Singleton Ditch Singleton Ditch Lake 636 Shelby
Aberger Ditch Aberger Ditch Miami 840 Deedsville
Abshire Ditch Abshire Ditch Henry 1010 Sulphur Springs
Ackerman Ditch Ackerman Ditch White 699 Idaville
Adams Ditch Adams Ditch Wells 853 Liberty Center
Adams Ditch Adams Ditch Allen 791 Fort Wayne East
Adams Ditch Adams Ditch Kosciusko 837 Burket
Addleman Ditch Addleman Ditch Wayne 1129 Whitewater
Ade McCray Ditch Ade McCray Ditch Newton 653 Kentland
Adler Ditch Adler Ditch Adams 823 Preble
Agnew Ditch Agnew Ditch Pulaski 699 Ripley
Ahlgrim Ditch Ahlgrim Ditch Porter 699 Valparaiso
Akin Ditch Akin Ditch Posey 377 Newburgh
Albright Ditch Albright Ditch Marshall 794 Argos
Alderfer Ditch Alderfer Ditch Marshall 797 Inwood
Alex Warner Ditch Alex Warner Ditch Allen 804 Cedarville
Alexander Ditch Alexander Ditch Jay 919 Portland
Alexander Ditch Alexander Ditch Johnson 794 Bargersville
Allen Ditch Allen Ditch Fulton 751 Pershing
Allen Mellot Ditch Allen Mellot Ditch Wells 810 Ossian
Allman Ditch Allman Ditch Blackford 883 Pennville
Almond Ditch Almond Ditch Hamilton 879 Carmel
Alten Ditch Alten Ditch Henry 1093 New Castle East
Amity Ditch Amity Ditch Johnson 709 Marietta
Amore Ditch Amore Ditch Pulaski 682 North Judson SE
Amos Ditch Amos Ditch Shelby 741 Lewis Creek
Floyd Ditch Floyd Ditch Clinton 922 Kempton
Amstutz Ditch Amstutz Ditch Allen 771 Grabill
Amy Kelly Ditch Amy Kelly Ditch Starke 686 Hamlet
Anderson Ditch Anderson Ditch Starke 728 Donaldson
Anderson Ditch Anderson Ditch Tippecanoe 787 Mulberry
Anderson Ditch Anderson Ditch Starke 692 Knox West
Anderson Ditch Anderson Ditch Adams 830 Domestic
Andis Ditch Andis Ditch Hancock 840 Fountaintown
Angel Ditch Angel Ditch Warrick 381 Daylight
Angeline Lemert Ditch Angeline Lemert Ditch Marshall 738 Walkerton
Angelmyer Loucke Ditch Angelmyer Loucke Ditch Elkhart 846 Foraker
Ansberry Bird Ditch Ansberry Bird Ditch Cass 732 Anoka
Anspaugh Ditch Anspaugh Ditch Allen 751 Woodburn South
Anstis Ditch Anstis Ditch Pulaski 718 Winamac
Anthony Ditch Anthony Ditch Pulaski 702 San Pierre
Antiville Ditch Antiville Ditch Jay 896 Portland
Antrim Ditch Antrim Ditch Pulaski 679 Medaryville
Antrim Ditch Antrim Ditch Pulaski 666 North Judson SE
Apple Ditch Apple Ditch Rush 879 Adams
Arbuckle Ditch Arbuckle Ditch Rush 909 Manilla
Arm Number Two Ditch Arm Number Two Ditch Kosciusko 787 Bourbon
Armentrout Dredge Ditch Armentrout Dredge Ditch Montgomery 781 Kirkpatrick
Armey Ditch Armey Ditch Marshall 807 Nappanee West
Armstrong Anderson Ditch Armstrong Anderson Ditch Randolph 1178 Spartanburg
Armstrong Ditch Armstrong Ditch Tipton 863 Greentown
Armuth Ditch Armuth Ditch Bartholomew 594 Columbus
Armuth Ditch Armuth Ditch Greene 469 Sandborn
Arthur Ditch Arthur Ditch Wabash 873 Silver Lake
Artman Ditch Artman Ditch Boone 938 Rosston
Ashcraft Ditch Ashcraft Ditch Hancock 830 Fountaintown
Ashley Ditch Ashley Ditch Jay 942 Portland
Askren Ditch Askren Ditch Tipton 860 Windfall
Aspy Ditch Aspy Ditch Adams 840 Geneva
Auer Ditch Auer Ditch Allen 768 Woodburn South
August Mentsel Ditch August Mentsel Ditch Marshall 804 Bremen
Ault Ditch Ault Ditch Tipton 860 Windfall
Ayers Ditch Ayers Ditch Adams 794 Decatur
Ayford Ditch Ayford Ditch DeKalb 833 Butler East
Ayres Ditch Ayres Ditch Carroll 709 Flora
B F Overmyer Ditch B F Overmyer Ditch Fulton 745 Rutland
Babcock Overmyer Ditch Babcock Overmyer Ditch Fulton 814 Rutland
Bailey Ditch Bailey Ditch Jay 925 Fort Recovery
Bailey Ditch Bailey Ditch Jasper 679 Gifford
Bailey Ditch Bailey Ditch Fulton 751 Kewanna
Bailey Ditch Bailey Ditch Lake 640 Schneider
Bailey Ditch Bailey Ditch Starke 682 Knox West
Bailey Ditch Arm Number Three Bailey Ditch Arm Number Three Fulton 758 Kewanna
Bair Ditch Bair Ditch Marshall 807 Inwood
Baird Ditch Baird Ditch Newton 659 Sheldon
Baker Arm Baker Arm Marshall 712 Walkerton
Baker Ditch Baker Ditch Grant 846 Van Buren
Baker Ditch Baker Ditch Fulton 725 Kewanna
Baker Ditch Baker Ditch Hamilton 899 Sheridan
Baker Ditch Baker Ditch Fulton 751 Pershing
Baker Ditch Baker Ditch Marshall 801 Bourbon
Baker Ditch Baker Ditch Steuben 886 Hamilton
Bakren Ditch Bakren Ditch Pike 420 Oakland City
Bales Ditch Bales Ditch Jay 886 Pennville
Ball Richard Ditch Ball Richard Ditch Jackson 538 Brownstown
Bandelier Ditch Bandelier Ditch Allen 761 Maples
Bandelier Ditch Number Two Bandelier Ditch Number Two Allen 761 Maples
Barker Ditch Barker Ditch Pulaski 705 North Judson
Barnes Ditch Barnes Ditch Warrick 400 Daylight
Barnes Ditch Barnes Ditch Boone 902 Mechanicsburg
Barnett Ditch Barnett Ditch Vanderburgh 358 West Franklin
Barnette Ditch Barnette Ditch Hendricks 938 Danville
Barr Ditch Barr Ditch Adams 833 Geneva
Barr Ditch Barr Ditch Tipton 902 Kempton
Barren Ditch Barren Ditch Pike 420 Petersburg
Barrett Ditch Barrett Ditch Howard 846 Greentown
Barrett Ditch Barrett Ditch Hancock 883 Ingalls
Barringer Ditch Barringer Ditch LaPorte 692 Stillwell
Bartee Ditch Bartee Ditch Starke 709 Bass Lake
Barten Ditch Barten Ditch Newton 653 Goodland
Bartinger Ditch Bartinger Ditch Marshall 755 Donaldson
Bartondale Ditch Bartondale Ditch Benton 696 Chatterton
Bass Ditch Bass Ditch Starke 676 San Pierre
Bass Fox Ditch Bass Fox Ditch Shelby 781 Shelbyville
Bassett Ditch Bassett Ditch Shelby 794 Shelbyville
Battleday Ditch Battleday Ditch Newton 666 Mount Ayr
Beal Taylor Ditch Beal Taylor Ditch Allen 823 Arcola
Bealton Ditch Bealton Ditch Jay 902 Blaine
Beaman Ditch Beaman Ditch Hendricks 909 Fayette
Beamer Ditch Beamer Ditch Wabash 764 Richvalley
Beard Ditch Beard Ditch Howard 833 Greentown
Beasy Lateral Beasy Lateral Newton 679 Mount Ayr
Beatty Walker Ditch Beatty Walker Ditch Jackson 548 Brownstown
Beaty Ditch Beaty Ditch Huntington 856 Liberty Center
Beaver Ditch Beaver Ditch Pulaski 696 Monon NE
Beaver Lake Ditch Beaver Lake Ditch Newton 659 Enos
Beck Ditch Beck Ditch LaPorte 614 Michigan City East
Beck Ditch Beck Ditch Huntington 810 Huntington
Beck Ward Ditch Beck Ward Ditch Carroll 666 Yeoman
Beckler Ditch Beckler Ditch Wells 883 Petroleum
Bedel Ditch Bedel Ditch Jackson 568 Crothersville
Beebe Ditch Beebe Ditch Starke 699 Denham
Beecher Ditch Beecher Ditch Cass 784 Macy
Beedy Ditch Beedy Ditch Allen 840 Auburn
Beehunter Ditch Beehunter Ditch Greene 469 Lyons
Beeler Ditch Beeler Ditch Hancock 876 Ingalls
Belcher Ditch Belcher Ditch Gibson 384 Keensburg
Bell Ditch Bell Ditch White 705 Brookston NW
Bell Lake Ditch Bell Lake Ditch Steuben 965 Angola West
Beller McCollum Ditch Beller McCollum Ditch White 682 Monticello North
Bender Ditch Bender Ditch Wells 801 Uniondale
Bender Ditch Bender Ditch Allen 771 Fort Wayne East
Benner Ditch Benner Ditch Cass 607 Burrows
Bennett Ditch Bennett Ditch Hamilton 886 Arcadia
Benninghoff Ditch Benninghoff Ditch Starke 692 Hamlet
Benward Ditch Benward Ditch Allen 830 Huntertown
Berger Ditch Berger Ditch Jay 925 Portland
Berger Ditch Berger Ditch Miami 781 Roann
Berger Ditch Berger Ditch Marshall 781 Argos
Bergren Ditch Bergren Ditch Newton 666 Enos
Berkshire Ditch Berkshire Ditch Cass 715 Burnettsville
Berlien Ditch Berlien Ditch Steuben 1007 Angola East
Berlin Court Grand Ditch Berlin Court Grand Ditch Elkhart 850 Nappanee East
Berning Drain Berning Drain Allen 801 Hoagland
Berry Ditch Berry Ditch Adams 820 Preble
Berthaud Ditch Berthaud Ditch Allen 768 Woodburn South
Bessler Ditch Bessler Ditch LaPorte 669 English Lake
Best Ditch Best Ditch Newton 653 Schneider
Bethel Ditch Bethel Ditch Daviess 456 Epsom
Bett Ditch Bett Ditch Boone 955 Fayette
Bice Ditch Bice Ditch Jasper 673 Remington
Bickel Ditch Bickel Ditch Starke 712 Knox East
Biddle Ditch Biddle Ditch Jasper 741 Mount Gilboa
Bierce Ditch Bierce Ditch Kosciusko 814 Burket
Biery Ditch Biery Ditch Clinton 846 Burlington
Big Monon Ditch Big Monon Ditch White 669 Monon NE
Biller Ditch Biller Ditch Kosciusko 827 Nappanee East
Bixler Lake Ditch Bixler Lake Ditch Noble 974 Kendallville
Black Armuth Ditch Black Armuth Ditch Knox 459 Plainville
Black Creek Ditch Black Creek Ditch Greene 469 Sandborn
Black Ditch Black Ditch Noble 892 Albion
Black Ditch Black Ditch Henry 1083 New Castle East
Blad Ditch Blad Ditch Marshall 748 Donaldson
Blair Ditch Blair Ditch Adams 823 Decatur
Blair Ditch Blair Ditch Gibson 397 Owensville
Blair Ditch Blair Ditch Fulton 771 Rochester
Blanchard Ditch Blanchard Ditch White 679 Monon
Blau Ditch Blau Ditch Jackson 561 Crothersville
Blickenstaff Ditch Blickenstaff Ditch Tippecanoe 735 Stockwell
Blinn Ditch Blinn Ditch Clinton 827 Frankfort
Block Ditch Block Ditch Porter 689 Valparaiso
Blood Ditch Blood Ditch Gibson 384 Keensburg
Bloxsom Ditch Bloxsom Ditch Wells 863 Petroleum
Blue Ditch Blue Ditch Elkhart 856 Lake Wawasee
Blue Ditch Blue Ditch Fulton 787 Mentone
Blue Pond Ditch Blue Pond Ditch Posey 371 Caborn
Bluhm Ditch Bluhm Ditch Adams 814 Decatur
Bobay Ditch Bobay Ditch Allen 833 Huntertown
Bock Arm Bock Arm LaPorte 617 Michigan City East
Bockoven Ditch Bockoven Ditch Jay 883 Portland
Boesche Ditch Boesche Ditch Warrick 374 Daylight
Boger Ditch Boger Ditch Allen 801 Grabill
Boggs Ditch Boggs Ditch Kosciusko 843 Burket
Bogus Island Ditch Bogus Island Ditch Newton 666 Enos
Bohn Ditch Bohn Ditch Cass 735 Anoka
Bohnke Ditch Bohnke Ditch Allen 791 Hoagland
Bohnke Flauch Drain Bohnke Flauch Drain Allen 797 Hoagland
Bolen Ditch Bolen Ditch Starke 712 Knox East
Bolley Ditch Bolley Ditch Wabash 755 Roann
Bollinger Ditch Bollinger Ditch Kosciusko 846 Lake Wawasee
Bonham Ditch Bonham Ditch Newton 669 Kentland
Bonjour Ditch Bonjour Ditch Allen 784 Maples
Bonnell Number Two Ditch Bonnell Number Two Ditch Pulaski 699 Star City
Boots Ditch Boots Ditch Starke 715 Knox East
Boots Ditch Boots Ditch Hancock 873 Greenfield
Border Ditch Border Ditch Marshall 814 Inwood
Bosman Ditch Bosman Ditch Delaware 922 Eaton
Bossung Ditch Bossung Ditch White 692 Monon
Bottern Ditch Bottern Ditch Allen 755 Grabill
Boughey Ditch Boughey Ditch Noble 955 Kendallville
Bourne Williams Ditch Bourne Williams Ditch Jay 860 Domestic
Bowen Ditch Bowen Ditch Tippecanoe 528 Delphi
Bowen Ditch Bowen Ditch Randolph 1161 Spartanburg
Bower Ditch Bower Ditch Newton 669 Goodland
Bower Ditch Bower Ditch Fulton 814 Deedsville
Bowman Ditch Bowman Ditch Shelby 794 Shelbyville
Bowton Ditch Bowton Ditch Newton 676 Sheldon
Box Ditch Box Ditch Tippecanoe 699 Otterbein
Box Ditch Box Ditch White 679 Monon
Boyd Ditch Boyd Ditch Noble 909 Albion
Boyd Ditch Boyd Ditch Hancock 863 Greenfield
Boyer Ditch Boyer Ditch Elkhart 827 Goshen
Boyer Ditch Boyer Ditch Wells 827 Bluffton
Boyle Ditch Boyle Ditch Jasper 689 Parr
Boyles Ditch Boyles Ditch Clinton 820 Frankfort
Bracht Ditch Bracht Ditch Adams 830 Preble
Brandon Ditch Brandon Ditch Madison 919 Middletown
Branson Ditch Branson Ditch Delaware 906 Wheeling
Brant Ditch Brant Ditch Clinton 899 Michigantown
Brant Ditch Brant Ditch Hancock 860 Greenfield
Bray Ditch Bray Ditch Randolph 1004 Cosmos
Breckenridge Ditch Breckenridge Ditch Pulaski 718 Winamac
Breece Ditch Breece Ditch Miami 817 Macy
Breeding Ditch Breeding Ditch Marshall 781 Plymouth
Breier Arm Breier Arm Hancock 840 Cumberland
Breiner Joint Ditch Breiner Joint Ditch Wells 823 Linn Grove
Breitfield Ditch Breitfield Ditch Jackson 548 Tampico
Brewer Ditch Brewer Ditch Greene 469 Sandborn
Brewer Ditch Brewer Ditch Johnson 771 Greenwood
Brewster Ditch Brewster Ditch Adams 837 Geneva
Breyfogel Ditch Breyfogel Ditch Porter 656 Kouts
Brindle Ditch Brindle Ditch Allen 797 Ossian
Brinkmeyer Ditch Brinkmeyer Ditch Warrick 381 Daylight
Brock Ditch Brock Ditch Boone 945 Fayette
Brock Ditch Brock Ditch Marshall 810 Bourbon
Bronnenberg Ditch Bronnenberg Ditch Madison 909 Middletown
Brook Ditch Brook Ditch Hamilton 764 Fishers
Brower Ditch Brower Ditch Miami 751 Twelve Mile
Brown Arm Brown Arm Starke 718 Bass Lake
Brown Ditch Brown Ditch Hendricks 850 Clermont
Brown Ditch Brown Ditch Tippecanoe 676 Brookston SW
Brown Ditch Brown Ditch Grant 817 Sweetser
Brown Ditch Brown Ditch Hancock 837 Fountaintown
Brown Ditch Brown Ditch Cass 761 Lucerne
Brown Ditch Brown Ditch Huntington 820 Bippus
Brown Ditch Brown Ditch Whitley 863 Lorane
Brown Ditch Brown Ditch Knox 420 Princeton
Brown Ditch Brown Ditch Cass 722 Young America
Brown Ditch Brown Ditch White 676 Francesville
Brown Ditch Brown Ditch Allen 797 Hoagland
Brown Ditch Brown Ditch LaPorte 666 Michigan City East
Brown Ditch Brown Ditch Warren 696 Templeton
Brown Wolf Ditch Brown Wolf Ditch Wells 853 Liberty Center
Bruce Ditch Bruce Ditch Lake 653 Lowell
Bruce Lake Outlet Bruce Lake Outlet Pulaski 718 Winamac
Brumm Ditch Brumm Ditch Benton 712 Templeton
Bruner Ditch Bruner Ditch Jasper 689 Parr
Brunk Ditch Brunk Ditch Howard 827 Greentown
Bryant Ditch Bryant Ditch Lake 676 Leroy
Bryant Leininger Ditch Bryant Leininger Ditch Kosciusko 817 Akron
Bube Ditch Bube Ditch Pulaski 712 Bass Lake
Buck Creek Ditch Buck Creek Ditch Tippecanoe 673 Pyrmont
Buck Ditch Buck Ditch Shelby 794 Shelbyville
Buck Run Ditch Buck Run Ditch Grant 850 Van Buren
Budd Fisher Ditch Budd Fisher Ditch Pulaski 669 Buffalo
Budd Fisher Ditch Budd Fisher Ditch Pulaski 689 Ripley
Bugh Ditch Bugh Ditch Blackford 883 Montpelier
Bulhman Schoder Ditch Bulhman Schoder Ditch Adams 784 Hoagland
Bull Ditch Bull Ditch LaPorte 640 Michigan City East
Bullerman Ditch Bullerman Ditch Allen 778 Fort Wayne East
Bullock Ditch Bullock Ditch Greene 522 Bloomfield
Buntin Ditch Buntin Ditch Boone 899 Lebanon
Burbank Ditch Burbank Ditch Starke 696 North Judson
Burch Ditch Burch Ditch Steuben 971 Hamilton
Burchard Davison Ditch Burchard Davison Ditch Howard 797 Russiaville
Burchard Foreman Ditch Burchard Foreman Ditch Blackford 879 Montpelier
Burgett Ditch Burgett Ditch White 692 Idaville
Burkey Ditch Burkey Ditch Jay 919 Portland
Burrier Ditch Burrier Ditch Allen 745 Woodburn North
Burris Ditch Burris Ditch Hancock 853 Cumberland
Busard Ditch Busard Ditch Cass 732 Lucerne
Buscher Ditch Buscher Ditch Tipton 853 Arcadia
Busenburg Ditch Busenburg Ditch Fulton 787 Mentone
Busick Ditch Busick Ditch Wabash 768 Richvalley
Butler Ditch Butler Ditch Howard 833 Kokomo West
Cahill Shore Ditch Cahill Shore Ditch Hancock 869 Ingalls
Cain Ditch Cain Ditch Wayne 1020 Fountain City
Cain Ditch Cain Ditch Porter 748 Wanatah
Calico Slash Ditch Calico Slash Ditch Knox 469 Sandborn
Callahan Ditch Callahan Ditch Jasper 679 Gifford
Callahan Ditch Callahan Ditch Fulton 755 Fulton
Camblin Ditch Camblin Ditch Newton 663 Mount Ayr
Cammie Thomas Ditch Cammie Thomas Ditch Washington 518 Little York
Camp Duesner Ditch Camp Duesner Ditch Vanderburgh 361 West Franklin
Campbell Ditch Campbell Ditch Tipton 876 Tipton
Campbell Ditch Campbell Ditch Johnson 761 Boggstown
Campbell Ditch Campbell Ditch Boone 948 Rosston
Canary Ditch Canary Ditch Johnson 751 Greenwood
Cannon Ditch Cannon Ditch Starke 712 Knox East
Cannon-Goyer Ditch Cannon-Goyer Ditch Howard 817 Kokomo East
Carl Gjemre Ditch Carl Gjemre Ditch Starke 735 Donaldson
Carlson Ditch Carlson Ditch White 673 Monon NE
Carlson Ditch Carlson Ditch Marshall 735 Walkerton
Carlson Ditch Carlson Ditch Newton 630 Illiana Heights
Carmichael Ditch Carmichael Ditch Delaware 1007 Muncie East
Carnahan Ditch Number Two Carnahan Ditch Number Two White 682 Idaville
Carnes New Clark Ditch Carnes New Clark Ditch Wells 856 Liberty Center
Carothers Ditch Carothers Ditch Marshall 781 Plymouth
Carper Ditch Carper Ditch DeKalb 850 Saint Joe
Carroll Ditch Carroll Ditch Huntington 843 Bippus
Carroll Ditch Carroll Ditch Boone 925 Kirklin
Carson Ditch Carson Ditch Fulton 774 Fulton
Carson Ditch Carson Ditch Tipton 879 Tipton
Carter Ditch Carter Ditch White 686 Monticello North
Carter Ditch Carter Ditch Tipton 889 Kempton
Carter Traylor Ditch Carter Traylor Ditch Warrick 394 Boonville
Cartwright Ditch Cartwright Ditch Jay 902 Blaine
Carver Ditch Carver Ditch Porter 650 Michigan City West
Dry Run Ditch Dry Run Ditch Elkhart 833 Millersburg
Casper Arm Casper Arm Starke 718 Bass Lake
Casper Ditch Casper Ditch Starke 725 Bass Lake
Cassell Ditch Cassell Ditch Jay 883 Blaine
