Arkansas School Arkansas School Clark 718 Colony
Backbone Ford Backbone Ford Pettis 741 Sedalia East
Banker Cave Banker Cave Shannon 607 Exchange
Baptist Youth Camp Baptist Youth Camp Gasconade 965 Redbird
Bedford Station Bedford Station Livingston 676 Avalon
Bell Mountain Vista Picnic Area Bell Mountain Vista Picnic Area Reynolds 1329 Oates
Big Creek Community Center Big Creek Community Center Warren 735 Warrenton NE
Blue Community Hall Blue Community Hall Barton 922 Jasper
Bluff Cottage Bluff Cottage Ripley 381 Doniphan South
Bodie Ferry Bodie Ferry Cole 528 Wardsville
Boy Scout Camp Boy Scout Camp Osage 702 Westphalia East
Brown Ford Brown Ford Cedar 873 Cedarville
Camp Arrowhead Camp Arrowhead Webster 1417 High Prairie
Camp Avery Camp Avery Lincoln 656 Okete
Camp Bob White Camp Bob White Johnson 823 Burtville
Camp Branch Camp Branch Pettis 912 Sedalia West
Camp Cedar Ledge Camp Cedar Ledge Jefferson 489 Herculaneum
Camp Char-ren Camp Char-ren Lincoln 659 Warrenton NE
Camp Cuivre Camp Cuivre Lincoln 676 Okete
Camp Derricote Camp Derricote Lincoln 653 Okete
Camp Finbrook Camp Finbrook Christian 1266 Rogersville
Camp Geiger Camp Geiger Andrew 1086 Saint Joseph North
Camp Inlow Camp Inlow Marion 636 Philadelphia
Camp Jo-Ota Camp Jo-Ota Shelby 794 Hagers Grove
Camp Lenape Camp Lenape Christian 1240 Billings
Camp Marvin Hillyard Camp Marvin Hillyard Buchanan 896 Agency
Camp Mo-Kan Camp Mo-Kan Jackson 860 Independence
Camp Mo-Val Camp Mo-Val Franklin 673 Union
Camp Oko-Tipi Camp Oko-Tipi Ralls 584 Hannibal East
Camp Pioneer Ridge Camp Pioneer Ridge Adair 915 Novinger
Camp Putnam Camp Putnam Jasper 984 Carthage
Camp Red Cedar Camp Red Cedar Johnson 778 Burtville
Camp Santa Fe Trail Camp Santa Fe Trail Jackson 955 Missouri City
Camp Santosage Camp Santosage Jackson 869 Missouri City
Camp Shawnee Camp Shawnee Johnson 830 Knob Noster
Camp Sherwood Forest Camp Sherwood Forest Lincoln 676 Okete
Camp Takimina Camp Takimina Boone 702 Browns
Camp Tambo Camp Tambo Franklin 778 Union
Camp Thunderbird Camp Thunderbird Randolph 817 Duncans Bridge
Camp Tilden (historical) Camp Tilden (historical) McDonald 955 Jane
Camp Tuckaho Camp Tuckaho Lincoln 673 Okete
Camp Yo-Ko-Mo Bluff Camp Yo-Ko-Mo Bluff Barry 1273 Wheaton
Camp Zoe Camp Zoe Shannon 712 Round Spring
Campbell Ford Campbell Ford Cole 666 Enon
Campbell Siding Campbell Siding Pettis 869 Sedalia West
Canton Ferry Canton Ferry Lewis 479 Canton
Cave Lodge Cave Lodge Pulaski 817 Crocker
Cedar Lodge Cedar Lodge Ripley 341 Doniphan South
Cedars Camp Cedars Camp Laclede 1083 Russ
Church Camp Church Camp Dunklin 266 Kennett North
City Union Mission Camp City Union Mission Camp Benton 866 Warsaw West
Clear Spring Clear Spring Carter 554 Van Buren North
Coal Bank Ford Coal Bank Ford Moniteau 784 Barnett
Cole Camp Station Cole Camp Station Benton 1076 Cole Camp
Columbus Square Columbus Square Jackson 840 Kansas City
Cooks Farm Cooks Farm Dunklin 259 Kennett South
County Line Ford County Line Ford Ralls 604 Clarence Cannon Dam
Cyokamo Camp Cyokamo Camp Jasper 928 Webb City
Davis Field Davis Field Howard 669 Fayette
Dawn Station Dawn Station Livingston 696 Utica West
Deer Ridge School Deer Ridge School Lewis 722 Deer Ridge
Dekyns Ferry Dekyns Ferry Dunklin 295 Glennonville
Dekyns Gage Dekyns Gage Dunklin 302 Glennonville
Drag Over Drag Over Dunklin 253 Senath
Dripping Spring Dripping Spring Boone 663 Browns
Dudleys Club Dudleys Club Ripley 322 Doniphan South
East Cresap Ranch East Cresap Ranch Vernon 787 Papinville
English Bennett Ford (historical) English Bennett Ford (historical) Dallas 902 Windyville
Exchange Exchange Reynolds 774 Exchange
Father Dunn Camp Father Dunn Camp Jefferson 528 Pacific
Fiddle Creek Camp Fiddle Creek Camp Franklin 640 Labadie
Flatrock Camp Flatrock Camp Jefferson 531 Cedar Hill
Foley Public Access Foley Public Access Lincoln 436 Foley
Freeman Park (historical) Freeman Park (historical) Buchanan 860 Cosby
Friedheim Station Friedheim Station Cape Girardeau 623 Friedheim
Gaines Ferry Gaines Ferry Maries 636 Nagogami Lodge
Garrison Square Garrison Square Jackson 814 Kansas City
Good Samaritan Ranch Good Samaritan Ranch Polk 1033 Pleasant Hope
Grand Center Grand Center Randolph 781 Prairie Hill
Green Gables Lodge Green Gables Lodge Camden 761 Hahatonka
Gunn City Gunn City Cass 810 East Lynne
Hahatonka Castle Hahatonka Castle Camden 823 Hahatonka
Happy Hollow Camp Happy Hollow Camp Greene 1227 Strafford
Hawkins Lodge Hawkins Lodge Dunklin 262 Kennett South
Hazel Green School (historical) Hazel Green School (historical) Livingston 725 Fountain Grove
Helds Island Public Access Helds Island Public Access Gasconade 522 Pershing
Hickory Lodge (historical) Hickory Lodge (historical) Dunklin 243 Kennett South
Higginbothams Ferry Higginbothams Ferry Stoddard 325 Broseley
High Hill Camp High Hill Camp Montgomery 846 Pinnacle Lake
Highland Switch Highland Switch Daviess 942 Altamont
Hoops Ford (historical) Hoops Ford (historical) Maries 577 Summerfield
Hornersville Gage Hornersville Gage Dunklin 243 Hornersville
Huck Finn Shopping Center Huck Finn Shopping Center Marion 676 Hannibal West
Indian Ford Lakes Indian Ford Lakes Maries 614 Vienna
Keytesville Keytesville Chariton 643 Keytesville
Kindrick School Kindrick School Wright 1362 Hartville
Kings Lookout Kings Lookout Gasconade 886 Goerlisch Ridge
Kitty Wheelin Ford Kitty Wheelin Ford Monroe 600 Stoutsville
Lanes Ford Lanes Ford Maries 600 Vienna
Leila Store Leila Store Cedar 896 Caplinger Mills
Liberty Hall Liberty Hall Ralls 751 Farber
Liberty School Liberty School Clark 725 Neeper
Light Light Maries 1076 Safe
Little Mill Creek Ford (historical) Little Mill Creek Ford (historical) Hickory 705 Fristoe
Locust Prairie Community Center Locust Prairie Community Center Greene 1296 Strafford
Lodge Lodge Bollinger 768 Allbright
Log Cabin Station Log Cabin Station Ray 771 Stet
Lone Star School Lone Star School Webster 1624 Mansfield NW
Lookout Lookout Pettis 827 Clifton City
Loreys Cabins Loreys Cabins Ripley 315 Doniphan South
Lower Flat Creek Public Access Lower Flat Creek Public Access Barry 978 Elsey
Marble Creek Campground Marble Creek Campground Madison 669 Des Arc NE
Matthews Cabins Matthews Cabins Ripley 325 Doniphan South
McAllister Springs Access Point McAllister Springs Access Point Saline 640 Houstonia
McCleary School (historical) McCleary School (historical) Livingston 692 Utica East
Mead Camp Mead Camp Camden 725 Hahatonka
Miami Station Miami Station Carroll 646 Miami Station
Mineral Springs Ford Mineral Springs Ford Texas 968 Houston
Morrisville Morrisville Polk 958 Bolivar
Moss Springs Picnic Area Moss Springs Picnic Area Jasper 1030 Fidelity
Mound Ridge Camp Mound Ridge Camp Crawford 879 Maramec Spring
Mount Hope Community Center Mount Hope Community Center Henry 942 Appleton City
Mount Hulda Mount Hulda Benton 889 Lakeview Heights
Mount Olive School Mount Olive School Wright 1453 Mansfield NW
Mountain Mountain McDonald 1079 Powell
Mountain View School Mountain View School Webster 1608 Mansfield NW
Mozark Club Mozark Club Camden 676 Hahatonka
Nagogami Lodge Nagogami Lodge Maries 699 Nagogami Lodge
Negro Springs Camp (historical) Negro Springs Camp (historical) Benton 705 Warsaw West
New Beach New Beach Franklin 581 Meramec State Park
Noels Store Noels Store Texas 1401 Cabool NW
North Carolina School North Carolina School Moniteau 663 California North
Norton Woods Public Access Norton Woods Public Access Lincoln 433 Hamburg
Oak Grove Communtiy Hall Oak Grove Communtiy Hall Hickory 1017 Hermitage
Oak Grove School Oak Grove School Wright 1447 Rader
Oak Ridge School Oak Ridge School Wright 1407 Mansfield NW
Oetting School Oetting School Wright 1444 Mansfield NE
Old Fredonia Old Fredonia Benton 735 Warsaw East
Old Harmony Mission Site Old Harmony Mission Site Bates 751 Papinville
Old Van Cleve Old Van Cleve Maries 758 Van Cleve
Ozanam Boys Home Ozanam Boys Home Jackson 866 Grandview
Painted Rock Lodge (historical) Painted Rock Lodge (historical) Osage 541 Westphalia West
Paydown Club Paydown Club Maries 614 Paydown
Pennington Ford Pennington Ford Ripley 374 Flatwoods
Pleasant Hill Community Hall Pleasant Hill Community Hall Hickory 1007 Hermitage
Pleasant Hill School Pleasant Hill School Lewis 623 Monticello
Pleasant Ridge School Pleasant Ridge School Wright 1322 Rader
Pomme de Terre Hall Pomme de Terre Hall Benton 748 Warsaw West
Powder Mill Ferry Powder Mill Ferry Shannon 577 Powder Mill Ferry
Prairie Lake Club Prairie Lake Club Bates 732 Papinville
Pure Air Pure Air Adair 984 Pure Air
Ray House Ray House Greene 1207 Republic
Red Arrow Club Red Arrow Club Camden 659 Hahatonka
Reed Bend Ford (historical) Reed Bend Ford (historical) Madison 440 Coldwater
Riverview Public Access Area Riverview Public Access Area Crawford 715 Indian Springs
Rocky Mountain Ranch Rocky Mountain Ranch Howell 1283 Clear Springs
Rocky Point School Rocky Point School Morgan 827 Florence
Rotary Camp Rotary Camp Jackson 932 Lake Jacomo
Rush Tower Rush Tower Jefferson 394 Selma
Sagmount Bible Camp Sagmount Bible Camp Newton 965 Joplin East
Scheve Community Center Scheve Community Center Jefferson 656 Pacific
Scott Ford Scott Ford Moniteau 709 California South
Scudder Camp Scudder Camp Reynolds 669 Lesterville
Selma Selma Jefferson 489 Selma
Settles Station Settles Station Platte 869 Tracy
Sheltering Heights Camp Sheltering Heights Camp Greene 1273 Nixa
Sherwood Reese Ranch Sherwood Reese Ranch Oregon 738 Thomasville
Shiloh Camp Shiloh Camp Cape Girardeau 659 Jackson
Sipes Club Sipes Club Ripley 341 Doniphan South
Sni-A-Bar Sni-A-Bar Lafayette 738 Odessa North
Spencer Store Spencer Store Maries 817 Nagogami Lodge
Spring Creek Community Center Spring Creek Community Center Lincoln 486 Silex
Stotts City Stotts City Lawrence 1076 Rescue
Swear and Rogers Ford (historical) Swear and Rogers Ford (historical) Maries 581 Summerfield
Sweet Home Sweet Home Nodaway 1145 Ravenwood
Sweetwater Camp Sweetwater Camp Dunklin 279 Gideon
Tar Blanket Lodge (historical) Tar Blanket Lodge (historical) Dunklin 253 Senath
The Grove The Grove Jackson 833 Kansas City
The Parade The Parade Jackson 830 Kansas City
Thunderbolt C C C Camp Thunderbolt C C C Camp Washington 856 Tiff
Union Ford Union Ford Moniteau 738 California South
Union School Union School Clark 686 Neeper
Union Station Union Station Jackson 794 Kansas City
Unity Tower Unity Tower Jackson 978 Lees Summit
Useful Useful Osage 778 Cooper Hill
VFW Campground VFW Campground Texas 942 Pine Crest
Welcome Welcome Osage 679 Fredericksburg
West Independence West Independence Cedar 1004 Jerico Springs
Wiggs Ford Wiggs Ford Oregon 581 Thayer
Wilhelmina Fagus Ferry Wilhelmina Fagus Ferry Butler 295 Glennonville
Williams Store Williams Store Cedar 951 Arnica
Woodhaven Childrens Home Woodhaven Childrens Home Boone 745 Columbia
Woodlawn School Woodlawn School Polk 1086 Fair Play
Woodmansey Ford Woodmansey Ford Polk 935 Cedar Vista
Zell Station Zell Station Ste. Genevieve 617 Weingarten
Batesell Landing Batesell Landing New Madrid 282 Point Pleasant
Cotton Cotton Cooper 712 Clarksburg
Gooch Mill Gooch Mill Cooper 600 Rocheport
Old Iron Furnace Old Iron Furnace Phelps 784 Maramec Spring
Gravois Camp Gravois Camp Morgan 758 Versailles
Freedom Community Center Freedom Community Center Newton 1138 Reeds
Friendship Community Hall Friendship Community Hall Cedar 971 Bearcreek
Independence Community Hall Independence Community Hall Cedar 974 Wagoner
Liberty Community Hall Liberty Community Hall Newton 1122 Fidelity
Lick Prairie Community Hall Lick Prairie Community Hall Lawrence 1312 Chesapeake
Mount Vernon Community Hall Mount Vernon Community Hall Bates 830 Virginia
Omer Omer Cedar 978 Cedarville
Pleasant Valley Community Hall Pleasant Valley Community Hall Bates 876 Virginia
Pleasant View Community Center Pleasant View Community Center Jasper 1027 Maple Grove
Smith Community Center Smith Community Center Dade 1030 Golden City
Victory Community Center Victory Community Center Dade 1060 Dudenville
Wilcox Community Hall Wilcox Community Hall Bates 837 Virginia
Slayton Ford Slayton Ford Ripley 341 Flatwoods
Thox Rock Thox Rock Phelps 705 Nagogami Lodge
Coker Lodge (historical) Coker Lodge (historical) Dunklin 246 Kennett South
Emma White Boys Camp Emma White Boys Camp Jackson 840 Grandview
Sharps Station Sharps Station Platte 794 Camden Point
Carver Switch Carver Switch Dunklin 282 Malden
Brent Brent Pemiscot 276 Portageville
Midway Midway Pemiscot 253 Cottonwood Point
Sims Sims New Madrid 285 New Madrid
Watsons Landing Watsons Landing New Madrid 269 Point Pleasant
Goat Ranch (historical) Goat Ranch (historical) Warren Unknown
Oaklawn Camp (historical) Oaklawn Camp (historical) Warren Unknown
Blattner Store (historical) Blattner Store (historical) Warren Unknown
Schuetzen Grounds Schuetzen Grounds Warren Unknown
Bridgeport Landing Bridgeport Landing Warren 505 Hermann
Gunboat Landing (historical) Gunboat Landing (historical) Warren 495 Berger
Oettings Grove (historical) Oettings Grove (historical) Warren Unknown
Rekates Store (historical) Rekates Store (historical) Warren Unknown
Kites Mill (historical) Kites Mill (historical) Warren Unknown
Riverview Tavern Riverview Tavern Warren Unknown
Quarry Quarry Scott 335 Chaffee
Froemsdorf Froemsdorf Scott 371 Thebes
Brocks Sawmill (historical) Brocks Sawmill (historical) Scott 341 Morley
Camp Number 26 Camp Number 26 Wayne 476 Coldwater
Camp Number 31 Camp Number 31 Wayne 787 Cascade
Camp Number 32 Camp Number 32 Wayne 449 Allbright
Taylor Mill Taylor Mill Wayne 358 Hendrickson
Camp Number 30 Camp Number 30 Wayne 584 Lowndes
Hunters Tourist Camp Hunters Tourist Camp Wayne 699 Greenville
Neelys Mill Neelys Mill Wayne 522 Patterson
Rock Levee Rock Levee Cape Girardeau 344 Cape Girardeau
Schwegmann Mill (historical) Schwegmann Mill (historical) Franklin Unknown
Beckers Landing (historical) Beckers Landing (historical) Franklin Unknown
Tavern Rock (historical) Tavern Rock (historical) Franklin Unknown
Wortmans Store (historical) Wortmans Store (historical) Franklin Unknown
Noser Mill (historical) Noser Mill (historical) Franklin 597 Leslie
Moselle Furnace (historical) Moselle Furnace (historical) Franklin Unknown
Camp Franklin (historical) Camp Franklin (historical) Franklin Unknown
Spring Creek Mills (historical) Spring Creek Mills (historical) Franklin Unknown
Maunes Store (historical) Maunes Store (historical) Franklin Unknown
Hickory Junction Hickory Junction Dunklin Unknown
John Eases Camp John Eases Camp Dunklin Unknown
Lone Pine Tree Lone Pine Tree Dunklin Unknown
Whiteaker Place Whiteaker Place Dunklin Unknown
Battleground Battleground Pemiscot Unknown
Coontown Coontown Pemiscot Unknown
Farrows Farrows Pemiscot Unknown
Godair Godair Pemiscot Unknown
Jones Opening Jones Opening Pemiscot Unknown
Lint Dale Lint Dale Pemiscot Unknown
Michaels Michaels Pemiscot Unknown
Possum Trot Possum Trot Pemiscot Unknown
Pumping Station Pumping Station Pemiscot Unknown
Rayburn Rayburn Pemiscot Unknown
Tindle Tindle Pemiscot Unknown
Van New Van New Pemiscot Unknown
Whod-a-thought-it Whod-a-thought-it Pemiscot Unknown
Arnold Arnold New Madrid Unknown
Claud Spur Claud Spur New Madrid Unknown
Gerkin Gerkin New Madrid Unknown
Headlight Plantation Headlight Plantation New Madrid Unknown
LaSalles Landing LaSalles Landing New Madrid Unknown
Lesters Landing Lesters Landing New Madrid Unknown
Mars Landing Mars Landing New Madrid Unknown
Mitchell Mitchell New Madrid Unknown
O'Neil O'Neil New Madrid Unknown
Phillips Landing Phillips Landing New Madrid Unknown
Rawls Mill Rawls Mill New Madrid Unknown
Ruby Ruby New Madrid Unknown
Rudd Rudd New Madrid Unknown
Small Small New Madrid Unknown
Travis Travis New Madrid Unknown
Beckwith Beckwith Mississippi Unknown
Dead Cottonwood Tree Dead Cottonwood Tree Mississippi Unknown
Harrison Harrison Mississippi Unknown
Hunters Oak Hunters Oak Mississippi Unknown
Langhans Mill Langhans Mill Mississippi Unknown
Luby Luby Mississippi Unknown
Woodsdale Woodsdale Mississippi Unknown
Bierbaums Steam Grist and Saw Mill (historical) Bierbaums Steam Grist and Saw Mill (historical) Warren Unknown
Callaways Post (historical) Callaways Post (historical) Warren Unknown
Gerdemanns Store (historical) Gerdemanns Store (historical) Warren Unknown
Klusmeiers Landing (historical) Klusmeiers Landing (historical) Warren Unknown
Lake Farm (historical) Lake Farm (historical) Warren Unknown
Nimrod Darnell Farm (historical) Nimrod Darnell Farm (historical) Warren Unknown
North Washington Landing (historical) North Washington Landing (historical) Warren Unknown
Pattons Landing (historical) Pattons Landing (historical) Warren Unknown
Peters Picnic Grove Peters Picnic Grove Warren Unknown
Pitts Landing (historical) Pitts Landing (historical) Warren Unknown
Pitzers Landing (historical) Pitzers Landing (historical) Warren Unknown
Sunset Camp Sunset Camp Warren Unknown
Wehrmanns Mill (historical) Wehrmanns Mill (historical) Warren Unknown
White Way Camp White Way Camp Warren Unknown
Beechlands Beechlands Scott Unknown
Bridwell Bridwell Scott Unknown
Browns Browns Scott Unknown
Carlston Carlston Scott Unknown
Crawford Crawford Scott Unknown
Ephams Mill Ephams Mill Scott Unknown
Heneys Tobacco Patch Heneys Tobacco Patch Scott Unknown
Manning Manning Scott Unknown
Mount Zion Camp Ground Mount Zion Camp Ground Scott Unknown
Sand Siding Sand Siding Scott Unknown
Sand Switch Sand Switch Scott Unknown
Tanner Tanner Scott Unknown
Wades Mill Wades Mill Scott Unknown
Wrays Landing Wrays Landing Scott Unknown
Barkers Camp Barkers Camp Reynolds Unknown
Bowers Bowers Reynolds Unknown
Boyd Boyd Reynolds Unknown
Carters Mill Carters Mill Reynolds Unknown
Cottonville Cottonville Reynolds Unknown
Farris Farris Reynolds Unknown
Fitz Fitz Reynolds Unknown
Gossit Ford Gossit Ford Reynolds Unknown
Guber Guber Reynolds Unknown
Hersey Hersey Reynolds Unknown
Hicks Hicks Reynolds Unknown
Hobart Hobart Reynolds Unknown
Leach Turkey Ranch Leach Turkey Ranch Reynolds Unknown
Lone Star Lone Star Reynolds Unknown
Meadard Meadard Reynolds Unknown
Medleys Mill Medleys Mill Reynolds Unknown
Red Oak Red Oak Reynolds Unknown
Stockton Stockton Reynolds Unknown
Summit Summit Reynolds Unknown
Trego Trego Reynolds Unknown
Boggs Boggs Wayne Unknown
Burton Burton Wayne Unknown
Butler Ferry Butler Ferry Wayne Unknown
Butler Switch Butler Switch Wayne Unknown
Camp Camp Wayne Unknown
Camp Number 10 Camp Number 10 Wayne Unknown
Camp Number 23 Camp Number 23 Wayne Unknown
Camp Number 24 Camp Number 24 Wayne Unknown
Camp 28 Camp 28 Wayne Unknown
Camp 29 Camp 29 Wayne Unknown
Carters Carters Wayne Unknown
Clipper Mill Clipper Mill Wayne Unknown
Damon Taylor Mill Damon Taylor Mill Wayne Unknown
DeHaven Mill DeHaven Mill Wayne Unknown
Doney Gap Doney Gap Wayne Unknown
Edwardsville Edwardsville Wayne Unknown
Estes Ferry Estes Ferry Wayne Unknown
Frisco Frisco Wayne Unknown
Gills Mill Gills Mill Wayne Unknown
Gossetts Ford Gossetts Ford Wayne Unknown
Hog Eye Mill Hog Eye Mill Wayne Unknown
Jewell Switch Jewell Switch Wayne Unknown
Leepers Ford Leepers Ford Wayne Unknown
McBride Mill McBride Mill Wayne Unknown
Mallow Mill Mallow Mill Wayne Unknown
Marshville Marshville Wayne Unknown
Meltons Tourist Camp Meltons Tourist Camp Wayne Unknown
Moore Mill Moore Mill Wayne Unknown
Moss Ferry Moss Ferry Wayne Unknown
Old Camp 27 Old Camp 27 Wayne Unknown
Pierson Pierson Wayne Unknown
Pollard Ferry Pollard Ferry Wayne Unknown
Prices Mill Prices Mill Wayne Unknown
Punchs Ferry Punchs Ferry Wayne Unknown
Reeces Mill Reeces Mill Wayne Unknown
Rhodes Mill Rhodes Mill Wayne Unknown
Screw-Auger Mill Screw-Auger Mill Wayne Unknown
Scrogen Scrogen Wayne Unknown
Shady Dell Fur Farm Shady Dell Fur Farm Wayne Unknown
Shelton Gap Shelton Gap Wayne Unknown
Stevensons Mill Stevensons Mill Wayne Unknown
Stroud Mill Stroud Mill Wayne Unknown
Thing Mill Thing Mill Wayne Unknown
Van Van Wayne Unknown
York York Wayne Unknown
Bep Mill Bep Mill Bollinger Unknown
Dolles Mill Dolles Mill Bollinger Unknown
Starrs Starrs Bollinger Unknown
Acid (historical) Acid (historical) Franklin Unknown
Blish Mill (historical) Blish Mill (historical) Franklin Unknown
Cleves Mill (historical) Cleves Mill (historical) Franklin Unknown
Dead Mans Ford (historical) Dead Mans Ford (historical) Franklin Unknown
Drake (historical) Drake (historical) Franklin Unknown
Fray (historical) Fray (historical) Franklin Unknown
Gallahers Mills (historical) Gallahers Mills (historical) Franklin Unknown
Galligher Furnace (historical) Galligher Furnace (historical) Franklin Unknown
Glencoe (historical) Glencoe (historical) Franklin Unknown
Goode Mill (historical) Goode Mill (historical) Franklin Unknown
Grube (historical) Grube (historical) Franklin Unknown
Kelso (historical) Kelso (historical) Franklin Unknown
Kempers Mill (historical) Kempers Mill (historical) Franklin Unknown
Kurlbaums Landing (historical) Kurlbaums Landing (historical) Franklin Unknown
Mill Spring Mills (historical) Mill Spring Mills (historical) Franklin Unknown
Porters Ford (historical) Porters Ford (historical) Franklin Unknown
Port Royal Landing (historical) Port Royal Landing (historical) Franklin Unknown
Quackenbrueck (historical) Quackenbrueck (historical) Franklin Unknown
Reeds Landing (historical) Reeds Landing (historical) Franklin Unknown
Sauers Ford (historical) Sauers Ford (historical) Franklin Unknown
Signal Stand (historical) Signal Stand (historical) Franklin Unknown
Sites Ford (historical) Sites Ford (historical) Franklin Unknown
Vault Store (historical) Vault Store (historical) Franklin Unknown
Youngs Mill (historical) Youngs Mill (historical) Franklin Unknown
Big Lick Big Lick Cape Girardeau Unknown
Cousins Orchards Cousins Orchards Cape Girardeau Unknown
Daughertys Mill Daughertys Mill Cape Girardeau Unknown
Delaps Mill Delaps Mill Cape Girardeau Unknown
Dunns Ford Dunns Ford Cape Girardeau Unknown
Greens Ferry Greens Ferry Cape Girardeau Unknown
Heitmans Mill Heitmans Mill Cape Girardeau Unknown
Hubbels Mill Hubbels Mill Cape Girardeau Unknown
Ingrams Mill Ingrams Mill Cape Girardeau Unknown
McLanes Mill McLanes Mill Cape Girardeau Unknown
Mocas Town Mocas Town Cape Girardeau Unknown
Old Camp Ground Old Camp Ground Cape Girardeau 476 Cape Girardeau NE
Pleasant Gardens Pleasant Gardens Cape Girardeau Unknown
Rodneys Mill Rodneys Mill Cape Girardeau Unknown
Wallers Ferry Wallers Ferry Cape Girardeau Unknown
Henderson Mound Henderson Mound New Madrid 295 Henderson Mound
Bass Mill (historical) Bass Mill (historical) Greene Unknown
Casons Mill (historical) Casons Mill (historical) Greene Unknown
Ingrams Mill (historical) Ingrams Mill (historical) Greene Unknown
Yoakums Mill (historical) Yoakums Mill (historical) Greene Unknown
Cobb Run Station Cobb Run Station Clark 696 Kahoka
Holmes Saw Mill Holmes Saw Mill Clark 568 Kahoka
Johnson and Sanford Water Mill Johnson and Sanford Water Mill Clark 541 Kahoka
Moores Mill Moores Mill Clark 525 Wayland
Belleplain Belleplain Clark Unknown
Browns Line Browns Line Clark Unknown
Buena Vista Ferry Buena Vista Ferry Clark Unknown
Cowgills Mill Cowgills Mill Clark Unknown
Dedmans Ferry Dedmans Ferry Clark Unknown
Grays Ferry Grays Ferry Clark Unknown
Grays Mill Grays Mill Clark Unknown
Hazleton Hazleton Clark Unknown
Herdmans Mill Herdmans Mill Clark Unknown
Hershler Distillery Hershler Distillery Clark Unknown
Honey Creek Station Honey Creek Station Clark Unknown
Johnsons Mill Johnsons Mill Clark Unknown
Kents Ferry Kents Ferry Clark Unknown
Lakins Mill Lakins Mill Clark Unknown
Landier Mill Landier Mill Clark Unknown
McCarty Mill McCarty Mill Clark Unknown
McCartys Mill McCartys Mill Clark Unknown
McCormicks Ferry McCormicks Ferry Clark Unknown
Millers Mill Millers Mill Clark Unknown
Montague Ferry Montague Ferry Clark Unknown
Oakland Camp Ground Oakland Camp Ground Clark Unknown
Oklahoma Oklahoma Clark Unknown
Riverside Station Riverside Station Clark Unknown
Satterfield Satterfield Clark Unknown
Toms Mill Toms Mill Clark Unknown
Trabues Mill Trabues Mill Clark Unknown
Waggeners Ferry Waggeners Ferry Clark Unknown
Waylands Ferry Waylands Ferry Clark Unknown
Wilcox Ferry Wilcox Ferry Clark Unknown
Appleby Mill (historical) Appleby Mill (historical) Polk Unknown
Batton Mill (historical) Batton Mill (historical) Polk Unknown
Flowers Mill (historical) Flowers Mill (historical) Polk Unknown
Sentinel Prairie (historical) Sentinel Prairie (historical) Polk Unknown
Woodwards Mill (historical) Woodwards Mill (historical) Polk Unknown
Clements Mill (historical) Clements Mill (historical) Barry Unknown
J J Davis Mill (historical) J J Davis Mill (historical) Barry Unknown
Pogues Mill (historical) Pogues Mill (historical) Barry Unknown
Roaring River Mill (historical) Roaring River Mill (historical) Barry Unknown
Binger Mill Binger Mill Lewis Unknown
Boulware Mounds Boulware Mounds Lewis Unknown
Bozarths Mill Bozarths Mill Lewis Unknown
Caldwells Mill Caldwells Mill Lewis Unknown
Durgans Mill Durgans Mill Lewis Unknown
Elevengood Mill Elevengood Mill Lewis Unknown
Fenway Station Fenway Station Lewis Unknown
Greens Mill Greens Mill Lewis Unknown
Halls Mill Halls Mill Lewis Unknown
Hamilton Ford Hamilton Ford Lewis Unknown
Jerusalem Jerusalem Lewis 705 Lewistown
Jones Mill Jones Mill Lewis Unknown
Lays Ford Lays Ford Lewis Unknown
Ligon Mill Ligon Mill Lewis Unknown
Lone Tree Lone Tree Lewis Unknown
McKinneys Mill McKinneys Mill Lewis Unknown
McPheeters Mill McPheeters Mill Lewis Unknown
Myers Landing Myers Landing Lewis Unknown
Nelsons Mill Nelsons Mill Lewis Unknown
Nunns Mill Nunns Mill Lewis Unknown
Oneida Oneida Lewis Unknown
Oysters Planning Mill Oysters Planning Mill Lewis Unknown
Prentiss Rope Walk Prentiss Rope Walk Lewis Unknown
Secession Camp Secession Camp Lewis Unknown
Smoots Landing Smoots Landing Lewis Unknown
Staples Mill Staples Mill Lewis Unknown
Sugar Camp Sugar Camp Lewis Unknown
Sugar Camp Ford Sugar Camp Ford Lewis Unknown
Tracy Mill Tracy Mill Lewis Unknown
Turner Mill Turner Mill Lewis Unknown
Waconda Waconda Lewis Unknown
Washs Mill Washs Mill Lewis Unknown
Yates Mill Yates Mill Lewis Unknown
Banks Mill Banks Mill Marion Unknown
Barrs Mill Barrs Mill Marion Unknown
Blair Leggetts Ford Blair Leggetts Ford Marion Unknown
Broad Ax Tract Broad Ax Tract Marion Unknown
Browns Mill Browns Mill Marion Unknown
Bullocks Ford Bullocks Ford Marion Unknown
Campbell Settlement Campbell Settlement Marion Unknown
Camp Carrick Camp Carrick Marion Unknown
Claggett Ford Claggett Ford Marion Unknown
Claggets Mill Claggets Mill Marion Unknown
Clarks Mill Clarks Mill Marion Unknown
Clemens Station Clemens Station Marion Unknown
Gibsons Mills (historical) Gibsons Mills (historical) Stone Unknown
Linchpin Campground Linchpin Campground Stone Unknown
Nelsons Mill (historical) Nelsons Mill (historical) Stone Unknown
Randelman Mill (historical) Randelman Mill (historical) Stone Unknown
Robesons Mill (historical) Robesons Mill (historical) Stone Unknown
Sammy Lanes Lookout Sammy Lanes Lookout Stone Unknown
Williams Mills (historical) Williams Mills (historical) Stone Unknown
Drapers Meadow Drapers Meadow Marion Unknown
Dunlaps Dunlaps Marion Unknown
The Eastern Run The Eastern Run Marion Unknown
Elzea Addition Elzea Addition Marion Unknown
Ephraim Wilsons Saw Mill Ephraim Wilsons Saw Mill Marion Unknown
Fairview Fairview Marion Unknown
Hoovers Mill (historical) Hoovers Mill (historical) Christian Unknown
Robinson Mill (historical) Robinson Mill (historical) Christian Unknown
Delaware Village (historical) Delaware Village (historical) Christian Unknown
Kimberling Mill (historical) Kimberling Mill (historical) Christian Unknown
Gateswood Ford Gateswood Ford Marion Unknown
Gateswood Mill Gateswood Mill Marion Unknown
Greens Ferry Greens Ferry Marion Unknown
Greens Landing Greens Landing Marion Unknown
Hampton Boulder Site Hampton Boulder Site Marion Unknown
Hanleys Mill Hanleys Mill Marion Unknown
Hannibal Ferry Hannibal Ferry Marion Unknown
Hawkins Smiths Mill Hawkins Smiths Mill Marion Unknown
Indian Mound Addition Indian Mound Addition Marion Unknown
Jacob Smith Saw Mill Jacob Smith Saw Mill Marion Unknown
John Lyle Mill John Lyle Mill Marion Unknown
Kings Ferry Kings Ferry Marion Unknown
Lovers Leap Lovers Leap Marion Unknown
