Devils Reach Devils Reach Kent 26 Chestertown
Penny Come Quick Area Penny Come Quick Area Harford 13 Perryman
Poverty Island Area Poverty Island Area Harford 3 Perryman
Caulks Field Caulks Field Kent 79 Rock Hall
The Irish Grove The Irish Grove Somerset 0 Saxis
Old Ground Old Ground Somerset 0 Kedges Straits
Saint Elizabeths Farm Saint Elizabeths Farm Prince George's 43 Alexandria
Seneca Breaks Seneca Breaks Montgomery 171 Seneca
Six Locks Six Locks Montgomery 197 Falls Church
Marsden Tract Marsden Tract Montgomery 125 Falls Church
Seven Locks Seven Locks Montgomery 85 Falls Church
Paw Paw Bends Paw Paw Bends Allegany 482 Paw Paw
Dellinger Wide Water Dellinger Wide Water Washington 322 Williamsport
Big Levels Big Levels Worcester 3 Whittington Point