C J Lateral C J Lateral Montrose 5823 Montrose West
Pheney Lateral Ditch Pheney Lateral Ditch Grand 7631 Junction Butte
Erie Canal Erie Canal Mesa 8120 Vega Reservoir
Echo Ditch Echo Ditch Archuleta 7634 Serviceberry Mountain
Cache la Poudre Reservoir Inlet Cache la Poudre Reservoir Inlet Larimer 4892 Timnath
East Branch Highline Canal East Branch Highline Canal Adams 5436 Montbello
Hill Ditch Number 2 Hill Ditch Number 2 Jackson 8172 Boettcher Lake
Hill Ditch Number 1 Hill Ditch Number 1 Jackson 8225 Pearl
Government Ditch Number 2 Government Ditch Number 2 Jackson 8123 Kings Canyon
North Park Ditch Number 5 North Park Ditch Number 5 Jackson 8031 Cowdrey
North Sterling Lateral Number 19 North Sterling Lateral Number 19 Logan 3957 Padroni
McKinley Ditch Number 2 McKinley Ditch Number 2 Routt 6634 Slide Mountain
Trout Creek Ditch Number 4 Trout Creek Ditch Number 4 Routt 6867 Cow Creek
Koll Ditch Number 1 Koll Ditch Number 1 Routt 7198 Oak Creek
Peterson Ditch Number 1 Peterson Ditch Number 1 Jackson 8071 Delaney Butte
Oklahoma Ditch Number 1 Oklahoma Ditch Number 1 Jackson 8215 MacFarlane Reservoir
North Park Ditch Number 6 North Park Ditch Number 6 Jackson 8202 Walden
Staples Ditch Number 1 Staples Ditch Number 1 Jackson 8248 Teal Lake
Staples Ditch Number 2 Staples Ditch Number 2 Jackson 8304 Teal Lake
Roan Creek Ditch Number 2 Roan Creek Ditch Number 2 Mesa 5043 De Beque
Orchard Mesa Canal Number 2 Orchard Mesa Canal Number 2 Mesa 4856 Clifton
Orchard Mesa Canal Number 1 Orchard Mesa Canal Number 1 Mesa 4780 Clifton
Carnahan Ditch Number 1 Carnahan Ditch Number 1 Mesa 7789 Porter Mountain
Leonard Horn Ditch Number 1 Leonard Horn Ditch Number 1 Eagle 8540 Castle Peak
Peterson Ditch Number 1 Peterson Ditch Number 1 Eagle 7979 The Seven Hermits
Larimer County Canal Number 2 Larimer County Canal Number 2 Larimer 5052 Fort Collins
Big Thompson Ditch Number 2 Big Thompson Ditch Number 2 Larimer 4947 Berthoud
Leyner Cottonwood Number 1 Ditch Leyner Cottonwood Number 1 Ditch Boulder 5105 Erie
Main Canal Number 2 Main Canal Number 2 Montezuma 6929 Trimble Point
Elk Creek Ditch Number 2 Elk Creek Ditch Number 2 Pitkin 8435 Highland Peak
Burlingame Number 3 Ditch Burlingame Number 3 Ditch Park 9314 Garo
Greeley Number 3 Ditch Greeley Number 3 Ditch Weld 4688 Greeley
Medow Island Ditch Number 1 Medow Island Ditch Number 1 Weld 4842 Platteville
North Sterling Lateral Number 40 North Sterling Lateral Number 40 Logan 3944 Haystack Butte
North Sterling Lateral Number 42 North Sterling Lateral Number 42 Logan 3904 Haystack Butte
Harmony Ditch Number 1 Harmony Ditch Number 1 Logan 3737 Twin Buttes
Harmony Ditch Number 2 Harmony Ditch Number 2 Logan 3760 Proctor
Harmony Ditch Number 3 Harmony Ditch Number 3 Logan 3711 Crook
Sterling Number 2 Ditch Sterling Number 2 Ditch Logan 3924 Sterling North
East River Number 1 Ditch East River Number 1 Ditch Gunnison 8409 Cement Mountain
Rio Grande Lateral Number 5A Rio Grande Lateral Number 5A Saguache 7726 Sevenmile Plaza
Shellabarger Ditch Number 2 Shellabarger Ditch Number 2 Saguache 7572 Mirage