Casterline Forkner Ditch Casterline Forkner Ditch Blackford 889 Roll
Castleman Ditch Castleman Ditch Starke 718 Bass Lake
Cavanaugh Ditch Cavanaugh Ditch Starke 699 Knox West
Cavendish Ditch Cavendish Ditch Jasper 676 Gifford
Cecil Metcalf Ditch Cecil Metcalf Ditch DeKalb 866 Auburn
Cedar Corner Ditch Cedar Corner Ditch Tipton 863 Windfall
Cedar Lake Ditch Cedar Lake Ditch Starke 709 Denham
Cessna Ditch Cessna Ditch Fulton 755 Pershing
Chadwick Ditch Chadwick Ditch Madison 955 Shirley
Chambers Ditch Chambers Ditch Bartholomew 696 Hope
Chaney Ditch Chaney Ditch Blackford 863 Petroleum
Chapman Arm Chapman Arm LaPorte 686 Hamlet
Chapman Arm Chapman Arm Starke 718 Bass Lake
Chapman Ditch Chapman Ditch Starke 715 Culver
Charles Ditch Charles Ditch Tipton 853 Windfall
Charles Ludlow Ditch Charles Ludlow Ditch Montgomery 738 Wingate
Charles May Ditch Charles May Ditch Jasper 732 Remington
Charles Templeton Ditch Charles Templeton Ditch Howard 817 Galveston
Chilton Ditch Chilton Ditch White 686 Brookston SW
Chizum Ditch Chizum Ditch Newton 659 Morocco
Chridtoffel Ditch Chridtoffel Ditch DeKalb 817 Butler East
Chris Salrin Lateral Chris Salrin Lateral Jasper 686 Medaryville
Chrisney Ditch Chrisney Ditch Spencer 381 Chrisney
Christophel Ditch Christophel Ditch Elkhart 846 Wakarusa
Christy Ditch Christy Ditch Tipton 915 Sheridan
Churchman Ditch Churchman Ditch Marion 689 Maywood
Circle Ditch Circle Ditch Pulaski 692 North Judson SE
City Ditch City Ditch Knox 400 Vincennes
Clarence Baker Ditch Clarence Baker Ditch Marshall 771 Mentone
Clark-Chapman Ditch Clark-Chapman Ditch Allen 856 Ege
Clark Ditch Clark Ditch Porter 682 Valparaiso
Clark Ditch Clark Ditch Wells 846 Liberty Center
Clark Ditch Clark Ditch Newton 663 Morocco
Clarkson Ditch Clarkson Ditch Montgomery 784 Waynetown
Clary Ditch Clary Ditch Fulton 787 Fulton
Claude May Ditch Claude May Ditch Jasper 686 Remington
Clawson Ditch Clawson Ditch Warren 656 Attica
Dell Wood Branch Dell Wood Branch Howard 814 Galveston
Clear Pond Ditch Clear Pond Ditch Sullivan 433 Merom
Clemans Smith Ditch Clemans Smith Ditch Miami 820 Macy
Clift Ditch Clift Ditch Henry 1004 Mount Pleasant
Clifton Ditch Clifton Ditch Marshall 784 Rutland
Cline Ditch Cline Ditch Newton 669 Mount Ayr
Coahran Ditch Coahran Ditch Madison 886 Alexandria
Cobb Ditch Cobb Ditch Porter 676 Valparaiso
Cobb Ditch Cobb Ditch Boone 942 Rosston
Cochoit Ditch Cochoit Ditch Allen 778 Fort Wayne East
Colbert Ditch Colbert Ditch Daviess 459 Washington
Colbertson Ditch Colbertson Ditch Marion 722 Indianapolis West
Cole Ditch Cole Ditch Tippecanoe 656 Lafayette West
Cole Ditch Cole Ditch Whitley 846 Columbia City
Collier Ditch Collier Ditch Madison 971 Shirley
Collier Ditch Collier Ditch Tipton 886 Kempton
Collins Ditch Collins Ditch Fulton 738 Pershing
Collins Ditch Collins Ditch Delaware 879 Gaston
Collins Ditch Collins Ditch Fulton 771 Fulton
Collins Ditch Collins Ditch LaPorte 764 Springville
Collins Ditch Collins Ditch Fulton 745 Culver
Collins Ditch Arm Collins Ditch Arm Fulton 748 Kewanna
Collins Ditch Arm Number Two Collins Ditch Arm Number Two Fulton 745 Pershing
Collins Ditch Arm Number Three Collins Ditch Arm Number Three Fulton 745 Pershing
Collins Ditch Arm Number Four Collins Ditch Arm Number Four Fulton 741 Pershing
Colman Ditch Colman Ditch Starke 712 Bass Lake
Colvin Ditch Colvin Ditch Randolph 1161 Lynn
Comb Run Ditch Comb Run Ditch Hendricks 840 Clermont
Compro-Wittmer Ditch Compro-Wittmer Ditch Adams 830 Preble
Compton Ditch Compton Ditch Shelby 679 Hope
Compton Ditch Compton Ditch Whitley 853 Lorane
Conboy Arm Conboy Arm Starke 679 Kingsford Heights
Conlon Arm Conlon Arm LaPorte 751 Hanna
Conn Ditch Conn Ditch Fulton 791 Fulton
Conn Fred Ditch Conn Fred Ditch Fulton 791 Fulton
Conneley Ditch Conneley Ditch Clay 538 Saline City
Conningham Ditch Conningham Ditch Delaware 1017 Modoc
Conrad Ditch Conrad Ditch Adams 823 Preble
Conrad Ditch Conrad Ditch Steuben 945 Ashley
Converset Ditch Converset Ditch Allen 787 Maples
Conway Ditch Conway Ditch Tipton 856 Greentown
Cook Ditch Cook Ditch Boone 919 Lizton
Cook Ditch Cook Ditch Whitley 830 South Whitley West
Cook Ditch Cook Ditch Porter 666 La Crosse
Cooper Ditch Cooper Ditch Henry 974 Middletown
Copper Ditch Copper Ditch Howard 810 Kokomo East
Coppes Ditch Coppes Ditch Kosciusko 827 Milford
Cornell Ditch Cornell Ditch Porter 692 Hebron
Cornell Ditch Cornell Ditch Carroll 705 Anoka
Corwin Ditch Corwin Ditch Jay 883 Pennville
Costello Ditch Costello Ditch Fulton 774 Fulton
Cottingham Ditch Cottingham Ditch Tipton 866 Greentown
Cotton Lake Ditch Cotton Lake Ditch LaGrange 892 Shipshewana
Cottonwood Ditch Cottonwood Ditch Starke 705 Knox West
Coucher Ditch Coucher Ditch Miami 791 Miami
County Ditch County Ditch Dubois 430 Otwell
County Farm Ditch County Farm Ditch Whitley 804 South Whitley East
County Farm Ditch County Farm Ditch Whitley 830 Lorane
County Line Ditch County Line Ditch LaPorte 709 North Liberty
Cowan Ditch Cowan Ditch Marshall 768 Rutland
Cox Ditch Cox Ditch Marion 797 Clermont
Cox Ditch Cox Ditch Tipton 883 Kempton
Cox Ditch Cox Ditch Tipton 892 Sheridan
Cox Ditch Cox Ditch Pulaski 692 Ripley
Cox Ditch Cox Ditch Starke 686 Knox West
Cox Number One Ditch Cox Number One Ditch Vigo 528 Rosedale
Cox Number Two Ditch Cox Number Two Ditch Vigo 528 Rosedale
Crabb Ditch Crabb Ditch Starke 712 Knox East
Craig Ditch Craig Ditch Miami 814 Roann
Craigmile Ditch Craigmile Ditch Starke 692 Denham
Crampton Ditch Crampton Ditch Jay 883 Domestic
Crauder Ditch Crauder Ditch Marshall 784 Mentone
Craven Ditch Craven Ditch Wells 827 Bluffton
Crawford Brandeis Ditch Crawford Brandeis Ditch Vanderburgh 374 Daylight
Crawford Ditch Crawford Ditch Elkhart 738 Osceola
Cretcher Ditch Cretcher Ditch Kosciusko 804 Burket
Crews Ditch Crews Ditch Marshall 810 Inwood
Cripe Sandlin Ditch Cripe Sandlin Ditch Clinton 899 Hillisburg
Croft Ditch Croft Ditch Noble 945 Albion
Cromey Ditch Cromey Ditch Cass 692 Onward
Cromley Ditch Cromley Ditch Cass 679 Anoka
Cromwell Ditch Cromwell Ditch Noble 879 Lake Wawasee
Cronin Ditch Cronin Ditch Cass 709 Clymers
Crosbie Ditch Crosbie Ditch Wells 830 Bluffton
Crosby Ditch Crosby Ditch Wells 853 Liberty Center
Cross Ditch Cross Ditch Montgomery 814 Shannondale
Crothers Ditch Crothers Ditch Noble 994 Kendallville
Crouch Ditch Crouch Ditch Tipton 866 Windfall
Crum Ditch Crum Ditch Tipton 915 Kempton
Crumpacker Arm Crumpacker Arm LaPorte 778 Westville
Crunk Ditch Crunk Ditch Posey 371 Caborn
Cunningham Ditch Cunningham Ditch Delaware 1001 Mount Pleasant
Cunningham Ditch Cunningham Ditch Boone 942 Lizton
Curtis Ditch Curtis Ditch Fulton 823 Akron
Curtiss Ditch Curtiss Ditch Marshall 738 Culver
Curtiss Ditch Curtiss Ditch Marshall 758 Rutland
Cutsinger Ditch Cutsinger Ditch Johnson 735 Boggstown
Cypress Dale Ditch Cypress Dale Ditch Vanderburgh 358 West Franklin
Cypress Ditch Cypress Ditch Posey 374 West Franklin
Daily Ditch Daily Ditch Jay 883 Pennville
Dale Powell Ditch Dale Powell Ditch Miami 823 Amboy
Dalton Drain Dalton Drain Wayne 1060 Hagerstown
Dalzall Ditch Dalzall Ditch Cass 787 Fulton
Daniel Huegel Ditch Daniel Huegel Ditch Warrick 400 De Gonia Springs
Daniels Ditch Daniels Ditch Marshall 807 Inwood
Danielson Ditch Danielson Ditch Starke 686 Knox East
Danner Ditch Danner Ditch Kosciusko 807 Bourbon
Darby Ditch Darby Ditch Benton 712 Templeton
Darkwood Ditch Darkwood Ditch Elkhart 846 Nappanee East
Darroch Ditch Darroch Ditch Newton 643 Goodland
Dausman Ditch Dausman Ditch Marshall 827 Nappanee East
David Ditch David Ditch Newton 669 Fair Oaks
Davidhizer Ditch Davidhizer Ditch Elkhart 863 Foraker
Davidson Ditch Davidson Ditch Jay 850 Geneva
Davidson Drain Davidson Drain LaPorte 669 English Lake
Davis Ditch Davis Ditch DeKalb 830 Saint Joe
Davis Ditch Davis Ditch Steuben 984 Hamilton
Davis Ditch Davis Ditch Boone 915 Rosston
Davis Ditch Davis Ditch Clinton 902 Mechanicsburg
Davis Ditch Davis Ditch Clinton 899 Mechanicsburg
Davis Ditch Davis Ditch Clinton 873 Hillisburg
Davis Ditch Davis Ditch Jasper 682 Parr
Davis Enlow Ditch Davis Enlow Ditch Warrick 400 Holland
Davis Rich Ditch Davis Rich Ditch Henry 1040 Cambridge City
Davison Ditch Davison Ditch Jasper 682 Parr
Dawson Ditch Dawson Ditch Marion 745 Indianapolis East
Dayhoff Ditch Dayhoff Ditch Greene 499 Bloomfield
De Armond Ditch De Armond Ditch Randolph 971 Ridgeville
De Haven Ditch De Haven Ditch Cass 761 Young America
De Heur Ditch De Heur Ditch Shelby 771 Shelbyville
De Prez Ditch De Prez Ditch Shelby 755 Shelbyville
Deardurff Ditch Deardurff Ditch Newton 666 Morocco
Deardurff Ditch Deardurff Ditch Newton 673 Fair Oaks
Dearinger Ditch Dearinger Ditch Howard 758 Russiaville
Deemer Ditch Deemer Ditch Huntington 833 Bippus
Defries Ditch Defries Ditch Newton 650 Shelby
Deiter Ditch Deiter Ditch Clinton 679 Pyrmont
Delong Ditch Delong Ditch Wells 820 Bluffton
Demont Arm Demont Arm Starke 728 Culver
Dennis Ditch Dennis Ditch Allen 791 Maples
Dennis Klippel Ditch Dennis Klippel Ditch Warrick 381 Daylight
Dennis Wagner Ditch Dennis Wagner Ditch Warrick 381 Daylight
Dens Ford Ditch Dens Ford Ditch Jackson 538 Crothersville
Denton Ditch Denton Ditch Randolph 1027 Maxville
Deptmer Ditch Deptmer Ditch Allen 804 Ossian
Detamore Ditch Detamore Ditch Huntington 846 Warren
Deweese Ditch Deweese Ditch Fulton 791 Fulton
Dewey Ditch Dewey Ditch Tippecanoe 741 Linden
Dexter Ditch Dexter Ditch Jasper 686 Parr
Dibbling Ditch Dibbling Ditch DeKalb 935 Waterloo
Dickey Ditch Dickey Ditch Boone 928 Lizton
Diehl Ditch Diehl Ditch DeKalb 883 Corunna
Dielman Ditch Dielman Ditch Miami 833 Deedsville
Diener Ditch Diener Ditch White 682 Monticello North
Dieter Ditch Dieter Ditch White 696 Brookston NW
Dill Ditch Dill Ditch Rush 925 Carthage
Dilley Ditch Dilley Ditch DeKalb 814 Saint Joe
Dilts Anstis Ditch Dilts Anstis Ditch Pulaski 709 Ripley
Dixon and Lewis Ditch Dixon and Lewis Ditch Posey 371 Caborn
Dixon Ditch Dixon Ditch Posey 367 Caborn
Dixon Ditch Dixon Ditch Greene 479 Lyons
Dixon Ditch Dixon Ditch LaPorte 702 North Liberty
Doctor Ditch Doctor Ditch Allen 781 Fort Wayne East
Doering Ditch Doering Ditch Elkhart 866 Foraker
Doke Ditch Doke Ditch Whitley 876 Pierceton
Dolby Ditch Dolby Ditch Huntington 807 Andrews
Donald Kunkle Ditch Donald Kunkle Ditch Steuben 991 Hamilton
Donnell Ditch Donnell Ditch DeKalb 869 Butler West
Dority Ditch Dority Ditch Jay 876 Blaine
Dorsey Ditch Dorsey Ditch White 699 Brookston NW
Dorsey Ditch Dorsey Ditch Kosciusko 794 Mentone
Dosch Ditch Dosch Ditch DeKalb 837 Auburn
Doversberger Ditch Doversberger Ditch Tipton 866 Arcadia
Dowell Ditch Dowell Ditch Whitley 840 Lorane
Downing Arm Downing Arm LaPorte 778 Springville
Downing Ditch Downing Ditch Jay 850 Domestic
Dowty Ditch Dowty Ditch Wells 810 Uniondale
Doyle Ditch Doyle Ditch Grant 856 Roll
Dressler Ditch Dressler Ditch Pulaski 692 Ripley
Driger Ditch Driger Ditch Starke 666 North Judson
Driver Ditch Driver Ditch Allen 745 Woodburn North
Dry Fork Ditch Dry Fork Ditch Grant 856 Fairmount
Dry Run Ditch Dry Run Ditch Cass 761 Onward
Dry Run Diverson Ditch Dry Run Diverson Ditch Marion 738 Indianapolis West
Dubois Ditch Dubois Ditch Fulton 810 Macy
Duckworth Ditch Duckworth Ditch Shelby 801 Fountaintown
Duer Ditch Duer Ditch Adams 817 Berne
Duglay Ditch Duglay Ditch Allen 866 Churubusco
Duncan Ditch Duncan Ditch Howard 837 Greentown
Dunker Ditch Dunker Ditch Pulaski 673 North Judson SE
Dunn Ditch Dunn Ditch Hancock 853 Cumberland
Dunn Ditch Dunn Ditch Clinton 906 Hillisburg
Dunwoody Ditch Dunwoody Ditch Madison 899 Pendleton
Durnell Ditch Durnell Ditch Allen 814 Fort Wayne West
Dutro Ditch Dutro Ditch Blackford 889 Montpelier
Dutton Ditch Dutton Ditch Pulaski 696 Ripley
Dyer Ditch Dyer Ditch Lake 627 Saint John
E V Robbins Ditch E V Robbins Ditch Miami 827 Deedsville
Eads Ditch Eads Ditch Hendricks 938 Danville
Eagan Ditch Eagan Ditch Daviess 449 Montgomery
East Arm East Arm Jackson 531 Crothersville
East Arm Payne Ditch East Arm Payne Ditch Starke 673 North Judson
East Lake Ditch East Lake Ditch Elkhart 853 Middlebury
Easterday Ditch Easterday Ditch Kosciusko 797 Atwood
Eastes Ditch Eastes Ditch Hancock 830 Greenfield
Eatinger Ditch Eatinger Ditch Steuben 1027 Angola East
Eaton Busenburg Ditch Eaton Busenburg Ditch Fulton 794 Argos
Eaton Ditch Eaton Ditch Kosciusko 873 Silver Lake
Ebert Ditch Ebert Ditch Lake 640 Leroy
Eckert Ditch Eckert Ditch LaPorte 689 La Crosse
Eckert Ditch Eckert Ditch Pulaski 689 North Judson
Ed Clark Ditch Ed Clark Ditch Shelby 758 Shelbyville
Eddy Creek Ditch Eddy Creek Ditch Marshall 784 Rutland
Edgerton-Carson Ditch Edgerton-Carson Ditch Allen 755 Woodburn South
Edlin Ditch Edlin Ditch Boone 945 Fayette
Edlin Ditch Edlin Ditch Boone 932 Lizton
Edmond Ditch Edmond Ditch Vanderburgh 354 West Franklin
Edward Ditch Edward Ditch Tippecanoe 692 Otterbein
Edwards Ditch Edwards Ditch Warrick 384 Newburgh
Edwards Ditch Edwards Ditch Randolph 1175 Carlos
Edwards Ditch Edwards Ditch Howard 794 Kokomo West
Egley Ditch Egley Ditch Adams 840 Domestic
Eightmile Number Two Ditch Eightmile Number Two Ditch Wells 820 Preble
Eightmile Number Three Ditch Eightmile Number Three Ditch Wells 823 Preble
Eightmile Number Four Ditch Eightmile Number Four Ditch Wells 820 Preble
Eke Drainage System Ditch Eke Drainage System Ditch Knox 404 Decker
Elder Ditch Elder Ditch Whitley 860 Pierceton
Elijah Ditch Elijah Ditch Newton 669 Fair Oaks
Elkenberry Ditch Elkenberry Ditch Huntington 814 Majenica
Ella Brown Ditch Ella Brown Ditch Benton 692 Templeton
Elliott Ditch Elliott Ditch Tippecanoe 636 Lafayette East
Ellis Ditch Ellis Ditch Huntington 820 Majenica
Ellison Ditch Ellison Ditch Allen 787 Maples
Ellison West Ditch Ellison West Ditch Warrick 420 Folsomville
Elmer Seltenright Ditch Elmer Seltenright Ditch Marshall 810 La Paz
Elon Maynard Ditch Elon Maynard Ditch Whitley 919 Lorane
Elson Ditch Elson Ditch Randolph 1122 Spartanburg
Emerick Ditch Emerick Ditch Whitley 860 Churubusco
Emerson Ditch Emerson Ditch Gibson 410 Owensville
Emge Ditch Emge Ditch White 666 Monticello South
Emma Mishler Ditch Emma Mishler Ditch Marshall 794 La Paz
Emmett Ditch Emmett Ditch Pulaski 682 North Judson
Ender Ditch Ender Ditch Pulaski 699 North Judson SE
Endicott Ditch Endicott Ditch Tipton 896 Sheridan
Engle Ditch Engle Ditch Adams 837 Geneva
Enoch Lee Ditch Enoch Lee Ditch Grant 846 Roll
Epsom Lateral Epsom Lateral Daviess 469 Epsom
Ernest Rightley Ditch Ernest Rightley Ditch Marshall 801 Plymouth
Erwin Ditch Erwin Ditch Marshall 820 Bourbon
Etter Ditch Etter Ditch Hendricks 912 Zionsville
Fahl Ditch Fahl Ditch Huntington 738 Huntington
Fairfield Ditch Fairfield Ditch Allen 755 Fort Wayne West
Farley Ditch Farley Ditch Grant 850 Marion
Farlow Ditch Farlow Ditch Adams 823 Berne
Farmer Ditch Farmer Ditch Henry 1004 Shirley
Farquiner Ditch Farquiner Ditch Randolph 1115 Carlos
Farrell Ditch Farrell Ditch Benton 755 Tab
Farver Ditch Farver Ditch LaGrange 883 Shipshewana
Feeney Ditch Feeney Ditch Hendricks 856 Clermont
Fehd Ditch Fehd Ditch Warrick 381 Daylight
Felger Ditch Felger Ditch Allen 840 Arcola
Fell Ditch Fell Ditch Starke 712 Bass Lake
Fenters Ditch Fenters Ditch Miami 810 Macy
Ferguson Ditch Ferguson Ditch Grant 856 Roll
Ferguson Ditch Ferguson Ditch Adams 787 Poe
Ferris Ditch Ferris Ditch Shelby 784 Acton
Ferry Ditch Ferry Ditch Benton 755 Mount Gilboa
Fetch Ditch Fetch Ditch LaGrange 837 Shipshewana
Fetters Martin Ditch Fetters Martin Ditch Elkhart 810 Foraker
Ficher Ditch Ficher Ditch Marion 846 Beech Grove
Fiddler Ditch Fiddler Ditch Blackford 899 Hartford City West
Lydy-Fillenworth Ditch Lydy-Fillenworth Ditch Tipton 896 Kempton
Findley Lateral Findley Lateral Daviess 476 Epsom
Finigan Ditch Finigan Ditch Benton 748 Boswell
Finn Ditch Finn Ditch Howard 856 Kokomo East
Fisher Ditch Fisher Ditch Shelby 702 Marietta
Fisher Ditch Fisher Ditch Howard 843 Amboy
Fisher Ditch Fisher Ditch Allen 804 Saint Joe
Fisher-Gordon Ditch Fisher-Gordon Ditch Elkhart 850 Nappanee West
