Allgood Ditch Allgood Ditch Daviess 390 Maceo
Arm of Fulkerson Ditch Arm of Fulkerson Ditch Daviess 371 Owensboro West
Bad Stone Ditch Bad Stone Ditch Webster 410 Dixon
Bailey Ditch Bailey Ditch Daviess 400 Philpot
Barkley Canal Barkley Canal Lyon 351 Birmingham Point
Barrett Ditch Barrett Ditch Henderson 381 Robards
Bell Ditch Bell Ditch Daviess 407 Maceo
Big Ditch Big Ditch Daviess 390 Panther
Bishop Ditch Bishop Ditch Union 361 Sturgis
Black Slough Ditch Black Slough Ditch Henderson 361 Newburgh
Blizzard Ponds Drainage Canal Blizzard Ponds Drainage Canal McCracken 341 Symsonia
Bordley Ditch Bordley Ditch Union 364 Sturgis
Bryant Ditch Bryant Ditch Daviess 381 Reed
Carter Ditch Carter Ditch Ohio 430 Whitesville
Clark Ditch Clark Ditch Webster 354 Providence
Colman Ditch Colman Ditch Webster 400 Dixon
Corbett Ditch Corbett Ditch Union 371 Sturgis
Cross Slough Cross Slough Ballard 308 Olmsted
Crutcher Slough Crutcher Slough McCracken 308 Joppa
Dennis O'Nan Ditch Dennis O'Nan Ditch Union 331 Dekoven
Double Dam Ditch Double Dam Ditch Henderson 371 Reed
Elam Ditch Elam Ditch Henderson 371 Henderson
Ford Ditch Ford Ditch Daviess 390 Panther
Fredricks Ditch Fredricks Ditch Webster 351 Providence
Fulkerson Ditch Fulkerson Ditch Daviess 371 Reed
Garrison Ditch Garrison Ditch Jefferson 440 Lanesville
Geotz Ditch Geotz Ditch Daviess 381 Panther
Gilles Ditch Gilles Ditch Daviess 394 Owensboro West
Greasy Ditch Greasy Ditch Jefferson 459 Louisville East
Griffith Slough Ditch Griffith Slough Ditch Henderson 371 Yankeetown
Hagan Ditch Hagan Ditch Daviess 381 Reed
Haynes Woods Ditch Haynes Woods Ditch Daviess 381 Reed
Higginson Ditch Higginson Ditch Union 381 Morganfield
Hopgood Ditch Hopgood Ditch Union 361 Sturgis
Horsman Ditch Horsman Ditch Henderson 358 Yankeetown
I N Baker Ditch I N Baker Ditch Webster 358 Providence
Ipsom Ditch Ipsom Ditch Henderson 371 Reed
Jackson Ditch Jackson Ditch Webster 397 Dixon
Jonestand Ditch Jonestand Ditch Webster 397 Dixon
Keller Ditch Keller Ditch Daviess 384 Panther
Line Ditch Line Ditch Union 381 Morganfield
Louisville and Portland Canal Louisville and Portland Canal Jefferson 420 New Albany
Melton Ditch Melton Ditch Webster 390 Sebree
Nall Ditch Nall Ditch Webster 381 Bordley
Northern Ditch Northern Ditch Jefferson 453 Louisville East
Pond Drain Pond Drain McLean 377 Sacramento
Roberts Ditch Roberts Ditch Daviess 407 Maceo
Scroggins Ditch Scroggins Ditch Graves 476 Mayfield
Sellers Ditch Sellers Ditch Henderson 358 Henderson
Wet Woods Creek Wet Woods Creek Jefferson 456 Louisville East
Smith Ditch Smith Ditch Union 354 Sturgis
Southern Ditch Southern Ditch Jefferson 453 Louisville East
Blue Spring Ditch Blue Spring Ditch Jefferson 463 Louisville East
Vance Ditch Vance Ditch Daviess 394 Panther
Vaughn Ditch Vaughn Ditch Webster 335 Blackford
W L Baker Ditch W L Baker Ditch Webster 351 Providence
Wathen Ditch Wathen Ditch Union 377 Morganfield
Willett Ditch Willett Ditch Union 371 Morganfield
Williams Ditch Williams Ditch Daviess 420 Owensboro East
Wolf Branch Ditch Wolf Branch Ditch Daviess 390 Panther
Wynn Ditch Wynn Ditch Union 361 Sturgis
Goose Pond Ditch Goose Pond Ditch Union 341 Grove Center
Bailey Ditch Bailey Ditch Webster 384 Sebree