Cook-Koster Lateral Cook-Koster Lateral Bonneville 4764 Idaho Falls North
A 1 Canal A 1 Canal Minidoka 4160 Rupert SE
A Canal A Canal Jerome 4114 Milner
A Drain A Drain Canyon 2402 Caldwell
A-3 Canal A-3 Canal Minidoka 4157 Rupert
A-4 Canal A-4 Canal Minidoka 4153 Rupert
A-5 Canal A-5 Canal Minidoka 4150 Rupert
Aberdeen Springfield Canal Aberdeen Springfield Canal Bingham 4465 Rockford
Ace Lateral Ace Lateral Bingham 4472 Moreland
Agency Lateral Agency Lateral Bingham 4459 Fort Hall
Alkali Drain Alkali Drain Canyon 2198 Parma
Allen Lateral Allen Lateral Canyon 2418 Notus
Allens Branch Allens Branch Bingham 4659 Idaho Falls South
Alliance Canal Alliance Canal Jefferson 4849 Rigby
Ammon Extension Canal Ammon Extension Canal Bonneville 4747 Ucon
Ammon Lateral Ammon Lateral Bonneville 4757 Ucon
Anderson Canal Anderson Canal Bonneville 4898 Rigby SE
Anderson Lateral Anderson Lateral Bonneville 4744 Idaho Falls North
Andrews Ditch Andrews Ditch Canyon 2254 Wilder
Andrews Lateral Andrews Lateral Ada 2602 Meridian
Angelo Ditch Angelo Ditch Custer 5695 Darlington
Apex Lateral Apex Lateral Bingham 4491 Blackfoot
Arc Lateral Arc Lateral Bingham 4488 Blackfoot
Arcadia Canal Arcadia Canal Fremont 5194 Lemon Lake
Arena Canal Arena Canal Canyon 2352 Wilder
Arena Case Drain Arena Case Drain Canyon 2228 Adrian
Arena Lake Drain Arena Lake Drain Canyon 2274 Wilder
Arimo Ditch Arimo Ditch Bannock 4836 Arimo
Armstrong Lateral Armstrong Lateral Bonneville 4734 Idaho Falls North
Arrow Lateral Arrow Lateral Bingham 4485 Blackfoot
Ash Lateral Ash Lateral Bingham 4485 Blackfoot
Attell Lateral Attell Lateral Canyon 2434 Wilder
Augustine Ditch Augustine Ditch Bingham 4491 Moreland
Aven Lateral Aven Lateral Canyon 2621 Lake Lowell
B Canal B Canal Jerome 4117 Milner
B Ditch B Ditch Jerome 4163 Eden
B Lateral B Lateral Payette 2254 Letha
B Line Canal B Line Canal Owyhee 2303 Homedale
B Main Drain B Main Drain Minidoka 4216 Acequia
B-1 Canal B-1 Canal Minidoka 4157 Rupert NW
B-1 Ditch B-1 Ditch Jerome 4150 Eden
B-4 Canal B-4 Canal Minidoka 4153 Burley
Bain Canal Bain Canal Bonneville 4652 Woodville
Baker Lateral Baker Lateral Bannock 4472 Pocatello North
Ballard Ditch Ballard Ditch Bingham 4698 Buckskin Basin
Ballentine Canal Ballentine Canal Ada 2559 Eagle
Bannock Canal Bannock Canal Power 4485 Wheatgrass Bench
Bannock Drain Bannock Drain Power 4429 Wheatgrass Bench
Bardsly Gulch Drain Bardsly Gulch Drain Canyon 2379 Caldwell
Barth Lateral Barth Lateral Canyon 2671 Melba
Basin Lateral Basin Lateral Elmore 2769 Pasadena Valley
Battle Creek Canal Battle Creek Canal Bonneville 4705 Idaho Falls South
Beal Lateral Beal Lateral Canyon 2421 Notus
Beckdolt Lateral Beckdolt Lateral Ada 2739 Meridian
Beckman Ditch Beckman Ditch Bonneville 4754 Idaho Falls North
Bell Ditch Bell Ditch Gooding 2913 Hagerman
Bell Ditch Bell Ditch Fremont 5125 Lemon Lake
Bell Larsen Canal Bell Larsen Canal Jefferson 4764 Roberts
Bell Lateral Bell Lateral Bingham 4468 Fort Hall
Bellevue Canal Bellevue Canal Blaine 5144 Bellevue
Bench Ditch Bench Ditch Power 4961 Rockland East
Benham Canal Benham Canal Owyhee 2559 Little Valley
Bennett Lateral Bennett Lateral Canyon 2634 Melba
Bennett Lateral Bennett Lateral Ada 2769 Boise South
Benson Drain Benson Drain Canyon 2411 Wilder
Benton Lateral Benton Lateral Ada 2687 Kuna
Bernard Wasteway Bernard Wasteway Canyon 2569 Melba
Biby Ditch Biby Ditch Bonneville 4862 Ucon
Big Bend Ditch Big Bend Ditch Gooding 2953 Hagerman
Big Siphon Wasteway Big Siphon Wasteway Power 4478 Wheatgrass Bench
Big Six Canal Big Six Canal Jefferson 4783 Lewisville
Billman Canal Billman Canal Bonneville 4816 Ucon
Black Otter Canal Black Otter Canal Bear Lake 5945 Dingle
Blackfoot Canal Blackfoot Canal Bingham 4567 Firth
Blaine Canal Blaine Canal Butte 5518 Appendicitis Hill
Bluff Lateral Bluff Lateral Ada 2569 Walters Butte
Bohlson Lateral Bohlson Lateral Canyon 2523 Marsing
Boise Valley Canal Boise Valley Canal Ada 2625 Eagle
Boller Lateral Boller Lateral Ada 2743 Cloverdale
Bolton Canal Bolton Canal Payette 2382 Birding Island
Bolton Lateral Bolton Lateral Canyon 2431 Middleton
Boomer Canal Boomer Canal Bonneville 4898 Rigby SE
Boone Ditch Boone Ditch Canyon 2274 Notus
Bow Lateral Bow Lateral Bingham 4478 Moreland
Brailsford Ditch Brailsford Ditch Gooding 2999 Hagerman
Bresheres Lateral Bresheres Lateral Ada 2618 Eagle
Brooks Lateral Brooks Lateral Canyon 2598 Givens Hot Springs
Bubb Canal Bubb Canal Ada 2720 Boise South
Buckeye Ditch Buckeye Ditch Gooding 2936 Hagerman
Bungalow Canal Bungalow Canal Jefferson 4879 Rigby
Burgess Canal Burgess Canal Jefferson 4849 Rigby
Burke Lateral Burke Lateral Canyon 2562 Nampa
Burris Lateral Burris Lateral Canyon 2539 Lake Lowell
Butte Arm Canal Butte Arm Canal Bonneville 4672 Idaho Falls South
Little Butte Canal Little Butte Canal Bingham 4514 Blackfoot
Butte Lateral Butte Lateral Canyon 2684 Melba
Butte Market Lake Canal Butte Market Lake Canal Jefferson 4780 Lewisville
Bypass Canal Bypass Canal Blaine 5029 Bellevue
Bypass Canal Bypass Canal Jerome 4134 Milner
Byrns Stratton Canal Byrns Stratton Canal Lincoln 4544 Tapper Lake
C Ditch C Ditch Jerome 4124 Eden
C Line Canal C Line Canal Owyhee 2283 Marsing
C Main Drain C Main Drain Minidoka 4196 Acequia
C-Line Canal C-Line Canal Gem 2602 Sand Hollow
C-Line Canal East C-Line Canal East Canyon 2546 Southwest Emmett
C-Line Canal West C-Line Canal West Gem 2566 Sand Hollow
C-1 Canal C-1 Canal Minidoka 4153 Burley NE
C-1 Ditch C-1 Ditch Jerome 4131 Eden
C-2 Canal C-2 Canal Minidoka 4153 Burley NE
Caldwell Canal Feeder Caldwell Canal Feeder Canyon 2425 Lake Lowell
Caldwell Drain Caldwell Drain Canyon 2415 Caldwell
Caldwell Low Line Canal Caldwell Low Line Canal Canyon 2418 Caldwell
Calico Lateral Calico Lateral Bingham 4445 Fort Hall
Canyon Canal Canyon Canal Canyon 2402 Middleton
Canyon Hill Lateral Canyon Hill Lateral Canyon 2428 Caldwell
Capital Hill Lateral Capital Hill Lateral Bonneville 4705 Woodville
Carlson Lateral Carlson Lateral Canyon 2543 Lake Lowell
Carlson Lateral Carlson Lateral Ada 2733 Meridian
Cash Lateral Cash Lateral Bingham 4468 Moreland
Cedar Mesa Canal Cedar Mesa Canal Twin Falls 4842 Roseworth SE
Cedar Point Canal Cedar Point Canal Bingham 4613 Firth
Centerville Canal Centerville Canal Bonneville 4810 Ucon
Centerville Ditch Centerville Ditch Bingham 4511 Rose
Centerville Ditch Centerville Ditch Bingham 4505 Blackfoot
Central Alkali Drain Central Alkali Drain Canyon 2205 Adrian
Chance Lateral Chance Lateral Canyon 2388 Adrian
Chester Canal Chester Canal Fremont 5085 Newdale
Christenson Lateral Christenson Lateral Bingham 4593 Firth
Church Lateral Church Lateral Bannock 4472 Michaud
City Canal City Canal Bonneville 4721 Idaho Falls North
City of Rexburg Ditch City of Rexburg Ditch Madison 4865 Rexburg
Clark Edwards Canal Clark Edwards Canal Jefferson 4928 Ririe
Clark Lateral Clark Lateral Twin Falls 4715 Roseworth
Clements Spori Ditch Clements Spori Ditch Madison 4852 Rexburg
Coates Drain Coates Drain Owyhee 2342 Graveyard Point
Coe Lateral Coe Lateral Canyon 2618 Melba
Cole Lateral Cole Lateral Ada 2726 Cloverdale
Consolidated Farmers Canal Consolidated Farmers Canal Madison 4882 Parker
Cook Canal Cook Canal Bear Lake 6073 Border
Cooley Lateral Cooley Lateral Bingham 4449 Moreland
Corbett Slough Canal Corbett Slough Canal Bingham 4518 Blackfoot
Coulee Drain Coulee Drain Canyon 2562 Melba
Cove Canal Cove Canal Blaine 5272 Hailey
Covet Lateral Covet Lateral Bannock 4475 Pocatello North
Cowan Ditch Cowan Ditch Owyhee 5676 Cowan Reservoir
Cox Lateral Cox Lateral Bingham 4619 Firth
Crawford Ditch Crawford Ditch Bingham 4442 Moreland
Crawford Lateral Crawford Lateral Ada 2700 Cloverdale
Creason Lateral Creason Lateral Ada 2566 Star
Crim Sublateral Lateral Crim Sublateral Lateral Canyon 2316 Marsing
Crosscut Canal Crosscut Canal Fremont 5043 Newdale
Crystal Lake Canal Crystal Lake Canal Jefferson 4790 Terreton
Cub Canal Cub Canal Franklin 4603 Franklin
Cunningham Lateral Cunningham Lateral Ada 2730 Cloverdale
Curren Ditch Curren Ditch Gooding 3038 Hagerman
D Main Drain D Main Drain Minidoka 4222 Max
D-q Drain D-q Drain Minidoka 4150 Burley
Dailey Lateral Dailey Lateral Canyon 2484 Notus
Danskin Canal Danskin Canal Bingham 4478 Moreland
Deer Flat Caldwell Canal Deer Flat Caldwell Canal Canyon 2497 Lake Lowell
Deer Flat Nampa Canal Deer Flat Nampa Canal Canyon 2503 Lake Lowell
Deer Flat North Canal Deer Flat North Canal Canyon 2497 Notus
Deer Park Canal Deer Park Canal Jefferson 4793 Lewisville
Demke Lateral Demke Lateral Canyon 2579 Lake Lowell
Detrich Canal Detrich Canal Lincoln 4219 Richfield
Dewey Lateral Dewey Lateral Canyon 2625 Meridian
Dickens Drain Dickens Drain Canyon 2369 Notus
Divide Ditch Divide Ditch Bingham 4528 Blackfoot
Dixie Drain Dixie Drain Canyon 2398 Caldwell
Dixie Lateral Dixie Lateral Bingham 4491 Blackfoot
Dolbow Lateral Dolbow Lateral Canyon 2598 Lake Lowell
Dotson Drain Dotson Drain Canyon 2493 Notus
Drew Drain Drew Drain Canyon 2454 Wilder
Drew Lateral Drew Lateral Canyon 2418 Wilder
DuBois Lateral DuBois Lateral Bannock 4465 Pocatello North
Dubois Lateral Dubois Lateral Bingham 4495 Moreland
Duncan Ditch Duncan Ditch Bingham 4442 Moreland
Duval Lateral Duval Lateral Canyon 2536 Meridian
E E Main Drain E E Main Drain Jerome 4183 Burley NW
Eagle Rock Canal Eagle Rock Canal Jefferson 4984 Ririe
Early Lateral Early Lateral Bingham 4455 Fort Hall
East Alkali Drain East Alkali Drain Canyon 2201 Wilder
East Branch Martin Canal East Branch Martin Canal Bonneville 4724 Woodville
East Branch Snake River Valley Canal East Branch Snake River Valley Canal Bingham 4619 Goshen
East Canal East Canal Jefferson 4774 Deer Parks
East Center Canal East Center Canal Bonneville 4797 Ucon
East Fork Golden Gulch Drain East Fork Golden Gulch Drain Ada 2631 Kuna
East Lateral East Lateral Bonneville 4747 Idaho Falls North
East Madden Lateral East Madden Lateral Canyon 2667 Melba
East Main Drain East Main Drain Minidoka 4216 Rupert NW
East Railroad Lateral East Railroad Lateral Canyon 2644 Melba
East Teton Canal East Teton Canal Madison 4993 Saint Anthony
Ebony Lateral Ebony Lateral Bingham 4478 Moreland
Echelberger Lateral Echelberger Lateral Ada 2684 Eagle
Echo Lateral Echo Lateral Bingham 4452 Fort Hall
Edge Lateral Edge Lateral Bingham 4442 Fort Hall
Edwards Lateral Edwards Lateral Canyon 2493 Nampa
Egg Lateral Egg Lateral Bingham 4455 Fort Hall
Egin Canal Egin Canal Fremont 4911 Parker
Eightmile Lateral Eightmile Lateral Ada 2608 Meridian
Eldridge Lateral Eldridge Lateral Bingham 4452 Fort Hall
Elijah Drain Elijah Drain Canyon 2484 Nampa
