Hopkins Academy Grant - East Hopkins Academy Grant - East Penobscot 430 Nollesemic Lake
Hopkins Academy Grant - West Hopkins Academy Grant - West Penobscot 745 Nollesemic Lake
Pleasant Point Reservation Pleasant Point Reservation Washington 39 Eastport
Plantation of Magalloway Plantation of Magalloway Oxford 1578 Middle Dam
Township of Parmachenee Township of Parmachenee Oxford 2070 Parmachenee Lake
Township of Lynchtown Township of Lynchtown Oxford 1621 Lincoln Pond
Township of Parkertown Township of Parkertown Oxford 1772 Lincoln Pond
Township of Plymouth Township of Plymouth Somerset 1083 Seboomook Lake East
Township of Soldiertown Township of Soldiertown Somerset 1470 Tomhegan Pond
Township of Bald Mountain Township of Bald Mountain Somerset 1808 Boundary Bald Mountain
Township of Prentiss Township of Prentiss Somerset 1831 Campbell Brook
Town of Norridgewock Town of Norridgewock Somerset 207 Norridgewock
Town of Madison Town of Madison Somerset 443 Madison East
Town of Cornville Town of Cornville Somerset 436 Skowhegan
Town of Skowhegan Town of Skowhegan Somerset 115 Skowhegan
Town of Hartland Town of Hartland Somerset 325 Harmony
Town of Harmony Town of Harmony Somerset 381 Harmony
Town of Athens Town of Athens Somerset 479 Athens
Plantation of Brighton Plantation of Brighton Somerset 925 Kingsbury
Township of Mayfield Township of Mayfield Somerset 1276 Foster Ridge
Town of Parkman Town of Parkman Piscataquis 620 Cambridge
Town of Wellington Town of Wellington Piscataquis 830 Wellington
Androscoggin County Androscoggin County Androscoggin 282 Lake Auburn East
Aroostook County Aroostook County Aroostook 850 Little Machias Lake
Cumberland County Cumberland County Cumberland 315 Cumberland Center
Franklin County Franklin County Franklin 2949 Redington
Hancock County Hancock County Hancock 121 Hancock
Kennebec County Kennebec County Kennebec 302 Belgrade
Knox County Knox County Knox 0 Rockland
Lincoln County Lincoln County Lincoln 62 Bristol
Oxford County Oxford County Oxford 1201 Bethel
Penobscot County Penobscot County Penobscot 233 Mattamiscontis Mountain
Piscataquis County Piscataquis County Piscataquis 955 Caribou Lake South
Sagadahoc County Sagadahoc County Sagadahoc 56 Bath
Somerset County Somerset County Somerset 1693 Misery Knob
Waldo County Waldo County Waldo 302 Belfast
Washington County Washington County Washington 98 Round Lake
York County York County York 239 Alfred
Township of North Yarmouth Academy Grant Township of North Yarmouth Academy Grant Aroostook 476 Reed Pond
Town of Abbot Town of Abbot Piscataquis 689 Guilford
Town of Acton Town of Acton York 761 Great East Lake
Town of Addison Town of Addison Washington 79 Addison
Town of Albion Town of Albion Kennebec 410 Albion
Town of Alexander Town of Alexander Washington 400 Meddybemps Lake West
Town of Alfred Town of Alfred York 276 Alfred
Town of Allagash Town of Allagash Aroostook 840 Allagash
Town of Alna Town of Alna Lincoln 108 Wiscasset
Town of Alton Town of Alton Penobscot 194 South Lagrange
Town of Amherst Town of Amherst Hancock 646 Hopkins Pond
Town of Amity Town of Amity Aroostook 732 North Amity
Town of Andover Town of Andover Oxford 696 Puzzle Mountain
Town of Anson Town of Anson Somerset 446 Madison West
Town of Appleton Town of Appleton Knox 420 Washington
Township of Argyle Township of Argyle Penobscot 194 Greenbush
Town of Arrowsic Town of Arrowsic Sagadahoc 36 Phippsburg
Town of Arundel Town of Arundel York 131 Kennebunk
Town of Ashland Town of Ashland Aroostook 722 York Ridge
Town of Atkinson Town of Atkinson Piscataquis 315 South Sebec
City of Auburn City of Auburn Androscoggin 279 Lewiston
City of Augusta City of Augusta Kennebec 174 Togus Pond
Town of Aurora Town of Aurora Hancock 256 Amherst
Town of Avon Town of Avon Franklin 814 Phillips
Town of Baileyville Town of Baileyville Washington 289 Woodland
Town of Baldwin Town of Baldwin Cumberland 623 Steep Falls
Town of Bancroft Town of Bancroft Aroostook 469 Jimmey Mountain
City of Bangor City of Bangor Penobscot 164 Bangor
Town of Bar Harbor Town of Bar Harbor Hancock 502 Salsbury Cove
Plantation of Baring Plantation of Baring Washington 246 Meddybemps Lake East
City of Bath City of Bath Sagadahoc 33 Bath
Town of Beals Town of Beals Washington 0 Great Wass Island
Town of Beaver Cove Town of Beaver Cove Piscataquis 1729 Number Four Mountain
Town of Beddington Town of Beddington Washington 318 Lead Mountain
City of Belfast City of Belfast Waldo 203 Belfast
Town of Belgrade Town of Belgrade Kennebec 246 Belgrade
Town of Belmont Town of Belmont Waldo 253 Belfast
Town of Benton Town of Benton Kennebec 157 Fairfield
Town of Berwick Town of Berwick York 338 Somersworth
Town of Bethel Town of Bethel Oxford 804 Bethel
City of Biddeford City of Biddeford York 59 Biddeford
Town of Bingham Town of Bingham Somerset 679 Mahoney Hill
Town of Blaine Town of Blaine Aroostook 499 Bridgewater
Township of Blanchard Township of Blanchard Piscataquis 1516 Foster Ridge
Town of Blue Hill Town of Blue Hill Hancock 0 Blue Hill
Town of Boothbay Town of Boothbay Lincoln 0 Pemaquid Point
Town of Boothbay Harbor Town of Boothbay Harbor Lincoln 0 Boothbay Harbor
Town of Bowdoin Town of Bowdoin Sagadahoc 266 Bowdoinham
Town of Bowdoinham Town of Bowdoinham Sagadahoc 39 Richmond
Town of Bowerbank Town of Bowerbank Piscataquis 732 Sebec Lake West
Town of Bradford Town of Bradford Penobscot 269 Bradford
Town of Bradley Town of Bradley Penobscot 151 Otter Chain Ponds
Town of Bremen Town of Bremen Lincoln 3 Louds Island
City of Brewer City of Brewer Penobscot 121 Veazie
Town of Bridgewater Town of Bridgewater Aroostook 420 Bridgewater
Town of Bridgton Town of Bridgton Cumberland 479 Bridgton
Town of Bristol Town of Bristol Lincoln 0 Louds Island
Town of Brooklin Town of Brooklin Hancock 0 Brooklin
Town of Brooks Town of Brooks Waldo 489 Brooks East
Town of Brooksville Town of Brooksville Hancock 85 Cape Rosier
Town of Brownfield Town of Brownfield Oxford 676 Brownfield
Town of Brownville Town of Brownville Piscataquis 722 Brownville Junction
Town of Brunswick Town of Brunswick Cumberland 79 Brunswick
Town of Buckfield Town of Buckfield Oxford 361 Buckfield
Town of Bucksport Town of Bucksport Hancock 207 Brewer Lake
Town of Burlington Town of Burlington Penobscot 210 Burlington
Town of Burnham Town of Burnham Waldo 197 Burnham
Town of Buxton Town of Buxton York 184 Standish
Town of Byron Town of Byron Oxford 1119 Ellis Pond
City of Calais City of Calais Washington 308 Devils Head
Town of Cambridge Town of Cambridge Somerset 404 Cambridge
Town of Camden Town of Camden Knox 269 Camden
Town of Canaan Town of Canaan Somerset 243 Canaan
Town of Canton Town of Canton Oxford 410 Canton
Town of Cape Elizabeth Town of Cape Elizabeth Cumberland 13 Cape Elizabeth
Town of Caratunk Town of Caratunk Somerset 1919 Caratunk
City of Caribou City of Caribou Aroostook 413 Goodwin
Town of Carmel Town of Carmel Penobscot 131 Carmel
Town of Carrabassett Valley Town of Carrabassett Valley Franklin 1657 Sugarloaf Mountain
Plantation of Carroll Plantation of Carroll Penobscot 768 Bowers Mountain
Town of Carthage Town of Carthage Franklin 771 Dixfield
Plantation of Cary Plantation of Cary Aroostook 449 North Amity
Town of Casco Town of Casco Cumberland 551 Naples
Town of Castine Town of Castine Hancock 33 Castine
Town of Castle Hill Town of Castle Hill Aroostook 869 Mapleton
Town of Caswell Town of Caswell Aroostook 797 Hamlin
Town of Centerville Town of Centerville Washington 105 Bog Lake
Unorganized Territory of Central Aroostook Unorganized Territory of Central Aroostook Aroostook 876 Spinney Brook
