juan 5794 Bisti Trading Post
Black Hay Windmill Black Hay Windmill Grant 5052 Mangas Springs
Black House Black House San Juan 5709 Sheep Springs
Black Jacks Hideout Black Jacks Hideout Colfax 7884 Ute Park
Black Mesa Windmill Black Mesa Windmill San Miguel 4721 Arroyo Alamocito
Black Muley Mill Black Muley Mill Eddy 3533 Foster Ranch
Black Ranch Black Ranch Catron 7474 Veteado Mountain
Black Ranch Black Ranch Bernalillo 5600 The Volcanoes
Blackshare Ranch Blackshare Ranch Sandoval 5794 San Felipe Pueblo NE
Blackstock Well Blackstock Well Roosevelt 4472 Button Mesa North
Blakey Ranch Blakey Ranch Grant 4783 Walker Canyon
Blakey Windmill Blakey Windmill Grant 4498 Walker Canyon
Blanco Camp Blanco Camp San Juan 5545 Blanco
Blanco Trading Post Blanco Trading Post San Juan 6765 Blanco Trading Post
Blanco Trap Windmill Blanco Trap Windmill San Miguel 4472 Carpenter Mesa NW
Blanco Windmill Blanco Windmill San Miguel 4393 Carpenter Mesa NW
Block Windmill Block Windmill Guadalupe 5469 Burro Lake
Bloom Ranch Bloom Ranch Chaves 3812 Hondo Reservoir
Bloom Windmill Bloom Windmill Chaves 3989 Blackwater Hill
Blossburg Blossburg Colfax 6781 Raton
Blue Front Ranch Blue Front Ranch Union 4911 Garcia Creek
Blue Pasture Windmill Blue Pasture Windmill San Miguel 4245 Medina Mesa
Blue Water Well Blue Water Well Chaves 3917 Shannon Draw
Blue Water Windmill Blue Water Windmill Cibola 7231 Mecate Meadow
Bluebell Windmill Bluebell Windmill Grant 5420 Steeple Rock
Bluewater Siding Bluewater Siding Cibola 6627 Bluewater
Board Ranch Windmill Board Ranch Windmill Luna 4022 Sibley Hole
Boardman Windmill Boardman Windmill Chaves 3829 Prairieview NE
Boatwright Well Boatwright Well Roosevelt 4419 Button Mesa North
Bogan Ranch Bogan Ranch Santa Fe 6243 Longhorn Reservoir
Bogard Well Bogard Well Harding 3894 Logan North
Boggie Windmill Boggie Windmill Guadalupe 5351 Horse Pasture Tank
Bogles Cotton Gin Bogles Cotton Gin Chaves 3478 Dexter West
Bond Ranch Bond Ranch Eddy 3097 Carlsbad East
Bond Ranch Bond Ranch Lea 4419 Maljamar NE
Bonds Four Section Windmill Bonds Four Section Windmill Grant 4610 Separ NE
Bonine Windmill Bonine Windmill Catron 7441 Bonine Canyon
Booker Camp Booker Camp Eddy 3661 Loco Hills
Bookout Ranch Bookout Ranch San Miguel 4344 Bookout Ranch
Boone Beach Ranch Boone Beach Ranch Eddy 3251 Cottonwood Hills
Boone Ranch Boone Ranch Hidalgo 4324 Big Hatchet Peak
Boone Well Boone Well Doņa Ana 4731 Organ
Booster Windmill Booster Windmill Chaves 4587 Chivata Canyon
Booster Windmill Booster Windmill Socorro 5889 Sierra Larga North
Booster Windmill Booster Windmill Socorro 5804 Bishop Ranch
Booster Windmill Booster Windmill Socorro 5991 Bishop Ranch
Boot Ranch Boot Ranch Chaves 4721 Wire Lake
Bootlegger Windmill Bootlegger Windmill Sierra 4882 Palomas Gap
Bordeaux Windmill Bordeaux Windmill Lea 3829 Prairieview
Border Farm Border Farm Lincoln 4560 Horseshoe Bend
Borrego Pass Trading Post Borrego Pass Trading Post McKinley 7434 Casamero Lake
Borrego Windmill Borrego Windmill Mora 7487 Ocate
Bosson Ranch Bosson Ranch McKinley 6342 Tekapo
Boswell Ranch Boswell Ranch Chaves 4222 Mesa SW
Boswell Windmill Boswell Windmill Chaves 4370 Round Mountain
Bounds Windmill Bounds Windmill Grant 4610 Gage NW
Bowe Ranch Bowe Ranch Quay 4035 Rock Camp
Bowlin Ranch Bowlin Ranch Luna 4331 Bowlin Ranch
Bowling Green Bowling Green Socorro 4662 Lemitar
Bowmann Windmill Bowmann Windmill San Miguel 5364 Solano
Box Canyon Ranch Box Canyon Ranch Eddy 4157 Box Canyon Ranch
Box M Ranch Box M Ranch Hidalgo 4209 Ninemile Hill
Boxcar Camp Boxcar Camp Santa Fe 6368 Golden
Boxcar Windmill Boxcar Windmill San Miguel 3944 Carpenter Mesa SW
Boylan Ranch Boylan Ranch Guadalupe 4728 Newkirk
Boylan Ranch Boylan Ranch San Miguel 4701 Mesa Cherisco
Brace Well Brace Well Harding 4055 Logan North
Brace Windmill Brace Windmill Harding 3924 Montesito Creek
Brackenridge Windmill Brackenridge Windmill Lea 3757 Prairieview
Bradberry Ranch Bradberry Ranch Grant 5725 Antelope Ridge
Brady Ranch Brady Ranch Chaves 3655 Hackberry Ranch
Brandenburg Ranch Brandenburg Ranch Torrance 6083 Willard
Branding Corral Windmill Branding Corral Windmill Harding 4423 Circle Bar Ranch
Brandt Well Brandt Well Harding 3983 Logan North
Brass Ranch Brass Ranch Doņa Ana 4354 Mount Aden
Braun Windmill Braun Windmill Chaves 4137 San Juan Mesa West
Bray Ranch Bray Ranch Guadalupe 4423 Fallon Ranch
Brazil Windmill Brazil Windmill Socorro 6211 Rayo Hills
Brazos Lodge Brazos Lodge Rio Arriba 8015 Penasco Amarillo
Brillante Windmill Brillante Windmill Cibola 7382 Cerro Brillante
Brimminstool Ranch Brimminstool Ranch Lea 3671 Tip Top Wells
Briscoe Ranch Briscoe Ranch Quay 4285 Briscoe Ranch
Britan Windmill Britan Windmill Luna 4357 Florida
Brito Ranch Brito Ranch San Miguel 4403 Neafus Ranch
Broadmoor Shopping Center Broadmoor Shopping Center Chaves 3599 Roswell North
Brockman Ranch Brockman Ranch Catron 7582 Cow Springs
Brown Brothers Ranch Brown Brothers Ranch Chaves 3720 Roswell South
Brown Windmill Brown Windmill Hidalgo 4321 Lordsburg
Brown Windmill Brown Windmill Catron 7444 Bonine Canyon
Brown Windmill Brown Windmill Quay 3947 Rock Camp
Brownfield Ranch Brownfield Ranch Otero 4199 Van Winkle Lake
Brownfield Ranch Brownfield Ranch Luna 4419 Good Sight Peak
Browns Ranch Browns Ranch Catron 6772 Techado
Brulm Ranch Brulm Ranch Harding 3996 Logan North
Bruton Ranch Bruton Ranch Socorro 4816 Little San Pascual Mountain
Bruton Well Bruton Well Socorro 4924 Cerro De La Campana SE
Bryan Pens Bryan Pens San Miguel 6762 Laguna La Monia
Bryant Windmill Bryant Windmill Lea 4009 Buckeye
Bryson Windmill Bryson Windmill Union 6450 Cow Mountain
Buchanan Ranch Buchanan Ranch Chaves 4108 Lucky Lake
Bucher Windmill Bucher Windmill Mora 6279 Frutosa Lake
Buck Windmill Buck Windmill Lea 3970 Tatum South
Buckeye Ranch Buckeye Ranch Lea 4026 Buckeye
Buckf Windmill Buckf Windmill Quay 4003 Montesito Creek
Buena Vista Cattle Camp (historical) Buena Vista Cattle Camp (historical) Sandoval 5472 Los Griegos
Buena Vista Ranch Buena Vista Ranch Harding 4173 Gallegos
Buena Vista Windmill Buena Vista Windmill Grant 4459 Ninetysix Ranch
Bueyeros Windmill Bueyeros Windmill San Miguel 4501 Campana
Buffalo Valley Farm Buffalo Valley Farm Chaves 3363 Hagerman
Buffalo Windmill Buffalo Windmill Quay 3688 Martin Draw
Bull Camp Windmill Bull Camp Windmill McKinley 6945 Hospah
Bull Pasture Windmill Bull Pasture Windmill Lea 3793 Bronco
Bull Pasture Windmill Bull Pasture Windmill Guadalupe 5174 Laguna De Los Terreros
Bull Pasture Windmill Bull Pasture Windmill San Miguel 4245 La Cinta Mesa
Bull Pasture Windmill Bull Pasture Windmill Union 5344 Black Canyon
Bull Windmill Bull Windmill Grant 4800 Ninetysix Ranch
Bull Windmill Bull Windmill Lea 4052 Ranger Lake
Bull Windmill Bull Windmill Lea 4199 Lane Salt Lake
Bullington Ranch Bullington Ranch Torrance 6404 Mountainair
Bullmill Camp Bullmill Camp Santa Fe 6407 Captain Davis Mountain
Bulltrap Windmill Bulltrap Windmill Lea 4190 Buckeye NW
Bunting Ranch Bunting Ranch Eddy 4117 Antelope Sink
Burgette Ranch Burgette Ranch Guadalupe 5774 Gacho Hill SW
Burk Camp Burk Camp Chaves 4373 Skunk Canyon
Burketts Ranch Burketts Ranch Hidalgo 4452 Horse Mountain
Burks Ranch Burks Ranch Quay 4531 Cherokee Valley
Birner Windmill Birner Windmill Sierra 4692 Upham
Burnham Trading Post Burnham Trading Post San Juan 5430 Burnham Trading Post
Burnt Windmill Burnt Windmill Chaves 5134 Flying H
Burris and Nunn Ranch Burris and Nunn Ranch Socorro 5499 Cerro Montoso
Burtch Windmill Burtch Windmill Hidalgo 4157 Rock Tank Draw
Butcher Well Butcher Well Eddy 3812 Rattlesnake Springs
Butler Ranch Butler Ranch Torrance 6368 Edgewood
Butler Windmill Butler Windmill Chaves 3812 Panther Hill
Butterfield Windmill Butterfield Windmill Luna 4911 Antelope Hill
Butterfield Windmill Butterfield Windmill Luna 4541 Good Sight Peak
Butterfield Windmill Butterfield Windmill Luna 5111 Goat Ridge
Byers Well Byers Well Harding 4032 Logan North
Byrd Ranch Byrd Ranch Guadalupe 5502 Duoro
C and M Ranch C and M Ranch Chaves 3776 Kincaid Ranch
C A Camp C A Camp San Miguel 4616 Salitre Canyon
C Eckles Ranch C Eckles Ranch Hidalgo 5226 San Luis Pass
C H Lewis Ranch C H Lewis Ranch Chaves 4442 Mesa
C L White Ranch C L White Ranch Chaves 3589 Eightmile Draw
C McKinney Ranch C McKinney Ranch Sierra 5627 Lake Valley
C S Ranch C S Ranch Colfax 6135 Miami NE
C Serrano Cabin C Serrano Cabin Rio Arriba 8363 Youngsville
CA Camp CA Camp Harding 4800 Alamosa Canyon
CH Begaye Well CH Begaye Well McKinley 6440 Chafin Well
Caballo Spring Windmill Caballo Spring Windmill Sierra 4797 Palomas Gap
Cabeza Cabeza San Miguel 5426 Chinaberry Canyon
Cabra Springs Ranch Cabra Springs Ranch San Miguel 4823 Cabra Hill
Cactus Windmill Cactus Windmill Guadalupe 5321 Pastura
Cain Ranch Cain Ranch Torrance 6722 Bigbee Draw
Cain Ranch Cain Ranch Harding 4035 Logan North
Cain Ranch Cain Ranch Union 4455 Amistad
Cake House Windmill Cake House Windmill Harding 4429 Circle Bar Ranch
Calentine Well Calentine Well Chaves 5840 Clements Ranch
Calhoun Windmill Calhoun Windmill Chaves 3553 Derrick Draw
Caliche Pits Caliche Pits Curry 4445 Pleasant Hill NW
Calumet Ranch Calumet Ranch Chaves 3573 Dexter East
Cambray Windmill Cambray Windmill Luna 4190 Cambray
Campbell Ranch Campbell Ranch Eddy 3576 Laguna Gatuna
Camps Windmill Camps Windmill Lea 3960 Tatum South
Caņada Windmill Caņada Windmill Union 6680 Little Grande
Canadian Windmill Canadian Windmill San Miguel 3845 Trinchera Creek
Canador Peak Windmill Canador Peak Windmill Hidalgo 4104 Canador Peak
Candy Kitchen Candy Kitchen Cibola 7385 Nicoll Lake
Cannon Windmill Cannon Windmill Lea 3999 Tatum North
Caņon del Agua Ranch Caņon del Agua Ranch San Miguel 5876 La Liendre
Caņoncito Siding Caņoncito Siding Santa Fe 6863 Glorieta
Cantaralo Windmill Cantaralo Windmill Cibola 6640 Cantaralo Spring
Canyon Tank Canyon Tank Guadalupe 4790 Sacaton Draw
Capitol Dome Ranch Capitol Dome Ranch Luna 4823 Capitol Dome
Caprock Ranch Caprock Ranch Lea 4367 Caprock
Caracita Windmill Caracita Windmill Quay 4340 Montoya
Carde Ranch Carde Ranch Guadalupe 5646 Gacho Hill
Carne Windmill Carne Windmill Luna 4222 Carne
Carpenter Windmill Carpenter Windmill San Miguel 3898 Trinchera Creek
Carpenter Windmill Carpenter Windmill San Miguel 3917 Carpenter Mesa SW
Carpenter Windmill Carpenter Windmill San Miguel 4478 Carpenter Mesa SW
Carper Windmill Carper Windmill Eddy 3173 Pierce Canyon
Carr Windmill Carr Windmill Socorro 6726 Wiley Mesa
Carralitos Ranch Carralitos Ranch Doņa Ana 4436 Sleeping Lady Hills
Carrizo Windmill Carrizo Windmill Torrance 6450 Palma
Carter Well Carter Well Catron 6394 Fence Lake SW
Carter Windmill Carter Windmill Cibola 6614 Atarque Lake
Cartwright Ranch Cartwright Ranch Otero 5978 Cornucopia Canyon
Casa Grande Ranch Casa Grande Ranch Sierra 4737 Tucson Spring
Casados Ranch Casados Ranch Harding 4308 Buffalo Springs
Casarez Ranch Casarez Ranch Chaves 3737 Hackberry Ranch
Casarez Ranch Casarez Ranch Chaves 3711 Roswell South
Cass Ranch Cass Ranch Eddy 3940 Box Canyon Ranch
Cathy Ranch Cathy Ranch Sierra 5121 OK Canyon
Catskill Catskill Colfax 7894 Caliente Canyon North
Caudill Ranch Caudill Ranch Chaves 4423 Caudill Ranch
Cauhape Ranch Cauhape Ranch Chaves 5735 Lewis Peak
Cauhape Ranch Cauhape Ranch Chaves 4521 Sixteenmile Draw West
Cauhape Teel Windmill Cauhape Teel Windmill Chaves 4521 Sixteenmile Draw West
Causy Windmill Causy Windmill Chaves 3776 L E Ranch
Cecil Windmill Cecil Windmill Torrance 6407 Palma
Cedar Grove Windmill Cedar Grove Windmill Luna 4790 Gage SW
Cedar Hill Ranch Cedar Hill Ranch Lincoln 4570 White Flat
Cedar Springs Lookout Cedar Springs Lookout Rio Arriba 8277 Cedar Canyon
Cedar Windmill Cedar Windmill Chaves 4111 Denton Camp
Cedar Windmill Cedar Windmill Cibola 7303 Sand Canyon
Cedros Windmills Cedros Windmills Harding 5305 Arroyo Del Alamo
Cejita Windmill Cejita Windmill Mora 7411 Ocate
Center Windmill Center Windmill Otero 4997 Cornudas Mountain
Cerro Prieto Windmill Cerro Prieto Windmill Catron 6703 Cerro Prieto
Chacon Camp Chacon Camp Harding 4022 Montesito Creek
Chaineys Ranch Chaineys Ranch Hidalgo 4360 Big Hatchet Peak
Chalk Windmill Chalk Windmill Cibola 6900 Atarque Lake
Challenge Windmill Challenge Windmill Chaves 4757 Dark Canyon
Chambers Sheep Camp Chambers Sheep Camp Lea 4124 Buckeye NE
Champion Windmill Champion Windmill Quay 4203 Bedford Hill
Chandler Windmills Chandler Windmills Quay 3953 Rock Camp
Chaney Ranch Chaney Ranch Santa Fe 6214 Longhorn Reservoir
Chaperito Windmill Chaperito Windmill San Miguel 5420 Chaperito
Chapman Windmill Chapman Windmill Lea 3865 Bronco
Chappell-Spade Ranch Chappell-Spade Ranch San Miguel 3888 Trinchera Creek
Charley White Windmill Charley White Windmill Quay 4009 Riley Camp
Chatten- Muncy Ranch Chatten- Muncy Ranch Chaves 3993 Haystack Butte
Chavez Ranch Chavez Ranch Catron 6588 Tejana Mesa
Chavez Ranch Chavez Ranch Torrance 6585 El Cuervo Butte
Chavez Windmill Chavez Windmill Sierra 4537 Black Bluffs
Chess Well Chess Well Otero 4967 Cornudas Mountain
Chical Indian School Chical Indian School Valencia 4875 Los Lunas
Chicken Windmill Chicken Windmill Luna 5026 Antelope Hill
Chief Rancho Chief Rancho Cibola 6214 McCartys
Chihuahua Ranch Chihuahua Ranch Lincoln 4626 Bull Gap SW
Childress Ranch Childress Ranch Chaves 4127 White Flat SE
Childress Windmill Childress Windmill Luna 5223 Cow Springs Mountain
Chillie Point Windmill Chillie Point Windmill San Miguel 4209 Medina Mesa
China Canyon Windmill China Canyon Windmill San Miguel 4550 Campana
China Draw Well China Draw Well Chaves 4183 Mesa SW
Christine Windmill Christine Windmill Chaves 4219 Blackwater Hill
Christmas Ranch Christmas Ranch Mora 6565 Optimo
Chupadera Windmill Chupadera Windmill Torrance 6394 Chupadera
Chupinas Windmill Chupinas Windmill San Miguel 5463 Mesa Chupinas
Church Pasture Windmill Church Pasture Windmill Lea 4334 Caprock
Church Windmill Church Windmill Quay 4344 Muniz Canyon
Cienega Ranch Cienega Ranch Hidalgo 3927 San Simon Cienega
Cienega Ranch Cienega Ranch Socorro 6027 Cienega Ranch
Cimarroncita Cimarroncita Colfax 7379 Ute Park
Cimarroncito Base Camp Cimarroncito Base Camp Colfax 7802 Tooth of Time
Circle Bar Ranch Circle Bar Ranch Harding 4373 Circle Bar Ranch
Circle F Ranch Circle F Ranch Lincoln 4652 Chivata Canyon
Circle Ranch Circle Ranch San Miguel 6617 Onava
Clabber Hill Ranch Clabber Hill Ranch San Miguel 4094 Conchas Dam
Clark Ranch Clark Ranch Sierra 4695 Skute Stone Arroyo
Clark Ranch Clark Ranch Lincoln Unknown
Clark Ranch Clark Ranch Torrance 6499 Chilili
Clark Windmill Clark Windmill Grant 4701 Antelope Ridge
Clarks Fork Trail Camp Clarks Fork Trail Camp Colfax 7523 Tooth of Time
Claunch Ranch Claunch Ranch Guadalupe 4606 Canada Colorado
Clay Ranch Clay Ranch Harding 4032 Logan North
Clay Ranch Clay Ranch Harding 4071 Logan North
Clayton Ranch Clayton Ranch Lea 4078 Buckeye NE
Clayton Ranch Clayton Ranch Guadalupe 4711 Ima NW
Clear Creek Store Clear Creek Store Colfax 7838 Touch-Me-Not Mountain
Clements Ranch Clements Ranch Chaves 6004 Clements Ranch
Clendenning Well Clendenning Well Harding 3950 Logan North
Cleofas Well Cleofas Well Doņa Ana 4521 Dona Ana
Cleveland Ranch Cleveland Ranch Eddy 2920 Malaga
Cliff House Cliff House McKinley 6778 El Dado
Coalson Ranch Coalson Ranch Sierra 4790 Skute Stone Arroyo
Coats Windmill Coats Windmill Lea 3146 Custer Mountain
Coe Ranch Coe Ranch Hidalgo 5354 Indian Peak
Coffee Windmill Coffee Windmill Colfax 6306 Lawrence Arroyo
Coffin Ranch Coffin Ranch Eddy 3747 Parish Ranch
Cogburn Windmill Cogburn Windmill Lea 4052 Dog Lake
Coggins Camp Coggins Camp Quay 3576 Sanchez Springs
Coldwater Ranch Coldwater Ranch Roosevelt 3986 Arch NE
Coles Camp Coles Camp Chaves 4012 Hondo Reservoir
Collier Ranch Collier Ranch Sandoval 5781 San Felipe Mesa
Collins Camp Collins Camp Union 3924 Cammak Camp
Collins Ranch Collins Ranch Quay 3819 Blue Hole
Colonias Camp Colonias Camp Guadalupe 4947 Horse Pasture Tank
Colored Windmill Colored Windmill Grant 5804 Tyrone
Comanche Ranch Comanche Ranch Valencia 5246 Comanche Ranch
Comanche Springs Reservoir Comanche Springs Reservoir Grant 6837 Fort Bayard
Compton Ranch Compton Ranch Roosevelt 4137 Delphos
Conchas Aquatic Camp Conchas Aquatic Camp San Miguel 4249 Conchas Dam
Conchas Ranch Conchas Ranch San Miguel 5367 Flagstone Mountain
Cone Cone Harding 5079 Cottonwood Springs
Connel Well Connel Well Quay 4196 Nara Visa
Cooper Ranch Cooper Ranch Lea 4380 Button Mesa South
Cooper Ranch Cooper Ranch Chaves 3832 Haystack Butte
Cooper Ranch Cooper Ranch Harding 4475 Gallegos NE
Cooper Ranch Cooper Ranch Lincoln 5062 Nelson Canyon West
Cooper Windmill Cooper Windmill Sierra 4528 Clark Spring Canyon
Cooper-Trew Ranch Cooper-Trew Ranch Quay 3911 Blue Hole
Copeland Ranch Copeland Ranch Union 4472 Centerville Corner
Corbett Ranch Corbett Ranch Hidalgo 4744 Hachita Peak
Cordell Windmill Cordell Windmill Chaves 4012 Howell Ranch
Cordova Well Cordova Well Doņa Ana 4793 Organ
Corkin Lodge Corkin Lodge Rio Arriba 8012 Penasco Amarillo
Corn Ranch Corn Ranch Lincoln 4774 Skunk Canyon
Corn Ranch Corn Ranch Chaves 4104 Corn Ranch
Corn Ranch Corn Ranch Chaves 4058 White Flat SE
Corn Ranch Corn Ranch Chaves 3960 Barn Draw
Corn Ranch Corn Ranch Chaves 3645 Marley Draw
Corns Ranch Corns Ranch Lincoln 4705 Arroyo Serrano East
Cornucopia Ranch Cornucopia Ranch Otero 5223 Cornucopia Ranch
Cornudas Ranch Cornudas Ranch Otero 4869 Cornudas Mountain
Corral Corral Eddy 2894 Red Bluff
Corralitos Side Camp Corralitos Side Camp Doņa Ana 4596 Sleeping Lady Hills
Costel Windmill Costel Windmill Chaves 4032 Shannon Draw
Cottonwood Cow Camp Cottonwood Cow Camp Colfax 7615 House Canyon
Cottonwood Ranch Cottonwood Ranch Eddy 3202 Cottonwood Hills
Cottonwood Ranch Cottonwood Ranch Chaves 3763 Cottonwood Draw
Cottonwood Ranch Windmill Cottonwood Ranch Windmill Grant 4980 Steeple Rock
Cottonwood Well Cottonwood Well Roosevelt 4370 Kenna
Cottonwood Windmill Cottonwood Windmill Grant 5538 Werney Hill
Cottonwood Windmill Cottonwood Windmill Hidalgo 4203 Rock Tank Draw
Coupland Ranch Coupland Ranch Chaves 5774 Cornucopia Canyon
Cow Camp Cow Camp Grant 6552 Antelope Ridge
Cow Pass Windmill Cow Pass Windmill San Miguel 4370 Carpenter Mesa NW
Cow Springs Ranch Cow Springs Ranch Luna 5039 Cow Springs Mountain
Cow Springs Windmill Cow Springs Windmill Luna 4947 Cow Springs Mountain
Cow Springs Windmill Cow Springs Windmill Catron 7556 Cow Springs
Cowden Ranch Cowden Ranch Guadalupe 5177 Bar Y Ranch
Cox Camp Windmill Cox Camp Windmill Catron 7549 Bonine Canyon
Cox Ranch Cox Ranch Doņa Ana 4160 Mount Riley SE
Cox Ranch Cox Ranch Luna 4659 Hermanas NW
Cox Ranch Cox Ranch Grant 4511 Separ
Cox Ranch Cox Ranch Catron 6660 Fence Lake SW
Cox Ranch Cox Ranch Quay 3966 Tuscocoillo Canyon
Cox Ranch Cox Ranch Eddy 4308 Sixteenmile Draw East
Cox Windmill Cox Windmill Union 6886 Capulin
Coyote Windmill Coyote Windmill Luna 4045 Columbus NE
Crawford Ranch Crawford Ranch Luna 4442 South Peak
Crawford Ranch Crawford Ranch Eddy 3133 Tower Hill South
Crawford Ranch Crawford Ranch Chaves 3570 Eightmile Draw
Creek Pasture Windmill Creek Pasture Windmill San Miguel 4357 Bell Ranch
Creek Well Creek Well Quay 4049 Nara Visa
Creek Windmill Creek Windmill Quay 3953 Riley Camp
Criswell Windmill Criswell Windmill Luna 4993 Antelope Hill
Crockett Ranch Crockett Ranch Eddy 4104 Sixteenmile Draw East
Crooked Creek Ranch Crooked Creek Ranch Chaves 4800 Dark Canyon
Croom Ranch Croom Ranch Grant 5426 Steeple Rock
Cross L Ranch Cross L Ranch Union 5315 Cross L Ranch
Crow Windmill Crow Windmill Cibola 6683 Rincon Hondo
Crow Windmill Crow Windmill Union 6516 Des Moines
Crowville Windmill Crowville Windmill Luna 4275 Hermanas
Cuevitas Camp Cuevitas Camp Sandoval 6512 San Luis
Cuevo Ranch Cuevo Ranch Chaves 5623 Dunken
Culberson Ranch Culberson Ranch Hidalgo 4242 Culberson Ranch
Culbertson Ranch Culbertson Ranch Harding 4751 Bueyeros NE
Cullins Windmill Cullins Windmill Chaves 3550 Derrick Draw
Culp Ranch Culp Ranch Lea 3763 Lovington SE
Culp Ranch Culp Ranch Chaves 3957 Culp Ranch
Curtis Camp Curtis Camp Colfax 7713 Curtis Camp
D Bar Ranch D Bar Ranch Lea 3976 Tatum North
D Williams Ranch D Williams Ranch Torrance 6293 Lobo Hill
Dale McCauley Ranch Dale McCauley Ranch Grant 4357 Mangas Springs
Dallas Ranch Dallas Ranch Chaves 3720 Acme
Dallas Store Dallas Store Lea 4239 Dallas Store
Dalton Pass Chapter House Dalton Pass Chapter House McKinley 6732 Dalton Pass
Dalton Pass Trading Post Dalton Pass Trading Post McKinley 6818 Dalton Pass
Daniel Windmill Daniel Windmill Union 6565 Little Grande
Daniels Ranch Daniels Ranch Chaves 4062 Mesa SE
Daniels Ranch Daniels Ranch Mora 5850 Alamosa Creek
Daniels Well Daniels Well Roosevelt 4580 Schram Lake
Darrell Ranch Darrell Ranch Cibola 6037 Mesa Gallina
Dave Smith Windmill Dave Smith Windmill Grant 5059 Cow Springs Mountain
Davidson Ranch Davidson Ranch Quay 3934 Riley Camp
Davis Ranch Davis Ranch Luna 4557 Grandmother Mountain East
Davis Ranch Davis Ranch Catron 6906 Techado
Davis Ranch Davis Ranch Torrance 6171 Lobo Hill
Davis Ranch Davis Ranch Torrance 6283 Moriarty North
Davis Ranch Davis Ranch Sierra 4275 Garfield
Davis Windmill Davis Windmill Hidalgo 4295 Culberson Ranch
Davis Windmill Davis Windmill Lea 3914 Bronco NE
Davy Windmill Davy Windmill Cibola 6283 Chicken Mountain
De Muth Ranch De Muth Ranch Sierra 4987 Lake Valley
Dead Cow Windmill Dead Cow Windmill Valencia 5915 Mesa Gallina
Dean Ranch Dean Ranch Lea 4222 Dean Ranch
Dean Ranch Dean Ranch Socorro 5725 Wrye Peak
Dean Ranch Dean Ranch Torrance 6184 Lobo Hill SE
Dean Ranch Dean Ranch Torrance 6443 Chilili
Dean Ranch Dean Ranch Quay 3865 Sanchez Springs
Dean Windmill Dean Windmill Lea 3868 Hillburn City
Deatons Ranch Deatons Ranch Hidalgo 4459 Horse Mountain
Deep Sand Well Deep Sand Well Chaves 4331 Kenna
Deep Tank Windmill Deep Tank Windmill Chaves 3809 Cedar Point
Deep Well Deep Well Otero 4560 Cornucopia Ranch SE
Deep Well Deep Well Chaves 4429 Deep Well
Deep Well Deep Well Chaves 4554 Sixteenmile Draw East
Deep Well Ranch Deep Well Ranch Sierra 4655 Crocker
Deep Windmill Deep Windmill Cibola 7129 Atarque Lake
Del Curto Ranch Del Curto Ranch Guadalupe 5751 Gacho Hill NW
Delaware Ranch Delaware Ranch Eddy 2989 Red Bluff
Dempster Windmill Dempster Windmill Lea 4052 Tatum North
Dennis Ranch Dennis Ranch Quay 4081 Bulldog Mesa
Denny Ranch Denny Ranch Eddy 3504 Azotea Peak
Dent Windmill Dent Windmill Cibola 6903 Atarque Lake
Denton Camp Denton Camp Chaves 4062 Denton Camp
Denton Ranch Denton Ranch Curry 4363 Garrett Ranch
Denton Windmills Denton Windmills Chaves 4081 Denton Camp
Derrick Ranch Derrick Ranch Chaves 3399 Derrick Draw
Desert Desert Otero 4088 Desert
Diamond a Ranch Diamond a Ranch Mora 6644 La Chata Crater
Diamond and a Half Ranch Diamond and a Half Ranch Lea 3320 Andrews Place
Diamond A Ranch Diamond A Ranch Eddy 3599 Red Lake
Diamond A Ranch Diamond A Ranch Chaves 4213 Diamond A Ranch
Diamond A Ranch Diamond A Ranch Hidalgo 4324 Coyote Peak
Diamond T Ranch Diamond T Ranch Socorro 4741 La Joya
Diamond Windmill Diamond Windmill Roosevelt 4258 Tolar SW
Dickinson Ranch Dickinson Ranch Lea 3793 Prairieview
Dickson Farm Dickson Farm Eddy 3041 Loving
Dinwiddie Ranch Dinwiddie Ranch Lea 3123 Custer Mountain
Dipping Vat Windmill Dipping Vat Windmill Catron 6624 Cerro Prieto
Dirt Tank Well Dirt Tank Well Chaves 5348 Thimble Canyon
Divide Camp Divide Camp Chaves 4682 Horseshoe Bend
Dixon Well Dixon Well Chaves 3720 Coyote Draw
Dobe Well Dobe Well Chaves 4321 Kenna
Dobie Windmill Dobie Windmill Roosevelt 4308 Krider
Dobies Windmill Dobies Windmill Luna 4475 Florida
Dog Hole Dog Hole Socorro 5984 Field Ranch
Dog Lake Well Dog Lake Well Lea 4219 Dog Lake
Dog Spring Ranch Dog Spring Ranch Hidalgo 4879 Dog Mountains
Dog Town Windmill Dog Town Windmill Luna 4360 Lazy E Ranch
Dog Windmill Dog Windmill Cibola 7730 Wild Horse Canyon
Dogie Canyon Pumping Station Dogie Canyon Pumping Station Rio Arriba 6234 Gonzales Mesa
Dogtown Ranch Dogtown Ranch Luna 4262 Malpais Hill
Dolores Ranch Dolores Ranch Santa Fe 6775 Golden
Dona Ana Range Camp Dona Ana Range Camp Doņa Ana 4111 Bishop Cap
Donahue Windmill Donahue Windmill Luna 4167 Midway Butte
Donne Windmills Donne Windmills Quay 4275 Muniz Canyon
Doodlebug Windmill Doodlebug Windmill Chaves 4511 Kenna
Doodlebug Windmill Doodlebug Windmill San Miguel 4596 Carpenter Mesa NW
Doolin Windmill Doolin Windmill Mora 6247 Frutosa Lake
Double Mills Double Mills Eddy 3104 Cottonwood Hills
Double Well Double Well Chaves 4298 Kenna
Double Windmill Double Windmill Lea 4091 Johnson Ranch
Double Windmill Double Windmill Roosevelt 4501 Schram Lake
Double Windmills Double Windmills Roosevelt 4557 Gammil Well SE
Double X Ranch Double X Ranch Lea 3471 Bell Lake
Draw Windmill Draw Windmill Lea 3944 Tatum South
Dressler Ranch Dressler Ranch Torrance 6407 Ewing
Drift Fence Well Drift Fence Well Doņa Ana 3950 White Sands
Drill Hole Sand Windmill Drill Hole Sand Windmill Lea 4226 Johnson Ranch
Dripper Windmill Dripper Windmill Lea 4104 Simanola Valley
Dry Windmill Dry Windmill Cibola 7516 North Pasture
Dublin Ranch Dublin Ranch Eddy 3097 Indian Flats
Duncan Farms Duncan Farms Socorro 4550 San Antonio
Duncan Ranch Duncan Ranch Sierra 4790 Jug Canyon
Duncan Windmill Duncan Windmill Lea 4042 Buckeye
Dunken Windmill Dunken Windmill Chaves 5482 Dunken
Dunlap Ranch Dunlap Ranch Torrance 6129 Dunlap Ranch
Dunn Well Dunn Well Roosevelt 4505 Schram Lake
Dunn Windmill Dunn Windmill Luna 4616 Grandmother Mountain East
Dunn Windmill Dunn Windmill Cibola 7260 Mecate Meadow
Duoro Siding Duoro Siding Guadalupe 5449 Duoro
Durham Ranch Durham Ranch Chaves 3556 Eightmile Draw
Durham Windmill Durham Windmill Quay 4078 Riley Camp
Dutch John Windmill Dutch John Windmill Grant 4600 Walker Canyon
Dutch Windmill Dutch Windmill Roosevelt 4390 Gammil Well
Duwess Windmill Duwess Windmill San Miguel 4459 Muniz Canyon
Dyer Ranch Dyer Ranch Santa Fe 7119 Wildhorse Mesa
E Nunn Ranch E Nunn Ranch Sierra 5243 McClede Mountain
E Serrano Cabin E Serrano Cabin Rio Arriba 7936 Youngsville
Eagle Nest Lodge Eagle Nest Lodge Colfax 8241 Touch-Me-Not Mountain
Eagle Nest Windmill Eagle Nest Windmill Luna 4199 P O L Ranch
Eagle Well Eagle Well Chaves 5190 Thimble Canyon
Eagle Windmill Eagle Windmill Luna 4252 Carne
Eagles Windmill Eagles Windmill Eddy 3419 Big Sinks
Ealen Windmill Ealen Windmill Quay 3973 Tuscocoillo Canyon
Earl Well Earl Well Otero 4442 Shiloh Hills
Earp Ranch Earp Ranch Luna 4445 Gage
East Bell Windmill East Bell Windmill Roosevelt 4340 Tolar
East Buck Trap Windmill East Buck Trap Windmill Guadalupe 4823 Sunshine Mesa
East Buffalo Springs Windmills East Buffalo Springs Windmills Harding 4439 Buffalo Springs
East Camp East Camp Chaves 3973 Presler Lake
East Farm Windmill East Farm Windmill Lea 3770 Prairieview SE
East Fivemile Well East Fivemile Well Chaves 3740 Shannon Draw
East Graveyard Windmill East Graveyard Windmill Harding 4528 Indian Bathtub
East Hackerott Well East Hackerott Well Quay 4144 Nara Visa
East Header Windmill East Header Windmill Chaves 4636 Dark Canyon
East Horse Windmill East Horse Windmill Lea 4134 Simanola Valley
East Joe Windmill East Joe Windmill Cibola 6932 Mesita De Yeso