Martin Ditch Number 2 Martin Ditch Number 2 Huerfano 6378 Black Hills
Sangre de Cristo Ditch Number 3 Sangre de Cristo Ditch Number 3 Conejos 7841 Fort Garland
San Acacio Stock Ditch Number 2 San Acacio Stock Ditch Number 2 Costilla 7769 San Acacio
San Acacio Stock Ditch Number 1 San Acacio Stock Ditch Number 1 Costilla 7782 San Acacio
Cerro Ditch Number 1 Cerro Ditch Number 1 Costilla 8199 San Luis
Maxwell Ditch Number 19 and 20 Maxwell Ditch Number 19 and 20 Las Animas 8087 Torres
Taos Valley Ditch Number 2 Taos Valley Ditch Number 2 Conejos 7703 Kiowa Hill
Taos Valley Ditch Number 1 Taos Valley Ditch Number 1 Conejos 7693 La Segita Peaks NE
Braiien Ditch Number 3 Braiien Ditch Number 3 Conejos 7730 Lobatos
Hanover Ditch Number 1 Hanover Ditch Number 1 El Paso 5318 Fountain SE
Gibson Blair Ditch Gibson Blair Ditch Moffat 6191 Thornburgh Gulch
Johnson Ditch Johnson Ditch Jackson 7940 Lake John
Mineota Ditch Mineota Ditch Garfield 5604 New Castle
Riverside Intake Canal Riverside Intake Canal Weld 4468 Sunken Lake
Fort Lyon Storage Canal Fort Lyon Storage Canal Bent 4183 Meredith Hill
Fort Lyon Canal Fort Lyon Canal Bent 3960 Tree Top Ranch
Beaverdale Ditch Beaverdale Ditch Jackson 8553 Pearl
Pleasant Valley Ditch Pleasant Valley Ditch Jackson 8917 Pearl
Independence Ditch Independence Ditch Jackson 8957 Pearl
Hans Clauson Number 1 Ditch Hans Clauson Number 1 Ditch Jackson 8527 Pearl
Rhea Ditch Rhea Ditch Jackson 8592 Pearl
Hans Clauson Number 2 Ditch Hans Clauson Number 2 Ditch Jackson 8435 Pearl
Wheeler Ditch Wheeler Ditch Jackson 8399 Pearl
Akers Ditch Akers Ditch Jackson 8438 Pearl
East Lynn Ditch East Lynn Ditch Jackson 8478 Pearl
Threemile Ditch Threemile Ditch Jackson 8186 Independence Mountain
Valley Ditch Valley Ditch Jackson 8008 Independence Mountain
Huntington Ditch Huntington Ditch Jackson 8120 Independence Mountain
Threemile Enlargement and Extension Threemile Enlargement and Extension Jackson 8077 Independence Mountain
Plainwell Ditch Plainwell Ditch Jackson 8389 Pearl
Newport Ditch Newport Ditch Jackson 8035 Northgate
Durgin Ditch Durgin Ditch Jackson 7910 Northgate
Canadian Ditch Canadian Ditch Jackson 7877 Northgate
Capron Ditch Capron Ditch Jackson 7933 Northgate
Camp Creek Ditch Camp Creek Ditch Jackson 7851 Northgate
Hardwork Ditch Hardwork Ditch Jackson 8468 Kings Canyon
Allard Ditch Allard Ditch Jackson 8524 Kings Canyon
Smith Brown Ditch Smith Brown Ditch Larimer 7959 Crazy Mountain
Pache Ditch Pache Ditch Larimer 8005 Crazy Mountain
Yelton Ditch Yelton Ditch Larimer 7963 Crazy Mountain
Lower La Garde Ditch Lower La Garde Ditch Larimer 7884 Crazy Mountain
Jimmy Creek Ditch Jimmy Creek Ditch Larimer 7897 Crazy Mountain
Forrester Ditch Number 1 Forrester Ditch Number 1 Larimer 7976 Crazy Mountain
Mansfield Ditch Mansfield Ditch Larimer 7802 Crazy Mountain
Jim Ditch Jim Ditch Larimer 8215 Crazy Mountain
Mansfield and Enlargement Ditch Mansfield and Enlargement Ditch Larimer 7808 Crazy Mountain
Wilson Ditch Wilson Ditch Larimer 8980 Sand Creek Pass