Unorganized Territory of Central Hancock Unorganized Territory of Central Hancock Hancock 187 Hancock
Unorganized Territory of Central Somerset Unorganized Territory of Central Somerset Somerset 1667 Bingham
Town of Chapman Town of Chapman Aroostook 614 Echo Lake
Town of Charleston Town of Charleston Penobscot 299 Charleston
Town of Charlotte Town of Charlotte Washington 128 Meddybemps Lake East
Town of Chelsea Town of Chelsea Kennebec 200 Togus Pond
Town of Cherryfield Town of Cherryfield Washington 138 Schoodic Lake
Town of Chester Town of Chester Penobscot 220 Nine Meadow Ridge
Town of Chesterville Town of Chesterville Franklin 364 Farmington Falls
Town of China Town of China Kennebec 289 China Lake
Town of Clifton Town of Clifton Penobscot 446 Chemo Pond
Town of Clinton Town of Clinton Kennebec 276 Clinton
Plantation of Codyville Plantation of Codyville Washington 394 Tomah Mountain
Town of Columbia Town of Columbia Washington 144 Epping
Town of Columbia Falls Town of Columbia Falls Washington 161 Columbia Falls
Township of Connor Township of Connor Aroostook 738 Doyle Ridge
Town of Cooper Town of Cooper Washington 354 Lake Cathance
Plantation of Coplin Plantation of Coplin Franklin 1375 Black Nubble
Town of Corinna Town of Corinna Penobscot 328 Corinna
Town of Corinth Town of Corinth Penobscot 217 West Corinth
Town of Cornish Town of Cornish York 620 Cornish
Town of Cranberry Isles Town of Cranberry Isles Hancock 0 Baker Island
Town of Crawford Town of Crawford Washington 131 Crawford Lake
Township of Criehaven Township of Criehaven Knox 0 Matinicus OE W
Town of Crystal Town of Crystal Aroostook 479 Crystal
Town of Cumberland Town of Cumberland Cumberland 85 Yarmouth
Town of Cushing Town of Cushing Knox 89 Waldoboro East
Town of Cutler Town of Cutler Washington 131 Cutler
Plantation of Cyr Plantation of Cyr Aroostook 889 Doyle Ridge
Plantation of Dallas Plantation of Dallas Franklin 1726 Saddleback Mountain
Town of Damariscotta Town of Damariscotta Lincoln 95 Waldoboro West
Town of Danforth Town of Danforth Washington 489 Danforth
Town of Dayton Town of Dayton York 200 Bar Mills
Town of Deblois Town of Deblois Washington 213 Schoodic Lake
Town of Dedham Town of Dedham Hancock 614 Green Lake
Town of Deer Isle Town of Deer Isle Hancock 0 Deer Isle
Town of Denmark Town of Denmark Oxford 489 Hiram
Plantation of Dennistown Plantation of Dennistown Somerset 1414 Jackman
Town of Dennysville Town of Dennysville Washington 151 Porcupine Mountain
Town of Detroit Town of Detroit Somerset 184 Newport
Town of Dexter Town of Dexter Penobscot 459 Dexter
Town of Dixfield Town of Dixfield Oxford 722 Dixfield
Town of Dixmont Town of Dixmont Penobscot 564 Dixmont
Town of Dover-Foxcroft Town of Dover-Foxcroft Piscataquis 299 Dover-Foxcroft
Town of Dresden Town of Dresden Lincoln 190 Wiscasset
Plantation of Drew Plantation of Drew Penobscot 318 Potter Hill
Town of Durham Town of Durham Androscoggin 174 North Pownal
Town of Dyer Brook Town of Dyer Brook Aroostook 558 Oakfield
Township of E Township of E Aroostook 925 Packard Lake
Town of Eagle Lake Town of Eagle Lake Aroostook 1079 Wallagrass Lakes
Town of Eastbrook Town of Eastbrook Hancock 217 Molasses Pond
Unorganized Territory of East Central Franklin Unorganized Territory of East Central Franklin Franklin 1903 Mount Abraham
Unorganized Territory of East Central Penobscot Unorganized Territory of East Central Penobscot Penobscot 486 Greenfield
Unorganized Territory of East Central Washington Unorganized Territory of East Central Washington Washington 154 Long Lake
Unorganized Territory of East Hancock Unorganized Territory of East Hancock Hancock 469 Alligator Lake
Town of East Machias Town of East Machias Washington 49 Hadley Lake
Town of East Millinocket Town of East Millinocket Penobscot 433 East Millinocket
Town of Easton Town of Easton Aroostook 804 Easton Center
City of Eastport City of Eastport Washington 52 Eastport
Town of Eddington Town of Eddington Penobscot 239 Chemo Pond
Town of Edgecomb Town of Edgecomb Lincoln 210 Bristol
Town of Edinburg Town of Edinburg Penobscot 226 Howland
Town of Eliot Town of Eliot York 10 Dover East
City of Ellsworth City of Ellsworth Hancock 295 Ellsworth
Town of Embden Town of Embden Somerset 443 Embden Pond
Town of Enfield Town of Enfield Penobscot 210 Lincoln West
Town of Etna Town of Etna Penobscot 459 Plymouth
Town of Eustis Town of Eustis Franklin 1430 Stratton
Town of Exeter Town of Exeter Penobscot 246 Stetson
Town of Fairfield Town of Fairfield Somerset 217 Hinckley
Town of Falmouth Town of Falmouth Cumberland 108 Portland West
Town of Farmingdale Town of Farmingdale Kennebec 331 Augusta
Town of Farmington Town of Farmington Franklin 436 Farmington
Town of Fayette Town of Fayette Kennebec 597 Fayette
Town of Fort Fairfield Town of Fort Fairfield Aroostook 420 Fort Fairfield
Town of Fort Kent Town of Fort Kent Aroostook 663 Fort Kent South
Town of Frankfort Town of Frankfort Waldo 220 Mount Waldo
Town of Franklin Town of Franklin Hancock 197 Sullivan
Town of Freedom Town of Freedom Waldo 712 Liberty
Town of Freeport Town of Freeport Cumberland 39 Freeport
Town of Frenchboro Town of Frenchboro Hancock 0 Bass Harbor
Town of Frenchville Town of Frenchville Aroostook 718 Frenchville
Town of Friendship Town of Friendship Knox 23 Friendship
Town of Fryeburg Town of Fryeburg Oxford 381 Fryeburg
City of Gardiner City of Gardiner Kennebec 210 Gardiner
Plantation of Garfield Plantation of Garfield Aroostook 610 Scopan
Town of Garland Town of Garland Penobscot 482 Garland
Town of Georgetown Town of Georgetown Sagadahoc 0 Boothbay Harbor
Town of Gilead Town of Gilead Oxford 666 Gilead
Town of Glenburn Town of Glenburn Penobscot 184 Pushaw Lake
Plantation of Glenwood Plantation of Glenwood Aroostook 561 Alder Brook
Town of Gorham Town of Gorham Cumberland 200 Gorham
Town of Gouldsboro Town of Gouldsboro Hancock 108 Winter Harbor
Town of Grand Isle Town of Grand Isle Aroostook 653 Paulette Brook
Plantation of Grand Lake Stream Plantation of Grand Lake Stream Washington 292 Big Lake
Town of Gray Town of Gray Cumberland 259 Gray
Town of Great Pond Town of Great Pond Hancock 289 Great Pond
Town of Greenbush Town of Greenbush Penobscot 141 Olamon
Town of Greene Town of Greene Androscoggin 328 Lake Auburn East
Township of Greenfield Township of Greenfield Penobscot 322 Greenfield
Town of Greenville Town of Greenville Piscataquis 1404 Greenville
Town of Greenwood Town of Greenwood Oxford 689 Greenwood
Town of Guilford Town of Guilford Piscataquis 673 Sangerville
City of Hallowell City of Hallowell Kennebec 239 Augusta
Town of Hamlin Town of Hamlin Aroostook 673 Doyle Ridge
Town of Hammond Town of Hammond Aroostook 735 Twin Brook
Town of Hampden Town of Hampden Penobscot 197 Snow Mountain
Town of Hancock Town of Hancock Hancock 39 Hancock
Town of Hanover Town of Hanover Oxford 1070 Bryant Pond
Town of Harpswell Town of Harpswell Cumberland 0 Bailey Island
Town of Harrington Town of Harrington Washington 3 Harrington
Town of Harrison Town of Harrison Cumberland 436 Bridgton
Town of Hartford Town of Hartford Oxford 482 Canton
Town of Haynesville Town of Haynesville Aroostook 394 Haynesville
Town of Hebron Town of Hebron Oxford 604 Oxford
Town of Hermon Town of Hermon Penobscot 246 Hermon
Hibberts Gore Hibberts Gore Lincoln 299 Razorville
Plantation of Highland Plantation of Highland Somerset 1549 Witham Mountain
Town of Hiram Town of Hiram Oxford 656 Cornish
Town of Hodgdon Town of Hodgdon Aroostook 515 Houlton South
Town of Holden Town of Holden Penobscot 226 Veazie
Town of Hollis Town of Hollis York 217 Standish
Town of Hope Town of Hope Knox 545 Searsmont
Town of Houlton Town of Houlton Aroostook 394 Houlton North