East Malpais Windmill East Malpais Windmill Cibola 6906 Fence Lake
East Mytle Windmill East Mytle Windmill Lea 4052 Buckeye
East Sand Windmill East Sand Windmill Lea 3921 Gladiola
East Stancel Corral East Stancel Corral Chaves 3993 Shannon Draw
East Steele Windmill East Steele Windmill Harding 4570 Circle Bar Ranch
East Townsend Windmill East Townsend Windmill Chaves 3822 Prairieview NE
East Twin Windmill East Twin Windmill Harding 4390 Indian Bathtub
East Well East Well Santa Fe 6266 Galisteo
East Windmill East Windmill Luna 4134 North Peak
East Windmill East Windmill Lea 3281 Woodley Flat
East Windmill East Windmill Luna 4783 Spalding
East Windmill East Windmill Lea 4144 Buckeye NE
East Windmill East Windmill Lea 4298 Buckeye NW
East Windmill East Windmill Lea 3770 Prairieview SE
East Windmill East Windmill Chaves 3970 Cedar Point
East Windmill East Windmill Chaves 3793 Prairieview NE
East Windmill East Windmill Lea 3957 Tatum North
East Windmill East Windmill Lea 3901 Gladiola
East Windmill East Windmill Lea 4147 Simanola Valley
East Windmill East Windmill Lea 4104 Ranger Lake
East Windmill East Windmill Chaves 3924 Campbell
East Windmill East Windmill Catron 7556 Cow Springs
East Windmill East Windmill Cibola 7077 North Pasture
East Windmill East Windmill Harding 3907 Montesito Creek
Eaton Ranch Eaton Ranch Eddy 3714 Hope SE
Eaulkner Ranch Eaulkner Ranch Luna 4813 Hat Top Mountain
Eaves Windmill Eaves Windmill Lea 4117 Alston Ranch
Edson Ranch Edson Ranch Lea 4016 Lovington NW
Edson Ranch Edson Ranch Lea 4239 Buckeye NW
Edwards Ranch Edwards Ranch Luna 4393 Malpais Hill
Egerton Ranch Egerton Ranch Quay 4416 Kerlin Hill
El Convento El Convento Mora 7260 Lucero
El Morro Ranch El Morro Ranch Guadalupe 5161 El Morro Ranch
El Poso Ranch El Poso Ranch Rio Arriba 7221 Heron Reservoir
El Rancho Grande El Rancho Grande Colfax 7362 Pine Buttes
Electric Windmill Electric Windmill Lea 3914 Bronco NE
Elevenmile Ranch Elevenmile Ranch Lincoln 4455 Horseshoe Bend NW
Elijid Windmill Elijid Windmill Mora 6243 Frutosa Lake
Elkins Ranch Elkins Ranch Sierra 4511 Black Bluffs
Elkins Ranch Elkins Ranch McKinley 6785 Thoreau NE
Elkins Star Lake Ranch Elkins Star Lake Ranch McKinley 6975 Rincon Marquez
Eller Well Eller Well Lea 3747 Lovington SE
Elliott Ranch Elliott Ranch Torrance 6204 Ewing
Elliott Windmill Elliott Windmill Roosevelt 4505 Tolar SW
Elmendorf Siding Elmendorf Siding Socorro 4547 Indian Well Wilderness
Emsay Windmill Emsay Windmill Lea 4167 Dog Lake
Erramousbe Ranch Erramousbe Ranch Torrance 6312 Longhorn Reservoir
Ervin Ranch Ervin Ranch Chaves 3645 Bottomless Lakes
Escojeda Windmill Escojeda Windmill Catron 6571 Fence Lake SW
Escondida Siding Escondida Siding Otero 4026 Tres Hermanos SE
Escondido Ranch Escondido Ranch Doņa Ana 4721 Souse Springs
Escondido Ranch Escondido Ranch McKinley 7083 Orphan Annie Rock
Escrito Trading Post Escrito Trading Post Rio Arriba 7218 Lybrook
Estes Ranch Estes Ranch Grant 5289 Steeple Rock
Estes Windmill Estes Windmill Torrance 6273 Willard
Etcheverry Ranch Etcheverry Ranch Lea 4127 Fort Ranch
Eubanks Windmill Eubanks Windmill Lea 3960 Gladiola
Evans Ranch Evans Ranch Sandoval 6450 La Gotera
F Yates Ranch F Yates Ranch Santa Fe 6473 King Draw
Faircloth Ranch Faircloth Ranch Chaves 4022 Haystack Mountain
Faircloth Well Faircloth Well Chaves 3783 Eightmile Draw
Fairly Windmill Fairly Windmill Lea 4121 Alston Ranch
Fairview Windmill Fairview Windmill Lea 3412 Woodley Flat
Fallon Ranch Fallon Ranch Guadalupe 4593 Fallon Ranch
Falls Ranch Falls Ranch Otero 4806 Three Rivers
Farm Windmill Farm Windmill Guadalupe 5036 Pastura SE
Farmer Ranch Farmer Ranch Quay 4183 Bulldog Mesa
Farrow Ranch Farrow Ranch Quay 4131 Tucumcari SE
Faywood Station Faywood Station Luna 4915 Faywood Station
Felix Windmill Felix Windmill Chaves 4777 Singer Lake
Feliz Ranch Feliz Ranch San Miguel 6765 Laguna La Monia
Fence Line Windmill Fence Line Windmill Lea 4170 Dallas Store
Fenceline Windmill Fenceline Windmill Cibola 6211 White Ridge
Fenton Ranch Fenton Ranch Eddy 3235 Illinois Camp SE
Ferguson Windmill Ferguson Windmill Guadalupe 4816 Cuervo
Fernandez Ranch Fernandez Ranch Socorro 5026 Canon Agua Buena
Fernandez Ranch Fernandez Ranch Socorro 5446 Orndorff Ranch
Fernandez Ranch Fernandez Ranch Colfax 6381 Miami
Field Ranch Field Ranch Hidalgo 5361 Clanton Draw
Field Ranch Field Ranch Socorro 6076 Field Ranch
Field Well Field Well Socorro 4800 Cerro De La Campana
Field Windmill Field Windmill Lea 4354 Caprock
Fife Ranch Fife Ranch Quay 4124 Tucumcari SE
Fife Ranch Fife Ranch Quay 4134 Bulldog Mesa
Fife Windmill Fife Windmill Quay 3914 Riley Camp
Fifteenmile Windmill Fifteenmile Windmill Chaves 4426 Round Mountain
Finley Well Finley Well Chaves 3734 Shannon Draw
Fire Windmill Fire Windmill Union 6312 Cow Mountain
First West Well First West Well Roosevelt 4462 Button Mesa North
Fish Pond Windmill Fish Pond Windmill Quay 4360 Montoya
Fish Ranch Fish Ranch Quay 4488 Circle S Mesa
Fisher Ranch Fisher Ranch Santa Fe 6434 Stanley
Fisher Windmill Fisher Windmill Lea 4334 Button Mesa South
Fishpond Tank Fishpond Tank Harding 3980 Montesito Creek
Fita Windmill Fita Windmill Sierra 5912 Chise
Fitzner Ranch Fitzner Ranch Harding 3993 Logan North
Fivemile Ranch Fivemile Ranch Chaves 3845 Shannon Draw
Flat Lake Ranch Flat Lake Ranch Doņa Ana 4354 Gilmore Draw
Fleck Ranch Fleck Ranch Doņa Ana 5325 Fleck Draw
Fleming Windmill Fleming Windmill Union 6378 Cross L Ranch SW
Flood Homestead Flood Homestead Catron 7336 Blue Hills
Flowers Ranch Flowers Ranch Torrance 6260 Moriarty South
Flowing Well Flowing Well Santa Fe 6086 Galisteo
Floyd Windmill Floyd Windmill Chaves 3806 Prairieview NE
Flying C Ranch Flying C Ranch Torrance 6224 Palma
Flying M Ranch Flying M Ranch Chaves 4354 Flying M Ranch
Flying W Ranch Flying W Ranch Luna 5026 Flying W Mountain
Ford Windmill Ford Windmill Quay 4052 Rock Camp
Forehand Ranch Forehand Ranch Eddy 3120 Otis
Foreman Well Foreman Well Chaves 3914 Shannon Draw
Forks Windmill Forks Windmill Harding 4058 Montesito Creek
Forsite Homestead Forsite Homestead Chaves 3730 Roswell North
Fort Atarque Ruins Fort Atarque Ruins Cibola 6588 Rincon Hondo
Fort Ranch Fort Ranch Lea 3848 Prairieview
Fort Ranch Fort Ranch Lea 4393 Soldier Hill
Fort Union Corral Fort Union Corral Mora 6480 Loma Parda
Fort Union Ranch Fort Union Ranch Mora 6854 Fort Union
Fortyfour Store Fortyfour Store San Juan 6893 Lybrook NW
Foster Ranch Foster Ranch Eddy 3743 Foster Ranch
Foster Ranch Headquarters Foster Ranch Headquarters Socorro 4692 Foster Well
Foster Well Foster Well Doņa Ana 4580 Organ
Four Bac Windmill Four Bac Windmill Lea 4209 Maljamar NE
Four Corners Cow Camp Four Corners Cow Camp McKinley 6686 Piedra De La Aguila
Four Corners Pen Four Corners Pen Guadalupe 5213 Horse Pasture Tank
Four Corners Windmill Four Corners Windmill Cibola 7116 York Ranch
Four Hundred and Seventy Four Hundred and Seventy Chaves 4888 Singer Lake
Four Lakes Ranch Four Lakes Ranch Lea 4131 Dallas Store
Four V Ranch Four V Ranch San Miguel 4439 Four V Ranch
Foust-Hilburn Ranch Foust-Hilburn Ranch Roosevelt 4468 Gammil Well SE
Fox Windmill Fox Windmill Hidalgo 4196 Gary
Franciscan Windmill Franciscan Windmill Cibola 6611 Atarque Lake
Frank Jones Ranch Frank Jones Ranch Eddy 3514 Carlsbad West
Franks Ranch Franks Ranch Sierra 5325 Lake Valley
Frazor Windmill Frazor Windmill Chaves 4062 Lucky Lake
French Corners French Corners Colfax 5978 French
Frier Ranch Frier Ranch Chaves 4209 Frier Ranch
Fritz Oil Well Windmill Fritz Oil Well Windmill Lea 3884 Prairieview NW
Fritz Windmill Fritz Windmill Lea 3898 Prairieview NW
Fronabarger Ranch Fronabarger Ranch Santa Fe 6391 Stanley
Frost Ranch Frost Ranch Grant 5522 Werney Hill
Frost Ranch Frost Ranch Valencia 5617 Mesas Mojinas
Fuentes Ranch Fuentes Ranch Harding 4042 Fuentes Ranch
Fulingim Ranch Fulingim Ranch Santa Fe 6440 King Draw
Fuller Ranch Fuller Ranch Hidalgo 4347 Caprock Mountain
Fuller Ranch Fuller Ranch Lincoln 5046 Tinnie
G Coupland Ranch G Coupland Ranch Socorro 4672 Black Hill
G Owsley Windmill G Owsley Windmill Cibola 7313 Mecate Meadow
Gacho Windmill Gacho Windmill San Miguel 4550 Medina Mesa
Gage Ranch Gage Ranch Otero 5938 Cornucopia Canyon
Gage Windmill Gage Windmill Luna 4537 Grandmother Mountain East
Gainer Ranch Gainer Ranch Chaves 3999 Olive
Galisteo Well Galisteo Well Santa Fe 6148 Galisteo
Galisteo Well Galisteo Well Santa Fe 6184 Galisteo
Gallegos Ranch Gallegos Ranch Socorro 4941 Cerro De La Campana SE
Gallegos Ranch Gallegos Ranch Harding 4127 Gallegos
Gallegos Windmill Gallegos Windmill San Juan 5863 Gallegos Trading Post
Gallina Well Gallina Well Chaves 4511 Button Mesa North
Gallo Campground Gallo Campground San Juan 6211 Pueblo Bonito
Gap Well Gap Well Harding 4144 Hampton Ranch
Garcia Cow Camp Garcia Cow Camp Colfax 9701 Garcia Peak
Garcia Ranch Garcia Ranch Torrance 6053 Santo Nino Canyon
Garcia Ranch Garcia Ranch Guadalupe 4665 Neafus Ranch
Garcia Ranch Garcia Ranch Harding 4278 Buffalo Springs
Garcia Windmill Garcia Windmill Colfax 6968 Tres Hermanos Peak
Garcia Windmill Garcia Windmill Union 6752 Capulin
Garden Windmill Garden Windmill Lea 4065 Tatum North
Garden Windmill Garden Windmill Harding 4462 Indian Bathtub
Gardner Windmill Gardner Windmill Guadalupe 5190 Laguna De Los Terreros
Garley Windmill Garley Windmill Valencia 5912 Mesa Gallina
Garrett Ranch Garrett Ranch Curry 4573 Garrett Ranch
Garrett Windmill Garrett Windmill Lea 4180 Buckeye NE
Gartersnake Windmill Gartersnake Windmill San Miguel 3937 Trinchera Creek
Gaume Windmill Gaume Windmill Sierra 5154 Apache Gap
George Birner Ranch George Birner Ranch Socorro 4623 Fort Craig
George Ranch George Ranch Guadalupe 5623 George Ranch
Geronimo Ranch Geronimo Ranch Luna 4268 Cambray
Gerrell Windmill Gerrell Windmill Luna 4816 Spalding
Gerry Smith Ranch Gerry Smith Ranch Eddy 3760 Carnero Peak
Gibson Windmill Gibson Windmill Cibola 7634 Cebollita Peak
Giles Lee Ranch Giles Lee Ranch Lea 3894 Lovington SW
Gillespie Ranch Gillespie Ranch Colfax 6109 Sauble Circle Dot Ranch
Gilmore Well Gilmore Well Sierra 4737 Cutter
Gipson Ranch Gipson Ranch Lincoln 6020 Wahalee Canyon
Glaze Windmill Glaze Windmill Grant 4403 Separ
Glaze Windmill Glaze Windmill Grant 5253 Ninetysix Ranch
Glenn Ranch Glenn Ranch Chaves 3950 Oasis
Glenn Ranch Glenn Ranch Santa Fe 6821 Golden
Gnat Windmill Gnat Windmill Chaves 5545 Flying H
Goat Camp Goat Camp Colfax 6650 Rayado
Goat Ranch Goat Ranch Socorro 6007 Becker
Goat Windmill Goat Windmill Lea 4134 Alston Ranch
Goat Windmill Goat Windmill Lea 4176 Dallas Store
Goat Windmill Goat Windmill Lea 3881 Bronco NE
Godfrey Ranch Godfrey Ranch Hidalgo 5413 Gillespie Mountain
Goesling Ranch Goesling Ranch Catron 6381 Salazar Canyon
Golddust Camp Golddust Camp Sierra 5216 Hillsboro
Gomer Ranch Gomer Ranch Torrance 6493 Lobo Hill NE
Gonzales Camp Gonzales Camp Guadalupe 4636 Sacaton Draw
Gonzales Ranch Gonzales Ranch Guadalupe 4885 Borica
Gonzales Ranch Gonzales Ranch Rio Arriba 7677 Monero
Gonzales Well Gonzales Well Socorro 5164 Canon Agua Buena
Gonzales Windmill Gonzales Windmill Cibola 6959 The Dyke
Gonzales Windmill Gonzales Windmill Guadalupe 4583 Cuervo
Gonzales Windmill Gonzales Windmill Sandoval 7060 Tancosa Windmill
Good Ranch Good Ranch Lea 4278 Dean Ranch
Good Ranch Good Ranch Chaves 3875 Cooley Lake
Goodin Ranch Goodin Ranch Chaves 3652 Roswell South
Goodner Ranch Goodner Ranch Torrance 6699 Milbourn Ranch
Goodrum Ranch Goodrum Ranch Lincoln 5043 Flying H NE
Goude Ranch Goude Ranch Catron 7539 Cow Springs
Gowan Ranch Gowan Ranch Hidalgo 5384 Clanton Draw
Gragg Well Gragg Well Quay 4042 Nara Visa
Graham Ranch Graham Ranch Luna 4728 Greg Hills
Graham Ranch Graham Ranch Lea 3888 Lovington
Graham Ranch Graham Ranch Socorro 5285 Fence Canyon
Graham Ranch Graham Ranch Chaves 3825 Campbell
Granddad Windmill Granddad Windmill Hidalgo 4393 Cotton City
Grandma Mitchell Windmill Grandma Mitchell Windmill Harding 4383 Circle Bar Ranch
Grandmother Windmill Grandmother Windmill Luna 4836 Grandmother Mountain West
Granny Windmill Granny Windmill Quay 3947 Blue Hole
Gravel Pit Gravel Pit Union 4012 Obar
Gray Ranch Gray Ranch Hidalgo 5115 Animas Peak
Green Camp Green Camp Torrance 6096 Lobo Hill SW
Green King Windmill Green King Windmill Hidalgo 4619 Lordsburg
Green Ranch Green Ranch Socorro 4757 Granjean Well
Green Ranch Green Ranch Catron 7146 Veteado Mountain
Green Well Green Well Socorro 4790 Cerro De La Campana SE
Green Windmill Green Windmill Lea 4147 Dog Lake
Greenhouse Well Greenhouse Well Quay 4150 Nara Visa
Greenwood Ranch Greenwood Ranch Chaves 3632 Bottomless Lakes
Greer Ranch Greer Ranch Chaves 3432 Derrick Draw
Gressett Ranch Gressett Ranch Chaves 4672 Dark Canyon
Grice Windmill Grice Windmill Lea 3911 Bronco NE
Griffith Well Griffith Well Quay 3970 Nara Visa
Gulf Well Gulf Well Chaves 4308 Kenna
Gunn Windmill Gunn Windmill Cibola 5814 Marmon Ranch
Gustin Ranch Gustin Ranch Torrance 6191 Willard
Gutierrez Windmill Gutierrez Windmill Sandoval 6772 Tancosa Windmill
H B Helm Ranch H B Helm Ranch Socorro 6001 Oscura Peak
H Bar Y Ranch H Bar Y Ranch Grant 5397 Bear Mountain
H S Williams Ranch H S Williams Ranch Torrance 6463 Edgewood
Hackberry Ranch Hackberry Ranch Chaves 3661 Hackberry Ranch
Hackberry Well Hackberry Well Otero 4078 Hackberry Hill
Hackberry Windmill Hackberry Windmill Lea 3130 Paduca Breaks West
Hackberry Windmill Hackberry Windmill Hidalgo 4160 Summit
Hackberry Windmill Hackberry Windmill Lea 4081 Buckeye
Hackberry Windmill Hackberry Windmill Sandoval 6355 Arch Mesa
Hage Ranch Hage Ranch San Miguel 4626 Mesita Del Gato
Hagerman Ranch Hagerman Ranch San Miguel 7080 Clines Corners
Hagerman Ranch Hagerman Ranch Santa Fe 6745 White Lakes
Hale Ranch Hale Ranch Torrance 6644 Edgewood
Haley Ranch Haley Ranch Chaves 3734 Roswell North
Halfway House Ranch Halfway House Ranch Chaves 4708 Wire Lake
Halfway Windmill Halfway Windmill Luna 4468 Gage SE
Hall and Primm Ranch Hall and Primm Ranch Doņa Ana 4108 Lanark
Hall Ranch Hall Ranch Hidalgo 4875 Hachita Peak
Halliwell Well Halliwell Well Colfax 6539 Point of Rocks Mesa
Ham Windmill Ham Windmill Quay 4383 Circle S Mesa
Hammock Well Hammock Well Otero 3711 Sheep Draw
Hammond Ranch Hammond Ranch Curry 4682 Hammond Ranch
Hampton Ranch Hampton Ranch San Miguel 3986 Hampton Ranch
Hansenburg Ranch Hansenburg Ranch Socorro 5200 Wrye Peak SW
Hanson Farm Hanson Farm Colfax 6243 Miami NE
Hap McCauley Ranch Hap McCauley Ranch Grant 4429 Mangas Springs
Happy Hollow Windmill Happy Hollow Windmill Grant 4554 Steeple Rock
Hardesty Well Hardesty Well Quay 3934 Nara Visa
Hardin Well Hardin Well Roosevelt 4603 Schram Lake
Hardluck Windmill Hardluck Windmill San Miguel 4124 La Cinta Mesa
Hardpan Windmill Hardpan Windmill McKinley 6732 Laguna Castillo
Hardrock Windmill Hardrock Windmill Lea 3970 Tatum South
Hardt Well Hardt Well Roosevelt 4554 Schram Lake
Hardwick Ranch Hardwick Ranch Roosevelt 4157 Midway
Harkey Double Mills Harkey Double Mills Eddy 3140 Bond Draw
Harlan Trail Camp Harlan Trail Camp Colfax 7431 Ute Park
Harman Windmill Harman Windmill Mora 6270 Frutosa Lake
Harper Windmill Harper Windmill Grant 4334 Caprock Mountain
Harper Windmill Harper Windmill San Juan 5525 Youngs Lake
Harriet Ranch Headquarters Harriet Ranch Headquarters Socorro 4731 Harriet Ranch
Harrington Windmill Harrington Windmill Cibola 5709 Mesa Gigante
Harris Ranch Harris Ranch Eddy 4281 Sixteenmile Draw East
Harris Windmills Harris Windmills Harding 4436 Indian Bathtub
Hart Ranch Hart Ranch Curry 4170 Tule Lake
Harwell Ranch Harwell Ranch Chaves 5561 Dunken
Hatch Well Hatch Well Harding 4006 Logan North
Hatcher Windmill Hatcher Windmill Luna 4865 Gage SW
Hatchet Ranch Hatchet Ranch Otero 4531 Three Rivers
Hawk Windmill Hawk Windmill San Miguel 6880 Mesa Lauriano
Hawkins Well Hawkins Well Harding 4003 Logan North
Hay Meadow Windmill Hay Meadow Windmill Grant 5216 Cow Springs Mountain
Hayner Resort Hayner Resort Doņa Ana 5666 Organ Peak
Haynor Ranch Haynor Ranch Doņa Ana 4006 Sierra Alta
Hays Ranch Hays Ranch Lincoln 5282 Cowboy Mesa
Haystack Windmill Haystack Windmill Quay 3963 Riley Camp
Hayward Farm Hayward Farm Colfax 6191 Miami NE
Head Windmill Head Windmill Cibola 7080 Sand Canyon
Headquarters Well Headquarters Well Chaves 3855 Shannon Draw
Headquarters Windmill Headquarters Windmill Quay 4324 Montoya
Healy Ranch Healy Ranch Santa Fe 6234 Longhorn Reservoir
Heifer Windmill Heifer Windmill Chaves 3898 Cooley Lake
Heights Windmill Heights Windmill Chaves 4396 Mescalero Point NE
Heimann Ranch Heimann Ranch Union 4856 Hayden
Hells Hole Windmill Hells Hole Windmill San Miguel 4114 Carpenter Mesa SW
Helm Ranch Helm Ranch Harding 3980 Logan North
Hen Windmill Hen Windmill Union 6532 Des Moines
Henderson Ranch Henderson Ranch Doņa Ana 5131 Hembrillo Basin
Henderson Ranch Henderson Ranch Hidalgo 4278 Antelope Pass
Henderson Windmill Henderson Windmill Cibola 6932 Broom Mountain
Henderson Windmill Henderson Windmill Santa Fe 5948 Picture Rock
Henry Windmill Henry Windmill Lea 3340 Woodley Flat
Henrys Cabin Henrys Cabin Hidalgo 5571 Center Peak
Herd Well Herd Well Harding 4006 Logan North
Heringa Ranch Heringa Ranch Union 5338 Black Canyon
Hermantano Springs Ranch Hermantano Springs Ranch Doņa Ana 4875 Sierra Alta
Herrera Mesa Windmill Herrera Mesa Windmill Bernalillo 6404 Arch Mesa
Herrera Ranch Herrera Ranch Bernalillo 5459 Canoncito School
Herrington's Home Ranch Herrington's Home Ranch Doņa Ana 4134 Potrillo
Herrington's Lower Ranch Herrington's Lower Ranch Doņa Ana 4108 Noria
Herton Windmill Herton Windmill Harding 5420 Solano
Hibler Ranch Hibler Ranch Torrance 6427 Willard
Hickman Ranch Hickman Ranch Socorro 5121 Hickman Ranch
Hicks Ranch Hicks Ranch Guadalupe 4885 Harben Lake
Hideout Windmill Hideout Windmill Grant 5246 Ninetysix Ranch
High Lonesome Windmill High Lonesome Windmill Luna 4153 Sibley Hole
High Lonesome Windmill High Lonesome Windmill Hidalgo 4186 Summit
High Lonesome Windmill High Lonesome Windmill Eddy 3757 Basin Well
High Lonesome Windmill High Lonesome Windmill Lea 4409 Button Mesa South
High Lonesome Windmill High Lonesome Windmill Guadalupe 5302 Laguna De Los Terreros
High Lonesome Windmill High Lonesome Windmill Cibola 7090 Mesita De Yeso
High Windmill High Windmill Luna 4278 North Peak
Hight Windmill Hight Windmill Lea 3878 Prairieview NW
Highway Windmill Highway Windmill Cibola 7716 Wild Horse Canyon
Highway Windmill Highway Windmill Cibola 6886 Mesita De Yeso
Highway Windmill Highway Windmill Santa Fe 6119 Galisteo
Hilburn Ranch Hilburn Ranch Lea 4081 Buckeye NE
Hill Pasture Bottom Windmill Hill Pasture Bottom Windmill Lea 4124 Simanola Valley
Hill Pasture Middle Windmill Hill Pasture Middle Windmill Lea 4111 Simanola Valley
Hill Pasture Top Windmill Hill Pasture Top Windmill Lea 4137 Simanola Valley
Hill Ranch Hill Ranch Chaves 3579 Hagerman SW
Hill Ranch Hill Ranch Santa Fe 6640 Edgewood
Hill Well Hill Well Hidalgo 4229 Swallow Fork Peak
Hill Windmill Hill Windmill Quay 3976 Riley Camp
Hills Home Ranch Hills Home Ranch Socorro 5036 Prairie Spring
Hilltop House Hilltop House Otero 5029 Owl Tank Canyon West
Hilt Well Hilt Well Eddy 3970 Antelope Sink
Hinchley Ranch Hinchley Ranch Lincoln 6542 Capitan Pass
Hinkson High Lonesome Windmill Hinkson High Lonesome Windmill Cibola 7123 Cantaralo Spring
Hinman Ranch Hinman Ranch Torrance 6316 Mountainair
Histon Ranch Histon Ranch Guadalupe 5082 Pastura SE
Hiyi Windmill Hiyi Windmill Cibola 5823 Marmon Ranch
Hobo John Windmill Hobo John Windmill Guadalupe 5095 Pastura SE
Hog Ranch Hog Ranch Hidalgo 4488 Guadalupe Canyon
Hogan Windmill Hogan Windmill Cibola 7119 The Dyke
Hok Ranch Hok Ranch Sierra 5886 Chise
Hole-in-the-Wall Windmill Hole-in-the-Wall Windmill San Miguel 4849 Waggoner Ranch
Holeman-Taylor Ranch Holeman-Taylor Ranch Chaves 4308 Maljamar NE
Holland Ranch Holland Ranch Union 4724 Clapham
Holliday Ranch Holliday Ranch Torrance 6286 Ewing
Hollman Windmill Hollman Windmill Lea 3845 Prairieview NW
Holy Ghost Campground Holy Ghost Campground Sandoval 6440 Holy Ghost Spring
Home Ranch Home Ranch Luna 4741 Gage SW
Home Windmill Home Windmill Lea 4075 Tatum North
Homestead Windmill Homestead Windmill Luna 4793 Antelope Hill
Homestead Windmill Homestead Windmill Cibola 5741 Cerro Verde
Honeymoon Windmill Honeymoon Windmill Luna 4462 Gage SW
Hood Windmill Hood Windmill Luna 4662 Lazy E Ranch
Hornsby Ranch Hornsby Ranch Guadalupe 5551 Ima NW
Hornsby Ranch Hornsby Ranch Torrance 6358 Moriarty South
Horse Camp Wells Horse Camp Wells Hidalgo 4928 Animas Peak
Horse Camp Windmill Horse Camp Windmill Hidalgo 4557 Steeple Rock
Horse Canyon Ranch Horse Canyon Ranch Doņa Ana 4977 Souse Springs
Horse Pasture Well Horse Pasture Well Harding 4052 Logan North
Horse Pasture Windmill Horse Pasture Windmill Chaves 4213 Lucky Lake
Horse Pasture Windmill Horse Pasture Windmill Quay 4304 Montoya
Horse Ranch Camp Horse Ranch Camp Colfax 6903 Caliente Canyon South
Horseshoe Bend Windmill Horseshoe Bend Windmill San Miguel 3898 Trinchera Creek
Hospital Windmill Hospital Windmill San Miguel 4777 Waggoner Ranch
Hot Well Hot Well Otero 4098 Desert SW
Houghton Well Houghton Well Quay 4009 Nara Visa
House Pasture Windmill House Pasture Windmill Harding 4180 Hampton Ranch
House Pasture Windmill House Pasture Windmill Harding 4298 Buffalo Springs
Houston Windmill Houston Windmill Union 6443 Little Grande
Howdy Ranch Howdy Ranch Quay 3776 Martin Draw
Howe Ranch Howe Ranch Hidalgo 4980 Animas Peak
Howell Ranch Howell Ranch Eddy 3629 Foster Ranch
Howell Ranch Howell Ranch Chaves 4075 Howell Ranch
Howl Ranch Howl Ranch Roosevelt 4140 Portales SE
Hubbell Camp Hubbell Camp Cibola 7342 Veteado Mountain
Hubbell Ranch Hubbell Ranch Catron 6601 Cerro Prieto
Huddle Windmill Huddle Windmill Union 6253 Cow Mountain
Huerfano Reservation Dormitory Huerfano Reservation Dormitory San Juan 6188 Carson Trading Post
Hughes Windmill Hughes Windmill Hidalgo 4278 Lordsburg
Humphreys Windmill Humphreys Windmill Lea 3186 Custer Mountain
Hunt Ranch Hunt Ranch Guadalupe 5371 Duoro
Hunter Long Well Hunter Long Well Socorro 4797 Cerro De La Campana SE
Hunter Ranch Hunter Ranch Eddy 4206 Sixteenmile Draw East
Hunter Windmill Hunter Windmill Grant 4754 Antelope Ridge
Hurst Ranch Hurst Ranch Chaves 3583 Hagerman SW
Hutcherson Ranch Hutcherson Ranch Union 4705 Hayden
Hutchin Windmill Hutchin Windmill Lea 2900 Javelina Basin
Hyatt Ranch Hyatt Ranch Luna 4856 Massacre Peak
Hyder Well Hyder Well Harding 3917 Logan North
I K Ranch I K Ranch McKinley 6142 Milk Lake
Ima Ima Quay 5371 Ima
Ima Community House Ima Community House Quay 5059 Ima SE
Indian Rock Windmill Indian Rock Windmill San Miguel 4176 La Cinta Mesa
Indian Ruins Indian Ruins Grant 4547 Cliff
Indian Well Indian Well Sierra 4836 Jug Canyon
Indian Well Indian Well Chaves 5922 Clements Ranch
Indian Well Indian Well Chaves 3720 Cottonwood Draw
Indian Windmill Indian Windmill Lincoln 6184 Deadman Lake
Indian Windmill Indian Windmill Cibola 7254 Sand Canyon
Inditos Camp Inditos Camp McKinley 6827 Mesa De Los Toros
Inmon Ranch Inmon Ranch Luna 4153 North Peak
Irby Ranch Irby Ranch Santa Fe 6332 King Draw
Irwin Corn Ranch Irwin Corn Ranch Chaves 4190 Rock House Canyon
Isler Ranch Isler Ranch Chaves 4029 Oasis
Ivory Windmill Ivory Windmill Quay 3806 Blue Hole
J B Runyan Ranch J B Runyan Ranch Chaves 5531 Thimble Canyon
J M Lewis Ranch J M Lewis Ranch Chaves 4386 Mesa
J M McKnight Ranch J M McKnight Ranch Chaves 4304 Mesa SW
J Reynolds Ranch J Reynolds Ranch Lincoln 5305 Cowboy Mesa SW
J X Ranch J X Ranch Eddy 3793 Hope NW
J Yates Ranch J Yates Ranch Santa Fe 6509 King Draw
Jac Ranch Jac Ranch Socorro 4685 Salinas Peak NW
Jackson Ranch Jackson Ranch Torrance 6201 Willard
Jacobo Sedillo Ranch Jacobo Sedillo Ranch Socorro 5138 Luis Lopez
Jacobs Ranch Jacobs Ranch Union 4767 Hayden
Jake Chee Windmill Jake Chee Windmill McKinley 7096 Hospah
Jake Windmill Jake Windmill Harding 5410 Arroyo Del Alamo
James Ranch James Ranch Eddy 3304 Los Medanos
James Ranch James Ranch Otero 5518 Cornucopia Canyon
James Ranch James Ranch Cibola 7487 Goat Hill
Janes Well Janes Well Chaves 5925 Clements Ranch
Jaralosa Windmill Jaralosa Windmill Cibola 6489 Rincon Hondo
Jarrell Ranch Jarrell Ranch Grant 4875 Soldiers Farewell Hill
Jays Well Jays Well Quay 4144 Nara Visa
Jemez Windmill Jemez Windmill Sandoval 5321 Bernalillo NW
Jenkins Ranch Jenkins Ranch Chaves 3691 Peters Lake
Jenkins Windmill Jenkins Windmill Lea 3989 Buckeye
Jensen-Thomas Cow Camp Jensen-Thomas Cow Camp Rio Arriba 10043 Brazos Peak
Jess Well Jess Well Chaves 4193 Shannon Draw
Jim Cureton Ranch Jim Cureton Ranch Grant 4924 Willow Draw
Joe Young Ranch Joe Young Ranch Eddy 4193 Sixteenmile Draw East
Jog Windmill Jog Windmill Luna 4206 West Lime Hills
Jog Windmill Jog Windmill Lea 4121 Johnson Ranch
John A Well John A Well Otero 3829 Sheep Draw
John Forehand Ranch John Forehand Ranch Eddy 3205 Bond Draw
John Gordon Windmill John Gordon Windmill Sierra 4327 Garfield
John Pool Windmill John Pool Windmill Harding 4219 Hampton Ranch
John White Ranch John White Ranch Chaves 3586 Eightmile Draw
John Williams Ranch John Williams Ranch Lea 4117 Buckeye
Johnson Ranch Johnson Ranch Doņa Ana 4291 Aden Crater
Johnson Ranch Johnson Ranch Chaves 4429 Skunk Canyon
Johnson Ranch Johnson Ranch Lea 4193 Johnson Ranch
Johnson Ranch Johnson Ranch Chaves 4347 Round Mountain SE
Johnson Ranch Johnson Ranch Chaves 4445 North Lake
Johnson Ranch Johnson Ranch Guadalupe 5161 Laguna De Los Terreros
Johnson Ranch Johnson Ranch Guadalupe 4459 Fallon Ranch
Johnson Ranch Johnson Ranch Quay 4468 Cherokee Valley
Johnson Stockade Johnson Stockade Doņa Ana 4265 Aden Crater
Johnson Windmill Johnson Windmill Doņa Ana 4459 P O L Ranch
Johnson Windmill Johnson Windmill Sierra 5335 Apache Gap
Johnson Windmill Johnson Windmill Sierra 5531 Bell Mountain
Johnson Windmill Johnson Windmill Roosevelt 4367 Gammil Well SE
Johnson Windmill Johnson Windmill Quay 3835 Blue Hole
Johnson Windmill Johnson Windmill Harding 5492 Solano
Jones Ranch Jones Ranch Luna 4488 Hockett
Jones Ranch Jones Ranch Lea 4150 Simanola Valley
Jones Spring Ranch Jones Spring Ranch Luna 4819 Antelope Hill
Jones Well Jones Well Roosevelt 4462 Button Mesa North
Jones Well Jones Well Roosevelt 4564 Schram Lake
Jones Well Jones Well Quay 3937 Nara Visa
Jones Windmill Jones Windmill Roosevelt 4390 Gammil Well
Joy Ranch Joy Ranch Chaves 5594 Loco Canyon
Joy Well Joy Well Quay 4131 Nara Visa
Joyce Ranch Joyce Ranch Lincoln 6056 Deadman Lake
Juanito Well Juanito Well Cibola 7228 The Dyke
Juarez Windmill Juarez Windmill San Miguel 4557 Chinaberry Canyon
Julian Windmill Julian Windmill Cibola 7254 Cerro Pomo
Jumping Divide Jumping Divide Colfax 6165 Sauble Circle Dot Ranch
Juniper Windmill Juniper Windmill Chaves 5220 Singer Lake
Junk Windmill Junk Windmill Union 6220 Cow Mountain
Kaime Ranch Kaime Ranch Rio Arriba 6407 Gonzales Mesa
Kaime Ranch Kaime Ranch Rio Arriba 6069 Gould Pass
Kamradt Ranch Kamradt Ranch Santa Fe 6466 Stanley
Kaufman Ranch Kaufman Ranch Quay 4518 Cherokee Valley
Kee Ranch Kee Ranch Eddy 3599 Carnero Peak
Keenum Windmill Keenum Windmill Lea 3947 Tatum South
Keggy Well Keggy Well Chaves 4091 Curlew Lake
Keiths Ranch Keiths Ranch Hidalgo 4449 U Bar Ridge
Kelly Windmill Kelly Windmill Luna 4363 Carne