Fitzers Ditch Fitzers Ditch Cass 610 Clymers
Flaugh Ditch Flaugh Ditch Allen 797 Fort Wayne West
Flemming Ditch Flemming Ditch Wells 801 Uniondale
Fleugel Ditch Fleugel Ditch Kosciusko 823 Atwood
Folger Ditch Folger Ditch Jasper 686 Gifford
Foor Ditch Foor Ditch Miami 820 Deedsville
Forbes Ditch Forbes Ditch LaPorte 758 Westville
Forgey Ditch Forgey Ditch Cass 666 Logansport
Forked Pond Ditch Forked Pond Ditch Spencer 371 Owensboro East
Forkner Ditch Forkner Ditch Hamilton 843 Omega
Forman Ditch Forman Ditch Wells 856 Liberty Center
Fort Ditch Fort Ditch Madison 948 Shirley
Fortune Ditch Fortune Ditch Shelby 755 Shelbyville
Foss Ditch Foss Ditch Lake 696 Lowell
Foster Ditch Foster Ditch Henry 1060 New Castle East
Fouch Ditch Fouch Ditch Hamilton 915 Sheridan
Fourmile Ditch Fourmile Ditch Greene 558 Switz City
Fouts Ditch Fouts Ditch Fulton 794 Macy
Fowler Ditch Fowler Ditch Grant 879 Gas City
Frank May Ditch Frank May Ditch White 686 Wolcott
Franks Ditch Franks Ditch Pulaski 436 Keensburg
Franks Ditch Franks Ditch Jay 886 Blaine
Fraser Ditch Fraser Ditch White 689 Brookston NW
Fredericks Ditch Fredericks Ditch Cass 712 Burnettsville
Fredricks Ditch Fredricks Ditch Cass 751 Lucerne
Fredricks Ditch Fredricks Ditch Cass 712 Star City
Freeman Ditch Freeman Ditch Howard 827 Greentown
Freemyer Ditch Freemyer Ditch Jay 896 Portland
French Ditch French Ditch Warren 607 Williamsport
French Ditch French Ditch Kosciusko 902 Pierceton
Freyer Ditch Freyer Ditch LaPorte 627 Michigan City East
Frick Ditch Frick Ditch Knox 430 Monroe City
Friskney Ditch Friskney Ditch Knox 906 Ormas
Fritz Ditch Fritz Ditch Pulaski 696 North Judson SE
Fry Ditch Fry Ditch White 794 Macy
Fuch Ditch Fuch Ditch Adams 850 Berne
Fulkerson Ditch Fulkerson Ditch Blackford 909 Hartford City East
Fuller Arm Fuller Arm Kosciusko 830 Nappanee East
Fuller Ditch Fuller Ditch Lake 636 Schneider
Fuller Ditch Fuller Ditch Hancock 863 Greenfield
Fulmer Ditch Fulmer Ditch Elkhart 781 Foraker
Funk Ditch Funk Ditch Kosciusko 886 Silver Lake
Gable Ditch Gable Ditch Whitley 823 South Whitley East
Gaff Ditch Gaff Ditch Whitley 922 Ormas
Galatia Ditch Galatia Ditch Grant 856 Gas City
Galbreath Ditch Galbreath Ditch Cass 722 Burnettsville
Gallivan Ditch Gallivan Ditch Wells 840 Preble
Gallmeyer Ditch Gallmeyer Ditch Adams 774 Poe
Gangwer Ditch Gangwer Ditch Whitley 820 Laud
Gangwer Ditch Gangwer Ditch Clinton 915 Kirklin
Gardner Powell Ditch Gardner Powell Ditch Cass 764 Logansport
Gardner Webb Ditch Gardner Webb Ditch Warrick 384 Daylight
Garrard Ditch Garrard Ditch Newton 659 Morocco
Garrett City Ditch Garrett City Ditch DeKalb 863 Garrett
Garrett Ditch Garrett Ditch DeKalb 863 Auburn
Gast Ditch Gast Ditch Fulton 817 Akron
Gates Ditch Gates Ditch Rush 951 Manilla
Gates Ditch Gates Ditch Adams 817 Berne
Gault Ditch Gault Ditch Cass 768 Logansport
Gearhart Ditch Gearhart Ditch Starke 686 Knox East
Geetings Ditch Geetings Ditch Cass 758 Young America
Gehring Ditch Gehring Ditch Jasper 679 Gifford
Gehring and Gumz Ditch Gehring and Gumz Ditch Jasper 679 Medaryville
Geller Ditch Geller Ditch Allen 833 Huntertown
George Bowser Ditch George Bowser Ditch Marshall 801 Bremen
George Marberger Ditch George Marberger Ditch Marshall 827 Nappanee West
Gephart-Mageet Ditch Gephart-Mageet Ditch Warren 656 Otterbein
Gerber Ditch Gerber Ditch Wells 846 Preble
Gerber Joint Ditch Gerber Joint Ditch Adams 843 Preble
Gerke Ditch Gerke Ditch Allen 801 Hoagland
Gettinger Ditch Gettinger Ditch Randolph 1020 Cosmos
Geyer Ditch Geyer Ditch LaPorte 696 North Liberty
Gibson Ditch Gibson Ditch Shelby 709 Marietta
Gibson Ditch Gibson Ditch Delaware 968 Mount Pleasant
Gieger Ditch Gieger Ditch Blackford 856 Petroleum
Gifford Ditch Gifford Ditch Jasper 682 Gifford
Gifford Ditch Gifford Ditch Tipton 853 Greentown
Gilbert Ditch Gilbert Ditch Henry 1033 Cambridge City
Gillam Ditch Gillam Ditch Howard 774 Young America
Gillen Ditch Gillen Ditch Benton 761 Boswell
Gillespie Ditch Gillespie Ditch Blackford 883 Roll
Girton Ditch Girton Ditch Randolph 1168 Lynn
Glendenning Ditch Glendenning Ditch Adams 846 Domestic
Glenn Miller Ditch Glenn Miller Ditch Jay 896 Blaine
Glentzer Perry Ditch Glentzer Perry Ditch Jay 869 Geneva
Glidden Arm Glidden Arm Rush 1010 Falmouth
Gloor Arm Gloor Arm LaPorte 682 English Lake
Gloor Ditch Gloor Ditch LaPorte 696 Hanna
Godby Ditch Godby Ditch Clinton 925 Kirklin
Goddard Ditch Goddard Ditch Rush 919 Manilla
Goff Ditch Goff Ditch Tipton 856 Tipton
Goff Ditch Goff Ditch Grant 840 Van Buren
Goodale Ditch Goodale Ditch Steuben 1014 Angola East
Goodrich Ditch Goodrich Ditch Shelby 751 Shelbyville
Goose Pond Ditch Goose Pond Ditch Vanderburgh 358 West Franklin
Gordon Ditch Gordon Ditch Wells 820 Markle
Gordon Ditch Gordon Ditch Rush 938 Manilla
Goss Switzer Ditch Goss Switzer Ditch Jay 856 Geneva
Government Ditch Government Ditch Miami 781 Onward
Grable Ditch Grable Ditch Cass 738 Twelve Mile
Grabner Ditch Grabner Ditch Allen 764 Fort Wayne East
Graff Ditch Graff Ditch Miami 787 Bunker Hill
Graffis Ditch Graffis Ditch Pulaski 718 Winamac
Graham Ditch Graham Ditch Kosciusko 804 Akron
Graham Ditch Graham Ditch Kosciusko 823 Nappanee East
Graham Ditch Graham Ditch Johnson 768 Greenwood
Graham McCulloch Ditch Graham McCulloch Ditch Allen 751 Fort Wayne West
Graham McCulloch Ditch Number Four Graham McCulloch Ditch Number Four Allen 771 Zanesville
Graham McCulloch Ditch Number One Graham McCulloch Ditch Number One Allen 745 Arcola
Grant Ditch Grant Ditch Jasper 689 Gifford
Grant Howard Ditch Grant Howard Ditch Howard 837 Sweetser
Gray Ditch Gray Ditch Montgomery 830 Shannondale
Green Ditch Green Ditch Starke 682 North Judson
Green Ditch Green Ditch Boone 922 Zionsville
Green Ditch Green Ditch Fulton 804 Macy
Greenlee Ditch Greenlee Ditch Blackford 879 Roll
Greenwood Ditch Greenwood Ditch Benton 748 Templeton
Greer Ditch Greer Ditch Marshall 797 Plymouth
Gregory Ditch Gregory Ditch Newton 676 Fair Oaks
Greiger Ditch Greiger Ditch Porter 682 La Crosse
Greiger Ditch Greiger Ditch Porter 709 Wanatah
Gressley Ditch Gressley Ditch Allen 810 Hoagland
Gretencord Ditch Gretencord Ditch Benton 732 Earl Park
Gretzinger Ditch Gretzinger Ditch Noble 938 Kendallville
Grice Ditch Grice Ditch Allen 784 Cedarville
Grice Ditch Grice Ditch Allen 761 Grabill
Griesel Ditch Griesel Ditch Lake 640 Leroy
Griffin Ditch Griffin Ditch Wells 797 Markle
Griggs Ditch Griggs Ditch Jasper 686 Gifford
Griggs Lateral Griggs Lateral Jasper 689 Gifford
Griner Ditch Griner Ditch Pulaski 715 Bass Lake
Grinslade Ditch Grinslade Ditch Miami 820 Miami
Grissom Ditch Grissom Ditch Jay 928 Fort Recovery
Groff Ditch Groff Ditch Blackford 886 Montpelier
Gromeaux Ditch Gromeaux Ditch Allen 771 Woodburn South
Gronendyke Ditch Gronendyke Ditch Blackford 925 Pennville
Gropp Ditch Gropp Ditch LaPorte 656 Michigan City East
Groshans Ditch Groshans Ditch Starke 679 Hamlet
Grover Ditch Grover Ditch Allen 745 Maples
Grubbs Ditch Grubbs Ditch Johnson 830 Beech Grove
Grube Ditch Grube Ditch Fulton 751 Pershing
Guild Ditch Guild Ditch Pulaski 686 North Judson SE
Guild Lateral Guild Lateral Jasper 686 Gifford
Gukien Cohee Ditch Gukien Cohee Ditch Carroll 699 Clymers
Gundy Ditch Gundy Ditch Vigo 509 Rosedale
Gunnard Anderson Ditch Gunnard Anderson Ditch Marshall 722 Donaldson
Guse Arm Guse Arm LaPorte 676 Hanna
Gushwa Ditch Gushwa Ditch Jasper 666 Remington
Guy Ditch Guy Ditch Whitley 945 Pierceton
Gwinn Ditch Gwinn Ditch Hamilton 804 Riverwood
H P Berger Ditch H P Berger Ditch Miami 850 Deedsville
Haag Ditch Haag Ditch Blackford 886 Montpelier
Haarer Ditch Haarer Ditch LaGrange 860 Shipshewana
Habegger Ditch Habegger Ditch Adams 827 Berne
Hack Ditch Hack Ditch Hancock 820 Acton
Hahn Ditch Hahn Ditch Jay 886 Blaine
Hahnert Ditch Hahnert Ditch Adams 820 Decatur
Haifley Ditch Haifley Ditch Allen 817 Grabill
Hailies Prairie Ditch Hailies Prairie Ditch Grant 846 Marion
Haines Ditch Haines Ditch Madison 869 Elwood
Haines Ditch Haines Ditch Newton 663 Mount Ayr
Halfmoon Ditch Halfmoon Ditch Gibson 430 Francisco
Halkey Ditch Halkey Ditch DeKalb 823 Auburn
Hall Burlew Ditch Hall Burlew Ditch Pulaski 699 San Pierre
Hall Ditch Hall Ditch Rush 1040 Lewisville
Hall Ditch Hall Ditch Hancock 843 Greenfield
Hall Sherman Ditch Hall Sherman Ditch Jackson 561 Crothersville
Hallihan Ditch Hallihan Ditch Howard 797 Kokomo West
Ham Ditch Ham Ditch Madison 938 Pendleton
Ham Lateral Ham Lateral Jasper 755 Wadena
Hambridge Ditch Hambridge Ditch Newton 656 Kentland
Hamilton Ditch Hamilton Ditch Greene 469 Sandborn
Hamilton Ditch Hamilton Ditch Shelby 810 Fountaintown
Hamilton Ditch Hamilton Ditch Marion 771 Beech Grove
Hamilton Ditch Hamilton Ditch Wabash 761 North Manchester South
Hamm Ditch Hamm Ditch Allen 761 Woodburn North
Hamm Interceptor Ditch Hamm Interceptor Ditch Allen 735 Woodburn North
Hammond Ditch Hammond Ditch Kosciusko 860 Milford
Hancock Ditch Hancock Ditch White 682 Monticello North
Hancock Ditch Hancock Ditch Cass 709 Star City
Hanes Ditch Hanes Ditch Grant 866 Point Isabel
Hanger Ditch Hanger Ditch Newton 669 Enos
Hankins Ditch Hankins Ditch Shelby 774 Shelbyville
Hanley Ditch Hanley Ditch Pulaski 709 Denham
Hanley Ditch Hanley Ditch Newton 673 Fair Oaks
Hanna Arm of Tuesburg Ditch Hanna Arm of Tuesburg Ditch LaPorte 676 Hanna
Hannon Ditch Hannon Ditch Porter 679 La Crosse
Hansell Ditch Hansell Ditch Pulaski 676 Medaryville
Hansen Ditch (historical) Hansen Ditch (historical) Warrick 374 Daylight
Hapgood Ditch Hapgood Ditch Marion 656 Maywood
Harber Ditch Harber Ditch Allen 784 Ossian
Hardin Ditch Hardin Ditch Howard 853 Greentown
Harding Ditch Harding Ditch Allen 774 Grabill
Hardy Ditch Hardy Ditch White 673 Yeoman
Hare Ditch Hare Ditch Marion 663 Maywood
Harness Ditch Harness Ditch Marion 653 Maywood
Harness Ditch Harness Ditch Cass 705 Burnettsville
Harness Ditch Harness Ditch Cass 748 Young America
Harness Ditch Harness Ditch Howard 794 Burlington
Harp Ditch Harp Ditch White 679 Monon NE
Harper Ditch Harper Ditch Howard 846 Amboy
Harper Ditch Harper Ditch Posey 390 Newburgh
Harpster Ditch Harpster Ditch Pulaski 679 Buffalo
Harr Wills Ditch Harr Wills Ditch Boone 876 Thorntown
Harrell Ditch Harrell Ditch Shelby 751 Shelbyville
Harrington Ditch Harrington Ditch Benton 699 Chatterton
Harris Arm Harris Arm Marshall 820 La Paz
Harrison-Harlan Ditch Harrison-Harlan Ditch Howard 810 Galveston
Harrold Ditch Harrold Ditch Wells 843 Liberty Center
Harry Cool Ditch Harry Cool Ditch Marshall 738 Donaldson
Harsh Ditch Harsh Ditch Fulton 804 Silver Lake
Harsh Ditch Harsh Ditch Fulton 791 Mentone
Harshman Ditch Harshman Ditch Randolph 1155 Spartanburg
Harshman Ditch Harshman Ditch Boone 902 Mechanicsburg
Hart Ditch Hart Ditch Lake 617 Highland
Hart Loucks Ditch Hart Loucks Ditch Clinton 919 Kirklin
Harting Ditch Harting Ditch Marion 833 Beech Grove
Hartman Ditch Hartman Ditch Howard 794 Young America
Hartman Ditch Hartman Ditch Marshall 778 Plymouth
Hartman Ditch Hartman Ditch Marion 837 Indianapolis East
Hartwick Ditch Hartwick Ditch Pulaski 709 Denham
Hartzel Ditch Hartzel Ditch Jay 909 Fort Recovery
Harwood Ditch Harwood Ditch DeKalb 860 Butler West
Haschel Ditch Haschel Ditch Pulaski 702 Winamac
Hasty Ditch Hasty Ditch Madison 886 Alexandria
Hatch Ditch Hatch Ditch Allen 843 Huntertown
Hatfield Arm Hatfield Arm Kosciusko 830 Atwood
Hathaway Ditch Hathaway Ditch Pulaski 702 Ripley
Haueisen Ditch Haueisen Ditch Marion 686 Maywood
Hauffman Ditch Hauffman Ditch Henry 1096 New Castle East
Haughey Ditch Haughey Ditch Steuben 971 Hamilton
Haverstick Ditch Haverstick Ditch Elkhart 860 Nappanee East
Haverstock Ditch Haverstock Ditch DeKalb 876 Butler West
Hawes Ditch Hawes Ditch Daviess 440 Washington
Hawkins Ditch Hawkins Ditch Blackford 876 Montpelier
Hawkins Ditch Hawkins Ditch Starke 725 Culver
Hayden Ditch Hayden Ditch Lake 623 Illiana Heights
Hayden Ditch Hayden Ditch Delaware 883 Wheeling
Hays Ditch Hays Ditch Daviess 489 Epsom
Haywood Ditch Haywood Ditch Tippecanoe 732 Romney
Hazelett Ditch Hazelett Ditch Johnson 718 Franklin
Headlee Ditch Headlee Ditch White 692 Buffalo
Heath Ditch Heath Ditch Hamilton 728 Fishers
Heath Ditch Heath Ditch Delaware 932 Muncie West
Heavilon Ditch Heavilon Ditch Clinton 827 Frankfort
Hedgeland Ditch Hedgeland Ditch Delaware 879 Wheeling
Heeter Ditch Heeter Ditch Kosciusko 827 Leesburg
Heimberg Ditch Heimberg Ditch Porter 663 La Crosse
Heinrich Ditch Heinrich Ditch Hancock 850 Cumberland
Helfrich and Hoppe Ditch Helfrich and Hoppe Ditch Vanderburgh 361 West Franklin
Helman Ditch Helman Ditch Pulaski 676 Francesville
Helvie Ditch Helvie Ditch Cass 732 Anoka
Hendericks Ditch Hendericks Ditch Adams 817 Berne
Henderson Ditch Henderson Ditch Rush 948 Carthage
Henderson Ditch Henderson Ditch Porter 699 Hebron
Henderson Lake Ditch Henderson Lake Ditch Noble 928 Kendallville
Hendricks Ditch Hendricks Ditch Adams 810 Decatur
Henry Bandelier Ditch Henry Bandelier Ditch Allen 768 Maples
Henry Ditch Henry Ditch Hancock 860 Greenfield
Henry Ditch Henry Ditch Jay 1033 Cosmos
Henry Ditch Henry Ditch Madison 866 Lapel
Henry Gilbert Ditch Henry Gilbert Ditch Howard 794 Young America
Henry Kock Ditch Henry Kock Ditch Marion 853 Beech Grove
Henschen Ditch Henschen Ditch Adams 823 Preble
Hentz Ditch Hentz Ditch Tippecanoe 787 Mulberry
Hepler Ditch Hepler Ditch Kosciusko 817 Nappanee West
Herkless Ditch Herkless Ditch Rush 978 Carthage
Hershman Arm Hershman Arm Jasper 686 Gifford
Hessler Ditch Hessler Ditch Adams 810 Decatur
Hetrick Ditch Hetrick Ditch Allen 748 Woodburn North
Hibler Ditch Hibler Ditch Newton 646 Shelby
Hickleson Ditch Hickleson Ditch LaPorte 715 Kingsford Heights
Hickman Ditch Hickman Ditch Blackford 879 Pennville
Hickman Ditch Hickman Ditch Kosciusko 827 Leesburg
Hickman Ditch Hickman Ditch Jay 873 Petroleum
Hickory Ridge Lateral Hickory Ridge Lateral Gibson 384 Keensburg
Hickson Ditch Hickson Ditch Boone 948 Rosston
Hierly Ditch Hierly Ditch Adams 846 Linn Grove
Higgens Ditch Higgens Ditch Hendricks 942 Lizton
Higginbotham Ditch Higginbotham Ditch Gibson 387 Keensburg
Higgins Ditch Higgins Ditch Boone 909 Hazelrigg
High Ditch High Ditch Dubois 486 Jasper
High Ditch High Ditch Hamilton 787 McCordsville
Hildebrandt Ditch Hildebrandt Ditch Starke 679 Kingsford Heights
Hildreth Ditch Hildreth Ditch Elkhart 883 Bristol
Hill Ditch Hill Ditch White 679 Francesville
Hill Ditch Hill Ditch Knox 469 Sandborn
Hillman Ditch Hillman Ditch LaPorte 686 Hamlet
Hinderlider Ditch Hinderlider Ditch Jackson 522 Medora
Hindman Ditch Hindman Ditch DeKalb 817 Saint Joe
Hines Ditch Hines Ditch Warrick 384 Boonville
Hines Ditch Hines Ditch Fulton 758 Grass Creek
Hinshall Ditch Hinshall Ditch Randolph 1175 Lynn
Hinshaw Ditch Hinshaw Ditch Wayne 1115 Fountain City
Hinshaw Ditch Hinshaw Ditch Jasper 669 San Pierre
Hire Ditch Hire Ditch Elkhart 853 Lake Wawasee
Hiser Ditch Hiser Ditch Allen 794 Ossian
Hoagland Ditch Hoagland Ditch White 682 Monon
Hoch Ditch Hoch Ditch Pulaski 686 Ripley
Hodge Ditch Hodge Ditch Jay 922 Portland
Hodge Ditch Hodge Ditch Rush 919 Manilla
Hodges Ditch Hodges Ditch Morgan 571 Paragon
Hodson Ditch Hodson Ditch Grant 866 Roll
Hoffelder Ditch Hoffelder Ditch DeKalb 932 Waterloo
Hoffman Arm Hoffman Arm LaPorte 669 English Lake
Hoffman Ditch Hoffman Ditch Allen 791 Hoagland
Hoffman Ditch Hoffman Ditch Pulaski 686 Star City
Hoffman Lepper Ditch Hoffman Lepper Ditch Allen 807 Hoagland
Hoke Ditch Hoke Ditch Elkhart 794 Foraker
Holbrock Ditch Holbrock Ditch Adams 814 Hoagland
Holder Ditch Holder Ditch Warren 686 Chatterton
Holderman Ditch Holderman Ditch Elkhart 833 Wakarusa
Holdren Ditch Holdren Ditch Delaware 919 Eaton
Hollingsworth Ditch Hollingsworth Ditch White 728 Templeton NE
Hollis Ditch Hollis Ditch Grant 902 Hartford City West
Holt Ditch Holt Ditch Delaware 955 Muncie East
Holthouse Ditch Holthouse Ditch Adams 794 Decatur
Holtz Ditch Holtz Ditch Fulton 751 Pershing
Homburg Ditch Homburg Ditch Cass 712 Clymers
Hoodelmier Ditch Hoodelmier Ditch DeKalb 856 Butler West
