Badland Draw Badland Draw Slope 2802 Badland Draw
Spring Coulee Spring Coulee McHenry 1460 Newburg SW
Aennis Coulee Aennis Coulee Ward 1759 Donnybrook
Ankenbauer Coulee Ankenbauer Coulee Ward 1791 Kenmare
Antelope Valley Antelope Valley Pierce 1529 Anamoose
Arnold Coulee Arnold Coulee Ward 1683 Carpio
Ash Coulee Ash Coulee Dunn 1850 Saddle Butte SW
Baden Coulee Baden Coulee Ward 1788 Coulee
Beauty Valley Beauty Valley Mountrail 2293 Battleview
Bennetts Coulee Bennetts Coulee Stutsman 1444 Arrowwood Lake
Berg Coulee Berg Coulee Ward 1772 Donnybrook
Big Coulee Big Coulee Benson 1486 Fort Totten
Big Coulee Big Coulee Benson 1447 Maddock
Big Coulee Big Coulee Benson 1447 Brinsmade
Big Coulee Big Coulee Towner 1470 Egeland SW
Big Spring Coulee Big Spring Coulee Burke 2037 Vanville NE
Blacks Coulee Blacks Coulee Ward 1657 Carpio NE
Blacktail Coulee Blacktail Coulee McHenry 1575 Voltaire
Blackwater Coulee Blackwater Coulee Ward 1535 Sawyer
Bobs Coulee Bobs Coulee Williams 1877 Trenton
Bonnes Coulee Bonnes Coulee McHenry 1516 Velva
Bowers Coulee Bowers Coulee McHenry 1660 Blacktail Coulee
Bowman Coulee Bowman Coulee Ward 1768 Donnybrook
Buffalo Coulee Buffalo Coulee Pierce 1483 Esmond
Burkley Coulee Burkley Coulee Ward 1565 Sawyer SW
Busse Coulee Busse Coulee Pembina 1027 Hallson
Carl Feldner Coulee Carl Feldner Coulee Renville 1713 Hartland
Cave Coulee Cave Coulee Burleigh 1706 Burnt Butte
Cedar Coulee Cedar Coulee Dunn 2057 North Killdeer Mountain
Cedar Coulee Cedar Coulee Williams 1841 Cussicks Spring
Chinaman Coulee Chinaman Coulee Williams 1844 Williston East
Crazy Man Coulee Crazy Man Coulee Williams 1850 Williston East
Curlew Valley Curlew Valley Grant 1824 Otter Creek West
Devils Gulch Devils Gulch Emmons 1634 Fort Rice
East Branch Nekoma Coulee East Branch Nekoma Coulee Ramsey 1532 Edmore
Edmore Coulee Edmore Coulee Ramsey 1460 Sweetwater
Ericson Coulee Ericson Coulee Morton 1972 North Almont
Figley Coulee Figley Coulee Williams 1890 Dore
First Larson Coulee First Larson Coulee Ward 1552 Surrey
Flaten Coulee Flaten Coulee Ward 1690 Carpio
Fuller Coulee Fuller Coulee Ward 1654 Des Lacs
Garden Coulee Garden Coulee Williams 1886 Dore
Gassman Coulee Gassman Coulee Ward 1572 Minot NW
Glick Coulee Glick Coulee Ward 1657 Des Lacs
Goettle Coulee Goettle Coulee Ward 1765 Hartland
Hanson Coulee Hanson Coulee Ward 1676 Carpio
Hay Coulee Hay Coulee Dunn 1857 Halliday NE
Hay Coulee Hay Coulee McHenry 1486 Granville
Heidemann Coulee Heidemann Coulee Williams 1942 Blacktail Lake
Hidden Island Coulee Hidden Island Coulee Towner 1542 Hansboro NE
Hoevens Gulch Hoevens Gulch Dickey 1617 Forbes
Horse Camp Coulee Horse Camp Coulee Dunn 1841 Sanish SE
Horsehead Valley Horsehead Valley Emmons 1631 Hazelton SW
Horseshoe Coulee Horseshoe Coulee Walsh 784 Oakwood
