Robards District Robards District Henderson 423 Robards
Adair County Adair County Adair 689 Columbia
Allen County Allen County Allen 712 Scottsville
Anderson County Anderson County Anderson 650 Alton Station
Ballard County Ballard County Ballard 423 La Center
Barren County Barren County Barren 722 Glasgow South
Bath County Bath County Bath 912 Colfax
Bell County Bell County Bell 1093 Middlesboro North
Boone County Boone County Boone 843 Union
Bourbon County Bourbon County Bourbon 833 Paris East
Boyd County Boyd County Boyd 643 Boltsfork
Boyle County Boyle County Boyle 955 Junction City
Bracken County Bracken County Bracken 804 Brooksville
Breathitt County Breathitt County Breathitt 1270 Quicksand
Breckinridge County Breckinridge County Breckinridge 686 Hardinsburg
Bullitt County Bullitt County Bullitt 459 Shepherdsville
Butler County Butler County Butler 404 Morgantown
Caldwell County Caldwell County Caldwell 449 Olney
Calloway County Calloway County Calloway 531 Murray
Campbell County Campbell County Campbell 659 Alexandria
Carlisle County Carlisle County Carlisle 427 Milburn
Carroll County Carroll County Carroll 472 Vevay South
Carter County Carter County Carter 922 Grahn
Casey County Casey County Casey 814 Liberty
Christian County Christian County Christian 614 Kelly
Clark County Clark County Clark 909 Winchester
Clay County Clay County Clay 1476 Barcreek
Clinton County Clinton County Clinton 1017 Albany
Crittenden County Crittenden County Crittenden 571 Marion
Cumberland County Cumberland County Cumberland 699 Waterview
Daviess County Daviess County Daviess 420 Sutherland
Edmonson County Edmonson County Edmonson 643 Rhoda
Elliott County Elliott County Elliott 820 Isonville
Estill County Estill County Estill 643 Irvine
Fayette County Fayette County Fayette 1053 Lexington East
Fleming County Fleming County Fleming 892 Hillsboro
Floyd County Floyd County Floyd 797 Harold
Franklin County Franklin County Franklin 699 Frankfort West
Fulton County Fulton County Fulton 361 Hickman
Gallatin County Gallatin County Gallatin 784 Patriot
Garrard County Garrard County Garrard 873 Buckeye
Grant County Grant County Grant 863 Williamstown
Graves County Graves County Graves 509 Mayfield
Grayson County Grayson County Grayson 722 Leitchfield
Green County Green County Green 702 Summersville
Greenup County Greenup County Greenup 846 Load
Hancock County Hancock County Hancock 531 Pellville
Hardin County Hardin County Hardin 781 Cecilia
Harlan County Harlan County Harlan 1434 Evarts
Harrison County Harrison County Harrison 810 Cynthiana
Hart County Hart County Hart 696 Munfordville
Henderson County Henderson County Henderson 371 Henderson
Henry County Henry County Henry 778 Franklinton
Hickman County Hickman County Hickman 400 Clinton
Hopkins County Hopkins County Hopkins 433 Madisonville West
Jackson County Jackson County Jackson 1375 Sandgap
Jefferson County Jefferson County Jefferson 476 Louisville East
Jessamine County Jessamine County Jessamine 928 Little Hickman
Johnson County Johnson County Johnson 1027 Paintsville
Kenton County Kenton County Kenton 883 Independence
Knott County Knott County Knott 1230 Hindman
Knox County Knox County Knox 1243 Fount
Larue County Larue County Larue 820 Hodgenville
Laurel County Laurel County Laurel 1207 Lily
Lawrence County Lawrence County Lawrence 659 Adams
Lee County Lee County Lee 1056 Beattyville
Leslie County Leslie County Leslie 1066 Hoskinston
Letcher County Letcher County Letcher 1243 Whitesburg
Lewis County Lewis County Lewis 1155 Charters
Lincoln County Lincoln County Lincoln 1109 Halls Gap
Livingston County Livingston County Livingston 587 Burna
Logan County Logan County Logan 568 Russellville
Lyon County Lyon County Lyon 404 Eddyville
Madison County Madison County Madison 965 Richmond South
Magoffin County Magoffin County Magoffin 965 Salyersville South
Marion County Marion County Marion 804 Lebanon West
Marshall County Marshall County Marshall 469 Briensburg
Martin County Martin County Martin 1093 Inez
Mason County Mason County Mason 876 Mays Lick
McCracken County McCracken County McCracken 390 Paducah West
McCreary County McCreary County McCreary 1332 Whitley City
McLean County McLean County McLean 374 Calhoun
Meade County Meade County Meade 597 Guston
Menifee County Menifee County Menifee 1273 Scranton
Mercer County Mercer County Mercer 863 Harrodsburg
Metcalfe County Metcalfe County Metcalfe 718 Summer Shade
Monroe County Monroe County Monroe 945 Tompkinsville
Montgomery County Montgomery County Montgomery 902 Mount Sterling
Morgan County Morgan County Morgan 814 West Liberty
Muhlenberg County Muhlenberg County Muhlenberg 436 Greenville
Nelson County Nelson County Nelson 640 Bardstown
Nicholas County Nicholas County Nicholas 906 Carlisle
Ohio County Ohio County Ohio 512 Horton
Oldham County Oldham County Oldham 807 La Grange
Owen County Owen County Owen 823 Owenton
Owsley County Owsley County Owsley 1073 Booneville
Pendleton County Pendleton County Pendleton 837 Falmouth
Perry County Perry County Perry 1145 Hazard South
Pike County Pike County Pike 1841 Millard
Powell County Powell County Powell 682 Stanton
Pulaski County Pulaski County Pulaski 1050 Somerset
Robertson County Robertson County Robertson 853 Mount Olivet
Rockcastle County Rockcastle County Rockcastle 1306 Mount Vernon
Rowan County Rowan County Rowan 991 Morehead
Russell County Russell County Russell 984 Jamestown
Scott County Scott County Scott 951 Delaplain
Shelby County Shelby County Shelby 758 Shelbyville
Simpson County Simpson County Simpson 669 Franklin
Spencer County Spencer County Spencer 630 Taylorsville
Taylor County Taylor County Taylor 817 Campbellsville
Todd County Todd County Todd 643 Elkton
Trigg County Trigg County Trigg 594 Cadiz
Trimble County Trimble County Trimble 869 Bedford
Union County Union County Union 472 Morganfield
Warren County Warren County Warren 463 Bowling Green South
Washington County Washington County Washington 794 Brush Grove
Wayne County Wayne County Wayne 1063 Monticello
Webster County Webster County Webster 492 Dixon
Whitley County Whitley County Whitley 1217 Wofford
Wolfe County Wolfe County Wolfe 1066 Landsaw
Woodford County Woodford County Woodford 912 Versailles
Commonwealth of Kentucky Commonwealth of Kentucky Marion 712 Lebanon West
Adairville Division Adairville Division Logan 584 Dot
Adams Division Adams Division Lawrence 843 Richardson
Adolphus Division Adolphus Division Allen 673 Adolphus
Albany Division Albany Division Clinton 948 Albany
Alexandria Division Alexandria Division Campbell 791 Alexandria
Martin-Allen Division Martin-Allen Division Floyd 640 Martin
Alva Division Alva Division Harlan 2051 Ewing
Northwest Anderson Division Northwest Anderson Division Anderson 837 Glensboro
Southwest Anderson Division Southwest Anderson Division Anderson 833 Ashbrook
Arlington Division Arlington Division Carlisle 440 Milburn
Ashcamp Division Ashcamp Division Pike 1171 Hellier
Ashers Fork Division Ashers Fork Division Clay 1247 Creekville
Ashland Division Ashland Division Boyd 673 Ashland
Ashland South Division Ashland South Division Boyd 577 Ashland
Auburn Division Auburn Division Logan 682 South Union
Augusta Division Augusta Division Bracken 856 Brooksville
Bald Knob Division Bald Knob Division Franklin 843 Polsgrove
Barbourville Division Barbourville Division Knox 994 Barbourville
Bardstown Division Bardstown Division Nelson 630 Bardstown
Bardwell Division Bardwell Division Carlisle 469 Arlington
Barlow Division Barlow Division Ballard 308 Barlow
Battletown-Payneville Division Battletown-Payneville Division Meade 653 New Amsterdam
Beattyville Division Beattyville Division Lee 1161 Zachariah
Beaver Creek Division Beaver Creek Division Knott 1280 Kite
Beaver Dam Division Beaver Dam Division Ohio 515 Cromwell
Bedford Division Bedford Division Trimble 919 Bedford
Benton Division Benton Division Marshall 509 Oak Level
Berea Division Berea Division Madison 974 Bighill