South Pine Supply Ditch South Pine Supply Ditch Larimer 8245 Red Feather Lakes
Columbine Ditch Columbine Ditch Larimer 10213 Deadman
Martin Ditch Number 2 Martin Ditch Number 2 Larimer 8077 Glendevey
Stuart Ditch Number 2 Stuart Ditch Number 2 Larimer 8130 Glendevey
Stuart Ditch Number 1 Stuart Ditch Number 1 Larimer 8113 Glendevey
Homestead Mc Intyre Ditch Homestead Mc Intyre Ditch Larimer 8153 Glendevey
McIntyre Ditch McIntyre Ditch Larimer 8202 Glendevey
Martin Ditch Number 1 Martin Ditch Number 1 Larimer 8084 Glendevey
Forrester Brown Ditch Forrester Brown Ditch Larimer 8281 Glendevey
Link Ditch Number 1 Link Ditch Number 1 Larimer 8297 Glendevey
William Kerr Ditch William Kerr Ditch Jackson 8150 Shipman Mountain
Lizzie Ditch Lizzie Ditch Jackson 8110 Shipman Mountain
Sand Creek Ditch Sand Creek Ditch Jackson 8018 Eagle Hill
Stillwater Ditch Stillwater Ditch Jackson 7969 Eagle Hill
Dwinell Ditch Dwinell Ditch Jackson 7992 Eagle Hill
Coon Creek Ditch Coon Creek Ditch Jackson 8038 Eagle Hill
North Park Ditch Number 2 North Park Ditch Number 2 Jackson 8205 Eagle Hill
North Park Ditch Number 3 North Park Ditch Number 3 Jackson 8245 Eagle Hill
Government Creek Supply Ditch Government Creek Supply Ditch Jackson 8743 Eagle Hill
Mammouth Ditch Mammouth Ditch Jackson 7907 Cowdrey
Boone Ditch Boone Ditch Jackson 7940 Cowdrey
Seneca Ditch Seneca Ditch Jackson 7943 Cowdrey
Cowdrey Enlargement Cowdrey Enlargement Jackson 7936 Cowdrey
Davis Ditch Davis Ditch Jackson 7989 Cowdrey
Kiwa Ditch Kiwa Ditch Jackson 7903 Cowdrey
Poquette Ditch Poquette Ditch Jackson 7874 Northgate
Hunter Ditch Hunter Ditch Jackson 7880 Cowdrey
Moore Ditch Number 1 Moore Ditch Number 1 Jackson 7903 Cowdrey
Sand Creek Ditch Sand Creek Ditch Jackson 8005 Cowdrey
Government Ditch Number 1 Government Ditch Number 1 Jackson 7999 Cowdrey
Coe Ditch Number 2 Coe Ditch Number 2 Jackson 7926 Cowdrey
Coe Ditch Number 1 Coe Ditch Number 1 Jackson 7940 Cowdrey
Pioneer Ditch Pioneer Ditch Jackson 7903 Cowdrey
Give A Dam Jones Ditch Give A Dam Jones Ditch Jackson 7920 Cowdrey
North Park Ditch Number 7 North Park Ditch Number 7 Jackson 8002 Cowdrey
Ulrich Ditch Ulrich Ditch Jackson 8061 Lake John
Reithmeyer Ditch Reithmeyer Ditch Jackson 8064 Lake John
Marble Dow Ditch Marble Dow Ditch Jackson 8445 Boettcher Lake
West Boettcher Ditch West Boettcher Ditch Jackson 8566 Boettcher Lake
Lookout Ditch Lookout Ditch Jackson 8875 Boettcher Lake
Eber Ditch Eber Ditch Jackson 8379 Boettcher Lake
Sunrise Ditch Sunrise Ditch Jackson 8464 Boettcher Lake
Lake Creek Ditch Lake Creek Ditch Jackson 8330 Boettcher Lake
Dry Run Ditch Dry Run Ditch Jackson 8415 Boettcher Lake
Bear Creek Ditch Bear Creek Ditch Jackson 8399 Boettcher Lake
Haworth Ditch Number 2 Haworth Ditch Number 2 Jackson 8337 Boettcher Lake
Haworth Ditch Number 1 Haworth Ditch Number 1 Jackson 8451 Boettcher Lake
North Fork Ditch North Fork Ditch Jackson 8304 Boettcher Lake
First Run Ditch First Run Ditch Jackson 8353 Boettcher Lake
Zirkel Ditch Zirkel Ditch Jackson 8412 Boettcher Lake
Stormy Ditch Stormy Ditch Jackson 8520 Boettcher Lake