Kennedy Windmill Kennedy Windmill Hidalgo 4429 Lordsburg
Kerr Brothers South Ranch Kerr Brothers South Ranch Chaves 3510 Dexter West
Kerr Ranch Kerr Ranch Hidalgo 4163 Gary
Kerr Ranch Kerr Ranch Chaves 3671 Roswell South
Keyhole Windmill Keyhole Windmill Eddy 3461 Big Sinks
Kil Ranch Kil Ranch Luna 4098 Florida Gap
Killough Ranch Killough Ranch Guadalupe 4593 Canada Colorado
Kiloore Ranch Kiloore Ranch Socorro 6867 Cooper Canyon
Kim-me-ni-oli Ruins Kim-me-ni-oli Ruins McKinley 6056 La Vida Mission
Kimborough Ranch Kimborough Ranch Lea 3757 Lovington SE
Kin Ya-ah Kin Ya-ah McKinley 6778 Heart Rock
Kincaid Ranch Kincaid Ranch Chaves 3911 Kincaid Ranch
Kincheloe Homestead Kincheloe Homestead Torrance 6250 Lobo Hill SE
King Bros Ranch King Bros Ranch Santa Fe 6273 King Draw
King Camp King Camp Chaves 3622 King Camp
King Ranch King Ranch Eddy 3304 Kitchen Cove
King Ranch King Ranch Chaves 3428 Derrick Draw
King Well King Well Quay 4117 Nara Visa
Kinsell Ranch Kinsell Ranch Santa Fe 6394 Stanley
Kist Windmill Kist Windmill Guadalupe 5111 Pastura SE
Kitchen Ranch Kitchen Ranch Chaves 3717 Acme
Kitchen Well Kitchen Well Otero 3743 Sheep Draw
Klondike Windmill Klondike Windmill Luna 4564 Gage SE
Knoblock Windmill Knoblock Windmill Cibola 7497 Mecate Meadow
Knowles Windmill Knowles Windmill Guadalupe 4482 Gate Canyon
Koch Windmill Koch Windmill Chaves 3825 Prairieview NE
Koger Ranch Koger Ranch Union 4318 Koger Ranch
Kornegay Ranch Kornegay Ranch Lea 3517 Hobbs SE
Kose Sheep Camp Kose Sheep Camp Cibola 5722 Dough Mountain
Kow-ina Ruins Kow-ina Ruins Cibola 7333 Laguna Honda
Koy Ranch Koy Ranch Chaves 4249 White Flat SE
L C Ranch L C Ranch Sierra 5994 Chise
L McKinney Ranch L McKinney Ranch Luna 5597 OK Canyon
L Williams Ranch L Williams Ranch Torrance 6270 Lobo Hill
L-E Ranch L-E Ranch Chaves 3684 L E Ranch
L-N Ranch L-N Ranch Chaves 3665 L E Ranch
LK Markel Ranch LK Markel Ranch Torrance 6398 Ewing
La Caņada Windmill La Caņada Windmill Mora 7339 Ocate
La Cinta Creek Windmill La Cinta Creek Windmill San Miguel 4042 La Cinta Mesa
La Cinta Ranch La Cinta Ranch San Miguel 5800 Arroyo Alamocito
La Cueva Windmill La Cueva Windmill Union 6814 Capulin
La Grulla Cow Camp La Grulla Cow Camp Colfax 9291 White Peak
La Jencia Ranch La Jencia Ranch Socorro 5613 San Lorenzo Spring
La Joya La Joya Socorro 4718 La Joya
La Joya Windmill La Joya Windmill Santa Fe 6217 Captain Davis Mountain
La Manga Camp La Manga Camp San Miguel 4278 Tenaja Mesa
Lackey Windmill Lackey Windmill Quay 3822 Blue Hole
Ladder Ranch Ladder Ranch Sierra 4934 Bell Mountain
Lafferty Well Lafferty Well Lincoln 4570 North Lake
Lake Valley Chapter House Lake Valley Chapter House San Juan 5991 La Vida Mission
Lake Van Rod Club Lake Van Rod Club Chaves 3442 Dexter East
Lake Windmill Lake Windmill Luna 4167 West Lime Hills
Lake Windmill Lake Windmill Lea 4186 Dog Lake
Lake Windmill Lake Windmill Chaves 5335 Thimble Canyon
Lake Windmill Lake Windmill Lincoln 6174 Deadman Lake
Lake Windmill Lake Windmill Roosevelt 4262 Tolar
Lake Windmill Lake Windmill San Miguel 4580 Minese Mesa
Lake Windmill Lake Windmill Harding 5617 Kansas Valley Lake
Lamb Homestead Lamb Homestead Torrance 6335 Lobo Hill
Lambert Mine Camp Site Lambert Mine Camp Site Colfax 9078 Tooth of Time
Lambert Ranch Lambert Ranch Hidalgo 4308 Big Hatchet Peak
Lambert Windmill Lambert Windmill Lea 3963 Walking Cane Ranch
Lammon Ranch Lammon Ranch Torrance 6119 Pino Mountain
Landon Windmill Landon Windmill Santa Fe 6306 Stanley
Lane Pasture Windmill Lane Pasture Windmill San Miguel 4380 Bell Ranch
Lane Ranch Lane Ranch Lea 4203 Lane Salt Lake
Lane Ranch Lane Ranch Cibola 6230 McCartys
Lanes Ranch Lanes Ranch Hidalgo 4301 Walnut Wells NE
Laney Ranch Laney Ranch Eddy 3740 Hope SE
Lang Ranch Lang Ranch Socorro 5157 Lang Canyon
Langely Ranch Langely Ranch Colfax 6571 Sauble Circle Dot Ranch
Langley Ranch Langley Ranch Torrance 6191 Ewing
Lards Ranch Lards Ranch Hidalgo 4560 Hilo Peak
Largo Windmill Largo Windmill Harding 4534 Indian Bathtub
Larson Windmill Larson Windmill Sierra 4924 Engle
Las Lagunitas Ranch Las Lagunitas Ranch Sandoval 5771 Puerco Dam
Las Norias Store Las Norias Store Cibola 7080 Shoemaker Canyon SE
Las Norias Windmill Las Norias Windmill Rio Arriba 6713 Lapis Point
Las Uvas Ranch Las Uvas Ranch Doņa Ana 4741 Souse Springs
Las Ventanas Windmill Las Ventanas Windmill Cibola 6634 Los Pilares
Lasater Ranch Lasater Ranch Guadalupe 4980 Ima NW
Last Chance Windmill Last Chance Windmill Cibola 7418 Mecate Meadow
Lathan Ranch Lathan Ranch Lincoln 4452 Three Rivers NW
Latigo Ranch Latigo Ranch Guadalupe 4879 Cuervo
Lava Well Ranch Lava Well Ranch Sierra 4600 Lava
Lawhorns Ranch Lawhorns Ranch Hidalgo 5558 Center Peak
Lawrence Ranch Lawrence Ranch Quay 5033 Ima SE
Lazy C Bar J Ranch Lazy C Bar J Ranch Socorro 6004 Ladron Peak
Lazy E Ranch Lazy E Ranch Doņa Ana 4406 Lazy E Ranch
Lazy V Bar Ranch Lazy V Bar Ranch Colfax 5863 Springer Lake
LeRoy McKnight Ranch LeRoy McKnight Ranch Lincoln 6020 Wahalee Canyon
Leak Well Leak Well Quay 4131 Nara Visa
Leaning Windmill Leaning Windmill Roosevelt 4232 Tolar SW
Leatherman Windmill Leatherman Windmill Harding 5446 Solano
Leatherwood Ranch Leatherwood Ranch San Miguel 6650 Las Vegas SE
Leck Ranch Leck Ranch Eddy 3189 Carlsbad West
Lee Ranch Lee Ranch Eddy 3730 Foster Ranch
Lee Windmill Lee Windmill Sierra 5817 Thumb Tank Peak
Leeson Ranch Leeson Ranch Rio Arriba 7129 Billy Rice Canyon
Lehew Ranch Lehew Ranch Catron 7336 Tres Lagunas
Leon Windmill Leon Windmill Catron 6299 Zuni Salt Lake
Leslie Windmill Leslie Windmill Quay 4285 Liberty Mesa
Lewis Ranch Lewis Ranch Otero 3766 Sheep Draw
Lewis Ranch Lewis Ranch Otero 3868 Hackberry Hill
Lewis Ranch Lewis Ranch San Miguel 6837 Las Vegas SE
Lib Windmill Lib Windmill Guadalupe 4977 Pastura SE
Liman Windmill Liman Windmill Lea 4258 Maljamar NE
Linam Ranch Linam Ranch Lea 3701 Monument North
Lindrith Pumping Station Lindrith Pumping Station Rio Arriba 6516 Tafoya Canyon
Little Boney Windmill Little Boney Windmill Guadalupe 5171 El Morro Ranch NW
Little Box Windmill Little Box Windmill Grant 4744 Soldiers Farewell Hill
Little Church Windmill Little Church Windmill Quay 4285 Muniz Canyon
Little Cottonwood Windmill Little Cottonwood Windmill Quay 3983 Rock Camp
Little Dix Windmill Little Dix Windmill Grant 5013 Antelope Ridge
Little Hamilton Windmill Little Hamilton Windmill Guadalupe 5131 Pastura SE
Little Jara Windmill Little Jara Windmill Santa Fe 6115 Ojo Hedionda
Little Joe Windmill Little Joe Windmill San Miguel 4541 Carpenter Mesa NW
Little Johnny Windmill Little Johnny Windmill Harding 4567 Indian Bathtub
Little Muniz Windmill Little Muniz Windmill Guadalupe 5118 Laguna De Los Terreros
Little Pete Windmill Little Pete Windmill San Miguel 4049 Carpenter Mesa SW
Little Spring Pasture Windmill Little Spring Pasture Windmill Guadalupe 4774 Sunshine Mesa
Little Well Little Well Otero 4275 Shiloh Hills
Little Windmill Little Windmill Luna 3993 Columbus SE
Little Windmill Little Windmill Luna 4934 Hat Top Mountain
Little Windmill Little Windmill Eddy 3304 Jumping Spring
Little Windmill Little Windmill Luna 4396 Gage SE
Little Windmill Little Windmill Grant 4409 The Saltys
Little Windmill Little Windmill Lea 4180 Dog Lake
Little Windmill Little Windmill Chaves 3944 Olive
Little Windmill Little Windmill Guadalupe 5298 Pastura
Little Windmill Little Windmill Santa Fe 6949 Wildhorse Mesa
Llano Pens Llano Pens San Miguel 4049 Trinchera Creek
Lobo Camp Lobo Camp Sierra 5991 Thumb Tank Peak
Lobo Camp Lobo Camp Cibola 6201 Moquino
Lobo Hall Lobo Hall Taos 8310 Arroyo Seco
Logan Ranch Logan Ranch Harding 3822 Montesito Creek
Lone Hill Windmill Lone Hill Windmill Hidalgo 4373 Coyote Peak
Lone Pine Windmill Lone Pine Windmill Catron 7720 Bonine Canyon
Lone Wolf Windmills Lone Wolf Windmills Chaves 3806 Culp Ranch
Lonely Windmill Lonely Windmill Cibola 6063 Cerro Del Oro
Long Ranch Long Ranch Socorro 5482 Sierra Larga South
Longhorn Ranch Longhorn Ranch Torrance 6325 Longhorn Reservoir
Lookout Well Lookout Well Hidalgo 4518 Hilo Peak
Lopez Windmill Lopez Windmill Sierra 5505 Priest Tank
Lordsburg Pumping State Lordsburg Pumping State Hidalgo 4229 Lisbon
Los Angeles Windmill Los Angeles Windmill Santa Fe 5991 Galisteo
Los Fuertes Los Fuertes San Miguel 5981 Los Montoyas
Los Norios Ranch Los Norios Ranch Santa Fe 6801 Clines Corners
Los Pinitos Los Pinitos Cibola 6945 Shoemaker Canyon SE
Los Tanos Windmill Los Tanos Windmill Guadalupe 4888 Sunshine Mesa
Louis Windmills Louis Windmills Harding 4400 Indian Bathtub
Love Ranch Headquarters Love Ranch Headquarters Doņa Ana 5243 Bear Peak
Love Windmill Love Windmill Quay 3980 Rock Camp
Lovegrass Windmill Lovegrass Windmill Lea 3917 Gladiola
Lovejoy Ranch Lovejoy Ranch Eddy 3307 Kitchen Cove
Lowe Ranch Lowe Ranch Chaves 3609 Dexter West
Lower Andrews Windmill Lower Andrews Windmill Harding 4075 Gallegos
Lower Corral Lower Corral Luna 4560 Hermanas
Lower Indian Well Lower Indian Well Otero 6263 Clements Ranch
Lower La Cinta Windmill Lower La Cinta Windmill San Miguel 4570 Waggoner Ranch
Lower La Manga Windmill Lower La Manga Windmill San Miguel 4003 Monument Point
Lower Loman Well Lower Loman Well Doņa Ana 5489 Organ
Lower Medio Windmill Lower Medio Windmill San Miguel 4646 Chinaberry Canyon
Lower Mill Lower Mill Chaves 3891 Hondo Reservoir
Lower Mule Windmill Lower Mule Windmill San Miguel 4439 Bell Ranch
Lower Oso Windmill Lower Oso Windmill San Miguel 4065 Monument Point
Lower Pine Windmill Lower Pine Windmill Catron 7044 Wild Horse Canyon
Lower Ranch Lower Ranch Hidalgo 4468 Steeple Rock
Lower Rattlesnake Windmill Lower Rattlesnake Windmill San Miguel 5003 Chinaberry Canyon
Lower T X Ranch Lower T X Ranch Valencia 5545 Correo
Lower Windmill Lower Windmill San Miguel 3966 Monument Point
Lowrey Ranch Lowrey Ranch Lincoln 4839 Arroyo Serrano East
Lowrey Sheep Camp Lowrey Sheep Camp Lincoln 5121 Arroyo Serrano East
Lucero Ranch Lucero Ranch Doņa Ana 4052 Lake Lucero
Lucero Windmill Lucero Windmill Cibola 6791 Cerro Prieto
Lucero Windmill Lucero Windmill Valencia 6457 White Ridge
Lucky Strike Well Lucky Strike Well Chaves 3878 Haystack Butte
Lucky Windmill Lucky Windmill Grant 4984 Ninetysix Ranch
Lucky Windmill Lucky Windmill Lea 4229 Johnson Ranch
Luis Well Luis Well Cibola 7234 La Rendija
Lusk Ranch Lusk Ranch Eddy 3448 Tower Hill North
Lybrook Navajo Mission Lybrook Navajo Mission Rio Arriba 7221 Lybrook
Lyles Farm Lyles Farm Chaves 3757 Roswell South
Lynch Ranch Lynch Ranch Hidalgo 5285 San Luis Pass
Lynch Ranch Lynch Ranch Cibola 6617 Valle Bonito NE
Lyod Ranch Lyod Ranch Torrance 6972 Edgewood
Lyons Homestead Lyons Homestead Sierra 5699 Apache Gap
Lyons-Slater Ranch Lyons-Slater Ranch Sierra 5056 Upham
MacDonald Camp MacDonald Camp Otero 4026 Lumley Lake NE
Macho Ranch Macho Ranch Chaves 3921 Rock House Canyon
Macho Ranch Macho Ranch Chaves 4022 Mesa SE
Magnus Windmill Magnus Windmill Lea 3914 Prairieview NW
Major Windmill Major Windmill Cibola 7434 Mecate Meadow
Maloney Ranch Maloney Ranch Hidalgo 5328 Indian Peak
Maloney Ranch Maloney Ranch Hidalgo 4915 Indian Peak
Malpais Camp Malpais Camp Otero 4101 Lumley Lake NE
Malpais Windmill Malpais Windmill Hidalgo 4183 Ninemile Hill
Malpais Windmill Malpais Windmill Cibola 7139 North Pasture
Malstrom Ranch Malstrom Ranch Chaves 3789 Malstrom Ranch
Manning Cabin Manning Cabin Catron 6798 Wiley Mesa
Mano Windmill Mano Windmill Quay 3940 Riley Camp
Manuel Ulibarri Ranch Manuel Ulibarri Ranch Guadalupe 5197 Colonias
Mares Windmill Mares Windmill Sierra 4754 Cutter
Margarito Ulibarri Ranch Margarito Ulibarri Ranch Guadalupe 5203 Colonias
Markham Windmill Markham Windmill Lea 3917 Gladiola
Marley Farm Marley Farm Chaves 3694 Roswell North
Marley Ranch Marley Ranch Chaves 3737 Roswell North
Marmon Ranch Marmon Ranch Cibola 5853 Marmon Ranch
Marquez Ranch Marquez Ranch Guadalupe 5869 Mesa Palo Amarillo
Marquez Ranch Marquez Ranch Sandoval 6053 Ojito Spring
Marsellino Windmill Marsellino Windmill Union 6398 Cow Mountain
Marsh Ranch Marsh Ranch Torrance 6463 Chilili
Martin Headquarters Martin Headquarters Socorro 4754 Fairview Mountain
Martin Ranch Martin Ranch Grant 4501 Walker Canyon
Martin Ranch Martin Ranch Lea 4190 Buckeye NW
Martin Ranch Martin Ranch Chaves 4153 Mesa SE
Martin Ranch Martin Ranch Chaves 4298 Dunlap Sill
Martin Windmill Martin Windmill Hidalgo 4272 Cotton City
Martinez Camp Windmill Martinez Camp Windmill Guadalupe 5052 Pastura SE
Martinez Cow Camp Martinez Cow Camp Colfax 8501 White Peak
Martinez Ranch Martinez Ranch Guadalupe 5646 Potrillo Hill
Martinez Windmill Martinez Windmill Cibola 6821 Cerro Prieto
Martinez Windmill Martinez Windmill Guadalupe 5485 Pastura
Martinez Windmill Martinez Windmill Guadalupe 4400 Gate Canyon
Martinez Windmill Martinez Windmill Harding 3966 Montesito Creek
Marys Windmill Marys Windmill Valencia 5495 Correo
Matamoros Windmill Matamoros Windmill Luna 4688 Lazy E Ranch
Mathis Ranch Mathis Ranch Harding 3927 Logan North
Mauzy Trading Post Mauzy Trading Post Rio Arriba 7178 Lybrook
Maxey Ranch Maxey Ranch Torrance 6158 Willard
Mayes Ranch Mayes Ranch Lincoln 4393 Three Rivers NW
Mazon Camp Mazon Camp Cibola 6335 Cantaralo Spring
McCartys Siding McCartys Siding Cibola 6148 McCartys
McAlister Well McAlister Well Quay 3973 Nara Visa
McArron Ranch McArron Ranch Otero 4226 Shiloh Hills SE
McArthur Well McArthur Well Roosevelt 4518 Schram Lake
McAshan Ranch McAshan Ranch Eddy 3921 Hope
McBee Windmill McBee Windmill Luna 4255 South Peak
McBride Windmill McBride Windmill Lea 4203 Lane Salt Lake
McCants Ranch McCants Ranch Hidalgo 4219 Steins
McCarter Well McCarter Well Chaves 4081 Curlew Lake
McCarty Ranch McCarty Ranch Hidalgo 4288 Cotton City
McCarty Ranch McCarty Ranch Harding 4426 McCarty Ranch
McCarty Well McCarty Well Chaves 5777 Clements Ranch
McCarty West Camp McCarty West Camp Harding 4423 Gallegos NE
McLendon Ranch McLendon Ranch Sierra 4774 Cutter
McCloy Ranch McCloy Ranch Harding 4701 McCloy Ranch
McCombs Ranch McCombs Ranch Chaves 4242 Lone Wolf
McCormick Ranch McCormick Ranch Bernalillo 5279 Hubbell Spring
McCuistion Camp McCuistion Camp Harding 4137 Hampton Ranch
McDaniel Ranch McDaniel Ranch Grant 5200 Werney Hill
McDaniels Ranch McDaniels Ranch Chaves 4354 Round Mountain SE
McDauw's Well McDauw's Well Hidalgo 4590 Hilo Peak
McDonald Ranch McDonald Ranch Socorro 5039 Trinity Site
McDonald Ranch Headquarters McDonald Ranch Headquarters Socorro 4688 Greens Baber Well
McDonald Windmill McDonald Windmill Union 5492 Mount Dora
McFarland Well McFarland Well Harding 3921 Logan North
McGaughys Windmill McGaughys Windmill Valencia 5535 Correo
McGee Ranch McGee Ranch Chaves 4150 Indian Bluff
McGee Windmill McGee Windmill Guadalupe 5213 El Morro Ranch NW
McGuffin Ranch McGuffin Ranch Lea 4226 Lane Salt Lake
McHaffey Windmill McHaffey Windmill Grant 4199 Nichols Canyon
McIntosh Camp McIntosh Camp Harding 4360 Salitre Canyon
McIntosh Windmill McIntosh Windmill Harding 4331 Salitre Canyon
McIver Ranch McIver Ranch Eddy 3697 Carnero Peak
McKay Windmill McKay Windmill San Juan 5974 Gallegos Trading Post
McKee Ranch McKee Ranch Santa Fe 5922 Galisteo
McKenzie Ranch McKenzie Ranch Torrance 6073 Potrillo Hill
McKinstry Ranch McKinstry Ranch Eddy 3527 Artesia
McKnight and Cooper Ranch McKnight and Cooper Ranch Chaves 3766 Roswell North
McKnight Ranch McKnight Ranch Lincoln 5850 Flying H NW
McKnight Ranch McKnight Ranch Lincoln 5269 Sunset
McKnight Ranch McKnight Ranch Lincoln 4747 Sunset
McLorn Well McLorn Well Roosevelt 4459 Button Mesa North
McNab Ranch McNab Ranch Cibola 7300 Veteado Mountain
McNally Ranch McNally Ranch Lincoln 4711 North Lake
McNatt Ranch McNatt Ranch Otero 4170 Malone Draw
McNeil Windmill McNeil Windmill Harding 5508 Solano
McPhaul Ranch McPhaul Ranch Catron 7493 Blue Hills
Meadow Windmill Meadow Windmill Lea 4137 Dallas Store
Meadows Ranch Meadows Ranch Torrance 6263 Ewing
Medano Windmill Medano Windmill Harding 4550 Indian Bathtub
Medanoso Windmill Medanoso Windmill Cibola 6844 Fence Lake SW
Medical Art Center Medical Art Center Bernalillo 5121 Albuquerque West
Medina Windmill Medina Windmill San Miguel 4488 Medina Mesa
Medio Medio San Miguel 4928 Chinaberry Canyon
Medio Canyon Windmill Medio Canyon Windmill San Miguel 4554 Campana
Medio Shipping Pasture Windmill Medio Shipping Pasture Windmill San Miguel 4895 Campana
Medlin Ranch Medlin Ranch Chaves 4419 Cedar Point SE
Medlin Ranch Medlin Ranch Lea 4193 Dallas Store
Mendonca Ranch Mendonca Ranch Torrance 6191 Moriarty South
Mengus Camp Mengus Camp Hidalgo 4373 Cabin Wells
Mennecke Ranch Mennecke Ranch Chaves 4052 Blackwater Hill
Mensor Windmill Mensor Windmill Mora 5485 Alamito
Merrill Ranch Merrill Ranch Quay 4964 Ima
Merritt Ranch Merritt Ranch Chaves 5610 Cornucopia Canyon
Merritt Ranch Merritt Ranch Chaves 3484 Diamond Mound
Merritt Ranch Merritt Ranch Lincoln 5026 Ramon
Merton Ranch Merton Ranch Lincoln 4711 Granville Canyon
Mertz Ranch Mertz Ranch Cibola 7641 Wild Horse Canyon
Mesa Camp Mesa Camp Socorro 4741 San Marcial
Mesa Horse Camp Mesa Horse Camp Otero 4846 Otero Mesa North
Mesa Ranch Mesa Ranch Catron 6772 Tejana Mesa
Mesa Rica Camp Mesa Rica Camp San Miguel 4954 Muniz Canyon
Mesa Windmill Mesa Windmill Quay 4006 Bedford Hill
Mesa Windmill Mesa Windmill Colfax 6883 Lawrence Arroyo
Mesita Camp Mesita Camp McKinley 6798 Mesita Americana
Mesquite Windmill Mesquite Windmill Hidalgo 4242 Lisbon
Mesteņo Camp Mesteņo Camp San Miguel 4646 San Ramon
Mestice Ranch Mestice Ranch Rio Arriba 6581 Tafoya Canyon
Meyer Windmill Meyer Windmill Cibola 6329 Arch Mesa
Middle Arroyo East Well Middle Arroyo East Well Lincoln 4610 White Flat
Middle Arroyo Ranch Middle Arroyo Ranch Lincoln 4705 White Flat
Middle Big Flat Windmill Middle Big Flat Windmill San Miguel 4462 Bell Ranch
Middle Buck Trap Windmill Middle Buck Trap Windmill Guadalupe 4892 Sunshine Mesa
Middle La Cinta Windmill Middle La Cinta Windmill San Miguel 4623 Waggoner Ranch
Middle Pasture Windmill Middle Pasture Windmill Lea 4104 Simanola Valley
Middle Pasture Windmill Middle Pasture Windmill Guadalupe 5315 Pastura NE
Middle Ranch Windmill Middle Ranch Windmill Doņa Ana 4990 Souse Springs
Middle Well Middle Well Luna 4508 Williams Ranch
Middle Well Middle Well Lea 4157 Buckeye NE
Middle Well Middle Well Chaves 4098 Shannon Draw
Middle Well Middle Well Santa Fe 6339 Galisteo
Middle Windmill Middle Windmill Doņa Ana 4508 Lazy E Ranch
Middle Windmill Middle Windmill Lea 3881 Bronco
Middle Windmill Middle Windmill Lea 4078 Tatum North
Middle Windmill Middle Windmill Lea 3927 Bronco NE
Middle Windmill Middle Windmill Quay 3891 Bard
Middle Windmill Middle Windmill Quay 3888 Blue Hole
Middle Windmill Middle Windmill San Miguel 4449 Minese Mesa
Midway Windmill Midway Windmill Luna 4482 Hermanas
Midway Windmill Midway Windmill Luna 4501 Hermanas NW
Miera Well Miera Well Socorro 4944 Cerro De La Campana SE
Milbourn Ranch Milbourn Ranch Torrance 6316 Milbourn Ranch
Mill on the Fence Mill on the Fence Lea 4393 Flying M Ranch
Millard Windmill Millard Windmill Luna 5131 Massacre Peak
Miller Ranch Miller Ranch Luna 4268 Bisbee Hills
Miller Ranch Miller Ranch Santa Fe 6443 Stanley
Miller Windmill Miller Windmill Luna 4334 Hermanas NW
Miller Windmill Miller Windmill Luna 4386 Florida
Millers Windmill Millers Windmill Lincoln 4718 Arroyo Serrano East
Millet Windmill Millet Windmill Valencia 5597 Correo
Millman Ranch Millman Ranch Eddy 3445 Illinois Camp NE
Mills Goat Ranch Mills Goat Ranch Hidalgo 5157 Mount Baldy
Mine Shaft Mill Mine Shaft Mill Socorro 5164 Becker SW
Mines Windmill Mines Windmill Luna 4439 Gage
Mines Windmill Mines Windmill Guadalupe 5151 Pastura SE
Mireles Windmill Mireles Windmill Catron 6247 Zuni Salt Lake
Miser Windmill Miser Windmill Guadalupe 5348 Thompson Ranch
Mission Windmill Mission Windmill Grant 4974 Grandmother Mountain West
Missouri Plaza Indian Ruins Missouri Plaza Indian Ruins Chaves 4042 Hondo Reservoir
Mitchel Windmill Mitchel Windmill San Miguel 5485 Chinaberry Canyon
Mitchell Ranch Mitchell Ranch Guadalupe 5594 Gacho Hill
Mitchell Ranch Mitchell Ranch Santa Fe 6407 Stanley
Mitchell Windmill Mitchell Windmill Guadalupe 4711 Ortega Tank
Mixon Windmill Mixon Windmill Lea 4026 Ranger Lake
Moe Ranch Moe Ranch Torrance 6083 Mountainair NE
Moise Ranch Moise Ranch Guadalupe 4708 Pastura NE
Mokie Indian Ruin Mokie Indian Ruin San Juan 6201 Purgatory Canyon
Molyneaux Ranch Molyneaux Ranch Quay 3970 Tuscocoillo Canyon
Mongola Windmill Mongola Windmill Luna 4432 Gage
Monias Windmill Monias Windmill Guadalupe 5203 Laguna De Los Terreros
Monitor Windmill Monitor Windmill San Miguel 3894 Trinchera Creek
Mono Adams Ranch Mono Adams Ranch Hidalgo 4705 Pierce Peak
Montano Ranch Montano Ranch Santa Fe 6237 Longhorn Reservoir
Montano Ranch Montano Ranch Cibola 6873 Cerro Prieto
Monte Prieto Ranch Monte Prieto Ranch Socorro 6230 Cat Mesa
Montieth Ranch Montieth Ranch Lea 3825 Lovington
Montoya Ranch Montoya Ranch Guadalupe 5010 Borica
Montoya Ranch Montoya Ranch Santa Fe 6224 Longhorn Reservoir
Monument Windmill Monument Windmill Chaves 5082 Singer Lake
Monument Windmill Monument Windmill San Miguel 4839 Monument Point
Moon Ranch Moon Ranch Guadalupe 5384 Mesita De Guadalupe
Moon Well Moon Well Quay 4071 Nara Visa
Moon Windmill Moon Windmill Union 6378 Little Grande
Moore Homestead Moore Homestead Grant 4498 Separ NE
Moore Ranch Moore Ranch Grant 4403 Separ
Moore Windmill Moore Windmill Colfax 6788 Tres Hermanos Peak
Moorhouse Ranch Moorhouse Ranch Guadalupe 4862 Sunshine Mesa
Mora Ranch Mora Ranch Mora 6975 Mora Ranch
Morledge Windmill Morledge Windmill Union 4921 Greendailey Canyon
Mormon Windmill Mormon Windmill Lea 3757 Prairieview SE
Morris Windmills Morris Windmills Guadalupe 4465 Ortega Tank
Morrison Windmill Morrison Windmill Mora 6312 Frutosa Lake
Morrow Ranch Morrow Ranch Grant 5381 Werney Hill
Morrow Windmill Morrow Windmill Union 5518 Goat Canyon
Mosse Ranch Mosse Ranch Hidalgo 4478 U Bar Ridge
Mount Riley Mount Riley Doņa Ana 4111 Mount Riley SE
Mount Royal Windmill Mount Royal Windmill Grant 4665 Steeple Rock
Mountain Well Mountain Well Luna 5141 Hat Top Mountain
Mountain Well Mountain Well Luna 4751 Goat Ridge
Mountain Windmill Mountain Windmill Luna 4426 Lazy E Ranch
Mouth of Cottonwood Windmill Mouth of Cottonwood Windmill Grant 4462 Walker Canyon
Mud Spring Windmill Mud Spring Windmill Grant 6024 Applegate Mountain
Mud Springs Ranch Mud Springs Ranch Hidalgo 4567 Walker Canyon
Muertos Canyon Windmill Muertos Canyon Windmill San Miguel 4436 Campana
Muir Ranch Muir Ranch Hidalgo 4255 Muir Ranch
Mujeres Camp Mujeres Camp Cibola 7484 Cerro Pomo
Mule Camp Mule Camp San Miguel 4505 Campana
Mullen Ranch Mullen Ranch Guadalupe 4872 Borica
Muncy Ranch Muncy Ranch Socorro 4980 Canon Agua Buena
Muniz Ranch Muniz Ranch Guadalupe 5056 Laguna De Los Terreros
Munson Windmill Munson Windmill Luna 4751 Antelope Hill
Murray Ranch Murray Ranch Eddy 3182 Angel Draw
Mutt Windmill Mutt Windmill Chaves 3829 Prairieview NE
Myers Windmill Myers Windmill Hidalgo 4229 Culberson Ranch
Myers Windmill Myers Windmill Chaves 3829 Cedar Point
Myers Windmill Myers Windmill Union 5403 Black Canyon
Nalda Ranch Nalda Ranch Lincoln 5843 Gallo Spring Canyon NE
Nation Well Nation Well Hidalgo 4272 Swallow Fork Peak
Nations Hut Nations Hut Hidalgo 5341 Whitewater Creek
Navajo Windmill Navajo Windmill Sandoval 5669 San Felipe Mesa
Navarre Ranch Navarre Ranch McKinley 7339 Goat Mountain
Neafus Ranch Neafus Ranch Guadalupe 4468 Neafus Ranch
Neal Ranch Neal Ranch Chaves 3609 Eightmile Draw
Neatherlin Ranch Neatherlin Ranch Chaves 5699 Lewis Peak
Nelson Ranch Nelson Ranch Lincoln 5331 Nelson Canyon West
Nelson Well Nelson Well Harding 3970 Logan North
Neville Ranch Neville Ranch Santa Fe 7119 Rencona
New Dean Trail Camp New Dean Trail Camp Colfax 7759 Ute Park
New Farm Windmill New Farm Windmill San Miguel 4485 Bell Ranch
New La Cinta Windmill New La Cinta Windmill San Miguel 4196 La Cinta Mesa
New Mexico Boys Ranch New Mexico Boys Ranch Socorro 4774 Abeytas
New Mexico Girls Welfare Home New Mexico Girls Welfare Home Bernalillo 5059 Albuquerque West
New Monias Windmill New Monias Windmill Guadalupe 5239 Laguna De Los Terreros
New Muertos Windmill New Muertos Windmill San Miguel 4321 Bell Ranch
New Pasture Windmill New Pasture Windmill Harding 4564 Indian Bathtub
New Seep Windmill New Seep Windmill Grant 5200 Steeple Rock
New Well New Well Otero 3757 Sheep Draw
New Well New Well Otero 4856 Cornucopia Ranch
New Well New Well Chaves 4222 Mesa SW
New Windmill New Windmill Lea 3002 Javelina Basin
New Windmill New Windmill Lea 3225 Custer Mountain
New Windmill New Windmill Eddy 3435 Big Sinks
New Windmill New Windmill Hidalgo 4163 Gary
New Windmill New Windmill Luna 4747 Grandmother Mountain East
New Windmill New Windmill Lea 3957 Walking Cane Ranch
New Windmill New Windmill Lea 4032 Ranger Lake
New Windmill New Windmill Chaves 4285 White Flat SE
New Windmill New Windmill Roosevelt 4406 Elida SE
New Windmill New Windmill Chaves 4354 Round Mountain SE
New Windmill New Windmill Cibola 6703 Atarque Lake
New Windmill New Windmill Guadalupe 5390 Pastura
New Windmill New Windmill Guadalupe 5843 Mesa Palo Amarillo
New Windmill New Windmill San Miguel 4058 Carpenter Mesa SW
New Windmill New Windmill Quay 3770 Blue Hole
New Windmill New Windmill Quay 3770 Sanchez Springs
Nickelson Well Nickelson Well Guadalupe 4619 Fallon Ranch
Nickles Ranch Nickles Ranch Roosevelt 3930 Golden Ranch
Ninemile Windmill Ninemile Windmill Lea 4140 Simanola Valley
Ninetysix Ranch Ninetysix Ranch Grant 4757 Ninetysix Ranch
Nobinson Windmill Nobinson Windmill Grant 4613 Gage NW
Nogal Ranch Nogal Ranch Socorro 5387 Luis Lopez
Norris Ranch Norris Ranch Grant 4826 Antelope Ridge
North Baker Windmill North Baker Windmill Lea 4199 Lane Salt Lake
North Baker Windmills North Baker Windmills Harding 4482 Gallegos NE
North Camp North Camp Guadalupe 5298 Pedro Miguel Peak
North Casa Blanca Windmill North Casa Blanca Windmill Harding 4301 Buffalo Springs
North Creek Windmill North Creek Windmill Harding 4340 Circle Bar Ranch
North Creek Windmill North Creek Windmill Harding 4550 Indian Bathtub
North Dock North Dock San Miguel 4203 Conchas Dam
North Gillespie Windmill North Gillespie Windmill Union 4524 Goodson School
North Goat Windmill North Goat Windmill Lea 3911 Bronco NE
North Holding Pasture Well North Holding Pasture Well Santa Fe 6312 Wildhorse Mesa
North K Windmill North K Windmill Lea 3264 Custer Mountain
North Lisbon Windmill North Lisbon Windmill Hidalgo 4298 Lisbon
North Mizell Windmill North Mizell Windmill Lea 3855 Prairieview NW
North Pasture Windmill North Pasture Windmill Otero 6076 Elk
North Pasture Windmill North Pasture Windmill Lea 4157 Simanola Valley
North Pasture Windmill North Pasture Windmill Lea 4009 Ranger Lake
North Pasture Windmill North Pasture Windmill San Miguel 4413 Minese Mesa
North Piaz Windmill North Piaz Windmill Harding 4521 Circle Bar Ranch
North Presley Windmill North Presley Windmill Lea 3921 Gladiola
North Privo Windmill North Privo Windmill Quay 4203 Cow Canyon
North Schelling Windmill North Schelling Windmill Lea 4003 Tatum North
North Siding North Siding Lincoln 4767 Oscura
North Townsand Windmill North Townsand Windmill Chaves 3822 Prairieview NE
