Huckleberry Branch Huckleberry Branch Ocean 33 Toms River
Coon Trap Coon Trap Cumberland 3 Cedarville
Abbots Meadow Abbots Meadow Salem 3 Salem
Anglesea Marsh Anglesea Marsh Cape May 0 Stone Harbor
Babcock Swamp Babcock Swamp Atlantic 36 Mays Landing
Bear Swamp Bear Swamp Cumberland 3 Cedarville
Bear Swamp Bear Swamp Bergen 315 Park Ridge
Bear Swamp Bear Swamp Bergen 810 Ramsey
Bear Swamp Bear Swamp Sussex 869 Culvers Gap
Bear Swamp Bear Swamp Burlington 49 Mount Holly
Black Meadows Black Meadows Morris 174 Morristown
Bog and Vly Meadows Bog and Vly Meadows Morris 174 Pompton Plains
Buckshutem Swamp Buckshutem Swamp Cumberland 39 Dividing Creek
Burnt Fly Bog Burnt Fly Bog Middlesex 69 South Amboy
Cat Swamp Cat Swamp Warren 449 Washington
Cat Swamp Cat Swamp Bergen 696 Ramsey
Catnest Swamp Catnest Swamp Passaic 751 Ramsey
Cedar Swamp Cedar Swamp Gloucester 3 Bridgeport
Cedar Swamp Cedar Swamp Ocean 102 Keswick Grove
Cedar Swamp Cedar Swamp Sussex 1493 Port Jervis South
Cub Swamp Cub Swamp Cumberland 7 Dividing Creek
Deep Hollow Branch Deep Hollow Branch Ocean 30 Forked River
Dover Cranberry Bog Dover Cranberry Bog Ocean 52 Keswick Grove
Eight Day Swamp Eight Day Swamp Bergen 7 Weehawken
Elephant Swamp Elephant Swamp Gloucester 121 Pitman West
Franklin Swamp Franklin Swamp Bergen 413 Paterson
Friendship Cranberry Bogs Friendship Cranberry Bogs Burlington 49 Jenkins
Grandad Meadows Grandad Meadows Salem 3 Canton
Grassy Sound Meadow Grassy Sound Meadow Cape May 3 Stone Harbor
Great Bear Swamp Great Bear Swamp Mercer 52 Princeton
Great Cedar Swamp Great Cedar Swamp Cape May 13 Woodbine
Great Piece Meadows Great Piece Meadows Essex 161 Pompton Plains
Great Swamp Great Swamp Atlantic 26 Atsion
Great Swamp Great Swamp Morris 239 Chatham
Green Swamp Green Swamp Cumberland 0 Shiloh
Griscom Swamp Griscom Swamp Atlantic 3 Marmora
Halfmile Point Meadow Halfmile Point Meadow Cape May 3 Stone Harbor
Hatfield Swamp Hatfield Swamp Morris 167 Caldwell
Hildreth Meadow Hildreth Meadow Cape May 3 Wildwood
Hog Wallow Cranberry Bogs Hog Wallow Cranberry Bogs Burlington 52 Jenkins
Lee Meadows Lee Meadows Morris 269 Morristown
Little Sound Meadow Little Sound Meadow Cape May 0 Stone Harbor
Long Meadow Long Meadow Essex 171 Caldwell
Long Meadow Swamp Long Meadow Swamp Sussex 712 Milford
Maple Swamp Maple Swamp Gloucester 3 Bridgeport
Mud Hole Meadow Mud Hole Meadow Salem 3 Salem
Mulford Creek Meadow Mulford Creek Meadow Cape May 0 Stone Harbor
Old Bogs Old Bogs Cape May 16 Woodbine
Oldman Creek Meadow Oldman Creek Meadow Cape May 3 Stone Harbor
Penn Swamp Penn Swamp Burlington 36 Atsion
Pigeon Swamp Pigeon Swamp Middlesex 82 New Brunswick
Pine Island Meadow Pine Island Meadow Salem 3 Penns Grove
Pine Swamp Pine Swamp Sussex 1240 Franklin
Sand Marsh Sand Marsh Cape May 3 Stone Harbor
Spruce Swamp Spruce Swamp Bergen 971 Ramsey
Supawna Meadows Supawna Meadows Salem 3 Delaware City
Timber and Beaver Swamp Timber and Beaver Swamp Cape May 7 Woodbine
Troy Meadows Troy Meadows Morris 171 Morristown
Upper Bear Swamp Upper Bear Swamp Mercer 59 Princeton
Walden Swamp Walden Swamp Bergen 3 Weehawken
West Jersey Cranberry Meadow West Jersey Cranberry Meadow Burlington 89 Medford Lakes
Marsh Baywood Marsh Baywood Ocean 0 Point Pleasant
Stoney Island Meadow Stoney Island Meadow Salem 3 Salem
Beach Creek Meadow Beach Creek Meadow Cape May 10 Stone Harbor
Cedar Bonnet Cedar Bonnet Ocean 7 Ship Bottom
Hockhockson Swamp Hockhockson Swamp Monmouth 75 Marlboro
Ash Brook Swamp Ash Brook Swamp Union 49 Perth Amboy