Strawberry Hot Springs Strawberry Hot Springs Routt Unknown
Road Spring Road Spring Jackson 8543 Owl Ridge
Cold Spring Cold Spring Moffat 7467 Fly Creek
O-Wi-Yu-Kuts Spring O-Wi-Yu-Kuts Spring Moffat 8609 Willow Creek Butte
Slippery Jim Spring Slippery Jim Spring Moffat 8215 Willow Creek Butte
Summit Spring Summit Spring Moffat 8192 Willow Creek Butte
Honeymoon Spring Honeymoon Spring Moffat 8314 Willow Creek Butte
Morales Spring Morales Spring Moffat 8343 Beaver Basin
Spitzie Spring Spitzie Spring Moffat 8359 Beaver Basin
Jug Spring Jug Spring Moffat 8359 Beaver Basin
Cottonwood Springs Cottonwood Springs Moffat 8455 Beaver Basin
Wash Spring Wash Spring Moffat 8484 Beaver Basin
Bear Spring Bear Spring Moffat 8402 Beaver Basin
Willow Springs Willow Springs Moffat 8356 Beaver Basin
Willow Springs Willow Springs Moffat 8340 Beaver Basin
West End Spring West End Spring Moffat 8629 Beaver Basin
Willow Spring Willow Spring Moffat 8297 Beaver Basin
Antelope Spring Antelope Spring Moffat 8104 Beaver Basin
Richies Spring Richies Spring Moffat 8209 Beaver Basin
Bobs Spring Bobs Spring Moffat 8556 Beaver Basin
Coyote Spring Coyote Spring Moffat 8284 Sparks
Coffeepot Spring Coffeepot Spring Moffat 7198 Coffeepot Spring
West Dripping Rock West Dripping Rock Moffat 7205 Powder Wash
Dans Hole Spring Dans Hole Spring Moffat 7123 Powder Wash
Reservoir Spring Reservoir Spring Moffat 7067 Reservoir Draw
Conway Spring Conway Spring Moffat 6591 Thornburgh Gulch
Monasco Spring Monasco Spring Moffat 6483 Thornburgh Gulch
Thornburgh Spring Thornburgh Spring Moffat 6306 Thornburgh Gulch
Box Spring Box Spring Moffat 7871 Bakers Peak
Sterling Spring Sterling Spring Moffat 5633 Lodore School
Hoy Spring Hoy Spring Moffat 6148 Lodore School
Matt Spring Matt Spring Moffat 6555 Tanks Peak
Elk Springs Elk Springs Moffat 7926 Big Joe Basin
Chicken Spring Chicken Spring Moffat 7953 Big Joe Basin
Swede Spring Swede Spring Moffat 8202 Big Joe Basin
Cold Spring Cold Spring Moffat 8284 Big Joe Basin
Bassett Spring Bassett Spring Moffat 8202 Big Joe Basin
G Spring G Spring Moffat 6732 G Spring
Sheepherder Springs Sheepherder Springs Moffat 6906 Sheepherder Springs
Lang Spring Lang Spring Moffat 6657 Lang Spring
Spence Spring Spence Spring Moffat 6939 Lang Spring
Mayberry Spring Mayberry Spring Moffat 6585 Mayberry Spring
Clayton Spring Clayton Spring Moffat 6676 Mayberry Spring
Kelly Spring Kelly Spring Moffat 6598 Mayberry Spring
Pablo Spring Pablo Spring Moffat 5640 Big Joe Basin
Whiskey Springs Whiskey Springs Larimer 8317 Crazy Mountain
Jimmy Creek Spring Jimmy Creek Spring Larimer 8776 Sand Creek Pass
Owl Spring Owl Spring Larimer 8471 Eaton Reservoir
Mill Creek Spring Mill Creek Spring Larimer 8081 Diamond Peak
Box Spring Box Spring Larimer 6322 Livermore
Rufner Camp Spring Rufner Camp Spring Larimer 5987 Livermore
Bonner Spring Bonner Spring Larimer 6040 Livermore
Crystal Spring Crystal Spring Jackson 8064 Eagle Hill
Cold Spring Cold Spring Routt 9111 Bears Ears Peaks
Strong Spring Strong Spring Moffat 7447 Big Joe Basin
Jack Springs Jack Springs Moffat 6450 Jack Springs
Dripping Rock Spring Dripping Rock Spring Moffat 5758 Jack Springs
Loomis Spring Loomis Spring Moffat 6047 Vermillion Mesa
Willow Spring Willow Spring Moffat 6004 Vermillion Mesa
Hughes Spring Hughes Spring Moffat 5942 Vermillion Mesa
Hackings Springs Hackings Springs Moffat 7464 Jones Hole
Burnt Springs Burnt Springs Moffat 7280 Jones Hole
Warm Springs Warm Springs Moffat 5148 Canyon of Lodore South
Limestone Spring Limestone Spring Moffat 7375 Canyon of Lodore South
Chokecherry Spring Chokecherry Spring Moffat 7336 Canyon of Lodore South
Logging Spring Logging Spring Moffat 7201 Limestone Hill
Daisy Spring Daisy Spring Moffat 7802 Greystone
Hillside Spring Hillside Spring Moffat 7369 Zenobia Peak
Redfern Spring Redfern Spring Moffat 7480 Zenobia Peak
Chicken Springs Chicken Springs Moffat 7638 Zenobia Peak
Five Spring Five Spring Moffat 7753 Zenobia Peak
Thompson Springs Thompson Springs Moffat 6001 Lone Mountain
Two Bar Springs Two Bar Springs Moffat 6463 Clay Buttes
Omstead Spring Omstead Spring Moffat 6168 Maybell
Barber Spring Barber Spring Moffat 6125 Maybell
Redrock Spring Redrock Spring Moffat 6047 Sunbeam
Brouse Spring Brouse Spring Moffat 6073 Sunbeam
Chase Spring Chase Spring Moffat 6060 Sunbeam
Cutshaw Spring Cutshaw Spring Moffat 6214 Bald Mountain
Bear Valley Spring Bear Valley Spring Moffat 7775 Haystack Rock
The Seeps The Seeps Moffat 6148 Tanks Peak
Mantle Spring Mantle Spring Moffat 8133 Tanks Peak
Serviceberry Spring Serviceberry Spring Moffat 7654 Tanks Peak
Mud Spring Mud Spring Moffat 7431 Hells Canyon
Surveyor Spring Surveyor Spring Moffat 7569 Hells Canyon
Bobcat Springs Bobcat Springs Moffat 7198 Hells Canyon
Marthas Spring Marthas Spring Moffat 7572 Tanks Peak
Burnt Spring Burnt Spring Moffat 7579 Lazy Y Point
Birch Spring Birch Spring Moffat 7802 Lazy Y Point
Davidson Spring Davidson Spring Moffat 7733 Skull Creek
Blue Mountain Spring Number 4 Blue Mountain Spring Number 4 Moffat 7244 Plug Hat Rock
Bearwater Spring Bearwater Spring Moffat 8074 Plug Hat Rock
Blue Mountain Spring Number 3 Blue Mountain Spring Number 3 Moffat 7920 Plug Hat Rock
Blue Mountain Spring Number 1 Blue Mountain Spring Number 1 Moffat 7664 Plug Hat Rock
Blue Mountain Spring Number 2 Blue Mountain Spring Number 2 Moffat 7037 Plug Hat Rock
Dobbins Spring Dobbins Spring Moffat 6503 Indian Water Canyon
Bill White Spring Bill White Spring Moffat 5679 Indian Water Canyon
Wild Horse Spring Wild Horse Spring Moffat 5784 M F Mountain
Bear Spring Bear Spring Moffat 7093 Skull Creek
Stoner Spring Stoner Spring Moffat 7011 Skull Creek
Blair Spring Blair Spring Moffat 5830 Skull Creek
East Moose Head Spring East Moose Head Spring Moffat 7861 Lazy Y Point
Rim Spring Rim Spring Moffat 7526 Lazy Y Point
Boxelder Spring Boxelder Spring Moffat 6795 Juniper Mountain
Wolf Creek Spring Wolf Creek Spring Moffat 5968 M F Mountain
Willow Spring Willow Spring Logan 4354 Kirchnavy Butte
Dead Man Spring Dead Man Spring Logan 4203 Kirchnavy Butte
Antelope Spring Antelope Spring Weld 5545 Chalk Bluffs East
Dipper Spring Dipper Spring Logan 4416 Dipper Spring
Patton Spring Patton Spring Weld 5092 Vim School
Willow Spring Willow Spring Weld 5174 Dolan Spring
Dolan Spring Dolan Spring Weld 5092 Dolan Spring
Deer Spring Deer Spring Weld 5243 Dolan Spring
Brannigan Spring Brannigan Spring Larimer 6499 Round Butte
Soapstone Springs Soapstone Springs Larimer 6506 Round Butte
Jack Springs Jack Springs Larimer 6076 Round Butte
Seventeenmile Spring Seventeenmile Spring Logan 4183 North Sterling Reservoir
Blood Spring Blood Spring Logan 4173 North Sterling Reservoir
Gatehook Spring Gatehook Spring Weld 5220 Gatehook Spring
Hightower Spring Hightower Spring Weld 4819 Gatehook Spring
Elizabeth Spring Elizabeth Spring Weld 5167 Pawnee Buttes
De Moss Spring De Moss Spring Weld 4951 Pawnee Buttes
Reisburg Spring Reisburg Spring Weld 4977 Pawnee Buttes
The Wolf Spring The Wolf Spring Weld 5131 Pawnee Buttes
Iron Springs Iron Springs Moffat 6844 Iron Springs
Adobe Springs Adobe Springs Moffat 6834 Adobe Springs
Angel Spring Angel Spring Moffat 8497 Slide Mountain
Sand Spring Sand Spring Moffat 6483 Pine Ridge
Mud Spring Mud Spring Moffat 6306 Lay
Post Oak Spring Post Oak Spring Moffat 6985 Round Bottom
Ralston Springs Ralston Springs Moffat 6640 Monument Butte
Cedar Springs Cedar Springs Moffat 6243 Cedar Knob
Stinking Spring Stinking Spring Rio Blanco 5741 Rough Gulch
Lambert Spring Lambert Spring Rio Blanco 5709 Rough Gulch
Coal Spring Coal Spring Moffat 7864 White Rock
Moonshine Spring Moonshine Spring Moffat 8277 White Rock
Bitter Spring Bitter Spring Rio Blanco 7415 White Rock
