Denney Hollow Denney Hollow Wayne 856 Powersburg
Emma Cook Hollow Emma Cook Hollow Allen 643 Holland
George Bruce Hollow George Bruce Hollow Lewis 591 Concord
Lige Grimm Hollow Lige Grimm Hollow Lewis 574 Concord
Sugar Cane Hollow Sugar Cane Hollow Carter 561 Oldtown
Abbott Hollow Abbott Hollow Carter 600 Grahn
Abbott Hollow Abbott Hollow Trimble 443 Bethlehem
Ace Hollow Ace Hollow Russell 722 Eli
Add Hollow Add Hollow Pike 1263 Jamboree
Aggie Hollow Aggie Hollow Wayne 961 Monticello
Akers Valley Akers Valley Hardin 584 Millerstown
Alum Hollow Alum Hollow Carter 600 Garrison
Alvie Short Hollow Alvie Short Hollow Lawrence 673 Adams
Anderson Hollow Anderson Hollow Monroe 554 Vernon
Anderson Hollow Anderson Hollow Pulaski 755 Faubush
Anderson Hollow Anderson Hollow Greenup 810 Brushart
Anderson Hollow Anderson Hollow Metcalfe 718 Dubre
Argabright Hollow Argabright Hollow Breckinridge 499 Lodiburg
Arkansas Hollow Arkansas Hollow Lewis 699 Head of Grassy
Arnett Hollow Arnett Hollow Magoffin 879 Seitz
Ash Hollow Ash Hollow Greenup 699 Oldtown
Ashlock Hollow Ashlock Hollow Bullitt 574 Samuels
Atwood Hollow Atwood Hollow Casey 889 Parksville
Axel Hollow Axel Hollow Pike 1299 Elkhorn City
Bachelor Hollow Bachelor Hollow Wayne 948 Monticello
Backbone Hollow Backbone Hollow Lewis 676 Vanceburg
Bailey Hollow Bailey Hollow Calloway 361 Hamlin
Bailey Hollow Bailey Hollow Breathitt 741 Jackson
Baker Hollow Baker Hollow Pike 1263 Jenkins East
Baker Hollow Baker Hollow Pike 1119 Majestic
Barefoot Hollow Barefoot Hollow Larue 807 Hammonville
Bark Hollow Bark Hollow Greenup 781 Brushart
Barker Hollow Barker Hollow Lawrence 623 Adams
Barksdale Hollow Barksdale Hollow Monroe 531 Dale Hollow Dam
Barley Hollow Barley Hollow Knox 1001 Fount
Barn Hollow Barn Hollow Pike 1099 Hurley
Barn Hollow Barn Hollow Carter 669 Webbville
Barn Hollow Barn Hollow Greenup 715 Brushart
Barn Hollow Barn Hollow Lewis 666 Friendship
Barnes Hollow Barnes Hollow Trigg 374 Mont
Barney Hollow Barney Hollow Pike 814 Belfry
Barren Hollow Barren Hollow Metcalfe 738 Edmonton
Bates Cabin Hollow Bates Cabin Hollow Lawrence 594 Louisa
Bates Hollow Bates Hollow Hancock 449 Pellville
Bayles Hollow Bayles Hollow Caldwell 394 Olney
Bays Hollow Bays Hollow Whitley 1047 Rockholds
Bear Den Hollow Bear Den Hollow Pulaski 955 Woodstock
Bear Hollow Bear Hollow Pulaski 837 Frazer
Bear Hollow Bear Hollow Pike 1240 Elkhorn City
Bear Hollow Bear Hollow Pike 948 Hurley
Bear Hollow Bear Hollow Floyd 587 Prestonsburg
Bear Hollow Bear Hollow Lewis 574 Garrison
Bearpen Hollow Bearpen Hollow Wayne 1188 Powersburg
Bearwater Hollow Bearwater Hollow Pike 794 Millard
Beck Hollow Beck Hollow Cumberland 636 Dubre
Beckey Hollow Beckey Hollow Boyle 984 Parksville
Bee Hollow Bee Hollow Greenup 673 Brushart
Bee Hollow Bee Hollow Greenup 577 Load
Beech Hollow Beech Hollow Hopkins 446 Saint Charles
Beech Hollow Beech Hollow Pike 751 Williamson
Beech Hollow Beech Hollow Lawrence 646 Adams
Beech Valley Beech Valley Wayne 965 Monticello
Beechy Hollow Beechy Hollow Lewis 817 Burtonville
Beechy Hollow Beechy Hollow Carter 722 Garrison
Beetree Hollow Beetree Hollow Pike 1404 Jenkins West
Bell Hollow Bell Hollow Lyon 351 Eddyville
Bellers Hollow Bellers Hollow Crittenden 440 Shady Grove
Bend Hollow Bend Hollow Cumberland 666 Frogue
Bentley Hollow Bentley Hollow Letcher 1306 Jenkins West
Berkett Hollow Berkett Hollow Pulaski 906 Faubush
Berry Hollow Berry Hollow Whitley 958 Rockholds
Bertram Hollow Bertram Hollow Wayne 928 Powersburg
Betsy Hollow Betsy Hollow Pulaski 827 Science Hill
Big Eb Hollow Big Eb Hollow Bell 1014 Artemus
Big Hollow Big Hollow Knox 981 Fount
Big Hollow Big Hollow Letcher 1197 Roxana
Big Hollow Big Hollow Breathitt 988 Noble
Big Hollow Big Hollow Greenup 676 Brushart
Big Hollow Big Hollow Edmonson 440 Mammoth Cave
Big Hollow Big Hollow Casey 925 Parksville
Big Hollow Big Hollow Martin 807 Thomas
Big Hollow Big Hollow Martin 666 Naugatuck
Big Hollow Big Hollow Greenup 597 Load
Big Hollow Big Hollow Greenup 738 Friendship
Big John Hackworth Hollow Big John Hackworth Hollow Lewis 620 Charters
Big John Hollow Big John Hollow Letcher 1440 Wheelwright
Big Kellen Hollow Big Kellen Hollow Greenup 561 Friendship
Big Lick Hollow Big Lick Hollow Nelson 512 Howardstown
Big Spring Hollow Big Spring Hollow Edmonson 699 Mammoth Cave
Big Stave Hollow Big Stave Hollow Lewis 594 Garrison
Bigden Hollow Bigden Hollow Lewis 896 Burtonville
Bill Long Hollow Bill Long Hollow Wayne 722 Cumberland City
Birch Hollow Birch Hollow Greenup 718 Brushart
Black Hollow Black Hollow Cumberland 564 Burkesville
Black Hollow Black Hollow Carter 663 Willard
Black Hollow Black Hollow Russell 741 Eli
Black John Hollow Black John Hollow Lewis 594 Brushart
Blackburn Hollow Blackburn Hollow Pike 935 Belfry
Blair Hollow Blair Hollow Carter 679 Tygarts Valley
Bland Hollow Bland Hollow Pulaski 830 Faubush
Blane Hollow Blane Hollow Lewis 548 Friendship
Blankenship Hollow Blankenship Hollow Lewis 636 Head of Grassy
Blue Hole Hollow Blue Hole Hollow Christian 413 Dawson Springs
Blue Hollow Blue Hollow Bell 1398 Eagan
Blue Hollow Blue Hollow Lewis 522 Concord
Blueford Hollow Blueford Hollow Perry 906 Noble
Board Tree Hollow Board Tree Hollow Lawrence 663 Adams
Board Tree Hollow Board Tree Hollow Bell 1122 Balkan
Board Tree Hollow Board Tree Hollow Lewis 676 Garrison
Boardinghouse Hollow Boardinghouse Hollow Trigg 364 Fenton
Bobs Hollow Bobs Hollow Bell 1010 Middlesboro North
Bogdens Hollow Bogdens Hollow Lewis 925 Burtonville
Boggess Hollow Boggess Hollow Muhlenberg 427 Drakesboro
Boiling Springs Hollow Boiling Springs Hollow Hart 469 Canmer
Boles Hollow Boles Hollow Lewis 856 Charters
Bone Hole Hollow Bone Hole Hollow Carter 718 Wesleyville
Bone Hollow Bone Hollow Martin 718 Kermit
Boneyard Hollow Boneyard Hollow Grayson 436 Falls of Rough
Booger Hollow Booger Hollow Knox 1001 Heidrick
Booker Hollow Booker Hollow Pike 948 Dorton
Boone Hollow Boone Hollow Meade 436 Rock Haven
Boone Hollow Boone Hollow Meade 381 Alton
Boones Hollow Boones Hollow Wayne 732 Jabez
Booth Hollow Booth Hollow Carter 673 Webbville
Bourbon Hollow Bourbon Hollow Carter 581 Grayson
Bows Hollow Bows Hollow Carter 863 Oldtown
Brackman Hollow Brackman Hollow Lewis 545 Concord
Bradford Hollow Bradford Hollow Wayne 722 Jabez
Bradley Hollow Bradley Hollow Greenup 794 Brushart
Bragg Hollow Bragg Hollow Metcalfe 741 Edmonton
Bratten Hollow Bratten Hollow Pike 876 Dorton
Brewer Hollow Brewer Hollow Hardin 449 Colesburg
Brickhouse Hollow Brickhouse Hollow Greenup 564 Greenup
Brighton Hollow Brighton Hollow Lewis 715 Head of Grassy
Broad Hollow Broad Hollow Johnson 709 Sitka
Broad Hollow Broad Hollow Greenup 607 Load
Broadtree Hollow Broadtree Hollow Breathitt 797 Haddix
Broadway Hollow Broadway Hollow Trimble 453 Madison West
Brown Hollow Brown Hollow Knox 955 Barbourville
Brown Hollow Brown Hollow Adair 689 Creelsboro
Brown Hollow Brown Hollow Crittenden 374 Salem
Brown Hollow Brown Hollow Lewis 679 Garrison
Brown Hollow Brown Hollow Greenup 850 Brushart
Bruce Chapel Hollow Bruce Chapel Hollow Casey 784 Phil
Bruce Hollow Bruce Hollow Edmonson 591 Mammoth Cave
Bruce Hollow Bruce Hollow Carter 778 Wesleyville
Bruce Hollow Bruce Hollow Carter 705 Garrison
Brushart Hollow Brushart Hollow Greenup 801 Brushart
Bruton Hollow Bruton Hollow Cumberland 561 Burkesville
Bryant Hollow Bryant Hollow Russell 722 Eli
Buck Branch Hollow Buck Branch Hollow Butler 440 Welchs Creek
Buckeye Hollow Buckeye Hollow Bell 1549 Fork Ridge
Buckeye Hollow Buckeye Hollow Breathitt 1125 Noble
Buckeye Hollow Buckeye Hollow Lincoln 1047 Woodstock
Buckhorn Hollow Buckhorn Hollow Floyd 1115 McDowell
Bucklick Hollow Bucklick Hollow Perry 879 Noble
Bucklick Hollow Bucklick Hollow Breathitt 915 Noble
Buckner Hollow Buckner Hollow Hart 472 Canmer
Buckner Hollow Buckner Hollow Lewis 738 Head of Grassy
Buffalo Hollow Buffalo Hollow Lincoln 994 Eubank
Bulldog Hollow Bulldog Hollow Harlan 1194 Wallins Creek
Burdlick Hollow Burdlick Hollow Casey 997 Yosemite
Burgess Hollow Burgess Hollow Wayne 879 Monticello
Buris Hollow Buris Hollow Lewis 522 Garrison
Burns Hollow Burns Hollow Hardin 469 Nelsonville
Burns Hollow Burns Hollow Carter 676 Grahn
Burnt House Hollow Burnt House Hollow Lewis 676 Brushart
Burnt Tree Hollow Burnt Tree Hollow Pike 1070 Millard
Burg Creek Burg Creek Taylor 761 Mannsville
Burton Hollow Burton Hollow Lawrence 640 Fallsburg
Busby Hollow Busby Hollow Adair 718 Dunnville
Bush Hollow Bush Hollow Clark 594 Ford
Butcher Hollow Butcher Hollow Johnson 709 Offutt
Butler Hollow Butler Hollow Cumberland 594 Dubre
Buzzard Hollow Buzzard Hollow Caldwell 410 Shady Grove
Buzzard Rock Hollow Buzzard Rock Hollow Caldwell 387 Olney
Buzzard Roost Hollow Buzzard Roost Hollow Pike 669 Delbarton
Bybee Hollow Bybee Hollow Cumberland 659 Frogue
Cabin Hollow Cabin Hollow Bell 1542 Fork Ridge
Cabin Hollow Cabin Hollow Pulaski 830 Somerset
Calf Hollow Calf Hollow Knott 1138 Carrie
California Hollow California Hollow Knox 984 Heidrick
California Hollow California Hollow Greenup 564 Greenup
Camp Spring Hollow Camp Spring Hollow Mason 502 Orangeburg
Cane Hollow Cane Hollow Letcher 1220 Mayking
Caney Hollow Caney Hollow Edmonson 417 Reedyville
Cannel Coal Hollow Cannel Coal Hollow Bell 1358 Kayjay
Cap Hollow Cap Hollow Hardin 482 Nelsonville
Capshaw Hollow Capshaw Hollow Monroe 607 Celina
Carpenter Hollow Carpenter Hollow Whitley 1152 Frakes
Carpenter Hollow Carpenter Hollow Edmonson 436 Rhoda
Carr Hollow Carr Hollow Lewis 561 Charters
Carter Hollow Carter Hollow Carter 600 Grayson
Carter Hollow Carter Hollow Grayson 591 Big Clifty
Cassidy Hollow Cassidy Hollow Lewis 722 Head of Grassy
Cat Hollow Cat Hollow Perry 801 Noble
Catron Hollow Catron Hollow Wayne 925 Powersburg
Cave Hollow Cave Hollow Taylor 712 Campbellsville
Cave Spring Hollow Cave Spring Hollow Crittenden 413 Blackford
Cedar Branch Hollow Cedar Branch Hollow Meade 394 Leavenworth
Cedar Hollow Cedar Hollow Harlan 1512 Ewing
Cemetery Hollow Cemetery Hollow Bell 1171 Middlesboro South
Chain Hollow Chain Hollow Lewis 558 Friendship
Chapman Hollow Chapman Hollow Pike 971 Belfry
Cheatam Hollow Cheatam Hollow Trigg 430 Johnson Hollow
Cherry Grove Hollow Cherry Grove Hollow Pulaski 860 Somerset
Cherry Tree Hollow Cherry Tree Hollow Carter 679 Garrison
Chestnut Hollow Chestnut Hollow Pike 774 Elkhorn City
Chicken Hollow Chicken Hollow Edmonson 561 Smiths Grove
Chicken Hollow Chicken Hollow Edmonson 745 Rhoda
Childers Hollow Childers Hollow Pike 1227 Hellier
Chimney Hollow Chimney Hollow Lewis 650 Brushart
Churchouse Hollow Churchouse Hollow Pike 709 Delbarton
Clark Hollow Clark Hollow Cumberland 627 Dubre
Clark Hollow Clark Hollow Owen 738 New Columbus
Clarkson Hollow Clarkson Hollow Boyle 840 Parksville
Clay Hollow Clay Hollow Lewis 745 Brushart
Clifty Hollow Clifty Hollow Crittenden 351 Salem
Clifty Hollow Clifty Hollow Grayson 577 Big Clifty
Coaker Hollow Coaker Hollow Pulaski 751 Delmer
Coal Bank Hollow Coal Bank Hollow Butler 459 Welchs Creek
Coal Hollow Coal Hollow Elliott 728 Isonville
Coal Hollow Coal Hollow Lewis 564 Buena Vista
Coalpit Hollow Coalpit Hollow Bullitt 525 Valley Station
Cob Hollow Cob Hollow Knott 988 Vest
Coe Hollow Coe Hollow Monroe 518 Vernon
Cold Hollow Cold Hollow Grayson 554 Big Clifty
Coldwater Hollow Coldwater Hollow Warren 499 Drake
Colonel Hollow Colonel Hollow Whitley 994 Rockholds
Commissary Hollow Commissary Hollow Pulaski 823 Science Hill
Company Hollow Company Hollow Pike 1073 Hurley
Conway Hollow Conway Hollow Lawrence 715 Willard
