Haedtler Landing Strip (historical) Haedtler Landing Strip (historical) Will 748 Steger
FBM Company Landing Strip (historical) FBM Company Landing Strip (historical) Will 794 Steger
Brandt Airport Brandt Airport Kankakee 686 Peotone
Smith RLA Airport Smith RLA Airport Monroe 413 New Athens West
St Louis Metro-East Airport/Shafer Field St Louis Metro-East Airport/Shafer Field Madison 476 Saint Jacob
Sullivan Field Sullivan Field Monroe 400 Valmeyer
Johnson Landing Strip (historical) Johnson Landing Strip (historical) Will 696 Manhattan
New Lenox-Howell Airport (historical) New Lenox-Howell Airport (historical) Will 748 Manhattan
Moran Landing Strip (historical) Moran Landing Strip (historical) Kankakee 640 Wilton Center
Norman Landing Strip (historical) Norman Landing Strip (historical) Will 712 Beecher West
Von Alvens Airview Airport Von Alvens Airview Airport Will 712 Beecher West
Nelson Private Airport Nelson Private Airport Edwards 420 Bone Gap
Dortch Private Strip (historical) Dortch Private Strip (historical) Gallatin 374 Shawneetown
Spickard-Marshall Airport Spickard-Marshall Airport Winnebago 751 South Beloit
Mc Neal's Field Ultralight Flightpark (historical) Mc Neal's Field Ultralight Flightpark (historical) Rock Island 571 Silvis
Ritter Field Ritter Field Rock Island 558 Blanchard Island
Wheatley Landing Strip (historical) Wheatley Landing Strip (historical) Henry 801 Cambridge
M and J Air Incorporated Airport (historical) M and J Air Incorporated Airport (historical) Mercer 679 Joy
Flying L Airport (historical) Flying L Airport (historical) St. Clair 440 Lebanon
Lindauer Airport Lindauer Airport St. Clair 410 New Athens East
Schaller Airport Schaller Airport St. Clair 433 New Athens East
Brookeridge Air Park Brookeridge Air Park DuPage 751 Romeoville
Wolford's Airport Wolford's Airport Knox 715 Abingdon
Addison Fire Department Station 3 Heliport Addison Fire Department Station 3 Heliport DuPage 725 Lombard
Moulton Farms Airport (historical) Moulton Farms Airport (historical) Hamilton 377 Bungay
Bingham Airport (historical) Bingham Airport (historical) McHenry 974 Hebron
Mercer County Airport Mercer County Airport Mercer 738 Reynolds
Mercer County Hospital Heliport Mercer County Hospital Heliport Mercer 722 Aledo West
Buffalo Park Balloonport Buffalo Park Balloonport Kane 741 Crystal Lake
Hammock Field Hammock Field Madison 594 New Douglas
Maddox Airport (historical) Maddox Airport (historical) Vermilion 679 Sidell
Alsip Fire Department Heliport Alsip Fire Department Heliport Cook 620 Blue Island
St Louis Regional Airport St Louis Regional Airport Madison 541 Bethalto
Saint Clares Hospital Heliport Saint Clares Hospital Heliport Madison 499 Alton
Saint Anthonys Heliport Saint Anthonys Heliport Madison 561 Alton
Alton Memorial Hospital Heliport Alton Memorial Hospital Heliport Madison 528 Alton
Albrecht Airport (historical) Albrecht Airport (historical) Lee 791 Walton
Taylor Airport Taylor Airport Lee 764 Amboy
Joan Graves Edwards Heliport Joan Graves Edwards Heliport Union 620 Anna
Thompson Airport (historical) Thompson Airport (historical) Henry 604 Annawan
Donald Alfred Gade Airport Donald Alfred Gade Airport Lake 804 Antioch
Apple Canyon Lake Airport (historical) Apple Canyon Lake Airport (historical) Jo Daviess 886 Scales Mound East
Kinsey RLA Airport Kinsey RLA Airport Cass 453 Arenzville West
Funfsinn Airport Funfsinn Airport LaSalle 699 Ladd
Larry D Herschberger Airport (historical) Larry D Herschberger Airport (historical) Moultrie 666 Arthur
John R Reed Airport John R Reed Airport Coles 692 Ashmore
Swords Heliport Swords Heliport Lee 801 Ashton
Kamm Airport (historical) Kamm Airport (historical) Douglas 669 Atwood
Cooch Landing Area Cooch Landing Area Douglas 689 Atwood
Wheatland Field (historical) Wheatland Field (historical) Kendall 679 Aurora South
Flying M Farm Airport (historical) Flying M Farm Airport (historical) Kendall 676 Aurora South
Mercy Center for Health Care Services Heliport Mercy Center for Health Care Services Heliport Kane 696 Aurora North
Reeds Creek Landing Airport (historical) Reeds Creek Landing Airport (historical) Jackson 364 Raddle
Long RLA Airport (historical) Long RLA Airport (historical) Warren 686 Avon
Saunders Hospital Heliport Saunders Hospital Heliport Warren 643 Avon
Moring Airport (historical) Moring Airport (historical) Ogle 892 Shannon
Redpath RLA Airport (historical) Redpath RLA Airport (historical) Randolph 476 Baldwin
Peabody-Pit 6-New Shop Heliport Peabody-Pit 6-New Shop Heliport Randolph 459 Baldwin
Palmer Airport (historical) Palmer Airport (historical) McDonough 673 Bardolph
Kuranz RLA Airport (historical) Kuranz RLA Airport (historical) Henry 860 Barrington
Freier Airport (historical) Freier Airport (historical) Lake 755 Barrington
Rose Number 2 Heliport Rose Number 2 Heliport Cook 830 Streamwood
Good Shepherd Hospital Heliport Good Shepherd Hospital Heliport Henry 794 Barrington
Barry Balloonport Barry Balloonport Pike 748 Barry
Potter Airport (historical) Potter Airport (historical) Pike 692 Barry
Urso Heliport Urso Heliport Cook 781 West Chicago
Krohe Airport Krohe Airport Cass 459 Arenzville West
Greater Beardstown Airport Greater Beardstown Airport Cass 463 Arenzville West
Von Alvens Airview Airport (historical) Von Alvens Airview Airport (historical) Will 702 Beecher West
Wirth Airport (historical) Wirth Airport (historical) Will 738 Steger
Harold Emmerich Airport (historical) Harold Emmerich Airport (historical) St. Clair 512 O'Fallon
Aero Estates Airport Aero Estates Airport St. Clair 561 French Village
Ben Emge Airport Ben Emge Airport St. Clair 545 French Village
Memorial Hospital Heliport Memorial Hospital Heliport St. Clair 571 French Village
Sauerman Heliport Sauerman Heliport Cook 643 River Forest
Green Giant-Dillon Farm Heliport Green Giant-Dillon Farm Heliport Boone 761 Belvidere North
Henderson Airport Henderson Airport Boone 810 Belvidere South
Poplar Grove Airport Poplar Grove Airport Boone 850 Belvidere North
Belvidere Assembly Plant Heliport Belvidere Assembly Plant Heliport Boone 784 Belvidere South
Bob Walberg Field Bob Walberg Field Boone 823 Belvidere North
Triple Creek Airport Triple Creek Airport Piatt 669 Bement
Morris Farm Incorporated Airport (historical) Morris Farm Incorporated Airport (historical) Piatt 669 Hammond
Garden City Garage Heliport Garden City Garage Heliport Cook 659 Elmhurst
Benton Municipal Airport Benton Municipal Airport Franklin 443 Rend Lake Dam
Bessie RLA Airport (historical) Bessie RLA Airport (historical) Franklin 459 Thompsonville
Rend Lake Conservancy District Heliport Rend Lake Conservancy District Heliport Franklin 443 Rend Lake Dam
Henke Field (historical) Henke Field (historical) Madison 489 Edwardsville
Corzatt Airport (historical) Corzatt Airport (historical) Henderson 709 Kirkwood West
J Maddock Airport J Maddock Airport Kane 702 Big Rock
Central Illinois Regional Airport at Bloomington-Normal Central Illinois Regional Airport at Bloomington-Normal McLean 860 Bloomington East
Saint Joseph Medical Center Heliport Saint Joseph Medical Center Heliport McLean 853 Bloomington East
Pannier Flying Club Airport (historical) Pannier Flying Club Airport (historical) McLean 801 Bloomington West
Cottonwood Airport Cottonwood Airport McLean 761 Bloomington West
Davis RLA Heliport Davis RLA Heliport McLean 837 Bloomington East
Mc Coy Airport Mc Coy Airport Christian 617 Stonington
Noland RLA Airport Noland RLA Airport Christian 607 Stonington
Cribbet Airport Cribbet Airport Macon 653 Macon West
Bolingbrook Medical Center Heliport Bolingbrook Medical Center Heliport Will 669 Romeoville
Davy Jones (Private) Airport (historical) Davy Jones (Private) Airport (historical) Jefferson 502 Ina
Karlock Airport (historical) Karlock Airport (historical) Kankakee 666 Bourbonnais
Rinkenberger RLA Airport Rinkenberger RLA Airport Bureau 794 Whitefield
Griffith RLA Airport (historical) Griffith RLA Airport (historical) Sangamon 538 Springfield West
Saint Josephs Hospital Heliport Saint Josephs Hospital Heliport Clinton 476 Saint Rose
Dennis Meier Heliport Dennis Meier Heliport Clinton 443 Beckemeyer
Dunlap Airport (historical) Dunlap Airport (historical) Lawrence 440 Lawrenceville
Loyola University Medical Center Heliport Loyola University Medical Center Heliport Cook 623 Berwyn
J R Briney and Sons Airport (historical) J R Briney and Sons Airport (historical) Schuyler 459 Astoria
Hendrix Airport Hendrix Airport Kankakee 659 Buckingham
Goode Airport (historical) Goode Airport (historical) Rock Island 778 Buffalo Prairie
Weidner Airport Weidner Airport Macoupin 669 Bunker Hill
Brooks Ranch Airport Brooks Ranch Airport Hancock 591 Carthage East
Runyan Aviation Runyan Aviation McDonough 643 Bushnell West
Lunn Seaplane Base (historical) Lunn Seaplane Base (historical) Ogle 676 Oregon
St Louis Downtown Airport St Louis Downtown Airport St. Clair 410 Cahokia
Cairo Regional Airport Cairo Regional Airport Alexander 318 Cairo
Hunter Raffety Elevators Inc Airport Hunter Raffety Elevators Inc Airport Alexander 318 Cache
Boyd Wheatleys Farm Airport (historical) Boyd Wheatleys Farm Airport (historical) Henry 804 Cambridge
Searls RLA 59 Airport (historical) Searls RLA 59 Airport (historical) Adams 738 Camp Point
Aero Acres Airport Aero Acres Airport Livingston 643 Campus
Ingersoll Airport Ingersoll Airport Fulton 676 Canton
Pine Hill Airport Pine Hill Airport Boone 961 Capron
Southern Illinois Airport Southern Illinois Airport Jackson 407 Murphysboro
Memorial Hospital of Carbondale Heliport Memorial Hospital of Carbondale Heliport Jackson 440 Carbondale
Harding Brothers RLA Airport (historical) Harding Brothers RLA Airport (historical) Macoupin 617 Carlinville West
Nelson Airport Nelson Airport Macoupin 617 Carlinville West
Carlinville Area Hospital Heliport Carlinville Area Hospital Heliport Macoupin 614 Carlinville East
Denby Airport (historical) Denby Airport (historical) Macoupin 620 Carlinville West
Carrillon Airport (historical) Carrillon Airport (historical) Clinton 518 Keyesport
Johnson Farm Airport (historical) Johnson Farm Airport (historical) Henderson 538 Lomax
Carmi Municipal Airport Carmi Municipal Airport White 387 Maunie
Boyd Hospital Heliport Boyd Hospital Heliport Greene 610 Carrollton
Martins Airport (historical) Martins Airport (historical) Hancock 689 Carthage West
Hanks Hangar Airport (historical) Hanks Hangar Airport (historical) Hancock 689 Carthage West
Schilson Field Schilson Field Hancock 699 Carthage West
Memorial Hospital Heliport Memorial Hospital Heliport Hancock 669 Carthage West
Williams Airport Williams Airport Hancock 673 Carthage West
Mc Pherson Airport Mc Pherson Airport Hancock 633 Bentley
Lung RLA Airport (historical) Lung RLA Airport (historical) Hancock 614 Carthage East
Cary Fire Department Heliport Cary Fire Department Heliport Henry 830 Crystal Lake
Casey Municipal Airport Casey Municipal Airport Clark 653 Union Center
Henry Airport (historical) Henry Airport (historical) Macon 735 La Place
Centralia Municipal Airport Centralia Municipal Airport Marion 518 Centralia East
Mathis Airport (historical) Mathis Airport (historical) Washington 472 Centralia West
Centralia Correctional Center Heliport Centralia Correctional Center Heliport Clinton 466 Centralia West