Thompson Spring Thompson Spring Rio Blanco 7159 Calamity Ridge
Lem Springs Lem Springs Rio Blanco 7608 Sagebrush Hill
Cottonwood Spring Cottonwood Spring Rio Blanco 7293 Sagebrush Hill
Maverick Spring Maverick Spring Rio Blanco 7201 Sagebrush Hill
Stake Springs Stake Springs Rio Blanco 6719 Wolf Ridge
Little Corral Gulch Spring Little Corral Gulch Spring Rio Blanco 7214 Greasewood Gulch
Dark Canyon Spring Dark Canyon Spring Rio Blanco 7241 Greasewood Gulch
Post Gulch Spring Post Gulch Spring Rio Blanco 7080 Segar Mountain
Timber Gulch Spring Number 3 Timber Gulch Spring Number 3 Rio Blanco 7221 Segar Mountain
Sand Spring Sand Spring Rio Blanco 6119 Texas Mountain
Big Cedar Spring Big Cedar Spring Rio Blanco 7474 Texas Mountain
Wild Rose Spring Wild Rose Spring Rio Blanco 7628 Texas Mountain
Red Cedar Spring Red Cedar Spring Rio Blanco 7529 East Evacuation Creek
Brushy Point Spring Brushy Point Spring Rio Blanco 8284 Brushy Point
Big Spring Big Spring Rio Blanco 7756 Brushy Point
Ponderosa Spring Ponderosa Spring Rio Blanco 8104 Brushy Point
Figure Four Spring Figure Four Spring Rio Blanco 7956 Figure Four Spring
Bragg Spring Bragg Spring Garfield 7674 Cutoff Gulch
Crouch Spring Crouch Spring Garfield 7743 Cutoff Gulch
Barnes Spring Barnes Spring Rio Blanco 6880 Cutoff Gulch
Lone Spring Lone Spring Garfield 8202 Rat Hole Ridge
Columbine Spring Columbine Spring Garfield 7648 Baxter Pass
Earl Spring Earl Spring Garfield 8041 Douglas Pass
Barrel Spring Barrel Spring Garfield 6421 Calf Canyon
Fourth Water Spring Fourth Water Spring Garfield 8077 Henderson Ridge
Sheep Corral Spring Sheep Corral Spring Garfield 8281 Henderson Ridge
Huntley Spring Huntley Spring Garfield 8294 Henderson Ridge
Henderson Spring Henderson Spring Garfield 8396 Henderson Ridge
Toms Spring Toms Spring Garfield 8435 Henderson Ridge
McKey Spring McKey Spring Garfield 8622 Henderson Ridge
Horse Spring Horse Spring Garfield 8399 Henderson Ridge
Camp Gulch Spring Camp Gulch Spring Garfield 8031 Henderson Ridge
Mud Spring Mud Spring Garfield 8064 Henderson Ridge
Franklin Spring Franklin Spring Garfield 8474 Henderson Ridge
Elk Horn Spring Elk Horn Spring Garfield 8563 Henderson Ridge
Kaiser Spring Kaiser Spring Garfield 8153 Henderson Ridge
Bear Keg Spring Bear Keg Spring Garfield 7979 Henderson Ridge
Second Water Spring Second Water Spring Garfield 8127 Henderson Ridge
Third Water Spring Third Water Spring Garfield 8094 Henderson Ridge
Moore Spring Moore Spring Garfield 8127 Henderson Ridge
Little Water Spring Little Water Spring Garfield 8153 Henderson Ridge
First Water Spring First Water Spring Garfield 8274 Henderson Ridge
Poverty Spring Poverty Spring Garfield 8310 Henderson Ridge
Trail Gulch Spring Trail Gulch Spring Garfield 8314 Henderson Ridge
Mud Spring Mud Spring Garfield 8478 Henderson Ridge
Scott Spring Scott Spring Garfield 7677 Mount Blaine
Lone Tree Spring Lone Tree Spring Garfield 8153 Forked Gulch
Antelope Spring Antelope Spring Jackson 8163 Walden
Case Spring Case Spring Jackson 8123 Walden
Green Spring Green Spring Jackson 8146 Walden
Heart Spring Heart Spring Routt 6758 Steamboat Springs
Sulphur Cave Spring Sulphur Cave Spring Routt 6758 Steamboat Springs
Harper Spring Harper Spring Routt 9042 Trapper
Iron Spring Iron Spring Routt 8606 Lynx Pass
Sulphur Spring Sulphur Spring Grand 7782 Junction Butte
Finley Spring Finley Spring Garfield 9363 Red Elephant Point
Bloodsworth Spring Bloodsworth Spring Rio Blanco 9071 Red Elephant Point
Janes Spring Janes Spring Rio Blanco 9147 Red Elephant Point
Machine Spring Machine Spring Rio Blanco 8960 Red Elephant Point
Indian Spring Indian Spring Rio Blanco 8901 Red Elephant Point
Widow Spring Widow Spring Rio Blanco 8428 Triangle Park
Mud Spring Mud Spring Garfield 9203 Triangle Park
G V Spring G V Spring Garfield 9121 Triangle Park
Twin Springs Twin Springs Garfield 9199 Triangle Park
Irish Spring Irish Spring Garfield 9150 Triangle Park
Orphan Spring Orphan Spring Garfield 9035 Triangle Park
Hiner Spring Hiner Spring Rio Blanco 9882 Meadow Creek Lake
Clark Cabin Spring Clark Cabin Spring Garfield 9436 Meadow Creek Lake
Cold Spring Cold Spring Garfield 10013 Blair Mountain
Big Spring Big Spring Eagle 9544 Sugarloaf Mountain
Bear Spring Bear Spring Garfield 8359 Deep Creek Point
Joe Hill Spring Joe Hill Spring Garfield 7434 Deep Creek Point
Edwards Spring Edwards Spring Garfield 9301 Deep Creek Point
Second Set Spring Second Set Spring Garfield 10079 Adams Lake
Third Set Spring Third Set Spring Garfield 10472 Adams Lake
Bearwallow Spring Bearwallow Spring Garfield 8533 Adams Lake
Hillside Spring Hillside Spring Garfield 10174 Carbonate
Mud Spring Mud Spring Garfield 9734 Broken Rib Creek
Irrawaddy Spring Irrawaddy Spring Garfield 10072 Broken Rib Creek
Short Creek Spring Number 2 Short Creek Spring Number 2 Garfield 10226 Broken Rib Creek
Short Creek Spring Number 1 Short Creek Spring Number 1 Garfield 10141 Broken Rib Creek
Ballixburg Spring Ballixburg Spring Garfield 9462 Broken Rib Creek
Broken Rib Spring Broken Rib Spring Garfield 10157 Broken Rib Creek
Sheep Spring Sheep Spring Garfield 5272 Byers
Maynes Spring Maynes Spring Garfield 10157 Broken Rib Creek
Leroy Spring Leroy Spring Garfield 10187 Broken Rib Creek
Willow Spring Willow Spring Garfield 9268 Broken Rib Creek
Deadhorse Spring Deadhorse Spring Garfield 9718 Broken Rib Creek
Myser Spring Myser Spring Garfield 6795 Middle Dry Fork
Big Spring Big Spring Garfield 8136 Middle Dry Fork
Bull Spring Bull Spring Garfield 8077 Middle Dry Fork
Rim Spring Rim Spring Garfield 8120 Middle Dry Fork
East Wiley Spring East Wiley Spring Garfield 8215 Middle Dry Fork
West Wiley Spring West Wiley Spring Garfield 8218 Middle Dry Fork
Blanc Spring Blanc Spring Garfield 8300 Middle Dry Fork
McMullin Spring McMullin Spring Garfield 8058 The Saddle
East Spring East Spring Garfield 8061 The Saddle
Wire Spring Wire Spring Garfield 8028 The Saddle
Barrel Spring Barrel Spring Garfield 8123 Middle Dry Fork
Pritchard Spring Pritchard Spring Garfield 8340 Red Pinnacle
Hayward Spring Hayward Spring Garfield 8090 Red Pinnacle
Mount Callahan Spring Mount Callahan Spring Garfield 6178 Parachute
Willow Spring Willow Spring Garfield 6706 Winter Flats
Kruzen Springs Kruzen Springs Mesa 9114 Palisade
Mule Spring Mule Spring Mesa 7638 Mesa Lakes
Uncle Bob Spring Uncle Bob Spring Garfield 7903 Gibson Gulch
Crystal Spring Crystal Spring Garfield 6621 Carbondale
Goody Spring Goody Spring Mesa 9455 Vega Reservoir
Cox Spring Cox Spring Mesa 8878 Spruce Mountain
Penny Hot Springs Penny Hot Springs Pitkin 6929 Redstone
Grouse Spring Grouse Spring Delta 7802 Electric Mountain
Soda Springs Soda Springs Eagle 10610 Piney Peak
Balanced Rock Spring Balanced Rock Spring Eagle 7034 Blue Hill
Kayser Spring Kayser Spring Eagle 8576 McCoy
Split Trough Spring Split Trough Spring Eagle 8071 McCoy
Dry Gulch Spring Dry Gulch Spring Grand 7474 Radium
Reap Spring Reap Spring Eagle 8543 Castle Peak
Little Dutton Spring Little Dutton Spring Eagle 8504 Castle Peak
Deadhorse Spring Deadhorse Spring Eagle 9108 State Bridge
Iron Spring Iron Spring Eagle 8373 State Bridge
Dodo Spring Dodo Spring Eagle 8172 Lava Creek
Grass Gulch Spring Grass Gulch Spring Eagle 8218 Lava Creek
High Trail Gulch Spring High Trail Gulch Spring Eagle 9878 Lava Creek
Red Spring Red Spring Eagle 10177 Vail West
Gore Creek Spring Gore Creek Spring Eagle 8930 Vail East
Rock Spring Rock Spring Eagle 8569 Suicide Mountain
Mud Spring Mud Spring Eagle 8392 Suicide Mountain
Miller Gulch Spring Miller Gulch Spring Eagle 9577 The Seven Hermits
Hart Spring Hart Spring Eagle 9442 The Seven Hermits
McKenzie Gulch Spring McKenzie Gulch Spring Eagle 9783 The Seven Hermits