Berry Division Berry Division Harrison 801 Kelat
Berry West Division Berry West Division Harrison 764 Breckinridge
Big Creek Division Big Creek Division Clay 1480 Big Creek
Blackey Division Blackey Division Letcher 1430 Roxana
Blaine Division Blaine Division Lawrence 738 Mazie
Bloomfield Division Bloomfield Division Nelson 823 Bloomfield
Bonnieville Division Bonnieville Division Hart 732 Upton
Ford-Boonesborough Division Ford-Boonesborough Division Clark 702 Ford
Booneville Division Booneville Division Owsley 971 Booneville
Boston Division Boston Division Nelson 509 Cravens
Bowling Green Division Bowling Green Division Warren 463 Bowling Green South
Bradfordsville Division Bradfordsville Division Marion 682 Bradfordsville NE
Brandenburg Division Brandenburg Division Meade 630 Guston
McDaniels-Hudson Division McDaniels-Hudson Division Breckinridge 755 Custer
Glen Dean-Vanzant Division Glen Dean-Vanzant Division Breckinridge 535 Glen Dean
Bremen Division Bremen Division Muhlenberg 440 Millport
Brooksville Division Brooksville Division Bracken 718 Brooksville
Brownsville Division Brownsville Division Edmonson 633 Rhoda
Brownsville North Division Brownsville North Division Edmonson 633 Brownsville
Bryan Division Bryan Division Russell 951 Creelsboro
Bryants Store Division Bryants Store Division Knox 978 Barbourville
Bryantsville Division Bryantsville Division Garrard 988 Bryantsville
Buckhorn Division Buckhorn Division Perry 1115 Buckhorn
Buffalo Division Buffalo Division Larue 899 Howardstown
Burgin Division Burgin Division Mercer 971 Wilmore
Burkesville Division Burkesville Division Cumberland 699 Waterview
Burlington Division Burlington Division Boone 610 Rising Sun
Burning Springs Division Burning Springs Division Clay 1184 Manchester
Burnside Division Burnside Division Pulaski 978 Burnside
Bush Division Bush Division Laurel 1250 Blackwater
Butler Division Butler Division Pendleton 692 Butler
Cadiz Division Cadiz Division Trigg 413 Cadiz
Canton Division Canton Division Trigg 518 Canton
Calhoun Division Calhoun Division McLean 423 Calhoun
Hazel-Lynn Grove Division Hazel-Lynn Grove Division Calloway 531 Lynn Grove
Calvert City Division Calvert City Division Marshall 407 Briensburg
Campbellsburg Division Campbellsburg Division Henry 860 Campbellsburg
Campbellsville Division Campbellsville Division Taylor 823 Campbellsville
Camp Ground Division Camp Ground Division Laurel 1161 Blackwater
Campton Division Campton Division Wolfe 1129 Campton
Cane Valley Division Cane Valley Division Adair 784 Cane Valley
Caneyville Division Caneyville Division Grayson 597 Caneyville
Cannel City Division Cannel City Division Morgan 958 Cannel City
Cannonsburg Division Cannonsburg Division Boyd 627 Boltsfork
Canoe Division Canoe Division Breathitt 814 Canoe
Carlisle Division Carlisle Division Nicholas 1030 Moorefield
Carr Fork Division Carr Fork Division Knott 1319 Hindman
Carrollton Division Carrollton Division Carroll 797 Vevay South
Carter Division Carter Division Carter 699 Wesleyville
Casey Creek Division Casey Creek Division Adair 823 Knifley
Catlettsburg Division Catlettsburg Division Boyd 696 Burnaugh
Cave City Division Cave City Division Barren 669 Glasgow North
Cawood Division Cawood Division Harlan 1890 Evarts
Cecilia Division Cecilia Division Hardin 725 Howe Valley
Center Division Center Division Metcalfe 758 Sulphur Well
Centertown Division Centertown Division Ohio 515 Equality
Central City Division Central City Division Muhlenberg 381 Central City East
Cerulean Division Cerulean Division Trigg 387 Cobb
Christianburg Division Christianburg Division Shelby 843 North Pleasureville
Clarkson Division Clarkson Division Grayson 620 Big Clifty
Southeast Clark Division Southeast Clark Division Clark 843 Hedges
Clay Division Clay Division Webster 397 Providence
Clay City Division Clay City Division Powell 604 Clay City
Clementsville Division Clementsville Division Casey 1010 Clementsville
Clifford Division Clifford Division Lawrence 1089 Milo
Clinton Division Clinton Division Hickman 440 Clinton
Cloverport Division Cloverport Division Breckinridge 394 Mattingly
Colony Division Colony Division Laurel 1184 Bernstadt
Colson Division Colson Division Letcher 1332 Mayking
Columbia Division Columbia Division Adair 833 Columbia
Columbus Division Columbus Division Hickman 446 Oakton
Conway Division Conway Division Rockcastle 1421 Wildie
Co-operative Division Co-operative Division McCreary 1257 Bell Farm
Coopersville Division Coopersville Division Wayne 1414 Parmleysville
Corbin Division Corbin Division Knox 1135 Corbin
Corbin Division Corbin Division Whitley 1371 Vox
Corinth Division Corinth Division Grant 899 Mason
Corydon Division Corydon Division Henderson 472 Wilson
Cottonburg-Valley View Division Cottonburg-Valley View Division Madison 863 Valley View
Covington Division Covington Division Kenton 869 Covington
Cowcreek Division Cowcreek Division Owsley 1056 Mistletoe
Coxs Creek Division Coxs Creek Division Nelson 610 Fairfield
Crab Orchard Division Crab Orchard Division Lincoln 984 Crab Orchard
Crittenden Division Crittenden Division Grant 751 Verona
East Crittenden Division East Crittenden Division Crittenden 446 Blackford
South Crittenden Division South Crittenden Division Crittenden 374 Salem
West Crittenden Division West Crittenden Division Crittenden 466 Cave-in-Rock
Crofton Division Crofton Division Christian 607 Crofton
Cumberland Division Cumberland Division Harlan 2703 Benham
Cumberland City Division Cumberland City Division Clinton 961 Wolf Creek Dam
Cumberland Falls Division Cumberland Falls Division Whitley 1243 Cumberland Falls
Kettle-Peytonsburg Division Kettle-Peytonsburg Division Cumberland 823 Frogue
Cunningham Division Cunningham Division Carlisle 400 Blandville
Cutshin Division Cutshin Division Leslie 1552 Cutshin
Cynthiana Division Cynthiana Division Harrison 718 Cynthiana
Daisy Division Daisy Division Perry 1841 Tilford
Danville Division Danville Division Boyle 958 Danville
Whitesville-Philpot Division Whitesville-Philpot Division Daviess 472 Maceo
Utica-Stanley Division Utica-Stanley Division Daviess 394 Panther
Dawson Springs Division Dawson Springs Division Hopkins 469 Dawson Springs
Defiance-Vicco Division Defiance-Vicco Division Perry 919 Vicco
Dewitt Division Dewitt Division Knox 1818 Scalf
Dice Division Dice Division Perry 1217 Hazard North
Dixon Division Dixon Division Webster 518 Dixon
Donansburg Division Donansburg Division Green 771 Exie
Dorton Division Dorton Division Pike 1804 Dorton
Drakesboro Division Drakesboro Division Muhlenberg 463 Drakesboro
Dunnville Division Dunnville Division Casey 1047 Phil
East Bernstadt Division East Bernstadt Division Laurel 1106 Bernstadt
Eddyville Division Eddyville Division Lyon 489 Eddyville
Edmonton Division Edmonton Division Metcalfe 919 Edmonton
Eli Division Eli Division Russell 1030 Eli
Elizabethtown Division Elizabethtown Division Hardin 784 Elizabethtown
Elkhorn City Division Elkhorn City Division Pike 1506 Elkhorn City
Elkton Division Elkton Division Todd 620 Elkton
Eminence Division Eminence Division Henry 902 Smithfield
Emmalena Division Emmalena Division Knott 1480 Vest
Eolia Division Eolia Division Letcher 1972 Whitesburg
Eubank Division Eubank Division Pulaski 1070 Woodstock
Ewing Division Ewing Division Fleming 827 Elizaville
Fairdealing Division Fairdealing Division Marshall 476 Fairdealing
Falmouth Division Falmouth Division Pendleton 659 Falmouth
Fancy Farm Division Fancy Farm Division Graves 440 Dublin
Farmington Division Farmington Division Graves 509 Farmington
Fedscreek Division Fedscreek Division Pike 1178 Lick Creek
Flaherty Division Flaherty Division Meade 951 Rock Haven
Flatgap Division Flatgap Division Johnson 932 Redbush
Flemingsburg Division Flemingsburg Division Fleming 817 Flemingsburg
Florence Division Florence Division Boone 869 Union
Fordsville Division Fordsville Division Ohio 561 Whitesville
Fort Campbell Division Fort Campbell Division Christian 551 Herndon