Andrew RLA Airport (historical) Andrew RLA Airport (historical) Champaign 804 Rising
Mc Culley Airport Mc Culley Airport Champaign 764 Rising
University of Illinois-Willard Airport University of Illinois-Willard Airport Champaign 745 Bondville
University of Illinois Heliport University of Illinois Heliport Champaign 761 Urbana
Covenant Medical Center Heliport Covenant Medical Center Heliport Champaign 728 Urbana
Aero Four Airport Aero Four Airport Will 584 Channahon
Chicago Glider Club Gliderport Chicago Glider Club Gliderport Will 591 Channahon
M G T Channahon Illinois Heliport M G T Channahon Illinois Heliport Will 594 Channahon
Williams Airpark Williams Airpark Morgan 604 Concord
Shag Bark Farms Heliport Shag Bark Farms Heliport Sangamon 564 Chatham
Chatsworth RLA Airport (historical) Chatsworth RLA Airport (historical) Livingston 738 Chatsworth South
Munch Heliport Munch Heliport Boone 925 Capron
Mays Aviation Airport Mays Aviation Airport McLean 738 Chenoa
Thacker Airport Thacker Airport McLean 728 Lexington
Seeman Airport (historical) Seeman Airport (historical) Livingston 686 Southwest Pontiac
Pottinger RLA Airport (historical) Pottinger RLA Airport (historical) LaSalle 679 Ladd
Memorial Hospital Heliport Memorial Hospital Heliport Randolph 479 Thompsonville
Waukegan Regional Airport Waukegan Regional Airport Lake 709 Zion
Childrens Memorial Hospital Heliport Childrens Memorial Hospital Heliport Cook 600 Chicago Loop
Pielet-Calumet Heliport Pielet-Calumet Heliport Cook 587 Lake Calumet
Lewis University Airport Lewis University Airport Will 666 Joliet
Mill Rose Farm /RLA/ Airport Mill Rose Farm /RLA/ Airport Cook 853 Streamwood
First Area Police Headquarters Heliport First Area Police Headquarters Heliport Cook 600 Englewood
Merrill C Meigs Airport (historical) Merrill C Meigs Airport (historical) Cook 584 Jackson Park
Saint Mary of Nazareth Hospital Heliport Saint Mary of Nazareth Hospital Heliport Cook 597 Chicago Loop
WGN Heliport WGN Heliport Cook 591 Chicago Loop
Edgewater Medical Center Heliport Edgewater Medical Center Heliport Cook 594 Chicago Loop
Continental Heliport Continental Heliport Cook 591 Englewood
University of Chicago Hospitals Heliport University of Chicago Hospitals Heliport Cook 591 Jackson Park
Aurora Municipal Airport Aurora Municipal Airport Kane 702 Sugar Grove
Rose Packing Company Heliport Rose Packing Company Heliport Cook 597 Berwyn
Robin Dean Heliport Robin Dean Heliport Cook 591 Englewood
Rose Number 3 Heliport Rose Number 3 Heliport Cook 597 Englewood
Marcor Heliport Marcor Heliport Cook 581 Chicago Loop
Chicago Midway International Airport Chicago Midway International Airport Cook 607 Englewood
Chicago O'Hare International Airport Chicago O'Hare International Airport Cook 659 Elmhurst
Chicago Executive Airport Chicago Executive Airport Cook 630 Arlington Heights
Dupage Airport Dupage Airport DuPage 751 Geneva
Lansing Municipal Airport Lansing Municipal Airport Cook 617 Calumet City
Christ Hospital Heliport Christ Hospital Heliport Cook 620 Blue Island
Schaumburg Regional Airport Schaumburg Regional Airport Cook 797 Lombard
Saint James Hospital and Health Centers Heliport Saint James Hospital and Health Centers Heliport Cook 659 Harvey
Raeco Heliport Raeco Heliport Cook 663 Harvey
Norfleet Farms Airport (historical) Norfleet Farms Airport (historical) Piatt 689 Weldon East
Nottke Airport (historical) Nottke Airport (historical) Iroquois 630 L'Erable
Berns Airport Berns Airport Iroquois 659 Piper City NE
Thorp Airport Thorp Airport De Witt 745 Clinton
Martin RLA Airport Martin RLA Airport De Witt 722 Weldon West
Hooterville Airport Hooterville Airport De Witt 715 Waynesville East
Houseman Airport Houseman Airport Union 827 Lick Creek
Collinsville Holiday Inn Heliport Collinsville Holiday Inn Heliport Madison 420 Monks Mound
Collison Airport (historical) Collison Airport (historical) Vermilion 702 Collison
Sackman Field Sackman Field Monroe 404 Columbia
King Airport (historical) King Airport (historical) Monroe 400 Columbia
Quint/King Heliport Quint/King Heliport Monroe 400 Columbia
Crook RLA Airport (historical) Crook RLA Airport (historical) Monroe 571 Columbia
Douglas Airport Douglas Airport Hancock 640 Burnside
Bresson Airport Bresson Airport Lee 768 Steward
W Davis Airport W Davis Airport Lee 912 Compton
Earl Barnickel Airport Earl Barnickel Airport Lee 942 Compton
Werries Airport (historical) Werries Airport (historical) Morgan 600 Concord
Kamy Field (historical) Kamy Field (historical) Rock Island 581 Erie NW
The Sandbox Airport (historical) The Sandbox Airport (historical) Rock Island 604 Cordova
Pulliam Airport (historical) Pulliam Airport (historical) Livingston 666 Northwest Pontiac
Testoni Farms Airport Testoni Farms Airport Livingston 669 Blackstone
Hurst Aviation Heliport Hurst Aviation Heliport Randolph 525 Coulterville
Hendrickson Flying Service Hendrickson Flying Service DeKalb 879 Creston
Graham Seaplane Base (historical) Graham Seaplane Base (historical) Henry 889 Crystal Lake
Crystal Lake Holiday Inn Heliport Crystal Lake Holiday Inn Heliport Henry 896 Crystal Lake
Hepp Airport Hepp Airport Perry 505 Percy
Gelfius International Airport Gelfius International Airport Hamilton 515 Dahlgren
Freeport/Dornink Airport Freeport/Dornink Airport Stephenson 945 Freeport East
Raymond Classen Memorial Airport Raymond Classen Memorial Airport Iroquois 650 Gilman
Wilken Airport (historical) Wilken Airport (historical) Iroquois 650 La Hogue
Vermilion Regional Airport Vermilion Regional Airport Vermilion 659 Danville NE
Melody Field Melody Field Vermilion 643 Danville NW
Flying B Ranch Airport Flying B Ranch Airport Vermilion 689 Danville NW
Danville Correctional Center Heliport Danville Correctional Center Heliport Vermilion 650 Danville NE
Lakeview Medical Center Heliport Lakeview Medical Center Heliport Vermilion 610 Danville NW
Darien-Woodridge Fire Department Heliport Darien-Woodridge Fire Department Heliport DuPage 771 Wheaton
Decatur Airport Decatur Airport Macon 676 Decatur
Decatur Memorial Hospital Heliport Decatur Memorial Hospital Heliport Macon 669 Decatur
Saint Marys Heliport Saint Marys Heliport Macon 646 Decatur
Holiday Inn Heliport Holiday Inn Heliport Macon 676 Harristown
De Kalb Taylor Municipal Airport De Kalb Taylor Municipal Airport DeKalb 909 Sycamore
Marx V Stott Airport (historical) Marx V Stott Airport (historical) DeKalb 879 DeKalb
Kishwaukee Comm Health Heliport Kishwaukee Comm Health Heliport DeKalb 866 Sycamore
Diedrich Airport (historical) Diedrich Airport (historical) DeKalb 869 Waterman
Walter Airport Walter Airport DeKalb 889 Hinckley
Hoffman Airport (historical) Hoffman Airport (historical) DeKalb 873 DeKalb
Uncle Chuck's Airport Uncle Chuck's Airport DeKalb 873 DeKalb
Jack W. Watson Airport Jack W. Watson Airport DeKalb 879 Waterman
Orwig RLA Airport (historical) Orwig RLA Airport (historical) Tazewell 554 Delavan North
Hobby Hideaway RLA Airport (historical) Hobby Hideaway RLA Airport (historical) Tazewell 653 Emden
Holy Family Hospital Heliport Holy Family Hospital Heliport Cook 640 Arlington Heights
Dixon Municipal Airport-Charles R. Walgreen Field Dixon Municipal Airport-Charles R. Walgreen Field Lee 781 Dixon East
Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital Heliport Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital Heliport Lee 696 Dixon East
Bally's Strip Bally's Strip Lee 781 Dixon East
Gearhart-Hollow Heliport Gearhart-Hollow Heliport Lee 748 Dixon West
J and W Ultralight Airport (historical) J and W Ultralight Airport (historical) Lee 764 Dixon East
Keil Airport Keil Airport Union 502 Anna
Loy Airport (historical) Loy Airport (historical) Iroquois 659 Donovan
Russell Airport Russell Airport Iroquois 659 Donovan
William E. Koenig Airport William E. Koenig Airport Jersey 663 Jerseyville South
Global Fire Protection Heliport Global Fire Protection Heliport DuPage 722 Wheaton
Brookeridge Air Park (historical) Brookeridge Air Park (historical) DuPage 751 Romeoville
Bussart Airport Bussart Airport Edgar 712 Grandview
Frye Ultralight Airport (historical) Frye Ultralight Airport (historical) Peoria 699 Dunlap
Marshall Browning Hospital Heliport Marshall Browning Hospital Heliport Perry 453 Du Quoin
Hemmer RLA Airport Hemmer RLA Airport Perry 400 Elkville
Fulk Heliport Fulk Heliport Perry 453 Pyatts
Raymond E Laube Airport (historical) Raymond E Laube Airport (historical) Winnebago 932 Durand
Mc Cartney Airport Mc Cartney Airport Winnebago 883 Durand
Dwight Airport Dwight Airport Grundy 623 Mazon
Jim & Peg RLA Airport Jim & Peg RLA Airport Livingston 646 Dwight
Watters Airport Watters Airport Livingston 659 Dwight
Earlville Airport (historical) Earlville Airport (historical) LaSalle 692 Earlville
Reimler International Incorporated Ultralight Airport (historical) Reimler International Incorporated Ultralight Airport (historical) St. Clair 397 Cahokia
McNeals Field (historical) McNeals Field (historical) Rock Island 571 Silvis
Nichols RLA Airport (historical) Nichols RLA Airport (historical) Madison 420 Monks Mound
Parks College Airport (historical) Parks College Airport (historical) St. Clair 410 Cahokia
Effingham County Memorial Airport Effingham County Memorial Airport Effingham 581 Effingham South
Saint Anthony Memorial Hospital Heliport Saint Anthony Memorial Hospital Heliport Effingham 591 Effingham South
Moores Field (historical) Moores Field (historical) Ogle 732 Seward
The Adwell Corporation Airport (historical) The Adwell Corporation Airport (historical) Greene 423 Kampsville
Illinois Department of Transportation Heliport Illinois Department of Transportation Heliport Kane 741 Elgin
American Antenna Heliport American Antenna Heliport Kane 820 Elgin
Capsonic Group Heliport Capsonic Group Heliport Kane 820 Elgin
Sherman Hospital Heliport Sherman Hospital Heliport Kane 784 Elgin
Saint Joseph Hospital Medical Center Heliport Saint Joseph Hospital Medical Center Heliport Kane 820 Elgin
Rods Fox Valley Seaplane Base (historical) Rods Fox Valley Seaplane Base (historical) Kane 758 Elgin
Hospital Heliport Hospital Heliport Cook 699 Palatine
Patten Industries Heliport Patten Industries Heliport DuPage 705 Elmhurst
Jackson Field Jackson Field Stark 771 Elmira
Shissler Farm Airport (historical) Shissler Farm Airport (historical) Peoria 643 Elmwood
Sweedler Airport Sweedler Airport Will 650 Elwood
Earls Air Park (historical) Earls Air Park (historical) Whiteside 591 Erie
Kazuma Airport (historical) Kazuma Airport (historical) Henry 620 Spring Hill
Vodden Airport Vodden Airport DeKalb 860 Fairdale
Lagrange Airport (historical) Lagrange Airport (historical) Kankakee 587 Essex
Rashs Acres Airport (historical) Rashs Acres Airport (historical) Kankakee 594 Essex
Evanston Hospital Heliport Evanston Hospital Heliport Cook 607 Evanston
Evanston Water Plant Heliport Evanston Water Plant Heliport Cook 577 Evanston
Riverveiw Airport Riverveiw Airport Randolph 472 Evansville
Ficklin-Airtech Airport Ficklin-Airtech Airport Livingston 669 Southeast Pontiac
Fairbury Hospital Emergency Heliport Fairbury Hospital Emergency Heliport Livingston 673 Fairbury
Norman Rittenhouse Heliport Norman Rittenhouse Heliport Livingston 673 Southeast Pontiac
Wayne Ziller Jr Airport Wayne Ziller Jr Airport Livingston 659 Southeast Pontiac
