Balchs Airpark (historical) Balchs Airpark (historical) Hartford 20 Broad Brook
Westford Airstrip Westford Airstrip Windham 899 Westford
BIP Heliport BIP Heliport Fairfield 436 Danbury
Whelan Farms Airport Whelan Farms Airport Litchfield 1020 Litchfield
Kaman Aerospace Corporation Heliport Kaman Aerospace Corporation Heliport Hartford 164 Hartford North
Cigna Heliport Cigna Heliport Hartford 151 Hartford North
Gager Field Gager Field New London 449 Fitchville
Igor I Sikorsky Memorial Airport Igor I Sikorsky Memorial Airport Fairfield 7 Bridgeport
Bridgeport Hospital Heliport Bridgeport Hospital Heliport Fairfield 82 Bridgeport
Medical Center Heliport Medical Center Heliport Fairfield 82 Bridgeport
Sikorsky Bridgeport Heliport Sikorsky Bridgeport Heliport Fairfield 10 Bridgeport
Green Acres Airport Green Acres Airport Hartford 922 Bristol
Mountain Meadow Airstrip (historical) Mountain Meadow Airstrip (historical) Hartford 1020 Torrington
Chester Airport Chester Airport Middlesex 417 Haddam
Skis Landing Area Skis Landing Area New London 499 Colchester
Gardner Lake Airport (historical) Gardner Lake Airport (historical) New London 469 Fitchville
Heckler Field Heckler Field Tolland 794 Rockville
Metenosky Aviation Field (historical) Metenosky Aviation Field (historical) Tolland 571 Columbia
Danbury Municipal Airport Danbury Municipal Airport Fairfield 453 Bethel
Union Carbide Corp Heliport Union Carbide Corp Heliport Fairfield 676 Brewster
Danbury Hospital Heliport Danbury Hospital Heliport Fairfield 502 Danbury
Danielson Airport Danielson Airport Windham 239 Danielson
Maplewood Farm Airport Maplewood Farm Airport Middlesex 266 Durham
Eastford Airport (historical) Eastford Airport (historical) Windham 594 Eastford
Marks Heliport Marks Heliport Hartford 151 Windsor Locks
Goodspeed Airport Goodspeed Airport Middlesex 7 Deep River
Sanford Heliport Sanford Heliport Middlesex 285 Deep River
Devils Hopyard Field Devils Hopyard Field Middlesex 121 Hamburg
Rentschler Airport Rentschler Airport Hartford 43 Manchester
Yankee Airstrip Yankee Airstrip Windham 705 East Killingly
Roberts Farm Airport Roberts Farm Airport Hartford 30 Broad Brook
Bancroft Airport Bancroft Airport Hartford 20 Manchester
Ellington Airport Ellington Airport Tolland 262 Ellington
Wysocki Field Wysocki Field Tolland 384 Ellington
Digital Heliport Digital Heliport Hartford 118 Broad Brook
Della Heliport Della Heliport Hartford 118 Broad Brook
Tennessee F Heliport Tennessee F Heliport Hartford 177 Springfield South
Bootleggers Seaplane Base Bootleggers Seaplane Base Hartford 43 Broad Brook
Fetske Seaplane Base Fetske Seaplane Base Middlesex 0 Hamburg
Shoreline Clinic Heliport Shoreline Clinic Heliport Middlesex 59 Essex
General Electric Heliport General Electric Heliport Fairfield 144 Westport
Otis Helistop Division of UTC Heliport Otis Helistop Division of UTC Heliport Hartford 348 New Britain
Hurlbrink Heliport Hurlbrink Heliport Hartford 315 New Britain
Corporate Center Heliport Corporate Center Heliport Hartford 98 Glastonbury
Wings Ago Airstrip Wings Ago Airstrip Litchfield 1568 Cornwall
Lakeside Airport (historical) Lakeside Airport (historical) New London 203 Jewett City
Groton-New London Airport Groton-New London Airport New London 10 New London
Partyka Chevrolet Heliport Partyka Chevrolet Heliport New Haven 49 New Haven
Bob Thomas Ford Heliport Bob Thomas Ford Heliport New Haven 72 New Haven
Hartford-Brainard Airport Hartford-Brainard Airport Hartford 16 Hartford South
Delta One Heliport Delta One Heliport Hartford 13 Hartford North
United Technology Corporation Heliport United Technology Corporation Heliport Hartford 56 Hartford North
