Breedlove Ditch Breedlove Ditch Tazewell 469 South Pekin
Hickory Grove Ditch Hickory Grove Ditch Tazewell 466 South Pekin
Meeker Ditch Meeker Ditch Mason 469 South Pekin
North Quiver Ditch North Quiver Ditch Mason 489 Manito
Allens Grove Ditch Allens Grove Ditch Mason 505 Natrona
Abbott Ditch Abbott Ditch Bureau 650 Mineral
Acme Ditch Acme Ditch Henry 669 Kewanee North
Allison Ditch Allison Ditch Lawrence 410 Vincennes
Auxier Creek Drain Auxier Creek Drain Hamilton 384 Belle Prairie City
Bail Creek Lateral Bail Creek Lateral Wayne 381 Fairfield
Baker Creek Ditch Baker Creek Ditch Bureau 630 New Bedford
Bay Creek Ditch Bay Creek Ditch Pope 338 Reevesville
Bay Creek Diversion Ditch Bay Creek Diversion Ditch Pike 440 Pleasant Hill East
Bean Creek Ditch Bean Creek Ditch Vermilion 673 Henning
Bear Creek Ditch Bear Creek Ditch Massac 341 Reevesville
Beaver Pond Ditch Beaver Pond Ditch Lawrence 413 Vincennes
Bensenville Ditch Bensenville Ditch Cook 646 Elmhurst
Big Creek Drain Big Creek Drain Hamilton 367 Bungay
Big Ditch Big Ditch Champaign 715 Fisher
Big Mound Drainage Ditch Big Mound Drainage Ditch Wayne 374 Boyleston
Big Slough Ditch Big Slough Ditch Henry 600 Spring Hill
Biggs Ditch Biggs Ditch Mason 495 Biggs
Bluff Canal Bluff Canal Hancock 502 Lima
Bluff Ditch Bluff Ditch Schuyler 436 Beardstown
Boyd Ditch Boyd Ditch Pike 456 Hull
Branch F Ditch Branch F Ditch Whiteside 640 Hahnaman
Browns Pond Ditch Browns Pond Ditch White 364 Maunie
Bucker Pond Ditch Bucker Pond Ditch Massac 328 Mermet
Bureau County Ditch Bureau County Ditch Bureau 614 Mineral
Buttermilk Ditch Buttermilk Ditch Coles 669 Mattoon West
Cabbage Patch Drain Cabbage Patch Drain Hamilton 377 Belle Prairie City
Calumet Union Drainage Canal Calumet Union Drainage Canal Cook 604 Harvey
Calumet Union Drainage Ditch Calumet Union Drainage Ditch Cook 591 Calumet City
Casey Ditch Casey Ditch Jefferson 410 Ina
Central Ditch Central Ditch Mason 505 Forest City
Central Special Ditch Central Special Ditch Henry 614 Hooppole
Chain of Rocks Canal Chain of Rocks Canal Madison 404 Columbia Bottom
Claypool Ditch Claypool Ditch Grundy 541 Coal City
Clear Creek Ditch Clear Creek Ditch Union 338 Jonesboro
Clear Pond Ditch Clear Pond Ditch Wayne 390 Albion NW
Clifty Creek Ditch Clifty Creek Ditch Massac 341 Mermet
Coal Creek Ditch Coal Creek Ditch Schuyler 420 Beardstown
Collins Pond Ditch Collins Pond Ditch Pike 449 Rockport
Coon Creek Ditch Coon Creek Ditch Lee 650 Harmon
Crackle Ditch Crackle Ditch Gallatin 341 New Haven SW
Cross Diversion Ditch Cross Diversion Ditch Wayne 390 Mount Erie
Cypress Ditch Cypress Ditch Gallatin 358 New Haven SW
Deer Creek Drainage Ditch Deer Creek Drainage Ditch Wayne 381 Fairfield
Dolan Ditch Dolan Ditch Mercer 535 Blanchard Island
Drainage Ditch Drainage Ditch Cass 463 Arenzville West
Dry Fork Drainage Ditch Dry Fork Drainage Ditch Wayne 377 Boyleston
Dry Island Drain Dry Island Drain Hamilton 390 Belle Prairie City
Dry Ridge Ditch Dry Ridge Ditch Massac 344 Mermet
Dutch Gap Canal Dutch Gap Canal Lake 755 Antioch
Eagle Ditch Eagle Ditch Mercer 531 Blanchard Island
Eagle Slough Drainage Ditch Eagle Slough Drainage Ditch Wayne 371 Boyleston
Easley Ditch Easley Ditch Pike 459 Rockport