Fairfield Municipal Airport Fairfield Municipal Airport Wayne 413 Geff
Dozier Airport Dozier Airport Wayne 417 Burnt Prairie
Cast Airport Cast Airport Vermilion 669 Oakwood
Robert A Ashworth Airport (historical) Robert A Ashworth Airport (historical) Piatt 718 Mansfield
Niklaus RLA Airport Niklaus RLA Airport Piatt 725 Mansfield
O K Flying Club Inc Airport O K Flying Club Inc Airport Montgomery 663 Bald Knob
Howell Airport (historical) Howell Airport (historical) Shelby 669 Findlay
Enoch Airport Enoch Airport Shelby 669 Findlay
Furtney Airport (historical) Furtney Airport (historical) Champaign 725 Fisher
Wilson Airport Wilson Airport Vermilion 669 Homer
Slagel Strip (historical) Slagel Strip (historical) Livingston 673 Flanagan South
Flora Municipal Airport Flora Municipal Airport Clay 466 Flora
Clay County Hospital Heliport Clay County Hospital Heliport Clay 486 Flora
Kreilings Airport (historical) Kreilings Airport (historical) Mason 502 Forest City
86th USARCOM Heliport 86th USARCOM Heliport Cook 620 Berwyn
Fosdick Airport (historical) Fosdick Airport (historical) Livingston 715 Forrest North
Fox Lake Seaplane Base (historical) Fox Lake Seaplane Base (historical) Lake 735 Fox Lake
Precision Chrome Heliport Precision Chrome Heliport Lake 745 Fox Lake
Arrow Heliport Arrow Heliport Lake 738 Fox Lake
Frankfort Airport Frankfort Airport Will 771 Frankfort
Ranson Strip (historical) Ranson Strip (historical) Morgan 692 Franklin
Gittleson Farms Airport Gittleson Farms Airport Lee 827 Franklin Grove
B and L Heliport B and L Heliport Cook 633 River Forest
Matsushita Electric Corp of America Heliport Matsushita Electric Corp of America Heliport Cook 640 River Forest
Peabody-River King Number 1 Mine Heliport Peabody-River King Number 1 Mine Heliport St. Clair 482 Mascoutah
Albertus Airport Albertus Airport Stephenson 840 Forreston North
Memorial Heliport Memorial Heliport Stephenson 866 Freeport West
Franzmeir Field (historical) Franzmeir Field (historical) Stephenson 827 Freeport East
Rosenow Airport (historical) Rosenow Airport (historical) Whiteside 591 Thomson
Kerr-McGee Coal Corporation Heliport Kerr-McGee Coal Corporation Heliport Saline 440 Galatia
Briggs Brothers Airfield (historical) Briggs Brothers Airfield (historical) Jo Daviess 771 Menominee
Heller Airport Heller Airport Jo Daviess 879 Galena
Galesburg Municipal Airport Galesburg Municipal Airport Knox 761 Galesburg West
Galesburg Cottage Hospital Heliport Galesburg Cottage Hospital Heliport Knox 771 Galesburg East
Gen-Airpark Gen-Airpark Henry 643 Atkinson
Dewey E Greene Airport (historical) Dewey E Greene Airport (historical) Henry 702 Geneseo
Christmas Forest Airport (historical) Christmas Forest Airport (historical) Henry 610 Spring Hill
Black Hawk Heliport Black Hawk Heliport Henry 620 Geneseo
Aero Lake Estates Airport Aero Lake Estates Airport DeKalb 879 Genoa
Richard C Watson Airport (historical) Richard C Watson Airport (historical) DeKalb 863 Genoa
Ramme Airport (historical) Ramme Airport (historical) DeKalb 840 Riley
Rummel RLA Airport (historical) Rummel RLA Airport (historical) Ogle 853 Forreston North
Gibson Community Hospital Heliport Gibson Community Hospital Heliport Ford 781 Gibson City East
Wright Airport (historical) Wright Airport (historical) Ford 738 Gibson City West
Schertz Field Schertz Field Ford 755 Gibson City East
Busboom Airport (historical) Busboom Airport (historical) Champaign 778 Gifford
Koppie Airport Koppie Airport Kane 889 Pingree Grove
Reid RLA Airport Reid RLA Airport Kane 932 Pingree Grove
Olivers Heliport Olivers Heliport Kane 889 Elgin
Lindell Loveless Airport Lindell Loveless Airport Macoupin 646 Gillespie North
Lloyd Airport (historical) Lloyd Airport (historical) Macoupin 666 Farmersville
Frost Airport (historical) Frost Airport (historical) Scott 430 Bedford
Robinson RLA Airport (historical) Robinson RLA Airport (historical) Sangamon 600 Chatham
Dixon Springs RLA Airport (historical) Dixon Springs RLA Airport (historical) Pope 545 Glendale
Evanston/Glenbrook Heliport Evanston/Glenbrook Heliport Cook 679 Park Ridge
Hammet Airport (historical) Hammet Airport (historical) Madison 584 Alton
Braidwood National Park Service Heliport Braidwood National Park Service Heliport Will 600 Essex
Kellums Airport Kellums Airport Johnson 722 Lick Creek
Department of Corrections Heliport Department of Corrections Heliport Jersey 492 Grafton
Skinner Airport (historical) Skinner Airport (historical) LaSalle 650 Leonore
Rees Field (historical) Rees Field (historical) LaSalle 673 Streator North
Glatthaar Airport Glatthaar Airport Edgar 748 Grandview
Saint Louis Area Support Center Heliport Saint Louis Area Support Center Heliport Madison 413 Granite City
Mussman Airport Mussman Airport Kankakee 692 Beecher East
Vienna Correctional Center Heliport Vienna Correctional Center Heliport Johnson 486 Bloomfield
Maulfair Airport (historical) Maulfair Airport (historical) Putnam 705 Depue
Campbell Airport Campbell Airport Lake 781 Grayslake
O John Clark RLA Airport (historical) O John Clark RLA Airport (historical) Lake 791 Libertyville
Lutz RLA Airport Lutz RLA Airport Tazewell 545 Delavan North
Greenville Airport Greenville Airport Bond 535 Pleasant Mound
Edw A Utlaut Memorial Heliport Edw A Utlaut Memorial Heliport Bond 600 Greenville
Galt Field Galt Field McHenry 873 Hebron
Kuntz Field (historical) Kuntz Field (historical) McLean 725 Lexington
Curry Airport Curry Airport Pike 620 Griggsville
Dr Joseph W Esser Airport (historical) Dr Joseph W Esser Airport (historical) Kane 978 Marengo South
Casa De Aero Park Casa De Aero Park Kane 853 Marengo South
Edward Getzelman Airport Edward Getzelman Airport Kane 879 Marengo South
Merkle Airport Merkle Airport Jo Daviess 965 Hanover
Cody Port RLA Airport Cody Port RLA Airport LaSalle 659 Leland
Harrisburg Medical Center Heliport Harrisburg Medical Center Heliport Saline 410 Harrisburg
Harrisburg-Raleigh Airport Harrisburg-Raleigh Airport Saline 390 Galatia
Dacy Airport Dacy Airport McHenry 912 Capron
Adkins RLA Airport Adkins RLA Airport McHenry 850 Garden Prairie
Twin Gardens Airport Twin Gardens Airport McHenry 896 Capron
Kirkpatrick Airport Kirkpatrick Airport McHenry 951 Harvard
Harvard Hospital Heliport Harvard Hospital Heliport Henry 997 Harvard
Ingalls Memorial Hospital Heliport Ingalls Memorial Hospital Heliport Cook 607 Harvey
Mason District Hospital Heliport Mason District Hospital Heliport Mason 463 Havana
Larry Barrett RLA Airport (historical) Larry Barrett RLA Airport (historical) Mason 492 Topeka
Norris Farms Airport (historical) Norris Farms Airport (historical) Fulton 433 Havana
Havana Regional Airport Havana Regional Airport Mason 486 Kilbourne
South Suburban Hospital Heliport South Suburban Hospital Heliport Cook 659 Harvey
Smith RLA Airport Smith RLA Airport Monroe 413 New Athens West
Little Sister Seaplane Base (historical) Little Sister Seaplane Base (historical) Putnam 446 Florid
Villiger RLA Airport Villiger RLA Airport Marshall 482 Lacon
Porter Airport (historical) Porter Airport (historical) Iroquois 715 Piper City NE
Ribble Airport (historical) Ribble Airport (historical) Macoupin 604 Hettick
WM Quinton RLA Airport (historical) WM Quinton RLA Airport (historical) McLean 702 Funks Grove
Lytleville Orchard Airport Lytleville Orchard Airport McLean 781 Heyworth
Hamlow RLA Airport (historical) Hamlow RLA Airport (historical) McLean 768 Heyworth
Highland-Winet Airport Highland-Winet Airport Madison 535 Grantfork
Gieser Heliport Gieser Heliport Lake 646 Highland Park
Hillsboro Hospital Heliport Hillsboro Hospital Heliport Montgomery 650 Hillsboro
Hillsboro Municipal Airport (historical) Hillsboro Municipal Airport (historical) Montgomery 633 Hillsboro
Black Airport Black Airport Rock Island 584 Hillsdale
Hartwell Ranch RLA Airport Hartwell Ranch RLA Airport Greene 420 Pearl East
Martin Airport (historical) Martin Airport (historical) Greene 417 Pearl East
Hinckley Airport Hinckley Airport DeKalb 761 Hinckley
Ballek Landing Area (historical) Ballek Landing Area (historical) DeKalb 755 Hinckley
Madison Avenue Venture Heliport Madison Avenue Venture Heliport DuPage 709 Hinsdale
Homer Airport (historical) Homer Airport (historical) Champaign 663 Homer
Trisler Airport Trisler Airport Vermilion 679 Allerton
Russells Airport (historical) Russells Airport (historical) Vermilion 692 East Lynn
Hoopeston Community Memorial Hospital Heliport Hoopeston Community Memorial Hospital Heliport Vermilion 718 Hoopeston
Schertz Aerial Service - Hudson Airport Schertz Aerial Service - Hudson Airport McLean 758 El Paso
Hull Airport (historical) Hull Airport (historical) Pike 466 Hull
Phyllis Field Phyllis Field McHenry 866 Huntley
Magic Carpet Airport (historical) Magic Carpet Airport (historical) Henry 899 Crystal Lake
Landings Condominium Airport Landings Condominium Airport Kane 879 Huntley
Thudwhomp Airport (historical) Thudwhomp Airport (historical) Rock Island 663 Illinois City
Ritter Field Ritter Field Rock Island 548 Blanchard Island
De Kalb Heliport De Kalb Heliport Sangamon 604 Mount Auburn
Horsefeathers Ranch Airport Horsefeathers Ranch Airport Montgomery 650 Hillsboro
Prairie Airport Prairie Airport Jefferson 531 Irvington
Jacksonville Municipal Airport Jacksonville Municipal Airport Morgan 617 Literberry
Passavant Memorial Area Hospital Association Heliport Passavant Memorial Area Hospital Association Heliport Morgan 574 Lynnville
Medical Center Heliport Medical Center Heliport Morgan 581 Lynnville
Pielet-Joliet Heliport Pielet-Joliet Heliport Will 541 Joliet
Jersey Community Hospital Heliport Jersey Community Hospital Heliport Jersey 630 Jerseyville South
Jerseyville Aviation Inc Airport Jerseyville Aviation Inc Airport Jersey 604 Jerseyville South
Koenig Airport Koenig Airport Jersey 604 Jerseyville South
Jersey Community Hospital Heliport Jersey Community Hospital Heliport Jersey 623 Jerseyville South
Joliet Regional Airport Joliet Regional Airport Will 581 Plainfield
Saint Joseph Medical Center Heliport Saint Joseph Medical Center Heliport Will 640 Plainfield
Wilhelmi Field (historical) Wilhelmi Field (historical) Will 633 Elwood
Haley Field (historical) Haley Field (historical) Will 587 Channahon
Silver Cross Hospital Heliport Silver Cross Hospital Heliport Will 614 Joliet
Kankakee Airport Kankakee Airport Kankakee 617 West Kankakee
Greater Kankakee Airport Greater Kankakee Airport Kankakee 620 Kankakee
Riverside Medical Center Heliport Riverside Medical Center Heliport Kankakee 627 West Kankakee
Benoit Airport Benoit Airport Kankakee 659 Bradley
Saint Marys Hospital Heliport Saint Marys Hospital Heliport Kankakee 607 Kankakee
Hawker Airport Hawker Airport Kankakee 620 Bonfield
Gough Airport (historical) Gough Airport (historical) Edgar 758 Grandview
Shissler Seed Company Incorporated Airport Shissler Seed Company Incorporated Airport Henderson 561 Keithsburg
Kewanee Municipal Airport Kewanee Municipal Airport Henry 853 Kewanee South
Kewanee Hospital Heliport Kewanee Hospital Heliport Henry 843 Kewanee South
Baker Airport Baker Airport Adams 709 Bowen
Hayenga's Cant Find Farms Airport Hayenga's Cant Find Farms Airport Macon 623 Kenney
Harold Bunger Airport (historical) Harold Bunger Airport (historical) DeKalb 869 Kirkland
Marshall County Airport Marshall County Airport Marshall 551 Lacon