Town of Howland Town of Howland Penobscot 148 Seboeis
Town of Hudson Town of Hudson Penobscot 157 Kenduskeag
Town of Industry Town of Industry Franklin 774 New Vineyard
Town of Island Falls Town of Island Falls Aroostook 449 Mattawamkeag Lake
Town of Isle au Haut Town of Isle au Haut Knox 112 Isle Au Haut East
Town of Islesboro Town of Islesboro Waldo 82 Islesboro
Town of Jackman Town of Jackman Somerset 1673 Catheart Mountain
Town of Jackson Town of Jackson Waldo 489 Brooks West
Town of Jay Town of Jay Franklin 614 Wilton
Town of Jefferson Town of Jefferson Lincoln 239 North Whitefield
Town of Jonesboro Town of Jonesboro Washington 95 Whitneyville
Town of Jonesport Town of Jonesport Washington 0 Jonesport
Town of Kenduskeag Town of Kenduskeag Penobscot 115 Kenduskeag
Town of Kennebunk Town of Kennebunk York 62 Kennebunk
Town of Kennebunkport Town of Kennebunkport York 0 Kennebunkport
Town of Kingfield Town of Kingfield Franklin 1188 Kingfield
Township of Kingman Township of Kingman Penobscot 322 Kingman
Plantation of Kingsbury Plantation of Kingsbury Piscataquis 961 Whetstone Pond
Town of Kittery Town of Kittery York 0 Kittery
Town of Knox Town of Knox Waldo 853 Brooks West
Town of Lagrange Town of Lagrange Penobscot 233 Lagrange
Plantation of Lake View Plantation of Lake View Piscataquis 643 Seboeis Lake
Town of Lakeville Town of Lakeville Penobscot 390 Bottle Lake
Town of Lamoine Town of Lamoine Hancock 167 Salsbury Cove
Town of Lebanon Town of Lebanon York 453 Milton
Town of Lee Town of Lee Penobscot 417 Lee
Town of Leeds Town of Leeds Androscoggin 312 Turner Center
Town of Levant Town of Levant Penobscot 289 Kenduskeag
City of Lewiston City of Lewiston Androscoggin 351 Lewiston
Town of Liberty Town of Liberty Waldo 745 Washington
Town of Limerick Town of Limerick York 551 Limerick
Town of Limestone Town of Limestone Aroostook 696 Limestone
Town of Limington Town of Limington York 400 Limington
Town of Lincoln Town of Lincoln Penobscot 226 Lincoln East
Plantation of Lincoln Plantation of Lincoln Oxford 1516 Richardson Pond
Town of Lincolnville Town of Lincolnville Waldo 151 Lincolnville
Town of Linneus Town of Linneus Aroostook 577 Linneus
Town of Lisbon Town of Lisbon Androscoggin 184 Lisbon Falls North
Town of Litchfield Town of Litchfield Kennebec 289 Purgatory
Town of Littleton Town of Littleton Aroostook 479 Houlton North
Town of Livermore Town of Livermore Androscoggin 535 Livermore Falls
Town of Livermore Falls Town of Livermore Falls Androscoggin 545 Livermore Falls
Town of Lovell Town of Lovell Oxford 446 Center Lovell
Town of Lowell Town of Lowell Penobscot 502 Burlington
Town of Lubec Town of Lubec Washington 118 West Lubec
Town of Ludlow Town of Ludlow Aroostook 781 Twin Brook
Town of Lyman Town of Lyman York 269 Waterboro
Town of Machias Town of Machias Washington 138 Machias
Town of Machiasport Town of Machiasport Washington 144 Machias
Plantation of Macwahoc Plantation of Macwahoc Aroostook 397 Reed Pond
Town of Madawaska Town of Madawaska Aroostook 958 Grand Isle
Town of Madrid Town of Madrid Franklin 1165 Redington
Town of Manchester Town of Manchester Kennebec 256 Augusta
Town of Mapleton Town of Mapleton Aroostook 748 Presque Isle
Town of Mariaville Town of Mariaville Hancock 118 Beech Hill Pond
Town of Marshfield Town of Marshfield Washington 210 Hadley Lake
Town of Mars Hill Town of Mars Hill Aroostook 610 Mars Hill
Town of Masardis Town of Masardis Aroostook 558 Scopan Lake West
Plantation of Matinicus Isle Plantation of Matinicus Isle Knox 0 Matinicus OE NW
Town of Mattawamkeag Town of Mattawamkeag Penobscot 400 Mattawamkeag
Town of Maxfield Town of Maxfield Penobscot 230 Hardy Pond
Town of Mechanic Falls Town of Mechanic Falls Androscoggin 312 Mechanic Falls
Town of Meddybemps Town of Meddybemps Washington 174 Meddybemps Lake East
Town of Medford Town of Medford Piscataquis 374 Hardy Pond
Town of Medway Town of Medway Penobscot 289 Mattaseunk Lake
Town of Mercer Town of Mercer Somerset 466 Mercer
Town of Merrill Town of Merrill Aroostook 984 Smyrna Mills
Town of Mexico Town of Mexico Oxford 1007 Rumford
Town of Milbridge Town of Milbridge Washington 0 Bois Bubert
Town of Milford Town of Milford Penobscot 108 Otter Chain Ponds
Town of Millinocket Town of Millinocket Penobscot 436 Millinocket
Town of Milo Town of Milo Piscataquis 299 Milo North
Township of Milton Township of Milton Oxford 771 Mount Zircon
Town of Minot Town of Minot Androscoggin 525 Lake Auburn West
Plantation of Monhegan Plantation of Monhegan Lincoln 7 Monhegan
Town of Monmouth Town of Monmouth Kennebec 315 Monmouth
Town of Monroe Town of Monroe Waldo 312 Brooks East
Town of Monson Town of Monson Piscataquis 856 Monson West
Town of Monticello Town of Monticello Aroostook 545 Monticello
Town of Montville Town of Montville Waldo 512 Liberty
Town of Moose River Town of Moose River Somerset 1480 Heald Pond
Plantation of Moro Plantation of Moro Aroostook 896 Knowles Corner
Town of Morrill Town of Morrill Waldo 223 Morrill
Town of Moscow Town of Moscow Somerset 915 Mahoney Hill
Town of Mount Chase Town of Mount Chase Penobscot 879 Shin Pond
Town of Mount Desert Town of Mount Desert Hancock 184 Southwest Harbor
Town of Mount Vernon Town of Mount Vernon Kennebec 554 Readfield
Town of Naples Town of Naples Cumberland 371 Naples
Plantation of Nashville Plantation of Nashville Aroostook 591 Little Machias Lake
Town of Newburgh Town of Newburgh Penobscot 466 East Dixmont
Town of New Canada Town of New Canada Aroostook 837 Fort Kent South
Town of Newcastle Town of Newcastle Lincoln 115 Damariscotta
Town of Newfield Town of Newfield York 459 West Newfield
Town of New Gloucester Town of New Gloucester Cumberland 361 Gray
Town of New Limerick Town of New Limerick Aroostook 397 Linneus
Town of Newport Town of Newport Penobscot 200 Plymouth
Town of New Portland Town of New Portland Somerset 545 New Portland
Town of Newry Town of Newry Oxford 735 Puzzle Mountain
Town of New Sharon Town of New Sharon Franklin 371 New Sharon
Town of New Sweden Town of New Sweden Aroostook 636 New Sweden
Town of New Vineyard Town of New Vineyard Franklin 912 New Vineyard
Town of Nobleboro Town of Nobleboro Lincoln 62 Waldoboro West
Town of North Berwick Town of North Berwick York 285 Somersworth
Unorganized Territory of Northeast Piscataquis Unorganized Territory of Northeast Piscataquis Piscataquis 1404 Doubletop Mountain
Unorganized Territory of Northeast Somerset Unorganized Territory of Northeast Somerset Somerset 1066 Black Brook Pond
Town of Northfield Town of Northfield Washington 194 Bog Lake
Unorganized Territory of North Franklin Unorganized Territory of North Franklin Franklin 2375 Chain of Ponds
Town of North Haven Town of North Haven Knox 0 North Haven West
Unorganized Territory of North Oxford Unorganized Territory of North Oxford Oxford 1506 Richardson Pond
Unorganized Territory of North Penobscot Unorganized Territory of North Penobscot Penobscot 554 Deasey Mountain
Town of Northport Town of Northport Waldo 338 Islesboro
Unorganized Territory of North Washington Unorganized Territory of North Washington Washington 433 Grand Lake Stream
Unorganized Territory of Northwest Aroostook Unorganized Territory of Northwest Aroostook Aroostook 1135 Five Finger Brook
Unorganized Territory of Northwest Hancock Unorganized Territory of Northwest Hancock Hancock 256 The Horseback
Unorganized Territory of Northwest Piscataquis Unorganized Territory of Northwest Piscataquis Piscataquis 1096 Chesuncook
Unorganized Territory of Northwest Somerset Unorganized Territory of Northwest Somerset Somerset 1289 Spencer Lake
Town of North Yarmouth Town of North Yarmouth Cumberland 226 Yarmouth