East Gibson Ditch East Gibson Ditch Pike 443 Rockport
Eliza Lake Ditch Cutoff Eliza Lake Ditch Cutoff Mercer 525 Toolesboro
Ellison Creek Diverson Ditch Ellison Creek Diverson Ditch Henderson 525 Burlington
Elm River Drainage Ditch Elm River Drainage Ditch Wayne 381 Fairfield
England Ditch England Ditch Lawrence 410 Lawrenceville
Fairfield Union Special Ditch Fairfield Union Special Ditch Bureau 627 Yorktown
Fairview Ditch Fairview Ditch Mason 459 Chandlerville
Feehanville Ditch Feehanville Ditch Cook 643 Arlington Heights
Ferguson Creek Drain Ferguson Creek Drain Hamilton 384 Bungay
Fish Lake Ditch Fish Lake Ditch Fayette 459 Hagarstown
Five Mile Branch Ditch Five Mile Branch Ditch Lee 663 Harmon
Flatville Drainage Ditch Flatville Drainage Ditch Champaign 689 Gifford
Frieden Ditch Frieden Ditch Mercer 538 Blanchard Island
Friends Creek Ditch Friends Creek Ditch Piatt 689 Weldon East
Fults Creek Ditch Fults Creek Ditch Monroe 381 Renault
Furrer Ditch Furrer Ditch Mason 505 Forest City
Gann Ditch Gann Ditch Johnson 351 Reevesville
Gar Creek Ditch Gar Creek Ditch Kankakee 614 West Kankakee
Gerber Lateral Gerber Lateral Wayne 390 Fairfield
Gum Road Ditch Gum Road Ditch Wayne 377 Golden Gate
Gurley Ditch Gurley Ditch Massac 344 Reevesville
Hadley-McCraney Diversion Ditch Hadley-McCraney Diversion Ditch Pike 453 Hull
Hall Ditch Hall Ditch Mason 505 Easton
Hammond Mutual Ditch Hammond Mutual Ditch Piatt 650 La Place
Hampton Ditch Hampton Ditch Mercer 535 Blanchard Island
Hanover Drainage Ditch Hanover Drainage Ditch Clinton 410 Breese
Hardin Ditch Hardin Ditch Mason 489 Forest City
Hawthorne Ditch Hawthorne Ditch White 364 Maunie
Hay Glade Ditch Hay Glade Ditch Jackson 358 Gorham
Herget Drainage Ditch Herget Drainage Ditch Mason 472 Biggs
Hurd Lake Ditch Hurd Lake Ditch Mason 495 Biggs
Hennepin Feeder Canal Hennepin Feeder Canal Whiteside 636 Yorktown
Ives Ditch Ives Ditch Mercer 522 Toolesboro
Jones Ditch Jones Ditch Richland 430 West Salem
Kaskaskia Ditch Kaskaskia Ditch Champaign 679 Tolono
Kennedy-Voris Main Drain Kennedy-Voris Main Drain Hamilton 397 Belle Prairie City
Kiser Creek Diversion Ditch Kiser Creek Diversion Ditch Pike 456 Rockport
Lansing Drainage Ditch Lansing Drainage Ditch Cook 633 Dyer
Lawler Ditch Lawler Ditch Gallatin 348 Equality
Lick Creek Drain Lick Creek Drain Hamilton 381 Thackeray
Lick Creek Lateral Lick Creek Lateral Wayne 381 Albion NW
Lily Lake Drain Lily Lake Drain McHenry 738 Wauconda
Line C Ditch Line C Ditch Union 328 Ware
Little Cypress Ditch Little Cypress Ditch Gallatin 348 Shawneetown
Little Elm Lateral Little Elm Lateral Wayne 387 Fairfield
Little Vermilion Ditch Little Vermilion Ditch Champaign 679 Longview
Main Ditch Main Ditch Alexander 325 McClure
Main Ditch Main Ditch Adams 476 Long Island
Main Ditch Main Ditch Peoria 430 Manito
Main Ditch Main Ditch Massac 331 Mermet
Main Ditch Main Ditch Tazewell 499 Natrona
Main Ditch Main Ditch Lee 656 Harmon
Main Ditch North Main Ditch North Mercer 535 Blanchard Island
Main Drainage Ditch Main Drainage Ditch Christian 643 Pana
Main Union Special Ditch Main Union Special Ditch Henry 604 Hooppole
Manito Ditch Manito Ditch Peoria 466 Manito
Marseilles Canal Marseilles Canal LaSalle 482 Marseilles