Third Gulch Spring Third Gulch Spring Eagle 10036 The Seven Hermits
Sawmill Gulch Spring Sawmill Gulch Spring Eagle 10000 The Seven Hermits
Newcomer Spring Newcomer Spring Eagle 10210 Fulford
Bear Cat Spring Bear Cat Spring Eagle 9478 Fulford
Granite Springs Granite Springs Eagle 9360 Fulford
Lettuce Patch Springs Lettuce Patch Springs Eagle 9098 Fulford
Big Park Spring Big Park Spring Eagle 9452 Fulford
Happy Jack Spring Happy Jack Spring Eagle 8307 Fulford
White Spring White Spring Eagle 8104 Fulford
Stag Gulch Spring Stag Gulch Spring Eagle 9472 Fulford
Box Spring Box Spring Eagle 8642 Fulford
Card Creek Springs Card Creek Springs Eagle 9478 Grouse Mountain
McCoy Spring McCoy Spring Eagle 9226 Grouse Mountain
Mud Spring Mud Spring Eagle 9163 Grouse Mountain
Iron Springs Iron Springs Summit 9196 Frisco
Fourmile Spring Fourmile Spring Eagle 8045 Eagle
Irwin Spring Irwin Spring Dolores 6653 Northdale
Bishop Canyon Spring Bishop Canyon Spring San Miguel 7100 Egnar
Overall Spring Overall Spring San Miguel 7556 Egnar
Quakie Spring Quakie Spring San Miguel 7979 Joe Davis Hill
Piney Spring Piney Spring San Miguel 7782 Joe Davis Hill
Sawmill Spring Sawmill Spring San Miguel 7979 Joe Davis Hill
Wildcat Spring Wildcat Spring San Miguel 6319 McKenna Peak
Fall Camp Spring Fall Camp Spring San Miguel 7323 North Mountain
Sandys Fort Spring Sandys Fort Spring San Miguel 8382 North Mountain
Nelson Springs Nelson Springs San Miguel 8228 Lone Cone
Bear Spring Bear Spring San Miguel 8858 Lone Cone
Pierce Spring Pierce Spring San Miguel 9360 Beaver Park
Miller Spring Miller Spring San Miguel 9436 Beaver Park
Big Water Spring Big Water Spring Dolores 8241 Secret Canyon
Bankston Spring Bankston Spring Dolores 8166 Secret Canyon
Tommy Spring Tommy Spring Dolores 6542 Secret Canyon
Snyder Spring Snyder Spring Dolores 8209 The Glade
Garbarero Spring Garbarero Spring Dolores 8153 The Glade
White Sands Spring White Sands Spring Dolores 8081 The Glade
Cottonwood Spring Cottonwood Spring Dolores 8084 The Glade
Rock Spring Rock Spring Dolores 8182 The Glade
Evans Spring Evans Spring Dolores 8002 The Glade
Wolf Den Spring Wolf Den Spring Dolores 8136 The Glade
Pat Spring Pat Spring Dolores 8113 The Glade
Tom Westcott Spring Tom Westcott Spring Dolores 7785 The Glade
Pine Arroyo Spring Pine Arroyo Spring Dolores 7887 The Glade
Fader Spring Fader Spring Dolores 7759 The Glade
Peeled Pine Spring Peeled Pine Spring Dolores 7989 The Glade
Wild Bill Spring Wild Bill Spring Dolores 7979 The Glade
Little Bill Spring Little Bill Spring Dolores 8087 The Glade
Glade Canyon Spring Glade Canyon Spring Dolores 7667 The Glade
Bradfield Spring Bradfield Spring Dolores 8809 Glade Mountain
Glade Mountain Spring Glade Mountain Spring Dolores 8697 Glade Mountain
Manaugh Spring Manaugh Spring Dolores 8592 Glade Mountain
Far Draw Spring Far Draw Spring Dolores 8520 Glade Mountain
Lone Mesa Spring Number 1 Lone Mesa Spring Number 1 Dolores 8881 South Mountain
Browning Spring Browning Spring Dolores 9035 South Mountain
Blue Spring Blue Spring Dolores 10394 Groundhog Reservoir
Dunton Hot Spring Dunton Hot Spring Dolores 8920 Dolores Peak
Champagne Spring Champagne Spring Dolores 6489 Champagne Spring
Doe Spring Doe Spring Dolores 7759 Doe Canyon
Canyon Spring Canyon Spring Dolores 7313 Doe Canyon
Ferris Spring Ferris Spring Dolores 7880 Doe Canyon
Narraguinnep Spring Narraguinnep Spring Dolores 8028 Narraguinnep Mountain
Indian Spring Indian Spring Dolores 7700 Narraguinnep Mountain
Dry Canyon Spring Dry Canyon Spring Montezuma 7674 Narraguinnep Mountain
Trimble Spring Trimble Spring Dolores 7923 Narraguinnep Mountain
Sagebrush Spring Sagebrush Spring Dolores 7890 Willow Spring
Willow Spring Willow Spring Dolores 8018 Willow Spring
Rusty Spring Rusty Spring Dolores 7723 Willow Spring
Big Spring Big Spring Dolores 9593 Nipple Mountain
Cold Spring Cold Spring Dolores 8743 Nipple Mountain
Pease Spring Pease Spring Dolores 9058 Nipple Mountain
Twin Spring Twin Spring Dolores 9898 Clyde Lake
Cresto Spring Cresto Spring Dolores 8763 Clyde Lake
Cub Spring Cub Spring Dolores 9603 Clyde Lake
Cabin Spring Cabin Spring Montezuma 9682 Clyde Lake
Fivemile Spring Fivemile Spring Montezuma 9842 Clyde Lake
Camp Spring Camp Spring Dolores 10065 Clyde Lake
Soft Water Spring Soft Water Spring Dolores 10653 Clyde Lake
Road Spring Road Spring Dolores 10643 Clyde Lake
Salter Canyon Spring Salter Canyon Spring Montezuma 7543 Trimble Point
Hoppe Point Spring Hoppe Point Spring Montezuma 7884 Trimble Point
Log Camp Spring Log Camp Spring Montezuma 8038 Trimble Point
Dunham Spring Dunham Spring Montezuma 7785 Trimble Point
Peel Spring Peel Spring Montezuma 7874 Boggy Draw
Stump Spring Stump Spring Montezuma 8254 Boggy Draw
Horse Barn Spring Horse Barn Spring Montezuma 8120 Boggy Draw
Rush Spring Rush Spring Montezuma 7257 Boggy Draw
Italian Spring Italian Spring Montezuma 7785 Boggy Draw
Coalbank Spring Coalbank Spring Montezuma 8317 Stoner
Haycamp Spring Haycamp Spring Montezuma 8635 Stoner
Longwill Spring Longwill Spring Montezuma 8461 Stoner
Sttep Spring Sttep Spring Montezuma 8619 Stoner
Vick Spring Vick Spring Montezuma 8251 Stoner
Cedar Spring Cedar Spring Montezuma 7946 Stoner
Wilkerson Spring Wilkerson Spring Montezuma 8038 Stoner
Rock Spring Rock Spring Montezuma 8209 Stoner
Blue Spring Blue Spring Montezuma 9554 Wallace Ranch
Drift Fence Spring Drift Fence Spring Montezuma 9426 Wallace Ranch
Siphon Spring Siphon Spring Montezuma 9403 Wallace Ranch
Calico Spring Calico Spring Montezuma 9498 Wallace Ranch
Twin Fir Spring Twin Fir Spring Montezuma 10046 Wallace Ranch
Aspen Spring Aspen Spring Montezuma 9317 Wallace Ranch
Spruce Spring Spruce Spring Montezuma 9570 Wallace Ranch
Walker Spring Walker Spring Montezuma 9317 Wallace Ranch
Turkey Point Spring Turkey Point Spring Montezuma 9193 Wallace Ranch
Camman Spring Camman Spring Larimer 8028 Rustic
Bedsprings Spring Bedsprings Spring Larimer 8379 Rustic
Cloudy Spring Cloudy Spring Larimer 5709 Horsetooth Reservoir
Twin Springs Twin Springs Larimer 5679 Masonville
Lookout Springs Lookout Springs Larimer 10640 Longs Peak
Jacob Spring Jacob Spring Larimer 7999 Panorama Peak
Wilson Spring Wilson Spring Larimer 8156 Panorama Peak
Soda Spring Soda Spring Grand 8320 Trail Mountain
Curie Spring Curie Spring Boulder 6706 Boulder
Soda Springs Soda Springs Boulder 6276 Boulder
Ute Spring Ute Spring Boulder 6453 Boulder
North Rampart Spring North Rampart Spring Montezuma 9058 Rampart Hills
Gray Beal Spring Gray Beal Spring Montezuma 8829 Rampart Hills
Ute Spring Ute Spring Montezuma 6808 Battle Rock
Hanna Spring Hanna Spring Montezuma 7533 Battle Rock
Littlewater Spring Littlewater Spring Montezuma 7372 Battle Rock
Mud Spring Mud Spring Montezuma 5787 Mud Creek
Valley View Spring Valley View Spring La Plata 9691 Thompson Park
Caviness Spring Caviness Spring La Plata 9898 Thompson Park
Navajo Spring Navajo Spring Montezuma 5482 Towaoc
Rock Springs Rock Springs Montezuma 7408 Wetherill Mesa
Horse Springs Horse Springs Montezuma 7408 Wetherill Mesa
McCullogh Spring McCullogh Spring La Plata 6863 Basin Mountain
Indian Spring Indian Spring La Plata 6398 Basin Mountain
Wing Spring Wing Spring Montezuma 5312 Tanner Mesa
Mancos Spring Mancos Spring Montezuma 6588 Red Horse Gulch
Soda Springs Soda Springs La Plata 6178 Pinkerton Mesa
Sourdough Spring Sourdough Spring Eagle 8435 Toner Reservoir
Alldred Spring Alldred Spring Eagle 8684 Red Creek
Antones Spring Antones Spring Eagle 9639 Red Creek
Adam Mountain Spring Adam Mountain Spring Eagle 8195 Crooked Creek Pass
Soap Spring Soap Spring Eagle 8953 Crooked Creek Pass
Fulford Cave Spring Fulford Cave Spring Eagle 9760 Crooked Creek Pass
Caliente Spring Caliente Spring Eagle 9468 Crooked Creek Pass