Town of Norway Town of Norway Oxford 584 Norway
Town of Oakfield Town of Oakfield Aroostook 1322 Meduxnekeag Lake
Town of Oakland Town of Oakland Kennebec 456 Waterville
Town of Ogunquit Town of Ogunquit York 0 York Beach
Town of Old Orchard Beach Town of Old Orchard Beach York 0 Prouts Neck
City of Old Town City of Old Town Penobscot 135 Old Town
Town of Orient Town of Orient Aroostook 459 Orient
Town of Orland Town of Orland Hancock 279 Orland
Town of Orono Town of Orono Penobscot 253 Old Town
Town of Orrington Town of Orrington Penobscot 302 Hampden
Town of Osborn Town of Osborn Hancock 410 Amherst
Town of Otis Town of Otis Hancock 371 Beech Hill Pond
Town of Otisfield Town of Otisfield Oxford 673 Casco
Town of Owls Head Town of Owls Head Knox 13 Rockland
Plantation of Oxbow Plantation of Oxbow Aroostook 600 Oxbow West
Town of Oxford Town of Oxford Oxford 387 Oxford
Town of Palermo Town of Palermo Waldo 476 Palermo
Town of Palmyra Town of Palmyra Somerset 249 Newport
Town of Paris Town of Paris Oxford 568 Oxford
Town of Parsonsfield Town of Parsonsfield York 863 West Newfield
Town of Passadumkeag Town of Passadumkeag Penobscot 148 Passadumkeag
Passamaquoddy Indian Township Reservation Passamaquoddy Indian Township Reservation Washington 256 Tomah Ridge
Passamaquoddy Pleasant Point Reservation Passamaquoddy Pleasant Point Reservation Washington 39 Eastport
Town of Patten Town of Patten Penobscot 653 Patten
Town of Pembroke Town of Pembroke Washington 36 Pembroke
Town of Penobscot Town of Penobscot Hancock 85 Penobscot
Penobscot Reservation Penobscot Reservation Penobscot 463 Mattamiscontis Mountain
Town of Perham Town of Perham Aroostook 673 Mud Lake
Unorganized Territory of Perkins Unorganized Territory of Perkins Sagadahoc 75 Richmond
Town of Perry Town of Perry Washington 144 Eastport
Town of Peru Town of Peru Oxford 968 Worthley Pond
Town of Phillips Town of Phillips Franklin 1020 Madrid
Town of Phippsburg Town of Phippsburg Sagadahoc 7 Small Point
Town of Pittsfield Town of Pittsfield Somerset 335 Pittsfield
Town of Pittston Town of Pittston Kennebec 128 East Pittston
Plantation of Pleasant Ridge Plantation of Pleasant Ridge Somerset 1063 Bingham
Town of Plymouth Town of Plymouth Penobscot 220 Plymouth
Town of Poland Town of Poland Androscoggin 413 Mechanic Falls
Town of Portage Lake Town of Portage Lake Aroostook 640 Portage Lake West
Town of Porter Town of Porter Oxford 718 Kezar Falls
City of Portland City of Portland Cumberland 0 Portland East
Town of Pownal Town of Pownal Cumberland 203 North Pownal
Plantation of Prentiss Plantation of Prentiss Penobscot 640 Potter Hill
City of Presque Isle City of Presque Isle Aroostook 636 Easton
Town of Princeton Town of Princeton Washington 197 Princeton
Town of Prospect Town of Prospect Waldo 105 Bucksport
Town of Randolph Town of Randolph Kennebec 141 Gardiner
Town of Rangeley Town of Rangeley Franklin 1581 Rangeley
Plantation of Rangeley Plantation of Rangeley Franklin 1959 Rangeley
Town of Raymond Town of Raymond Cumberland 276 Raymond
Town of Readfield Town of Readfield Kennebec 256 Readfield
Plantation of Reed Plantation of Reed Aroostook 492 Wytopitlock
Town of Richmond Town of Richmond Sagadahoc 253 Richmond
Town of Ripley Town of Ripley Somerset 587 Cambridge
Town of Robbinston Town of Robbinston Washington 308 Red Beach
City of Rockland City of Rockland Knox 184 West Rockport
Town of Rockport Town of Rockport Knox 443 Camden
Town of Rome Town of Rome Kennebec 256 Belgrade Lakes
Town of Roque Bluffs Town of Roque Bluffs Washington 49 Roque Bluffs
Town of Roxbury Town of Roxbury Oxford 837 Roxbury
Town of Rumford Town of Rumford Oxford 1204 Rumford
Town of Sabattus Town of Sabattus Androscoggin 325 Lisbon Falls North
City of Saco City of Saco York 59 Old Orchard Beach
Town of Saint Agatha Town of Saint Agatha Aroostook 856 Saint Agatha
Town of Saint Albans Town of Saint Albans Somerset 269 Hartland
Town of Saint Francis Town of Saint Francis Aroostook 1093 Saint Francis
Town of Saint George Town of Saint George Knox 0 Tenants Harbor
Plantation of Saint John Plantation of Saint John Aroostook 1188 Saint John
Plantation of Sandy River Plantation of Sandy River Franklin 2238 Saddleback Mountain
Town of Sanford Town of Sanford York 236 Sanford
Town of Sangerville Town of Sangerville Piscataquis 505 Sangerville
Town of Scarborough Town of Scarborough Cumberland 20 Prouts Neck
Town of Searsmont Town of Searsmont Waldo 210 Searsmont
Town of Searsport Town of Searsport Waldo 243 Searsport
Town of Sebago Town of Sebago Cumberland 430 North Sebago
Town of Sebec Town of Sebec Piscataquis 561 South Sebec
Plantation of Seboeis Plantation of Seboeis Penobscot 187 Mattamiscontis Mountain
Unorganized Territory of Seboomook Lake Unorganized Territory of Seboomook Lake Somerset 1316 Saint John Ponds
Town of Sedgwick Town of Sedgwick Hancock 200 Sargentville
Town of Shapleigh Town of Shapleigh York 718 Mousam Lake
Town of Sherman Town of Sherman Aroostook 630 Crystal
Town of Shirley Town of Shirley Piscataquis 1027 Bald Mountain Pond
Town of Sidney Town of Sidney Kennebec 325 Belgrade
Town of Smithfield Town of Smithfield Somerset 262 Norridgewock
Town of Smyrna Town of Smyrna Aroostook 879 Ludlow
Town of Solon Town of Solon Somerset 741 Solon
Town of Somerville Town of Somerville Lincoln 400 Razorville
Town of Sorrento Town of Sorrento Hancock 0 Bar Harbor
Unorganized Territory of South Aroostook Unorganized Territory of South Aroostook Aroostook 528 Wytopitlock Lake
Town of South Berwick Town of South Berwick York 85 York Harbor
Town of South Bristol Town of South Bristol Lincoln 66 Bristol
Unorganized Territory of Southeast Piscataquis Unorganized Territory of Southeast Piscataquis Piscataquis 302 Milo South
Unorganized Territory of South Franklin Unorganized Territory of South Franklin Franklin 1404 Mount Blue
Unorganized Territory of South Oxford Unorganized Territory of South Oxford Oxford 1663 East Stoneham
Town of Southport Town of Southport Lincoln 43 Boothbay Harbor
City of South Portland City of South Portland Cumberland 72 Portland West
Town of South Thomaston Town of South Thomaston Knox 30 Thomaston
Town of Southwest Harbor Town of Southwest Harbor Hancock 118 Southwest Harbor
Town of Springfield Town of Springfield Penobscot 394 Springfield
Unorganized Territory of Square Lake Unorganized Territory of Square Lake Aroostook 577 Square Lake East
Town of Stacyville Town of Stacyville Penobscot 607 Patten
Town of Standish Town of Standish Cumberland 318 Sebago Lake
Town of Starks Town of Starks Somerset 348 Mercer
Town of Stetson Town of Stetson Penobscot 239 West Corinth
Town of Steuben Town of Steuben Washington 7 Petit Manan Point
Town of Stockholm Town of Stockholm Aroostook 725 Picard Brook
Town of Stockton Springs Town of Stockton Springs Waldo 167 Castine
Town of Stoneham Town of Stoneham Oxford 479 Speckled Mountain
Town of Stonington Town of Stonington Hancock 69 Deer Isle
Town of Stow Town of Stow Oxford 505 Center Lovell
Town of Strong Town of Strong Franklin 784 Strong
Town of Sullivan Town of Sullivan Hancock 200 Sullivan
Town of Sumner Town of Sumner Oxford 472 West Sumner
Town of Surry Town of Surry Hancock 243 Blue Hill
Town of Swans Island Town of Swans Island Hancock 46 Swans Island
Town of Swanville Town of Swanville Waldo 387 Brooks East
Town of Sweden Town of Sweden Oxford 656 North Waterford
Town of Talmadge Town of Talmadge Washington 476 Oxbrook Lakes
Town of Temple Town of Temple Franklin 1253 Mount Blue
Plantation of The Forks Plantation of The Forks Somerset 1427 The Forks
Town of Thomaston Town of Thomaston Knox 92 Thomaston