Fort Knox Division Fort Knox Division Bullitt 551 Pitts Point
Foster Division Foster Division Bracken 791 Berlin
Fountain Run Division Fountain Run Division Monroe 791 Gamaliel
Frankfort Division Frankfort Division Franklin 518 Frankfort East
Franklin Division Franklin Division Simpson 702 Auburn
Fredonia Division Fredonia Division Caldwell 404 Crider
Frenchburg Division Frenchburg Division Menifee 814 Scranton
South Shore Division South Shore Division Greenup 961 Portsmouth
Fulton Division Fulton Division Fulton 351 Cayce
Kentucky Bend Division Kentucky Bend Division Fulton 289 New Madrid
Garrison Division Garrison Division Lewis 817 Garrison
Hadley-Browning Division Hadley-Browning Division Warren 617 Hadley
Georgetown Division Georgetown Division Scott 778 Georgetown
Girdler Division Girdler Division Knox 1017 Fount
Glasgow Division Glasgow Division Barren 738 Glasgow South
Glens Fork Division Glens Fork Division Adair 912 Amandaville
Alvaton Division Alvaton Division Warren 568 Polkville
Gradyville Division Gradyville Division Adair 827 Gradyville
Grahn Division Grahn Division Carter 689 Grahn
Grants Lick Division Grants Lick Division Campbell 794 New Richmond
Grassy Creek Division Grassy Creek Division Morgan 1138 Ezel
Gravel Switch Division Gravel Switch Division Marion 919 Gravel Switch
Gray Division Gray Division Knox 1194 Heidrick
Grayson Division Grayson Division Carter 564 Grayson
Greencastle Division Greencastle Division Warren 594 Riverside
Greenmount-Langnau Division Greenmount-Langnau Division Laurel 1004 London
Greensburg Division Greensburg Division Green 561 Greensburg
Greenup Division Greenup Division Greenup 630 Load
Greenville Division Greenville Division Muhlenberg 512 Greenville
Gregory Division Gregory Division Wayne 876 Coopersville
Gresham Division Gresham Division Green 718 Gresham
Guthrie Division Guthrie Division Todd 574 Guthrie
Haddix Division Haddix Division Breathitt 915 Haddix
Halfway Division Halfway Division Allen 663 Allen Springs
Hammonville Division Hammonville Division Hart 774 Canmer
Hanson Division Hanson Division Hopkins 381 Hanson
Hardinsburg Division Hardinsburg Division Breckinridge 725 Hardinsburg
Hardshell Division Hardshell Division Breathitt 1276 Noble
Hardyville Division Hardyville Division Hart 928 Park
Harlan Division Harlan Division Harlan 2293 Harlan
Harrisonville Division Harrisonville Division Shelby 863 Waddy
Harrodsburg Division Harrodsburg Division Mercer 915 Cornishville
Hartford Division Hartford Division Ohio 482 Horton
Hawesville Division Hawesville Division Hancock 440 Cannelton
Hazard Division Hazard Division Perry 951 Hazard North
Hazel Green Division Hazel Green Division Wolfe 1148 Hazel Green
Headquarters Division Headquarters Division Nicholas 879 Piqua
Hebbardsville-Robards Division Hebbardsville-Robards Division Henderson 469 Delaware
Hebron Division Hebron Division Boone 817 Lawrenceburg
Heflin-Beda Division Heflin-Beda Division Ohio 495 Pleasant Ridge
Hellier Division Hellier Division Pike 994 Hellier
Henderson Division Henderson Division Henderson 390 Henderson
Hickman Division Hickman Division Fulton 285 Hickman
Hickory-Lowes Division Hickory-Lowes Division Graves 466 Hickory
Hillsboro Division Hillsboro Division Fleming 810 Plummers Landing
Hindman Division Hindman Division Knott 1155 Hindman
Hiseville Division Hiseville Division Barren 702 Hiseville
Hodgenville Division Hodgenville Division Larue 833 Hodgenville
Holland Division Holland Division Allen 804 Holland
Hopkinsville Division Hopkinsville Division Christian 620 Kelly
Horse Branch Division Horse Branch Division Ohio 600 Rosine
Horse Cave Division Horse Cave Division Hart 614 Horse Cave
Hustonville Division Hustonville Division Lincoln 988 Hustonville
Hyden Division Hyden Division Leslie 1138 Hyden West
Independence Division Independence Division Kenton 814 Independence
Irvine Division Irvine Division Estill 712 Clay City
Irvington Division Irvington Division Breckinridge 574 Irvington
Island Division Island Division McLean 423 Livermore
Isonville Division Isonville Division Elliott 1053 Isonville
Jackson Division Jackson Division Breathitt 1014 Jackson
Annville Division Annville Division Jackson 1138 Tyner
Jamestown Division Jamestown Division Russell 883 Jamestown
Jeffersonville Division Jeffersonville Division Montgomery 817 Means
Jenkins Division Jenkins Division Letcher 1568 Jenkins West
Jetson Division Jetson Division Butler 594 Riverside
Junction City Division Junction City Division Boyle 1033 Parksville
Keavy Division Keavy Division Laurel 1106 London SW
Keene Division Keene Division Jessamine 997 Nicholasville
Kentucky Ridge Division Kentucky Ridge Division Bell 1594 Kayjay
Kirkmansville Division Kirkmansville Division Todd 692 Allegre
Kirksey Division Kirksey Division Calloway 558 Kirksey
Krypton Division Krypton Division Perry 1165 Krypton
La Center Division La Center Division Ballard 400 La Center
LaFayette Division LaFayette Division Christian 456 Herndon
La Grange Division La Grange Division Oldham 741 La Grange
Lancaster Division Lancaster Division Garrard 846 Buckeye
Laurel-Petersville Division Laurel-Petersville Division Lewis 1056 Stricklett
Lawrenceburg Division Lawrenceburg Division Anderson 791 Alton Station
Lebanon Division Lebanon Division Marion 886 Lebanon East
Lebanon Junction Division Lebanon Junction Division Bullitt 640 Shepherdsville
Leitchfield Division Leitchfield Division Grayson 581 Leitchfield
Lewisburg Division Lewisburg Division Logan 492 Dunmor
Lewisport Division Lewisport Division Hancock 436 Tell City
Liberty Division Liberty Division Casey 978 Liberty
Mammoth Cave Division Mammoth Cave Division Edmonson 699 Rhoda
Livermore Division Livermore Division McLean 410 Glenville
Livingston Division Livingston Division Rockcastle 1106 Livingston
London Division London Division Laurel 1227 Lily
Long Fork Division Long Fork Division Pike 1148 Wheelwright
Loretto Division Loretto Division Marion 705 Loretto
Louisa Division Louisa Division Lawrence 879 Fallsburg
Louisville Central Division Louisville Central Division Jefferson 459 Louisville West
Louisville East Division Louisville East Division Jefferson 443 Louisville East
Louisville South Division Louisville South Division Jefferson 456 Louisville West
Louisville West Division Louisville West Division Jefferson 449 New Albany
McCarr Division McCarr Division Pike 886 Matewan
Grahamville-Heath Division Grahamville-Heath Division McCracken 361 Heath
Saint Johns-Freemont Division Saint Johns-Freemont Division McCracken 341 Symsonia
Camelia Division Camelia Division McCracken 459 Lovelaceville
McDowell Division McDowell Division Floyd 1135 McDowell
McHenry-Rockport Division McHenry-Rockport Division Ohio 492 Paradise
McKee Division McKee Division Jackson 1299 McKee
Waco-Bybee Division Waco-Bybee Division Madison 873 Moberly
Boonesborough-White Hall Division Boonesborough-White Hall Division Madison 718 Richmond North
Madisonville Division Madisonville Division Hopkins 453 Madisonville East
Kirksville Division Kirksville Division Madison 889 Kirksville
Magnolia-Upton Division Magnolia-Upton Division Larue 797 Hammonville
West Magoffin Division West Magoffin Division Magoffin 968 Seitz
Malaga Division Malaga Division Wolfe 1079 Landsaw
Manchester Division Manchester Division Clay 1148 Barcreek
Mannsville Division Mannsville Division Taylor 820 Bradfordsville
Betsy Layne-Stanville Division Betsy Layne-Stanville Division Floyd 640 Harold
Marion Division Marion Division Crittenden 623 Marion
Inez Division Inez Division Martin 988 Inez
Mayfield Division Mayfield Division Graves 499 Mayfield
Mayflower Division Mayflower Division Pike 978 Meta
Mays Lick Division Mays Lick Division Mason 958 Mays Lick
Maysville Division Maysville Division Mason 925 Mays Lick
West Menifee Division West Menifee Division Menifee 1043 Frenchburg
Middleburg Division Middleburg Division Casey 1142 Yosemite
