M. Graham Clark Downtown Airport M. Graham Clark Downtown Airport Taney 932 Hollister
Versailles Municipal Airport (historical) Versailles Municipal Airport (historical) Morgan 1010 Versailles
East Atchison Airport (historical) East Atchison Airport (historical) Buchanan 787 Atchison East
Furst Landing Strip (historical) Furst Landing Strip (historical) Andrew 1093 Fillmore
Cole Landing Strip (historical) Cole Landing Strip (historical) Andrew 1017 Fillmore
Gunnels Landing Strip (historical) Gunnels Landing Strip (historical) Macon 722 Elmer
O'Connor Landing Strip (historical) O'Connor Landing Strip (historical) Clinton 994 Plattsburg
Skelton Landing Strip (historical) Skelton Landing Strip (historical) Dunklin 259 Senath
Eminence Landing Strip (historical) Eminence Landing Strip (historical) Shannon 1063 Alley Spring
Lawrence Smith Memorial Airport Lawrence Smith Memorial Airport Cass 909 Austin
Wehrman Airport Wehrman Airport Montgomery 774 Buell
Heritage Landing Strip (historical) Heritage Landing Strip (historical) Camden 932 Camdenton
Harbour Airport Harbour Airport Morgan 810 Gravois Mills
Applegate Airport Applegate Airport Schuyler 994 Queen City
Unionville Municipal Airport Unionville Municipal Airport Putnam 1017 Lake Thunderhead
Ava Bill Martin Memorial Airport Ava Bill Martin Memorial Airport Douglas 1270 Ava
Radcliffe Landing Strip (historical) Radcliffe Landing Strip (historical) Stoddard 289 Hills Store
Campbell Municipal Airport Campbell Municipal Airport Dunklin 285 Campbell
Baker Landing Strip (historical) Baker Landing Strip (historical) Dunklin 259 Kennett South
Bootheel Landing Strip (historical) Bootheel Landing Strip (historical) Dunklin 256 Kennett South
Reynolds Landing Strip (historical) Reynolds Landing Strip (historical) Dunklin 253 Hornersville
Aviation Landing Strip (historical) Aviation Landing Strip (historical) Dunklin 256 Senath
Wattle Landing Strip (historical) Wattle Landing Strip (historical) Butler 308 Fairdealing
Sloan's Airport Sloan's Airport Lincoln 436 Hamburg
Bubbling Springs Landing Strip (historical) Bubbling Springs Landing Strip (historical) Dent 1112 Lecoma
Kirksville Regional Airport Kirksville Regional Airport Adair 961 Millard
Calhoun Landing Strip (historical) Calhoun Landing Strip (historical) Henry 840 Montrose
Roy Otten Memorial Airfield Roy Otten Memorial Airfield Morgan 1020 Versailles
Mark Twain Landing Field (historical) Mark Twain Landing Field (historical) Ralls 722 Hannibal West
Wright Landing Field (historical) Wright Landing Field (historical) Caldwell 876 Braymer
Luhrs Landing Strip (historical) Luhrs Landing Strip (historical) Atchison 902 Langdon
Lakeside Airport (historical) Lakeside Airport (historical) Miller 574 Bagnell
US Airport (historical) US Airport (historical) Phelps 1188 Dillon
Crop Care Airport Crop Care Airport Holt 879 Mound City
Evergreen Landing Field (historical) Evergreen Landing Field (historical) Franklin 846 Spring Bluff
Skyway Ranch Landing Strip (historical) Skyway Ranch Landing Strip (historical) Wayne 381 Williamsville
Rancho Rio Landing Strip (historical) Rancho Rio Landing Strip (historical) Ripley 341 Doniphan North
Double S Ranch Airport Double S Ranch Airport Carter 735 Hogan Hollow
Sky Haven Airport (historical) Sky Haven Airport (historical) Howell 1099 Pomona
Bright Elbow Ranch Landing Field (historical) Bright Elbow Ranch Landing Field (historical) Taney 830 Protem SW
West Fork Landing Strip (historical) West Fork Landing Strip (historical) Reynolds 1037 Corridon
Fletcher Landing Strip (historical) Fletcher Landing Strip (historical) Reynolds 945 Corridon
Theodosia Hills Landing strip (historical) Theodosia Hills Landing strip (historical) Ozark 883 Theodosia
Branson Memorial Airport (historical) Branson Memorial Airport (historical) Taney 1030 Garber
St Charles County Smartt Airport St Charles County Smartt Airport St. Charles 433 Grafton
Fritschle Field (historical) Fritschle Field (historical) St. Louis 440 Kirkwood
Steubs Field (historical) Steubs Field (historical) St. Louis 436 Kirkwood
Petermen Landing Strip (historical) Petermen Landing Strip (historical) St. Clair 883 Arnica
Georger Farms Airport (historical) Georger Farms Airport (historical) Stoddard 331 Bell City
Cooper Flying Service Airport Cooper Flying Service Airport Jasper 991 Webb City
Albany Municipal Airport Albany Municipal Airport Gentry 869 Albany North
Barber Airport Barber Airport Pike 476 Annada
Mc Donnell Airport Mc Donnell Airport Cass 869 Main City
Tallen Airport Tallen Airport Nodaway 1129 Maryville East
Jerry Sumners Sr Aurora Municipal Airport Jerry Sumners Sr Aurora Municipal Airport Lawrence 1430 Aurora
Bill Martin Memorial Airport (historical) Bill Martin Memorial Airport (historical) Douglas 1273 Ava
Arnika Ranch Airport Arnika Ranch Airport Douglas 1158 Sweden
Eagles Roost Heliport Eagles Roost Heliport Camden 663 Lake Ozark
Harry S Truman Regional Airport Harry S Truman Regional Airport Lafayette 863 Bates City
Findley Field Findley Field Franklin 764 Leslie
Stickle Cattle Farms Airport Stickle Cattle Farms Airport Osage 709 Summerfield
Sky Ranch II Airport (historical) Sky Ranch II Airport (historical) Iron 1040 Graniteville
Villnave Airport (historical) Villnave Airport (historical) Cass 1043 Belton
Research Belton Hospital Heliport Research Belton Hospital Heliport Cass 1086 Belton
Meadows Airport Meadows Airport Harrison 1007 Gilman City West
Bethany Memorial Airport Bethany Memorial Airport Harrison 1027 Bethany
Bismarck Memorial Airport Bismarck Memorial Airport St. Francois 1040 Flat River
Dove Airstrip Dove Airstrip St. Francois 1070 Iron Mountain Lake
Action Gliderport Action Gliderport Jackson 942 Oak Grove