Town of Thorndike Town of Thorndike Waldo 541 Brooks West
Town of Topsfield Town of Topsfield Washington 689 Farrow Mountain
Town of Topsham Town of Topsham Sagadahoc 112 Brunswick
Town of Tremont Town of Tremont Hancock 0 Bartlett Island
Town of Trenton Town of Trenton Hancock 72 Newbury Neck
Town of Troy Town of Troy Waldo 371 Unity Pond
Town of Turner Town of Turner Androscoggin 377 Turner Center
Unorganized Territory of Twombly Ridge Unorganized Territory of Twombly Ridge Penobscot 669 Lee
Town of Union Town of Union Knox 118 Union
Town of Unity Town of Unity Waldo 279 Unity
Township of Unity Township of Unity Kennebec 200 Burnham
Town of Upton Town of Upton Oxford 1401 B Pond
Town of Van Buren Town of Van Buren Aroostook 659 Violette Stream
Town of Vanceboro Town of Vanceboro Washington 397 Vanceboro
Town of Vassalboro Town of Vassalboro Kennebec 151 Vassalboro
Town of Veazie Town of Veazie Penobscot 167 Veazie
Town of Verona Island Town of Verona Island Hancock 102 Bucksport
Town of Vienna Town of Vienna Kennebec 699 Farmington Falls
Town of Vinalhaven Town of Vinalhaven Knox 0 Vinalhaven
Town of Wade Town of Wade Aroostook 791 Washburn
Town of Waite Town of Waite Washington 233 Waite
Town of Waldo Town of Waldo Waldo 305 Belfast
Town of Waldoboro Town of Waldoboro Lincoln 164 Waldoboro East
Town of Wales Town of Wales Androscoggin 361 Monmouth
Town of Wallagrass Town of Wallagrass Aroostook 843 Wheelock
Town of Waltham Town of Waltham Hancock 157 Eastbrook
Town of Warren Town of Warren Knox 59 West Rockport
Town of Washburn Town of Washburn Aroostook 597 Caribou
Town of Washington Town of Washington Knox 335 Razorville
Town of Waterboro Town of Waterboro York 653 Waterboro
Town of Waterford Town of Waterford Oxford 676 Waterford Flat
City of Waterville City of Waterville Kennebec 243 Waterville
Town of Wayne Town of Wayne Kennebec 285 Wayne
Plantation of Webster Plantation of Webster Penobscot 443 Springfield
Town of Weld Town of Weld Franklin 676 Weld
Town of Wells Town of Wells York 141 Wells
Town of Wesley Town of Wesley Washington 289 Wesley
Town of West Bath Town of West Bath Sagadahoc 0 Bath
City of Westbrook City of Westbrook Cumberland 105 Portland West
Unorganized Territory of West Central Franklin Unorganized Territory of West Central Franklin Franklin 2037 Jackson Mountain
Town of Westfield Town of Westfield Aroostook 646 Westfield
Plantation of West Forks Plantation of West Forks Somerset 1194 Johnson Mountain
Town of West Gardiner Town of West Gardiner Kennebec 161 Gardiner
Town of Westmanland Town of Westmanland Aroostook 725 Mud Lake
Town of Weston Town of Weston Aroostook 469 Danforth
Town of West Paris Town of West Paris Oxford 640 West Paris
Town of Westport Island Town of Westport Island Lincoln 95 Westport
Town of Whitefield Town of Whitefield Lincoln 177 North Whitefield
Town of Whiting Town of Whiting Washington 138 Long Lake
Unorganized Territory of Whitney Unorganized Territory of Whitney Penobscot 341 Scraggly Lake
Town of Whitneyville Town of Whitneyville Washington 144 Whitneyville
Town of Willimantic Town of Willimantic Piscataquis 371 Monson East
Town of Wilton Town of Wilton Franklin 640 Wilton
Town of Windham Town of Windham Cumberland 256 North Windham
Town of Windsor Town of Windsor Kennebec 269 Weeks Mills
Town of Winn Town of Winn Penobscot 266 East Winn
Town of Winslow Town of Winslow Kennebec 243 Fairfield
Town of Winter Harbor Town of Winter Harbor Hancock 0 Schoodic Head
Town of Winterport Town of Winterport Waldo 197 Snow Mountain
Plantation of Winterville Plantation of Winterville Aroostook 581 Island Pond
Town of Winthrop Town of Winthrop Kennebec 305 Winthrop
Town of Wiscasset Town of Wiscasset Lincoln 135 Wiscasset
Town of Woodland Town of Woodland Aroostook 705 New Sweden
Town of Woodstock Town of Woodstock Oxford 1135 Mount Zircon
Town of Woodville Town of Woodville Penobscot 374 Mattaseunk Lake
Town of Woolwich Town of Woolwich Sagadahoc 82 Bath
Unorganized Territory of Wyman Unorganized Territory of Wyman Franklin 1818 The Horns
Town of Yarmouth Town of Yarmouth Cumberland 16 Yarmouth
Town of York Town of York York 0 York Beach
Town of Hersey Town of Hersey Aroostook 705 Island Falls
Town of Long Island Town of Long Island Cumberland 0 South Harpswell
State of Maine State of Maine Piscataquis 381 Sebec Lake East
Township of Brookton Township of Brookton Washington 430 Stetson Mountain
Township of Edmunds Township of Edmunds Washington 62 Porcupine Mountain
Township of Marion Township of Marion Washington 171 Porcupine Mountain
Township of Trescott Township of Trescott Washington 66 Pembroke
Plantation of Barnard Plantation of Barnard Piscataquis 636 Sebec Lake East
Plantation of Elliottsville Plantation of Elliottsville Piscataquis 2037 Barren Mountain West
Township of Riley Township of Riley Oxford 1680 Shelburne
Unorganized Territory of Muscle Ridge Islands Unorganized Territory of Muscle Ridge Islands Knox 0 Rockland
Unorganized Territory of Louds Island Unorganized Territory of Louds Island Lincoln 0 Louds Island
Township of Benedicta Township of Benedicta Aroostook Unknown
Big Twenty Township Big Twenty Township Aroostook 1093 Estcourt
Dudley Township Dudley Township Aroostook 804 North Brook Ridge
Saint Croix Township Saint Croix Township Aroostook 689 Saint Croix Lake
Silver Ridge Township Silver Ridge Township Aroostook 673 Monarda
T1 R5 WELS T1 R5 WELS Aroostook 591 Molunkus Lake
T2 R4 WELS T2 R4 WELS Aroostook 545 Wytopitlock Lake
T3 R3 WELS T3 R3 WELS Aroostook 594 Monument Brook
T3 R4 WELS T3 R4 WELS Aroostook 548 Mattawamkeag Lake
T4 R3 WELS T4 R3 WELS Aroostook 479 Monument Brook
T7 R5 WELS T7 R5 WELS Aroostook 978 McNally Ridge
T8 R3 WELS T8 R3 WELS Aroostook 883 North Brook Ridge
T8 R5 WELS T8 R5 WELS Aroostook 853 McNally Ridge
T9 R3 WELS T9 R3 WELS Aroostook 935 Number Nine Lake
T9 R4 WELS T9 R4 WELS Aroostook 840 Spinney Brook
T9 R5 WELS T9 R5 WELS Aroostook 764 Griswold
T9 R7 WELS T9 R7 WELS Aroostook 699 Chandler Mountain
T9 R8 WELS T9 R8 WELS Aroostook 794 Middle Brook Mountain
T10 R3 WELS T10 R3 WELS Aroostook 689 Echo Lake
T10 R6 WELS T10 R6 WELS Aroostook 732 Scopan
T10 R7 WELS T10 R7 WELS Aroostook 696 Jack Mountain
T10 R8 WELS T10 R8 WELS Aroostook 1070 Round Mountain
T11 R4 WELS T11 R4 WELS Aroostook 640 Scopan Lake East
T11 R7 WELS T11 R7 WELS Aroostook 965 Jack Mountain
T11 R8 WELS T11 R8 WELS Aroostook 1063 Round Mountain
T11 R9 WELS T11 R9 WELS Aroostook 1079 Mooseleuk Lake
T11 R10 WELS T11 R10 WELS Aroostook 1444 Fifth Musquacook Lake
T11 R11 WELS T11 R11 WELS Aroostook 1112 Third Musquacook Lake
T11 R12 WELS T11 R12 WELS Aroostook 1342 Umsaskis Lake East
T11 R13 WELS T11 R13 WELS Aroostook 1040 Umsaskis Lake West
T11 R14 WELS T11 R14 WELS Aroostook Unknown
T11 R15 WELS T11 R15 WELS Aroostook 1243 Fool Brook
T11 R16 WELS T11 R16 WELS Aroostook 1033 Beaver Pond SE
T11 R17 WELS T11 R17 WELS Aroostook 1260 Eastman Brook
T12 R7 WELS T12 R7 WELS Aroostook 965 Greenlaw Pond
T12 R8 WELS T12 R8 WELS Aroostook 961 Big Machias Lake
T12 R9 WELS T12 R9 WELS Aroostook 1201 Farrar Pond
T12 R10 WELS T12 R10 WELS Aroostook 1529 Upper McNally Pond
T12 R11 WELS T12 R11 WELS Aroostook 1388 First Musquacook Lake
T12 R12 WELS T12 R12 WELS Aroostook 1168 Cunliffe Islands
T12 R13 WELS T12 R13 WELS Aroostook 1161 Cunliffe Lake
T12 R14 WELS T12 R14 WELS Aroostook 1434 Ugh Lake
T12 R15 WELS T12 R15 WELS Aroostook 984 Ninemile Bridge
T12 R16 WELS T12 R16 WELS Aroostook 1155 Mary L Pond
T12 R17 WELS T12 R17 WELS Aroostook 1339 Burntland Pond
T13 R5 WELS T13 R5 WELS Aroostook 728 Bull Brook
T13 R7 WELS T13 R7 WELS Aroostook 735 Carr Pond
T13 R8 WELS T13 R8 WELS Aroostook 965 Fish River Lake