Middlesborough Division Middlesborough Division Bell 1197 Middlesboro North
Midway Division Midway Division Woodford 856 Midway
Millard Division Millard Division Pike 696 Millard
Millersburg Division Millersburg Division Bourbon 846 Millersburg
Millerstown Division Millerstown Division Grayson 646 Clarkson
Mill Springs Division Mill Springs Division Wayne 886 Mill Springs
Milton Division Milton Division Trimble 863 Madison West
Monterey-New Columbus Division Monterey-New Columbus Division Owen 932 Monterey
Monticello Division Monticello Division Wayne 938 Monticello
Morehead Division Morehead Division Rowan 945 Morehead
Morganfield Division Morganfield Division Union 390 Morganfield
Morgantown Division Morgantown Division Butler 531 Morgantown
Mount Hermon Division Mount Hermon Division Monroe 1007 Freedom
Mount Olivet Division Mount Olivet Division Robertson 853 Mount Olivet
Mount Sterling Division Mount Sterling Division Montgomery 1004 Mount Sterling
Mount Vernon Division Mount Vernon Division Rockcastle 1096 Maretburg
Mount Victory Division Mount Victory Division Pulaski 938 Dykes
Mount Washington Division Mount Washington Division Bullitt 689 Mount Washington
Mousie Division Mousie Division Knott 1526 Handshoe
Mozelle Division Mozelle Division Leslie 1083 Helton
Grethel-Teaberry Division Grethel-Teaberry Division Floyd 784 McDowell
Munfordville Division Munfordville Division Hart 755 Munfordville
Murray Division Murray Division Calloway 541 Murray
Nancy Division Nancy Division Pulaski 1063 Faubush
Nebo Division Nebo Division Hopkins 390 Nebo
New Castle Division New Castle Division Henry 866 New Castle
New Concord Division New Concord Division Calloway 364 New Concord
New Haven Division New Haven Division Nelson 499 New Haven
New Liberty Division New Liberty Division Owen 866 New Liberty
New Market Division New Market Division Marion 594 Spurlington
Newport-Fort Thomas Division Newport-Fort Thomas Division Campbell 735 Newport
Nicholasville Division Nicholasville Division Jessamine 906 Little Hickman
Nippa Division Nippa Division Johnson 833 Sitka
North Corbin Division North Corbin Division Laurel 1165 Lily
North Middletown Division North Middletown Division Bourbon 981 North Middletown
Nortonville Division Nortonville Division Hopkins 443 Nortonville
Oakdale Division Oakdale Division Breathitt 879 Jackson
Oil Springs Division Oil Springs Division Johnson 1243 Oil Springs
Olive Hill Division Olive Hill Division Carter 981 Olive Hill
Oneida Division Oneida Division Clay 774 Oneida
Owensboro Division Owensboro Division Daviess 410 Owensboro East
Owenton Division Owenton Division Owen 879 Owenton
Owingsville Division Owingsville Division Bath 879 Owingsville
Paducah Division Paducah Division McCracken 381 Paducah West
Elkfork-Ophir Division Elkfork-Ophir Division Morgan 1007 Dingus
Paint Lick Division Paint Lick Division Garrard 1037 Paint Lick
Paintsville Division Paintsville Division Johnson 994 Paintsville
Paris Division Paris Division Bourbon 873 Paris West
Parkers Lake Division Parkers Lake Division McCreary 1302 Wiborg
Patesville Division Patesville Division Hancock 574 Cloverport
Peaks Mill Division Peaks Mill Division Franklin 732 Switzer
Pearl Division Pearl Division Whitley 1532 Eagan
Oak Grove-Pembroke Division Oak Grove-Pembroke Division Christian 587 Oak Grove
Goforth-Locust Grove Division Goforth-Locust Grove Division Pendleton 728 Goforth
Penrod Division Penrod Division Muhlenberg 400 Rochester
Perryville Division Perryville Division Boyle 942 Parksville
Pewee Valley Division Pewee Valley Division Oldham 735 Anchorage
Phelps Division Phelps Division Pike 1614 Hurley
Pikeville Division Pikeville Division Pike 676 Broad Bottom
Hilda-Triplett Division Hilda-Triplett Division Rowan 1033 Cranston
Pine Knot Division Pine Knot Division McCreary 1161 Whitley City
Pine Mountain Division Pine Mountain Division Harlan 2241 Bledsoe
Piner-Visalia Division Piner-Visalia Division Kenton 712 Walton
Pineville Division Pineville Division Bell 2041 Pineville
Pleasureville Division Pleasureville Division Henry 482 Franklinton
Poor Fork Division Poor Fork Division Harlan 1447 Nolansburg
Prestonsburg Division Prestonsburg Division Floyd 991 Prestonsburg
Prestonville Division Prestonville Division Carroll 755 Carrollton
Princeton Division Princeton Division Caldwell 617 Princeton East
Providence Division Providence Division Webster 413 Providence
Pruden-Fonde Division Pruden-Fonde Division Bell 2139 Frakes
Raccoon Division Raccoon Division Pike 1296 Meta
Radcliff Division Radcliff Division Hardin 761 Flaherty
Ravenna Division Ravenna Division Estill 1138 Cobhill
Raywick Division Raywick Division Marion 741 Raywick
Winston-West Irvine Division Winston-West Irvine Division Estill 856 Panola
Richmond Division Richmond Division Madison 935 Richmond South
Risner Division Risner Division Floyd 869 Martin
Robinson Creek Division Robinson Creek Division Pike 791 Dorton
Rochester Division Rochester Division Butler 584 South Hill
Rocky Hill Division Rocky Hill Division Barren 774 Lucas
Rosewood Division Rosewood Division Muhlenberg 525 Kirkmansville
Rousseau Division Rousseau Division Breathitt 1155 Guage
Royalton Division Royalton Division Magoffin 1253 David
Flatwoods-Russell Division Flatwoods-Russell Division Greenup 682 Ironton
Russell Springs Division Russell Springs Division Russell 1004 Russell Springs
Russellville Division Russellville Division Logan 653 Russellville
Sacramento Division Sacramento Division McLean 381 Sacramento
Sadieville Division Sadieville Division Scott 860 Delaplain
Saint Charles Division Saint Charles Division Hopkins 522 Saint Charles
Saint Helens Division Saint Helens Division Lee 696 Tallega
Saint Mary Division Saint Mary Division Marion 748 Lebanon West
Salem Division Salem Division Livingston 545 Lola
Saloma Division Saloma Division Taylor 778 Saloma
Salt Lick Division Salt Lick Division Bath 715 Salt Lick
Salvisa-McAfee Division Salvisa-McAfee Division Mercer 817 McBrayer
Salyersville Division Salyersville Division Magoffin 974 Salyersville North
Sandgap Division Sandgap Division Jackson 1161 Sandgap
Sandy Hook Division Sandy Hook Division Elliott 958 Ault
Saxton Division Saxton Division Whitley 955 Saxton
Science Hill Division Science Hill Division Pulaski 1076 Science Hill
Scottsville Division Scottsville Division Allen 778 Petroleum
Sebree Division Sebree Division Webster 374 Sebree
Sedalia Division Sedalia Division Graves 554 Lynnville
Settle Division Settle Division Allen 689 Scottsville
Sharpsburg Division Sharpsburg Division Bath 938 Sharpsburg
Shelbyville Division Shelbyville Division Shelby 741 Shelbyville
Shepherdsville Northwest Division Shepherdsville Northwest Division Bullitt 771 Valley Station
Shepherdsville Southeast Division Shepherdsville Southeast Division Bullitt 581 Samuels
Shiloh Division Shiloh Division Calloway 522 Hico
Shopville Division Shopville Division Pulaski 997 Shopville
Short Creek Division Short Creek Division Grayson 604 Falls of Rough
Sibert-Hima Division Sibert-Hima Division Clay 1280 Hima
Sidney Division Sidney Division Pike 1201 Williamson
Siler Division Siler Division Whitley 1683 Saxton
East Simpson Division East Simpson Division Simpson 702 Hickory Flat
Simpsonville Division Simpsonville Division Shelby 797 Simpsonville
Smithland Division Smithland Division Livingston 443 Calvert City
Smiths Grove Division Smiths Grove Division Warren 597 Smiths Grove
Somerset Division Somerset Division Pulaski 1112 Somerset
Sonora Division Sonora Division Hardin 771 Sonora
Southeast Lyon Division Southeast Lyon Division Lyon 472 Lamasco
Dividing Ridge Division Dividing Ridge Division Casey 902 Ellisburg
Southwest Lee Division Southwest Lee Division Lee 906 Heidelberg
Land Between the Lakes Division Land Between the Lakes Division Lyon 581 Mont
South Williamson Division South Williamson Division Pike 915 Belfry
West Spencer Division West Spencer Division Spencer 732 Waterford