Horseshoe Valley Horseshoe Valley McLean 1900 Horseshoe Valley
Hulse Coulee Hulse Coulee Bottineau 1493 Westhope
Hungry Gulch Hungry Gulch Williams 1978 Cussicks Spring
Icelandic Coulee Icelandic Coulee Pembina 794 Bathgate NE
Jack Power Coulee Jack Power Coulee Ward 1775 Donnybrook
Johnson Coulee Johnson Coulee Ward 1693 Carpio
Kandolph Coulee Kandolph Coulee Ward 1608 Des Lacs
Karlsen Coulee Karlsen Coulee Ward 1654 Des Lacs
Kemp Coulee Kemp Coulee Ward 1522 Surrey
Killian Coulee Killian Coulee Ward 1788 Donnybrook
LaPorte Coulee LaPorte Coulee Bottineau 1417 Deep
Larsons Coulee Larsons Coulee Ward 1591 Burlington
Lawson Coulee Lawson Coulee Ward 1768 Tolley SE
Little Coulee Little Coulee Benson 1447 Tilden
Lloyds Coulee Lloyds Coulee Ward 1601 Burlington
Lonetree Coulee Lonetree Coulee Ward 1624 Des Lacs
Louden Coulee Louden Coulee Pembina 791 Bathgate NE
Mackobee Coulee Mackobee Coulee Renville 1601 Carpio NE
Big Coulee Big Coulee Ramsey 1447 Tilden
McIntosh Coulee McIntosh Coulee Ward 1768 Donnybrook
Miller Coulee Miller Coulee Williams 1955 Trenton
Mostad Coulee Mostad Coulee Ward 1558 Surrey
Mott Coulee Mott Coulee Ward 1781 Donnybrook
Nekoma Coulee Nekoma Coulee Ramsey 1516 Edmore
Niobe Coulee Niobe Coulee Ward 1791 Kenmare
O'Brien Coulee O'Brien Coulee Cavalier 1273 Olga
Oleaas Coulee Oleaas Coulee Ward 1680 Carpio
Pats Coulee Pats Coulee Williams 1962 Zahl
Peterson Coulee Peterson Coulee Benson 1434 Flora
Pony Gulch Pony Gulch Wells 1690 Pony Gulch
Reihle Coulee Reihle Coulee Ward 1657 Des Lacs
Robinson Coulee Robinson Coulee Eddy 1404 Brantford NE
Rosebud Coulee Rosebud Coulee Pembina 814 Bathgate
Rough Coulee Rough Coulee McKenzie 1841 Sanish NW
Sagebrush Coulee Sagebrush Coulee Dunn 1854 Saddle Butte SW
Second Larson Coulee Second Larson Coulee Ward 1552 Surrey
Sevenmile Coulee Sevenmile Coulee Stutsman 1371 Ypsilanti
Shell Valley Shell Valley Rolette 1673 Lake Upsilon SE
Shipton Coulee Shipton Coulee Ward 1762 Donnybrook
Skunk Coulee Skunk Coulee Grand Forks 1152 Fordville
Smith Coulee Smith Coulee Pembina 1024 Hallson
South Branch Coulee South Branch Coulee Ward 1594 Minot NW
Spencer Coulee Spencer Coulee Ward 1781 Donnybrook
Spring Coulee Spring Coulee Burleigh 1706 Burnt Butte
Starkweather Coulee Starkweather Coulee Ramsey 1470 Starkweather SE
Stone Johnny Coulee Stone Johnny Coulee Williams 2051 Cussicks Spring
Streaman Coulee Streaman Coulee Stutsman 1355 Montpelier
Tasker Coulee Tasker Coulee Ward 1611 Des Lacs
Taskers Coulee Taskers Coulee Ward 1791 Kenmare
The Coulee The Coulee Pembina 876 Crystal SE
Timber Coulee Timber Coulee Ransom 1076 Lisbon
Tolna Coulee Tolna Coulee Nelson 1388 Tolna
Trappers Coulee Trappers Coulee Benson 1489 Selz NE
Webers Gulch Webers Gulch Dickey 1621 Forbes
Whitebody Coulee Whitebody Coulee McKenzie 1841 Sanish NW