Cook Hollow Cook Hollow Pulaski 791 Faubush
Cook Hollow Cook Hollow Letcher 1381 Jenkins West
Cool Spring Hollow Cool Spring Hollow Crittenden 354 Blackford
Coomer Hollow Coomer Hollow Pulaski 866 Frazer
Coon Hollow Coon Hollow Breathitt 1073 Noble
Coon Hollow Coon Hollow Nelson 509 Loretto
Coon Hollow Coon Hollow Magoffin 1001 Ivyton
Cooper Hollow Cooper Hollow Wayne 722 Parnell
Coopers Hollow Coopers Hollow Marion 594 Lebanon West
Copelin Valley Copelin Valley Hart 561 Millerstown
Copper Hollow Copper Hollow Pulaski 853 Science Hill
Copper Slick Hollow Copper Slick Hollow Breckinridge 518 McDaniels
Corn Fork Hollow Corn Fork Hollow Floyd 771 Lancer
Cotton Gin Hollow Cotton Gin Hollow Edmonson 449 Rhoda
Cotton Hollow Cotton Hollow Breathitt 1007 Noble
Cove Hollow Cove Hollow Edmonson 472 Nolin Lake
Cove Hollow Cove Hollow Hart 702 Munfordville
Cover Adams Hollow Cover Adams Hollow Lawrence 725 Adams
Cow Ford Hollow Cow Ford Hollow Edmonson 453 Mammoth Cave
Cow Hollow Cow Hollow Lewis 656 Garrison
Cow Hollow Cow Hollow Robertson 689 Piqua
Cowhorn Hollow Cowhorn Hollow Butler 410 Flener
Cox Hollow Cox Hollow Whitley 994 Frakes
Cox Hollow Cox Hollow Pike 722 Millard
Crawford Hollow Crawford Hollow Boyle 942 Parksville
Crestley Hollow Crestley Hollow Lawrence 627 Milo
Criswell Hollow Criswell Hollow Grayson 515 Leitchfield
Croquet Hollow Croquet Hollow Grayson 440 Falls of Rough
Crow Hollow Crow Hollow Ohio 446 Rosine
Crow Hollow Crow Hollow Grayson 568 Big Clifty
Crowe Hollow Crowe Hollow Boyle 932 Parksville
Crutchmer Hollow Crutchmer Hollow Bullitt 433 Lebanon Junction
Cubby Cove Cubby Cove Edmonson 459 Nolin Lake
Cull Hollow Cull Hollow Bullitt 518 Shepherdsville
Culler Hollow Culler Hollow Pike 722 Delbarton
Culpepper Hollow Culpepper Hollow Calloway 404 New Concord
Cummings Hollow Cummings Hollow Carter 636 Oldtown
Curry Hollow Curry Hollow Lyon 371 Mont
Curt Hollow Curt Hollow Metcalfe 696 Edmonton
Cutshin Hollow Cutshin Hollow Harlan 1699 Evarts
Cyrus Hollow Cyrus Hollow Boyd 568 Burnaugh
Dan Gillam Hollow Dan Gillam Hollow Lewis 751 Head of Grassy
Dan Morgan Hollow Dan Morgan Hollow Lewis 712 Head of Grassy
Darbey Hollow Darbey Hollow Greenup 568 Oldtown
Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Ohio 427 Dundee
Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Carter 663 Webbville
Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Carter 581 Grayson
Dave Hollow Dave Hollow Pike 1227 Hellier
Davis Hollow Davis Hollow Cumberland 614 Dubre
Davis Hollow Davis Hollow Wayne 722 Mill Springs
Davis Hollow Davis Hollow Pulaski 722 Eli
Daws Hollow Daws Hollow Pulaski 801 Science Hill
Dawson Hollow Dawson Hollow Hart 686 Munfordville
Dead Horse Hollow Dead Horse Hollow Bell 1138 Middlesboro South
Dead Horse Hollow Dead Horse Hollow Lawrence 689 Blaine
Dead Man Hollow Dead Man Hollow Whitley 1099 Rockholds
Dead Man Hollow Dead Man Hollow Todd 535 Allegre
Dead Man Hollow Dead Man Hollow Lawrence 718 Webbville
Deadmans Hollow Deadmans Hollow Breathitt 1037 Noble
Decker Hollow Decker Hollow Hardin 528 Big Clifty
Deep Hollow Deep Hollow Pulaski 722 Burnside
Deer Lick Hollow Deer Lick Hollow Butler 400 Morgantown
Deer Park Hollow Deer Park Hollow Edmonson 436 Mammoth Cave
Demps Hollow Demps Hollow Knox 981 Heidrick
Derfield Hollow Derfield Hollow Lawrence 604 Fallsburg
Devil Hollow Devil Hollow Lewis 696 Head of Grassy
Diamond Hollow Diamond Hollow Lawrence 640 Adams
Dickens Hollow Dickens Hollow Cumberland 650 Frogue
Dickenson Hollow Dickenson Hollow Pulaski 732 Eli
Dillon Hollow Dillon Hollow Jefferson 502 Valley Station
Dodson Hollow Dodson Hollow Monroe 538 Blacks Ferry
Dog Hollow Dog Hollow Knott 965 Vest
Dog Hollow Dog Hollow Greenup 755 Brushart
Draughn Hollow Draughn Hollow Wayne 902 Monticello
Dry Hollow Dry Hollow Adair 807 Montpelier
Dry Hollow Dry Hollow Greenup 682 Brushart
Dry Hollow Dry Hollow Lewis 574 Garrison
Dry Valley Dry Valley Breckinridge 400 Lodiburg
Ducky Hollow Ducky Hollow Pulaski 833 Faubush
Dudley Hollow Dudley Hollow Fleming 787 Burtonville
Dug Road Hollow Dug Road Hollow Cumberland 591 Waterview
Dugan Hollow Dugan Hollow Fleming 735 Burtonville
Dumford Hollow Dumford Hollow Clark 610 Palmer
Dumpling Hollow Dumpling Hollow Pulaski 840 Science Hill
Dunbar Hollow Dunbar Hollow Oldham 427 La Grange
Duncan Valley Duncan Valley Breckinridge 591 Custer
Duncan Valley Duncan Valley Wayne 922 Monticello
Dunlap Hollow Dunlap Hollow Bell 1158 Middlesboro South
Dunleary Hollow Dunleary Hollow Pike 781 Elkhorn City
Dunn Hollow Dunn Hollow Bullitt 512 Samuels
Dunns Camp Hollow Dunns Camp Hollow Bell 1296 Kayjay
Durham Hollow Durham Hollow Boyle 892 Parksville
Durrigan Hollow Durrigan Hollow Christian 390 Dawson Springs
Duvall Valley Duvall Valley Clinton 879 Savage
Dyer Hollow Dyer Hollow Knox 961 Heidrick
Dykes Hollow Dykes Hollow Russell 735 Creelsboro
Eads Hollow Eads Hollow Boyd 627 Ashland
Eads Hollow Eads Hollow Wayne 722 Parnell
Eaf Hollow Eaf Hollow Breathitt 1115 Guage
Eaton Hollow Eaton Hollow Lewis 692 Head of Grassy
Edington Hollow Edington Hollow Lewis 974 Head of Grassy
Edward Hollow Edward Hollow Boyle 846 Parksville
Egnar Hollow Egnar Hollow Whitley 984 Rockholds
Egypt Hollow Egypt Hollow Calloway 397 New Concord
Elk Spring Valley Elk Spring Valley Wayne 925 Monticello
Elswick Hollow Elswick Hollow Pike 856 Elkhorn City
England Hollow England Hollow Metcalfe 820 Edmonton
Engle Hollow Engle Hollow Knox 958 Barbourville
Epperson Hollow Epperson Hollow Logan 535 South Union
Erwin Hollow Erwin Hollow Carter 745 Olive Hill
Eskalapia Hollow Eskalapia Hollow Lewis 725 Tollesboro
Fairmont Hollow Fairmont Hollow Lewis 535 Concord
Fannin Hollow Fannin Hollow Lawrence 666 Fallsburg
Feather Bed Hollow Feather Bed Hollow Spencer 489 Waterford
Feds Hollow Feds Hollow Pike 837 Lick Creek
Ferguson Hollow Ferguson Hollow Taylor 663 Cane Valley
Fergusson Hollow Fergusson Hollow Monroe 751 Sulphur Lick
Fern Hollow Fern Hollow Lawrence 640 Adams
Finger Board Hollow Finger Board Hollow Lewis 791 Vanceburg
First Hollow First Hollow Lewis 610 Garrison
First Night Hollow First Night Hollow Cumberland 600 Burkesville
Fish Trap Hollow Fish Trap Hollow Pulaski 810 Eli
Fisher Hollow Fisher Hollow Harlan 1391 Evarts
Fishtrap Hollow Fishtrap Hollow Edmonson 443 Rhoda
Fite Hollow Fite Hollow Lewis 715 Tollesboro
Flat Hollow Flat Hollow Breathitt 692 Jackson
Flat Hollow Flat Hollow Greenup 577 Portsmouth
Fletcher Hollow Fletcher Hollow Boyle 876 Parksville
Floating Mill Hollow Floating Mill Hollow Edmonson 732 Mammoth Cave
Flood Catcher Hollow Flood Catcher Hollow Metcalfe 837 Sulphur Lick
Flower Garden Hollow Flower Garden Hollow Pike 1004 Williamson
Floyd Hollow Floyd Hollow Greenup 659 Oldtown
Foley Hollow Foley Hollow Knox 1132 Heidrick
Foley Hollow Foley Hollow Montgomery 801 Preston
Fool Hollow Fool Hollow Henry 492 Franklinton
Ford Hollow Ford Hollow Pulaski 722 Frazer
Foster Hollow Foster Hollow Wayne 958 Monticello
Foster Hollow Foster Hollow Wayne 994 Monticello
Fox Hollow Fox Hollow Pike 906 Jamboree
Fox Hollow Fox Hollow Lewis 659 Wesleyville
Fralick Hollow Fralick Hollow Crittenden 390 Shady Grove
Frank Hollow Frank Hollow Greenup 738 Brushart
Frazier Hollow Frazier Hollow Lawrence 591 Louisa
Fred Hollow Fred Hollow Carter 715 Webbville
French Hollow French Hollow Lawrence 650 Fallsburg
Frog Hollow Frog Hollow Caldwell 430 Shady Grove
Frog Hollow Frog Hollow Washington 676 Springfield
Frog Pond Hollow Frog Pond Hollow Pike 663 Williamson
Frogpond Hollow Frogpond Hollow Martin 646 Kermit
Froman Hollow Froman Hollow Hardin 404 Pitts Point
Froman Hollow Froman Hollow Meade 417 Rock Haven
Frost Hollow Frost Hollow Wayne 938 Powersburg
Fudge Hollow Fudge Hollow Lawrence 623 Adams
Fuller Hollow Fuller Hollow Carter 646 Oldtown
Gable Hollow Gable Hollow Russell 722 Eli
Gaiths Hollow Gaiths Hollow Pulaski 722 Frazer
Gambrel Hollow Gambrel Hollow Knox 1086 Pineville
Gap Hollow Gap Hollow Cumberland 577 Burkesville
Gap Hollow Gap Hollow Harlan 1512 Ewing
Garden Hollow Garden Hollow Knox 971 Fount
Garrett Hollow Garrett Hollow Warren 489 Bowling Green North
Gas Well Hollow Gas Well Hollow Breathitt 781 Quicksand
Gate Hollow Gate Hollow Lewis 614 Friendship
Ghost Hollow Ghost Hollow Lewis 548 Charters
Gibson Hollow Gibson Hollow Wayne 997 Monticello
Gibson Hollow Gibson Hollow Metcalfe 764 Edmonton
Gibson Hollow Gibson Hollow Pike 961 Majestic
Gillem Hollow Gillem Hollow Greenup 715 Friendship
Gin Hollow Gin Hollow Breathitt 1099 Noble
Ginn Hollow Ginn Hollow Lewis 607 Charters
Gooch Hollow Gooch Hollow Lincoln 1066 Woodstock
Goose Hollow Goose Hollow Trigg 361 Lamasco
Goose Hollow Goose Hollow Pike 1010 Hellier
Gopher Den Hollow Gopher Den Hollow Crittenden 348 Blackford
Gordon Hollow Gordon Hollow Trigg 456 Fenton
Gosche Hollow Gosche Hollow Caldwell 387 Shady Grove
Gozey Hollow Gozey Hollow Knox 1109 Heidrick
Graham Hollow Graham Hollow Lawrence 623 Blaine
Grannie Hollow Grannie Hollow Wayne 1056 Monticello
Grannyham Hollow Grannyham Hollow Lawrence 679 Fallsburg
Grapevine Hollow Grapevine Hollow Lincoln 1030 Woodstock
Grapevine Hollow Grapevine Hollow Lawrence 696 Adams
Grassham Hollow Grassham Hollow Livingston 351 Burna
Grassy Hollow Grassy Hollow Breathitt 909 Noble
Graveyard Hollow Graveyard Hollow Carter 741 Webbville
Graveyard Hollow Graveyard Hollow Carter 666 Garrison
Graveyard Hollow Graveyard Hollow Pulaski 722 Eli
Gray Hollow Gray Hollow Carter 682 Bruin
Greasy Hollow Greasy Hollow Pulaski 722 Faubush
Green Rock Hollow Green Rock Hollow Grayson 591 Big Clifty
Greenbrier Hollow Greenbrier Hollow Lewis 545 Garrison
Gregory Hollow Gregory Hollow Carter 738 Grahn
Griffin Hollow Griffin Hollow Lewis 741 Vanceburg
Griffit Hollow Griffit Hollow Morgan 781 White Oak
Grigger Hollow Grigger Hollow Pike 955 Belfry
Grizzle Hollow Grizzle Hollow Greenup 646 Tygarts Valley
Grizzle Hollow Grizzle Hollow Greenup 738 Brushart
Groundhog Hollow Groundhog Hollow Pike 942 Williamson
Groundhog Hollow Groundhog Hollow Martin 676 Kermit
Grove Hollow Grove Hollow Casey 928 Yosemite
Grubb Hollow Grubb Hollow Lawrence 636 Blaine
Guerilla Hollow Guerilla Hollow Bullitt 518 Shepherdsville
Guffey Hollow Guffey Hollow Cumberland 545 Blacks Ferry
Gulf Hollow Gulf Hollow Edmonson 466 Brownsville
Gum Hollow Gum Hollow Carter 620 Garrison
Gumlick Hollow Gumlick Hollow Christian 495 Crofton
Gun Rack Hollow Gun Rack Hollow Martin 840 Naugatuck
Gundy Hollow Gundy Hollow Adair 718 Dunnville
Gunnel Hollow Gunnel Hollow Greenup 801 Brushart
Guy Cove Guy Cove Breathitt 1043 Noble
Hackworth Hollow Hackworth Hollow Lewis 633 Charters
Hackworth Hollow Hackworth Hollow Lewis 663 Brushart
Hale Hollow Hale Hollow Casey 883 Bradfordsville NE
Hale Hollow Hale Hollow Greenup 728 Brushart
Hall Hollow Hall Hollow Wayne 1122 Powersburg
Hall Hollow Hall Hollow Hardin 453 Nelsonville
Hamby Hollow Hamby Hollow Pulaski 751 Delmer
Hamilton Hollow Hamilton Hollow Casey 984 Yosemite
Hamilton Valley Hamilton Valley Garrard 932 Brodhead
Hammerhill Hollow Hammerhill Hollow Lewis 817 Brushart
Haney Hollow Haney Hollow Greenup 679 Oldtown
Hanner Hollow Hanner Hollow Greenup 643 Oldtown
Happy Hollow Happy Hollow Bell 1158 Middlesboro North
Happy Hollow Happy Hollow Bell 1378 Frakes
Happy Hollow Happy Hollow Pike 761 Lick Creek
Happy Hollow Happy Hollow Marion 509 Loretto
Happy Hollow Happy Hollow Hardin 466 Colesburg
Happy Hollow Happy Hollow Lewis 659 Tollesboro
Happy Hollow Happy Hollow Todd 522 Allegre
Happy Hollow Happy Hollow Hopkins 387 Olney