Spottsville Division Spottsville Division Henderson 420 Spottsville
Springfield Division Springfield Division Washington 797 Springfield
Stamping Ground Division Stamping Ground Division Scott 896 Stamping Ground
Stanford Division Stanford Division Lincoln 1004 Stanford
Stanton Division Stanton Division Powell 942 Stanton
Wagersville-South Irvine Division Wagersville-South Irvine Division Estill 876 Leighton
Stearns-Whitley City Division Stearns-Whitley City Division McCreary 1178 Whitley City
Sturgeon Division Sturgeon Division Owsley 1253 Sturgeon
Sturgis Division Sturgis Division Union 384 Sturgis
Sugar Grove Division Sugar Grove Division Butler 466 Sugar Grove
Summer Shade Division Summer Shade Division Metcalfe 974 Summer Shade
Summersville Division Summersville Division Green 732 Summersville
Summit Division Summit Division Hardin 656 Constantine
Sunfish Division Sunfish Division Edmonson 659 Ready
Symsonia Division Symsonia Division Graves 361 Westplains
Taulbee Division Taulbee Division Breathitt 814 Lee City
Taylorsville Division Taylorsville Division Spencer 699 Taylorsville
Tejay Division Tejay Division Bell 1900 Varilla
Temple Hill Division Temple Hill Division Barren 755 Temple Hill
Threeforks Division Threeforks Division Martin 1138 Varney
Tollesboro Division Tollesboro Division Lewis 633 Tollesboro
Tompkinsville Division Tompkinsville Division Monroe 873 Tompkinsville
Tracy Division Tracy Division Barren 679 Tracy
Trenton Division Trenton Division Todd 581 Trenton
Land Between the Lakes Division Land Between the Lakes Division Trigg 561 Fenton
Trosper Division Trosper Division Knox 1096 Artemus
Tygarts Valley Division Tygarts Valley Division Greenup 974 Brushart
Uniontown Division Uniontown Division Union 364 Uniontown
Upper Clover Fork Division Upper Clover Fork Division Harlan 2979 Louellen
Upper Tygart Division Upper Tygart Division Carter 1106 Soldier
Vanceburg Division Vanceburg Division Lewis 1007 Vanceburg
Versailles Division Versailles Division Woodford 827 Tyrone
Viper Division Viper Division Perry 1608 Hazard South
Wallins Creek Division Wallins Creek Division Harlan 1955 Wallins Creek
Walton Division Walton Division Boone 804 Verona
Warfield Division Warfield Division Martin 945 Kermit
Sand Hill-Girkin Division Sand Hill-Girkin Division Warren 581 Bristow
Warsaw Division Warsaw Division Gallatin 784 Patriot
Wayland Division Wayland Division Floyd 974 Wayland
Waynesburg Division Waynesburg Division Lincoln 1266 Halls Gap
Webbville Division Webbville Division Lawrence 928 Webbville
Welchs Creek Division Welchs Creek Division Butler 528 Flener
West Liberty Division West Liberty Division Morgan 866 Lenox
West Point Division West Point Division Hardin 430 Fort Knox
Wheelwright-Weeksbury Division Wheelwright-Weeksbury Division Floyd 1375 Wheelwright
White Oak Division White Oak Division Adair 1004 Knifley
Whitesburg Division Whitesburg Division Letcher 1266 Mayking
Wickliffe Division Wickliffe Division Ballard 361 Blandville
Willard Division Willard Division Carter 850 Willard
Williamsburg Division Williamsburg Division Whitley 912 Williamsburg
Williamstown-Dry Ridge Division Williamstown-Dry Ridge Division Grant 889 Elliston
Willisburg Division Willisburg Division Washington 741 Brush Grove
Wilmore Division Wilmore Division Jessamine 879 Wilmore
Winchester Division Winchester Division Clark 1033 Austerlitz
Wingo-Water Valley Division Wingo-Water Valley Division Graves 459 Cuba
Woodburn Division Woodburn Division Warren 584 Drake
South Woodford Division South Woodford Division Woodford 830 Keene
Wrigley Division Wrigley Division Morgan 1129 Wrigley
Wurtland Division Wurtland Division Greenup 620 Argillite
Zula-Powersburg Division Zula-Powersburg Division Wayne 915 Powersburg
Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government Jefferson 522 Louisville East
City of Adairville City of Adairville Logan 630 Adairville
City of Albany City of Albany Clinton 965 Albany
City of Alexandria City of Alexandria Campbell 823 Alexandria
City of Allen City of Allen Floyd 646 Harold
City of Allensville City of Allensville Todd 591 Allensville
City of Anchorage City of Anchorage Jefferson 728 Anchorage
City of Arlington City of Arlington Carlisle 348 Arlington
City of Ashland City of Ashland Boyd 676 Ashland
City of Auburn City of Auburn Logan 643 Auburn
City of Audubon Park City of Audubon Park Jefferson 502 Louisville East
City of Augusta City of Augusta Bracken 518 Felicity
City of Bancroft City of Bancroft Jefferson 617 Anchorage
City of Barbourmeade City of Barbourmeade Jefferson 636 Anchorage
City of Barbourville City of Barbourville Knox 971 Barbourville
City of Bardstown City of Bardstown Nelson 640 Bardstown
City of Bardwell City of Bardwell Carlisle 397 Arlington
City of Barlow City of Barlow Ballard 371 Barlow
City of Dover City of Dover Mason 531 Higginsport
City of Drakesboro City of Drakesboro Muhlenberg 443 Drakesboro
City of Druid Hills City of Druid Hills Jefferson 561 Jeffersonville
City of Dry Ridge City of Dry Ridge Grant 928 Williamstown
City of Dycusburg City of Dycusburg Crittenden 367 Dycusburg
City of Earlington City of Earlington Hopkins 554 Madisonville West
City of Eddyville City of Eddyville Lyon 436 Eddyville
City of Edgewood City of Edgewood Kenton 846 Covington
City of Edmonton City of Edmonton Metcalfe 817 Edmonton
City of Ekron City of Ekron Meade 659 Guston
City of Elizabethtown City of Elizabethtown Hardin 755 Cecilia
City of Elkhorn City City of Elkhorn City Pike 791 Elkhorn City
City of Elkton City of Elkton Todd 614 Elkton
City of Elsmere City of Elsmere Kenton 837 Independence
City of Eminence City of Eminence Henry 925 Eminence
City of Erlanger City of Erlanger Kenton 827 Covington
City of Eubank City of Eubank Pulaski 1188 Eubank
City of Evarts City of Evarts Harlan 1293 Evarts
City of Ewing City of Ewing Fleming 928 Elizaville
City of Fairfield City of Fairfield Nelson 738 Fairfield
City of Fairmeade (historical) City of Fairmeade (historical) Jefferson 528 Louisville East
City of Fairview City of Fairview Kenton 538 Alexandria
City of Falmouth City of Falmouth Pendleton 577 Falmouth
City of Ferguson City of Ferguson Pulaski 1050 Somerset
City of Fincastle City of Fincastle Jefferson 718 Anchorage
City of Flatwoods City of Flatwoods Greenup 682 Ironton
City of Fleming-Neon City of Fleming-Neon Letcher 1634 Jenkins West
City of Flemingsburg City of Flemingsburg Fleming 827 Flemingsburg
City of Florence City of Florence Boone 896 Union
City of Fordsville City of Fordsville Ohio 505 Fordsville
City of Forest Hills City of Forest Hills Jefferson 666 Jeffersontown
City of Fort Mitchell City of Fort Mitchell Kenton 833 Covington
City of Fort Thomas City of Fort Thomas Campbell 781 Newport
City of Fort Wright City of Fort Wright Kenton 823 Covington
City of Fountain Run City of Fountain Run Monroe 781 Fountain Run
City of Fox Chase City of Fox Chase Bullitt 515 Brooks
City of Frankfort City of Frankfort Franklin 725 Frankfort East
City of Franklin City of Franklin Simpson 689 Franklin
City of Fredonia City of Fredonia Caldwell 417 Fredonia
City of Frenchburg City of Frenchburg Menifee 853 Scranton
City of Fulton City of Fulton Fulton 390 Crutchfield
City of Gamaliel City of Gamaliel Monroe 846 Gamaliel
City of Georgetown City of Georgetown Scott 814 Georgetown
City of Germantown City of Germantown Bracken 951 Germantown
City of Ghent City of Ghent Carroll 489 Vevay South
City of Glasgow City of Glasgow Barren 758 Glasgow North
City of Glencoe City of Glencoe Gallatin 758 Glencoe
City of Glenview City of Glenview Jefferson 548 Jeffersonville
City of Glenview Hills City of Glenview Hills Jefferson 577 Jeffersonville
City of Glenview Manor City of Glenview Manor Jefferson 591 Jeffersonville
City of Goose Creek City of Goose Creek Jefferson 646 Anchorage
City of Goshen City of Goshen Oldham 702 Owen
City of Grand Rivers City of Grand Rivers Livingston 420 Grand Rivers
City of Gratz City of Gratz Owen 538 Gratz