Billings Spring Billings Spring Eagle 9941 Crooked Creek Pass
Blue Rock Spring Blue Rock Spring Summit 10000 Breckenridge
Soda Springs Soda Springs Lake 9665 Mount Massive
Mudsill Spring Mudsill Spring Park 11689 Fairplay West
Rattlesnake Springs Rattlesnake Springs Weld 5151 Nunn
Boyd Springs Boyd Springs Weld 5187 Antelope Reservoir
Arrow Spring Arrow Spring Grand 9580 Fraser
Charm Spring Charm Spring Jefferson 7362 Evergreen
Lariat Spring Lariat Spring Jefferson 7024 Morrison
Soda Spring Soda Spring Summit 9800 Keystone
Cold Spring Cold Spring Summit 9439 Keystone
Weeping Rock Springs Weeping Rock Springs Logan 4173 Haystack Butte
Bolick Spring Bolick Spring Logan 3934 Julesburg Reservoir
Johnson Spring Johnson Spring Sedgwick 3671 Julesburg
Coyote Spring Coyote Spring Logan 3871 Crook
Springdale Spring Springdale Spring Logan 4039 Atwood NE
Sterling Spring Sterling Spring Morgan 4695 Judson Hills
East Prong Spring East Prong Spring Morgan 4491 Peace Valley School
Rock Spring Rock Spring Morgan 4649 Peace Valley School
Dead Horse Springs Dead Horse Springs Morgan 4541 Dead Horse Springs
Antelope Springs Antelope Springs Morgan 4508 Antelope Springs
Summit Springs Summit Springs Logan 4350 Buffalo Springs Ranch NW
Muir Springs Muir Springs Morgan 4295 Fort Morgan
Poision Springs Poision Springs Adams 4944 Poison Springs
Strontia Spring Strontia Spring Douglas 6050 Platte Canyon
Dixon Spring Dixon Spring Park 9708 Observatory Rock
Willow Spring Willow Spring Park 9573 Observatory Rock
Coleman Spring Coleman Spring Park 9419 Observatory Rock
Robbins Spring Robbins Spring Park 9724 Observatory Rock
Lone Chimney Spring Lone Chimney Spring Park 9691 Observatory Rock
Bed Spring Bed Spring Park 9803 Observatory Rock
Clark Spring Clark Spring Park 9921 Observatory Rock
Mud Spring Mud Spring Park 9475 Observatory Rock
Porcupine Spring Porcupine Spring Park 9373 Observatory Rock
Rees Spring Rees Spring Park 9472 Observatory Rock
A L Spring A L Spring Park 9055 Observatory Rock
Bonis Spring Bonis Spring Park 9350 Topaz Mountain
Association Spring Association Spring Park 9252 Elkhorn
Elkhorn Spring Elkhorn Spring Park 9557 Elkhorn
Link Spring Link Spring Park 9331 Elkhorn
Lone Tree Spring Lone Tree Spring Park 9442 Elkhorn
Inbetween Spring Inbetween Spring Park 9183 Eagle Rock
Baker Spring Baker Spring Park 9380 Eagle Rock
Willow Spring Willow Spring Park 9462 Eagle Rock
Berkey Spring Berkey Spring Park 9157 Eagle Rock
Harriman Spring Harriman Spring Park 9167 Eagle Rock
Badger Spring Badger Spring Park 9022 Hartsel
Chalcedony Spring Chalcedony Spring Park 9176 Sulphur Mountain
Rishaberger Spring Rishaberger Spring Park 9508 Glentivar
Badger Spring Badger Spring Park 8845 Tarryall
Coyote Basin Spring Coyote Basin Spring Hinsdale 9698 Granite Peak
Wainwright Spring Wainwright Spring Hinsdale 8327 Oakbrush Ridge
Turkey Park Spring Turkey Park Spring Hinsdale 8346 Oakbrush Ridge
Pole Park Spring Pole Park Spring Hinsdale 8350 Oakbrush Ridge
Chub Spring Chub Spring Hinsdale 8350 Oakbrush Ridge
Notch Spring Notch Spring Hinsdale 8218 Oakbrush Ridge
Divide Park Springs Divide Park Springs Hinsdale 8743 Oakbrush Ridge
Rock Spring Rock Spring La Plata 8277 Ludwig Mountain
Box Spring Box Spring La Plata 8540 Ludwig Mountain
Pen Spring Pen Spring La Plata 8530 Ludwig Mountain
Quaitie Spring Quaitie Spring La Plata Unknown
Camp Spring Camp Spring La Plata 9455 Ludwig Mountain
Grouse Spring Grouse Spring La Plata 9557 Ludwig Mountain
Top Spring Number 1 Top Spring Number 1 La Plata 9649 Ludwig Mountain
Top Spring Number 2 Top Spring Number 2 La Plata 9810 Ludwig Mountain
Middle Spring Middle Spring La Plata 10088 Ludwig Mountain
Crib Spring Crib Spring Archuleta 8281 Baldy Mountain
Muddy Lakes Spring Muddy Lakes Spring Archuleta 8379 Baldy Mountain
Jungle Spring Jungle Spring Archuleta 8412 Baldy Mountain
Uncle Charlie Spring Uncle Charlie Spring Archuleta 8684 Baldy Mountain
Rock Spring Rock Spring Archuleta 8399 Baldy Mountain
Snyder Spring Snyder Spring Archuleta 8199 Baldy Mountain
Frying Pan Spring Frying Pan Spring Archuleta 10039 Baldy Mountain
Old Cabin Spring Old Cabin Spring Archuleta 9419 Baldy Mountain
Mexican Spring Mexican Spring Archuleta 9511 Baldy Mountain
Arthur Spring Arthur Spring Archuleta 9147 Baldy Mountain
Cabin Spring Cabin Spring Archuleta 9511 Baldy Mountain
Hidden Spring Hidden Spring Archuleta 9606 Baldy Mountain
Mountain Lion Spring Mountain Lion Spring Archuleta 9580 Baldy Mountain
Heflin Spring Number 2 Heflin Spring Number 2 Archuleta 9790 Baldy Mountain
Heflin Spring Number 1 Heflin Spring Number 1 Archuleta 9787 Baldy Mountain
Bearwallow Spring Bearwallow Spring Archuleta 8632 Baldy Mountain
Spruce Spring Spruce Spring Archuleta 8576 Baldy Mountain
Moonlick Spring Number 1 Moonlick Spring Number 1 Archuleta 9439 Baldy Mountain
Moonlick Spring Number 2 Moonlick Spring Number 2 Archuleta 9468 Baldy Mountain
T N Y Spring T N Y Spring Archuleta 9321 Baldy Mountain
Turkey Spring Turkey Spring Archuleta 9701 Baldy Mountain
Mud Spring Mud Spring Archuleta 9898 Baldy Mountain
Iron Spring Iron Spring Archuleta 9235 Baldy Mountain
Beaver Meadow Spring Beaver Meadow Spring Archuleta 9491 Baldy Mountain
High Point Spring High Point Spring Archuleta 9931 Baldy Mountain
Sheep Creek Spring Sheep Creek Spring Archuleta 9908 Baldy Mountain
Mesa Spring Number 1 Mesa Spring Number 1 Archuleta 8983 Devil Mountain
Farrow Spring Farrow Spring Archuleta 9209 Devil Mountain
Mesa Spring Number 2 Mesa Spring Number 2 Archuleta 9741 Devil Mountain
Horse Mountain Springs Horse Mountain Springs Archuleta 9642 Devil Mountain
Ford Spring Ford Spring Archuleta 8884 Devil Mountain
Lost Spring Lost Spring Archuleta 8235 Chris Mountain
Snow Spring Snow Spring Archuleta 7454 Chris Mountain
Butcher Spring Butcher Spring Archuleta 7917 Chris Mountain
Mud Spring Mud Spring Archuleta 8038 Chris Mountain
Hotz Spring Hotz Spring Archuleta 7884 Chris Mountain
Middle Mountain Spring Middle Mountain Spring Archuleta 8884 Chris Mountain
Driveway Springs Driveway Springs Archuleta 8822 Chris Mountain
Hot Springs Hot Springs Archuleta 7064 Pagosa Springs
Willow Spring Willow Spring Mesa 7231 Dolores Point South
Dolores Point Spring Dolores Point Spring Mesa 6952 Dolores Point North
McGinley Spring McGinley Spring Mesa 8438 Bieser Creek
Toms Canyon Spring Toms Canyon Spring Mesa 6657 Bieser Creek
Maiden Spring Maiden Spring Mesa 8281 Payne Wash
Mud Spring Mud Spring Mesa 8543 Glade Park
Big Spring Big Spring Mesa 8254 Glade Park
Thrailkill Spring Thrailkill Spring Mesa 8195 Glade Park
Monument Spring Monument Spring Mesa 8297 Glade Park
Corduroy Spring Corduroy Spring Mesa 7677 Island Mesa
End Spring End Spring Mesa 7910 Island Mesa
Notch Spring Notch Spring Mesa 8077 Island Mesa
Warm Spring Warm Spring Mesa 6598 Triangle Mesa
Wells Gulch Spring Wells Gulch Spring Delta 5197 Dominguez
Steamboat Spring Steamboat Spring Mesa 7287 Escalante Forks
Porter Spring Porter Spring Montrose 6447 Good Point
Alum Spring Alum Spring Montrose 7041 Good Point
Cottonwood Spring Cottonwood Spring Delta 5925 Good Point
Caps Spring Caps Spring Delta 5594 Good Point
Negro Spring Number 1 Negro Spring Number 1 Delta 5102 Roubideau
Negro Spring Number 2 Negro Spring Number 2 Delta 5171 Roubideau
California Spring California Spring Mesa 9311 Uncompahgre Butte
Potter Spring Potter Spring Montrose 6453 Camel Back
Cobb Spring Cobb Spring Montrose 8957 Moore Mesa
Stone Spring Stone Spring Montrose 5125 Davis Mesa
Horsethief Spring Horsethief Spring Montrose 6197 Uravan
Stinking Springs Stinking Springs Montrose 5968 Nucla
Ouray Spring Ouray Spring Montrose 9488 Ute
Bramier Spring Bramier Spring Montrose 8435 Ute