Parrish RLA Airport Parrish RLA Airport Marshall 650 Chillicothe
Hahn Airport (historical) Hahn Airport (historical) Bureau 673 Ladd
Nelson Airport (historical) Nelson Airport (historical) Stark 771 Kewanee South
La Grange Memorial Hospital Heliport La Grange Memorial Hospital Heliport Cook 676 Hinsdale
Morton Airport Morton Airport Hancock 712 La Harpe
Corman Acres Airport Corman Acres Airport Macon 718 Long Creek
Lake Forest Hospital Heliport Lake Forest Hospital Heliport Lake 669 Waukegan
Lake in the Hills Airport Lake in the Hills Airport McHenry 886 Crystal Lake
Honey Lake Heliport Honey Lake Heliport Lake 860 Lake Zurich
Keutzer Airport (historical) Keutzer Airport (historical) Bureau 791 Mendota West
Ivan E Bauer Heliport Ivan E Bauer Heliport Bureau 801 La Moille
Swan Valley Farm Airport Swan Valley Farm Airport Carroll 886 Boone Branch
Flaherty Field Flaherty Field LaSalle 659 Ladd
Davis Airport (historical) Davis Airport (historical) LaSalle 636 Troy Grove
Lawrenceville-Vincennes International Airport Lawrenceville-Vincennes International Airport Lawrence 430 Russellville
Lawrence Co Memorial Hospital Heliport Lawrence Co Memorial Hospital Heliport Lawrence 479 Lawrenceville
Indian Heliport Indian Heliport Lawrence 427 Lawrenceville
Duane E. Davis Airport Duane E. Davis Airport Ogle 702 Oregon
West Grove Airport West Grove Airport Ogle 909 Mount Morris
Rock Cut Farms Airport Rock Cut Farms Airport Ogle 791 German Valley
Winterton Airport (historical) Winterton Airport (historical) Lee 938 Lee
Frings Airport Frings Airport LaSalle 669 Long Point
Dewey Airport (historical) Dewey Airport (historical) DeKalb 709 Shabbona Grove
Lemont Industrial Park Airport (historical) Lemont Industrial Park Airport (historical) Cook 682 Romeoville
Argonne Heliport Argonne Heliport DuPage 722 Sag Bridge
Lemont Fire Department Heliport Lemont Fire Department Heliport Cook 614 Romeoville
Red Shed Field Red Shed Field Stephenson 919 Lena
Kramer Airport Kramer Airport Stephenson 928 Lena
G. Bray Airport G. Bray Airport Fulton 551 Havana
Dale A Klassing Airport (historical) Dale A Klassing Airport (historical) Adams 804 Richfield
Condell Memorial Hospital Heliport Condell Memorial Hospital Heliport Lake 722 Libertyville
Aeroview Airport (historical) Aeroview Airport (historical) Kane 902 Elburn
Martin Airport Martin Airport Logan 558 Lincoln West
Minder Airport Minder Airport Logan 597 Lincoln East
Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital Heliport Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital Heliport Logan 587 Lincoln East
Logan County Airport Logan County Airport Logan 591 Lincoln East
Mason Airport (historical) Mason Airport (historical) Logan 591 Mount Pulaski
Lincolnwood Town Center Heliport Lincolnwood Town Center Heliport Cook 594 Evanston
Alcock RLA Airport (historical) Alcock RLA Airport (historical) Ogle 768 Kings
Somers Blossom Airport Somers Blossom Airport Ogle 791 Kings
Peterson Farms Airport (historical) Peterson Farms Airport (historical) Kendall 623 Lisbon
Corporetum Office Campus Heliport Corporetum Office Campus Heliport DuPage 679 Wheaton
Litchfield Municipal Airport Litchfield Municipal Airport Montgomery 686 Litchfield
Sies Landing Area (historical) Sies Landing Area (historical) Macoupin 666 Gillespie North
M.A.M. Trail Airport M.A.M. Trail Airport Warren 600 Little York
Shubert Airport (historical) Shubert Airport (historical) Washington 469 Saint Libory
Park Airport (historical) Park Airport (historical) Sangamon 643 New Berlin
Reyhan Heliport Reyhan Heliport Sangamon 604 Loami
Nergenah Airport (historical) Nergenah Airport (historical) Sangamon 653 New Berlin
Beherns Airport (historical) Beherns Airport (historical) Ford 791 Melvin East
Garretson Field (historical) Garretson Field (historical) Livingston 646 Long Point
Janusick Airport (historical) Janusick Airport (historical) LaSalle 673 Tonica
Hartenbower Hectares Airport Hartenbower Hectares Airport LaSalle 728 McNabb
Entwistle Airport (historical) Entwistle Airport (historical) LaSalle 702 Wenona
Dawson Farms Airport Dawson Farms Airport Moultrie 673 La Place
Jay Schertz Farm Airport Jay Schertz Farm Airport Woodford 778 Metamora
Hiland Airport (historical) Hiland Airport (historical) Whiteside 636 Prophetstown
East Cape Girardeau Airport (historical) East Cape Girardeau Airport (historical) Alexander 331 McClure
Pleasure Valley Landing Area (historical) Pleasure Valley Landing Area (historical) Stephenson 784 Orangeville
McHenry Farms Airport (historical) McHenry Farms Airport (historical) Henry 866 Richmond
Northern Illinois Medical Center Heliport Northern Illinois Medical Center Heliport Henry 814 McHenry
Weishaupt Airport Weishaupt Airport Tazewell 653 Mackinaw
Farm Aerial Service Incorporated Airport (historical) Farm Aerial Service Incorporated Airport (historical) McLean 699 McLean
Mc Leansboro Airport Mc Leansboro Airport Hamilton 410 McLeansboro
Smith Airport Smith Airport McDonough 699 Bardolph
Macomb Municipal Airport Macomb Municipal Airport McDonough 689 Good Hope
McDonough County Hospital Heliport McDonough County Hospital Heliport McDonough 689 Macomb
Snow Airport (historical) Snow Airport (historical) Macon 728 Macon East
Oink Acres Airport (historical) Oink Acres Airport (historical) Champaign 709 Mahomet
Clarence C Johnson Airport (historical) Clarence C Johnson Airport (historical) Will 696 Manhattan
Palmer Flying Service Inc Palmer Flying Service Inc Tazewell 499 Manito
Shissler Seed Company Incorporated Airport Shissler Seed Company Incorporated Airport Mason 499 Duck Island
Van Gorder Airport Van Gorder Airport Piatt 725 Mansfield
Marvin D Bradd Airport (historical) Marvin D Bradd Airport (historical) Piatt 791 Foosland
Clapper Airport (historical) Clapper Airport (historical) Piatt 709 Mansfield
Sunset Acres Airport Sunset Acres Airport Kankakee 666 Bradley
Neiner Airport Neiner Airport Kankakee 650 Wilton Center
Brandt Airport (historical) Brandt Airport (historical) Kankakee 686 Peotone
Viall Homestead Airport (historical) Viall Homestead Airport (historical) Will 669 Wilton Center
Phipps Airport (historical) Phipps Airport (historical) Kankakee 669 Bradley
Spangler Airport Spangler Airport Kankakee 676 Bradley
Ruder Airport Ruder Airport DeKalb 853 Sycamore
Miller/Maple Park Farm Airport (historical) Miller/Maple Park Farm Airport (historical) Kane 860 Maple Park
Ferris Field Ferris Field McHenry 840 Marengo South
Emerick Airport Emerick Airport McHenry 840 Marengo South
Walpole Airport Walpole Airport McHenry 791 Riley
Krause Airport (historical) Krause Airport (historical) Henry 833 Riley
Far Field Far Field McHenry 830 Marengo South
Aerogrange Airport Aerogrange Airport McHenry 820 Marengo North
Williamson County Regional Airport Williamson County Regional Airport Williamson 456 Crab Orchard Lake
Fabick Five Heliport Fabick Five Heliport Williamson 433 Marion
Veterans Administration Medical Center Heliport Veterans Administration Medical Center Heliport Williamson 472 Marion
Herschel Hunter Airport Herschel Hunter Airport St. Clair 522 Tilden
Margenthaler Airport (historical) Margenthaler Airport (historical) De Witt 715 Maroa
Mitchell RLA Airport Mitchell RLA Airport LaSalle 699 Marseilles
Prairie Lake Hunt Club Airport (historical) Prairie Lake Hunt Club Airport (historical) LaSalle 751 Serena
David Gillespie Airport David Gillespie Airport LaSalle 722 Marseilles
Longview Airport (historical) Longview Airport (historical) LaSalle 715 Serena
Jim Wehrli Memorial Airport (historical) Jim Wehrli Memorial Airport (historical) LaSalle 614 Serena
Kibler Airport Kibler Airport Clark 581 Marshall
Anderson Hospital Heliport Anderson Hospital Heliport Madison 591 Collinsville
Coles County Memorial Airport Coles County Memorial Airport Coles 709 Mattoon East
J B Fillman Airport (historical) J B Fillman Airport (historical) Grundy 564 Gardner
Matteson RLA Airport (historical) Matteson RLA Airport (historical) Grundy 558 Gardner
Menard Correctional Center Heliport Menard Correctional Center Heliport Randolph 541 Chester
Cramm Landing Area (historical) Cramm Landing Area (historical) Adams 741 Mendon
Mendota Community Hospital Heliport Mendota Community Hospital Heliport LaSalle 768 Mendota West
Otterbach Farm Airport Otterbach Farm Airport Bureau 869 Mendota West
Grandpa's Farm Mendota Airport Grandpa's Farm Mendota Airport LaSalle 715 Mendota West
Kloker Airport Kloker Airport Cass 440 Cooperstown
Schlosser Airport (historical) Schlosser Airport (historical) McLean 801 Merna
Wernsmans Airport (historical) Wernsmans Airport (historical) Woodford 787 Germantown Hills
Metropolis Municipal Airport Metropolis Municipal Airport Massac 381 Metropolis
The Adwell Corporation Airport (historical) The Adwell Corporation Airport (historical) Adams 476 Canton
Milford Airport (historical) Milford Airport (historical) Iroquois 659 Milford
Redeker Airport (historical) Redeker Airport (historical) Iroquois 673 Woodworth
Riebeling Airport Riebeling Airport St. Clair 636 Columbia
Freedom Field (historical) Freedom Field (historical) Pike 640 Bedford
Etheridge Airport (historical) Etheridge Airport (historical) Bureau 620 Mineral
Illinois Valley Parachute Club Airport Illinois Valley Parachute Club Airport Tazewell 646 Minier
Hattan Farms Airport Hattan Farms Airport Marshall 712 Minonk
Janssen Airport (historical) Janssen Airport (historical) Woodford 728 Benson
Oltman-Shuck Airport Oltman-Shuck Airport Woodford 735 Minonk
Rossi's Farm Airport Rossi's Farm Airport Kendall 574 Yorkville SE
Davison RLA Airport (historical) Davison RLA Airport (historical) Woodford 738 La Rose
Three Rivers Farm Airport (historical) Three Rivers Farm Airport (historical) Grundy 623 Minooka
Bushby RLA Airport Bushby RLA Airport Kendall 591 Yorkville SE
Nelson Weber Airport (historical) Nelson Weber Airport (historical) Macoupin 686 Palmyra
Dale Curten Farm Airport Dale Curten Farm Airport Randolph 584 Evansville
Richards Heliport Richards Heliport Will 663 Mokena
Quad City International Airport Quad City International Airport Rock Island 587 Milan
Umc Trauma Center Heliport Umc Trauma Center Heliport Rock Island 696 Davenport East
Quad-City Seaplane Base Quad-City Seaplane Base Rock Island 554 Coal Valley
Johnson Airport Johnson Airport Kankakee 627 Illiana Heights
Bult Field Bult Field Will 778 Steger
Wix Airport Wix Airport Will 741 Frankfort
Meadow Creek Airport Meadow Creek Airport Will 778 Frankfort
Monmouth Municipal Airport Monmouth Municipal Airport Warren 751 Monmouth
Community Memorial Hospital Heliport Community Memorial Hospital Heliport Warren 758 Monmouth
Gillen Airport (historical) Gillen Airport (historical) Warren 764 Monmouth
Cheechako Airport Cheechako Airport Ogle 863 Cherry Valley
Caterpillar Aurora Heliport Caterpillar Aurora Heliport Kendall 659 Aurora South
Piatt County Airport Piatt County Airport Piatt 735 Monticello
Morris Municipal Airport - James R. Washburn Field Morris Municipal Airport - James R. Washburn Field Grundy 584 Lisbon
Nelson Airport (historical) Nelson Airport (historical) Grundy 581 Lisbon
Morris Hospital Heliport Morris Hospital Heliport Grundy 512 Morris
Frank's Flying Service Frank's Flying Service Whiteside 600 Erie
Alan B. Janssen Airport Alan B. Janssen Airport Montgomery 640 Nokomis SW