Mason Tazewell Drainage Ditch Mason Tazewell Drainage Ditch Mason 463 Topeka
McCraney Diversion Ditch McCraney Diversion Ditch Pike 463 Hull
McFadden Ditch McFadden Ditch Mason 509 Forest City
McHenry Ditch McHenry Ditch White 374 Maunie
Meadow Ditch Meadow Ditch Hancock 610 West Point
Meredosia Ditch Meredosia Ditch Whiteside 577 Erie NW
Mill Ditch Mill Ditch Jackson 358 Altenburg
Mineral Marsh Ditch Mineral Marsh Ditch Henry 614 Mineral
Muddy Creek Ditch Muddy Creek Ditch Fayette 449 Wildcat Lake
Neutral Ditch Neutral Ditch Moultrie 669 Atwood
New Columbia Ditch New Columbia Ditch Massac 338 Mermet
Newton Ditch Newton Ditch Mason 495 Biggs
Normandy Ditch Normandy Ditch Bureau 646 New Bedford
North Branch Canal North Branch Canal Cook 581 Chicago Loop
North Lake Ditch North Lake Ditch Cass 420 Arenzville West
North Martinton Ditch North Martinton Ditch Iroquois 620 L'Erable
North Sheldon South Concord Ditch North Sheldon South Concord Ditch Iroquois 643 Sheldon
North Shore Channel North Shore Channel Cook 587 Evanston
Otter Pond Ditch Otter Pond Ditch Lawrence 407 Birds
Pankey Pond Ditch Pankey Pond Ditch Cass 443 Arenzville West
Peppermill Ditch Peppermill Ditch Fayette 492 Vera
Pond Creek Drainage Ditch Pond Creek Drainage Ditch Wayne 377 Burnt Prairie
Pond Settlement Ditch Pond Settlement Ditch Gallatin 364 New Haven SW
Possum Trot Ditch Possum Trot Ditch Iroquois 679 Darrow
Prairie Creek Ditch Prairie Creek Ditch Logan 561 Delavan South
Prentis Ditch Prentis Ditch Mercer 535 Blanchard Island
Q Ditch Q Ditch Massac 341 Mermet
Raders Branch Drain Raders Branch Drain Hamilton 367 Bungay
Randolph Drainage Ditch Randolph Drainage Ditch White 381 Centerville
Red Oak Ditch Red Oak Ditch Mason 502 Forest City
Red Oak Ditch Red Oak Ditch Lee 650 Walnut
Rock and Ursa Creek Diversion Canal Rock and Ursa Creek Diversion Canal Adams 482 Long Island
Roos Ditch Roos Ditch Mason 489 Forest City
Ross Tyrell Ditch Ross Tyrell Ditch Mason 509 Easton
Saline Branch Drainage Ditch Saline Branch Drainage Ditch Champaign 676 Thomasboro
Samuels Ditch Samuels Ditch Mason 505 Easton
Sand Slough Ditch Sand Slough Ditch Pike 446 Rockport
Sandy Run Ditch Sandy Run Ditch Fayette 469 Vandalia
Santa Fe Drainage Ditch Santa Fe Drainage Ditch Clinton 410 Beckemeyer
School Ditch School Ditch Mercer 531 Blanchard Island
Seavey Drainage Ditch Seavey Drainage Ditch Lake 676 Wheeling
Seepage Ditch Seepage Ditch Adams 476 Lima
Selma Ditch Selma Ditch Monroe 387 Selma
Sen Beck Ditch Sen Beck Ditch Massac 341 Mermet
Shiloh Special Drainage Ditch Shiloh Special Drainage Ditch Edgar 666 Redmon
Sixmile Creek Diversion Ditch Sixmile Creek Diversion Ditch Pike 440 Pleasant Hill West
Skillet Fork Drainage Ditch Skillet Fork Drainage Ditch Wayne 364 Boyleston
Skokie Ditch Skokie Ditch Cook 623 Evanston
Smith Ditch Smith Ditch Bureau 630 Manlius
South Beardstown Ditch South Beardstown Ditch Cass 423 Arenzville West
South Fork Ditch South Fork Ditch Whiteside 630 Hahnaman
Stanton Special Drainage Ditch Stanton Special Drainage Ditch Champaign 666 Flatville
Swan Lake Ditch Swan Lake Ditch Mercer 528 Toolesboro
Sycamore Drainage Ditch Sycamore Drainage Ditch Clinton 404 Breese
Taylor Ditch Taylor Ditch Lawrence 417 Russellville