Hook Ditch Hook Ditch Starke 702 Denham
Hooker Ditch Hooker Ditch Marshall 797 Argos
Hoopingarner Ditch Hoopingarner Ditch Kosciusko 856 Milford
Hooppole Ditch Hooppole Ditch Spencer 381 Richland City
Hoover Ditch Hoover Ditch Huntington 856 Liberty Center
Hoover Ditch Hoover Ditch Pulaski 692 Ripley
Hoover Ditch Hoover Ditch Elkhart 817 Goshen
Hoppas Ditch Hoppas Ditch Madison 879 Gas City
Hoppenrath Ditch Hoppenrath Ditch Madison 866 Elwood
Horn Ditch Horn Ditch Elkhart 814 Goshen
Horn Ditch Horn Ditch Marshall 784 Argos
Hoskins Ditch Hoskins Ditch Boone 948 Lebanon
Hoskinson Drain Hoskinson Drain Warrick 381 De Gonia Springs
Hostetler Ditch Hostetler Ditch LaGrange 892 Shipshewana
Houchin Ditch Houchin Ditch Pike 456 Augusta
Houchins Ditch Houchins Ditch Gibson 394 Union
House Ditch House Ditch Starke 722 Bass Lake
Houser Ditch Houser Ditch Jay 843 Geneva
Houston Ditch Houston Ditch White 702 Burnettsville
Houte Ditch Houte Ditch Jay 925 Portland
Howard Ditch Howard Ditch Warrick 387 Daylight
Howard Ditch Howard Ditch Starke 712 Knox East
Howard Ditch Howard Ditch Cass 659 Logansport
Howard Johnson Ditch Howard Johnson Ditch Marion 797 Carmel
Branch Number Six Branch Number Six Carroll 728 Rossville
Howell Ditch Howell Ditch Shelby 715 Lewis Creek
Howesville Ditch Howesville Ditch Greene 515 Coal City
Howland Ditch Howland Ditch Marion 755 Fishers
Hubbell Ditch Hubbell Ditch Pulaski 673 North Judson SE
Hudkins Ditch Hudkins Ditch Fulton 748 Pershing
Hudson Ditch Hudson Ditch Blackford 883 Pennville
Huffer Ditch Huffer Ditch Kosciusko 817 Atwood
Huggens Ditch Huggens Ditch Blackford 889 Hartford City East
Hull Ditch Hull Ditch Gibson 397 East Mount Carmel
Humbert Ditch Humbert Ditch Benton 797 Fowler
Humes Ditch Humes Ditch Pulaski 738 Grass Creek
Hundt Ditch Hundt Ditch LaPorte 669 English Lake
Hunsley Ditch Hunsley Ditch LaPorte 689 Hanna
Hunt Ditch Hunt Ditch Jay 856 Domestic
Hunter Ditch Hunter Ditch Marion 814 Acton
Hunter Ditch Hunter Ditch Newton 669 Goodland
Hunter Ditch Hunter Ditch Jasper 679 Goodland
Hunter Mitthoefer Ditch Hunter Mitthoefer Ditch Marion 840 Cumberland
Hurricane Creek Ditch Hurricane Creek Ditch Gibson 430 Haubstadt
Huston Ditch Huston Ditch Noble 896 Albion
Hutcherson Ditch Hutcherson Ditch Tipton 863 Point Isabel
Hutchins Ditch Hutchins Ditch Noble 1001 Stroh
Hutchinson Ditch Hutchinson Ditch Spencer 387 Chrisney
Hutchison Ditch Hutchison Ditch Randolph 1142 Spartanburg
Hyer Ditch Hyer Ditch Grant 883 Gas City
Hyman Ditch Hyman Ditch Cass 722 Young America
Ilene Ditch Ilene Ditch Greene 472 Lyons
Ilgenfritz Ditch Ilgenfritz Ditch Tippecanoe 676 Stockwell
Iliff Slough Lateral Iliff Slough Lateral Jasper 679 Medaryville
Imbach Ditch Imbach Ditch Allen 738 Woodburn North
Indiana Harbor Canal Indiana Harbor Canal Lake 574 Whiting
Indianapolis Water Company Canal Indianapolis Water Company Canal Marion 715 Indianapolis West
Ingerman Ditch Ingerman Ditch Hamilton 787 Noblesville
Irvin Ditch Irvin Ditch Wells 853 Liberty Center
Isaac Sells Ditch Isaac Sells Ditch Marshall 804 Bremen
Isenhour Ditch Isenhour Ditch Boone 948 Lebanon
J M Robbins Ditch J M Robbins Ditch Miami 820 Deedsville
Jackson Ditch Jackson Ditch Hancock 850 Ingalls
Jackson Ditch Jackson Ditch Tipton 866 Windfall
Jackson Ditch Jackson Ditch Allen 741 Woodburn North
Jackson Ditch Arm Jackson Ditch Arm Hancock 860 Ingalls
Jackson Number Two Ditch Jackson Number Two Ditch DeKalb 771 Woodburn North
Jackson-Shilling Ditch Jackson-Shilling Ditch Starke 696 Knox West
Jacobs Ditch Jacobs Ditch Noble 889 Ligonier
Jain Ditch Jain Ditch Starke 692 Hamlet
James Ditch James Ditch Pulaski 699 Denham
James Ditch James Ditch Pulaski 725 Winamac
James Ditch James Ditch Starke 718 Bass Lake
James Ditch James Ditch Jasper 650 Kouts
Jamison Ditch Jamison Ditch Wells 843 Liberty Center
Jamstutz Ditch Jamstutz Ditch Adams 823 Berne
Jay Ditch Jay Ditch Hancock 925 Sheridan
Jay Ditch Jay Ditch Hamilton 932 Westfield
Jefferson Ditch Jefferson Ditch Grant 889 Hartford City West
Jenkins Ditch Jenkins Ditch Miami 801 Miami
Jenkins Ditch Jenkins Ditch Clinton 850 Michigantown
Jensen Ditch Jensen Ditch LaPorte 682 Hamlet
Jesse McKesson Ditch Jesse McKesson Ditch Marshall 771 La Paz
Johanni Ditch Johanni Ditch LaPorte 686 Hamlet
John Mattern Ditch John Mattern Ditch Marshall 804 Bremen
John McDonald Ditch John McDonald Ditch Jackson 535 Chestnut Ridge
John Smith Ditch John Smith Ditch DeKalb 876 Butler East
Johns Ditch Johns Ditch Wells 837 Bluffton
Johns Ditch Johns Ditch Delaware 889 Gilman
Johns Ditch Johns Ditch Carroll 679 Flora
Johnson Ditch Johnson Ditch Adams 827 Berne
Johnson Ditch Johnson Ditch Newton 656 Leesville
Johnson Ditch Johnson Ditch Steuben 955 Ashley
Johnson Ditch Johnson Ditch Steuben 974 Hamilton
Johnson Ditch Johnson Ditch Gibson 384 Keensburg
Johnson Ditch Johnson Ditch Rush 935 Manilla
Johnson Ditch Johnson Ditch Grant 876 Van Buren
Johnson Ditch Johnson Ditch White 686 Monticello South
Johnson Ditch Johnson Ditch Allen 745 Woodburn South
Johnson Ditch Johnson Ditch Allen 827 Churubusco
Johnson Ditch Johnson Ditch Porter 673 Chesterton
Johnson Ditch Johnson Ditch Wells 823 Bluffton
Johnson Ditch Johnson Ditch Wabash 787 Richvalley
Johnson Ditch Johnson Ditch Wells 810 Ossian
Jones Branch Ditch Jones Branch Ditch Allen 758 Woodburn South
Jones Clark Ditch Jones Clark Ditch Madison 883 Alexandria
Jones Ditch Jones Ditch Hancock 853 Greenfield
Jones Ditch Jones Ditch Hamilton 909 Sheridan
Jones Ditch Jones Ditch Allen 755 Woodburn South
Jones Ditch Jones Ditch Porter 666 Kouts
Jones Ditch Jones Ditch Hamilton 866 Noblesville
Jones Ditch Jones Ditch Newton 653 Goodland
Jones Ditch Jones Ditch Blackford 883 Pennville
Jordan Ditch Jordan Ditch Jasper 673 Francesville
Jordan Ditch Jordan Ditch Pulaski 722 Kewanna
Joseph Ludlow Ditch Joseph Ludlow Ditch Montgomery 758 Wingate
Judge Ditch Judge Ditch Henry 1007 Shirley
Julien Ditch Julien Ditch Carroll 587 Delphi
Junk Ditch Junk Ditch Allen 751 Fort Wayne West
Kaiser Ditch Kaiser Ditch Lake 627 Crown Point
Kaiser Ditch Kaiser Ditch Warrick 390 Yankeetown
Kane Ditch Kane Ditch Daviess 489 Epsom
Karnes Ditch Karnes Ditch Jay 892 Portland
Kasta Ditch Kasta Ditch Newton 673 Fair Oaks
Kauffman Ditch Kauffman Ditch Elkhart 843 Foraker
Kaufman Ditch Kaufman Ditch Whitley 837 Laud
Kaufman Ditch Kaufman Ditch Tipton 856 Omega
Keafaber Ditch Keafaber Ditch Wabash 787 North Manchester South
Keaton Ditch Keaton Ditch Grant 863 Point Isabel
Keck Ditch Keck Ditch Hancock 938 Pendleton
Keefe Ditch Keefe Ditch Jasper 669 Wolcott
Keefer-Evans Ditch Keefer-Evans Ditch Kosciusko 843 Warsaw
Keeney Ditch Keeney Ditch Hendricks 935 Fayette
Keeny Ditch Keeny Ditch Hendricks 951 Lizton
Kehr Ditch Kehr Ditch Elkhart 869 Foraker
Kell Ditch Kell Ditch Fountain 666 Mellott
Kell Ditch Kell Ditch Allen 827 Huntertown
Keller Arm Keller Arm Starke 666 La Crosse
Keller Arm Keller Arm Starke 689 North Judson
Keller Ditch Keller Ditch Starke 689 Hamlet
Keller Ditch Keller Ditch Pulaski 709 Bass Lake
Kellerman Leaming Ditch Kellerman Leaming Ditch Tippecanoe 715 Romney
Kelley Drain Kelley Drain Wells 853 Roll
Kelly Ditch Kelly Ditch Randolph 1152 Lynn
Kelly Ditch Kelly Ditch Warrick 387 Boonville
Kelly Ditch Kelly Ditch Blackford 883 Roll
Kelly East Ditch Kelly East Ditch Tipton 873 Kokomo East
Kelly West Ditch Kelly West Ditch Tipton 886 Kokomo West
Kemp Ditch Kemp Ditch Tipton 906 Kempton
Kemper Ditch Kemper Ditch Boone 948 Rosston
Keniepe Lateral Keniepe Lateral Gibson 387 Keensburg
Kennel Ditch Kennel Ditch Cass 715 Burnettsville
Kenny Ditch Kenny Ditch Tippecanoe 653 Stockwell
Kent Ditch Kent Ditch Newton 686 Kentland
Kent Ditch Kent Ditch Clinton 906 Hillisburg
Kerch Ditch Kerch Ditch Whitley 823 Laud
Kern Neff Ditch Kern Neff Ditch Cass 791 Fulton
Kersey Finney Ditch Kersey Finney Ditch Fulton 761 Pershing
Kesler Ditch Kesler Ditch White 682 Monon
Kessi Ditch Kessi Ditch Pulaski 715 Winamac
Kessinger Ditch Kessinger Ditch Knox 449 Wheatland
Kiddle Ditch Kiddle Ditch Howard 794 Russiaville
Kieffer Ditch Kieffer Ditch Elkhart 846 Milford
Kieffer Gruenke Ditch Kieffer Gruenke Ditch LaPorte 659 Michigan City West
Kigin Ditch Kigin Ditch Tipton 902 Kempton
Killian Ditch Killian Ditch Allen 745 Woodburn North
Killion Canal Killion Canal Daviess 449 Washington
Kimball Ditch Kimball Ditch LaPorte 604 Michigan City East
King Ditch King Ditch DeKalb 889 Butler West
King Ditch King Ditch Wells 846 Bluffton
Kingsoliver Ditch Kingsoliver Ditch Boone 935 Kirklin
Kinney Ditch Kinney Ditch Kosciusko 827 Nappanee East
Kintzele Ditch Kintzele Ditch Porter 610 Michigan City West
Kinzie Ditch Kinzie Ditch Marshall 807 Bourbon
Kirkhoff Ditch Kirkhoff Ditch Hancock 833 Greenfield
Kirkpatrick Ditch Kirkpatrick Ditch Jasper 735 Remington
Kirkpatrick Ditch Kirkpatrick Ditch Rush 1014 Falmouth
Kithcart Ditch Kithcart Ditch Porter 656 Hebron
Klise Ditch Klise Ditch Miami 797 Miami
Knapp Ditch Knapp Ditch Allen 741 Woodburn North
Knisely Ditch Knisely Ditch Whitley 863 Lorane
Knoblaugh Ditch Knoblaugh Ditch Allen 748 Woodburn South
Knollenberg Ditch Knollenberg Ditch Wayne 1109 Fountain City
Koehler Ditch Koehler Ditch Warrick 390 Yankeetown
Koepke Ditch Koepke Ditch Pulaski 689 North Judson SE
Koester Ditch Koester Ditch Allen 764 Fort Wayne East
Kohler Ditch Kohler Ditch Kosciusko 843 Leesburg
Kohne Number One Ditch Kohne Number One Ditch Adams 797 Decatur
Kohne Number Two Ditch Kohne Number Two Ditch Adams 810 Decatur
Kolb Ditch Kolb Ditch Posey 384 Newburgh
Koontz Ditch Koontz Ditch Kosciusko 840 South Whitley West
Koontz Ditch Koontz Ditch Wabash 741 Wabash
Koos Ditch Koos Ditch Adams 794 Decatur
Koselke Ditch Koselke Ditch Porter 696 La Crosse
Kreuter Ditch Kreuter Ditch Starke 673 Knox West
Krider Ditch Krider Ditch Whitley 820 Columbia City
Krider Ditch Krider Ditch Whitley 823 Churubusco
Kroft Ditch Kroft Ditch Wabash 791 Silver Lake
Kuehn Ditch Kuehn Ditch LaPorte 682 English Lake
Kuhn Ditch Kuhn Ditch Knox 472 Bicknell
Kuhn Ditch Kuhn Ditch Kosciusko 846 Burket
Kuhn Ditch Kuhn Ditch Kosciusko 863 North Webster
Kuhn Ditch Kuhn Ditch Hancock 958 Pendleton
Kult Ditch Kult Ditch Benton 735 Stockland
Kuns Ditch Kuns Ditch Carroll 705 Flora
Kurtz Ditch Kurtz Ditch Allen 761 Grabill
Kutzman Ditch Kutzman Ditch Adams 810 Preble
Kyle Ditch Kyle Ditch LaPorte 679 Hamlet
Kynett Ditch Kynett Ditch Madison 860 Lapel
Lafferty Ditch Lafferty Ditch Clay 528 Saline City
Lague Ditch Lague Ditch Benton 758 Mount Gilboa
Lake Arm Lake Arm Kosciusko 830 Atwood
Lake Ditch Lake Ditch Putnam 741 Hall
Lake George Canal Lake George Canal Lake 574 Whiting
Lamb Ditch Lamb Ditch Randolph 1066 Modoc
Lamberson Ditch Lamberson Ditch Madison 833 Frankton
Lambert Ditch Lambert Ditch Adams 771 Poe
Lambert Ditch Lambert Ditch Wells 853 Bluffton
Lambert Lateral Lambert Lateral Benton 761 Mount Gilboa
Landis Ditch Landis Ditch Kosciusko 850 Silver Lake
Landon Ditch Landon Ditch Blackford 915 Pennville
Lane Ditch Lane Ditch Boone 945 Rosston
Langley Ditch Langley Ditch Allen 784 Cedarville
Lanning Ditch Lanning Ditch Jay 896 Blaine
Laramore Ditch Laramore Ditch Starke 673 Knox West
Laskowski Ditch Laskowski Ditch LaPorte 696 North Liberty
Lateral Number Four Lateral Number Four Clay 518 Jasonville
Laughner Ditch Laughner Ditch Boone 932 Rosston
Lautzenhizer Ditch Lautzenhizer Ditch Fulton 853 Silver Lake
Lawler Ditch Lawler Ditch Newton 666 Morocco
Lawler Ditch Lawler Ditch Newton 673 Enos
Lawless Ditch Lawless Ditch Rush 1027 Falmouth
Lawrence Pontius Ditch Lawrence Pontius Ditch Marshall 735 Walkerton
Leak Ditch Leak Ditch Warren 712 Tab
Leander Boyer Ditch Leander Boyer Ditch Hamilton 919 Sheridan
Leary Ditch Leary Ditch Hancock 856 Greenfield
Leary Weber Ditch Leary Weber Ditch Hancock 856 Greenfield
Leavell Ditch Leavell Ditch Tipton 873 Tipton
Lee Ditch Lee Ditch LaPorte 666 La Crosse
Lee Ditch Lee Ditch Whitley 853 South Whitley East
Lee Number Two Ditch Lee Number Two Ditch Wells 856 Bluffton
Leedy Ditch Leedy Ditch Miami 801 Deedsville
Leedy Ditch Leedy Ditch Kosciusko 873 Pierceton
Leedy Ditch Leedy Ditch Elkhart 794 Foraker
Leffert Ditch Leffert Ditch Marshall 778 Plymouth
Legg Ditch Legg Ditch Tipton 853 Greentown
Lehman Ditch Lehman Ditch Whitley 853 South Whitley East
Lehman Ditch Lehman Ditch Marshall 837 La Paz
Leichty Ditch Leichty Ditch Adams 833 Geneva
Leidendecker Ditch Leidendecker Ditch Pulaski 702 Winamac
Leins Ditch Leins Ditch DeKalb 909 Waterloo
Leisure Ditch Leisure Ditch Grant 843 Sweetser
Lemer-Berger Ditch Lemer-Berger Ditch Marshall 807 Bourbon
Lemert Ditch Lemert Ditch Marshall 748 Walkerton
Lemke Ditch Lemke Ditch Starke 666 English Lake
Lemler Ditch Lemler Ditch Marshall 814 Bourbon
Lemuel Ditch Lemuel Ditch Blackford 886 Roll
Lennington Ditch Lennington Ditch Allen 764 Woodburn South
Lenox Ditch Lenox Ditch Boone 915 Rosston
Lesh Ditch Lesh Ditch Wells 810 Markle
Lesher Ditch Lesher Ditch Miami 784 Bunker Hill
Letsinger Ditch Letsinger Ditch Greene 584 Clay City
Leuck Ditch Leuck Ditch Benton 748 Boswell
Levi Rouch Ditch Levi Rouch Ditch Fulton 787 Fulton
Lillard Ditch Lillard Ditch Gibson 404 Owensville
Lillian Metz Ditch Lillian Metz Ditch Steuben 968 Hamilton
Lincoln Ditch Lincoln Ditch Pulaski 699 North Judson SE
Lindley Ditch Lindley Ditch Hamilton 899 Westfield
Lindstrand Ditch Lindstrand Ditch Starke 709 Knox West
Linnewebber Ditch Linnewebber Ditch Knox 453 Plainville
Lintner Ditch Lintner Ditch Newton 676 Fair Oaks
Linvill Ditch Linvill Ditch Whitley 840 Lorane
Listenberger Ditch Listenberger Ditch Marshall 751 Donaldson
Little Blind Ditch Little Blind Ditch Warren 689 Chatterton
Little Crane Pond Ditch Little Crane Pond Ditch Grant 791 Marion
Little Ditch Little Ditch Lake 640 Leroy
Little Ditch Little Ditch Shelby 738 Lewis Creek
Little Ditch Little Ditch Randolph 1089 Union City
Little Elkhart River Ditch Little Elkhart River Ditch LaGrange 879 Topeka
Little Newby Ditch Little Newby Ditch Grant 850 Fairmount
Little Sumner Ditch Little Sumner Ditch Gibson 384 Keensburg
Litzenberg Ditch Litzenberg Ditch Allen 751 Woodburn South
Lizenby Ditch Lizenby Ditch Pulaski 679 North Judson SE
Lloyd Ditch Lloyd Ditch Grant 850 Marion
Lock Ditch Lock Ditch Hamilton 787 Riverwood
Lockwood Ditch Lockwood Ditch Warrick 390 Newburgh
Locus Ditch Locus Ditch Howard 810 Galveston
Loefler Ditch Loefler Ditch Gibson 430 Owensville
Lofland Ditch Lofland Ditch Tippecanoe 728 Linden
Logan Nine Hundred Forty-Five Ditch Logan Nine Hundred Forty-Five Ditch Rush 945 Manilla
Lomax Ditch Lomax Ditch Grant 846 Marion
Lomont Ditch Lomont Ditch Allen 764 Woodburn South
Lones Ditch Lones Ditch Kosciusko 807 Leesburg
Long Ditch Long Ditch Elkhart 846 Lake Wawasee
Long Ditch Long Ditch Dubois 469 Jasper
Long Ditch Long Ditch Noble 886 Albion
Long Ditch Long Ditch LaPorte 686 Kingsford Heights
Long Ditch Long Ditch Kosciusko 837 Leesburg
Long Pond Ditch Long Pond Ditch Spencer 367 Richland City
Longnecker Ditch Longnecker Ditch Jay 843 Geneva
Losher Ditch Losher Ditch Miami 784 Twelve Mile
Loucks Ditch Loucks Ditch Clinton 919 Kirklin
Lougis Ditch Lougis Ditch Pulaski 702 Denham
Love Ditch Love Ditch Delaware 889 Wheeling
Love Joy Ditch Love Joy Ditch Elkhart 797 Constantine
Lowe Ditch Lowe Ditch Miami 669 Twelve Mile
Lower Shaker Prairie Ditch Lower Shaker Prairie Ditch Knox 423 Oaktown
Lowry Ditch Lowry Ditch Marshall 768 Culver
Lowther Neuhaus Ditch Lowther Neuhaus Ditch Allen 784 Fort Wayne West
Lubke Arm Lubke Arm LaPorte 620 Michigan City East
Lucas Ditch Lucas Ditch Boone 951 Lebanon
Lucky Ditch Lucky Ditch Huntington 856 Liberty Center
Ludlum Ditch Ludlum Ditch Grant 860 Van Buren
Luken Ditch Luken Ditch Pulaski 702 San Pierre
Lunsford Ditch Lunsford Ditch Pulaski 738 Kewanna
Lupton Ditch Lupton Ditch Jay 873 Pennville
Lusk Ditch Lusk Ditch Wells 820 Uniondale
Luther McDonald Ditch Luther McDonald Ditch Jackson 551 Chestnut Ridge
Lyford Dike and Levee Association Ditch Lyford Dike and Levee Association Ditch Parke 466 Mecca