Shafer Ditch Shafer Ditch Jackson 8524 Boettcher Lake
Stuck Creek Ditch Stuck Creek Ditch Larimer 7723 Old Roach
Warren Ditch Warren Ditch Larimer 7743 Old Roach
Hance Ditch Hance Ditch Larimer 7762 Old Roach
Slough Creek Ditch Slough Creek Ditch Larimer 7858 Old Roach
Grace Creek Ditch Grace Creek Ditch Larimer 7917 Old Roach
North Sterling Outlet Canal North Sterling Outlet Canal Logan 3999 Iliff
Sam Rice Ditch Sam Rice Ditch Logan 3783 Proctor
Iliff Ditch Iliff Ditch Logan 3822 Iliff
Naugle Number 27 Lateral Naugle Number 27 Lateral Logan 3966 Iliff
Gillette Number 26 Lateral Gillette Number 26 Lateral Logan 3940 Iliff
North Sterling Number 25 Lateral North Sterling Number 25 Lateral Logan 3963 Iliff
North Sterling Number 22 Lateral North Sterling Number 22 Lateral Logan 3953 Iliff
North Sterling Lateral Number 17 North Sterling Lateral Number 17 Logan 3999 Padroni
North Sterling Lateral Number 12 North Sterling Lateral Number 12 Logan 3986 Padroni
North Sterling Lateral Number 10 North Sterling Lateral Number 10 Logan 4009 Padroni
North Sterling Lateral Number 8 North Sterling Lateral Number 8 Logan 4006 Padroni
Sterling Lateral Number 1 Sterling Lateral Number 1 Logan 3934 Sterling North
North Sterling Canal North Sterling Canal Logan 4121 Atwood
North Poudre Canal North Poudre Canal Larimer 5935 Livermore
Cataract Ditch Cataract Ditch Moffat 8195 McInturf Mesa
Little Bear Ditch Little Bear Ditch Moffat 6575 McInturf Mesa
Elkhorn Ditch Elkhorn Ditch Moffat 6683 McInturf Mesa
McKinley Ditch Number 1 McKinley Ditch Number 1 Routt 6719 Slide Mountain
Smith Ditch Smith Ditch Routt 6283 Ralph White Lake
Norvell Ditch Norvell Ditch Moffat 6240 Ralph White Lake
Craig Ditch Craig Ditch Moffat 6194 Craig
Cary Ditch Cary Ditch Routt 6302 Hayden
Peck Ditch Peck Ditch Moffat 6440 Pagoda
Highland Ditch Highland Ditch Moffat 6552 Pagoda
Sullivan Ditch Sullivan Ditch Moffat 6916 Pagoda
East Side Number 2 Ditch East Side Number 2 Ditch Routt 7447 Dunckley
West Side Highland Ditch West Side Highland Ditch Routt 7523 Dunckley
Williams Park Ditch Williams Park Ditch Routt 7070 Dunckley
Hammond Ditch Hammond Ditch Rio Blanco 5508 Divide Creek
Blair Ditch Blair Ditch Moffat 5837 Smizer Gulch
Jangle Ditch Jangle Ditch Garfield 5558 Circle Dot Gulch
Murphy Ditch Murphy Ditch Routt 7379 Clark
Sand Creek Ditch Sand Creek Ditch Routt 7398 Clark
Frantz Ditch Frantz Ditch Routt 7149 Clark
Campbell Ditch Campbell Ditch Routt 7024 Clark
Norrell Ditch Norrell Ditch Jackson 8363 Pitchpine Mountain
Eriki Ditch Eriki Ditch Jackson 8366 Pitchpine Mountain
Lone Pine Ditch Lone Pine Ditch Jackson 8399 Pitchpine Mountain
Hillside Ditch Hillside Ditch Jackson 8510 Pitchpine Mountain
Timber Ditch Timber Ditch Jackson 8540 Pitchpine Mountain
Heineman Ditch Heineman Ditch Jackson 8212 Pitchpine Mountain
Open A Diamond Ditch Open A Diamond Ditch Jackson 8323 Pitchpine Mountain
Canon Ditch Canon Ditch Jackson 8445 Pitchpine Mountain
Pearl Ditch Pearl Ditch Jackson 8350 Pitchpine Mountain