City of Graymoor-Devondale City of Graymoor-Devondale Jefferson 591 Anchorage
City of Grayson City of Grayson Carter 584 Grayson
City of Green Spring City of Green Spring Jefferson 620 Anchorage
City of Greensburg City of Greensburg Green 627 Greensburg
City of Greenup City of Greenup Greenup 528 Greenup
City of Greenville City of Greenville Muhlenberg 469 Greenville
City of Guthrie City of Guthrie Todd 548 Guthrie
City of Hanson City of Hanson Hopkins 427 Hanson
City of Hardin City of Hardin Marshall 420 Hardin
City of Hardinsburg City of Hardinsburg Breckinridge 696 Hardinsburg
City of Harlan City of Harlan Harlan 1404 Harlan
City of Harrodsburg City of Harrodsburg Mercer 837 Harrodsburg
City of Hartford City of Hartford Ohio 420 Hartford
City of Beattyville City of Beattyville Lee 794 Beattyville
City of Beaver Dam City of Beaver Dam Ohio 420 Hartford
City of Bedford City of Bedford Trimble 915 Bedford
City of Beechwood Village City of Beechwood Village Jefferson 531 Jeffersonville
City of Bellefonte City of Bellefonte Greenup 594 Ashland
City of Bellemeade City of Bellemeade Jefferson 600 Anchorage
City of Bellevue City of Bellevue Campbell 571 Newport
City of Bellewood City of Bellewood Jefferson 561 Jeffersonville
City of Benham City of Benham Harlan 1552 Benham
City of Benton City of Benton Marshall 436 Hardin
City of Berea City of Berea Madison 955 Berea
City of Berry City of Berry Harrison 669 Berry
City of Blackey City of Blackey Letcher 981 Blackey
City of Blaine City of Blaine Lawrence 640 Blaine
City of Blandville City of Blandville Ballard 463 Blandville
City of Bloomfield City of Bloomfield Nelson 656 Bloomfield
City of Blue Ridge Manor City of Blue Ridge Manor Jefferson 686 Jeffersontown
City of Bonnieville City of Bonnieville Hart 663 Upton
City of Booneville City of Booneville Owsley 840 Booneville
City of Bowling Green City of Bowling Green Warren 528 Bowling Green South
City of Bradfordsville City of Bradfordsville Marion 705 Bradfordsville
City of Brandenburg City of Brandenburg Meade 600 Guston
City of Bremen City of Bremen Muhlenberg 463 Central City West
City of Briarwood City of Briarwood Jefferson 623 Anchorage
City of Broad Fields (historical) City of Broad Fields (historical) Jefferson 545 Louisville East
City of Brodhead City of Brodhead Rockcastle 938 Brodhead
City of Broeck Pointe City of Broeck Pointe Jefferson 656 Anchorage
City of Bromley City of Bromley Kenton 509 Covington
City of Brooksville City of Brooksville Bracken 935 Brooksville
City of Brownsboro Farm City of Brownsboro Farm Jefferson 617 Anchorage
City of Brownsboro Village City of Brownsboro Village Jefferson 571 Jeffersonville
City of Brownsville City of Brownsville Edmonson 528 Brownsville
City of Buckhorn City of Buckhorn Perry 718 Buckhorn
City of Burgin City of Burgin Mercer 863 Harrodsburg
City of Burkesville City of Burkesville Cumberland 571 Burkesville
City of Burnside City of Burnside Pulaski 722 Delmer
City of Butler City of Butler Pendleton 545 Butler
City of Cadiz City of Cadiz Trigg 505 Cadiz
City of Calhoun City of Calhoun McLean 400 Calhoun
City of California City of California Campbell 495 New Richmond
City of Calvert City City of Calvert City Marshall 413 Calvert City
City of Camargo City of Camargo Montgomery 928 Levee
City of Cambridge City of Cambridge Jefferson 584 Jeffersontown
City of Campbellsburg City of Campbellsburg Henry 912 Campbellsburg
City of Campbellsville City of Campbellsville Taylor 853 Campbellsville
City of Campton City of Campton Wolfe 965 Campton
City of Caneyville City of Caneyville Grayson 509 Caneyville
City of Carlisle City of Carlisle Nicholas 906 Carlisle
City of Carrollton City of Carrollton Carroll 489 Carrollton
City of Carrsville City of Carrsville Livingston 371 Shetlerville
City of Catlettsburg City of Catlettsburg Boyd 525 Catlettsburg
City of Cave City City of Cave City Barren 646 Horse Cave
City of Cedarville (historical) City of Cedarville (historical) Pike 787 Elkhorn City
City of Centertown City of Centertown Ohio 443 Hartford
City of Central City City of Central City Muhlenberg 430 Central City West
City of Cherrywood Village (historical) City of Cherrywood Village (historical) Jefferson 561 Jeffersonville
City of Clarkson City of Clarkson Grayson 718 Clarkson
City of Clay City of Clay Webster 381 Providence
City of Clay City City of Clay City Powell 610 Clay City
City of Clinton City of Clinton Hickman 384 Clinton
City of Cloverport City of Cloverport Breckinridge 495 Cloverport
City of Coal Run Village City of Coal Run Village Pike 961 Broad Bottom
City of Cold Spring City of Cold Spring Campbell 830 Newport
City of Coldstream City of Coldstream Jefferson 751 Anchorage
City of Columbia City of Columbia Adair 761 Columbia
City of Columbus City of Columbus Hickman 440 Arlington
City of Concord City of Concord Lewis 518 Concord
City of Corbin City of Corbin Whitley 1119 Corbin
City of Corinth City of Corinth Grant 876 Sadieville
City of Corydon City of Corydon Henderson 440 Poole
City of Covington City of Covington Kenton 715 Covington
City of Crab Orchard City of Crab Orchard Lincoln 942 Crab Orchard
City of Creekside City of Creekside Jefferson 669 Anchorage
City of Crescent Springs City of Crescent Springs Kenton 814 Covington
City of Crestview City of Crestview Campbell 741 Newport
City of Crestview Hills City of Crestview Hills Kenton 896 Covington
City of Crestwood City of Crestwood Oldham 718 Crestwood
City of Crittenden City of Crittenden Grant 925 Walton
City of Crofton City of Crofton Christian 591 Crofton
City of Crossgate City of Crossgate Jefferson 597 Jeffersonville
City of Cumberland City of Cumberland Harlan 1716 Benham
City of Cynthiana City of Cynthiana Harrison 702 Cynthiana
City of Danville City of Danville Boyle 928 Danville
City of Dawson Springs City of Dawson Springs Hopkins 463 Dawson Springs
City of Dayton City of Dayton Campbell 584 Newport
City of Dixon City of Dixon Webster 522 Dixon
City of Douglass Hills City of Douglass Hills Jefferson 715 Jeffersontown
City of Mentor City of Mentor Campbell 509 Laurel
City of Middlesborough City of Middlesborough Bell 1197 Middlesboro South
City of Middletown City of Middletown Jefferson 696 Jeffersontown
City of Midway City of Midway Woodford 823 Midway
City of Millersburg City of Millersburg Bourbon 827 Millersburg
City of Milton City of Milton Trimble 856 Madison East
City of Mockingbird Valley City of Mockingbird Valley Jefferson 495 Jeffersonville
City of Monterey City of Monterey Owen 525 Monterey
City of Monticello City of Monticello Wayne 958 Monticello
City of Moorland City of Moorland Jefferson 636 Anchorage
City of Morehead City of Morehead Rowan 1115 Morehead
City of Morganfield City of Morganfield Union 410 Morganfield
City of Morgantown City of Morgantown Butler 449 Morgantown
City of Mortons Gap City of Mortons Gap Hopkins 420 Nortonville
City of Mount Olivet City of Mount Olivet Robertson 951 Mount Olivet
City of Mount Sterling City of Mount Sterling Montgomery 1020 Mount Sterling
City of Mount Vernon City of Mount Vernon Rockcastle 1138 Mount Vernon
City of Mount Washington City of Mount Washington Bullitt 663 Mount Washington
City of Muldraugh City of Muldraugh Meade 741 Fort Knox
City of Munfordville City of Munfordville Hart 617 Munfordville
City of Murray City of Murray Calloway 531 Murray
City of Murray Hill City of Murray Hill Jefferson 650 Anchorage
City of Nebo City of Nebo Hopkins 404 Nebo
City of New Castle City of New Castle Henry 833 New Castle
City of New Haven City of New Haven Nelson 509 New Haven
City of Newport City of Newport Campbell 541 Newport
City of Nicholasville City of Nicholasville Jessamine 991 Nicholasville
City of Norbourne Estates City of Norbourne Estates Jefferson 535 Louisville East
City of North Middletown City of North Middletown Bourbon 899 North Middletown
City of Northfield City of Northfield Jefferson 591 Jeffersonville