Emma Canal Emma Canal Blaine 4432 Pingree
Enders Lateral Enders Lateral Bingham 4442 Fort Hall
Engdahl Lateral Engdahl Lateral Bingham 4439 Fort Hall
England Lateral England Lateral Bingham 4475 Moreland
English Lateral English Lateral Bingham 4468 Fort Hall
Ensign Lateral Ensign Lateral Bingham 4478 Blackfoot
Enterprise Canal Enterprise Canal Jefferson 4967 Ririe
Escott Drain Escott Drain Canyon 2339 Marsing
Etcheverry Ditch Etcheverry Ditch Bear Lake 6063 Border
Eureka Canal Eureka Canal Canyon 2300 Notus
Evans Lateral Evans Lateral Bingham 4449 Fort Hall
Evening Ditch Evening Ditch Bannock 4954 Moonlight Mountain
Express Lateral Express Lateral Bingham 4459 Fort Hall
F Canal F Canal Jerome 3914 Twin Falls NE
F Main Drain F Main Drain Minidoka 4262 Kimama
F Waste Canal F Waste Canal Cassia 4153 Rupert
Facer Lateral Facer Lateral Bannock 4475 Pocatello North
Fall River Canal Fall River Canal Fremont 5092 Newdale
Fargo High Line Canal Fargo High Line Canal Canyon 2375 Wilder
Fargo Low Line Canal Fargo Low Line Canal Canyon 2297 Wilder
Fargo Wasteway Fargo Wasteway Canyon 2244 Homedale
Farmer Ditch Farmer Ditch Bannock 4915 Buckskin Basin
Farmers Cooperative Wasteway Farmers Cooperative Wasteway Gem 2257 Letha
Farmers Ditch Farmers Ditch Payette 2234 Payette
Farmers Friend Canal Farmers Friend Canal Fremont 4954 Saint Anthony
Farmers Lateral Farmers Lateral Ada 2743 Boise South
Farr Lateral Farr Lateral Ada 2756 Cloverdale
Feeder Canal Feeder Canal Elmore 3320 Mountain Home North
Fenton Lateral Fenton Lateral Canyon 2444 Lake Lowell
Hayes Lateral Hayes Lateral Bannock 4800 Shattuck Butte
Fieselmann Lateral Fieselmann Lateral Canyon 2592 Meridian
Fisher Lateral Fisher Lateral Canyon 2415 Caldwell
Fisk Sublateral Fisk Sublateral Canyon 2552 Marsing
Five and Seventenths Canal Five and Seventenths Canal Owyhee 2477 Adrian
Flake Lateral Flake Lateral Ada 2464 Middleton
Flume Lateral Flume Lateral Canyon 2674 Melba
Fogarty Lateral Fogarty Lateral Canyon 2585 Meridian
Folsom Lateral Folsom Lateral Ada 2769 Cloverdale
Foothill Ditch Foothill Ditch Ada 2520 Star
Forest Canal Forest Canal Canyon 2520 Lake Lowell
Fowler Lateral Fowler Lateral Canyon 2497 Notus
Fred Lateral Fred Lateral Bingham 4452 Fort Hall
Fremont Lateral Fremont Lateral Bingham 4452 Fort Hall
Frohman Wasteway Frohman Wasteway Canyon 2405 Marsing
Front Ditch Front Ditch Canyon 2425 Middleton
Fuger Lateral Fuger Lateral Canyon 2497 Marsing
G 20 Lateral G 20 Lateral Cassia 4153 Burley SW
G Canal G Canal Jerome 3911 Twin Falls NE
Gallagher Canal Gallagher Canal Ada 2739 Boise South
Galloway Canal Galloway Canal Washington 2155 Weiser North
Garfield Ucon Canal Garfield Ucon Canal Bonneville 4842 Rigby
Garland Drain Garland Drain Canyon 2585 Melba
Gebert Drain Gebert Drain Canyon 2224 Marsing
German Canal German Canal Bonneville 4688 Idaho Falls South
Gilbert Ditch Gilbert Ditch Madison 4892 Ririe
Golden Lateral Golden Lateral Bingham 4449 Fort Hall
Good Luck Ditch Good Luck Ditch Fremont 4954 Saint Anthony
Grade Ditch Grade Ditch Canyon 2421 Middleton
Graham Lateral Graham Lateral Canyon 2398 Adrian
Graveyard Gulch Wasteway Graveyard Gulch Wasteway Payette 2244 Letha
Great Western Canal Great Western Canal Bingham 4672 Woodville
Greenleaf Drain Greenleaf Drain Canyon 2421 Notus
Grimes Drain Grimes Drain Canyon 2474 Nampa
Grimmet Lateral Grimmet Lateral Washington 2126 Porters Flat
Grouch Drain Grouch Drain Canyon 2352 Walters Butte
Groves Branch Lateral Groves Branch Lateral Canyon 2464 Middleton
Gunnerson Gunnerson Bonneville 4741 Idaho Falls North
Gustafson Lateral Gustafson Lateral Bonneville 4682 Idaho Falls South
H Main Drain H Main Drain Minidoka 4213 Burley NE
H-Line Canal H-Line Canal Payette 2457 Sand Hollow
Halls Ditch Halls Ditch Bear Lake 6135 Geneva
Hamer Ditch Hamer Ditch Jefferson 4806 Hamer
Hanrahan Ditch Hanrahan Ditch Custer 5682 Darlington
Hanson Ditch Hanson Ditch Bingham 4550 Lincoln Creek
Hansen Lateral Hansen Lateral Bonneville 4669 Woodville
Harrison Canal Harrison Canal Jefferson 4872 Rigby
Harton Davis Canal Harton Davis Canal Ada 2523 Star
Havenor Lateral Havenor Lateral Bannock 4455 Michaud
Havenor Siphon Havenor Siphon Bannock 4449 Michaud
Hay Lateral Hay Lateral Bannock 4495 Fort Hall
Hayes Lateral Hayes Lateral Bannock 4452 Michaud
Heine Sublateral Heine Sublateral Canyon 2546 Lake Lowell
Hellyer Drain Hellyer Drain Canyon 2231 Homedale
Helm Lateral Helm Lateral Ada 2657 Eagle
Hiawatha Canal Hiawatha Canal Blaine 5479 Hailey
High Line Canal High Line Canal Lincoln 3917 Thorn Creek SE
High Line North Canal High Line North Canal Twin Falls 4078 Berger
Highland Canal Highland Canal Bonneville 4701 Idaho Falls South
Highline Canal Highline Canal Bingham 4475 Rockford
Highline Canal Feeder Highline Canal Feeder Canyon 2454 Middleton
Highline Ditch Highline Ditch Bingham 4495 Baldy Knoll
Hill Canal Hill Canal Canyon 2408 Caldwell
Hoff Lateral Hoff Lateral Bonneville 4724 Idaho Falls South
Holcomb Drain Holcomb Drain Canyon 2356 Notus
Holly Canal Holly Canal Jefferson 4793 Mud Lake SE
Hon Lateral Hon Lateral Ada 2733 Cloverdale
Hooker Lateral Hooker Lateral Bannock 4455 Michaud
Horstman Drain Horstman Drain Owyhee 2241 Homedale
Horton Lateral Horton Lateral Canyon 2428 Caldwell
Hubbard Lateral Hubbard Lateral Ada 2726 Mora
Huff Lateral Huff Lateral Canyon 2569 Meridian
Hunt Ditch Hunt Ditch Gooding 2907 Hagerman
Hunter Lateral Hunter Lateral Ada 2598 Star
Hyatt Lateral Hyatt Lateral Ada 2766 Boise South
IR Ditch IR Ditch Bingham 4665 Buckskin Basin
Idaho Canal Idaho Canal Bonneville 4695 Idaho Falls South
Idaho Lateral Idaho Lateral Canyon 2425 Wilder
Independent Canal Independent Canal Jefferson 4790 Lewisville
Independent Ditch Independent Ditch Jefferson 4793 Rays Lake
Isaiah Drain Isaiah Drain Canyon 2444 Lake Lowell
Isham Drain Isham Drain Canyon 2241 Marsing
Island Canal Island Canal Jefferson 4865 Ririe
Island Ward Canal Island Ward Canal Madison 4859 Rexburg
J Main Drain J Main Drain Minidoka 4203 Burley NE
Jackett Canal Jackett Canal Jefferson 4790 Mud Lake SE
Jefferson Canal Jefferson Canal Jefferson 4790 Mud Lake NW
Jim Byrns Slough Jim Byrns Slough Lincoln 4429 Pagari
Jinx Lateral Jinx Lateral Canyon 2526 Walters Butte
Johnson Lateral Johnson Lateral Canyon 2280 Wilder
Jones Ditch Jones Ditch Bingham 4629 Goshen
Jones Lateral Jones Lateral Bingham 4468 Fort Hall
Just Canal Just Canal Bingham 4629 Goshen
Justus Ditch Justus Ditch Blaine 5305 Hailey
K Canal K Canal Jerome 3832 Falls City
K Main Drain K Main Drain Minidoka 4186 Burley NE
Karnes Lateral Karnes Lateral Ada 2631 Eagle
Kearney Canal Kearney Canal Bingham 4652 Idaho Falls South
Kennedy Lateral Kennedy Lateral Ada 2595 Meridian
Kent LaRoco Canal Kent LaRoco Canal Bear Lake 5942 Dingle
Kilbaine Lateral Kilbaine Lateral Canyon 2438 Wilder
Knob Sublateral Knob Sublateral Canyon 2579 Lake Lowell
Knudson Lateral Knudson Lateral Ada 2772 Cloverdale
Kuna Canal Kuna Canal Ada 2690 Meridian
L Canal L Canal Jerome 3914 Falls City
Lamm Drain Lamm Drain Canyon 2500 Marsing
Langdon Lateral Langdon Lateral Canyon 2582 Nampa
Last Chance Canal Last Chance Canal Gem 2385 Southeast Emmett
Lateral 2 A Lateral 2 A Bonneville 4846 Lewisville
Lateral 2 B Lateral 2 B Bonneville 4819 Idaho Falls North
Lateral 614 Lateral 614 Lincoln 4147 Dietrich Butte
Lateral 702 Lateral 702 Lincoln 4049 Dietrich Butte
Lateral 702A Lateral 702A Lincoln 4124 Dietrich Butte
Lateral A Lateral A Bingham 4462 Rockford
Lateral B1 Lateral B1 Gooding 3635 Gooding
Lateral B2 Lateral B2 Gooding 3638 Gooding
Lateral C Lateral C Bingham 4445 Springfield
Lateral C Lateral C Bonneville 4823 Idaho Falls North
Lateral C 1 Lateral C 1 Bingham 4452 Springfield
Lateral C 5 Lateral C 5 Bingham 4452 Springfield
Lateral C 6 Lateral C 6 Blaine 4449 Springfield
Lateral D Lateral D Bingham 4449 Springfield
Lateral D Lateral D Bonneville 4800 Idaho Falls North
Lateral D 1 Lateral D 1 Bingham 4436 Springfield
Lateral E Lateral E Bingham 4436 Big Fill Reservoir
Lateral E 1 Lateral E 1 Bingham 4436 Big Fill Reservoir
Lateral F Lateral F Bingham 4449 Big Fill Reservoir
Lateral F 1 Lateral F 1 Bingham 4445 Big Fill Reservoir
Lateral H Lateral H Bingham 4465 Rockford
Lateral I Lateral I Bingham 4439 Aberdeen
Lateral J Lateral J Bingham 4439 Aberdeen
Lateral K Lateral K Bingham 4432 Aberdeen
Lateral N Lateral N Bingham 4419 Aberdeen
Lateral O Lateral O Bingham 4419 Aberdeen
Lateral S-2 Lateral S-2 Gooding 3491 Wendell
Lateral T Lateral T Bingham 4403 Big Fill Reservoir
Lateral V Lateral V Bingham 4403 Aberdeen
Lateral V-2 Lateral V-2 Bingham 4383 Aberdeen
Lateral V 1 Lateral V 1 Bingham 4403 Aberdeen
Lateral V-3 Lateral V-3 Bingham 4403 Aberdeen
Lateral W-9 Lateral W-9 Gooding 3415 Wendell
Lateral X Lateral X Bingham 4403 Aberdeen
Lateral X-1 Lateral X-1 Gooding 3530 Wendell
Lateral X-4 Lateral X-4 Gooding 3576 Gooding
Lateral Y Lateral Y Bingham 4403 Aberdeen
Lateral Y-1 Lateral Y-1 Bingham 4403 Aberdeen
Lateral Y-2 Lateral Y-2 Bingham 4400 Aberdeen
Lateral Y-3 Lateral Y-3 Bingham 4403 Aberdeen
Lateral Z Lateral Z Bingham 4403 Aberdeen
Lawrence Kennedy Canal Lawrence Kennedy Canal Ada 2477 Star
Lemberg Lateral Lemberg Lateral Ada 2566 Walters Butte
Lemp Canal Lemp Canal Ada 2569 Star
Lenroot Canal Lenroot Canal Madison 4905 Ririe
Leonard Lateral Leonard Lateral Ada 2710 Kuna
Liberty Park Canal Liberty Park Canal Madison 4829 Menan Buttes
Lindian Lateral Lindian Lateral Bannock 4465 Fort Hall
Lindsey Lateral Lindsey Lateral Bingham 4459 Moreland
Little Indian Ditch Little Indian Ditch Bingham 4606 Lincoln Creek
Little Union Canal Little Union Canal Ada 2585 Eagle
Littlejohn Lateral Littlejohn Lateral Bingham 4459 Moreland
Lizard Wasteway Lizard Wasteway Canyon 2346 Marsing
Lloyd Ditch Lloyd Ditch Bingham 4528 Blackfoot
Lower Bartlett Lateral Lower Bartlett Lateral Canyon 2484 Notus
Lower Canal Lower Canal Franklin 4524 Weston
Lower Center Point Canal Lower Center Point Canal Canyon 2310 Notus
Lower Fivemile Drain Lower Fivemile Drain Canyon 2418 Middleton
Lower Holmes Canal Lower Holmes Canal Bingham 4629 Woodville
Lower Payette Ditch Lower Payette Ditch Payette 2159 Weiser South
Lucy Lee Lateral Lucy Lee Lateral Canyon 2270 Homedale
Maddens Spur Drain Maddens Spur Drain Canyon 2444 Middleton
Main Canal Main Canal Twin Falls 4954 Salmon Butte
Main Drain Main Drain Minidoka 4163 Rupert NW
Main East Canal Main East Canal Power 4426 American Falls
Main West Canal Main West Canal Power 4459 Neeley
Marlow Lateral Marlow Lateral Bingham 4459 Fort Hall
Martin Canal Martin Canal Bonneville 4737 Shattuck Butte
Martin Lateral Martin Lateral Bannock 4475 Michaud