Beaver Ditch Beaver Ditch Jackson 8205 Pitchpine Mountain
Hodgson Ditch Hodgson Ditch Jackson 8182 Pitchpine Mountain
Sunday Creek Ditch Sunday Creek Ditch Jackson 8261 Pitchpine Mountain
Norris Ditch Norris Ditch Jackson 8274 Pitchpine Mountain
Earnest Ditch Earnest Ditch Jackson 8248 Pitchpine Mountain
Butler Ditch Number 4 Butler Ditch Number 4 Jackson 8284 Pitchpine Mountain
Butler Ditch Butler Ditch Jackson 8343 Pitchpine Mountain
Roaring Ditch Roaring Ditch Jackson 8261 Pitchpine Mountain
Mitchell Ditch Mitchell Ditch Jackson 8241 Pitchpine Mountain
Manville Ditch Number 2 Manville Ditch Number 2 Jackson 8176 Pitchpine Mountain
Dam Ditch Dam Ditch Jackson 7979 Delaney Butte
Ellen Ditch Ellen Ditch Jackson 7995 Delaney Butte
Hell Creek Ditch Hell Creek Ditch Jackson 8097 Delaney Butte
Sorenson Ditch Sorenson Ditch Jackson 8146 Delaney Butte
Homestead Ditch Homestead Ditch Jackson 8051 Delaney Butte
James Ditch James Ditch Jackson 8022 Delaney Butte
West Fork Ditch West Fork Ditch Jackson 8035 Delaney Butte
Outlet Ditch Outlet Ditch Jackson 8110 Delaney Butte
Laune Ditch Laune Ditch Jackson 8123 Delaney Butte
Manville Ditch Manville Ditch Jackson 8041 Delaney Butte
Nile Ditch Nile Ditch Eagle 8045 Delaney Butte
Mallon Ditch Number 2 Mallon Ditch Number 2 Jackson 8067 Delaney Butte
Mallon Ditch Mallon Ditch Jackson 8064 Delaney Butte
Last Chance Ditch Last Chance Ditch Jackson 8067 Delaney Butte
Garden Ditch Garden Ditch Jackson 8041 Delaney Butte
Lorena Ditch Lorena Ditch Jackson 8041 Delaney Butte
Buckeye Ditch Buckeye Ditch Jackson 8051 Delaney Butte
Potter Ditch Number 2 Potter Ditch Number 2 Jackson 8123 Walden
Hubbard Ditch Number 3 Hubbard Ditch Number 3 Jackson 8123 Walden
Hubbard Ditch Number 4 Hubbard Ditch Number 4 Jackson 8186 Walden
Hubbard Ditch Number 2 Hubbard Ditch Number 2 Jackson 8179 Walden
Riddle Ditch Riddle Ditch Jackson 8104 Walden
Hunter Ditch Number 2 Hunter Ditch Number 2 Jackson 8097 Walden
Upland and Home Ditch Number 1 Upland and Home Ditch Number 1 Jackson 8077 Walden
Home Ditch Number 2 Home Ditch Number 2 Jackson 8061 Walden
North Park Ditch Number 4 North Park Ditch Number 4 Jackson 8045 Walden
Ruction Ditch Ruction Ditch Jackson 8074 Walden
Wales Ditch Wales Ditch Jackson 8166 Gould NW
Lower Walden Ditch Lower Walden Ditch Jackson 8143 Gould NW
Walden Ditch Walden Ditch Jackson 8159 Gould NW
Michigan Association Ditch Michigan Association Ditch Jackson 8189 Gould NW
Bostwick Ditch Bostwick Ditch Jackson 8373 Gould NW
Hill and Crouter Ditch Hill and Crouter Ditch Jackson 8123 Gould NW
Cleveland Ditch Cleveland Ditch Jackson 8330 Gould NW
Edith Ditch Edith Ditch Jackson 8373 Gould NW
Terrel Ditch Terrel Ditch Jackson 8756 Kings Canyon
Mathews Eastern Ditch Mathews Eastern Ditch Jackson 8323 Gould NW
Nellie E Ditch Nellie E Ditch Jackson 8218 Gould NW
Buckeye Lateral Buckeye Lateral Larimer 5584 Buckeye
Vita Ditch Vita Ditch Jackson 8497 Johnny Moore Mountain
Gillette Ditch Number 3 Gillette Ditch Number 3 Jackson 8405 Johnny Moore Mountain
Gillette Ditch Number 1 Gillette Ditch Number 1 Jackson 8419 Johnny Moore Mountain