Happy Hollow Happy Hollow Hancock 420 Tell City
Harmon Hollow Harmon Hollow Wayne 820 Powersburg
Harmon Hollow Harmon Hollow Cumberland 607 Dubre
Harris Hollow Harris Hollow Lewis 902 Charters
Harrison Hollow Harrison Hollow Pulaski 774 Science Hill
Haunted Hollow Haunted Hollow Butler 410 Flener
Head Hollow Head Hollow Bullitt 620 Samuels
Headley Hollow Headley Hollow Bullitt 479 Valley Station
Heartfield Hollow Heartfield Hollow Bullitt 728 Valley Station
Heinish Hollow Heinish Hollow Lewis 830 Head of Grassy
Hensley Hollow Hensley Hollow Lawrence 673 Willard
Hershey Hollow Hershey Hollow Lewis 817 Head of Grassy
Hetrick Hollow Hetrick Hollow Lewis 837 Head of Grassy
Hickory Hollow Hickory Hollow Greenup 673 Brushart
Hickory Hollow Hickory Hollow Lewis 610 Friendship
Hickory Log Hollow Hickory Log Hollow Carter 728 Webbville
Hill Hollow Hill Hollow Whitley 1017 Rockholds
Hill Hollow Hill Hollow Whitley 1043 Rockholds
Hill Hollow Hill Hollow Carter 610 Grayson
Hobart Carter Hollow Hobart Carter Hollow Lawrence 623 Fallsburg
Hog Hollow Hog Hollow Wayne 856 Powersburg
Hog Hollow Hog Hollow Knox 1017 Heidrick
Hog Hollow Hog Hollow Meade 397 Rock Haven
Hog Wallow Hollow Hog Wallow Hollow Knox 997 Fount
Hogbed Hollow Hogbed Hollow Caldwell 446 Shady Grove
Hogpen Hollow Hogpen Hollow Knox 1001 Artemus
Hogshead Hollow Hogshead Hollow Carter 627 Rush
Hogston Hollow Hogston Hollow Pike 787 Elkhorn City
Holbrook Hollow Holbrook Hollow Lewis 971 Head of Grassy
Holbrook Hollow Holbrook Hollow Lewis 591 Friendship
Holiness Hollow Holiness Hollow Perry 883 Hazard North
Hollybush Hollow Hollybush Hollow Breathitt 817 Jackson
Holston Hollow Holston Hollow Butler 581 Flener
Holton Hollow Holton Hollow Edmonson 459 Mammoth Cave
Honey Gap Hollow Honey Gap Hollow Knott 1017 Carrie
Hooper Hollow Hooper Hollow Calloway 351 Rushing Bay
Horn Hollow Horn Hollow Carter 797 Tygarts Valley
Hornin Hollow Hornin Hollow Caldwell 397 Shady Grove
Horse Hollow Horse Hollow Knox 978 Heidrick
Horse Hollow Horse Hollow Greenup 715 Brushart
Houchin Hollow Houchin Hollow Edmonson 433 Mammoth Cave
House Hollow House Hollow Carter 640 Garrison
Howard Hollow Howard Hollow Harlan 1325 Rose Hill
Howard Hollow Howard Hollow Larue 509 Howardstown
Howe Hollow Howe Hollow Greenup 597 Load
Howe Hollow Howe Hollow Casey 938 Yosemite
Hubbard Hollow Hubbard Hollow Carter 787 Olive Hill
Hubbs Hollow Hubbs Hollow Knox 1043 Rockholds
Huff Hollow Huff Hollow Casey 853 Liberty
Hugh Sparks Hollow Hugh Sparks Hollow Lawrence 679 Adams
Humphrey Hollow Humphrey Hollow Cumberland 659 Dubre
Hungry Hollow Hungry Hollow Greenup 610 Load
Hunter Cabin Hollow Hunter Cabin Hollow Taylor 696 Campbellsville
Hurricane Hollow Hurricane Hollow Caldwell 374 Olney
Hurricane Hollow Hurricane Hollow Crittenden 420 Salem
Hurricane Hollow Hurricane Hollow Pike 896 Majestic
Hurricane Hollow Hurricane Hollow Carter 584 Grayson
Hurricane Hollow Hurricane Hollow Greenup 709 Brushart
Hurricane Hollow Hurricane Hollow Breckinridge 561 Garfield
Hurt Hollow Hurt Hollow Metcalfe 718 Sulphur Lick
Hylton Hollow Hylton Hollow Pike 1286 Jenkins East
Imperial Hollow Imperial Hollow Whitley 1004 Rockholds
Indian Grave Hollow Indian Grave Hollow Pike 692 Williamson
Indian Henry Hollow Indian Henry Hollow Taylor 679 Campbellsville
Indian Hollow Indian Hollow Pulaski 810 Science Hill
Irvine Hollow Irvine Hollow Pulaski 781 Science Hill
Ivory Hollow Ivory Hollow Breckinridge 535 Custer
Jack Harrison Hollow Jack Harrison Hollow Lewis 591 Charters
Jack Hollow Jack Hollow Russell 722 Jabez
Jack Hollow Jack Hollow Lawrence 696 Fallsburg
Jackson Hollow Jackson Hollow Cumberland 781 Frogue
Jackson Hollow Jackson Hollow Bullitt 476 Shepherdsville
Jake Hollow Jake Hollow Caldwell 397 Olney
Jamerson Hollow Jamerson Hollow Monroe 581 Vernon
Jass Hollow Jass Hollow Lewis 745 Head of Grassy
Jennings Hollow Jennings Hollow Wayne 817 Powersburg
Jim Buck Hollow Jim Buck Hollow Butler 440 Welchs Creek
Jim Carter Hollow Jim Carter Hollow Lawrence 633 Fallsburg
Jockey Hollow Jockey Hollow Floyd 630 Prestonsburg
Joe Hollow Joe Hollow Magoffin 938 Tiptop
John Bow Hollow John Bow Hollow Cumberland 587 Burkesville
John Carter Hollow John Carter Hollow Knox 1014 Artemus
John Howard Hollow John Howard Hollow Lewis 666 Garrison
John Tee Hollow John Tee Hollow Lawrence 705 Adams
John Will Hollow John Will Hollow Greenup 581 Friendship
Johns Hollow Johns Hollow Pike 791 Williamson
Johns Hollow Johns Hollow Lawrence 548 Adams
Johnson Hollow Johnson Hollow Trigg 446 Johnson Hollow
Johnson Hollow Johnson Hollow Whitley 991 Rockholds
Johnson Hollow Johnson Hollow Knox 1115 Heidrick
Johnson Hollow Johnson Hollow Butler 449 Welchs Creek
Johnson Hollow Johnson Hollow Lewis 571 Friendship
Johnson Hollow Johnson Hollow Monroe 600 Vernon
Jones Hollow Jones Hollow Whitley 997 Rockholds
Jones Hollow Jones Hollow Todd 545 Honey Grove
Jones Hollow Jones Hollow Lewis 581 Friendship
Jonny Hollow Jonny Hollow Whitley 1027 Rockholds
Josh Hollow Josh Hollow Pike 833 Matewan
Joyce Hollow Joyce Hollow Bullitt 476 Valley Station
Julia Bow Hollow Julia Bow Hollow Cumberland 597 Burkesville
Kagley Hollow Kagley Hollow Greenup 577 Greenup
Kaiser Hollow Kaiser Hollow Lawrence 696 Adams
Keeton Hollow Keeton Hollow Wayne 925 Monticello
Keith Hollow Keith Hollow Wayne 797 Frazer
Keith Hollow Keith Hollow Nelson 577 Howardstown
Kelse Hollow Kelse Hollow Floyd 633 Prestonsburg
Kennedy Hollow Kennedy Hollow Greenup 541 Ironton
Kennett Hollow Kennett Hollow Wayne 722 Jabez
Keyser Hollow Keyser Hollow Pike 686 Pikeville
Keyser Hollow Keyser Hollow Pike 643 Broad Bottom
Killfillian Hollow Killfillian Hollow Lewis 604 Charters
Kings Hollow Kings Hollow Bullitt 522 Valley Station
Kinney Camp Hollow Kinney Camp Hollow Carter 653 Grahn
Kinney Hollow Kinney Hollow Lewis 663 Charters
Kiper Hollow Kiper Hollow Grayson 463 Spring Lick
Kiser Hollow Kiser Hollow Carter 827 Olive Hill
Kissinger Hollow Kissinger Hollow Edmonson 554 Cub Run
Knott Hollow Knott Hollow Lewis 696 Garrison
Knottly Hollow Knottly Hollow Floyd 627 Lancer
Kotcamp Hollow Kotcamp Hollow Greenup 817 Brushart
Lambert Hollow Lambert Hollow Lewis 696 Wesleyville
Laney Hollow Laney Hollow Greenup 761 Brushart
Langdon Hollow Langdon Hollow Pulaski 820 Somerset
Lawhorn Hollow Lawhorn Hollow Greenup 574 Ashland
Lawson Hollow Lawson Hollow Clinton 797 Frogue
Leamon Hollow Leamon Hollow Monroe 715 Dubre
Lee Hollow Lee Hollow Lewis 899 Charters
Leitch Hollow Leitch Hollow Lewis 558 Friendship
Lettingham Hollow Lettingham Hollow Greenup 718 Brushart
Lewis Hollow Lewis Hollow Carter 636 Grahn
Linzy Hollow Linzy Hollow Letcher 1138 Roxana
Little Kellen Hollow Little Kellen Hollow Greenup 679 Friendship
Little Stave Hollow Little Stave Hollow Lewis 636 Garrison
Lloyd Hollow Lloyd Hollow Wayne 722 Parnell
Lock Hollow Lock Hollow Woodford 502 Tyrone
Lock Hollow Lock Hollow Greenup 594 Argillite
Log Cabin Hollow Log Cabin Hollow Bullitt 568 Shepherdsville
Logan Hollow Logan Hollow Whitley 1014 Rockholds
Logan Hollow Logan Hollow Knox 1014 Barbourville
Loggy Hollow Loggy Hollow Letcher 1211 Mayking
Logtown Hollow Logtown Hollow Greenup 620 Argillite
Long Hollow Long Hollow Allen 627 Fountain Run
Long Hollow Long Hollow Allen 581 Adolphus
Long Hollow Long Hollow Casey 935 Ellisburg
Long Hollow Long Hollow Madison 974 Berea
Long Hollow Long Hollow Casey 1020 Parksville
Lonnie Hollow Lonnie Hollow Pulaski 919 Woodstock
Loom Hollow Loom Hollow Bell 1306 Kayjay
Losenville Valley Losenville Valley Hardin 673 Constantine
Low Ash Hollow Low Ash Hollow Bell 1142 Middlesboro North
Low Gap Hollow Low Gap Hollow Livingston 354 Burna
Low Gap Hollow Low Gap Hollow Letcher 1460 Wheelwright
Lowe Hollow Lowe Hollow Knox 974 Barbourville
Lower Hollow Lower Hollow Butler 390 Morgantown
Lowerfield Hollow Lowerfield Hollow Knott 1001 Carrie
Lucky Camp Hollow Lucky Camp Hollow Wayne 1030 Powersburg
Lucky Hollow Lucky Hollow Clinton 804 Frogue
Luke Hollow Luke Hollow Pike 1296 Elkhorn City
Luke Watkins Hollow Luke Watkins Hollow Lawrence 594 Adams
Maddox Hollow Maddox Hollow Carter 659 Grahn
Malen Hollow Malen Hollow Pike 1024 Hurley
Mall Hollow Mall Hollow Carter 712 Webbville
Manley Hollow Manley Hollow Lewis 659 Charters
Maple Hollow Maple Hollow Hardin 518 Colesburg
Maple Hollow Maple Hollow Breathitt 1184 Noble
Mapple Hollow Mapple Hollow Harlan 1194 Wallins Creek
Mark Hollow Mark Hollow Casey 764 Phil
Markham Hollow Markham Hollow Lawrence 623 Fallsburg
Martin Hollow Martin Hollow Knox 997 Fount
Martins Hollow Martins Hollow Bullitt 492 Valley Station
May Hollow May Hollow Lewis 646 Tollesboro
Maynard Hollow Maynard Hollow Martin 640 Kermit
Maynard Hollow Maynard Hollow Greenup 817 Garrison
Mays Hollow Mays Hollow Trigg 358 Rushing Bay
McCall Hollow McCall Hollow Greenup 594 Argillite
McCoy Hollow McCoy Hollow Cumberland 584 Wolf Creek Dam
McCoy Hollow McCoy Hollow Edmonson 440 Rhoda
McCracken Hollow McCracken Hollow Lawrence 650 Adams
McIntire Hollow McIntire Hollow Perry 928 Vicco
Meadowbrook Hollow Meadowbrook Hollow Perry 922 Carrie
Meadows Hollow Meadows Hollow Greenup 692 Oldtown
Meads Hollow Meads Hollow Boyd 587 Ashland
Med Hollow Med Hollow Clinton 692 Albany
Meek Hollow Meek Hollow Pulaski 846 Eli
Meenach Hollow Meenach Hollow Lewis 617 Charters
Mefford Hollow Mefford Hollow Lewis 594 Concord
Melt Hollow Melt Hollow Whitley 994 Rockholds
Middle Hollow Middle Hollow Butler 390 Morgantown
Milard Bradley Hollow Milard Bradley Hollow Lawrence 643 Adams
Mill Branch Hollow Mill Branch Hollow Casey 791 Liberty
Mill Hollow Mill Hollow Wayne 722 Jabez
Mill Hollow Mill Hollow Russell 722 Eli
Mill Hollow Mill Hollow Casey 860 Parksville
Mill Hollow Mill Hollow Pike 745 Majestic
Mill Hollow Mill Hollow Lewis 1001 Head of Grassy
Mill Hollow Mill Hollow Lewis 860 Head of Grassy
Mill Hollow Mill Hollow Greenup 840 Brushart
Mill Hollow Mill Hollow Bullitt 522 Lebanon Junction
Miller Hollow Miller Hollow Wayne 722 Jabez
Miller Hollow Miller Hollow Carter 620 Garrison
Miller Hollow Miller Hollow Breckinridge 427 Hardinsburg
Miller Hollow Miller Hollow Lawrence 804 Richardson
Miner Hollow Miner Hollow Metcalfe 827 Summer Shade
Miner Hollow Miner Hollow Casey 889 Parksville
Mingo Hollow Mingo Hollow Bell 1178 Fork Ridge
Missouri Hollow Missouri Hollow Wayne 945 Monticello
Monk Hollow Monk Hollow Pike 1138 Hurley
Monk Hollow Monk Hollow Pike 820 Wharncliffe
Monk Hollow Monk Hollow Lewis 594 Friendship
Moonshine Hollow Moonshine Hollow Hart 607 Canmer
Moore Hollow Moore Hollow Lewis 597 Garrison
Moore Hollow Moore Hollow Lewis 607 Charters
Moore Hollow Moore Hollow Greenup 935 Brushart
Moore Hollow Moore Hollow Cumberland 650 Dale Hollow Reservoir SE
Moorman Valley Moorman Valley Hardin 666 Howe Valley
Morgan Hollow Morgan Hollow Bell 1253 Eagan
Morgan Hollow Morgan Hollow Whitley 1037 Rockholds
Morgan Hollow Morgan Hollow Pulaski 774 Science Hill
Morrison Hollow Morrison Hollow Edmonson 587 Rhoda
Mosby Hollow Mosby Hollow Metcalfe 715 Edmonton
Mudlick Hollow Mudlick Hollow Anderson 702 Glensboro
Mullins Hollow Mullins Hollow Breathitt 915 Haddix
Mullins Hollow Mullins Hollow Elliott 758 Sandy Hook
Murray Hollow Murray Hollow Pulaski 801 Science Hill
Muse Hollow Muse Hollow Monroe 564 Vernon
Narrow Hollow Narrow Hollow Pike 1096 Hellier
Narrow Hollow Narrow Hollow Pike 709 Millard
Neat Hollow Neat Hollow Russell 722 Eli
Neds Hollow Neds Hollow Monroe 535 Vernon
Negro Hollow Negro Hollow Pike 751 Williamson
Negro Hollow Negro Hollow Carter 748 Wesleyville
Negro Hollow Negro Hollow Carter 653 Garrison