Lyon Ditch Lyon Ditch Porter 659 La Crosse
MacDougall Ditch MacDougall Ditch Shelby 820 Fountaintown
Maciolek Ditch Maciolek Ditch Starke 699 Denham
Madaus Ditch Madaus Ditch Pulaski 679 Medaryville
Maddox Ditch Maddox Ditch Grant 866 Roll
Maddux-Showalter Ditch Maddux-Showalter Ditch Wells 853 Bluffton
Magee Ditch Magee Ditch Kosciusko 837 Burket
Magnet Ditch Magnet Ditch Tipton 919 Kempton
Maibucker Ditch Maibucker Ditch Marion 725 Indianapolis West
Maidlow Ditch Maidlow Ditch Vanderburgh 433 Evansville North
Main Beaver Dam Ditch Main Beaver Dam Ditch Lake 679 Crown Point
Main Beaver Ditch Main Beaver Ditch Lake 679 Saint John
Main Edlin Ditch Main Edlin Ditch Boone 938 Fayette
Major Ditch Major Ditch Shelby 679 Marietta
Makeever Huff Ditch Makeever Huff Ditch Jasper 679 McCoysburg
Malchow Ditch Malchow Ditch Pulaski 673 North Judson SE
Mallery Granger Ditch Mallery Granger Ditch Hamilton 797 Noblesville
Mallott Ditch Mallott Ditch Clinton 919 Kirklin
Maloney Ditch Maloney Ditch Whitley 863 Churubusco
Mangun Arm Mangun Arm Marshall 840 La Paz
Manifold Ditch Manifold Ditch Madison 869 Pendleton
Mann Ditch Mann Ditch Clinton 869 Michigantown
Mann Ditch Mann Ditch Boone 935 Lebanon
Manson Kingery Ditch Manson Kingery Ditch Howard 814 Galveston
Mantle Ditch Mantle Ditch Knox 404 Decker
March Ditch March Ditch Wells 837 Linn Grove
Markley Ditch Markley Ditch Wells 853 Liberty Center
Markley Ditch Markley Ditch Wells 814 Bluffton
Markley Ditch Markley Ditch Wells 823 Linn Grove
Marks Ditch Marks Ditch Starke 715 Bass Lake
Marquardt Ditch Marquardt Ditch Starke 676 Kingsford Heights
Mars Ditch Mars Ditch Marion 732 Bridgeport
March and Trees Ditch March and Trees Ditch Hancock 912 Pendleton
Marsh Ditch Marsh Ditch Kosciusko 804 Atwood
Marsh Ditch Marsh Ditch Kosciusko 807 Burket
Marsh Ditch Marsh Ditch LaPorte 673 La Crosse
Marsh Ditch Marsh Ditch Allen 741 Grabill
Marshall Ditch Marshall Ditch Tippecanoe 715 Round Grove
Martin Ditch Martin Ditch Cass 715 Anoka
Martin Ditch Martin Ditch Allen 797 Cedarville
Martin Ditch Martin Ditch Porter 676 Kouts
Martin Ditch Martin Ditch Boone 955 Kirklin
Martin Ditch Martin Ditch Cass 712 Clymers
Martin Ditch Martin Ditch White 676 Monticello North
Martin Ditch Martin Ditch Allen 768 Maples
Martin Ditch Martin Ditch Kosciusko 804 Bourbon
Martin Ditch Martin Ditch Marshall 830 La Paz
Martin Dugan Ditch Martin Dugan Ditch Hendricks 906 Fayette
Martin-Youngman Ditch Martin-Youngman Ditch Howard 827 Kokomo East
Mary Metcalf Ditch Mary Metcalf Ditch DeKalb 869 Butler East
Mason Ditch Mason Ditch Allen 810 Zanesville
Mason Ditch Mason Ditch DeKalb 853 Butler West
Mason Eastburn Ditch Mason Eastburn Ditch White 735 Templeton NE
Mastellar Ditch Mastellar Ditch Fulton 801 Rochester
Mather Ditch Mather Ditch LaGrange 843 Middlebury
Mather Ditch Mather Ditch Elkhart 764 Elkhart
Mather Lateral Mather Lateral Elkhart 850 Middlebury
Mathews Ditch Mathews Ditch Grant 856 Sweetser
Mathias Ditch Mathias Ditch Fulton 741 Pershing
Mathias Ditch Mathias Ditch Whitley 889 Pierceton
Mathias Young Ditch Mathias Young Ditch Howard 791 Young America
Matson Ditch Matson Ditch DeKalb 889 Butler West
Matthew Anaker Ditch Matthew Anaker Ditch Howard 827 Miami
Matthew Howell Ditch Matthew Howell Ditch Howard 840 Amboy
Matthews Ditch Matthews Ditch Clinton 932 Kirklin
Mattingly Ditch Mattingly Ditch Marshall 814 Bremen
Maumee Ditch Maumee Ditch LaGrange 968 Stroh
Maurey Ditch Maurey Ditch LaPorte 682 Kingsford Heights
May Ditch May Ditch Jay 906 Blaine
Maynard Ditch Maynard Ditch Whitley 873 Lorane
McAllister Ditch McAllister Ditch Wells 856 Domestic
McAllister Ditch McAllister Ditch Elkhart 889 Millersburg
McCarter Ditch McCarter Ditch Kosciusko 840 Pierceton
McCarty Ditch McCarty Ditch Gibson 390 Owensville
McCauliff Ditch McCauliff Ditch Pulaski 696 North Judson
McClain Ditch McClain Ditch Jay 879 Petroleum
McClamrock Ditch McClamrock Ditch Clinton 909 Kirklin
McClellan Fickle Ditch McClellan Fickle Ditch Clinton 833 Mulberry
McCloskey Ditch McCloskey Ditch Cass 715 Deer Creek
McClure Ditch McClure Ditch Madison 856 Frankton
McClure Ditch McClure Ditch Tippecanoe 656 Lafayette West
McCluret Ditch McCluret Ditch Madison 860 Elwood
McConnel Ditch McConnel Ditch Lake 666 Lowell
McCool Ditch McCool Ditch Warrick 381 Yankeetown
McCoy Ditch McCoy Ditch Boone 948 Rosston
McCoy Drain McCoy Drain Spencer 390 Richland City
McCue Medsker Ditch McCue Medsker Ditch Shelby 705 Marietta
McCullough Ditch McCullough Ditch DeKalb 965 Corunna
McCullough Ditch McCullough Ditch Wells 814 Uniondale
McDonald Cunningham Ditch McDonald Cunningham Ditch Whitley 906 Lorane
McDonald Ditch McDonald Ditch Jackson 535 Crothersville
McDowell Ditch McDowell Ditch Howard 784 Young America
McFadden Ditch McFadden Ditch Hancock 860 Ingalls
McFarland Ditch McFarland Ditch Tippecanoe 699 Otterbein
McFarland Ditch McFarland Ditch Vigo 495 Pimento
McFarland Ditch McFarland Ditch Montgomery 751 Waynetown
McFarren Ditch McFarren Ditch Shelby 712 Lewis Creek
McGaffey Ditch McGaffey Ditch Starke 722 Bass Lake
McGary Ditch McGary Ditch Gibson 440 Owensville
McGeath Ditch McGeath Ditch Blackford 889 Montpelier
McGinnis Ditch McGinnis Ditch Rush 896 Manilla
McGray Ditch McGray Ditch Gibson 449 Cynthiana
McHenry Ditch McHenry Ditch Allen 781 Maples
McKay Dredge Ditch McKay Dredge Ditch Howard 794 Galveston
Mc Kee Ditch Mc Kee Ditch Greene 479 Lyons
McKillip Branch Ditch McKillip Branch Ditch White 686 Wolcott
McKillip Ditch McKillip Ditch White 679 Monon
McKinley Ditch McKinley Ditch Jay 932 Blaine
McKinney Ditch McKinney Ditch Warren 669 Otterbein
McKinsey Ditch McKinsey Ditch Jay 922 Portland
McKinzie Ditch McKinzie Ditch Hamilton 928 Sheridan
McLaughlin Ditch McLaughlin Ditch Jay 994 Cosmos
McMahan Ditch McMahan Ditch Fulton 771 Rochester
McMammon Ditch McMammon Ditch Blackford 886 Montpelier
McMillan Ditch McMillan Ditch Jackson 528 Medora
McNitt Ditch McNitt Ditch Cass 728 Lucerne
McNutt Ditch McNutt Ditch Noble 863 Lake Wawasee
McPherren Ditch McPherren Ditch Huntington 758 Zanesville
Meade Rayburn Arm Meade Rayburn Arm Jasper 699 Medaryville
Meier Ditch Meier Ditch Allen 745 Maples
Melissa Ditch Melissa Ditch DeKalb 823 Hicksville
Mendenhall Ditch Mendenhall Ditch Jay 984 Ridgeville
Menges Ditch Menges Ditch Elkhart 764 Bristol
Mercer Ditch Mercer Ditch Henry 1079 New Castle East
Merlau Ditch Merlau Ditch Hancock 820 Acton
Merrima Ditch Merrima Ditch Wells 846 Liberty Center
Merrit Ditch Merrit Ditch Kosciusko 833 Burket
Metcalf Ditch Metcalf Ditch Allen 814 Saint Joe
Metcalf Ditch Metcalf Ditch DeKalb 833 Butler West
Metzner Ditch Metzner Ditch Jay 866 Geneva
Meyer Ditch Meyer Ditch Kosciusko 856 Lake Wawasee
Meyer Ditch Meyer Ditch Adams 846 Linn Grove
Meyers Ditch Meyers Ditch Marion 745 Indianapolis West
Michael Ditch Michael Ditch Madison 873 Anderson South
Michael Hallihan Ditch Michael Hallihan Ditch Howard 817 Galveston
Michaels Ditch Michaels Ditch Kosciusko 866 Silver Lake
Miles Ditch Miles Ditch Rush 1001 Falmouth
Mill Creek Ditch Mill Creek Ditch Putnam 764 Coatesville
Mill Creek Ditch Mill Creek Ditch Putnam 748 Eminence
Miller Arm Miller Arm Kosciusko 807 Atwood
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch Jay 915 Blaine
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch Howard 830 Amboy
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch Miami 820 Miami
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch Wells 830 Linn Grove
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch Fulton 791 Macy
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch Fulton 748 Pershing
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch Pulaski 722 Winamac
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch Knox 453 Bicknell
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch Jay 991 Ridgeville
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch Adams 794 Decatur
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch Wells 833 Preble
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch Cass 741 Lucerne
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch Wabash 755 North Manchester South
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch Miami 827 Deedsville
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch Allen 755 Woodburn South
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch Fulton 758 Rutland
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch Whitley 820 Columbia City
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch Kosciusko 791 Atwood
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch White 728 Templeton NE
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch Elkhart 853 Wakarusa
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch Marion 830 Acton
Miller Pugh Ditch Miller Pugh Ditch Jay 873 Petroleum
Mills Ditch Mills Ditch Miami 814 Macy
Mills Tributary Number Two Mills Tributary Number Two Miami 801 Macy
Milner Arm Milner Arm Starke 715 Bass Lake
Minch Ditch Minch Ditch White 682 Monon
Mingle Ditch Mingle Ditch Hancock 869 Ingalls
Minier Lateral Minier Lateral Benton 735 Boswell
Minnow Ditch Minnow Ditch Fulton 751 Rochester
Mishler Ditch Mishler Ditch Whitley 801 South Whitley West
Miskell Mahoney Ditch Miskell Mahoney Ditch Fulton 771 Mentone
Mitchell Ditch Mitchell Ditch Randolph 1020 Cosmos
Mitchem Ditch Mitchem Ditch Warrick 384 Yankeetown
Mitchner Ditch Mitchner Ditch Hamilton 755 Fishers
Moffitt Ditch Moffitt Ditch Newton 682 Fair Oaks
Mohler Ditch Mohler Ditch Pulaski 689 North Judson SE
Mohr Ditch Mohr Ditch Shelby 758 Shelbyville
Monkey Hollow Ditch Monkey Hollow Ditch Spencer 410 Saint Meinrad
Monon Ditch Monon Ditch Pulaski 689 North Judson
Monroe Ditch Monroe Ditch Grant 853 Van Buren
Monroe Trimble Ditch Monroe Trimble Ditch Tipton 856 Windfall
Montgomery Ditch Montgomery Ditch Newton 656 Kentland
Montgomery Ditch Montgomery Ditch Tippecanoe 709 Romney
Montgomery Ditch Montgomery Ditch Gibson 469 Owensville
Montgomery Ross Ditch Montgomery Ross Ditch Jay 853 Geneva
Moody Lateral Moody Lateral Jasper 682 Gifford
Moon Barcley Ditch Moon Barcley Ditch Howard 840 Greentown
Moon Ditch Moon Ditch LaPorte 679 Springville
Moon Ditch Moon Ditch Pulaski 712 Star City
Moon Ditch Moon Ditch LaPorte 663 Michigan City East
Mooney Ditch Mooney Ditch Allen 764 Woodburn South
Moore Ditch Moore Ditch Jasper 663 McCoysburg
Moore Ditch Moore Ditch Rush 978 Rushville
Moore Ditch Moore Ditch Howard 791 Young America
Moore Ditch Moore Ditch Benton 705 Chatterton
Moore Ditch Moore Ditch Marshall 784 Mentone
Mooreman Ditch Mooreman Ditch Starke 702 Knox East
Moorman Ditch Moorman Ditch Wells 856 Liberty Center
Moran Ditch Moran Ditch Newton 669 Goodland
Moriarity Ditch Moriarity Ditch Grant 850 Van Buren
Morrett Ditch Morrett Ditch Kosciusko 853 Silver Lake
Morris Ditch Morris Ditch Tipton 833 Cumberland
Morrison Ditch Morrison Ditch Wells 840 Warren
Morrison Ditch Number One Morrison Ditch Number One Newton 666 Kentland
Morrison Ditch Number Two Morrison Ditch Number Two Newton 669 Kentland
Morrow Lateral Morrow Lateral Gibson 420 Union
Morse Ditch Morse Ditch Starke 709 Knox East
Mortgage Trust Ditch Mortgage Trust Ditch Cass 718 Burnettsville
Moser Ditch Moser Ditch Adams 823 Linn Grove
Moses Baker Ditch Moses Baker Ditch Tippecanoe 771 Stockwell
Mosley Ditch Mosley Ditch Pulaski 673 Medaryville
Moss Ditch Moss Ditch Pulaski 689 Ripley
Mossburg Ditch Mossburg Ditch Wells 830 Liberty Center
Mossman Ditch Mossman Ditch Whitley 817 Columbia City
Mott Ditch Mott Ditch Tipton 906 Kempton
Mounsey Ditch Mounsey Ditch Wells 856 Liberty Center
Mourey Ditch Mourey Ditch Allen 764 Woodburn South
Mowrer Ditch Mowrer Ditch Allen 781 Cedarville
Mowrey Ditch Mowrey Ditch Whitley 827 Columbia City
Mud Lake Ditch Mud Lake Ditch Newton 669 Enos
Muddy Ditch Muddy Ditch Gibson 430 Francisco
Mugg-Ingels Ditch Mugg-Ingels Ditch Howard 840 Kokomo East
Mulligan Ditch Mulligan Ditch Wells 860 Petroleum
Mulliner Ditch Mulliner Ditch Shelby 794 Acton
Munch Ditch Munch Ditch Allen 791 Poe
Munson Ditch Munson Ditch Cass 764 Young America
Murphy Arm Murphy Arm LaPorte 669 English Lake
Mutton Creek Ditch Mutton Creek Ditch Jackson 541 Chestnut Ridge
Myerly Ditch Myerly Ditch Tipton 860 Windfall
Myerly Hobbs Ditch Myerly Hobbs Ditch Tipton 856 Omega
Myers Ditch Myers Ditch Huntington 843 Bippus
Myers Ditch Myers Ditch Marshall 784 Rutland
Myers Ditch Myers Ditch DeKalb 951 Hamilton
Myers Ditch Myers Ditch Cass 715 Burnettsville
Myers Ditch Myers Ditch White 718 Brookston SW
Myers West Ditch Myers West Ditch Jay 879 Domestic
Mylius Ditch Mylius Ditch Jasper 659 San Pierre
Myran Ditch Myran Ditch Jay 883 Blaine
Nagle Ditch Nagle Ditch Clinton 863 Thorntown
Nahrwold Ditch Nahrwold Ditch Allen 745 Maples
Narrows Ditch Narrows Ditch Newton 669 Morocco
Nation Ditch Nation Ditch Henry 1096 New Castle East
Necessity Ditch Necessity Ditch Grant 869 Van Buren
Nedigh Ditch Nedigh Ditch Greene 489 Lyons
Needham Booher Ditch Needham Booher Ditch Montgomery 823 Shannondale
Neeld Ditch Neeld Ditch Marion 774 Clermont
Neese Ditch Neese Ditch Boone 942 Rosston
Neff Ditch Neff Ditch Fulton 768 Rochester
Neff Ditch Neff Ditch Wells 830 Liberty Center
Negro Ditch Negro Ditch Vigo 440 Hutton
Nehrt Ditch Nehrt Ditch Jackson 558 Crothersville
Neiman Ditch Neiman Ditch Tipton 866 Tipton
Nelson Ditch Nelson Ditch Starke 718 Knox East
Nelson Ditch Nelson Ditch Henry 1037 Shirley
Nesius Ditch Nesius Ditch Jasper 689 Wolcott
Nettlehorst Ditch Nettlehorst Ditch Allen 801 Cedarville
New Ditch New Ditch Hancock 850 Greenfield
New Miller Ditch New Miller Ditch Elkhart 778 Foraker
Newhouse Ditch Newhouse Ditch Rush 951 Carthage
Newland Ditch Newland Ditch Jasper 673 Gifford
Newman Lateral Newman Lateral Gibson 430 Cynthiana
Newtson Ditch Newtson Ditch Starke 682 Knox West
Niespodziany Ditch Niespodziany Ditch LaPorte 705 North Liberty
Niles Ditch Niles Ditch Lake 669 Crown Point
Norris Ditch Norris Ditch Adams 830 Preble
North Arm North Arm LaPorte 686 Kingsford Heights
North Arm Beck Ditch North Arm Beck Ditch LaPorte 623 Michigan City East
North Beck Ditch North Beck Ditch Huntington 814 Huntington
North Branch Hursey Ditch North Branch Hursey Ditch DeKalb 843 Saint Joe
North Fork Keren Neff Ditch North Fork Keren Neff Ditch Cass 784 Fulton
North Thurston Ditch North Thurston Ditch Madison 879 Gaston
Scofield Ditch Scofield Ditch Carroll 728 Burlington
Nuenschwander Ditch Nuenschwander Ditch Wells 846 Preble
Nunemaker Ditch Nunemaker Ditch Elkhart 781 Wakarusa
Nurenbern Ditch Nurenbern Ditch Posey 390 Newburgh
Nutter Ditch Nutter Ditch Morgan 591 Martinsville
O'Brian Ditch O'Brian Ditch Marion 840 Cumberland
O'Brien Ditch O'Brien Ditch Fulton 741 Grass Creek
O'Brien Ditch O'Brien Ditch Newton 682 Goodland
O'Conner Ditch O'Conner Ditch Randolph 1086 Union City
O'Hara Ditch O'Hara Ditch Hancock 899 Pendleton
O'Hara Ditch O'Hara Ditch LaPorte 735 Hanna
O'Malley Ditch O'Malley Ditch Tipton 860 Tipton
O'Neall Ditch O'Neall Ditch Tippecanoe 653 Romney
Oakley Ditch Oakley Ditch Jay 850 Geneva
Oathout Ditch Oathout Ditch Jackson 551 Brownstown
Ober Ditch Ober Ditch DeKalb 889 Waterloo
Oberhaltzer Ditch Oberhaltzer Ditch Allen 794 Grabill
Obrien Ditch Obrien Ditch White 682 Monon
Off Ditch Off Ditch Tipton 876 Tipton
Ogle Ditch Ogle Ditch Hancock 860 Greenfield
Ohler Ditch Ohler Ditch Adams 814 Decatur
Old Canal Old Canal Madison 863 Anderson North
Old Swan Pond Ditch Old Swan Pond Ditch Knox 390 Saint Francisville
Olds Ditch Olds Ditch Pulaski 689 North Judson SE
Oliphant Ditch Oliphant Ditch Knox 410 Vincennes
Oliver Ditch Oliver Ditch Jasper 686 Gifford
Olmstead Ditch Olmstead Ditch Fulton 768 Fulton
Omar Neff Ditch Omar Neff Ditch Kosciusko 823 Nappanee East
Ora Arm Ora Arm Starke 715 Bass Lake
Orebaugh Ditch Orebaugh Ditch Madison 876 Anderson South
Oren Ditch Oren Ditch Wabash 768 North Manchester South