T13 R9 WELS T13 R9 WELS Aroostook 1407 Fish River Lake SW
T13 R10 WELS T13 R10 WELS Aroostook 1489 Big Brook Lake
T13 R11 WELS T13 R11 WELS Aroostook 1234 Five Finger Brook
T13 R12 WELS T13 R12 WELS Aroostook 906 Round Pond
T13 R13 WELS T13 R13 WELS Aroostook 1204 Blue Brook
T13 R14 WELS T13 R14 WELS Aroostook 1086 Seven Islands
T13 R15 WELS T13 R15 WELS Aroostook 1247 Houlton Pond
T13 R16 WELS T13 R16 WELS Aroostook 1106 Depot Lake
T14 R5 WELS T14 R5 WELS Aroostook 745 Hanford
T14 R6 WELS T14 R6 WELS Aroostook 715 Winterville
T14 R7 WELS T14 R7 WELS Aroostook 938 Island Pond
T14 R8 WELS T14 R8 WELS Aroostook 951 Deboullie Pond
T14 R9 WELS T14 R9 WELS Aroostook 1083 Gardner Pond
T14 R10 WELS T14 R10 WELS Aroostook 1388 McKeen Lake
T14 R11 WELS T14 R11 WELS Aroostook 1119 Allagash Falls
T14 R12 WELS T14 R12 WELS Aroostook 1260 McKinnon Brook
T14 R13 WELS T14 R13 WELS Aroostook 1178 Big Black Rapids
T14 R14 WELS T14 R14 WELS Aroostook 932 Ninemile Deadwater
T14 R15 WELS T14 R15 WELS Aroostook 909 Charles Pond
T14 R16 WELS T14 R16 WELS Aroostook 1079 Depot Lake
T15 R5 WELS T15 R5 WELS Aroostook 653 Hanford
T15 R6 WELS T15 R6 WELS Aroostook 1476 Winterville
T15 R8 WELS T15 R8 WELS Aroostook 1155 Deboullie Pond
T15 R9 WELS T15 R9 WELS Aroostook 1417 Gardner Pond
T15 R10 WELS T15 R10 WELS Aroostook 1299 McKeen Lake
T15 R11 WELS T15 R11 WELS Aroostook 1207 Allagash Falls
T15 R12 WELS T15 R12 WELS Aroostook 1220 McKinnon Brook
T15 R13 WELS T15 R13 WELS Aroostook 919 Big Black Rapids
T15 R14 WELS T15 R14 WELS Aroostook 1155 Ninemile Deadwater
T15 R15 WELS T15 R15 WELS Aroostook 850 Charles Pond
Madawaska Lake Township Madawaska Lake Township Aroostook 702 Stockholm
T16 R5 WELS T16 R5 WELS Aroostook 577 Square Lake East
T16 R6 WELS T16 R6 WELS Aroostook 787 Eagle Lake
T16 R8 WELS T16 R8 WELS Aroostook 1286 McLean Mountain
T16 R9 WELS T16 R9 WELS Aroostook 1512 Pelletier Brook Lakes
T16 R12 WELS T16 R12 WELS Aroostook 689 Schoolhouse Rapids
T16 R13 WELS T16 R13 WELS Aroostook 948 Rocky Mountain SW
T16 R14 WELS T16 R14 WELS Aroostook 1325 East Lake SE
T17 R3 WELS T17 R3 WELS Aroostook 784 Violette Stream
T17 R4 WELS T17 R4 WELS Aroostook 774 Paulette Brook
Cross Lake Township Cross Lake Township Aroostook 650 Saint Agatha
T17 R12 WELS T17 R12 WELS Aroostook 1178 Rocky Mountain
T17 R13 WELS T17 R13 WELS Aroostook 1175 Rocky Mountain NW
T17 R14 WELS T17 R14 WELS Aroostook 1152 East Lake
T18 R10 WELS T18 R10 WELS Aroostook 735 Saint Francis
T18 R11 WELS T18 R11 WELS Aroostook 1224 Johnson Brook Mountain
T18 R12 WELS T18 R12 WELS Aroostook 705 Rocky Mountain
T18 R13 WELS T18 R13 WELS Aroostook 1158 Rocky Mountain NW
T19 R11 WELS T19 R11 WELS Aroostook 1014 Hafey Pond
T19 R12 WELS T19 R12 WELS Aroostook 1004 Rocky Brook
TA R2 WELS TA R2 WELS Aroostook 597 Ten Mile Lake
Upper Molunkus Township Upper Molunkus Township Aroostook 492 Reed Pond
Webbertown Township Webbertown Township Aroostook 837 Saint Croix Lake
Adamstown Township Adamstown Township Oxford 1814 Richardson Pond
Albany Township Albany Township Oxford 630 East Stoneham
Andover North Surplus Township Andover North Surplus Township Oxford 2152 Andover
Andover West Surplus Township Andover West Surplus Township Oxford 1972 Puzzle Mountain
Batchelders Grant Township Batchelders Grant Township Oxford 1260 Speckled Mountain
Bowmantown Township Bowmantown Township Oxford 2208 Moose Bog
C Surplus C Surplus Oxford 1289 B Pond
Grafton Township Grafton Township Oxford 1775 Old Speck Mountain
Town of Greenwood Town of Greenwood Oxford 689 Greenwood
Lower Cupsuptic Township Lower Cupsuptic Township Oxford 1506 Kennebago
Mason Township Mason Township Oxford 1040 Speckled Mountain
Muscle Ridge Township Muscle Ridge Township Knox 0 Rockland
Oqiton Township Oqiton Township Hancock 476 Duck Lake
Oxbow Township Oxbow Township Oxford 2864 Parmachenee Lake
Richardsontown Township Richardsontown Township Oxford 1526 Metallak Mountain
Township C Township C Knox Unknown
Upper Cupsuptic Township Upper Cupsuptic Township Oxford 2500 Little Kennebago Lake
Grindstone Township Grindstone Township Penobscot 390 Millinocket
Herseytown Township Herseytown Township Penobscot 541 Benedicta
Hopkins Academy Grant Township Hopkins Academy Grant Township Penobscot 482 Nollesemic Lake
Long A Township Long A Township Penobscot 679 Cedar Lake
Mattamiscontis Township Mattamiscontis Township Penobscot 230 Seboeis
Penobscot Island Indian Reservation Penobscot Island Indian Reservation Penobscot 167 Nine Meadow Ridge
Pukakon Township Pukakon Township Penobscot 299 Scraggly Lake
Soldiertown Township T2 R7 WELS Soldiertown Township T2 R7 WELS Penobscot 381 Whetstone Mountain
Summit Township Summit Township Penobscot 154 Burlington
T1 R6 WELS T1 R6 WELS Penobscot 443 Salmon Stream Lake
T1 R8 WELS T1 R8 WELS Penobscot 584 Norcross
T2 R8 NWP T2 R8 NWP Penobscot 230 Nine Meadow Ridge
T2 R8 WELS T2 R8 WELS Penobscot 538 Trout Mountain
T2 R9 NWP T2 R9 NWP Penobscot 587 Medunkeunk Lake
T3 R1 NBPP T3 R1 NBPP Penobscot 499 Lee
T3 R7 WELS T3 R7 WELS Penobscot 361 Deasey Mountain
T3 R8 WELS T3 R8 WELS Penobscot 1234 Katahdin Lake
Cedar Lake Township Cedar Lake Township Penobscot 607 Endless Lake
T4 R7 WELS T4 R7 WELS Penobscot 676 Deasey Mountain
T4 R8 WELS T4 R8 WELS Penobscot 1053 Katahdin Lake
T5 R7 WELS T5 R7 WELS Penobscot 715 Bowlin Brook
T5 R8 WELS T5 R8 WELS Penobscot 850 The Traveler
T6 R6 WELS T6 R6 WELS Penobscot 1004 Hay Brook Mountain
T6 R7 WELS T6 R7 WELS Penobscot 715 Hay Lake
T6 R8 WELS T6 R8 WELS Penobscot 679 Trout Brook Mountain
Prentiss Township T7 R3 NBPP Prentiss Township T7 R3 NBPP Penobscot 466 Potter Hill
T7 R6 WELS T7 R6 WELS Penobscot 965 La Pomkeag Lake
T7 R7 WELS T7 R7 WELS Penobscot 718 Grand Lake Seboeis
T7 R8 WELS T7 R8 WELS Penobscot 889 Millinocket Lake East
T8 R6 WELS T8 R6 WELS Penobscot 761 La Pomkeag Lake
T8 R7 WELS T8 R7 WELS Penobscot 965 Grand Lake Seboeis
T8 R8 WELS T8 R8 WELS Penobscot 958 Millinocket Lake East
TA R7 WELS TA R7 WELS Penobscot 489 Medunkeunk Lake
Big Moose Township Big Moose Township Piscataquis 1555 Moosehead
Bowdoin College Grant East Township Bowdoin College Grant East Township Piscataquis 1949 Hay Mountain
Bowdoin College Grant West Township Bowdoin College Grant West Township Piscataquis 1362 Number Four Mountain
Chesuncook Township Chesuncook Township Piscataquis 942 Chesuncook
Cove Point Township Cove Point Township Piscataquis 1086 Greenville
Days Academy Grant Township Days Academy Grant Township Piscataquis 1280 Mount Kineo
Eagle Lake Township Eagle Lake Township Piscataquis 1056 Tramway
East Middlesex Canal Grant Township East Middlesex Canal Grant Township Piscataquis 1322 Lobster Mountain
Frenchtown Township Frenchtown Township Piscataquis 1467 Kokadjo
Harfords Point Township Harfords Point Township Piscataquis 1089 Greenville
Township of Islands of Moosehead Lake Township of Islands of Moosehead Lake Piscataquis Unknown
Katahdin Iron Works Township Katahdin Iron Works Township Piscataquis 587 Silver Lake
Kineo Township Kineo Township Piscataquis 1299 Mount Kineo
Lily Bay Township Lily Bay Township Piscataquis 1257 Spencer Bay
Lobster Township Lobster Township Piscataquis 984 Penobscot Farm
Moosehead Junction Township Moosehead Junction Township Piscataquis 1640 Big Moose Pond
Mount Katahdin Township Mount Katahdin Township Piscataquis 3284 Mount Katahdin
Nesourdnahunk Township Nesourdnahunk Township Piscataquis 1542 Nesowadnehunk Lake
Northeast Carry Township Northeast Carry Township Piscataquis 1056 Penobscot Farm
Orneville Township Orneville Township Piscataquis 302 Milo South
Rainbow Township Rainbow Township Piscataquis 1384 Rainbow Lake West