Negro Hollow Negro Hollow Greenup 797 Brushart
Nelse Hollow Nelse Hollow Breathitt 919 Tiptop
Nelson Hollow Nelson Hollow Lawrence 623 Adams
Newberry Hollow Newberry Hollow Lewis 574 Garrison
Newcombe Hollow Newcombe Hollow Lawrence 699 Adams
Newhope Hollow Newhope Hollow Breckinridge 522 Lodiburg
Newsom Hollow Newsom Hollow Floyd 1106 McDowell
Newsome Hollow Newsome Hollow Lawrence 663 Fallsburg
Nickell Cove Nickell Cove Lyon 351 Birmingham Point
Nilly Hollow Nilly Hollow Trimble 492 Campbellsburg
Nim Hollow Nim Hollow Harlan 2490 Benham
Nolan Hollow Nolan Hollow Lewis 735 Vanceburg
Norman Hollow Norman Hollow Wayne 722 Mill Springs
North Hollow North Hollow Cumberland 551 Waterview
North Hollow North Hollow Pike 968 Majestic
Northern Hollow Northern Hollow Butler 476 Welchs Creek
Norton Valley Norton Valley Breckinridge 407 Hardinsburg
Oakley Hollow Oakley Hollow Trigg 367 Fenton
Oatspatch Hollow Oatspatch Hollow Breathitt 833 Haddix
Oil Well Hollow Oil Well Hollow Pike 686 Williamson
Oil Well Hollow Oil Well Hollow Lawrence 597 Louisa
Old Coon Hollow Old Coon Hollow Nelson 577 Howardstown
Old Cove Hollow Old Cove Hollow Breathitt 919 Noble
Old House Hollow Old House Hollow Knox 1037 Fount
Old House Hollow Old House Hollow Knox 1001 Fount
Old House Hollow Old House Hollow Carter 614 Garrison
Old She Hollow Old She Hollow Greenup 600 Tygarts Valley
Opossum Hollow Opossum Hollow Edmonson 797 Park City
Opossum Hollow Opossum Hollow Lewis 558 Friendship
Orchard Hollow Orchard Hollow Knox 974 Fount
Orchard Hollow Orchard Hollow Breathitt 768 Haddix
Orchard Hollow Orchard Hollow Lawrence 659 Blaine
Orchard Hollow Orchard Hollow Greenup 699 Brushart
Orchard Hollow Orchard Hollow Morgan 879 White Oak
Orinoco Hollow Orinoco Hollow Pike 709 Belfry
Osborne Hollow Osborne Hollow Pulaski 928 Woodstock
Oscar Right Hollow Oscar Right Hollow Pike 1076 Hellier
Owen Hollow Owen Hollow Hardin 591 Big Clifty
Owens Hollow Owens Hollow Knox 1007 Heidrick
Owens Hollow Owens Hollow Knox 974 Heidrick
Owl Hollow Owl Hollow Mason 512 Orangeburg
Parrott Hollow Parrott Hollow Knox 981 Heidrick
Pat Duffy Hollow Pat Duffy Hollow Crittenden 394 Blackford
Patrick Hollow Patrick Hollow Elliott 696 Isonville
Patty Hollow Patty Hollow Hardin 469 Nelsonville
Pauley Hollow Pauley Hollow Pike 837 Williamson
Pawpaw Hollow Pawpaw Hollow Breathitt 1073 Noble
Payne Hollow Payne Hollow Floyd 994 Pikeville
Payne Hollow Payne Hollow Lawrence 669 Blaine
Payne Hollow Payne Hollow Trimble 758 Waterloo
Peach Orchard Hollow Peach Orchard Hollow Lewis 623 Garrison
Pearl Hollow Pearl Hollow Hardin 453 Nelsonville
Peck Hollow Peck Hollow Lincoln 951 Halls Gap
Pell Hollow Pell Hollow Lewis 722 Head of Grassy
Perry Cary Hollow Perry Cary Hollow Cumberland 554 Blacks Ferry
Peter Dotson Hollow Peter Dotson Hollow Pike 699 Matewan
Peters Cave Hollow Peters Cave Hollow Greenup 778 Brushart
Pew Hollow Pew Hollow Fleming 761 Burtonville
Pheasant Lick Hollow Pheasant Lick Hollow Lewis 587 Garrison
Phillips Hollow Phillips Hollow Marion 696 Bradfordsville
Picnic Hollow Picnic Hollow Bullitt 518 Lebanon Junction
Piercy Hollow Piercy Hollow Barren 758 Sulphur Lick
Pigeon Hollow Pigeon Hollow Edmonson 502 Rhoda
Pigeon Roost Hollow Pigeon Roost Hollow Lewis 791 Head of Grassy
Pigeon Roost Hollow Pigeon Roost Hollow Greenup 699 Brushart
Pigeonroost Hollow Pigeonroost Hollow Pike 997 Harman
Pike-Floyd Hollow Pike-Floyd Hollow Floyd 663 Harold
Pin Hollow Pin Hollow Edmonson 515 Nolin Lake
Pin Hollow Pin Hollow Floyd 646 Prestonsburg
Pinchgut Hollow Pinchgut Hollow Lewis 525 Manchester Islands
Pine Hollow Pine Hollow Breathitt 1033 Noble
Pipe Spring Hollow Pipe Spring Hollow Butler 394 Morgantown
Plum Hollow Plum Hollow Lewis 781 Head of Grassy
Pogue Hollow Pogue Hollow Knox 997 Artemus
Polecat Hollow Polecat Hollow Pulaski 833 Somerset
Polecat Hollow Polecat Hollow Livingston 338 Burna
Polly Hollow Polly Hollow Greenup 784 Friendship
Pooch Hollow Pooch Hollow Caldwell 404 Olney
Pope Hollow Pope Hollow Carter 587 Grayson
Poplar Beetree Hollow Poplar Beetree Hollow Pike 1158 Wheelwright
Poplar Hollow Poplar Hollow Morgan 863 Sandy Hook
Poplar Log Hollow Poplar Log Hollow Letcher 1194 Roxana
Porter Hollow Porter Hollow Breathitt 718 Quicksand
Portman Hollow Portman Hollow Grayson 577 Big Clifty
Possum Hollow Possum Hollow Knox 981 Artemus
Possum Hollow Possum Hollow Russell 722 Eli
Possum Hollow Possum Hollow Hart 636 Munfordville
Poteet Hollow Poteet Hollow Edmonson 436 Rhoda
Potts Hollow Potts Hollow Nelson 440 New Haven
Poverty Hollow Poverty Hollow Spencer 636 Chaplin
Powder Mill Hollow Powder Mill Hollow Greenup 676 Brushart
Powell Hollow Powell Hollow Pike 1102 Millard
Prather Hollow Prather Hollow Meade 489 Irvington
Preston Hollow Preston Hollow Trimble 469 Madison West
Prichard Hollow Prichard Hollow Cumberland 846 Frogue
Priddy Hollow Priddy Hollow Hart 577 Upton
Progue Hollow Progue Hollow Lewis 630 Brushart
Province Hollow Province Hollow Hardin 453 Nelsonville
Pryor Hollow Pryor Hollow Trigg 361 Canton
Psimer Hollow Psimer Hollow Lewis 774 Head of Grassy
Pugh Hollow Pugh Hollow Caldwell 394 Olney
Pumpkin Hollow Pumpkin Hollow Pulaski 860 Science Hill
Pumpkin Hollow Pumpkin Hollow Cumberland 600 Waterview
Puncheon Camp Hollow Puncheon Camp Hollow Bell 1686 Kayjay
Puncheon Camp Hollow Puncheon Camp Hollow Lewis 581 Vanceburg
Puncheon Hollow Puncheon Hollow Greenup 738 Brushart
Purgatory Hollow Purgatory Hollow Cumberland 591 Waterview
Raccoon Hollow Raccoon Hollow Harlan 2441 Benham
Racetrack Hollow Racetrack Hollow Lyon 364 Mont
Rader Hollow Rader Hollow Hart 594 Munfordville
Rainey Hollow Rainey Hollow Whitley 1030 Rockholds
Ramsey Hollow Ramsey Hollow Wayne 722 Parnell
Raridan Hollow Raridan Hollow Bullitt 427 Pitts Point
Ratcliffe Hollow Ratcliffe Hollow Lawrence 561 Louisa
Rattlesnake Hollow Rattlesnake Hollow Martin 741 Kermit
Rattlesnake Hollow Rattlesnake Hollow Greenup 594 Portsmouth
Raymer Hollow Raymer Hollow Edmonson 571 Rhoda
Raymond Hollow Raymond Hollow Edmonson 636 Rhoda
Rearden Hollow Rearden Hollow Jefferson 479 Valley Station
Red Buck Hollow Red Buck Hollow Lewis 692 Wesleyville
Red Worm Hollow Red Worm Hollow Knox 1030 Heidrick
Redd Hollow Redd Hollow Trigg 367 Rushing Bay
Reed Hollow Reed Hollow Casey 899 Ellisburg
Reed Hollow Reed Hollow Pike 1060 Williamson
Reese Hollow Reese Hollow Knox 1020 Heidrick
Reynold Hollow Reynold Hollow Pulaski 958 Woodstock
Rice Hollow Rice Hollow Elliott 682 Isonville
Rich Hollow Rich Hollow Knott 1119 Vest
Rich Hollow Rich Hollow Floyd 902 McDowell
Rich Hollow Rich Hollow Breathitt 1178 Noble
Richelieu Hollow Richelieu Hollow Butler 492 Sugar Grove
Riddle Hollow Riddle Hollow Clinton 614 Wolf Creek Dam
Rigdon Hollow Rigdon Hollow Edmonson 604 Mammoth Cave
River Hollow River Hollow Pulaski 722 Somerset
River Hollow River Hollow Greenup 758 Brushart
Roach Hollow Roach Hollow Metcalfe 764 Edmonton
Road Fork Hollow Road Fork Hollow Lewis 755 Wesleyville
Roberts Hollow Roberts Hollow Pike 1030 Dorton
Roberts Hollow Roberts Hollow Lawrence 656 Adams
Robinett Hollow Robinett Hollow Lawrence 669 Adams
Robinson Hollow Robinson Hollow Carroll 453 Carrollton
Rock Bridge Hollow Rock Bridge Hollow Wayne 735 Jabez
Rock Lick Hollow Rock Lick Hollow Russell 722 Eli
Rockfall Hollow Rockfall Hollow Butler 453 Welchs Creek
Rockhouse Hollow Rockhouse Hollow Monroe 722 Dubre
Rockhouse Hollow Rockhouse Hollow Lawrence 623 Adams
Rockhouse Hollow Rockhouse Hollow Greenup 696 Friendship
Rocky Branch Rocky Branch Lewis 725 Brushart
Rocky Hollow Rocky Hollow Pulaski 846 Faubush
Rocky Hollow Rocky Hollow Pulaski 761 Science Hill
Rocky Hollow Rocky Hollow Crittenden 472 Marion
Rocky Hollow Rocky Hollow Hart 472 Canmer
Rocky Hollow Rocky Hollow Bullitt 574 Shepherdsville
Rocky Hollow Rocky Hollow Pike 922 Millard
Rodgers Hollow Rodgers Hollow Bullitt 443 Pitts Point
Rogue Hollow Rogue Hollow Marion 751 Lebanon West
Ross Hollow Ross Hollow Fleming 787 Burtonville
Rough Hollow Rough Hollow Pike 1243 Jenkins East
Rough Hollow Rough Hollow Knott 1043 Carrie
Rough Hollow Rough Hollow Pike 919 Lick Creek
Rough Hollow Rough Hollow Pike 1037 Lick Creek
Rough Hollow Rough Hollow Breathitt 1014 Tiptop
Round Hollow Round Hollow Hardin 436 Fort Knox
Rowe Hollow Rowe Hollow Grayson 515 Ready
Roy Hollow Roy Hollow Greenup 666 Friendship
Royster Hollow Royster Hollow Greenup 823 Brushart
Rube Hollow Rube Hollow Lewis 600 Friendship
Ruckel Hollow Ruckel Hollow Lewis 679 Garrison
Rueben Hollow Rueben Hollow Butler 512 Welchs Creek
Runyan Hollow Runyan Hollow Lewis 718 Tollesboro
Rye Hollow Rye Hollow Breathitt 1079 Noble
Saint Paul Hollow Saint Paul Hollow Carter 797 Wesleyville
Sal Hollow Sal Hollow Monroe 774 Sulphur Lick
Sal Hollow Sal Hollow Edmonson 440 Rhoda
Sally Turpin Hollow Sally Turpin Hollow Wayne 840 Frazer
Salt Spring Hollow Salt Spring Hollow Nelson 541 New Haven
Sam Hollow Sam Hollow Breathitt 1138 Noble
Sand Cave Hollow Sand Cave Hollow Edmonson 548 Rhoda
Sand Hollow Sand Hollow Hart 656 Hammonville
Sank Hollow Sank Hollow Edmonson 561 Mammoth Cave
Sawmill Hollow Sawmill Hollow Wayne 869 Frazer
Sawmill Hollow Sawmill Hollow Carter 653 Webbville
Sawyer Hollow Sawyer Hollow Whitley 965 Rockholds
Scales Hollow Scales Hollow Pulaski 774 Science Hill
School House Hollow School House Hollow Russell 722 Jamestown
Schoolhouse Hollow Schoolhouse Hollow Carter 584 Grayson
Schoolhouse Hollow Schoolhouse Hollow Lewis 938 Head of Grassy
Schoolhouse Hollow Schoolhouse Hollow Greenup 745 Friendship
Schoolhouse Hollow Schoolhouse Hollow Greenup 741 Friendship
Schoolhouse Hollow Schoolhouse Hollow Lewis 545 Friendship
Science Hollow Science Hollow Trimble 568 Bedford
Scott Hollow Scott Hollow Carter 718 Wesleyville
Scuffletown Hollow Scuffletown Hollow Bullitt 459 Lebanon Junction
Second Hollow Second Hollow Lewis 614 Garrison
Sells Hollow Sells Hollow Caldwell 384 Olney
Sexton Hollow Sexton Hollow Greenup 883 Brushart
Shaker Hollow Shaker Hollow Logan 548 South Union
Shanty Hollow Shanty Hollow Knott 1115 Handshoe
Shanty Hollow Shanty Hollow Elliott 663 Isonville
Shaw Hollow Shaw Hollow Lewis 581 Charters
Shaw Hollow Shaw Hollow Lewis 702 Charters
Shaw Hollow Shaw Hollow Lewis 617 Charters
Shearer Valley Shearer Valley Wayne 837 Parnell
Sheephole Hollow Sheephole Hollow Christian 420 Dawson Springs SW
Shepler Hollow Shepler Hollow Bullitt 620 Samuels
Sherman Hollow Sherman Hollow Lewis 623 Garrison
Shop Hollow Shop Hollow Knott 902 Carrie
Shop Hollow Shop Hollow Pike 666 Williamson
Shop Hollow Shop Hollow Greenup 781 Garrison
Shop Hollow Shop Hollow Monroe 797 Sulphur Lick
Short Hollow Short Hollow Bullitt 541 Shepherdsville
Short Hollow Short Hollow Greenup 617 Ironton
Shucky Bean Hollow Shucky Bean Hollow Breathitt 718 Quicksand
Shupe Hollow Shupe Hollow Greenup 768 Brushart
Sigler Hollow Sigler Hollow Caldwell 374 Shady Grove
Simon Hollow Simon Hollow Pulaski 906 Bobtown
Simp Hollow Simp Hollow Whitley 997 Rockholds
Simpson Hollow Simpson Hollow Casey 951 Parksville
Sims Hollow Sims Hollow Whitley 997 Rockholds
Skullbone Hollow Skullbone Hollow Hart 797 Munfordville
Slack Hollow Slack Hollow Harlan 1378 Evarts
Slash Hollow Slash Hollow Greenup 600 Tygarts Valley
Slate Hollow Slate Hollow Johnson 699 Offutt
Slate Hollow Slate Hollow Lewis 548 Garrison
Slate Hollow Slate Hollow Lewis 548 Garrison
Slate Hollow Slate Hollow Lewis 538 Vanceburg
Sleepy Hollow Sleepy Hollow Mason 518 Maysville East
Smith Hollow Smith Hollow Knox 968 Barbourville