North Twin Windmills North Twin Windmills Harding 4334 Buffalo Springs
North Well North Well Otero 4419 Cornucopia Ranch SE
North Well North Well Sierra 4754 Jug Canyon
North Well North Well Santa Fe 6526 Galisteo
North Williams Ranch North Williams Ranch Eddy 3455 Illinois Camp
North Windmill North Windmill Luna 4468 Williams Ranch
North Windmill North Windmill Luna 4810 Grandmother Mountain West
North Windmill North Windmill Luna 4672 Grandmother Mountain East
North Windmill North Windmill Lea 4029 Buckeye
North Windmill North Windmill Lea 3848 Prairieview NW
North Windmill North Windmill Chaves 3852 Vest Camp
North Windmill North Windmill Lea 4124 Simanola Valley
North Windmill North Windmill Lea 4140 Johnson Ranch
North Windmill North Windmill Lea 4078 Ranger Lake
North Windmill North Windmill Lea 3960 Walking Cane Ranch
North Windmill North Windmill Chaves 4242 Mescalero Point NE
North Windmill North Windmill Lea 4209 Lane Salt Lake
North Windmill North Windmill Chaves 3737 Acme
North Windmill North Windmill Lincoln 4918 Chivata Canyon
North Windmill North Windmill Cibola 7064 North Pasture
North Windmill North Windmill Guadalupe 5371 Thompson Ranch
North Windmill North Windmill San Miguel 4482 Minese Mesa
North Windmill North Windmill Union 6404 Cow Mountain
North Winkle Windmill North Winkle Windmill Guadalupe 5482 Burro Lake
Northeast Windmill Northeast Windmill Luna 4662 Victorio Ranch SE
Northeast Windmill Northeast Windmill Lea 3763 Prairieview SE
Northwest Windmill Northwest Windmill Lea 4114 Simanola Valley
Northwest Windmill Northwest Windmill Lea 3980 Walking Cane Ranch
Northwest Windmill Northwest Windmill Quay 3711 Blue Hole
Nose Rock Nose Rock McKinley 6394 Nose Rock
Number One Windmill Number One Windmill Lea 4144 Johnson Ranch
Number Three Windmill Number Three Windmill Lea 4075 Johnson Ranch
Number Two Windmill Number Two Windmill Lea 4114 Johnson Ranch
Nuņez Ranch Nuņez Ranch Lincoln 4760 Horseshoe Bend
Nunn Ranch Nunn Ranch Doņa Ana 4213 Little Black Mountain
Nunn Ranch Nunn Ranch Luna 4596 Florida Gap
Nunn Ranch Nunn Ranch Luna 4423 Good Sight Peak
Nunn Ranch Nunn Ranch Sierra 5505 Lake Valley
Nutria Campground Nutria Campground McKinley 6883 Horsehead Canyon NW
Nutrias Nutrias Rio Arriba 7339 Las Nutrias
O D Ranch O D Ranch Doņa Ana 4222 Mount Aden
O K Bar Ranch O K Bar Ranch Hidalgo 5453 Center Peak
O L Markel Ranch O L Markel Ranch Torrance 6509 Ewing
O R Windmill O R Windmill Cibola 5823 White Ridge
ONeal Ranch ONeal Ranch Santa Fe 6256 Longhorn Reservoir
O'Brien Ranch O'Brien Ranch Chaves 3934 Sardine Lake
O'Bryan Windmill O'Bryan Windmill Luna 3983 Columbus SE
Oasis Ranch Oasis Ranch Chaves 3478 South Spring
Oho Windmill Oho Windmill Lea 3799 Bronco
Oil Well Windmill Oil Well Windmill Luna 5134 Massacre Peak
Oil Well Windmill Oil Well Windmill Chaves 5686 Lewis Peak NE
Oil Well Windmill Oil Well Windmill Lea 4009 Tatum North
Oil Well Windmill Oil Well Windmill Guadalupe 4734 Santa Rosa Lake
Oil Well Windmill Oil Well Windmill Quay 4262 Muniz Canyon
Ojito Camp Ojito Camp Rio Arriba 7224 Schmitz Ranch
Ojito Ranch Ojito Ranch Sandoval 5522 San Felipe Mesa
Ojo Pueblo Ojo Pueblo Cibola 7175 Shoemaker Canyon
Ojo Pueblo Windmill Ojo Pueblo Windmill Cibola 7205 Shoemaker Canyon
Ok Windmill Ok Windmill Quay 3930 Riley Camp
Old Boney Windmill Old Boney Windmill Guadalupe 5318 El Morro Ranch NW
Old Cartwright Mill Site Old Cartwright Mill Site Colfax 9734 Garcia Peak
Old Dean Trail Camp Old Dean Trail Camp Colfax 8245 Ute Park
Old Dipping Vat Windmill Old Dipping Vat Windmill Lea 4065 Alston Ranch
Old Fears Ranch Old Fears Ranch Lincoln 5695 Nelson Canyon West
Old Graham Windmill Old Graham Windmill Lea 3904 Gladiola
Old Hatchet Ranch Old Hatchet Ranch Hidalgo 4308 Big Hatchet Peak
Old Jackson Ranch Old Jackson Ranch Grant 5111 Bear Mountain
Old Jones Ranch Old Jones Ranch Eddy 3589 Azotea Peak
Old La Cinta Windmill Old La Cinta Windmill San Miguel 4199 La Cinta Mesa
Old LeFebre Ranch Old LeFebre Ranch Doņa Ana 4455 Magdalena Gap
Old Man Hext Windmill Old Man Hext Windmill Grant 4842 Steeple Rock
Old Man Windmill Old Man Windmill Lea 4124 Alston Ranch
Old Nieto Well Old Nieto Well Santa Fe 6801 San Pedro
Old Pankey Ranch Old Pankey Ranch Sierra 5128 Romero Canyon
Old Pruit Ranch Old Pruit Ranch Lincoln 4974 Nelson Canyon East
Old Ranch Windmill Old Ranch Windmill Lea 4147 Maljamar NE
Old Rock Ranch Old Rock Ranch Rio Arriba 6368 Tafoya Canyon
Old Sabino Camp Old Sabino Camp Harding 5400 Sabino
Old Stapleton Ranch Old Stapleton Ranch Socorro 5082 Mesa Del Yeso
Old Town Plaza Old Town Plaza Bernalillo 4957 Albuquerque West
Olden Ranch Olden Ranch Otero 4032 Tres Hermanos SE
Ollie Windmill Ollie Windmill Lea 4085 Alston Ranch
One Hundred Ranch One Hundred Ranch Eddy 3474 Dayton
Onehundred Ranch Onehundred Ranch Eddy 3950 Hope
Orbeson Windmill Orbeson Windmill Quay 4308 Quay
Orchard Park Station Orchard Park Station Chaves 3540 South Spring
Orchard Windmill Orchard Windmill Guadalupe 4478 Gate Canyon
Orndorff Ranch Orndorff Ranch Socorro 5561 Orndorff Ranch
Oro Windmill Oro Windmill Cibola 7024 Pueblo Viejo Mesa
Orogrande Range Camp Orogrande Range Camp Otero 4206 Elephant Mountain
Ortega Ranch Ortega Ranch Guadalupe 5177 Laguna De Los Terreros
Ortega Windmills Ortega Windmills Guadalupe 4560 Ortega Tank
Ortiz Ranch Ortiz Ranch Torrance 6509 El Cabo
Osborn Ranch Osborn Ranch Harding 4124 Gallegos
Osborne Well Osborne Well Harding 4049 Logan North
Oscar Pool Windmill Oscar Pool Windmill Harding 4236 Hampton Ranch
Oscar Windmill Oscar Windmill Lea 4340 Caprock
Osita Ranch Osita Ranch Torrance 6745 El Cuervo Butte
Oso Windmill Oso Windmill San Miguel 5020 Muniz Canyon
Otero Ranch Otero Ranch Rio Arriba 6562 Tafoya Canyon
Otero Store Otero Store Rio Arriba 6644 Otero Store
Outlaw Well Outlaw Well Sierra 4534 Jug Canyon
Owens Ranch Owens Ranch Quay 4229 Bulldog Mesa
Owsley Windmill Owsley Windmill Cibola 7470 Cebollita Peak
P Ulibarri Ranch P Ulibarri Ranch Guadalupe 5184 Colonias
Pablos Windmill Pablos Windmill Hidalgo 4298 Steeple Rock
Pacheco Ranch Pacheco Ranch Union 5128 Cuates School
Pachta Windmill Pachta Windmill Union 5958 Des Moines
Padilla Ranch Padilla Ranch Lincoln 6657 Capitan Pass
Padilla Ranch Padilla Ranch Socorro 4941 Cerro De La Campana SE
Padilla Ranch Padilla Ranch Socorro 5029 Canon Agua Buena
Padilla Ranch Padilla Ranch Socorro 4573 San Antonio
Paecheco Ranch Paecheco Ranch Lincoln 4885 Arroyo Serrano East
Page Ranch Page Ranch Lincoln 4665 Granville Canyon
Pages Store Pages Store Hidalgo 4570 Tank Mountain
Palo Amarillo Ranch Palo Amarillo Ranch Santa Fe 6535 San Pedro
Paltenghe Ranch Paltenghe Ranch Mora 5705 Canon Ancho
Pamilla Windmill Pamilla Windmill San Miguel 5361 Chaperito
Panther Well Panther Well Otero 6457 Clements Ranch
Panther Windmill Panther Windmill Chaves 3684 Panther Hill
Parish Ranch Parish Ranch Eddy 3586 Parish Ranch
Parker Ranch Parker Ranch Luna 4610 Gage NW
Parker Ranch Parker Ranch Socorro 6371 Cerro Montoso
Parker Ranch Parker Ranch Quay 4199 Bulldog Mesa
Parker Station Parker Station Doņa Ana 3957 White Sands
Parker Well Parker Well Doņa Ana 4144 White Sands
Parker Windmill Parker Windmill Sierra 4754 Palomas Gap
Parkers Ranch Parkers Ranch Hidalgo 4321 Big Hatchet Peak
Parks Windmill Parks Windmill Union 6424 Cow Mountain
Parmer Ranch Parmer Ranch Quay 4921 Hassell
Parrish Farm Parrish Farm Roosevelt 4268 Delphos
Parsons Ranch Parsons Ranch Colfax 8031 Caliente Canyon North
Partnership Well Partnership Well Chaves 3996 Mesa SE
Partnership Windmill Partnership Windmill Chaves 4226 White Flat SE
Paschall Ranch Paschall Ranch Lea 4216 Buckeye NW
Pate Windmill Pate Windmill Otero 4882 Alamo Mountain
Patterson Windmill Patterson Windmill Grant 5249 Werney Hill
Paxton Well Paxton Well Eddy 3222 Jumping Spring
Payne Ranch Payne Ranch Guadalupe 5134 Horse Pasture Tank
Payne Windmill Payne Windmill Catron 7588 Bonine Canyon
Paz Well Paz Well Cibola 7172 The Dyke
Peach Orchard Windmill Peach Orchard Windmill Luna 4334 Carne
Peacock Ranch Peacock Ranch Quay 5207 Ima SE
Pearson Ranch Pearson Ranch Socorro 5899 Wrye Peak
Pefonio Windmill Pefonio Windmill Union 6696 Little Grande
Pelon Windmill Pelon Windmill Mora 7447 Ojo Feliz
Peņasco River Ranch Peņasco River Ranch Chaves 5210 Dunken
Peņasco Well Peņasco Well Chaves 4354 Sixteenmile Draw East
Peņasco Windmill Peņasco Windmill Cibola 7365 Mecate Meadow
Pendergrass Well Pendergrass Well Chaves 5656 Clements Ranch
Pendleton Windmill Pendleton Windmill Grant 4659 Ninetysix Ranch
Penitente Windmill Penitente Windmill Harding 3904 Montesito Creek
Penitente Windmill Penitente Windmill Harding 4337 Circle Bar Ranch
Pens Windmill Pens Windmill Cibola 7546 Bonine Canyon
Percella Ranch Percella Ranch Lincoln 5220 Nelson Canyon West
Perez Ranch Perez Ranch Guadalupe 5223 El Morro Ranch NW
Perez Ranch Perez Ranch San Miguel 6158 Potrillo Hill
Perry Well Perry Well Otero 3966 Hackberry Hill
Perry Windmill Perry Windmill Otero 4846 Alamo Mountain NE
Perry Windmill Perry Windmill Luna 4583 Goat Ridge
Persiliano Windmill Persiliano Windmill Harding 4498 Alamosa Canyon
Perteli Windmill Perteli Windmill Lea 3921 Gladiola
Pete Windmill Pete Windmill Grant 5118 Werney Hill
Peters Ranch Peters Ranch Lincoln 5804 Wahalee Canyon
Peters Windmill Peters Windmill Quay 3921 Rock Camp
Petersons Ranch Petersons Ranch Hidalgo 4314 Big Hatchet Peak
Pettigrew Ranch Pettigrew Ranch Guadalupe 4790 Ima NW
Petty Windmill Petty Windmill Chaves 3855 L E Ranch
Phillips Ranch Phillips Ranch Doņa Ana 4203 Mount Riley
Phillips Ranch Phillips Ranch Sierra 5203 Lake Valley
Phillips Ranch Phillips Ranch Roosevelt 3989 Arch
Philmont Scout Ranch Headquarters Philmont Scout Ranch Headquarters Colfax 6585 Coyote Mesa
Pickett Windmill Pickett Windmill Eddy 3045 Ross Ranch
Pickett Windmill Pickett Windmill Quay 3930 Rock Camp
Pie Ranch Pie Ranch Cibola 6361 Chicken Mountain
Piedres Lumbres Piedres Lumbres Catron 6466 Salazar Canyon
Piedroso Windmill Piedroso Windmill Torrance 6106 Lobo Hill SW
Pierce Ranch Pierce Ranch Hidalgo 4482 Pierce Peak
Pierce Ranch Pierce Ranch Chaves 4111 Mesa SW
Pilares Windmill Pilares Windmill Cibola 6893 Los Pilares
Pine Campground Pine Campground Otero 8671 Cloudcroft
Pine Windmill Pine Windmill Cibola 6982 Mesita De Yeso
Pino Ranch Pino Ranch Guadalupe 4826 Mesa Cherisco
Piņon Windmill Piņon Windmill Union 4682 Greendailey Canyon
Pioneer Well Pioneer Well Chaves 4360 Kenna
Pipeline Windmill Pipeline Windmill Lea 2986 Javelina Basin
Pipeline Windmill Pipeline Windmill Lea 3474 Bell Lake
Pipeline Windmill Pipeline Windmill Chaves 4416 Maljamar NE
Pipeline Windmill Pipeline Windmill Chaves 4508 Dark Canyon
Pipeline Windmill Pipeline Windmill Lea 4327 Caprock
Pit Windmill Pit Windmill Lea 3816 Bronco
Pitchfork Ranch Pitchfork Ranch Lea 3376 Woodley Flat
Plowman Ranch Plowman Ranch Eddy 3045 Malaga
Point of Rocks Windmill Point of Rocks Windmill Doņa Ana 4327 Alivio
Point Windmill Point Windmill Cibola 7070 Sand Canyon
Point Windmill Point Windmill San Miguel 4787 Monument Point
P O L Ranch P O L Ranch Luna 3976 P O L Ranch
Pole M Ranch Pole M Ranch Luna 4567 Good Sight Peak NE
Polecat Windmill Polecat Windmill San Miguel 4672 Campana
Pollard Well Pollard Well Chaves 3773 Cottonwood Draw
Pollard Windmill Pollard Windmill Chaves 4347 Dunlap Sill
Pomroy Ranch Pomroy Ranch Harding 4272 Gallegos
Ponil Base Camp Ponil Base Camp Colfax 7241 Ute Park
Pool Windmill Pool Windmill Chaves 4111 Denton Camp
Popalito Windmill Popalito Windmill Valencia 4921 Belen NW
Pope Ranch Pope Ranch Lea 3842 Prairieview
Pope Siding Pope Siding Socorro 4583 Pope
Porcher Windmill Porcher Windmill Luna 4258 Bisbee Hills
Porcupine Camp Porcupine Camp Colfax 9130 Garcia Peak
Porter Ranch Porter Ranch Lincoln 4380 Elsie Canyon
Poso Cow Camp Poso Cow Camp Rio Arriba 9918 Brazos Peak
Poso Windmill Poso Windmill Harding 4554 Indian Bathtub
Post Ranch Post Ranch Rio Arriba 6959 Billy Rice Canyon
Potter Well Potter Well Chaves 3743 Eightmile Draw
Pound Ranch Pound Ranch Rio Arriba 7103 Apache Mesa
Pounds Mill Guard Station Pounds Mill Guard Station Rio Arriba 7109 Cement Lake
Powell Ranch Powell Ranch Guadalupe 4780 Borica
Prairie Chicken Windmill Prairie Chicken Windmill Lea 3940 Bronco NE
Prairie Dog Trading Post Prairie Dog Trading Post McKinley 6857 Whitehorse
Prairie Dog Windmill Prairie Dog Windmill San Miguel 4701 Montoya Point
Prajetes Camp Prajetes Camp Harding 4081 Gallegos
Pretty Bird Windmill Pretty Bird Windmill Chaves 5640 Lewis Peak
Price Ranch Price Ranch Chaves 3924 Kincaid Ranch
Price Ranch Price Ranch Lea 4367 Cooper-Good Ranch
Price Ranch Price Ranch Torrance 6132 Lobo Hill SW
Price Ranch Price Ranch Union 5630 Mount Dora
Price West Camp Price West Camp Roosevelt 4537 Gammil Well NE
Price-Portales Ranch Price-Portales Ranch Roosevelt 4511 Gammil Well NE
Priewe Well Priewe Well Roosevelt 4419 Kenna
Prince Ranch Prince Ranch Rio Arriba 7641 Monero
Prisoner of War Camp Prisoner of War Camp Eddy 3373 Artesia
Publ Corral Publ Corral Chaves 4147 Lucky Lake
Pueblo los Tanos Ruins Pueblo los Tanos Ruins Santa Fe 6191 Galisteo
Pueblo Bonito Ranger Station Pueblo Bonito Ranger Station San Juan 6129 Pueblo Bonito
Pueblo Chey Ruins Pueblo Chey Ruins Santa Fe 6312 Ojo Hedionda
Pueblo Well Pueblo Well Santa Fe 6224 Galisteo
Pueblo Windmill Pueblo Windmill Catron 6466 Moreno Hill
Pueblo Windmill Pueblo Windmill Valencia 5003 Belen NW
Puerto de la Ternera Puerto de la Ternera Socorro 6371 Pueblo Viejo Mesa
Puerto Windmill Puerto Windmill San Miguel 4567 Mesita Del Gato
Puerto Windmill Puerto Windmill Union 6437 Cow Mountain
Puertocito Windmills Puertocito Windmills San Miguel 4281 La Cinta Mesa
Pump Jack Well Pump Jack Well Santa Fe 6247 Galisteo
Pump Windmill Pump Windmill Luna 4298 Gage SE
Purcell Ranch Purcell Ranch Quay 3957 Rock Camp
Purday Ranch Purday Ranch Otero 4298 Tularosa
Putman Windmill Putman Windmill Sierra 4813 Cutter
Pyle Ranch Pyle Ranch Harding 4042 Logan North
Pyle Windmill Pyle Windmill Harding 4137 Hampton Ranch
Quarter Circle W Ranch Quarter Circle W Ranch Hidalgo 4337 Table Top Mountain
Queen Ranch Queen Ranch Eddy 2920 Red Bluff
Quintana Ranch Quintana Ranch San Miguel 4524 Mesa Pino
R D Lee Ranch R D Lee Ranch Lea 3898 Lovington SW
R I Bass Ranch R I Bass Ranch Hidalgo 5026 Whitewater Creek
R Vandewart Ranch R Vandewart Ranch Chaves 5522 Loco Canyon
Rabbit Well Rabbit Well Chaves 3668 Cottonwood Draw
Raeburn Windmill Raeburn Windmill Grant 5400 Steeple Rock
Ragsdale Windmill Ragsdale Windmill Hidalgo 4153 Gary
Railroad Windmill Railroad Windmill Sierra 4485 Alivio
Rain Spring Ranch Rain Spring Ranch Eddy 3888 Azotea Peak
Rainbow Windmill Rainbow Windmill Luna 4170 Midway Butte
Rainwater Windmill Rainwater Windmill Chaves 4062 Denton Camp
Ramah Navajo Community Center Ramah Navajo Community Center Cibola 7129 Nicoll Lake
Ramirez Windmill Ramirez Windmill Harding 4265 Hampton Ranch
Ramon Windmill Ramon Windmill Luna 3989 Mesquite Lake
Ramon Windmill Ramon Windmill Harding 4419 Circle Bar Ranch
Ranch Huntley Ranch Huntley Torrance 6181 Lobo Hill SW
Ranchito Ranchito Santa Fe 7182 San Pedro
Rancho del Venado Rancho del Venado Torrance 6795 El Cabo
Rancho Agua Blanca Rancho Agua Blanca Sandoval 6089 La Gotera
Rancho Chupadero Rancho Chupadero Cibola 6903 Seboyeta
Rancho De Stephan Rancho De Stephan McKinley 6243 Canada Calladita
Rancho Diamante Rancho Diamante Rio Arriba 7618 Monero
Rancho Eufelia Rancho Eufelia McKinley 6998 Piedra De La Aguila
Rancho Feliz Rancho Feliz McKinley 7064 Piedra De La Aguila
Rancho Nuevo Rancho Nuevo McKinley 7021 Mesa De Los Toros
Rancho Rincon Marquez Rancho Rincon Marquez McKinley 6644 Mesita Del Gavilan
Ranger Lake Windmill Ranger Lake Windmill Lea 4006 Ranger Lake
Rascon Windmill Rascon Windmill Luna 4498 Columbus
Ratcliff Ranch Ratcliff Ranch Guadalupe 4993 Sacaton Draw
Ratliff Ranch Ratliff Ranch Socorro 6493 Cooper Canyon
Rats Windmill Rats Windmill Quay 3635 Martin Draw
Rattail Windmill Rattail Windmill Catron 7306 Bonine Canyon
Rattlesnake Well Rattlesnake Well Chaves 3684 Eightmile Draw
Rattlesnake Windmill Rattlesnake Windmill Chaves 3530 Derrick Draw
Rattlesnake Windmill Rattlesnake Windmill San Miguel 4029 Medina Mesa
Ray Hunter Ranch Ray Hunter Ranch Socorro 4587 San Antonio
Ray Windmill Ray Windmill Cibola 6772 Atarque Lake
Raymond Fuller Ranch Raymond Fuller Ranch Hidalgo 4258 Rock Tank Draw
Record Ranch Record Ranch Lea 3573 Monument South
Red Bluff Ranch Red Bluff Ranch Chaves 3783 Coyote Draw
Red Canyon Ranch Red Canyon Ranch Torrance 6493 Lobo Hill NE
Red Hill Windmill Red Hill Windmill Chaves 3983 Olive
Red House Red House Chaves 5141 Flying H
Red River Ranch Red River Ranch Colfax 5896 Stony Lake
Red Spring Windmill Red Spring Windmill San Miguel 4363 Campana
Red Tank Windmill Red Tank Windmill Chaves 3996 Denton Camp
Red Tower Windmill Red Tower Windmill San Miguel 4206 La Cinta Mesa
Red Well Red Well Chaves 4452 Kenna
Red Windmill Red Windmill Doņa Ana 4252 Camel Mountain
Red Windmill Red Windmill Hidalgo 5095 Pyramid Peak
Red Windmill Red Windmill Chaves 4505 Dunlap Sill
Red Windmill Red Windmill Cibola 6906 Mesita De Yeso
Red Windmill Red Windmill Cibola 5981 White Ridge
Red Windmill Red Windmill Harding 4026 Logan North
Red Windmill Red Windmill Quay 4550 Cherokee Valley
Redtower Windmill Redtower Windmill Chaves 3487 Bar C Bar Ranch
Reed Ranch Reed Ranch Eddy 3127 Cottonwood Hills
Reed Ranch Reed Ranch Eddy 2943 Malaga
Reeves Ranch Reeves Ranch Eddy 3166 Bond Draw
Reeves Windmill Reeves Windmill Quay 3914 Rock Camp
Reeyes Ranch Reeyes Ranch Chaves 5640 Thimble Canyon
Registered Windmill Registered Windmill Quay 4350 Montoya
Reilly Ranch Reilly Ranch Guadalupe 4787 Santa Rosa Lake
Reineke Windmill Reineke Windmill Sierra 4869 Cutter
Reno Windmill Reno Windmill Sierra 5823 Thumb Tank Peak
Reservoir Windmill Reservoir Windmill Sierra 4869 Engle
Reville Windmill Reville Windmill Colfax 6424 Lawrence Arroyo
Reynolds Ranch Reynolds Ranch Hidalgo 4386 Culberson Ranch
Reynolds Ranch Reynolds Ranch Lincoln 5463 Cowboy Mesa NW
Reynolds Windmill Reynolds Windmill Torrance 6316 Ewing
Ribble Ranch Ribble Ranch Roosevelt 4176 Delphos
Richardson Windmill Richardson Windmill Hidalgo 4577 Cotton City
Richens Ranch Richens Ranch Hidalgo 4252 Hatchet Ranch
Rickard Well Rickard Well Roosevelt 4570 Schram Lake
Rico Ranch Rico Ranch McKinley 6608 Twin Buttes
Rienhardt Ranch Rienhardt Ranch Socorro 5328 Puertecito Gap
Riley Camp Riley Camp Quay 4003 Riley Camp
Rimrock Windmill Rimrock Windmill Luna 4721 Grandmother Mountain East
Rincon Camp Rincon Camp Cibola 6637 Rincon Hondo
Rincon Hondo Windmill Rincon Hondo Windmill Cibola 6962 Rincon Hondo
Rincon Windmill Rincon Windmill Cibola 7585 Wiley Mesa
Rincon Windmill Rincon Windmill San Miguel 4485 Alamosa Canyon
Rincon Windmill Rincon Windmill San Miguel 4764 Waggoner Ranch
Rincon Windmill Rincon Windmill Union 4521 Goodson School
Ringbone Ranch Ringbone Ranch Grant 4685 Playas Peak
Rio Puerco Ranch Rio Puerco Ranch Bernalillo 5397 Benavidez Ranch
Rippee Ranch Rippee Ranch Chaves 4140 Rippee Ranch
Ritch Ranch Ritch Ranch Sierra 3993 Hembrillo Canyon
Rito de las Sillas Rito de las Sillas Rio Arriba 7759 Youngsville
River Ranch River Ranch Guadalupe 4800 Santa Rosa Lake
River Windmill River Windmill Chaves 3638 Cottonwood Draw
River Windmill River Windmill Quay 3743 Martin Draw
Road Forks Road Forks Hidalgo 4193 Steins
Road Well Road Well Hidalgo 4393 Swallow Fork Peak
Road Windmill Road Windmill Cibola 6854 Mesita De Yeso
Roark Ranch Roark Ranch Guadalupe 5663 George Ranch
Rob Windmill Rob Windmill Lea 4088 Simanola Valley
Robertsons Ranch Robertsons Ranch Hidalgo 4423 U Bar Ridge
Robinson Ranch Robinson Ranch Hidalgo 4304 Antelope Pass
Robinson Windmill Robinson Windmill Hidalgo 4157 Mondel
Robson Windmill Robson Windmill Hidalgo 4203 Lordsburg
Rock Hole Windmill Rock Hole Windmill San Miguel 4836 Campana
Rock House Rock House Eddy 2894 Red Bluff
Rock House Rock House Eddy 3491 Foster Ranch
Rock House Rock House Chaves 4232 Dunlap Sill
Rock House Well Rock House Well Santa Fe 6122 Galisteo
Rock House Windmill Rock House Windmill Cibola 6535 Rincon Hondo
Rock Ranch Rock Ranch Quay 4373 Kerlin Hill
Rock Spring Ranch Rock Spring Ranch McKinley 6788 Gallup West
Rock Tank Windmill Rock Tank Windmill Cibola 7100 York Ranch
Rock Tank Windmill Rock Tank Windmill Cibola 6129 Cerro Verde
Rock Windmill Rock Windmill Eddy 4255 Grapevine Draw
Rockwell Windmill Rockwell Windmill Harding 4491 Gallegos NE
Rocky Well Rocky Well Harding 4101 Logan North
Rogers Windmill Rogers Windmill Chaves 3816 Prairieview NE
Roman Camp Roman Camp Guadalupe 4475 Gate Canyon
Romero Flats Windmill Romero Flats Windmill Harding 3940 Montesito Creek
Romero Ranch Romero Ranch Socorro 5791 Wrye Peak
Romero Ranch Romero Ranch Valencia 6001 Mesa Gallina
Romero Ranch Romero Ranch Guadalupe 5141 Laguna De Los Terreros
Romero Ranch Romero Ranch Valencia 5043 Los Lunas
Romero Well Romero Well Socorro 4918 Cerro De La Campana SE
Rose Well Rose Well Doņa Ana 4898 Organ
Rosebud Windmill Rosebud Windmill Harding 4642 Indian Bathtub
Rosendo Windmill Rosendo Windmill Lincoln 6142 Deadman Lake
Rosey Windmill Rosey Windmill Union 6470 Malpie Mountain
Ross Ranch Ross Ranch Eddy 2890 Ross Ranch
Round Top Windmill Round Top Windmill Luna 5216 Cow Springs Mountain
Round Top Windmill Round Top Windmill San Miguel 4413 Bell Ranch
Roundtree Ranch Roundtree Ranch Colfax 6775 Point of Rocks Mesa
Roundtree Windmills Roundtree Windmills Catron 6260 Twentytwo Spring
Rouse Camp Rouse Camp Sierra 6296 Chise
Rowell Ranch Rowell Ranch Santa Fe 6263 Longhorn Reservoir
Roy Forehand Ranch Roy Forehand Ranch Eddy 3176 Bond Draw
Ruby Wells Ranch Ruby Wells Ranch McKinley 6768 Seven Lakes
Ruckman Windmill Ruckman Windmill Luna 4308 Hermanas NW
Rummel Windmill Rummel Windmill Union 5341 Black Canyon
Rumph Windmill Rumph Windmill Lea 3855 Bronco
Runyan Line Shack Runyan Line Shack Otero 4580 Cornucopia Ranch SE
Runyan Ranch Runyan Ranch Eddy 4091 Antelope Sink
Runyan Ranch Runyan Ranch Chaves 5403 Thimble Canyon
Runyon Line Shack Runyon Line Shack Otero 4859 Cornucopia Ranch
Rush Windmill Rush Windmill Luna 4531 Good Sight Peak
Russell Bird Ranch Russell Bird Ranch Lincoln 4924 Arroyo Serrano East
Ryberg Ranch Ryberg Ranch Lincoln 6096 Gallo Spring Canyon
Sabinal Siding Sabinal Siding Socorro 4767 Veguita
Sabino Ranch Sabino Ranch Socorro 4662 Mesa Del Yeso
Sabinosa Windmill Sabinosa Windmill San Miguel 4249 La Cinta Mesa
Sacaton Windmill Sacaton Windmill Luna 4550 Hermanas NW
Sacra Farm Sacra Farm Chaves 3737 Roswell South
Sacra Ranch Sacra Ranch Chaves 4049 Swallow Nest Canyon
Sacred Heart Church Sacred Heart Church Colfax 6184 Miami
Saddle Windmill Saddle Windmill Cibola 7992 Wiley Mesa
Sagebrush Windmill Sagebrush Windmill Luna 4275 Deming East
Saint Anthony Boys Home (historical) Saint Anthony Boys Home (historical) Bernalillo 4964 Albuquerque West
Salada Windmill Salada Windmill Harding 4482 Indian Bathtub
Saladito Point Windmill Saladito Point Windmill San Miguel 5338 Tenaja Mesa
Saladito Ranch Saladito Ranch Socorro 5600 Mesa Sarca
Saladito Trap Windmill Saladito Trap Windmill San Miguel 4147 Tenaja Mesa
Saladito Windmill Saladito Windmill San Miguel 4183 Tenaja Mesa
Salaza Windmill Salaza Windmill Harding 4350 Circle Bar Ranch
Salman Ranch Salman Ranch Mora 6886 Rainsville
Salt Creek Ranch Salt Creek Ranch Lincoln 4426 Elsie Canyon
Salt House Salt House Chaves 5403 Loco Canyon
Salt Lake Ranch Salt Lake Ranch Lea 3507 Laguna Gatuna
Salt Well Salt Well Hidalgo 4160 Mondel
Salt Well Salt Well Quay 3917 Tuscocoillo Canyon
Salt Well Windmill Salt Well Windmill Quay 4321 Montoya
Salt Windmill Salt Windmill Chaves 4173 Denton Camp
Salt Windmill Salt Windmill Quay 3989 Rock Camp
Salt Windmill Salt Windmill Harding 4052 Montesito Creek
Salty Windmill Salty Windmill Quay 3881 Bard
Samples Windmill Samples Windmill Chaves 3973 Haystack Mountain
Sams Windmill Sams Windmill Harding 3966 Montesito Creek
San Francisco San Francisco Sandoval 5518 San Felipe Mesa
San Juan Basin Field San Juan Basin Field San Juan 6368 Archuleta
San Juan Heading San Juan Heading Valencia 4790 Casa Colorada
San Juan Ranch San Juan Ranch Luna 4085 North Peak
San Luis Windmill San Luis Windmill Luna 4157 Cambray
San Pablo Windmill San Pablo Windmill Guadalupe 5548 Burro Lake
San Pedro Windmill San Pedro Windmill Luna 4170 X-7 Ranch
San Simon Ranch San Simon Ranch Lea 3540 San Simon Ranch
Sanchez Ranch Sanchez Ranch Sierra 4879 Shannon Canyon NW
Sanchez Ranch Sanchez Ranch Guadalupe 5627 Potrillo Hill
Sand Canyon Windmill Sand Canyon Windmill Cibola 7211 Sand Canyon
Sand Draw Windmill Sand Draw Windmill Roosevelt 4331 Gammil Well
Sand Hill Windmill Sand Hill Windmill Quay 4590 Cherokee Valley
Sand Ranch Sand Ranch Chaves 3986 Oasis
Sand Ridge Windmill Sand Ridge Windmill San Miguel 4275 La Cinta Mesa
Sand Springs Ranch Sand Springs Ranch Harding 4085 Logan NE
Sand Well Sand Well Luna 4209 Myndus
Sand Well Sand Well Chaves 4452 Kenna
Sand Windmill Sand Windmill Lea 3937 Bronco NE
Sand Windmill Sand Windmill Lincoln 4380 Elsie Canyon
Sand Windmill Sand Windmill Cibola 7119 York Ranch
Sand Windmill Sand Windmill Quay 3632 Blue Hole
Sanders Ranch Sanders Ranch Lincoln 5571 Gacho Hill SE
Sandia Windmill Sandia Windmill Cibola 7523 Mecate Meadow
Sandoval Ranch Sandoval Ranch Sandoval 5840 San Felipe Mesa
Sandoval Windmill Sandoval Windmill Cibola 6296 Venadito Camp
Sandstone Mountain Windmill Sandstone Mountain Windmill Harding 4449 Circle Bar Ranch
Sanford Ranch Sanford Ranch Mora 6276 Mogote Hills
Sargent Ranch Sargent Ranch San Juan 6384 Sargent Ranch
Sarracino Ranch Sarracino Ranch Cibola 5938 East Mesa
Sarsaparilla Windmill Sarsaparilla Windmill San Miguel 3957 Carpenter Mesa SW
Sartin Windmill Sartin Windmill Lea 4111 Alston Ranch
Sauble Circle Dot Ranch Sauble Circle Dot Ranch Colfax 6240 Sauble Circle Dot Ranch
Saint Nicolas Ranch Saint Nicolas Ranch Doņa Ana 3960 Bennett Mountain
Savage Well Savage Well Chaves 3842 Coyote Draw
Savage Well Savage Well Chaves 4104 Curlew Lake
Sawmill Camp Sawmill Camp Colfax 8445 White Peak
Scharbauer Ranch Scharbauer Ranch Chaves 4852 Meadow Hill
Schmitz Ranch Schmitz Ranch Rio Arriba 7205 Schmitz Ranch
School House Windmill School House Windmill Santa Fe 6125 Galisteo
School Section Well School Section Well Chaves 4511 Schram Lake
School Section Windmills School Section Windmills Harding 4380 Gallegos NE
Schoolhouse Windmill Schoolhouse Windmill Luna 4445 Hermanas
Schoolhouse Windmill Schoolhouse Windmill Cibola 7342 Bonine Canyon
Schoolhouse Windmill Schoolhouse Windmill Union 5387 Black Canyon
Schram Well Schram Well Chaves 4501 Schram Lake
Scott Ranch Scott Ranch Socorro 4905 Hickman Ranch
Scott Ranch Scott Ranch Guadalupe 5131 Salt Lake
Scott Windmill Scott Windmill Luna 4222 Hermanas
Scotty Windmill Scotty Windmill Chaves 5010 Flying H
Scrambled Eggs Windmills Scrambled Eggs Windmills Chaves 3852 Cedar Point
Screw Windmill Screw Windmill San Miguel 4678 Wade Canyon
Scrivner Windmill Scrivner Windmill Lea 4085 Alston Ranch
Seco Canyon Windmill Seco Canyon Windmill San Miguel 4449 Campana
Seco Windmill Seco Windmill Sierra 4928 Saladone Tank