Stevinson Farm Airport (historical) Stevinson Farm Airport (historical) Jackson 889 Blue Springs
Hannah Airport Hannah Airport Andrew 932 Whitesville
Bolivar Memorial Airport (historical) Bolivar Memorial Airport (historical) Polk 1096 Bolivar
Bonne Terre Municipal Airport (historical) Bonne Terre Municipal Airport (historical) St. Francois 830 Bonne Terre
Jesse Viertel Memorial Airport Jesse Viertel Memorial Airport Cooper 715 Boonville
Boonville Municipal Airport (historical) Boonville Municipal Airport (historical) Howard 587 Billingsville
Bowling Green Municipal Airport Bowling Green Municipal Airport Pike 879 Bowling Green
Table Rock Heliport Table Rock Heliport Taney 1027 Garber
John the Diver Airport (historical) John the Diver Airport (historical) Stone 1165 Garber
DePaul Health Center Heliport DePaul Health Center Heliport St. Louis 545 Saint Charles
General John J Pershing Memorial Hospital Heliport General John J Pershing Memorial Hospital Heliport Linn 784 Brookfield
Troutman Airport (historical) Troutman Airport (historical) Linn 791 Brookfield
General John J Pershing Memorial Airport General John J Pershing Memorial Airport Linn 787 Brookfield
Stephens and Akeman Airport (historical) Stephens and Akeman Airport (historical) Chariton 640 Brunswick West
Gary's Airport Gary's Airport Dallas 1188 Tunas
Buffalo Municipal Airport Buffalo Municipal Airport Dallas 1148 Buffalo
Lauries Landing Airport (historical) Lauries Landing Airport (historical) Dallas 1211 Charity
Sugartree Airport (historical) Sugartree Airport (historical) Dallas 1224 Windyville
Hester Airport Hester Airport Nodaway 1010 Burlington Junction
Oerke Enterprises Airport (historical) Oerke Enterprises Airport (historical) Bates 764 New Home
Bates County Hospital Heliport Bates County Hospital Heliport Bates 850 Butler South
Butler Memorial Airport Butler Memorial Airport Bates 869 Butler
Cabool Memorial Airport Cabool Memorial Airport Texas 1230 Cabool NE
Nemo Coal Company Heliport Nemo Coal Company Heliport Randolph 794 College Mound
Phillips Field Phillips Field Moniteau 771 California North
North Platte Airpark (historical) North Platte Airpark (historical) Platte 984 Tracy
Camdenton Memorial Airport Camdenton Memorial Airport Camden 1056 Decaturville
Mistwood Airport Mistwood Airport Camden 814 Sunrise Beach
Cameron Memorial Airport Cameron Memorial Airport Clinton 1030 Cameron West
Cameron Community Hospital Heliport Cameron Community Hospital Heliport Clinton 1043 Cameron East
Campbell Municipal Airport Campbell Municipal Airport Dunklin 282 Campbell
Cape Girardeau Regional Airport Cape Girardeau Regional Airport Scott 335 Scott City
Saint Francis Hospital Heliport Saint Francis Hospital Heliport Cape Girardeau 476 Cape Girardeau
Southeast Missouri Hospital Heliport Southeast Missouri Hospital Heliport Cape Girardeau 449 Cape Girardeau
Carrollton Memorial Airport Carrollton Memorial Airport Carroll 669 Carrollton West
Hawkins Airport (historical) Hawkins Airport (historical) Carroll 718 Roads
Myers Park Memorial Municipal Airport (historical) Myers Park Memorial Municipal Airport (historical) Jasper 1076 Carthage
Caruthersville Memorial Airport Caruthersville Memorial Airport Pemiscot 266 Caruthersville
Timber Line Airpark Timber Line Airpark Barry 1532 Cassville
Cassville Municipal Airport Cassville Municipal Airport Barry 1467 Exeter
Brass Lantern Airpark Brass Lantern Airpark Taney 810 Mincy
Ray Johnson Inc Airport Ray Johnson Inc Airport Reynolds 846 Centerville
Chance Airport (historical) Chance Airport (historical) Boone 906 Centralia
A B Chance Company Heliport A B Chance Company Heliport Boone 876 Centralia
Mississippi County Airport Mississippi County Airport Mississippi 315 Anniston
McDowell-Schmid Airport (historical) McDowell-Schmid Airport (historical) Mississippi 322 Charleston
Chillicothe Municipal Airport Chillicothe Municipal Airport Livingston 771 Wheeling
L-Z Bravo Airport (historical) L-Z Bravo Airport (historical) Monroe 787 Lentner
Williams Airport Williams Airport Cass 978 West Line
Miller Airport Miller Airport Benton 961 Climax Springs
Eagle's Landing Eagle's Landing Camden 830 Knobby
Ferros Ranch-Aero Ferros Ranch-Aero Henry 771 Clinton North
Clinton Memorial Airport Clinton Memorial Airport Henry 814 Gaines
George Bud Church Memorial Hospital Heliport George Bud Church Memorial Hospital Heliport Henry 801 Clinton North
Peterman Airport (historical) Peterman Airport (historical) St. Clair 840 Vista
University Hospitals and Clinics Heliport University Hospitals and Clinics Heliport Boone 722 Columbia
Columbia Regional Airport Columbia Regional Airport Boone 883 Millersburg SW
Boone Hospital Center Heliport Boone Hospital Center Heliport Boone 764 Columbia
E W Cotton Woods Memorial Airport (historical) E W Cotton Woods Memorial Airport (historical) Boone 761 Browns
Wood Airport (historical) Wood Airport (historical) New Madrid 289 Portageville
Flying G Airport Flying G Airport Cass 906 Quick City
Jefferson Memorial Hospital Heliport Jefferson Memorial Hospital Heliport Jefferson 413 Festus
Cuba Municipal Airport Cuba Municipal Airport Crawford 1024 Cuba
Leos Angus Ranch Airport (historical) Leos Angus Ranch Airport (historical) Cass 915 Dayton
Dexter Municipal Airport Dexter Municipal Airport Stoddard 299 Dexter
Dexter Memorial Hospital Heliport Dexter Memorial Hospital Heliport Stoddard 427 Dexter
Shepherd Airport (historical) Shepherd Airport (historical) Newton 1142 Granby
Arvin Ranch Airport (historical) Arvin Ranch Airport (historical) Bates 994 Drexel
May Airport (historical) May Airport (historical) Cass 1007 Drexel
Hilltop Airport Hilltop Airport Cass 1010 Freeman