Smith Hollow Smith Hollow Metcalfe 692 Edmonton
Smith Hollow Smith Hollow Bullitt 509 Cravens
Smoky Hollow Smoky Hollow Perry 879 Noble
Smoky Hollow Smoky Hollow Breathitt 948 Noble
Smoothrock Hollow Smoothrock Hollow Lewis 561 Garrison
Snellen Hollow Snellen Hollow Bullitt 427 Kosmosdale
Soapstone Hollow Soapstone Hollow Carter 636 Garrison
Sow Hollow Sow Hollow Morgan 820 White Oak
Sparks Hollow Sparks Hollow Metcalfe 689 East Fork
Spaw Hollow Spaw Hollow Pulaski 781 Science Hill
Spooky Hollow Spooky Hollow Nelson 509 Cravens
Spring Hollow Spring Hollow Caldwell 417 Dawson Springs SW
Spruce Hollow Spruce Hollow Greenup 748 Friendship
Spurlins Hollow Spurlins Hollow Cumberland 738 Frogue
Squirrel Run Hollow Squirrel Run Hollow Elliott 682 Willard
Stable Hollow Stable Hollow Lewis 518 Garrison
Stamper Hollow Stamper Hollow Lewis 630 Garrison
Stave Hollow Stave Hollow Boyle 833 Parksville
Steamboat Hollow Steamboat Hollow Franklin 469 Polsgrove
Steep Hollow Steep Hollow Warren 449 Meador
Steep Hollow Steep Hollow Livingston 315 Burna
Steep Hollow Steep Hollow Crittenden 440 Salem
Stephens Hollow Stephens Hollow Boyd 587 Ashland
Stevens Hollow Stevens Hollow Carter 791 Bruin
Stewart Hollow Stewart Hollow Carter 715 Webbville
Still Hollow Still Hollow Greenup 561 Portsmouth
Stillhouse Hollow Stillhouse Hollow Metcalfe 676 Dubre
Stillhouse Hollow Stillhouse Hollow Wayne 722 Mill Springs
Stillhouse Hollow Stillhouse Hollow Pulaski 722 Frazer
Stillhouse Hollow Stillhouse Hollow Edmonson 433 Rhoda
Stillhouse Hollow Stillhouse Hollow Butler 400 Morgantown
Stillhouse Hollow Stillhouse Hollow Adair 718 Knifley
Stillhouse Hollow Stillhouse Hollow Caldwell 430 Olney
Stillhouse Hollow Stillhouse Hollow Butler 499 Welchs Creek
Stillhouse Hollow Stillhouse Hollow Floyd 715 David
Stillhouse Hollow Stillhouse Hollow Breathitt 696 Jackson
Stockholm Hollow Stockholm Hollow Lewis 568 Garrison
Stone Coal Hollow Stone Coal Hollow Greenup 669 Brushart
Stonecoal Hollow Stonecoal Hollow Floyd 873 McDowell
Stonecoal Hollow Stonecoal Hollow Lawrence 696 Louisa
Stones Hollow Stones Hollow Grayson 522 McDaniels
Stoney Hollow Stoney Hollow Spencer 610 Chaplin
Stony Hollow Stony Hollow Bell 1204 Fork Ridge
Stony Hollow Stony Hollow Bell 1201 Fork Ridge
Store Hollow Store Hollow Clinton 692 Frogue
Store House Hollow Store House Hollow Johnson 705 Offutt
Storehouse Hollow Storehouse Hollow Cumberland 830 Frogue
Stout Hollow Stout Hollow Lawrence 620 Webbville
Stouts Hollow Stouts Hollow Lewis 682 Tollesboro
Stuarts Lane Hollow Stuarts Lane Hollow Greenup 686 Greenup
Sublimity Hollow Sublimity Hollow Knox 991 Fount
Sue Hollow Sue Hollow Harlan 1417 Rose Hill
Sugar Camp Hollow Sugar Camp Hollow Metcalfe 696 Edmonton
Sugar Camp Hollow Sugar Camp Hollow Pulaski 902 Bobtown
Sugar Camp Hollow Sugar Camp Hollow Casey 919 Yosemite
Sugar Camp Hollow Sugar Camp Hollow Lawrence 673 Fallsburg
Sugar Camp Hollow Sugar Camp Hollow Lewis 840 Head of Grassy
Sugar Tree Hollow Sugar Tree Hollow Bullitt 581 Shepherdsville
Sugarcamp Hollow Sugarcamp Hollow Edmonson 449 Rhoda
Sugarcamp Hollow Sugarcamp Hollow Lewis 568 Friendship
Sugarcamp Hollow Sugarcamp Hollow Lewis 522 Buena Vista
Sulphur Spring Hollow Sulphur Spring Hollow Harlan 1460 Evarts
Sulphur Spring Hollow Sulphur Spring Hollow Monroe 696 Dubre
Sulphur Springs Hollow Sulphur Springs Hollow Pulaski 725 Delmer
Sulphur Springs Hollow Sulphur Springs Hollow Casey 951 Parksville
Sulphur Springs Hollow Sulphur Springs Hollow Lewis 696 Charters
Sumpter Hollow Sumpter Hollow Wayne 896 Monticello
Surrey Hollow Surrey Hollow Greenup 751 Brushart
Sweet Gum Hollow Sweet Gum Hollow Wayne 1152 Powersburg
Sycamore Hollow Sycamore Hollow Martin 679 Kermit
Tabbs Hollow Tabbs Hollow Hardin 692 Summit
Tackett Hollow Tackett Hollow Pike 945 Dorton
Tadpole Hollow Tadpole Hollow Knott 1063 Hindman
Talmage Hollow Talmage Hollow Pulaski 823 Science Hill
Tank Pond Hollow Tank Pond Hollow Boyle 955 Parksville
Tanyard Hollow Tanyard Hollow Hart 640 Munfordville
Tar Camp Hollow Tar Camp Hollow Lewis 699 Garrison
Tar Lick Hollow Tar Lick Hollow Boyle 860 Parksville
Tavern Spring Hollow Tavern Spring Hollow Adair 850 Montpelier
Taylor Coates Hollow Taylor Coates Hollow Edmonson 600 Mammoth Cave
Third Hollow Third Hollow Lewis 620 Garrison
Thompson Hollow Thompson Hollow Pike 833 Williamson
Thompson Hollow Thompson Hollow Lawrence 702 Adams
Thompson Hollow Thompson Hollow Lewis 837 Burtonville
Thompson Hollow Thompson Hollow Lewis 600 Garrison
Three Sisters Hollow Three Sisters Hollow Edmonson 505 Mammoth Cave
Tinsley Hollow Tinsley Hollow Lyon 387 Eddyville
Tivis Hollow Tivis Hollow Lawrence 696 Webbville
Todd Hollow Todd Hollow Pulaski 722 Delmer
Tom Moore Hollow Tom Moore Hollow Lawrence 761 Adams
Tom O'Neal Hollow Tom O'Neal Hollow Crittenden 354 Shady Grove
Torchlight Hollow Torchlight Hollow Lawrence 577 Louisa
Travis Hollow Travis Hollow Floyd 676 Prestonsburg
Troy Hollow Troy Hollow Lewis 886 Head of Grassy
Tucker Hollow Tucker Hollow Ohio 394 Utica
Tudy Hollow Tudy Hollow Pulaski 787 Science Hill
Tuggle Hollow Tuggle Hollow Wayne 896 Powersburg
Turkey Pen Hollow Turkey Pen Hollow Wayne 722 Jabez
Turkey Pen Hollow Turkey Pen Hollow Marion 682 Lebanon East
Turkey Rock Hollow Turkey Rock Hollow Wayne 899 Powersburg
Turkeypen Hollow Turkeypen Hollow Lewis 636 Brushart
Turley Hollow Turley Hollow Crittenden 367 Shady Grove
Turner Hollow Turner Hollow Trigg 351 Fenton
Turnippatch Hollow Turnippatch Hollow Breathitt 873 Haddix
Turnpike Hollow Turnpike Hollow Todd 505 Honey Grove
Turpin Hollow Turpin Hollow Wayne 971 Frazer
Twin Hollows Twin Hollows Breathitt 1004 Noble
Twin Hollows Twin Hollows Lewis 620 Vanceburg
Two Lick Hollow Two Lick Hollow Greenup 768 Brushart
Underwood Hollow Underwood Hollow Lewis 600 Friendship
Upchurch Hollow Upchurch Hollow Wayne 1070 Powersburg
Vanover Hollow Vanover Hollow Pike 1342 Jenkins East
Virga Hollow Virga Hollow Metcalfe 715 Edmonton
Waddle Hollow Waddle Hollow Pulaski 853 Somerset
Wagoner Hollow Wagoner Hollow Allen 640 Petroleum
Wallace Hollow Wallace Hollow Pulaski 810 Science Hill
Walnut Grove Hollow Walnut Grove Hollow Greenup 699 Brushart
Walnut Hollow Walnut Hollow Knott 1188 Hindman
Warm Hollow Warm Hollow Pike 778 Matewan
Waterfall Hollow Waterfall Hollow Christian 410 Dawson Springs
Watson Hollow Watson Hollow Greenup 971 Brushart
Webb Hollow Webb Hollow Boyle 856 Parksville
Wells Hollow Wells Hollow Russell 768 Eli
West Hollow West Hollow Greenup 630 Greenup
Wheatfield Hollow Wheatfield Hollow Pike 988 Millard
Wheeler Hollow Wheeler Hollow Grayson 515 Madrid
Whiskey Hollow Whiskey Hollow Johnson 705 Lancer
Whistling Jim Hollow Whistling Jim Hollow Lewis 627 Friendship
White Hollow White Hollow Cumberland 633 Dubre
Whitehouse Hollow Whitehouse Hollow Carter 748 Wesleyville
Whittle Hollow Whittle Hollow Pulaski 722 Eli
Wienger Hollow Wienger Hollow Trigg 463 Rushing Bay
Wild Hollow Wild Hollow Pulaski 873 Bobtown
Wildcat Cave Hollow Wildcat Cave Hollow Adair 840 Montpelier
Wildcat Hollow Wildcat Hollow Logan 492 Lewisburg
Wildcat Hollow Wildcat Hollow Christian 466 Haleys Mill
Wildcat Hollow Wildcat Hollow Edmonson 515 Rhoda
Wildcat Hollow Wildcat Hollow Grayson 512 McDaniels
Wildcat Hollow Wildcat Hollow Bullitt 617 Shepherdsville
Wildcat Hollow Wildcat Hollow Greenup 571 Argillite
Williams Hollow Williams Hollow Trigg 361 Linton
Williams Hollow Williams Hollow Metcalfe 620 Dubre
Williams Hollow Williams Hollow Carter 640 Webbville
Williamson Hollow Williamson Hollow Lawrence 554 Louisa
Wilson Cave Hollow Wilson Cave Hollow Hart 456 Mammoth Cave
Wilson Hollow Wilson Hollow Bell 1030 Artemus
Wilson Hollow Wilson Hollow Pulaski 820 Science Hill
Wind Cave Hollow Wind Cave Hollow Pulaski 817 Somerset
Windy Hollow Windy Hollow Daviess 394 Panther
Wolf Hollow Wolf Hollow Cumberland 607 Wolf Creek Dam
Wolf Hollow Wolf Hollow Hardin 630 Summit
Wolf Hollow Wolf Hollow Lewis 541 Concord
Wolf Pen Hollow Wolf Pen Hollow Bullitt 489 Cravens
Wolfpen Hollow Wolfpen Hollow Greenup 584 Greenup
Wolfpen Hollow Wolfpen Hollow Cumberland 594 Burkesville
Wolfpen Hollow Wolfpen Hollow Butler 446 Flener
Wolverine Hollow Wolverine Hollow Breathitt 715 Jackson
Woodbury Hollow Woodbury Hollow Grayson 561 Ready
Workman Hollow Workman Hollow Pike 1027 Majestic
Workman Hollow Workman Hollow Lawrence 597 Louisa
Workman Hollow Workman Hollow Lawrence 617 Fallsburg
Wright Hollow Wright Hollow Wayne 984 Monticello
Wright Hollow Wright Hollow Russell 722 Jamestown
Wyley Hollow Wyley Hollow Crittenden 417 Marion
Zach Rice Hollow Zach Rice Hollow Elliott 676 Isonville
Sugarcamp Hollow Sugarcamp Hollow Edmonson 436 Rhoda
Bray Field Hollow Bray Field Hollow Fleming 741 Plummers Landing
Moss Hollow Moss Hollow McCreary 955 Barthell
Cable Hollow Cable Hollow Pike 1224 Jenkins East
Suicide Hollow Suicide Hollow Knott 1070 Vest
Cool Hollow Cool Hollow Knott 1388 Vest
Miller Hollow Miller Hollow Breathitt 1115 Vest
Goff Hollow Goff Hollow Breathitt 1125 Noble
Splash Dam Hollow Splash Dam Hollow Knott 971 Vest
Dot Hollow Dot Hollow Knott 958 Vest
Ball Hollow Ball Hollow Knott 1070 Vest
Horse Hollow Horse Hollow Knott 968 Vest
Cut Hollow Cut Hollow Knott 958 Vest
Pep Hollow Pep Hollow Knott 958 Vest
Lower Triplet Hollow Lower Triplet Hollow Knott 958 Vest
Lost Hollow Lost Hollow Knott 1037 Vest
Medicine Hollow Medicine Hollow Knott 974 Vest
Upper Triplet Hollow Upper Triplet Hollow Knott 1001 Vest
Middle Triplet Hollow Middle Triplet Hollow Knott 1115 Vest
Beechnut Hollow Beechnut Hollow Knott 958 Vest
Rockhouse Hollow Rockhouse Hollow Knott 1129 Vest
Steer Hollow Steer Hollow Knott 1066 Vest
Spruce Pine Hollow Spruce Pine Hollow Knott 997 Vest
Splash Hollow Splash Hollow Knott 1266 Vest
Lombardy Hollow Lombardy Hollow Knott 1158 Vest
Cucumber Hollow Cucumber Hollow Knott 1440 Vest
Indian Grave Hollow Indian Grave Hollow Floyd 797 McDowell
Rowdy Hollow Rowdy Hollow Knott 955 Vicco
Abbott Hollow Abbott Hollow Wayne 853 Coopersville
Abe Hollow Abe Hollow Clay 1086 Scalf
Abner Hollow Abner Hollow Jackson 1060 Leighton
Allen Hollow Allen Hollow Menifee 814 Frenchburg
Alum Cave Hollow Alum Cave Hollow McCreary 1122 Barthell
Amburgy Hollow Amburgy Hollow Powell 686 Slade
Angel Hollow Angel Hollow Laurel 879 Billows
Arrow Hollow Arrow Hollow Harlan 1873 Helton
Bailey Hollow Bailey Hollow Carter 955 Soldier
Baker Hollow Baker Hollow Pulaski 732 Dykes
Baker Hollow Baker Hollow Madison 794 Bighill
Bald Head Hollow Bald Head Hollow Owsley 1053 Mistletoe
Barn Hollow Barn Hollow Owsley 853 Oneida
Barnett Valley Barnett Valley Rockcastle 958 Johnetta
Bear Hollow Bear Hollow Powell 817 Slade
Bear Wallow Hollow Bear Wallow Hollow Bell 1430 Beverly
Bear Wallow Hollow Bear Wallow Hollow Pulaski 883 Somerset
Bearskin Hollow Bearskin Hollow Wayne 833 Coopersville
Becky Hollow Becky Hollow Owsley 814 Oneida
Becky Jane Hollow Becky Jane Hollow Menifee 922 Scranton
Begley Hollow Begley Hollow Laurel 873 Bernstadt
Bell Hollow Bell Hollow Wayne 869 Parmleysville
Bertha Hollow Bertha Hollow Knox 1109 Heidrick
Betsy Hollow Betsy Hollow Wayne 935 Sharp Place
Bice Hollow Bice Hollow McCreary 866 Barthell
Biddle Hollow Biddle Hollow Rowan 837 Bangor
Big Graveyard Hollow Big Graveyard Hollow Clay 968 Barcreek
Big Groundhog Hollow Big Groundhog Hollow Breathitt 732 Canoe
Big Hollow Big Hollow Crittenden 354 Repton
Big Hollow Big Hollow Jackson 866 Alcorn
Big Hollow Big Hollow Lewis 1056 Stricklett
Big Johnson Hollow Big Johnson Hollow Lewis 879 Stricklett