McDowell Mill McDowell Mill Marion Unknown
Marshalls Mill Marshalls Mill Marion Unknown
Marshalls Mill Marshalls Mill Marion Unknown
Matthews Mill Matthews Mill Marion Unknown
Merrills Ferry Merrills Ferry Marion Unknown
Palmyra Gas Well Palmyra Gas Well Marion Unknown
Pendle Mill Pendle Mill Marion Unknown
Pettibones Mill Pettibones Mill Marion Unknown
Pine Grove Addition Pine Grove Addition Marion Unknown
Prairie View Prairie View Marion Unknown
Raynor and Edmonds Mill Raynor and Edmonds Mill Marion Unknown
Raynor Ford Raynor Ford Marion Unknown
The Rhine The Rhine Marion 604 Palmyra
Rightmire Ford Rightmire Ford Marion Unknown
Ritchies Woolen Mill Ritchies Woolen Mill Marion Unknown
Riverside Riverside Marion 535 Hannibal East
Robards Mill Robards Mill Marion Unknown
Rutters Ferry Rutters Ferry Marion Unknown
Sallees Mill Sallees Mill Marion Unknown
Salt Lick Ford Salt Lick Ford Marion Unknown
Shacklett Mill Shacklett Mill Marion Unknown
Shades Ford Shades Ford Marion Unknown
South and Eastons Mill South and Eastons Mill Marion Unknown
Statue of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn Statue of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn Marion Unknown
Stony Riffle Ford Stony Riffle Ford Marion Unknown
Sunnyside Sunnyside Marion Unknown
Sunny Slope Sunny Slope Marion Unknown
Taylors Mill Taylors Mill Marion Unknown
Tilden Tilden Marion Unknown
Tripletts Mill Tripletts Mill Marion Unknown
Wells Mill Wells Mill Marion Unknown
Whaleys Mill Whaleys Mill Marion Unknown
Wild Cat Corner Wild Cat Corner Marion 472 Hannibal East
Withers Mill Withers Mill Marion Unknown
Youngs Landing Youngs Landing Marion Unknown
Zeiger Mill Zeiger Mill Marion Unknown
Ballards Mill Ballards Mill Scotland Unknown
Beaches Mill Beaches Mill Scotland Unknown
Billups Mill Billups Mill Scotland Unknown
Buckners Ford Buckners Ford Scotland Unknown
Cox Mill Cox Mill Scotland Unknown
Craigs Mill Craigs Mill Scotland Unknown
Crawford Mill Crawford Mill Scotland Unknown
Dunbars Mill Dunbars Mill Scotland Unknown
Farnworths Mill Farnworths Mill Scotland Unknown
Formans Mill Formans Mill Scotland Unknown
Fortneys Ford Fortneys Ford Scotland Unknown
Greens Mill Greens Mill Scotland Unknown
Harbridge Mounds Harbridge Mounds Scotland Unknown
Headens Mill Headens Mill Scotland Unknown
Leach Mill Leach Mill Scotland Unknown
Mackleys Distillery Mackleys Distillery Scotland Unknown
Matticks and Freys Saw Mill Matticks and Freys Saw Mill Scotland Unknown
Mety and Gorin Mill Mety and Gorin Mill Scotland Unknown
Middle Fabius Camp Ground Middle Fabius Camp Ground Scotland Unknown
Nauvoo Nauvoo Scotland 778 Memphis
Negro Deep Negro Deep Scotland Unknown
Oak Ridge Addition Oak Ridge Addition Scotland Unknown
Octavia Octavia Scotland Unknown
Pierces Mill Pierces Mill Scotland Unknown
Prices Mill Prices Mill Scotland Unknown
Redd Mill Redd Mill Scotland Unknown
Rumpus Ford Rumpus Ford Scotland Unknown
Saunders Mill Saunders Mill Scotland Unknown
Staples Mill Staples Mill Scotland Unknown
Stices Mill Stices Mill Scotland Unknown
Summers Mill Summers Mill Scotland Unknown
Tyra Marches Horse Mill Tyra Marches Horse Mill Scotland Unknown
Van Osdolls Mill Van Osdolls Mill Scotland Unknown
Walkers Mill Walkers Mill Scotland Unknown
Bee Ford Bee Ford Knox Unknown
Coopers Mill Coopers Mill Knox Unknown
Dennis Mill Dennis Mill Knox Unknown
Freshs Mill Freshs Mill Knox Unknown
Greens Mill Greens Mill Knox Unknown
Henrys Mill Henrys Mill Knox Unknown
Howertons Mill Howertons Mill Knox Unknown
Ingles Mill Ingles Mill Knox Unknown
McQuoid Mill McQuoid Mill Knox Unknown
Moss and Baker Mill Moss and Baker Mill Knox Unknown
Pratts Mill Pratts Mill Knox Unknown
Shorts Well Campground Shorts Well Campground Knox Unknown
Thrashers Mill Thrashers Mill Knox Unknown
Van Norman Mill Van Norman Mill Knox Unknown
Wheelers Mill Wheelers Mill Knox Unknown
Winterbottom Woolen Mill Winterbottom Woolen Mill Knox Unknown
McGee Gate Hunters Entrance McGee Gate Hunters Entrance Wayne 344 McGee
Red Mill Hunters Entrance Red Mill Hunters Entrance Stoddard 351 Puxico
Hackneys Mill (historical) Hackneys Mill (historical) Greene Unknown
Springfield Water Station (historical) Springfield Water Station (historical) Greene 1099 Ebenezer
Fulbrights Mill (historical) Fulbrights Mill (historical) Greene Unknown
Nathalia (historical) Nathalia (historical) Greene 1178 Galloway
Friends Mill (historical) Friends Mill (historical) Greene Unknown
McCrackens Mill (historical) McCrackens Mill (historical) Greene Unknown
Pearson Mill (historical) Pearson Mill (historical) Greene Unknown
Ingles Mill (historical) Ingles Mill (historical) Greene Unknown
Dunnegans Mill (historical) Dunnegans Mill (historical) Polk Unknown
Rices Mill (historical) Rices Mill (historical) Polk Unknown
Hickory Point Hickory Point Polk Unknown
Graydon Graydon Polk Unknown
Goodnights Mill (historical) Goodnights Mill (historical) Polk Unknown
Clapp's Ford Clapp's Ford Lewis 600 Colony
Augusta Augusta Lewis 505 Canton
Carnegy Mill (historical) Carnegy Mill (historical) Lewis 643 Canton
Lewisburg Lewisburg Lewis Unknown
Durgans' Landing Durgans' Landing Lewis 476 La Grange
LeSueur's Port LeSueur's Port Lewis 479 Long Island
Gadfly Mill Gadfly Mill Barry Unknown
Ash Mill (historical) Ash Mill (historical) Barry Unknown
Fawvers Mill (historical) Fawvers Mill (historical) Barry Unknown
Tucker's Mill (historical) Tucker's Mill (historical) Marion 561 Durham
Bullians Landing Bullians Landing Marion 476 Quincy West
Keyes' Ferry Keyes' Ferry Marion 479 Quincy West
Four Corners Four Corners Marion 653 Palmyra
Palmyra Junction Palmyra Junction Marion 643 Palmyra
Bouvet's Mill (historical) Bouvet's Mill (historical) Marion 466 Hannibal West
Inspiration Point Inspiration Point Marion 679 Hannibal East
Centennial Memorial Lighthouse Centennial Memorial Lighthouse Marion 604 Hannibal East
Bowen Brothers Mill (historical) Bowen Brothers Mill (historical) Knox 728 Edina
Buttermilk Buttermilk Knox 764 Knox City
Muddy Fork Muddy Fork Knox 820 Locust Hill
Griffin Mill (historical) Griffin Mill (historical) Christian Unknown
Reno Reno Christian 974 Spokane
Bee Ford Bee Ford Shelby Unknown
Boyce's Mill Boyce's Mill Shelby Unknown
Broughton Mill Broughton Mill Shelby Unknown
Buckner's Mill Buckner's Mill Shelby Unknown
Christians Ferry Christians Ferry Shelby Unknown
Clagget Mill Clagget Mill Shelby Unknown
Colony Mill Colony Mill Shelby Unknown
Dutton's Mill Dutton's Mill Shelby Unknown
Forman's Mill Forman's Mill Shelby Unknown
Grab All Grab All Shelby Unknown
Heckart's Mill Heckart's Mill Shelby Unknown
Hickory Grove Camping Ground Hickory Grove Camping Ground Shelby Unknown
Hopes Mill Hopes Mill Shelby Unknown
Lairs Mill Lairs Mill Shelby Unknown
Lone Elm Lone Elm Shelby Unknown
Millers Mill Millers Mill Shelby Unknown
New York New York Shelby Unknown
Panhandle District Panhandle District Shelby 771 Lentner
Rookwood Run Rookwood Run Shelby Unknown
Shaw Mill Shaw Mill Shelby Unknown
Shelbyville Boulder Shelbyville Boulder Shelby Unknown
Shelbyville Stockade Shelbyville Stockade Shelby Unknown
Stice Mill Stice Mill Shelby Unknown
Warren Ford Warren Ford Shelby Unknown
Wilsons Mill Wilsons Mill Shelby Unknown
Chariton Mills Chariton Mills Adair Unknown
New Baden New Baden Adair Unknown
Camp Izaak Walton (historical) Camp Izaak Walton (historical) Taney Unknown
Kickapoo Camp (historical) Kickapoo Camp (historical) Taney Unknown
Kuggaho Camp (historical) Kuggaho Camp (historical) Taney Unknown
Needmore Store (historical) Needmore Store (historical) Taney Unknown
Hildreth Hildreth Macon Unknown
Bryant Station Bryant Station Putnam Unknown
Scotland Ridge Scotland Ridge Putnam Unknown
Prestonia Mill (historical) Prestonia Mill (historical) Ozark Unknown
Cottonwood Cottonwood Mercer Unknown
Heatherly Den Heatherly Den Mercer Unknown
Honey Honey Mercer Unknown
Millers Mill (historical) Millers Mill (historical) Shelby 761 Leonard
Hagers Grove Mill (historical) Hagers Grove Mill (historical) Shelby 722 Hagers Grove
Patton Mill (historical) Patton Mill (historical) Shelby 715 Hagers Grove
Walkers Mill (historical) Walkers Mill (historical) Shelby 692 Shelbina
Wilson and Evans Mill (historical) Wilson and Evans Mill (historical) Shelby 827 Clarence
Bluff Bluff Taney 879 Day
Groom Groom Taney 1017 Protem SW
Hilberton (historical) Hilberton (historical) Adair 771 Connelsville
Sloans Point Sloans Point Adair 748 Novinger
Prairie Bird Prairie Bird Adair 932 La Plata
Tullvania (historical) Tullvania (historical) Macon 1010 Nind
Jacksons Mill (historical) Jacksons Mill (historical) Douglas 994 Goodhope
Union Hall (historical) Union Hall (historical) Macon 866 Atlanta
Duncan Duncan Platte 909 Tracy
Holt Store Holt Store Douglas 1152 Nichols Knob
Woods Store Woods Store Douglas 1145 Nichols Knob
Omba Store Omba Store Douglas 860 Nichols Knob
Fields Store Fields Store Douglas 1293 Dyestone Mountain
C C C Camp (historical) C C C Camp (historical) Howell 1204 Dyestone Mountain
Hammonds Mill (historical) Hammonds Mill (historical) Ozark 718 Dora
Mulkey (historical) Mulkey (historical) Lafayette 804 Knob Noster NW
Edgecomb Station Edgecomb Station Jackson Unknown
Elmdale Elmdale Jackson Unknown
Prospect Prospect Jackson Unknown
Quality Hill Quality Hill Jackson 958 Kansas City
Big Blue Junction Big Blue Junction Jackson Unknown
Brucam Brucam Jackson Unknown
Carroll Carroll Jackson Unknown
Chouteau Trading Post Chouteau Trading Post Jackson Unknown
Diamond Diamond Jackson Unknown
Elko Elko Jackson Unknown
Kansas City Belt Junction Kansas City Belt Junction Jackson Unknown
Lambert Lambert Jackson Unknown
Mathews Landing Mathews Landing Jackson Unknown
Midas Midas Jackson Unknown
New Independence New Independence Jackson Unknown
New Jerusalem New Jerusalem Jackson Unknown
Petco Petco Jackson Unknown
Pixley Pixley Jackson Unknown
Selfs Mill Selfs Mill Jackson Unknown
Una Una Jackson Unknown
Deerlick Deerlick Webster Unknown
Patterson Mill Patterson Mill Webster Unknown
Pleasant Prairie Pleasant Prairie Webster Unknown
Seven Springs Seven Springs Dallas Unknown
Ballingers Mill Ballingers Mill Laclede Unknown
Bean Ford Bean Ford Laclede Unknown
Bethel Camp Ground Bethel Camp Ground Laclede Unknown
Browns Mill Browns Mill Laclede Unknown
Farriss Mill Farriss Mill Laclede Unknown
Montgomery Mill Montgomery Mill Laclede Unknown
Nelsons Dream Village Nelsons Dream Village Laclede Unknown
Rowland Ford Rowland Ford Laclede Unknown
Taggart Mill Taggart Mill Laclede Unknown
Weatherly Mill Weatherly Mill Laclede Unknown
Pumpkin Bend Pumpkin Bend Wright Unknown
Steeles Mill Steeles Mill Wright Unknown
Baker Community Baker Community Howell Unknown
Bay Crossing Bay Crossing Howell Unknown
Benson Mill Benson Mill Howell Unknown
Fisher Mill Fisher Mill Howell Unknown
Haigart Haigart Howell Unknown
Hainleys Hainleys Howell Unknown
Henry Mill Henry Mill Howell Unknown
Hills Park Hills Park Howell Unknown
Jungle Ranch Jungle Ranch Howell Unknown
Kenaga Mills Kenaga Mills Howell Unknown
Klice Ranch Klice Ranch Howell Unknown
Lone Elm Ranch Lone Elm Ranch Howell Unknown
Nale Mills Nale Mills Howell Unknown
Ottomen Ottomen Howell Unknown
Pettit and Goldsberry Mill Pettit and Goldsberry Mill Howell Unknown
Pinch Misery Pinch Misery Howell Unknown
Pleasant Dell Farm Pleasant Dell Farm Howell Unknown
Ross Alley Mill Ross Alley Mill Howell Unknown
Skunk Town Skunk Town Howell Unknown
Spears Mill Spears Mill Howell Unknown
Stony Lonesome Stony Lonesome Howell Unknown
Williams Mill Williams Mill Howell Unknown
Bamby Ranch Bamby Ranch Oregon Unknown
Black Pond Mills Black Pond Mills Oregon Unknown
Brock Ranch Brock Ranch Oregon Unknown
Caldwells Ferry Caldwells Ferry Oregon Unknown
Harris Ranch Harris Ranch Oregon Unknown
Hitt Ranch Hitt Ranch Oregon Unknown
Huff Mill Huff Mill Oregon Unknown
Little Mill Little Mill Oregon Unknown
Metcalf Mill Metcalf Mill Oregon Unknown
Posey Ranch Posey Ranch Oregon Unknown
Siding Siding Oregon Unknown
Thrasher Ford Thrasher Ford Oregon Unknown
Trantham Mill Trantham Mill Oregon Unknown
Sugar Creek Junction Sugar Creek Junction Jackson 748 Liberty
Blue Mill Blue Mill Jackson 715 Buckner
Central Central Jackson 915 Kansas City
Leeds Junction Leeds Junction Jackson 768 Kansas City
Sheffield Sheffield Jackson 778 Kansas City
Drakemore Drakemore Jackson 938 Kansas City
Fairmount Station Fairmount Station Jackson 751 Independence
Lake City Junction Lake City Junction Jackson 751 Blue Springs
Grandview Junction Grandview Junction Jackson 1053 Grandview
Watts Mill (historical) Watts Mill (historical) Jackson 827 Grandview
Sni Mill Sni Mill Jackson 807 Tarsney Lakes
Jarres Ford Jarres Ford Wright 1040 Manes
Noblett Mill Noblett Mill Howell 1122 Dyestone Mountain
Pease Mill Pease Mill Howell 886 Siloam Springs
Wrights Mill Wrights Mill Howell 860 Moody
Olds Mill Olds Mill Oregon 614 Thomasville
Union Ford Union Ford Oregon 548 Piedmont Hollow
New Liberty CCC Camp (historical) New Liberty CCC Camp (historical) Oregon 925 Greer
Greer Mill Greer Mill Oregon 696 Greer
Bellahs Ford Bellahs Ford Oregon 518 Greer
Alf Couch Mill (historical) Alf Couch Mill (historical) Oregon 515 Greer
Saint Elmo Saint Elmo Oregon 965 Koshkonong
Hodo Camp Hodo Camp Ripley 725 Handy
Tuckers Mill Tuckers Mill Ripley 377 Grandin SW
Mabrey Mills Mabrey Mills Ripley 381 Grandin SW
Camp Roy Camp Roy Ripley 761 Bardley
Pennington Mill Pennington Mill Ripley 354 Flatwoods
Daltons Mill (historical) Daltons Mill (historical) Ripley 315 Doniphan South
Magill Ferry Magill Ferry Butler 361 Hendrickson
Kechers Ferry Kechers Ferry Butler 361 Hendrickson
Davidsons Mill (historical) Davidsons Mill (historical) Butler 358 Hendrickson
Rushville Camp Rushville Camp Butler 443 Stringtown
Shipman Ford Shipman Ford Butler 341 Poplar Bluff
Hamtown Hamtown Butler 436 Rombauer
Green Hill Farm Green Hill Farm Butler 338 Rombauer
Riverside Mill Riverside Mill Butler 325 Fisk
Poplin Ferry Poplin Ferry Butler 335 Fisk
Powers Mill (historical) Powers Mill (historical) Butler 331 Fairdealing
Gaines Switch Gaines Switch Butler 302 Naylor
Walsh Walsh Butler 312 Vastus
Hazleton Mill Hazleton Mill Texas 896 Slabtown Spring
Coxs Mill (historical) Coxs Mill (historical) Lincoln 718 Louisville
Browns Mill (historical) Browns Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Grimmetts Mill (historical) Grimmetts Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Louisville Ford (historical) Louisville Ford (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Moss Ford (historical) Moss Ford (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Stones Mill (historical) Stones Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Cave City (historical) Cave City (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Davis Mill (historical) Davis Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Pattersonville (historical) Pattersonville (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Watts Mill (historical) Watts Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Boons Mill (historical) Boons Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
R. T. Elsberry Mill (historical) R. T. Elsberry Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Millsup Ford (historical) Millsup Ford (historical) Lincoln 531 Truxton
Gammon Ford (historical) Gammon Ford (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Hackberry Spring Ford (historical) Hackberry Spring Ford (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Spyres Mill (historical) Spyres Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Widow McCullocks Mill (historical) Widow McCullocks Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Wommacks Ford Wommacks Ford Lincoln 479 Silex
Jefferson Ford (historical) Jefferson Ford (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Jesse Coxs Mill (historical) Jesse Coxs Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Richardsons Mill (historical) Richardsons Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Sittons Ford (historical) Sittons Ford (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Sittons Mill (historical) Sittons Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Riggs Ford (historical) Riggs Ford (historical) Lincoln 453 Okete
Barneys Ford (historical) Barneys Ford (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Ried and Alexanders Mill (historical) Ried and Alexanders Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Burr Oak Mill (historical) Burr Oak Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Burr Oak Valley Mills (historical) Burr Oak Valley Mills (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Linns Mill (historical) Linns Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
McGregors Ford (historical) McGregors Ford (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Camp Creek Mill (historical) Camp Creek Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Duncans Mill (historical) Duncans Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Highsmith Ford (historical) Highsmith Ford (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Martins Mill (historical) Martins Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Ross Mill (historical) Ross Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Grants Ford (historical) Grants Ford (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Old Monroe Mounds Old Monroe Mounds Lincoln 443 Winfield
Becks Landing (historical) Becks Landing (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Camp Frenchmans Bluff Camp Frenchmans Bluff Lincoln 679 Okete
Springers Mill (historical) Springers Mill (historical) Dent 942 Short Bend
CCC Camp Boss (historical) CCC Camp Boss (historical) Dent 1204 Viburnum West
Banner School Banner School Knox 722 Deer Ridge
Hurst Community Hall Hurst Community Hall Chariton 682 Forest Green
Pleasant Hill School Pleasant Hill School Clark 722 Neeper
Pulaskifield Pulaskifield Barry 1270 Wheaton
Union School Union School Lewis 705 Deer Ridge
Woodland School Woodland School Knox 718 La Belle
Blue Springs Blue Springs Shannon 863 Pine Crest
Casco Casco Franklin 735 Leslie
Castor Castor Bollinger 502 Allbright
Cruise Cruise Washington 745 Old Mines
Gulf Junction Gulf Junction Cape Girardeau 341 Cape Girardeau
Jacks Fork Jacks Fork Shannon 722 Eminence
Maryden Maryden Washington 876 Irondale
New Hope New Hope Dent 1316 Darien
Red Rock Red Rock Perry 367 Crosstown
Rock Levee Rock Levee Cape Girardeau 358 Cape Girardeau
Saint Leger Saint Leger Ozark 558 Udall
Sharpsboro Sharpsboro Cape Girardeau 335 Chaffee
Sitzke Store Sitzke Store Bollinger 440 Gipsy
Stultz Stultz Texas 1214 Elk Creek
Thurman Thurman Ste. Genevieve 879 French Village
Vilean Vilean Phelps 1089 Maramec Spring
Whitesand Whitesand Ste. Genevieve 436 Prairie du Rocher
Yarna Yarna Maries 988 High Gate
Crawford Landing Crawford Landing Cape Girardeau 381 Neelys Landing
Elkins Landing Elkins Landing Scott 325 Cache
Morrison Landing Morrison Landing New Madrid 279 Hubbard Lake
Parker Landing Parker Landing Mississippi 289 Hickman
Thompson Landing Thompson Landing Mississippi 305 Cache
Whist Landing Whist Landing Moniteau 568 Huntsdale
North Oak Village North Oak Village Clay 991 North Kansas City
Gladstone Plaza Gladstone Plaza Clay 1010 North Kansas City
Metro North Mall Metro North Mall Clay 974 North Kansas City
Winwood Shopping Center Winwood Shopping Center Clay 876 North Kansas City
Northland Corners Northland Corners Clay 899 North Kansas City
Swope Parkway Shopping Center Swope Parkway Shopping Center Jackson 791 Kansas City
Brookside Shops Brookside Shops Jackson 928 Kansas City
Crestwood Shopping Center Crestwood Shopping Center Jackson 866 Kansas City
Old Laundry Mall Old Laundry Mall Jackson 863 Kansas City
Country Club Plaza Country Club Plaza Jackson 830 Kansas City
Westwood Shops Westwood Shops Jackson 889 Kansas City
Broadway Valentine Shopping Center Broadway Valentine Shopping Center Jackson 961 Kansas City
Crown Center Shops Crown Center Shops Jackson 830 Kansas City
City Center Square City Center Square Jackson 879 Kansas City
Ten Petticoat Lane Ten Petticoat Lane Jackson 879 Kansas City
Parkway Shopping Center Parkway Shopping Center Jackson 991 Lees Summit
Loma Vista East Loma Vista East Jackson 1037 Lees Summit
Robandee Shopping Center Robandee Shopping Center Jackson 988 Lees Summit
Refuge Headquarters Refuge Headquarters Chariton 673 Mendon
Lyon Marker Lyon Marker Greene 1201 Republic
Gibson Oatfield Gibson Oatfield Greene 1119 Republic
Gibson's House (historical) Gibson's House (historical) Greene 1129 Republic
Gibson's Mill (historical) Gibson's Mill (historical) Greene 1129 Republic
Ray Cornfield Ray Cornfield Greene 1155 Republic
Ray Orchard Ray Orchard Greene 1155 Republic
Totten's Battery Totten's Battery Greene 1224 Republic
Du Bois Battery Du Bois Battery Greene 1201 Republic
Pulaski Arkansas Battery Pulaski Arkansas Battery Greene 1122 Republic
Guibors Battery Guibors Battery Greene 1171 Republic
Sigel's Final Position Sigel's Final Position Christian 1161 Republic
Sigel's First Position Sigel's First Position Christian 1112 Republic
Sigel's Second Position Sigel's Second Position Christian 1142 Republic
Sharp Farm (historical) Sharp Farm (historical) Christian 1142 Republic
Four County Plaza Four County Plaza DeKalb 1017 Winston
Park-way Shopping Center Park-way Shopping Center Howell 984 West Plains
Southern Hills Shopping Center Southern Hills Shopping Center Howell 961 West Plains
Charleston Plaza Charleston Plaza Mississippi 312 Charleston
Crossroads Shopping Center Crossroads Shopping Center Scott 331 Chaffee
West Park Mall West Park Mall Cape Girardeau 400 Cape Girardeau
Town Plaza Town Plaza Cape Girardeau 364 Cape Girardeau
Westgate Shopping Center Westgate Shopping Center Bates 846 Butler
Brookfield Plaza Brookfield Plaza Linn 764 Brookfield
Meadows Shopping Center Meadows Shopping Center Jackson 971 Belton
Cedar Tree Square Cedar Tree Square Cass 1083 Belton
Bel-Ray Plaza Bel-Ray Plaza Cass 1089 Belton
North Cass Shopping Center North Cass Shopping Center Cass 1089 Belton
Carls Shopping Center Carls Shopping Center Camden 906 Bagnell
Macon Plaza Macon Plaza Macon 863 Axtell
Platte Woods Center Platte Woods Center Platte 984 Parkville
Edgewood Shopping Center Edgewood Shopping Center Platte 1017 Parkville
Parkville Heights Shopping Center Parkville Heights Shopping Center Platte 978 Parkville
Pioneer Village Pioneer Village Clay 958 Kearney SW
Liberty Landing Shopping Center Liberty Landing Shopping Center Clay 843 Liberty
Liberty Commons Liberty Commons Clay 850 Liberty
Claycomo Plaza Claycomo Plaza Clay 794 Liberty
Crossroads West Crossroads West Clay 853 Liberty
Meadowbrook Shopping Center Meadowbrook Shopping Center Clay 958 North Kansas City
Buckeye Square Buckeye Square Jackson 1027 Lees Summit
Summit Shopping Center Summit Shopping Center Jackson 971 Lees Summit
Coach Lamp Shopping Center Coach Lamp Shopping Center Jackson 938 Lees Summit
Interstate Seventy Shopping Center Interstate Seventy Shopping Center Jackson 955 Blue Springs
Jackson Square Jackson Square Jackson 928 Blue Springs
Jackson Grove Shopping Center Jackson Grove Shopping Center Jackson 978 Blue Springs
Parker Center Parker Center Jackson 938 Blue Springs
Haymarket Shopping Center Haymarket Shopping Center Jackson 925 Blue Springs
Stop Shop Center Stop Shop Center Jackson 945 Blue Springs
Kings Ridge Shopping Center Kings Ridge Shopping Center Jackson 915 Blue Springs
Far View Shopping Center Far View Shopping Center Jackson 945 Blue Springs
Independence Center Independence Center Jackson 846 Blue Springs
Raytown Plaza Raytown Plaza Jackson 1030 Independence
Brywood Shopping Center Brywood Shopping Center Jackson 997 Independence
Hickory Hills Shopping Center Hickory Hills Shopping Center Jackson 912 Independence
Blue-Vue Shops Blue-Vue Shops Jackson 1040 Independence
Ridgewood Shopping Center Ridgewood Shopping Center Jackson 1047 Independence
Blue Ridge Mall Blue Ridge Mall Jackson 932 Independence
Harry S Truman Railroad Station Harry S Truman Railroad Station Jackson 951 Independence
Hub Shopping Center Hub Shopping Center Jackson 938 Independence
Independence Corners Shopping Center Independence Corners Shopping Center Jackson 922 Independence
Independence North Shopping Center Independence North Shopping Center Jackson 935 Independence
Gaslight Square Gaslight Square Jackson 1020 Independence
Noland Plaza Noland Plaza Jackson 1001 Independence
Noland Road Retail Center Noland Road Retail Center Jackson 965 Independence
Noland Fashion Square Noland Fashion Square Jackson 961 Independence
Noland South Shopping Center Noland South Shopping Center Jackson 958 Independence
Blue Ridge Plaza Blue Ridge Plaza Jackson 1007 Independence
Raytown Centre Shops Raytown Centre Shops Jackson 948 Independence
Sterling Ridge Shopping Center Sterling Ridge Shopping Center Jackson 873 Independence
Alton Plaza Alton Plaza Jackson 909 Independence
Hi-way Twenty-four Shopping Center Hi-way Twenty-four Shopping Center Jackson 991 Independence
Chrisman Plaza Chrisman Plaza Jackson 997 Independence
Independence Square Independence Square Jackson 1004 Independence
Gilbert Landing Gilbert Landing Ralls 466 Hannibal East
Newsom Landing Newsom Landing New Madrid 282 Hubbard Lake
Richardson Richardson Bollinger 348 Sturdivant
Yeager Landing Yeager Landing Warren 492 New Haven
Mincy Public Hunting Area Mincy Public Hunting Area Taney 1007 Mincy
Riverside Wilderness Camping Site Riverside Wilderness Camping Site Reynolds 610 Clearwater Dam
Funk Branch Wilderness Camping Site Funk Branch Wilderness Camping Site Reynolds 581 Lesterville SE
Birthplace Site Birthplace Site Newton 1070 Granby
Job Corps Conservation Center Job Corps Conservation Center Stoddard 354 Puxico
Welch Landing Welch Landing Shannon 797 Cedargrove
Maggard Cabin Maggard Cabin Shannon 791 Cedargrove
Nichols Cabin Nichols Cabin Dent 866 Cedargrove
Shawnee Creek Campsite Shawnee Creek Campsite Shannon 610 Eminence
Two Rivers River Access Two Rivers River Access Shannon 673 Eminence
Powder Mill River Access Powder Mill River Access Shannon 564 Powder Mill Ferry
Powder Mill Campground Powder Mill Campground Shannon 564 Powder Mill Ferry
Bunker Hill Ranch Bunker Hill Ranch Shannon 837 Jam Up Cave
Horse Camp Campsite Horse Camp Campsite Shannon 663 Alley Spring
Keatons Campsite Keatons Campsite Shannon 659 Alley Spring
Alley Mill Alley Mill Shannon 692 Alley Spring
Point Lookout Point Lookout Taney 932 Hollister
Aalberg Siding Aalberg Siding Carroll 846 Bogard
Camp Irondale Camp Irondale Washington 876 Irondale
Camp Mihaska Camp Mihaska Crawford 748 Sullivan
Canady Switch Canady Switch Pemiscot 269 Hayti Heights
Crook Landing Crook Landing Ste. Genevieve 381 Prairie du Rocher
McClannahan Mill McClannahan Mill Perry 407 Belgique
Allens Landing Allens Landing Perry 351 Rockwood
Duggins Mill (historical) Duggins Mill (historical) Perry 407 Perryville East
Birmingham Birmingham Perry 364 Neelys Landing
Dowler Gristmill (historical) Dowler Gristmill (historical) Crawford 679 Sullivan
Garrett Ford Garrett Ford Crawford 577 Meramec State Park
Landtown Landtown Crawford 928 Leasburg
Hardy Ford Hardy Ford Crawford 620 Onondaga Cave
Davis Ford Davis Ford Crawford 630 Onondaga Cave
Harrison Ford Harrison Ford Crawford 617 Onondaga Cave
Sanders Ford Sanders Ford Crawford 738 Huzzah
Moutray Ford Moutray Ford Crawford 679 Huzzah
McInnis Ford McInnis Ford Crawford 718 Huzzah
Goltra Ford Goltra Ford Crawford 866 Cook Station
Earney Mill Earney Mill Crawford 1020 Cherryville
Fleming Ford Fleming Ford Crawford 761 Davisville
Crabtree Ford Crabtree Ford Crawford 784 Davisville
Brown Row Brown Row Iron 938 Ironton
Ashebrand Furnace (historical) Ashebrand Furnace (historical) Iron 820 Lake Killarney
Whitworth Mill (historical) Whitworth Mill (historical) Iron 669 Des Arc NE
Leadanna Leadanna Iron 633 Des Arc
James Bakers Sawmill James Bakers Sawmill Washington 758 Cyclone Hollow
Edmonds and Wilcox Furnace and Mill Edmonds and Wilcox Furnace and Mill Washington 741 Richwoods
John Flynns Sawmill John Flynns Sawmill Washington 909 Ebo
Bean and Caseys Sawmill (historical) Bean and Caseys Sawmill (historical) Washington 837 Ebo
