Boggy Meadows Boggy Meadows Cheshire 236 Walpole
Canoe Meadow Canoe Meadow Cheshire 269 Putney
Concord Plains Concord Plains Merrimack 358 Concord
Corkplain Corkplain Hillsborough 591 Hillsboro
Cummings Meadow Cummings Meadow Cheshire 1207 Monadnock Mountain
Great Meadow Great Meadow Sullivan 292 Bellows Falls
Hines Meadow Hines Meadow Cheshire 741 Hinsdale
Horse Meadow Horse Meadow Grafton 410 Newbury
Lover Meadow Lover Meadow Sullivan 295 Bellows Falls
Lower Meadows Lower Meadows Grafton 479 Hanover
Mallego Plains Mallego Plains Strafford 144 Dover West
Newmarket Plains Newmarket Plains Rockingham 115 Newmarket
Newtown Plains Newtown Plains Strafford 187 Dover West
Cole Plain Cole Plain Grafton 755 Lisbon
The Plain The Plain Grafton 709 Lisbon
The Plains The Plains Grafton 587 Plymouth
Spender Meadow Spender Meadow Merrimack 531 Penacook
Bettys Meadows Bettys Meadows Rockingham 577 Northwood
Bigelow Lawn Bigelow Lawn Coos 5508 Mount Washington