Big Lick Hollow Big Lick Hollow Lewis 932 Stricklett
Big Oak Hollow Big Oak Hollow Menifee 797 Scranton
Big Spring Hollow Big Spring Hollow McCreary 860 Barthell
Big Spring Hollow Big Spring Hollow Crittenden 354 Repton
Bill Brown Hollow Bill Brown Hollow Rowan 981 Stricklett
Birdeye Hollow Birdeye Hollow Whitley 1033 Saxton
Black Cave Hollow Black Cave Hollow Morgan 814 Wrigley
Black Cave Hollow Black Cave Hollow Rowan 778 Wrigley
Black Pool Hollow Black Pool Hollow Owsley 696 Oneida
Blacklog Hollow Blacklog Hollow Rowan 794 Wrigley
Blaze Hollow Blaze Hollow Clay 968 Ogle
Blaze Hollow Blaze Hollow Pulaski 863 Dykes
Blaze Valley Blaze Valley Pulaski 869 Somerset
Blevins Hollow Blevins Hollow Menifee 883 Frenchburg
Blevins Valley Blevins Valley Bath 702 Olympia
Blue Hole Hollow Blue Hole Hollow Wayne 1066 Parmleysville
Blue Hollow Blue Hollow Leslie 1280 Bledsoe
Blue John Hollow Blue John Hollow Perry 863 Mistletoe
Boarding House Hollow Boarding House Hollow McCreary 902 Barthell
Bob Cooper Hollow Bob Cooper Hollow Rowan 1053 Stricklett
Boggs Hollow Boggs Hollow Harlan 1394 Louellen
Bolger Hollow Bolger Hollow Pulaski 899 Shopville
Bolton Hollow Bolton Hollow Pulaski 801 Hail
Boone Hollow Boone Hollow Rowan 807 Farmers
Boone Hollow Boone Hollow Rockcastle 909 Livingston
Bowen Hollow Bowen Hollow Powell 689 Slade
Boyd Hollow Boyd Hollow Powell 732 Slade
Bracy Hollow Bracy Hollow Crittenden 361 Cave-in-Rock
Brewer Hollow Brewer Hollow Menifee 761 Scranton
Briar Hollow Briar Hollow Leslie 1398 Beverly
Briar Hollow Briar Hollow Clay 1129 Beverly
Bridge Hollow Bridge Hollow McCreary 938 Nevelsville
Bridge Hollow Bridge Hollow Pulaski 889 Shopville
Broad Gap Hollow Broad Gap Hollow McCreary 889 Sawyer
Broiles Hollow Broiles Hollow Wayne 840 Coopersville
Brown Hollow Brown Hollow Lewis 935 Stricklett
Brush Hollow Brush Hollow Rowan 909 Bangor
Buck Hollow Buck Hollow Knox 1460 Beverly
Buck Hollow Buck Hollow Leslie 1237 Helton
Buckeye Hollow Buckeye Hollow Leslie 1729 Helton
Buckeye Hollow Buckeye Hollow Jackson 833 Bighill
Buckheart Hollow Buckheart Hollow Leslie 1204 Bledsoe
Buffalo Hollow Buffalo Hollow McCreary 886 Nevelsville
Bug Hollow Bug Hollow Breathitt 909 Cowcreek
Burdine Valley Burdine Valley Pulaski 837 Shopville
Burfield Hollow Burfield Hollow Wayne 955 Monticello
Burnett Hollow Burnett Hollow Wayne 932 Monticello
Buzzard Cave Hollow Buzzard Cave Hollow Pulaski 938 Dykes
Buzzard Hollow Buzzard Hollow Leslie 1444 Helton
Cabin Hollow Cabin Hollow Laurel 807 Ano
Calhoun Hollow Calhoun Hollow Pulaski 837 Somerset
Campbell Hollow Campbell Hollow Bath 676 Salt Lick
Canoe Hollow Canoe Hollow Harlan 1483 Louellen
Canoe Hollow Canoe Hollow Pulaski 784 Ano
Canoe Hollow Canoe Hollow Breathitt 787 Canoe
Captain Hollow Captain Hollow McCreary 758 Nevelsville
Cassidy Ford Hollow Cassidy Ford Hollow Rowan 722 Bangor
Cave Hollow Cave Hollow Lee 846 Cobhill
Cedar House Hollow Cedar House Hollow Jackson 712 Leighton
Chicken Bristle Hollow Chicken Bristle Hollow McCreary 866 Nevelsville
Chicken Hollow Chicken Hollow Wayne 797 Coopersville
Chitwood Hollow Chitwood Hollow McCreary 1020 Hollyhill
Cincinnati Hollow Cincinnati Hollow Rowan 682 Morehead
Clark Hollow Clark Hollow McCreary 892 Nevelsville
Clover Hollow Clover Hollow Clay 955 Ogle
Coal Bank Hollow Coal Bank Hollow Whitley 1122 Williamsburg
Coal Bank Hollow Coal Bank Hollow McCreary 751 Nevelsville
Coal Hollow Coal Hollow Clay 1102 Creekville
Coal Hollow Coal Hollow Clay 879 Barcreek
Coal Hollow Coal Hollow Perry 942 Buckhorn
Coalbank Hollow Coalbank Hollow Lee 837 Zachariah
Coalfield Hollow Coalfield Hollow Leslie 1631 Helton
Coalmine Hollow Coalmine Hollow Livingston 338 Shetlerville
Coffey Hollow Coffey Hollow McCreary 1083 Wiborg
Coffey Hollow Coffey Hollow McCreary 928 Barthell
Cold Oak Hollow Cold Oak Hollow Lee 820 Zachariah
Cold Spring Hollow Cold Spring Hollow McCreary 735 Sawyer
Cold Spring Hollow Cold Spring Hollow Leslie 1230 Bledsoe
Cold Spring Hollow Cold Spring Hollow Pulaski 978 Shopville
Cold Spring Hollow Cold Spring Hollow Powell 705 Slade
Collins Hollow Collins Hollow Leslie 1430 Helton
Cool Spring Hollow Cool Spring Hollow Crittenden 427 Repton
Cooper Hollow Cooper Hollow Whitley 968 Jellico East
Cooper Hollow Cooper Hollow Wayne 866 Coopersville
Cooper Hollow Cooper Hollow Wayne 886 Parmleysville
Copperhead Hollow Copperhead Hollow Clay 978 Ogle
Cotton Patch Hollow Cotton Patch Hollow McCreary 741 Barthell
Cove Hollow Cove Hollow Knox 1335 Beverly
Cow Hollow Cow Hollow Clay 1165 Beverly
Crisp Hollow Crisp Hollow Menifee 915 Frenchburg
Criswell Hollow Criswell Hollow Wayne 938 Parmleysville
Crowe Hollow Crowe Hollow Estill 679 Cobhill
Crowe Hollow Crowe Hollow Menifee 837 Frenchburg
Cubilo Hollow Cubilo Hollow Menifee 869 Scranton
Dark Cave Hollow Dark Cave Hollow Menifee 876 Salt Lick
Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Clay 991 Ogle
Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Leslie 1066 Hyden East
Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Menifee 699 Slade
Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Rowan 748 Morehead
Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Pulaski 791 Dykes
Davis Hollow Davis Hollow Leslie 1070 Hyden East
Davis Hollow Davis Hollow Fleming 696 Farmers
Davis Hollow Davis Hollow Madison 955 Berea
Dead Man Hollow Dead Man Hollow McCreary 856 Nevelsville
Dead Ox Hollow Dead Ox Hollow Pulaski 853 Burnside
Deadening Hollow Deadening Hollow Whitley 1089 Williamsburg
Deadening Hollow Deadening Hollow Breathitt 709 Cowcreek
Deer Lick Hollow Deer Lick Hollow Rowan 860 Wrigley
Denney Hollow Denney Hollow Wayne 846 Coopersville
Devil Hollow Devil Hollow Morgan 755 West Liberty
Dickerson Hollow Dickerson Hollow Bath 679 Salt Lick
Dill Hollow Dill Hollow Breathitt 853 Canoe
Dimpson Hollow Dimpson Hollow Clay 1129 Creekville
Dobbs Hollow Dobbs Hollow Wayne 879 Parmleysville
Dobbs Hollow Dobbs Hollow McCreary 837 Bell Farm
Dock Hollow Dock Hollow Menifee 869 Scranton
Dodd Hollow Dodd Hollow Livingston 384 Golconda
Dodson Hollow Dodson Hollow Wayne 909 Frazer
Double Hollow Double Hollow Harlan 1339 Nolansburg
Dragslab Hollow Dragslab Hollow Fleming 837 Plummers Landing
Drip Springs Hollow Drip Springs Hollow Fleming 666 Plummers Landing
Dry Hollow Dry Hollow Wayne 879 Powersburg
Dry Valley Dry Valley Pulaski 732 Burnside
Duff Hollow Duff Hollow Lewis 1014 Stricklett
Dugar Hollow Dugar Hollow Rockcastle 856 Billows
Duncan Hollow Duncan Hollow Wayne 860 Coopersville
Eastep Hollow Eastep Hollow Leslie 1253 Bledsoe
Evans Hollow Evans Hollow Fleming 692 Plummers Landing
Fanny Hollow Fanny Hollow Wayne 725 Nevelsville
Ferguson Hollow Ferguson Hollow McCreary 889 Hail
Fishtrap Hollow Fishtrap Hollow McCreary 738 Barthell
Flat Hollow Flat Hollow Clay 860 Ogle
Fletchum Hollow Fletchum Hollow Menifee 801 Salt Lick
Ford Hollow Ford Hollow Rockcastle 873 Livingston
Foster Hollow Foster Hollow McCreary 853 Bell Farm
Fox Den Hollow Fox Den Hollow McCreary 860 Nevelsville
Fox Hollow Fox Hollow Lee 702 Beattyville
Fox Hollow Fox Hollow Rowan 771 Farmers
Foxrock Hollow Foxrock Hollow Wayne 935 Parmleysville
Franklin Hollow Franklin Hollow McCreary 1063 Wiborg
Fred Hollow Fred Hollow McCreary 938 Bell Farm
Full Hollow Full Hollow Wayne 807 Bell Farm
Garden Hollow Garden Hollow Leslie 1430 Beverly
Gibson Hollow Gibson Hollow Powell 807 Means
Glady Hollow Glady Hollow Bath 873 Salt Lick
Grannie Hollow Grannie Hollow Clay 906 Ogle
Greasy Hollow Greasy Hollow Leslie 1923 Nolansburg
Green Chapel Hollow Green Chapel Hollow Crittenden 358 Dekoven
Greenville Hollow Greenville Hollow Owsley 715 Booneville
Greenwood Hollow Greenwood Hollow McCreary 912 Hail
Griffin Hollow Griffin Hollow Clay 971 Barcreek
Ground Hog Hollow Ground Hog Hollow Owsley 1175 Mistletoe
Groundhog Hollow Groundhog Hollow Clay 1063 Ogle
Groundhog Hollow Groundhog Hollow Clay 1257 Creekville
Grubbs Hollow Grubbs Hollow Menifee 784 Salt Lick
Halcomb Hollow Halcomb Hollow Owsley 758 Cowcreek
Hall Hollow Hall Hollow Menifee 840 Scranton
Happy Hollow Happy Hollow Whitley 961 Williamsburg
Happy Hollow Happy Hollow Laurel 1083 Lily
Happy Hollow Happy Hollow Pulaski 853 Dykes
Happy Hollow Happy Hollow Perry 948 Hazard South
Happy Hollow Happy Hollow Bath 643 Colfax
Happy Hollow Happy Hollow Fleming 663 Farmers
Happy Hollow Happy Hollow Laurel 860 Bernstadt
Hardin Hollow Hardin Hollow Fleming 860 Stricklett
Hargis Hollow Hargis Hollow Pulaski 860 Dykes
Hart Hollow Hart Hollow Rockcastle 1079 Bighill
Hatton Hollow Hatton Hollow Menifee 873 Frenchburg
Hatton Hollow Hatton Hollow Lee 656 Cobhill
Haunted Cave Hollow Haunted Cave Hollow Pulaski 879 Dykes
Heath Hollow Heath Hollow Crittenden 440 Cave-in-Rock
Hedger Hollow Hedger Hollow Powell 755 Means
Hen Shate Hollow Hen Shate Hollow Leslie 1168 Bledsoe
Henderson Hollow Henderson Hollow Lewis 974 Stricklett
Henry Hollow Henry Hollow Clay 1115 Ogle
Henry Short Hollow Henry Short Hollow Rowan 1024 Stricklett
Het Hollow Het Hollow Clay 1175 Creekville
Hickory Hollow Hickory Hollow Clay 843 Barcreek
Hickory Hollow Hickory Hollow Bath 722 Salt Lick
Hicks Hollow Hicks Hollow Bath 692 Salt Lick
Hobbs Hollow Hobbs Hollow Leslie 1552 Helton
Hog Gap Hollow Hog Gap Hollow Lee 856 Zachariah
Hog Hollow Hog Hollow Leslie 932 Creekville
Hog Hollow Hog Hollow Bath 682 Salt Lick
Hogtrough Hollow Hogtrough Hollow Perry 1332 Leatherwood
Hoot Owl Hollow Hoot Owl Hollow Clay 735 Oneida
Hornsby Hollow Hornsby Hollow Rockcastle 863 Livingston
Horse Hollow Horse Hollow Wayne 860 Parmleysville
Horse Hollow Horse Hollow Clay 1332 Beverly
Hound Hollow Hound Hollow Pulaski 732 Dykes
Huckleberry Hollow Huckleberry Hollow McCreary 863 Bell Farm
Hurricane Hollow Hurricane Hollow Whitley 958 Williamsburg
Hurst Hollow Hurst Hollow Fleming 712 Plummers Landing
Irvine Hollow Irvine Hollow Wayne 938 Parmleysville
Ivy Hollow Ivy Hollow Clay 1037 Creekville
Jack Hollow Jack Hollow Fleming 758 Plummers Landing
Jack Lot Hollow Jack Lot Hollow Perry 863 Hazard North
Jackson Hollow Jackson Hollow Clay 899 Ogle
Jackson Hollow Jackson Hollow Breathitt 827 Canoe
Jackson Hollow Jackson Hollow Fleming 735 Plummers Landing
Jennings Hollow Jennings Hollow Laurel 866 Livingston
Jericho Hollow Jericho Hollow Leslie 1070 Bledsoe
Jim Cove Hollow Jim Cove Hollow Clay 1309 Creekville
Jode Hollow Jode Hollow Wayne 928 Parmleysville
Joe Hollow Joe Hollow Perry 1135 Mistletoe
John Knox Hollow John Knox Hollow Powell 696 Slade
Johnson Hollow Johnson Hollow Fleming 669 Plummers Landing
Jones Hollow Jones Hollow Fleming 718 Plummers Landing
Jones Hollow Jones Hollow McCreary 817 Coopersville
Judge Hollow Judge Hollow McCreary 830 Barthell
Jugornot Hollow Jugornot Hollow Pulaski 823 Burnside
Keeton Hollow Keeton Hollow Wayne 928 Parmleysville
Keith Hollow Keith Hollow Wayne 794 Nevelsville
Kendrick Hollow Kendrick Hollow Menifee 817 Scranton
Kensee Hollow Kensee Hollow Whitley 981 Jellico West
King Hollow King Hollow Laurel 938 Bernstadt
Knob Hollow Knob Hollow Menifee 823 Salt Lick
Laurel Hollow Laurel Hollow Rowan 817 Wrigley
Lawson Hollow Lawson Hollow Laurel 879 Livingston
Lee Hollow Lee Hollow McCreary 1145 Barthell
Lime Plant Hollow Lime Plant Hollow Rockcastle 978 Mount Vernon
Limekiln Hollow Limekiln Hollow Rowan 899 Bangor
Lin Hollow Lin Hollow McCreary 1001 Barthell
Liney Hollow Liney Hollow Pulaski 919 Shopville
Little Graveyard Hollow Little Graveyard Hollow Clay 951 Barcreek
Little White Pine Hollow Little White Pine Hollow Rowan 876 Cranston
Littleton Hollow Littleton Hollow Lewis 863 Olive Hill