Lost Mine Airport Lost Mine Airport Ozark 830 Theodosia
Richters Airport Richters Airport Cass 915 Harrisonville
Roth Farms Airport (historical) Roth Farms Airport (historical) Cass 886 East Lynne
Henderson Mounds E B G Airport Henderson Mounds E B G Airport New Madrid 292 Henderson Mound
Joe D Lewis Airport Joe D Lewis Airport Knox 761 Knox City
Hall Airport (historical) Hall Airport (historical) Knox 863 Locust Hill
Eldon Model Airpark Eldon Model Airpark Miller 889 Eldon
El Dorado Springs Memorial Airport El Dorado Springs Memorial Airport Cedar 919 Filley
Sloans Airport Sloans Airport Lincoln 436 Hamburg
Staggs Airport (historical) Staggs Airport (historical) Lewis 676 Durham
Excelsior Springs Memorial Airport Excelsior Springs Memorial Airport Ray 997 Excelsior Springs
Waldemer Flying W Ranch Airport Waldemer Flying W Ranch Airport Ripley 463 Flatwoods
Steele Airport Steele Airport Atchison 1050 Fairfax
Cleveland Airport (historical) Cleveland Airport (historical) Atchison 1063 Tarkio SE
Farmington Regional Airport Farmington Regional Airport St. Francois 912 Farmington
Farmington Community Hospital Heliport Farmington Community Hospital Heliport St. Francois 899 Farmington
Farris Strip Farris Strip Buchanan 1050 Dearborn
Fayette Flying Field (historical) Fayette Flying Field (historical) Howard 636 New Franklin
Fabick Heliport Fabick Heliport St. Louis 433 Kirkwood
Festus Memorial Airport Festus Memorial Airport Jefferson 430 Festus
Lazy W Farms Airport (historical) Lazy W Farms Airport (historical) Andrew 919 Fillmore
Woodliff Airpark Woodliff Airpark St. Charles 735 Foristell
A. Paul Vance Fredericktown Regional Airport A. Paul Vance Fredericktown Regional Airport Madison 879 Fredericktown
Madison Memorial Heliport Madison Memorial Heliport Madison 735 Fredericktown
Hart Airport (historical) Hart Airport (historical) Cass 827 Everett
Elton Hensley Memorial Airport Elton Hensley Memorial Airport Callaway 876 Guthrie
Gainesville Memorial Airport Gainesville Memorial Airport Ozark 1063 Gainesville
Sunburst Ranch Airport Sunburst Ranch Airport Ozark 784 Cureall NW
Watts-Smith Airport (historical) Watts-Smith Airport (historical) Stone 1207 Galena
Lake Viking Airport Lake Viking Airport Daviess 938 Altamont
Landmark Manufacturing Corporation Airport Landmark Manufacturing Corporation Airport Daviess 810 Jamesport
Breed Ranch Airport (historical) Breed Ranch Airport (historical) Cass 938 Garden City
Gideon Memorial Airport Gideon Memorial Airport New Madrid 272 Gideon
Table Rock Airport Table Rock Airport Barry 1047 Golden
Bel-Voir Acres Airport (historical) Bel-Voir Acres Airport (historical) Barry 1122 Golden
Leaming Field Leaming Field Jasper 1129 Dudenville
Wileys Air Strip (historical) Wileys Air Strip (historical) Scotland 659 Arbela
Howard Airport Howard Airport Scotland 771 Arbela
Hines Airport Hines Airport Scotland 745 Colony
East Kansas City Airport East Kansas City Airport Jackson 830 Oak Grove
Carl Ensor Airport Carl Ensor Airport Monroe 764 Granville
Mb Ranch Airport (historical) Mb Ranch Airport (historical) Carter 738 Hogan Hollow
Sherlock Field Sherlock Field Morgan 778 Gravois Mills
Widmark Airport Widmark Airport Sullivan 1056 Green City
Eagles Point and Red Barn Village Airpark (historical) Eagles Point and Red Barn Village Airpark (historical) Dade 1030 Greenfield
Dromey Airport (historical) Dromey Airport (historical) Knox 784 Greensburg
Hardin Field (historical) Hardin Field (historical) Boone 902 Hallsville
Medcalf Field Airport Medcalf Field Airport Greene 1296 Halltown NE
Cliff Scott Airport (historical) Cliff Scott Airport (historical) Caldwell 978 Hamilton East
Hannibal Regional Airport Hannibal Regional Airport Marion 764 Hannibal West
Cyanamid-Hannibal Heliport Cyanamid-Hannibal Heliport Marion 466 Quincy SW
Lawrence Smith Memorial Airport Lawrence Smith Memorial Airport Cass 883 Austin
Mid Continent Airport Mid Continent Airport Pemiscot 266 Caruthersville
Hermann Municipal Airport Hermann Municipal Airport Gasconade 509 Hermann
Hermann Area Hospital Heliport Hermann Area Hospital Heliport Gasconade 627 Hermann
Eu-Wish Airport Eu-Wish Airport Gasconade 915 Gasconade
Hess-McKeown Airport Hess-McKeown Airport Randolph 886 Renick
Higginsville Industrial Municipal Airport Higginsville Industrial Municipal Airport Lafayette 817 Higginsville
Harbet Airport (historical) Harbet Airport (historical) Lafayette 801 Higginsville
Block Air Village Airport Block Air Village Airport Clinton 1010 Arley
Northwood Airport Northwood Airport Clinton 1020 Holt
Sellers Airport (historical) Sellers Airport (historical) Clinton 965 Holt
Hornersville Memorial Airport Hornersville Memorial Airport Dunklin 246 Arbyrd
Moders Airport (historical) Moders Airport (historical) Jefferson 459 House Springs
Houston Memorial Airport Houston Memorial Airport Texas 1181 Houston
Piney Bend Airport Piney Bend Airport Texas 955 Prescott
Pegasus Ranch Aerodrome Pegasus Ranch Aerodrome Texas 1440 Roubidoux
Texas County Memorial Hospital Heliport Texas County Memorial Hospital Heliport Texas 1227 Houston
Lyell Airport (historical) Lyell Airport (historical) Shelby 692 Hunnewell
Riley Brancus Ranch Heliport Riley Brancus Ranch Heliport Randolph 823 College Mound
Hunziker Airport (historical) Hunziker Airport (historical) Knox 883 Hurdland
Harrison Airport Harrison Airport Knox 873 Locust Hill
Independence Memorial Airport (historical) Independence Memorial Airport (historical) Jackson 755 Blue Springs
Spillman Field Spillman Field Daviess 978 Jamesport
Jefferson City Memorial Airport Jefferson City Memorial Airport Callaway 554 Jefferson City
Balcer Aero South Airport (historical) Balcer Aero South Airport (historical) Cole 627 Jefferson City