Blue Mud Spring Blue Mud Spring Montrose 8323 Ute
Box Spring Box Spring Montrose 9892 Antone Spring
Antone Spring Antone Spring Montrose 9623 Antone Spring
Iron Spring Iron Spring Montrose 9570 Antone Spring
East Island Mesa Spring East Island Mesa Spring San Miguel 6942 Anderson Mesa
Cabin Spring Cabin Spring Montrose 5633 Anderson Mesa
Skein Spring Skein Spring Montrose 6545 Anderson Mesa
Cummings Spring Cummings Spring Montrose 5633 Bull Canyon
Fawn Springs Fawn Springs Montrose 6188 Bull Canyon
Calf Spring Calf Spring Montrose 6352 Bull Canyon
Burnt Stump Spring Burnt Stump Spring Montrose 7949 Sanborn Park
Government Spring Government Spring Montrose 7700 Sanborn Park
Dobler Spring Dobler Spring Montrose 7743 Sanborn Park
Hole-in-Ground Spring Hole-in-Ground Spring Montrose 7661 Sanborn Park
Logging Camp Spring Logging Camp Spring Montrose 7372 Sanborn Park
Dollarhide Spring Dollarhide Spring Montrose 7877 Sanborn Park
Clay Creek Spring Clay Creek Spring Montrose 8048 Sanborn Park
Little Gutshall Spring Little Gutshall Spring Montrose 7887 Sanborn Park
Impson Spring Impson Spring Montrose 7943 Sanborn Park
Homestead Spring Homestead Spring San Miguel 7572 Sanborn Park
Mud Spring Mud Spring San Miguel 8215 Sanborn Park
Cedar Spring Cedar Spring Montrose 8947 Hotchkiss Reservoir
Galloway Spring Galloway Spring Montrose 8924 Hotchkiss Reservoir
Tommy Pond Spring Tommy Pond Spring Montrose 8363 Hotchkiss Reservoir
Loss Spring Loss Spring Montrose 8510 Hotchkiss Reservoir
Turkey Plot Spring Turkey Plot Spring Montrose 8215 Hotchkiss Reservoir
Stuarts Springs Stuarts Springs Montrose 9268 Hotchkiss Reservoir
Z K Spring Z K Spring Montrose 8402 Hotchkiss Reservoir
Edmondson Spring Edmondson Spring Montrose 8579 Hotchkiss Reservoir
Horse Range Spring Horse Range Spring San Miguel 6919 Horse Range Mesa
Larson Spring Larson Spring San Miguel 5981 Gypsum Gap
Poison Spider Spring Poison Spider Spring San Miguel 6476 Basin
Cy Orr Spring Cy Orr Spring San Miguel 8166 Oak Hill
Herndon Spring Herndon Spring San Miguel 8241 Oak Hill
Sawmill Spring Sawmill Spring San Miguel 7802 Oak Hill
Lindsey Spring Lindsey Spring San Miguel 8136 Oak Hill
Mexican Spring Mexican Spring San Miguel 7792 Oak Hill
Wrights Spring Wrights Spring San Miguel 7277 Oak Hill
Gutshall Spring Gutshall Spring San Miguel 7756 Gurley Canyon
Flatiron Spring Flatiron Spring San Miguel 8002 Placerville
Galloway Spring Galloway Spring San Miguel 8179 Placerville
Saint Joe Spring Saint Joe Spring San Miguel 8104 Gurley Canyon
Lost Spring Lost Spring San Miguel 8435 Placerville
Erickson Springs Erickson Springs Gunnison 6785 Paonia Reservoir
Tommy Dowell Spring Tommy Dowell Spring Delta 5354 Lazear
Wiley Springs Wiley Springs Delta 7493 Paonia
German Creek Springs German Creek Springs Delta 7444 Paonia
Clark Spring Number 2 Clark Spring Number 2 Delta 7464 Paonia
Clark Spring Number 1 Clark Spring Number 1 Delta 7293 Paonia
Mays Spring Mays Spring Delta 7185 Paonia
Bell Creek Springs Bell Creek Springs Delta 7228 Paonia
Corral Spring Number 1 Corral Spring Number 1 Delta 7165 Paonia
Corral Spring Number 2 Corral Spring Number 2 Delta 7178 Paonia
Pole Patch Springs Pole Patch Springs Delta 7674 Paonia
Stephens Spring Stephens Spring Delta 7136 Paonia
Kauer Spring Kauer Spring Delta 7241 Paonia
Upper Reynolds Creek Spring Number 4 Upper Reynolds Creek Spring Number 4 Delta 7638 Paonia
Upper Reynolds Creek Spring Number 3 Upper Reynolds Creek Spring Number 3 Delta 7772 Paonia
Upper Reynolds Creek Spring Number 5 Upper Reynolds Creek Spring Number 5 Delta 7411 Paonia
Upper Reynolds Creek Spring Number 2 Upper Reynolds Creek Spring Number 2 Delta 7582 Paonia
Upper Reynolds Creek Springs Upper Reynolds Creek Springs Delta 7785 Paonia
Upper Reynolds Creek Spring Number 1 Upper Reynolds Creek Spring Number 1 Delta 7638 Paonia
Upper Reynolds Creek Spring Number 6 Upper Reynolds Creek Spring Number 6 Delta 7379 Paonia
Upper Reynolds Creek Spring Number 7 Upper Reynolds Creek Spring Number 7 Delta 7339 Paonia
Reynolds Creek Springs Reynolds Creek Springs Delta 7339 Paonia
Poison Spring Poison Spring Montrose 8589 Grizzly Ridge
Lions Spring Lions Spring Montrose 7858 Grizzly Ridge
Poison Spring Poison Spring Gunnison 9783 Little Soap Park
Rock Spring Rock Spring Gunnison 10128 Little Soap Park
Sheep Spring Sheep Spring San Miguel 9501 Gray Head
Iron Spring Iron Spring San Miguel 10115 Ophir
Antelope Spring Antelope Spring Mineral 8989 Workman Creek
Soda Spring Soda Spring La Plata 8858 Columbine Pass
Mud Springs Mud Springs Montrose 8238 Cimarron
Round Corral Spring Round Corral Spring Gunnison 8953 Curecanti Needle
Tenmile Springs Tenmile Springs Gunnison 8343 Carpenter Ridge
Big Springs Big Springs Gunnison 8392 Big Mesa
Dewdrop Springs Dewdrop Springs Ouray 8674 Government Springs
Brown Spring Brown Spring Ouray 8382 Government Springs
Government Springs Government Springs Ouray 8153 Government Springs
Branson Spring Branson Spring Ouray 8104 Government Springs
Armitage Springs Armitage Springs Gunnison 9058 Poison Draw
Addington Springs Addington Springs Gunnison 8914 Poison Draw
Mahan Spring Mahan Spring Gunnison 9091 Poison Draw
Cutler Spring Cutler Spring Gunnison 8733 Poison Draw
Goose Creek Spring Goose Creek Spring Gunnison 8753 Gateview
Cebolla Hot Springs Cebolla Hot Springs Gunnison 8094 Powderhorn
Smith Spring Smith Spring Ouray 8996 Horsefly Peak
Schmidt Spring Schmidt Spring Ouray 9255 Horsefly Peak
Palmer Spring Palmer Spring Ouray 9301 Horsefly Peak
Mexican Cabin Spring Mexican Cabin Spring Ouray 8724 Horsefly Peak
Powerline Spring Powerline Spring Ouray 8838 Horsefly Peak
Steel Tank Spring Steel Tank Spring Ouray 9065 Horsefly Peak
Johnson Spring Johnson Spring Montrose 9081 Horsefly Peak
Montgomery Spring Montgomery Spring Ouray 8209 Ridgway
Danforth Spring Danforth Spring Ouray 8481 Ridgway
Gutshall Spring Gutshall Spring Ouray 8563 Ridgway
McKean Spring McKean Spring Ouray 7979 Ridgway
Orvis Hot Spring Orvis Hot Spring Ouray 7057 Dallas
Tenmile Springs Tenmile Springs Gunnison 9426 Rudolph Hill
Moston Spring Moston Spring San Miguel 9075 Sams
Groff Spring Groff Spring Ouray 8602 Mount Sneffels
Homer Brown Spring Homer Brown Spring Ouray 9226 Mount Sneffels
Gibson Spring Gibson Spring Ouray 9262 Mount Sneffels
Ulah Brown Spring Ulah Brown Spring Ouray 8904 Mount Sneffels
Mud Spring Mud Spring Ouray 8717 Mount Sneffels
Billy Wood Spring Billy Wood Spring Ouray 8212 Mount Sneffels
Hout Spring Hout Spring Ouray 8241 Mount Sneffels
Caroline Spring Caroline Spring Gunnison 9062 Matchless Mountain
White Water Spring White Water Spring Gunnison 9760 Matchless Mountain
Biebel Springs Biebel Springs Gunnison 8445 Signal Peak
Line Spring Line Spring Gunnison 8756 Pitkin
Pony Spring Pony Spring Park 9380 Marmot Peak
Cottonwood Hot Springs Cottonwood Hot Springs Chaffee 8592 Buena Vista West
Hortense Hot Spring Hortense Hot Spring Chaffee 8340 Mount Antero
Russell Springs Russell Springs Saguache 7605 Swede Corners
Shorty Spring Shorty Spring Saguache 9672 Pine Cone Knob
Barrel Spring Barrel Spring Gunnison 8238 Iris
Sage Hen Spring Sage Hen Spring Saguache 8419 Houston Gulch
Kilborn Spring Kilborn Spring Saguache 8848 Houston Gulch
Valdez Spring Valdez Spring Gunnison 8471 Houston Gulch
East Parlin Spring East Parlin Spring Gunnison 8615 Houston Gulch
Prospector Spring Prospector Spring Gunnison 8018 Houston Gulch
Powertime Spring Powertime Spring Gunnison 8461 Houston Gulch
East Side Wood Gulch Spring East Side Wood Gulch Spring Gunnison 8100 Houston Gulch
Willow Bog Spring Willow Bog Spring Saguache 9039 Doyleville
Beer Keg Spring Beer Keg Spring Saguache 9114 Doyleville
Big Draw Spring Big Draw Spring Saguache 8717 Doyleville