Lizzie Hollow Lizzie Hollow Leslie 1237 Helton
Logan Hollow Logan Hollow Rowan 696 Morehead
Logston Hollow Logston Hollow Wayne 741 Nevelsville
Lonesome Hollow Lonesome Hollow Perry 886 Buckhorn
Long Hollow Long Hollow McCreary 745 Nevelsville
Long Hollow Long Hollow McCreary 853 Nevelsville
Long Hollow Long Hollow Clay 1234 Beverly
Long Hollow Long Hollow Leslie 1070 Creekville
Long Hollow Long Hollow Pulaski 771 Dykes
Lot Hollow Lot Hollow McCreary 1335 Ketchen
Lovitt Hollow Lovitt Hollow McCreary 1138 Hollyhill
Lower DeZarn Hollow Lower DeZarn Hollow Clay 1001 Creekville
Lower Violet Hollow Lower Violet Hollow Perry 928 Buckhorn
Lucy Lay Hollow Lucy Lay Hollow Whitley 1017 Saxton
Lynn Hollow Lynn Hollow Clay 984 Creekville
Mack Hollow Mack Hollow Menifee 860 Frenchburg
Mahaffey Hollow Mahaffey Hollow Rockcastle 876 Livingston
Margaret Hollow Margaret Hollow Laurel 1004 Livingston
Marlow Hollow Marlow Hollow Rockcastle 942 Mount Vernon
Mason Hollow Mason Hollow Pulaski 919 Dykes
Mayfield Hollow Mayfield Hollow Pulaski 820 Somerset
McCless Hollow McCless Hollow Rowan 1050 Stricklett
McCless Hollow McCless Hollow Lewis 951 Stricklett
McKee Hollow McKee Hollow Pulaski 797 Burnside
McNeil Hollow McNeil Hollow Whitley 1027 Rockholds
McRoe Hollow McRoe Hollow Clay 1230 Beverly
Meadors Hollow Meadors Hollow Whitley 997 Hollyhill
Meadow Hollow Meadow Hollow Harlan 1398 Louellen
Merritt Hollow Merritt Hollow Pulaski 761 Dykes
Mike Hollow Mike Hollow McCreary 906 Hail
Milburn Hollow Milburn Hollow Laurel 873 Bernstadt
Mill Hollow Mill Hollow Leslie 1476 Helton
Mill Hollow Mill Hollow Leslie 1184 Beverly
Mill Hollow Mill Hollow Leslie 1194 Helton
Mill Hollow Mill Hollow Perry 860 Buckhorn
Mill Pond Hollow Mill Pond Hollow Leslie 968 Creekville
Mill Pond Hollow Mill Pond Hollow Clay 846 Barcreek
Miller Hollow Miller Hollow McCreary 948 Nevelsville
Minton Hollow Minton Hollow Pulaski 797 Burnside
Moreland Hollow Moreland Hollow Lee 997 Cobhill
Morgan Hollow Morgan Hollow Menifee 823 Scranton
Morton Station Morton Station McCreary 814 Nevelsville
Mosley Cove Mosley Cove Clay 1224 Beverly
Motts Hollow Motts Hollow Leslie 1378 Cutshin
Mount Morgan Hollow Mount Morgan Hollow Whitley 974 Williamsburg
Napier Hollow Napier Hollow Powell 781 Means
Napper Hollow Napper Hollow Estill 659 Leighton
Natural Bridge Hollow Natural Bridge Hollow McCreary 997 Barthell
Neal Hollow Neal Hollow McCreary 1296 Ketchen
Neal Hollow Neal Hollow Bell 1555 Beverly
Neal Valley Neal Valley Morgan 768 West Liberty
Needmore Hollow Needmore Hollow Estill 735 Cobhill
Negro Hollow Negro Hollow Leslie 915 Creekville
Negro Hollow Negro Hollow Rowan 774 Morehead
Neil Hollow Neil Hollow Jackson 1145 McKee
Nettle Hollow Nettle Hollow Harlan 1657 Bledsoe
Nickles Hollow Nickles Hollow Rowan 988 Stricklett
Nine Right Hollow Nine Right Hollow Whitley 1073 Saxton
Norris Hollow Norris Hollow Menifee 896 Frenchburg
North Cave Hollow North Cave Hollow McCreary 833 Hail
Oil Well Hollow Oil Well Hollow Lewis 886 Stricklett
Old House Hollow Old House Hollow Rowan 722 Bangor
Old Lease Hollow Old Lease Hollow Leslie 1676 Helton
Onionpen Hollow Onionpen Hollow Breathitt 755 Canoe
Opossum Hollow Opossum Hollow Harlan 1407 Bledsoe
Opossum Strut Hollow Opossum Strut Hollow Rowan 971 Shopville
Orchard Hollow Orchard Hollow Wayne 955 Sharp Place
Orchard Hollow Orchard Hollow Bell 1467 Beverly
Orchard Hollow Orchard Hollow Leslie 1342 Beverly
Osborn Hollow Osborn Hollow Whitley 1132 Williamsburg
Owl Hollow Owl Hollow Harlan 1759 Helton
Owl Hollow Owl Hollow Lewis 935 Stricklett
Patterson Hollow Patterson Hollow McCreary 892 Nevelsville
Pea Ridge Hollow Pea Ridge Hollow Pulaski 906 Dykes
Peach Orchard Hollow Peach Orchard Hollow McCreary 722 Nevelsville
Peach Tree Hollow Peach Tree Hollow Lee 860 Cobhill
Pendleton Hollow Pendleton Hollow Wayne 886 Frazer
Penick Hollow Penick Hollow Rockcastle 938 Mount Vernon
Perkins Hollow Perkins Hollow Whitley 1017 Jellico West
Perkins Hollow Perkins Hollow Whitley 945 Williamsburg
Persimmon Hollow Persimmon Hollow Leslie 1079 Hyden East
Pete Hollow Pete Hollow McCreary 840 Nevelsville
Peter Cave Hollow Peter Cave Hollow Pulaski 1033 Dykes
Phelps Hollow Phelps Hollow McCreary 856 Bell Farm
Phillips Hollow Phillips Hollow Wayne 797 Coopersville
Phillips Hollow Phillips Hollow Menifee 892 Frenchburg
Philpot Hollow Philpot Hollow Laurel 978 Bernstadt
Pig Hollow Pig Hollow Rockcastle 1102 Bighill
Pigeon Roost Hollow Pigeon Roost Hollow Leslie 1424 Helton
Pigeon Roost Hollow Pigeon Roost Hollow Menifee 932 Frenchburg
Pigeonroost Hollow Pigeonroost Hollow Breathitt 899 Canoe
Pigpen Hollow Pigpen Hollow Owsley 892 Cowcreek
Pigpen Hollow Pigpen Hollow Crittenden 354 Repton
Ping Hollow Ping Hollow Pulaski 892 Dykes
Pipe Line Hollow Pipe Line Hollow Pulaski 892 Ano
Pitts Hollow Pitts Hollow Menifee 958 Frenchburg
Pitts Hollow Pitts Hollow Lewis 948 Stricklett
Pole Cat Hollow Pole Cat Hollow Owsley 696 Oneida
Pole Road Hollow Pole Road Hollow McCreary 919 Wiborg
Polly Hollow Polly Hollow Whitley 978 Cumberland Falls
Pond Hollow Pond Hollow McCreary 948 Barthell
Poplar Hollow Poplar Hollow Owsley 984 Mistletoe
Poplar Hollow Poplar Hollow Rowan 892 Cranston
Poplar Spring Hollow Poplar Spring Hollow McCreary 830 Barthell
Pot Hollow Pot Hollow McCreary 912 Nevelsville
Pot Hollow Pot Hollow Powell 801 Slade
Pottersville Hollow Pottersville Hollow Menifee 906 Means
Powers Hollow Powers Hollow Whitley 961 Saxton
Price Valley Price Valley Pulaski 840 Shopville
Proctor Hollow Proctor Hollow Whitley 1037 Jellico West
Pumpkin Hollow Pumpkin Hollow Menifee 807 Means
Pumpkin Hollow Pumpkin Hollow Pulaski 823 Burnside
Punch Hollow Punch Hollow Knox 971 Barbourville
Queener Hollow Queener Hollow Whitley 1073 Saxton
Raccoon Hollow Raccoon Hollow Leslie 1001 Cutshin
Radford Hollow Radford Hollow Jackson 791 Bighill
Railroad Hollow Railroad Hollow Powell 676 Slade
Rattlesnake Hollow Rattlesnake Hollow Leslie 1352 Helton
Reed Hollow Reed Hollow Fleming 755 Plummers Landing
Reffitt Hollow Reffitt Hollow Menifee 922 Frenchburg
Rellford Hollow Rellford Hollow Whitley 1086 Williamsburg
Reynolds Hollow Reynolds Hollow Bath 735 Salt Lick
Rice Hollow Rice Hollow Wayne 935 Parmleysville
Rich Cove Hollow Rich Cove Hollow Clay 1266 Creekville
Richard Hollow Richard Hollow Menifee 827 Frenchburg
Richland Hollow Richland Hollow Harlan 1273 Bledsoe
Road Fork Hollow Road Fork Hollow Lewis 955 Stricklett
Roberts Hollow Roberts Hollow McCreary 801 Barthell
Roberts Hollow Roberts Hollow McCreary 741 Nevelsville
Roberts Hollow Roberts Hollow McCreary 938 Barthell
Rockwall Hollow Rockwall Hollow Rowan 715 Morehead
Rocky Hollow Rocky Hollow Harlan 1680 Louellen
Rocky Hollow Rocky Hollow Knox 1348 Beverly
Rocky Hollow Rocky Hollow Leslie 1322 Helton
Rocky Hollow Rocky Hollow Fleming 791 Plummers Landing
Rodburn Hollow Rodburn Hollow Rowan 817 Morehead
Rogers Hollow Rogers Hollow McCreary 732 Nevelsville
Rothwell Hollow Rothwell Hollow Menifee 974 Frenchburg
Rube Hollow Rube Hollow McCreary 1161 Hollyhill
Salad Hollow Salad Hollow Harlan 1411 Louellen
Salt Log Hollow Salt Log Hollow Pulaski 830 Ano
Salt Spring Hollow Salt Spring Hollow Rockcastle 1076 Wildie
Saltpeter Hollow Saltpeter Hollow Clay 1076 Ogle
Saw Pit Hollow Saw Pit Hollow Clay 1063 Beverly
Sawmill Hollow Sawmill Hollow Whitley 942 Saxton
Saylor Hollow Saylor Hollow Harlan 1916 Helton
Scale Ladder Hollow Scale Ladder Hollow Menifee 722 Bangor
Schoolhouse Hollow Schoolhouse Hollow McCreary 1010 Barthell
Schoolhouse Hollow Schoolhouse Hollow McCreary 886 Nevelsville
Schoolhouse Hollow Schoolhouse Hollow Wayne 801 Coopersville
Schoolhouse Hollow Schoolhouse Hollow Carter 774 Soldier
Seago Hollow Seago Hollow McCreary 1010 Hollyhill
Seng Cove Seng Cove Owsley 1138 Mistletoe
Seng Hollow Seng Hollow Clay 1083 Ogle
Shearer Hollow Shearer Hollow Rockcastle 1086 Berea
Shed Hollow Shed Hollow Powell 699 Slade
Shelly Hollow Shelly Hollow Whitley 1138 Williamsburg
Shep Hollow Shep Hollow Knox 1247 Beverly
Shoot Hollow Shoot Hollow Clay 892 Ogle
Shop Hollow Shop Hollow Rowan 778 Wrigley
Short Hollow Short Hollow McCreary 751 Nevelsville
Short Hollow Short Hollow Clay 1243 Beverly
Short Hollow Short Hollow Lee 659 Heidelberg
Short Lick Hollow Short Lick Hollow Clay 1066 Ogle
Shrout Hollow Shrout Hollow Rowan 722 Bangor
Shuler Hollow Shuler Hollow Estill 659 Cobhill
Siam Hollow Siam Hollow Lewis 919 Stricklett
Siler Hollow Siler Hollow Whitley 1148 Williamsburg
Silver Lick Hollow Silver Lick Hollow Lewis 883 Stricklett
Silver Lick Hollow Silver Lick Hollow Lewis 791 Stricklett
Silver Mine Hollow Silver Mine Hollow Jackson 899 Leighton
Silvermine Hollow Silvermine Hollow Wayne 850 Nevelsville
Silvers Hollow Silvers Hollow Pulaski 732 Dykes
Simpkins Hollow Simpkins Hollow Menifee 850 Scranton
Sinking Valley Sinking Valley Jackson 922 Alcorn
Sinking Valley Sinking Valley Pulaski 860 Shopville
Slagel Hollow Slagel Hollow Wayne 968 Parmleysville
Slaughter Pen Hollow Slaughter Pen Hollow Whitley 1007 Jellico East
Slavey Hollow Slavey Hollow McCreary 827 Barthell
Slip Hollow Slip Hollow Harlan 1768 Louellen
Slope Hollow Slope Hollow Harlan 1509 Louellen
Smith Hollow Smith Hollow Lewis 1020 Stricklett
Smoky Hollow Smoky Hollow Bath 689 Colfax
Snake Hollow Snake Hollow Clay 1220 Beverly
Sol Hollow Sol Hollow Clay 787 Barcreek
Spice Lick Hollow Spice Lick Hollow Clay 1020 Ogle
Sponcil Hollow Sponcil Hollow Montgomery 820 Preston
Spring Hollow Spring Hollow Lee 781 Zachariah
Spruce Hollow Spruce Hollow McCreary 925 Barthell
Spruce Hollow Spruce Hollow McCreary 974 Wiborg
Spruce Hollow Spruce Hollow Fleming 781 Plummers Landing
Spruce Pine Hollow Spruce Pine Hollow Clay 968 Barcreek
Squirrel Hollow Squirrel Hollow Harlan 1791 Helton
Staniford Hollow Staniford Hollow Whitley 997 Williamsburg
Steel Hollow Steel Hollow Whitley 1112 Corbin
Steele Hollow Steele Hollow McCreary 840 Bell Farm
Step Hollow Step Hollow Wayne 1001 Sharp Place
Stewart Hollow Stewart Hollow Estill 673 Cobhill
Still House Hollow Still House Hollow Owsley 984 Mistletoe
Stillhouse Hollow Stillhouse Hollow Wayne 902 Parmleysville
Stillhouse Hollow Stillhouse Hollow McCreary 886 Bell Farm
Stillhouse Hollow Stillhouse Hollow Wayne 935 Parmleysville
Stillhouse Hollow Stillhouse Hollow Perry 919 Hazard South
Stone Coal Hollow Stone Coal Hollow Breathitt 738 Canoe
Storm Roark Hollow Storm Roark Hollow Pulaski 896 Dykes
Sugar Betty Hollow Sugar Betty Hollow Whitley 1037 Williamsburg
Sugar Camp Hollow Sugar Camp Hollow Menifee 801 Frenchburg
Sugar Hollow Sugar Hollow Estill 604 Irvine
Sugar Tree Hollow Sugar Tree Hollow Pulaski 846 Dykes
Sugartree Hollow Sugartree Hollow Pulaski 781 Burnside
Sukey Siler Hollow Sukey Siler Hollow Whitley 965 Saxton
Sulphur Hollow Sulphur Hollow Rowan 679 Farmers
Sulphur Springs Hollow Sulphur Springs Hollow Fleming 682 Plummers Landing
Super Hollow Super Hollow Wayne 732 Nevelsville
Tabletree Hollow Tabletree Hollow Owsley 774 Cowcreek
Tackett Hollow Tackett Hollow Menifee 978 Frenchburg
Talley Hollow Talley Hollow Whitley 1047 Saxton
Talp Hollow Talp Hollow Perry 1076 Hazard South
Tary Hollow Tary Hollow Clay 902 Barcreek
Tater Hole Hollow Tater Hole Hollow McCreary 883 Nevelsville
Tattlers Hollow Tattlers Hollow Jackson 1066 McKee
Taylor Hollow Taylor Hollow Menifee 784 Scranton
Thatch Hollow Thatch Hollow Pulaski 820 Burnside
Thomas Hollow Thomas Hollow Clay 965 Maulden
Thompson Hollow Thompson Hollow Wayne 856 Coopersville
Thompson Hollow Thompson Hollow Leslie 1434 Beverly