Second Trap Windmill Second Trap Windmill Quay 3917 Blue Hole
Section Windmill Section Windmill Lea 4068 Tatum North
Section Windmill Section Windmill Lea 4360 Caprock
Secundino Windmill Secundino Windmill Guadalupe 5945 Mesa Palo Amarillo
Seis-Wilson Ranch Seis-Wilson Ranch Cibola 5991 Cerro Del Oro
Selman Windmill Selman Windmill Lea 3898 Gladiola
Semi Lonesome Windmill Semi Lonesome Windmill Cibola 7339 Fence Lake SW
Sena Ranch Sena Ranch Guadalupe 4829 Borica
Separ Ranch Separ Ranch Grant 4541 Separ
Separ Windmill Separ Windmill Luna 4514 Gage
Seven T X Camp Seven T X Camp Sierra 4580 Engle
Seventyfour Windmill Seventyfour Windmill San Miguel 5295 Solano
Seventyseven Windmill Seventyseven Windmill Chaves 4085 Blackwater Hill
Shaffer Windmill Shaffer Windmill Quay 3940 Blue Hole
Shanks Ranch Shanks Ranch Lincoln 5121 Cowboy Mesa
Shanks Windmill Shanks Windmill Chaves 5325 Flying H
Sharp Ranch Sharp Ranch Torrance 6398 Camaleon Draw West
Shearing Corral Windmill Shearing Corral Windmill Valencia 5384 Belen NW
Shearing Shed Camp Shearing Shed Camp Lincoln 5039 Ramon SW
Sheep Fence Windmill Sheep Fence Windmill Harding 4508 Indian Bathtub
Ship Rock Campground Ship Rock Campground San Juan 5279 Sulphur Spring
Ship Windmill Ship Windmill Quay 3839 Martin Draw
Shipper Pen Windmill Shipper Pen Windmill Lea 4101 Simanola Valley
Shoemaker Windmill Shoemaker Windmill San Miguel 6808 Onava
Shorty Miller Shorty Miller Hidalgo 5344 Mount Baldy
Shorty Millers Lower Ranch Shorty Millers Lower Ranch Hidalgo 5328 Mount Baldy
Shorty Well Shorty Well Chaves 4065 Curlew Lake
Sibley Windmill Sibley Windmill Luna 4698 Grandmother Mountain West
Sidey Windmill Sidey Windmill Luna 4954 Massacre Peak
Sierra Alta Ranch Sierra Alta Ranch Doņa Ana 4829 Sierra Alta
Silver Creek Camp Silver Creek Camp Socorro 5046 Silver Creek
Silvia Ranch Silvia Ranch Torrance 6489 Edgewood
Simmons Ranch Simmons Ranch Santa Fe 6818 San Pedro
Sims Ranch Sims Ranch Lea 3688 Monument SW
Simms Ranch Simms Ranch Quay 3927 Hudson
Simpson Ranch Simpson Ranch Luna 4160 Myndus
Simpson Ranch Simpson Ranch Lincoln 5197 Ramon
Simpson Ranch Simpson Ranch Torrance 6174 Camaleon Draw West
Sinkhole Trap Windmill Sinkhole Trap Windmill San Miguel 4022 Hampton Ranch
Sintas Windmill Sintas Windmill Union 6273 Cow Mountain
Sioux Trail Camp Sioux Trail Camp Colfax 7388 Ute Park
Sisneros Ranch Sisneros Ranch Lincoln 5548 Nelson Canyon West
Sisneros Ranch Sisneros Ranch Guadalupe 5604 Potrillo Hill
Sissy Windmill Sissy Windmill Catron 7802 Wild Horse Canyon
Sissy Windmill Sissy Windmill Quay 3556 Martin Draw
Six Foot Windmill Six Foot Windmill San Miguel 3891 Trinchera Creek
Sixmile Station Sixmile Station Chaves 3852 Roswell North
Sixty Gallon Windmill Sixty Gallon Windmill San Miguel 4580 Arroyo Alamocito
Sixtynine Ranch Sixtynine Ranch Mora 6942 Rainsville
Sk White Ranch Sk White Ranch Doņa Ana 3940 Bennett Mountain
Skunk Ranch Skunk Ranch Grant 4734 Playas Peak
Sky Village Sky Village Sandoval 6037 San Felipe Mesa
Slater Ranch Slater Ranch Sierra 5387 Apache Gap
Slaton Ranch Slaton Ranch Guadalupe 4445 Fallon Ranch
Slaughter Ranch Slaughter Ranch Lincoln 5476 Flying H NW
Slick Rock Slick Rock McKinley 7333 Tse Bonita School
Slick Windmills Slick Windmills Lea 3517 Bell Lake
Sloan Wells Camp Sloan Wells Camp Lincoln 6598 Claunch SE
Smart Ranch Smart Ranch Curry 4153 Melrose SE
Smith Ranch Smith Ranch Hidalgo 4176 Steins
Smith Ranch Smith Ranch Eddy 3842 Carnero Peak
Smith Ranch Smith Ranch Lea 3609 Laguna Gatuna NW
Smith Ranch Smith Ranch Chaves 3691 Hackberry Ranch
Smith Ranch Smith Ranch Chaves 3793 Acme
Smith Ranch Smith Ranch Chaves 3986 Haystack Mountain
Smith Ranch Smith Ranch Curry 4400 Smith Ranch
Smith Well Smith Well Quay 3878 Tuscocoillo Canyon
Smith Windmill Smith Windmill Grant 5141 Ninetysix Ranch
Smith Windmill Smith Windmill Lea 3865 Prairieview NW
Smith Windmill Smith Windmill Chaves 3579 Coyote Draw
Smith Windmill Smith Windmill Chaves 4016 Elkins
Smith Windmill Smith Windmill Chaves 4600 Schram Lake
Smith Windmill Smith Windmill Quay 4242 Muniz Canyon
Smithers Windmill Smithers Windmill Quay 3894 Martin Draw
Snake Windmill Snake Windmill Quay 3711 Martin Draw
Snaky Windmill Snaky Windmill Grant 5092 Ninetysix Ranch
Snow Ranch Snow Ranch Otero 4176 Van Winkle Lake
Snow Ranch Snow Ranch Santa Fe 6831 White Lakes
Soldiers Farewell Stage Station Soldiers Farewell Stage Station Grant 5144 Soldiers Farewell Hill
Solomon Windmill Solomon Windmill Cibola 6863 Atarque Lake
Sorule Homestead Sorule Homestead Torrance 6155 Lobo Hill SE
South Berry Windmill South Berry Windmill Lea 3871 Bronco
South Big Flat Windmill South Big Flat Windmill San Miguel 4426 Bell Ranch
South Camp South Camp Chaves 4626 Wire Lake
South Camp Windmill South Camp Windmill Cibola 6978 Rincon Hondo
South Casa Blanca Windmill South Casa Blanca Windmill Harding 4321 Buffalo Springs
South Chatten- Muncy Ranch South Chatten- Muncy Ranch Chaves 3999 Elkins
South Coffman Windmill South Coffman Windmill San Miguel 4167 San Jon
South Creek Windmill South Creek Windmill Harding 4308 Circle Bar Ranch
South Dock South Dock San Miguel 4203 Conchas Dam
South Gavilan Windmill South Gavilan Windmill San Miguel 4245 La Cinta Mesa
South Honeycutt Windmill South Honeycutt Windmill Harding 4347 Fuentes Ranch
South House Windmill South House Windmill Lea 3937 Bronco NE
South Jett Windmill South Jett Windmill Roosevelt 4429 Gammil Well SE
South Lisbon Windmill South Lisbon Windmill Hidalgo 4304 Lisbon
South Mizell Windmill South Mizell Windmill Lea 3865 Prairieview NW
South Ninemile Windmill South Ninemile Windmill Lea 4144 Simanola Valley
South Pasture Windmill South Pasture Windmill Lea 4150 Simanola Valley
South Pasture Windmill South Pasture Windmill Lea 3914 Bronco NE
South Pasture Windmill South Pasture Windmill San Miguel 4380 Bell Ranch
South Privo Windmill South Privo Windmill Quay 4203 Cow Canyon
South Ranch South Ranch McKinley 6758 Laguna Castillo
South Schelling Windmill South Schelling Windmill Lea 3983 Tatum North
South Spring Ranch South Spring Ranch Chaves 3563 South Spring
South Van Eaton Ranch South Van Eaton Ranch Chaves 4062 Haystack Butte
South Well South Well Hidalgo 4560 Swallow Fork Peak
South Well South Well Chaves 4075 Curlew Lake
South Well South Well Roosevelt 4462 Button Mesa North
South Well South Well Chaves 3809 Cottonwood Draw
South Well South Well Quay 4065 Nara Visa
South Windmill South Windmill Luna 4449 Williams Ranch
South Windmill South Windmill Grant 5180 Ninetysix Ranch
South Windmill South Windmill Sierra 4908 Cutter
South Windmill South Windmill Lea 3848 Prairieview
South Windmill South Windmill Lea 3904 Gladiola
South Windmill South Windmill Lea 4190 Johnson Ranch
South Windmill South Windmill Chaves 3760 Acme
South Windmill South Windmill Chaves 4255 White Flat SE
South Windmill South Windmill Lincoln 4724 North Lake
South Windmill South Windmill Roosevelt 4432 Gammil Well
South Windmill South Windmill Guadalupe 5105 Laguna De Los Terreros
South Windmill South Windmill Harding 4600 Gallegos NE
South Woods Windmill South Woods Windmill Quay 3960 Tuscocoillo Canyon
Southeast Windmill Southeast Windmill Harding 4088 Hampton Ranch
Southerland Well Southerland Well Luna 4541 Hockett
Southwest Windmill Southwest Windmill Luna 4692 Victorio Ranch
Southwest Windmill Southwest Windmill Lea 3976 Walking Cane Ranch
Southwest Windmill Southwest Windmill Quay 3819 Blue Hole
Sowell Ranch Sowell Ranch Guadalupe 5131 Dilia
Sowell Ranch Sowell Ranch Guadalupe 5213 Pedro Miguel Peak
Sowell Windmill Sowell Windmill Sierra 4737 Cutter
Sowers Ranch Sowers Ranch Union 4885 Clapham
Spangler Windmill Spangler Windmill Torrance 6404 Mountainair
Spanish Stirrup Ranch Spanish Stirrup Ranch Luna 4403 Capitol Dome
Sparks Ranch Sparks Ranch Quay 5223 Ima SE
Sparks Windmill Sparks Windmill Guadalupe 4403 Gate Canyon
Speed Windmill Speed Windmill Lea 4357 Soldier Hill
Spencer Ranch Spencer Ranch Curry 4199 Melrose SE
Spencer Ranch Spencer Ranch Hidalgo 4163 Antelope Pass
Spencer Windmill Spencer Windmill Grant 5098 Willow Draw
Spider Windmill Spider Windmill Luna 4452 Deming East
Spires Ranch Spires Ranch Guadalupe 4774 Sacaton Draw
Spreen Ranch Spreen Ranch Socorro 6083 Puerto De Los Cavadores
Spring Spring Lincoln 4416 Horseshoe Bend
Spring Canyon Windmill Spring Canyon Windmill San Miguel 4842 Cow Canyon
Spring Well Spring Well Santa Fe 6365 Galisteo
Sprole Ranch Sprole Ranch Lincoln 4990 Bull Gap
Spruill Ranch Spruill Ranch Torrance 6158 Mountainair NE
Sprule Windmill Sprule Windmill Torrance 6112 Lobo Hill SW
Spurlock Ranch Spurlock Ranch San Miguel 6883 Las Vegas SE
Stage Stop Windmill Stage Stop Windmill Guadalupe 5039 Pedro Miguel Peak
Stallard Ranch Stallard Ranch Quay 4124 Bulldog Mesa
Standefer Ranch Standefer Ranch Lea 3940 Bronco NE
Starvation Windmill Starvation Windmill Harding 5666 Kansas Valley Lake
Steam Pump Well Steam Pump Well Luna 4275 Myndus
Steel Windmill Steel Windmill Lea 4213 Dog Lake
Steel Windmill Steel Windmill McKinley 6906 Hospah
Steel Windmills Steel Windmills Chaves 4472 Dunlap Sill
Steele Ranch Steele Ranch Roosevelt 4242 Tule Lake
Steinbaugh Windmill Steinbaugh Windmill Harding 5538 Solano
Sterling Ranch Sterling Ranch Chaves 3901 Campbell
Steve Dunagan Steve Dunagan Hidalgo 4793 Animas Peak NE
Stevens Ranch Stevens Ranch Otero 4301 Cleones Tank
Stevens Ranch Stevens Ranch Grant 4823 Goat Camp Spring
Stevens Windmill Stevens Windmill Luna 4797 Grandmother Mountain East
Stewardson Ranch Stewardson Ranch Chaves 3829 Roswell North
Stewart Ranch Stewart Ranch Roosevelt 4091 Midway
Stewart Ranch Stewart Ranch Santa Fe 6972 San Pedro
Stinkwater Well Stinkwater Well McKinley 6814 Chi Chil Tah
Stohman Windmill Stohman Windmill Lea 3786 Prairieview
Stone A Ruins Stone A Ruins McKinley 6562 El Dado
Stone Cabin Stone Cabin Hidalgo 4774 Pierce Peak
Story Ranch Story Ranch Socorro 4774 Greens Baber Well
Stover Ranch Stover Ranch Otero 4295 Tularosa NE
Stover Ranch Stover Ranch Otero 4662 Tularosa NE
Strickland Ranch Strickland Ranch Lincoln 5692 Red Bluff Draw East
Stringer Ranch Stringer Ranch Luna 4278 Bisbee Hills
Strychnine Camp Strychnine Camp Eddy 4400 Strychnine Draw
Sturgeon Ranch Sturgeon Ranch Chaves 3609 Eightmile Draw
Sturley Windmill Sturley Windmill Luna 4222 North Peak
Suddruth Windmill Suddruth Windmill Lea 3842 Prairieview NW
Sulfur Windmill Sulfur Windmill Guadalupe 5233 Pastura
Sulphur Spring Campground Sulphur Spring Campground San Juan 5269 Sulphur Spring
Suman Windmill Suman Windmill Luna 4642 Lazy E Ranch
Summers Ranch Summers Ranch Catron 7749 Bonine Canyon
Summit Summit Hidalgo 4226 Summit
Sun Windmill Sun Windmill Eddy 3209 Ross Ranch
Sweetwater Cow Camp Sweetwater Cow Camp Colfax 6624 Rayado
Sweetwater Windmill Sweetwater Windmill Doņa Ana 4321 X-7 Ranch
Sweetwater Windmill Sweetwater Windmill Eddy 3284 Paduca Breaks West
Swope Windmill Swope Windmill Luna 4416 West Lime Hills
Sycamore Camp Sycamore Camp Grant 5869 Applegate Mountain
Sylvanite Sylvanite Hidalgo 5203 Hachita Peak
T O Ranch T O Ranch Colfax 6522 Hunter Mesa
T Pendleton Ranch T Pendleton Ranch Hidalgo 5082 Whitewater Creek
T X Ranch T X Ranch Cibola 5768 White Ridge
T X Ranch T X Ranch Colfax 6053 Springer Lake
Tafoya Windmill Tafoya Windmill Colfax 6293 Lawrence Arroyo
Tall Windmill Tall Windmill San Miguel 4554 Carpenter Mesa NW
Tancosa Windmill Tancosa Windmill Sandoval 6847 Tancosa Windmill
Tank Windmill Tank Windmill Lea 3127 Javelina Basin
Tanka Grande Windmill Tanka Grande Windmill San Miguel 5249 Chaperito
Tapia Ranch Tapia Ranch Guadalupe 5709 Tapia Ranch
Tapia Ranch Tapia Ranch San Miguel 7139 Clines Corners
Tarkington Windmill Tarkington Windmill Guadalupe 4465 Ortega Tank
Tase Golman Tase Golman Hidalgo 4646 Tank Mountain
Taylor Ranch Taylor Ranch Lea 4098 Dog Lake
Taylor Ranch Taylor Ranch Chaves 5246 Thimble Canyon
Taylor Ranch Taylor Ranch Sandoval 7241 Taylor Ranch
Taylor Ross Ranch Taylor Ross Ranch Eddy 3445 Dayton
Taylor Well Taylor Well Chaves 5981 Clements Ranch
Taylor Windmill Taylor Windmill Catron 6745 Cerro Prieto
Taylor Windmill Taylor Windmill Mora 6371 Frutosa Lake
Taylor- Holeman Ranch Taylor- Holeman Ranch Lea 4262 Dog Lake
Teel Canyon Well Teel Canyon Well Chaves 5804 Clements Ranch
Teel Ranch Teel Ranch Eddy 4265 Sixteenmile Draw East
Teel Well Teel Well Chaves 5735 Clements Ranch
Tejana Windmill Tejana Windmill Catron 6624 Cerro Prieto
Tejon Windmill Tejon Windmill Guadalupe 4898 Cuervo
Tellott Windmill Tellott Windmill Union 5564 Boiler Gap
Templeton Ranch Templeton Ranch Otero 4035 Hackberry Hill
Tenorio Ranch Tenorio Ranch Sandoval 5833 Cerro Conejo
Terrill Well Terrill Well Chaves 4501 Button Mesa North
Terry Windmill Terry Windmill Luna 4508 Hermanas NW
The Bench Trail Camp The Bench Trail Camp Colfax 7611 Ute Park
The Well The Well Chaves 4012 Shannon Draw
Thompsom Windmill Thompsom Windmill Cibola 5781 Marmon Ranch
Thompson Ranch Thompson Ranch Guadalupe 5394 Thompson Ranch
Thompson Ranch Thompson Ranch San Miguel 5981 Potrillo Hill
Thompson Ranch Thompson Ranch San Miguel 5118 Mesa Pino
Thompson Ranch Thompson Ranch Mora 5846 Alamosa Creek
Thompson Windmill Thompson Windmill Mora 5492 Canon Las Cuevas
Thorne Ranch Thorne Ranch Grant 4947 Soldiers Farewell Hill
Thornton Ranch Thornton Ranch Santa Fe 6184 Galisteo
Three Legged Windmill Three Legged Windmill San Miguel 4603 Montoya Point
Three P Trap Windmill Three P Trap Windmill San Miguel 3921 Trinchera Creek
Three Well Windmill Three Well Windmill Lea 3976 Dog Lake
Tidwell Ranch Tidwell Ranch Chaves 5987 Lewis Peak
Tidwich Windmill Tidwich Windmill Luna 4373 Gage
Tigner Ranch Tigner Ranch Luna 4849 Taylor Mountain
Tijeras Ranch Tijeras Ranch Bernalillo 6519 Milbourn Ranch
Tilch Ranch Tilch Ranch Grant 4573 Gage NW
Tilts Windmill Tilts Windmill Grant 4590 Separ NE
Tingle Well Tingle Well Catron 7303 Veteado Mountain
Tipton Ranch Tipton Ranch Sierra 4642 McLeod Tank
Tobias Windmill Tobias Windmill Harding 4094 Montesito Creek
Toh-Ni-Tsa Lookout Toh-Ni-Tsa Lookout San Juan 8966 Toadlena
Tohatchi Lookout Tohatchi Lookout McKinley 8832 Chuska Peak
Tom Ranch Tom Ranch McKinley 7093 Big Rock Hill
Tom Wright Mill Tom Wright Mill Socorro 6240 Cerro Montoso
Tomcat Windmill Tomcat Windmill Eddy 3228 Pierce Canyon
Top Strip Windmill Top Strip Windmill Guadalupe 4921 Sunshine Mesa
Tops Windmill Tops Windmill Lea 3993 Tatum North
Torreon Navajo Mission Torreon Navajo Mission Sandoval 6522 Wolf Stand
Torres Ranch Torres Ranch Lincoln 5276 Nelson Canyon West
Torrez Ranch Torrez Ranch Rio Arriba 7585 Monero
Towner Ranch Towner Ranch Cibola 7408 Techado
Track Well Track Well Quay 4127 Nara Visa
Tranquilino Windmill Tranquilino Windmill Cibola 5525 Correo
Trap Windmill Trap Windmill Harding 4587 Circle Bar Ranch
Treat Ranch Treat Ranch Lincoln 5233 Flying H NE
Treat Windmill Treat Windmill Chaves 5105 Dunken
Tree Windmill Tree Windmill Quay 3970 Bard
Triangle Windmill Triangle Windmill Luna 3989 Mesquite Lake
Trigg Ranch Trigg Ranch San Miguel 4363 Alamosa Canyon
Trigg Ranch Trigg Ranch San Miguel 4081 Medina Mesa
Trinity Ranch Trinity Ranch Luna 5026 Cow Springs Mountain
Trouble Windmill Trouble Windmill Luna 4928 Cow Springs Mountain
Troutman Ranch Troutman Ranch Quay 3858 San Jon NW
Truby Ranch Truby Ranch Rio Arriba 6197 Smouse Mesa
Truitt Ranch Truitt Ranch Eddy 3963 Carnero Peak
Trujillo Camp Trujillo Camp Harding 5390 Solano
Trujillo Ranch Trujillo Ranch Torrance 6299 Jacinto Mesa
Trujillo Ranch Trujillo Ranch Harding 4442 Salitre Canyon
Trujillo Windmill Trujillo Windmill Cibola 6903 Mesita De Yeso
Tsah Tah Trading Post Tsah Tah Trading Post San Juan 6952 Blanco Trading Post
Tsaya Trading Post Tsaya Trading Post San Juan 5964 La Vida Mission
Tse Bonita Trading Post Tse Bonita Trading Post McKinley 6785 Window Rock
Tucke Windmill Tucke Windmill Luna 4026 Columbus NE
Tucker Ranch Tucker Ranch Chaves 4390 Button Mesa NE
Tucker Ranch Tucker Ranch McKinley 6145 Canada Calladita
Tularosa Range Camp Tularosa Range Camp Otero 4137 Tularosa Peak
Tullous Ranch Tullous Ranch Hidalgo 4816 Horse Mountain
Tullous Upper Ranch Tullous Upper Ranch Hidalgo 5735 Center Peak
Tulosa Windmill Tulosa Windmill San Miguel 4137 Conchas Dam
Turkey Knob Windmill Turkey Knob Windmill Grant 4842 Gage SW
Turner Ranch Turner Ranch Lea 3711 Ironhouse Draw
Turner Ranch Turner Ranch Lea 3842 Lovington SE
Turner Windmill Turner Windmill Luna 4934 Grandmother Mountain West
Turtle Windmill Turtle Windmill San Miguel 4508 Waggoner Ranch
Tusas Corral Tusas Corral Catron 7188 Trail Lake
Tusero Windmill Tusero Windmill San Miguel 5266 Pedro Miguel Peak
Twin Butte Camp Twin Butte Camp Chaves 4140 Indian Bluff
Twin Honeycutt Windmills Twin Honeycutt Windmills Harding 4373 Gallegos NE
Twin Tanks Windmill Twin Tanks Windmill Sandoval 7057 Five Lakes Canyon NW
Twin Wells Ranch Twin Wells Ranch Eddy 3520 Big Sinks
Twin Windmill Twin Windmill Guadalupe 4734 Cuervo
Twin Windmill Twin Windmill Union 4541 Goodson School
Twin Windmills Twin Windmills Eddy 4160 Grapevine Draw
Twin Windmills Twin Windmills Chaves 4026 Denton Camp
Twin Windmills Twin Windmills Roosevelt 4344 Upton
Twin Windmills Twin Windmills Catron 6998 Techado
Twin Windmills Twin Windmills Quay 3901 Bard
Twin Windmills Twin Windmills San Miguel 4872 Muniz Canyon
Twin Windmills Twin Windmills Harding 4255 Gallegos
Twin Windmills Twin Windmills Harding 4498 Indian Bathtub
Twin Windmills Twin Windmills Union 6184 Cross L Ranch SW
Two Cross Ranch Two Cross Ranch San Juan 5617 La Plata
Two Section Presley Windmill Two Section Presley Windmill Lea 3901 Gladiola
Two Section Windmill Two Section Windmill Lea 3976 Tatum North
Two-legged Windmill Two-legged Windmill Torrance 6726 Round Top
United States Windmill United States Windmill Roosevelt 4377 Elida SE
Unks Windmill Unks Windmill Hidalgo 4153 Mondel
Upper Big Flat Windmill Upper Big Flat Windmill San Miguel 4465 Bell Ranch
Upper Brehedo Windmill Upper Brehedo Windmill Guadalupe 5223 El Morro Ranch NW
Upper Chical Windmill Upper Chical Windmill San Miguel 4081 La Cinta Mesa
Upper Gavilan Windmill Upper Gavilan Windmill San Miguel 4245 Bell Ranch
Upper La Cinta Windmill Upper La Cinta Windmill San Miguel 4646 Waggoner Ranch
Upper La Manga Windmill Upper La Manga Windmill San Miguel 4144 Tenaja Mesa
Upper Loman Well Upper Loman Well Doņa Ana 5640 Organ
Upper Medio Windmill Upper Medio Windmill San Miguel 4774 Chinaberry Canyon
Upper Perra Windmill Upper Perra Windmill San Miguel 4764 Montoya Point
Upper Ranch Upper Ranch Hidalgo 4573 Steeple Rock
Upper Rattlesnake Windmill Upper Rattlesnake Windmill San Miguel 5436 Chinaberry Canyon
Upper Windmill Upper Windmill Luna 4508 Deming East
Upshaw Ranch Upshaw Ranch Hidalgo 4324 Big Hatchet Peak
Urraca Ranch Urraca Ranch Taos 8025 Costilla
Urton Ranch Urton Ranch Quay 4970 Hassell
Ute Creek Ranch Ute Creek Ranch Colfax 7529 Ute Park
Ute Creek Windmill Ute Creek Windmill Harding 4052 Gallegos
Van Eaton Ranch Van Eaton Ranch Chaves 4016 Olive
Van Meter Ranch Van Meter Ranch Hidalgo 4557 Willow Draw
Van Scoyk Ranch Van Scoyk Ranch Santa Fe 6447 King Draw
Venadito Windmill Venadito Windmill Cibola 6509 Venadito Camp
Venedito Camp Venedito Camp Cibola 6361 Venadito Camp
Vest Camp Vest Camp Chaves 3740 Vest Camp
Veteado Camp Veteado Camp Catron 7310 Tres Lagunas
Vialpondo Windmill Vialpondo Windmill Union 5308 Boiler Gap
Vicente Baca Windmill Vicente Baca Windmill Catron 7356 Cow Springs
Victorino Ranch Victorino Ranch Cibola 6798 Pueblo Viejo Mesa
Victorio Ranch Victorio Ranch Luna 4573 Victorio Ranch
Viejo Well Viejo Well Chaves 5384 Dunken
Virgils Windmill Virgils Windmill Cibola 6361 Chicken Mountain
Virginia City Virginia City Colfax 8920 Touch-Me-Not Mountain
Volcano Ranch Volcano Ranch Bernalillo 5817 The Volcanoes
W Coupland Ranch W Coupland Ranch Socorro 5348 Black Hill
W E Bass Ranch W E Bass Ranch Hidalgo 5118 Whitewater Creek
W R McKnight Ranch W R McKnight Ranch Chaves 4016 Mesa SW
W S Ranch W S Ranch Colfax 6417 Cimarron
W S Ranch Camp W S Ranch Camp Colfax 7067 Caliente Canyon South
W T Sims Ranch W T Sims Ranch Hidalgo 5394 San Luis Pass
Wade Ranch Wade Ranch Chaves 3711 Wade Ranch
Waggoner Ranch Waggoner Ranch San Miguel 4806 Waggoner Ranch
Wagner Well Wagner Well Doņa Ana 4521 Dona Ana
Wagner Windmill Wagner Windmill Lea 3940 Gladiola
Waits Ranch Waits Ranch Lea 3714 Humble City NE
Walker Ranch Walker Ranch Lincoln 5951 Red Bluff Draw West
Walker Windmill Walker Windmill Hidalgo 4186 Steins
Walker Windmill Walker Windmill Chaves 3576 Derrick Draw
Walker Windmill Walker Windmill San Miguel 6706 Onava
Walking Cane Ranch Walking Cane Ranch Lea 3937 Walking Cane Ranch
Wallace Ranch Wallace Ranch Grant 5590 Antelope Ridge
Wallace Ranch Wallace Ranch Quay 4183 Bedford Hill
Wallace Ranch Wallace Ranch San Juan 5469 Youngs Lake
Waller Ranch Waller Ranch Chaves 4350 Indian Bluff
Waller Ranch Waller Ranch Chaves 4777 Dark Canyon
Waller Ranch Waller Ranch Torrance 6775 Waller Ranch
Waller Windmill Waller Windmill Lea 3796 Prairieview
Wallin Well Wallin Well Quay 3921 Tuscocoillo Canyon
Walls Windmill Walls Windmill Lea 3963 Tatum North
Walnut Ranch Well Walnut Ranch Well Eddy 4249 Sixteenmile Draw East
Walsh Windmill Walsh Windmill Sierra 4701 Cutter
Walter Dunagan Walter Dunagan Hidalgo 4862 Animas Peak NE
Walter Dunagan Walter Dunagan Hidalgo 4839 Animas Peak NE
Walters Ranch Walters Ranch Otero 4003 Garton Lake
Wamel Ranch Wamel Ranch Hidalgo 4291 Table Top Mountain
Ward Well Ward Well Quay 3999 Nara Visa
Ward Windmill Ward Windmill Cibola 7109 Broom Mountain
Warren Ranch Warren Ranch Grant 4360 Brockman
Washburn Ranch Washburn Ranch Hidalgo 4268 Cotton City
Washington Windmill Washington Windmill Lea 3937 Gladiola
Watrous Windmill Watrous Windmill San Miguel 3947 Carpenter Mesa SW
Watson Ranch Watson Ranch Lincoln 4967 Flying H NE
Watson Ranch Watson Ranch Santa Fe 6302 Stanley
Watson Windmill Watson Windmill Socorro 6473 Wiley Mesa
Weaning Pasture Windmill Weaning Pasture Windmill Quay 4285 Montoya
Weather Station Weather Station Otero 3989 White Sands NE
Weatherby Ranch Weatherby Ranch Hidalgo 4242 Cotton City
Webb Windmill Webb Windmill Lea 3940 Gladiola
Weeks Windmill Weeks Windmill Harding 4147 Hampton Ranch
Welch Ranch Welch Ranch Eddy 3104 Cottonwood Hills
Weldon Burris Homestead Weldon Burris Homestead Doņa Ana 4629 Good Sight Peak NE
Welker Well Welker Well Harding 4101 Logan North
Well Camp Well Camp Chaves 4176 Lucky Lake
Well Eightmile Windmill Well Eightmile Windmill Lea 4042 Simanola Valley
Well Old Price Ranch Well Old Price Ranch Torrance 6102 Lobo Hill SW
West West Quay 4524 Circle S Mesa
West and Pyle Ranch West and Pyle Ranch Socorro 5190 Becker
West Base Windmill West Base Windmill Lea 4032 Tatum North
West Berryhill Windmill West Berryhill Windmill Lea 4026 Tatum North
West Bronc Windmill West Bronc Windmill San Miguel 4324 Bell Ranch
West Buck Trap Windmill West Buck Trap Windmill Guadalupe 4934 Sunshine Mesa
West Camp West Camp Chaves 3812 Hernandez Lake
West Camp West Camp Chaves 3911 Howell Ranch
West Camp West Camp Lincoln 4898 Ramon SW
West Corral Windmill West Corral Windmill Lea 4206 Lane Salt Lake
West Dublin Windmill West Dublin Windmill Lea 3363 Custer Mountain
West Frazor Windmill West Frazor Windmill Chaves 4108 Lucky Lake
West Girl Windmill West Girl Windmill Lea 4108 Simanola Valley
West Goat Windmill West Goat Windmill Lea 3891 Bronco NE
West Graveyard Windmill West Graveyard Windmill Harding 4505 Indian Bathtub
West Jett Windmill West Jett Windmill Roosevelt 4360 Rippee Ranch
West Jim Windmill West Jim Windmill Lea 4108 Hillburn City SW
West Joe Windmill West Joe Windmill Cibola 6542 Cantaralo Spring
West Jog Windmills West Jog Windmills Roosevelt 4311 Tolar SE
West Mytle Windmill West Mytle Windmill Lea 4075 Buckeye
West Pasture Windmill West Pasture Windmill Lea 3953 Tatum South
West Pasture Windmill West Pasture Windmill Lea 4199 Dallas Store
West Presley Windmill West Presley Windmill Lea 3921 Gladiola
West Priewe Well West Priewe Well Roosevelt 4406 Kenna
West Sand Windmill West Sand Windmill Lea 3934 Gladiola
West Singer Windmill West Singer Windmill Chaves 4984 Singer Lake
West Stancel Corral West Stancel Corral Chaves 3963 Mesa SE
West Townsand Windmill West Townsand Windmill Lea 3835 Prairieview NW
West Well West Well Chaves 4491 Button Mesa North
West Well West Well Quay 3848 Tuscocoillo Canyon
West Windmill West Windmill Lea 2963 Javelina Basin
West Windmill West Windmill Luna 4406 Gage NW
West Windmill West Windmill Lea 3386 Custer Mountain
West Windmill West Windmill Lea 3632 Lea
West Windmill West Windmill Lea 4255 Buckeye NW
West Windmill West Windmill Chaves 4908 Flying H
West Windmill West Windmill Lea 3966 Tatum South
West Windmill West Windmill Lea 4006 Tatum North
West Windmill West Windmill Lea 3930 Gladiola
West Windmill West Windmill Lea 3891 Bronco
West Windmill West Windmill Lea 3973 Walking Cane Ranch
West Windmill West Windmill Lea 3907 Bronco NE
West Windmill West Windmill Lea 4124 Ranger Lake
West Windmill West Windmill Chaves 3953 Campbell
West Windmill West Windmill Chaves 4153 Denton Camp
West Windmill West Windmill Chaves 3871 Hernandez Lake
West Windmill West Windmill Mora 5584 Alamito
Wheat Windmill Wheat Windmill Quay 3855 Riley Camp
Whiskey Windmill Whiskey Windmill San Miguel 4603 Wade Canyon
White Flat Ranch White Flat Ranch Lincoln 4357 White Flat
White House Ranch White House Ranch Luna 4219 West Lime Hills
White House Ranch White House Ranch Luna 4055 Sibley Hole
White Ranch White Ranch Chaves 4153 Diamond A Ranch
White Ranch White Ranch Guadalupe 4810 Borica
White Ranch White Ranch Cibola 6998 The Dyke
White Ranch White Ranch Rio Arriba 6985 Billy Rice Canyon
White Rock Ranch White Rock Ranch Sierra 5262 Greg Hills
White Sands Ranch White Sands Ranch Otero 4032 Foster Lake
White Store White Store Socorro 6083 Garden Spring Canyon
White Windmill White Windmill Harding 4081 Montesito Creek
Whiteside Ranch Whiteside Ranch Harding 5062 Cottonwood Springs
Whitetail Windmill Whitetail Windmill Lincoln 6129 Deadman Lake
Whitley Windmill Whitley Windmill Lea 3924 Gladiola
Whitmire Ranch Whitmire Ranch Hidalgo 4298 Playas Lake South
Whitten Ranch Whitten Ranch Lea 3399 Custer Mountain
Widen Well Widen Well Socorro 4810 Cerro De La Campana SE
Wiggins Ranch Wiggins Ranch Mora 6247 Frutosa Lake
Wild Horse Windmill Wild Horse Windmill Sierra 4764 Saladone Tank
Wild Horse Windmill Wild Horse Windmill Catron 7365 Wild Horse Canyon
Wildcat Windmill Wildcat Windmill Cibola 7700 Cebollita Peak
Wildcat Windmill Wildcat Windmill San Miguel 4199 Medina Mesa
Wilkes Windmill Wilkes Windmill Lea 3871 Bronco
Willcoxson Ranch Willcoxson Ranch McKinley 7244 Goat Mountain
Williams and Chesser Ranch Williams and Chesser Ranch Chaves 3704 Roswell South
Williams Acres Williams Acres McKinley 6404 Twin Buttes
Williams Ranch Williams Ranch Luna 4590 Williams Ranch
Williams Ranch Williams Ranch Lea 4209 Buckeye NW
Williams Ranch Williams Ranch Chaves 3592 Dexter West
Williams Ranch Williams Ranch Curry 4665 Hammond Ranch
Williams Ranch Williams Ranch Quay 5239 Ima SE
Williams Ranch Williams Ranch Harding 4285 Alamosa Canyon
Williams Ranch Headquarters Williams Ranch Headquarters Socorro 5197 Wrye Peak NW