Shawtown Township Shawtown Township Piscataquis 1627 Farrar Mountain
Soper Mountain Township Soper Mountain Township Piscataquis 1079 Soper Mountain
Spencer Bay Township Spencer Bay Township Piscataquis 1339 Spencer Bay
T3 Indian Purchase Township T3 Indian Purchase Township Penobscot 574 Norcross
T4 Indian Purchase Township T4 Indian Purchase Township Penobscot 492 Pemadumcook Lake
Veazie Gore Veazie Gore Penobscot 525 Ragged Mountain
T7 R9 WELS T7 R9 WELS Piscataquis 830 Millinocket Lake West
T7 R10 WELS T7 R10 WELS Piscataquis 866 Beetle Mountain
T7 R11 WELS T7 R11 WELS Piscataquis 1043 Haymock Lake
T7 R12 WELS T7 R12 WELS Piscataquis 981 Soper Mountain
T7 R13 WELS T7 R13 WELS Piscataquis 1033 Tramway
T7 R14 WELS T7 R14 WELS Piscataquis 1194 Allagash Lake
T7 R15 WELS T7 R15 WELS Piscataquis 1181 Wadleigh Pond
T8 R9 WELS T8 R9 WELS Piscataquis 817 Millinocket Lake West
T8 R10 WELS T8 R10 WELS Piscataquis 955 Beetle Mountain
T8 R11 WELS T8 R11 WELS Piscataquis 1188 Haymock Lake
T8 R14 WELS T8 R14 WELS Piscataquis 1243 Allagash Lake
T8 R15 WELS T8 R15 WELS Piscataquis 1512 Wadleigh Pond
T9 R9 WELS T9 R9 WELS Piscataquis 1240 Mooseleuk Mountain
T9 R10 WELS T9 R10 WELS Piscataquis 1125 Chase Lake
T9 R11 WELS T9 R11 WELS Piscataquis 1076 Spider Lake
T9 R12 WELS T9 R12 WELS Piscataquis 988 Churchill Lake
T9 R13 WELS T9 R13 WELS Piscataquis 1171 Clarkson Pond
T9 R14 WELS T9 R14 WELS Piscataquis 1211 Upper Russell Pond
T9 R15 WELS T9 R15 WELS Piscataquis 1467 Allagash Pond
T10 R9 WELS T10 R9 WELS Piscataquis 942 Mooseleuk Lake
T10 R10 WELS T10 R10 WELS Piscataquis 1276 Fifth Musquacook Lake
T10 R11 WELS T10 R11 WELS Piscataquis 1178 Third Musquacook Lake
T10 R12 WELS T10 R12 WELS Piscataquis 1145 Umsaskis Lake East
T10 R13 WELS T10 R13 WELS Piscataquis 1365 Umsaskis Lake West
T10 R14 WELS T10 R14 WELS Piscataquis 1371 Clayton Lake
T10 R15 WELS T10 R15 WELS Piscataquis 1306 Fool Brook
TA R10 WELS TA R10 WELS Piscataquis 630 Nahmakanta Stream
TA R11 WELS TA R11 WELS Piscataquis 1227 Wadleigh Mountain
TB R10 WELS TB R10 WELS Piscataquis 932 Jo-Mary Mountain
TB R11 WELS TB R11 WELS Piscataquis 1371 Big Shanty Mountain
TX R14 WELS TX R14 WELS Piscataquis 1296 Big Spencer Mountain
Perkins Township Swan Island Perkins Township Swan Island Sagadahoc 75 Richmond
Trout Brook Township Trout Brook Township Piscataquis 797 Frost Pond
Williamsburg Township Williamsburg Township Piscataquis 722 Brownville Junction
Alder Brook Township Alder Brook Township Somerset 1493 Canada Falls Lake
Appleton Township Appleton Township Somerset 1880 Tumbledown Mountain
Attean Township Attean Township Somerset 1437 Attean Pond
Bald Mountain Township T2 R3 Bald Mountain Township T2 R3 Somerset 1650 Dimmick Mountain
Bald Mountain Township T4 R3 Bald Mountain Township T4 R3 Somerset 2339 Boundary Bald Mountain
Bigelow Township Bigelow Township Somerset 1204 The Horns
Big Six Township Big Six Township Somerset 1647 Black Brook
Big Ten Township Big Ten Township Somerset 1152 Eastman Brook
Big W Township Big W Township Somerset 1112 North East Carry
Blake Gore Blake Gore Somerset 1850 Campbell Brook
Bowtown Township Bowtown Township Somerset 1207 Pierce Pond
Bradstreet Township Bradstreet Township Somerset 1798 Catheart Mountain
Brassua Township Brassua Township Somerset 1237 Brassua Lake West
Carrying Place Township Carrying Place Township Somerset 1535 East Carry Pond
Carrying Place Town Township Carrying Place Town Township Somerset 1316 East Carry Pond
Chase Stream Township Chase Stream Township Somerset 1079 Black Brook Pond
Comstock Township Comstock Township Somerset 1473 Foley Pond
Concord Township Concord Township Somerset 617 Bingham
Dead River Township Dead River Township Somerset 1145 Little Bigelow Mountain
Dole Brook Township Dole Brook Township Somerset 1486 Penobscot Lake
East Moxie Township East Moxie Township Somerset 1316 Moxie Pond
Elm Stream Township Elm Stream Township Somerset 1417 Russell Mountain
Flagstaff Township Flagstaff Township Somerset 1145 Stratton
Forsyth Township Forsyth Township Somerset 1877 Stony Brook
Hammond Township Hammond Township Somerset 1545 Penobscot Lake
Hobbstown Township Hobbstown Township Somerset 1414 Spencer Lake
Holeb Township Holeb Township Somerset 1240 Holeb
Indian Stream Township Indian Stream Township Somerset 1001 Indian Pond South
Johnson Mountain Township Johnson Mountain Township Somerset 1667 Johnson Mountain
King and Bartlett Township King and Bartlett Township Somerset 1299 King And Bartlett Mountain
Lexington Township Lexington Township Somerset 446 Witham Mountain
Little W Township Little W Township Somerset 1096 North East Carry
Long Pond Township Long Pond Township Somerset 1260 Churchill Stream
Lower Enchanted Township Lower Enchanted Township Somerset 1207 Basin Mountain
Misery Township Misery Township Somerset 1289 Misery Knob
Misery Gore Township Misery Gore Township Somerset 1335 Indian Pond North
Moxie Gore Moxie Gore Somerset 1070 Black Brook Pond
Parlin Pond Township Parlin Pond Township Somerset 1614 Long Pond
Pierce Pond Township Pierce Pond Township Somerset 1611 Basin Mountain
Pittston Academy Grant Pittston Academy Grant Somerset 1427 Foley Pond
Russell Pond Township Russell Pond Township Somerset 1709 Russell Mountain
Saint John Township Saint John Township Somerset 1591 Spruce Brook
Sandwich Academy Grant Township Sandwich Academy Grant Township Somerset 1427 Misery Knob
Sandy Bay Township Sandy Bay Township Somerset 1877 Campbell Brook
Sapling Township Sapling Township Somerset 1040 Indian Pond North
Seboomook Township Seboomook Township Somerset 1083 Seboomook
Squaretown Township Squaretown Township Somerset 1207 Indian Pond South
Taunton and Raynham Academy Grant Taunton and Raynham Academy Grant Somerset 1335 Brassua Lake East
Thorndike Township Thorndike Township Somerset 1529 Churchill Stream
Tomhegan Township Tomhegan Township Somerset 1083 Brassua Lake East
Upper Enchanted Township Upper Enchanted Township Somerset 2083 Enchanted Pond
West Middlesex Canal Grant Township West Middlesex Canal Grant Township Somerset 1191 Socatean Bay
T3 R4 BKP WKR T3 R4 BKP WKR Somerset 1204 King And Bartlett Lake
T03 R05 BKP WKR T03 R05 BKP WKR Somerset Unknown
T4 R5 NBKP T4 R5 NBKP Somerset 1804 Fisher Ponds
T4 R17 WELS T4 R17 WELS Somerset 1716 Seboomook Lake West
T5 R6 BKP WKR T5 R6 BKP WKR Somerset 2116 Tumbledown Mountain
T5 R7 BKP WKR T5 R7 BKP WKR Somerset 1234 Attean Pond
T5 R17 WELS T5 R17 WELS Somerset 1588 Saint John Ponds
T5 R18 WELS T5 R18 WELS Somerset 1424 Norris Brook
T5 R19 WELS T5 R19 WELS Somerset 1467 Hurricane Hill
T5 R20 WELS T5 R20 WELS Somerset 1634 Hurricane Pond
T6 R17 WELS T6 R17 WELS Somerset 1368 Saint John Pond Depot
T6 R18 WELS T6 R18 WELS Somerset 1631 Hinckley Hill
T7 R16 WELS T7 R16 WELS Somerset 1450 Turner Pond
T7 R17 WELS T7 R17 WELS Somerset 1230 Baker Lake
T7 R18 WELS T7 R18 WELS Somerset 1480 Hardwood Mountain SE
T7 R19 WELS T7 R19 WELS Somerset 1499 Hardwood Mountain SW
T8 R16 WELS T8 R16 WELS Somerset 1398 Turner Pond
T8 R17 WELS T8 R17 WELS Somerset 1266 Baker Lake
T8 R18 WELS T8 R18 WELS Somerset 1299 Hardwood Mountain SE
T8 R19 WELS T8 R19 WELS Somerset 1486 Hardwood Mountain SW
T9 R16 WELS T9 R16 WELS Somerset 1437 Doucie Brook
T9 R17 WELS T9 R17 WELS Somerset 1240 Baker Lake NW
T9 R18 WELS T9 R18 WELS Somerset 1394 Hardwood Mountain
T10 R16 WELS T10 R16 WELS Somerset 1450 Beaver Pond SE
Devereaux Township Devereaux Township Washington 778 Quillpig Mountain
Dyer Township Dyer Township Washington 305 Simsquish Lake
Forest Township Forest Township Washington 466 Forest
Forest City Township Forest City Township Washington 528 Forest City