Hartford Hospital Heliport Hartford Hospital Heliport Hartford 62 Hartford North
State Emergency Heliport State Emergency Heliport Hartford 66 Hartford North
Saint Francis Hospital Heliport Saint Francis Hospital Heliport Hartford 69 Hartford North
Laurie Field Laurie Field Hartford 125 Broad Brook
Spruce Airport Spruce Airport New London 184 Jewett City
Ripley Field Airport Ripley Field Airport Litchfield 1316 Cornwall
Lord Creek Seaplane Base Lord Creek Seaplane Base New London 0 Old Lyme
Griswold Airport (historical) Griswold Airport (historical) New Haven 10 Clinton
Rankl Field Rankl Field Hartford 351 Moodus
Salmon River Airfield Salmon River Airfield Hartford 541 Moodus
Meriden Markham Municipal Airport Meriden Markham Municipal Airport New Haven 98 Meriden
Meriden-Wallingford Hospital Heliport Meriden-Wallingford Hospital Heliport New Haven 138 Meriden
C N Flagg Heliport C N Flagg Heliport New Haven 325 Meriden
Timex Heliport Timex Heliport New Haven 679 Waterbury
Miry Dam Heliport Miry Dam Heliport New Haven 610 Waterbury
Middlesex Hospital Heliport Middlesex Hospital Heliport Middlesex 10 Middletown
Middletown Heliport Middletown Heliport Middlesex 20 Middletown
Milford-Alexander Heliport Milford-Alexander Heliport Fairfield 10 Milford
Consumer Products Division/Warner-Lambert Company Heliport Consumer Products Division/Warner-Lambert Company Heliport New Haven 10 Milford
Wychwood Field Wychwood Field New London 308 Old Mystic
Rondo Heliport Rondo Heliport New Haven 505 Waterbury
Plainville Heliport Plainville Heliport Hartford 230 New Britain
NBGH Heliport NBGH Heliport Hartford 269 New Britain
Tweed-New Haven Airport Tweed-New Haven Airport New Haven 10 New Haven
Yale New Haven Hospital Heliport Yale New Haven Hospital Heliport New Haven 36 New Haven
HO Penn-1 Heliport HO Penn-1 Heliport Hartford 141 Hartford South
Docktors Field Docktors Field Litchfield 220 New Milford
Candlelight Farms Airport Candlelight Farms Airport Litchfield 666 New Milford
Candlelight Heliport Candlelight Heliport Litchfield 659 New Milford
Flying Ridge Airstrip Flying Ridge Airstrip Fairfield 610 Botsford
North Branford Heliport North Branford Heliport New Haven 253 Branford
North Canaan Aviation Facilities Inc Airport North Canaan Aviation Facilities Inc Airport Litchfield 659 Ashley Falls
North Haven Heliport North Haven Heliport New Haven 10 New Haven
USSC/NH Heliport USSC/NH Heliport New Haven 16 Branford
USSC Heliport USSC Heliport Fairfield 112 Norwalk North
50 Washington Street Heliport 50 Washington Street Heliport Fairfield 13 Norwalk South
Merritt 7 Helistop Merritt 7 Helistop Fairfield 89 Norwalk North
Norden Systems Heliport Norden Systems Heliport Fairfield 52 Norwalk South
Old Saybrook Heliport Old Saybrook Heliport Middlesex 39 Old Lyme
Old Saybrook Police Heliport Old Saybrook Police Heliport Middlesex 10 Essex
HSI Heliport HSI Heliport New Haven 72 New Haven
Waterbury-Oxford Airport Waterbury-Oxford Airport New Haven 705 Southbury
Robertson Field Robertson Field Hartford 200 New Britain
Portland Heliport Portland Heliport Middlesex 30 Middletown
Bemer Heliport Bemer Heliport Middlesex 217 Middle Haddam
Burke Heliport Burke Heliport New Haven 404 Southington
Toutant Airport Toutant Airport Windham 755 Eastford
Veterans Home and Hospital Heliport Veterans Home and Hospital Heliport Hartford 151 Hartford South
Corporate Ridge Heliport Corporate Ridge Heliport Hartford 213 Hartford South
Good Hill Farm Airport Good Hill Farm Airport Litchfield 951 Roxbury
Canterbury Farm Airport (historical) Canterbury Farm Airport (historical) Litchfield 427 Roxbury
Tie Communications Heliport Tie Communications Heliport New Haven 453 Naugatuck
Sharon Hospital Heliport Sharon Hospital Heliport Litchfield 633 Sharon