Rock Spring Rock Spring Saguache 9022 Doyleville
Right Spring Right Spring Saguache 9344 Spring Hill Creek
Wicker Spring Wicker Spring Chaffee 7933 Poncha Pass
Poncha Hot Springs Poncha Hot Springs Chaffee 7995 Poncha Pass
East Spring East Spring Saguache 9921 Rock Creek Park
Simmons Spring Simmons Spring Saguache 9298 Cold Spring Park
Cold Spring Cold Spring Saguache 9947 Cold Spring Park
Alkali Spring Alkali Spring Saguache 8635 Trickle Mountain
Bachichi Spring Bachichi Spring Saguache 8747 Klondike Mine
Garcia Spring Garcia Spring Saguache 8264 Klondike Mine
Cottonwood Spring Cottonwood Spring Saguache 8268 Klondike Mine
Alkali Spring Alkali Spring Saguache 8520 Klondike Mine
Ute Spring Ute Spring Saguache 9081 Klondike Mine
Mud Spring Mud Spring Saguache 9111 Klondike Mine
Cold Spring Cold Spring Saguache 8986 Klondike Mine
Findley Spring Findley Spring Saguache 9432 Klondike Mine
McIntyre Spring McIntyre Spring Saguache 8586 Graveyard Gulch
Proffit Spring Proffit Spring Saguache 8970 Graveyard Gulch
Scheeker Spring Scheeker Spring Saguache 9098 Graveyard Gulch
Asterhouse Spring Asterhouse Spring Saguache 8898 Graveyard Gulch
Rock Spring Rock Spring Saguache 8779 Graveyard Gulch
Noland Spring Noland Spring Saguache 8599 Graveyard Gulch
Limekiln Spring Limekiln Spring Saguache 8688 Graveyard Gulch
Cody Spring Cody Spring Saguache 8455 Graveyard Gulch
Cody Gulch Spring Cody Gulch Spring Saguache 8793 Graveyard Gulch
Columbia Spring Columbia Spring Saguache 8983 Graveyard Gulch
Soda Spring Soda Spring Saguache 8599 Graveyard Gulch
Hat Springs Hat Springs Saguache 9203 Grouse Creek
Big Dry Gulch Spring Big Dry Gulch Spring Saguache 8448 Lake Mountain
Houghland Hill Spring Houghland Hill Spring Saguache 8471 Laughlin Gulch
Boland Spring Boland Spring Saguache 8389 Laughlin Gulch
Onion Spring Onion Spring Saguache 8110 Saguache
O'Neal Spring O'Neal Spring Saguache 7900 Saguache
Higgins Spring Higgins Spring Saguache 7963 Saguache
Ridge Spring Ridge Spring Saguache 9337 Twin Mountains
Sunday Spring Sunday Spring Saguache 8957 Twin Mountains
Shaw Springs Shaw Springs Saguache 7969 Twin Mountains SE
Cedar Spring Cedar Spring Rio Grande 8560 Horseshoe Mountain
Hot Springs Hot Springs Mineral 9052 South River Peak
Shillings Spring Shillings Spring Conejos 8796 Greenie Mountain
Goat Ranch Spring Goat Ranch Spring Rio Grande 8796 Fulcher Gulch
Neff Spring Neff Spring Conejos 10151 Cumbres
Cold Springs Cold Springs Conejos 9193 Fox Creek
Stinking Springs Stinking Springs Archuleta 7451 Chromo
Pescar Springs Pescar Springs Archuleta 7802 Edith
Antelope Spring Antelope Spring Park 9163 Antero Reservoir NE
Bull Springs Bull Springs Teller 8678 Cripple Creek North
Trout Creek Spring Trout Creek Spring Chaffee 9029 Castle Rock Gulch
Bassam Spring Bassam Spring Chaffee 9432 Castle Rock Gulch
Upper Pease Spring Upper Pease Spring Park 9219 Agate Mountain
Birchfield Spring Birchfield Spring Park 9262 Agate Mountain
Grouse Spring Grouse Spring Fremont 10013 Salida East
Hollenbeck Spring Hollenbeck Spring Chaffee 10020 Cameron Mountain
Rock Spring Rock Spring Chaffee 9813 Cameron Mountain
Cable Spring Cable Spring Fremont 9485 Cameron Mountain
Sawmill Spring Sawmill Spring Fremont 9409 Cameron Mountain
Mud Spring Mud Spring Fremont 9176 Gribbles Park
Suckerville Spring Suckerville Spring Fremont 9101 Gribbles Park
Ute Trail Spring Ute Trail Spring Fremont 9432 Salida East
Ankele Spring Ankele Spring Chaffee 9659 Salida East
Black Diamond Spring Black Diamond Spring Chaffee 9931 Salida East
Willard Spring Willard Spring Chaffee 8838 Salida East
Midway Spring Midway Spring Chaffee 8845 Salida East
Cutler Spring Cutler Spring Chaffee 9301 Salida East
School Section Spring School Section Spring Chaffee 9849 Cameron Mountain
Manoa Springs Manoa Springs Chaffee 9439 Cameron Mountain
Taylor Soda Spring Taylor Soda Spring Fremont 8140 Hall Gulch
Yellow Soda Spring Yellow Soda Spring Park 8576 Thirtyone Mile Mountain
Bumback Spring Bumback Spring Fremont 6230 Rice Mountain
Red Rocks Spring Red Rocks Spring Fremont 7241 Rice Mountain
Sheep Springs Sheep Springs Fremont 8343 High Park
Smith Springs Smith Springs Fremont 7582 Gribble Mountain
Hayden Spring Hayden Spring Saguache 8776 Bushnell Peak
Oak Springs Oak Springs Saguache 8655 Bushnell Peak
Mow Spring Mow Spring Fremont 7582 Iron Mountain
Falling Rock Spring Falling Rock Spring Fremont 7493 Iron Mountain
Indian Springs Indian Springs Fremont 7608 Iron Mountain
Deadhorse Spring Deadhorse Spring Fremont 7467 Iron Mountain
Koch Springs Koch Springs Custer 7720 Beckwith Mountain
Cedar Spring Cedar Spring Saguache 8671 Crestone
Mud Springs Mud Springs Custer 8914 Beck Mountain
Wolf Spring Wolf Spring Huerfano 9052 Beck Mountain
Froze Creek Spring Froze Creek Spring Custer 8937 Devils Gulch
Sheep Creek Spring Sheep Creek Spring Custer 8940 Devils Gulch
Patton Spring Patton Spring Huerfano 8199 Devils Gulch
Bailey Spring Bailey Spring Huerfano 8268 Devils Gulch
Cedar Spring Cedar Spring Huerfano 8402 Devils Gulch
Troyer Spring Troyer Spring Huerfano 8510 Devils Gulch
Mud Spring Mud Spring Huerfano 8865 Devils Gulch
Blue Spring Blue Spring Huerfano 9025 Bear Creek
Rooster Spring Rooster Spring Huerfano 10187 San Isabel
Antelope Springs Antelope Springs Saguache 7602 Sand Camp
Santana Spring Santana Spring Huerfano 8048 Badito Cone
Saint Jude Spring Saint Jude Spring Huerfano 7782 Badito Cone
Mosca Spring Mosca Spring Alamosa 8297 Zapata Ranch
Denton Spring Denton Spring Alamosa 8392 Zapata Ranch
Mud Spring Mud Spring Huerfano 7290 Farisita
Willow Spring Willow Spring Huerfano 7372 Farisita
Horse Spring Horse Spring Huerfano 8218 Farisita
Big Canejo Springs Big Canejo Springs Huerfano 7739 La Veta
Little Canejo Spring Little Canejo Spring Huerfano 7319 La Veta
Cat Spring Cat Spring Costilla 8671 Trinchera Ranch
Sulphur Springs Sulphur Springs Huerfano 7956 Cuchara
McIntire Spring McIntire Spring Conejos 7552 Pikes Stockade
Dexter Springs Dexter Springs Conejos 7526 Pikes Stockade
Goemmer Spring Goemmer Spring Las Animas 11188 Cucharas Pass
Sego Springs Sego Springs Conejos 7644 Manassa
Emory Orr Spring Emory Orr Spring Conejos 8097 Manassa NE
Cather Springs Cather Springs El Paso 8517 Mount Big Chief
Cockllbur Spring Cockllbur Spring El Paso 5321 Buttes
Nussbaum Spring Nussbaum Spring Pueblo 5144 Northeast Pueblo
Stinking Spring Stinking Spring Pueblo 5817 Muldoon Hill
Iron Spring Iron Spring Pueblo 4882 Doyle Bridge
Iron Spring Iron Spring Pueblo 6503 Rye
Cold Spring Cold Spring Pueblo 6211 Rye
Walters Spring Walters Spring Huerfano 5876 Colorado City
Lees Spring Lees Spring Pueblo 5705 Graneros Flats
Willow Spring Willow Spring Pueblo 5577 Graneros Flats
R R Spring R R Spring Pueblo 5440 Graneros Flats
Sheep Spring Sheep Spring Pueblo 5617 Graneros Flats
Little Joe Spring Little Joe Spring Pueblo 5315 Cedarwood
Bustos Spring Bustos Spring Huerfano 5673 Cedarwood
Point Spring Point Spring Pueblo 5522 Cedarwood
Edmondson Spring Edmondson Spring Huerfano 5604 Cedarwood
Doe Spring Doe Spring Pueblo 5394 Cedarwood
Karrick Spring Karrick Spring Pueblo 5157 Hog Ranch Canyon
Salt Spring Salt Spring Pueblo 5115 Hog Ranch Canyon
Cottonwood Spring Cottonwood Spring Pueblo 5118 Hog Ranch Canyon
Hog Springs Hog Springs Pueblo 5348 Hog Ranch Canyon
South Peck Spring South Peck Spring Pueblo 5522 Hog Ranch Canyon
Peck Spring Peck Spring Pueblo 5325 Red Top Ranch
Airy Spring Airy Spring Pueblo 5148 Red Top Ranch
Sears Spring Sears Spring Huerfano 5860 Huerfano Butte
Rock Spring Rock Spring Huerfano 5827 Lascar
Vigil Spring Vigil Spring Huerfano 5722 Capps Springs
Capps Springs Capps Springs Huerfano 5679 Capps Springs
Shoemaker Spring Shoemaker Spring Huerfano 5781 Capps Springs