Baughers Sawmill (historical) Baughers Sawmill (historical) Washington 866 Ebo
Lumkins Mill Lumkins Mill Washington 686 Old Mines
Stage Ford Stage Ford Washington 587 Tiff
Harveys Sawmill (historical) Harveys Sawmill (historical) Washington 863 Berryman
Davis Sawmill Davis Sawmill Washington 1066 Berryman
C D Smiths Sawmill C D Smiths Sawmill Washington 981 Berryman
Bryan Gristmill Bryan Gristmill Washington 883 Belgrade
Red Rock Red Rock Washington 1168 Irondale
McCormack Ford McCormack Ford Washington 748 Irondale
Hughes Mill (historical) Hughes Mill (historical) Washington 827 Irondale
Belle Pointe Belle Pointe Madison Unknown
Berrys Mill Berrys Mill Madison Unknown
Calloway Mill Calloway Mill Madison Unknown
Farrars Mill Farrars Mill Madison Unknown
Baileys Landing Baileys Landing Perry Unknown
Bishops Mill Bishops Mill Perry Unknown
Waters Landing Waters Landing Perry Unknown
Burnt Mill Burnt Mill Perry Unknown
Davis Landing Davis Landing Perry Unknown
Five Spring Farm Five Spring Farm Perry Unknown
Holschen Landing Holschen Landing Perry Unknown
L'hote Mill L'hote Mill Perry Unknown
Linhoffs Landing Linhoffs Landing Perry Unknown
Nessleins Mill Nessleins Mill Perry Unknown
Prattes Prattes Perry Unknown
Roziers Landing Roziers Landing Perry Unknown
Wagners Landing Wagners Landing Perry Unknown
Wilkinsons Mill Wilkinsons Mill Perry Unknown
Allen Ford Allen Ford Crawford Unknown
Barsbyshell Crossing Barsbyshell Crossing Crawford Unknown
Boyd Ford Boyd Ford Crawford Unknown
Burgess Ford Burgess Ford Crawford Unknown
Canal Canal Crawford Unknown
County Ford County Ford Crawford Unknown
Cow Ford Cow Ford Crawford Unknown
Crabtree Ford Crabtree Ford Crawford Unknown
Craven Craven Crawford Unknown
Cresswells Mill Cresswells Mill Crawford Unknown
Elma Elma Crawford Unknown
Eugenia Eugenia Crawford Unknown
Faulkner Faulkner Crawford Unknown
Griffith Griffith Crawford Unknown
Halberts Halberts Crawford Unknown
Hamilton Ford Hamilton Ford Crawford Unknown
Harper Ford Harper Ford Crawford Unknown
Harrison-Reeves Bloomery Harrison-Reeves Bloomery Crawford Unknown
Highway Highway Crawford Unknown
Hitch Hitch Crawford Unknown
Holinshead Ford Holinshead Ford Crawford Unknown
Hughes Ford Hughes Ford Crawford Unknown
Indian Camp Ford Indian Camp Ford Crawford Unknown
Kinseys Station Kinseys Station Crawford Unknown
Lower Matlock Ford Lower Matlock Ford Crawford Unknown
McAtie Mill McAtie Mill Crawford Unknown
Midland Blast Furnace Midland Blast Furnace Crawford Unknown
Slowensky Ford Slowensky Ford Crawford Unknown
Sorrell Ford Sorrell Ford Crawford Unknown
Sounders Mill Sounders Mill Crawford Unknown
Thicketty Ford Thicketty Ford Crawford Unknown
Upper Matlock Ford Upper Matlock Ford Crawford Unknown
Vivian Vivian Crawford Unknown
Waller Ford Waller Ford Crawford Unknown
Wisdoms Mill Wisdoms Mill Crawford Unknown
Woodlock Gristmill Woodlock Gristmill Crawford Unknown
Epworth Hills Epworth Hills Iron Unknown
Klineharts Resort Klineharts Resort Iron Unknown
Lost Cove Lost Cove Iron Unknown
Marsh Mill Marsh Mill Iron Unknown
Muellers Arcadia Lodge Muellers Arcadia Lodge Iron Unknown
Smoke Row Smoke Row Iron Unknown
Watering Place Watering Place Iron Unknown
Bates Lick Bates Lick Washington Unknown
Big Lick Big Lick Washington Unknown
Bugg Shaft Bugg Shaft Washington Unknown
Bust Mill Bust Mill Washington Unknown
Cedar Creek Forge Cedar Creek Forge Washington Unknown
Chicago Salt Lick Chicago Salt Lick Washington Unknown
Conrad Norwines Water Power Gristmill Conrad Norwines Water Power Gristmill Washington Unknown
Cornbread Cornbread Washington Unknown
Hunters Mill Hunters Mill Washington Unknown
Deggendorf Zinc Works Deggendorf Zinc Works Washington Unknown
Evergreen Evergreen Washington Unknown
La Fontaine de la Prairie La Fontaine de la Prairie Washington Unknown
Gumbo Flat Gumbo Flat Washington Unknown
Harrison and Company Iron Works Harrison and Company Iron Works Washington Unknown
Haunted Oak Tree Haunted Oak Tree Washington Unknown
Henry Mallow Gristmill Henry Mallow Gristmill Washington Unknown
Hopewell Furnace Hopewell Furnace Washington Unknown
Imboden Race Track Imboden Race Track Washington Unknown
Irondale Iron Furnace Irondale Iron Furnace Washington Unknown
Jones Shaft Jones Shaft Washington Unknown
Lame Kiln Lame Kiln Washington Unknown
Lang Furnace Lang Furnace Washington Unknown
Little Saturday Shaft Little Saturday Shaft Washington Unknown
Long and Bust Water-Power Gristmill Long and Bust Water-Power Gristmill Washington Unknown
Lumtie Lumtie Washington Unknown
Mahlon Hughes Water-Power Gristmill Mahlon Hughes Water-Power Gristmill Washington Unknown
Murphys Furnace Murphys Furnace Washington Unknown
Randolph Randolph Washington Unknown
Robert Bust Water-Power Gristmill Robert Bust Water-Power Gristmill Washington Unknown
Springfield Iron Furnace Springfield Iron Furnace Washington Unknown
The Tom Day Shaft The Tom Day Shaft Washington Unknown
Thomas Reeds Mill Thomas Reeds Mill Washington Unknown
Union Mining and Smelting Company Union Mining and Smelting Company Washington Unknown
W.H. Evans Gristmill W.H. Evans Gristmill Washington Unknown
William Longs Lead Furnace William Longs Lead Furnace Washington Unknown
Riverside Mill Riverside Mill Crawford Unknown
Brickeys Gristmill (historical) Brickeys Gristmill (historical) Ste. Genevieve Unknown
Cliff (historical) Cliff (historical) Ste. Genevieve Unknown
Turley Mill (historical) Turley Mill (historical) Ste. Genevieve Unknown
Camp Rowdy (historical) Camp Rowdy (historical) Ste. Genevieve Unknown
Las Salinas (historical) Las Salinas (historical) Ste. Genevieve 381 Kaskaskia
Sherlock Gristmill (historical) Sherlock Gristmill (historical) Ste. Genevieve Unknown
Yallalys Ford (historical) Yallalys Ford (historical) Ste. Genevieve Unknown
Coldwater Outing and Game Preserve Coldwater Outing and Game Preserve Ste. Genevieve Unknown
Brighton Mills (historical) Brighton Mills (historical) Jefferson Unknown
Glenwood (historical) Glenwood (historical) Jefferson Unknown
New Hartford (historical) New Hartford (historical) Jefferson Unknown
Vansant Mill (historical) Vansant Mill (historical) Jefferson Unknown
Vansants Ford (historical) Vansants Ford (historical) Jefferson Unknown
Jefferson (historical) Jefferson (historical) Jefferson Unknown
McCoy (historical) McCoy (historical) Jefferson Unknown
Bowling (historical) Bowling (historical) Ste. Genevieve Unknown
Camp Wrather (historical) Camp Wrather (historical) Ste. Genevieve Unknown
Kehl (historical) Kehl (historical) Ste. Genevieve Unknown
McDaniels (historical) McDaniels (historical) Ste. Genevieve Unknown
Ramey Ramey Ste. Genevieve Unknown
Rigdons Mill (historical) Rigdons Mill (historical) Ste. Genevieve Unknown
Sherlock and Robinson Sawmill (historical) Sherlock and Robinson Sawmill (historical) Ste. Genevieve Unknown
Les Sucreries (historical) Les Sucreries (historical) Ste. Genevieve Unknown
Copper Mill (historical) Copper Mill (historical) Jefferson Unknown
Howe (historical) Howe (historical) Jefferson Unknown
Jefferson Mills (historical) Jefferson Mills (historical) Jefferson Unknown
Johannes (historical) Johannes (historical) Jefferson Unknown
Montebello (historical) Montebello (historical) Jefferson Unknown
Spencer (historical) Spencer (historical) Jefferson Unknown
Kelly Junction Kelly Junction Chariton 650 Brunswick West
Wheeler Resort (historical) Wheeler Resort (historical) Pulaski 778 Hancock
Vernon Springs (historical) Vernon Springs (historical) Miller Unknown
Catalpa Park Catalpa Park Barton Unknown
Gum Springs Gum Springs Cedar Unknown
Blub Rock Blub Rock McDonald Unknown
Spanish Fort (historical) Spanish Fort (historical) Lawrence 1211 Mount Vernon
Halls Station Halls Station Buchanan 804 Halls
Home Place Home Place Ray Unknown
Neese Neese Lafayette Unknown
Bee Creek Bee Creek Buchanan 984 Saint Joseph South
Lick Lick Cooper 692 Billingsville
Star Store Star Store Macon 738 Elmer
Austin Switch Austin Switch Scott 325 Bertrand
Mitchells Mitchells Pemiscot 262 Caruthersville
Bowman Bowman New Madrid 318 Sikeston South
Sarff Sarff New Madrid 269 Gideon
Tram Switch Tram Switch New Madrid 295 Morehouse
Rodney Rodney Mississippi 315 Wyatt
Lemly Lemly Scott 331 Morley
Melon Melon Scott 322 Sikeston North
Daley Daley Reynolds 1184 Corridon SE
Duncan Duncan Reynolds 561 Ellington SE
Freeman Freeman Reynolds 659 Ellington
Lyons Lyons Reynolds 928 Redford
Manns Manns Reynolds 584 Ellington
Reeds Reeds Reynolds 702 Redford
Blum Blum Wayne 377 Williamsville
Edwards Edwards Wayne 440 Greenville SW
Graphite Graphite Wayne 794 Cascade
Hubert Hubert Wayne 627 Piedmont SE
Pond Pond Wayne 735 Ellsinore
Sawyer Sawyer Wayne 627 Greenville SW
Schmaltz Schmaltz Wayne 584 Piedmont
Wilsons Switch Wilsons Switch Wayne 364 Hendrickson
Dewey (historical) Dewey (historical) Franklin 492 Washington West
Kent (historical) Kent (historical) Franklin 499 New Haven
Deray Deray Cape Girardeau 351 Chaffee
Cama Cama Clark 659 Medill
Mission (historical) Mission (historical) Polk 1106 Buffalo NW
Coburg Coburg Jackson 741 North Kansas City
American American Oregon 797 Thayer
Sheehan Sheehan Ripley 322 Oxly
Celtis Celtis Butler 315 Glennonville
Ferguson Switch Ferguson Switch Butler 299 Naylor
Hodges Ferry Hodges Ferry Butler 338 Rombauer
Linstead Linstead Butler 331 Harviell
Lowell Junction Lowell Junction Butler 322 Rombauer
Marshall Marshall Butler 325 Broseley
Earls Earls Dent 1230 Salem
Mendosa Mendosa Butler 299 Naylor
Northwestern Northwestern Macon 840 Bevier South
Siding (historical) Siding (historical) Schuyler 981 Lancaster
Guy (historical) Guy (historical) Atchison 1096 Dotham
Ellison (historical) Ellison (historical) Macon 722 Elmer
Parker (historical) Parker (historical) Andrew 879 Fillmore
Watkins (historical) Watkins (historical) Ray 1040 Lawson
Opel (historical) Opel (historical) Sullivan 948 Milan SE
Northern Junction Northern Junction Clay 758 North Kansas City
Crescent Crescent Clay 741 North Kansas City
Knoche Junction Knoche Junction Clay 741 North Kansas City
Suburban Junction Suburban Junction Clay 738 North Kansas City
Mine Number 1 (historical) Mine Number 1 (historical) Adair 883 Novinger
Evanston Siding (historical) Evanston Siding (historical) Adair 764 Novinger
Watson Siding Watson Siding Adair 771 Novinger
Water Works Water Works Buchanan 833 Saint Joseph North
Connett (historical) Connett (historical) Buchanan 912 Saint Joseph South
South Park (historical) South Park (historical) Buchanan 974 Saint Joseph South
Terminal Junction Terminal Junction Buchanan 837 Saint Joseph South
Schuster (historical) Schuster (historical) Andrew 942 Savannah
Cisco (historical) Cisco (historical) Livingston 787 Shearwood
Dewey (historical) Dewey (historical) Adair 860 Stahl
Stroup Siding Stroup Siding Adair 794 Stahl
Luxor (historical) Luxor (historical) Macon 853 Sue City
Water Tank (historical) Water Tank (historical) Livingston 718 Utica West
Gem (historical) Gem (historical) Worth 1063 Washington Center
Brownsdale (historical) Brownsdale (historical) Daviess 984 Weatherby
Bowman (historical) Bowman (historical) Harrison 991 Bethany
Landis (historical) Landis (historical) Henry 751 Blairstown
Charles (historical) Charles (historical) Johnson 886 Burtville
Byrd (historical) Byrd (historical) Bates 830 Butler South
Feely (historical) Feely (historical) Bates 761 Butler South
Calvin (historical) Calvin (historical) Carroll 653 Carrollton East
North Clinton North Clinton Henry 791 Clinton North
Aubrey Aubrey Johnson 942 Cornelia
Tabo (historical) Tabo (historical) Lafayette 778 Fayetteville
Blanchard (historical) Blanchard (historical) Henry 715 Gaines
New Home Junction (historical) New Home Junction (historical) Bates 892 Hume
Manchester Manchester Jackson 745 Independence
Rock Quarry Rock Quarry Jackson 761 Independence
Swope (historical) Swope (historical) Jackson 919 Kansas City
Blue Siding Blue Siding Jackson 761 Kansas City
Borland Borland Lafayette 820 Knob Noster NW
Winton Winton Lafayette 722 Lexington East
Halls Halls Lafayette 718 Lexington East
Dunlap (historical) Dunlap (historical) Henry 797 Lowry City
Dean (historical) Dean (historical) Johnson 856 Pittsville
Raymore Junction (historical) Raymore Junction (historical) Cass 1056 Raymore
Skaggs Skaggs Cass 876 Strasburg
Trenton Junction (historical) Trenton Junction (historical) Grundy 761 Trenton East
Ward Ward Bates 823 Worland
Alhambra Alhambra Stoddard 446 Acorn Ridge
Bluff (historical) Bluff (historical) Stoddard 351 Advance
Loutre Loutre Montgomery 554 Americus
Howletts (historical) Howletts (historical) Mississippi 305 Anniston
Kearns Kearns Dunklin 246 Arbyrd
Shaleton (historical) Shaleton (historical) Ralls 463 Ashburn
Dimple (historical) Dimple (historical) Jasper 1060 Avilla
Vaughn Vaughn Ozark 850 Bakersfield
Pertz Pertz Shannon 823 Bartlett
Butler Butler Scott 331 Bell City
Out (historical) Out (historical) Stoddard 308 Bernie
Sand Pit Spur (historical) Sand Pit Spur (historical) Scott 322 Bertrand
Howe Howe McDonald 1056 Bethpage
Short (historical) Short (historical) Carter 453 Big Spring
Club House (historical) Club House (historical) Carter 423 Big Spring
Water Water Oregon 614 Billmore
Proffers Proffers Stoddard 348 Bloomfield
Ezell Ezell Stoddard 390 Bloomfield
Ada Ada Taney 928 Bradleyville
Nancy Nancy Taney 978 Brownbranch
Gertrude Gertrude Christian 1404 Bruner
Glesa Glesa Christian 1453 Bruner
Mathal Mathal Webster 1529 Bruner
Prohibition Prohibition Montgomery 735 Buell
Oak Grove (historical) Oak Grove (historical) Reynolds 1079 Bunker
David (historical) David (historical) Texas 1253 Cabool NE
Hanks Hanks Texas 1322 Cabool NW
Brant Brant Moniteau 889 California South
Sandfield Sandfield Dunklin 282 Campbell
Cape LaCrus (historical) Cape LaCrus (historical) Cape Girardeau 400 Cape Girardeau
Edwin Edwin Jasper 1056 Carthage
Knells Park Knells Park Jasper 971 Carthage
Mounds Mounds Pemiscot 262 Caruthersville
Bly (historical) Bly (historical) Howell 846 Caulfield
Saunders Saunders Christian 1345 Chadwick
Boyers Boyers Cape Girardeau 335 Chaffee
Suttons Suttons Cape Girardeau 348 Chaffee
Norman Norman Cape Girardeau 331 Chaffee
Johnsons Mills Johnsons Mills Scott 328 Chaffee
Millers (historical) Millers (historical) Scott 338 Chaffee
Crenshaw Crenshaw Mississippi 338 Charleston
Davenport Davenport Audrain 843 Clark
Aberdeen Aberdeen Pike 627 Clarksville
Bush Bush Cooper 669 Clifton City
Williams (historical) Williams (historical) Stoddard 331 Clines Island
Gober (historical) Gober (historical) Reynolds 1027 Corridon
Buzzard Hill Buzzard Hill Reynolds 906 Corridon SE
Hy Hy Oregon 712 Couch
Marzolf Marzolf Pike 709 Curryville
State Line (historical) State Line (historical) Pemiscot 256 Denton
Dexter Junction Dexter Junction Stoddard 315 Dexter
Beaver Beaver Douglas 1250 Dogwood
Otley Otley Webster 1549 Dogwood
Fernhook Fernhook Ripley 512 Doniphan North
Valleyknob Valleyknob Dent 1247 Doss
Atoka Atoka Laclede 961 Drynob
Celeste (historical) Celeste (historical) Laclede 1086 Drynob
Defield Defield Mississippi 302 East Prairie
Abbott Abbott Greene 1289 Ebenezer
Dryglaize Dryglaize Laclede 1132 Eldridge East
Laird (historical) Laird (historical) Laclede 1155 Eldridge West
Louisa Louisa Texas 1227 Elk Creek
Hilladay (historical) Hilladay (historical) Wayne 679 Ellsinore
East Limekiln East Limekiln Dade 1004 Everton
Browns Browns Newton 1102 Fidelity
Forest Grove Forest Grove Cedar 876 Filley
Poplin Poplin Stoddard 325 Fisk
Tandy Tandy Webster 1647 Fordland
Dublin Dublin Greene 1355 Galloway
Sto (historical) Sto (historical) Christian 991 Garrison
Brame Brame Carter 600 Garwood
Celynda (historical) Celynda (historical) Ripley 682 Gatewood
Choat Choat Bollinger 607 Gipsy
Harmony (historical) Harmony (historical) Saline 620 Glasgow
Paragon Paragon Dunklin 315 Glennonville
Manda Manda Gasconade 804 Goerlisch Ridge
Keller Spur (historical) Keller Spur (historical) Cape Girardeau 371 Gordonville
Kiddo Spur (historical) Kiddo Spur (historical) Newton 991 Granby
Croutchs Spur (historical) Croutchs Spur (historical) Newton 1152 Granby
Danley (historical) Danley (historical) Dade 925 Greenfield
Ruskin (historical) Ruskin (historical) Scotland 791 Greensburg
Roper Roper Lawrence 1230 Halltown
Jury Siding Jury Siding Pulaski 1096 Hancock
Rhodes Spur Rhodes Spur Pulaski 1204 Hancock
Hawcreek (historical) Hawcreek (historical) Pike 522 Hannibal SE
Powers Powers Butler 315 Harviell
Alfrey Alfrey Butler 331 Harviell
Henchley Henchley Pemiscot 262 Hayti Heights
Strother Strother Pemiscot 259 Hayti Heights
Littles (historical) Littles (historical) Pemiscot 259 Hayti Heights
Erwin (historical) Erwin (historical) Pemiscot 262 Hayti Heights
Duland Duland Pemiscot 269 Hayti Heights
Kauffman (historical) Kauffman (historical) Pemiscot 266 Hayti Heights
Pioneer (historical) Pioneer (historical) New Madrid 295 Henderson Mound
Peck and Imhoff (historical) Peck and Imhoff (historical) New Madrid 295 Henderson Mound
Jody Jody Taney 1348 Hilda
Bradhams (historical) Bradhams (historical) Stoddard 282 Hills Store
Junction Switch (historical) Junction Switch (historical) Carter 883 Hunter
Grandin Junction (historical) Grandin Junction (historical) Carter 837 Hunter
Hurdland Station Hurdland Station Knox 837 Hurdland
Muddy Lane (historical) Muddy Lane (historical) Livingston 945 Shearwood
Scott Scott Johnson 853 Centerview
Roark Roark Barry 1119 Jenkins
Arroyo (historical) Arroyo (historical) Phelps 1033 Kaintuck Hollow
Owens Owens Dunklin 269 Kennett North
Seven Mile Seven Mile Dunklin 272 Kennett North
Christy (historical) Christy (historical) Howell 942 Koshkonong
Pillman (historical) Pillman (historical) Franklin 486 Labadie
Hornaday (historical) Hornaday (historical) Barton 981 Lamar North
Leo (historical) Leo (historical) Howell 981 Lanton
Martha (historical) Martha (historical) Reynolds 623 Lesterville SE
Alston (historical) Alston (historical) Barton 889 Liberal
Konantz (historical) Konantz (historical) Barton 879 Liberal
Dumbeck Dumbeck Dade 1073 Lockwood
Woodson (historical) Woodson (historical) Saline 764 Longwood
Whiterock Whiterock Pike 463 Louisiana
Hildrey (historical) Hildrey (historical) Pike 686 Louisville
Baileys Creek (historical) Baileys Creek (historical) Osage 935 Luystown
Sommers Sommers Dunklin 289 Malden
Phillips (historical) Phillips (historical) Dunklin 295 Malden
Ruma (historical) Ruma (historical) Dunklin 289 Malden
Five Point (historical) Five Point (historical) New Madrid 276 Malden
Sunny Side Sunny Side Wright 1365 Manes
Bennington Bennington Webster 1476 Mansfield NW
Howerton (historical) Howerton (historical) Phelps 978 Maramec Spring
Collinswood (historical) Collinswood (historical) Chariton 663 Mendon
Trade Trade Chariton 774 Mike
Spur Number 2 (historical) Spur Number 2 (historical) Wayne 413 Mill Spring
Graystone Park (historical) Graystone Park (historical) Montgomery 748 Montgomery City
Benton Station (historical) Benton Station (historical) Scott 335 Morley
Dina Dina Franklin 653 Moselle
Whetstone (historical) Whetstone (historical) Wright 1444 Mountain Grove North
Bunkers Spur (historical) Bunkers Spur (historical) Howell 1093 Mountain View
Doubling Spur Doubling Spur Lawrence 1191 Mount Vernon
Skinners Spur Skinners Spur Lawrence 1283 Mount Vernon
Duval Duval Barton 1001 Nashville
Cliffwood (historical) Cliffwood (historical) Jasper 928 Neck City
Breeze (historical) Breeze (historical) Jasper 919 Neck City
Fontella Fontella Newton 1017 Neosho West
Art (historical) Art (historical) Newton 1040 Neosho West
Niles Station (historical) Niles Station (historical) Newton 1132 Neosho West
Wall Wall Newton 1191 Neosho West
Elkins (historical) Elkins (historical) Callaway 804 New Bloomfield
Phlegeton (historical) Phlegeton (historical) Douglas 1178 Nichols Knob
Florilla Florilla Douglas 938 Nichols Knob
Mainard Mainard Douglas 1040 Nichols Knob
Needmore (historical) Needmore (historical) Greene 1286 Nixa
Quarry Track (historical) Quarry Track (historical) McDonald 833 Noel
Brutons (historical) Brutons (historical) Wright 1447 Norwood
Dickersons Dickersons Greene 1332 Oak Grove Heights
Ridgewoods Ridgewoods Laclede 1234 Oakland
Clones Clones Reynolds 1250 Oates
Beaverdam Beaverdam Scott 315 Oran
Ewings Ewings Cole 584 Osage City
Whites Spur (historical) Whites Spur (historical) Christian 1404 Ozark
Hedges Spur Hedges Spur Christian 1316 Ozark
Dillingham Spring (historical) Dillingham Spring (historical) New Madrid 276 Parma
McKenzie McKenzie Wayne 633 Piedmont
Bandyville Bandyville Oregon 630 Piedmont Hollow
Blackburn (historical) Blackburn (historical) Stoddard 322 Powe
Boone (historical) Boone (historical) Stoddard 325 Powe
Moons Mills (historical) Moons Mills (historical) Wayne 341 Puxico
Log Log Newton 1086 Racine
Margaret (historical) Margaret (historical) Gasconade 915 Redbird
Farrie (historical) Farrie (historical) Reynolds 846 Redford
Fair Banks Fair Banks Newton 1253 Reeds
View View Stone 1322 Reeds Spring
Thelma Thelma Stone 1394 Reeds Spring
Colenso Colenso Laclede 965 Richland
Coin (historical) Coin (historical) Oregon 689 Riverton
Snizer (historical) Snizer (historical) Butler 331 Rombauer
Embree Embree Texas 1447 Roubidoux
Brady (historical) Brady (historical) Oregon 814 Rover
Highgrove Highgrove Maries 981 Safe
Tacoma (historical) Tacoma (historical) Dent 1138 Salem
Marblehead (historical) Marblehead (historical) Jasper 1073 Sarcoxie
Kaechels Kaechels Scott 338 Scott City
South Junction South Junction Greene 1355 Springfield
Chadwick Junction Chadwick Junction Greene 1312 Springfield
Fairbanks (historical) Fairbanks (historical) Pemiscot 259 Steele
Choctaw (historical) Choctaw (historical) Pemiscot 259 Steele
Puachita (historical) Puachita (historical) Morgan 965 Stover
Foleys (historical) Foleys (historical) Stoddard 341 Sturdivant
Idumea (historical) Idumea (historical) Douglas 1106 Sweden
Marmaros (historical) Marmaros (historical) Stone 915 Table Rock Dam
Illmo Junction (historical) Illmo Junction (historical) Scott 344 Thebes
Jones Spur (historical) Jones Spur (historical) Scott 322 Thebes SW
Gofeld (historical) Gofeld (historical) Warren 879 Treloar
Cummings (historical) Cummings (historical) Carter 525 Van Buren South
Spring Dale Spring Dale Pike 771 Vandalia
Harbinson (historical) Harbinson (historical) Scott 305 Vanduser
Calcina (historical) Calcina (historical) Morgan 1020 Versailles
Ewells Ewells Pemiscot 266 Wardell
James James Pemiscot 266 Wardell
Macy (historical) Macy (historical) Jasper 1020 Webb City
Mansur Mansur Jasper 978 Webb City
Red Plant (historical) Red Plant (historical) Jasper 1001 Webb City
Leader Leader Howell 889 West Plains
Ergo (historical) Ergo (historical) Newton 1257 Wheaton
Tank Tank Cape Girardeau 335 Whitewater
Glee Glee Chariton 840 Wien
Carters Spur (historical) Carters Spur (historical) Wayne 558 Williamsville
Pinecreek Pinecreek Laclede 1152 Winnipeg
Sand Pit (historical) Sand Pit (historical) Dunklin 246 Arbyrd
Bush Bush Boone 899 Centralia
Provision (historical) Provision (historical) Greene 1348 Galloway
Neosho Station (historical) Neosho Station (historical) Newton 981 Granby
Grand Falls Grand Falls Newton 886 Joplin West
Hulston Mill Hulston Mill Dade 886 Dadeville
Mount Pleasant Ford Mount Pleasant Ford Gasconade 791 Redbird
Flamm City Public Access Flamm City Public Access Jefferson 390 Oakville
Baptist River Access Baptist River Access Dent 922 Montauk
Paint Rock River Access Paint Rock River Access Shannon 522 Exchange
Beal Landing Beal Landing Shannon 522 Van Buren North
Mill Creek Campsite Mill Creek Campsite Carter 630 Van Buren North
Roberts Field River Access Roberts Field River Access Shannon 558 Powder Mill Ferry
Logyard River Access Logyard River Access Shannon 531 Van Buren North
Chilton Creek River Access Chilton Creek River Access Carter 495 Van Buren North
CCC Historic District CCC Historic District Carter 469 Big Spring
Cataract Landing Cataract Landing Carter 417 Big Spring
Hickory Landing Hickory Landing Carter 404 Big Spring
Buck Hollow River Access Buck Hollow River Access Texas 860 Pine Crest
Bluff View River Access Bluff View River Access Shannon 863 Pine Crest
Big Spring River Access Big Spring River Access Carter 502 Big Spring
Blue Spring River Access Blue Spring River Access Shannon 833 Pine Crest
Boy Scout Camp (historical) Boy Scout Camp (historical) Warren 640 Foristell
Hannibal Country Club (historical) Hannibal Country Club (historical) Marion 656 Hannibal West
Port Scipio Port Scipio Marion 469 Hannibal West
Bay Mill Bay Mill Marion 515 Quincy SW
Broadway Wharf Broadway Wharf Marion 469 Hannibal East
Ralls Junction Ralls Junction Ralls 682 New London
Owendale Owendale Ralls 725 New London
Dent County Farm Dent County Farm Dent 1211 Darien
Slate Ford Slate Ford Putnam 791 Livonia
Purina Farm Purina Farm Franklin 574 Gray Summit
Lone Dell Camp (historical) Lone Dell Camp (historical) Franklin 561 Lonedell
Ogden Ogden Pemiscot 256 Bragg City
Craft Craft Pettis 837 Hughesville
Nodaway County Farm Nodaway County Farm Nodaway 1122 Maryville West
Marsh Ford (historical) Marsh Ford (historical) Madison 482 Coldwater
Rymers River Access Rymers River Access Shannon 787 Jam Up Cave
Thirty-ninth and Noland Center Thirty-ninth and Noland Center Jackson 932 Independence
Bridges Creek Access Bridges Creek Access Ozark 568 Udall
Ford Cove Access Ford Cove Access Ozark 564 Udall
Gladstone Square and Shops Gladstone Square and Shops Clay 988 North Kansas City
Seventy-first and Rockhill Shops Seventy-first and Rockhill Shops Jackson 928 Kansas City
Independence Avenue and Topping Shopping Center Independence Avenue and Topping Shopping Center Jackson 771 Kansas City
Paydown Gasconade River Public Access Paydown Gasconade River Public Access Maries 600 Paydown
Miracle Hills Ranch Miracle Hills Ranch Harrison 922 Mitchellville
Andy Denton Public Access Andy Denton Public Access Gentry 883 Berlin
Elrod Mill State Access Area Elrod Mill State Access Area Andrew 892 Whitesville
Black Oak Public Access Black Oak Public Access Nodaway 942 Barnard
Keever Bridge Access Area Keever Bridge Access Area Nodaway 1001 Parnell West
Worth County Community Lake State Recreation Area Worth County Community Lake State Recreation Area Worth 1053 Parnell East
Henderson Landing Henderson Landing New Madrid 282 Hubbard Lake
La Forge Landing La Forge Landing New Madrid 282 Hubbard Lake
Hotchkiss Landing Hotchkiss Landing New Madrid 285 Hubbard Lake
Three States Landing Three States Landing Mississippi 285 Bayouville
Dry Bayou Landing Dry Bayou Landing New Madrid 282 Bayouville
Medley Landing Medley Landing Mississippi 299 Wolf Island
Grassy Bayou Grassy Bayou Pemiscot 259 Hayti Heights
Pike County Farm Pike County Farm Pike 771 Bowling Green
Bells Point Landing Bells Point Landing Pemiscot 262 Tennemo
Cottonwood Point Landing Cottonwood Point Landing Pemiscot 236 Cottonwood Point
Hadorn Bridge Access Area Hadorn Bridge Access Area Andrew 892 Bolckow
Jackson County Park Headquarters Jackson County Park Headquarters Jackson 886 Lake Jacomo
Alley Spring Campground Alley Spring Campground Shannon 679 Alley Spring
Alley Spring River Access Alley Spring River Access Shannon 679 Alley Spring
Bay Creek River Access Bay Creek River Access Shannon 705 Jam Up Cave
Ulman State Tower Site Ulman State Tower Site Miller 899 Tuscumbia
Bell Chute Public Access Bell Chute Public Access Maries 640 Nagogami Lodge
Meta Tower Site Meta Tower Site Osage 853 Meta
Pointers Creek Public Access Pointers Creek Public Access Osage 558 Cooper Hill
Rollins Ferry Public Access Area Rollins Ferry Public Access Area Osage 571 Linn
South Trails Shopping Center South Trails Shopping Center Audrain 817 Mexico West
West Plaza West Plaza Audrain 794 Mexico West
Forum Shopping Center Forum Shopping Center Boone 722 Columbia
Twin Oaks Shopping Center Twin Oaks Shopping Center Cass 1099 Belton
Dodd Dodd Macon 837 New Cambria East
Whitener Ford Whitener Ford Madison 617 Rhodes Mountain
Outlets, Limited Outlets, Limited Camden 702 Camdenton
Osage Plaza Osage Plaza Camden 876 Bagnell
High Point Shopping Center High Point Shopping Center Camden 827 Lake Ozark
Southwest Plaza Southwest Plaza Cole 571 Jefferson City
Shoppers Mart Shoppers Mart Cole 728 Jefferson City