Charles E Still Hospital Heliport Charles E Still Hospital Heliport Cole 830 Jefferson City
Saint Marys Health Center Heliport Saint Marys Health Center Heliport Callaway 548 Jefferson City
Tightsqueeze Field Tightsqueeze Field Warren 823 Jonesburg
Adventures Aloft Airport Adventures Aloft Airport Montgomery 869 Jonesburg
Joplin Regional Airport Joplin Regional Airport Jasper 961 Carl Junction
Cal Acres Airport (historical) Cal Acres Airport (historical) Newton 1115 Racine
Kahoka Municipal Airport Kahoka Municipal Airport Clark 696 Kahoka
Lee C Fine Memorial Airport Lee C Fine Memorial Airport Miller 863 Toronto
Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport Clay 741 Kansas City
Runway Ranch Airport Runway Ranch Airport Jackson 932 Lees Summit
Saint Lukes Hospital Heliport Saint Lukes Hospital Heliport Jackson 899 Kansas City
Va Medical Center Heliport Va Medical Center Heliport Jackson 942 Kansas City
Police Department Helicopter Maintenance Facility Heliport Police Department Helicopter Maintenance Facility Heliport Jackson 856 Independence
Research Medical Center Heliport Research Medical Center Heliport Jackson 942 Kansas City
North Patrol Div Station Heliport North Patrol Div Station Heliport Clay 968 North Kansas City
UHS-University Hospital Heliport UHS-University Hospital Heliport Jackson 938 Kansas City
Saint Joseph Life Flight Helipad Saint Joseph Life Flight Helipad Jackson 863 Grandview
Executive Hills Polo Club Heliport Executive Hills Polo Club Heliport Platte 1056 Ferrelview
Kansas City International Airport Kansas City International Airport Platte 1010 Ferrelview
Richards - Gebaur Airport (historical) Richards - Gebaur Airport (historical) Cass 1063 Belton
Heart Airport (historical) Heart Airport (historical) Jackson 735 Kansas City
Kitty Hawk Estates Airport Kitty Hawk Estates Airport Clay 1020 Kearney SW
Royal Wood Aerodrome Airport (historical) Royal Wood Aerodrome Airport (historical) Clay 771 Kearney
Kennett Memorial Airport Kennett Memorial Airport Dunklin 259 Kennett South
Twin Rivers Regional Medical Center Heliport Twin Rivers Regional Medical Center Heliport Dunklin 266 Kennett South
Kimberling Airport Kimberling Airport Stone 1004 Lampe
Fairbanks Airport (historical) Fairbanks Airport (historical) Andrew 1066 King City
Fizzle Ridge Airport (historical) Fizzle Ridge Airport (historical) DeKalb 1089 King City
Quad State Helicopter Heliport Quad State Helicopter Heliport DeKalb 1079 King City
Fender J H Airport (historical) Fender J H Airport (historical) Johnson 869 Kingsville
Misty Meadows Airport Misty Meadows Airport Taney 948 Mincy
Kirksville Municipal Airport Kirksville Municipal Airport Adair 965 Millard
KCOM-KOHC Heliport KCOM-KOHC Heliport Adair 968 Kirksville
Schlemmer Airport Schlemmer Airport Audrain 764 Hutchison
Windy Hill Airport (historical) Windy Hill Airport (historical) Lewis 538 La Grange
Stafford Airport (historical) Stafford Airport (historical) Jackson 965 Lake Jacomo
Bagnell Seaplane Base Bagnell Seaplane Base Miller 584 Bagnell
Lake Winnebago Municipal Airport (historical) Lake Winnebago Municipal Airport (historical) Cass 958 Pleasant Hill
Lamar Municipal Airport Lamar Municipal Airport Barton 997 Lamar South
Newcomb Hereford Ranch Airport Newcomb Hereford Ranch Airport Schuyler 843 Bunker Hill
Schneider Field Airport Schneider Field Airport Macon 928 Atlanta
Lathrop Family Practice Heliport Lathrop Family Practice Heliport Clinton 1056 Lathrop
Martins Airport Martins Airport Ray 1027 Elmira
Floyd W. Jones Lebanon Airport Floyd W. Jones Lebanon Airport Laclede 1316 Lebanon
Matzie Airport Matzie Airport Laclede 1115 Drynob
Lee's Summit Municipal Airport Lee's Summit Municipal Airport Jackson 994 Lees Summit
Lees Summit Heliport Lees Summit Heliport Jackson 1017 Lees Summit
Salt River Airport (historical) Salt River Airport (historical) Shelby 705 Hagers Grove
Phillips Airport (historical) Phillips Airport (historical) Lewis 702 Lewistown
Sharpe Farms Airport Sharpe Farms Airport Lewis 709 La Belle
Lexington Municipal Airport Lexington Municipal Airport Ray 692 Lexington West
Roosterville Airport Roosterville Airport Clay 1004 Kearney SW
Liberty Landing Liberty Landing Clay 722 Missouri City
Lincoln Municipal Airport Lincoln Municipal Airport Benton 938 Lincoln
Boehne Field (historical) Boehne Field (historical) Dade 1132 Kings Point
Woodfield Airpark Inc Woodfield Airpark Inc Dade 1033 Lockwood
Michael Farm Airport Michael Farm Airport Jackson 1037 Tarsney Lakes
Mark Twain Air Park Mark Twain Air Park Pike 846 Louisiana
Ira Biffle Airfield Ira Biffle Airfield Bollinger 420 Marble Hill
Macon-Fower Memorial Airport Macon-Fower Memorial Airport Macon 873 Macon
Kinglewood Airport (historical) Kinglewood Airport (historical) Holt 955 Maitland
Malden Regional Airport Malden Regional Airport Dunklin 295 Malden
Broadwater Airport Broadwater Airport New Madrid 282 Malden
Mansfield Municipal Airport Mansfield Municipal Airport Wright 1519 Mansfield NE
Marceline Municipal Airport (historical) Marceline Municipal Airport (historical) Linn 856 Marceline
Saint Francis Hospital Heliport Saint Francis Hospital Heliport Linn 869 Marceline
Herndon Orchard Airport (historical) Herndon Orchard Airport (historical) Lawrence 1378 Billings
Marshall Memorial Municipal Airport Marshall Memorial Municipal Airport Saline 771 Marshall South
Beckner Field Beckner Field Webster 1283 Beach
Lost Umlaut Farm Airport (historical) Lost Umlaut Farm Airport (historical) Warren 482 Washington West
Northwest Missouri Regional Airport Northwest Missouri Regional Airport Nodaway 1148 Maryville West
Rankin Airport Rankin Airport Nodaway 978 Maryville East