City of Nortonville City of Nortonville Hopkins 413 Nortonville
City of Norwood City of Norwood Jefferson 551 Anchorage
City of Oak Grove City of Oak Grove Christian 535 Oak Grove
City of Oakland City of Oakland Warren 587 Bristow
City of Old Brownsboro Place City of Old Brownsboro Place Jefferson 623 Anchorage
City of Olive Hill City of Olive Hill Carter 830 Olive Hill
City of Orchard Grass Hills City of Orchard Grass Hills Oldham 669 Anchorage
City of Owensboro City of Owensboro Daviess 410 Owensboro East
City of Owenton City of Owenton Owen 984 Owenton
City of Owingsville City of Owingsville Bath 892 Owingsville
City of Paducah City of Paducah McCracken 371 Paducah West
City of Paintsville City of Paintsville Johnson 850 Paintsville
City of Paris City of Paris Bourbon 860 Paris West
City of Park City City of Park City Barren 640 Park City
City of Park Hills City of Park Hills Kenton 810 Covington
City of Park Lake (historical) City of Park Lake (historical) Oldham 755 Crestwood
City of Parkway Village City of Parkway Village Jefferson 495 Louisville East
City of Pembroke City of Pembroke Christian 581 Pembroke
City of Perryville City of Perryville Boyle 840 Perryville
City of Pewee Valley City of Pewee Valley Oldham 778 Crestwood
City of Pikeville City of Pikeville Pike 1043 Pikeville
City of Pineville City of Pineville Bell 1680 Pineville
City of Pioneer Village City of Pioneer Village Bullitt 554 Brooks
City of Pippa Passes City of Pippa Passes Knott 1076 Kite
City of Plantation City of Plantation Jefferson 627 Anchorage
City of Pleasureville City of Pleasureville Henry 899 North Pleasureville
City of Plum Springs City of Plum Springs Warren 545 Bowling Green North
City of Plymouth Village (historical) City of Plymouth Village (historical) Jefferson 541 Louisville East
City of Poplar Hills City of Poplar Hills Jefferson 469 Louisville East
City of Powderly City of Powderly Muhlenberg 449 Greenville
City of Prestonsburg City of Prestonsburg Floyd 781 Prestonsburg
City of Prestonville City of Prestonville Carroll 463 Carrollton
City of Princeton City of Princeton Caldwell 479 Princeton West
City of Prospect City of Prospect Jefferson 472 Anchorage
City of Providence City of Providence Webster 423 Providence
City of Raceland City of Raceland Greenup 630 Ironton
City of Radcliff City of Radcliff Hardin 771 Vine Grove
City of Ravenna City of Ravenna Estill 692 Irvine
City of Raywick City of Raywick Marion 610 Raywick
City of Richlawn City of Richlawn Jefferson 541 Jeffersonville
City of Richmond City of Richmond Madison 974 Richmond South
City of River Bluff City of River Bluff Oldham 627 Anchorage
City of Riverwood City of Riverwood Jefferson 554 Jeffersonville
City of Robards City of Robards Henderson 410 Robards
City of Rochester City of Rochester Butler 433 Rochester
City of Rockport City of Rockport Ohio 433 Paradise
City of Rolling Fields City of Rolling Fields Jefferson 554 Jeffersonville
City of Rolling Hills City of Rolling Hills Jefferson 643 Anchorage
City of Russell City of Russell Greenup 663 Ironton
City of Russell Springs City of Russell Springs Russell 1010 Russell Springs
City of Russellville City of Russellville Logan 610 Russellville
City of Hawesville City of Hawesville Hancock 541 Tell City
City of Hazard City of Hazard Perry 915 Hazard North
City of Hazel City of Hazel Calloway 554 Murray
City of Hebron Estates City of Hebron Estates Bullitt 538 Brooks
City of Henderson City of Henderson Henderson 390 Henderson
City of Heritage Creek City of Heritage Creek Jefferson 646 Mount Washington
City of Hickman City of Hickman Fulton 400 Hickman
City of Hickory Hill City of Hickory Hill Jefferson 676 Anchorage
City of Highland Heights City of Highland Heights Campbell 840 Newport
City of Hills and Dales City of Hills and Dales Jefferson 597 Anchorage
City of Hillview City of Hillview Bullitt 558 Brooks
City of Hindman City of Hindman Knott 1020 Hindman
City of Hiseville (historical) City of Hiseville (historical) Barren 718 Hiseville
City of Hodgenville City of Hodgenville Larue 778 Hodgenville
City of Hollow Creek City of Hollow Creek Jefferson 627 Jeffersontown
City of Hollyvilla City of Hollyvilla Jefferson 518 Brooks
City of Hopkinsville City of Hopkinsville Christian 525 Hopkinsville
City of Horse Cave City of Horse Cave Hart 623 Horse Cave
City of Houston Acres City of Houston Acres Jefferson 577 Jeffersontown
City of Hunters Hollow City of Hunters Hollow Bullitt 518 Brooks
City of Hurstbourne City of Hurstbourne Jefferson 630 Jeffersontown
City of Hurstbourne Acres City of Hurstbourne Acres Jefferson 663 Jeffersontown
City of Hustonville City of Hustonville Lincoln 1007 Hustonville
City of Hyden City of Hyden Leslie 896 Hyden West
City of Independence City of Independence Kenton 801 Independence
City of Indian Hills City of Indian Hills Jefferson 577 Jeffersonville
City of Inez City of Inez Martin 666 Inez
City of Irvine City of Irvine Estill 659 Irvine
City of Irvington City of Irvington Breckinridge 640 Irvington
City of Island City of Island McLean 430 Livermore
City of Jackson City of Jackson Breathitt 748 Jackson
City of Jamestown City of Jamestown Russell 997 Jamestown
City of Jeffersontown City of Jeffersontown Jefferson 650 Jeffersontown
City of Jeffersonville City of Jeffersonville Montgomery 807 Means
City of Jenkins City of Jenkins Letcher 1870 Jenkins East
City of Junction City City of Junction City Boyle 984 Junction City
City of Keeneland (historical) City of Keeneland (historical) Jefferson 673 Anchorage
City of Kenton Vale City of Kenton Vale Kenton 538 Covington
City of Kevil City of Kevil Ballard 430 La Center
City of Kingsley City of Kingsley Jefferson 541 Louisville East
City of Kuttawa City of Kuttawa Lyon 499 Eddyville
City of La Center City of La Center Ballard 371 La Center
City of La Grange City of La Grange Oldham 735 La Grange
City of LaFayette City of LaFayette Christian 551 Roaring Spring
City of Lakeside Park City of Lakeside Park Kenton 860 Covington
City of Lakeview Heights City of Lakeview Heights Rowan 807 Farmers
City of Lancaster City of Lancaster Garrard 1027 Lancaster
City of Langdon Place City of Langdon Place Jefferson 650 Anchorage
City of Latonia Lakes (historical) City of Latonia Lakes (historical) Kenton 827 Alexandria
City of Lawrenceburg City of Lawrenceburg Anderson 758 Alton Station
City of Lebanon City of Lebanon Marion 778 Lebanon West
City of Lebanon Junction City of Lebanon Junction Bullitt 525 Lebanon Junction
City of Leitchfield City of Leitchfield Grayson 722 Leitchfield
City of Lewisburg City of Lewisburg Logan 495 Lewisburg
City of Lewisport City of Lewisport Hancock 390 Lewisport
City of Liberty City of Liberty Casey 810 Liberty
City of Lincolnshire City of Lincolnshire Jefferson 564 Jeffersontown
City of Livermore City of Livermore McLean 404 Livermore
City of Livingston City of Livingston Rockcastle 919 Livingston
City of London City of London Laurel 1240 London
City of Lone Oak (historical) City of Lone Oak (historical) McCracken 472 Paducah West
City of Loretto City of Loretto Marion 741 Loretto
City of Louisa City of Louisa Lawrence 682 Louisa
City of Louisville City of Louisville Jefferson 469 Louisville East
City of Loyall City of Loyall Harlan 1145 Harlan
City of Ludlow City of Ludlow Kenton 541 Covington
City of Lynch City of Lynch Harlan 1762 Benham
City of Lyndon City of Lyndon Jefferson 620 Anchorage
City of Lynnview City of Lynnview Jefferson 472 Louisville East
City of Mackville City of Mackville Washington 896 Mackville
City of Madisonville City of Madisonville Hopkins 482 Madisonville West
City of Manchester City of Manchester Clay 915 Manchester
City of Manor Creek City of Manor Creek Jefferson 653 Anchorage
City of Marion City of Marion Crittenden 591 Marion
City of Martin City of Martin Floyd 640 Martin
City of Maryhill Estates City of Maryhill Estates Jefferson 571 Jeffersonville
City of Mayfield City of Mayfield Graves 466 Mayfield