Martin Lateral Martin Lateral Canyon 2648 Melba
Mason Creek Feeder Mason Creek Feeder Ada 2634 Meridian
Mason-Catlin Canal Mason-Catlin Canal Ada 2549 Eagle
McBirney Lateral McBirney Lateral Ada 2736 Meridian
McCarthy Ditch McCarthy Ditch Jefferson 4774 Roberts
McClenagan Lateral McClenagan Lateral Ada 2674 Kuna
McDonald Lateral McDonald Lateral Ada 2690 Cloverdale
McDowell Lateral McDowell Lateral Owyhee 2283 Homedale
McGill Ditch McGill Ditch Bonneville 4813 Ucon
McGowan Ditch McGowan Ditch Custer 5643 Darlington
McHenry Lateral McHenry Lateral Ada 2467 Middleton
McIntyre Canal McIntyre Canal Payette 2388 Sheep Ridge
McIntyre Lateral McIntyre Lateral Canyon 2287 Marsing
McKevitt Ditch McKevitt Ditch Jefferson 4793 Monteview
Mel Fieldings Ditch Mel Fieldings Ditch Bonneville 4806 Idaho Falls North
Melba Drain Melba Drain Canyon 2667 Melba
Meppen Canal Meppen Canal Bonneville 4734 Ucon
Messler Lateral Messler Lateral Canyon 2438 Lake Lowell
Metz Ditch Metz Ditch Bingham 4826 Buckskin Basin
Middle Branch Fall River Canal Middle Branch Fall River Canal Fremont 4990 Saint Anthony
Middle Lateral Middle Lateral Canyon 2467 Nampa
Middle Line Canal Middle Line Canal Elmore 2447 Dorsey Butte
Middleton Canal Middleton Canal Canyon 2447 Middleton
Middleton Mill Canal Middleton Mill Canal Ada 2513 Star
Middleton Mill Ditch Middleton Mill Ditch Canyon 2421 Middleton
Midway Lateral Midway Lateral Canyon 2602 Walters Butte
Milk Lateral Milk Lateral Ada 2634 Eagle
Miller Canal Miller Canal Elmore 3235 Mountain Home North
Miller Canal Miller Canal Jefferson 4813 Rigby
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch Bear Lake 6043 Border
Miller Lateral Miller Lateral Canyon 2461 Middleton
Missionary Canal Missionary Canal Jefferson 4793 Lewisville
Mitchel Drain Mitchel Drain Canyon 2244 Marsing
Mitchell Ditch Mitchell Ditch Jefferson 4793 Mud Lake NW
Mizer Ditch Mizer Ditch Blaine 5512 Hailey
Monson Lateral Monson Lateral Bingham 4606 Goshen
Montpelier Preston Canal Montpelier Preston Canal Bear Lake 5987 Dingle
Moody Canal Moody Canal Bonneville 4715 Idaho Falls South
Moore Lateral Moore Lateral Ada 2772 Cloverdale
Mora Canal Mora Canal Ada 2756 Kuna
Mora Canal Extension Mora Canal Extension Canyon 2556 Notus
Moses Drain Moses Drain Canyon 2434 Lake Lowell
Mumford Lateral Mumford Lateral Canyon 2303 Notus
Murphy Drain Murphy Drain Owyhee 2297 Homedale
Murray Ditch Murray Ditch Owyhee 2257 Homedale
Myers Drain Myers Drain Canyon 2477 Notus
N Main Drain N Main Drain Minidoka 4193 Burley NW
Nadine Lateral Nadine Lateral Bingham 4449 Fort Hall
Nadir Lateral Nadir Lateral Bingham 4449 Moreland
Nazarre Lateral Nazarre Lateral Bingham 4459 Fort Hall
Nebo Lateral Nebo Lateral Bingham 4491 Blackfoot
Nectar Lateral Nectar Lateral Bingham 4472 Moreland
Needham Lateral Needham Lateral Canyon 2411 Marsing
Nelson Canal Nelson Canal Payette 2320 Birding Island
Neon Lateral Neon Lateral Bingham 4449 Fort Hall
Neptune Lateral Neptune Lateral Bingham 4439 Fort Hall
Neva Lateral Neva Lateral Bingham 4488 Blackfoot
New Lateral New Lateral Bingham 4462 Fort Hall
New Lavaside and People Canal New Lavaside and People Canal Bingham 4557 Firth
New Lavaside Ditch New Lavaside Ditch Bingham 4544 Rose
Newell Lateral Newell Lateral Bingham 4459 Fort Hall
Newman Lateral Newman Lateral Canyon 2451 Middleton
Nile Lateral Nile Lateral Bingham 4475 Moreland
Noble Canal Noble Canal Payette 2254 New Plymouth
Noble Drain Noble Drain Canyon 2434 Middleton
Nola Lateral Nola Lateral Washington 4462 Fort Hall
Nomad Lateral Nomad Lateral Bingham 4465 Moreland
Nora Lateral Nora Lateral Bingham 4455 Fort Hall
Norris Lateral Norris Lateral Canyon 2297 Marsing
North Alkali Drain North Alkali Drain Canyon 2198 Owyhee
North Branch Independent Canal North Branch Independent Canal Fremont 4879 Parker
North Branch Wilford Canal North Branch Wilford Canal Fremont 4941 Saint Anthony
North Canal North Canal Bingham 4475 Moreland
North Drain North Drain Canyon 2306 Notus
North Drain North Drain Canyon 2283 Notus
North Gooding Canal North Gooding Canal Lincoln 4167 Mammoth Cave
North Gooding Main Canal North Gooding Main Canal Gooding 3727 Thorn Creek SW
North Lake Canal North Lake Canal Jefferson 4787 Monteview
North McElroy Lateral North McElroy Lateral Canyon 2680 Melba
North Middleton Drain North Middleton Drain Canyon 2402 Middleton
North Parks Lewisville Canal North Parks Lewisville Canal Jefferson 4803 Rigby
North Power Lateral North Power Lateral Canyon 2726 Melba
North Rigby Canal North Rigby Canal Jefferson 4849 Rigby
North Robinson Lateral North Robinson Lateral Canyon 2579 Nampa
North Rudy Canal North Rudy Canal Jefferson 4924 Ririe
North Side Main Canal North Side Main Canal Jerome 3947 Hunt
North Valley Mound Wasteway North Valley Mound Wasteway Canyon 2287 Marsing
Norton Ditch Norton Ditch Bonneville 4797 Ucon
Notus Canal Notus Canal Canyon 2382 Parma SE
Nourse Lateral Nourse Lateral Ada 2615 Eagle
Nuffer Canal Nuffer Canal Bear Lake 6037 Pegram
Oakland Canal Oakland Canal Bonneville 4744 Idaho Falls North
Oakland Waste Oakland Waste Bonneville 4682 Woodville
Olson Drain Olson Drain Canyon 2388 Marsing
Olson Lateral Olson Lateral Bonneville 4665 Woodville
Opalene Ditch Opalene Ditch Owyhee 2336 Givens Hot Springs
Osgood Canal Osgood Canal Bonneville 4806 Idaho Falls North
Owl Canal Owl Canal Power 4445 Wheatgrass Bench
Owners Mutual Canal Owners Mutual Canal Bonneville 4774 Idaho Falls North
Owsley Canal Owsley Canal Jefferson 4793 Terreton
P A Lateral P A Lateral Jerome 4787 Hill Pasture
Paine Lateral Paine Lateral Canyon 2428 Wilder
Painter Lateral Painter Lateral Ada 2759 Cloverdale
Palm Lateral Palm Lateral Bannock 4452 Fort Hall
Panther Lateral Panther Lateral Bannock 4459 Pocatello North
Paris Lateral Paris Lateral Ada 2776 Cloverdale
Park and Lemon Canal Park and Lemon Canal Jefferson 4869 Rigby
Parker Gulch Drain Parker Gulch Drain Canyon 2375 Caldwell
Parker Lateral Parker Lateral Bingham 4449 Fort Hall
Parks Lewisville Canal Parks Lewisville Canal Jefferson 4865 Rigby
Parma Canal Parma Canal Canyon 2228 Parma
Pass Lateral Pass Lateral Canyon 2671 Melba
Patch Canal Patch Canal Owyhee 2280 Homedale
Patch Canal Patch Canal Owyhee 2260 Wilder
Patton Canal Patton Canal Payette 2323 Birding Island
Payne Lateral Payne Lateral Bonneville 4774 Ucon
Pear Lateral Pear Lateral Bannock 4462 Fort Hall
Peg Leg Ditch Peg Leg Ditch Bear Lake 5968 Pegram
Penninger Drain Penninger Drain Canyon 2241 Marsing
Penninger Lateral Penninger Lateral Ada 2792 Boise South
Peoples Canal Peoples Canal Bingham 4472 Moreland
Peters Lateral Peters Lateral Canyon 2484 Nampa
Phipps Lateral Phipps Lateral Canyon 2290 Homedale
Phyllis Canal Phyllis Canal Canyon 2490 Nampa
Pickup Drain Pickup Drain Canyon 2464 Notus
Pierce Lateral Pierce Lateral Ada 2743 Cloverdale
Pincock Byington Canal Pincock Byington Canal Fremont 4924 Saint Anthony
Pincock Garner Ditch Pincock Garner Ditch Madison 4924 Saint Anthony
Pine Lateral Pine Lateral Bannock 4445 Fort Hall
Pioneer Canal Pioneer Canal Ada 2493 Star
Pioneer Ditch Pioneer Ditch Fremont 4944 Saint Anthony
Plowhead Lateral Plowhead Lateral Canyon 2313 Wilder
Plum Lateral Plum Lateral Bannock 4455 Fort Hall
Point Lateral Point Lateral Ada 2671 Meridian
Poitevin Ditch Poitevin Ditch Jefferson 4774 Roberts
Pole Lateral Pole Lateral Bannock 4439 Fort Hall
Ponzo Lateral Ponzo Lateral Bannock 4452 Fort Hall
Poorman Ditch Poorman Ditch Gooding 3619 Gooding
Poplar Lateral Poplar Lateral Bannock 4462 Fort Hall
Porter Canal Porter Canal Bonneville 4698 Idaho Falls South
Portneuf Marsh Valley Irrigation Company Feeder Canal Portneuf Marsh Valley Irrigation Company Feeder Canal Caribou 5525 Chesterfield
Progressive Canal Progressive Canal Bonneville 4751 Idaho Falls North
Quigg Lateral Quigg Lateral Bingham 4652 Idaho Falls South
Ramsey Lateral Ramsey Lateral Ada 2680 Meridian
Randall Canal Randall Canal Bonneville 4800 Rigby
Rawson Canal Rawson Canal Ada 2710 Meridian
Raymond Canal Raymond Canal Bear Lake 6076 Geneva
Rays Lake Canal Rays Lake Canal Jefferson 4793 Rays Lake
Ream Crockett Canal Ream Crockett Canal Bear Lake 5964 Dingle
Redman Lateral Redman Lateral Bannock 4475 Pocatello North
Reed Canal Reed Canal Gem 2300 Sand Hollow
Reider Lateral Reider Lateral Bannock 4472 Pocatello North
Reservation Canal Reservation Canal Bingham 4583 Firth
Rhoads Lateral Rhoads Lateral Canyon 2421 Notus
Richfield Canal Richfield Canal Lincoln 4629 Tapper Lake
Richfield Main Canal Richfield Main Canal Camas 4639 Shoshone Ice Cave
Ricke Ditch Ricke Ditch Elmore 2631 King Hill
Ridenbaugh Canal Ridenbaugh Canal Canyon 2572 Meridian
Rigby Canal Rigby Canal Jefferson 4862 Rigby
Riley Ditch Riley Ditch Bonneville 5029 Poplar
Riverside Canal Riverside Canal Canyon 2280 Notus
Riverton Ditch Riverton Ditch Bingham 4459 Moreland
Robertson Ditch Robertson Ditch Gooding 3671 Thorn Creek SW
Rock Spur Drain Rock Spur Drain Canyon 2644 Melba
Rockford Canal Rockford Canal Bingham 4491 Rockford
Roedel Ditch Roedel Ditch Canyon 2352 Caldwell
Rosenlof Drain Rosenlof Drain Ada 2543 Meridian
Ross Drain Ross Drain Canyon 2205 Owyhee
Ross Fork Wasteway Ross Fork Wasteway Bingham 4452 Fort Hall
Ross Lateral Ross Lateral Canyon 2418 Wilder
Ruby Drain Ruby Drain Canyon 2238 Homedale
Rudy Canal Rudy Canal Jefferson 4924 Ririe
Rust Lateral Rust Lateral Ada 2713 Cloverdale
Rutledge Lateral Rutledge Lateral Ada 2572 Meridian
S Main Drain S Main Drain Minidoka 4213 Burley SW
Safford Sublateral Safford Sublateral Canyon 2533 Star
Sage Canal Sage Canal Bonneville 4774 Idaho Falls North
Saint Anthony and Independent Canal Saint Anthony and Independent Canal Madison 4836 Menan Buttes
Saint Anthony Canal Saint Anthony Canal Fremont 4898 Parker
Saint Anthony Union Canal Saint Anthony Union Canal Fremont 4905 Parker
Salem Canal Salem Canal Madison 4895 Parker
Salem Union Canal Salem Union Canal Fremont 4941 Saint Anthony
Sand Hollow Wasteway Sand Hollow Wasteway Payette 2441 Sand Hollow
Sands Ditch Sands Ditch Gooding 2907 Hagerman
Scholtie Lateral Scholtie Lateral Canyon 2543 Marsing
School Lateral School Lateral Bannock 4485 Fort Hall
Schott Lateral Schott Lateral Canyon 2592 Meridian
Scott Drain Scott Drain Canyon 2201 Owyhee
Scotts Slough Canal Scotts Slough Canal Jefferson 4806 Rigby
Seidenberd Canal Seidenberd Canal Canyon 2339 Caldwell
Selck and Taylor Canal Selck and Taylor Canal Jefferson 4829 Rigby
Severson Canal Severson Canal Jefferson 4829 Rigby
Shavrer Lateral Shavrer Lateral Ada 2644 Eagle
Sheckard Lateral Sheckard Lateral Canyon 2306 Wilder
Shelp Gulch Drain Shelp Gulch Drain Canyon 2388 Notus