Memphis Memorial Airport Memphis Memorial Airport Scotland 817 Memphis
Mexico Memorial Airport Mexico Memorial Airport Audrain 814 Mexico East
Cowgill-Roemer Airport Cowgill-Roemer Airport Sullivan 935 Milan West
Omar N Bradley Airport Omar N Bradley Airport Randolph 863 Moberly
Riley House Heliport Riley House Heliport Randolph 843 Moberly
Flobec Heliport Flobec Heliport Randolph 873 Moberly
Irons Airport Irons Airport Randolph 853 Middle Grove
Monett Airport (historical) Monett Airport (historical) Lawrence 1368 Monett
Mc Clurg Airport (historical) Mc Clurg Airport (historical) Lawrence 1381 Monett
Monett Municipal Airport Monett Municipal Airport Barry 1319 Pierce City
Captain Ben Smith Airfield - Monroe City Airport Captain Ben Smith Airfield - Monroe City Airport Monroe 735 Monroe City
Lewis County Regional Airport Lewis County Regional Airport Lewis 666 Benjamin
Mountain Grove Memorial Airport Mountain Grove Memorial Airport Wright 1486 Mountain Grove South
Belly Acres Ranch Airport (historical) Belly Acres Ranch Airport (historical) Wright 1260 Dawson
Mountain View Airport Mountain View Airport Howell 1135 Mountain View
Mount Vernon Municipal Airport Mount Vernon Municipal Airport Lawrence 1220 Stotts City
Neosho Hugh Robinson Airport Neosho Hugh Robinson Airport Newton 1247 Neosho West
Nevada Municipal Airport Nevada Municipal Airport Vernon 876 Nevada
Camp Clark Army Heliport Camp Clark Army Heliport Vernon 876 Nevada
County Memorial Airport County Memorial Airport New Madrid 295 New Madrid
Carpenter Airport (historical) Carpenter Airport (historical) Ray 791 Hardin
Double E Heliport Double E Heliport Carroll 679 Norborne
North Kansas City Hospital Heliport North Kansas City Hospital Heliport Clay 823 North Kansas City
Thomas Airport Thomas Airport Jackson 853 Tarsney Lakes
Robbins Airport Robbins Airport Lafayette 906 Odessa South
Blackhawk Airport Blackhawk Airport Lincoln 568 Maryknoll
Markt Air Strip Airport (historical) Markt Air Strip Airport (historical) Holt 1152 Forbes
Links Landing Seaplane Base Links Landing Seaplane Base Camden 659 Lake Ozark
Tan Tar A Resort Seaplane Base Tan Tar A Resort Seaplane Base Camden 659 Lake Ozark
Links Landing Heliport (historical) Links Landing Heliport (historical) Camden 919 Bagnell
Hospital Property Heliport Hospital Property Heliport Camden 810 Camdenton
Grand Glaize- Osage Beach Airport Grand Glaize- Osage Beach Airport Camden 873 Camdenton
Wixted Airport Wixted Airport St. Clair 774 Monegaw Springs
Osceola Municipal Airport Osceola Municipal Airport St. Clair 879 Osceola
Winter Field Airport (historical) Winter Field Airport (historical) Gasconade 984 Owensville West
Fairview Field (historical) Fairview Field (historical) Gasconade 961 Owensville West
Air Park South (historical) Air Park South (historical) Christian 1319 Ozark
Riverside Landings Riverside Landings Christian 1257 Ozark
Skyview Airport Skyview Airport Christian 1401 Selmore
E A A Chapter 453 Airport (historical) E A A Chapter 453 Airport (historical) Stoddard 318 Bell City
Brazeale Farm Airport (historical) Brazeale Farm Airport (historical) Monroe 748 Paris West
Samuel L. Clemens Memorial Airport Samuel L. Clemens Memorial Airport Monroe 692 Paris East
Lake Village Airport Lake Village Airport Monroe 725 Paris West
Watson Airport (historical) Watson Airport (historical) Daviess 843 McFall
West Aero Ranch Airport West Aero Ranch Airport Cass 981 Peculiar
Jim Gough Airport (historical) Jim Gough Airport (historical) Ralls 732 Perry
Wood Acres Airport Wood Acres Airport Ralls 722 Perry
Buell Airport (historical) Buell Airport (historical) Ralls 748 Farber
Perryville Municipal Airport Perryville Municipal Airport Perry 371 Belgique
Bevill Airport Bevill Airport Marion 705 Philadelphia
Piedmont Municipal Airport Piedmont Municipal Airport Wayne 459 Mill Spring
B S Ranch Airport B S Ranch Airport McDonald 892 Jane
Flintlock Field Airport Flintlock Field Airport Platte 925 Tracy
Elton Field Elton Field Platte 768 Platte City
Plattsburg Airpark Plattsburg Airpark Clinton 1014 Plattsburg
Mac's Field Mac's Field Clinton 1020 Arley
Kimray Airport Kimray Airport Clinton 948 Plattsburg
Clark Airport (historical) Clark Airport (historical) Clinton 909 Plattsburg
Inter-State Airport Inter-State Airport Cass 958 Pleasant Hill
Riordan Airport Riordan Airport Cass 978 Pleasant Hill
Pig Field (historical) Pig Field (historical) Polk 1257 Halfway
Palmer Airport (historical) Palmer Airport (historical) Knox 791 Bethel
Mayes Homestead Airport Mayes Homestead Airport Caldwell 997 Elmira
Poplar Bluff Municipal Airport Poplar Bluff Municipal Airport Butler 325 Rombauer
Davis Air Ranch (historical) Davis Air Ranch (historical) Butler 479 Wappapello
Hayes Field Hayes Field Butler 322 Hanleyville
Lucy Lee Hospital Heliport Lucy Lee Hospital Heliport Butler 459 Poplar Bluff
Penman Airport Penman Airport New Madrid 285 Portageville
Washington County Airport Washington County Airport Washington 951 Mineral Point
Princeton-Kauffman Memorial Airport (historical) Princeton-Kauffman Memorial Airport (historical) Mercer 840 Princeton
Kathys Patch Airport (historical) Kathys Patch Airport (historical) Jasper 1056 Joplin East
Ingram Private Airport Ingram Private Airport Barry 1473 Purdy
Gibbons Air Park (historical) Gibbons Air Park (historical) Barry 1450 Purdy
Queen City Municipal Airport (historical) Queen City Municipal Airport (historical) Schuyler 991 Queen City
Falcon Helipad Falcon Helipad Cass 1037 Raymore
Raymore International Airport (historical) Raymore International Airport (historical) Cass 1070 Raymore
Emerson Airport (historical) Emerson Airport (historical) Stone 1378 Reeds Spring
Schooley Airport (historical) Schooley Airport (historical) Bates 791 Rich Hill