Gerbes Center Gerbes Center Cole 692 Jefferson City
Jefferson Plaza Jefferson Plaza Cole 574 Jefferson City
Dix Road Shopping Center Dix Road Shopping Center Cole 610 Jefferson City
Mart Shopping Center Mart Shopping Center Cole 620 Jefferson City
Southridge Shopping Center Southridge Shopping Center Cole 827 Jefferson City
West Village Plaza West Village Plaza Cole 633 Jefferson City
Capital Mall Capital Mall Cole 787 Lohman
Compressor Station Compressor Station Ste. Genevieve 545 Sainte Genevieve
Peaceful Valley Camp Peaceful Valley Camp Ste. Genevieve 443 Minnith
Coffman Tower Site State Public Hunting Area Coffman Tower Site State Public Hunting Area Ste. Genevieve 899 Coffman
Mount Shira Elk River Public Access Area Mount Shira Elk River Public Access Area McDonald 846 Noel
Lanagan Tower State Public Hunting Grounds Lanagan Tower State Public Hunting Grounds McDonald 1086 Noel
Far West Stake Campground Far West Stake Campground DeKalb 1020 Amity
Montauk State Public Hunting Area Montauk State Public Hunting Area Dent 1384 Rhyse
Dent County Fairground Dent County Fairground Dent 1204 Salem
Fordland Honor Camp Fordland Honor Camp Webster 1663 Fordland
Youth Camp Youth Camp Webster 1414 Niangua
Moon Valley Access Point Moon Valley Access Point Dallas 892 Windyville
Camp Aurora Camp Aurora Dallas 968 Windyville
Prosperine Access Point Prosperine Access Point Laclede 797 Eldridge West
Penstock Penstock Camden 787 Hahatonka
Stone Ford Stone Ford Camden 663 Hahatonka
Lake Valley Country Club Lake Valley Country Club Camden 741 Hahatonka
Eberhardt Ford Eberhardt Ford Cole 577 Lohman
Wingate Ford Wingate Ford Moniteau 554 Centertown NW
Blank Ford Blank Ford Moniteau 656 Russellville
Shock Ford Shock Ford Moniteau 640 Russellville
Kaley Ford Kaley Ford Cole 623 Russellville
Elm Grove School Elm Grove School Camden 1037 Conns Creek
Fairview School (historical) Fairview School (historical) Camden 981 Conns Creek
Liberty School Liberty School Pulaski 1138 Crocker
Holman School (historical) Holman School (historical) Webster 1519 Strafford
Minor School (historical) Minor School (historical) Webster 1384 Elkland
Old Goss School (historical) Old Goss School (historical) Dallas 1188 Elkland
Rock Prairie School (historical) Rock Prairie School (historical) Polk 1178 Fair Grove
Union Grove School Union Grove School Polk 1122 Fair Grove
Persimmon Grove School (historical) Persimmon Grove School (historical) Polk 1155 Fair Grove
Hickory Barren School Hickory Barren School Greene 1293 Bassville
Liberty School (historical) Liberty School (historical) Greene 1312 Bassville
Ingram School (historical) Ingram School (historical) Greene 1355 Bassville
Fairview School Fairview School Ozark 942 Bakersfield
Barren Creek School Barren Creek School Ozark 846 Bakersfield
Hawkins Ridge School (historical) Hawkins Ridge School (historical) Ozark 801 Bakersfield
Oak Mound School (historical) Oak Mound School (historical) Howell 951 Caulfield
Prairie Grove School Prairie Grove School Howell 1010 Caulfield
Big Spring School Big Spring School Howell 896 Caulfield
Stony Point School (historical) Stony Point School (historical) Howell 797 Caulfield
Reedville School Reedville School Franklin 843 Meramec State Park
Zion School (historical) Zion School (historical) Crawford 607 Meramec State Park
Oak Grove School (historical) Oak Grove School (historical) Crawford 909 Sullivan
Hixson Bridge (historical) Hixson Bridge (historical) Clinton 866 Smithville
Prairie Point School (historical) Prairie Point School (historical) Clinton 942 Smithville
Lott School (historical) Lott School (historical) Clinton 978 Smithville
Fry School (historical) Fry School (historical) Platte 978 Smithville
Rocky Point School (historical) Rocky Point School (historical) Clay 932 Smithville
Woods School Woods School Clay 974 Nashua
South Gale School (historical) South Gale School (historical) Platte 948 Ferrelview
Oak Grove School Oak Grove School Platte 965 Ferrelview
Prairie View School (historical) Prairie View School (historical) Platte 1033 Ferrelview
Todd Creek School (historical) Todd Creek School (historical) Platte 968 Ferrelview
Northtown Shopping Center Northtown Shopping Center Adair 971 Kirksville
Maiden Lane Shops Maiden Lane Shops Jasper 1030 Joplin West
North Park Mall North Park Mall Jasper 1014 Joplin East
Elms Shopping Center Elms Shopping Center Jasper 1047 Joplin East
East Gate Center East Gate Center Jasper 1076 Joplin East
Bel-aire Shopping Center Bel-aire Shopping Center Jasper 1040 Joplin East
Around Town Center Around Town Center Jasper 1043 Joplin East
Westchester Village Shopping Center Westchester Village Shopping Center Cass 909 Harrisonville
Steamboat Bend Shopping Center Steamboat Bend Shopping Center Marion 564 Hannibal West
Pin Hook School (historical) Pin Hook School (historical) Stoddard 295 Essex
Ming School Ming School Franklin 673 Washington East
Becker School Becker School Franklin 751 Labadie
Tavern School (historical) Tavern School (historical) Franklin 577 Labadie
Purina Mills Farm Purina Mills Farm Franklin 594 Labadie
The Warren County Shopping Center The Warren County Shopping Center Warren 863 Warrenton
Northpark Shopping Center Northpark Shopping Center Johnson 860 Warrensburg East
Big 'T' Shopping Center Big 'T' Shopping Center Johnson 850 Warrensburg East
Fremont Center Fremont Center Greene 1319 Springfield
Battlefield Plaza Battlefield Plaza Greene 1302 Springfield
Southgate Shopping Center Southgate Shopping Center Greene 1299 Springfield
Wedgewood Shopping Center Wedgewood Shopping Center Greene 1299 Springfield
Southern Hills Shopping Center Southern Hills Shopping Center Greene 1339 Springfield
Morris Ford Bridge (historical) Morris Ford Bridge (historical) Lincoln 541 Louisville
Hamilton School Hamilton School Pulaski 1086 Hancock
Pritchett School (historical) Pritchett School (historical) Camden 994 Stoutland
Turner School Turner School Laclede 1033 Stoutland
Greenstreet School (historical) Greenstreet School (historical) Laclede 1083 Stoutland
Hickory Grove School (historical) Hickory Grove School (historical) Laclede 1027 Stoutland
Sweatt School (historical) Sweatt School (historical) Camden 919 Montreal
Garman School Garman School Camden 925 Montreal
Reagan School (historical) Reagan School (historical) Laclede 1099 Eldridge East
Friendship School Friendship School Laclede 1102 Eldridge East
Keener School Keener School Laclede 1158 Eldridge East
Lone Star School (historical) Lone Star School (historical) Camden 860 Decaturville
Union School Union School Camden 991 Decaturville
North Town Mall North Town Mall Greene 1348 Springfield
Town and Country Plaza Town and Country Plaza Greene 1263 Springfield
Westport Shopping Center Westport Shopping Center Greene 1270 Springfield
Kingsway Mall Kingsway Mall New Madrid 328 Sikeston South
Thompson Hills Shopping Center Thompson Hills Shopping Center Pettis 814 Sedalia West
State Fair Shopping Center State Fair Shopping Center Pettis 863 Sedalia West
Crossroads Shopping Center Crossroads Shopping Center Dent 1194 Salem
Perry Plaza Shopping Center Perry Plaza Shopping Center Perry 574 Perryville East
Park Plaza Shopping Center Park Plaza Shopping Center Platte 981 Parkville
Harmony Shopping Center Harmony Shopping Center Newton 1050 Neosho West
Hilcrest Shopping Center Hilcrest Shopping Center Wright 1453 Mountain Grove North
Marshfield Shopping Center Marshfield Shopping Center Webster 1460 Marshfield
Marshfield Village Shopping Center Marshfield Village Shopping Center Webster 1460 Marshfield
Town and Country Mall Town and Country Mall Saline 735 Marshall South
Plaza Mall Plaza Mall Saline 732 Marshall South
Lafayette Village Shopping Center Lafayette Village Shopping Center Lafayette 853 Lexington West
Twin Pike Shopping Center Twin Pike Shopping Center Pike 522 Louisiana
Grand Glaize Shopping Center Grand Glaize Shopping Center Camden 787 Lake Ozark
Valle Vista Shopping Center Valle Vista Shopping Center Jackson 988 Lake Jacomo
Summit Springs Shopping Center Summit Springs Shopping Center Jackson 981 Lake Jacomo
Harrison County Farm Harrison County Farm Harrison 853 Bethany
Oak Grove School (historical) Oak Grove School (historical) Stone 1299 Crane
Pleasant Hill School (historical) Pleasant Hill School (historical) Stone 1352 Elsey
Saint Mary School (historical) Saint Mary School (historical) New Madrid 302 New Madrid
Saint Mary School (historical) Saint Mary School (historical) New Madrid 295 New Madrid
Shelby School (historical) Shelby School (historical) New Madrid 299 New Madrid
White Oak School White Oak School New Madrid 289 Kewanee
Rosenwald School Rosenwald School New Madrid 305 Kewanee
Dawson LaForge School (historical) Dawson LaForge School (historical) New Madrid 295 Kewanee
Dawson School (historical) Dawson School (historical) New Madrid 295 Kewanee
West Charter Oak School (historical) West Charter Oak School (historical) Stoddard 285 Charter Oak
Otto Spur (historical) Otto Spur (historical) New Madrid 289 Charter Oak
Medal (historical) Medal (historical) New Madrid 285 Charter Oak
Kendal School Kendal School New Madrid 282 Charter Oak
Stony Point School (historical) Stony Point School (historical) Ste. Genevieve 748 Danby
High Ridge School (historical) High Ridge School (historical) Jefferson 751 Halifax
Saltpeter School (historical) Saltpeter School (historical) Jefferson 541 Halifax
Pfmester School (historical) Pfmester School (historical) Jefferson 817 Halifax
McMullen School McMullen School Jefferson 633 Halifax
Eastgate Shopping Center Eastgate Shopping Center Henry 791 Clinton North
Rock Bridge Shopping Center Rock Bridge Shopping Center Boone 751 Columbia
Limerick (historical) Limerick (historical) Boone 594 Columbia
Columbia Plaza Columbia Plaza Boone 712 Columbia
Broadway Center Broadway Center Boone 764 Columbia
Biscayne Mall Biscayne Mall Boone 725 Columbia
Crossroads West Crossroads West Boone 758 Columbia
Columbia Mall Columbia Mall Boone 738 Columbia
Eastgate Plaza Eastgate Plaza Boone 659 Columbia
North County Shopping Center North County Shopping Center Boone 787 Columbia
Whitegate Shopping Center Whitegate Shopping Center Boone 774 Columbia
Parkade Plaza Parkade Plaza Boone 745 Columbia
Woolly Creek Ford (historical) Woolly Creek Ford (historical) Stone 915 Cape Fair
Liberty School (historical) Liberty School (historical) Dunklin 295 Malden
New Hope School (historical) New Hope School (historical) New Madrid 279 Malden
Oak Grove School (historical) Oak Grove School (historical) Stoddard 289 Bernie
Dickerson School (historical) Dickerson School (historical) Stoddard 285 Bernie
Poplin School Poplin School Stoddard 299 Bernie
Smith School (historical) Smith School (historical) Stoddard 285 Bernie
Smith School (historical) Smith School (historical) Stoddard 282 Bernie
Frisco School (historical) Frisco School (historical) Stoddard 289 Hills Store
Marco School (historical) Marco School (historical) Stoddard 289 Hills Store
Vinson School Vinson School Stoddard 289 Hills Store
Hyman School (historical) Hyman School (historical) New Madrid 279 Parma
Oak Island School (historical) Oak Island School (historical) New Madrid 276 Parma
Oak Ridge School (historical) Oak Ridge School (historical) New Madrid 279 Parma
Elk Grove School (historical) Elk Grove School (historical) Linn 732 Fountain Grove
East Fairview School (historical) East Fairview School (historical) Carroll 715 Hale
West School (historical) West School (historical) Carroll 718 Tina
Ironclad School (historical) Ironclad School (historical) Carroll 801 Tina
Pension School (historical) Pension School (historical) Carroll 748 Tina
Pointe Basse Plaza Pointe Basse Plaza Ste. Genevieve 440 Sainte Genevieve
Loutre Lick Access Area Loutre Lick Access Area Montgomery 554 Americus
Blackmer Blackmer Miller 643 Bagnell
Camp Red Bud Camp Red Bud Camden 699 Bagnell
Camp Horn Camp Horn Camden 853 Bollinger Creek
Simmons Ford Public Access Simmons Ford Public Access Texas 1079 Cabool NE
Moores Mill Access Moores Mill Access Callaway 643 Calwood
Camp Clover Point Camp Clover Point Camden 741 Camdenton
Camp Pin Oak Camp Pin Oak Camden 728 Camdenton
Camp Hawthorn Camp Hawthorn Camden 781 Camdenton
Camp Pa He Tsi Camp Pa He Tsi Camden 791 Camdenton
Camp Sharon Camp Sharon Morgan 692 Gravois Mills
Camp Santa Fe Camp Santa Fe Morgan 741 Gravois Mills
Sweetgum Public Access Area Sweetgum Public Access Area Bollinger 374 Zalma
Camp Ne-O-Tez Camp Ne-O-Tez Jefferson 597 Tiff
Jockey City Corners Jockey City Corners Benton 873 Edwards
Windermere Church Camp Windermere Church Camp Camden 696 Green Bay Terrace
Camp Oakledge Camp Oakledge Benton 709 Lakeview Heights
Holmes Bend Public Access Holmes Bend Public Access Daviess 735 Gallatin
Wabash Crossing Public Access Wabash Crossing Public Access Daviess 738 Gallatin
Shearwood Shearwood Grundy 935 Shearwood
Coburn Coburn Grundy 906 Shearwood
Pleasant Hill Community Hall Pleasant Hill Community Hall Scotland 823 Kilwinning
Four Corners Community Hall Four Corners Community Hall Scotland 837 Kilwinning
Buzzard Bluff State Access Buzzard Bluff State Access Wright 1063 Fuson
Cherokee Ridge Camp Cherokee Ridge Camp Wayne 495 Coldwater
Lakeview Country Club Lakeview Country Club Butler 305 Naylor
Mo-Ark Camp Mo-Ark Camp Ripley 341 Oxly
Browns Ferry Browns Ferry Dunklin 276 Campbell
Thomasville Tower Site Thomasville Tower Site Shannon 1102 Montier
SEMO Camp SEMO Camp Butler 397 Fairdealing
Greenville Ford Public Access Greenville Ford Public Access Ripley 407 Flatwoods
Frey Ford Frey Ford Oregon 459 Myrtle
Camp Rising Sun Camp Rising Sun Camden 771 Toronto
Cedar Hills Golf Course Cedar Hills Golf Course Benton 771 Shawnee Bend
Osage Country Club Osage Country Club Osage 883 Linn
Wo He Lo Woods Camp Wo He Lo Woods Camp Phelps 892 Vichy
Perryville Country Club Perryville Country Club Perry 600 Perryville West
Langdon Bend Public Access Langdon Bend Public Access Atchison 892 Langdon
Hoot Owl Bend Public Access Hoot Owl Bend Public Access Atchison 889 Langdon
Bollinger Ford Bollinger Ford Bollinger 449 Scopus
Angle Ford Angle Ford Bollinger 440 Scopus
Kinder Ford Kinder Ford Bollinger 430 Scopus
Dalton Ford Dalton Ford Bollinger 548 Scopus
Seabaugh Ford Seabaugh Ford Bollinger 518 Scopus
Christian Camp Christian Camp Holt 925 New Point
Berry Bluff State Hunting Area Berry Bluff State Hunting Area Dallas 912 Hahatonka
Gallups Mill (historical) Gallups Mill (historical) Boone Unknown
Ramseys Bluff (historical) Ramseys Bluff (historical) Boone Unknown
Smackout (historical) Smackout (historical) Boone 574 Jamestown
Talbot (historical) Talbot (historical) Howard 620 New Franklin
Elkgrove Elkgrove Howard Unknown
Prentiss Prentiss Callaway 794 Mokane West
Simmons Simmons Callaway Unknown
Stringfield Store Stringfield Store Callaway Unknown
Van Bibbers Lick Van Bibbers Lick Callaway Unknown
Venice (historical) Venice (historical) Callaway 741 Martinsburg
Pungree (historical) Pungree (historical) Howard Unknown
North Side North Side Howard Unknown
Mount Leonine Mount Leonine Howard Unknown
Kingsbury (historical) Kingsbury (historical) Howard 587 Billingsville
Jackman Mills Jackman Mills Howard Unknown
Hardemans Garden (historical) Hardemans Garden (historical) Howard Unknown
Algoa Farms Algoa Farms Cole 577 Osage City
Bougher Bougher Callaway 591 Jefferson City
Moreau Moreau Cole 643 Lohman
Bluffport Bluffport Howard 600 Saline City
Buckharts (historical) Buckharts (historical) Howard 682 New Franklin
Whites Store (historical) Whites Store (historical) Howard 682 Hilldale
Ayres (historical) Ayres (historical) Saline 755 New Frankfort
Fisk Creek (historical) Fisk Creek (historical) Saline Unknown
Koping (historical) Koping (historical) Saline Unknown
Tusseyville Tusseyville Saline Unknown
Felix (historical) Felix (historical) Moniteau Unknown
Lancaster (historical) Lancaster (historical) Moniteau Unknown
Magnolia (historical) Magnolia (historical) Moniteau Unknown
Oak Point (historical) Oak Point (historical) Moniteau Unknown
Renfros Mill (historical) Renfros Mill (historical) Moniteau Unknown
Wind Mill (historical) Wind Mill (historical) Moniteau Unknown
Butcher Ford Butcher Ford Osage Unknown
Dailey (historical) Dailey (historical) Osage Unknown
Glenns Landing (historical) Glenns Landing (historical) Osage Unknown
New Helvetia (historical) New Helvetia (historical) Osage Unknown
Portage (historical) Portage (historical) Osage 531 Morrison
Prairie Creek (historical) Prairie Creek (historical) Osage Unknown
Quebec (historical) Quebec (historical) Osage Unknown
Bournesburg (historical) Bournesburg (historical) Randolph Unknown
Edwardville (historical) Edwardville (historical) Randolph Unknown
Hardin (historical) Hardin (historical) Randolph Unknown
Long Siding Long Siding Randolph 879 Moberly
McClainsville (historical) McClainsville (historical) Randolph Unknown
Penneys (historical) Penneys (historical) Randolph Unknown
Rolling Home (historical) Rolling Home (historical) Randolph 774 Prairie Hill
Smithland (historical) Smithland (historical) Randolph Unknown
Conners Mill (historical) Conners Mill (historical) Cooper Unknown
Elliott (historical) Elliott (historical) Cooper Unknown
Heaths Salt Lick Heaths Salt Lick Cooper Unknown
Hirst (historical) Hirst (historical) Cooper 889 Tipton
Lakota (historical) Lakota (historical) Cooper 781 Clarksburg
Mount Carmel Mount Carmel Cooper Unknown
Old Round Hill (historical) Old Round Hill (historical) Cooper Unknown
Scotts Ford Scotts Ford Cooper Unknown
Scotts Ford (historical) Scotts Ford (historical) Cooper Unknown
Sweeney (historical) Sweeney (historical) Cooper 689 Clifton City
Orwood (historical) Orwood (historical) Ralls 735 Perry NE
Noonan (historical) Noonan (historical) Ralls 728 Perry NE
Nadine (historical) Nadine (historical) Ralls 751 Farber
Long Branch (historical) Long Branch (historical) Monroe 666 Santa Fe
Bradley Mill (historical) Bradley Mill (historical) Monroe Unknown
Caves Mill (historical) Caves Mill (historical) Monroe Unknown
Cecil (historical) Cecil (historical) Monroe 771 Paris West
Elliottsville (historical) Elliottsville (historical) Monroe Unknown
Giventon (historical) Giventon (historical) Monroe Unknown
Goss and Vandeventers Mill (historical) Goss and Vandeventers Mill (historical) Monroe Unknown
Harris Springs (historical) Harris Springs (historical) Monroe Unknown
Hawkins (historical) Hawkins (historical) Monroe 732 Goss
Hickmans Mill (historical) Hickmans Mill (historical) Monroe Unknown
Leichliter (historical) Leichliter (historical) Monroe Unknown
Merediths Mill (historical) Merediths Mill (historical) Monroe Unknown
Thompsonville (historical) Thompsonville (historical) Monroe Unknown
Ventura (historical) Ventura (historical) Monroe Unknown
Welch (historical) Welch (historical) Monroe 764 Paris West
Blues Store (historical) Blues Store (historical) Ralls Unknown
Branham (historical) Branham (historical) Ralls Unknown
Clemens (historical) Clemens (historical) Ralls 466 Hannibal East
Criglers Mills (historical) Criglers Mills (historical) Ralls Unknown
Dead Mans Crossing Dead Mans Crossing Ralls Unknown
Elliott (historical) Elliott (historical) Ralls Unknown
Ely Lick (historical) Ely Lick (historical) Ralls Unknown
Farmersville (historical) Farmersville (historical) Ralls Unknown
Freemores Lick Freemores Lick Ralls Unknown
Goodins Mill (historical) Goodins Mill (historical) Ralls Unknown
Hatch State Experimental Station Hatch State Experimental Station Marion 659 Hannibal West
Jessamine (historical) Jessamine (historical) Ralls 725 Perry NE
Matsons Mill (historical) Matsons Mill (historical) Ralls Unknown
Megown Springs Megown Springs Ralls Unknown
Oakwood Junction (historical) Oakwood Junction (historical) Ralls Unknown
Picketts Mills (historical) Picketts Mills (historical) Ralls Unknown
Plum Creek Plum Creek Ralls Unknown
Riverview (historical) Riverview (historical) Ralls Unknown
Spalding Springs Spalding Springs Ralls Unknown
Spencer Lick Mill Spencer Lick Mill Ralls Unknown
Old Tanyard Old Tanyard Ralls Unknown
Trabues Lick (historical) Trabues Lick (historical) Ralls Unknown
Utter Store (historical) Utter Store (historical) Ralls Unknown
Carroll Store (historical) Carroll Store (historical) Audrain Unknown
Francis Station (historical) Francis Station (historical) Audrain Unknown
Hawkinsville Store (historical) Hawkinsville Store (historical) Audrain Unknown
Hickory Grove (historical) Hickory Grove (historical) Audrain Unknown
Blues Store (historical) Blues Store (historical) Audrain Unknown
McGee Store (historical) McGee Store (historical) Audrain Unknown
Mount Carmel (historical) Mount Carmel (historical) Audrain 758 Middletown
Progress (historical) Progress (historical) Audrain Unknown
South Branch Junction (historical) South Branch Junction (historical) Audrain Unknown
Youngs Creek (historical) Youngs Creek (historical) Audrain 771 Molino
Government Boat Yard Government Boat Yard Gasconade 509 Gasconade
Ehlenberg (historical) Ehlenberg (historical) Gasconade Unknown
Gebler (historical) Gebler (historical) Gasconade Unknown
Grovedale (historical) Grovedale (historical) Gasconade Unknown
Peters Store (historical) Peters Store (historical) Gasconade Unknown
Bakers Mill (historical) Bakers Mill (historical) Montgomery Unknown
Belleville Store (historical) Belleville Store (historical) Montgomery Unknown
Kallmeyers Landing (historical) Kallmeyers Landing (historical) Montgomery Unknown
Callaways Grave Callaways Grave Montgomery Unknown
Carrolls Mill (historical) Carrolls Mill (historical) Montgomery Unknown
Devils Backbone Devils Backbone Montgomery Unknown
Dryden and Sharps Store (historical) Dryden and Sharps Store (historical) Montgomery Unknown
Drydens Mill (historical) Drydens Mill (historical) Montgomery Unknown
Erbslow and Monnigs Mill (historical) Erbslow and Monnigs Mill (historical) Montgomery Unknown
Jones Landing (historical) Jones Landing (historical) Montgomery Unknown
Kings Mills (historical) Kings Mills (historical) Montgomery Unknown
Nettles Ford (historical) Nettles Ford (historical) Montgomery Unknown
No Mans Land No Mans Land Montgomery Unknown
Owings Store (historical) Owings Store (historical) Montgomery Unknown
Persingers Mill (historical) Persingers Mill (historical) Montgomery Unknown
Prairie Flower Prairie Flower Montgomery Unknown
Quicks Landing Quicks Landing Montgomery Unknown
Winters Mill (historical) Winters Mill (historical) Montgomery Unknown
Aberdeen Farm Aberdeen Farm Pike Unknown
Booth (historical) Booth (historical) Pike 860 Bowling Green
Buffalo Fort (historical) Buffalo Fort (historical) Pike Unknown
Burns Mill (historical) Burns Mill (historical) Pike Unknown
Eaglenest Ford Eaglenest Ford Pike Unknown
Elk Lick Springs (historical) Elk Lick Springs (historical) Pike 607 Spencerburg
Goodmans Grove Goodmans Grove Pike Unknown
Grimmetts Mill (historical) Grimmetts Mill (historical) Pike Unknown
Hamburg Landing Hamburg Landing Pike Unknown
Hildrey Store (historical) Hildrey Store (historical) Pike Unknown
Jones Jones Pike 541 Hannibal SE
Joyce Joyce Pike Unknown
Levarg Levarg Pike Unknown
Longs Mill Longs Mill Pike Unknown
Mulherins Mill (historical) Mulherins Mill (historical) Pike Unknown
Paxtons Store (historical) Paxtons Store (historical) Pike Unknown
Peno (historical) Peno (historical) Pike 617 Frankford
Pumpkin Center (historical) Pumpkin Center (historical) Pike Unknown
Riverland (historical) Riverland (historical) Pike 459 Ashburn
Shaleton Shaleton Pike Unknown
Smiths Mill (historical) Smiths Mill (historical) Pike Unknown
Slip Up Slip Up Pike Unknown
Slip Up Store (historical) Slip Up Store (historical) Pike Unknown
Steels Landing (historical) Steels Landing (historical) Pike Unknown
Stock Yards (historical) Stock Yards (historical) Pike Unknown
Hutts Tollgate (historical) Hutts Tollgate (historical) Pike Unknown
Vannoys Mill (historical) Vannoys Mill (historical) Pike Unknown
Wells (historical) Wells (historical) Pike Unknown
Gant Gant Audrain 896 Centralia NE
Brown Shanty Ferry Brown Shanty Ferry Gasconade 509 Pershing
Palestine (historical) Palestine (historical) Gasconade 932 Rosebud
Bird Sanctuary Bird Sanctuary Gasconade 830 Oak Hill
Reinhart Reinhart Schuyler 771 Connelsville
Barnharts Barnharts Maries 725 Van Cleve
Cairns Cairns Maries 853 Brinktown
Cairns Cairns Maries 758 Vienna
Indian Village Site Indian Village Site Maries 610 Vienna
Cairns Cairns Maries 640 Vienna
Cairns Cairns Maries 597 Paydown
Indian Paintings Indian Paintings Maries 666 Paydown
Givens Mill (historical) Givens Mill (historical) Maries 758 Paydown
Paydown Mill (historical) Paydown Mill (historical) Maries 600 Paydown
Cairns Cairns Maries 784 Paydown
Indian Village Site Indian Village Site Maries 748 Paydown
Brays Mill (historical) Brays Mill (historical) Miller 718 Brays
Hinkle Hinkle Phelps 1033 Rosati
Rolla Orchard (historical) Rolla Orchard (historical) Phelps 1033 Dillon
Carson Store (historical) Carson Store (historical) Phelps 1197 Lecoma
Blooming Rose CCC Camp (historical) Blooming Rose CCC Camp (historical) Phelps 1155 Flat
Democrat Ridge Democrat Ridge Phelps Unknown
Macedonia (historical) Macedonia (historical) Phelps 984 Vichy
Norman (historical) Norman (historical) Phelps 1125 Seaton
Pillmans Mill (historical) Pillmans Mill (historical) Phelps Unknown
Relfe (historical) Relfe (historical) Phelps 833 Flat
Sands (historical) Sands (historical) Phelps Unknown
Titus (historical) Titus (historical) Phelps Unknown
Spencer Place Spencer Place Pulaski 951 Crocker
Schlicht Mill Schlicht Mill Pulaski 925 Crocker
Ody Park Ody Park Pulaski 787 Crocker
Camp Gasconade Camp Gasconade Pulaski 801 Crocker
Underwood Place Underwood Place Pulaski 748 Hancock
Shady Rest Shady Rest Pulaski 758 Hancock
Bailey (historical) Bailey (historical) Pulaski 1086 Bloodland
Baldridge (historical) Baldridge (historical) Pulaski Unknown
Bartlett Springs (historical) Bartlett Springs (historical) Pulaski Unknown
Bellefonte (historical) Bellefonte (historical) Pulaski 1037 Brownfield
Brownfield (historical) Brownfield (historical) Pulaski Unknown
California House (historical) California House (historical) Pulaski Unknown
Curtis (historical) Curtis (historical) Pulaski Unknown
Debruin (historical) Debruin (historical) Pulaski 945 Ozark Springs
Flynn (historical) Flynn (historical) Pulaski 961 Drynob
Francis (historical) Francis (historical) Pulaski Unknown
Fyan (historical) Fyan (historical) Pulaski 1079 Brownfield
Hawkins (historical) Hawkins (historical) Pulaski Unknown
Metcalf (historical) Metcalf (historical) Pulaski Unknown
Pine Bluff (historical) Pine Bluff (historical) Pulaski Unknown
Saint Annie (historical) Saint Annie (historical) Pulaski Unknown
Wharton (historical) Wharton (historical) Pulaski Unknown
Cadmus (historical) Cadmus (historical) Maries 915 Vichy
Carnes Camp Ground (historical) Carnes Camp Ground (historical) Maries Unknown
Dan (historical) Dan (historical) Maries Unknown
Fainswick (historical) Fainswick (historical) Maries Unknown
Feaster Spring Feaster Spring Maries Unknown
Grovedale (historical) Grovedale (historical) Maries 1014 High Gate
Highgrove (historical) Highgrove (historical) Maries Unknown
Honseville (historical) Honseville (historical) Maries Unknown
Kinderhook (historical) Kinderhook (historical) Maries Unknown
Lacon (historical) Lacon (historical) Maries Unknown
Maries (historical) Maries (historical) Maries 1079 Brays
Menton (historical) Menton (historical) Maries Unknown
Old Bloom Landing (historical) Old Bloom Landing (historical) Maries Unknown
Rader (historical) Rader (historical) Maries Unknown
Richey (historical) Richey (historical) Maries Unknown
Santee (historical) Santee (historical) Maries Unknown
Steen Prairie (historical) Steen Prairie (historical) Maries Unknown
Tuckers Store (historical) Tuckers Store (historical) Maries Unknown
Veto (historical) Veto (historical) Maries 1129 Vichy
Weldon (historical) Weldon (historical) Maries 1053 Big Bend
Blackmer (historical) Blackmer (historical) Miller Unknown
Bliss (historical) Bliss (historical) Miller Unknown
Blyze (historical) Blyze (historical) Miller Unknown
Brockman (historical) Brockman (historical) Miller Unknown