Writing Rock Coulee Writing Rock Coulee McKenzie 1850 Sanish SW
Dry Coulee Dry Coulee LaMoure 1329 Dickey
Sevenmile Coulee Sevenmile Coulee LaMoure 1319 Dickey
Bell Coulee Bell Coulee Grant 1919 Bell Coulee West
Robinson Coulee Robinson Coulee Ward 1785 Robinson Coulee
Pembina Valley Pembina Valley Cavalier 1240 Walhalla
Anderson Coulee Anderson Coulee Billings 2228 Hanks Gully
Badlands Draw Badlands Draw McKenzie 2011 Phillip Spring
Big Gulch Big Gulch Dunn 1900 Lone Butte SE
Cedar Canyon Cedar Canyon Billings 2510 Fryburg NE
Cedar Canyon Cedar Canyon McKenzie 2001 Long X Divide
Coal Lake Coulee Coal Lake Coulee McLean 1880 Washburn NE
Collar Draw Collar Draw McKenzie 2037 Sperati Point
Corral Draw Corral Draw McKenzie 1998 Phillip Spring
Cummings Draw Cummings Draw McKenzie 2083 Sheep Creek
Dietz Draw Dietz Draw Golden Valley 2182 Eagle Draw
Docs Draw Docs Draw McKenzie 2162 Bear Butte
Duff Gulch Duff Gulch Slope 3054 Amidon
Eagle Draw Eagle Draw McKenzie 2103 Eagle Draw
East Fork Badlands Draw East Fork Badlands Draw McKenzie 2047 Phillip Spring
Estes Coulee Estes Coulee McKenzie 1946 Sidney NE
Foreman Coulee Foreman Coulee McKenzie 1886 Sanish SW
Half Breed Coulee Half Breed Coulee Williams 1923 Red Mike Hill
Hanks Gully Hanks Gully McKenzie 2129 Hanks Gully
Hay Coulee Hay Coulee Dunn 2205 Petes Creek
Hay Draw Hay Draw Billings 2208 Wannagan Creek East
Ice Box Canyon Ice Box Canyon McKenzie 2057 Ice Box Canyon
Mike Hart Draw Mike Hart Draw McKenzie 2123 Sheep Creek
Morgan Draw Morgan Draw Billings 2100 Eagle Draw
Number One Coulee Number One Coulee McKenzie 1926 Cartwright
Oak Gulch Oak Gulch Dunn 2228 Petes Creek
Painted Canyon Painted Canyon Billings 2464 Fryburg NE
Peaceful Valley Peaceful Valley Billings 2241 Fryburg NW
Phillip Draw Phillip Draw McKenzie 2116 Phillip Spring
Plumb Draw Plumb Draw McKenzie 2195 Sheep Creek
Ronningen Draw Ronningen Draw McKenzie 2064 Phillip Spring
Scairt Woman Draw Scairt Woman Draw Billings 2362 Scairt Woman Draw
Sheep Coulee Sheep Coulee McKenzie 1886 Cartwright
Sweening Coulee Sweening Coulee McKenzie 2021 Cartwright
Vanderhoof Coulee Vanderhoof Coulee McKenzie 2001 Cartwright
West Fork Badlands Draw West Fork Badlands Draw McKenzie 2047 Phillip Spring
Wolf Coulee Wolf Coulee McKenzie 2241 Wolf Coulee
Wolf Draw Wolf Draw Billings 2316 Wannagan Creek East
Hyde Park Coulee Hyde Park Coulee Pembina 850 Cavalier NW OE N
Red River Valley of the North Red River Valley of the North 715 Unknown
Pump Coulee Pump Coulee Grant 1883 Crown Butte Creek SE
Cat Coulee Cat Coulee Grant 1906 Crown Butte Creek SE
Griner Coulee Griner Coulee Grant 1863 Otter Creek West
Snake Coulee Snake Coulee Grant 1860 Otter Creek West
Pony Coulee Pony Coulee Grant 1827 Otter Creek East
Bridge Coulee Bridge Coulee Morton 1795 Otter Creek East