Origer Ditch Origer Ditch Starke 669 North Judson
Orme Ditch Orme Ditch Marion 663 Maywood
Osborn Ditch Osborn Ditch Marion 830 Cumberland
Osborn Ditch Osborn Ditch Boone 928 Mechanicsburg
Osborn Manning Ditch Osborn Manning Ditch Elkhart 761 Osceola
Osolo Township Ditch Osolo Township Ditch Elkhart 764 Elkhart
Otis Ditch Otis Ditch Jasper 673 Shelby
Otis-Boyle Ditch Otis-Boyle Ditch Newton 676 Shelby
Otterbein Ditch Otterbein Ditch Tippecanoe 705 Otterbein
Overman Ditch Overman Ditch Tipton 853 Greentown
Overman Ditch Overman Ditch Miami 823 Amboy
Overmyer Ditch Overmyer Ditch Fulton 778 Fulton
Overmyer Ditch Overmyer Ditch Fulton 728 Kewanna
Oviatt Ditch Oviatt Ditch Noble 938 Kendallville
Owens Ditch Owens Ditch Benton 741 Mount Gilboa
Ox Ditch Ox Ditch Scott 522 Scottsburg
Padgett Ditch Padgett Ditch Boone 948 Rosston
Page Ditch Page Ditch LaGrange 846 Shipshewana
Palmer Ditch Palmer Ditch Huntington 846 Liberty Center
Pape Haffner Ditch Pape Haffner Ditch Jay 866 Geneva
Paris Ditch Paris Ditch Clinton 906 Hillisburg
Parker Ditch Parker Ditch Hancock 843 Greenfield
Parker Eastes Ditch Parker Eastes Ditch Hancock 846 Cumberland
Parr Ditch Parr Ditch Tipton 866 Windfall
Parrish Ditch Parrish Ditch Shelby 709 Lewis Creek
Passmore Ditch Passmore Ditch Pulaski 709 Denham
Patrick Ditch Patrick Ditch Knox 430 Monroe City
Pattison Ditch Pattison Ditch Grant 856 Point Isabel
Paul Trier Ditch Paul Trier Ditch Allen 761 Poe
Payne Ditch Payne Ditch Starke 659 La Crosse
Peabody Ditch Peabody Ditch Miami 837 Servia
Pearce Ditch Pearce Ditch Hamilton 925 Sheridan
Bell Peckham Ditch Bell Peckham Ditch Allen 801 Hoagland
Peckhart Ditch Peckhart Ditch DeKalb 883 Waterloo
Peckinpaugh Ditch Peckinpaugh Ditch Henry 1001 Sulphur Springs
Peden Ditch Peden Ditch Jay 1033 Cosmos
Pee Dee Ditch Pee Dee Ditch Hancock 968 Shirley
Peebles Ditch Peebles Ditch Wabash 755 Wabash
Peel Ditch Peel Ditch Adams 843 Berne
Pelsy Ditch Pelsy Ditch Pulaski 676 Francesville
Peregrine Ditch Peregrine Ditch Porter 627 Portage
Perry Ditch Perry Ditch Jay 860 Geneva
Persimmon Pond Ditch Persimmon Pond Ditch Posey 371 Caborn
Peter Ditch Peter Ditch Cass 761 Young America
Peter Grube Ditch Peter Grube Ditch DeKalb 814 Butler East
Peter Sarber Ditch Peter Sarber Ditch Marshall 728 Walkerton
Peterson Ditch Peterson Ditch Warren 650 Chatterton
Pettit Ditch Pettit Ditch White 682 Monticello North
Pfiefer Ditch Pfiefer Ditch Marshall 787 Argos
Phillip Ditch Phillip Ditch Whitley 814 Columbia City
Phillips Ditch Phillips Ditch Cass 764 Onward
Phillips Ditch Phillips Ditch Whitley 833 Lorane
Phillips Ditch Phillips Ditch Porter 663 Kouts
Phillips Ditch Phillips Ditch Noble 886 Millersburg
Pickard Ditch Pickard Ditch Clinton 922 Kirklin
Pickel Ditch Pickel Ditch Knox 446 Bicknell
Pickering Ditch Pickering Ditch Howard 843 Greentown
Pifer Ditch Pifer Ditch Pulaski 696 Ripley
Pigeon Number Two Ditch Pigeon Number Two Ditch Wells 830 Preble
Pine Creek Ditch Pine Creek Ditch Benton 732 Mount Gilboa
Pitner Ditch Pitner Ditch LaPorte 669 English Lake
Pittsford Ditch Pittsford Ditch Madison 879 Anderson South
Place Ditch Arm Place Ditch Arm Starke 682 Kingsford Heights
Platt Ditch Platt Ditch Tippecanoe 732 Stockwell
Pleasant Run Ditch Pleasant Run Ditch Allen 794 Zanesville
Pleasant Township Ditch Pleasant Township Ditch Porter 656 Kouts
Podell Ditch Podell Ditch Pulaski 699 Denham
Pokeberry Ditch Pokeberry Ditch Warrick 387 Holland
Pole Ditch Pole Ditch Tipton 873 Tipton
Pole Run Ditch Pole Run Ditch Kosciusko 791 Atwood
Polkberry Ditch Polkberry Ditch Warrick 387 Chrisney
Pollard Ditch Pollard Ditch Sullivan 469 Bucktown
Pond Flat Ditch Pond Flat Ditch Vanderburgh 430 Haubstadt
Pontius Ditch Pontius Ditch Jay 850 Geneva
Popejoy Ditch Popejoy Ditch Wells 830 Bluffton
Popitz Ditch Popitz Ditch Allen 758 Maples
Porter Ditch Porter Ditch Marshall 804 Inwood
Post Ditch Post Ditch Henry 1060 New Castle West
Potter Ditch Potter Ditch Miami 801 Sweetser
Potts Ditch Potts Ditch Hancock 886 Greenfield
Pound Ditch Pound Ditch Hendricks 951 Lizton
Powell Ditch Powell Ditch Jay 876 Domestic
Powell Ditch Powell Ditch Johnson 758 Greenwood
Powell Ditch Powell Ditch Boone 928 Lebanon
Powers Ditch Powers Ditch Hancock 856 Fountaintown
Powers Ditch Powers Ditch Warrick 390 De Gonia Springs
Powers Ditch Powers Ditch Clinton 922 Kirklin
Pownall Ditch Pownall Ditch Fulton 774 Fulton
Prairie Ditch Prairie Ditch Miami 643 Peru
Prather Ditch Prather Ditch Pulaski 715 Star City
Praul Ditch Praul Ditch DeKalb 850 Butler East
Preston Miles Ditch Preston Miles Ditch Kosciusko 823 Milford
Prettyman Ditch Prettyman Ditch Starke 669 Knox West
Price Ditch Price Ditch Randolph 1099 Union City
Priest Ditch Priest Ditch Jay 906 Blaine
Prine Ditch Prine Ditch Rush 991 Falmouth
Prochaska Ditch Prochaska Ditch Pulaski 673 San Pierre
Prouty Ditch Prouty Ditch Jasper 676 Rensselaer
Prudential Ditch Prudential Ditch Benton 725 Ambia
Pulley Ditch Pulley Ditch Grant 846 Van Buren
Pullin Ditch Pullin Ditch Jasper 682 Parr
Puntney Ditch Puntney Ditch Kosciusko 869 North Webster
Martz Ditch Martz Ditch Adams 817 Berne
Purdy-Marsh Ditch Purdy-Marsh Ditch Knox 456 Bicknell
Pursley Ditch Pursley Ditch Warrick 381 Boonville
Putter Ditch Putter Ditch Hancock 869 Greenfield
Pyle Ditch Pyle Ditch Kosciusko 801 Burket
Quigley Marsh Ditch Quigley Marsh Ditch Pulaski 699 Ripley
Quinn Ditch Quinn Ditch Hendricks 883 Clermont
Raccoon Ditch Raccoon Ditch Posey 381 Evansville South
Rahm Vickery Ditch Rahm Vickery Ditch Vanderburgh 354 West Franklin
Rail Ditch Rail Ditch Tipton 873 Tipton
Ramsey Ditch Ramsey Ditch Greene 479 Lyons
Rankin Lewis Ditch Rankin Lewis Ditch Jay 866 Domestic
Rannels Ditch Rannels Ditch Fulton 804 Macy
Rannels Ditch Rannels Ditch Fulton 833 Argos
Ransdell Ditch Ransdell Ditch Johnson 758 Boggstown
Rash Ditch Rash Ditch Hancock 860 Ingalls
Rassmussen Ditch Rassmussen Ditch Jasper 669 San Pierre
Rawn Ditch Rawn Ditch Pulaski 692 Buffalo
Ray Ditch Ray Ditch Allen 771 Woodburn South
Raybourn Ditch Raybourn Ditch Marion 823 Beech Grove
Rayman Ditch Rayman Ditch White 732 Brookston SW
Ream Ditch Ream Ditch Cass 761 Logansport
Record Lateral Record Lateral Jasper 676 Medaryville
Redden Ditch Redden Ditch Newton 669 Leesville
Reddick Ditch Reddick Ditch Rush 968 Carthage
Redding Ditch Redding Ditch Wells 820 Markle
Reddington Ditch Reddington Ditch Tipton 869 Windfall
Redinger Ditch Redinger Ditch Marshall 781 Argos
Reed Ditch Reed Ditch Howard 840 Kokomo West
Rees Ditch Rees Ditch Delaware 906 Eaton
Reeves Ditch Reeves Ditch Porter 659 La Crosse
Regan Ditch Regan Ditch Miami 794 Amboy
Rehling Ditch Rehling Ditch Whitley 830 Arcola
Reichard Ditch Reichard Ditch Fulton 761 Kewanna
Reichelderfer Ditch Reichelderfer Ditch Allen 764 Grabill
Reinhold Ditch Reinhold Ditch Pulaski 702 Winamac
Renniger Ditch Renniger Ditch Allen 814 Hoagland
Rentschler Ditch Rentschler Ditch Fulton 787 Macy
Resser Ditch Resser Ditch Tippecanoe 718 Stockwell
Ressler Ditch Ressler Ditch Tipton 863 Windfall
Retherford Ditch Retherford Ditch Tipton 866 Windfall
Retreat Ditch Retreat Ditch Jackson 528 Crothersville
Revert Ditch Revert Ditch Allen 797 Cedarville
Rhoades Ditch Rhoades Ditch Randolph 1017 Cosmos
Rhoton Ditch Rhoton Ditch Blackford 863 Montpelier
Rice Ditch Rice Ditch Starke 709 Hamlet
Rice Ditch Rice Ditch Adams 830 Linn Grove
Rice Ditch Rice Ditch LaPorte 689 Hanna
Rich Ditch Rich Ditch Grant 837 Sweetser
Rich Ditch Rich Ditch Newton 656 Shelby
Rich Grove Lateral Rich Grove Lateral Jasper 673 Gifford
Richard Ditch Richard Ditch Madison 876 Gaston
Richey Ditch Richey Ditch Hancock 879 Greenfield
Richman Ditch Richman Ditch LaPorte 718 Hanna
Richman Ditch Richman Ditch Tipton 863 Tipton
Rickle Ditch Rickle Ditch Kosciusko 846 Akron
Ridenour Ditch Ridenour Ditch Carroll 725 Deer Creek
Ridenour Ditch Ridenour Ditch Marshall 801 Bourbon
Rider Ditch Rider Ditch Jackson 528 Crothersville
Ridgeway Arm Ridgeway Arm LaPorte 679 Kingsford Heights
Riggs Ditch Riggs Ditch Howard 850 Greentown
Riggs Ditch Riggs Ditch DeKalb 817 Saint Joe
Riley Ditch Riley Ditch Cass 791 Lucerne
Rinard Prong Rinard Prong Blackford 886 Montpelier
Riner Houseworth Ditch Riner Houseworth Ditch Newton 666 Leesville
Ring Ditch Ring Ditch Kosciusko 837 Burket
Ringeisen Ditch Ringeisen Ditch Jasper 666 McCoysburg
Rittenhouse Ditch Rittenhouse Ditch Whitley 827 Columbia City
Roach Ditch Roach Ditch White 682 Monticello North
Robbins Ditch Robbins Ditch Starke 682 Hamlet
Robbins Ditch Robbins Ditch Miami 820 Deedsville
Robbins Ditch Robbins Ditch Kosciusko 856 Burket
Robbins Taylor Ditch Robbins Taylor Ditch Miami 807 Deedsville
Robbins Walters Ditch Robbins Walters Ditch Fulton 751 Pershing
Roberson Ditch Roberson Ditch Knox 453 Wheatland
Roberts Ditch Roberts Ditch Shelby 728 Lewis Creek
Roberts Ditch Roberts Ditch Howard 843 Greentown
Roberts Ditch Roberts Ditch Johnson 797 Bargersville
Roberts Ditch Roberts Ditch Howard 860 Point Isabel
Robinson Ditch Robinson Ditch Kosciusko 784 Bourbon
Robinson Ditch Robinson Ditch White 682 Monon
Rockwell Ditch Rockwell Ditch Jasper 686 Parr
Roda Ditch Roda Ditch LaPorte 715 North Liberty
Roda Ditch Roda Ditch LaPorte 725 New Carlisle
Rodgers Ditch Rodgers Ditch Tipton 856 Windfall
Rogers Ditch Rogers Ditch Sullivan 430 Merom
Rogers Ditch Rogers Ditch Hamilton 843 Omega
Rogers Ditch Rogers Ditch Sullivan 427 Carlisle
Rolhausen Ditch Rolhausen Ditch Cass 732 Lucerne
Romney Fraley Ditch Romney Fraley Ditch Tippecanoe 748 Linden
Romy-Bobilya Ditch Romy-Bobilya Ditch Allen 758 Woodburn South
Rorick Ditch Rorick Ditch Allen 771 Maples
Rose Pond Ditch Rose Pond Ditch Spencer 371 Richland City
Rosen Treter Ditch Rosen Treter Ditch White 689 Brookston NW
Rosenbaum Arm Rosenbaum Arm LaPorte 686 Hanna
Ross Ditch Ross Ditch Wayne 1158 Whitewater
Ross Ditch Ross Ditch Hamilton 909 Sheridan
Ross Ditch Ross Ditch Hendricks 948 Lizton
Ross Ditch Ross Ditch Tipton 869 Tipton
Ross Ditch Ross Ditch Tipton 863 Kokomo East
Roth Ditch Roth Ditch Jay 840 Domestic
Roth Ditch Roth Ditch Allen 791 Grabill
Rothe Ditch Rothe Ditch Marion 843 Cumberland
Rouark Ditch Rouark Ditch Marion 837 Cumberland
Rouch Ditch Rouch Ditch Fulton 758 Fulton
Rouch Ditch Rouch Ditch Whitley 833 Columbia City
Roudebush Ditch Roudebush Ditch White 728 Round Grove
Round Prairie Ditch Round Prairie Ditch Tipton 866 Windfall
Roush Ditch Roush Ditch Wells 853 Liberty Center
Rowan Ditch Rowan Ditch Jasper 689 Parr
Rowe Ditch Rowe Ditch Fulton 827 Akron
Rowe Ditch Rowe Ditch LaGrange 866 Lagrange
Rowe-Eden Ditch Rowe-Eden Ditch LaGrange 856 Millersburg
Ruddell Ditch Ruddell Ditch Clinton 912 Mechanicsburg
Rufus Rayburn Arm Rufus Rayburn Arm Jasper 686 Medaryville
Runkle Ditch Runkle Ditch Miami 827 Deedsville
Rupel Ditch Rupel Ditch Jay 840 Domestic
Ruple Ditch Ruple Ditch Kosciusko 837 Leesburg
Ruppert Ditch Ruppert Ditch Adams 814 Decatur
Rushart Ditch Rushart Ditch Allen 745 Maples
Russell Ditch Russell Ditch Miami 801 Galveston
Rust Ditch Rust Ditch Jay 932 Pennville
Ruth Ditch Ruth Ditch White 666 Monticello North
Ryan Appleton Ditch Ryan Appleton Ditch Carroll 682 Clymers
Ryan Ditch Ryan Ditch Starke 682 Gifford
Ryan Ditch Ryan Ditch Tipton 860 Windfall
Ryan Ditch Ryan Ditch Allen 778 Maples
Ryan Ditch Ryan Ditch Steuben 1033 Angola East
S Garrard Ditch S Garrard Ditch Newton 656 Sheldon
S W N Henderson Ditch S W N Henderson Ditch Howard 820 Galveston
Sage Ditch Sage Ditch Jasper 669 McCoysburg
Saintary Ditch Saintary Ditch Boone 922 Lebanon
Salem Ditch Salem Ditch Miami 758 Bunker Hill
Salisbury Ditch Salisbury Ditch Newton 669 Enos
Salisbury Ditch Salisbury Ditch Starke 679 Kingsford Heights
Salmon Ditch Salmon Ditch Benton 712 Boswell
Salrin and Cox Ditch Salrin and Cox Ditch Pulaski 686 Medaryville
Sample Ditch Sample Ditch Boone 938 Kirklin
Sands Ditch Sands Ditch Jasper 666 San Pierre
Sandy Hook Ditch Sandy Hook Ditch Porter 659 Kouts
Sanitary Ditch Sanitary Ditch Boone 928 Hazelrigg
Sarah Hershberger Ditch Sarah Hershberger Ditch Marshall 814 Bremen
Sarah Holipeter Ditch Sarah Holipeter Ditch Howard 814 Galveston
Sarber Ditch Sarber Ditch Starke 712 Knox East
Sartor Ditch Sartor Ditch Morgan 600 Martinsville
Sattison Ditch Sattison Ditch Whitley 919 Lorane
Saunders Ditch Saunders Ditch Gibson 390 Owensville
Schaaf Ditch Schaaf Ditch Allen 722 Maples
Scheffer Ditch Scheffer Ditch Pulaski 689 North Judson SE
Schererville Ditch Schererville Ditch Lake 623 Highland
Scherman Ditch Scherman Ditch Jay 866 New Corydon
Scheuer Ditch Scheuer Ditch Pulaski 705 Bass Lake
Schieber Ditch Schieber Ditch Posey 371 Caborn
Schimnel Ditch Schimnel Ditch Carroll 676 Pyrmont
Schlater Ditch Schlater Ditch Tipton 866 Windfall
Schlensker Ditch Schlensker Ditch Vanderburgh 381 Daylight
Schmadel Ditch Schmadel Ditch DeKalb 846 Auburn
Schmidt Ditch Schmidt Ditch Allen 781 Fort Wayne East
Schneider Ditch Schneider Ditch Allen 791 Fort Wayne East
Schoenauer Ditch Schoenauer Ditch Whitley 840 South Whitley East
Scholer Ditch Scholer Ditch Jay 932 Portland
Scholtz Ditch Scholtz Ditch Pulaski 696 North Judson
Schoolman Ditch Schoolman Ditch Miami 735 Bunker Hill
Schoon Ditch Schoon Ditch Lake 604 Highland
Schoppman Drain Schoppman Drain Allen 778 Cedarville
Schott Ditch Schott Ditch Wells 860 Domestic
Schroeder Ditch Schroeder Ditch White 689 Brookston NW
Schugg Ditch Schugg Ditch Adams 833 Berne
Schuh Ditch Schuh Ditch Marshall 807 Plymouth
Schumacher Ditch Schumacher Ditch Allen 755 Maples
Schuman Ditch Schuman Ditch Whitley 879 Lorane
Schwab Ditch Schwab Ditch Noble 896 Albion
Schwartzkopf Ditch Schwartzkopf Ditch Blackford 883 Montpelier
Scipio Ditch Scipio Ditch White 692 Brookston NW
Scott Ditch Scott Ditch Gibson 387 Keensburg
Scott Ditch Scott Ditch Clinton 909 Mechanicsburg
Scott Ditch Scott Ditch Allen 787 Dixon
Scott Lateral Scott Lateral Gibson 387 Keensburg
Scott Wincoop Ditch Scott Wincoop Ditch Clinton 892 Mechanicsburg
Scott Wincorp Ditch Scott Wincorp Ditch Clinton 915 Hillisburg
Scott-Youngman Ditch Scott-Youngman Ditch Howard 840 Kokomo East
Scoville Arm Scoville Arm Starke 709 Bass Lake
Seamons Ditch Seamons Ditch Benton 771 Fowler
Sebert Ditch Sebert Ditch DeKalb 837 Saint Joe
Sechrist Ditch Sechrist Ditch Kosciusko 827 Bourbon
Sedwick Ditch Sedwick Ditch Morgan 643 Cope
Seegar Ditch Seegar Ditch Allen 843 Fort Wayne West
Segal Ditch Segal Ditch Pulaski 689 North Judson SE
Selking Ditch Selking Ditch Adams 778 Hoagland
Sellers Ditch Sellers Ditch Kosciusko 814 Burket
Selmer Ditch Selmer Ditch Pulaski 692 North Judson
Sexton Ditch Sexton Ditch Shelby 810 Fountaintown
Shackelford Ditch Shackelford Ditch Cass 646 Logansport
Shadrow Ditch Shadrow Ditch Pulaski 699 San Pierre
Shaffer Ditch Shaffer Ditch Carroll 689 Rossville
Shaffer Ditch Shaffer Ditch Elkhart 791 Foraker
Shaftey Ditch Shaftey Ditch Carroll 686 Pyrmont
Shaker Prairie Ditch Shaker Prairie Ditch Sullivan 420 Oaktown
Shankland Ditch Shankland Ditch Cass 728 Young America
Shanley Ditch Shanley Ditch Pulaski 738 Grass Creek
Shanton Ditch Shanton Ditch Kosciusko 856 Pierceton
Sharp Ditch Sharp Ditch Wabash 771 North Manchester South
Sharp Ditch Sharp Ditch Starke 692 North Judson
Sharpe Ditch Sharpe Ditch Wells 883 Petroleum
Sharpenburg Ditch Sharpenburg Ditch Allen 794 Maples
Shatto Ditch Shatto Ditch Marshall 787 Mentone
Shaw Ditch Shaw Ditch Shelby 715 Marietta
Shaw Ditch Shaw Ditch Boone 938 Lebanon
Shay Ditch Shay Ditch Madison 866 Elwood
Shearin Ditch Shearin Ditch Starke 669 Kingsford Heights
Shedrow Ditch Shedrow Ditch Pulaski 696 North Judson SE
Sheep Ditch Sheep Ditch Newton 666 Morocco
Sheets Ditch Sheets Ditch Carroll 669 Pyrmont
Sheetz Ditch Sheetz Ditch Henry 1007 Mount Pleasant
Sheffer Ditch Sheffer Ditch Jay 994 Cosmos
Sheldon Arm Sheldon Arm LaPorte 709 Hanna
Sheldon Ditch Sheldon Ditch Newton 659 Sheldon
Shelkett Ditch Shelkett Ditch Greene 581 Clay City
Shelley Ditch Shelley Ditch Randolph 1102 Winchester
Shelly Ditch Shelly Ditch Randolph 1089 Union City
