Blackfoot Mountains Blackfoot Mountains Bingham 6808 Poison Creek
Chalk Hills Chalk Hills Canyon 2556 Marsing
Cotterel Mountains Cotterel Mountains Cassia 6092 Idahome
East Hills East Hills Cassia 5804 Albion
Fish Creek Range Fish Creek Range Caribou 6460 Sedgwick Peak
Hawley Mountains Hawley Mountains Butte 7910 Hawley Mountain
Lewisville Knolls Lewisville Knolls Jefferson 4918 Lewisville
Little Valley Hills Little Valley Hills Bonneville 7424 Little Valley Hills
North Junipers North Junipers Fremont 5945 Big Grassy Ridge SE
Owyhee Mountains Owyhee Mountains Owyhee 8386 Cinnabar Mountain
Picabo Hills Picabo Hills Blaine 6211 Gannett
Samaria Mountains Samaria Mountains Oneida 7605 Samaria
Sand Hills Sand Hills Bonneville 4715 Idaho Falls South
Sheep Hills Sheep Hills Owyhee 5161 Brace Flat
Silver City Range Silver City Range Owyhee 7559 Cinnabar Mountain
South Junipers South Junipers Fremont 6109 Big Grassy Ridge SE
The Breaks The Breaks Jefferson 4905 Rays Lake
Timmerman Hills Timmerman Hills Blaine 5630 Magic Reservoir East
Pioneer Mountains Pioneer Mountains Blaine 11939 Hyndman Peak
Arco Hills Arco Hills Butte 7310 Arco Hills
Aspen Range Aspen Range Caribou 7831 Johnson Creek
Bear River Range Bear River Range Bear Lake 8356 Paris Peak
Beaverhead Mountains Beaverhead Mountains Lemhi 11352 Scott Peak
Big Hole Mountains Big Hole Mountains Teton 8655 Garns Mountain
Bighorn Crags Bighorn Crags Lemhi 9642 Mount McGuire
Bitterroot Mountains Bitterroot Mountains Clearwater 3845 Lookout Pass
Black Pine Mountains Black Pine Mountains Cassia 8586 Sweetzer Canyon
Boulder Mountains Boulder Mountains Custer 11699 Ryan Peak
Caribou Range Caribou Range Caribou 8202 Stump Peak
Castle Rocks Castle Rocks Cassia 6795 Cache Peak
Cold Springs Mountains Cold Springs Mountains Idaho 6926 Kirkwood Creek
Cuddy Mountains Cuddy Mountains Washington 7566 Crooked River Point
Danskin Mountains Danskin Mountains Elmore 4987 Danskin Peak
Deep Creek Mountains Deep Creek Mountains Power 8412 Deep Creek Peak
Donkey Hills Donkey Hills Custer 9377 Short Creek
Fox Hills Fox Hills Caribou 7011 Lower Valley
Grass Mountains Grass Mountains Idaho 8067 Hazard Lake
Grays Range Grays Range Caribou 7428 Wayan West
High Breaks High Breaks Idaho 4767 Wolf Creek
Hitt Mountains Hitt Mountains Washington 6329 Monroe Butte
Hoodoo Mountains Hoodoo Mountains Latah 4816 Fernwood
Jim Sage Mountains Jim Sage Mountains Cassia 8025 Kane Canyon
Lemhi Range Lemhi Range Lemhi 9442 Yellow Peak
Little Goat Mountains Little Goat Mountains Shoshone 6043 Little Goat Mountains
Lost River Range Lost River Range Butte 8799 Methodist Creek
Malad Range Malad Range Oneida 6831 Henderson Creek
Middle Mountain Middle Mountain Cassia 7014 Lyman Pass
Moose Mountains Moose Mountains Clearwater 6735 Moose Mountain
Ninety Percent Range Ninety Percent Range Caribou 6808 Alexander
North Fork Range North Fork Range Valley 6243 Packer John Mountain
North Hansel Mountains North Hansel Mountains Oneida 6975 Co-op Spring