Shoofly Canal Shoofly Canal Owyhee 2447 Grand View
Shull Lateral Shull Lateral Bingham 4629 Woodville
Siddoway Canal Siddoway Canal Fremont 4964 Saint Anthony
Sidehill Canal Sidehill Canal Bonneville 4688 Idaho Falls South
Simpson Lateral Simpson Lateral Ada 2569 Star
Sinkhole Sinkhole Bonneville 4715 Woodville
Sleepy Hollow Drain Sleepy Hollow Drain Canyon 2644 Melba
Smith-Hemenway Lateral Smith-Hemenway Lateral Washington 2133 Porters Flat
Snake River Valley Canal Snake River Valley Canal Bingham 4642 Idaho Falls South
Snider Lateral Snider Lateral Ada 2657 Cloverdale
Snyder Lateral Snyder Lateral Ada 2648 Eagle
Solomon Drain Solomon Drain Canyon 2438 Middleton
South Boise Drain South Boise Drain Canyon 2192 Owyhee
South Branch Good Luck Ditch South Branch Good Luck Ditch Fremont 4947 Saint Anthony
South Branch Harrison Canal South Branch Harrison Canal Bonneville 4842 Ucon
South Branch Wilford Canal South Branch Wilford Canal Fremont 4941 Saint Anthony
South Canal South Canal Owyhee 2493 Homedale
South Drain South Drain Canyon 2310 Notus
South Gooding Main Canal South Gooding Main Canal Gooding 3602 Gooding
South Gooding Siphon South Gooding Siphon Gooding 3566 Gooding
South Middleton Drain South Middleton Drain Canyon 2402 Middleton
South Parks Lewisville Canal South Parks Lewisville Canal Jefferson 4803 Rigby
South Power Lateral South Power Lateral Ada 2700 Melba
South Railroad Lateral South Railroad Lateral Ada 2720 Kuna
South Rigby Canal South Rigby Canal Jefferson 4882 Rigby
South Side Canal South Side Canal Owyhee 2503 Bruneau
Southtown Ditch Southtown Ditch Bingham 4459 Moreland
Spraker Lateral Spraker Lateral Bannock 4468 Michaud
Spring Creek Drain Spring Creek Drain Cassia 4216 View
State Lateral State Lateral Ada 2687 Meridian
Steel Lateral Steel Lateral Bingham 4610 Firth
Steven Larson Ditch Steven Larson Ditch Bear Lake 6115 Geneva
Stevens Lateral Stevens Lateral Ada 2733 Cloverdale
Stewart Ditch Stewart Ditch Fremont 4938 Saint Anthony
Stewart Lateral Stewart Lateral Canyon 2644 Lake Lowell
Stone Lateral Stone Lateral Canyon 2444 Lake Lowell
Stuart Lateral Stuart Lateral Bannock 4475 Pocatello North
Sturgeon Lateral Sturgeon Lateral Canyon 2421 Marsing
Summitt Lateral Summitt Lateral Canyon 2503 Walters Butte
Sunnydell Canal Sunnydell Canal Madison 4961 Ririe
Sunnyside Canal Sunnyside Canal Washington 2201 Weiser Cove
Sunnyslope Lateral Sunnyslope Lateral Canyon 2362 Marsing
Super Lateral Super Lateral Canyon 2418 Notus
Swanson Lateral Swanson Lateral Bonneville 4718 Idaho Falls South
Sweetwater Canal Sweetwater Canal Nez Perce 1916 Sweetwater
Taylor Ditch Taylor Ditch Bingham 4554 Lincoln Creek
Teak Lateral Teak Lateral Bingham 4439 Fort Hall
Teed Lateral Teed Lateral Ada 2700 Kuna
Tenmile Feeder Canal Tenmile Feeder Canal Ada 2710 Cloverdale
Teton Canal Teton Canal Madison 4954 Saint Anthony
Teton Island Canal Teton Island Canal Madison 4895 Moody
Texas Slough Canal Texas Slough Canal Madison 4836 Rexburg
Thacker Lateral Thacker Lateral Canyon 5328 Mountain View Lake
Thomson Lateral Thomson Lateral Ada 2756 Boise South
Three in One Ditch Three in One Ditch Butte 5620 Darlington
Thacker Lateral Thacker Lateral Canyon 2556 Lake Lowell
Threemile Lateral Threemile Lateral Ada 2769 Cloverdale
Tillotson Lateral Tillotson Lateral Ada 2779 Boise South
Tinker Lateral Tinker Lateral Canyon 2408 Marsing
Dubois Lateral Dubois Lateral Bannock 4495 Moreland
Town Ditch Town Ditch Owyhee 2254 Homedale
Town Lateral Town Lateral Bingham 4475 Fort Hall
Townsend Lateral Townsend Lateral Bingham 4442 Fort Hall
Township Lateral Township Lateral Bingham 4432 Fort Hall
Townsite Lateral Townsite Lateral Bingham 4465 Moreland
Treasureton Canal Treasureton Canal Franklin 5535 Treasureton
Trego Ditch Trego Ditch Bingham 4485 Blackfoot
Trego Lateral Trego Lateral Bingham 4459 Fort Hall
Turner Lateral Turner Lateral Bingham 4482 Fort Hall
Tuttle Lateral Tuttle Lateral Bonneville 4692 Idaho Falls South
Twin Groves Canal Twin Groves Canal Fremont 4974 Saint Anthony
Twin Lakes Canal East Lateral Twin Lakes Canal East Lateral Franklin 4747 Banida
Twin Lakes Canal West Lateral Twin Lakes Canal West Lateral Franklin 4829 Weston
Tyhee Lateral Tyhee Lateral Bannock 4475 Michaud
Tyhee Wasteway Tyhee Wasteway Bannock 4452 Pocatello North
U Canal U Canal Jerome 3825 Shoshone SW
U S Ditch U S Ditch Power 4580 Neeley
Union Ditch Union Ditch Gooding 3684 Thorn Creek SW
Upper Canal Upper Canal Franklin 4560 Weston
Upper Center Point Canal Upper Center Point Canal Canyon 2313 Notus
Upper Holmes Lateral Upper Holmes Lateral Bonneville 4754 Idaho Falls North
Van Duzer Lateral Van Duzer Lateral Ada 2664 Kuna
Vance Payne Canal Vance Payne Canal Jefferson 4813 Rigby
Vantress Lateral Vantress Lateral Canyon 2447 Wilder
Vasold Lateral Vasold Lateral Canyon 2513 Marsing
Waldvogel Canal Waldvogel Canal Ada 2720 Melba
Waldvogel Canal Wasteway Waldvogel Canal Wasteway Canyon 2484 Walters Butte
Walker Ditch Walker Ditch Elmore 2736 King Hill
Walters Butte Lateral Walters Butte Lateral Canyon 2457 Walters Butte
Warm Springs Canal Warm Springs Canal Ada 2572 Eagle
Warnett Lateral Warnett Lateral Bingham 4580 Firth
Washoe Ditch Washoe Ditch Payette 2149 Payette
Waste Ditch Waste Ditch Bingham 4613 Woodville
Watkins Ditch Watkins Ditch Canyon 2408 Middleton
Watson Lateral Watson Lateral Canyon 2369 Homedale
Watts Lateral Watts Lateral Canyon 2326 Wilder
Wearyrick Ditch Wearyrick Ditch Bingham 4455 Moreland
Webb Creek Canal Webb Creek Canal Nez Perce 3474 Sweetwater
Weeks Drain Weeks Drain Canyon 2500 Marsing
Weggland Ditch Weggland Ditch Bingham 4511 Rose
Central Ditch Central Ditch Bingham 4475 Moreland
Wenee Ditch Wenee Ditch Bingham 4777 Buckskin Basin
West Branch Blackfoot Canal West Branch Blackfoot Canal Bingham 4531 Blackfoot
West Branch Martin Canal West Branch Martin Canal Bonneville 4708 Woodville
West Branch Sage Creek Drain West Branch Sage Creek Drain Owyhee 2362 Graveyard Point
West Branch Snake River Valley Canal West Branch Snake River Valley Canal Bingham 4600 Firth
West Cache Canal West Cache Canal Franklin 4534 Banida
West Canal West Canal Franklin 4518 Weston
West Canyon Canal West Canyon Canal Canyon 2352 Caldwell
West Center Canal West Center Canal Bonneville 4810 Ucon
West End Drain West End Drain Canyon 2323 Notus
West Lateral West Lateral Canyon 2464 Nampa
West Madden Lateral West Madden Lateral Canyon 2651 Melba
West Main Canal West Main Canal Lincoln 4613 Richfield
West Tap Sublateral West Tap Sublateral Ada 2529 Star
Westfield Branch Canal Westfield Branch Canal Madison 4859 Rexburg
Westside Lake Fork Ditch Westside Lake Fork Ditch Valley 4924 Lake Fork
Weymouth Lateral Weymouth Lateral Canyon 2434 Middleton
Whizzer Lateral Whizzer Lateral Canyon 2523 Walters Butte
Wilford Canal Wilford Canal Fremont 4967 Saint Anthony
Wilkins Canal Wilkins Canal Jefferson 4780 Lewisville
Willard Lateral Willard Lateral Canyon 2661 Melba
Willow Creek Pump Lateral Willow Creek Pump Lateral Canyon 2562 Middleton
Wilson Drain Wilson Drain Canyon 2444 Lake Lowell
Wilson Fruit Lateral Wilson Fruit Lateral Ada 2700 Cloverdale
Winkler Canal Winkler Canal Bonneville 4777 Idaho Falls North
Wood Drain Wood Drain Canyon 2408 Lake Lowell
Wood Lateral Wood Lateral Ada 2769 Cloverdale
Woodmansee Johnson Canal Woodmansee Johnson Canal Madison 4915 Moody
Woodville Canal Woodville Canal Bingham 4649 Woodville
Wordica Lateral Wordica Lateral Canyon 2293 Wilder
X Canal X Canal Gooding 3661 Gooding SE
C Lateral C Lateral Jerome 4193 Milner
Larson Lateral Larson Lateral Bingham 4590 Firth
Bernard Ditch Bernard Ditch Owyhee 2411 Wilson Peak
Conroy Lateral Conroy Lateral Canyon 2274 Marsing
Deer Flat Low Line Canal Deer Flat Low Line Canal Canyon 2444 Marsing
East Valley Mound Wasteway East Valley Mound Wasteway Owyhee 2280 Marsing
Gulch Lateral Gulch Lateral Canyon 2562 Walters Butte
Mutch Lateral Mutch Lateral Canyon 2356 Marsing
Southern Lateral Southern Lateral Ada 2562 Walters Butte
Three Buttes Drain Three Buttes Drain Canyon 2690 Melba
Beck Ditch (historical) Beck Ditch (historical) Owyhee 2608 Wilson Peak
Call Lateral Call Lateral Canyon 2533 Walters Butte
Nicholson Ditch Nicholson Ditch Canyon 2313 Givens Hot Springs
Olson Lateral Olson Lateral Canyon 2536 Walters Butte
Rivett Lateral Rivett Lateral Canyon 2625 Melba
Selby Lateral Selby Lateral Canyon 2441 Walters Butte
South McElroy Lateral South McElroy Lateral Canyon 2677 Melba
Canal Number 20 Canal Number 20 Minidoka 4170 Burley
Canal Number 45 Canal Number 45 Blaine 5049 Seamans Creek
Lateral Number 15 Lateral Number 15 Twin Falls 4357 Berger
Lateral Number 21 Lateral Number 21 Twin Falls 4524 Berger
Bieroth Canal Bieroth Canal Owyhee 2549 Sugar Valley
East Side Canal East Side Canal Elmore 3130 Mountain Home South
Old Lamberton Canal (historical) Old Lamberton Canal (historical) Elmore 3176 Crater Rings
Sugar Valley Wash Sugar Valley Wash Owyhee 2500 Bruneau
Cassia Canal Cassia Canal Twin Falls 3307 Indian Butte
Flying H Canal Flying H Canal Elmore 3041 Bruneau Dunes
Fossil Gulch Canal Fossil Gulch Canal Twin Falls 3343 Hagerman
Tuana Canal Tuana Canal Twin Falls 3310 Indian Butte
Y Canal Y Canal Gooding 3330 Bliss
Z Canal Z Canal Gooding 3278 Bliss
Hat Butte Lateral Hat Butte Lateral Canyon 2667 Melba
Arco Canal Arco Canal Butte 5335 Arco South
Bear Lake Outlet Bear Lake Outlet Bear Lake 5922 Dingle
Beck and Evan Ditch Beck and Evan Ditch Butte 5630 Darlington
Bench Canal Bench Canal Caribou 5508 Grace
Big Flat Ditch Big Flat Ditch Lemhi 3875 Bird Creek
Boise City Canal Boise City Canal Ada 2707 Boise South
Boulder Ditch Boulder Ditch Valley 5023 Lake Fork
Burnett Ditch Burnett Ditch Butte 5715 Darlington
Campbell Ditch Campbell Ditch Bonneville 4734 Idaho Falls North
Canyon Creek Canal Canyon Creek Canal Madison 5522 White Owl Butte
Center Canal Center Canal Teton 6253 Clawson
Cherry Grove Canal Cherry Grove Canal Teton 6240 Driggs
Chilly Canal Chilly Canal Custer 6358 Chilly Buttes
Cleveland Irrigation Canal Cleveland Irrigation Canal Franklin 5131 Oneida Narrows Reservoir
Comstock Ditch Comstock Ditch Blaine 5610 Hailey
Cruzen Ditch Cruzen Ditch Valley 4931 Lake Fork
Cub River Worm Creek Canal Cub River Worm Creek Canal Franklin 5233 Mapleton
Darlington Ditch Darlington Ditch Custer 5840 Big Blind Canyon
Dry Creek Canal Dry Creek Canal Ada 2575 Eagle
East Canal East Canal Franklin 4518 Weston
East Greenacres Main Ditch East Greenacres Main Ditch Kootenai 2178 Rathdrum
East Side Ditch East Side Ditch Butte 5482 Arco North
Edison and Ricks Canal Edison and Ricks Canal Teton 6312 Clawson