Sherman Emmons Ditch Sherman Emmons Ditch Marshall 764 Walkerton
Shetterly Ditch Shetterly Ditch Fulton 807 Argos
Shinn Ditch Shinn Ditch Blackford 873 Petroleum
Shipp Ditch Shipp Ditch Johnson 699 Marietta
Shirk Votaw Ditch Shirk Votaw Ditch Jay 843 Domestic
Shoaff Dawson Ditch Shoaff Dawson Ditch Allen 833 Huntertown
Shockney Ditch Shockney Ditch Tipton 863 Greentown
Shoemaker Ditch Shoemaker Ditch Hamilton 771 Fishers
Shoemaker Ditch Shoemaker Ditch Wells 837 Domestic
Shoemaker Ditch Shoemaker Ditch Delaware 919 Middletown
Shoemaker Ditch Shoemaker Ditch Adams 833 Linn Grove
Shook Ditch Shook Ditch Jay 869 Petroleum
Shooter Ditch Shooter Ditch Porter 669 Chesterton
Short Ditch Short Ditch Tipton 866 Tipton
Short Ditch Short Ditch Allen 745 Woodburn North
Shrock Ditch Shrock Ditch Miami 810 Miami
Shuey Ditch Shuey Ditch Newton 663 Morocco
Shumacher Ditch Shumacher Ditch Allen 748 Grabill
Sills Ditch Sills Ditch White 679 Monticello North
Silveus Ditch Silveus Ditch Kosciusko 846 Silver Lake
Simmerman Ditch Simmerman Ditch Allen 797 Poe
Simonin Ditch Simonin Ditch Jasper 663 Remington
Simonton Ditch Simonton Ditch Blackford 869 Montpelier
Simpson Ditch Simpson Ditch Greene 489 Lyons
Sims-Franklin Ditch Sims-Franklin Ditch Grant 850 Sweetser
Sims Rogers Ditch Sims Rogers Ditch Clinton 869 Mechanicsburg
Sines Ditch Sines Ditch Carroll 666 Flora
Singer Ditch Singer Ditch Jackson 525 Vallonia
Singer Ditch Singer Ditch Sullivan 469 Sandborn
Sipe Ditch Sipe Ditch Jay 886 Blaine
Sixby Ditch Sixby Ditch Cass 712 Onward
Skillen Ditch Skillen Ditch Pulaski 702 Star City
Skinner Ditch Skinner Ditch Kosciusko 853 Milford
Skinner Ditch Skinner Ditch Blackford 873 Roll
Slick Ditch Slick Ditch Ripley 738 Kewanna
Sloan Ditch Sloan Ditch Tipton 853 Omega
Sloan Ditch Sloan Ditch Madison 892 Gaston
Sloan Ditch Sloan Ditch Kosciusko 827 Burket
Sloan Ditch Sloan Ditch Marion 840 Beech Grove
Sloan Ditch Sloan Ditch Greene 712 Alamo
Slocum Ditch Slocum Ditch Porter 692 La Crosse
Slocum Ditch Slocum Ditch LaPorte 712 Wanatah
Slocum Ditch Slocum Ditch Blackford 863 Petroleum
Slonaker Ditch Slonaker Ditch Pulaski 725 Culver
Slusser Ditch Slusser Ditch Carroll 696 Clymers
Smalley Ditch Smalley Ditch Noble 902 Ligonier
Smallfelt Ditch Smallfelt Ditch Jasper 682 Francesville
Smallwood Ditch Smallwood Ditch Jackson 528 Vallonia
Smart Ditch Smart Ditch Jackson 518 Tampico
Smathers Ditch Smathers Ditch Steuben 948 Ashley
Smith Ditch Smith Ditch Grant 883 Hartford City West
Smith Ditch Smith Ditch Fulton 807 Macy
Smith Ditch Smith Ditch Starke 715 Knox East
Smith Ditch Smith Ditch Shelby 728 Lewis Creek
Smith Ditch Smith Ditch Madison 869 Elwood
Smith Ditch Smith Ditch Fulton 738 Kewanna
Smith Ditch Smith Ditch Kosciusko 843 Mentone
Smith Ditch Smith Ditch Whitley 846 Churubusco
Smith Ditch Smith Ditch Fulton 794 Rochester
Smith Ditch Smith Ditch DeKalb 830 Butler East
Smith Ditch Smith Ditch Pulaski 689 Ripley
Smith Ditch Smith Ditch Whitley 879 Ormas
Smith Ditch Smith Ditch Howard 833 Greentown
Smith Ditch Smith Ditch Adams 827 Berne
Smith Ditch Smith Ditch Hancock 1007 Shirley
Smith Hartman Ditch Smith Hartman Ditch Jay 909 Pennville
Smith Johnson Ditch Smith Johnson Ditch Hancock 850 Greenfield
Smith Limer Ditch Smith Limer Ditch Huntington 755 Huntington
Smith Shoemaker Ditch Smith Shoemaker Ditch Adams 814 Berne
Smith-Fry Ditch Smith-Fry Ditch Allen 764 Grabill
Smothers Creek Cutoff Smothers Creek Cutoff Daviess 449 Plainville
Sneep Gillespie Ditch Sneep Gillespie Ditch Fulton 768 Kewanna
Snodgrass Ditch Snodgrass Ditch Shelby 801 Fountaintown
Snow Ditch Snow Ditch White 679 Monticello South
Snyder Ditch Snyder Ditch Allen 787 Poe
Snyder Ditch Snyder Ditch Jackson 554 Vallonia
Sol Shank Ditch Sol Shank Ditch DeKalb 827 Saint Joe
Solomon Ditch Solomon Ditch Marshall 741 Donaldson
Solon Ditch Solon Ditch Whitley 820 Columbia City
Sommer Ditch Sommer Ditch Montgomery 778 Waynetown
Sorgen Ditch Sorgen Ditch Allen 768 Woodburn South
South Arm Beck Ditch South Arm Beck Ditch LaPorte 627 Michigan City East
South Arm Ditch South Arm Ditch Marshall 748 Donaldson
South Branch Hursey Ditch South Branch Hursey Ditch DeKalb 823 Saint Joe
South Willow Pond Ditch South Willow Pond Ditch Warrick 387 Newburgh
Sowers Ditch Sowers Ditch Allen 745 Woodburn North
Spake Ditch Spake Ditch Wells 840 Liberty Center
Sparta Lake Ditch Sparta Lake Ditch Noble 886 Ligonier
Spindler Ditch Spindler Ditch Allen 745 Maples
Spindler Ditch Spindler Ditch Allen 755 Woodburn South
Spitler Ditch Spitler Ditch Newton 699 Mount Ayr
Springer McGaughey Ditch Springer McGaughey Ditch Marion 820 Acton
Sprunger Ditch Sprunger Ditch Adams 827 Berne
Spurgeon Ditch Spurgeon Ditch Jasper 669 McCoysburg
Stack Ditch Stack Ditch Newton 666 Goodland
Stadden Ditch Stadden Ditch Pulaski 718 Bass Lake
Stahl Ditch Stahl Ditch Howard 817 Kokomo East
Stahl Ditch Stahl Ditch Boone 951 Kirklin
Stamp Ditch Stamp Ditch Pulaski 676 Francesville
Stanley Ditch Stanley Ditch Madison 869 Anderson South
Stansbury Ditch Stansbury Ditch Hancock 856 McCordsville
Starr Ditch Starr Ditch Fulton 748 Kewanna
Stassen Arm Stassen Arm LaPorte 669 English Lake
State Ditch State Ditch Marion 676 Maywood
Stauffer Ditch Stauffer Ditch Wabash 748 Richvalley
Staver Ditch Staver Ditch Wabash 781 North Manchester South
Steel Ditch Steel Ditch Delaware 889 Gaston
Steele Ditch Steele Ditch Marion 840 Cumberland
Steelman Ditch Steelman Ditch Grant 794 Marion
Steen Ditch Steen Ditch Knox 456 Wheatland
Steffel Ditch Steffel Ditch Starke 702 North Judson
Stein Ditch Stein Ditch Pulaski 679 North Judson SE
Steinke Ditch Steinke Ditch Fulton 758 Pershing
Stelter Ditch Stelter Ditch Pulaski 696 North Judson SE
Stevens Ditch Stevens Ditch Huntington 846 Liberty Center
Stewart Ditch Stewart Ditch Delaware 925 Gilman
Stewart Ditch Stewart Ditch Wells 833 Uniondale
Stink Ditch Stink Ditch Scott 525 Scottsburg
Stites Ditch Stites Ditch Wells 843 Liberty Center
Stoch Ditch Stoch Ditch Delaware 906 Wheeling
Stock Ditch Stock Ditch Marshall 820 Bremen
Stock Farm Ditch Stock Farm Ditch Tippecanoe 751 Kirkpatrick
Stockfleith Ditch Stockfleith Ditch Posey 387 Newburgh
Stockwisch Ditch Stockwisch Ditch Jackson 568 Vallonia
Stoddard Ditch Stoddard Ditch Tippecanoe 758 Linden
Stoker Ditch Stoker Ditch Boone 925 Kirklin
Stollberg Ditch Stollberg Ditch Warrick 377 Daylight
Stoltz Arm Stoltz Arm LaPorte 669 English Lake
Stone Dilts Ditch Stone Dilts Ditch Pulaski 705 Winamac
Stone Ditch Stone Ditch Marshall 801 Inwood
Stone Hinds Ditch Stone Hinds Ditch Tipton 863 Windfall
Stoner Ditch Stoner Ditch LaGrange 886 Lagrange
Stoops Ditch Stoops Ditch Boone 932 Kirklin
Storm Creek Ditch Storm Creek Ditch Jennings 545 Chestnut Ridge
Stormont Ditch Stormont Ditch Gibson 400 Owensville
Storms Ditch Storms Ditch Boone 925 Lebanon
Stout Ditch Stout Ditch Pulaski 689 Buffalo
Stout Gise Ditch Stout Gise Ditch Pulaski 692 Star City
Stout Hodge Ditch Stout Hodge Ditch Pulaski 696 North Judson SE
Stowers Ditch Stowers Ditch Clinton 909 Kirklin
Strole Ditch Strole Ditch Newton 656 Kentland
Stromberg-Tetzloff Ditch Stromberg-Tetzloff Ditch Pulaski 705 North Judson
Strubhar Ditch Strubhar Ditch Cass 712 Burnettsville
Stubbs Fruedenberg Ditch Stubbs Fruedenberg Ditch Warrick 381 Daylight
Stuckey Ditch Stuckey Ditch Grant 879 Fairmount
Stuckwisch Ditch Stuckwisch Ditch Jackson 515 Medora
Studebaker Ditch Studebaker Ditch Delaware 896 Wheeling
Studebaker Hiatt Ditch Studebaker Hiatt Ditch Cass 787 Fulton
Stultz Ditch Stultz Ditch Jay 879 Blaine
Stump Ditch Stump Ditch Steuben 938 Stroh
Stump Ditch Stump Ditch Pulaski 686 Medaryville
Stump Ditch Stump Ditch Clinton 876 Hillisburg
Stump Slough Ditch Stump Slough Ditch Jasper 686 Medaryville
Stutz Ditch Stutz Ditch Elkhart 846 Middlebury
Suits Ditch Suits Ditch White 679 Idaville
Sullivan Ditch Sullivan Ditch Adams 820 Linn Grove
Summers Ditch Summers Ditch Allen 755 Maples
Sutorious Ditch Sutorious Ditch Allen 833 Churubusco
Swan Pond Ditch Swan Pond Ditch Knox 397 Decker
Swander Ditch Swander Ditch DeKalb 833 Saint Joe
Swanfelt Ditch Swanfelt Ditch Madison 866 Elwood
Swanson Lamporte Ditch Swanson Lamporte Ditch Porter 640 Chesterton
Swartz Ditch Swartz Ditch Adams 840 Berne
Swartz Ditch Swartz Ditch DeKalb 892 Waterloo
Swartz-Carnahan Ditch Swartz-Carnahan Ditch Allen 807 Auburn
Swearengen Ditch Swearengen Ditch Delaware 899 Eaton
Sweeney Ditch Sweeney Ditch Benton 741 Templeton NE
Sweetser Ditch Sweetser Ditch Grant 830 Sweetser
Sweetser Improvement Ditch Sweetser Improvement Ditch Grant 843 Roll
Sweezer Ditch Sweezer Ditch Spencer 381 Richland City
Sweringen Ditch Sweringen Ditch Henry 1073 Mount Pleasant
Swift Ditch Swift Ditch Allen 791 Cedarville
Swingle Ditch Swingle Ditch Pulaski 682 Buffalo
Swope Ditch Swope Ditch Vigo 528 Rosedale
Sylvester Maroney Ditch Sylvester Maroney Ditch Cass 771 Fulton
Symons Ditch Symons Ditch Hamilton 919 Sheridan
Talbert Ditch Talbert Ditch Clinton 883 Michigantown
Talley Ditch Talley Ditch Newton 705 Earl Park
Tappin Ditch Tappin Ditch Grant 866 Fairmount
Taylor Ditch Taylor Ditch Warrick 390 Yankeetown
Taylor Ditch Taylor Ditch Clinton 889 Mechanicsburg
Taylor Ditch Taylor Ditch Miami 833 Deedsville
Taylor Ditch Taylor Ditch Pulaski 705 Bass Lake
Taylor Ditch Taylor Ditch LaPorte 738 Lydick
Templeton Ditch Templeton Ditch Newton 673 Fair Oaks
Tennant Ditch Tennant Ditch Kosciusko 902 Pierceton
Teutsch Ditch Teutsch Ditch DeKalb 876 Butler West
Thiele Ditch Thiele Ditch Allen 787 Ossian
Thomas Ditch Thomas Ditch Jay 889 Domestic
Thomas Ditch Thomas Ditch Jay 883 Blaine
Thompson Ditch Thompson Ditch Gibson 387 Keensburg
Thompson Ditch Thompson Ditch Gibson 394 Owensville
Thompson Ditch Thompson Ditch Daviess 479 Epsom
Thompson Ditch Thompson Ditch Pulaski 699 Winamac
Thompson Ditch Thompson Ditch Knox 397 Patoka
Thompson Ditch Thompson Ditch Shelby 728 Lewis Creek
Thompson Ditch Thompson Ditch Hancock 830 Fountaintown
Thompson Ditch Thompson Ditch Marion 761 Bridgeport
Thompson Ditch Thompson Ditch Marshall 728 Culver
Thompson Ditch Thompson Ditch Pulaski 696 Ripley
Thompson Ditch Thompson Ditch Jasper 689 Fair Oaks
Thompson Ditch Thompson Ditch Newton 656 Kentland
Thompson Ditch Thompson Ditch Vigo 489 Terre Haute
Thompson Ditch Thompson Ditch Grant 866 Roll
Thurston Ditch Thurston Ditch Delaware 896 Gaston
Tiede Ditch Tiede Ditch Pulaski 673 North Judson SE
Tilden Ditch Tilden Ditch Fulton 741 Pershing
Tilley Ditch Tilley Ditch Knox 453 Bicknell
Timmons Ditch Timmons Ditch Clinton 932 Kirklin
Timmons Ditch Timmons Ditch Greene 499 Lyons
Timmons Ditch Timmons Ditch White 682 Idaville
Tinkle Ditch Tinkle Ditch Grant 853 Van Buren
Tippey Ditch Tippey Ditch Grant 843 Van Buren
Titus Ditch Titus Ditch Boone 906 Mechanicsburg
Tobin Ditch Tobin Ditch Tipton 856 Windfall
Todd Ditch Todd Ditch Madison 863 Elwood
Tolen Ditch Tolen Ditch Cass 748 Anoka
Tolle Ditch Tolle Ditch Tipton 850 Kokomo East
Toon Hendricks Ditch Toon Hendricks Ditch Marion 804 Beech Grove
Toops Ditch Toops Ditch Gibson 430 Princeton
Tower Ditch Tower Ditch Spencer 390 Richland City
Townsand Lucas Ditch Townsand Lucas Ditch Blackford 896 Hartford City West
Township Ditch Township Ditch Elkhart 778 Wakarusa
Tracy Ditch Tracy Ditch Johnson 791 Greenwood
Travers Ditch Travers Ditch Fulton 755 Grass Creek
Tributary Number One Tributary Number One Howard 843 Greentown
Tributary Number Two Tributary Number Two Howard 850 Greentown
Trimble Ditch Trimble Ditch Tipton 866 Windfall
Trippet Ditch Trippet Ditch Gibson 410 Patoka
Trittipo Ditch Trittipo Ditch Marion 843 McCordsville
Troutman Hogan Ditch Troutman Hogan Ditch Fulton 758 Kewanna
Truax Ditch Truax Ditch Kosciusko 833 Atwood
Truesdale Ditch Truesdale Ditch LaGrange 846 Shipshewana
Tucker Ditch Tucker Ditch Hendricks 945 Lizton
Tucker Ditch Tucker Ditch Kosciusko 830 Mentone
Tully Ditch Tully Ditch Lake 640 Shelby
Turley Ditch Turley Ditch Cass 791 Young America
Turner Ditch Turner Ditch Newton 656 Mount Ayr
Twomile Ditch Twomile Ditch Blackford 883 Pennville
Tyler Ditch Tyler Ditch Jasper 679 McCoysburg
Tyler Weisjahn Ditch Tyler Weisjahn Ditch Pulaski 709 Winamac
Tyner Ditch Tyner Ditch Blackford 892 Hartford City East
Uhl Ditch Uhl Ditch Noble 961 Stroh
Ulch Ditch Ulch Ditch Fulton 784 Fulton
Ulerich Ditch Ulerich Ditch Cass 781 Macy
Ulsch Ditch Ulsch Ditch Kosciusko 853 Burket
Umbenhour Ditch Umbenhour Ditch Cass 748 Lucerne
Unger Ditch Unger Ditch Wabash 653 Richvalley
Unrah Ditch Unrah Ditch Kosciusko 902 Pierceton
Unsicker-Craig Ditch Unsicker-Craig Ditch Marshall 807 Nappanee West
Unthank Ditch Unthank Ditch Grant 856 Van Buren
Uphaus Ditch Uphaus Ditch Randolph 965 Ridgeville
Valentine Ditch Valentine Ditch Allen 771 Poe
Van Devender Ditch Van Devender Ditch Delaware 873 Wheeling
Van Felt Ditch Van Felt Ditch Shelby 738 Lewis Creek
Van Meter Ditch Van Meter Ditch Henry 1030 Shirley
Van Natta Ditch Van Natta Ditch LaGrange 846 Shipshewana
Van Pelt Ditch Van Pelt Ditch Shelby 755 Shelbyville
Vanatta Ditch Vanatta Ditch White 728 Round Grove
Vanatta Lateral Vanatta Lateral Jasper 686 Medaryville
Vandivier Ditch Vandivier Ditch Johnson 738 Franklin
Vandorn Ditch Vandorn Ditch Jay 856 Domestic
Vannatti Ditch Vannatti Ditch Lake 636 Shelby
Vanness Ditch Vanness Ditch Tipton 860 Windfall
Varner Ditch Varner Ditch DeKalb 846 Butler West
Veatch Ditch Veatch Ditch Henry 1060 New Castle West
Ventress Ditch Ventress Ditch Daviess 568 Epsom
Verdrick Ditch Verdrick Ditch Huntington 827 Bippus
Vergin Arm Vergin Arm Starke 725 Bass Lake
Vernigor Ditch Vernigor Ditch Jasper 676 Gifford
Vertrees Ditch Vertrees Ditch Daviess 479 Lyons
Vestal Ditch Vestal Ditch Hamilton 764 Fishers
Vieke Drainage System Ditch Vieke Drainage System Ditch Knox 400 Decker
Viland Ditch Viland Ditch Allen 735 Woodburn North
Von Fange Ditch Von Fange Ditch Jackson 568 Seymour
Votaw Ditch Votaw Ditch Jay 853 Domestic
W N Henderson Ditch W N Henderson Ditch Howard 820 Miami
W Smith Ditch W Smith Ditch DeKalb 879 Butler West
Wabash and Erie Canal Wabash and Erie Canal White 384 Daylight
Wacknitz Ditch Wacknitz Ditch Pulaski 709 North Judson SE
Waddle Ditch Waddle Ditch Boone 928 Lebanon
Wade Ditch Wade Ditch DeKalb 817 Saint Joe
Wagner Ditch Wagner Ditch Elkhart 814 Nappanee East
Wagner Number One Ditch Wagner Number One Ditch Adams 814 Hoagland
Wagoner Ditch Wagoner Ditch Fulton 735 Culver
Waite Ditch Waite Ditch Fulton 791 Fulton
Walker Ditch Walker Ditch Rush 932 Carthage
Walker Ditch Walker Ditch Clinton 902 Michigantown
Walker Ditch Walker Ditch White 676 Monon
Walker Ditch Walker Ditch DeKalb 804 Hicksville
Wallace Ditch Wallace Ditch Pulaski 692 Ripley
Wallace Ditch Wallace Ditch Tippecanoe 709 Westpoint
Wallace Fork Ditch Wallace Fork Ditch Warrick 390 Chrisney
Wallenmeyer Ditch Wallenmeyer Ditch Vanderburgh 430 Kasson
Walling Ditch Walling Ditch Jay 896 Blaine
Walsh Ditch Walsh Ditch Fulton 748 Grass Creek
Walt Kimble Ditch Walt Kimble Ditch Marshall 833 Bremen
Walter Wisler Ditch Walter Wisler Ditch Elkhart 853 Nappanee West
Walters Ditch Walters Ditch Tippecanoe 650 Brookston
Walters Ditch Walters Ditch DeKalb 843 Butler East
Wann Ditch Wann Ditch Allen 758 Woodburn North
Wantz Ditch Wantz Ditch Henry 1079 New Castle East
Wappes Ditch Wappes Ditch Allen 850 Ege
Ward Ditch Ward Ditch Pulaski 718 Kewanna
Warner Ditch Warner Ditch Wells 853 Petroleum
Warner Ditch Warner Ditch Marshall 771 Rutland
Warwick Ditch Warwick Ditch LaPorte 656 Springville
Washam Ditch Washam Ditch Marshall 794 Mentone
Washburn Ditch Washburn Ditch White 709 Star City
Washburn Lateral Washburn Lateral Jasper 686 Medaryville
Washington Township Ditch Washington Township Ditch Elkhart 768 Bristol
Waterhouse Ditch Waterhouse Ditch Noble 965 Kendallville
Waters Ditch Waters Ditch Grant 863 Point Isabel
Watson Lateral Watson Lateral Gibson 387 Owensville
Watterson Ditch Watterson Ditch Allen 827 Churubusco
Wattles Ditch Wattles Ditch Benton 774 Fowler
