Bell Pond Bell Pond Johnson 358 Glendale
Big Cypress Big Cypress Alexander 328 Thebes
Big Swan Lake Big Swan Lake Clinton 410 Beckemeyer
Brushy Slough Brushy Slough White 344 Emma
Cattail Slough Cattail Slough Gallatin 354 New Haven SW
Cattail Slough Cattail Slough Gallatin 344 New Haven SW
Cavanah Lake Cavanah Lake Monroe 387 Renault
Clear Lake Clear Lake Pike 449 Ashburn
Cow Pond Slough Cow Pond Slough Gallatin 344 New Haven SW
Fish Lake Fish Lake Iroquois 610 Gilman
Flag Pond Flag Pond Clay 420 Clay City
Frogtown Lake Frogtown Lake Clinton 436 Stolletown
Godar Swamp Godar Swamp Calhoun 420 Hardin
Goose Pond Goose Pond Gallatin 341 New Haven SW
Goose Pond Scatters Goose Pond Scatters Gallatin 341 Wabash Island
Goose Pond Swamp Goose Pond Swamp White 351 New Haven
Horseshoe Lake Horseshoe Lake Pike 440 Pleasant Hill West
Joes Slough Joes Slough Gallatin 344 New Haven SW
Lick Pond Lick Pond Pike 446 Pleasant Hill West
Lily Lake Lily Lake McHenry 912 McHenry
Little Black Slough Little Black Slough Johnson 344 Karnak
Little Swan Lake Little Swan Lake Clinton 413 Beckemeyer
Old Goose Lake Old Goose Lake Whiteside 587 Thomson
Rays Lake Rays Lake Lake 787 Grayslake
Round Pond Round Pond Pope 348 Smithland
Snyder Pond Snyder Pond Pike 443 Pleasant Hill West
Streets Lake Streets Lake McHenry 889 Hebron
Sutter Lake Sutter Lake Calhoun 423 Kampsville
The Glades The Glades Jersey 420 Nutwood
Willow Pond Slough Willow Pond Slough Gallatin 341 Wabash Island
Yellowbank Slough Yellowbank Slough Gallatin 341 Wabash Island
Ducks Misery Ducks Misery Stephenson 758 Freeport West
Labras Lake Labras Lake St. Clair 410 Cahokia
Wagon Lake Wagon Lake St. Clair 394 Venedy
Taylor Lake Taylor Lake Knox 551 Maquon
Hogskin Bottoms Hogskin Bottoms Alexander 341 Tamms
Little Cypress Swamp (historical) Little Cypress Swamp (historical) Alexander 348 Thebes
Cahokia Slough (historical) Cahokia Slough (historical) St. Clair 404 Cahokia
Goose Lake Goose Lake St. Clair 404 Cahokia
Big Lake Big Lake Clinton 446 Stolletown
Willow Pond Willow Pond Pike 453 Hull
Wildcat Bog Wildcat Bog LaSalle 489 Marseilles
Volo Bog Volo Bog Lake 751 Wauconda
Bluff Spring Fen Bluff Spring Fen Cook 738 Elgin
Cotton Creek Marsh Cotton Creek Marsh McHenry 735 Wauconda
Turnberry Wetlands Turnberry Wetlands McHenry 863 Huntley
Big Marsh Big Marsh Cook 584 Lake Calumet
Indian Ridge Marsh Indian Ridge Marsh Cook 584 Lake Calumet
Hegewisch Marsh Hegewisch Marsh Cook 584 Lake Calumet
Hyde Lake Wetlands Hyde Lake Wetlands Cook 591 Lake Calumet
Springbrook Marsh Springbrook Marsh DuPage 679 Normantown
Meacham Marsh Meacham Marsh DuPage 715 Lombard
Circle Marsh Circle Marsh DuPage 732 Lombard
Herrick Lagoon Herrick Lagoon DuPage 738 Naperville
Danada Swamp Danada Swamp DuPage 741 Wheaton
Orchid Wetland Orchid Wetland Lee 817 Amboy
Big Marsh Big Marsh Lee 817 Amboy
Snapping Turtle Pond Snapping Turtle Pond Lee 820 Amboy
Wet Pond Wet Pond Lee 823 Amboy
Indigo Wetland Indigo Wetland Lee 807 Amboy