Brockmans Ford Brockmans Ford Miller Unknown
Cainby (historical) Cainby (historical) Miller 758 Van Cleve
Carroll (historical) Carroll (historical) Miller Unknown
Claxby (historical) Claxby (historical) Miller Unknown
Cooper (historical) Cooper (historical) Miller 663 Eldon
Cottons Spur (historical) Cottons Spur (historical) Miller Unknown
Fair Play (historical) Fair Play (historical) Miller Unknown
Flatwood (historical) Flatwood (historical) Miller Unknown
Goodmans (historical) Goodmans (historical) Miller 718 Olean
Locust Mount (historical) Locust Mount (historical) Miller Unknown
Pleasant Farm (historical) Pleasant Farm (historical) Miller 965 Tuscumbia
Ramsey (historical) Ramsey (historical) Miller Unknown
Summitt (historical) Summitt (historical) Miller Unknown
Tappehorn Landing (historical) Tappehorn Landing (historical) Miller Unknown
Wrights Mill Wrights Mill Miller Unknown
Arnholds Mill Arnholds Mill Camden Unknown
Asboth (historical) Asboth (historical) Camden Unknown
Auglaize (historical) Auglaize (historical) Camden Unknown
Blackmans Mills (historical) Blackmans Mills (historical) Camden Unknown
Bollingers Ferry Bollingers Ferry Camden Unknown
Carver (historical) Carver (historical) Camden 666 Bollinger Creek
Cave Pump (historical) Cave Pump (historical) Camden Unknown
Coelleda (historical) Coelleda (historical) Camden 705 Barnumton
Corum (historical) Corum (historical) Camden 659 Bollinger Creek
Deberry (historical) Deberry (historical) Camden 1014 Stoutland
Demeter (historical) Demeter (historical) Camden 1070 Montreal
Double Oak (historical) Double Oak (historical) Camden Unknown
Dry Ridge (historical) Dry Ridge (historical) Camden Unknown
Fearless (historical) Fearless (historical) Camden Unknown
Ganter (historical) Ganter (historical) Camden Unknown
Little Niangua (historical) Little Niangua (historical) Camden Unknown
Meadland (historical) Meadland (historical) Camden Unknown
Mosier (historical) Mosier (historical) Camden Unknown
Myetta (historical) Myetta (historical) Camden Unknown
Nonsuch (historical) Nonsuch (historical) Camden 682 Barnumton
Osage Iron Works (historical) Osage Iron Works (historical) Camden 745 Bollinger Creek
Rainey Creek (historical) Rainey Creek (historical) Camden Unknown
Spring Valley (historical) Spring Valley (historical) Camden 778 Knobby
Thornberry (historical) Thornberry (historical) Camden Unknown
Tuckersville (historical) Tuckersville (historical) Camden Unknown
Voorhees (historical) Voorhees (historical) Camden Unknown
Alvin (historical) Alvin (historical) Morgan 922 Fortuna
Bebra (historical) Bebra (historical) Morgan 863 Pyrmont
Bliss (historical) Bliss (historical) Morgan Unknown
Bonds Mines (historical) Bonds Mines (historical) Morgan Unknown
Carver (historical) Carver (historical) Morgan Unknown
Cope (historical) Cope (historical) Morgan Unknown
Corcyra (historical) Corcyra (historical) Morgan 659 Sunrise Beach
Dogwood Grove (historical) Dogwood Grove (historical) Morgan Unknown
Dow (historical) Dow (historical) Morgan Unknown
Enid (historical) Enid (historical) Morgan Unknown
Felix (historical) Felix (historical) Morgan Unknown
Gehlken (historical) Gehlken (historical) Morgan Unknown
Humes Mill (historical) Humes Mill (historical) Morgan Unknown
Ionia (historical) Ionia (historical) Morgan Unknown
Lodema (historical) Lodema (historical) Morgan 850 Stover
Lone Grove (historical) Lone Grove (historical) Morgan Unknown
Minerva (historical) Minerva (historical) Morgan Unknown
Mining Port (historical) Mining Port (historical) Morgan Unknown
Reedsburg (historical) Reedsburg (historical) Morgan Unknown
Rico Rico Morgan Unknown
Rogers Mill (historical) Rogers Mill (historical) Morgan Unknown
Saint Martins (historical) Saint Martins (historical) Morgan Unknown
Search (historical) Search (historical) Morgan Unknown
Spring Industrial Mill (historical) Spring Industrial Mill (historical) Morgan Unknown
Swindlers Station (historical) Swindlers Station (historical) Morgan Unknown
Tuckersville (historical) Tuckersville (historical) Morgan Unknown
Wayham (historical) Wayham (historical) Morgan Unknown
Zwanzig (historical) Zwanzig (historical) Morgan Unknown
Bledsoe (historical) Bledsoe (historical) Hickory Unknown
Childers (historical) Childers (historical) Hickory 978 Climax Springs
Cornersville (historical) Cornersville (historical) Hickory Unknown
Deepwater (historical) Deepwater (historical) Hickory Unknown
Heards Spring (historical) Heards Spring (historical) Hickory Unknown
Lone Spring (historical) Lone Spring (historical) Hickory 1109 Preston
Packard (historical) Packard (historical) Hickory Unknown
Pleasant Hill (historical) Pleasant Hill (historical) Hickory Unknown
Rankins Mill (historical) Rankins Mill (historical) Hickory Unknown
Stafford (historical) Stafford (historical) Hickory Unknown
Alexanders Mills (historical) Alexanders Mills (historical) Benton Unknown
Bishops Store (historical) Bishops Store (historical) Benton Unknown
Blaine (historical) Blaine (historical) Benton Unknown
Bledsoes Landing (historical) Bledsoes Landing (historical) Benton Unknown
Boeschenville (historical) Boeschenville (historical) Benton Unknown
Brauersville (historical) Brauersville (historical) Benton Unknown
Chapman (historical) Chapman (historical) Benton Unknown
Cloverdale (historical) Cloverdale (historical) Benton Unknown
Duroc (historical) Duroc (historical) Benton 833 Edwards
Fargo (historical) Fargo (historical) Benton Unknown
Forthview Forthview Benton Unknown
Fredonia (historical) Fredonia (historical) Benton Unknown
Fristoe Town (historical) Fristoe Town (historical) Benton Unknown
Fuller (historical) Fuller (historical) Benton Unknown
Garretts Mill (historical) Garretts Mill (historical) Benton Unknown
Gibson (historical) Gibson (historical) Benton Unknown
Hockman (historical) Hockman (historical) Benton Unknown
Johnson Spur (historical) Johnson Spur (historical) Benton Unknown
Kreissels Mill (historical) Kreissels Mill (historical) Benton Unknown
Leslie (historical) Leslie (historical) Benton Unknown
Melvin (historical) Melvin (historical) Benton Unknown
Mountain View (historical) Mountain View (historical) Benton Unknown
Nay (historical) Nay (historical) Benton Unknown
Passo (historical) Passo (historical) Benton 912 Shawnee Bend
Poplar (historical) Poplar (historical) Benton 876 Lincoln SE
Raymond (historical) Raymond (historical) Benton 797 Lincoln
Schuyler (historical) Schuyler (historical) Benton 755 Lincoln SE
Shiptonsburg (historical) Shiptonsburg (historical) Benton Unknown
Smith Mill (historical) Smith Mill (historical) Benton Unknown
Tahoma (historical) Tahoma (historical) Benton Unknown
Turkey Creek (historical) Turkey Creek (historical) Benton Unknown
Yeager (historical) Yeager (historical) Benton Unknown
Zinc (historical) Zinc (historical) Benton Unknown
Arator (historical) Arator (historical) Pettis Unknown
Bertha (historical) Bertha (historical) Pettis Unknown
Bothwell Lodge (historical) Bothwell Lodge (historical) Pettis Unknown
Brown Springs (historical) Brown Springs (historical) Pettis Unknown
Buncombe (historical) Buncombe (historical) Pettis Unknown
Clifton (historical) Clifton (historical) Pettis Unknown
Dorsey (historical) Dorsey (historical) Pettis Unknown
Dumpville (historical) Dumpville (historical) Pettis 899 Bahner
Elkfork (historical) Elkfork (historical) Pettis Unknown
Ewerton Ewerton Pettis Unknown
Fairview (historical) Fairview (historical) Pettis Unknown
Farmers City (historical) Farmers City (historical) Pettis Unknown
Finch (historical) Finch (historical) Pettis Unknown
Gailey (historical) Gailey (historical) Pettis Unknown
Heaths Creek (historical) Heaths Creek (historical) Pettis Unknown
Keightly (historical) Keightly (historical) Pettis Unknown
Kemp (historical) Kemp (historical) Pettis Unknown
Lamb (historical) Lamb (historical) Pettis Unknown
Lutman (historical) Lutman (historical) Pettis 906 Pyrmont
McAllister (historical) McAllister (historical) Saline Unknown
Pauline (historical) Pauline (historical) Pettis Unknown
Pearson (historical) Pearson (historical) Pettis Unknown
Pin Hook Mill (historical) Pin Hook Mill (historical) Pettis Unknown
Rodelia (historical) Rodelia (historical) Pettis Unknown
Rowletta (historical) Rowletta (historical) Pettis 771 La Monte
Spring Garden (historical) Spring Garden (historical) Pettis Unknown
Thornleigh (historical) Thornleigh (historical) Pettis 850 Beaman
Washington Prairie (historical) Washington Prairie (historical) Pettis Unknown
Avery Settlement (historical) Avery Settlement (historical) Henry 830 Leeton
Brownings Ferry Brownings Ferry Henry Unknown
Carrsville Mill (historical) Carrsville Mill (historical) Henry Unknown
Collins Mill (historical) Collins Mill (historical) Henry 771 Calhoun East
Dixons Mill (historical) Dixons Mill (historical) Henry Unknown
Glenrock (historical) Glenrock (historical) Henry Unknown
Huntley Mill (historical) Huntley Mill (historical) Henry Unknown
Industry (historical) Industry (historical) Henry 741 Hartwell
Jackson Mill (historical) Jackson Mill (historical) Henry Unknown
Kimseys Mill (historical) Kimseys Mill (historical) Henry Unknown
Levy (historical) Levy (historical) Henry 732 Clinton South
Locust Grove (historical) Locust Grove (historical) Henry Unknown
Mallard (historical) Mallard (historical) Henry Unknown
Parks Settlement (historical) Parks Settlement (historical) Henry Unknown
Patrick (historical) Patrick (historical) Henry Unknown
Wades Mill (historical) Wades Mill (historical) Henry Unknown
Winchell (historical) Winchell (historical) Henry 748 Hartwell
Air (historical) Air (historical) Johnson Unknown
Bluff Spring Settlement (historical) Bluff Spring Settlement (historical) Johnson Unknown
Bolejacks Mill (historical) Bolejacks Mill (historical) Johnson Unknown
Burnett Station (historical) Burnett Station (historical) Johnson Unknown
California Ford (historical) California Ford (historical) Johnson Unknown
Daughertys Mill (historical) Daughertys Mill (historical) Johnson Unknown
Davis Mill (historical) Davis Mill (historical) Johnson Unknown
Doran (historical) Doran (historical) Johnson 892 Holden
Eureka Mills (historical) Eureka Mills (historical) Johnson Unknown
Fedit Mill (historical) Fedit Mill (historical) Johnson Unknown
Globe (historical) Globe (historical) Johnson Unknown
Hackneys Mill (historical) Hackneys Mill (historical) Johnson Unknown
Halls Store (historical) Halls Store (historical) Johnson Unknown
Howards Mill (historical) Howards Mill (historical) Johnson Unknown
Huff Settlement (historical) Huff Settlement (historical) Johnson Unknown
Jacksons Mill (historical) Jacksons Mill (historical) Johnson Unknown
Jerome Greers Mill (historical) Jerome Greers Mill (historical) Johnson Unknown
Longacres Mill (historical) Longacres Mill (historical) Johnson Unknown
Magnolia Mill (historical) Magnolia Mill (historical) Johnson Unknown
Mulkey Settlement (historical) Mulkey Settlement (historical) Johnson Unknown
Norris Mill (historical) Norris Mill (historical) Johnson Unknown
Paul Town (historical) Paul Town (historical) Johnson Unknown
Scott Neighborhood (historical) Scott Neighborhood (historical) Johnson Unknown
Scotts Mill (historical) Scotts Mill (historical) Johnson Unknown
Wades Mill (historical) Wades Mill (historical) Johnson Unknown
Walls Store (historical) Walls Store (historical) Johnson Unknown
Turpin (historical) Turpin (historical) Pike 479 Clarksville
Three Churches Three Churches Pike 594 Vera
Parks Mill Parks Mill Hickory 830 Branch
Valda Valda Pettis 820 Sedalia East
Thrush Thrush Henry 801 Calhoun East
Bacon (historical) Bacon (historical) Cass Unknown
Barton Barton Cass 886 Peculiar
Big Creek Settlement (historical) Big Creek Settlement (historical) Cass Unknown
Bouses Mill (historical) Bouses Mill (historical) Cass Unknown
Brosley (historical) Brosley (historical) Cass Unknown
Browns Mill (historical) Browns Mill (historical) Cass Unknown
Crenshaw Mill (historical) Crenshaw Mill (historical) Cass Unknown
Farmer and Gardners Mill (historical) Farmer and Gardners Mill (historical) Cass Unknown
Farmers Mill (historical) Farmers Mill (historical) Cass Unknown
Farmer Settlement (historical) Farmer Settlement (historical) Cass Unknown
Finneyville (historical) Finneyville (historical) Cass Unknown
Grant (historical) Grant (historical) Cass Unknown
Haymakers Mill (historical) Haymakers Mill (historical) Cass Unknown
High Blue (historical) High Blue (historical) Cass Unknown
High Hill School (historical) High Hill School (historical) Cass Unknown
Horton Settlement (historical) Horton Settlement (historical) Cass Unknown
Index (historical) Index (historical) Cass 869 Garden City
Ingles Mill (historical) Ingles Mill (historical) Cass Unknown
Jonesville (historical) Jonesville (historical) Cass Unknown
Kimpton (historical) Kimpton (historical) Cass 971 Harrisonville
Lakeview (historical) Lakeview (historical) Cass Unknown
Lickskillet (historical) Lickskillet (historical) Cass Unknown
McLellands Springs (historical) McLellands Springs (historical) Cass Unknown
Parsons Mill (historical) Parsons Mill (historical) Cass Unknown
Richlawn (historical) Richlawn (historical) Cass 915 Pleasant Hill
Robinson (historical) Robinson (historical) Cass Unknown
Savages Mill (historical) Savages Mill (historical) Cass Unknown
Schuyler (historical) Schuyler (historical) Cass Unknown
Staley (historical) Staley (historical) Cass Unknown
Wadesburg (historical) Wadesburg (historical) Cass Unknown
West Belton (historical) West Belton (historical) Cass 1079 Belton
West Union (historical) West Union (historical) Cass 942 West Line
Bells Mill (historical) Bells Mill (historical) Bates Unknown
Campbells Station (historical) Campbells Station (historical) Bates Unknown
Chorettes Mill (historical) Chorettes Mill (historical) Bates Unknown
Cove City (historical) Cove City (historical) Bates Unknown
Culver (historical) Culver (historical) Bates 896 Spruce
Diamond Mill (historical) Diamond Mill (historical) Bates Unknown
Elkhart (historical) Elkhart (historical) Bates Unknown
Fair Oaks (historical) Fair Oaks (historical) Bates Unknown
Goddards Mill (historical) Goddards Mill (historical) Bates Unknown
Haymakers Mill (historical) Haymakers Mill (historical) Bates Unknown
Keith (historical) Keith (historical) Bates 906 Sprague
Lefker Mill (historical) Lefker Mill (historical) Bates Unknown
Louisville (historical) Louisville (historical) Bates Unknown
Lutsenhizer Mill (historical) Lutsenhizer Mill (historical) Bates Unknown
McPeak Switch (historical) McPeak Switch (historical) Bates Unknown
Mid Way (historical) Mid Way (historical) Bates Unknown
Mokan (historical) Mokan (historical) Bates 814 Worland
Parkerville (historical) Parkerville (historical) Bates Unknown
Powers Mill (historical) Powers Mill (historical) Bates Unknown
Rively (historical) Rively (historical) Bates Unknown
Rosier (historical) Rosier (historical) Bates Unknown
Selden (historical) Selden (historical) Bates Unknown
Settle Ford Mill (historical) Settle Ford Mill (historical) Bates Unknown
Shobe (historical) Shobe (historical) Bates Unknown
Vinton (historical) Vinton (historical) Bates 833 Amoret
Whites Mill (historical) Whites Mill (historical) Bates Unknown
Wrightsburg (historical) Wrightsburg (historical) Bates Unknown
Yocum (historical) Yocum (historical) Bates Unknown
Zinns Mill (historical) Zinns Mill (historical) Bates Unknown
Adams Mill (historical) Adams Mill (historical) Jasper Unknown
Blytheville (historical) Blytheville (historical) Jasper Unknown
Duncans Mill Duncans Mill Jasper Unknown
Melugin Melugin Jasper 1037 Avilla
Talbott Mill Talbott Mill Jasper Unknown
Belvoir (historical) Belvoir (historical) Vernon Unknown
Cogswells Mill (historical) Cogswells Mill (historical) Vernon Unknown
Harris (historical) Harris (historical) Vernon 823 Garland
Hogans Crossing (historical) Hogans Crossing (historical) Vernon Unknown
McNeils Mill (historical) McNeils Mill (historical) Vernon Unknown
Martins Mill (historical) Martins Mill (historical) Vernon Unknown
Morris Place (historical) Morris Place (historical) Vernon Unknown
Coon Creek Mill Coon Creek Mill Barton Unknown
Last Chance Last Chance Barton 860 Liberal
Pedro Pedro Barton Unknown
Bells Mill Bells Mill Cedar Unknown
Blakeys Mill Blakeys Mill Cedar Unknown
Cedar Mill Cedar Mill Cedar Unknown
Cooks Mill Cooks Mill Cedar Unknown
Crows Mill Crows Mill Cedar Unknown
Dunnegans Mill Dunnegans Mill Cedar Unknown
Owens Mill Owens Mill Cedar 814 Bearcreek
Gillespie Mill (historical) Gillespie Mill (historical) Dade Unknown
Hoyle Mill (historical) Hoyle Mill (historical) Dade Unknown
Ragsdales Mill (historical) Ragsdales Mill (historical) Dade Unknown
Roarks Mill (historical) Roarks Mill (historical) Dade Unknown
Williams Switch (historical) Williams Switch (historical) Vernon Unknown
Iron Switch Iron Switch Newton Unknown
Seneca Mill Seneca Mill Newton Unknown
Camp Fallis Camp Fallis McDonald Unknown
Elkozar Elkozar McDonald Unknown
Hilltop Lodge Hilltop Lodge McDonald Unknown
Indian Camp Springs Indian Camp Springs McDonald Unknown
Indian River Highlands Indian River Highlands McDonald Unknown
Langleys Ford Langleys Ford McDonald Unknown
McNatts Mill McNatts Mill McDonald Unknown
Mayfield Ford Mayfield Ford McDonald Unknown
Moral Moral McDonald 1299 McNatt
The Narrows The Narrows McDonald Unknown
Newberry Ford Newberry Ford McDonald Unknown
Pecks Ford Pecks Ford McDonald Unknown
Pioneer Log Cabin Camp Pioneer Log Cabin Camp McDonald Unknown
Pla-Daz Pla-Daz McDonald Unknown
Prater Ford Prater Ford McDonald Unknown
Seldom Seen Seldom Seen McDonald Unknown
Stelzer Ford Stelzer Ford McDonald Unknown
Vestals Mill Vestals Mill McDonald Unknown
Wills Resort Wills Resort McDonald Unknown
Dales Mill (historical) Dales Mill (historical) Lawrence Unknown
Enright Station (historical) Enright Station (historical) Lawrence Unknown
Forest Home (historical) Forest Home (historical) Lawrence Unknown
Jones Mill (historical) Jones Mill (historical) Lawrence Unknown
Kendallsville (historical) Kendallsville (historical) Lawrence Unknown
Likins Mill (historical) Likins Mill (historical) Lawrence Unknown
Lockhart (historical) Lockhart (historical) Lawrence Unknown
Lumleys Mill (historical) Lumleys Mill (historical) Lawrence Unknown
McCoys Mill (historical) McCoys Mill (historical) Lawrence Unknown
McNatts Store (historical) McNatts Store (historical) Lawrence Unknown
Saint Martha (historical) Saint Martha (historical) Lawrence Unknown
Slys Mill (historical) Slys Mill (historical) Lawrence Unknown
Southbend (historical) Southbend (historical) Lawrence Unknown
Talpa (historical) Talpa (historical) Lawrence 1312 Stotts City
The Old Red Mill (historical) The Old Red Mill (historical) Lawrence Unknown
Zinns Mill (historical) Zinns Mill (historical) Lawrence Unknown
President Gardens Shopping Center President Gardens Shopping Center Jackson 912 Grandview
Seventy-first and Oaks Shops Seventy-first and Oaks Shops Jackson 968 Grandview
Romanelli Shopping Center Romanelli Shopping Center Jackson 984 Grandview
Waldo Mart Waldo Mart Jackson 994 Grandview
Wornall Village Shopping Center Wornall Village Shopping Center Jackson 951 Grandview
Wornall at Eighty-fifth Street Center Wornall at Eighty-fifth Street Center Jackson 961 Grandview
Santa Fe Village Shopping Center Santa Fe Village Shopping Center Jackson 863 Grandview
Ward Parkway Center Ward Parkway Center Jackson 932 Grandview
One Hundred Three Square One Hundred Three Square Jackson 814 Grandview
Wornall Center Wornall Center Jackson 810 Grandview
State Line Shopping Center State Line Shopping Center Jackson 846 Grandview
Watts Mill Center Watts Mill Center Jackson 827 Grandview
Watts Mill Village Shopping Center Watts Mill Village Shopping Center Jackson 827 Grandview
Red Bridge Shopping Center Red Bridge Shopping Center Jackson 932 Grandview
Bannister Mall Bannister Mall Jackson 948 Grandview
Ruskin Heights Shopping Center Ruskin Heights Shopping Center Jackson 1043 Grandview
Leawood Village Shopping Center Leawood Village Shopping Center Jackson 991 Grandview
Grandview Plaza Grandview Plaza Jackson 1060 Grandview
Truman Corners Shopping Center Truman Corners Shopping Center Jackson 1020 Grandview
Smokey Row Settlement (historical) Smokey Row Settlement (historical) Bates 768 Creighton
Georgia City Georgia City Jasper 873 Asbury
Midway Midway Jasper 1063 Avilla
Cottonwood Springs Cottonwood Springs Jasper 958 Joplin West
Jackson Jackson Jasper 1004 Joplin West
Le Roy Le Roy Barton 823 Garland
Fairbanks Fairbanks Barton 889 Lamar North
Dublin Dublin Barton Unknown
Pleasant View Pleasant View Cedar 804 Filley
Hartley Hartley Cedar 1007 Bona
Dadeville (historical) Dadeville (historical) Dade 1007 South Greenfield
Caseyville Caseyville Dade 1050 Dadeville
Alcora Alcora Newton 1112 Tipton Ford
Burton Mill (historical) Burton Mill (historical) Lawrence Unknown
Johnson-Cherry Mill (historical) Johnson-Cherry Mill (historical) Lawrence Unknown
Tiger Tiger Bates 840 Worland
Ovid (historical) Ovid (historical) Bates 814 Rich Hill
Boylers Mill (historical) Boylers Mill (historical) Benton 748 Boylers Mill
County Farm County Farm Andrew 1027 Savannah
Young (historical) Young (historical) Buchanan 1030 Saint Joseph South
Ajax (historical) Ajax (historical) Buchanan 935 Saint Joseph South
Campbells (historical) Campbells (historical) Buchanan 889 Dearborn
Stafford (historical) Stafford (historical) Buchanan 899 Dearborn
Platte River Platte River Buchanan 840 Agency
Matheys Mill (historical) Matheys Mill (historical) Buchanan 814 Edgerton
Hords Spur (historical) Hords Spur (historical) Clinton 1040 Gower
Hixson Mill (historical) Hixson Mill (historical) Clinton 866 Smithville
Ross Mills (historical) Ross Mills (historical) Clay 863 Smithville
Amory Amory Clay 879 Nashua
Wood Hill Golf Club (historical) Wood Hill Golf Club (historical) Clay 899 North Kansas City
Campbellton (historical) Campbellton (historical) Clay 915 North Kansas City
Helping Hand Farm Helping Hand Farm Clay 886 Liberty
Federal Transient Camp (historical) Federal Transient Camp (historical) Clay 725 Liberty
Elm Park (historical) Elm Park (historical) Jackson 1014 Independence
Saint Andrews Golf Club (historical) Saint Andrews Golf Club (historical) Jackson 912 Grandview
Chevy Chase Golf Club (historical) Chevy Chase Golf Club (historical) Jackson 899 Grandview
South Ridge Country Club (historical) South Ridge Country Club (historical) Jackson 997 Grandview
Kinehaven Farm (historical) Kinehaven Farm (historical) Jackson 981 Raymore
Kennett Lodge (historical) Kennett Lodge (historical) Dunklin 259 Kennett South
Huckin (historical) Huckin (historical) Dunklin 243 Hornersville
Iron Ford (historical) Iron Ford (historical) Crawford 761 Redbird
Spies Landing (historical) Spies Landing (historical) New Madrid 282 Hubbard Lake
Burdett Landing (historical) Burdett Landing (historical) Butler 295 Vastus
Hazel Hazel Stoddard 305 Bernie
C C C Camp (historical) C C C Camp (historical) Oregon 804 Riverton
Thomasons Mill Thomasons Mill Oregon 404 Billmore
Riverside Station Riverside Station Platte 751 North Kansas City
Oggs Mill Oggs Mill Ray 876 Rayville
Baums Mill Baums Mill Carroll Unknown
Edmonston Ferry Edmonston Ferry Carroll Unknown
Hills Landing Hills Landing Carroll Unknown
Mascow Mascow Carroll Unknown
Ohio Ohio Carroll Unknown
Astoria Astoria Livingston Unknown
Fairview Fairview Harrison Unknown
Fern Hill Fern Hill Caldwell Unknown
Rock Ford Rock Ford Caldwell Unknown
Coon Grove Coon Grove Daviess Unknown
Eclipse Eclipse Daviess Unknown
Edray Edray Daviess Unknown
Hobsons Choice Hobsons Choice Daviess Unknown
Hopewell Hopewell Daviess Unknown
Wood Creek Wood Creek Daviess Unknown
Chittims Well Chittims Well Gentry Unknown
Bucklin Bucklin Daviess Unknown
Clarks Clarks Gentry Unknown
DeHarte Siding DeHarte Siding Daviess Unknown
Dice Dice Daviess Unknown
Summerville Summerville DeKalb Unknown
Tanner Tanner Clinton Unknown
Hughes Hughes Nodaway Unknown
Baileys Grove Baileys Grove Atchison Unknown
Dogwoods Dogwoods Atchison Unknown
English Grove English Grove Atchison Unknown
Fowler Mill Fowler Mill Atchison Unknown
Fugitts Mill (historical) Fugitts Mill (historical) Atchison Unknown
Hog Thief Bend Hog Thief Bend Atchison Unknown
Hunters Bridge Hunters Bridge Atchison Unknown
Rupe's Grove Rupe's Grove Atchison Unknown
Walkups Grove Walkups Grove Atchison Unknown
Waughs Grove Waughs Grove Atchison Unknown
Bennett Lane Bennett Lane Andrew Unknown
Bonteun Bonteun Andrew Unknown
Boswell Boswell Holt Unknown
Rolling Fork Rolling Fork Holt Unknown
Sharpes Grove Sharpes Grove Holt Unknown
Whig Valley Whig Valley Holt Unknown
Platte River Mills Platte River Mills Buchanan Unknown
Brown Station Brown Station Platte Unknown
Bywaters Bywaters Platte Unknown
Drennon Station Drennon Station Platte Unknown
Fruitridge Station Fruitridge Station Platte Unknown
Greens Ferry Greens Ferry Platte Unknown
Hamiltons Ferry Hamiltons Ferry Platte Unknown
Hills Point Hills Point Platte Unknown
Kirmeyer Station Kirmeyer Station Platte Unknown
Longpoint Longpoint Platte Unknown
Packers Mill Packers Mill Platte Unknown
Paxtons Mill Paxtons Mill Platte Unknown
Ray Ray Platte Unknown
Riverview Riverview Platte Unknown
Rixeys Mill Rixeys Mill Platte Unknown
Sunny Slope Sunny Slope Platte Unknown
Union Mills Union Mills Platte Unknown
Westdale Westdale Platte Unknown
West Platte West Platte Platte Unknown
Williams Williams Platte Unknown
Adrian Adrian Clay Unknown
Barnes Addition Barnes Addition Clay Unknown
Blue Mills Ferry Blue Mills Ferry Clay Unknown
Brasfield Brasfield Clay Unknown
Clarksboro Clarksboro Clay Unknown
Darby Darby Clay Unknown
Deister Deister Clay Unknown
Estes Mill Estes Mill Clay Unknown
Field Field Clay Unknown
Froman Froman Clay Unknown
Gilliams Mill Gilliams Mill Clay Unknown
Glen Arbor Glen Arbor Clay Unknown
Hixons Mill Hixons Mill Clay Unknown
Jefferson Highland Jefferson Highland Clay Unknown
McDowell McDowell Clay Unknown
McGowan McGowan Clay Unknown
McKee McKee Clay Unknown
Manchesters Mill Manchesters Mill Clay Unknown
Murray Murray Clay Unknown
Northern Heights Northern Heights Clay Unknown
Overtons Crossing Overtons Crossing Clay Unknown
Schroeder Schroeder Clay Unknown
Ustick Ustick Clay Unknown
Withers Withers Clay Unknown
Allens Brick Mill Allens Brick Mill Ray Unknown
Carpenters Mill Carpenters Mill Ray Unknown
Elderton Elderton Ray Unknown
Fredonia Fredonia Ray Unknown
Hamilton Heights Hamilton Heights Ray Unknown
Hughes Landing Hughes Landing Ray Unknown
Jacks Ferry Jacks Ferry Ray Unknown
Mineral City Mineral City Ray Unknown
North Bluffton North Bluffton Ray Unknown
Otsego Otsego Ray Unknown
Pomeroys Ferry Pomeroys Ferry Ray Unknown
Sisks Mill Sisks Mill Ray Unknown
Vard Davis Sawmill Vard Davis Sawmill Ray Unknown
Argonne Argonne Lafayette Unknown
Fines Landing Fines Landing Lafayette Unknown
Jonathan Jonathan Lafayette Unknown
Northrup Northrup Lafayette 797 Lexington East
Point Lookout Point Lookout Lafayette Unknown
Renicks Mill Renicks Mill Lafayette Unknown
Shambler Shambler Lafayette Unknown
Ojibway (historical) Ojibway (historical) Wayne 364 Hendrickson
Barrett Switch (historical) Barrett Switch (historical) Wayne 427 Hendrickson
Smith Farm (historical) Smith Farm (historical) Butler 522 Wappapello
Mengo (historical) Mengo (historical) Butler 341 Poplar Bluff
Sawyer (historical) Sawyer (historical) Butler 325 Rombauer
Ajax (historical) Ajax (historical) Stoddard 331 Dudley
Old Short Place Old Short Place Ripley 443 Grandin SW
Pinneys Camp Pinneys Camp Ripley 384 Grandin SW
Crosswhite Club (historical) Crosswhite Club (historical) Carter 400 Grandin SW
McDowell Place (historical) McDowell Place (historical) Carter 417 Grandin SW
Indiana Spur (historical) Indiana Spur (historical) Stoddard 305 Clines Island
Bridwell (historical) Bridwell (historical) Stoddard 312 Vanduser
Vater (historical) Vater (historical) Mississippi 312 Anniston
Miller Landing (historical) Miller Landing (historical) Mississippi 299 Wickliffe SW
Rymer Ranch Rymer Ranch Shannon 981 Jam Up Cave
Winona Junction (historical) Winona Junction (historical) Shannon 988 Winona