Farmers Own Canal Farmers Own Canal Fremont 5312 Ashton
Farmers Union Canal Farmers Union Canal Ada 2628 Star
Franer Canal Franer Canal Boise 4475 Idaho City
Fury Ditch Fury Ditch Butte 5925 Methodist Creek
Geneva Ditch Geneva Ditch Bear Lake 6194 Geneva
Gentile Valley Canal Gentile Valley Canal Caribou 4970 Thatcher Hill
Gold Fork Canal Gold Fork Canal Valley 4862 Donnelly
Grand Teton Canal Grand Teton Canal Teton 6302 Clawson
Haden Canal Haden Canal Teton 6247 Clawson
Hanson Ditch Hanson Ditch Custer 6060 Mackay
Hog Canal Hog Canal Teton 6165 Clawson
Humble Canal Humble Canal Teton 6168 Fourth of July Peak
Island Ditch Island Ditch Butte 5472 Arco North
Kearsley Canal Kearsley Canal Teton 6263 Victor
Kent La Roco Canal Kent La Roco Canal Bear Lake 5935 Montpelier
Kilpack Canal Kilpack Canal Teton 6365 Clawson
Kimball Canal Kimball Canal Teton 6243 Victor
Lake Irrigation District Canal Lake Irrigation District Canal Valley 5062 Lake Fork
Lateral Number 17 Lateral Number 17 Twin Falls 4367 Berger
Lincoln Bypass Canal Lincoln Bypass Canal Lincoln 4498 Kinzie Butte
Lower Blaine Canal Lower Blaine Canal Butte 5394 Appendicitis Hill
Lower Cedar Creek Ditch Lower Cedar Creek Ditch Custer 6772 Mackay
Lower West Ditch Lower West Ditch Power 4534 Neeley
Mahala Ditch Mahala Ditch Valley 4895 Lake Fork
Martins Ditch Martins Ditch Butte 6079 Champagne Creek
Marysville Canal Marysville Canal Fremont 5545 Warm River
McNutt Ditch McNutt Ditch Lemhi 3839 Bird Creek
Middle Ditch Middle Ditch Franklin 4751 Franklin
Mine Ditch Mine Ditch Boise 4360 Idaho City
Mink Creek Canal Mink Creek Canal Franklin 5348 Mink Creek
Moore Canal Moore Canal Butte 5476 Appendicitis Hill
Munsey Ditch Munsey Ditch Butte 5331 Arco South
North Branch Fall River Canal North Branch Fall River Canal Fremont 5023 Newdale
North Extension Canal North Extension Canal Caribou 5581 Grace Power Plant
North Lateral Marysville Canal North Lateral Marysville Canal Fremont 5335 Ashton
North Leigh Canal North Leigh Canal Teton 6358 Clawson
P Canal P Canal Jerome 3904 Shoshone SW
Pabawena Ditch Pabawena Ditch Power 4902 Pauline
Penitentiary Canal Penitentiary Canal Ada 2821 Lucky Peak
Pevo Ditch Pevo Ditch Power 4688 Flatiron Hill
Pierce Ditch Pierce Ditch Elmore 4826 Prairie
Portneuf Marsh Valley Canal Portneuf Marsh Valley Canal Bannock 4902 Downey West
Power Canal Power Canal Boise 2592 Horseshoe Bend
Preston Riverdale Canal Preston Riverdale Canal Franklin 4921 Riverdale
Rainbow Canal Rainbow Canal Bear Lake 5932 Dingle
Rassmussen Drain Rassmussen Drain Cassia 4216 View
Reno Ditch Reno Ditch Clark 5344 Scott Butte
Rigby Waste Rigby Waste Jefferson 4813 Rigby
Roseberry Ditch Roseberry Ditch Valley 4905 Lake Fork
Samaria Lake Canal Samaria Lake Canal Oneida 4400 Samaria
School Lateral School Lateral Power 4570 Michaud Creek
Settlers Canal Settlers Canal Ada 2634 Cloverdale
Sharp Ditch Sharp Ditch Custer 5925 Mackay
Smoke Lateral Smoke Lateral Bannock 4954 Moonlight Mountain
Soda Canal Soda Canal Caribou 5666 Talmage
South End Ditch South End Ditch Adams 4042 Meadows
Spencer Canal Spencer Canal Teton 6181 Fourth of July Peak
Spink Barker Ditch Spink Barker Ditch Valley 4977 Lake Fork
String Canal String Canal Teton 6342 Victor
Stringer Ditch Stringer Ditch Valley 5029 McCall
Swauger Ditch Swauger Ditch Custer 5817 Mackay
Taghee Canal Taghee Canal Power 4462 Michaud
Tanner Canal Tanner Canal Caribou 5541 Grace Power Plant
Taylor Canal Taylor Canal Bear Lake 6204 Geneva
Telford Pipe Telford Pipe Butte 6404 Mulkey Bar
Thurman Mill Canal Thurman Mill Canal Ada 2608 Eagle
Tonks Canal Tonks Canal Teton 6102 Fourth of July Peak
Twin Lakes Canal Twin Lakes Canal Franklin 4915 Riverdale
US Ditch US Ditch Power 4547 Neeley
West Branch Canal West Branch Canal Caribou 5604 Grace Power Plant
West Canal West Canal Cassia 4603 Oakley
West Fork Golden Gulch Drain West Fork Golden Gulch Drain Canyon 2618 Melba
Woods Ditch Woods Ditch Power 4852 Flatiron Hill
Yantis Ditch Yantis Ditch Adams 5328 Railroad Saddle
Yellowstone Canal Yellowstone Canal Fremont 5659 Warm River
East Fork Roseberry Ditch East Fork Roseberry Ditch Valley 4882 Donnelly
Center Canal Center Canal Valley 4865 Cascade
Buckaroo Ditch Buckaroo Ditch Owyhee 2552 Sugar Valley
Meppen Spillway Meppen Spillway Bonneville 4688 Ammon
Middle Valley Ditch Middle Valley Ditch Washington 2602 Cambridge
Mikelson Canal Mikelson Canal Kootenai 2274 Coeur D'Alene
E Canal E Canal Minidoka 4163 Acequia
Peterson Hanson Ditch Peterson Hanson Ditch Caribou 5508 Grace
Rodger Ditch Rodger Ditch Custer 5820 Big Blind Canyon
Allen and Cherry Ditch Allen and Cherry Ditch Caribou 5525 Grace
Beeroth Canal Beeroth Canal Owyhee 2543 Sugar Valley
Bench A Canal Bench A Canal Caribou 5564 Grace
Bench B Canal Bench B Canal Caribou 5551 Grace
Bostrum Canal Bostrum Canal Gooding 4081 McKinney Butte
Brown Ditch Brown Ditch Caribou 5413 Grace
Buhler Drain Buhler Drain Blaine 4898 Gannett
Butte Creek Butte Creek Blaine 4879 Gannett
Center Canal Center Canal Bonneville 4728 Ammon
District Canal District Canal Blaine 5102 Bellevue
District Canal Forty-Five District Canal Forty-Five Blaine 5056 Seamans Creek
East Canal East Canal Blaine 4997 Lake Hills
East Fork Ditch East Fork Ditch Adams 4764 Cold Spring Summit
First West Lateral First West Lateral Caribou 5499 Grace Power Plant
High Line Canal High Line Canal Blaine 4984 Paddelford Flat
Highline Ditch Highline Ditch Blaine 4892 Gannett
Hy Line Ditch Hy Line Ditch Kootenai 2257 Post Falls
Kelly Toponce Ditch Kelly Toponce Ditch Caribou 5407 Chesterfield
Kilpatrick Ditch Kilpatrick Ditch Blaine 4859 Picabo
Downey Canal Downey Canal Caribou 5325 Chesterfield
Last Chance Canal Last Chance Canal Caribou 5646 Grace
Lawson Ditch Lawson Ditch Blaine 4813 Picabo
Magic Water Canal Magic Water Canal Twin Falls 3592 Yahoo Creek
West Side Canal West Side Canal Elmore 3166 Mountain Home North
Lateral 21 Lateral 21 Jerome 4003 Hunt
Lateral No 13 Lateral No 13 Twin Falls 4564 McMullen Basin
C Canal C Canal Jerome 4104 Eden
Deer Flat High Line Canal Deer Flat High Line Canal Canyon 2543 Lake Lowell
High Line Canal High Line Canal Twin Falls 4078 Filer
1465 Lateral 1465 Lateral Gooding 3596 Gooding
Low Line Canal Low Line Canal Twin Falls 3930 Filer
M Canal M Canal Jerome 3914 Shoshone SW
Milner Gooding Canal Milner Gooding Canal Jerome 4071 Shoshone SE
Milner Main Canal Milner Main Canal Twin Falls 4183 Milner Butte
Pipeline Ditch Pipeline Ditch Gooding 2949 Hagerman
R Canal R Canal Jerome 3907 Shoshone SW
S Canal S Canal Jerome 3717 Gooding SE
Twin Falls Main Canal Twin Falls Main Canal Twin Falls 4111 Eden
W Canal W Canal Gooding 3501 Wendell
Stanfield Ditch Stanfield Ditch Blaine 4898 Gannett
Caldwell High Line Canal Caldwell High Line Canal Canyon 2447 Middleton
Aaron Drain Aaron Drain Canyon 2546 Nampa
B Canal B Canal Minidoka 4157 Rupert
Black Canyon Canal Black Canyon Canal Gem 2500 Southwest Emmett
D Four Ditch D Four Ditch Jerome 3966 Shoshone SW
D Five Ditch D Five Ditch Jerome 3966 Falls City
D-Line Canal D-Line Canal Payette 2398 Parma
D-Twelve Drain D-Twelve Drain Minidoka 4147 Burley
D-Fourteen Drain D-Fourteen Drain Minidoka 4147 Burley
D-Fifteen Drain D-Fifteen Drain Minidoka 4153 Rupert
D-Sixteen Drain D-Sixteen Drain Minidoka 4153 Rupert
D-Seventeen Drain D-Seventeen Drain Minidoka 4140 Burley
D-Three Drain D-Three Drain Minidoka 4157 Rupert SE
D-Four Drain D-Four Drain Minidoka 4153 Rupert
D-Five Drain D-Five Drain Minidoka 4157 Rupert
D-Nine Drain D-Nine Drain Minidoka 4147 Burley NE
Dietrich Main Canal Dietrich Main Canal Lincoln 4196 Dietrich Butte
East Branch Blackfoot Canal East Branch Blackfoot Canal Bingham 4554 Lincoln Creek
East Greenacres East Ditch East Greenacres East Ditch Kootenai 2169 Post Falls
East Greenacres North Ditch East Greenacres North Ditch Kootenai 2162 Rathdrum
Emmett Irrigation District North Side Main Canal Emmett Irrigation District North Side Main Canal Gem 2510 Northwest Emmett
Gem District D Canal Gem District D Canal Owyhee 2306 Wilder
H Canal H Canal Jerome 3858 Twin Falls NE
Hot Spring Canal Hot Spring Canal Owyhee 2592 Hot Springs
J Canal J Canal Jerome 3884 Shoshone SW
Lateral 213 Lateral 213 Twin Falls 4383 Berger
Lizar Lateral Lizar Lateral Canyon 2346 Marsing
Main North Side Canal Main North Side Canal Minidoka 4176 Acequia
Main South Side Canal Main South Side Canal Cassia 4183 Rupert SE
New York Canal New York Canal Ada 2736 Mora
Nielsen Ditch Nielsen Ditch Custer 5905 Mackay
Reid Canal Reid Canal Madison 4875 Rexburg
Robison Canal Robison Canal Jefferson 4764 Market Lake
Ross East End Drain Ross East End Drain Canyon 2224 Parma
South Branch Fall River Canal South Branch Fall River Canal Fremont 5062 Newdale
South Branch Rexburg Canal South Branch Rexburg Canal Madison 4849 Rexburg
Toponce and Chesterfield Land Co Ditch Toponce and Chesterfield Land Co Ditch Caribou 5449 Chesterfield
King Hill Lateral King Hill Lateral Elmore 2739 Pasadena Valley
King Hill Main Canal King Hill Main Canal Elmore 2828 Ticeska
Loggers Creek Loggers Creek Ada 2723 Boise South
A Lateral A Lateral Twin Falls 4810 Rogerson
A Line Canal A Line Canal Owyhee 2369 Homedale
A Line Canal A Line Canal Payette 2447 Nyssa
Amity Drain Amity Drain Canyon 2562 Meridian
Arch Lateral Arch Lateral Bingham 4482 Moreland
Calkins Lateral Calkins Lateral Ada 2710 Meridian
Capitol View Canal Capitol View Canal Ada 2690 Eagle
Blackfoot Slough Blackfoot Slough Bingham 4541 Blackfoot
Elite Lateral Elite Lateral Bingham 4439 Fort Hall
Farmers Cooperative Sebree Canal Farmers Cooperative Sebree Canal Canyon 2346 Parma SE
Farmers Cooperative Sebree Canal Extension Farmers Cooperative Sebree Canal Extension Canyon 2300 Parma
Farmers Friend Canal Farmers Friend Canal Jefferson 4921 Ririe
Farmers Lateral Farmers Lateral Ada 2723 Cloverdale
Fort Hall Main Canal Fort Hall Main Canal Bingham 4505 Fort Hall
Gem County Drainage Gem County Drainage Gem 2356 Southwest Emmett
Gibson Canal Gibson Canal Bingham 4452 Fort Hall
Golden Gate Canal Golden Gate Canal Canyon 2444 Wilder
Grand View Irrigation District Canal Grand View Irrigation District Canal Owyhee 2408 Grand View
Ridenbaugh High Line Canal Ridenbaugh High Line Canal Canyon 2612 Meridian
Seven Suckers Ditch Seven Suckers Ditch Ada 2520 Star
Sundell Lateral Sundell Lateral Ada 2713 Meridian
Yarnell Lateral Yarnell Lateral Canyon 2592 Marsing
Zinger Lateral Zinger Lateral Ada 2631 Eagle
Lower Embankment Drain Lower Embankment Drain Canyon 2493 Marsing
Lamberton Canal Lamberton Canal Elmore 3291 Mountain Home North