Bauer PGI Airport (historical) Bauer PGI Airport (historical) Bates 837 Pleasant Gap
Richland Municipal Airport Richland Municipal Airport Pulaski 1106 Conns Creek
Curtis Field Curtis Field Ray 778 Richmond
Joan Lake Airport (historical) Joan Lake Airport (historical) Franklin 787 Richwoods
Smitty's Landing Smitty's Landing Platte 804 Camden Point
Rock Port Municipal Airport (historical) Rock Port Municipal Airport (historical) Atchison 889 Rock Port
Heiman Field (historical) Heiman Field (historical) Bates 738 Rockville
Rolla National Airport Rolla National Airport Maries 1125 Paydown
Rolla Downtown Airport Rolla Downtown Airport Phelps 974 Rolla
Morgan Airport (historical) Morgan Airport (historical) Phelps 994 Dillon
Pasley Airport Pasley Airport St. Clair 781 Roscoe
Haven Wood Airport Haven Wood Airport Shannon 725 Round Spring
Bean Lake Airport Bean Lake Airport Platte 781 Oak Mills
St Charles Airport (historical) St Charles Airport (historical) St. Charles 443 Saint Charles
St Clair Regional Airport St Clair Regional Airport Franklin 653 Saint Clair
Ste Genevieve Flying Club Ste Genevieve Flying Club Ste. Genevieve 381 Sainte Genevieve
Rosecrans Memorial Airport Rosecrans Memorial Airport Buchanan 810 Wathena
Butch's Strip Butch's Strip Buchanan 1007 Saint Joseph South
Booze Island Airport Booze Island Airport Buchanan 794 Atchison NE
Heartland Hospital West Heliport Heartland Hospital West Heliport Buchanan 919 Saint Joseph North
Arrowhead Airport (historical) Arrowhead Airport (historical) St. Louis 449 Chesterfield
Firmin Desloge Hospital Heliport Firmin Desloge Hospital Heliport St. Louis (city) 535 Cahokia
Saint Louis University Hospital Heliport Saint Louis University Hospital Heliport St. Louis (city) 535 Cahokia
Stouffers Heliport (historical) Stouffers Heliport (historical) St. Louis (city) 515 Webster Groves
Deaconess Hospital Heliport Deaconess Hospital Heliport St. Louis (city) 551 Clayton
Anheuser-Busch Number Two Heliport Anheuser-Busch Number Two Heliport St. Louis (city) 440 Cahokia
Saint Louis Childrens Hospital Heliport Saint Louis Childrens Hospital Heliport St. Louis (city) 509 Clayton
Veterans Administration Medical Center Heliport Veterans Administration Medical Center Heliport St. Louis (city) 541 Granite City
Saint Johns Mercy Medical Center Heliport Saint Johns Mercy Medical Center Heliport St. Louis 630 Creve Coeur
Anheuser-Busch Heliport Anheuser-Busch Heliport St. Louis (city) 440 Cahokia
Missouri Baptist Hospital Heliport Missouri Baptist Hospital Heliport St. Louis 636 Creve Coeur
Hermann I Heliport Hermann I Heliport St. Louis 617 Creve Coeur
Hermann II Heliport Hermann II Heliport St. Louis 495 Kirkwood
Saint Marys Heliport Saint Marys Heliport St. Louis 594 Clayton
Holiday Inn Westport Heliport Holiday Inn Westport Heliport St. Louis 610 Creve Coeur
Saint Louis Downtown Heliport Saint Louis Downtown Heliport St. Louis (city) 384 Granite City
Creve Coeur Airport Creve Coeur Airport St. Louis 446 Chesterfield
Weiss Airport (historical) Weiss Airport (historical) St. Louis 440 Kirkwood
Spirit of St Louis Airport Spirit of St Louis Airport St. Louis 459 Weldon Spring
Waldmeister Farm Airport Waldmeister Farm Airport St. Charles 433 O'Fallon
Sontimer Airport (historical) Sontimer Airport (historical) St. Charles 433 Kampville
Salem Memorial Airport Salem Memorial Airport Dent 1220 Darien
Salem Memorial Hospital Heliport Salem Memorial Hospital Heliport Dent 1155 Salem
Salisbury Municipal Airport (historical) Salisbury Municipal Airport (historical) Chariton 643 Salisbury
Worth Airport Worth Airport Andrew 1129 Savannah
Sedalia Regional Airport Sedalia Regional Airport Pettis 892 Sedalia East
Bothwell Regional Health Center Heliport Bothwell Regional Health Center Heliport Pettis 899 Sedalia East
Owen Field Owen Field Webster 1568 Mansfield NW
Shelby County Airport Shelby County Airport Shelby 758 Shelbyville
Turkey Mountain Estates Airport Turkey Mountain Estates Airport Barry 1053 Golden
Sikeston Memorial Municipal Airport Sikeston Memorial Municipal Airport Scott 312 Sikeston North
Missouri Delta Heliport Missouri Delta Heliport Scott 325 Sikeston North
Slater Memorial Airport Slater Memorial Airport Saline 860 Slater
Dunham Private Airport Dunham Private Airport Clay 988 Nashua
Norman Fann Farm Airport (historical) Norman Fann Farm Airport (historical) Clay 863 Smithville
Hindman Airport Hindman Airport Christian 1362 Rogersville
Ozarks Flying Patch Airport (historical) Ozarks Flying Patch Airport (historical) Christian 1506 Bruner
Downtown Airport Downtown Airport Greene 1375 Galloway
Vans Heliport Vans Heliport Greene 1391 Galloway
Lester E Cox Medical Center South Heliport Lester E Cox Medical Center South Heliport Greene 1273 Springfield
Lester E Cox Medical Center North Heliport Lester E Cox Medical Center North Heliport Greene 1322 Springfield
Ktts Heliport Ktts Heliport Greene 1253 Springfield
Springfield Community Hospital Heliport Springfield Community Hospital Heliport Greene 1289 Springfield
Saint Johns Regional Health Center Heliport Saint Johns Regional Health Center Heliport Greene 1332 Springfield
Ky-3 Heliport Ky-3 Heliport Greene 1293 Springfield
Flying Bar H Ranch Airport Flying Bar H Ranch Airport Greene 1345 Galloway
Springfield-Branson National Airport Springfield-Branson National Airport Greene 1257 Brookline
Steele Municipal Airport Steele Municipal Airport Pemiscot 259 Steele
Dalbom Airport (historical) Dalbom Airport (historical) Newton 1122 Stella
Stockton Municipal Airport Stockton Municipal Airport Cedar 1037 Stockton
Ivy Bend Airport Ivy Bend Airport Morgan 679 Bollinger Creek
Sullivan Regional Airport Sullivan Regional Airport Franklin 919 Sullivan