Williams Well Williams Well Eddy 3832 Antelope Sink
Williamson Ranch Williamson Ranch Cibola 6857 Cerro Prieto
Williamson Well Williamson Well Harding 4098 Logan North
Willis Ranch Willis Ranch Guadalupe 4567 Puerto De Luna
Willmeth Windmill Willmeth Windmill Grant 4639 Antelope Ridge
Willow Spring Corral Willow Spring Corral Sierra 6224 Chise
Willow Well Willow Well Chaves 5774 Clements Ranch
Willson Windmill Willson Windmill Quay 3930 Rock Camp
Wilson Camp Wilson Camp Lea 3691 San Simon Ranch
Wilson Ranch Wilson Ranch Luna 4718 Massacre Peak
Wilson Ranch Wilson Ranch Sierra 5111 McClede Mountain
Wilson Ranch Wilson Ranch Socorro 5656 Wilson Ranch
Wilson Ranch Wilson Ranch San Miguel 6368 Llonidas Lake
Wilson Windmill Wilson Windmill Cibola 7260 East Mesa
Wimberly Ranch Wimberly Ranch Otero 4744 B T Ranch
Wind Mountain Well Wind Mountain Well Otero 5239 Cornudas Mountain
Winden Ranch Winden Ranch Luna 4701 Nutt
Windham Ranch Windham Ranch Eddy 3337 Carlsbad West
Windmill Windmill Otero 7323 Apache Summit
Windmill 16 Windmill 16 Sierra 5164 Saladone Tank
Window Rock Window Rock Colfax 8277 Tooth of Time
Windy Windmill Windy Windmill Eddy 3419 Big Sinks
Windy Windmill Windy Windmill Chaves 4537 Lucky Lake
Winkle Windmill Winkle Windmill Guadalupe 5449 Burro Lake
Winkler Middle Windmill Winkler Middle Windmill Lincoln 4731 Arroyo Serrano East
Winkler Ranch Winkler Ranch Hidalgo 5052 Gillespie Mountain
Winkler Ranch Winkler Ranch Lincoln 4708 Arroyo Serrano East
Winkler South Windmill Winkler South Windmill Lincoln 5023 Granville Canyon
Withers Ranch Withers Ranch Lincoln 4583 Bull Gap SW
Withers Ranch Withers Ranch Lincoln 5243 Oscura Peak
Wl Williams Ranch Wl Williams Ranch Santa Fe 6466 Edgewood
Wolf Windmill Wolf Windmill Luna 4318 Carne
Wood Ranch Wood Ranch Eddy 3202 Tower Hill North
Wood Ranch Wood Ranch Lincoln 5725 Nelson Canyon West
Wood Ranch Wood Ranch Sandoval 7070 Taylor Ranch
Wooden Wheel Well Wooden Wheel Well Chaves 4416 Kenna
Woodley Windmills Woodley Windmills Lea 3330 Woodley Flat
Woods Ranch Woods Ranch Chaves 3944 Hondo Reservoir
Woods Ranch Woods Ranch Cibola 7789 Wild Horse Canyon
Woods Ranch Woods Ranch Hidalgo 4203 Lordsburg
Woodward Ranch Woodward Ranch Guadalupe 5197 Ima NW
Wooten Ranch Wooten Ranch Quay 4144 Bedford Hill
Worthington Ranch Worthington Ranch Hidalgo 4311 Big Hatchet Peak
Wright Springs Windmill Wright Springs Windmill San Miguel 5016 La Cinta Canyon
Wright Windmill Wright Windmill Hidalgo 4199 Gary
Wright Windmill Wright Windmill Luna 4675 Good Sight Peak NE
X T Ranch X T Ranch Hidalgo 4711 Animas Peak NE
Yates Ranch Yates Ranch Guadalupe 4662 Mesita Del Gato
Yates Windmill Yates Windmill Lea 3491 Woodley Flat
Yates Windmill Yates Windmill Luna 4777 Antelope Hill
Yoast Windmill Yoast Windmill Sierra 4800 Upham
Yoder Ranch Yoder Ranch Chaves 4409 Round Mountain
York Ranch York Ranch Lea 4055 Buckeye NE
York Ranch York Ranch Cibola 7116 York Ranch
York Ranch York Ranch Guadalupe 5476 Pintada
Youngs Ranch Youngs Ranch Hidalgo 4737 Walnut Wells NE
Yriart Ranch Yriart Ranch Cibola 6076 Mesa Gallina
Z Bar L Windmill Z Bar L Windmill Hidalgo 4252 Caprock Mountain
Zia Trading Post Zia Trading Post San Juan 5121 Waterflow
Zimmerman Ranch Zimmerman Ranch Chaves 4314 Cedar Point SE
Zurick Ranch Zurick Ranch Union 4629 Skull Mesa
Alamo Ranch Alamo Ranch De Baca 4134 Alamo Ranch
Ashbacker Windmill Ashbacker Windmill De Baca 4006 Howell Ranch
Atwood Windmill Atwood Windmill De Baca 4285 Dunlap NE
Bailey Ranch Bailey Ranch De Baca 4731 Twin Mesa NW
Baker Ranch Baker Ranch De Baca 4029 Lovelady Draw
Bays Windmill Bays Windmill De Baca 4245 Fort Sumner West
Bertie Windmill Bertie Windmill De Baca 4518 Ricardo
Big Tank Windmill Big Tank Windmill De Baca 4957 El Morro Ranch SE
Big Windmill Big Windmill De Baca 4419 Gammil Well
Black Lake Windmill Black Lake Windmill De Baca 4698 Horney Ranch
Blair Windmill Blair Windmill De Baca 4081 Howell Ranch
Brannon Windmill Brannon Windmill De Baca 4091 Conejo Creek West
Brassell Ranch Brassell Ranch De Baca 4104 Windmill Draw
Buck Tank Buck Tank De Baca 4180 Alamo Ranch
Buck Windmill Buck Windmill De Baca 4278 Alamo Ranch
Buckeye Ranch Buckeye Ranch De Baca 4176 Twin Mesa
Butts Windmill Butts Windmill De Baca 4190 Watts Hill
Carroll Windmill Carroll Windmill De Baca 4331 Watts Hill
Carter Ranch Carter Ranch De Baca 4757 Twin Mesa NW
Clure Windmill Clure Windmill De Baca 4183 Watts Hill
Colter Ranch Colter Ranch De Baca 4173 Watts Hill
Cook Ranch Cook Ranch De Baca 4094 Dunlap NE
Cooper Ranch Cooper Ranch De Baca 4534 Cooper Ranch
Cullen Windmill Cullen Windmill De Baca 4153 Dunlap NE
DeReno Windmill DeReno Windmill De Baca 4432 Tolar SW
Deep Windmill Deep Windmill De Baca 4236 Conejo Creek West
Doyle Ranch Doyle Ranch De Baca 4104 Taiban
Drum and Bley Ranch Drum and Bley Ranch De Baca 4560 Twin Mesa NW
Duke Windmill Duke Windmill De Baca 3970 Lovelady Draw
East Camp East Camp De Baca 4131 Taiban
East Hale Windmill East Hale Windmill De Baca 4403 Windmill Draw
East Sand Springs Windmill East Sand Springs Windmill De Baca 4321 Sumner Dam
East Windmill East Windmill De Baca 4081 Dunlap
East Windmill East Windmill De Baca 4291 Windmill Draw
Evanola Windmill Evanola Windmill De Baca 4528 Ricardo
Field Ranch Field Ranch De Baca 4692 Horney Ranch
Fletcher Windmill Fletcher Windmill De Baca 4255 Tolar SW
Frank Windmill Frank Windmill De Baca 4121 Taiban
Fry Windmill Fry Windmill De Baca 4390 Tolar SW
Game Reserve Windmill Game Reserve Windmill De Baca 4131 Howell Ranch
Gammill Ranch Gammill Ranch De Baca 4091 Howell Ranch
Gibbons Ranch Gibbons Ranch De Baca 3901 Lovelady Draw
Gibbons Ranch Gibbons Ranch De Baca 4308 Gibbons Ranch
Gillum Windmill Gillum Windmill De Baca 4879 Borica SW
Goldberg Windmill Goldberg Windmill De Baca 4173 Fort Sumner West
Good Ranch Good Ranch De Baca 4731 Borica SW
Grimes Windmill Grimes Windmill De Baca 4098 Howell Ranch
Hackberry Windmill Hackberry Windmill De Baca 4888 El Morro Ranch SE
Hale Windmill Hale Windmill De Baca 4340 Windmill Draw
Hall Ranch Hall Ranch De Baca 4377 Lomas Gatos
Head Ranch Head Ranch De Baca 4429 Colorado Canyon
High Lonesome Windmill High Lonesome Windmill De Baca 5036 Wright Ranch
High Lonesome Windmill High Lonesome Windmill De Baca 4787 Borica SW
Highway Windmill Highway Windmill De Baca 4075 Alamo Ranch
Hisel Ranch Hisel Ranch De Baca 4780 Yeso
Horney Ranch Horney Ranch De Baca 4590 Horney Ranch
Horse Pasture Windmill Horse Pasture Windmill De Baca 4144 Windmill Draw
Howell Windmill Howell Windmill De Baca 3993 Cooley Lake
Hudson Windmill Hudson Windmill De Baca 4206 Fort Sumner West
Hutchinson Windmill Hutchinson Windmill De Baca 4265 Dunlap NE
Jasper Ranch Jasper Ranch De Baca 4590 El Morro Mesa
Jointer Windmill Jointer Windmill De Baca 4160 Watts Hill
Jones Camp Jones Camp De Baca 4222 Watts Hill
Jones Ranch Jones Ranch De Baca 4488 Twin Mesa NW
Jones Windmill Jones Windmill De Baca 4144 Watts Hill
Jose Marie Windmill Jose Marie Windmill De Baca 4295 Sumner Dam
Key Ranch Key Ranch De Baca 4147 Dunlap
Key Ranch Key Ranch De Baca 4236 Dunlap NE
Killo Windmill Killo Windmill De Baca 4176 Dunlap NE
King Windmill King Windmill De Baca 4301 Dunlap
Knighten Ranch Knighten Ranch De Baca 4426 Candy Mesa
Koll Ranch Koll Ranch De Baca 4383 Twin Mesa
Koontz Ranch Koontz Ranch De Baca 4511 Sumner Dam
Koutz Windmill Koutz Windmill De Baca 4482 Gammil Well
Law Windmill Law Windmill De Baca 4121 Dunlap NE
Lee Haney Windmill Lee Haney Windmill De Baca 4242 Dunlap NE
Lewis Windmill Lewis Windmill De Baca 4390 Tolar SW
Lightfoot Windmill Lightfoot Windmill De Baca 4196 Lovelady Draw
Line Windmill Line Windmill De Baca 4199 Alamo Ranch
Little Red Windmill Little Red Windmill De Baca 4262 Watts Hill
Long Ranch Long Ranch De Baca 4580 Yeso
Lower End Windmill Lower End Windmill De Baca 4360 West Camp
M and M Ranch M and M Ranch De Baca 4528 Candy Mesa
Marlin Windmill Marlin Windmill De Baca 4905 Yeso NW
Martin Ranch Martin Ranch De Baca 4163 Dunlap
Martinez Windmill Martinez Windmill De Baca 4327 Fort Sumner West
McCabe Ranch McCabe Ranch De Baca 4829 Yeso NW
McClure Windmill McClure Windmill De Baca 4537 Dunlap NE
McCollum Ranch McCollum Ranch De Baca 4400 Fort Sumner West
McDowell Ranch McDowell Ranch De Baca 4042 Cooley Lake
McMeans Ranch McMeans Ranch De Baca 4521 Ricardo
McRee Ranch McRee Ranch De Baca 4459 Colorado Canyon
Middle Spy Windmill Middle Spy Windmill De Baca 3871 Cooley Lake
Miles Windmill Miles Windmill De Baca 4104 Alamo Ranch
Morgan Ranch Morgan Ranch De Baca 4213 Twin Mesa
My Windmill My Windmill De Baca 4557 Ricardo
New Eclipse Windmill New Eclipse Windmill De Baca 4413 Fort Sumner West
New Windmill New Windmill De Baca 4872 Yeso NW
New Windmill New Windmill De Baca 4354 Fort Sumner West
Noblitt Windmill Noblitt Windmill De Baca 4544 Tolar SW
North Bonner Well North Bonner Well De Baca 4078 Taiban
North Camp Windmill North Camp Windmill De Baca 4124 Windmill Draw
North Markel Windmill North Markel Windmill De Baca 4400 Dunlap NE
North Pitts Windmill North Pitts Windmill De Baca 4491 Fort Sumner West
North Salado Windmill North Salado Windmill De Baca 4583 Borica SW
North Spy Windmill North Spy Windmill De Baca 4019 Cooley Lake
North Windmill North Windmill De Baca 4071 Dunlap
North Windmill North Windmill De Baca 4190 Watts Hill
North Windmill North Windmill De Baca 4134 Fort Sumner West
North Windmill North Windmill De Baca 4262 Sumner Dam
North Windmill North Windmill De Baca 4439 Windmill Draw
North Windmills North Windmills De Baca 4042 Conejo Creek West
Northeast Windmill Northeast Windmill De Baca 4176 Dunlap NE
Northeast Windmill Northeast Windmill De Baca 4570 Ricardo
Northwest Windmill Northwest Windmill De Baca 4137 Dunlap NE
Nut Windmill Nut Windmill De Baca 4173 Howell Ranch
Old South Windmill Old South Windmill De Baca 4403 Alamo Ranch
Orchard Windmill Orchard Windmill De Baca 4298 Alamo Ranch
Overton Ranch Overton Ranch De Baca 4767 El Morro Mesa
Overton Ranch Overton Ranch De Baca 4934 Borica SW
Payne Windmill Payne Windmill De Baca 4301 Watts Hill
Pennington Well Pennington Well De Baca 4153 Alamo Ranch
Powell Ranch Powell Ranch De Baca 4298 Twin Mesa
Pursley Windmill Pursley Windmill De Baca 4190 Lovelady Draw
R Perez Ranch R Perez Ranch De Baca 5269 Yeso Mesa
Rabbit Windmill Rabbit Windmill De Baca 4275 Alamo Ranch
Railroad Windmill Railroad Windmill De Baca 4472 Ricardo
Rattlesnake Windmill Rattlesnake Windmill De Baca 4029 Conejo Creek East
Red Sand Windmill Red Sand Windmill De Baca 4373 Alamo Ranch
Reed Windmill Reed Windmill De Baca 4134 Conejo Creek West
Reynolds Ranch Reynolds Ranch De Baca 5177 Loco Draw
Rocky Windmill Rocky Windmill De Baca 4472 Ricardo
Sand Windmill Sand Windmill De Baca 4124 Fort Sumner West
Sand Windmill Sand Windmill De Baca 4951 El Morro Ranch SE
School Section Windmill School Section Windmill De Baca 4101 Dunlap NE
School Section Windmill School Section Windmill De Baca 4137 Conejo Creek West
School Section Windmill School Section Windmill De Baca 4777 Yeso NW
Sea Camp Sea Camp De Baca 4003 Cooley Lake
Sheppard Windmill Sheppard Windmill De Baca 4206 Dunlap
Shipping Trap Windmill Shipping Trap Windmill De Baca 4144 Windmill Draw
Shirley Ranch Shirley Ranch De Baca 3970 Lovelady Draw
Shoemake Windmill Shoemake Windmill De Baca 4134 Watts Hill
Shorty Windmill Shorty Windmill De Baca 4826 Yeso NW
Simmons Windmill Simmons Windmill De Baca 4009 Lovelady Draw
Six Windmills Six Windmills De Baca 4892 Wright Ranch
Small Windmill Small Windmill De Baca 4242 Lovelady Draw
Smith Ranch Smith Ranch De Baca 4892 Yeso NW
Smith Windmill Smith Windmill De Baca 4150 Howell Ranch
SoRelle Windmill SoRelle Windmill De Baca 4236 Dunlap NE
Soda Windmill Soda Windmill De Baca 4249 Watts Hill
South Markel Windmill South Markel Windmill De Baca 4327 Dunlap NE
South Pitts Windmill South Pitts Windmill De Baca 4475 Fort Sumner West
South SoRelle Windmill South SoRelle Windmill De Baca 4163 Dunlap NE
South Windmill South Windmill De Baca 4498 Ricardo
South Windmill South Windmill De Baca 4226 Windmill Draw
Southeast Windmill Southeast Windmill De Baca 4498 Ricardo
Spring Windmill Spring Windmill De Baca 4862 El Morro Ranch SE
Star Windmill Star Windmill De Baca 4390 Alamo Ranch
Star Windmill Star Windmill De Baca 4360 Windmill Draw
Stark Windmill Stark Windmill De Baca 4301 Dunlap NE
Steele Ranch Steele Ranch De Baca 4252 Dunlap NE
Steele Ranch Steele Ranch De Baca 4268 Fort Sumner West
Stevens Ranch Stevens Ranch De Baca 4206 Conejo Creek West
Sulphur Windmill Sulphur Windmill De Baca 4229 Dunlap
Thompson Windmill Thompson Windmill De Baca 4432 Dunlap NE
Tom Haney Windmill Tom Haney Windmill De Baca 4199 Dunlap NE
Triangle Ranch Triangle Ranch De Baca 4121 Lomas Gatos
Trigg Ranch Trigg Ranch De Baca 4114 Conejo Creek West
Trigg Ranch River Camp Trigg Ranch River Camp De Baca 3865 Conejo Creek East
Trojillo Ranch Trojillo Ranch De Baca 4308 Sumner Dam
Upper Wagon Windmill Upper Wagon Windmill De Baca 4724 Cooper Ranch
Van Eaton Ranch Van Eaton Ranch De Baca 3783 La Espia Peak
Vaughn Ranch Vaughn Ranch De Baca 4049 Fort Sumner West
Walton Ranch Walton Ranch De Baca 4334 Windmill Draw
Weaver Ranch Weaver Ranch De Baca 4659 Twin Mesa NW
West Gillum Windmill West Gillum Windmill De Baca 4803 Yeso NW
West River Windmill West River Windmill De Baca 4314 Windmill Draw
West Sand Springs Windmill West Sand Springs Windmill De Baca 4308 Sumner Dam
West Windmill West Windmill De Baca 4131 Conejo Creek West
West Windmill West Windmill De Baca 4373 Gammil Well
West Windmill West Windmill De Baca 4544 Ricardo
West Windmills West Windmills De Baca 3845 Cooley Lake
Weston Ranch Weston Ranch De Baca 4465 West Camp
Wharton Windmill Wharton Windmill De Baca 4445 Watts Hill
White Windmill White Windmill De Baca 4229 Dunlap NE
Windy Ridge Windmill Windy Ridge Windmill De Baca 4505 Dunlap NE
Winter Horse Pasture Windmill Winter Horse Pasture Windmill De Baca 4104 Windmill Draw
Wright Ranch Wright Ranch De Baca 4803 Wright Ranch
Wright Ranch Wright Ranch De Baca 4363 Twin Mesa
Yeso Camp Windmill Yeso Camp Windmill De Baca 4744 Horney Ranch
York Ranch York Ranch De Baca 4386 Windmill Draw
Carson Trading Post Carson Trading Post San Juan 6165 Carson Trading Post
Cooper-Good Ranch Cooper-Good Ranch Lea 4304 Cooper-Good Ranch
High Lonesome High Lonesome Chaves 4029 Haystack Mountain
Los Torres Los Torres San Miguel 5568 Mesa Lauriano
Pasamonte Ranch Pasamonte Ranch Union 5732 Pennington
Rico Ranch Rico Ranch McKinley 7228 Vanderwagen
Springstead Trading Post Springstead Trading Post McKinley 6840 Church Rock
Rancho Ojo del Llano Rancho Ojo del Llano Socorro 5243 Prairie Spring
COA Number 1 Windmill COA Number 1 Windmill McKinley 7313 Shoemaker Canyon
Cow Camp Number 1 Cow Camp Number 1 Otero 6785 Pajarita Mountain
ECW Number 7 Windmill ECW Number 7 Windmill Cibola 7221 Upper Galestina Canyon
Henson Number 1 Windmill Henson Number 1 Windmill Cibola 7224 Sand Canyon
Henson Number 2 Windmill Henson Number 2 Windmill Cibola 7139 North Pasture
Kerr Well Number 1 Kerr Well Number 1 Chaves 3560 Dexter West
Kerr Well Number 2 Kerr Well Number 2 Chaves 3527 Dexter West
Number 2 Windmill Number 2 Windmill Sierra 5755 Bell Mountain
Number 3 Windmill Number 3 Windmill Sierra 5991 Bell Mountain
Number 31 Windmill Number 31 Windmill Socorro 6709 Pueblo Viejo Mesa
Number 7 Windmill Number 7 Windmill Cibola 6742 Pueblo Viejo Mesa
North Windfohr and Brown Camp Number 1 North Windfohr and Brown Camp Number 1 Eddy 3691 Loco Hills
RWPZ Number 25 Windmill RWPZ Number 25 Windmill Cibola 7385 Shoemaker Canyon
Windmill Number 1 Windmill Number 1 Luna 4626 Goat Ridge
Windmill Number 1 Windmill Number 1 Union 6778 Capulin
Windmill Number 10 Windmill Number 10 Cibola 5663 Correo
Windmill Number 2 Windmill Number 2 Luna 4715 Spalding
Windmill Number 2 Windmill Number 2 San Miguel 4262 Alamosa Canyon
Windmill Number 2 Windmill Number 2 McKinley 6056 Milk Lake
Windmill Number 3 Windmill Number 3 Cibola 8133 Cebollita Peak
Windmill Number 3 Windmill Number 3 Bernalillo 5197 South Garcia
Windmill Number 3 Windmill Number 3 San Miguel 4308 Alamosa Canyon
Windmill Number 3 Windmill Number 3 McKinley 6201 Milk Lake
Windmill Number 4 Windmill Number 4 Luna 4593 Spalding
Windmill Number 4 Windmill Number 4 Valencia 5423 Mesas Mojinas
Windmill Number 4 Windmill Number 4 San Miguel 4396 Alamosa Canyon
Windmill Number 4 Windmill Number 4 McKinley 6099 Milk Lake
Windmill Number 5 Windmill Number 5 Luna 4596 Spalding
Windmill Number 5 Windmill Number 5 Cibola 7674 Blue Mesa
Windmill Number 5 Windmill Number 5 McKinley 6142 Nose Rock
Windmill Number 6 Windmill Number 6 Luna 4662 Spalding
Windmill Number 6 Windmill Number 6 McKinley 6168 Nose Rock
Windmill Number 7 Windmill Number 7 Cibola 8081 Cebollita Peak
Windmill Number 8 Windmill Number 8 Cibola 7365 Blue Mesa
Windmill Number 9 Windmill Number 9 Cibola 6358 Venadito Camp
Windmill Number 9 Windmill Number 9 Cibola 5620 Correo
Windmill Number A-11 Windmill Number A-11 San Juan 5738 Heifer Point
Windmill Number A-12 Windmill Number A-12 San Juan 5653 Heifer Point
Woods Number 1 Windmill Woods Number 1 Windmill Cibola 7871 Sand Canyon
Woods Number 2 Windmill Woods Number 2 Windmill Cibola 7651 Sand Canyon
Pedia Windmill Pedia Windmill Socorro 4892 Cerro De La Campana
Casa Chiquita (historical) Casa Chiquita (historical) San Juan 6178 Pueblo Bonito
Chettro Kettle Chettro Kettle San Juan 6152 Pueblo Bonito
Circle Three E Ranch Circle Three E Ranch Chaves 3615 Eightmile Draw
Cookes Spring Station (historical) Cookes Spring Station (historical) Luna 4836 Massacre Peak
Denton L Seven Ranch Denton L Seven Ranch Chaves 4075 Denton Camp
Evans Ranch Evans Ranch Sierra 5558 Thumb Tank Peak
Fite Ranch Fite Ranch Socorro 5069 Cerro De La Campana
Flying Y Ranch Flying Y Ranch Sierra 5200 OK Canyon
Francisco Cordova Homestead (historical) Francisco Cordova Homestead (historical) Lincoln 4685 Horseshoe Bend
Upper Ranch Upper Ranch Socorro 6040 Lovelace Mesa
Gallinas Camp Diamond A Ranch Gallinas Camp Diamond A Ranch Mora 6922 Cerro Negro
George Mee Windmill George Mee Windmill Sierra 5482 Bell Mountain
George Winkler Ranch George Winkler Ranch Hidalgo 4698 Hachita Peak
Rawls Farm Rawls Farm Sierra 4363 Upham Hills
Hungo Pavie (historical) Hungo Pavie (historical) San Juan 6181 Pueblo Bonito
JPB Windmill JPB Windmill Grant 5151 Soldiers Farewell Hill
Kin Kletso (historical) Kin Kletso (historical) San Juan 6115 Pueblo Bonito
Kin Klizhin (historical) Kin Klizhin (historical) San Juan 6086 Kin Klizhin Ruins
Kin Nahasbasd (historical) Kin Nahasbasd (historical) San Juan 6250 Pueblo Bonito
Kin Nahzin (historical) Kin Nahzin (historical) McKinley 6873 Seven Lakes SE
L Seven Ranch L Seven Ranch Sierra 4770 Cutter
Matamoros Windmill Matamoros Windmill Luna 4091 Akela
McNew West Camp McNew West Camp Otero 4042 Elephant Mountain
New Well Windmill New Well Windmill Socorro 6204 Pink Peak
Old San Juan Old San Juan Rio Arriba 5640 San Juan Pueblo
Oscura Range Center Oscura Range Center Lincoln 4521 Three Rivers NW
Pueblo Alto (historical) Pueblo Alto (historical) San Juan 6443 Pueblo Bonito
Romero Wind Mill Romero Wind Mill Socorro 4918 Cerro De La Campana SE
Seven E Windmill Seven E Windmill Luna 4518 Good Sight Peak
Shabikeshchee (historical) Shabikeshchee (historical) San Juan 6394 Sargent Ranch
Ranchito Windmill Ranchito Windmill Socorro 5502 Canon Agua Buena
Tsin Kletzin (historical) Tsin Kletzin (historical) San Juan 6663 Pueblo Bonito
Una Vida (historical) Una Vida (historical) San Juan 6201 Pueblo Bonito
X Four Windmill X Four Windmill Lea 4160 Johnson Ranch
X-Seven Ranch X-Seven Ranch Doņa Ana 4173 X-7 Ranch
Sais Sais Valencia 5446 Becker
Lacy Place Lacy Place Santa Fe 6466 Edgewood
Mosley Place Mosley Place Santa Fe 6473 Edgewood
Fort Bayard Administration Site Fort Bayard Administration Site Grant 6486 Fort Bayard
Seruis Corral Seruis Corral Grant 6243 Fort Bayard
Silver City District Ranger Office Silver City District Ranger Office Grant 6066 Fort Bayard
Badlands Corral Badlands Corral Grant 6335 Fort Bayard
Walnut Creek Corral and Well Walnut Creek Corral and Well Grant 6339 Silver City
Hillsboro Peak Lookoout Hillsboro Peak Lookoout Sierra 10006 Hillsboro Peak
Emory Pass Vista Campground Emory Pass Vista Campground Sierra 8176 Hillsboro Peak
Wrights Cabin Campground Wrights Cabin Campground Grant 7634 Hillsboro Peak
Iron Creek Campground Iron Creek Campground Grant 7192 Hillsboro Peak
Upper Gallinas Campground Upper Gallinas Campground Grant 6959 Hillsboro Peak
Gallinas Recreation Area Gallinas Recreation Area Grant 6644 Hillsboro Peak
Jaramillo Ranch Jaramillo Ranch Catron 6929 Bell Peak
Four Ranch Four Ranch Catron 6834 Rael Spring
Hay Mesa Corral Hay Mesa Corral Grant 8012 Hay Mesa
Beaverhead Lodge Beaverhead Lodge Catron 6719 Spring Canyon
Spring Canyon Corral Spring Canyon Corral Catron 6253 Gila Hot Springs
Wilderness District Ranger Office Wilderness District Ranger Office Catron 5682 Gila Hot Springs
Forks Recreation Site Forks Recreation Site Grant 5554 Gila Hot Springs
McCollum Ranch McCollum Ranch Eddy 6220 El Paso Gap
Hughes Ranch Hughes Ranch Eddy 5522 El Paso Gap
Helper Ranch Helper Ranch Otero 5899 El Paso Gap
Hughes Ranch Hughes Ranch Eddy 6119 El Paso Gap
Grove Ranch Grove Ranch Catron 5312 Mogollon
Hollimon Cabin Hollimon Cabin Catron 6296 Glenwood
New Mexico State Fish Hatchery New Mexico State Fish Hatchery Catron 4774 Glenwood
Hudsons Cow Camp Hudsons Cow Camp Catron 6037 Glenwood
Tunnel Vista Tunnel Vista Otero 6483 High Rolls
Karr Canyon Picnic Area Karr Canyon Picnic Area Otero 7802 High Rolls
Nelson Vista/Point of Interest Nelson Vista/Point of Interest Otero 8983 High Rolls
Game Department Cabin Game Department Cabin Eddy 6083 Pickett Hill
Andrus and Golf Ranch Andrus and Golf Ranch Eddy 5768 Pickett Hill
Gos Organizational Site Gos Organizational Site Grant 6489 Allie Canyon
Camp Thunderbird Campground Camp Thunderbird Campground Grant 6460 Allie Canyon
Redgate Corral Redgate Corral Grant 6758 Allie Canyon
Penasco Ranger Station Penasco Ranger Station Taos 7697 Penasco
Penasco Administrative Site Penasco Administrative Site Taos 7713 Penasco
Mutz Mutz Colfax 8743 Eagle Nest
Lawrence Ranch Lawrence Ranch Taos 8386 Arroyo Seco
New Buffalo Area New Buffalo Area Taos 6680 Arroyo Hondo
Twining Campground Twining Campground Taos 9393 Wheeler Peak
Italianos Campground Italianos Campground Taos 8802 Wheeler Peak
Cebolia Mesa Campground Cebolia Mesa Campground Taos 7369 Guadalupe Mountain
Rio Costilla Ski Area Rio Costilla Ski Area Taos 9751 Latir Peak
Cimarron Campground Cimarron Campground Colfax 9459 Ash Mountain
Cabresto Lake Campground Cabresto Lake Campground Taos 9173 Red River
Red River Ski Area Red River Ski Area Taos 9045 Red River
Ray Ranch Ray Ranch Grant 5253 Eagle Eye Peak
Trampas Medio Campground Trampas Medio Campground Rio Arriba 8904 El Valle
Tafoya Ranch Tafoya Ranch Rio Arriba 8615 El Valle
Santa Barbara Campground Santa Barbara Campground Taos 8464 El Valle
Saddle Corral Saddle Corral Grant 5732 Bullard Peak
Trampas Diamante Campground Trampas Diamante Campground Rio Arriba 8412 El Valle
Black Hawk Windmill Black Hawk Windmill Grant 5837 Bullard Peak
Black Hawk Canyon Corral Black Hawk Canyon Corral Grant 5531 Bullard Peak
Jackson Seep Corral Jackson Seep Corral Grant 5777 Bullard Peak
Joe Harris Corral Joe Harris Corral Grant 5600 Bullard Peak
Peak Corral Peak Corral Grant 6043 Bullard Peak
Kelly Corral Kelly Corral Grant 6178 Bullard Peak
Bar Six Corral Bar Six Corral Grant 5955 Bullard Peak
Bar F Ranch Bar F Ranch Grant 5148 Bullard Peak
Upper Lagunitas Campground Upper Lagunitas Campground Rio Arriba 10544 Toltec Mesa
Lower Lagunitas Campground Lower Lagunitas Campground Rio Arriba 10479 Toltec Mesa
Brushy Mountain Radar Station Brushy Mountain Radar Station Grant 7602 Crookson Peak
Blue Creek Windmill Blue Creek Windmill Grant 6220 Crookson Peak
Moore Place Windmill Moore Place Windmill Grant 5246 Crookson Peak
Chapman Place Windmill Chapman Place Windmill Grant 5121 Crookson Peak
Walnut Creek Windmill Walnut Creek Windmill Grant 6509 Burro Peak
Lookout Mountain Lookout Lookout Mountain Lookout Sierra 8835 Lookout Mountain
Cathey Vista Cathey Vista Otero 9623 Sacramento Peak
Fox Mountain Lookout Fox Mountain Lookout Catron 9370 Gallo Mountains West
Tularosa Shipping Corrals Tularosa Shipping Corrals Catron 7021 Tularosa Canyon
Cuba District Ranger Office Cuba District Ranger Office Sandoval 6883 Cuba
Puerto Chiquito Puerto Chiquito Rio Arriba 7201 Los Indios Canyon
Jemez Mountains Sanitary Landfill Jemez Mountains Sanitary Landfill Sandoval 5781 Ponderosa
Cochiti Recretaion Area Cochiti Recretaion Area Sandoval 5495 Cochiti Dam
Saddle Mountain Lookout Saddle Mountain Lookout Catron 8327 Blue
Double J Ranch Double J Ranch Catron 7667 Luna Lake
Adobe Downs Ranch Adobe Downs Ranch San Juan 6155 Adobe Downs Ranch
Cain Ranch Headquarters Cain Ranch Headquarters Sierra 5449 Big Gyp Mountain
Chavez Ranch Chavez Ranch Sierra 4688 Salinas Peak NW
F E Henderson F E Henderson Sierra 5689 Hardscrabble Mountains
Fuller Ranch Fuller Ranch Sierra 4692 Fuller Ranch
Gillland Ranch Headquarters Gillland Ranch Headquarters Sierra 5276 Salinas Peak NW
Hardin Ranch Hardin Ranch Sierra 6417 Hardscrabble Mountains
Henderson Ranch Henderson Ranch Sierra 4885 Tip Top Canyon
L H Makinson L H Makinson Sierra 4826 Strawberry Peak
Miller Ranch Headquarters Miller Ranch Headquarters Sierra 6542 Hardscrabble Mountains
Potter Ranch Potter Ranch Sierra 5610 Hardscrabble Mountains
Potter Ranch Headquarters (historical) Potter Ranch Headquarters (historical) Sierra 5568 Hardscrabble Mountains
Wilson Ranch Wilson Ranch San Juan 6234 Adobe Downs Ranch
Wood Ranch Headquarters Wood Ranch Headquarters Sierra 6217 Big Gyp Mountain
Asarco Mill Asarco Mill Luna 4373 Deming West
Cueva de los Novios Cueva de los Novios Roosevelt 6801 Marquez
Faywood Hot Springs Faywood Hot Springs Grant 5020 Taylor Mountain
Johnson Johnson Lea 3317 Rattlesnake Canyon
Lemitar Lemitar Socorro 4623 Lemitar
Sheep Crossing Campground Sheep Crossing Campground Taos 7421 Sunshine
Teague Teague Lea 3304 Rattlesnake Canyon
Deckers Camp Deckers Camp San Juan 5505 Palmer Mesa
Braidfoot Ranch Braidfoot Ranch Hidalgo 4675 Doubtful Canyon
Fanning Ranch Fanning Ranch Eddy 3232 Lake McMillan South
Greenwood Ranch Greenwood Ranch Eddy 3192 Lake McMillan South
Guess Ranch Guess Ranch Hidalgo 4370 Doubtful Canyon
Lakewood Lakewood Eddy 3291 Lake McMillan North
Lewis Ranch Lewis Ranch Eddy 3304 Lake McMillan North
Water Canyon Campground Water Canyon Campground Socorro 6778 Magdalena
San Vincente (historical) San Vincente (historical) Grant 5331 Hurley West
7 X V Ranch 7 X V Ranch Grant 5968 White Signal
Arrastre Windmill Arrastre Windmill Grant 6086 Burro Peak
Ben Lilly Memorial Ben Lilly Memorial Grant 6772 Twin Sisters
Goat Camp Windmill Goat Camp Windmill Grant 6188 Burro Peak
Pine Canyon Windmill Pine Canyon Windmill Grant 6460 Burro Peak
Thompson Canyon Windmill Thompson Canyon Windmill Grant 6001 Burro Peak
Arrastre Interpretive Site Arrastre Interpretive Site Grant 6821 Twin Sisters
Big Tree Big Tree Grant 6598 Fort Bayard