Lindstrom Heliport Lindstrom Heliport Tazewell 758 Mackinaw
Hardy Airport (historical) Hardy Airport (historical) Christian 604 Grove City
Mount Carmel Municipal Airport Mount Carmel Municipal Airport Lawrence 427 Saint Francisville
Wabash General Hospital Heliport Wabash General Hospital Heliport Wabash 463 Mount Carmel
Smith Airport (historical) Smith Airport (historical) Wabash 443 Bone Gap
Beckerman Field Beckerman Field Wabash 413 Mount Carmel
Tautz Airport Tautz Airport Carroll 850 Mount Carroll
Williard Nycum RLA Airport (historical) Williard Nycum RLA Airport (historical) Carroll 781 Mount Carroll
Ogle County Airport Ogle County Airport Ogle 928 Mount Morris
Mount Sterling Municipal Airport Mount Sterling Municipal Airport Brown 725 Mount Sterling
Mount Vernon Airport Mount Vernon Airport Jefferson 459 Opdyke
Good Samaritan Regional Health Care Center Heliport Good Samaritan Regional Health Care Center Heliport Jefferson 486 Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon Bullock Heliport Mount Vernon Bullock Heliport Jefferson 479 Mount Vernon
Hilvety Airport Hilvety Airport Shelby 659 Macon East
Paul E. Kroenlein Airport Paul E. Kroenlein Airport Shelby 715 Findlay
Lutz Airport (historical) Lutz Airport (historical) Fayette 525 Hagarstown
Air Estates Inc Airport Air Estates Inc Airport Lake 807 Grayslake
Mayhall Airport Mayhall Airport Douglas 640 Murdock
Saint Joseph Memorial Hospital Heliport Saint Joseph Memorial Hospital Heliport Jackson 377 Murphysboro
Naper Aero Club Naper Aero Club DuPage 709 Normantown
Edward Hospital Heliport Edward Hospital Heliport DuPage 699 Naperville
Cedar Ridge Airport Cedar Ridge Airport Hancock 663 Niota
Sinele Strip Sinele Strip Hancock 692 Niota
Winchester Airport Winchester Airport Hancock 663 Niota
Bunn Airport (historical) Bunn Airport (historical) Calhoun 718 Pearl West
Williamson Airport Williamson Airport Cumberland 663 Neoga
Cumberland Air Park RLA Airport Cumberland Air Park RLA Airport Cumberland 630 Johnstown
Cushing Field Ltd Airport Cushing Field Ltd Airport LaSalle 640 Newark
Vogen RLA Airport Vogen RLA Airport Kendall 722 Stavanger
Schaller Airport Schaller Airport St. Clair 427 New Athens East
Wildy Field Wildy Field St. Clair 410 New Athens West
Lindauer Airport Lindauer Airport St. Clair 410 New Athens East
Smith RLA Airport Smith RLA Airport Sangamon 627 Pleasant Plains
Minch Airport (historical) Minch Airport (historical) Sangamon 643 New Berlin
Springfield Southwest Airpark (historical) Springfield Southwest Airpark (historical) Sangamon 630 Loami
Maas Airstrip Maas Airstrip Mercer 535 Blanchard Island
Mueller Airport (historical) Mueller Airport (historical) Bond 597 New Douglas
Brown and Lambrecht Heliport Brown and Lambrecht Heliport Will Unknown
Howell-New Lenox Airport (historical) Howell-New Lenox Airport (historical) Will 748 Manhattan
Fischer's RLA Airport Fischer's RLA Airport Clinton 423 Venedy
Jasper County Flying Club Airport Jasper County Flying Club Airport Jasper 545 Newton
Jasper County Safety Council Heliport Jasper County Safety Council Heliport Jasper 535 Newton
Sineles Sunset Strip (historical) Sineles Sunset Strip (historical) Hancock 682 Niota
J and J Farms Airport (historical) J and J Farms Airport (historical) Montgomery 646 Nokomis
Dahler Airport Dahler Airport Christian 650 Nokomis
Dooley Field (historical) Dooley Field (historical) Christian 663 Nokomis
Plaza Heliport Plaza Heliport Cook 659 Park Ridge
Ernest E Orwig Airport (historical) Ernest E Orwig Airport (historical) Mercer 784 North Henderson
J W Scott Heliport J W Scott Heliport DuPage 682 Hinsdale
Chicago Bridge and Iron Heliport Chicago Bridge and Iron Heliport DuPage 666 Hinsdale
McDonalds Plaza Heliport McDonalds Plaza Heliport DuPage 669 Hinsdale
Waste Management Inc Heliport Waste Management Inc Heliport DuPage 715 Hinsdale
Official Airline Guides Heliport Official Airline Guides Heliport DuPage 656 Hinsdale
Brammeier Airport (historical) Brammeier Airport (historical) Washington 535 Nashville
Quick Airport (historical) Quick Airport (historical) Marion 548 Fairman
Bassett Airport (historical) Bassett Airport (historical) LaSalle 669 La Salle
Zea Mays Field (historical) Zea Mays Field (historical) Bureau 768 Ohio
Albrecht Airport (historical) Albrecht Airport (historical) Bureau 787 Ohio
Nance Airport Nance Airport Bond 551 Sorento South
Richland Memorial Hospital Heliport Richland Memorial Hospital Heliport Richland 476 Olney
Olney-Noble Airport Olney-Noble Airport Richland 469 Noble
Olympia Fields Osteopathic Medical Center Heliport Olympia Fields Osteopathic Medical Center Heliport Cook 705 Harvey
Sutton Airport Sutton Airport White 423 New Haven
Meyer Airport Meyer Airport Henderson 571 Keithsburg
County Poor Farm Airport County Poor Farm Airport Ogle 692 Daysville
Hughes RLA Airport Hughes RLA Airport Henry 741 Green Rock
Wormley Airport (historical) Wormley Airport (historical) Kendall 715 Aurora South
Ottawa Airport (historical) Ottawa Airport (historical) LaSalle 610 Ottawa
Pikes Airport (historical) Pikes Airport (historical) LaSalle 597 Ottawa
Community Hospital of Ottawa Heliport Community Hospital of Ottawa Heliport LaSalle 476 Ottawa
Rotor Swing Heliport Rotor Swing Heliport Lake 738 Lake Zurich
James W Andrew Airport (historical) James W Andrew Airport (historical) Macoupin 659 Scottville
Zelmer Memorial Airpark Inc Zelmer Memorial Airpark Inc Macoupin 656 Palmyra
Palos Community Hospital Heliport Palos Community Hospital Heliport Cook 669 Palos Park
Paris Community Hospital Heliport Paris Community Hospital Heliport Edgar 705 Paris South
State Highway Paris Heliport State Highway Paris Heliport Edgar 741 Paris South
Edgar County Airport Edgar County Airport Edgar 650 Paris North
Lutheran General Hospital Heliport Lutheran General Hospital Heliport Cook 640 Park Ridge
Donald A. Hamilton Airport Donald A. Hamilton Airport Sangamon 604 Pawnee
Holmes Airport Holmes Airport Sangamon 591 New City
Fry RLA Airport (historical) Fry RLA Airport (historical) Sangamon 607 Pawnee
Illinois Copter Service Heliport Illinois Copter Service Heliport Lee 758 Paw Paw
Walders Farm Airport (historical) Walders Farm Airport (historical) Lee 869 Compton
Clifford D Foster Airport (historical) Clifford D Foster Airport (historical) Ford 761 Perdueville
Paxton Airport Paxton Airport Ford 778 Perdueville
C D Maulding Airport C D Maulding Airport Ford 787 Paxton
Teds Place Airport (historical) Teds Place Airport (historical) Ford 791 Paxton
Krutmeier Airport Krutmeier Airport Adams 709 Payson
Plum Creek Farm Airport (historical) Plum Creek Farm Airport (historical) Stephenson 827 Boone Branch
Block Airport Block Airport Carroll 860 Boone Branch
Pekin Municipal Airport Pekin Municipal Airport Tazewell 522 South Pekin
Pekin Memorial Hospital Heliport Pekin Memorial Hospital Heliport Tazewell 538 Pekin
Jerry E Staab Airport (historical) Jerry E Staab Airport (historical) Woodford 561 Spring Bay
Exposition Gardens Heliport Exposition Gardens Heliport Peoria 758 Spring Bay
Saint Francis Hospital Heliport Saint Francis Hospital Heliport Peoria 577 Peoria East
Warren Frye Farms Heliport Warren Frye Farms Heliport Peoria 702 Dunlap
Cilco Peoria Downtown Heliport Cilco Peoria Downtown Heliport Peoria 456 Peoria East
Proctor Community Hospital Heliport Proctor Community Hospital Heliport Peoria 741 Spring Bay
Mount Hawley Auxiliary Airport Mount Hawley Auxiliary Airport Peoria 768 Spring Bay
Headacres RLA Airport (historical) Headacres RLA Airport (historical) Peoria 528 Peoria West
Methodist Medical Center of Illinois Heliport Methodist Medical Center of Illinois Heliport Peoria 568 Peoria East
General Downing - Peoria International Airport General Downing - Peoria International Airport Peoria 636 Peoria West
Norman Airport (historical) Norman Airport (historical) Will 761 Beecher West
Gerald H Hamer Airport Gerald H Hamer Airport Bureau 689 Ladd
Trovero Airport (historical) Trovero Airport (historical) LaSalle 627 La Salle
Illinois Valley Regional Airport-Walter A Duncan Field Illinois Valley Regional Airport-Walter A Duncan Field LaSalle 650 Spring Valley
Illinois Valley Community Hospital Heliport Illinois Valley Community Hospital Heliport LaSalle 600 La Salle
Petersburg Airport (historical) Petersburg Airport (historical) Menard 610 Petersburg
Schumaier RLA Airport Schumaier RLA Airport Perry 541 Winkle
Lambert Airport Lambert Airport Perry 558 Pinckneyville
Pinckneyville-Du Quoin Airport Pinckneyville-Du Quoin Airport Perry 390 Vergennes
Read Airport Read Airport Ford 666 Piper City
Bradbury Airport (historical) Bradbury Airport (historical) Ford 692 Piper City
George W Schuster Airport (historical) George W Schuster Airport (historical) Pike 804 Pittsfield
Pittsfield Penstone Municipal Airport Pittsfield Penstone Municipal Airport Pike 705 New Salem
Illini Community Hospital Heliport Illini Community Hospital Heliport Pike 735 Pittsfield
Day Airport (historical) Day Airport (historical) Will 633 Normantown
Bolingbrook's Clow International Airport Bolingbrook's Clow International Airport Will 659 Normantown
George Airport (historical) George Airport (historical) Will 650 Normantown
Lambert Airport (historical) Lambert Airport (historical) Will 653 Normantown
Riley's Field Riley's Field Kendall 663 Yorkville SE
Wiley Updike Airport (historical) Wiley Updike Airport (historical) Kendall 640 Plano
Olson Airport Olson Airport Kane 945 Pingree Grove
Brandt Heliport Brandt Heliport Sangamon 620 Tallula
Clark Airport Clark Airport McDonough 574 Fandon
Giles Griswold Airport (historical) Giles Griswold Airport (historical) McDonough 640 Plymouth
Dowacter Airport (historical) Dowacter Airport (historical) McDonough 604 Fandon
Gentry Airport Gentry Airport Ogle 860 Polo
Hammer Airport Hammer Airport Ogle 833 Polo
Pontiac Municipal Airport Pontiac Municipal Airport Livingston 650 Northeast Pontiac
Adams RLA Number 1 Airport Adams RLA Number 1 Airport Livingston 640 Flanagan North
Riverode Farms Airport Riverode Farms Airport Livingston 650 Southeast Pontiac
Schott Airport Schott Airport Livingston 653 Northeast Pontiac
Rhea RLA Airport Rhea RLA Airport Hancock 689 Colusa
Nemec Airport (historical) Nemec Airport (historical) Boone 984 Belvidere NE
Twenhafel Field (historical) Twenhafel Field (historical) Clinton 449 Carlyle
Prairie City Airport (historical) Prairie City Airport (historical) McDonough 659 Bushnell East
Piper Airport (historical) Piper Airport (historical) Bureau 679 Princeton South
Foley Airport Foley Airport Bureau 676 Depue
Perry Memorial Hospital Heliport Perry Memorial Hospital Heliport Bureau 709 Princeton South
Starr Field (historical) Starr Field (historical) Whiteside 617 Prophetstown
William L Rutherford Airport (historical) William L Rutherford Airport (historical) Whiteside 627 Tampico
Doerings Port Airport (historical) Doerings Port Airport (historical) Whiteside 600 Prophetstown
Francis Club Airport (historical) Francis Club Airport (historical) Whiteside 620 Prophetstown
Ralph E. Daniels Airport Ralph E. Daniels Airport Putnam 463 Putnam
Edgar Read Airport Edgar Read Airport Putnam 646 Putnam
Seigfried Halfpap Airport (historical) Seigfried Halfpap Airport (historical) Adams 531 Quincy East