Three West Hollow Three West Hollow McCreary 755 Barthell
Tight Hollow Tight Hollow Wolfe 892 Slade
Toenail Hollow Toenail Hollow Owsley 1122 Mistletoe
Tom Beetree Hollow Tom Beetree Hollow Clay 988 Ogle
Tom Chrisp Hollow Tom Chrisp Hollow Powell 722 Slade
Tom Clark Hollow Tom Clark Hollow McCreary 801 Hail
Town Hollow Town Hollow Lee 794 Cobhill
Tram Road Hollow Tram Road Hollow Menifee 827 Salt Lick
Troy Gilmore Hollow Troy Gilmore Hollow Lewis 886 Stricklett
Tunnel Hollow Tunnel Hollow McCreary 876 Barthell
Turkey Hollow Turkey Hollow Wayne 781 Coopersville
Turkey Pen Hollow Turkey Pen Hollow Rockcastle 988 Wildie
Ulett Hollow Ulett Hollow Lewis 984 Stricklett
Upper DeZarn Hollow Upper DeZarn Hollow Clay 1099 Beverly
Upper Violet Hollow Upper Violet Hollow Perry 912 Buckhorn
Vine Hollow Vine Hollow Pulaski 899 Dykes
Voting House Hollow Voting House Hollow Clay 869 Ogle
Wagers Hollow Wagers Hollow Menifee 748 Scranton
Walton Hollow Walton Hollow Rockcastle 876 Livingston
Water Tank Hollow Water Tank Hollow McCreary 810 Barthell
Weasel Hollow Weasel Hollow Fleming 748 Plummers Landing
Weaver Hollow Weaver Hollow Fleming 748 Plummers Landing
West Hollow West Hollow Powell 709 Stanton
White Hollow White Hollow Lee 823 Cobhill
White Pine Hollow White Pine Hollow Rowan 856 Cranston
Whitehouse Hollow Whitehouse Hollow McCreary 988 Barthell
Wildcat Hollow Wildcat Hollow Pulaski 935 Shopville
Wiles Stevens Hollow Wiles Stevens Hollow Carter 876 Soldier
Wills Hollow Wills Hollow Menifee 938 Frenchburg
Willy Hollow Willy Hollow Wayne 758 Nevelsville
Wilson Hollow Wilson Hollow Leslie 1752 Helton
Wilson Hollow Wilson Hollow McCreary 738 Sawyer
Wilson Hollow Wilson Hollow Leslie 1493 Helton
Winding Star Hollow Winding Star Hollow Leslie 1004 Hyden East
Windlass Hollow Windlass Hollow McCreary 817 Nevelsville
Witch Hollow Witch Hollow Knox 1398 Beverly
Wolfpen Hollow Wolfpen Hollow Owsley 820 Cowcreek
Wolfpen Hollow Wolfpen Hollow Bath 741 Salt Lick
Worley Hollow Worley Hollow McCreary 801 Nevelsville
Care Lick Hollow Care Lick Hollow Wayne 735 Nevelsville
Morrow Hollow Morrow Hollow McCreary 748 Nevelsville
Holly Bush Hollow Holly Bush Hollow Leslie 1388 Bledsoe
Flat Hollow Flat Hollow Lee 860 Zachariah
Ballard Hollow Ballard Hollow Menifee 912 Frenchburg
Big Hollow Big Hollow Rowan 728 Bangor
Smith Hollow Smith Hollow Whitley 1027 Williamsburg
Big Hollow Big Hollow Rowan 735 Bangor
Barn Hollow Barn Hollow Menifee 748 Bangor
Star Hollow Star Hollow Greenup 659 Friendship
Gas Well Hollow Gas Well Hollow Meade 417 New Amsterdam
Hemlock Canyon Hemlock Canyon Elliott Unknown
Montague Hollow Montague Hollow Carter 1020 Soldier
Cooper Hollow Cooper Hollow Carter 781 Olive Hill
Sawmill Hollow Sawmill Hollow Carter 833 Olive Hill
Elzeline Hollow Elzeline Hollow Carter 823 Olive Hill
Madhouse Hollow Madhouse Hollow Carter 781 Olive Hill
Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Carter 722 Olive Hill
Sturgill Hollow Sturgill Hollow Carter Unknown
Prine Hollow Prine Hollow Carter Unknown
Hickory Grove Hollow Hickory Grove Hollow Carter Unknown
Todd Hollow Todd Hollow Carter Unknown
Jerry Bell Hollow Jerry Bell Hollow Carter Unknown
Shop Hollow Shop Hollow Carter Unknown
Still House Hollow Still House Hollow Lawrence Unknown
Oil Well Bottom Oil Well Bottom Lawrence Unknown
Pleas House Bottom Pleas House Bottom Lawrence Unknown
Barn Bottom Barn Bottom Lawrence Unknown
Wolf Hollow Wolf Hollow Lawrence Unknown
Leap Hollow Leap Hollow Lawrence Unknown
John Hollow John Hollow Martin Unknown
Charley Staton Hollow Charley Staton Hollow Martin Unknown
Butchers Hollow Butchers Hollow Johnson Unknown
Storehouse Hollow Storehouse Hollow Johnson Unknown
Forshas Branch Forshas Branch Lawrence 643 Richardson
Barn Hollow Barn Hollow Lawrence 748 Sitka
Castle Hollow Castle Hollow Lawrence 686 Louisa
Happy Hollow Happy Hollow Johnson 669 Paintsville
Cow Pen Hollow Cow Pen Hollow Johnson 689 Paintsville
Stumbo Hollow Stumbo Hollow Floyd 600 Prestonsburg
Prophet Hollow Prophet Hollow Floyd 643 Lancer
Happy Hollow (historical) Happy Hollow (historical) Floyd 679 David
Branham Hollow Branham Hollow Floyd Unknown
Happy Hollow Happy Hollow Floyd Unknown
Crab Apple Hollow Crab Apple Hollow Pike 804 Pikeville
Crow Hollow Crow Hollow Pike 804 Pikeville
Stickrock Hollow Stickrock Hollow Pike 738 Matewan
Muggin Hollow Muggin Hollow Pike Unknown
Si Bill Hollow Si Bill Hollow Pike Unknown
McCoy Hollow McCoy Hollow Pike Unknown
Chickenfoot Hollow Chickenfoot Hollow Pike Unknown
Back Hollow Back Hollow Letcher 1102 Blackey
Ella Hollow Ella Hollow Magoffin 1165 David
Sulfer Springs Hollow Sulfer Springs Hollow Magoffin 1030 David
Lovely Hollow Lovely Hollow Magoffin 948 David
Colt Hollow Colt Hollow Magoffin 971 David
Deadening Hollow Deadening Hollow Martin 879 Offutt
Spicewood Hollow Spicewood Hollow Martin 794 Offutt
Booth Hollow Booth Hollow Martin 755 Offutt
Buck Horn Hollow Buck Horn Hollow Martin 778 Offutt
Flat Hollow Flat Hollow Martin 827 Varney
Horse In Tree Hollow Horse In Tree Hollow Martin 807 Offutt
Lower Twin Hollow Lower Twin Hollow Martin 797 Offutt
Poplar Hollow Poplar Hollow Martin 827 Offutt
Short Hollow Short Hollow Martin 715 Inez
Spice Hollow Spice Hollow Martin 787 Offutt
Spruce Hollow Spruce Hollow Martin 797 Thomas
Stable Hollow Stable Hollow Martin 823 Thomas
Upper Twin Hollow Upper Twin Hollow Martin 794 Offutt
Ball Hollow Ball Hollow Pike 1109 Belfry
Barn Hollow Barn Hollow Pike 1020 Belfry
Black Cow Hollow Black Cow Hollow Pike 850 Meta
Blue Spring Hollow Blue Spring Hollow Pike 840 Matewan
Board Tree Hollow Board Tree Hollow Pike 827 Matewan
Boyd Hollow Boyd Hollow Pike 797 Pikeville
Brandy Hollow Brandy Hollow Pike 991 Belfry
Calamus Hollow Calamus Hollow Pike 1158 Wheelwright
Cline Hollow Cline Hollow Pike 699 Pikeville
Coal Hollow Coal Hollow Pike 741 Meta
Cold Bank Hollow Cold Bank Hollow Pike 1066 Elkhorn City
Deskins Hollow Deskins Hollow Pike 676 Broad Bottom
Edmonds Hollow Edmonds Hollow Pike 797 Broad Bottom
Graveyard Hollow Graveyard Hollow Pike 1076 Hellier
Groundhog Hollow Groundhog Hollow Pike 948 Belfry
Homemade Hollow Homemade Hollow Pike 1043 Belfry
John Greer Hollow John Greer Hollow Pike 1024 Dorton
Johnson Hollow Johnson Hollow Pike 863 Millard
Joseph Runyon Hollow Joseph Runyon Hollow Pike 951 Belfry
Mays Hollow Mays Hollow Pike 761 Pikeville
McCoy Hollow McCoy Hollow Pike 873 Millard
Mill Hollow Mill Hollow Pike 1086 Wheelwright
Octavia Hollow Octavia Hollow Pike 1073 Belfry
Old House Hollow Old House Hollow Pike 718 Thomas
Orchard Hollow Orchard Hollow Pike 876 Hellier
Pauley Hollow Pauley Hollow Pike 853 Williamson
Phillips Hollow Phillips Hollow Pike 686 Delbarton
Powderhouse Hollow Powderhouse Hollow Pike 758 Pikeville
Rich Hollow Rich Hollow Pike 682 Pikeville
Song Hollow Song Hollow Pike 984 Elkhorn City
Sow Hollow Sow Hollow Pike 1184 Wheelwright
Taylor Hollow Taylor Hollow Pike 833 Meta
Tool Box Hollow Tool Box Hollow Pike 712 Thomas
Trout Hollow Trout Hollow Pike 906 Belfry
Uncle Irvs Hollow Uncle Irvs Hollow Pike 751 Meta
Uppertwin Hollow Uppertwin Hollow Pike 1079 Hellier
Woodlands Acres Woodlands Acres Pike 840 Broad Bottom
Kissick Hollow Kissick Hollow Fleming 705 Farmers
Bozikees Hollow Bozikees Hollow Mason Unknown
Sleep Hollow Sleep Hollow Mason Unknown
Hildebrand Hollow Hildebrand Hollow Lewis 718 Manchester Islands
Beasley Hollow Beasley Hollow Wolfe 823 Slade
Gibbs Hollow Gibbs Hollow Wolfe 974 Cannel City
Leslie Hollow Leslie Hollow Wolfe 978 Landsaw
Smith Valley Smith Valley Wolfe 755 Campton
Mulberry Hollow Valley Mulberry Hollow Valley Lee 689 Beattyville
DeHart Hollow DeHart Hollow Powell 722 Slade
Hidden Valley Hidden Valley Powell 653 Levee
Dark Hollow Dark Hollow Estill 640 Panola
Stringtown Hollow Stringtown Hollow Jackson 1010 Tyner
Congleton Hollow Congleton Hollow Jackson 1070 Sandgap
Cope Hollow Cope Hollow Jackson 1142 Maulden
Garden Hollow Garden Hollow Jackson 1138 Sandgap
Foggy Hollow Foggy Hollow Carter 728 Rush
Jacobs Hollow Jacobs Hollow Carter 673 Rush
Tygart Canyon Tygart Canyon Carter 702 Grahn
Dinnens Branch Dinnens Branch Carter 692 Rush
Clark-Dun Well Hollow Clark-Dun Well Hollow Clay 876 Maulden
Tanard Hollow Tanard Hollow Clay 886 Manchester
No Head Hollow No Head Hollow Grant 659 Glencoe
Low Hollow Low Hollow Knox 1076 Barbourville
Last Chance Hollow Last Chance Hollow Perry Unknown
Big Rock Hollow Big Rock Hollow Perry 1194 Hazard South
Sheep Hollow Sheep Hollow Perry 974 Hazard South
Still House Hollow Still House Hollow Perry 869 Hazard North
Poplar Hollow Poplar Hollow Perry 915 Hazard North
Twin Hollow Twin Hollow Perry 994 Hazard North
Bear Mountain Hollow Bear Mountain Hollow Madison 1010 Berea
Jessamine Gorge Jessamine Gorge Jessamine 515 Wilmore
Moonshine Hollow Moonshine Hollow Harrison 702 Kelat
Hay Hollow Hay Hollow Clinton 653 Frogue
Pierce Hollow Pierce Hollow Clinton 643 Frogue
Lock Hollow Lock Hollow Boyle 817 Parksville
Bears Lettuce Hollow Bears Lettuce Hollow Harlan Unknown
Old Mill Hollow Old Mill Hollow Harlan 2828 Louellen
Ranson Hollow Ranson Hollow Harlan 1165 Harlan
Spicewood Hollow (historical) Spicewood Hollow (historical) Harlan 1201 Harlan
Boneyard Hollow Boneyard Hollow Lincoln 984 Halls Gap
Dick Sinkhorn Hollow Dick Sinkhorn Hollow Casey 873 Parksville
Matheny Lane Hollow Matheny Lane Hollow Casey 889 Parksville
Maxey Valley Maxey Valley Casey 1050 Ellisburg
The Denny Hollow The Denny Hollow Wayne 863 Bell Farm
Spruce Pin Hollow Spruce Pin Hollow Wayne 1332 Pall Mall
Steele Hollow Steele Hollow Wayne 935 Coopersville
The Lonnie Hollow (historical) The Lonnie Hollow (historical) Wayne 722 Cumberland City
Frank Gregory Hollow Frank Gregory Hollow Wayne 1047 Coopersville
Happy Hollow (historical) Happy Hollow (historical) Wayne 722 Cumberland City
Jim City Hollow Jim City Hollow Wayne 732 Cumberland City
Lonesome Valley Lonesome Valley Wayne 856 Bell Farm
Cedar House Hollow Cedar House Hollow Wayne 997 Parmleysville
Claude Phipps Hollow Claude Phipps Hollow Wayne 741 Parnell
Cold Spring Hollow Cold Spring Hollow Wayne 951 Parmleysville
Gilreath Hollow Gilreath Hollow Wayne 951 Parmleysville
Graveyard Hollow Graveyard Hollow Wayne 994 Parmleysville
Griff Hollow Griff Hollow Wayne 896 Parmleysville
Jones Hollow Jones Hollow Wayne 1014 Parmleysville
Milsap Hollow Milsap Hollow Wayne 1070 Parmleysville
Peercy Hollow Peercy Hollow Wayne 915 Powersburg
Penitentiary Hollow Penitentiary Hollow Wayne 1033 Parmleysville
Polston Hollow Polston Hollow Wayne 928 Parmleysville
Pound Hollow Pound Hollow Wayne 909 Parmleysville
Simpson Hollow Simpson Hollow Wayne 797 Parnell
Sloan Hollow Sloan Hollow Wayne 997 Monticello
Sugar Camp Hollow Sugar Camp Hollow Wayne 1296 Parmleysville
Tanyard Hollow Tanyard Hollow Wayne Unknown
The One-Eye Hollow The One-Eye Hollow Wayne 978 Monticello
Harpes Hill Valley Harpes Hill Valley Muhlenberg 367 Millport
Kendrick Hollow Kendrick Hollow Pike 833 Millard
Gold Mine Hollow Gold Mine Hollow Grant 656 Glencoe
Possum Hollow Possum Hollow Butler 417 Riverside
Rattlesnake Hollow Rattlesnake Hollow Butler 449 Flener
Hurricane Hollow Hurricane Hollow Oldham 440 Bethlehem
Rock Haven Valley Rock Haven Valley Meade 423 Rock Haven
Bob Hollow Bob Hollow Cumberland 574 Dubre
Cove Hollow Cove Hollow Grayson 505 Olaton
Blue Hollow Blue Hollow Adair 722 Knifley
Ferguson Hollow Ferguson Hollow Adair 663 Cane Valley
Bullfrog Hollow Bullfrog Hollow Calloway 433 New Concord
Booker Hollow Booker Hollow Marshall Unknown