Murphy Mutual Canal Murphy Mutual Canal Owyhee 3271 Murphy
Lincoln Canal Lincoln Canal Lincoln 4193 Kinzie Butte
Ririe Outlet Canal Ririe Outlet Canal Bonneville 4829 Ucon
Taylor Extension Canal Taylor Extension Canal Bonneville 4715 Ammon
Twin Falls North Main Canal Twin Falls North Main Canal Gooding 3612 Gooding
West Canal West Canal Blaine 4921 Lake Hills
Worley Ditch Worley Ditch Twin Falls 5663 Grassy Hills
Downey Sublateral Downey Sublateral Ada 2615 Eagle
East Labelle Canal East Labelle Canal Jefferson 4902 Ririe
East Main Canal East Main Canal Lincoln 4632 Tapper Lake
Farmers Cooperative Canal Farmers Cooperative Canal Payette 2306 New Plymouth
Gardner Canal Gardner Canal Bonneville 4829 Ucon
Herron Lateral Herron Lateral Canyon 2585 Nampa
Highline Canal Highline Canal Bonneville 4744 Ammon
Hillside Canal Hillside Canal Bonneville 4800 Ammon
Long Island Canal Long Island Canal Jefferson 4836 Rigby
North Nampa Lateral North Nampa Lateral Canyon 2585 Nampa
North Shoshone Canal North Shoshone Canal Lincoln 4354 Kinzie Butte
Purdam Gulch Drain Purdam Gulch Drain Canyon 2605 Nampa
Rexburg Canal Rexburg Canal Madison 4849 Rexburg
Second Owsley Canal Second Owsley Canal Jefferson 4793 Terreton
Sidehill Ditch Sidehill Ditch Jefferson 4984 Ririe
South Nampa Lateral South Nampa Lateral Canyon 2595 Nampa
Summit Creek Ditch Summit Creek Ditch Cassia 5459 Basin
Clover Creek Clover Creek Gooding 3533 Gooding
Basin Siphon Basin Siphon Elmore 2700 Pasadena Valley
Sunleaf Siphon (historical) Sunleaf Siphon (historical) Elmore 2680 Pasadena Valley
Pole Creek Ditch Pole Creek Ditch Blaine 7270 Alturas Lake
Magic Water Canal Magic Water Canal Twin Falls 3596 Yahoo Creek
P A Lateral P A Lateral Jerome 4199 Milner
Aberdeen Wasteway Canal Aberdeen Wasteway Canal Bingham 4367 Aberdeen
Low Line Canal Low Line Canal Elmore 2470 Grand View
Highline Canal Highline Canal Bingham 4439 American Falls NW
Low Line Canal Low Line Canal Bingham 4413 Aberdeen
Lateral 45 Lateral 45 Bingham 4452 Pingree
Lateral 46 Lateral 46 Bingham 4442 Big Fill Reservoir
Lateral B Lateral B Bingham 4455 Pingree
Lateral C2 Lateral C2 Bingham 4449 Pingree
Lateral C3 Lateral C3 Bingham 4426 Springfield
Lateral G Lateral G Bingham 4442 Big Fill Reservoir
Main Spill Main Spill Bingham 4442 Big Fill Reservoir
Lateral P Lateral P Bingham 4423 American Falls SW
Lateral Q Lateral Q Power 4400 American Falls SW
Lateral Q Spill Lateral Q Spill Power 4396 American Falls
Spill Q Spill Q Power 4393 American Falls
Spill Q1 Spill Q1 Power 4396 American Falls
Lateral Q1 Lateral Q1 Power 4396 American Falls
Lateral R Lateral R Power 4400 American Falls SW
Lateral S Lateral S Power 4400 American Falls SW
Lateral U Lateral U Power 4406 Aberdeen
Lateral U1 Lateral U1 Power 4406 Aberdeen
Lateral V4 Lateral V4 Power 4403 Aberdeen
Lateral W Lateral W Power 4406 Aberdeen
Stevens Ditch Stevens Ditch Bingham 4482 Moreland
West Side Ditch West Side Ditch Bingham 4495 Blackfoot
Younnie Ditch Younnie Ditch Bingham 4491 Blackfoot
W 1.7 Lateral W 1.7 Lateral Power 4396 American Falls
East Canal East Canal Power 4478 American Falls
West Canal West Canal Power 4468 Neeley
E 7.1 Lateral E 7.1 Lateral Power 4423 American Falls
E 10.5 Lateral E 10.5 Lateral Power 4475 Wheatgrass Bench
E 4.6 Lateral E 4.6 Lateral Power 4423 American Falls
E 3.0 Lateral E 3.0 Lateral Power 4423 American Falls
W 4.2 Lateral W 4.2 Lateral Power 4426 Neeley
Bain Feeder Canal Bain Feeder Canal Bonneville 4662 Idaho Falls South
Basalt Canal Basalt Canal Bonneville 4639 Firth
Bertram Canal Bertram Canal Bonneville 4672 Idaho Falls South
Diversion Ditch Diversion Ditch Bonneville 4751 Idaho Falls North
Great Western Slough Great Western Slough Bonneville 4724 Idaho Falls North
Linder Canal Linder Canal Bonneville 4718 Idaho Falls South
Regulation Spillway Regulation Spillway Bonneville 4731 Shattuck Butte
The Slough The Slough Bingham 4616 Woodville
Little Sand Creek Little Sand Creek Bonneville 4747 Ucon
Payne Extension Payne Extension Bonneville 4780 Ucon
Sand Creek Sand Creek Bonneville 4754 Ucon
Flood Channel Flood Channel Bingham 4442 Moreland
Partridge Lateral Partridge Lateral Canyon 2546 Nampa
Jensen Lateral Jensen Lateral Bingham 4590 Firth
5.17 Lateral 5.17 Lateral Ada 2493 Middleton
5.3 Lateral 5.3 Lateral Canyon 2484 Middleton
5.5 Lateral 5.5 Lateral Canyon 2480 Middleton
6.6 Lateral 6.6 Lateral Canyon 2493 Middleton
9.8 Lateral 9.8 Lateral Canyon 2487 Nampa
15.0 Lateral 15.0 Lateral Canyon 2467 Nampa
15.0 South Branch Lateral 15.0 South Branch Lateral Canyon 2447 Nampa
15.0 North Branch Lateral 15.0 North Branch Lateral Canyon 2447 Nampa
112 A Lateral 112 A Lateral Cassia 4249 View
B 1 A Lateral B 1 A Lateral Cassia 4209 Rupert SE
B 1 D Lateral B 1 D Lateral Cassia 4203 Rupert SE
B 1 G Lateral B 1 G Lateral Cassia 4196 Rupert SE
B 1 Lateral B 1 Lateral Cassia 4203 Rupert SE
B 1 Pipeline B 1 Pipeline Cassia 4203 Rupert SE
B 2 Lateral B 2 Lateral Cassia 4213 Rupert SE
B 2 Pipeline B 2 Pipeline Cassia 4222 Rupert SE
B Feeder B Feeder Cassia 4206 Rupert SE
Danny Turner Pipeline Danny Turner Pipeline Cassia 4203 Rupert
Declo Drain Declo Drain Cassia 4203 Rupert
G 11 A Lateral G 11 A Lateral Cassia 4193 Rupert
G 11 Lateral G 11 Lateral Cassia 4193 Rupert
G 12 1/2 Lateral G 12 1/2 Lateral Cassia 4193 Burley
G 12 1/2 Pipeline G 12 1/2 Pipeline Cassia 4186 Burley
G 15 B Lateral G 15 B Lateral Cassia 4183 Burley
G 15 Lateral G 15 Lateral Cassia 4160 Burley
G 15 Pipeline G 15 Pipeline Cassia 4176 Burley
G 152 Lateral G 152 Lateral Cassia 4160 Burley
G 16 B Lateral G 16 B Lateral Cassia 4153 Burley
G 16 Lateral G 16 Lateral Cassia 4183 Burley
G 17 Lateral G 17 Lateral Cassia 4180 Burley
G 18 A Lateral G 18 A Lateral Cassia 4180 Burley
G 18 D Lateral G 18 D Lateral Cassia 4153 Burley
G 18 Lateral G 18 Lateral Cassia 4170 Burley
G 19 D Lateral G 19 D Lateral Cassia 4150 Burley SW
G 19 Lateral G 19 Lateral Cassia 4153 Burley
G 2 Lateral G 2 Lateral Cassia 4203 Rupert
G 20 C Lateral G 20 C Lateral Cassia 4153 Burley SW
G 20 Drain G 20 Drain Cassia 4147 Burley SW
G 7 A Lateral G 7 A Lateral Cassia 4199 Rupert
G 8 Lateral G 8 Lateral Cassia 4196 Rupert
G 9 Lateral G 9 Lateral Cassia 4199 Rupert
G Waste G Waste Cassia 4157 Burley SW
H 1 Lateral H 1 Lateral Cassia 4213 Rupert SE
H 10 Lateral H 10 Lateral Cassia 4222 View
H 12 N Lateral H 12 N Lateral Cassia 4209 Rupert
H 12 D Lateral H 12 D Lateral Cassia 4213 View
H 12 J Lateral H 12 J Lateral Cassia 4213 View
H 12 K Lateral H 12 K Lateral Cassia 4209 View
H 12 Lateral H 12 Lateral Cassia 4213 View
H 14 Lateral H 14 Lateral Cassia 4209 View
H 15 A Lateral H 15 A Lateral Cassia 4219 View
H 15 B Lateral H 15 B Lateral Cassia 4213 View
H 15 C Lateral H 15 C Lateral Cassia 4216 View
H 15 D Lateral H 15 D Lateral Cassia 4213 View
H 15 Lateral H 15 Lateral Cassia 4216 View
H 16 E Lateral H 16 E Lateral Cassia 4213 View
H 16 A Lateral H 16 A Lateral Cassia 4219 View
H 16 C Lateral H 16 C Lateral Cassia 4219 View
H 16 F Lateral H 16 F Lateral Cassia 4209 Rupert
H 16 J Lateral H 16 J Lateral Cassia 4209 Rupert
H 16 K Lateral H 16 K Lateral Cassia 4209 Rupert
H 16 Lateral H 16 Lateral Cassia 4216 View
H 17 A Lateral H 17 A Lateral Cassia 4219 View
H 17 B Lateral H 17 B Lateral Cassia 4216 View
H 17 E Lateral H 17 E Lateral Cassia 4199 Burley
H 17 E Pipeline H 17 E Pipeline Cassia 4203 Burley
H 17 G Lateral H 17 G Lateral Cassia 4190 Burley
H 17 H Lateral H 17 H Lateral Cassia 4193 Burley
H 17 M Lateral H 17 M Lateral Cassia 4193 Burley
H 17 Rail Road Pipeline H 17 Rail Road Pipeline Cassia 4193 Burley
H 17 C Lateral H 17 C Lateral Cassia 4213 View
H 18 1/2 Lateral H 18 1/2 Lateral Cassia 4216 Kenyon
H 19 Lateral H 19 Lateral Cassia 4216 Kenyon
H 2 A Lateral H 2 A Lateral Cassia 4203 Rupert
H 2 B Lateral H 2 B Lateral Cassia 4213 Rupert SE
H 2 C Lateral H 2 C Lateral Cassia 4209 Rupert SE
H 2 D Lateral H 2 D Lateral Cassia 4209 Rupert
H 2 Lateral H 2 Lateral Cassia 4206 Rupert
H 20 Lateral H 20 Lateral Cassia 4203 Burley
H 22 A Lateral H 22 A Lateral Cassia 4203 Burley
H 22 B Lateral H 22 B Lateral Cassia 4203 Burley
H 22 Lateral H 22 Lateral Cassia 4206 Burley
H 22 B Pipeline H 22 B Pipeline Cassia 4183 Burley
H 23 Lateral H 23 Lateral Cassia 4206 Burley
H 24 Pipeline H 24 Pipeline Cassia 4206 Burley
H 29 Lateral H 29 Lateral Cassia 4183 Burley
H 3 Lateral H 3 Lateral Cassia 4232 Rupert SE
H 4 A Lateral H 4 A Lateral Cassia 4219 Rupert
H 4 Lateral H 4 Lateral Cassia 4219 Rupert
H 6 Lateral H 6 Lateral Cassia 4226 Albion
H 7 A Lateral H 7 A Lateral Cassia 4222 View
H 7 Lateral H 7 Lateral Cassia 4226 View
H 8 A Lateral H 8 A Lateral Cassia 4222 View
H 8 Pipeline H 8 Pipeline Cassia 4229 View
H Waste H Waste Cassia 4180 Burley
H 17 Spill Pipeline H 17 Spill Pipeline Cassia 4153 Burley
J 1 Lateral J 1 Lateral Cassia 4265 Rupert SE
J 10 Lateral J 10 Lateral Cassia 4236 View
J 11 Lateral J 11 Lateral Cassia 4239 View
J 12 B Lateral J 12 B Lateral Cassia 4232 View
J 12 Lateral J 12 Lateral Cassia 4239 View
J 13 Lateral J 13 Lateral Cassia 4249 View
J 14 Lateral J 14 Lateral Cassia 4249 View
J 15 Pipeline J 15 Pipeline Cassia 4258 View
J 16 Lateral J 16 Lateral Cassia 4255 View
J 17 Pipeline J 17 Pipeline Cassia 4249 View
J 19 C Lateral J 19 C Lateral Cassia 4232 View
J 19 Lateral J 19 Lateral Cassia 4239 View
J 19.1 Lateral J 19.1 Lateral Cassia 4252 View
J 19.3 Lateral J 19.3 Lateral Cassia 4255 View
J 2 A Lateral J 2 A Lateral Cassia 4239 Rupert SE
J 2 B Lateral J 2 B Lateral Cassia 4236 Rupert SE
J 2 Lateral J 2 Lateral Cassia 4252 Rupert SE
J 20 Lateral J 20 Lateral Cassia 4245 View
J 21 A Lateral J 21 A Lateral Cassia 4239 View
J 21 B Lateral J 21 B Lateral Cassia 4232 View
J 21 Lateral J 21 Lateral Cassia 4239 View
J 22 Lateral J 22 Lateral Cassia 4249 View
J 23 A Lateral J 23 A Lateral Cassia 4242 View
J 23 C Lateral J 23 C Lateral Cassia 4242 View
J 23 D Lateral J 23 D Lateral Cassia 4236 View
J 23 D Pipeline J 23 D Pipeline Cassia 4239 View
J 23 F Lateral J 23 F Lateral Cassia 4232 View
J 23 Lateral J 23 Lateral Cassia 4242 View
J 24 C Lateral J 24 C Lateral Cassia 4252 View
J 24 Lateral J 24 Lateral Cassia 4245 View
J 24 Pipeline J 24 Pipeline Cassia 4249 View
J 25 A Lateral J 25 A Lateral Cassia 4245 Kenyon
J 27 D Lateral J 27 D Lateral Cassia 4226 Kenyon
J 25 Lateral J 25 Lateral Cassia 4239 Kenyon
J 26 A Lateral J 26 A Lateral Cassia 4249 Kenyon
J 26 B Lateral J 26 B Lateral Cassia 4249 Kenyon
J 26 Lateral J 26 Lateral Cassia 4239 Kenyon
J 26 Pipeline J 26 Pipeline Cassia 4222 Kenyon
J 27 1/2 Lateral J 27 1/2 Lateral Cassia 4245 Kenyon
J 27 C Lateral J 27 C Lateral Cassia 4239 Kenyon