Ellington Field (historical) Ellington Field (historical) Adams 650 Quincy East
Blickhan Landing Area Blickhan Landing Area Adams 633 Long Island
Mast Field (historical) Mast Field (historical) Adams 745 Quincy East
Blessing Hospital Heliport Blessing Hospital Heliport Adams 620 Quincy West
Quincy Regional Airport-Baldwin Field Quincy Regional Airport-Baldwin Field Adams 761 Columbus
Saint Mary Hospital Emergency Heliport Saint Mary Hospital Emergency Heliport Adams 581 Quincy West
Egland Field (historical) Egland Field (historical) LaSalle 748 Ransom
Voges Airstrip (historical) Voges Airstrip (historical) Randolph 417 Red Bud
Our Lady Immaculata Airport (historical) Our Lady Immaculata Airport (historical) Monroe 577 Ames
Rowe Airport (historical) Rowe Airport (historical) Edgar 646 Scottland
Downen Heliport Downen Heliport Gallatin 374 New Haven SW
Everts International Airport (historical) Everts International Airport (historical) Stephenson 837 Ridott
Cambier Airport (historical) Cambier Airport (historical) Stephenson 846 Ridott
Waste Management Chemical Lab Heliport Waste Management Chemical Lab Heliport Cook 600 Lake Calumet
Stanton Airport Stanton Airport Sangamon 577 Springfield East
Roberts RLA Airport (historical) Roberts RLA Airport (historical) Ford 725 Buckley NW
John H Garrelts Airport (historical) John H Garrelts Airport (historical) Ford 748 Buckley NW
Otto Junior Airport (historical) Otto Junior Airport (historical) Ford 758 Buckley NW
Crawford County Airport Crawford County Airport Crawford 453 Hutsonville
Crawford Memorial Hospital Heliport Crawford Memorial Hospital Heliport Crawford 554 Porterville
Rochelle Municipal Airport-Koritz Field Rochelle Municipal Airport-Koritz Field Ogle 778 Rochelle
Rochelle Emergency Landing Heliport Rochelle Emergency Landing Heliport Ogle 791 Rochelle
Maple Hurst Farms Airport Maple Hurst Farms Airport Ogle 820 Kings
Reinke Airport (historical) Reinke Airport (historical) Ogle 791 Chana
Taft Airport (historical) Taft Airport (historical) Sangamon 584 Edinburg
Schneider Heliport Schneider Heliport Sangamon 581 New City
Chester Wyss Airport Chester Wyss Airport Stephenson 883 Davis
Sue Rock International Airport Sue Rock International Airport Stephenson 902 Davis
Hillman Airport Hillman Airport Stephenson 869 Davis
Swedish American Heliport Swedish American Heliport Winnebago 771 Rockford North
LZ Fairwinds Airport LZ Fairwinds Airport Winnebago 745 Winnebago
Severson Airport Severson Airport Winnebago 778 Shirland
Darrington Airport Darrington Airport Winnebago 863 Shirland
Eicher Airport (historical) Eicher Airport (historical) Winnebago 751 South Beloit
Atwood Heliport Atwood Heliport Winnebago 738 Rockford North
Stewart Heliport Stewart Heliport Winnebago 718 Rockford North
Rockford Memorial Hospital Heliport Rockford Memorial Hospital Heliport Winnebago 735 Rockford North
Saint Anthonys Medical Center Heliport Saint Anthonys Medical Center Heliport Winnebago 840 Rockford North
Ingersoll Heliport Ingersoll Heliport Winnebago 745 Rockford North
Kings Acres Airport (historical) Kings Acres Airport (historical) Winnebago 892 Caledonia
Chicago/Rockford International Airport Chicago/Rockford International Airport Winnebago 732 Rockford South
Cottonwood Airport Cottonwood Airport Winnebago 735 Winnebago
Franciscan Heliport Franciscan Heliport Rock Island 673 Milan
Compass Rose Airport Compass Rose Airport Boone 955 Belvidere NW
Harry D Fenton Airport (historical) Harry D Fenton Airport (historical) Winnebago 771 South Beloit
Blackhawk Farms Raceway LLC Airport Blackhawk Farms Raceway LLC Airport Winnebago 758 South Beloit
Mc Curdy Strip Mc Curdy Strip Boone 951 Belvidere NW
Gould Center Heliport Gould Center Heliport Cook 699 Palatine
Steel Supply Heliport Steel Supply Heliport Cook 702 Palatine
Mc Curdy Airport (historical) Mc Curdy Airport (historical) Winnebago 748 South Beloit
Clarke Heliport Clarke Heliport DuPage 801 Lombard
Earp Airport (historical) Earp Airport (historical) Warren 735 Roseville
Henderson Airport Henderson Airport Hardin 489 Shetlerville
James M Adams Airport (historical) James M Adams Airport (historical) Vermilion 699 Bismarck
Rockenbach Airport Rockenbach Airport Lake 784 Grayslake
Adams Private Airport Adams Private Airport Franklin 407 Elkville
Randolph M Wells Airport (historical) Randolph M Wells Airport (historical) Schuyler 597 Rushville North
Schuy-Rush Airport Schuy-Rush Airport Schuyler 659 Rushville South
John W Meils RLA Airport (historical) John W Meils RLA Airport (historical) Marshall 705 Minonk
Murks Strip (historical) Murks Strip (historical) Knox 679 Avon
Shafer Metro East Airport (historical) Shafer Metro East Airport (historical) Madison 472 Saint Jacob
Routh Airport Routh Airport Champaign 669 Saint Joseph
Busboom RLA Airport Busboom RLA Airport Champaign 676 Saint Joseph
Saint Rose Airport (historical) Saint Rose Airport (historical) Clinton 499 Saint Rose
Salem-Leckrone Airport Salem-Leckrone Airport Marion 568 Salem North
Fabick Three Heliport Fabick Three Heliport Marion 545 Salem North
Woodlake Landing Woodlake Landing DeKalb 673 Somonauk
Gord Airport Gord Airport DeKalb 715 Plano
Hospital Heliport Hospital Heliport DeKalb 669 Plano
Hemmingsen Airport Hemmingsen Airport LaSalle 640 Newark
Johnson Airport Johnson Airport LaSalle 666 Sheridan
Immke Airport (historical) Immke Airport (historical) Livingston 659 Forrest North
Sancken Airport (historical) Sancken Airport (historical) Livingston 699 Chatsworth North
Tri-Township Airport Tri-Township Airport Carroll 610 Wacker
Savanna City Hospital Heliport Savanna City Hospital Heliport Carroll 791 Savanna
Marriott Heliport Marriott Heliport Cook 722 Palatine
Schaumburg Municipal Helistop Schaumburg Municipal Helistop Cook 728 Palatine
Boondox Field (historical) Boondox Field (historical) LaSalle 610 Seneca
Spring Brook Airport Spring Brook Airport LaSalle 499 Marseilles
Litchfield RLA Airport Litchfield RLA Airport Champaign 705 Seymour
Igoe Heliport Igoe Heliport Champaign 705 Seymour
Kenneth Moll Airport (historical) Kenneth Moll Airport (historical) Carroll 876 Boone Branch
Janssen Airport (historical) Janssen Airport (historical) Stephenson 866 Shannon
Edwin G. Bennett Airport Edwin G. Bennett Airport Bureau 669 Neponset
Shelby County Airport Shelby County Airport Shelby 614 Shelbyville
Zoomer Field Zoomer Field Iroquois 673 Sheldon
Disosway Airport (historical) Disosway Airport (historical) Iroquois 682 Darrow
Cwian Field Cwian Field LaSalle 545 Sheridan
Harrington Farms Airport (historical) Harrington Farms Airport (historical) LaSalle 643 Sheridan
Weihler Airport Weihler Airport Mercer 804 Matherville
Roy Burden RLA Airport (historical) Roy Burden RLA Airport (historical) McLean 715 Bloomington West
Hildreth Air Park Hildreth Air Park Edgar 738 Hume
Justus Airport (historical) Justus Airport (historical) Champaign 682 Longview
Illini Hospital Heliport Illini Hospital Heliport Rock Island 692 Coal Valley
Covey Airport (historical) Covey Airport (historical) Johnson 633 Bloomfield
George Airport George Airport DeKalb 741 Somonauk
Walnut Creek Airport Walnut Creek Airport LaSalle 666 Sheridan
Warren Airport (historical) Warren Airport (historical) DeKalb 735 Somonauk
Miller Airport Miller Airport Winnebago 774 South Beloit
Allstate Commercial Plaza Heliport Allstate Commercial Plaza Heliport Cook 860 Streamwood
Mulderink Heliport Mulderink Heliport Cook 659 Dyer
Hughes RLA Airport Hughes RLA Airport Marshall 659 Lacon
Leigh Farm Airport Leigh Farm Airport Logan 614 Middletown
Sparta Community Airport-Hunter Field Sparta Community Airport-Hunter Field Randolph 528 Tilden
Korando Airport (historical) Korando Airport (historical) Randolph 545 Walsh
John D Rennick Airport (historical) John D Rennick Airport (historical) Woodford 472 Germantown Hills
Holiday Inn East Heliport Holiday Inn East Heliport Sangamon 568 Springfield East
Royal Parkway Dodge Heliport Royal Parkway Dodge Heliport Sangamon 551 Springfield East
Lincoln Land Community College Heliport Lincoln Land Community College Heliport Sangamon 584 New City
Memorial Medical Center Heliport Memorial Medical Center Heliport Sangamon 591 Springfield West
R and S Airport (historical) R and S Airport (historical) Sangamon 571 Springfield East
Illinois Department of Transportation Number 6 Heliport Illinois Department of Transportation Number 6 Heliport Sangamon 610 Farmingdale
Saint Johns Hospital Heliport Saint Johns Hospital Heliport Sangamon 604 Springfield West
State Fairgrounds Heliport State Fairgrounds Heliport Sangamon 581 Springfield West
Illinois Department of Transportation Heliport Illinois Department of Transportation Heliport Sangamon 581 Springfield East
Doctors Hospital Heliport Doctors Hospital Heliport Sangamon 591 Chatham
Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport Sangamon 587 Springfield West
Pillow Hill Airport Pillow Hill Airport McHenry 810 Fox Lake
Richardson Field Richardson Field McHenry 846 Fox Lake
Saint Margarets Hospital Heliport Saint Margarets Hospital Heliport Bureau 591 Spring Valley
Willhoit Airport (historical) Willhoit Airport (historical) Macoupin 610 Gillespie South
Community Memorial Hospital Heliport Community Memorial Hospital Heliport Macoupin 607 Gillespie South
Whiteside County Airport-Jos H Bittorf Field Whiteside County Airport-Jos H Bittorf Field Whiteside 643 Hahnaman
CGH Medical Center Heliport CGH Medical Center Heliport Whiteside 669 Sterling
Hep Cats Airport Hep Cats Airport Lee 791 Steward
Ranken Airport Ranken Airport Lee 781 Steward
Staton Airport (historical) Staton Airport (historical) Lee 774 Steward
Home Free Airport Home Free Airport Lee 807 Steward
Wichman Airport Wichman Airport Iroquois 679 Stockland
Stockton Airport Stockton Airport Jo Daviess 948 Kent
John L Coppernoll Airport (historical) John L Coppernoll Airport (historical) Jo Daviess 869 Kent
Peabody-Will Scarlet Heliport Peabody-Will Scarlet Heliport Williamson 449 Carrier Mills
Mc Christy Airport Mc Christy Airport Christian 630 Stonington
Wittenberg Airport (historical) Wittenberg Airport (historical) Shelby 636 Stewardson East
Hagi Landing Area (historical) Hagi Landing Area (historical) LaSalle 623 Streator South
Rothrock Airport Rothrock Airport LaSalle 656 Streator North
Saint Marys Hospital Heliport Saint Marys Hospital Heliport LaSalle 614 Streator South
Neff Airport (historical) Neff Airport (historical) Henderson 709 Stronghurst
Leffelman Airport (historical) Leffelman Airport (historical) Lee 932 Amboy
Durbin Airport Durbin Airport Moultrie 669 Cadwell
Daily RLA Airport (historical) Daily RLA Airport (historical) Moultrie 643 Cooks Mills
Pielet Summit Heliport Pielet Summit Heliport Cook 594 Berwyn
Curless Airport Curless Airport Fulton 614 Duncan Mills
Willadae Farms Airport Willadae Farms Airport DeKalb 873 Sycamore
Colonial Acres Airport Colonial Acres Airport DeKalb 879 Sycamore
Anderson Airport (historical) Anderson Airport (historical) DeKalb 843 Genoa
Willis Airport (historical) Willis Airport (historical) DeKalb 869 Genoa
Harms Airstrip Harms Airstrip Bureau 630 Yorktown
Taylorville Municipal Airport Taylorville Municipal Airport Christian 617 Taylorville
Rash Airport Rash Airport Champaign 682 Flatville
Herren Airport Herren Airport Brown 653 Clayton