Eagle Lodge Airport Eagle Lodge Airport Chariton 650 Mendon
Mud Harbor Seaplane Base Mud Harbor Seaplane Base Camden 659 Lake Ozark
Willhite Airport (historical) Willhite Airport (historical) Pulaski 1024 Crocker
Gould Peterson Municipal Airport Gould Peterson Municipal Airport Atchison 919 Tarkio East
Haerr Field (historical) Haerr Field (historical) Marion 476 Maywood
Thayer Memorial Airport Thayer Memorial Airport Oregon 748 Thayer
Nolands Point Seaplane Base Nolands Point Seaplane Base Ozark 653 Protem
Highway Patrol Troop C Headquarters Heliport Highway Patrol Troop C Headquarters Heliport St. Louis 584 Creve Coeur
Trenton Municipal Airport Trenton Municipal Airport Grundy 755 Trenton East
Baldwin Airport Baldwin Airport Lincoln 512 Silex
Municipal Airport (historical) Municipal Airport (historical) Putnam 1033 Lake Thunderhead
Cahoochie Airport Cahoochie Airport Dallas 991 Preston
Flying 'J' Ranch Airport Flying 'J' Ranch Airport Carter 692 Ellington SE
Bollinger-Crass Memorial Airport Bollinger-Crass Memorial Airport Carter 640 Van Buren North
Airpark Private Airport (historical) Airpark Private Airport (historical) Audrain 768 Vandalia
Goodpasture Airstrip (historical) Goodpasture Airstrip (historical) Ralls 755 Vandalia
Viburnum Airport Viburnum Airport Iron 1257 Viburnum West
Famuliner Farms Airport Famuliner Farms Airport Carroll 653 Carrollton East
Noah's Ark Airport Noah's Ark Airport Platte 758 Wolcott
Skyhaven Airport Skyhaven Airport Johnson 797 Warrensburg West
Western Missouri Medical Center Heliport Western Missouri Medical Center Heliport Johnson 823 Warrensburg East
Lake Sexton Airport Lake Sexton Airport Johnson 866 Burtville
C.E.F. Airport C.E.F. Airport Warren 856 Wright City
Washington Regional Airport Washington Regional Airport Warren 486 Washington East
Garst Airport Garst Airport Atchison 902 Peru
Wentzville Airport (historical) Wentzville Airport (historical) St. Charles 640 Wentzville
Strutman Field Airport Strutman Field Airport St. Charles 623 Wentzville
Lock and Dam Number 26 Heliport Lock and Dam Number 26 Heliport St. Charles 417 Columbia Bottom
Bishop's Landing Bishop's Landing Cass 994 Freeman
Schaback Strip Schaback Strip Platte 974 Tracy
Vandahl Airport Vandahl Airport Platte 1017 Platte City
Campbell Ranch Airport (historical) Campbell Ranch Airport (historical) Howell 1053 Caulfield
Howell Valley Airport Howell Valley Airport Howell 928 West Plains
Ray's Roost Airport Ray's Roost Airport Howell 1181 Pomona
West Plains Municipal Airport (historical) West Plains Municipal Airport (historical) Howell 981 West Plains
Skyriders Airport Skyriders Airport Hickory 892 Wheatland
Pomme Aero Airport (historical) Pomme Aero Airport (historical) Hickory 1070 Wheatland
Hogue Farm Airport Hogue Farm Airport Greene 1201 Pleasant Hope
Eckerts Airstrip (historical) Eckerts Airstrip (historical) Callaway 833 Williamsburg
Redgate Ranch Airport Redgate Ranch Airport Montgomery 820 Williamsburg
Rolling Shoals Farm Airport Rolling Shoals Farm Airport Wayne 453 Williamsville
Willow Springs Memorial Airport Willow Springs Memorial Airport Howell 1250 Willow Springs South
Windsoar Airport Windsoar Airport Pettis 932 Windsor
Ferguson Farms Airport Ferguson Farms Airport Johnson 945 Windsor
Winfield Manor Heliport Winfield Manor Heliport Lincoln 594 Luckett Ridge
Lambert-St Louis International Airport Lambert-St Louis International Airport St. Louis 554 Clayton
Clarion Heliport Clarion Heliport St. Louis (city) 440 Cahokia
Cardinal Glennon Heliport Cardinal Glennon Heliport St. Louis (city) 545 Cahokia
North Central Missouri Regional Airport North Central Missouri Regional Airport Linn 830 Brookfield
Radio Control Flying Field Radio Control Flying Field Jackson 935 Lake Jacomo
Angle Bar M Airport Angle Bar M Airport Bates 889 Adrian
Martens Airport Martens Airport Jackson 718 Missouri City
Sunderland Airport Sunderland Airport Jasper 1010 Avilla
Show Me the Sky Airport Show Me the Sky Airport Nodaway 1040 Bolckow NW
Miller Farm Airport Miller Farm Airport Gasconade 630 Pershing
Pepper Field Pepper Field Osage 1047 Belle
Sanctuary Airport Sanctuary Airport Montgomery 751 Bellflower South
Robinson Airport Robinson Airport Cass 1053 Belton
Bolivar Municipal Airport Bolivar Municipal Airport Polk 1089 Cedar Vista
Cherokee Airpark Cherokee Airpark Polk 1138 Bolivar
Branson Airport Branson Airport Taney 1266 Hollister
Branson West Municipal Airport- Emerson Field Branson West Municipal Airport- Emerson Field Stone 1312 Reeds Spring
Short-N-Ruff Airport (historical) Short-N-Ruff Airport (historical) Washington 922 Belgrade
CCC Airport CCC Airport Caldwell 965 Cameron East
Cook Airport Cook Airport Jasper 915 Carl Junction
JTA Asbell Field JTA Asbell Field Jasper 932 Carl Junction
Andrews Airport Andrews Airport Jasper 1070 Avilla
Frerer Strip Frerer Strip Jasper 1020 Carthage
Nimsick Airport Nimsick Airport Jasper 1099 Avilla
Route 66 Airfield Route 66 Airfield Jasper 1047 Avilla
Seiferd Field Seiferd Field Jasper 955 Jasper
Cedar Creek Airport Cedar Creek Airport Boone 820 Millersburg
Sugar Branch Airport Sugar Branch Airport Boone 666 Huntsdale
White Cloud Flying Field White Cloud Flying Field Boone 604 Sturgeon SW
Lonesome Sky Airport Lonesome Sky Airport Holt 866 Corning
Triple R Airport Triple R Airport Platte 1004 Tracy
Doniphan Municipal Airport Doniphan Municipal Airport Ripley 620 Doniphan North
Dudley Airport Dudley Airport Stoddard 344 Dudley
Blue Hollow Airpark (historical) Blue Hollow Airpark (historical) Laclede 801 Eldridge West
Blumenstetter Airport Blumenstetter Airport Webster 1345 Elkland
Harvey Airport Harvey Airport Lincoln 692 Auburn