City of Maysville City of Maysville Mason 820 Maysville West
City of McHenry City of McHenry Ohio 417 Hartford
City of McKee City of McKee Jackson 1043 McKee
City of Meadow Vale City of Meadow Vale Jefferson 659 Anchorage
City of Meadowbrook Farm City of Meadowbrook Farm Jefferson 643 Anchorage
City of Meadowview Estates City of Meadowview Estates Jefferson 525 Louisville East
City of Melbourne City of Melbourne Campbell 492 Withamsville
Lexington-Fayette Urban County Lexington-Fayette Urban County Fayette 1053 Lexington East
City of Ryland Heights City of Ryland Heights Kenton 797 Alexandria
City of Sacramento City of Sacramento McLean 495 Sacramento
City of Sadieville City of Sadieville Scott 876 Sadieville
City of Saint Charles City of Saint Charles Hopkins 502 Saint Charles
City of Saint Matthews City of Saint Matthews Jefferson 535 Louisville East
City of Saint Regis Park City of Saint Regis Park Jefferson 561 Jeffersontown
City of Salem City of Salem Livingston 463 Salem
City of Salt Lick City of Salt Lick Bath 673 Salt Lick
City of Salyersville City of Salyersville Magoffin 850 Salyersville South
City of Sanders City of Sanders Carroll 489 Sanders
City of Sandy Hook City of Sandy Hook Elliott 804 Isonville
City of Sardis City of Sardis Mason 968 Sardis
City of Science Hill City of Science Hill Pulaski 1109 Science Hill
City of Scottsville City of Scottsville Allen 636 Petroleum
City of Sebree City of Sebree Webster 522 Sebree
City of Seneca Gardens City of Seneca Gardens Jefferson 548 Louisville East
City of Sharpsburg City of Sharpsburg Bath 1014 Sharpsburg
City of Shelbyville City of Shelbyville Shelby 761 Shelbyville
City of Shepherdsville City of Shepherdsville Bullitt 440 Shepherdsville
City of Shively City of Shively Jefferson 456 Louisville West
City of Silver Grove City of Silver Grove Campbell 499 Newport
City of Simpsonville City of Simpsonville Shelby 781 Simpsonville
City of Slaughters City of Slaughters Webster 404 Slaughters
City of Smithfield City of Smithfield Henry 883 Smithfield
City of Smithland City of Smithland Livingston 348 Smithland
City of Smiths Grove City of Smiths Grove Warren 630 Smiths Grove
City of Somerset City of Somerset Pulaski 879 Somerset
City of Sonora City of Sonora Hardin 722 Sonora
City of South Carrollton City of South Carrollton Muhlenberg 463 Central City West
City of South Park View City of South Park View Jefferson 499 Brooks
City of South Shore City of South Shore Greenup 541 Portsmouth
City of Southgate City of Southgate Campbell 591 Newport
City of Sparta City of Sparta Gallatin 728 Sanders
City of Spring Mill City of Spring Mill Jefferson 640 Louisville East
City of Spring Valley City of Spring Valley Jefferson 620 Anchorage
City of Springfield City of Springfield Washington 827 Springfield
City of Springlee (historical) City of Springlee (historical) Jefferson 535 Louisville East
City of Stamping Ground City of Stamping Ground Scott 814 Stamping Ground
City of Stanford City of Stanford Lincoln 965 Stanford
City of Stanton City of Stanton Powell 659 Stanton
City of Strathmoor Manor City of Strathmoor Manor Jefferson 545 Louisville East
City of Strathmoor Village City of Strathmoor Village Jefferson 545 Louisville East
City of Sturgis City of Sturgis Union 361 Sturgis
City of Sycamore City of Sycamore Jefferson 696 Jeffersontown
City of Taylor Mill City of Taylor Mill Kenton 833 Newport
City of Taylorsville City of Taylorsville Spencer 495 Taylorsville
City of Ten Broeck City of Ten Broeck Jefferson 591 Anchorage
City of Thornhill City of Thornhill Jefferson 574 Jeffersonville
City of Tompkinsville City of Tompkinsville Monroe 919 Tompkinsville
City of Trenton City of Trenton Todd 591 Trenton
City of Union City of Union Boone 902 Union
City of Uniontown City of Uniontown Union 364 Uniontown
City of Upton City of Upton Hardin 741 Upton
City of Vanceburg City of Vanceburg Lewis 531 Vanceburg
City of Versailles City of Versailles Woodford 886 Versailles
City of Vicco City of Vicco Perry 938 Vicco
City of Villa Hills City of Villa Hills Kenton 886 Covington
City of Vine Grove City of Vine Grove Hardin 679 Vine Grove
City of Wallins Creek City of Wallins Creek Harlan 1115 Wallins Creek
City of Walton City of Walton Boone 902 Walton
City of Warfield City of Warfield Martin 709 Kermit
City of Warsaw City of Warsaw Gallatin 492 Florence
City of Water Valley City of Water Valley Graves 394 Water Valley
City of Watterson Park City of Watterson Park Jefferson 476 Louisville East
City of Waverly City of Waverly Union 400 Waverly
City of Wayland City of Wayland Floyd 1165 Wayland
City of Wellington City of Wellington Jefferson 499 Louisville East
City of West Buechel City of West Buechel Jefferson 472 Louisville East
City of West Liberty City of West Liberty Morgan 965 West Liberty
City of West Point City of West Point Hardin 440 Fort Knox
City of Westwood City of Westwood Jefferson 636 Anchorage
City of Wheatcroft City of Wheatcroft Webster 367 Providence
City of Wheelwright City of Wheelwright Floyd 1211 Wheelwright
City of Whipps Millgate (historical) City of Whipps Millgate (historical) Jefferson 636 Anchorage
City of White Plains City of White Plains Hopkins 430 Nortonville
City of Whitesburg City of Whitesburg Letcher 1148 Whitesburg
City of Whitesville City of Whitesville Daviess 489 Whitesville
City of Wickliffe City of Wickliffe Ballard 440 Wickliffe
City of Wilder City of Wilder Campbell 663 Newport
City of Wildwood City of Wildwood Jefferson 653 Jeffersontown
City of Williamsburg City of Williamsburg Whitley 1040 Williamsburg
City of Williamstown City of Williamstown Grant 922 Williamstown
City of Willisburg City of Willisburg Washington 860 Cardwell
City of Wilmore City of Wilmore Jessamine 886 Wilmore
City of Winchester City of Winchester Clark 961 Austerlitz
City of Windy Hills City of Windy Hills Jefferson 564 Jeffersonville
City of Wingo City of Wingo Graves 509 Mayfield
City of Woodburn City of Woodburn Warren 630 Woodburn
City of Woodbury City of Woodbury Butler 436 Morgantown
City of Woodland Hills City of Woodland Hills Jefferson 718 Jeffersontown
City of Woodlawn City of Woodlawn Campbell 568 Newport
City of Woodlawn Park City of Woodlawn Park Jefferson 545 Jeffersonville
City of Worthington City of Worthington Greenup 548 Ironton
City of Worthington Hills City of Worthington Hills Jefferson 738 Anchorage
City of Worthville City of Worthville Carroll 486 Worthville
City of Wurtland City of Wurtland Greenup 545 Greenup
City of Foster (historical) City of Foster (historical) Bracken 528 Moscow
Central Jefferson Division Central Jefferson Division Jefferson 486 Louisville East
East Jefferson Division East Jefferson Division Jefferson 627 Anchorage
Floyds Fork Division Floyds Fork Division Jefferson 558 Fisherville
Fort Campbell Division Fort Campbell Division Trigg 604 Roaring Spring
Fort Knox Division Fort Knox Division Hardin 751 Fort Knox
Lexington-Fayette Central Division Lexington-Fayette Central Division Fayette 991 Lexington West
Lexington-Fayette Northeast Division Lexington-Fayette Northeast Division Fayette 991 Clintonville
Lexington-Fayette Northwest Division Lexington-Fayette Northwest Division Fayette 951 Centerville
Lexington-Fayette Southeast Division Lexington-Fayette Southeast Division Fayette 991 Coletown
Lexington-Fayette Southwest Division Lexington-Fayette Southwest Division Fayette 961 Lexington West
Louisville Airport Division Louisville Airport Division Jefferson 463 Louisville East
North Dixie Division North Dixie Division Jefferson 446 Louisville West
Northeast Jefferson Division Northeast Jefferson Division Jefferson 771 Anchorage
Pond Creek Division Pond Creek Division Jefferson 538 Valley Station
South Dixie Division South Dixie Division Jefferson 446 Kosmosdale
Southeast Jefferson Division Southeast Jefferson Division Jefferson 650 Jeffersontown
South Jefferson Division South Jefferson Division Jefferson 640 Mount Washington