J 27 F Pipeline J 27 F Pipeline Cassia 4216 Burley
J 27 F Waste J 27 F Waste Cassia 4213 Burley
J 29 A Lateral J 29 A Lateral Cassia 4245 Kenyon
J 27 F Waste Pipeline J 27 F Waste Pipeline Cassia 4213 Burley
J 27 I Lateral J 27 I Lateral Cassia 4222 Kenyon
J 27 I Pipeline J 27 I Pipeline Cassia 4219 Kenyon
J 27 J Lateral J 27 J Lateral Cassia 4222 Kenyon
J 27 M Lateral J 27 M Lateral Cassia 4216 Burley
J 27 N Lateral J 27 N Lateral Cassia 4222 Kenyon
J 27 O Lateral J 27 O Lateral Cassia 4219 Kenyon
J 27 Pipeline J 27 Pipeline Cassia 4219 Kenyon
J 27 R Lateral J 27 R Lateral Cassia 4239 Kenyon
J 28 Pipeline J 28 Pipeline Cassia 4242 Kenyon
J 32 B Lateral J 32 B Lateral Cassia 4229 Kenyon
J 32 D Lateral J 32 D Lateral Cassia 4222 Kenyon
J 32 E Lateral J 32 E Lateral Cassia 4222 Kenyon
J 32 G Lateral J 32 G Lateral Cassia 4206 Burley
J 32 H Lateral J 32 H Lateral Cassia 4209 Burley
J 32 I Lateral J 32 I Lateral Cassia 4206 Burley
J 33 A Lateral J 33 A Lateral Cassia 4242 Kenyon
J 34 Lateral J 34 Lateral Cassia 4242 Kenyon
J 35 Lateral J 35 Lateral Cassia 4213 Burley
J 36 Drain J 36 Drain Cassia 4213 Burley
J 36 Lateral J 36 Lateral Cassia 4213 Burley
J 36 Pipeline J 36 Pipeline Cassia 4232 Burley SW
J 37 Pipeline J 37 Pipeline Cassia 4222 Burley
J 38 Lateral J 38 Lateral Cassia 4213 Burley
J 39 Lateral J 39 Lateral Cassia 4222 Burley SW
J 40 Lateral J 40 Lateral Cassia 4219 Burley SW
J 6 Lateral J 6 Lateral Cassia 4249 Rupert SE
J 7 Lateral J 7 Lateral Cassia 4258 Albion
J 8 Lateral J 8 Lateral Cassia 4258 Albion
J 9 Lateral J 9 Lateral Cassia 4258 Albion
Lunch Creek Drain Lunch Creek Drain Cassia 4265 View
Morgan Drain Morgan Drain Cassia 4213 Kenyon
Priest Drain Ditch Priest Drain Ditch Cassia 4232 Rupert SE
Searle Drain Searle Drain Cassia 4265 View
Snipe Drain Snipe Drain Cassia 4180 Burley
H 9 Lateral H 9 Lateral Cassia 4216 View
J 23 E Lateral J 23 E Lateral Cassia 4229 View
G 14 Lateral G 14 Lateral Cassia 4180 Burley
H 27 Lateral H 27 Lateral Cassia 4196 Burley
J 32 Lateral J 32 Lateral Cassia 4226 Kenyon
J 29 Lateral J 29 Lateral Cassia 4239 Kenyon
H 25 Pipeline H 25 Pipeline Cassia 4196 Burley
H 1 Lateral H 1 Lateral Cassia 4213 Rupert SE
H 17 Lateral H 17 Lateral Cassia 4216 View
J 27 Lateral J 27 Lateral Cassia 4229 Kenyon
J 23 F Lateral J 23 F Lateral Cassia 4232 View
J Waste J Waste Cassia 4140 Burley SW
J 39 B Lateral J 39 B Lateral Cassia 4222 Burley SW
J 27 F Lateral J 27 F Lateral Cassia 4222 Kenyon
J 12 A Lateral J 12 A Lateral Cassia 4239 View
H 16 H Lateral H 16 H Lateral Cassia 4206 Rupert
H 17 Spill Pipeline H 17 Spill Pipeline Cassia 4144 Burley
G 15 Overland Pipeline G 15 Overland Pipeline Cassia 4150 Burley
J 12 Pipeline J 12 Pipeline Cassia 4245 View
G 15 A Pipeline G 15 A Pipeline Cassia 4176 Burley
G 15 B Pipeline G 15 B Pipeline Cassia 4183 Burley
G 15 D Lateral G 15 D Lateral Cassia 4160 Burley
G 19 B Lateral G 19 B Lateral Cassia 4157 Burley
H 14 H Lateral H 14 H Lateral Cassia 4219 View
H 15 A Pipeline H 15 A Pipeline Cassia 4219 View
H 17 H Lateral H 17 H Lateral Cassia 4219 View
H 19 H Lateral H 19 H Lateral Cassia 4213 Kenyon
H 26 H Lateral H 26 H Lateral Cassia 4203 Burley
H 8 1/2 Pipeline H 8 1/2 Pipeline Cassia 4219 View
J 19 A Lateral J 19 A Lateral Cassia 4252 View
J 23 E Pipeline J 23 E Pipeline Cassia 4232 View
J 27 H Lateral J 27 H Lateral Cassia 4249 Kenyon
J 27 Q Lateral J 27 Q Lateral Cassia 4239 Kenyon
J 28 1/2 Lateral J 28 1/2 Lateral Cassia 4245 Kenyon
J 29 1/2 Lateral J 29 1/2 Lateral Cassia 4242 Kenyon
Swig Pipeline Swig Pipeline Cassia 4213 Burley SW
H 30 Lateral H 30 Lateral Cassia 4196 Burley
A Drain A Drain Jerome 4091 Eden
Big Wood Drain Ditch Big Wood Drain Ditch Jerome 3973 Hunt
Buschham Spill Buschham Spill Jerome 4114 Eden
C-55 Spill C-55 Spill Jerome 3848 Kimberly
E Canal E Canal Jerome 3937 Twin Falls NE
E-1 Canal E-1 Canal Jerome 3937 Twin Falls NE
Eden Drain Eden Drain Jerome 3940 Eden
F Pipeline F Pipeline Jerome 3875 Twin Falls NE
F-1 Canal F-1 Canal Jerome 3921 Twin Falls NE
Goose Lake Drain Goose Lake Drain Jerome 3894 Eden
Hazelton B Spill Hazelton B Spill Jerome 4035 Milner
J-11 Pipeline J-11 Pipeline Gooding 3320 Niagara Springs
Lateral C-11 Lateral C-11 Jerome 4104 Milner
C-Spill C-Spill Jerome 3888 Kimberly
Lateral C-14 Lateral C-14 Jerome 4091 Eden
Lateral C-17 Lateral C-17 Jerome 4065 Eden
Lateral C-18 Lateral C-18 Jerome 4104 Eden
Lateral C-25 Lateral C-25 Jerome 4091 Eden
Lateral C-32 Lateral C-32 Jerome 4085 Eden
Lateral C-33 Lateral C-33 Jerome 3921 Kimberly
Lateral C-39 Lateral C-39 Jerome 4039 Kimberly
Lateral C-40 Lateral C-40 Jerome 3953 Kimberly
Lateral C-44 Lateral C-44 Jerome 3947 Kimberly
Lateral C-48 Lateral C-48 Jerome 3852 Kimberly
Lateral C-50 Lateral C-50 Jerome 4085 Eden
Lateral C-52 Lateral C-52 Jerome 3894 Kimberly
Lateral C-53 Lateral C-53 Jerome 4071 Eden
Lateral C-54 Lateral C-54 Jerome 4065 Milner
Lateral C-55 Lateral C-55 Jerome 3875 Kimberly
Lateral C-59 Lateral C-59 Jerome 4088 Eden
Lateral C-60 Lateral C-60 Jerome 4094 Eden
Lateral C-62 Lateral C-62 Jerome 4085 Eden
Lateral H-1 Lateral H-1 Jerome 3822 Falls City
Lateral J-1 Lateral J-1 Jerome 3763 Gooding SE
Lateral J-15 Lateral J-15 Jerome 3845 Shoshone SW
Lateral J-17 Lateral J-17 Jerome 3684 Jerome
Lateral J-2 Lateral J-2 Jerome 3678 Jerome
Lateral J-3 Lateral J-3 Jerome 3527 Jerome
Lateral J-8 Lateral J-8 Gooding 3376 Niagara Springs
Lateral K-1 Lateral K-1 Jerome 3904 Twin Falls NE
Lateral K-2 Lateral K-2 Jerome 3629 Falls City
Lateral L-26 Lateral L-26 Jerome 3796 Falls City
Lateral L-1 Lateral L-1 Jerome 3845 Falls City
Lateral L-10 Lateral L-10 Jerome 3753 Jerome
Lateral L-11 Lateral L-11 Jerome 3717 Jerome
Lateral L-12 Lateral L-12 Jerome 3763 Jerome
Lateral L-13 Lateral L-13 Jerome 3822 Jerome
Lateral L-14 Lateral L-14 Jerome 3717 Jerome
Lateral L-15 Lateral L-15 Jerome 3835 Jerome
Lateral L-16 Lateral L-16 Jerome 3865 Falls City
Lateral L-17 Lateral L-17 Jerome 3770 Falls City
Lateral L-18 Lateral L-18 Jerome 3806 Falls City
Lateral L-2 Lateral L-2 Jerome 3809 Falls City
Lateral L-21 Lateral L-21 Jerome 3763 Falls City
Lateral L-23 Lateral L-23 Jerome 3779 Falls City
Lateral L-24 Lateral L-24 Jerome 3898 Falls City
Lateral L-26 Lateral L-26 Jerome 3835 Falls City
Lateral L-28 Lateral L-28 Jerome 3848 Falls City
Lateral L-29 Lateral L-29 Jerome 3717 Falls City
Lateral L-3 Lateral L-3 Jerome 3812 Falls City
Lateral L-31 Lateral L-31 Jerome 3743 Jerome
Lateral L-34 Lateral L-34 Jerome 3714 Jerome
Lateral L-37 Lateral L-37 Jerome 3816 Jerome
Lateral L-5 Lateral L-5 Jerome 3770 Falls City
Lateral L-7 Lateral L-7 Jerome 3865 Falls City
Lateral L-8 Lateral L-8 Jerome 3688 Jerome
Lateral L-9 Lateral L-9 Jerome 3645 Jerome
Lateral M-10 Lateral M-10 Jerome 3888 Falls City
Lateral M-2 Lateral M-2 Jerome 3799 Jerome
Lateral M-3 Lateral M-3 Jerome 3753 Jerome
Lateral M-4 Lateral M-4 Jerome 3816 Jerome
Lateral M-5 Lateral M-5 Jerome 3757 Jerome
Lateral M-6 Lateral M-6 Jerome 3865 Shoshone SW
Lateral M-9 Lateral M-9 Jerome 3848 Falls City
Lateral N-1 Lateral N-1 Jerome 3652 Jerome
Lateral N-10 Lateral N-10 Gooding 3419 Niagara Springs
Lateral N-15 Lateral N-15 Jerome 3586 Jerome
Lateral N-17 Lateral N-17 Jerome 3612 Jerome
Lateral N-20 Lateral N-20 Jerome 3655 Jerome
Lateral N-22 Lateral N-22 Jerome 3655 Jerome
Lateral N-23 Lateral N-23 Jerome 3425 Niagara Springs
Lateral N-24 Lateral N-24 Jerome 3543 Jerome
Lateral N-25 Lateral N-25 Jerome 3615 Jerome
Lateral N-29 Lateral N-29 Jerome 3510 Jerome
Lateral N-3 Lateral N-3 Jerome 3629 Jerome
Lateral N-30 Lateral N-30 Jerome 3576 Jerome
Lateral N32 Lateral N32 Jerome 3599 Jerome
Lateral N-33 Lateral N-33 Jerome 3619 Jerome
Lateral N-34 Lateral N-34 Jerome 3583 Jerome
Lateral N-37 Lateral N-37 Jerome 3592 Jerome
Lateral N-4 Lateral N-4 Jerome 3612 Jerome
Lateral N-41 Lateral N-41 Jerome 3602 Jerome
Lateral N-43 Lateral N-43 Jerome 3642 Jerome
Lateral N-44 Lateral N-44 Jerome 3658 Jerome
Lateral N-45 Lateral N-45 Jerome 3661 Jerome
Lateral N-5 Lateral N-5 Jerome 3576 Jerome
Lateral N-7 Lateral N-7 Jerome 3560 Jerome
Lateral N-8 Lateral N-8 Jerome 3533 Jerome
Lateral N-9 Lateral N-9 Jerome 3504 Jerome
Lateral PA Lateral PA Jerome 4183 Milner
Lateral PA1 Lateral PA1 Jerome 4193 Milner
Lateral PA2 Lateral PA2 Jerome 4193 Milner
Lateral PA2 Spill Lateral PA2 Spill Jerome 4180 Milner
Lateral PA4 Lateral PA4 Jerome 4144 Milner
Lateral PA5 Lateral PA5 Jerome 4193 Milner
Lateral PE4 Lateral PE4 Jerome 3894 Shoshone SW
Lateral R-1 Lateral R-1 Jerome 3891 Shoshone SW
Lateral R-10 Lateral R-10 Jerome 3819 Gooding SE
Lateral R-11 Lateral R-11 Jerome 3822 Gooding SE
Lateral R-12 Lateral R-12 Jerome 3855 Shoshone SW
Lateral R-13 Lateral R-13 Jerome 3753 Gooding SE
Lateral R-14 Lateral R-14 Jerome 3773 Gooding SE
Lateral R-16 Lateral R-16 Jerome 3845 Shoshone SW
Lateral R-17 Lateral R-17 Jerome 3812 Gooding SE
Lateral R-19 Lateral R-19 Jerome 3812 Gooding SE
Lateral R-2 Lateral R-2 Jerome 3862 Shoshone SW
Lateral R-22 Lateral R-22 Jerome 3855 Shoshone SW
Lateral R-3 Lateral R-3 Jerome 3868 Shoshone SW
Lateral R-4 Lateral R-4 Jerome 3802 Gooding SE
Lateral R-5 Lateral R-5 Jerome 3898 Shoshone SW
Lateral R-6 Lateral R-6 Jerome 3884 Shoshone SW
Lateral R-6A Lateral R-6A Jerome 3898 Shoshone SW
Lateral R-7 Lateral R-7 Jerome 3796 Gooding SE
Lateral R-8 Lateral R-8 Jerome 3862 Shoshone SW
Lateral R-9 Lateral R-9 Jerome 3832 Gooding SE
Lateral S-1 Lateral S-1 Jerome 3678 Jerome
Lateral S-10 Lateral S-10 Gooding 3383 Niagara Springs
Lateral S-12 Lateral S-12 Gooding 3422 Wendell
Lateral S-14 Lateral S-14 Jerome 3583 Jerome
Lateral S-15 Lateral S-15 Jerome 3602 Jerome
Lateral S-17 Lateral S-17 Jerome 3547 Jerome
Lateral S-18 Lateral S-18 Jerome 3547 Jerome
Lateral S-19 Lateral S-19 Gooding 3212 Thousand Springs
Lateral S-20 Lateral S-20 Gooding 3491 Niagara Springs
Lateral S-22 Lateral S-22 Gooding 3281 Thousand Springs
Lateral S-23 Lateral S-23 Gooding 3366 Niagara Springs
Lateral S-25 Lateral S-25 Gooding 3356 Niagara Springs
Lateral S-27 Lateral S-27 Gooding 3261 Thousand Springs
Lateral S-29 Lateral S-29 Gooding 3209 Thousand Springs
Lateral S-3 Lateral S-3 Jerome 3645 Gooding SE
Lateral S-31 Lateral S-31 Gooding 3235 Thousand Springs
Lateral S-33 Lateral S-33 Gooding 3474 Wendell
Lateral S-39 Lateral S-39 Gooding 3241 Thousand Springs
Lateral S-43 Lateral S-43 Jerome 3714 Jerome
Lateral S-5 Lateral S-5 Jerome 3632 Gooding SE
Lateral S-6 Lateral S-6 Jerome 3533 Jerome
Lateral S-7 Lateral S-7 Jerome 3573 Gooding SE
Lateral S-8 Lateral S-8 Gooding 3481 Niagara Springs
Lateral U-10 Lateral U-10 Jerome 3734 Gooding SE