Keystone Spring Keystone Spring Huerfano 5879 Capps Springs
Bull Spring Bull Spring Huerfano 5843 Capps Springs
Duran Spring Duran Spring Huerfano 6096 North Rattlesnake Butte
Upper Woodey Spring Upper Woodey Spring Huerfano 5833 North Rattlesnake Butte
Woodey Spring Woodey Spring Huerfano 5735 North Rattlesnake Butte
Pacheco Spring Pacheco Spring Huerfano 5659 North Rattlesnake Butte
Bobins Pocket Spring Bobins Pocket Spring Huerfano 5633 North Rattlesnake Butte
Dime Spring Dime Spring Pueblo 5548 North Rattlesnake Butte
Averson Spring Averson Spring Las Animas 5446 Myers Canyon
Nevitt Spring Nevitt Spring Las Animas 5659 Myers Canyon
Myers Spring Myers Spring Pueblo 5403 Myers Canyon
Whiskey Spring Whiskey Spring Pueblo 5604 Myers Canyon
El Hondo Spring El Hondo Spring Pueblo 5266 Myers Canyon
Iron Spring Iron Spring Pueblo 5036 Myers Canyon
Cottonwood Spring Cottonwood Spring Pueblo 4941 Myers Canyon
Oscar Spring Oscar Spring Pueblo 5515 Myers Canyon
Lily Pond Spring Lily Pond Spring Las Animas 5262 Sanford Hills
Cottonwood Spring Cottonwood Spring Las Animas 5180 Sanford Hills
Kitch Spring Kitch Spring Otero 4734 Snowden Lake
Lower Spring Lower Spring Huerfano 6299 Walsenburg North
Cottonwood Spring Cottonwood Spring Huerfano 6443 Walsenburg North
Maes Spring Maes Spring Huerfano 5882 Cucharas Reservoir
Big Dripping Spring Big Dripping Spring Las Animas 5787 South Rattlesnake Butte
Little Dripping Spring Little Dripping Spring Las Animas 5902 South Rattlesnake Butte
Ribal Spring Ribal Spring Las Animas 5636 South Rattlesnake Butte
Alum Spring Alum Spring Las Animas 5344 Jones Lake Spring
Jones Lake Spring Jones Lake Spring Las Animas 5423 Jones Lake Spring
Merrit Spring Merrit Spring Las Animas 5298 Jones Lake Spring
Harte Spring Harte Spring Las Animas 5561 Jones Lake Spring
Sanchez Spring Sanchez Spring Las Animas 5800 Jones Lake Spring
Iron Spring Iron Spring Las Animas 5029 Sun Valley Ranch
Box Spring Box Spring Las Animas 4984 Sun Valley Ranch
Hixon Spring Hixon Spring Pueblo 5003 Delhi
Box Canyon Spring Box Canyon Spring Las Animas 5974 Little Dome
McDonald Spring McDonald Spring Huerfano 8379 Spanish Peaks
Upper Duhme Springs Upper Duhme Springs Huerfano 7529 Alamosa East
Boiler Spring Boiler Spring Huerfano 6781 Santa Clara
Smith Spring Smith Spring Huerfano 6867 Santa Clara
Buck Spring Buck Spring Huerfano 6982 Santa Clara
Lower Duhme Spring Lower Duhme Spring Huerfano 6781 Santa Clara
Arnold Spring Arnold Spring Huerfano 6985 Santa Clara
Rouse Spring Rouse Spring Huerfano 6585 Aguilar
Bear Canyon Spring Bear Canyon Spring Las Animas 6939 Delagua
Canyon Del Agua Spring Canyon Del Agua Spring Las Animas 6824 Delagua
Lambing Spring Lambing Spring Las Animas 5174 Lambing Spring
Horn Spring Horn Spring Las Animas 7211 Weston
Million Dollar Water Hole Million Dollar Water Hole Las Animas 5505 Purgatoire Canyon
Rail O Spring Rail O Spring Las Animas 5344 Purgatoire Canyon
Eastside Spring Eastside Spring Las Animas 5456 Purgatoire Canyon
Surratt Spring Surratt Spring Las Animas 5604 Purgatoire Canyon
First Spring First Spring Las Animas 7415 Fishers Peak
Bell Spring Bell Spring Las Animas 8022 Fishers Peak
Second Spring Second Spring Las Animas 8704 Fishers Peak
Cassidays Spring Cassidays Spring Las Animas 8520 Fishers Peak
Sager Spring Sager Spring Las Animas 7926 Fishers Peak
Pearl Spring Pearl Spring Las Animas 7963 Fishers Peak
Ojo Negro Ojo Negro Las Animas 6739 Barela
Bathtub Spring Bathtub Spring Las Animas 7707 Barela
Nick Spring Nick Spring Las Animas 7792 Barela
Pete Spring Pete Spring Las Animas 8018 Barela
Dick Messer Spring Dick Messer Spring Las Animas 8140 Barela
Monique Spring Monique Spring Las Animas 8150 Barela
Paula Spring Paula Spring Las Animas 8163 Barela
Negro Spring Negro Spring Las Animas 8425 Barela
Didero Spring Didero Spring Las Animas 8195 Barela
Dussar Spring Dussar Spring Las Animas 7428 Barela
Seavarda Springs Seavarda Springs Las Animas 8245 Barela
Timberline Spring Timberline Spring Las Animas 7303 Barela
Dripping Spring Dripping Spring Las Animas 7510 Barela
Roberts Spring Number 2 Roberts Spring Number 2 Las Animas 8228 Barela
Roberts Spring Number 1 Roberts Spring Number 1 Las Animas 8064 Barela
Roberts Spring Number 3 Roberts Spring Number 3 Las Animas 8291 Barela
Rivale Spring Rivale Spring Las Animas 7326 Abeyta
Juan Abeyta Spring Juan Abeyta Spring Las Animas 7477 Abeyta
Ojito Baņadero Ojito Baņadero Las Animas 6145 Abeyta
Tollers Spring Tollers Spring Las Animas 5823 Little Dome
Lusto Springs Lusto Springs Lincoln 5338 Lusto Springs
Barking Dog Spring Barking Dog Spring Elbert 5541 Barking Dog Spring
Picnic Springs Picnic Springs Elbert 5689 Barking Dog Spring
Willow Spring Willow Spring Lincoln 5023 Hugo
Redwood Tank Redwood Tank Lincoln 5016 Hubbard Lake
Cockleburr Springs Cockleburr Springs Lincoln 5092 Cockleburr Springs
Metz Springs Metz Springs Eagle 4924 Metz Springs
Bluff Spring Bluff Spring Lincoln 4744 Bluff Spring
Big Spring Big Spring Cheyenne 4472 Big Spring
Alfred Camp Spring Alfred Camp Spring Cheyenne 4682 Kit Carson NW
Dewey Park Spring Dewey Park Spring Eagle 8760 Suicide Mountain
Spruce Spring Spruce Spring Eagle 8051 Suicide Mountain
Ninemile Spring Ninemile Spring Crowley 4836 Ninemile Spring
Box Springs Box Springs Crowley 4600 Box Springs
Kiow Spring Kiow Spring Kiowa 4101 Eads
Bluff Springs Bluff Springs Crowley 4767 Antelope Mesa
Government Spring Government Spring Bent 4160 Rose Ranch
Arnold Springs Arnold Springs Otero 4472 Elder
Verhoeff Spring Verhoeff Spring Bent 3845 Hasty
Circle I Waters Spring Circle I Waters Spring Otero 4229 Thompson Arroyo
Farrington Spring Farrington Spring Bent 4009 Hackamore Ranch
Toe Jam Spring Toe Jam Spring Bent 3865 Denny Lake
Willow Springs Willow Springs Prowers 3983 Cat Creek NW
Kelly Water Hole Kelly Water Hole Bent 4298 Turkey Canyon
Antelope Spring Antelope Spring Bent 4052 Hand Springs
Antelope School Antelope School Bent 4131 Hand Springs
Chimney Spring Chimney Spring Bent 4085 Hand Springs
Hand Springs Hand Springs Bent 4078 Hand Springs
Box Springs Box Springs Bent 4140 Hand Springs
Santastevens Spring Santastevens Spring Bent 4180 Hand Springs
Medford Spring Medford Spring Bent 4190 Hand Springs
Dripping Spring Dripping Spring Bent 4094 Dripping Spring
Barrel Spring Barrel Spring Prowers 3973 Barrel Spring
Blackwater Spring Blackwater Spring Prowers 3989 Barrel Spring
Two Butte Springs Two Butte Springs Prowers 3743 Two Butte Springs
Iron Springs Iron Springs Otero 4751 Bloom
Rock Waterhole Rock Waterhole Otero 4573 Riley Canyon
Antone Spring Antone Spring Otero 4508 Riley Canyon
Good Pasture Spring Good Pasture Spring Otero 4491 Riley Canyon
England Spring England Spring Bent 4498 Rock Canyon
Thompson Spring Thompson Spring Bent 4695 Pipe Spring
Pipe Spring Pipe Spring Bent 4698 Pipe Spring
Rowe Spring Rowe Spring Las Animas 5584 Bates Lake
Sugarloaf Spring Sugarloaf Spring Las Animas 5216 Stage Canyon
Sumpter Spring Sumpter Spring Las Animas 4606 Beaty Canyon
Fritz Spring Fritz Spring Las Animas 4842 Beaty Canyon
Goat Ranch Spring Goat Ranch Spring Las Animas 4541 Beaty Canyon
Brown Spring Brown Spring Las Animas 4777 Brown Canyon
Hackberry Springs Hackberry Springs Las Animas 4508 Walker Canyon
Alum Spring Alum Spring Baca 4675 Walker Canyon
Alkali Spring Alkali Spring Baca 4600 Deora
Horse Creek Springs Horse Creek Springs Baca 4167 Horse Creek Springs
Barriet Spring Barriet Spring Las Animas 5233 Johnson Canyon
Glover Spring Glover Spring Las Animas 5456 Plum Canyon
Chapman Spring Chapman Spring Las Animas 5397 Plum Canyon
J J Water Spring J J Water Spring Las Animas 4993 Plum Canyon
Turkey Spring Turkey Spring Las Animas 5262 Icehouse Canyon