Tomlin Ditch Tomlin Ditch Mason 495 Biggs
Tucker Ditch Tucker Ditch Massac 341 Mermet
Union Ditch Union Ditch Will 679 Tinley Park
Union Drainage Ditch Union Drainage Ditch Whiteside 636 Sterling
Union Drainage Ditch Union Drainage Ditch Wayne 381 Albion NW
Upper Salt Fork Drainage Ditch Upper Salt Fork Drainage Ditch Champaign 676 Flatville
Valley Ditch Valley Ditch Cass 433 Arenzville West
Vandalia Ditch Vandalia Ditch Fayette 469 Vandalia
Wabash Levee Ditch Wabash Levee Ditch White 367 Maunie
Waldmeier Ditch Waldmeier Ditch Mason 499 Forest City
Wall Town Drainage Ditch Wall Town Drainage Ditch Ford 745 Perdueville
Walnut Creek Ditch Walnut Creek Ditch Pike 472 Hull
Walnut Special Ditch Walnut Special Ditch Bureau 627 New Bedford
Wash Lake Slough Wash Lake Slough Mason 495 Biggs
West Gibson Ditch West Gibson Ditch Pike 449 Rockport
West Side Diversion Ditch West Side Diversion Ditch Wayne 400 Albion NW
Wheeler Creek Drain Wheeler Creek Drain Hamilton 374 Thackeray
Wheeling Drainage Ditch Wheeling Drainage Ditch Cook 636 Wheeling
White and Brown Ditch White and Brown Ditch Mason 502 Forest City
White and Rowley Ditch White and Rowley Ditch Mason 495 Forest City
White Ditch White Ditch Greene 420 Hardin
Wildcat Ditch Wildcat Ditch Fayette 449 Wildcat Lake
Wildcat Ditch Wildcat Ditch Henry 614 Hooppole
Williams Ditch Williams Ditch Kankakee 620 Illiana Heights
Winnebago Ditch Winnebago Ditch Whiteside 643 Hahnaman
Wolf Creek Drain Wolf Creek Drain Hamilton 387 Bungay
Woods Drainage Ditch Woods Drainage Ditch White 384 Centerville
Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal Cook 577 Sag Bridge
Blue Joint Ditch Blue Joint Ditch Henry 600 Atkinson
Collater Channel Collater Channel Cook 577 Englewood
Kankakee Drainage Ditch Kankakee Drainage Ditch Champaign 679 Seymour
Hennepin Canal Hennepin Canal Bureau 600 Geneseo
Tomahawk Ditch Tomahawk Ditch LaSalle 656 Earlville
Allison Ditch Number 2 Allison Ditch Number 2 Lawrence 410 Vincennes
Allison Ditch Number 3 Allison Ditch Number 3 Lawrence 410 Vincennes
Arcola Drainage Ditch Number 4 Arcola Drainage Ditch Number 4 Douglas 643 Hindsboro
Beaver Ditch Number 1 Beaver Ditch Number 1 Iroquois 650 Donovan
Beaver Ditch Number 2 Beaver Ditch Number 2 Iroquois 650 Donovan
County Ditch Number 1 County Ditch Number 1 Whiteside 620 Tampico
County Ditch Number 2 County Ditch Number 2 Whiteside 610 Yorktown
Ditch Number 3 Ditch Number 3 Macon 679 La Place
Ditch Number 4 Ditch Number 4 Piatt 669 Hammond
Drainage Ditch Number 2 Drainage Ditch Number 2 Edgar 653 Brocton
Drainage Ditch Number 7 Drainage Ditch Number 7 Edgar 673 Redmon
Eastburn Ditch Number 1 Eastburn Ditch Number 1 Iroquois 676 Sheldon
Eastburn Ditch Number 2 Eastburn Ditch Number 2 Iroquois 669 Sheldon
Fairfield Ditch Number 1 Fairfield Ditch Number 1 Bureau 617 Yorktown
Main Martinton Ditch Number 3 Main Martinton Ditch Number 3 Iroquois 630 Beaverville
Martinton Ditch Number 3 Martinton Ditch Number 3 Iroquois 623 Beaverville
Middleport Ditch Number 1 Middleport Ditch Number 1 Iroquois 630 Watseka
Number 7 Ditch Number 7 Ditch Union 348 Ware
North Martinton Ditch Number 2 North Martinton Ditch Number 2 Iroquois 620 Beaverville
Sheldon Ditch Number 1 Sheldon Ditch Number 1 Iroquois 656 Sheldon
