Boman Valley Boman Valley Coos 1322 Percy Peaks
Clay Hollow Clay Hollow Grafton 394 Piermont
Cooney Hollow Cooney Hollow Sullivan 548 North Hartland
Desmond Valley Desmond Valley Coos 1906 Second Connecticut Lake
Frog Hollow Frog Hollow Sullivan 902 North Hartland
Great Hollow Great Hollow Grafton 591 Enfield
Hammond Hollow Hammond Hollow Cheshire 682 Gilsum
Ice Gulch Ice Gulch Coos 1936 Mount Crescent
Lamb Valley Lamb Valley Coos 1709 Cowen Hill
Lewis Swale Lewis Swale Sullivan 381 North Hartland
Lost Valley Lost Valley Hillsborough 328 Townsend
Skunk Hollow Skunk Hollow Grafton 705 Lyme
Smutty Hollow Smutty Hollow Coos 515 Barnet
Sunny Valley Sunny Valley Cheshire 436 Hinsdale
The Gulf The Gulf Belknap 623 Northfield
The Gulf The Gulf Cheshire 233 Putney
Tuckerman Ravine Tuckerman Ravine Coos 3268 Mount Washington
Walker Valley Walker Valley Coos 1302 Mount Dartmouth
Wildcat Hollow Wildcat Hollow Cheshire 1421 Marlow
Albany Intervale Albany Intervale Carroll 1155 Mount Chocorua
Black Valley Black Valley Grafton 538 Lisbon
Burt Ravine Burt Ravine Coos 3389 Mount Washington
Charles Ravine Charles Ravine Coos 472 Chatham
Crawford Notch Crawford Notch Carroll 1214 Stairs Mountain
Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Grafton 696 Lisbon
Great Gulf Great Gulf Coos 1880 Mount Washington
Groton Hollow Groton Hollow Grafton 541 Rumney
Gulf of Slides Gulf of Slides Coos 3832 Stairs Mountain
Huntington Ravine Huntington Ravine Coos 3392 Mount Washington
Jefferson Ravine Jefferson Ravine Coos 3104 Mount Washington
King Ravine King Ravine Coos 2260 Mount Washington
Madison Gulf Madison Gulf Coos 2251 Mount Washington
Oakes Gulf Oakes Gulf Coos 3970 Stairs Mountain
Sunny Valley Sunny Valley Grafton 597 Lisbon
Zealand Notch Zealand Notch Grafton 2165 Crawford Notch
The Flume The Flume Grafton 1283 Lincoln
Mount Washington Valley Mount Washington Valley Carroll 797 Berlin
Ravine of the Castles Ravine of the Castles Coos 2300 Mount Washington
Ravine of the Cascades Ravine of the Cascades Coos 2280 Mount Washington