Camp Thunderbird Camp Thunderbird Grant 6434 Allie Canyon
Tyrone Tyrone Grant 5840 Tyrone
Coyote Ranger Station Coyote Ranger Station Rio Arriba 6873 Youngsville
Bowl Lake Campground Bowl Lake Campground McKinley 7733 Todilto Park
Corral Corral McKinley 8980 Chuska Peak
Elephant Butte Station Elephant Butte Station Sierra 4715 Tucson Spring
Marcial Site Marcial Site Socorro 4711 Salinas Peak NW
Largo Camp Largo Camp Rio Arriba 6115 Smouse Mesa
Brownstein Windmill Brownstein Windmill Lincoln 5203 Oscura
School Section Windmill School Section Windmill Otero 5994 Sabinata Flat
Sand Windmill Sand Windmill Socorro 5003 Prairie Spring
Red Windmill Red Windmill Lincoln 5456 Little Black Peak
Ridge Windmill Ridge Windmill Lincoln 5502 Cub Mountain
O Six Windmill O Six Windmill Socorro 4934 San Antonio
Nagel Windmill Nagel Windmill Lincoln 5338 Cub Mountain
McDaniel Ranch McDaniel Ranch Socorro 6053 Lovelace Mesa
Malpais Windmill Malpais Windmill Lincoln 5443 Little Black Peak
Largo Windmill Largo Windmill Socorro 5643 Dulce Draw
Stock Pen Windmill Stock Pen Windmill Socorro 4974 Cerro De La Campana SE
Malina Windmill Malina Windmill Socorro 6466 Cooper Canyon
Riley Ranch Riley Ranch Lincoln 4623 Horseshoe Bend NW
Lower Windmill Lower Windmill Socorro 5069 Prairie Spring
Red Lake Windmill Red Lake Windmill Lincoln 5568 Little Black Peak
Lower Windmill Lower Windmill Lincoln 5046 Cub Mountain
Phillips Junction Phillips Junction Colfax 8924 Tooth of Time
Goddard Windmill Goddard Windmill Lincoln 5187 Cub Mountain
Golondrina Windmill Golondrina Windmill Otero 5466 Golondrina Draw
Green Valley Windmill Green Valley Windmill Sierra 5325 Hembrillo Basin
New Forest Windmill New Forest Windmill Socorro 6480 Cooper Canyon
Farm Windmill Farm Windmill Lincoln 5538 Little Black Peak
Flat Lake Ranch Flat Lake Ranch Doņa Ana 4354 Upham Hills
New East Windmill New East Windmill Socorro 5761 Dulce Draw
Duffy Windmill Duffy Windmill Socorro 4997 Prairie Spring
Del Curto Ranch Del Curto Ranch Socorro 5381 Canon Agua Buena
Cyphers Mine Camp Cyphers Mine Camp Colfax 9327 Tooth of Time
Header Windmill Header Windmill Chaves 5213 Flying H
B C O Camp B C O Camp Rio Arriba 7310 Crow Mesa East
Tooth Ridge Camp Tooth Ridge Camp Colfax 8320 Coyote Mesa
Badger Camp Badger Camp Colfax 6909 Coyote Mesa
Rocky Mountain Scout Camp Rocky Mountain Scout Camp Colfax 7070 Coyote Mesa
Urraca Camp Urraca Camp Colfax 7963 Coyote Mesa
Toothache Spring Camp Toothache Spring Camp Colfax 7920 Coyote Mesa
Zastro Camp Zastro Camp Colfax 6945 Coyote Mesa
Husk Windmill Husk Windmill Lincoln 5709 Oscura
Taylor Windmill Taylor Windmill Lincoln 4944 Oscura
Three Rivers Pertoglyph Three Rivers Pertoglyph Otero 5062 Three Rivers
Crosby Windmill Crosby Windmill Otero 4810 Tularosa NE
Temporal Temporal Otero 4511 Tularosa NE
Olympia Camp Olympia Camp Colfax 6719 Rayado
Horse Pasture Windmill Horse Pasture Windmill Lincoln 5492 Cub Mountain
Ham Windmill Ham Windmill Lincoln 5617 Cub Mountain
House Pasture Windmill House Pasture Windmill Doņa Ana 4521 Gilmore Draw
Hille Ranch Hille Ranch Doņa Ana 4613 Gilmore Draw
Galcher Ranch Galcher Ranch Socorro 5482 Little Black Peak
Rhodes Canyon Range Center Rhodes Canyon Range Center Sierra 4022 Lumley Lake NW
Moss Ranch Moss Ranch Eddy 4137 Bandanna Point
Mayes Ranch Mayes Ranch Eddy 3743 Rattlesnake Springs
Mesteņo Mesteņo Harding Unknown
Roswell Mall Roswell Mall Chaves 3589 Roswell North
Old Pardue Ranch Old Pardue Ranch Eddy 3432 Black River Village
Polk Ranch Polk Ranch Eddy 4167 Martha Creek
Perry Ranch Perry Ranch Doņa Ana 4239 Afton NW
Pratt Pratt Hidalgo 4419 Antelope Pass
Portales Plaza Portales Plaza Roosevelt 4009 Portales
Russell Ranch Russell Ranch Eddy 4147 Bandanna Point
Wooten Ranch Wooten Ranch Eddy 3914 Bandanna Point
Tatman Ranch Tatman Ranch Eddy 3957 Cawley Draw
X T Ranch X T Ranch Eddy 4255 Grapevine Draw
Thurman Ranch Thurman Ranch Eddy 3779 Grapevine Draw
White Ranch White Ranch Eddy 3796 Carlsbad Caverns
Sims Ranch Sims Ranch Eddy 3360 Black River Village
Three Rivers Ranch Three Rivers Ranch Lincoln 5604 Godfrey Peak
Three Windmill Three Windmill Lea 3930 Ironhouse Well
Three Wells Windmill Three Wells Windmill Lea 3556 Laguna Gatuna
Twin Wells Windmill Twin Wells Windmill Lincoln 5568 Godfrey Peak
Tramble Windmill Tramble Windmill Lincoln 5843 Godfrey Peak
Bayard Shopping Center Bayard Shopping Center Grant 5869 Fort Bayard
Broadmoor Shopping Center and Mall Broadmoor Shopping Center and Mall Lea 3632 Hobbs West
Blue Spring Farm Blue Spring Farm Eddy 3261 Black River Village
Smith Blue Spring Ranch Smith Blue Spring Ranch Eddy 3284 Black River Village
Ballard Ranch Ballard Ranch Eddy 3720 Rattlesnake Springs
Brownfield Windmill Brownfield Windmill Lincoln 5873 Godfrey Peak
Friar Camp Friar Camp Lea 3970 Ironhouse Well
Blue Quail Center Blue Quail Center Eddy 3392 Artesia
Callaway Ranch (historical) Callaway Ranch (historical) Eddy 4176 Bandanna Point
Colwell Ranch Colwell Ranch Eddy 3966 Grapevine Draw
Cawley Ranch Cawley Ranch Eddy 4068 Cawley Draw
Old C P Ranch Old C P Ranch Eddy 3714 Rattlesnake Springs
Circle K Ranch Circle K Ranch Eddy 3684 Rattlesnake Springs
Junes Mill Junes Mill Doņa Ana 4537 Mount Aden SW
Jones Ranch Jones Ranch Eddy 3947 Martha Creek
I-X Ranch I-X Ranch Lincoln 5679 Godfrey Peak
Halfway Windmill Halfway Windmill Lincoln 5617 Godfrey Peak
Hall Windmill Hall Windmill Lincoln 5810 Godfrey Peak
Old Stone Place (historical) Old Stone Place (historical) Eddy 3638 Carlsbad Caverns
Tucker Ranch (historical) Tucker Ranch (historical) Eddy 4173 Grapevine Draw
Lewis Ranch (historical) Lewis Ranch (historical) Otero 3674 Panther Canyon
Norwood Ranch (historical) Norwood Ranch (historical) Doņa Ana 4206 Afton NW
Strauss Ranch Headquarters Strauss Ranch Headquarters Doņa Ana 4291 Aden Crater
Mendoza Ranch (historical) Mendoza Ranch (historical) Eddy 4127 Martha Creek
Pipkin Ranch (historical) Pipkin Ranch (historical) Eddy 4144 Bandanna Point
Fitzpatricks Fitzpatricks Hidalgo 5154 Fitzpatricks
Farrell Ranch (historical) Farrell Ranch (historical) Eddy 3533 Carlsbad Caverns
Fitzgerald Ranch Fitzgerald Ranch Doņa Ana 4163 Little Black Mountain
Mount Phillips Camp Mount Phillips Camp Colfax 11647 Garcia Peak
Red Hills Camp Red Hills Camp Colfax 9685 Garcia Peak
Comanche Peak Camp Comanche Peak Camp Colfax 11086 Garcia Peak
Rimrock Park Camp Rimrock Park Camp Colfax 7379 Tooth of Time
Lovers Leap Camp Lovers Leap Camp Colfax 7480 Tooth of Time
Miners Park Camp Miners Park Camp Colfax 7969 Tooth of Time
North Fork Urraca Camp North Fork Urraca Camp Colfax 8002 Tooth of Time
Ponderosa Camp Ponderosa Camp Colfax 7615 Tooth of Time
Cathedral Rock Campground Cathedral Rock Campground Colfax 7569 Tooth of Time
Cimarroncito Camp Cimarroncito Camp Colfax 8133 Tooth of Time
Crawford Windmill Crawford Windmill Otero 5269 Golondrina Draw
Black Mountain Camp Black Mountain Camp Colfax 8993 Tooth of Time
Bear Canyon Camp Bear Canyon Camp Colfax 9226 Garcia Peak
Angel Fire Ski Area Angel Fire Ski Area Colfax 8727 Palo Flechado Pass
Apache Springs Camp Apache Springs Camp Colfax 9380 Garcia Peak
Aleman Aleman Sierra 4669 Upham
Becker Becker Eddy 3146 Carlsbad East
Braid Foot Ranch Braid Foot Ranch Doņa Ana 4196 Afton
Medler Medler Doņa Ana 3966 Selden Canyon
State University Ranch Headquarters State University Ranch Headquarters Doņa Ana 4347 Summerford Mountain
New Mexico State University Animal Science Ranch New Mexico State University Animal Science Ranch Doņa Ana 4380 Summerford Mountain
Town and Country Shopping Center Town and Country Shopping Center Lea 3921 Lovington
American Heritage Plaza American Heritage Plaza McKinley 6503 Gallup West
Dona Ana Plaza South Dona Ana Plaza South Colfax 6552 Raton
Alicia Siding (historical) Alicia Siding (historical) Harding Unknown
Abbott Station (historical) Abbott Station (historical) Harding Unknown
Abo Shopping Center Abo Shopping Center Eddy 3405 Artesia
W W Smith and Sons Ranch W W Smith and Sons Ranch Eddy 4032 Carlsbad Caverns
Aden Aden Doņa Ana 4390 Aden Hills
Pipkin Ranch (historical) Pipkin Ranch (historical) Eddy 3586 Carlsbad Caverns
Thomas Ranch (historical) Thomas Ranch (historical) Otero 5686 Panther Canyon
Norwood Ranch Norwood Ranch Doņa Ana 4213 Afton
Smugglers Hidaway Smugglers Hidaway Doņa Ana 4265 Aden Crater
Smith Ranch Smith Ranch Eddy 3701 Martha Creek
Ward Ranch (historical) Ward Ranch (historical) Eddy 4022 Bandanna Point
Lusk Ranch (historical) Lusk Ranch (historical) Eddy 3471 Greenwood Lake
Gamble Windmill Gamble Windmill Lincoln 6165 Godfrey Peak
Old Farrell Place (historical) Old Farrell Place (historical) Eddy 3596 Carlsbad Caverns
Farrell Ranch Farrell Ranch Eddy 4098 Grapevine Draw
Lowe Ranch Lowe Ranch Eddy 4436 Carlsbad Caverns
Leeman Ranch Leeman Ranch Eddy 3875 Grapevine Draw
Judkins Ranch Judkins Ranch Eddy 3645 Black River Village
Ewing Place Ewing Place Eddy 3435 Black River Village
Elliot Ranch Elliot Ranch Eddy 3471 Black River Village
Dillahunty Ranch Dillahunty Ranch Eddy 3399 Jumping Spring
Old Duran Ranch Old Duran Ranch Eddy 3409 Black River Village
Mari Mac Village Shopping Center Mari Mac Village Shopping Center Los Alamos 7274 Guaje Mountain
Central Shopping Center Central Shopping Center Los Alamos 7319 Guaje Mountain
The Village Shopping Center The Village Shopping Center Los Alamos 6394 White Rock
Pinon Placita Shopping Center Pinon Placita Shopping Center McKinley 6588 Gallup East
Dal Paso Center Dal Paso Center Lea 3629 Hobbs West
Heritage Square Heritage Square Lea 3632 Hobbs West
Middle Fork Plaza Middle Fork Plaza San Juan 5354 Farmington South
San Juan Plaza San Juan Plaza San Juan 5348 Farmington South
Hutton Plaza Hutton Plaza San Juan 5433 Farmington South
San Juan North Shopping Center San Juan North Shopping Center San Juan 5463 Farmington South
Palmer Plaza Palmer Plaza San Juan 5272 Farmington South
Park Plaza Park Plaza Bernalillo 5712 La Mesita Negra SE
Five Points Shopping Center Five Points Shopping Center Bernalillo 4944 Albuquerque West
Westway Shopping Center Westway Shopping Center Bernalillo 4964 Albuquerque West
Montano Plaza Montano Plaza Sandoval 4980 Los Griegos
Guadlupe Plaza Guadlupe Plaza Sandoval 4980 Los Griegos
Paradise Hills Shopping Center Paradise Hills Shopping Center Sandoval 5010 Los Griegos
Las Tiendas De Corrales Center Las Tiendas De Corrales Center Sandoval 5003 Los Griegos
Chaco Canyon Trading Post Chaco Canyon Trading Post San Juan 6188 Pueblo Bonito
Community Shopping Center Community Shopping Center Los Alamos 7323 Guaje Mountain
El Segundo Shopping Center El Segundo Shopping Center Los Alamos 7405 Guaje Mountain
White Rock Shopping Center White Rock Shopping Center Los Alamos 6378 White Rock
Dal Paso Center Dal Paso Center McKinley 6499 Gallup East
Village Square Village Square San Juan 5367 Farmington South
Crestmoor Shopping Center Crestmoor Shopping Center San Juan 5394 Farmington South
Orchard Plaza Orchard Plaza San Juan 5358 Farmington South
Mesa Shopping Center Mesa Shopping Center San Juan 5476 Farmington South
Old Town Shopping Center Old Town Shopping Center Bernalillo 4954 Albuquerque West
Eleher Executive Center Eleher Executive Center Bernalillo 4961 Albuquerque West
First Plaza First Plaza Bernalillo 4961 Albuquerque West
Golf Plaza Golf Plaza Bernalillo 4944 Albuquerque West
Four Hills Village Shopping Center Four Hills Village Shopping Center Bernalillo 5643 Tijeras
Ladera Shopping Center Ladera Shopping Center Bernalillo 5111 Albuquerque West
Cuatro Y Montano Shopping Center Cuatro Y Montano Shopping Center Sandoval 4977 Los Griegos
Northdale Shopping Center Northdale Shopping Center Sandoval 4984 Los Griegos
The Market Center The Market Center Sandoval 5000 Los Griegos
Southern Plaza Southern Plaza Sandoval 5295 Los Griegos
North Plains Mall North Plains Mall Curry 4285 Clovis
Stevens Sawmill Stevens Sawmill Catron 6378 Reserve
Purday Ranch Purday Ranch Otero 4337 Tularosa
Jackson Ranch Jackson Ranch Sierra 4035 Lumley Lake NW
Mayes Ranch (historical) Mayes Ranch (historical) Lincoln 4393 Three Rivers NW
Henderson Ranch Henderson Ranch Sierra 4055 Lumley Lake NW
Chosa Ranch (historical) Chosa Ranch (historical) Otero 4301 Tularosa NE
Lomitas Ranch (historical) Lomitas Ranch (historical) Otero 4331 Tularosa
Meanders Stage Station (historical) Meanders Stage Station (historical) Grant 4898 Moon Ranch
Hogback Trading Post Hogback Trading Post San Juan 5029 Chimney Rock
Cains Ranch (historical) Cains Ranch (historical) Sierra 4888 Sheep Mountain
Kinaholi (historical) Kinaholi (historical) San Juan Unknown
Gililland South Ranch (historical) Gililland South Ranch (historical) Sierra 4134 Sheep Mountain
Seventy Four Ranch Seventy Four Ranch Grant 5571 Rice Ranch
Putnam Putnam San Juan 6135 Pueblo Bonito
Palmilla (historical) Palmilla (historical) Taos Unknown
Otis (historical) Otis (historical) San Juan Unknown
Haynes Trading Post Haynes Trading Post San Juan Unknown
Tsiping (historical) Tsiping (historical) Rio Arriba 7379 Canones
Ahayu:t A:chiya' Delashhin'a Ahayu:t A:chiya' Delashhin'a McKinley Unknown
Haynes Ranch Haynes Ranch San Juan Unknown
Salmon Ruins Salmon Ruins San Juan 5423 Horn Canyon
Puye Cliff Dwellings (historical) Puye Cliff Dwellings (historical) Rio Arriba 6863 Puye
Ahayu:t an Yalanne Ahayu:t an Yalanne Catron 6224 Zuni Salt Lake
Kyane:lu Yala:we Kyane:lu Yala:we San Juan Unknown
Ts'iya'a:wa Ts'iya'a:wa Sandoval Unknown
Pueblo Una Vida (historical) Pueblo Una Vida (historical) San Juan Unknown
Aqua Viva (historical) Aqua Viva (historical) Taos Unknown
Will F Rogers Ranch (historical) Will F Rogers Ranch (historical) Doņa Ana 4370 Organ Peak NW
Jaramillo (historical) Jaramillo (historical) Rio Arriba Unknown
Skarda (historical) Skarda (historical) Taos Unknown
Cumbres Cumbres Rio Arriba Unknown
El Campo El Campo Rio Arriba Unknown
Connel (historical) Connel (historical) Taos Unknown
Catalpa (historical) Catalpa (historical) Colfax Unknown
Dean (historical) Dean (historical) Colfax Unknown
Hillcrest (historical) Hillcrest (historical) Rio Arriba Unknown
Chishe:na:/A'l'akkwe'a Chishe:na:/A'l'akkwe'a Catron Unknown
North Camp North Camp Socorro Unknown
Mundo (historical) Mundo (historical) Rio Arriba Unknown
Fossil Beds Fossil Beds San Juan Unknown
Compressor Station Compressor Station San Juan Unknown
Angel Fire Resort Golf Course Angel Fire Resort Golf Course Colfax 8484 Palo Flechado Pass
Angel Fire Ski Basin Angel Fire Ski Basin Colfax 8586 Palo Flechado Pass
Alps (historical) Alps (historical) Union 6506 Emery Peak
El Porvenir Christian Camp El Porvenir Christian Camp San Miguel Unknown
Volcano (historical) Volcano (historical) Taos Unknown
Monte Verde Monte Verde Colfax Unknown
Valley (historical) Valley (historical) Union Unknown
Vargas (historical) Vargas (historical) Union Unknown
Wallace (historical) Wallace (historical) Colfax Unknown
Wanette (historical) Wanette (historical) Union 5105 Rabbit Ear Mountain
Devoy (historical) Devoy (historical) Union Unknown
Dahna K'ohanna Dahna K'ohanna Sandoval Unknown
Gillespie (historical) Gillespie (historical) Colfax Unknown
Towndrow (historical) Towndrow (historical) Colfax 8612 Yankee
Kephart (historical) Kephart (historical) Union Unknown
Mansker (historical) Mansker (historical) Union Unknown
Hardscrabble Camp Hardscrabble Camp Socorro 6785 Magdalena
Hillside (historical) Hillside (historical) Colfax Unknown
Howie (historical) Howie (historical) Colfax 6240 Koehler
Koehler Junction (historical) Koehler Junction (historical) Colfax 6348 Koehler
Laughlin (historical) Laughlin (historical) Colfax Unknown
Malpie (historical) Malpie (historical) Colfax Unknown
Penrith (historical) Penrith (historical) Union Unknown
Heshoda Bitsulliya Heshoda Bitsulliya San Juan 6125 Pueblo Bonito
Amboy (historical) Amboy (historical) Union Unknown
Aguila Camp Aguila Camp Colfax 8274 Tooth of Time
Bear Cave Camp Bear Cave Camp Colfax 8432 Tooth of Time
Bonito Cow Camp Bonito Cow Camp Colfax 9121 Tooth of Time
Brownsea Camp Brownsea Camp Colfax 9180 Garcia Peak
Bruton Camp Bruton Camp Doņa Ana 5121 Fleck Draw
Buck Creek Camp Buck Creek Camp Colfax 9235 Garcia Peak
Cain Ranch Cain Ranch Sierra 4911 Shannon Canyon NW
Rayado Camp Rayado Camp Colfax 6519 Rayado
Casa Rinconada (historical) Casa Rinconada (historical) San Juan 6148 Pueblo Bonito
Chavez Windmill Chavez Windmill Socorro 4977 Prairie Spring
Clear Creek Camp Clear Creek Camp Colfax 10279 Garcia Peak
Clifton House Clifton House Colfax 6339 Clifton House
Hinkle Ranch Hinkle Ranch Socorro 5909 Wrye Peak
Comanche Camp Comanche Camp Colfax 9636 Garcia Peak
Crater Lake Camp Crater Lake Camp Colfax 8366 Tooth of Time
Crooked Creek Camp Crooked Creek Camp Colfax 9347 Garcia Peak
Hatchet Ranch Hatchet Ranch Hidalgo 4278 Hatchet Ranch
Eighteenmile Mill Eighteenmile Mill Chaves 4285 Diamond A Ranch
Four Corners Monument Four Corners Monument San Juan 4879 Teec Nos Pos
Gallegos Trading Post Gallegos Trading Post San Juan 5787 Gallegos Trading Post
Gonzales Windmill Gonzales Windmill Socorro 4990 Prairie Spring
Harvey Ranch Harvey Ranch Socorro 5840 Lovelace Mesa
Hat Ranch Hat Ranch Otero 4623 Alamo Mountain NE
Huerfano Trading Post Huerfano Trading Post San Juan 6854 Huerfano Trading Post
Jones Ranch Jones Ranch Socorro 5180 Prairie Spring
La Plaza La Plaza Rio Arriba 5636 San Juan Pueblo
Lost Cabin Camp Lost Cabin Camp Colfax 9252 Garcia Peak
Lower Bonito Camp Lower Bonito Camp Colfax 8852 Tooth of Time
Leo Windmill Leo Windmill Socorro 4961 Cerro De La Campana SE
Muncy Ranch Muncy Ranch Socorro 4980 Prairie Spring
New Chavez Windmill New Chavez Windmill Socorro 4951 Prairie Spring
New Abreu Camp New Abreu Camp Colfax 7290 Tooth of Time
Black Hills Ranch Black Hills Ranch Socorro 5636 Broken Back Crater
Old Abreu Camp Old Abreu Camp Colfax 7424 Tooth of Time
Peņasco Blanco (historical) Peņasco Blanco (historical) San Juan 6270 Kin Klizhin Ruins
Ritch Windmill Ritch Windmill Sierra 5016 Hembrillo Canyon
Pueblo del Arroyo (historical) Pueblo del Arroyo (historical) San Juan 6109 Pueblo Bonito
Fish Camp Fish Camp Colfax 8576 Tooth of Time
San Antonio Spring San Antonio Spring Socorro 5541 Prairie Spring
Rainwater Ranch Rainwater Ranch Sierra 4619 Polecat Tank
Vasquez Camp Vasquez Camp Colfax 8770 Vermejo Park
Vermejo Park Vermejo Park Colfax 7526 Vermejo Park
Wyre Ranch Wyre Ranch Socorro 5650 Wrye Peak
Tienditas Tienditas Taos 8359 Shady Brook
La Ventana (historical) La Ventana (historical) Sandoval 6526 La Ventana
San Marcos (historical) San Marcos (historical) Santa Fe Unknown
Otto Otto Santa Fe 6230 Moriarty North
Tilden (historical) Tilden (historical) Sandoval Unknown
Chaqualco (historical) Chaqualco (historical) Santa Fe Unknown
San Antonio San Antonio San Juan 7149 Thoreau
Budaghers Budaghers Sandoval Unknown
Elota Elota Sandoval 5148 San Felipe Pueblo
Duran (historical) Duran (historical) Sandoval Unknown
Dominguez (historical) Dominguez (historical) Sandoval Unknown
Stead Stead Union 4619 Stead
Sixela Sixela Union Unknown
Clapham Clapham Union 4862 Clapham
Trinity Site Trinity Site Socorro 4921 Trinity Site
Stockton Stockton Colfax 6375 Clifton House
San Francisco (historical) San Francisco (historical) Sandoval Unknown
Pereas Ranch (historical) Pereas Ranch (historical) Sandoval Unknown
Nueve (historical) Nueve (historical) Sandoval Unknown
Porter Landing (historical) Porter Landing (historical) Sandoval 6027 Gilman
Linda Vista (historical) Linda Vista (historical) Sandoval Unknown
Las Golondrinas (historical) Las Golondrinas (historical) Sandoval Unknown
Hagan Junction (historical) Hagan Junction (historical) Sandoval Unknown
Harence (historical) Harence (historical) Sandoval Unknown
Mileseventeen (historical) Mileseventeen (historical) Sandoval Unknown
New Domingo (historical) New Domingo (historical) Sandoval Unknown
Ojo de las Casa Ojo de las Casa Sandoval 6132 Placitas
Perea (historical) Perea (historical) Sandoval 7595 Jemez Springs
Clark (historical) Clark (historical) Santa Fe Unknown
San Lazaro (historical) San Lazaro (historical) Santa Fe Unknown
Divide Trading Post Divide Trading Post McKinley 6919 Window Rock
Johnson Trading Post Johnson Trading Post Sandoval 6693 Johnson Trading Post
Pueblo Alto Trading Post Pueblo Alto Trading Post McKinley 6548 Pueblo Alto Trading Post
Star Lake Trading Post Star Lake Trading Post McKinley 6742 Star Lake
Tohlakai Trading Post Tohlakai Trading Post McKinley 6489 Twin Lakes
Crumbley Ranch Crumbley Ranch Grant 6486 Santa Rita Mine
A Camp A Camp Colfax 7680 Abreu Canyon
A Strozzi Ranch A Strozzi Ranch Socorro 5876 Water Canyon
Achinson Ranch Achinson Ranch Torrance 6453 Progresso SW
Adobe Headquarters Adobe Headquarters Catron 7379 Indian Peaks East
Agua Piedra Campground Agua Piedra Campground Taos 8399 Tres Ritos
Ake Ranch Ake Ranch Catron 7001 Oak Peak
Alexander Windmill Alexander Windmill Grant 5846 Crookson Peak
Allison Ranch Allison Ranch Grant 5020 Circle Mesa
Allison Windmill Allison Windmill Catron 6922 Armstrong Canyon
Anderson Ranch Anderson Ranch Otero 5663 Packsaddle Canyon
Antelope Corral Antelope Corral Catron 7398 Burnt Corral Canyon
Antelope Well Antelope Well Otero 6007 Packsaddle Canyon
Antelope Windmill Antelope Windmill Socorro 7018 Lion Mountain NW
Apache Cabin Apache Cabin Catron 10190 Grouse Mountain
Apache Camp Apache Camp Sierra 6004 Apache Peak
Apache Campground Apache Campground Otero 8888 Cloudcroft
Aragon Ranch Aragon Ranch Cibola 7684 Valle Largo
Archuleta Ranch Archuleta Ranch Santa Fe 6926 Rowe
Archuleta Ranch Archuleta Ranch Rio Arriba 6762 El Vado
Armstrong and Armstrong Ranch Armstrong and Armstrong Ranch Eddy 4760 Texas Hill
Arrosa Ranch Arrosa Ranch Cibola 7185 Arrosa Ranch
Ash Creek Camp Ash Creek Camp Grant 4987 Brushy Mountain
Aspen Cabin Aspen Cabin Santa Fe 9108 Aspen Basin
Aspen Corral Aspen Corral Grant 7697 Bonner Canyon
Aspen Ranch Aspen Ranch Santa Fe 9075 Aspen Basin
Aurupa Aurupa San Miguel 5545 Apache Springs
Austin Ranch Austin Ranch Rio Arriba 7874 Gallina
Avery Ranch Avery Ranch Grant 5279 Dorsey Ranch
B Kelly Ranch B Kelly Ranch Socorro 5837 Water Canyon
B McKeen Ranch B McKeen Ranch Catron 4915 Alma
B 17 Windmill B 17 Windmill Grant 5892 Crookson Peak
Baca Homestead Baca Homestead Socorro 6726 Indian Mesa
Baca Siding Baca Siding McKinley 6804 Prewitt
Badger Windmill Badger Windmill Socorro 6831 Wahoo Ranch
Bagley Ranch Bagley Ranch Lincoln 6801 Rough Mountain
Bald Eagle Windmill Bald Eagle Windmill Sierra 6539 Winston
Baldwin Cabin Baldwin Cabin Catron 7543 Crosby Springs
Baldy Baldy Colfax 9819 Baldy Mountain
Baldy Cabin Baldy Cabin Taos 11443 Latir Peak
Balsam Glade Picnic Area Balsam Glade Picnic Area Bernalillo 8678 Sandia Crest
Banco Isidro Banco Isidro McKinley 8002 San Lucas Dam
Bar S Ranch Bar S Ranch Santa Fe 6194 Bull Canyon
Barales School Barales School Torrance 6742 Tajique
Barrow Windmill Barrow Windmill Grant 5715 C Bar Ranch
Barton Windmill Barton Windmill Union 4885 Rardin Hill
Bass Ranch Bass Ranch McKinley 7500 Cottonwood Canyon
Bastion Ranch Bastion Ranch Catron 7129 Underwood Lake
Bates Windmill Bates Windmill Eddy 4554 Texas Hill
Bear Canyon Windmill Bear Canyon Windmill Catron 7014 Spring Canyon
Bear Springs Guard Station Bear Springs Guard Station Sandoval 7398 Bear Springs Peak
Bear Springs Ranch Bear Springs Ranch Socorro 6489 Silver Hill
Bear Springs Windmill Bear Springs Windmill Sierra 5932 Whiterock Mountain
Beatty Cabin Beatty Cabin Colfax 8235 Baldy Mountain
Beaver Creek Cabin Beaver Creek Cabin San Miguel 8980 Rociada
Beaverhead Ranger Station Beaverhead Ranger Station Catron 6732 Spring Canyon
Beisman Ranch Beisman Ranch San Miguel 7201 El Porvenir
Bell Ranch Bell Ranch Otero 6818 Avis
Ben Lilly Campground Ben Lilly Campground Catron 8002 Negrito Mountain
Benevides Ranch Benevides Ranch San Miguel 6158 Aurora
Benjamin Ranch Benjamin Ranch Socorro 5827 La Jara Peak
Berryhill Ranch Berryhill Ranch McKinley 7152 Ambrosia Lake
Big Arsenic Springs Campground Big Arsenic Springs Campground Taos 7516 Guadalupe Mountain
Birthday Windmill Birthday Windmill Catron 7447 Black Mountain
Bishops Lodge Bishops Lodge Santa Fe 7182 Santa Fe
Bixler Ranch Bixler Ranch Rio Arriba 7159 Bixler Ranch
Black Canyon Forest Camp Black Canyon Forest Camp Santa Fe 8412 McClure Reservoir
Black Mesa Ranch Black Mesa Ranch Santa Fe 5535 Espanola
Armstrong Ranch Armstrong Ranch Lincoln 5426 Arroyo Serrano West
Block Ranch Block Ranch Lincoln 5942 Encinoso
Block Ranger Station Block Ranger Station Lincoln 6030 Encinoso
Blue Bird Ranch Blue Bird Ranch Sandoval 8110 San Pablo
Blue Haven Camp Blue Haven Camp San Miguel 7129 El Porvenir
Blue Lake Cabin Blue Lake Cabin Taos 11315 Wheeler Peak
Blue Windmill Blue Windmill Socorro 6516 Table Mountain
Bonnell Ranch Bonnell Ranch Lincoln 5702 Lincoln
Booster Windmill Booster Windmill Lincoln 6466 White Oaks North
Booth Ranch Booth Ranch Sierra 5453 Whiterock Mountain
Borrego Ranger Cabin Borrego Ranger Cabin Rio Arriba 7946 Truchas
Bounds Ranch Bounds Ranch Grant 5443 C Bar Ranch
Box Ranch Box Ranch San Miguel 7575 Ojitos Frios
Box Shack Well Box Shack Well Eddy 4724 Texas Hill
Bradberry Windmill Bradberry Windmill Hidalgo 5479 Gold Hill
Branding Corral Windmill Branding Corral Windmill Harding 5568 Valencia Spring
Brannum Windmill Brannum Windmill Lincoln 6306 White Oaks North
Brazos Cabin Brazos Cabin Mora 9268 Truchas Peak
Brazos Cow Camp Brazos Cow Camp Rio Arriba 10072 Lagunitas Creek
Breece Well Breece Well Otero 7825 Firman Canyon
Bremmer Longshed Camp Bremmer Longshed Camp Colfax 8202 Van Bremmer Park
Brennand Ranch Brennand Ranch Catron 6663 Telephone Canyon
Brills Ranch Brills Ranch Lincoln 5338 Arroyo Serrano West
Brills Upper Ranch Brills Upper Ranch Lincoln 5689 Arroyo Serrano West
Brock Ranch Brock Ranch Grant 5289 Eagle Eye Peak
Broken Arrow Ranch Broken Arrow Ranch Santa Fe 5873 Espanola
Browning Well Browning Well Otero 3802 Gowdy Ranch
Brushy Canyon Corral Brushy Canyon Corral Catron 5531 Saliz Pass
Buds Windmill Buds Windmill Catron 7080 Pasture Canyon
Bull Camp Bull Camp Catron 7880 Gallo Mountains East
Bull Canyon Well Bull Canyon Well Santa Fe 6798 Bull Canyon
Bullis Spring Ranch Bullis Spring Ranch Chaves 5899 Bullis Spring Ranch
Burford Lake Wildlife Station Burford Lake Wildlife Station Rio Arriba 7152 Los Indios Canyon
Burleson Well Burleson Well Eddy 4465 Red Bluff Draw
Burn Cow Camp Burn Cow Camp Rio Arriba 8727 West Fork Rio Brazos
Burnett Ranch Burnett Ranch Catron 7267 Tejana Mesa SW
Burns Well Burns Well Catron 5226 Alma
Burnt Corral Burnt Corral Catron 7257 Burnt Corral Canyon
H W Ranch H W Ranch Grant 5118 Dorsey Ranch
Burro Mountain Homestead Burro Mountain Homestead Grant 6673 Burro Peak
Buzzard Park Campground Buzzard Park Campground Rio Arriba 6929 Carracas Canyon
C Bar Ranch C Bar Ranch Grant 5715 C Bar Ranch
C F Ranch C F Ranch Grant 5777 Wind Mountain
CCC Camp CCC Camp Rio Arriba 6460 Ghost Ranch
Camp Capitan Camp Capitan Lincoln 6407 Capitan Peak
Camp Davis Camp Davis Mora 8287 Gascon
Camp Ercan Camp Ercan Rio Arriba 6453 Santos Peak
Camp Geronimo Camp Geronimo Otero 7165 Elk-Silver
Camp La Salle Camp La Salle San Miguel 7329 Rosilla Peak
Camp Long Campground Camp Long Campground San Miguel 7470 El Porvenir