Thornton Airport (historical) Thornton Airport (historical) Cumberland 610 Johnstown
Webster Heliport Webster Heliport Stark 745 Wyoming
Snow RLA Airport (historical) Snow RLA Airport (historical) McLean 801 Merna
Sellers Airport (historical) Sellers Airport (historical) LaSalle 669 Earlville
Gordon Brown Airport Gordon Brown Airport Peoria 745 Farmington East
Tuscola Airport Tuscola Airport Douglas 659 Tuscola
Shawnee Community College Heliport Shawnee Community College Heliport Pulaski 440 Cypress
Hilbert's Funny Farm Airport Hilbert's Funny Farm Airport McHenry 869 Marengo South
Sky Soaring Airport Sky Soaring Airport McHenry 883 Marengo South
Hugh van Voorst Airport Hugh van Voorst Airport Kankakee 617 Buckingham
Day Aero-Place Airport Day Aero-Place Airport Champaign 689 Urbana
Carle Hospital Heliport Carle Hospital Heliport Champaign 728 Urbana
County Emergency Services-Disaster Agency Heliport County Emergency Services-Disaster Agency Heliport Champaign 735 Urbana
Frasca Field Frasca Field Champaign 732 Thomasboro
Knott Airport (historical) Knott Airport (historical) Champaign 682 Flatville
Schnelle Airport (historical) Schnelle Airport (historical) Adams 482 Long Island
Ralph Jacobs Airport Ralph Jacobs Airport Monroe 400 Oakville
Vandalia Municipal Airport Vandalia Municipal Airport Fayette 531 Hagarstown
Robbins Best Western Motel Heliport Robbins Best Western Motel Heliport Fayette 515 Vandalia
Young Airport Young Airport Mercer 761 Viola
Hulcher RLA Airport (historical) Hulcher RLA Airport (historical) Macoupin 669 Virden South
Holzwarth Flying Service Holzwarth Flying Service Macoupin 669 Virden North
PCI Heliport PCI Heliport Macon 699 Warrensburg
Colonel Smith Memorial Airport (historical) Colonel Smith Memorial Airport (historical) Macon 623 Warrensburg
Meeker Airport (historical) Meeker Airport (historical) Hancock 476 Lima
H Meeker Airport (historical) H Meeker Airport (historical) Hancock 482 Warsaw
Smittys Airport (historical) Smittys Airport (historical) Tazewell 804 Washington
Leonard W Hesselien Airport (historical) Leonard W Hesselien Airport (historical) Tazewell 771 Washington
Wade Airport Wade Airport DeKalb 814 Waterman
Braden Farms Airport Braden Farms Airport Iroquois 623 Crescent City
Songwood Inn Airport Songwood Inn Airport Iroquois 627 Watseka
Dietchweiler Airport Dietchweiler Airport Iroquois 640 Crescent City
Percival Springs Airport Percival Springs Airport Effingham 551 Effingham South
Oak Knoll Farm Airport (historical) Oak Knoll Farm Airport (historical) Lake 771 Wauconda
Saint Therese Medical Center Heliport Saint Therese Medical Center Heliport Lake 696 Waukegan
Victory Memorial Hospital Off Heliport Victory Memorial Hospital Off Heliport Lake 646 Zion
Skillet Fork Farm Airport (historical) Skillet Fork Farm Airport (historical) Wayne 423 Wayne City
Bakers Strip Airport (historical) Bakers Strip Airport (historical) De Witt 709 Weldon West
Foote Airport Foote Airport Marshall 627 Wenona
Gehant Airport Gehant Airport Lee 951 Sublette
Delhotal Airport Delhotal Airport Lee 761 Sublette
Bernardin Heliport Bernardin Heliport Lee 823 Sublette
Van Kampen Heliport Van Kampen Heliport DuPage 791 West Chicago
Brunner Airport Brunner Airport Kane 791 Crystal Lake
Williamson Airport Williamson Airport Shelby 630 Shelbyville
Stoune RLA Airport (historical) Stoune RLA Airport (historical) Shelby 633 Tower Hill
Isley Airport (historical) Isley Airport (historical) Jasper 584 Wheeler
Midwest Heliport Midwest Heliport DuPage 705 Sag Bridge
Central Dupage Heliport Central Dupage Heliport DuPage 761 Naperville
Mitek Airport Mitek Airport Stephenson 774 Lena
Lambdins Field Lambdins Field Union 354 Wolf Lake
Wood River Township Hospital Heliport Wood River Township Hospital Heliport Madison 440 Wood River
Hunter Airport Hunter Airport McHenry 906 Marengo North
Eckberg Airport (historical) Eckberg Airport (historical) Bureau 659 Wyanet
Wyoming Airport (historical) Wyoming Airport (historical) Stark 663 Wyoming
Hausmann Airport Hausmann Airport Stark 741 Wyoming
Tri-County Airport Tri-County Airport Knox 656 Yates City
Herbert C. Maas Airport Herbert C. Maas Airport Lake 728 Wadsworth
Fostaire Heliport Fostaire Heliport St. Clair 410 Cahokia
Yost Airstrip (historical) Yost Airstrip (historical) Ogle 814 Oregon
Hardesty Landing Strip (historical) Hardesty Landing Strip (historical) Ogle 761 Daysville
Updike Landing Strip (historical) Updike Landing Strip (historical) Kendall 640 Plano
Sandwich Airport (historical) Sandwich Airport (historical) DeKalb 673 Somonauk
Warren Landing Strip (historical) Warren Landing Strip (historical) DeKalb 692 Somonauk
Rogers Brothers Landing Strip (historical) Rogers Brothers Landing Strip (historical) Lee 935 Paw Paw
Rapp Landing Strip (historical) Rapp Landing Strip (historical) Lee 876 Mendota West
Bernardin Landing Strip (historical) Bernardin Landing Strip (historical) Lee 810 Sublette
Ropp Airpark (historical) Ropp Airpark (historical) Henry 574 Hillsdale
Lisa Landing Strip (historical) Lisa Landing Strip (historical) Bureau 627 Yorktown
Rutherford Landing Strip (historical) Rutherford Landing Strip (historical) Whiteside 627 Tampico
Ioder Landing Strip (historical) Ioder Landing Strip (historical) Lee 764 Walnut
Cady Aerial RLA Airport Cady Aerial RLA Airport Whiteside 650 Hahnaman
Rasmussen Landing Strip (historical) Rasmussen Landing Strip (historical) Lee 709 Walton
Willow Grove Landing Strip (historical) Willow Grove Landing Strip (historical) McDonough 738 Blandinsville
Hawkins Farms Landing Strip (historical) Hawkins Farms Landing Strip (historical) Warren 761 Cameron
Youngs Landing Strip (historical) Youngs Landing Strip (historical) Warren 741 Cameron
Kuiper Landing Strip (historical) Kuiper Landing Strip (historical) Iroquois 650 La Hogue
Frederick Landing Strip (historical) Frederick Landing Strip (historical) Livingston 666 Southeast Pontiac
Hahn Landing Strip (historical) Hahn Landing Strip (historical) Livingston 679 Chatsworth North
Harris Landing Strip (historical) Harris Landing Strip (historical) Livingston 702 Southwest Pontiac
Langstaff Landing Field (historical) Langstaff Landing Field (historical) Livingston 669 Forrest North
Adams RLA Number 2 Airport Adams RLA Number 2 Airport Livingston 620 Northwest Pontiac
Perkins Landing Strip (historical) Perkins Landing Strip (historical) Livingston 653 Chatsworth North
Pick Landing Strip (historical) Pick Landing Strip (historical) Livingston 692 Southeast Pontiac
Carner Landing Strip (historical) Carner Landing Strip (historical) Henderson 722 Rozetta
Clover Landing Strip (historical) Clover Landing Strip (historical) Henderson 735 Stronghurst
Catlett Landing Strip (historical) Catlett Landing Strip (historical) Vermilion 650 Oakwood
Flessner Landing Field (historical) Flessner Landing Field (historical) Champaign 679 Flatville
Illini Airport (historical) Illini Airport (historical) Champaign 725 Thomasboro
Spence Landing Strip (historical) Spence Landing Strip (historical) Piatt 718 Mansfield
Ashworth Landing Strip (historical) Ashworth Landing Strip (historical) Piatt 718 Mansfield
Weidner Landing Field (historical) Weidner Landing Field (historical) Piatt 722 Mansfield
Junker Landing Strip (historical) Junker Landing Strip (historical) Marshall 696 Varna
Meyer Landing Strip (historical) Meyer Landing Strip (historical) Henderson 571 Seaton
Seymour Landing Strip (historical) Seymour Landing Strip (historical) Henderson 709 Gladstone
Phils Airstrip (historical) Phils Airstrip (historical) Stark 656 Princeville
Shissler Landing Strip (historical) Shissler Landing Strip (historical) Peoria 669 Elmwood
Davies Landing Strip (historical) Davies Landing Strip (historical) Knox 617 DeLong
Johnson Landing Strip (historical) Johnson Landing Strip (historical) Knox 784 Wataga
Malone Landing Strip (historical) Malone Landing Strip (historical) Knox 718 Abingdon
Applegate Landing Strip (historical) Applegate Landing Strip (historical) Livingston 732 Blackstone
Lentman Landing Strip (historical) Lentman Landing Strip (historical) Livingston 610 Streator South
Sass Landing Strip (historical) Sass Landing Strip (historical) Livingston 627 Streator South
Adkins Landing Strip (historical) Adkins Landing Strip (historical) Mason 486 Chandlerville
Bell Landing Field (historical) Bell Landing Field (historical) Mason 469 Chandlerville
Havana Airport (historical) Havana Airport (historical) Mason 495 Topeka
Johnson Landing Strip (historical) Johnson Landing Strip (historical) Mason 486 Kilbourne
Hagemeister Landing Strip (historical) Hagemeister Landing Strip (historical) Adams 663 Tioga
Hemming Landing Strip (historical) Hemming Landing Strip (historical) Adams 666 Loraine
McAllister Landing Strip (historical) McAllister Landing Strip (historical) Adams 479 Lima
Mealiff Landing Strip (historical) Mealiff Landing Strip (historical) Adams 636 Coatsburg
Robbins Landing Strip (historical) Robbins Landing Strip (historical) Adams 696 Augusta
Searls Field (historical) Searls Field (historical) Adams 735 Camp Point
Clair Landing Strip (historical) Clair Landing Strip (historical) Hancock 650 Loraine
Clark Landing Strip (historical) Clark Landing Strip (historical) Hancock 633 Bentley
Crossland Landing Strip (historical) Crossland Landing Strip (historical) Hancock 673 Bentley
Mabry Landing Strip (historical) Mabry Landing Strip (historical) Hancock 663 Bentley
Warsaw Airport (historical) Warsaw Airport (historical) Hancock 486 Warsaw
Mayfield Landing Strip (historical) Mayfield Landing Strip (historical) Brown 735 Kellerville
Sneider Landing Strip (historical) Sneider Landing Strip (historical) Brown 440 Cooperstown
Feist Landing Strip (historical) Feist Landing Strip (historical) Logan 650 Armington
Naffziger Landing Strip (historical) Naffziger Landing Strip (historical) Bureau 751 Buda NE
Bland Landing Strip (historical) Bland Landing Strip (historical) Moultrie 659 Lovington
Jean Wood Airport (historical) Jean Wood Airport (historical) Moultrie 650 Sullivan
Smith Landing Field (historical) Smith Landing Field (historical) Wayne 440 Enterprise
Moffet Landing Strip (historical) Moffet Landing Strip (historical) Shelby 591 Fancher
Breezy Point Landing Strip (historical) Breezy Point Landing Strip (historical) Stark 761 Castleton
West Salem Airport (historical) West Salem Airport (historical) Edwards 509 West Salem
Carlyle Airpark (historical) Carlyle Airpark (historical) Clinton 472 Stolletown
Ewing Landing Strip (historical) Ewing Landing Strip (historical) Edgar 666 Brocton
Gough Landing Strip (historical) Gough Landing Strip (historical) Edgar 774 Kansas
Lamkey Landing Strip (historical) Lamkey Landing Strip (historical) Edgar 669 Brocton
Midway Landing Field (historical) Midway Landing Field (historical) Edgar 643 Paris North
Paris Airport (historical) Paris Airport (historical) Edgar 679 Paris North
Richardson Landing Strip (historical) Richardson Landing Strip (historical) Edgar 732 Hume
Stewart Airport (historical) Stewart Airport (historical) Edgar 738 Paris South
Brentwood Landing Strip (historical) Brentwood Landing Strip (historical) Sangamon 577 Mechanicsburg
Brown Landing Strip (historical) Brown Landing Strip (historical) Sangamon 620 Divernon