Williams Ford (historical) Williams Ford (historical) Shannon 561 Powder Mill Ferry
Goose Bay Ford (historical) Goose Bay Ford (historical) Shannon 564 Powder Mill Ferry
Powder Mill Ford (historical) Powder Mill Ford (historical) Shannon 561 Powder Mill Ferry
Booming Shoal Ford (historical) Booming Shoal Ford (historical) Shannon 561 Powder Mill Ferry
Larkin Ford (historical) Larkin Ford (historical) Shannon 558 Powder Mill Ferry
Sandfield Ford (historical) Sandfield Ford (historical) Shannon 541 Powder Mill Ferry
Carr Creek Ford (historical) Carr Creek Ford (historical) Shannon 531 Powder Mill Ferry
Rocky Creek Ford (historical) Rocky Creek Ford (historical) Shannon 545 Powder Mill Ferry
Cardareva Ford (historical) Cardareva Ford (historical) Shannon 522 Stegall Mountain
Black Ford (historical) Black Ford (historical) Shannon 522 Van Buren North
Eaton Ford (historical) Eaton Ford (historical) Shannon 522 Van Buren North
Warrens Store (historical) Warrens Store (historical) Wayne 420 Piedmont SE
Alton Club Alton Club Shannon 735 Round Spring
Moses Store Moses Store Reynolds 850 Oates
Smith Ford (historical) Smith Ford (historical) Franklin 518 Union
Sand Ford (historical) Sand Ford (historical) Franklin 558 Stanton
Massey Ford (historical) Massey Ford (historical) Franklin 528 Stanton
Huff Ford (historical) Huff Ford (historical) Franklin 541 Stanton
Kelly Ford Kelly Ford Wayne 390 Greenville
C C C Camp (historical) C C C Camp (historical) Wayne 663 Greenville SW
Headquarters (historical) Headquarters (historical) Stoddard 341 Sturdivant
Massey (historical) Massey (historical) Scott 335 Scott City
Redman (historical) Redman (historical) Scott 335 Morley
Wasatsh Wasatsh Scott 328 Thebes
Moore Landing (historical) Moore Landing (historical) Scott 328 Thebes SW
Pocahontas Station Pocahontas Station Cape Girardeau 659 Jackson
Mountainville Store Mountainville Store Iron 1096 Johnson Mountain
Nations Mill (historical) Nations Mill (historical) Ste. Genevieve 679 Womack
Bishop Landing (historical) Bishop Landing (historical) Perry 351 Rockwood
Old Sainte Genevieve Old Sainte Genevieve Ste. Genevieve 371 Kaskaskia
Perryville Junction (historical) Perryville Junction (historical) Perry 377 Lithium
Heneke (historical) Heneke (historical) Jefferson 499 Maxville
Oak Ridge Farm Oak Ridge Farm Jefferson 479 Maxville
Schmitt (historical) Schmitt (historical) Jefferson 512 Herculaneum
Jerseydale (historical) Jerseydale (historical) Jefferson 430 Herculaneum
Compton Junction Compton Junction Vernon 804 Horton
Camp Galilee Camp Galilee Cedar 850 El Dorado Springs North
Wales Siding (historical) Wales Siding (historical) Vernon 837 Horton
Shivelton Shivelton Platte Unknown
West Eldorado (historical) West Eldorado (historical) Cedar 771 El Dorado Springs North
Bliss Spring Campground Bliss Spring Campground Oregon 459 Riverton
Blooming Rose Camp Blooming Rose Camp Phelps 892 Slabtown Spring
Blue Jay Farm Blue Jay Farm Pulaski 715 Dixon
Blue Mountain Camp Blue Mountain Camp Madison 866 Lake Killarney
Boston Center Community Building Boston Center Community Building Taney 1348 Garber
Boulware Ford Boulware Ford Phelps 653 Newburg
Braswell Lookout Braswell Lookout Oregon 984 Many Springs
Buffalo Club Buffalo Club Ripley 344 Briar
Buffalo Creek Campground Buffalo Creek Campground Ripley 561 Bardley
Camp Allen Camp Allen Wayne 446 Greenville SW
Camp Keown Camp Keown Callaway 755 New Bloomfield
Camp Latonka Camp Latonka Wayne 469 Wappapello
Camp Lee Camp Lee Wayne 472 Patterson
Camp Lewallen Camp Lewallen Wayne 436 Greenville
Camp Opboca Camp Opboca Barry 1430 Eagle Rock
Camp Semoca Camp Semoca Ripley 479 Grandin
Camp Talahi (historical) Camp Talahi (historical) Madison 833 Rhodes Mountain
Cave Resort Cave Resort Wayne 443 Williamsville
Cedar Creek Recreation Area Cedar Creek Recreation Area Ripley 371 Grandin SW
Chaonia Landing Recreation Area Chaonia Landing Recreation Area Wayne 404 Wappapello
Collins Store Collins Store Butler 531 Hendrickson
Crooked Lookout (historical) Crooked Lookout (historical) Crawford 1345 Howes Mill Spring
Davisville Campground Davisville Campground Crawford 814 Davisville
Devils Tollgate Devils Tollgate Iron 1089 Ironton
Excelsior School Excelsior School Texas 1220 Cabool SW
Freemans Store Freemans Store Phelps 1188 Edgar Springs
Gaddy School Gaddy School Pulaski 827 Dixon
Gascozark Hills Resort Gascozark Hills Resort Pulaski 925 Richland
Gum Spring School Gum Spring School Texas 1194 Cabool SW
Hammonds Mill Camp Hammonds Mill Camp Ozark 1063 Dora
Happy Hollow Beach Happy Hollow Beach Pulaski 768 Big Piney
Haws Club Haws Club Ripley 463 Briar
Hazel Creek Campground Hazel Creek Campground Washington 846 Courtois
Hebron Access Point Hebron Access Point Douglas 758 Dora
High Lookout High Lookout Shannon 1004 Birch Tree
Hill Top Hill Top Carter 807 Ellsinore
Hunt Siding Hunt Siding Phelps 1060 Devils Elbow
Indian Trail Lookout Indian Trail Lookout Dent 1316 Howes Mill Spring
Laclede County Camp Laclede County Camp Laclede 997 Richland
Lee Siding Lee Siding Pulaski 853 Devils Elbow
Little Creek School Little Creek School Texas 1138 Cabool SW
Lone Star School Lone Star School Douglas 1168 Cabool SW
Macedonia Lookout Macedonia Lookout Ripley 702 Briar
Many Springs Many Springs Oregon 705 Many Springs
Marcoot Lookout Marcoot Lookout Reynolds 1421 Stone Hill
Moab Moab Pulaski 748 Devils Elbow
Moots Store Moots Store Laclede 1165 Drew
Morehouse School Morehouse School Laclede 1102 Winnipeg
Mount Salem School Mount Salem School Laclede 1171 Drynob
Noblett Lake Campground Noblett Lake Campground Douglas 869 Dyestone Mountain
North Fork Campground North Fork Campground Ozark 709 Dora
Old Evening Shade Old Evening Shade Texas 1204 Roby
Old Matts Cabin Old Matts Cabin Taney 1345 Garber
Orchard Switch Orchard Switch Carter 781 Ellsinore
Paradise Point Recreation Area Paradise Point Recreation Area Wayne 436 Wappapello
Peoples Creek Recreation Area Peoples Creek Recreation Area Wayne 417 Wappapello
Pine Pine Ripley 725 Bardley
Pine Grove Camp Pine Grove Camp Butler 489 Stringtown
Pisos Point Recreation Area Pisos Point Recreation Area Wayne 417 Wappapello
Pleasant Hill School Pleasant Hill School Texas 1066 Cabool SW
Point Lookout Station Point Lookout Station Pulaski 1184 Waynesville
Possum Trot Lookout (historical) Possum Trot Lookout (historical) Shannon 1004 Low Wassie
Prairie Creek School Prairie Creek School Laclede 899 Drynob
Ramsey Ford Ramsey Ford Pulaski 771 Big Piney
Riverside Lodge Riverside Lodge Laclede 902 Richland
Rush Creek Camp Rush Creek Camp Oregon 410 Billmore
Sandy Shoals Ford Sandy Shoals Ford Texas 955 Prescott
Shell Knob Campground Shell Knob Campground Barry 1165 Viola
Shultz Ford Shultz Ford Pulaski 889 Devils Elbow
Silver Mine Silver Mine Madison 840 Rhodes Mountain
Site of Old Midco Iron Works Site of Old Midco Iron Works Carter 630 Fremont
Skipper Johnson Club Skipper Johnson Club Ripley 341 Briar
Sutton Bluff Campground Sutton Bluff Campground Reynolds 817 Corridon
Swan Lookout Swan Lookout Christian 1384 Bradleyville
The Nook The Nook Ripley 374 Doniphan North
Tip Top Picnic Area Tip Top Picnic Area Iron 1280 Ironton
Tram Lookout Tram Lookout Shannon 1086 Low Wassie
Twelvemile Store Twelvemile Store Madison 679 Cherokee Pass
University of Missouri Forestry Camp University of Missouri Forestry Camp Butler 525 Wappapello
Vada Lookout (historical) Vada Lookout (historical) Texas 1302 Success
Wern Siding Wern Siding Pulaski 741 Devils Elbow
Whitehouse Ford Whitehouse Ford Phelps 659 Newburg
Wildwood Resort Wildwood Resort Laclede 948 Richland
Woolly Creek Community Hall Woolly Creek Community Hall Stone 1063 Cape Fair
Worley Rock Worley Rock Ripley 423 Doniphan North
Younts Store Younts Store Bollinger 771 Hurricane
White River Association Church Camp White River Association Church Camp Taney 1010 Forsyth
Dewey Short Visitor Center Dewey Short Visitor Center Stone 935 Table Rock Dam
Kanakuk-Kanakom Church Camp Kanakuk-Kanakom Church Camp Stone 1086 Lampe
Jim Lane Cabin Jim Lane Cabin Taney 1109 Garber
Waldo Powell Roadside Park Waldo Powell Roadside Park Stone 1368 Reeds Spring
Kimberling City Area Community Center Kimberling City Area Community Center Stone 1030 Reeds Spring
Barks Barks Perry 856 Parker Lake
Hardage Hardage Shannon 856 Loggers Lake
Hunters Mill (historical) Hunters Mill (historical) Washington 866 Belgrade
Silver Dollar City Silver Dollar City Stone 1339 Garber
Stony Dell Stony Dell Phelps 696 Newburg
Troutt Troutt Washington 827 Ebo
Parkway Shopping Center Parkway Shopping Center Washington 935 Potosi
Mansion Mall Mansion Mall Butler 404 Poplar Bluff
Kyles Kyles Wayne 525 Patterson
Rock Lane Lodge Marina Rock Lane Lodge Marina Stone 922 Garber
Hideaway Marina Hideaway Marina Stone 922 Reeds Spring
Rocky Falls Picnic Area Rocky Falls Picnic Area Shannon 738 Stegall Mountain
Gooseneck River Access Gooseneck River Access Carter 397 Grandin SW
Gooseneck River Campground Gooseneck River Campground Carter 397 Grandin SW
Roswell Roswell Crawford 873 Steelville
Coombs Ferry Access Coombs Ferry Access Stone 945 Table Rock Dam
Thompson Ford Thompson Ford Madison 636 Fredericktown
Maledy Ford Maledy Ford Dent 1001 Short Bend
Pender Switch Pender Switch Barry 1286 Seligman
CCC Camp CCC Camp Barry 1083 Eagle Rock
Independence School Independence School Pulaski 1007 Richland
Hickory Grove School Hickory Grove School Pulaski 932 Ozark Springs
Turkey Ridge School Turkey Ridge School Pulaski 1027 Ozark Springs
Laquey School Laquey School Pulaski 1152 Ozark Springs
Pottersville School Pottersville School Howell 984 Pottersville
Cureall School Cureall School Howell 922 Pottersville
Oak Mound School Oak Mound School Ozark 942 Cureall NW
Pleasant Valley School (historical) Pleasant Valley School (historical) Crawford 718 Anthonies Mill
Von Hoffman Lake (historical) Von Hoffman Lake (historical) Crawford 650 Onondaga Cave
Scotia School (historical) Scotia School (historical) Crawford 673 Onondaga Cave
Cedar Grove School Cedar Grove School Crawford 728 Onondaga Cave
Licking State Forest Nursery Licking State Forest Nursery Texas 1171 Beulah
Stockdale School (historical) Stockdale School (historical) Laclede 1161 Drynob
Success School (historical) Success School (historical) Laclede 1207 Winnipeg
Heard School (historical) Heard School (historical) Laclede 1181 Drew
Harmony School (historical) Harmony School (historical) Laclede 1132 Drew
McKinney McKinney Cole 551 Hartsburg
Bear Ridge School Bear Ridge School Pulaski 951 Waynesville
Waynesville Memorial Airfield (historical) Waynesville Memorial Airfield (historical) Pulaski 1056 Waynesville
Spring Creek School Spring Creek School Phelps 764 Devils Elbow
Low Gap School (historical) Low Gap School (historical) Pulaski 925 Devils Elbow
Westover School (historical) Westover School (historical) Crawford 906 Huzzah
Ozark Gospel Center (historical) Ozark Gospel Center (historical) Crawford 955 Huzzah
Valley View (historical) Valley View (historical) Crawford 948 Huzzah
Slowenski School (historical) Slowenski School (historical) Crawford 738 Huzzah
Service School (historical) Service School (historical) Crawford 778 Huzzah
Sellers School (historical) Sellers School (historical) Crawford 866 Davisville
Mallow School (historical) Mallow School (historical) Washington 997 Courtois
Levey School (historical) Levey School (historical) Washington 883 Berryman
Bass Ranch (historical) Bass Ranch (historical) Washington 899 Berryman
Millers Ford (historical) Millers Ford (historical) Stone 915 Cape Fair
Martin School (historical) Martin School (historical) Stone 961 Cape Fair
Cole Ford (historical) Cole Ford (historical) Stone 915 Cape Fair
Wilson Ford (historical) Wilson Ford (historical) Stone 915 Cape Fair
Byron Carr Ford (historical) Byron Carr Ford (historical) Stone 915 Cape Fair
Edwards Ford (historical) Edwards Ford (historical) Stone 915 Cape Fair
Tip Top Tip Top Iron 1220 Ironton
Lily Farm Lily Farm Reynolds 1010 Bunker
CCC Camp (historical) CCC Camp (historical) Carter 843 Ellsinore
Stinking Pond Float Camp Stinking Pond Float Camp Oregon 489 Greer
Sears Youth Center Sears Youth Center Butler 600 Stringtown
Ripley County Fairground Ripley County Fairground Ripley 443 Poynor
Fredericktown Country Club Fredericktown Country Club Madison 702 Fredericktown
Canaan Camp Canaan Camp Madison 666 Marquand
Musick Musick Callaway 741 Mokane West
Stephens Store (historical) Stephens Store (historical) Callaway 879 Millersburg
Ozark Iron Works (historical) Ozark Iron Works (historical) Phelps 705 Newburg
Newburg Heights Newburg Heights Phelps 958 Newburg
Hurricane Point Hurricane Point Phelps 1201 Rolla
Russell Brothers Circus (historical) Russell Brothers Circus (historical) Phelps 1079 Rolla
Vessie Vessie Phelps 1060 Kaintuck Hollow
Silver Fox Farm (historical) Silver Fox Farm (historical) Phelps 1004 Yancy Mills
Gascozark Hereford Ranch Gascozark Hereford Ranch Pulaski 984 Richland
Palace CCC Camp Palace CCC Camp Pulaski 1132 Roby
Paw Paw Lodge Paw Paw Lodge Pulaski 804 Ozark Springs
Gasconade Heights Gasconade Heights Pulaski 1033 Ozark Springs
Evans Place Evans Place Pulaski 866 Ozark Springs
Shockley Shockley Pulaski 801 Waynesville
Wildwood Wildwood Pulaski 1086 Waynesville
Camp Minake Camp Minake Pulaski 758 Waynesville
Shelton Place Shelton Place Pulaski 712 Waynesville
Possum Lodge Possum Lodge Pulaski 758 Devils Elbow
Stewart Camp (historical) Stewart Camp (historical) Pulaski 804 Devils Elbow
Hiawatha Lodge (historical) Hiawatha Lodge (historical) Pulaski 699 Devils Elbow
Cedar Lodge (historical) Cedar Lodge (historical) Pulaski 741 Devils Elbow
Grahams Resort (historical) Grahams Resort (historical) Pulaski 758 Devils Elbow
Meadow Brook Lodge Meadow Brook Lodge Pulaski 741 Devils Elbow
Ormsby Place Ormsby Place Pulaski 810 Devils Elbow
Fidelis Horse Ranch (historical) Fidelis Horse Ranch (historical) Pulaski 1138 Bloodland
Tribune (historical) Tribune (historical) Pulaski 1145 Big Piney
Ramseys Place Ramseys Place Pulaski 804 Big Piney
Keatons Place Keatons Place Pulaski 823 Big Piney
Field School Field School Stone 1178 Viola
Big Creek Ford (historical) Big Creek Ford (historical) Stone 915 Viola
Owens School Owens School Stone 1145 Viola
Beasley Ford (historical) Beasley Ford (historical) Stone 915 Viola
Ray Ford (historical) Ray Ford (historical) Stone 915 Viola
Arnold Ford (historical) Arnold Ford (historical) Stone 915 Viola
Indian Creek Ford (historical) Indian Creek Ford (historical) Stone 915 Viola
Hendrickson School (historical) Hendrickson School (historical) Stone 1017 Viola
McCullough School (historical) McCullough School (historical) Stone 915 Viola
Lawrence Ford (historical) Lawrence Ford (historical) Stone 915 Viola
Horton Trailhead Horton Trailhead Howell 1135 Siloam Springs
Wild Boar Ridge Campground Wild Boar Ridge Campground Iron 1148 Johnson Mountain
Enough Boat Launch Enough Boat Launch Iron 1089 Johnson Mountain
Missouri Department of Conservation Headquarters Missouri Department of Conservation Headquarters Phelps 1188 Rolla
Mill Creek Recreation Area Mill Creek Recreation Area Phelps 761 Kaintuck Hollow
Mason Bridge River Access and Boat Launch Mason Bridge River Access and Boat Launch Texas 906 Beulah
Trailhead Parking Area Trailhead Parking Area Iron 1535 Banner
Gateway Recreation Area Gateway Recreation Area Shannon 1076 Birch Tree
Whites Creek Float Camp Whites Creek Float Camp Oregon 440 Riverton
Rolla Ranger Station Rolla Ranger Station Phelps 1102 Rolla
Wild Boar Hollow Boat Launch Wild Boar Hollow Boat Launch Iron 1089 Johnson Mountain
Big Piney Train Camp Big Piney Train Camp Texas 1204 Slabtown Spring
Ozark Trail Trialhead Ozark Trail Trialhead Carter 558 Van Buren South
Pinewoods Lake Campground Pinewoods Lake Campground Carter 787 Hunter
Blue Ridge Trail Trailhead Blue Ridge Trail Trailhead Oregon 886 Piedmont Hollow
Bay Nothing Boat Access Bay Nothing Boat Access Ripley 381 Grandin SW
Eagle Hurst Ranch Resort Eagle Hurst Ranch Resort Crawford 797 Huzzah
Watercrest Spring Camp and Picnic Area Watercrest Spring Camp and Picnic Area Carter 463 Van Buren North
Mill Creek Picnic Area Mill Creek Picnic Area Phelps 748 Kaintuck Hollow
Fishermans Dude Ranch Fishermans Dude Ranch Crawford 735 Huzzah
Potoss Ranger Station Potoss Ranger Station Washington 902 Potosi
North Fork Trailhead North Fork Trailhead Ozark 689 Dora
Cedar Creek District Ranger Station Cedar Creek District Ranger Station Callaway 860 Fulton
Winston Churchill Memorial and Library Winston Churchill Memorial and Library Callaway 774 Fulton
Fulton Two Fulton Two Callaway 801 Fulton
Fredericktown District Ranger Station Fredericktown District Ranger Station Madison 784 Fredericktown
Gateway Camp and Picnic Area Gateway Camp and Picnic Area Shannon 1083 Bartlett
Sugar Hill Campground Sugar Hill Campground Douglas 1024 Dyestone Mountain
Clearwater Reach Picnic Area Clearwater Reach Picnic Area Douglas 932 Dyestone Mountain
Noblett Trailhead Noblett Trailhead Douglas 1066 Dyestone Mountain
Crane Lake Picnic Area Crane Lake Picnic Area Iron 892 Glover
Sunken Farm Sunken Farm Ripley 584 Handy
Hollister Campground Hollister Campground Taney 1027 Table Rock Dam
Coombs Ferry Campground Coombs Ferry Campground Stone 915 Table Rock Dam
Paddy Creek Picnic Area Paddy Creek Picnic Area Texas 965 Slabtown Spring
Slabtown Picnic Area Slabtown Picnic Area Texas 922 Slabtown Spring
Paddy Creek Campground Paddy Creek Campground Texas 892 Slabtown Spring
Ozark Trail Trailhead Ozark Trail Trailhead Oregon 617 Greer
McCormack Lake Campground McCormack Lake Campground Oregon 610 Greer
Greer Campground Greer Campground Oregon 531 Greer
Turners Mill North Access Turners Mill North Access Oregon 489 Greer
Turners Mill South Access Turners Mill South Access Oregon 518 Greer
Ozark Trail Trailhead Ozark Trail Trailhead Oregon 876 Greer
Roby Lake Picnic Area and Wilderness Trail Head Roby Lake Picnic Area and Wilderness Trail Head Texas 1119 Slabtown Spring
Hipointe Tower State Public Hunting Area Hipointe Tower State Public Hunting Area Washington 1158 Ebo
Saint Luke Saint Luke Webster 1302 Beach
Cold Neck (historical) Cold Neck (historical) Cooper Unknown
Johnston Johnston Jasper 988 Webb City
Hackberry Neighborhood Hackberry Neighborhood Platte Unknown
Hickory Grove Farm (historical) Hickory Grove Farm (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Berryman Campground Berryman Campground Washington 1020 Berryman
Brazil Creek Campground Brazil Creek Campground Washington 892 Berryman
Edward Beecher Recreation Area Edward Beecher Recreation Area Washington 909 Berryman
Harmon Spring Campground Harmon Spring Campground Washington 909 Berryman
Hawes Recreation Area Hawes Recreation Area Carter 400 Grandin SW
O'Bryan Landing O'Bryan Landing Mississippi 302 Wickliffe SW
McFadden Landing McFadden Landing Mississippi 289 Wickliffe SW
Belmont Belmont Mississippi 312 Wickliffe SW
Norfolk Landing Norfolk Landing Mississippi 305 Wickliffe
Pritchard Landing Pritchard Landing Mississippi 315 Wickliffe
Brashear Ford (historical) Brashear Ford (historical) Ralls 495 Center
Hog Ford (historical) Hog Ford (historical) Ralls 502 Center
Little Ford Little Ford Ralls 509 Center
The Landing Shopping Center The Landing Shopping Center Jackson 879 Kansas City
Iron County Farm Iron County Farm Iron 863 Lake Killarney
Crooked Creek Campground Crooked Creek Campground Callaway 883 Millersburg NE
Carrington Pits Picnic Area Carrington Pits Picnic Area Callaway 774 Guthrie
Camp Five Pond Camp Five Pond Oregon 860 Wilderness
Lane Spring Campground Lane Spring Campground Phelps 820 Yancy Mills
Loggers Lake Campground Loggers Lake Campground Shannon 1063 Loggers Lake
Shirley Picnic Area Shirley Picnic Area Washington 955 Shirley
Moloc Smelter Moloc Smelter Iron 1384 Viburnum West
Valley View Roadside Park Valley View Roadside Park Crawford 948 Huzzah
Keith Springs Picnic Area Keith Springs Picnic Area Iron 1165 Johnson Mountain
Red Bluff Campground Red Bluff Campground Crawford 810 Davisville
Dudas Ford Dudas Ford Pulaski 919 Bloodland
Gateway Gateway Shannon 1070 Bartlett
Little Scotia Campground Little Scotia Campground Dent 1355 Stone Hill
Upalika Pond Upalika Pond Wayne 715 Williamsville
Pinewoods Lake Pinewoods Lake Carter 820 Hunter
Bunkers Knob Picnic Area Bunkers Knob Picnic Area Wayne 433 Mill Spring
Cobb Ridge Cobb Ridge Christian 1280 Chadwick
Camp Ridge Camp Ridge Christian 1345 Chadwick
Fourche Lake Boat Access Fourche Lake Boat Access Ripley 604 Bardley
MD State Campground MD State Campground Douglas 761 Dora
May Hollow YCC Camp May Hollow YCC Camp Douglas 863 Siloam Springs
Onyx Cave Picnic Area Onyx Cave Picnic Area Barry 1453 Eagle Rock
Greenbriar Float Camp Greenbriar Float Camp Oregon 453 Riverton
Riverton Access Ramp and Canoe Dock Riverton Access Ramp and Canoe Dock Oregon 417 Riverton
Barn Hollow Float Camp Barn Hollow Float Camp Oregon 489 Riverton
Whitehouse Ford Boat Access Whitehouse Ford Boat Access Phelps 656 Newburg
Fremont Tower Picnic Area Fremont Tower Picnic Area Shannon 958 Fremont
Boze Mill Float Camp Boze Mill Float Camp Oregon 459 Riverton
Bee Rock Bee Rock Ripley Unknown
Borth Borth Ripley Unknown
Brinkerhoff Spur Brinkerhoff Spur Ripley Unknown
Dug Ford Dug Ford Ripley Unknown
Ferguson Mill Ferguson Mill Ripley Unknown
Gaines Ferry Gaines Ferry Ripley Unknown
Indian Ford Indian Ford Ripley Unknown
Keels Mill Keels Mill Ripley Unknown
Kittrells Mill Kittrells Mill Ripley Unknown
Little Rock Little Rock Ripley Unknown
McKinneys Mill McKinneys Mill Ripley Unknown
Ponders Mill Ponders Mill Ripley Unknown
Righters Mill Righters Mill Ripley Unknown
Sharoon Ford Sharoon Ford Ripley Unknown
Simons Mill Simons Mill Ripley Unknown
Slagle Slagle Ripley Unknown
Team Camp Team Camp Ripley Unknown
Waddles Mill Waddles Mill Ripley Unknown
Wrights Mill Wrights Mill Ripley Unknown
Young and Wicks Mill Young and Wicks Mill Ripley Unknown
Alley Oop Alley Oop Butler Unknown
Annapolis Annapolis Butler Unknown
Battertons Mill Battertons Mill Butler Unknown
Bell Rock Bell Rock Butler Unknown
Benton Benton Butler Unknown
Bimel-Ashcroft Mill Bimel-Ashcroft Mill Butler Unknown
Boyden Mills Boyden Mills Butler Unknown
Brannums Mill Brannums Mill Butler Unknown
Burketts Mill Burketts Mill Butler Unknown
Calvin Spur Calvin Spur Butler Unknown
Cavalcade Park Cavalcade Park Butler Unknown
Clay Pit Number One Clay Pit Number One Butler Unknown
Collinsville Collinsville Butler Unknown
Davis Ferry Davis Ferry Butler Unknown
Epps Mill Epps Mill Butler Unknown
Friends Ferry Friends Ferry Butler Unknown
Harts Switch Harts Switch Butler Unknown
Hathaway Station Hathaway Station Butler Unknown
Hickory Mill Hickory Mill Butler Unknown
Holleys Mill Holleys Mill Butler Unknown
Howell Mill Howell Mill Butler Unknown
Ilex Ilex Butler Unknown
Johnson and Wells Mill Johnson and Wells Mill Butler Unknown
Johnson Mills Johnson Mills Butler Unknown
McCown Ford McCown Ford Butler Unknown
Massey Switch Massey Switch Butler Unknown
Midway Park Midway Park Butler Unknown
Mussel Shoals Mussel Shoals Butler Unknown
Neelyville Handle Mill Neelyville Handle Mill Butler Unknown
Pine Ridge Camp Pine Ridge Camp Butler Unknown
Pin Hook Pin Hook Butler Unknown
Powers Fort Powers Fort Butler Unknown
Rag Town Rag Town Butler Unknown
Reeves Mill Reeves Mill Butler Unknown
Resnik Resnik Butler Unknown
Ringo Ford Ringo Ford Butler Unknown
Ringo Mill Ringo Mill Butler Unknown
Robinsons Ferry Robinsons Ferry Butler Unknown
Ruth and Hargrove Mill Ruth and Hargrove Mill Butler Unknown
Schraeder Schraeder Butler Unknown
Sounders Ferry Sounders Ferry Butler Unknown
Spread Spread Butler Unknown
Summer Breeze Camp Summer Breeze Camp Butler Unknown
Three Springs Camp Ground Three Springs Camp Ground Butler Unknown
Tubbs Mill Tubbs Mill Butler Unknown
Ulmus Ulmus Butler Unknown
Water Works Spur Water Works Spur Butler Unknown
Watson Skinner Mill Watson Skinner Mill Butler Unknown
Willcutt Mill Willcutt Mill Butler Unknown
Winchester Winchester Butler Unknown
Yates Mill Yates Mill Butler Unknown
Burkhart Mill Burkhart Mill Texas Unknown
Clyde Clyde Texas Unknown
Fourts Mill Fourts Mill Texas Unknown
Hickory Spring Hickory Spring Texas Unknown
Kinserlow Mill Kinserlow Mill Texas Unknown
Log Cabin Park Log Cabin Park Texas Unknown
Lone Star Mill Lone Star Mill Texas Unknown
Lundy Mill Lundy Mill Texas Unknown
Ormsby Mill Ormsby Mill Texas Unknown
Pettits Mill Pettits Mill Texas Unknown
Stouses Mill Stouses Mill Texas Unknown
Truesdale Mill Truesdale Mill Texas Unknown
Ware Mill Ware Mill Texas Unknown
Yates Mill Yates Mill Texas Unknown
Benton Benton Dent Unknown
Victor Mill Victor Mill Dent Unknown
Blantons Ford (historical) Blantons Ford (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Carters Mill (historical) Carters Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Coffeys Mill (historical) Coffeys Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Collards Mill (historical) Collards Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Cottles Mill (historical) Cottles Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Cox Ford (historical) Cox Ford (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Creech Ford (historical) Creech Ford (historical) Lincoln Unknown
David McMillans Mill (historical) David McMillans Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Dawson Ford (historical) Dawson Ford (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Diggs Mill (historical) Diggs Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Drakes Ford (historical) Drakes Ford (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Dutch Mills (historical) Dutch Mills (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Egypt Ford (historical) Egypt Ford (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Florences Grist Mill (historical) Florences Grist Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Fords Mill (historical) Fords Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Haffs Mill (historical) Haffs Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Hammonds Mill (historical) Hammonds Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Harveys Mill (historical) Harveys Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Hutts Ford (historical) Hutts Ford (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Huttons Mill (historical) Huttons Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Jabius Mill (historical) Jabius Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Lawrence Ford (historical) Lawrence Ford (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Old Mill (historical) Old Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Parsons Mill (historical) Parsons Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Pollards Ford (historical) Pollards Ford (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Richardson Mill (historical) Richardson Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Seymour Ford (historical) Seymour Ford (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Snow Hill (historical) Snow Hill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Stallards Mill (historical) Stallards Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Tillotsons Mill (historical) Tillotsons Mill (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Vomunds Ford (historical) Vomunds Ford (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Walkers Ford (historical) Walkers Ford (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Willow Ford (historical) Willow Ford (historical) Lincoln Unknown
Mississippi Lime Company Kilns Mississippi Lime Company Kilns Ste. Genevieve Unknown
Sainte Genevieve Lime and Quarry Company Kilns Sainte Genevieve Lime and Quarry Company Kilns Ste. Genevieve Unknown
Deer Leap Campground Deer Leap Campground Ripley 351 Briar
Fremont Picnic Area Fremont Picnic Area Shannon 906 Fremont
Silver Mines Picnic Area Silver Mines Picnic Area Madison 584 Rhodes Mountain
Silver Mines Campground Silver Mines Campground Madison 718 Rhodes Mountain
Cape Fair Launching Ramp Cape Fair Launching Ramp Stone 919 Cape Fair
Chaonia Landing Launching Ramp Chaonia Landing Launching Ramp Wayne 361 Hendrickson
The Narrows Access The Narrows Access Oregon 371 Billmore