Camp Mary White Camp Mary White Otero 7710 Sacramento
Camp Sierra Blanca Camp Sierra Blanca Lincoln 6319 Fort Stanton
Camp Tall Pines Camp Tall Pines Otero 7405 Sacramento
Camp Wehinahpay Camp Wehinahpay Otero 8340 Bluff Springs
Camp Zia Camp Zia Sandoval 7861 Cuba
Campo el Deseo Campo el Deseo Sandoval 7231 San Pablo
Canjilon Creek Forest Camp Canjilon Creek Forest Camp Rio Arriba 9298 Canjilon Mountain
Caņocico Caņocico Cibola 7444 El Morro
Caņon Caņon Santa Fe 6037 Tetilla Peak
Caņon del Coyote Caņon del Coyote Rio Arriba 7493 Cerro del Grant
Caņon Plaza Caņon Plaza Rio Arriba 7772 Canon Plaza
Canon Windmill Canon Windmill Harding 5771 Kansas Valley
Caņoncito Caņoncito Santa Fe 6959 Glorieta
Caņoneros Camp Caņoneros Camp McKinley 8277 Laguna Canoneros
Caņones Caņones Sandoval 5709 Ponderosa
Capulin Cabin Capulin Cabin Sandoval 8894 Sandia Crest
Capulin Campground Capulin Campground Taos 7707 Shady Brook
Capulin Spring Picnic Area Capulin Spring Picnic Area Bernalillo 8750 Sandia Crest
Carrizo Camp Windmills Carrizo Camp Windmills Harding 5571 Valencia Spring
Carrizo Windmill Carrizo Windmill Union 5016 Sand Hill
Cat Mountain Ranch Cat Mountain Ranch Socorro 6827 Tres Montosas
Cates Ranch Cates Ranch Harding 5787 Mills West
Caudill Windmill Caudill Windmill Catron 7037 Armstrong Canyon
Cauhaupe Ranch Cauhaupe Ranch Otero 4751 Tanner Ranch
Cedar Creek Campground Cedar Creek Campground Lincoln 6952 Ruidoso
Cedar Ridge P O Cedar Ridge P O Bernalillo 6588 Tijeras
Cement Well Cement Well Otero 5289 Texas Hill
Cerros de Taos Ranch Cerros de Taos Ranch Taos 7041 Arroyo Hondo
Cerrososo Camp Cerrososo Camp Colfax 8120 Van Bremmer Park
Chato School Chato School Torrance 6995 Punta de Agua
Chavez Ranch Chavez Ranch Socorro 6637 Indian Spring Canyon
Chavez Ranch Chavez Ranch Socorro 6594 Mesa Cencerro
Chavez Ranch Chavez Ranch Socorro 6201 Puertecito
Cherry Creek Campground Cherry Creek Campground Grant 6801 Twin Sisters
Chiflo Campground Chiflo Campground Taos 7470 Guadalupe Mountain
Chili Windmill Chili Windmill Union 5079 Royce
Chocle Windmill Chocle Windmill Socorro 6342 Squaw Peak
Chriswell Windmill Chriswell Windmill Catron 7073 Pasture Canyon
Cienega Canyon Picnic Area Cienega Canyon Picnic Area Bernalillo 7401 Sandia Crest
Circle A Ranch Circle A Ranch Sandoval 7562 Cuba
Circle Cross Ranch Circle Cross Ranch Otero 7152 Graveyard Canyon
Clark Ranch Clark Ranch San Miguel 6929 Laguna Ortiz
Clayton Camp Clayton Camp Taos 9360 Comanche Point
Clayton Corral Clayton Corral Taos 9941 Ash Mountain
Clear Creek Campground Clear Creek Campground Sandoval 8379 Rancho del Chaparral
Cline Ranch Cline Ranch Hidalgo 5449 Gold Hill
Coddington Ranch Coddington Ranch Cibola 8107 Cottonwood Canyon
Coe Ranch Coe Ranch Lincoln 5656 Lincoln
Cogo Windmill Cogo Windmill Harding 5945 Mills East
Collier Well Collier Well Lincoln 6411 White Oaks North
Collins Park Collins Park Catron 7480 Collins Park
Collins Ranch Collins Ranch Rio Arriba 7421 Canada Ojitos
Columbine Campground Columbine Campground Taos 7877 Questa
Comales Campground Comales Campground Taos 7867 Tres Ritos
Cooney Windmill Cooney Windmill Socorro 6650 Mount Withington
Coronado Lodge Coronado Lodge Otero 6174 Domingo Peak
Coronado State Monument Kuaua Ruins Coronado State Monument Kuaua Ruins Sandoval 5098 Bernalillo
Corral Number 9 Corral Number 9 Grant 7234 Hay Mesa
Corral Windmill Corral Windmill Catron 7405 Third Canyon
Costilla Lodge Costilla Lodge Taos 9967 Big Costilla Peak
Cottonwood Campground Cottonwood Campground Catron 5807 Saliz Pass
Cottonwood Gulch Camp Cottonwood Gulch Camp McKinley 7484 Pine Canyon
Cottonwood Windmill Cottonwood Windmill Grant 4947 Bullard Peak
Cottonwood Windmill Cottonwood Windmill Catron 7064 Armstrong Canyon
Council Rock Ranch Council Rock Ranch Socorro 7214 Gallinas Peak
Coupland Ranch Coupland Ranch Otero 6165 Pinon
Courtney Ranch Courtney Ranch Socorro 6086 Magdalena
Cow Camp Number 5 Cow Camp Number 5 Otero 6900 Sheeppen Canyon
Cow Spring Well Cow Spring Well Santa Fe 6801 Bull Canyon
Cox Ranch Cox Ranch Socorro 6319 Wahoo Ranch
Cox Windmill Cox Windmill Lincoln 6893 White Oaks North
Cressmer Lodge Cressmer Lodge Colfax 8819 The Wall
Cresto Ranch Cresto Ranch McKinley 6732 Bread Springs
Crisp Ranch Crisp Ranch Otero 7989 Graveyard Canyon
Crockett Ranch Crockett Ranch Chaves 5928 Elk
Cross V Ranch Cross V Ranch Catron 6581 Cruzville
Crows Nest Windmill Crows Nest Windmill Grant 4692 Brushy Mountain
Cuba Ranger Station Cuba Ranger Station Sandoval 6959 Cuba
Cuningham Windmill Cuningham Windmill Grant 5269 Gold Hill
Cureton Ranch Cureton Ranch Grant 5449 Eagle Eye Peak
D D Ranch D D Ranch Catron 6220 Wall Lake
D Devaney Ranch D Devaney Ranch Torrance 6302 Progresso
Dale Resler Camp Dale Resler Camp Otero 8875 Cloudcroft
Dan Beard Trail Camp Dan Beard Trail Camp Colfax 7887 Abreu Canyon
Davidson Ranch Davidson Ranch Quay 4426 Circle S Mesa
Davies Place Davies Place Catron 7123 Red Hill
Davis Ranch Davis Ranch Lincoln 6152 Jicarilla Peak
Davis Windmill Davis Windmill Grant 4882 Brushy Mountain
Dean Ranch Dean Ranch Otero 4380 Tanner Ranch
Dean Ranch Dean Ranch Lincoln 6604 Capitan Peak
Deep Creek Ranch Deep Creek Ranch Catron 5423 Mogollon
Deep Well Windmill Deep Well Windmill Socorro 7369 Dog Springs
Deerhead Campground Deerhead Campground Otero 8707 Cloudcroft
Del Monte Ranch Del Monte Ranch Taos 8136 Arroyo Seco
Dent Ranch Dent Ranch Cibola 6972 Ramah
Devaney Ranch Devaney Ranch Torrance 6404 Progresso NE
Diamond Bar Ranch Diamond Bar Ranch Grant 6840 Middle Mesa
Diamond Tail Ranch Diamond Tail Ranch Sandoval 5827 Hagan
Dike Windmill Dike Windmill Catron 7598 Madre Mountain
Dines Ranch Dines Ranch Sierra 6391 Sugarloaf Peak
Ditch Cabin Ditch Cabin Taos 9737 Wheeler Peak
Divide Windmill Divide Windmill Grant 6135 Gold Hill
Doc Long Picnic Area Doc Long Picnic Area Bernalillo 7352 Sandia Crest
Dolan Well Dolan Well Otero 7795 Elk-Silver
Domingo Ranch Domingo Ranch San Miguel 5866 San Juan
Domingues Windmill Domingues Windmill Union 4987 Sand Hill
Dorizzi Windmill Dorizzi Windmill Union 4701 Rardin Hill
Dorsey Camp Dorsey Camp Grant 6135 Dorsey Ranch
Dorsey Ranch Dorsey Ranch Grant 5361 Dorsey Ranch
Dose Ranch Dose Ranch Lincoln 6713 White Oaks North
Double Circle Ranch Double Circle Ranch Catron 8005 Madre Mountain
Double H Ranch Double H Ranch Socorro 7162 Lion Mountain
Double Springs Ranch Double Springs Ranch Catron 7329 Canyon Creek Mountains
Drag A Ranch Drag A Ranch Catron 7582 Datil
Dripping Spring Dripping Spring Socorro 5791 Scholle
Dry Camp Picnic Area Dry Camp Picnic Area Sandoval 8655 Sandia Crest
Dumm Place Dumm Place Sierra 6115 Apache Peak
Duran Canyon Campground Duran Canyon Campground Taos 8783 Cerro Vista
Durfee Ranch Durfee Ranch Socorro 7510 Monica Saddle
E Devaney Ranch E Devaney Ranch Torrance 6329 Progresso NE
E E Corral E E Corral Catron 6427 Little Turkey Park
E McMillen Ranch E McMillen Ranch Grant 4997 Circle Mesa
E Spurgeon Ranch E Spurgeon Ranch Catron 4990 Alma
Eagle Creek Lodge Eagle Creek Lodge Lincoln 8018 Angus
Eagle Rock Campground Eagle Rock Campground Taos 7497 Questa
Eary Ranch Eary Ranch Catron 7385 Datil
East Bear Trap Campground East Bear Trap Campground Socorro 8530 Monica Saddle
East Camp Windmill East Camp Windmill Catron 7316 Queens Head
East Chavez Windmill East Chavez Windmill Socorro 6991 Lion Mountain NW
East Windmill East Windmill Sierra 6375 Sugarloaf Peak
East Windmill East Windmill Socorro 7362 Lion Mountain
East Windmill East Windmill San Miguel 6086 Aurora
East Windmill East Windmill Union 5098 Sand Hill
Eby Ranch Eby Ranch Grant 5266 Dwyer
Eccles Windmill Eccles Windmill Grant 5964 Bullard Peak
Echo Campground Echo Campground Rio Arriba 6893 Echo Amphitheater
El Aujae Campground El Aujae Campground Taos 7454 Guadalupe Mountain
El Chinchonte Ranch El Chinchonte Ranch Torrance 6824 Tajique
El Fileto Ruins El Fileto Ruins San Miguel 5669 San Juan
El Nogal Campground El Nogal Campground Taos 7165 Taos
El Pablito Indian Ruins El Pablito Indian Ruins San Miguel 6703 Leyba
El Palacio Ranch El Palacio Ranch Rio Arriba 5781 Chili
El Porvenir Campground El Porvenir Campground San Miguel 7510 El Porvenir
El Rancho de San Sebastian El Rancho de San Sebastian Santa Fe 7224 Glorieta
El Rancho Montoso El Rancho Montoso Santa Fe 7274 Seton Village
El Rincon de los Trujillos El Rincon de los Trujillos Rio Arriba 6240 Chimayo
El Ritito Campground El Ritito Campground Rio Arriba 7992 Canon Plaza
El Rito Picnic Grounds El Rito Picnic Grounds Rio Arriba 7592 Mogote Peak
El Vallecito Ranch El Vallecito Ranch Rio Arriba 8763 Burned Mountain
El Viandante Ruins El Viandante Ruins San Miguel 5548 San Juan
Eldridge Ranch Eldridge Ranch Lincoln 6079 Jicarilla Peak
Elephant Rock Campground Elephant Rock Campground Taos 8438 Red River
Elk- Silver Elk- Silver Otero 7155 Elk-Silver
Elkins Camp Elkins Camp Cibola 9222 Cerro Pelon
Cooper LS Ranch Cooper LS Ranch Sandoval 7946 Sandia Crest
El Morro Lookout El Morro Lookout Cibola 7775 El Morro
Elsie Well Elsie Well Santa Fe 6417 Bull Canyon
Elza Seligman Camp Elza Seligman Camp Sandoval 6916 Bear Springs Peak
Emerson Ranch Emerson Ranch San Miguel 8658 Honey Boy Ranch
Encino Lookout Encino Lookout Rio Arriba 9961 Cerro del Grant
Ernest Montoya Ranch Ernest Montoya Ranch Sandoval 6345 Cerro Parido
Espinosa Ranch Espinosa Ranch Rio Arriba 6463 Espinosa Ranch
Evans Ranch Evans Ranch Socorro 7169 Tres Montosas
Evans Ranch Evans Ranch Rio Arriba 5581 Espanola
Evergreen Lodge Evergreen Lodge Santa Fe 8432 McClure Reservoir
Evergreen Valley Ranch Evergreen Valley Ranch San Miguel 8353 El Porvenir
F Latham Ranch F Latham Ranch Sierra 5640 Whiterock Mountain
Fairchild Ranch Fairchild Ranch Otero 7526 Graveyard Canyon
Fairground Fairground Grant 5630 Brushy Mountain
Farr Corral Farr Corral Socorro 7057 Arrowhead Well
Fawn Lakes Campground Fawn Lakes Campground Taos 8455 Red River
Felix Well Felix Well Otero 6873 Turkey Peak
Fernandez Camp Fernandez Camp Cibola 8829 Cerro Pelon
Field Tract Campground Field Tract Campground San Miguel 7379 Rosilla Peak
Fir Campground Fir Campground Otero 8720 Cloudcroft
Flatley Ranch Flatley Ranch Lincoln 7057 Capitan
Fleming Ranch Fleming Ranch Grant 5118 Wind Mountain
Flying Cloud Ranch Flying Cloud Ranch San Miguel 8051 Lower Colonias
Flying V Number 1 Windmill Flying V Number 1 Windmill Catron 7687 Crosby Springs
Flying V Number 2 Windmill Flying V Number 2 Windmill Catron 7884 Crosby Springs
Flying X Ranch Flying X Ranch Sierra 5636 Sierra Fijardo
Ford Ranch Ford Ranch McKinley 7424 Pine Canyon
Forest Ranch Forest Ranch San Miguel 6995 Ojitos Frios
Forked Lightning Ranch Forked Lightning Ranch San Miguel 6801 Pecos
Foster Ranch Foster Ranch Lincoln 6870 White Oaks North
Four H Camp Four H Camp Otero 8228 Graveyard Canyon
Four Hills Ranch Four Hills Ranch Bernalillo 5528 Albuquerque East
Four K Ranch Four K Ranch Lincoln 6909 Fort Stanton
Four L Bar Ranch Four L Bar Ranch Grant 4921 Tillie Hall Peak
Fox and Fur Lodge Fox and Fur Lodge Lincoln 6588 Kyle Harrison Canyon
Fox Ranch Fox Ranch Torrance 6693 Cedarvale
Franklin Ranch Franklin Ranch Rio Arriba 5541 Espanola
Freeburg Windmill Freeburg Windmill Union 4715 Moses
Freeman Windmill Freeman Windmill Harding 5961 Mills East
Frenchies Cabin Frenchies Cabin Socorro 8747 Magdalena
Fresnal Ranger Station Fresnal Ranger Station Otero 6486 High Rolls
Fretoso Ranch Fretoso Ranch Socorro 6266 Indian Spring Canyon
Frijolito Ruins Frijolito Ruins Sandoval 6545 Frijoles
Gallina Bench Ranch Gallina Bench Ranch Rio Arriba 6421 Laguna Peak
Gallina Camp Gallina Camp Santa Fe 6470 Seton Village
Gallina Plaza Gallina Plaza Rio Arriba 7342 Gallina
Gallinas Cabin Gallinas Cabin San Miguel 7523 El Porvenir
Gallup Ranger Station Gallup Ranger Station McKinley 7152 Fort Wingate
Gann Windmill Gann Windmill Catron 7352 Queens Head
Garcia Ranch Garcia Ranch Socorro 6709 Squaw Peak
Garcia Ranch Garcia Ranch McKinley 7418 Upper Nutria
Garcia Ranch Garcia Ranch Santa Fe 7408 Glorieta
Garcia Ranch Garcia Ranch Santa Fe 7549 Glorieta
Gavilan Gavilan Rio Arriba 6119 Ojo Caliente
Georgetown Georgetown Grant 6526 Santa Rita Mine
Ghost Ranch Ghost Ranch Rio Arriba 6522 Ghost Ranch
Gianero Ranch Gianero Ranch Socorro 5948 Molino Peak
Giant Footprint Ruins Giant Footprint Ruins Sandoval 7621 San Miguel Mountain
Gila Scout Camp Gila Scout Camp Grant 7080 Twin Sisters
Gilson Ranch Gilson Ranch Catron 7871 Telephone Canyon
Glaze Ranch Glaze Ranch Grant 5541 C Bar Ranch
Glenwood Ranger Station Glenwood Ranger Station Catron 4819 Glenwood
Glorieta Pass Ranch Glorieta Pass Ranch Santa Fe 7526 Glorieta
Gnatkowski Ranch Gnatkowski Ranch Lincoln 6558 Chupadero Mountain
Goathill Campground Goathill Campground Taos 7671 Questa
Gobernador Camp Gobernador Camp Rio Arriba 6768 Fourmile Canyon
Gold Hill Ranch Gold Hill Ranch Grant 5846 Gold Hill
Golden Gate Windmill Golden Gate Windmill Lincoln 6765 White Oaks North
Golden Link Cabin Golden Link Cabin Catron 6998 Grouse Mountain
Golden Windmill Golden Windmill Union 4895 Rardin Hill
Gomez Ranch Gomez Ranch Rio Arriba 6368 Gomez Ranch
Gonzales Ranch Gonzales Ranch Sandoval 5899 Cerro Tinaja
Gonzales Ranch Gonzales Ranch Santa Fe 7178 Glorieta
Gonzales Siding Gonzales Siding McKinley 7201 Continental Divide
Goodloe Ranch Goodloe Ranch Lincoln 6827 White Oaks South
G O S Ranch G O S Ranch Grant 6378 Allie Canyon
Government Tank Windmill Government Tank Windmill Catron 7424 Datil
Gowdy Ranch Gowdy Ranch Otero 3855 Gowdy Ranch
Grande Camp Grande Camp McKinley 8684 El Dado Mesa
Grandview Green Grandview Green Bernalillo 5305 Albuquerque East
Grapevine Cabin Grapevine Cabin Catron 6962 Pasture Canyon
Gray and Ligon Ranch Gray and Ligon Ranch Socorro 5541 Carbon Springs
Griffin Ranch Griffin Ranch Catron 6066 Reserve
Grudging Cabin Grudging Cabin Catron 5728 Little Turkey Park
Guadalupe Church Camp Guadalupe Church Camp Eddy 5764 Queen
Guadalupe Ranger Station Guadalupe Ranger Station Sandoval 7930 Laguna Seca
Gustins Ranch Gustins Ranch Torrance 6253 Progresso NE
Gwynn Camp Gwynn Camp Catron 7972 Telephone Canyon
H Bar M Windmill H Bar M Windmill Grant 4701 Redrock
H Bar Y Ranch H Bar Y Ranch Eddy 4344 Red Bluff Draw
H V L Ranch H V L Ranch Sierra 6594 Jaralosa Mountain
H-over-H Windmill H-over-H Windmill Catron 7113 Wahoo Ranch
Hale Ranch Hale Ranch Lincoln 6834 Sheeppen Canyon
Ham Windmill Ham Windmill Union 5046 Royce
Harding Ranch Harding Ranch Cibola 6535 Milan
Harkey Ranch Harkey Ranch Grant 5285 Mule Creek
Harris Bear Camp Harris Bear Camp Rio Arriba 9150 Mogote Peak
Coleman Ranch Coleman Ranch Otero 7598 Bell Canyon
Harvey Ranch Harvey Ranch San Miguel 9455 Rociada
Haskins Windmill Haskins Windmill Lincoln 6840 White Oaks North
Havens Ranch Havens Ranch Otero 6122 Pinon
Headwater Picnic Grounds Headwater Picnic Grounds Otero 7090 Firman Canyon
Henderson Ranch Henderson Ranch Socorro 6522 Dusty
Henry Ranch Henry Ranch Grant 5403 Wilson Mountain
Hepler Ranch Hepler Ranch Otero 5082 La Paloma Canyon
Hepler Ranch Hepler Ranch Chaves 5994 Chimney Lake
High Lonesome Windmill High Lonesome Windmill Socorro 7477 Indian Mesa
Hobbies Hobbies Bernalillo 6693 Tijeras
Hobbs Ranch Hobbs Ranch Torrance 6348 Progresso SE
Hodges Hodges Taos 8445 El Valle
Hodges Ranch Hodges Ranch Lincoln 6998 Rough Mountain
Hogan Cabin Hogan Cabin Catron 6608 Mogollon
Holcomb Ranch Holcomb Ranch Otero 7611 Graveyard Canyon
Hollimon Well Hollimon Well Catron 4938 Alma
Hollingsworth Windmill Hollingsworth Windmill Catron 7109 Armstrong Canyon
Holt Guard Station Holt Guard Station Catron 9111 Holt Mountain
Homestake Mill Homestake Mill Cibola 6591 Grants
Homestead Windmill Homestead Windmill Catron 7359 Datil
Hondo Cabin Hondo Cabin Taos 8435 Arroyo Seco
Honey Boy Ranch Honey Boy Ranch San Miguel 8382 Honey Boy Ranch
Hook Ranch Hook Ranch Socorro 6811 Indian Spring Canyon
Hooker Sawmill Hooker Sawmill Rio Arriba 9964 East Gavilan Canyon
Horcado Ranch Horcado Ranch Santa Fe 6552 Horcado Ranch
Horse Springs Store Horse Springs Store Catron 6936 Horse Mountain West
Horseshoe Springs Campground Horseshoe Springs Campground Sandoval 7956 Seven Springs
Houghton Windmill Houghton Windmill Catron 6998 Black Mountain
Huddleston Ranch Huddleston Ranch San Miguel 7251 Rencona
Hudson Ranch Hudson Ranch Catron 6001 Reserve
Huffaker Cabin Huffaker Cabin Rio Arriba 9961 West Fork Rio Brazos
Huffman Ranch Huffman Ranch Rio Arriba 7438 Ojito
Hughes Campground Hughes Campground Socorro 8133 Bay Buck Peaks
Hughes Ranch Hughes Ranch Eddy 5584 El Paso Gap
Hulse Ranch Hulse Ranch Catron 7165 Canyon Creek Mountains
Hummingbird Camp Hummingbird Camp Sandoval 6680 Jemez Springs
Hutchison Ranch Hutchison Ranch Socorro 7041 Wahoo Ranch
Indian Corral Indian Corral Catron 7077 Spring Canyon
Indian Hill Well Indian Hill Well Catron 5682 Alma
Inlow Youth Camp Inlow Youth Camp Torrance 7539 Tajique
Inman Ranch Inman Ranch Sierra 7480 Taylor Peak
Inscription Rock Inscription Rock Cibola 7218 El Morro
Irvin Ranch Irvin Ranch McKinley 7503 Cottonwood Canyon
J D Well J D Well Eddy 4285 Red Bluff Draw
J P Nunn Ranch J P Nunn Ranch Sierra 5738 P A Mountain
J T Gallegos Ranch J T Gallegos Ranch San Miguel 5797 San Juan
Jackson Windmill Jackson Windmill Harding 5761 Kansas Valley
Jacona Ranch Jacona Ranch Santa Fe 5709 Espanola
James Cabin James Cabin Sierra 7759 Lookout Mountain
James Canyon Campground James Canyon Campground Otero 6778 Bell Canyon
Jaral Ranger Station Jaral Ranger Station Bernalillo 6473 Sandia Crest
Jaramillo Ranch Jaramillo Ranch McKinley 6749 Mesa Cortada
Jaritas Ranch Jaritas Ranch Colfax 5827 Jaritas Ranch
Jemez Canyon Overlook Jemez Canyon Overlook Sandoval 8169 Jemez Springs
Jemez Ranger Station Jemez Ranger Station Sandoval 6296 Jemez Springs
Jernigan Homestead Jernigan Homestead Otero 4787 Tanner Ranch
Jernigan Ranch Jernigan Ranch Otero 6345 Chimney Lake
Jernigan Ranch Jernigan Ranch Chaves 5987 Robertson Canyon
Jewett Work Center Jewett Work Center Catron 7369 Queens Head
Joe Montoya Ranch Joe Montoya Ranch McKinley 6388 Cerro Parido
John Henry Windmill John Henry Windmill Socorro 7648 Dog Springs
John Windmill John Windmill Catron 5098 Alma
Johnson Cabin Johnson Cabin Catron 5968 Holt Mountain
Johnson Cow Camp Johnson Cow Camp Rio Arriba 10361 East Gavilan Canyon
Johnson Ranch Johnson Ranch Grant 4813 Tillie Hall Peak
Jones Ranch Jones Ranch Grant 5443 C Bar Ranch
Jones Windmill Jones Windmill Grant 5745 C Bar Ranch
Juan Gallegos Ranch Juan Gallegos Ranch Rio Arriba 6437 Navajo Peak
Juan Jose Ranch Juan Jose Ranch Sandoval 6581 Cerro Tinaja
Juan Tabo Cabin Juan Tabo Cabin Bernalillo 6263 Sandia Crest
Juan Tabo Recreation Site Juan Tabo Recreation Site Sandoval 6890 Sandia Crest
June Bug Campground June Bug Campground Taos 8566 Red River
K Kelly Ranch K Kelly Ranch Catron 5269 O Block Canyon
Kaufman Ranch Kaufman Ranch Grant 5561 Wind Mountain
Kay Bar Ranch Kay Bar Ranch San Miguel 7592 Lower Colonias
Kelly Camp Kelly Camp Catron 5433 Saliz Pass
Kelly Ranch Kelly Ranch Socorro 6683 Water Canyon
Kelsey Place Kelsey Place Sierra 6230 Victorio Park
Kelt Well Kelt Well Lincoln 6650 White Oaks North
Kennedy Windmill Kennedy Windmill Catron 7231 Spring Canyon
Kennedy Windmill Kennedy Windmill Lincoln 6913 White Oaks North
Kermac Nuclear Fuels Processing Plant Kermac Nuclear Fuels Processing Plant McKinley 6998 Ambrosia Lake
Kiehne Ranch Kiehne Ranch Catron 6611 Sign Camp Mountain
Kingston Ranger Station Kingston Ranger Station Sierra 6047 Kingston
Kite Windmill Kite Windmill Eddy 5636 Queen
Kiwanis Cabin Kiwanis Cabin Bernalillo 10440 Sandia Crest
Knolls Windmill Knolls Windmill Union 5180 Royce
KOK Ranch KOK Ranch Chaves 6030 Robertson Canyon
Koprian Ranch Koprian Ranch Lincoln 6703 Encinoso
Kramer Windmill Kramer Windmill Grant 5646 C Bar Ranch
L H Ranch L H Ranch Catron 5052 Alma
L Kelly Ranch L Kelly Ranch Catron 5230 Saliz Pass
L M Bar Ranch L M Bar Ranch Sierra 5827 Apache Peak
La Belle Lodge La Belle Lodge Taos 9577 Comanche Point
La Cueva Camp La Cueva Camp Taos 9035 Comanche Point
La Cueva Campground La Cueva Campground Sandoval 7595 Jemez Springs
La Cueva Guard Station La Cueva Guard Station Sandoval 7628 Jemez Springs
La Cueva Recreation Site La Cueva Recreation Site Bernalillo 6526 Sandia Crest
La Jaral Ranch La Jaral Ranch Bernalillo 7109 Tajique
La Jarita Ranches La Jarita Ranches Rio Arriba 8150 Valle Grande Peak
La Junta Campground La Junta Campground Taos 7457 Guadalupe Mountain
La Madera Ski Area La Madera Ski Area Bernalillo 8894 Sandia Crest
La Olla de los Encinos La Olla de los Encinos Rio Arriba 6624 Chimayo
La Sombra Campground La Sombra Campground Taos 7756 Shady Brook
La Vinateria Campground La Vinateria Campground Taos 7211 Taos
La Grulla Ranch La Grulla Ranch Rio Arriba 9774 Cerro del Grant
Lacey Ranch Lacey Ranch Lincoln 6627 Jacob Spring
Lackey Ranch Lackey Ranch Torrance 6703 Progresso SE
Lacy Windmill Lacy Windmill Lincoln 6532 White Oaks North
Lagunitas Guard Station Lagunitas Guard Station Rio Arriba 10456 Toltec Mesa
Lake Roberts Campground Lake Roberts Campground Grant 6043 Copperas Peak
Lamalone Lodge Lamalone Lodge Otero 7641 Sacramento Peak
Larremore Ranch Larremore Ranch Grant 5315 Mule Creek
Las Conchas Campground Las Conchas Campground Sandoval 8435 Redondo Peak
Las Huertas Picnic Area Las Huertas Picnic Area Sandoval 7585 Sandia Crest
Las Petacas Campground Las Petacas Campground Taos 7372 Taos
Laura Crystal Prospect Laura Crystal Prospect Rio Arriba 7087 La Madera
Leach Windmill Leach Windmill Lincoln 6762 Nogal
Lee Ranch Lee Ranch Cibola 7109 San Mateo
Lewis Ranch Lewis Ranch Otero 6611 Woodson Canyon
Leyba Leyba San Miguel 6391 Leyba
Lightfoot Well Lightfoot Well Sierra 5443 Whiterock Mountain
Lightning Windmill Lightning Windmill Socorro 6726 Wahoo Ranch
Link Ranch Link Ranch Catron 6312 Wall Lake
Little Arsenic Springs Campground Little Arsenic Springs Campground Taos 7506 Guadalupe Mountain
Little Tesuque Camp Little Tesuque Camp Santa Fe 8274 McClure Reservoir
Little West Chavez Windmill Little West Chavez Windmill Socorro 7027 Lion Mountain NW
Little Windmill Little Windmill Grant 5403 C Bar Ranch
Little Windmill Little Windmill Lincoln 6683 White Oaks North
Llanito del Chapulin Llanito del Chapulin Rio Arriba 7451 Chimayo
Lobo Picnic Ground Lobo Picnic Ground Cibola 7444 Lobo Springs
Loma Grande Ranch Loma Grande Ranch Lincoln 8061 Angus
Long Ranch Long Ranch San Miguel 7464 El Porvenir
Long West Windmill Long West Windmill Socorro 7605 Indian Mesa
Los Cerros Ranch Los Cerros Ranch Cibola 7500 Cerro Hueco
Los Pozos Los Pozos Rio Arriba 8714 Truchas
Los Ranchitos Los Ranchitos Guadalupe 5239 Anton Chico
Lower Elk Well Lower Elk Well Otero 6624 Turkey Peak
Lower Ranchito Lower Ranchito Taos 6808 Taos
Lower Romero Windmill Lower Romero Windmill Sierra 5856 Sugarloaf Peak
Loyd Ranch Loyd Ranch Santa Fe 7369 Glorieta
Lujan Windmill Lujan Windmill Catron 7329 Red Hill
Luna Park Campground Luna Park Campground Socorro 6827 Monticello
Luna Ranger Station Luna Ranger Station Catron 7047 Luna
Lynch Ranch Lynch Ranch Rio Arriba 6995 Bixler Ranch
Mackey Ranch Mackey Ranch Sierra 5669 P A Mountain
Mallette Campground Mallette Campground Taos 8711 Red River
Manzanares Cabin Manzanares Cabin San Miguel 8560 Honey Boy Ranch
Manzanares Campground Manzanares Campground San Miguel 8563 Honey Boy Ranch
Marcus Ranch Marcus Ranch McKinley 6916 San Mateo
Martin Ranch Martin Ranch Socorro 6768 D Cross Mountain
Martin Ranch Martin Ranch San Miguel 8684 Rosilla Peak
Martinez Ranch Martinez Ranch Catron 5673 Saliz Pass
Martinez Ranch Martinez Ranch San Miguel 7087 Rencona
Mason Ranch Mason Ranch Cibola 7480 Cerro Hueco
Mason Windmill Mason Windmill Union 4721 Rardin Hill
Mays Ranch Mays Ranch Union 5046 Royce
McCarty Windmill McCarty Windmill Grant 5948 Crookson Peak
McCauley Ranch McCauley Ranch Grant 6033 Burro Peak
McCauley Ranch McCauley Ranch Grant 5548 Eagle Eye Peak
McCauley Ranch McCauley Ranch Sierra 7146 Baily Points
McCook Windmill McCook Windmill Union 5269 Royce
McCracken Ranch McCracken Ranch Otero 6122 Bug Scuffle Canyon
McCracken Ranch McCracken Ranch Catron 7119 Dusty
McDaniel Ranch McDaniel Ranch Lincoln 6726 Sheeppen Canyon
McDaniel Ranch McDaniel Ranch Lincoln 5568 Lincoln
McGoragill Ranch McGoragill Ranch Torrance 6263 Progresso NE
McGuire Ranch McGuire Ranch Chaves 6174 Chimney Lake
McKnight Fire Cabin McKnight Fire Cabin Grant 9524 Victorio Park
McMillan Campground McMillan Campground Grant 7011 Twin Sisters
J McMillen Ranch J McMillen Ranch Grant 5325 Circle Mesa
McPhaul Ranch McPhaul Ranch Catron 7457 Third Canyon
Mean Ranch Mean Ranch Chaves 5417 Bullis Spring Ranch
Means Windmill Means Windmill Union 5079 Sand Hill
Meikle Windmill Meikle Windmill Harding 6079 Mills East
Melton Ranch Melton Ranch Socorro 5800 Tenmile Hill
Mimbres District Ranger Station Mimbres District Ranger Station Grant 6250 Allie Canyon
Memphis Memphis Taos 9577 Red River Pass
Merchant Ranch Merchant Ranch Lincoln 6552 Encinoso
Mesa Campground Mesa Campground Grant 6171 Copperas Peak
Messinger Windmill Messinger Windmill Union 4751 Rardin Hill
Michael Ranch Michael Ranch McKinley 6614 Mesa Cortada
Middle Windmill Middle Windmill Catron 6939 Armstrong Canyon
Middle Windmill Middle Windmill Union 5072 Sand Hill
Midnight Cabin Midnight Cabin Sierra 6411 Winston
Milan Ranch Milan Ranch Cibola 6535 Milan
Miller Ranch Miller Ranch Eddy 3750 Azotea Peak
Miller Ranch Miller Ranch Catron 6069 Dillon Mountain
Miller Ranch Miller Ranch Lincoln 6368 Ancho
Miller Spring Cabin Miller Spring Cabin Grant 6972 Granny Mountain
Mills Canyon Campground Mills Canyon Campground Harding 5125 Canon Colorado
Minters Corral Minters Corral Lincoln 6526 Sheeppen Canyon
Mirabal Windmill Mirabal Windmill Cibola 7244 Mecate Meadow
Mitten Bar Ranch Mitten Bar Ranch Lincoln 6542 Capitan Peak
Mock Windmill Mock Windmill Union 4744 Rardin Hill
Monica Cabin Monica Cabin Socorro 7490 Mount Withington
Montano Montano Torrance 6778 Punta de Agua
Montosa Camp Montosa Camp Socorro 7116 Tres Montosas
Monument Park Guard Station Monument Park Guard Station Sierra 7736 Lookout Mountain
Monument Windmill Monument Windmill Union 4721 Moses
Moon Ranch Moon Ranch Grant 5328 Moon Ranch
Moore Ranch Moore Ranch Sierra 6473 Iron Mountain
Moreno Ranch Moreno Ranch Colfax 8645 Red River Pass
Morgan Windmill Morgan Windmill Catron 5239 Alma
Morris Ranch Morris Ranch Lincoln 6122 Capitan Peak
Moss Ranch Moss Ranch Otero 6998 Graveyard Canyon
Mountainair Ranger Station Mountainair Ranger Station Torrance 6552 Punta de Agua
Mud Hole Mud Hole Sierra 7474 Sawmill Peak
Mud Spring Station Mud Spring Station Rio Arriba 7303 Llaves
Muleshoe Ranch Muleshoe Ranch Socorro 7579 South Baldy
Munson Reservation Munson Reservation Eddy 6624 Gunsight Canyon
Murphy Cow Camp Murphy Cow Camp Rio Arriba 10092 Lagunitas Creek
Mutz Ranch Mutz Ranch Colfax 8707 Red River Pass
N Bar Ranch N Bar Ranch Catron 7972 Negrito Mountain
N Latham Ranch N Latham Ranch Sierra 5610 Whiterock Mountain
Nacimiento Campground Nacimiento Campground Rio Arriba 9301 Nacimiento Peak
Navajo Community Hall Navajo Community Hall Socorro 6115 Puertecito
Navawi Ruins Navawi Ruins Santa Fe 6637 White Rock