Watts Ditch Watts Ditch Gibson 387 Keensburg
Wayman Ditch Wayman Ditch Jackson 538 Brownstown
Wearley Ditch Wearley Ditch Huntington 837 Warren
Weasner Ditch Weasner Ditch Fulton 755 Grass Creek
Weaver Davis Ditch Weaver Davis Ditch Fulton 817 Macy
Weaver Ditch Weaver Ditch Jay 883 Domestic
Weaver Ditch Weaver Ditch Elkhart 846 Foraker
Weaver Ditch Weaver Ditch Daviess 479 Lyons
Webb Ditch Webb Ditch White 679 Francesville
Weber Ditch Weber Ditch Adams 807 Hoagland
Weber Ditch Weber Ditch Hancock 863 Greenfield
Wedelburg Ditch Wedelburg Ditch Newton 653 Shelby
Weeks Ditch Weeks Ditch Henry 1040 Shirley
Weicht Ditch Weicht Ditch DeKalb 833 Saint Joe
Weil Ditch Weil Ditch Carroll 692 Pyrmont
Weinsheimer Ditch Weinsheimer Ditch Warrick 377 Daylight
Weisjahn Ditch Weisjahn Ditch Pulaski 722 Kewanna
Weiss Ditch Weiss Ditch Newton 656 Goodland
Welch Ditch Welch Ditch Marshall 787 Mentone
Wells Ditch Wells Ditch Boone 935 Lizton
Wells Ditch Wells Ditch Greene 479 Lyons
Wells Ditch Wells Ditch Tipton 860 Windfall
Weltzin Ditch Weltzin Ditch Pulaski 689 Monon NE
Wenger Ditch Wenger Ditch LaGrange 833 Sturgis
Wentworth Ditch Wentworth Ditch Newton 679 Fair Oaks
Wentz Ditch Wentz Ditch Blackford 889 Hartford City East
Werling Ditch Werling Ditch Allen 745 Woodburn North
Werling Joint Ditch Werling Joint Ditch Wells 817 Poe
Werling Myers Ditch Werling Myers Ditch Adams 801 Preble
Werner Ditch Werner Ditch Fulton 774 Fulton
Werntz Ditch Werntz Ditch Elkhart 807 Wakarusa
Wertz Ditch Wertz Ditch Allen 774 Grabill
West Arm Scholtz West Arm Scholtz Starke 702 San Pierre
West Arm Bull Ditch West Arm Bull Ditch LaPorte 666 Michigan City East
West Arm Ditch West Arm Ditch LaPorte 689 La Crosse
West Arm Grube Ditch West Arm Grube Ditch Fulton 761 Fulton
West Drake Ditch West Drake Ditch Madison 866 Elwood
West Mortimore Ditch West Mortimore Ditch Jay 869 Geneva
Westlake Ditch Westlake Ditch Kosciusko 883 Leesburg
Wetnight Ditch Wetnight Ditch Marion 784 Beech Grove
Weyand Ditch Weyand Ditch Pulaski 712 Bass Lake
Whaley Ditch Whaley Ditch Newton 650 Sheldon
Wheeler Ditch Wheeler Ditch Jay 863 Geneva
Whetten Ditch Whetten Ditch Dubois 823 Milford
Whipple Ditch Whipple Ditch Blackford 896 Hartford City East
Whipple Ditch Whipple Ditch Posey 361 Mount Vernon
Whishler Ditch Whishler Ditch Marshall 810 Nappanee West
Whitacre Ditch Whitacre Ditch Jay 899 Pennville
White Branch White Branch Whitley 860 Pierceton
White Ditch White Ditch Fulton 761 Pershing
White Ditch White Ditch Kosciusko 837 Mentone
White Ditch White Ditch LaPorte 617 Michigan City East
White Ditch White Ditch Allen 768 Woodburn South
White Hoover Ditch White Hoover Ditch Blackford 879 Montpelier
Whitecotton Ditch Whitecotton Ditch Blackford 906 Hartford City East
Whitelock Ditch Whitelock Ditch Wells 837 Liberty Center
Whiteman Ditch Whiteman Ditch Clinton 856 Burlington
Whitenberger Eiler Ditch Whitenberger Eiler Ditch Fulton 784 Rochester
Whitewater Canal Whitewater Canal Franklin 666 Brookville
Whitewater Canal Whitewater Canal Wayne 869 Brownsville
Whitham Ditch Whitham Ditch Starke 682 Kingsford Heights
Whitmore Ditch Whitmore Ditch Miami 817 Macy
Whittaker Ditch Whittaker Ditch Warrick 394 Boonville
Whitwater Canal Whitwater Canal Wayne 1050 Connersville
Whorley Ditch Whorley Ditch Greene 538 Coal City
Wicker Ditch Wicker Ditch Hancock 856 Greenfield
Wikel Ditch Wikel Ditch Jay 919 Blaine
Wikoff Ditch Wikoff Ditch Rush 991 Falmouth
Wilbur Ditch Wilbur Ditch Allen 755 Grabill
Wildermuth Strebe Ditch Wildermuth Strebe Ditch Miami 814 Deedsville
Wiley Ditch Wiley Ditch Boone 938 Kirklin
Wiley Thompson Ditch Wiley Thompson Ditch Hendricks 938 Fayette
Wilhelm Ditch Wilhelm Ditch Pulaski 718 Winamac
Wilhelm-Kurtz Ditch Wilhelm-Kurtz Ditch Kosciusko 823 Nappanee East
Wilkinson Ditch Wilkinson Ditch Henry 1017 Shirley
William Baker Ditch William Baker Ditch Kosciusko 830 Mentone
William Clark Ditch William Clark Ditch Shelby 758 Shelbyville
William Forsythe Ditch William Forsythe Ditch Marshall 827 La Paz
William Hershman Lateral William Hershman Lateral Jasper 686 Gifford
William Troup Ditch William Troup Ditch Marshall 801 Bremen
William Vogus Ditch William Vogus Ditch Howard 837 Kokomo West
Williams Arm Ditch Williams Arm Ditch Starke 732 Culver
William Arm of Tuesburg Ditch William Arm of Tuesburg Ditch LaPorte 669 English Lake
Williams Ditch Williams Ditch Cass 669 Twelve Mile
Williams Ditch Williams Ditch Warrick 390 Newburgh
Williams Ditch Williams Ditch Knox 440 Iona
Williams Ditch Williams Ditch White 669 Monticello North
Williams Ditch Williams Ditch Starke 673 Knox West
Williamson Ditch Williamson Ditch Whitley 814 South Whitley East
Williamson Ditch Williamson Ditch Kosciusko 827 Burket
Williamson Ditch Williamson Ditch Hancock 856 Greenfield
Willow Creek Ditch Willow Creek Ditch Allen 820 Huntertown
Willow Pond Ditch Willow Pond Ditch Spencer 390 Richland City
Wills Ditch Wills Ditch Pulaski 689 North Judson SE
Wilson Ditch Wilson Ditch Hancock 889 Ingalls
Wilson Ditch Wilson Ditch Fulton 755 Grass Creek
Wilson Ditch Wilson Ditch Wells 866 Petroleum
Wilson Ditch Wilson Ditch Fulton 755 Pershing
Wilson Ditch Wilson Ditch Pulaski 725 Culver
Wilson Ditch Arm Number Two Wilson Ditch Arm Number Two Knox 758 Pershing
Wilson Friedrick Ditch Wilson Friedrick Ditch Fulton 755 Fulton
Wilson Rhodes Ditch Wilson Rhodes Ditch Miami 771 Roann
Wilson Wiseley Ditch Wilson Wiseley Ditch Pulaski 718 Star City
Wimmer Ditch Wimmer Ditch Grant 866 Point Isabel
Winchell Arm Winchell Arm LaPorte 689 Kingsford Heights
Wingard Ditch Wingard Ditch DeKalb 866 Saint Joe
Wink Ditch Wink Ditch Henry 988 Knightstown
Winslow Ditch Winslow Ditch Grant 866 Fairmount
Winters Ditch Winters Ditch White 692 Monon
Winters Ditch Winters Ditch Whitley 899 Ormas
Wires Ditch Wires Ditch Warrick 390 Chrisney
Wise Ditch Wise Ditch Miami 807 Miami
Wisler Ditch Wisler Ditch Elkhart 846 Nappanee East
Little Bingo Creek Little Bingo Creek Elkhart 843 Wakarusa
Witham Ditch Witham Ditch White 735 Templeton NE
Witmer Ditch Witmer Ditch Allen 797 Grabill
Wittmer Number One Ditch Wittmer Number One Ditch Adams 850 Berne
Wittmer Number Two Ditch Wittmer Number Two Ditch Adams 833 Berne
Witzgall Ditch Witzgall Ditch Wells 804 Zanesville
Wolf Arm Wolf Arm Kosciusko 797 Atwood
Wolf Ditch Wolf Ditch Pulaski 735 Kewanna
Wolfram Arm Wolfram Arm Starke 722 Bass Lake
Woodham Ditch Woodham Ditch Warren 679 Chatterton
Woods Ditch Woods Ditch Clinton 886 Mechanicsburg
Woods Ditch Woods Ditch Grant 823 Sweetser
Woods Ditch Woods Ditch Allen 804 Ossian
Woods Ditch Woods Ditch Warrick 381 Daylight
Worley Ditch Worley Ditch Elkhart 837 Milford
Wright Arm Wright Arm LaPorte 778 Westville
Wyland Ditch Wyland Ditch Kosciusko 860 Warsaw
Wyley Ditch Wyley Ditch Wells 833 Liberty Center
Yant Ditch Yant Ditch Allen 840 Garrett
Yantiss Ditch Yantiss Ditch Marshall 774 Mentone
Yarger Ditch Yarger Ditch Wells 823 Preble
Yates Ditch Yates Ditch Boone 945 Rosston
Yazel Ditch Yazel Ditch Clinton 906 Kempton
Yeager Finley Manard Ditch Yeager Finley Manard Ditch Delaware 889 Gaston
Yeoman Ditch Yeoman Ditch Jasper 650 Rensselaer
York Township Ditch York Township Ditch Elkhart 778 Bristol
Young Ditch Young Ditch Jay 919 Portland
Young Ditch Young Ditch Marion 837 Cumberland
Zaborosky Ditch Zaborosky Ditch Newton 679 Morocco
Zanger Ditch Zanger Ditch Fulton 801 Macy
Zartman Ditch Zartman Ditch Howard 728 Deer Creek
Zauss Ditch Zauss Ditch Tipton 863 Kokomo East
Zechiel Arm Zechiel Arm Starke 728 Culver
Zegafuse Ditch Zegafuse Ditch Miami 823 Deedsville
Zimmer Ditch Zimmer Ditch Marshall 797 Plymouth
Zirkle Ditch Zirkle Ditch Grant 840 Sweetser
Zittinger Ditch Zittinger Ditch Tipton 863 Windfall
Zollman Ditch Zollman Ditch Jackson 512 Medora
Dry Fork Ditch Dry Fork Ditch Grant 817 Marion
Lony Tile Lony Tile Pulaski 676 Monon NE
Fell Arm Fell Arm LaPorte 679 Hamlet
Kline Arm Kline Arm Starke 669 English Lake
Elkheim Ditch Elkheim Ditch Starke 663 San Pierre
East Buck Creek Ditch East Buck Creek Ditch LaGrange 843 Lagrange
Armstrong Ditch Armstrong Ditch Jasper 692 San Pierre
Culbertson Ditch Culbertson Ditch Marion 718 Indianapolis West
Davisson Ditch Davisson Ditch Kosciusko 820 Nappanee East
Eichoof Ditch Eichoof Ditch Marion 833 Beech Grove
Harmon Ditch Harmon Ditch Marion 666 Maywood
Henninger Ditch Henninger Ditch Marion 807 Beech Grove
Heuss Ditch Heuss Ditch Randolph 948 Ridgeville
Hogan Ditch Hogan Ditch Hendricks 883 Clermont
John Diehl Ditch John Diehl Ditch DeKalb 843 Auburn
John Heath Ditch John Heath Ditch Hamilton 728 Fishers
Joseph Salrin Arm Joseph Salrin Arm Jasper 696 San Pierre
McGaughey Ditch McGaughey Ditch Marion 827 Beech Grove
Mathews Ditch Mathews Ditch Marion 820 Beech Grove
Middle Fork Ditch Middle Fork Ditch Howard 837 Greentown
Prange Ditch Prange Ditch Marion 823 Cumberland
Randle Lateral Randle Lateral Jasper 673 McCoysburg
Riggins Ditch Riggins Ditch Delaware 922 Muncie West
Stevens Ditch Stevens Ditch Randolph 965 Ridgeville
Stroube Ditch Stroube Ditch Jay 869 Geneva
Wadsworth Ditch Wadsworth Ditch Marion 768 Fishers
William Lehr Ditch William Lehr Ditch Hamilton 768 Riverwood
Wynkoop Ditch Wynkoop Ditch Jasper 679 Gifford
Scott Ditch Scott Ditch Johnson 791 Bargersville
Bontrager Ditch Bontrager Ditch LaGrange 876 Topeka
Erb Ditch Erb Ditch LaGrange 876 Topeka
Byler Ditch Byler Ditch LaGrange 909 Topeka
Thumma Ditch Thumma Ditch Noble 889 Merriam
Meredith Ditch Meredith Ditch Kosciusko 833 Mentone
John Thompson County Ditch John Thompson County Ditch Jackson 568 Jonesville
Stony Run Ditch Stony Run Ditch Lake 650 Hebron
Portage-Burns Waterway Portage-Burns Waterway Porter 597 Portage
Cady Marsh Ditch Cady Marsh Ditch Lake 610 Highland
Johnson Ditch Johnson Ditch Lake 630 Highland
Davis Ditch Davis Ditch Jasper 663 Wheatfield
Fisher Ditch Fisher Ditch Jasper 669 Wheatfield
Hickam Lateral Hickam Lateral Jasper 663 Wheatfield
James Ditch James Ditch Jasper 656 Wheatfield
Lateral Number Seventy-seven Lateral Number Seventy-seven Jasper 679 Gifford
Marble Ditch Marble Ditch Jasper 656 Wheatfield
Myers Ditch Myers Ditch Jasper 656 Wheatfield
Ryan Kraisinger Ditch Ryan Kraisinger Ditch Jasper 689 San Pierre
Schrader Ditch Schrader Ditch Jasper 679 Wheatfield
Stalbaum Hershman Ditch Stalbaum Hershman Ditch Jasper 682 Gifford
Schlatzley Ditch Schlatzley Ditch Jasper 656 Wheatfield
Bosma Ditch Bosma Ditch Jasper 689 DeMotte
Bradbury Ditch Bradbury Ditch Jasper 666 DeMotte
Brent Ditch Brent Ditch Newton 640 DeMotte
Brown Ditch Brown Ditch Lake 636 Shelby
Brown Levee Ditch Brown Levee Ditch Lake 650 Hebron
Cook Ditch Cook Ditch Jasper 650 Hebron
Davis Ditch Davis Ditch Jasper 689 DeMotte
Dehaan Ditch Dehaan Ditch Jasper 643 Shelby
Evers Ditch Evers Ditch Jasper 659 DeMotte
Heilsher Ditch Heilsher Ditch Jasper 679 Wheatfield
Hobbs Ditch Hobbs Ditch Jasper 659 DeMotte
Hodge Ditch Hodge Ditch Jasper 650 DeMotte
Jungles Ditch Jungles Ditch Jasper 689 Parr
Krucek Ditch Krucek Ditch Jasper 646 DeMotte
Pope-O'Conner Ditch Pope-O'Conner Ditch Porter 636 Chesterton
Porter Ditch Porter Ditch LaPorte 705 Kingsford Heights
Sargent Ditch Sargent Ditch Jasper 656 DeMotte
Schatzley Ditch Schatzley Ditch Jasper 663 DeMotte
Stover Ditch Stover Ditch Jasper 686 Parr
Travis Ditch Travis Ditch LaPorte 738 LaPorte East
Tyler Ditch Tyler Ditch Jasper 656 DeMotte
Wesner Ditch Wesner Ditch Jasper 659 DeMotte
Akers Ditch Akers Ditch Noble 909 Merriam
Bilger Ditch Bilger Ditch Noble 883 Ege
Brown Ditch Brown Ditch Noble 912 Merriam
Gandy Ditch Gandy Ditch Noble 925 Merriam
Heltzel Ditch Heltzel Ditch Noble 906 Ege
Hinkley Ditch Hinkley Ditch Noble 896 Garrett
Hosler Ditch Hosler Ditch Noble 886 Ege
Parker Ditch Parker Ditch Noble 942 Merriam
Rousch Ditch Rousch Ditch Noble 981 Ege
Steffy Ditch Steffy Ditch Noble 886 Merriam
Summers Ditch Summers Ditch Noble 922 Merriam
Thumma Ditch Thumma Ditch Noble 925 Ege
Whan Ditch Whan Ditch Noble 912 Ege
Yarde Ditch Yarde Ditch Noble 892 Garrett
Yarian Ditch Yarian Ditch Noble 951 Ege
McHargue Ditch McHargue Ditch Jackson 531 Kurtz
Mount Horeb Drain Mount Horeb Drain Orange 587 Georgia
Summer Pecka Ditch Summer Pecka Ditch Warrick 381 Yankeetown
Parker Ditch Parker Ditch Porter 686 Valparaiso
Jack Ditch Jack Ditch Steuben 994 Angola East
Cole Ditch Cole Ditch Steuben 984 Angola East
Metz Ditch Metz Ditch Steuben 984 Angola East
Radersdorf Ditch Radersdorf Ditch Pulaski 663 Buffalo
Flesher Creek Flesher Creek Randolph 965 Ridgeville
Aldrich Ditch Aldrich Ditch St. Joseph 712 North Liberty
Anthony Ditch Anthony Ditch St. Joseph 827 Wyatt
Authen Ditch Authen Ditch St. Joseph 830 Lakeville
Barkey Ditch Barkey Ditch St. Joseph 810 Wakarusa
Billman Ditch Billman Ditch St. Joseph 823 Wakarusa
Breckenridge Ditch Breckenridge Ditch St. Joseph 692 Stillwell
East Branch Bunch Ditch East Branch Bunch Ditch St. Joseph 810 Bremen
West Branch Bunch Ditch West Branch Bunch Ditch St. Joseph 827 Bremen
Chain-O-Lakes Ditch Chain-O-Lakes Ditch St. Joseph 705 Lydick
Dixon West Place Ditch Dixon West Place Ditch St. Joseph 696 Lakeville
Eberly Ditch Eberly Ditch St. Joseph 804 Lakeville
Eller Ditch Eller Ditch St. Joseph 735 Osceola
Eller Ditch Eller Ditch St. Joseph 745 Osceola
Elmer Kane Ditch Elmer Kane Ditch St. Joseph 728 Walkerton
Elmer Kane Lateral Elmer Kane Lateral St. Joseph 718 North Liberty
Fulmer Ditch Fulmer Ditch St. Joseph 840 Wyatt
Gast Ditch Gast Ditch St. Joseph 771 Osceola
Geyer Ditch Geyer Ditch St. Joseph 712 Lydick
Grimes Ditch Grimes Ditch St. Joseph 837 Wyatt
Grimes Ditch Grimes Ditch St. Joseph 830 Wyatt
Gross Ditch Gross Ditch St. Joseph 820 Wyatt
Heston Ditch Heston Ditch St. Joseph 823 Lakeville
Hoffman Ditch Hoffman Ditch St. Joseph 830 Wyatt
Kline-Rouch Ditch Kline-Rouch Ditch St. Joseph 817 Wyatt
Ladig Ditch Ladig Ditch St. Joseph 837 Wyatt
Lateral Number Five Ditch Lateral Number Five Ditch St. Joseph 817 Wyatt
Lateral Number Fifteen Ditch Lateral Number Fifteen Ditch St. Joseph 823 Wakarusa
Lateral Number Five Lateral Number Five St. Joseph 810 Wakarusa
Leman Birk Newcomer Ditch Leman Birk Newcomer Ditch St. Joseph 820 Wyatt
Louck Ditch Louck Ditch St. Joseph 830 Wakarusa
Marker Ditch Marker Ditch St. Joseph 837 Wyatt
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch St. Joseph 682 North Liberty
Oliver Heckaman Ditch Oliver Heckaman Ditch St. Joseph 833 La Paz
Pittman Ditch Pittman Ditch St. Joseph 823 Nappanee West
Pittman Gordon Ditch Pittman Gordon Ditch St. Joseph 823 Wakarusa
Rogers Ditch Rogers Ditch St. Joseph 820 Wakarusa
Schang Ditch Schang Ditch St. Joseph 732 Lakeville
Shidler - Hoffman Ditch Shidler - Hoffman Ditch St. Joseph 837 Lakeville
Crooked Creek Crooked Creek Porter 653 Kouts
Williams Ditch Williams Ditch Lake 636 Schneider
Keller Ditch Keller Ditch Porter 676 Hebron
Otis Ditch Otis Ditch Jasper 659 DeMotte
Ludington Ditch Ludington Ditch Porter 699 Palmer
William Lock Ditch William Lock Ditch Hamilton 781 Riverwood
Glidden Ditch Glidden Ditch Rush 1004 Falmouth
Zick Ditch Zick Ditch Jasper 686 San Pierre
Brown Ditch Brown Ditch Porter 597 Michigan City West
Matson Ditch Matson Ditch DeKalb 938 Waterloo
D D Metcalf Ditch D D Metcalf Ditch DeKalb 787 Saint Joe
Morman Ditch Morman Ditch Randolph 1155 Spartanburg
Gephart Ditch Gephart Ditch Wayne 984 Richmond
Kerns Ditch Kerns Ditch Jay 886 Portland
Wietfield Ditch Wietfield Ditch Allen 810 Hoagland
Imbach Ditch Imbach Ditch Allen 755 Woodburn South
Huguenard Ditch Huguenard Ditch Allen 764 Maples
Gromeaux Ditch Gromeaux Ditch Allen 774 Maples
Yoquelet Ditch Yoquelet Ditch Allen 771 Maples
Ward Lake Ditch Ward Lake Ditch Allen 751 Grabill
Tiernan Ditch Tiernan Ditch Allen 755 Cedarville
Nancy Davis Ditch Nancy Davis Ditch DeKalb 804 Hicksville
Hamman Ditch Hamman Ditch DeKalb 928 Ashley
Swoveland Ditch Swoveland Ditch Elkhart 830 Foraker
Gustafson Ditch Gustafson Ditch Porter 630 Chesterton
Weiland Ditch Weiland Ditch Porter 627 Dune Acres