McDonald Landing Strip (historical) McDonald Landing Strip (historical) Sangamon 656 Virden North
McNaught Landing Strip (historical) McNaught Landing Strip (historical) Sangamon 636 Virden North
Richardson Airport Richardson Airport Sangamon 656 New Berlin
Miller Landing Strip (historical) Miller Landing Strip (historical) Fayette 571 Avena
Gully Landing Strip (historical) Gully Landing Strip (historical) Pike 692 Barry
Fisher Landing Strip (historical) Fisher Landing Strip (historical) Sangamon 597 Athens
Lindbergh Air Mail Field (historical) Lindbergh Air Mail Field (historical) Sangamon 594 Springfield West
Waddell Airport (historical) Waddell Airport (historical) Tazewell 499 Manito
Mathews Landing Strip (historical) Mathews Landing Strip (historical) McLean 741 Le Roy
Quinton Landing Strip (historical) Quinton Landing Strip (historical) McLean 735 Heyworth
Williams Landing Strip (historical) Williams Landing Strip (historical) Douglas 666 Brocton
Champaign Airport (historical) Champaign Airport (historical) Champaign 761 Rising
Bragg Landing Strip (historical) Bragg Landing Strip (historical) Douglas 679 Atwood
Cooper Landing Field (historical) Cooper Landing Field (historical) Douglas 656 Tuscola
Anselm Landing Strip (historical) Anselm Landing Strip (historical) Christian 617 Willeys
Deal Landing Strip (historical) Deal Landing Strip (historical) Christian 620 Kincaid
Kottwitz Landing Strip (historical) Kottwitz Landing Strip (historical) Christian 666 Nokomis
Metsker Landing Strip (historical) Metsker Landing Strip (historical) Christian 633 Owaneco
Seitz Landing Strip (historical) Seitz Landing Strip (historical) Christian 636 Raymond NE
Tex Landing Strip (historical) Tex Landing Strip (historical) Christian 669 Oconee
Campbell Landing Strip (historical) Campbell Landing Strip (historical) Fulton 679 Ray
Bayles Lake Landing Strip (historical) Bayles Lake Landing Strip (historical) Iroquois 771 Buckley
Newman Landing Strip (historical) Newman Landing Strip (historical) Iroquois 646 Milford
Barnes Landing Strip (historical) Barnes Landing Strip (historical) Ford 728 Gibson City East
Negus Landing Strip (historical) Negus Landing Strip (historical) Morgan 650 Alexander
Rees Landing Strip (historical) Rees Landing Strip (historical) Morgan 692 Alexander
Smith Landing Strip (historical) Smith Landing Strip (historical) Morgan 699 Jacksonville
Aero Estates Airport (historical) Aero Estates Airport (historical) DuPage 702 Normantown
Robert Siemers Landing Strip (historical) Robert Siemers Landing Strip (historical) LaSalle 679 McNabb
Starved Rock Airpark (historical) Starved Rock Airpark (historical) LaSalle 456 Starved Rock
Herschberger Landing Strip (historical) Herschberger Landing Strip (historical) Greene 427 Kampsville
Orton Landing Field (historical) Orton Landing Field (historical) Greene 643 Pearl East
Sunset Landing Strip (historical) Sunset Landing Strip (historical) Greene 548 Greenfield
Tiger Landing Strip (historical) Tiger Landing Strip (historical) Greene 623 Greenfield
Ashley Farms Landing Strip (historical) Ashley Farms Landing Strip (historical) LaSalle 682 Tonica
Holt Landing Strip (historical) Holt Landing Strip (historical) De Witt 715 Funks Grove
Beckley Airfield (historical) Beckley Airfield (historical) Vermilion 738 Hoopeston
Anderson Landing Strip (historical) Anderson Landing Strip (historical) Macoupin 659 Palmyra
Emery Landing Strip (historical) Emery Landing Strip (historical) Macoupin 640 Atwater
Klimut Landing Strip (historical) Klimut Landing Strip (historical) Macoupin 623 Carlinville East
Leefers Landing Strip (historical) Leefers Landing Strip (historical) Macoupin 620 Carlinville East
Delassus Landing Field (historical) Delassus Landing Field (historical) Randolph 374 Kaskaskia
Lombard Airport (historical) Lombard Airport (historical) DuPage 738 Wheaton
Mitchell Field (historical) Mitchell Field (historical) DuPage 738 Lombard
Lebeck Landing Strip (historical) Lebeck Landing Strip (historical) Montgomery 633 Raymond
McNeely Landing Strip (historical) McNeely Landing Strip (historical) Montgomery 669 Bald Knob
Mitchell Landing Strip Mitchell Landing Strip LaSalle 699 Marseilles
Collins Airstrip (historical) Collins Airstrip (historical) Lee 656 Dixon West
Thompson Landing Strip (historical) Thompson Landing Strip (historical) Lee 787 Steward
Valley Airfield (historical) Valley Airfield (historical) Bureau 636 Spring Valley
Antioch Airport (historical) Antioch Airport (historical) Lake 751 Fox Lake
Lena Flying Club Landing Field (historical) Lena Flying Club Landing Field (historical) Stephenson 978 Lena
Stearns Landing Strip (historical) Stearns Landing Strip (historical) Stephenson 928 Dakota
Bartram Landing Strip (historical) Bartram Landing Strip (historical) Piatt 682 Bement
Kirwan Landing Strip (historical) Kirwan Landing Strip (historical) Piatt 676 Ivesdale
White Landing Strip (historical) White Landing Strip (historical) Piatt 709 La Place
Becks Farm Landing Strip (historical) Becks Farm Landing Strip (historical) Washington 499 Beaucoup
Rockwood Field (historical) Rockwood Field (historical) Whiteside 735 Morrison
Machesney Airport (historical) Machesney Airport (historical) Winnebago 732 Rockford North
Chicago Airmail Field (historical) Chicago Airmail Field (historical) Cook 623 Berwyn
Chicagoland Airport (historical) Chicagoland Airport (historical) Lake 663 Wheeling
Prosperi Airport (historical) Prosperi Airport (historical) Cook 699 Tinley Park
Griffin Airport Griffin Airport Marion 535 Saint Paul
Midland Airport Midland Airport Lake 748 Fox Lake
Foster Field Foster Field Jo Daviess 961 Scales Mound East
Miller Airport Miller Airport Lee 820 Ashton
Wilcoxon Airport Wilcoxon Airport Menard 600 Athens
Hoblit Farms Airport Hoblit Farms Airport Logan 623 Waynesville West
Sugar Creek Farm Airport Sugar Creek Farm Airport Logan 686 Armington
Scott Air Force Base/MidAmerica Airport Scott Air Force Base/MidAmerica Airport St. Clair 436 Lebanon
Kaufield Airport Kaufield Airport Boone 781 Garden Prairie
Untied Acres Airport Untied Acres Airport Boone 804 Belvidere South
Unzicker Airport Unzicker Airport Woodford 751 Benson
Sharp Airport Sharp Airport Moultrie 669 Dalton City
Classic Landings Classic Landings Kankakee 633 Bonfield
Lee Creek Airport Lee Creek Airport Boone 955 Belvidere NW
SD Aero SD Aero Boone 928 Capron
Mary's Landing Mary's Landing Boone 912 Capron
John Scharff Airport John Scharff Airport De Witt 741 Clinton
Schertz Aerial Service - Cooksville Airport Schertz Aerial Service - Cooksville Airport McLean 738 Cooksville
Antique Aerodrome Antique Aerodrome Livingston 705 Blackstone
Corn Field Airport Corn Field Airport Will 581 Essex
Ellis Airport Ellis Airport Stephenson 879 Davis
Flying Z Ranch Airport Flying Z Ranch Airport Winnebago 951 Durand
Sauer Airport Sauer Airport Livingston 666 Dwight
Humm Airport Humm Airport LaSalle 709 Leland
B & C Airport B & C Airport LaSalle 715 Earlville
Tommy's Airpark Tommy's Airpark Christian 594 Edinburg
Barnstorm Field Barnstorm Field Woodford 735 Benson
Storey Real Estate Airport Storey Real Estate Airport White 466 Enfield
Murphy Farms Airport Murphy Farms Airport Montgomery 646 Raymond NE
Lake West Wind Airport (historical) Lake West Wind Airport (historical) Madison 600 Alton
Sullivan Airport Sullivan Airport Hancock 653 Hamilton
Adkisson Airport Adkisson Airport Moultrie 679 Hammond
Dury Estates Airport Dury Estates Airport Jackson 390 De Soto
Raymond RLA Airport Raymond RLA Airport Jersey 646 Jerseyville South
Godbee RLA Airport (historical) Godbee RLA Airport (historical) Livingston 718 Cullom
Rotstein Airport Rotstein Airport DeKalb 745 Cherry Valley
Clarion Field Clarion Field Bureau 801 Mendota West
Foxfield Aerodrome Foxfield Aerodrome Carroll 866 Loran
Piper's Landing Piper's Landing Lawrence 423 Lawrenceville
P.J. Killian Airport P.J. Killian Airport McLean 751 Merna
Bauer Airport (historical) Bauer Airport (historical) Ogle 787 Kings
Wind Rose Farm Airport Wind Rose Farm Airport McHenry 814 Riley
Hilbert Airport Hilbert Airport McHenry 892 Marengo North
Townley Farms Airport (historical) Townley Farms Airport (historical) Coles 682 Mattoon West
Eudy Airport (historical) Eudy Airport (historical) Ogle 774 Kings
Curanda Airport Curanda Airport Grundy 604 Morris
Rendleman Airport Rendleman Airport Jackson 472 Oraville
Bickel Airport Bickel Airport St. Clair 410 New Athens East
Woodley Aerial Spray Airport (historical) Woodley Aerial Spray Airport (historical) Bureau 643 New Bedford
Silver Creek Gliderport (historical) Silver Creek Gliderport (historical) Madison 594 New Douglas
Heeg Airport Heeg Airport Henderson 568 Keithsburg
Skydive Chicago Airport Skydive Chicago Airport LaSalle 617 Wedron
Dunn Airport Dunn Airport Lee 860 Compton
Hasselbring Airport Hasselbring Airport Ford 741 Paxton
O'Connor Field O'Connor Field Winnebago 863 Pecatonica
Carlson RLA Airport Carlson RLA Airport Winnebago 745 Pecatonica
Early - Merkel Field Early - Merkel Field Winnebago 810 Winnebago
Panther Field Panther Field Perry 436 Pinckneyville
Compton Airport Compton Airport Madison 531 Pocahontas
Harris Airport Harris Airport Fayette 551 Vera
Rantoul National Aviation Center Airport-Frank Elliott Field Rantoul National Aviation Center Airport-Frank Elliott Field Champaign 735 Rantoul
Duclos RLA Airport Duclos RLA Airport Monroe 518 Ames
Michael Pfister Airport Michael Pfister Airport Woodford 801 Metamora
Kuebler RLA Airport Kuebler RLA Airport Fayette 617 Altamont West
Sneek Airport (historical) Sneek Airport (historical) Ogle 899 Shannon
Koch Airport Koch Airport Winnebago 794 Shirland
Stutzke Airport Stutzke Airport Whiteside 748 Como
Thrifty Acres Airport Thrifty Acres Airport Ogle 722 Kishwaukee
Providence Place Field Providence Place Field Jo Daviess 945 Kent
Wilts Airport Wilts Airport LaSalle 669 Leonore
Richmond Airport Richmond Airport Fulton 673 Vermont
Cloverleaf Ranch Airport Cloverleaf Ranch Airport Bureau 794 Whitefield
Riggins Farms Airport (historical) Riggins Farms Airport (historical) Douglas 663 Murdock
Jan Knipe Airport Jan Knipe Airport Hancock 630 Warsaw
Butler Hill RLA Airport Butler Hill RLA Airport Lee 761 Sublette
Bock Farms Airport Bock Farms Airport Logan 591 Williamsville
Plain Crazy Airport Plain Crazy Airport Hancock 702 Carthage West
Gaitros Airport Gaitros Airport Piatt 692 Cerro Gordo
Justison Airport Justison Airport Montgomery 650 Butler
Smith RLA Ultralight Flightpark Smith RLA Ultralight Flightpark Bond 528 Pocahontas
Herrens Bess Hollow Airfield Herrens Bess Hollow Airfield Calhoun 561 Pleasant Dale Valley
Norfleet Airport Norfleet Airport Piatt 679 Cerro Gordo
Mountain Airport Mountain Airport Pike 587 Perry West
Holland Field Holland Field McLean 709 Funks Grove
Hoehn RLA Airport Hoehn RLA Airport Montgomery 659 Bald Knob
Hope Field Hope Field Grundy 558 Coal City
Shumway International Airport Shumway International Airport Effingham 640 Shumway
Loeppert CPL Aero Loeppert CPL Aero Winnebago 814 Shirland
Brewer Airport Brewer Airport Fayette 633 Ramsey
Hundley Airport Hundley Airport Sangamon 587 Edinburg
Geldean Airport Geldean Airport Bureau 748 New Bedford
Woodley 2 Airport Woodley 2 Airport Bureau 650 New Bedford
Hinsdale Airport (historical) Hinsdale Airport (historical) DuPage 705 Hinsdale