Eads Ridge Airport Eads Ridge Airport Greene 1302 Elkland
Marshall Field Marshall Field Polk 1152 Fair Grove
Lakeside Airport Lakeside Airport St. Francois 879 Farmington
Lawlor-Justus Airport Lawlor-Justus Airport Buchanan 1099 Saint Joseph South
Aero Britton Airport Aero Britton Airport Howard 817 Fayette
Aire Parque Airport Aire Parque Airport Jefferson 702 Halifax
Riddle's Roost Airport (historical) Riddle's Roost Airport (historical) St. Charles 663 Foristell
Ahlers Acres Airport Ahlers Acres Airport St. Charles 669 Foristell
Waynesville-St. Robert Regional Forney Field Waynesville-St. Robert Regional Forney Field Pulaski 1152 Bloodland
Phillips Airport Phillips Airport Madison 850 Higdon
Sky-Go Farms Airport Sky-Go Farms Airport Callaway 876 Kingdom City
Eagles Nest Airport Eagles Nest Airport Barry 1037 Golden
Lynch Field Lynch Field Newton 1181 Granby
Ridgeview Ranch Airport Ridgeview Ranch Airport Cass 974 Peculiar
Feutz Airport (historical) Feutz Airport (historical) Audrain 892 Hatton
Monroe Field Monroe Field Lincoln 709 Warrenton NE
Koala-T-Field Koala-T-Field Lincoln 669 Truxton
Flying 'E' Airport Flying 'E' Airport Texas 1486 Huggins
Taus River Ranch Airport (historical) Taus River Ranch Airport (historical) Texas 968 Prescott
Mooseberry Airport Mooseberry Airport Cape Girardeau 505 Cape Girardeau NE
Twin Oaks Airport Twin Oaks Airport Barton 935 Lamar South
Stony Branch Airport Stony Branch Airport Jasper 1020 Maple Grove
Five Mile Airport Five Mile Airport Newton 1106 Racine
Peterson Farm Airport Peterson Farm Airport Clay 827 Holt
Whiteman Air Force Base Whiteman Air Force Base Johnson 833 Burtville
Bar-Vik Airport Bar-Vik Airport Camden 912 Sunrise Beach
Domeyer Airport Domeyer Airport Dent 1243 Anutt
Craddock Field Craddock Field Texas 1201 Beulah
Linn State Technical College Airport Linn State Technical College Airport Osage 958 Linn
Friends Field Friends Field Johnson 1070 Chapel Hill
Lambs Field Lambs Field Jackson 1043 Tarsney Lakes
Walker Airport Walker Airport Pike 505 Ashburn
Slaughter Airport Slaughter Airport Chariton 771 Bynumville
Wells Airport Wells Airport Webster 1526 High Prairie
Cayton Pony Express Airport Cayton Pony Express Airport DeKalb 1017 Amity
Flying Shamrock Airport Flying Shamrock Airport Callaway 837 Martinsburg
Prince Airport Prince Airport Cape Girardeau 486 Millersville
RGL Field RGL Field Montgomery 830 Montgomery City
Wilkins Airport Wilkins Airport Montgomery 837 New Florence
Sky-Vu Airport Sky-Vu Airport Montgomery 804 Montgomery City
Brownsberger Airport Brownsberger Airport Henry 797 Johnstown
Midwest National Air Center Midwest National Air Center Clay 778 Kearney
Greensfield Airport Greensfield Airport Lincoln 568 Troy
K & N Field Airport (historical) K & N Field Airport (historical) Lincoln 535 Troy
Springhill Airport Springhill Airport Lawrence 1299 Mount Vernon
Oak Ridge Airpark Oak Ridge Airpark Wright 1388 Mountain Grove North
Oak Ridge Farms Airport Oak Ridge Farms Airport Linn 984 New Boston
Powis Airport Powis Airport Jackson 843 Tarsney Lakes
Linden Air Airport Linden Air Airport Christian 1260 Ozark
Gimlin Airport Gimlin Airport Christian 1362 Selmore
Barron Aviation Airport Barron Aviation Airport Ralls 741 Perry NE
Ski Harbor Airport Ski Harbor Airport Hickory 896 Sentinel
Platte Valley Airport (historical) Platte Valley Airport (historical) Platte 974 Platte City
Breckenridge Airport Breckenridge Airport Bates 791 Papinville
Malina Airport Malina Airport Christian 1352 Rogersville
Harrison Private Airport Harrison Private Airport Phelps 1083 Lecoma
Church's Landing Church's Landing Buchanan 837 De Kalb
Green Airfield Green Airfield Phelps 991 Maramec Spring
Homan Field Homan Field Pettis 883 Sedalia West
The Peninsula Airport The Peninsula Airport Stone 997 Viola
Hibbs Farm Airport Hibbs Farm Airport Worth 1165 Sheridan
Troy Airpark Troy Airpark Lincoln 636 Silex
Rollert Farm Airport Rollert Farm Airport Clay 997 Nashua
Childress Airstrip Childress Airstrip Greene 1161 Galloway
Gardner Airport Gardner Airport Greene 1250 Ozark
Cuinche Airport Cuinche Airport Greene 1463 Oak Grove Heights
Hawk Air Airport (historical) Hawk Air Airport (historical) Boone 866 Sturgeon
Taber Field Taber Field Taney 981 Protem
Starr Airport Starr Airport Clinton 997 Smithville
Woodland Airstrip Woodland Airstrip Lincoln 646 Warrenton NE
Short Air Airport Short Air Airport Johnson 853 Centerview
Fawn Lake Airport Fawn Lake Airport Lincoln 755 Wright City
Stark Airport Stark Airport Warren 876 Warrenton
Warsaw Municipal Airport Warsaw Municipal Airport Benton 938 Lincoln SE
West Plains Regional Airport West Plains Regional Airport Howell 1220 Willow Springs South
Louise's Strip Louise's Strip Platte 938 Tracy
Textor Airport Textor Airport Greene 1165 Willard
Bird Field Bird Field Greene 1184 Willard
Faries Field Faries Field Wayne 430 Williamsville
Brown Field Airport (historical) Brown Field Airport (historical) Butler 315 Hanleyville
Air Port Hudson Airport Air Port Hudson Airport Franklin 807 New Haven
Barlet's Base Airport Barlet's Base Airport Jasper 1073 Carthage
Washburn Farm Airport Washburn Farm Airport Jackson 866 Oak Grove
Ellingsen Field Ellingsen Field Dade 1119 Everton
Taylor Field Taylor Field Pulaski 1014 Waynesville
Fletcher Field Airport Fletcher Field Airport Johnson 722 Warrensburg West
Veach Field Veach Field Cass 935 West Line
Flying V Ranch Airport Flying V Ranch Airport Callaway 837 Williamsburg
Bonne Terre Municipal Airport Bonne Terre Municipal Airport St. Francois 906 Bonne Terre
Kingsley Airfield Kingsley Airfield Lawrence 1273 Rescue
Flintlock Field Flintlock Field Platte 925 Tracy
Okie Dokie Airport Okie Dokie Airport Barton 991 Kenoma