Big Bend of Sheep Creek Big Bend of Sheep Creek Owyhee 3914 Cave Draw
Big Holes Big Holes Owyhee 4849 Blackstone Reservoir
Coyote Hole Coyote Hole Owyhee 4455 Coyote Hole
Harpers Bend Harpers Bend Nez Perce 928 Peck
Regan Bend Regan Bend Gem 2602 Montour
Whitley Bottom Whitley Bottom Payette 2159 Nyssa
Clarks Hole Clarks Hole Idaho 2520 Old Timer Mountain
Big Eddy Big Eddy Idaho 2470 Hida Point
Big Hole Big Hole Valley 6240 Cape Horn Lakes
Coxey Hole Coxey Hole Valley 4206 Acorn Butte
Devils Elbow Devils Elbow Shoshone 2201 Kellogg West
Elbow Bend Elbow Bend Idaho 3005 Wahoo Peak
Fisher Bottom Fisher Bottom Bonneville 5125 Wheaton Mountain
Freeman Eddy Freeman Eddy Shoshone 2178 Cataldo
Hole in Rocks Hole in Rocks Fremont 5912 Snake River Butte
Horse Bend Horse Bend Idaho 1614 Slate Creek
Indian Point Indian Point Elmore 3868 Long Tom Reservoir
Lufkin Bottom Lufkin Bottom Bonneville 5134 Wheaton Mountain
Maggie Bend Maggie Bend Idaho 1270 Kooskia
Oxbow Bend Oxbow Bend Boise 3839 Pine Flat
Rotten Bottom Rotten Bottom Teton 6342 Fourth of July Peak
Mormon Bend Mormon Bend Custer 6109 East Basin Creek
Cottonwood Point Cottonwood Point Benewah 2136 Saint Maries
Devils Elbow Devils Elbow Shoshone 2753 Grizzly Mountain
Big Bend Big Bend Teton 6004 Bates
Oxbow Oxbow Idaho 1946 Hoover Point
Rainbow Bend Rainbow Bend Teton 6001 Bates
Weavers Hole Weavers Hole Camas 5052 Corral
Horseshoe Bend Horseshoe Bend Idaho 1499 Slate Creek
The Oxbow The Oxbow Adams 1690 Oxbow
Tie Bend Tie Bend Jefferson 5000 Heise
Farewell Bend Farewell Bend Washington 2077 Olds Ferry
Schetkwe' (historical) Schetkwe' (historical) Kootenai 2165 Post Falls
Hn'a'yqhn Bend Hn'a'yqhn Bend Benewah 2431 Benewah Lake