Bonafide Ditch Bonafide Ditch Jackson 8304 Johnny Moore Mountain
Gillette Ditch Number 2 Gillette Ditch Number 2 Jackson 8225 Johnny Moore Mountain
Pomroy Ditch Number 2 Pomroy Ditch Number 2 Jackson 8143 Johnny Moore Mountain
Pomroy Ditch Pomroy Ditch Jackson 8179 Johnny Moore Mountain
Dale Ditch Dale Ditch Jackson 8409 Johnny Moore Mountain
Sudduth Ditch Number 1 Sudduth Ditch Number 1 Jackson 8248 Johnny Moore Mountain
Fernando Ditch Fernando Ditch Jackson 8146 Johnny Moore Mountain
Troublesome Ditch Troublesome Ditch Jackson 8123 Johnny Moore Mountain
Allen Ditch Allen Ditch Jackson 9377 Lynx Pass
Toledo Ditch Toledo Ditch Jackson 8396 Johnny Moore Mountain
Maggie Ditch Maggie Ditch Jackson 9304 Lynx Pass
Carpenter Ditch Number 1 Carpenter Ditch Number 1 Jackson 8104 Johnny Moore Mountain
Kenney Ditch Kenney Ditch Jackson 8120 Johnny Moore Mountain
Kelley Ditch Kelley Ditch Jackson 8399 Johnny Moore Mountain
Bonafide Ditch Number 2 Bonafide Ditch Number 2 Jackson 8422 Johnny Moore Mountain
Kelley Highline and Kermode Ditch Number 2 Kelley Highline and Kermode Ditch Number 2 Jackson 8550 Johnny Moore Mountain
Wither Ditch Wither Ditch Routt 6676 Mad Creek
Elk Valley Ditch Elk Valley Ditch Routt 6676 Mad Creek
Woodchuck Ditch Woodchuck Ditch Routt 7382 Rocky Peak
Lucky Penny Ditch Lucky Penny Ditch Jackson 8369 Teal Lake
Columbine Ditch Columbine Ditch Jackson 8560 Teal Lake
Bennett and Leshner Ditch Bennett and Leshner Ditch Jackson 8379 Teal Lake
Newcomb Ditch Newcomb Ditch Jackson 8356 Teal Lake
Powell Ditch Powell Ditch Jackson 8369 Teal Lake
Darling Ditch Darling Ditch Jackson 8281 Teal Lake
Cook Ditch Cook Ditch Jackson 8320 Teal Lake
Chapman Ditch Chapman Ditch Jackson 8474 Teal Lake
Ross Ditch Ross Ditch Jackson 8665 Teal Lake
Chedsey Ditch Number 2 Chedsey Ditch Number 2 Jackson 8363 Teal Lake
Badger Ditch Badger Ditch Jackson 8474 Teal Lake
Jennie Ditch Jennie Ditch Jackson 8464 Teal Lake
Andrew Norrell Ditch Andrew Norrell Ditch Jackson 8537 Teal Lake
Doran Ditch Doran Ditch Jackson 8517 Teal Lake
Glendale Ditch Glendale Ditch Jackson 8592 Teal Lake
Marr Ditch Number 2 Marr Ditch Number 2 Jackson 8090 Coalmont
Marr Ditch Number 1 Marr Ditch Number 1 Jackson 8087 Coalmont
Grizzly Extension Ditch Grizzly Extension Ditch Jackson 8123 Coalmont
Nairn Ditch Nairn Ditch Jackson 8172 Coalmont
Grizzly Ditch Grizzly Ditch Jackson 8123 Coalmont
New Ross Ditch New Ross Ditch Jackson 8143 Coalmont
Homestead Ditch Homestead Ditch Jackson 8133 Coalmont
Castle Ditch Castle Ditch Jackson 8143 Coalmont
Gamber Brinker Ditch Gamber Brinker Ditch Jackson 8186 Coalmont
969 Ditch 969 Ditch Jackson 8225 Coalmont
Spicer Ditch Spicer Ditch Jackson 8195 Coalmont
Mutual Ditch Mutual Ditch Jackson 8179 Coalmont
Island Ditch Island Ditch Jackson 8268 MacFarlane Reservoir
Graf Ranch Graf Ranch Jackson 8146 MacFarlane Reservoir
Oklahoma Number 2 Ditch Oklahoma Number 2 Ditch Jackson 8258 MacFarlane Reservoir
Hackley Ditch Hackley Ditch Jackson 8287 MacFarlane Reservoir