Riverton West Picnic Area Riverton West Picnic Area Oregon 420 Riverton
Whitten Access Whitten Access Oregon 469 Riverton
Wayside Carter Wayside Carter Carter 797 Van Buren South
Lewis Lake Picnic Area Lewis Lake Picnic Area Shannon 1079 Winona
Cooks Spring Picnic Area Cooks Spring Picnic Area Reynolds 869 Corridon
Greer Crossing Launching Ramp Greer Crossing Launching Ramp Oregon 522 Greer
Falling Springs Point of Interest Falling Springs Point of Interest Oregon 659 Greer
Antioch Shopping Center Antioch Shopping Center Clay 928 North Kansas City
Arcadia Valley Golf Club Arcadia Valley Golf Club Iron 928 Lake Killarney
Aurora Country Club Aurora Country Club Lawrence 1257 Chesapeake
Azure Hills Golf Course Azure Hills Golf Course Laclede 1276 Lebanon
Bailey Gun Club Bailey Gun Club Bates 722 Rich Hill
Battlefield Mall Shopping Center Battlefield Mall Shopping Center Greene 1322 Springfield
Blue Hills Country Club Blue Hills Country Club Jackson 1001 Grandview
Blue Hills Country Club Blue Hills Country Club Jackson 886 Kansas City
Buena Vista Track Buena Vista Track Greene 1224 Oak Grove Heights
Cape Girardeau Country Club Cape Girardeau Country Club Cape Girardeau 449 Cape Girardeau
Claycrest Golf Course Claycrest Golf Course Clay 902 Kearney SW
Clayview Country Club Clayview Country Club Clay 853 Liberty
Columbia Country Club Columbia Country Club Boone 715 Columbia
Crackerneck Country Club Crackerneck Country Club Jackson 774 Blue Springs
Edina Golf Club Edina Golf Club Knox 801 Edina
Excelsior Springs Waterworks Excelsior Springs Waterworks Clay 735 Excelsior Springs
Lake of the Woods Recreation Area Lake of the Woods Recreation Area Boone 853 Millersburg
Franklin County Country Club Franklin County Country Club Franklin 748 Washington West
Grandglaize Fish Hatchery Grandglaize Fish Hatchery Camden 689 Bagnell
Grandview Golf Course Grandview Golf Course Greene 1273 Ebenezer
Great Lakes Pumping Station Great Lakes Pumping Station Harrison 981 Brooklyn
Greenbrier Country Club Greenbrier Country Club Jackson 968 Grandview
Harry S Truman Sports Complex Harry S Truman Sports Complex Jackson 843 Independence
Hermann Country Club Hermann Country Club Montgomery 564 Hermann
Hickory Hills Country Club Hickory Hills Country Club Greene 1352 Galloway
Hillcrest Country Club Hillcrest Country Club Jackson 961 Grandview
Indian Trail Fish Hatchery Indian Trail Fish Hatchery Dent 1158 Howes Mill Spring
Kansas City International Drag Strip Kansas City International Drag Strip Jackson 791 Lees Summit
Kansas City Waterworks Kansas City Waterworks Clay 755 North Kansas City
Kemper Golf Course Kemper Golf Course Cooper 620 Billingsville
Kimbeland Country Club Kimbeland Country Club Cape Girardeau 466 Gordonville
Kirksville Country Club Kirksville Country Club Adair 948 Kirksville
Labadie Powerplant Water Tanks Labadie Powerplant Water Tanks Franklin 492 Labadie
Lamar Country Club Lamar Country Club Barton 981 Lamar South
Lebanon Country Club Lebanon Country Club Laclede 1253 Lebanon
Lexington Battle Ground Lexington Battle Ground Lafayette 843 Lexington West
Liberty Hills Country Club Liberty Hills Country Club Clay 951 Kearney
Maryville Waterworks Maryville Waterworks Nodaway 978 Maryville East
Memphis Country Club Memphis Country Club Scotland 732 Memphis
Methodist Conference Grounds Methodist Conference Grounds Lawrence 1217 Halltown NE
Mexico Country Club Mexico Country Club Audrain 781 Mexico East
Missouri State Highway Patrol Headquarters Missouri State Highway Patrol Headquarters Cole 669 Jefferson City
Moberly Country Club Moberly Country Club Randolph 837 Moberly
Moila Golf Course Moila Golf Course Buchanan 919 Saint Joseph North
Morrison Observatory Morrison Observatory Howard 755 Fayette
Nevada Country Club Nevada Country Club Vernon 804 Nevada
Oak Meadow Country Club Oak Meadow Country Club Phelps 1099 Dillon
Oakwood Golf Club Oakwood Golf Club Jackson 971 Grandview
Old Hamilton Works Old Hamilton Works Washington 696 Meramec State Park
Old Pike Country Club Old Pike Country Club Clay 909 North Kansas City
Ozark Fish Hatcheries Ozark Fish Hatcheries Camden 840 Montreal
Parkcrest Village Shopping Center Parkcrest Village Shopping Center Greene 1273 Springfield
Pine Ridge Picnic Grounds Pine Ridge Picnic Grounds Callaway 751 Millersburg SW
Poplar Bluff Country Club Poplar Bluff Country Club Butler 427 Poplar Bluff
Richmond Water Works Richmond Water Works Ray 702 Lexington West
Rockwood Country Club Rockwood Country Club Jackson 876 Independence
Rolling Hills Country Club Rolling Hills Country Club Morgan 1043 Versailles
Saint Francois Country Club Saint Francois Country Club St. Francois 958 Farmington
Santa Fe Hills Country Club Santa Fe Hills Country Club Jackson 942 Grandview
School Number 5 School Number 5 Wright 1266 Mansfield NW
Shady Acres Golf Course Shady Acres Golf Course Greene 1240 Nixa
Site of Fort Davidson Site of Fort Davidson Iron 961 Ironton
Smith Golf Course Smith Golf Course Greene 1230 Springfield
Stark Nursery Stark Nursery Pike 479 Louisiana
Stayton Meadows Golf Club Stayton Meadows Golf Club Jackson 902 Independence
Sullivan Country Club Sullivan Country Club Franklin 948 Sullivan
Taneycomo Country Club Taneycomo Country Club Taney 958 Forsyth
Taum Sauk Pumped-Storage Hydroelectric Powerplant Taum Sauk Pumped-Storage Hydroelectric Powerplant Reynolds 771 Johnson Shut-Ins
Turner Golf Course Turner Golf Course Jackson 932 Lees Summit
Twin Hills Country Club Twin Hills Country Club Jasper 1043 Joplin West
Twin Oaks Country Club Twin Oaks Country Club Greene 1253 Springfield
University of Missouri Experimental Farm University of Missouri Experimental Farm Lawrence 1253 Stotts City
University of Missouri Environmental Health University of Missouri Environmental Health Boone 778 Ashland
Vandalia Country Club Vandalia Country Club Pike 764 Vandalia
Walnut Hill Country Club Walnut Hill Country Club Pettis 863 Sedalia West
Wentworth Country Club Wentworth Country Club Lafayette 850 Lexington East
Shepherd of the Hills State Fish Hatchery Shepherd of the Hills State Fish Hatchery Taney 751 Table Rock Dam
Dogwood Tower Site State Hunting Area Dogwood Tower Site State Hunting Area Douglas 1621 Dogwood
Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery Taney 732 Table Rock Dam
Mount Vernon Mount Vernon Clark Unknown
Massie Mill (historical) Massie Mill (historical) Marion 482 Palmyra
Lucas Landing (historical) Lucas Landing (historical) Mississippi 308 Wickliffe SW
Gladstone (historical) Gladstone (historical) Morgan 879 Gravois Mills
Indian Cairns Indian Cairns Texas Unknown
Arcadia Valley Bible Camp Arcadia Valley Bible Camp Iron 778 Lake Killarney
Caney Picnic Area Caney Picnic Area Ozark 1362 Protem NE
Round Spring Campground Round Spring Campground Shannon 673 Round Spring
Pulltite Campground Pulltite Campground Shannon 722 Round Spring
Major Major Clinton 961 Holt
Shawneetown Ford (historical) Shawneetown Ford (historical) Franklin 463 Moselle
Pond Ford (historical) Pond Ford (historical) Franklin 499 Saint Clair
Shady Grove Mill (historical) Shady Grove Mill (historical) Polk 971 Aldrich
McCormack Lake Picnic Grounds McCormack Lake Picnic Grounds Oregon 600 Greer
Greer Crossing Campground Greer Crossing Campground Oregon 528 Greer
Twinpine Picnic Area Twinpine Picnic Area Shannon 945 Low Wassie
Cane Bluff Access Ramp Canoe Dock Cane Bluff Access Ramp Canoe Dock Oregon 574 Piedmont Hollow
Denny Hollow Float Camp Denny Hollow Float Camp Oregon 584 Piedmont Hollow
Cave Eddy Campground Cave Eddy Campground Texas 1040 Slabtown Spring
Big Piney Campground Big Piney Campground Texas 1168 Slabtown Spring
Shepard Ford Shepard Ford Ralls 627 Clarence Cannon Dam
Waits Sawmill Waits Sawmill Franklin 486 Lonedell
Willow Ford (historical) Willow Ford (historical) Franklin 486 Lonedell
O'Donnell Ford (historical) O'Donnell Ford (historical) Franklin 581 Stanton
Rohls Ford (historical) Rohls Ford (historical) Franklin 538 Saint Clair
Virginia Lead Mines Ford (historical) Virginia Lead Mines Ford (historical) Franklin 522 Saint Clair
Fisher Ford (historical) Fisher Ford (historical) Franklin 581 Meramec State Park
Thurman Ford (historical) Thurman Ford (historical) Franklin 604 Meramec State Park
Pinoak Ford Pinoak Ford Franklin 509 Moselle
Fishtrap Ford (historical) Fishtrap Ford (historical) Franklin 492 Moselle
Little Creek Ford (historical) Little Creek Ford (historical) Franklin 607 Leslie
Algonquin Country Club Algonquin Country Club St. Louis 620 Kirkwood
Arrowhead Golf Course Arrowhead Golf Course St. Louis 564 Oakville
Bellerive Country Club Bellerive Country Club St. Louis 531 Creve Coeur
Bogey Golf Club Bogey Golf Club St. Louis 581 Clayton
Camp Grandview Camp Grandview St. Clair 820 Osceola
Cherry Hill Country Club Cherry Hill Country Club St. Louis 728 Manchester
City of Saint Louis Bellefontaine Farm City of Saint Louis Bellefontaine Farm St. Louis 512 Columbia Bottom
Creve Coeur Golf Club Creve Coeur Golf Club St. Louis 653 Creve Coeur
Crystal Lake Country Club Crystal Lake Country Club St. Louis 600 Kirkwood
Cul de Sac Cul de Sac St. Charles 446 Saint Charles
Drennons Camp (historical) Drennons Camp (historical) St. Clair 705 Ninnescah Park
Eds Camp (historical) Eds Camp (historical) St. Clair 718 Ninnescah Park
Forest Hills Country Club Forest Hills Country Club St. Louis 653 Manchester
Glen Echo Country Club Glen Echo Country Club St. Louis 643 Clayton
Grants Farm Grants Farm St. Louis 535 Webster Groves
Greenbriar Country Club Greenbriar Country Club St. Louis 548 Kirkwood
Greys Mill Ford Greys Mill Ford St. Clair 705 Ninnescah Park
Happy Hours Camp (historical) Happy Hours Camp (historical) St. Clair 715 Osceola
Hillcrest Country Club Hillcrest Country Club St. Louis 456 Oakville
Lakeside Golf Club Lakeside Golf Club St. Louis 643 Clayton
Log Cabin Country Club Log Cabin Country Club St. Louis 525 Creve Coeur
Meadowbrook Country Club Meadowbrook Country Club St. Louis 666 Manchester
Mid America Raceway Mid America Raceway St. Charles 558 Foristell
Monarch Station Monarch Station St. Louis 463 Weldon Spring
Normandie Golf Club Normandie Golf Club St. Louis 610 Clayton
Northland Golf Club Northland Golf Club St. Louis 482 Clayton
Northwest Shopping Center Northwest Shopping Center St. Louis 594 Creve Coeur
Norwood Hills Country Club Norwood Hills Country Club St. Louis 597 Clayton
Old Warson Country Club Old Warson Country Club St. Louis 571 Kirkwood
Ozark Hills Golf Club Ozark Hills Golf Club St. Francois 1047 Farmington
Piper Ford Piper Ford St. Clair 715 Roscoe
Saint Ann Golf Club Saint Ann Golf Club St. Louis 551 Creve Coeur
Saint Louis City Waterworks Saint Louis City Waterworks St. Louis 463 Chesterfield
Saint Louis Country Club Saint Louis Country Club St. Louis 640 Creve Coeur
Scotts Camp (historical) Scotts Camp (historical) St. Clair 705 Ninnescah Park
Southmoor Golf Course Southmoor Golf Course St. Louis 554 Maxville
Sunset Hill Country Club Sunset Hill Country Club St. Louis 663 Kirkwood
Sunshine Beach Camp (historical) Sunshine Beach Camp (historical) St. Clair 728 Osceola
Taylor Field Taylor Field St. Louis 666 Clayton
Tunnel (historical) Tunnel (historical) St. Francois 906 Vineland
Valhalla P O (historical) Valhalla P O (historical) St. Clair 745 Ninnescah Park
Valhalla Store (historical) Valhalla Store (historical) St. Clair 909 Ninnescah Park
Weldon Spring Ordnance Works Weldon Spring Ordnance Works St. Charles 669 Weldon Spring
West Par Golf Course West Par Golf Course St. Louis 630 Manchester
Westborough Country Club Westborough Country Club St. Louis 620 Kirkwood
Westwood Country Club Westwood Country Club St. Louis 614 Creve Coeur
Youngers Lookout Youngers Lookout St. Clair 820 Monegaw Springs
Knob Lick Lookout Knob Lick Lookout St. Francois 1204 Wachita Mountain
Jaydee Jaydee St. Francois 801 French Village
Belz Factory Outlet Mall Belz Factory Outlet Mall St. Charles 636 Wentzville
Ritz Center Ritz Center St. Louis 623 Webster Groves
Brentwood Plaza Brentwood Plaza St. Louis 482 Webster Groves
Hillside Village Shopping Center Hillside Village Shopping Center St. Louis 525 Webster Groves
General Grant Shopping Center General Grant Shopping Center St. Louis 581 Webster Groves
Union Plaza Union Plaza St. Louis 492 Webster Groves
Maple Hills Shopping Center Maple Hills Shopping Center St. Louis 538 Webster Groves
Yorkshire Village Shopping Center Yorkshire Village Shopping Center St. Louis 528 Webster Groves
Eighty-o-one Manchester Center Eighty-o-one Manchester Center St. Louis 495 Webster Groves
Grasso Plaza Grasso Plaza St. Louis 617 Webster Groves
Marion Heights Plaza Marion Heights Plaza St. Louis 446 Webster Groves
Ronnies Plaza Ronnies Plaza St. Louis 633 Webster Groves
Concord Plaza Concord Plaza St. Louis 636 Webster Groves
South County Center South County Center St. Louis 594 Webster Groves
Central City South Shopping Center Central City South Shopping Center St. Louis 581 Webster Groves
South Lakeview Plaza South Lakeview Plaza St. Louis 584 Webster Groves
Sunset Plaza Sunset Plaza St. Louis 656 Kirkwood
Crestview Shopping Center Crestview Shopping Center St. Louis 604 Kirkwood
Crestwood Plaza Crestwood Plaza St. Louis 581 Kirkwood
Des Peres Square Des Peres Square St. Louis 623 Kirkwood
West County Center West County Center St. Louis 633 Kirkwood
Fenton Park Mall Fenton Park Mall St. Louis 440 Kirkwood
Fenton Plaza Fenton Plaza St. Louis 433 Kirkwood
Loehmanns Plaza Loehmanns Plaza St. Louis 633 Manchester
Sutton Place Shopping Center Sutton Place Shopping Center St. Louis 489 Manchester
Saint John Plaza Saint John Plaza St. Louis 640 Clayton
Northland Shopping Center Northland Shopping Center St. Louis 545 Clayton
Normandy Shopping Center Normandy Shopping Center St. Louis 643 Clayton
Heartland Plaza Heartland Plaza St. Louis 459 Clayton
Saint Louis Galleria Saint Louis Galleria St. Louis 486 Clayton
Village Square Village Square St. Louis 531 Florissant
Lewis and Clark Center Lewis and Clark Center St. Louis 466 Columbia Bottom
Four Seasons Shopping Center Four Seasons Shopping Center St. Louis 538 Chesterfield
The Lamp and Lantern Village Shopping Center The Lamp and Lantern Village Shopping Center St. Louis 633 Chesterfield
Chesterfield Mall Chesterfield Mall St. Louis 636 Chesterfield
Woods Mill Center Woods Mill Center St. Louis 581 Chesterfield
Forum Center Forum Center St. Louis 548 Chesterfield
Clayton Village Shopping Center Clayton Village Shopping Center St. Louis 640 Chesterfield
Ladue West Shopping Center Ladue West Shopping Center St. Louis 561 Creve Coeur
Woodcrest Plaza Woodcrest Plaza St. Louis 653 Creve Coeur
Mason Woods Village Shopping Center Mason Woods Village Shopping Center St. Louis 646 Creve Coeur
Creve Coeur Plaza Creve Coeur Plaza St. Louis 663 Creve Coeur
West Port Plaza West Port Plaza St. Louis 531 Creve Coeur
Castillons Arcade Plaza Castillons Arcade Plaza St. Louis 551 Creve Coeur
Jamestown Mall Jamestown Mall St. Louis 515 Columbia Bottom
Mattiese Shopping Center Mattiese Shopping Center St. Louis 594 Oakville
Butler Hill Village Shopping Center Butler Hill Village Shopping Center St. Louis 581 Oakville
Butler Hill Plaza Butler Hill Plaza St. Louis 577 Oakville
Midrivers Mall Midrivers Mall St. Charles 515 Kampville
H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation St. Clair 896 Iconium
S-F Scout Ranch S-F Scout Ranch St. Francois 922 Knob Lick
Saint Charles Plaza Saint Charles Plaza St. Charles 538 Kampville
Cappeln Lookout (historical) Cappeln Lookout (historical) St. Charles 830 New Melle
Harvester Square Harvester Square St. Charles 545 Saint Charles
Mark Twain Mall Mark Twain Mall St. Charles 525 Saint Charles
Maple Tree Shopping Center Maple Tree Shopping Center St. Louis 709 Manchester
Clarkson Plaza Clarkson Plaza St. Louis 728 Manchester
Ballwin Plaza Danny Boy Ballwin Plaza Danny Boy St. Louis 643 Manchester
The Barn at Lucerne Shopping Center The Barn at Lucerne Shopping Center St. Louis 699 Manchester
Claymont Shopping Center Claymont Shopping Center St. Louis 653 Manchester
Dickens Plaza Dickens Plaza St. Louis 604 Manchester
Nationalway Shopping Center Nationalway Shopping Center St. Louis 499 Manchester
Farmington Plaza Farmington Plaza St. Francois 883 Farmington
Saint Francois Plaza Saint Francois Plaza St. Francois 856 Farmington
Coles Landing Coles Landing Jefferson 591 Vineland
Central City South Central City South St. Louis 581 Webster Groves
Sutton Place Sutton Place St. Louis 489 Manchester
The Lamp and Lantern Village The Lamp and Lantern Village St. Louis 633 Chesterfield
Plaza Frontenac Plaza Frontenac St. Louis 597 Creve Coeur
Mason Woods Village Mason Woods Village St. Louis 646 Creve Coeur
Castillon Plaza Castillon Plaza St. Louis 551 Creve Coeur
Twin Lakes Country Club Twin Lakes Country Club St. Louis 584 Kirkwood
Browns Mill Browns Mill St. Clair Unknown
Dollie Dollie St. Clair Unknown
Gardners Mill Gardners Mill St. Clair Unknown
Harlan Junction Harlan Junction St. Clair Unknown
Heaths Ferry Heaths Ferry St. Clair Unknown
Hills Mill Hills Mill St. Clair Unknown
Hoffman Bend Hoffman Bend St. Clair Unknown
Hoffmans Ferry Hoffmans Ferry St. Clair Unknown
Lowry City Junction Lowry City Junction St. Clair Unknown
Monegaw Mills Monegaw Mills St. Clair Unknown
Papes Mill Papes Mill St. Clair Unknown
Snyder Mill Snyder Mill St. Clair Unknown
Taberville Mill Taberville Mill St. Clair Unknown
Tallys Mill Tallys Mill St. Clair Unknown
Wagners Mill Wagners Mill St. Clair Unknown
Wolfes Mill Wolfes Mill St. Clair Unknown
Zeners Mill Zeners Mill St. Clair Unknown
Dolbow (historical) Dolbow (historical) St. Charles 440 Winfield
Horse Shoe Lake Station (historical) Horse Shoe Lake Station (historical) St. Charles Unknown
Maple Lake Station (historical) Maple Lake Station (historical) St. Charles Unknown
Bulls Hell Mill (historical) Bulls Hell Mill (historical) St. Charles Unknown
Sprekelmeyer Park and Camping Grounds (historical) Sprekelmeyer Park and Camping Grounds (historical) St. Charles Unknown
Zumwalts Mill (historical) Zumwalts Mill (historical) St. Charles Unknown
Baldwin Farm Baldwin Farm St. Charles Unknown
Charlesworth Farm (historical) Charlesworth Farm (historical) St. Charles Unknown
Old Depot Old Depot St. Charles Unknown
Cappeln Custom and Merchant Mills (historical) Cappeln Custom and Merchant Mills (historical) St. Charles Unknown
Coonz Fort (historical) Coonz Fort (historical) St. Charles Unknown
Alton Ferry Landing (historical) Alton Ferry Landing (historical) St. Charles 417 Alton
Camp Krekel (historical) Camp Krekel (historical) St. Charles Unknown
Castlios Fort (historical) Castlios Fort (historical) St. Charles Unknown
Cog Wheel Mill (historical) Cog Wheel Mill (historical) St. Charles Unknown
Comegris Mill (historical) Comegris Mill (historical) St. Charles Unknown
Coons Mill (historical) Coons Mill (historical) St. Charles Unknown
Cottles Mill (historical) Cottles Mill (historical) St. Charles Unknown
Cul de Sac Field (historical) Cul de Sac Field (historical) St. Charles Unknown
Daniel M Boones Fort (historical) Daniel M Boones Fort (historical) St. Charles Unknown
Dennys Mill (historical) Dennys Mill (historical) St. Charles Unknown
Dibbits Mill (historical) Dibbits Mill (historical) St. Charles Unknown
Grafton Landing (historical) Grafton Landing (historical) St. Charles 420 Grafton
Griffeths Flouring Mill (historical) Griffeths Flouring Mill (historical) St. Charles Unknown
L'Habitation (historical) L'Habitation (historical) St. Charles Unknown
Hays Mill (historical) Hays Mill (historical) St. Charles Unknown
Hoffmans Mill (historical) Hoffmans Mill (historical) St. Charles Unknown
Jonathan Bryans Mill (historical) Jonathan Bryans Mill (historical) St. Charles Unknown
Judgment Tree (historical) Judgment Tree (historical) St. Charles Unknown
Klingers Mill (historical) Klingers Mill (historical) St. Charles Unknown
McSpaddins Mill (historical) McSpaddins Mill (historical) St. Charles Unknown
Mollitors Mill (historical) Mollitors Mill (historical) St. Charles Unknown
Pollards Ford (historical) Pollards Ford (historical) St. Charles Unknown
Prieurs Landing (historical) Prieurs Landing (historical) St. Charles Unknown
Taylors Mill (historical) Taylors Mill (historical) St. Charles Unknown
Belle-Parke Plaza Belle-Parke Plaza St. Louis 528 Columbia Bottom
Le Chateau Village Le Chateau Village St. Louis 564 Creve Coeur
Central City Shopping Center Central City Shopping Center St. Louis 463 Florissant
Cross Keys Shopping Center Cross Keys Shopping Center St. Louis 545 Florissant
Le May (historical) Le May (historical) St. Louis 476 Oakville
Kendall (historical) Kendall (historical) St. Louis 417 Oakville
Cuivre Club Cuivre Club St. Charles 436 O'Fallon
Boettlers Club Boettlers Club St. Charles 466 O'Fallon
Becks Landing (historical) Becks Landing (historical) St. Charles 420 Kampville
Centaur Lime Company Centaur Lime Company St. Louis 525 Weldon Spring
Howells Ferry Landing (historical) Howells Ferry Landing (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Edgebrook Station (historical) Edgebrook Station (historical) St. Louis 459 Webster Groves
Grants (historical) Grants (historical) St. Louis 492 Webster Groves
Catalans Ford (historical) Catalans Ford (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Alderney (historical) Alderney (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Eden Station (historical) Eden Station (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Laclede Junction (historical) Laclede Junction (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Normandy Grove Station (historical) Normandy Grove Station (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Olcott Station (historical) Olcott Station (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Saint Vincent (historical) Saint Vincent (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Beaverpond Beaverpond St. Louis Unknown
Browns Place (historical) Browns Place (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Cahn Station (historical) Cahn Station (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Catholic Protectorate (historical) Catholic Protectorate (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Chapman (historical) Chapman (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Chelsea (historical) Chelsea (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Chesleys Station (historical) Chesleys Station (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Clarks Station (historical) Clarks Station (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Clayburn (historical) Clayburn (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Coleman (historical) Coleman (historical) St. Louis Unknown
College View Hill (historical) College View Hill (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Continental (historical) Continental (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Dozier (historical) Dozier (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Drake (historical) Drake (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Elmwood Park (historical) Elmwood Park (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Emerson (historical) Emerson (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Fair Lawn Station (historical) Fair Lawn Station (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Fairview Station (historical) Fairview Station (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Famous (historical) Famous (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Fanita (historical) Fanita (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Forest Grove (historical) Forest Grove (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Gardenia Place (historical) Gardenia Place (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Graham (historical) Graham (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Gregg (historical) Gregg (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Grimsley Station (historical) Grimsley Station (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Highland View (historical) Highland View (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Hoffmeister Heights (historical) Hoffmeister Heights (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Hollywood Station (historical) Hollywood Station (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Hunters Ford (historical) Hunters Ford (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Huntley (historical) Huntley (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Hunts Mill (historical) Hunts Mill (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Hunts Switch (historical) Hunts Switch (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Keith (historical) Keith (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Kings Station (historical) Kings Station (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Kroenung (historical) Kroenung (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Lahoma (historical) Lahoma (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Lime Kilns (historical) Lime Kilns (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Marshall Heights (historical) Marshall Heights (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Marvin Camp Grounds (historical) Marvin Camp Grounds (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Meramec Station (historical) Meramec Station (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Mill (historical) Mill (historical) St. Charles Unknown
Milton Station (historical) Milton Station (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Nadowesia (historical) Nadowesia (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Oak Ridge (historical) Oak Ridge (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Pelham Station (historical) Pelham Station (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Penmar (historical) Penmar (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Port Royal (historical) Port Royal (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Quinette (historical) Quinette (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Ridge Farm Station (historical) Ridge Farm Station (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Rockland Switch (historical) Rockland Switch (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Saint James (historical) Saint James (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Saint Paul (historical) Saint Paul (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Saint Stephens (historical) Saint Stephens (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Shofield Place (historical) Shofield Place (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Scudder (historical) Scudder (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Stevens (historical) Stevens (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Stockey (historical) Stockey (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Studts Heights (historical) Studts Heights (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Thomas Station (historical) Thomas Station (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Uniondale (historical) Uniondale (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Van Studiford Station (historical) Van Studiford Station (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Von Schrader (historical) Von Schrader (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Voteau Ford (historical) Voteau Ford (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Walnut Plains Camp Grounds (historical) Walnut Plains Camp Grounds (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Watsonia (historical) Watsonia (historical) St. Louis Unknown
West Ashby Station (historical) West Ashby Station (historical) St. Louis Unknown
West Walnut Manor (historical) West Walnut Manor (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Wildwood Station (historical) Wildwood Station (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Wilkinson (historical) Wilkinson (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Woodland (historical) Woodland (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Annadale (historical) Annadale (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Mentor (historical) Mentor (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Sutton Station (historical) Sutton Station (historical) St. Louis Unknown