Twentymile Waterhole Twentymile Waterhole Las Animas 4728 Icehouse Canyon
Gatlin Waterhole Gatlin Waterhole Las Animas 4964 Icehouse Canyon
January Spring January Spring Las Animas 5321 Icehouse Canyon
Watt Spring Watt Spring Las Animas 5036 Table Mesa
O'Hair Spring O'Hair Spring Baca 5026 Table Mesa
Soldier Spring Soldier Spring Baca 5023 Table Mesa
Twin Springs Twin Springs Baca 4934 Table Mesa
Jack Canyon Spring Jack Canyon Spring Las Animas 5029 Painted Canyon
Humbar Spring Humbar Spring Las Animas 5558 Humbar Spring
Willow Spring Willow Spring Las Animas 5400 Kim North
Fallas Spring Fallas Spring Las Animas 5879 Tobe
Little Colorado Spring Little Colorado Spring Las Animas 5889 Tobe
Dripping Springs Dripping Springs Las Animas 5010 Pintada Creek
Tub Spring Tub Spring Baca 4882 Carrizo Mountain
Romero Spring Romero Spring Las Animas 6102 Branson
Wilcox Spring Wilcox Spring Las Animas 6368 Pine Canyon
Hart Spring Hart Spring Las Animas 5771 Pine Canyon
John Hart Spring John Hart Spring Las Animas 5679 Pine Canyon
John Clay Spring John Clay Spring Las Animas 5617 Jesus Canyon
Regnar Spring Regnar Spring Baca 4790 Big Hole Canyon
Big Hole Spring Big Hole Spring Baca 4619 Big Hole Canyon
Major Spring Major Spring Baca 4642 Big Hole Canyon
Trujilla Spring Trujilla Spring Baca 4662 Big Hole Canyon
Hatfield Spring Hatfield Spring Baca 4505 Big Hole Canyon
Tharp Spring Tharp Spring Baca 4498 Big Hole Canyon
Woods Water Woods Water Baca 4498 Big Hole Canyon
Cross L Spring Cross L Spring Baca 4426 Tubs Springs
Tubs Springs Tubs Springs Baca 4409 Tubs Springs
Ramon Spring Ramon Spring Baca 4380 Tubs Springs
Dripping Vat Spring Dripping Vat Spring Baca 4439 Tubs Springs
Cave Spring Cave Spring Baca 4301 Tubs Springs
Brown Spring Brown Spring Las Animas 6860 Alps Mesa
High Spring High Spring Saguache 9892 Pine Cone Knob
Bowen Spring Bowen Spring Rio Grande 8609 Indian Head
Barrel Spring Barrel Spring Saguache 8087 Twin Mountains SE
Sanderson Spring Sanderson Spring Rio Grande 8461 Indian Head
Jack Spring Jack Spring Garfield 7835 Dotsero
Black Snag Spring Black Snag Spring Dolores 7903 The Glade
Mud Spring Mud Spring Mesa 7933 Hightower Mountain
Spruce Spring Spruce Spring Montrose 9429 Antone Spring
Hott Spring Hott Spring Routt 7490 Rocky Peak
Hermit Springs Hermit Springs Chaffee 9961 Garfield
Rocky Spring Rocky Spring Montrose 7106 Sanborn Park
Dipping Vat Spring Dipping Vat Spring Baca 4475 Tubs Springs
Pine Cone Spring Pine Cone Spring Saguache 9623 Pine Cone Knob
T-Bone Spring T-Bone Spring Montrose 9416 Windy Point
Clark RIdge Spring Number Six Clark RIdge Spring Number Six Garfield 9078 Meadow Creek Lake
Clark Ridge Spring Number Five Clark Ridge Spring Number Five Garfield 9180 Meadow Creek Lake
Little GV Spring Little GV Spring Garfield 8950 Triangle Park
Clark Ridge Spring Number Three Clark Ridge Spring Number Three Garfield 9091 Meadow Creek Lake
Clark Ridge Spring Number One Clark Ridge Spring Number One Garfield 9121 Meadow Creek Lake
Clark Ridge Spring Number Two Clark Ridge Spring Number Two Garfield 9052 Meadow Creek Lake
Clark Ridge Spring Number Four Clark Ridge Spring Number Four Garfield 9298 Meadow Creek Lake
Slaughter Spring Slaughter Spring Eagle 8445 Cottonwood Pass
Buttermilk SPring Buttermilk SPring Garfield 9586 Deep Creek Point
Prospect Spring Prospect Spring Garfield 9124 Deep Creek Point
DP Spring DP Spring Mesa 6184 Dolores Point North
Erickson Springs Erickson Springs Gunnison 6795 Paonia Reservoir
Fez Spring Fez Spring Eagle 8373 Edwards
Koser Spring Koser Spring Jefferson 7693 Squaw Pass
Oasis Spring Oasis Spring Weld 5148 Reno Reservoir
T-Bone Spring T-Bone Spring Montrose 9377 Windy Point
Lofdahl Springs Lofdahl Springs Lincoln 4947 Kinney Lake
Railroad Spring Railroad Spring Dolores 8812 Rico
Paradise Warm Spring Paradise Warm Spring Dolores 8556 Groundhog Mountain
Lemon Hot Spring Lemon Hot Spring San Miguel 7323 Placerville
Wellsville Warm Spring Wellsville Warm Spring Fremont 6906 Wellsville
Dotsero Warm Springs Dotsero Warm Springs Eagle 6250 Dotsero
Cement Creek Spring Cement Creek Spring Gunnison 8648 Cement Mountain
Pinkerton Hot Springs Pinkerton Hot Springs La Plata 6795 Hermosa
Tripp Hot Spring Tripp Hot Spring La Plata 6585 Hermosa
Trimble Hot Springs Trimble Hot Springs La Plata 6581 Hermosa
Piedra River Hot Springs Piedra River Hot Springs Archuleta 7798 Devil Mountain
Stratten Warm Spring Stratten Warm Spring La Plata 6624 Hermosa
Chattanooga Hot Spring Chattanooga Hot Spring San Juan 11607 Silverton
Wagon Wheel Springs Wagon Wheel Springs Mineral 10213 Lake Humphreys
Hartsel Hot Springs Hartsel Hot Springs Park 8865 Hartsel
Rhodes Warm Springs Rhodes Warm Springs Park 10200 Fairplay West
Conundrum Hot Springs Conundrum Hot Springs Pitkin 11207 Maroon Bells
Routt Hot Springs Routt Hot Springs Routt 7441 Rocky Peak
Wagon Wheel Gap Hot Springs Wagon Wheel Gap Hot Springs Mineral 8504 Lake Humphreys
Birdsie Warm Spring Birdsie Warm Spring Mineral 8924 Workman Creek
Tripp Hot Springs Tripp Hot Springs La Plata 6837 Hermosa
Pagosa Springs Pagosa Springs Archuleta 7060 Pagosa Springs
Geyser Warm Spring Geyser Warm Spring Dolores 9639 Rico
Swissvale Warm Springs Swissvale Warm Springs Fremont 6824 Wellsville
Canon City Hot Springs Canon City Hot Springs Fremont 5367 Royal Gorge
Mineral Hot Springs Mineral Hot Springs Saguache 7746 Villa Grove
Cement Creek Hot Spring Cement Creek Hot Spring Gunnison 9268 Cement Mountain
Ranger Hot Spring Ranger Hot Spring Gunnison 8645 Crested Butte
Mount Princeton Hot Springs Mount Princeton Hot Springs Chaffee 8182 Mount Antero
Browns Canyon Warm Spring Browns Canyon Warm Spring Chaffee 7506 Nathrop
Browns Grotto Warm Spring Browns Grotto Warm Spring Chaffee 7438 Nathrop
Lower Waunita Hot Springs Lower Waunita Hot Springs Gunnison 8901 Pitkin
Upper Waunita Hot Springs Upper Waunita Hot Springs Gunnison 8957 Pitkin
Ouray Hot Springs Ouray Hot Springs Ouray 7782 Ouray
Eldorado Springs Eldorado Springs Boulder 5748 Eldorado Springs
Idaho Springs Idaho Springs Clear Creek 7615 Idaho Springs
Rhodes Warm Spring Rhodes Warm Spring Park 10170 Fairplay West
South Canyon Hot Springs South Canyon Hot Springs Garfield 5879 Storm King Mountain
Glenwood Springs Glenwood Springs Garfield 5751 Glenwood Springs
Juniper Hot Springs Juniper Hot Springs Moffat 5994 Juniper Hot Springs
Hot Sulphur Springs Hot Sulphur Springs Grand 7726 Hot Sulphur Springs
Rainbow Hot Springs Rainbow Hot Springs Mineral 9593 South River Peak
Newton Spring Newton Spring Mineral 7789 Saddle Mountain
Felix Spring Felix Spring Archuleta 8346 Edith
Paul Spring Paul Spring Archuleta 8320 Edith
Dripping Spring Dripping Spring Baca 4108 Campo
Sidehill Spring Sidehill Spring Las Animas 5072 Robbers Roost Canyon
Grape Spring Grape Spring Las Animas 4924 Robbers Roost Canyon
Clay Spring Clay Spring Las Animas 5623 Jesus Canyon
Hillman Spring Hillman Spring Weld 5171 Dolan Spring
Razor Spring Razor Spring Weld 5236 Vim School
Antelope Spring Antelope Spring Logan 4498 Dipper Spring
Cottonwood Mesa Spring Cottonwood Mesa Spring Eagle 9386 Lava Creek
Stacy Spring Stacy Spring Lincoln 4672 Stacy Lakes Draw
Barrel Springs Barrel Springs Lincoln 4695 Barrel Springs Draw
Piney Peak Spring Piney Peak Spring Eagle 10941 Piney Peak
Mather Spring Mather Spring Eagle 10702 Piney Peak
Sams Spring Sams Spring Garfield 10571 Sweetwater Lake
Hillside Spring Hillside Spring Garfield 10157 Carbonate
Sheep Spring Sheep Spring Garfield 10216 Broken Rib Creek
Boiler Spring Boiler Spring Garfield 9393 Adams Lake
Burnt Cabin Spring Burnt Cabin Spring Dolores 6562 Burnt Cabin Creek
Bug Spring Bug Spring Dolores 6548 Burnt Cabin Creek
Dugout Springs Dugout Springs Lincoln 5403 Genoa East