Lateral C Lateral C Jackson 8163 MacFarlane Reservoir
Lateral B Lateral B Jackson 8517 Lake Agnes
Burke Ditch Burke Ditch Jackson 8166 MacFarlane Reservoir
New Burke Ditch New Burke Ditch Jackson 8186 MacFarlane Reservoir
Bock Ditch Bock Ditch Jackson 8218 MacFarlane Reservoir
Forrest Ditch Forrest Ditch Jackson 8314 MacFarlane Reservoir
Clifton Ditch Clifton Ditch Jackson 8323 MacFarlane Reservoir
Steele Ditch Steele Ditch Jackson 8277 MacFarlane Reservoir
Poled Angus Ditch Poled Angus Ditch Jackson 8241 MacFarlane Reservoir
McWard Ditch McWard Ditch Jackson 8261 MacFarlane Reservoir
Headache Ditch Headache Ditch Jackson 8277 MacFarlane Reservoir
Addison Ditch Addison Ditch Jackson 8333 MacFarlane Reservoir
Soldiers Home Ditch Soldiers Home Ditch Jackson 8468 Owl Ridge
Ish Baldwin Ditch Ish Baldwin Ditch Jackson 8294 Owl Ridge
Pioneer Ditch Pioneer Ditch Jackson 8379 Owl Ridge
Deer Ditch Deer Ditch Jackson 8530 Owl Ridge
Midland Supply Ditch Midland Supply Ditch Jackson 8428 Owl Ridge
Howard Ditch Howard Ditch Jackson 8425 Owl Ridge
Sales Ditch Number 2 Sales Ditch Number 2 Jackson 8661 Gould
Squibob Ditch Squibob Ditch Jackson 8606 Gould
Gould Ditch Gould Ditch Jackson 8966 Gould
Gibbs Ditch Gibbs Ditch Jackson 8609 Gould
Riley Extension Ditch Riley Extension Ditch Jackson 8825 Gould
Poverty Flat Ditch Number 2 Poverty Flat Ditch Number 2 Jackson 8779 Gould
Poverty Flat Ditch Number 1 Poverty Flat Ditch Number 1 Jackson 8737 Gould
Longhorn Ditch Longhorn Ditch Jackson 8766 Gould
Lynch Ditch Lynch Ditch Jackson 8740 Gould
Wagon Wheel Ditch Wagon Wheel Ditch Jackson 8681 Gould
Endomile Ditch Endomile Ditch Jackson 8891 Gould
Orb Ditch Orb Ditch Jackson 8681 Gould
Last Treasure and Georgia Ditch Last Treasure and Georgia Ditch Jackson 8884 Gould
Owl Mountain and Domestic Supply and Mason Ditch Owl Mountain and Domestic Supply and Mason Ditch Jackson 8858 Gould
Mason Ditch Mason Ditch Jackson 8760 Gould
Lost Treasure Ditch Lost Treasure Ditch Jackson 8812 Gould
Domestic Supply Ditch Domestic Supply Ditch Jackson 8707 Gould
Georgia Ditch Georgia Ditch Jackson 8717 Gould
Stemmer Ditch Stemmer Ditch Jackson 8566 Gould
Walton Creek Ditch Walton Creek Ditch Routt 6988 Steamboat Springs
Baxter Ditch Baxter Ditch Routt 6821 Steamboat Springs
Batton Gulch Batton Gulch Routt 7139 Steamboat Springs
Titantic Ditch Titantic Ditch Jackson 8658 Spicer Peak
Lawrence Number 1 Ditch Lawrence Number 1 Ditch Jackson 8419 Spicer Peak
Jordan Ditch Jordan Ditch Jackson 8461 Spicer Peak
Arapaho Ditch Arapaho Ditch Jackson 8366 Spicer Peak
Waste Ditch Waste Ditch Jackson 8333 Spicer Peak
Seymour Ditch Number 2 Seymour Ditch Number 2 Jackson 8264 Spicer Peak
Larsen Ditch Larsen Ditch Jackson 8297 Spicer Peak
Martin Ditch Martin Ditch Jackson 8274 Spicer Peak
Arapaho Ditch Arapaho Ditch Jackson 8507 Spicer Peak
Surprise Ditch Surprise Ditch Jackson 8284 Spicer Peak
Van Patten Ditch Van Patten Ditch Jackson 8678 Buffalo Peak
Timothy Hill Ditch Timothy Hill Ditch Jackson 8671 Buffalo Peak
West Buffalo Ditch West Buffalo Ditch Jackson 8592 Buffalo Peak