Pahsimeroi Mountains Pahsimeroi Mountains Custer 8258 Little Antelope Flat
Palouse Range Palouse Range Latah 4728 Moscow Mountain
Pleasantview Hills Pleasantview Hills Oneida 6378 Daniels
Pocatello Range Pocatello Range Bannock 6621 Moonlight Mountain
Portneuf Range Portneuf Range Bannock 7851 Bonneville Peak
Preuss Range Preuss Range Caribou 7329 Montpelier Canyon
Red Hills Red Hills Lemhi 7572 Red Hills
Salmon River Mountains Salmon River Mountains Custer 6975 Gooseberry Creek
Sawtooth Range Sawtooth Range Blaine 9767 Snowyside Peak
Seven Devils Mountains Seven Devils Mountains Idaho 9268 He Devil
Sheep Creek Hills Sheep Creek Hills Bear Lake 6539 Border
Shoshone Range Shoshone Range Shoshone 4035 Pond Peak
Smoky Mountains Smoky Mountains Blaine 10115 Baker Peak
Snowdrift Mountain Snowdrift Mountain Caribou 9357 Snowdrift Mountain
Soda Springs Hills Soda Springs Hills Caribou 6699 Alexander
Soldier Mountains Soldier Mountains Elmore 6942 Grouse Butte
Stone Hills Stone Hills Oneida 5472 The Cove
Sublett Range Sublett Range Power 6289 Sublett Troughs
Webster Range Webster Range Caribou 8668 Diamond Flat
White Cloud Peaks White Cloud Peaks Custer 11788 Boulder Chain Lakes
White Knob Mountains White Knob Mountains Custer 11253 Shelly Mountain
White Mountains White Mountains Custer 9600 Star Hope Mine
Williams Range Williams Range Clearwater 7087 Rhodes Peak
Wooley Range Wooley Range Caribou 7208 Lower Valley
Yellowjacket Mountains Yellowjacket Mountains Lemhi 8018 Hoodoo Meadows
Hitt Mountains Hitt Mountains Washington 6752 Sturgill Peak
Boise Mountains Boise Mountains Boise 5787 Barber Flat
Bannock Range Bannock Range Bannock 7018 Wakley Peak
Clearwater Mountains Clearwater Mountains Idaho 4895 Hida Point
Seven Sisters Seven Sisters Boundary 6929 The Wigwams
Trinity Mountains Trinity Mountains Elmore 6752 Rocky Bar
Paradise Hills Paradise Hills Bingham 7001 Paradise Valley
Black Butte Hills Black Butte Hills Lincoln 4534 Mammoth Cave
Grassy Hills Grassy Hills Owyhee 5853 Grassy Hills
Lake Hills Lake Hills Blaine 6614 Lake Hills
Bitterroot Range Bitterroot Range Clearwater 7126 Pot Mountain
Selkirk Mountains Selkirk Mountains Boundary 5331 Priest Lake SE
Chesterfield Range Chesterfield Range Caribou 6959 The Dip
St. Joe Mountains St. Joe Mountains Shoshone 5466 Wallace
Albion Mountains Albion Mountains Cassia 7470 Cache Peak
White Hills White Hills Custer 8215 Grouse Peak
Cedar Hills Cedar Hills Cassia 6588 Almo
West Mountains West Mountains Gem 5823 Tripod Peak
Centennial Mountains Centennial Mountains Clark 10180 Mount Jefferson
Three Buttes Three Buttes Bingham 7182 Long Valley
Sheep Mountain Range Sheep Mountain Range Clearwater 5686 Sheep Mountain
Mount Bennett Hills Mount Bennett Hills Camas 6102 Dempsey Meadows
Western Centennial Mountains Western Centennial Mountains Clark 9390 Slide Mountain
Eastern Centennial Mountains Eastern Centennial Mountains Clark 10180 Mount Jefferson
Snake River Range Snake River Range Bonneville 9751 Palisades Peak