Pig Pen Point Pig Pen Point Russell 738 Jamestown
Birmingham Point Birmingham Point Marshall 384 Birmingham Point
Buzzard Roost Buzzard Roost Larue 804 New Haven
Chestnut Point Chestnut Point Pike 784 Meta
Cooney Neck Cooney Neck Nelson 686 Brush Grove
Cooper Point Cooper Point Wayne 820 Parnell
Cumberland Point Cumberland Point Wayne 945 Mill Springs
Garner Point Garner Point Wayne 751 Parnell
Green River Island Green River Island Henderson 361 Evansville South
Hikes Point Hikes Point Jefferson 561 Louisville East
Kentucky Point Kentucky Point Fulton 292 Hubbard Lake
Newton Point Newton Point Nelson 597 Howardstown
Pool Point Pool Point Pike 817 Elkhorn City
Ramsey Point Ramsey Point Wayne 722 Jabez
Reedy Point Reedy Point Butler 420 Riverside
Stony Point Stony Point Bracken 787 Higginsport
The Point The Point Lawrence 591 Louisa
Twyford Point Twyford Point Wayne 732 Parnell
Watson Point Watson Point Fulton 295 New Madrid
Gourd Neck Gourd Neck Pulaski 912 Burnside
Panther Fork Panther Fork Perry 1063 Mistletoe
French Point French Point Fulton 302 Bondurant
Livingston Point Livingston Point Livingston 322 Paducah East