Bear Lake Plateau Bear Lake Plateau Bear Lake 6650 Pegram Creek
Bennetts Grove Bennetts Grove Bear Lake 6197 Pegram
Bighorn Country Bighorn Country Owyhee 4534 Cave Draw
Craters of the Moon Craters of the Moon Blaine 5823 Inferno Cone
Crows Nest Crows Nest Owyhee 3921 Crows Nest
Sisters Grove Sisters Grove Blaine 4938 Magic Reservoir East
Squaw Gardens Squaw Gardens Owyhee 4816 Pixley Basin
The Cottonwoods The Cottonwoods Elmore 3458 Morrow Reservoir
The Cove The Cove Bingham 5141 Higham Peak
The Monuments The Monuments Owyhee 5823 Smith Creek
Bruneau Duck Ponds Bruneau Duck Ponds Owyhee 2461 Bruneau Dunes
Cape Horn Cape Horn Custer 6604 Banner Summit
Lazy Grove Lazy Grove Elmore 5531 Goodman Flat
Moose Creek Plateau Moose Creek Plateau Fremont 8041 Reas Pass
Water Holes Water Holes Elmore 5436 Cat Creek Summit
Falls River Ridge Falls River Ridge Fremont 6060 Porcupine Lake
Emerald Creek Garnet Area Emerald Creek Garnet Area Latah 2949 Bechtel Butte
Elk Butte Mountain Hemlock Area Elk Butte Mountain Hemlock Area Clearwater 5617 Elk Butte
Stickney Garden Stickney Garden Idaho 2700 Old Timer Mountain
Rising River Rising River Bingham 4564 Rose
Columbet Table Columbet Table Owyhee 5741 Dishpan
Hells Half Acre Hells Half Acre Bingham 4698 Rose
Devils Wash Bowl Devils Wash Bowl Gooding 3150 Tuttle
Hellhole Hellhole Bear Lake 7152 Montpelier Canyon
Indian Grove Indian Grove Cassia 7529 Almo
Cranes Nest Cranes Nest Owyhee 6522 Three Forks
Three Forks Three Forks Teton 5984 Bates
Three Forks Three Forks Owyhee 6414 Three Forks
Matchwood Matchwood Bonner 2192 Oden Bay
Black Buttes Black Buttes Clearwater 5922 Mallard Peak
Falls Falls Franklin 4528 Riverdale
Rives Placer (historical) Rives Placer (historical) Camas 6368 Dollarhide Mountain
Rollins Placer (historical) Rollins Placer (historical) Camas 6555 Dollarhide Mountain
Garten Meadow Garten Meadow Bonner 2339 Prater Mountain
Bruneau Dunes Bruneau Dunes Owyhee 2802 Bruneau Dunes