Lateral U-12 Lateral U-12 Jerome 3727 Gooding SE
Lateral U-2 Lateral U-2 Jerome 3688 Gooding SE
Lateral U-3 Lateral U-3 Jerome 3717 Gooding SE
Lateral U-4 Lateral U-4 Jerome 3694 Gooding SE
Lateral U-5 Lateral U-5 Jerome 3734 Gooding SE
Lateral U-7 Lateral U-7 Jerome 3881 Shoshone SW
Lateral U-8 Lateral U-8 Jerome 3720 Gooding SE
Lateral W-1 Lateral W-1 Jerome 3658 Gooding SE
Lateral W-14 Lateral W-14 Gooding 3274 Thousand Springs
Lateral W-15 Lateral W-15 Gooding 3232 Thousand Springs
Lateral W-18 Lateral W-18 Gooding 3238 Thousand Springs
Lateral W-19 Lateral W-19 Gooding 3386 Wendell
Lateral W-20 Lateral W-20 Gooding 3402 Wendell
Lateral W-21 Lateral W-21 Jerome 3661 Gooding SE
Lateral W-26 Lateral W-26 Gooding 3222 Tuttle
Lateral W-28 Lateral W-28 Gooding 3281 Thousand Springs
Lateral W-3 Lateral W-3 Gooding 3484 Wendell
Lateral W-33 Lateral W-33 Gooding 3415 Wendell
Lateral W-34 Lateral W-34 Gooding 3304 Tuttle
Lateral W-35 Lateral W-35 Gooding 3320 Tuttle
Lateral W-36 Lateral W-36 Gooding 3356 Tuttle
Lateral W-37 Lateral W-37 Gooding 3337 Tuttle
Lateral W-40 Lateral W-40 Gooding 3314 Tuttle
Lateral W-45 Lateral W-45 Gooding 3304 Tuttle
Lateral W-46 Lateral W-46 Gooding 3271 Tuttle
Lateral W-47 Lateral W-47 Gooding 3264 Tuttle
Lateral W-53 Lateral W-53 Gooding 3373 Wendell
Lateral W-54 Lateral W-54 Gooding 3386 Tuttle
Lateral W-56 Lateral W-56 Gooding 3274 Thousand Springs
Lateral W-57 Lateral W-57 Gooding 3268 Tuttle
Lateral W-58 Lateral W-58 Gooding 3241 Thousand Springs
Lateral W-7 Lateral W-7 Gooding 3405 Wendell
Lateral X-10 Lateral X-10 Gooding 3425 Tuttle
Lateral X-11 Lateral X-11 Gooding 3481 Tuttle
Lateral X-14 Lateral X-14 Gooding 3474 Tuttle
Lateral X-15 Lateral X-15 Gooding 3333 Tuttle
Lateral X-18 Lateral X-18 Gooding 3363 Tuttle
Lateral X-19 Lateral X-19 Gooding 3327 Tuttle
Lateral X-24 Lateral X-24 Gooding 3300 Tuttle
Lateral X-29 Lateral X-29 Gooding 3314 Tuttle
Lateral X-3 Lateral X-3 Gooding 3465 Wendell
Lateral X-30 Lateral X-30 Gooding 3337 Tuttle
Lateral X-31 Lateral X-31 Gooding 3435 Wendell
Lateral X-32 Lateral X-32 Gooding 3343 Tuttle
Lateral X-33 Lateral X-33 Gooding 3307 Tuttle
Lateral X-5 Lateral X-5 Gooding 3461 Tuttle
Lateral X-7 Lateral X-7 Gooding 3514 Wendell
Lateral Y-1 Lateral Y-1 Gooding 3363 Gooding Butte
Lateral Y-12 Lateral Y-12 Elmore 3048 Ticeska
Lateral Y-4 Lateral Y-4 Gooding 3317 Bliss
Lateral Y-8 Lateral Y-8 Gooding 3087 Ticeska
Lateral Y-9 Lateral Y-9 Elmore 2871 Pasadena Valley
Lateral Z-4 Lateral Z-4 Gooding 3278 Bliss
Lateral Z-6 Lateral Z-6 Gooding 3278 Bliss
M Canal Waste M Canal Waste Jerome 3757 Jerome
Murphy Spill Murphy Spill Jerome 4104 Eden
N Canal N Canal Jerome 3674 Jerome
P-2 Pipeline P-2 Pipeline Jerome 3901 Shoshone SW
PB Ditch PB Ditch Jerome 4163 Eden
PB-1 Ditch PB-1 Ditch Jerome 4153 Eden
PC Ditch PC Ditch Jerome 4127 Eden
PC-1 Ditch PC-1 Ditch Jerome 4131 Eden
PD-4 Ditch PD-4 Ditch Jerome 3953 Falls City
PD-5 Ditch PD-5 Ditch Jerome 3963 Falls City
Plant 3 Pipeline Plant 3 Pipeline Jerome 4108 Eden
Waste Ditch Waste Ditch Gooding 3487 Niagara Springs
Lateral LA-4 Lateral LA-4 Gooding 3783 Falls City
Lateral L-4 Lateral L-4 Gooding 3763 Falls City
Cash Nichols Ditch Cash Nichols Ditch Gem 2264 Letha
Kesgaard Ditch Kesgaard Ditch Gem 2303 Northwest Emmett
Maxfield Ditch Maxfield Ditch Gem 2310 Southwest Emmett
Patton Riggs Ditch Patton Riggs Ditch Gem 2277 Letha
Rasmussen Ditch Rasmussen Ditch Gem 2244 Letha
Roseberry Ditch Roseberry Ditch Gem 2277 Letha
Seitz Ditch Seitz Ditch Gem 2300 Northwest Emmett
Steward Ditch Steward Ditch Gem 2257 Letha
Thornock Ditch Thornock Ditch Gem 2267 Letha
700 Drain 700 Drain Lincoln 3865 Thorn Creek SE
Arkoosh Hydro Arkoosh Hydro Lincoln 3747 Tunupa
Carpenter Ditch Carpenter Ditch Gooding 3520 Gooding Butte
Crosstie Crosstie Gooding 3622 Gooding
Dog Creek Dog Creek Gooding 3609 Thorn Creek SW
Dog Creek Drain Dog Creek Drain Gooding 3543 McKinney Butte
F Waste F Waste Lincoln 4042 Dietrich
Gooding City Overflow Gooding City Overflow Gooding 3619 Gooding
Krawl Krawl Gooding 3524 Gooding Butte
Krawl Waste Krawl Waste Gooding 3510 Gooding Butte
Lateral 10 South Lateral 10 South Gooding 3445 Gooding Butte
Notch Butte Hydro Notch Butte Hydro Lincoln 3865 Shoshone
Randolf Ditch Randolf Ditch Gooding 3668 Thorn Creek SW
Shorock Hydro Shorock Hydro Lincoln 3901 Shoshone
South Waste South Waste Lincoln 3966 Mammoth Cave
Union Spillway Union Spillway Gooding 3665 Unknown
Union 2 Ditch Union 2 Ditch Gooding 3625 Gooding
Lateral 10 South A Lateral 10 South A Gooding 3501 Gooding Butte
Lateral 1076 Lateral 1076 Lincoln 4583 Richfield
Lateral 1076A Lateral 1076A Lincoln 4462 Richfield
Lateral 1076A1 Lateral 1076A1 Lincoln 4495 Richfield
Lateral 1096 Lateral 1096 Lincoln 4442 Richfield
Lateral 1096A Lateral 1096A Lincoln 4400 Unknown
Lateral 1116 Lateral 1116 Lincoln 4462 Richfield
Lateral 1137 Lateral 1137 Lincoln 4432 Richfield
Lateral 1300 Lateral 1300 Gooding 3734 Thorn Creek SW
Lateral 1150 Lateral 1150 Lincoln 4498 Richfield
Lateral 1310 Lateral 1310 Gooding 3737 Thorn Creek SW
Lateral 1429 Lateral 1429 Gooding 3720 Thorn Creek SW
Lateral 1465A Lateral 1465A Gooding 3652 Thorn Creek SW
Lateral 1465A1 Lateral 1465A1 Gooding 3563 Gooding
Lateral 1465A2 Lateral 1465A2 Gooding 3573 Gooding
Lateral 1465A3 Lateral 1465A3 Gooding 3560 Unknown
Lateral 1465B Lateral 1465B Gooding 3524 Gooding Butte
Lateral 15 Lateral 15 Jerome 4104 Eden NE
Lateral 156 Lateral 156 Lincoln 4547 Shoshone Ice Cave
Lateral 1566 Lateral 1566 Gooding 3668 Thorn Creek SW
Lateral 1590 Lateral 1590 Gooding 3648 Thorn Creek SW
Lateral 1590A Lateral 1590A Gooding 3622 Thorn Creek SW
Lateral 16 Lateral 16 Jerome 4104 Eden NE
Lateral 1660 Lateral 1660 Gooding 3681 Thorn Creek SW
Lateral 1665 Lateral 1665 Gooding 3524 McKinney Butte
Lateral 1685 Lateral 1685 Gooding 3560 McKinney Butte
Lateral 16A Lateral 16A Jerome 4094 Eden NE
Lateral 16B Lateral 16B Jerome 4094 Eden NE
Lateral 175 Lateral 175 Lincoln 4157 Mammoth Cave
Lateral 175A Lateral 175A Lincoln 4180 Kinzie Butte
Lateral 18 Lateral 18 Jerome 4104 Eden NE
Lateral 204 Lateral 204 Lincoln 4603 Richfield
Lateral 2076 Lateral 2076 Lincoln 4252 Kinzie Butte
Lateral 209 Lateral 209 Lincoln 4291 Kinzie Butte
Lateral 2153 Lateral 2153 Lincoln 4140 Mammoth Cave
Lateral 2157 Lateral 2157 Lincoln 4153 Mammoth Cave
Lateral 21A Lateral 21A Lincoln 4058 Hunt
Lateral 21C Lateral 21C Lincoln 4022 Hunt
Lateral 251 Lateral 251 Lincoln 4439 Richfield
Lateral 252 Lateral 252 Lincoln 4482 Kinzie Butte
Lateral 253 Lateral 253 Lincoln 4344 Richfield
Lateral 261 Lateral 261 Lincoln 4465 Richfield
Lateral 27 Lateral 27 Jerome 4042 Hunt
Lateral 290 Lateral 290 Lincoln 4567 Richfield
Lateral 291 Lateral 291 Lincoln 4514 Richfield
Lateral 296 Lateral 296 Lincoln 4423 Kinzie Butte
Lateral 296A Lateral 296A Lincoln 4534 Richfield
Lateral 3316 Lateral 3316 Gooding 3510 Unknown
Lateral 333 Lateral 333 Lincoln 4485 Richfield
Lateral 343 Lateral 343 Lincoln 4354 Richfield
Lateral 343A Lateral 343A Lincoln 4357 Richfield
Lateral 3453 Lateral 3453 Gooding 3612 Gooding
Lateral 350 Lateral 350 Lincoln 4354 Richfield
Lateral 357 Lateral 357 Lincoln 4413 Richfield
Lateral 357A Lateral 357A Lincoln 4340 Richfield
Lateral 357A1 Lateral 357A1 Lincoln 4285 Richfield
Lateral 357B Lateral 357B Lincoln 4380 Richfield
Lateral 357C Lateral 357C Lincoln 4255 Richfield
Lateral 414 Lateral 414 Lincoln 4301 Richfield
Lateral 423 Lateral 423 Lincoln 4085 Mammoth Cave
Lateral 423A Lateral 423A Lincoln 4039 Mammoth Cave
Lateral 442 Lateral 442 Lincoln 4390 Richfield
Lateral 444 Lateral 444 Lincoln 4347 Richfield
Lateral 497 Lateral 497 Lincoln 4111 Mammoth Cave
Lateral 498 Lateral 498 Lincoln 3960 Mammoth Cave
Lateral 498A Lateral 498A Lincoln 4081 Mammoth Cave
Lateral 498B Lateral 498B Lincoln 4042 Mammoth Cave
Lateral 558 Lateral 558 Lincoln 4062 Mammoth Cave
Lateral 558A Lateral 558A Lincoln 3989 Mammoth Cave
Lateral 700 Lateral 700 Lincoln 3894 Thorn Creek SE
Lateral 700A1 Lateral 700A1 Lincoln 3891 Thorn Creek SE
Lateral 700B Lateral 700B Lincoln 3835 Thorn Creek SE
Lateral 702A3 Lateral 702A3 Lincoln 4101 Dietrich Butte
Lateral 702A3B Lateral 702A3B Lincoln 4071 Dietrich Butte
Lateral 710 Lateral 710 Lincoln 3940 Mammoth Cave
Lateral 710A Lateral 710A Lincoln 3944 Mammoth Cave
Lateral 731 Lateral 731 Lincoln 4616 Tapper Lake
Lateral 838 Lateral 838 Lincoln 4623 Tapper Lake
Lateral 838A Lateral 838A Lincoln 4583 Tapper Lake
Lateral 838B Lateral 838B Lincoln 4583 Tapper Lake
Lateral 860 Lateral 860 Lincoln 4383 Richfield
Lateral 900 Lateral 900 Lincoln 3924 Thorn Creek SE
Lateral 912 Lateral 912 Lincoln 4081 Dietrich
Lateral 912A Lateral 912A Lincoln 4081 Dietrich
Lateral 916 Lateral 916 Gooding 3779 Thorn Creek SE
Lateral 916A Lateral 916A Lincoln 3884 Thorn Creek SE
Lateral 916B Lateral 916B Lincoln 3904 Thorn Creek SE
Lateral 916C Lateral 916C Lincoln 3839 Unknown
Lateral 916C1 Lateral 916C1 Lincoln 3852 Thorn Creek SE
Lateral 916C1A Lateral 916C1A Lincoln 3848 Unknown
Lateral 916C1B Lateral 916C1B Lincoln 3829 Unknown
Lateral 916C2 Lateral 916C2 Lincoln 3881 Thorn Creek SE
Lateral 916C3 Lateral 916C3 Lincoln 3855 Thorn Creek SE
Lateral 916C4 Lateral 916C4 Lincoln 3865 Thorn Creek SE
Lateral 916D Lateral 916D Gooding 3770 Thorn Creek SE
Lateral 916E Lateral 916E Lincoln 3881 Thorn Creek SE
Lateral 916S Lateral 916S Lincoln 3881 Thorn Creek SE
Lateral 917 Lateral 917 Lincoln 4567 Tapper Lake
Lateral 917A Lateral 917A Lincoln 4573 Tapper Lake
Lateral 925 Lateral 925 Lincoln 4298 Richfield
Lateral 930 Lateral 930 Lincoln 4537 Tapper Lake
Lateral 940 Lateral 940 Lincoln 4514 Richfield
Lateral 964 Lateral 964 Lincoln 4117 Dietrich
Lateral 978 Lateral 978 Lincoln 4058 Dietrich
Lateral 978A Lateral 978A Lincoln 4029 Dietrich
Lateral 992 Lateral 992 Lincoln 3927 Thorn Creek SE
Lateral 993A Lateral 993A Lincoln 3911 Thorn Creek SE
Lateral 993B Lateral 993B Lincoln 3898 Thorn Creek SE
Lateral B1A Lateral B1A Gooding 3622 Gooding
Lateral B1A1 Lateral B1A1 Gooding 3622 Gooding
Lateral B1B Lateral B1B Gooding 3625 Gooding
Lateral B3 Lateral B3 Gooding 3583 Gooding
Lateral B4 Lateral B4 Gooding 3592 Gooding
Lateral C Lateral C Lincoln 3934 Shoshone
Lateral F Lateral F Lincoln 3911 Mammoth Cave
Lateral F1 Lateral F1 Lincoln 3937 Mammoth Cave
Lateral H Lateral H Lincoln 3845 Thorn Creek SE
Lateral H2 Lateral H2 Lincoln 3930 Mammoth Cave
Lateral H3 Lateral H3 Lincoln 3944 Unknown
Lateral LS Lateral LS Gooding 3576 Gooding Butte
Lateral NB1 Lateral NB1 Gooding 3540 Gooding Butte
Lateral NB1A Lateral NB1A Gooding 3573 Gooding Butte
Lateral NB2 Lateral NB2 Gooding 3543 Gooding Butte