Shiloh Number 3 Drainage Ditch Shiloh Number 3 Drainage Ditch Edgar 666 Redmon
Union Ditch Number 1 Union Ditch Number 1 DeKalb 850 Sycamore
Union Ditch Number 2 Union Ditch Number 2 DeKalb 850 Maple Park
Union Ditch Number 3 Union Ditch Number 3 Kane 843 Maple Park
Union Drainage District Number 3 Union Drainage District Number 3 Coles 669 Charleston North
Union Drainage Ditch Number 1 Union Drainage Ditch Number 1 Champaign 679 Flatville
Virgil Ditch Number 1 Virgil Ditch Number 1 Kane 860 Maple Park
Virgil Ditch Number 2 Virgil Ditch Number 2 Kane 866 Maple Park
Virgil Ditch Number 3 Virgil Ditch Number 3 Kane 853 Maple Park
Illinois and Michigan Canal Illinois and Michigan Canal Cook 581 Sag Bridge
Cahokia Canal Cahokia Canal Madison 417 Monks Mound
Canal Number 1 Canal Number 1 St. Clair 413 French Village
Harding Ditch Harding Ditch St. Clair 410 French Village
Silver Creek Drainage Ditch Silver Creek Drainage Ditch St. Clair 420 Lebanon
Main Ditch Main Ditch Whiteside 581 Erie NW
Barbara Ditch Barbara Ditch Bureau 636 Mineral
Conley Ditch Conley Ditch Bureau 614 Mineral
Ditch Number 4 Ditch Number 4 Bureau 656 Manlius
Ditch Number 5 Ditch Number 5 Bureau 689 Manlius
Ditch Number 6 Ditch Number 6 Bureau 659 Manlius
Fairfield Ditch Number 3 Fairfield Ditch Number 3 Bureau 610 Mineral
Goose Pond Ditch Goose Pond Ditch Bureau 614 Mineral
Gray Ditch Gray Ditch Bureau 614 Mineral
Hasbrook Lateral Ditch Hasbrook Lateral Ditch Bureau 630 Manlius
Devils Slough Ditch Devils Slough Ditch Bureau 630 Manlius
Roe Ditch Roe Ditch Bureau 610 Mineral
Roe Ditch Number 2 Roe Ditch Number 2 Bureau 610 Mineral
West Ditch West Ditch Bureau 692 Manlius
Broadbent Lateral Ditch Broadbent Lateral Ditch Henry 633 Kewanee North
The Sny Cutoff The Sny Cutoff Pike 446 Summer Hill
Southern Outlet Southern Outlet Hamilton 377 Bungay
Granite City Sewer Canal Granite City Sewer Canal Madison 436 Granite City
Annawan Ditch Annawan Ditch Henry 614 Annawan
Baker Ditch Baker Ditch Henry 620 Mineral
Ditch Number 2 Ditch Number 2 Henry 604 Annawan
Ditch Number 3 Ditch Number 3 Henry 600 Annawan
Ditch Number 4 Ditch Number 4 Henry 600 Annawan
Ditch Number 5 Ditch Number 5 Henry 604 Annawan
Ditch Number 10 Ditch Number 10 Henry 600 Annawan
Elm Island Ditch Elm Island Ditch Henry 614 Annawan
Graddett Ditch Graddett Ditch Henry 620 Annawan
Graham Ditch Graham Ditch Henry 617 Mineral
Kuhn Ditch Number 1 Kuhn Ditch Number 1 Henry 607 Annawan
Kuhn Ditch Number 2 Kuhn Ditch Number 2 Henry 610 Annawan
Shabbona Special Ditch Shabbona Special Ditch Henry 620 Annawan
Little Vermilion Sub Two Ditch Little Vermilion Sub Two Ditch Champaign 673 Allerton
Ditch Number 2 Ditch Number 2 Lawrence 417 Russellville
Washington Elementary School Washington Elementary School Piatt 676 Monticello
Unity Number 3 Ditch Unity Number 3 Ditch Piatt 673 Hammond
Nickerson Ditch (historical) Nickerson Ditch (historical) Cook 604 Berwyn
Ogden Ditch (historical) Ogden Ditch (historical) Cook 597 Berwyn
Aux Sable Aqueduct Aux Sable Aqueduct Grundy 512 Minooka
Nettle Creek Aqueduct Nettle Creek Aqueduct Grundy 489 Morris
Fox River Aqueduct Fox River Aqueduct LaSalle 459 Ottawa
Lucas Ditch Lucas Ditch Cook 587 Palos Park