Hunts Ford Hunts Ford St. Francois 692 Flat River
Clardy (historical) Clardy (historical) St. Francois Unknown
Clardys Grove Clardys Grove St. Francois Unknown
Copenhagen Copenhagen St. Francois 850 Farmington
Woodland Park (historical) Woodland Park (historical) St. Francois Unknown
Wolf Creek (historical) Wolf Creek (historical) St. Francois 817 Wachita Mountain
Sainte Williams (historical) Sainte Williams (historical) St. Francois Unknown
Ash Landing (historical) Ash Landing (historical) St. Francois Unknown
Big River Mills (historical) Big River Mills (historical) St. Francois Unknown
Doe Run Junction (historical) Doe Run Junction (historical) St. Francois Unknown
Dolly (historical) Dolly (historical) St. Francois Unknown
Hawkin Ford (historical) Hawkin Ford (historical) St. Francois Unknown
Herods Ford (historical) Herods Ford (historical) St. Francois Unknown
Highley Ford (historical) Highley Ford (historical) St. Francois Unknown
Hunt (historical) Hunt (historical) St. Francois Unknown
Knauss (historical) Knauss (historical) St. Francois Unknown
Ledbetters (historical) Ledbetters (historical) St. Francois Unknown
O'Meara (historical) O'Meara (historical) St. Francois Unknown
The Pinery The Pinery St. Francois Unknown
Pratt (historical) Pratt (historical) St. Francois Unknown
Sarcy (historical) Sarcy (historical) St. Francois Unknown
Snyders Ford (historical) Snyders Ford (historical) St. Francois Unknown
Swink (historical) Swink (historical) St. Francois Unknown
Taylor (historical) Taylor (historical) St. Francois Unknown
Turpin (historical) Turpin (historical) St. Francois Unknown
Whitener (historical) Whitener (historical) St. Francois Unknown
Miller Miller St. Charles 466 Chesterfield
Catherine (historical) Catherine (historical) St. Clair 935 Iconium
Macy Macy St. Clair 879 Roscoe
Tyler Tyler St. Charles 512 Defiance
Groves Groves St. Charles 436 O'Fallon
Richfield Richfield St. Charles 446 Winfield
Cuivre Junction (historical) Cuivre Junction (historical) St. Charles 436 Winfield
Light and Life Church Camp Light and Life Church Camp St. Clair 817 Tiffin
Taberville Public Access Taberville Public Access St. Clair 709 Taberville
Blackjack Access Blackjack Access St. Clair 735 Roscoe
Damascus Damascus St. Clair 879 Osceola
Jerktail Landing Jerktail Landing Shannon 623 Eminence
Turner Station Turner Station Boone 666 Huntsdale
Eureka (historical) Eureka (historical) Boone 545 Hartsburg
Clear View Clear View Ralls 709 Clarence Cannon Dam
Flint Ridge Flint Ridge Ralls 692 Clarence Cannon Dam
Little Bluestem Little Bluestem Ralls 686 Clarence Cannon Dam
Deer Run Deer Run Ralls 699 Clarence Cannon Dam
Blackjack Marina Blackjack Marina Ralls 607 Clarence Cannon Dam
Eagle Point Eagle Point Ralls 682 Clarence Cannon Dam
Fox Fox Ralls 666 Clarence Cannon Dam
Night Hawk Night Hawk Monroe 656 Clarence Cannon Dam
Black Hawk Black Hawk Monroe 646 Clarence Cannon Dam
Sentry Ridge Sentry Ridge Monroe 659 Clarence Cannon Dam
Indian Creek Marina Indian Creek Marina Monroe 666 Clarence Cannon Dam
Longview Farm Longview Farm Jackson 951 Lees Summit
West Alton Access Area West Alton Access Area St. Charles 423 Alton
Frisco School (historical) Frisco School (historical) Stoddard 295 Essex
Shawnan School (historical) Shawnan School (historical) Stoddard 308 Clines Island
Lost Hills Lost Hills Stoddard 318 Bell City
Federal Penitentiary Farm Federal Penitentiary Farm Platte 764 Leavenworth
Rosalee (historical) Rosalee (historical) Howard 587 New Franklin
Decker (historical) Decker (historical) Pulaski 876 Devils Elbow
Zaring (historical) Zaring (historical) Camden 850 Conns Creek
Harrodsburg (historical) Harrodsburg (historical) Johnson Unknown
Powell (historical) Powell (historical) Cass 978 West Line
Stumpton (historical) Stumpton (historical) Bates Unknown
Nimrod (historical) Nimrod (historical) Carroll 676 Hardin
Bement Bement Clay 935 Kearney SW
Harris Harris Clay 764 Excelsior Springs
Delpha (historical) Delpha (historical) Putnam 1073 Lake Thunderhead
Needles Needles Linn 761 Laclede
Northshore Country Club Northshore Country Club St. Louis (city) 436 Columbia Bottom
Triple A Golf Club Triple A Golf Club St. Louis (city) 509 Clayton
Union Station Union Station St. Louis (city) 453 Granite City
Hampton Village Shopping Center Hampton Village Shopping Center St. Louis (city) 499 Webster Groves
Loughborough Shopping Center Loughborough Shopping Center St. Louis (city) 449 Webster Groves
Saint Louis Centre Saint Louis Centre St. Louis (city) 466 Granite City
Old Post Office Old Post Office St. Louis (city) 469 Granite City
Whaleys Mill Whaleys Mill Lewis Unknown
Chippewa (historical) Chippewa (historical) St. Louis (city) Unknown
Forsyth Junction (historical) Forsyth Junction (historical) St. Louis (city) Unknown
Pemiscot County Farm (historical) Pemiscot County Farm (historical) Pemiscot 266 Hayti Heights
Chepousa (historical) Chepousa (historical) New Madrid Unknown
Lebanon I-44 Speedway Lebanon I-44 Speedway Laclede 1335 Brush Creek
Indian Springs (historical) Indian Springs (historical) McDonald Unknown
Johns Creek Lodge Johns Creek Lodge St. Louis (city) 466 Granite City
City of Potosi Waste Water Plant City of Potosi Waste Water Plant Washington 896 Mineral Point
Sokalski's Section Sokalski's Section Greene 1250 Republic
East Battlefield Overlook East Battlefield Overlook Greene 1204 Republic
Abernathy Settlement Abernathy Settlement Perry Unknown
El Paso Landing (historical) El Paso Landing (historical) Jackson 705 Missouri City
Jacksons Landing (historical) Jacksons Landing (historical) Jackson 725 Missouri City
Wayne City Landing (historical) Wayne City Landing (historical) Jackson 715 Liberty
Maxwells Landing (historical) Maxwells Landing (historical) Jackson 919 Missouri City
Blue Mills Landing (historical) Blue Mills Landing (historical) Clay 728 Missouri City
Hiffners Landing (historical) Hiffners Landing (historical) Jackson 725 Missouri City
De Bourgmont Access De Bourgmont Access Cooper 594 Billingsville
Taylor's Landing Access Taylor's Landing Access Cooper 581 Rocheport
Old Crow Camp Ground (historical) Old Crow Camp Ground (historical) Texas 1191 Maples
Blue Springs Campground Blue Springs Campground Jackson 909 Blue Springs
Blue Springs Marina Blue Springs Marina Jackson 804 Blue Springs
Missouri Department of Conservation Shelter Missouri Department of Conservation Shelter Jackson 876 Lake Jacomo
Kemper Outdoor Education Center Kemper Outdoor Education Center Jackson 945 Lake Jacomo
Missouri Town Missouri Town Jackson 873 Lake Jacomo
Jacomo Marina Jacomo Marina Jackson 833 Lake Jacomo
Native Hoofed Animal Enclosure Native Hoofed Animal Enclosure Jackson 935 Lake Jacomo
Sailboat Cove Launching and Mooring Sailboat Cove Launching and Mooring Jackson 837 Lake Jacomo
Sanborn Field and Soil Erosion Plots Sanborn Field and Soil Erosion Plots Boone 771 Columbia
Airway Centre Shopping Center Airway Centre Shopping Center St. Louis 574 Creve Coeur
Aloe Plaza Shopping Center Aloe Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis (city) 456 Granite City
American Plaza Shopping Center American Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis (city) 528 Webster Groves
Arnold Crossroads Shopping Center Arnold Crossroads Shopping Center Jefferson 509 Maxville
Augusta Wastewater Treatment Plant Augusta Wastewater Treatment Plant St. Charles 486 Labadie
Ballwin Plaza Shopping Center Ballwin Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis 643 Manchester
Bel-Acres Shopping Center Bel-Acres Shopping Center St. Louis 571 Clayton
Bennett Hills Shopping Center Bennett Hills Shopping Center St. Louis 571 Kirkwood
Berkeley Shopping Center Berkeley Shopping Center St. Louis 591 Clayton
Boggy Road Shopping Center Boggy Road Shopping Center St. Charles 630 Kampville
Breckenridge Hills Shopping Center Breckenridge Hills Shopping Center St. Louis 558 Clayton
Brentwood Square Shopping Center Brentwood Square Shopping Center St. Louis 466 Clayton
Bridgeton Landfill Bridgeton Landfill St. Louis 459 Saint Charles
Bridgeton Oaks Shopping Center Bridgeton Oaks Shopping Center St. Louis 495 Saint Charles
Bridgewood Plaza Shopping Center Bridgewood Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis 512 Saint Charles
Carrollton Shopping Center Carrollton Shopping Center St. Louis 571 Saint Charles
Cave Spring Crossing Shopping Center Cave Spring Crossing Shopping Center St. Charles 531 Kampville
Cave Springs Square Shopping Center Cave Springs Square Shopping Center St. Charles 525 Kampville
Central Plaza Shopping Center Central Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis 630 Manchester
Charlton Square Shopping Center Charlton Square Shopping Center St. Louis (city) 502 Cahokia
Chesterfield Plaza Shopping Center Chesterfield Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis 541 Creve Coeur
Chippewa Plaza Shopping Center Chippewa Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis 453 Webster Groves
Clocktower Shopping Center Clocktower Shopping Center St. Louis 564 Florissant
Colonial Square Shopping Center Colonial Square Shopping Center St. Louis 564 Webster Groves
Creve Coeur Plaza Shopping Center Creve Coeur Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis 636 Creve Coeur
Crossing of Hall Ferry Shopping Center Crossing of Hall Ferry Shopping Center St. Louis 535 Florissant
Cypress Village Shopping Center Cypress Village Shopping Center St. Louis 558 Creve Coeur
Deer Creek Center Shopping Center Deer Creek Center Shopping Center St. Louis 489 Webster Groves
Del Crest Plaza Shopping Center Del Crest Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis 528 Clayton
Dellwood Shopping Center Dellwood Shopping Center St. Louis 528 Florissant
DeSoto Wastewater Treatment Plant DeSoto Wastewater Treatment Plant Jefferson 476 De Soto
Dierbergs Marketplace Shopping Center Dierbergs Marketplace Shopping Center St. Louis 584 Chesterfield
Dorsett Square Shopping Center Dorsett Square Shopping Center St. Louis 499 Creve Coeur
Dorsett Village Shopping Center Dorsett Village Shopping Center St. Louis 495 Creve Coeur
Duchense Hills Shopping Center Duchense Hills Shopping Center St. Louis 548 Florissant
Duckett Creek Sanitation District Treatment Plant Number 1 Duckett Creek Sanitation District Treatment Plant Number 1 St. Charles 459 Chesterfield
Duckett Creek Sanitation District Treatment Plant Number 2 Duckett Creek Sanitation District Treatment Plant Number 2 St. Charles 512 Weldon Spring
Eureka Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant Eureka Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant St. Louis 446 House Springs
Eureka Towne Center Shopping Center Eureka Towne Center Shopping Center St. Louis 505 Eureka
Fairground Neighborhood Fairground Neighborhood St. Louis (city) 505 Granite City
Fenton Crossing Plaza Shopping Center Fenton Crossing Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis 443 Kirkwood
Ferguson Square Shopping Center Ferguson Square Shopping Center St. Louis 522 Clayton
Festus Crystal City Sewage Treatment Plant Festus Crystal City Sewage Treatment Plant Jefferson 400 Festus
Florissant Meadows Shopping Center Florissant Meadows Shopping Center St. Louis 509 Florissant
Florissant Oaks Shopping Center Florissant Oaks Shopping Center St. Louis 518 Florissant
Frostwood Shopping Center Frostwood Shopping Center St. Louis 558 Florissant
Goldfarb Plant Growth Facility Goldfarb Plant Growth Facility St. Louis 541 Clayton
Grand Glaize Wastewater Treatment Plant Grand Glaize Wastewater Treatment Plant St. Louis 410 Kirkwood
Grandpas Center Shopping Center Grandpas Center Shopping Center St. Louis 607 Manchester
Grandview Plaza Shopping Center Grandview Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis 604 Florissant
Gravois Plaza Shopping Center Gravois Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis (city) 551 Webster Groves
Greentree Center Shopping Center Greentree Center Shopping Center St. Louis 610 Kirkwood
Harvester Square Shopping Center Harvester Square Shopping Center St. Charles 604 Chesterfield
Hazelwood Showcase Plaza Shopping Center Hazelwood Showcase Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis 522 Florissant
Herculaneum Wastewater Treatment Plant Herculaneum Wastewater Treatment Plant Jefferson 410 Herculaneum
Hilltop Plaza Shopping Center Hilltop Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis 499 Creve Coeur
Jefferson County Plaza Shopping Center Jefferson County Plaza Shopping Center Jefferson 525 Maxville
Keller Plaza Shopping Center Keller Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis 564 Oakville
Kendrick Plaza Shopping Center Kendrick Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis 466 Webster Groves
Kimmswick Wastewater Treatment Plant Kimmswick Wastewater Treatment Plant Jefferson 387 Valmeyer
Kings Highway Shopping Center Kings Highway Shopping Center St. Louis (city) 469 Webster Groves
Kirkwood Commons Shopping Center Kirkwood Commons Shopping Center St. Louis 653 Kirkwood
Ladue Crossing Shopping Center Ladue Crossing Shopping Center St. Louis 538 Clayton
Ladue Shopping Center Ladue Shopping Center St. Louis 558 Clayton
Lamment Center Shopping Center Lamment Center Shopping Center St. Louis 545 Clayton
Lamp and Lantern Shopping Center Lamp and Lantern Shopping Center St. Louis 636 Manchester
Lewis and Clark Center Shopping Center Lewis and Clark Center Shopping Center St. Louis 466 Columbia Bottom
Lindbergh Plaza Shopping Center Lindbergh Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis 627 Webster Groves
Lindell Marketplace Shopping Center Lindell Marketplace Shopping Center St. Louis (city) 469 Granite City
MacKenzie Point Shopping Center MacKenzie Point Shopping Center St. Louis 502 Webster Groves
Mark Twain Interstate 70 Industrial Park Mark Twain Interstate 70 Industrial Park St. Louis (city) 528 Clayton
Marshalls Plaza Shopping Center Marshalls Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis 574 Webster Groves
Mid Rivers Center Shopping Center Mid Rivers Center Shopping Center St. Charles 476 Kampville
Mid Rivers Plaza Shopping Center Mid Rivers Plaza Shopping Center St. Charles 456 O'Fallon
North Hills Shopping Center North Hills Shopping Center St. Louis 545 Florissant
North Oaks Plaza Shopping Center North Oaks Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis 643 Clayton
Northwest Plaza Shopping Center Northwest Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis 594 Creve Coeur
Oakville Shopping Center Oakville Shopping Center St. Louis 587 Oakville
O'Fallon Pointe Center Shopping Center O'Fallon Pointe Center Shopping Center St. Charles 554 O'Fallon
O'Fallon Square Shopping Center O'Fallon Square Shopping Center St. Charles 574 O'Fallon
OFallon Wastewater Treatment Plant OFallon Wastewater Treatment Plant St. Charles 446 O'Fallon
Olive Arcade Plaza Shopping Center Olive Arcade Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis 551 Creve Coeur
Olivette Center Shopping Center Olivette Center Shopping Center St. Louis 699 Creve Coeur
Olympic Oaks Village Shopping Center Olympic Oaks Village Shopping Center St. Louis 646 Kirkwood
Onyx Oak Ridge Landfill Onyx Oak Ridge Landfill St. Louis 554 Manchester
Orchard Bend Shopping Center Orchard Bend Shopping Center St. Louis 525 Creve Coeur
Paddock Forest Shopping Center Paddock Forest Shopping Center St. Louis 564 Columbia Bottom
Paddock Hills Shopping Center Paddock Hills Shopping Center St. Louis 518 Florissant
Peerless Park Landfill Peerless Park Landfill St. Louis 433 Manchester
Pevely Wastewater Treatment Plant Pevely Wastewater Treatment Plant Jefferson 420 Herculaneum
Plaza at de Paul Shopping Center Plaza at de Paul Shopping Center St. Louis 509 Saint Charles
Plaza de Paul Shopping Center Plaza de Paul Shopping Center St. Louis 561 Creve Coeur
Plaza Madrid Shopping Center Plaza Madrid Shopping Center St. Louis 538 Florissant
Regency Plaza Shopping Center Regency Plaza Shopping Center St. Charles 502 Kampville
Regency Square Shopping Center Regency Square Shopping Center St. Charles 479 Kampville
Rhodes Plaza Shopping Center Rhodes Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis 486 Kirkwood
Richardson Crossing Shopping Center Richardson Crossing Shopping Center Jefferson 541 Maxville
Richardson Square Shopping Center Richardson Square Shopping Center Jefferson 541 Maxville
Richmond Shopping Center Richmond Shopping Center St. Louis 561 Clayton
River Roads Mall Shopping Center River Roads Mall Shopping Center St. Louis 512 Granite City
Saint Andrews Plaza Shopping Center Saint Andrews Plaza Shopping Center St. Charles 551 Kampville
Saint Ann Plaza Shopping Center Saint Ann Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis 584 Creve Coeur
Saint Charles Center Shopping Center Saint Charles Center Shopping Center St. Charles 525 Saint Charles
Saint Louis Center Shopping Center Saint Louis Center Shopping Center St. Louis (city) 466 Granite City
Saint Louis Marketplace Shopping Center Saint Louis Marketplace Shopping Center St. Louis (city) 476 Webster Groves
Saint Louis Mills Shopping Center Saint Louis Mills Shopping Center St. Louis 551 Saint Charles
Saint Peters Spencer Center Sewage Treatment Plant Saint Peters Spencer Center Sewage Treatment Plant St. Charles 440 Kampville
Saint Peters Square Shopping Center Saint Peters Square Shopping Center St. Charles 463 O'Fallon
Schnucks Des Peres Center Shopping Center Schnucks Des Peres Center Shopping Center St. Louis 633 Kirkwood
Schnucks Shopping Center Schnucks Shopping Center St. Louis 643 Manchester
Sierra Vista Plaza Shopping Center Sierra Vista Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis 518 Columbia Bottom
South County Plaza Shopping Center South County Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis 620 Webster Groves
South Oaks Plaza Shopping Center South Oaks Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis 607 Webster Groves
South Towne Plaza Shopping Center South Towne Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis (city) 482 Webster Groves
Southtown Centre Shopping Center Southtown Centre Shopping Center St. Louis (city) 492 Webster Groves
Springwood Plaza Shopping Center Springwood Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis 489 Clayton
Strollway Shopping Center Strollway Shopping Center St. Louis 545 Florissant
Telegraph Plaza Shopping Center Telegraph Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis 587 Oakville
The Gate District The Gate District St. Louis (city) 489 Cahokia
The Plaza at Sunset Hills Shopping Center The Plaza at Sunset Hills Shopping Center St. Louis 656 Kirkwood
The Promenade at Brentwood Shopping Center The Promenade at Brentwood Shopping Center St. Louis 505 Clayton
The Shoppes at Sunset Hills The Shoppes at Sunset Hills St. Louis 656 Kirkwood
The Shops at Laura Hill Shopping Center The Shops at Laura Hill Shopping Center St. Charles 584 O'Fallon
Villa Del Cresta Shopping Center Villa Del Cresta Shopping Center St. Louis 600 Florissant
Village Shopping Center Village Shopping Center St. Louis 718 Manchester
Village Square Shopping Center Village Square Shopping Center St. Louis 587 Creve Coeur
Warson Woods Center Shopping Center Warson Woods Center Shopping Center St. Louis 581 Kirkwood
Watertower Place Shopping Center Watertower Place Shopping Center Jefferson 545 Oakville
Watson Plaza Shopping Center Watson Plaza Shopping Center St. Louis 636 Kirkwood
Westfield Shopping Town-Mid Rivers Shopping Center Westfield Shopping Town-Mid Rivers Shopping Center St. Charles 463 Kampville
Westfield Shoppingtown of South County Shopping Center Westfield Shoppingtown of South County Shopping Center St. Louis 594 Webster Groves
Westgate Centre Shopping Center Westgate Centre Shopping Center St. Louis 564 Creve Coeur
Woodbine Center Shopping Center Woodbine Center Shopping Center St. Louis 659 Kirkwood
Zumbehl Commons Shopping Center Zumbehl Commons Shopping Center St. Charles 499 Kampville
Archie Wastewater Treatment Lagoon South Grand River Archie Wastewater Treatment Lagoon South Grand River Cass 794 Adrian
Bayberry Plaza Shopping Center Bayberry Plaza Shopping Center Jackson 1014 Lake Jacomo
Belton Wastewater Treatment Facility Belton Wastewater Treatment Facility Cass 899 West Line
Benjamin Plaza Shopping Center Benjamin Plaza Shopping Center Jackson 912 Grandview
Blue Ridge Mall Shopping Center Blue Ridge Mall Shopping Center Jackson 1014 Independence
Cass County Midway Wastewater Treatment Facility Cass County Midway Wastewater Treatment Facility Cass 951 West Line
Ceder Creek Mall Shopping Center Ceder Creek Mall Shopping Center Jackson 991 Lees Summit
Colonial Shopping Center Colonial Shopping Center Jackson 873 Kansas City
Country Creek Estates Golf Course Country Creek Estates Golf Course Cass 958 Harrisonville
Country Creek Estates Wastewater Treatment Plant Country Creek Estates Wastewater Treatment Plant Cass 928 Harrisonville
Creighton Wastewater Treatment Facility Creighton Wastewater Treatment Facility Cass 774 Creighton
Dogwood Energy Facility Dogwood Energy Facility Cass 948 Pleasant Hill
Drexel North Wastewater Treatment Facility Drexel North Wastewater Treatment Facility Cass 978 Drexel
Drexel South Wastewater Treatment Facility Drexel South Wastewater Treatment Facility Bates 955 Drexel
Freeman Wastewater Treatment Facility Freeman Wastewater Treatment Facility Cass 833 Everett
Garden City Wastewater Treatment Facility Garden City Wastewater Treatment Facility Cass 912 Garden City
Harrisonville South Wastewater Treatment Plant Harrisonville South Wastewater Treatment Plant Cass 863 Austin
Harrisonville Wastewater Treatment Plant Harrisonville Wastewater Treatment Plant Cass 863 Harrisonville
Lees Summit Town Center Shopping Center Lees Summit Town Center Shopping Center Jackson 997 Lake Jacomo
Linwood Shopping Center Linwood Shopping Center Jackson 971 Kansas City
Mall at Fall Creek Shopping Center Mall at Fall Creek Shopping Center Jackson 955 Blue Springs
Metro Mall North Shopping Center Metro Mall North Shopping Center Clay 997 North Kansas City
Midtown Marketplace Shopping Center Midtown Marketplace Shopping Center Jackson 961 Kansas City
Mill Street Station Mill Street Station Jackson 909 Kansas City
Park Plaza Shopping Center Park Plaza Shopping Center Platte 971 Parkville
Pinetree Plaza Shopping Center Pinetree Plaza Shopping Center Jackson 1047 Lees Summit
Pleasant Hill Wastewater Treatment Facility Pleasant Hill Wastewater Treatment Facility Cass 856 Pleasant Hill
South Harper Peaking Facility South Harper Peaking Facility Cass 971 Peculiar
Tiffany Landing Shopping Center Tiffany Landing Shopping Center Platte 1040 Ferrelview
White Oak Plaza Shopping Center White Oak Plaza Shopping Center Jackson 965 Blue Springs
Branson City Campground Branson City Campground Taney 712 Branson
Barco Drive-In Barco Drive-In Barton 978 Lamar South
Valley Farm Feedlot Valley Farm Feedlot Chariton 696 Sumner
Hampton Feed Lot Hampton Feed Lot Chariton 679 Mendon
Sunset Drive-In Sunset Drive-In Lawrence 1411 Aurora
Sunset Drive-In Sunset Drive-In Texas 1155 Houston
Muehlbach Camp (historical) Muehlbach Camp (historical) Stone 965 Galena
Sam Thomas Camp (historical) Sam Thomas Camp (historical) Stone 1040 Hurley
Camp Yocum (historical) Camp Yocum (historical) Stone 955 Galena
Edgar Camp (historical) Edgar Camp (historical) Stone 1010 Galena
Camp Clark (historical) Camp Clark (historical) Stone 942 Galena
Limberlost Camp (historical) Limberlost Camp (historical) Stone 968 Galena
Ramblers Camp (historical) Ramblers Camp (historical) Stone 1191 Galena
Gregg Camp (historical) Gregg Camp (historical) Stone 922 Galena
Caraway Camp (historical) Caraway Camp (historical) Stone 925 Elsey
Ashcraft Camp (historical) Ashcraft Camp (historical) Stone 1056 Elsey
Bearden Camp (historical) Bearden Camp (historical) Stone 915 Reeds Spring
Thomas Camp (historical) Thomas Camp (historical) Stone 915 Lampe
Arnold Lodge (historical) Arnold Lodge (historical) Stone 1017 Galena
Taylor Camp (historical) Taylor Camp (historical) Stone 942 Galena
Carr Ford (historical) Carr Ford (historical) Stone 938 Galena
Buttermilk Spa Buttermilk Spa Stone 915 Cape Fair
Creller Camp (historical) Creller Camp (historical) Stone 915 Reeds Spring
Rainbows End Camp (historical) Rainbows End Camp (historical) Taney 1145 Day
Walnut Shade Golf Course (historical) Walnut Shade Golf Course (historical) Taney 955 Branson
Cedar Point Resort Cedar Point Resort Taney 728 Branson
Camp Leal (historical) Camp Leal (historical) Taney 705 Branson
Hollywood Hills (historical) Hollywood Hills (historical) Taney 705 Branson
Sunset Inn (historical) Sunset Inn (historical) Taney 830 Branson
Taneycomo Park (historical) Taneycomo Park (historical) Taney 712 Branson
Bee Creek Camp (historical) Bee Creek Camp (historical) Taney 728 Branson
Camp Isaac Walton (historical) Camp Isaac Walton (historical) Taney 807 Branson
White Swan Camp White Swan Camp Taney 676 Forsyth
Electric Park (historical) Electric Park (historical) Taney 682 Forsyth
Cold Spring Camp (historical) Cold Spring Camp (historical) Taney 679 Forsyth
White River Camp (historical) White River Camp (historical) Taney 663 Forsyth
Moores Ferry (historical) Moores Ferry (historical) Taney 646 Mincy
Bill Youngs Camp (historical) Bill Youngs Camp (historical) Taney 646 Mincy
Young Mens Christian Association Camp (historical) Young Mens Christian Association Camp (historical) Taney 705 Branson
Sleepy Hollow Camp (historical) Sleepy Hollow Camp (historical) Taney 715 Branson
Valley View (historical) Valley View (historical) Taney 709 Branson
Shore Acres (historical) Shore Acres (historical) Taney 715 Branson
Camp Ideal (historical) Camp Ideal (historical) Taney 732 Branson
Camp Perfecto (historical) Camp Perfecto (historical) Taney 718 Branson
Camp White Oak (historical) Camp White Oak (historical) Taney 820 Table Rock Dam
Sharps Log Cabin Camp (historical) Sharps Log Cabin Camp (historical) Taney 728 Branson
Camp Roark (historical) Camp Roark (historical) Taney 705 Branson
Camp Ponca (historical) Camp Ponca (historical) Taney 919 Branson
Shepherd of the Hills Camp (historical) Shepherd of the Hills Camp (historical) Stone 1421 Spokane
Sammy Lane Tourist Park (historical) Sammy Lane Tourist Park (historical) Taney 718 Branson
Presbyterian Assembly (historical) Presbyterian Assembly (historical) Taney 715 Branson
Oak Wood (historical) Oak Wood (historical) Taney 830 Branson
Browns Landing (historical) Browns Landing (historical) Taney 823 Branson
Dearing Landing (historical) Dearing Landing (historical) Callaway 531 Osage City
Murder Rock Golf and Country Club Murder Rock Golf and Country Club Taney 1053 Hollister
Branson Creek Golf Club Branson Creek Golf Club Taney 974 Hollister
Don Gardner Golf Course Don Gardner Golf Course Taney 709 Branson
Holiday Hills Golf Course Holiday Hills Golf Course Taney 951 Branson
Ledgestone Golf Course Ledgestone Golf Course Stone 919 Garber
Pointe Royale Golf Course Pointe Royale Golf Course Taney 853 Table Rock Dam
Thousand Hills Golf Course Thousand Hills Golf Course Taney 820 Garber
Top of the Rock Golf Course Top of the Rock Golf Course Taney 1348 Hollister
Payne Stewart Front Golf Course Payne Stewart Front Golf Course Taney 892 Branson
Payne Stewart Back Golf Course Payne Stewart Back Golf Course Taney 988 Branson
Fisher Creek Country Club Fisher Creek Country Club Stone 1053 Reeds Spring
Cassville Golf Club Cassville Golf Club Barry 1467 Cassville
Clifford and Lavon Clifford and Lavon Taney 820 Garber
Hidden Valley Golf Links Hidden Valley Golf Links Stone 1053 Highlandville
Windmill Ridge Golf Course Windmill Ridge Golf Course Barry 1312 Monett
Kings River Golf Course Kings River Golf Course Barry 1020 Viola
Mount Vernon Golf Course Mount Vernon Golf Course Lawrence 1250 Mount Vernon
Stockton Country Club Stockton Country Club Cedar 994 Stockton
Bear Creek Golf Course Bear Creek Golf Course St. Charles 600 Foristell