Fowler Township Fowler Township Washington 259 Tomah Ridge
Kossuth Township Kossuth Township Washington 459 Dill Hill
Lambert Lake Township Lambert Lake Township Washington 377 Lambert Lake
Cathance Township Cathance Township Washington 213 Porcupine Mountain
Big Lake Township Big Lake Township Washington 233 Big Lake
Pleasant Point Indian Reservation Pleasant Point Indian Reservation Washington Unknown
Sakom Township Sakom Township Washington 302 Dark Cove Mountain
T6 ND BPP T6 ND BPP Washington 302 Grand Lake Stream
T6 R1 NBPP T6 R1 NBPP Washington 404 Scraggly Lake
T8 R3 NBPP T8 R3 NBPP Washington 627 Stetson Mountain
T8 R4 NBPP T8 R4 NBPP Washington 486 Stetson Mountain
T11 R3 NBPP T11 R3 NBPP Washington 443 Lambert Lake
Berry Township Berry Township Washington 89 Hadley Lake
T18 MD BPP T18 MD BPP Washington 226 Montegail Pond
T19 ED BPP T19 ED BPP Washington 177 Round Lake
T19 MD BPP T19 MD BPP Washington 246 Montegail Pond
T24 MD BPP T24 MD BPP Washington 295 Northeast Bluff
T25 MD BPP T25 MD BPP Washington 220 Montegail Pond
T26 ED BPP T26 ED BPP Washington 285 Clifford Lake
Greenlaw Chopping Township Greenlaw Chopping Township Washington 200 Big Lake
T30 MD BPP T30 MD BPP Washington 299 Peaked Mountain
Day Block Township Day Block Township Washington 417 Tug Mountain
T36 MD BPP T36 MD BPP Washington 479 Fletcher Peak
T37 MD BPP T37 MD BPP Washington 269 Monroe Lake
T42 MD BPP T42 MD BPP Washington 358 Fletcher Peak
T43 MD BPP T43 MD BPP Washington 430 Monroe Lake
Cox Patent Cox Patent Aroostook 732 Packard Lake
Forkstown Township Forkstown Township Aroostook 581 Ten Mile Lake
TC R2 WELS TC R2 WELS Aroostook 571 Harvey
TD R2 WELS TD R2 WELS Aroostook 663 Packard Lake
Town of Chebeague Island Town of Chebeague Island Cumberland 0 South Harpswell
Unorganized Territory of Argyle Unorganized Territory of Argyle Penobscot 194 Greenbush
Unorganized Territory of Blanchard Unorganized Territory of Blanchard Piscataquis 1132 Bald Mountain Pond
Unorganized Territory of Connor Unorganized Territory of Connor Aroostook 748 Doyle Ridge
Unorganized Territory of Criehaven Unorganized Territory of Criehaven Knox 0 Matinicus
Town of Frye Island Town of Frye Island Cumberland 361 Sebago Lake
Unorganized Territory of Kingman Unorganized Territory of Kingman Penobscot 367 Kingman
Unorganized Territory of Marshall Island Unorganized Territory of Marshall Island Hancock 43 Isle Au Haut East
Unorganized Territory of Milton Unorganized Territory of Milton Oxford 741 Mount Zircon
Unorganized Territory of Prentiss Unorganized Territory of Prentiss Penobscot 656 Potter Hill
Unorganized Territory of Unity Unorganized Territory of Unity Kennebec 200 Albion
Houlton Maliseet Reservation Houlton Maliseet Reservation Aroostook 338 Houlton North
Indian Township Reservation Indian Township Reservation Washington 256 Tomah Ridge
Passamaquoddy Trust Land Passamaquoddy Trust Land Franklin 1411 Skinner
Aroostook Band of Micmac Trust Land Aroostook Band of Micmac Trust Land Aroostook 663 Fort Fairfield NW
Township of Scopan Township of Scopan Aroostook 709 Scopan Lake East
Township E Township E Franklin 2067 Jackson Mountain
Township D Township D Franklin 2113 Houghton
Township 6 North of Weld Township 6 North of Weld Franklin 2733 Jackson Mountain
T22 MD BPP T22 MD BPP Hancock 351 Rocky Pond
T16 MD BPP T16 MD BPP Hancock 177 Tunk Mountain
Perkins Township Perkins Township Franklin 1407 Mount Blue
T10 SD BPP T10 SD BPP Hancock 387 Tunk Mountain
Washington Township Washington Township Franklin 1079 Mount Blue
T9 SD BPP T9 SD BPP Hancock 164 Sullivan
Fletchers Landing Township Fletchers Landing Township Hancock 177 Hancock
T7 SD BPP T7 SD BPP Hancock 272 Tunk Lake
T6 R10 WELS T6 R10 WELS Piscataquis 919 Webster Lake
T6 R11 WELS T6 R11 WELS Piscataquis 1053 Telos Lake
T6 R15 WELS T6 R15 WELS Piscataquis 1024 Caucomgomoc Lake West
T6 R12 WELS T6 R12 WELS Piscataquis 1027 Mud Pond
T6 R14 WELS T6 R14 WELS Piscataquis 1102 Caucomgomoc Lake East
T6 R13 WELS T6 R13 WELS Piscataquis 961 Longley Pond
T5 R11 WELS T5 R11 WELS Piscataquis 1266 Telos Brook
T5 R9 WELS T5 R9 WELS Piscataquis 1152 Wassataquoik Lake
T5 R15 WELS T5 R15 WELS Piscataquis 1378 Bean Pot Pond
T5 R12 WELS T5 R12 WELS Piscataquis 1152 Cuxabexis Lake
T5 R14 WELS T5 R14 WELS Piscataquis 1132 Ragmuff Stream
T4 R15 WELS T4 R15 WELS Piscataquis 1296 Seboomook
T4 R14 WELS T4 R14 WELS Piscataquis 1020 Penobscot Farm
T4 R12 WELS T4 R12 WELS Piscataquis 1076 Caribou Lake North
T4 R11 WELS T4 R11 WELS Piscataquis 1329 Harrington Lake
T4 R13 WELS T4 R13 WELS Piscataquis 1138 Pine Stream Flowage
T4 R10 WELS T4 R10 WELS Piscataquis 1637 Doubletop Mountain
T4 R9 WELS T4 R9 WELS Piscataquis 1217 Mount Katahdin
T3 R13 WELS T3 R13 WELS Piscataquis 1119 Pine Stream Flowage
T3 R11 WELS T3 R11 WELS Piscataquis 1204 Harrington Lake
T2 R9 WELS T2 R9 WELS Piscataquis 620 Abol Pond
T2 R10 WELS T2 R10 WELS Piscataquis 682 Rainbow Lake East
T2 R12 WELS T2 R12 WELS Piscataquis 958 Caribou Lake South
T2 R13 WELS T2 R13 WELS Piscataquis 1237 Big Spencer Mountain
T3 R10 WELS T3 R10 WELS Piscataquis 1286 Doubletop Mountain
T3 R12 WELS T3 R12 WELS Piscataquis 942 Caribou Lake North
T1 R12 WELS T1 R12 WELS Piscataquis 1457 Farrar Mountain
T1 R13 WELS T1 R13 WELS Piscataquis 1598 Kokadjo
T1 R9 WELS T1 R9 WELS Piscataquis 518 Pemadumcook Lake
T1 R10 WELS T1 R10 WELS Piscataquis 492 Nahmakanta Stream
T1 R11 WELS T1 R11 WELS Piscataquis 1188 Wadleigh Mountain
Rockwood Strip T2 R1 NBKP Rockwood Strip T2 R1 NBKP Somerset 1260 Brassua Lake West
Rockwood Strip T1 R1 NBKP Rockwood Strip T1 R1 NBKP Somerset 1086 Brassua Lake West
Gorham Gore Gorham Gore Franklin 1516 Skinner
Molunkus Township Molunkus Township Franklin 443 Molunkus Lake
Sandbar Tract Township Sandbar Tract Township Somerset 1060 Mount Kineo
Lowelltown Township Lowelltown Township Franklin 1407 Skinner
Beattie Township Beattie Township Franklin 1719 Boundary Pond
T4 R9 NWP T4 R9 NWP Piscataquis 436 Seboeis Lake
Skinner Township Skinner Township Franklin 1998 Kibby Mountain
Merrill Strip Township Merrill Strip Township Franklin 3205 Merrill Mountain
Ebeemee Township Ebeemee Township Piscataquis 745 Ebeemee Mountain
T7 R9 NWP T7 R9 NWP Piscataquis 1073 Barren Mountain East
Coburn Gore Coburn Gore Franklin 1463 Louise Mountain
Kibby Township Kibby Township Franklin 1739 Jim Pond
Chain of Ponds Township Chain of Ponds Township Franklin 1384 Chain of Ponds
Massachusetts Gore Massachusetts Gore Franklin 1703 Northwest Pond
Jim Pond Township Jim Pond Township Franklin 1263 Jim Pond
Alder Stream Township Alder Stream Township Franklin 1788 Chain of Ponds
Seven Ponds Township Seven Ponds Township Franklin 2119 Little Kennebago Lake
Tim Pond Township Tim Pond Township Franklin 2087 Tim Mountain
Stetsontown Township Stetsontown Township Franklin 2106 Black Mountain
Grand Falls Township Grand Falls Township Penobscot 469 Saponac
T41 MD BPP T41 MD BPP Hancock 446 Gassabias Lake
T3 ND BPP T3 ND BPP Hancock 499 Spring Lake
Lang Township Lang Township Franklin 1483 Quill Hill
Davis Township Davis Township Franklin 2146 Kennebago Lake
T40 MD BPP T40 MD BPP Hancock 364 West Lake
T39 MD BPP T39 MD BPP Hancock 338 Brandy Pond
Redington Township Redington Township Franklin 2651 Black Nubble
T35 MD BPP T35 MD BPP Hancock 558 Quillpig Mountain
T34 MD BPP T34 MD BPP Hancock 420 Alligator Lake
Mount Abram Township Mount Abram Township Franklin 3182 Mount Abraham
T32 MD BPP T32 MD BPP Hancock 253 The Horseback
Indian Island Indian Island Penobscot 131 Old Town
Salem Township Salem Township Franklin 1040 Mount Abraham
Freeman Township Freeman Township Franklin 928 Strong
T28 MD BPP T28 MD BPP Hancock 440 Alligator Lake