ITT Heliport ITT Heliport Fairfield 289 Long Hill
Simsbury Airport Simsbury Airport Hartford 187 Tariffville
Valley Farms Airport Valley Farms Airport Tolland 213 Hampden
Mountain View Heliport Mountain View Heliport Tolland 269 Hampden
Nayaug Seaplane Landing Area Nayaug Seaplane Landing Area Hartford 7 Hartford South
Pratt and Whitney Heliport Pratt and Whitney Heliport Hartford 135 Southington
Woodstock Airport Woodstock Airport Windham 446 Putnam
Swift Airport (historical) Swift Airport (historical) Tolland 499 Stafford Springs
Cyanamid Stamford Helistop Cyanamid Stamford Helistop Fairfield 49 Stamford
Stamford Hospital Heliport Stamford Hospital Heliport Fairfield 82 Stamford
Stonington Airpark Stonington Airpark New London 3 Mystic
Sikorsky Heliport Sikorsky Heliport Fairfield 23 Milford
Northfield Heliport Northfield Heliport Litchfield 886 Thomaston
Quaddick Lake Seaplane Base Quaddick Lake Seaplane Base Windham 404 Thompson
O and G Heliport O and G Heliport Litchfield 594 Torrington
Chase Manhattan Bank of Connecticut Heliport Chase Manhattan Bank of Connecticut Heliport Fairfield 210 Bridgeport
Gallup Farm Gallup Farm New London 423 Voluntown
Bristol-Myers/Squibb Company Heliport Bristol-Myers/Squibb Company Heliport New Haven 440 Wallingford
Clark Heliport Clark Heliport New Haven 128 Wallingford
Reeds Gap Heliport Reeds Gap Heliport New Haven 322 Durham
American Cyanamid Company Heliport American Cyanamid Company Heliport New Haven 59 Wallingford
Skylark Airpark Skylark Airpark Hartford 118 Broad Brook
Long View Landing Long View Landing Litchfield 942 New Preston
Waterbury Airport Waterbury Airport Litchfield 853 Thomaston
Saint Marys Heliport Saint Marys Heliport New Haven 302 Waterbury
A J Oster Company Heliport A J Oster Company Heliport Litchfield 299 Waterbury
Wauregan Heliport Wauregan Heliport Windham 236 Danielson
Windham Airport Windham Airport Windham 246 Willimantic
Nasin Heliport Nasin Heliport Windham 230 Willimantic
Windham Hospital Heliport Windham Hospital Heliport Windham 322 Willimantic
Wilsonville Heliport Wilsonville Heliport Windham 479 Webster
Ralphs Seaplane Base Ralphs Seaplane Base Hartford 3 Manchester
Bradley International Airport Bradley International Airport Hartford 171 Windsor Locks
Hamilton Standard Heliport Hamilton Standard Heliport Hartford 171 Windsor Locks
Essex Airport (historical) Essex Airport (historical) Middlesex Unknown
Lindquist Airport (historical) Lindquist Airport (historical) Middlesex 646 Middle Haddam
Stonington Landing Field Stonington Landing Field New London 3 Mystic
Wallingford Airport (historical) Wallingford Airport (historical) New Haven 33 Wallingford
West Haven Airport (historical) West Haven Airport (historical) New Haven 36 Woodmont
Ansonia Airfield (historical) Ansonia Airfield (historical) New Haven 436 Ansonia
Bethany Airport (historical) Bethany Airport (historical) New Haven 689 Mount Carmel
Monroe Airport (historical) Monroe Airport (historical) Fairfield 623 Long Hill
Norwalk Airport (historical) Norwalk Airport (historical) Fairfield 223 Norwalk North
Bristol Airport (historical) Bristol Airport (historical) Hartford Unknown
Skylarks Airport (historical) Skylarks Airport (historical) Hartford Unknown
Somers Field (historical) Somers Field (historical) Hartford 554 Moodus
Mile Creek Airport Mile Creek Airport New London 23 Old Lyme
Irish Hills Farms Airport Irish Hills Farms Airport Litchfield 833 Woodbury
Thomson Field Thomson Field Litchfield 823 Litchfield
Bee Field Bee Field New London 233 Jewett City
North Canaan Aviation Facilities Inc Airport North Canaan Aviation Facilities Inc Airport Litchfield 659 Ashley Falls