East Buffalo Ditch East Buffalo Ditch Jackson 8527 Buffalo Peak
Slack Ditch Slack Ditch Jackson 8461 Buffalo Peak
McIsaac Ditch Number 2 McIsaac Ditch Number 2 Jackson 8422 Buffalo Peak
Allard Ditch Allard Ditch Jackson 8773 Buffalo Peak
Cochrane Ditch Cochrane Ditch Jackson 8648 Buffalo Peak
Monroe Ditch Monroe Ditch Jackson 8501 Rand
Mac Farlane Extension Mac Farlane Extension Jackson 8461 Rand
Stevenson Ditch Number 2 Stevenson Ditch Number 2 Jackson 8504 Rand
Welch and Peabody Ditch Welch and Peabody Ditch Jackson 8625 Rand
Peabody Ditch Peabody Ditch Jackson 8625 Rand
Welch Ditch Welch Ditch Jackson 8648 Rand
Stella Ditch Stella Ditch Jackson 8681 Rand
Westfield Ditch Westfield Ditch Jackson 8642 Rand
Salem Ditch Salem Ditch Jackson 8566 Rand
Donelson Ditch Donelson Ditch Jackson 8701 Rand
Hanover Ditch Hanover Ditch Jackson 8707 Rand
Big Willow Ditch Big Willow Ditch Jackson 8786 Rand
Shearer Ditch Shearer Ditch Jackson 8740 Rand
Ish Ditch Ish Ditch Jackson 8799 Rand
J W Sutton Ditch Number 2 J W Sutton Ditch Number 2 Jackson 8783 Rand
J W Sutton Ditch J W Sutton Ditch Jackson 8861 Rand
Park Ditch Park Ditch Jackson 9006 Jack Creek Ranch
Parkview Ditch Parkview Ditch Jackson 8894 Jack Creek Ranch
Olive Ditch Olive Ditch Jackson 8924 Jack Creek Ranch
Flying Dutchman Ditch Flying Dutchman Ditch Jackson 8835 Jack Creek Ranch
Oldenburg Ditch Oldenburg Ditch Jackson 8884 Jack Creek Ranch
Oak Creek Ditch Oak Creek Ditch Routt 7526 Oak Creek
Oak Dale Ditch Oak Dale Ditch Routt 7454 Oak Creek
Palisades Ditch Palisades Ditch Routt 7602 Yampa
North Hunt Creek Ditch North Hunt Creek Ditch Routt 7648 Yampa
Smith Ditch Smith Ditch Grand 8894 Tyler Mountain
Kirtz Ditch Kirtz Ditch Grand 7867 Gunsight Pass
Ennis Ditch Ennis Ditch Grand 7575 Junction Butte
Kenny Barger Ditch Kenny Barger Ditch Grand 7359 Junction Butte
Pickering Ditch Pickering Ditch Grand 8087 Gunsight Pass
Missouri Ditch Missouri Ditch Grand 8015 Gunsight Pass
Musgrave Ditch Musgrave Ditch Grand 8373 Parshall
Wilson Ditch Wilson Ditch Rio Blanco 6801 Thornburgh
Ferguson Ditch Number 2 Ferguson Ditch Number 2 Rio Blanco 6818 Thornburgh
Martin Creek Ditch Martin Creek Ditch Rio Blanco 7730 Thornburgh
Owen Carrigan Ditch Owen Carrigan Ditch Rio Blanco 7815 Sleepy Cat Peak
Carrigan Averil Ditch Carrigan Averil Ditch Rio Blanco 7500 Sleepy Cat Peak
Sullivan Ditch Sullivan Ditch Rio Blanco 7989 Slide Creek
Highland Ditch Highland Ditch Rio Blanco 6447 LO 7 Hill
Meeker Ditch Meeker Ditch Rio Blanco 6270 Meeker
Miller Creek Ditch Miller Creek Ditch Rio Blanco 6581 Rattlesnake Mesa
Coal Creek Mesa Ditch Coal Creek Mesa Ditch Rio Blanco 6808 Rattlesnake Mesa
Lion Basin Ditch Lion Basin Ditch Eagle 9406 Dome Peak
Grand Tunnel Ditch Grand Tunnel Ditch Garfield 5538 Rifle
Pioneer Ditch Pioneer Ditch Garfield 5312 Rifle
Farmers Irrigation Company Ditch Farmers Irrigation Company Ditch Garfield 5709 Silt
East Lateral Farmers Irrigation Company Ditch East Lateral Farmers Irrigation Company Ditch Garfield 6017 Silt
Rising Sun Ditch Rising Sun Ditch Garfield 5417 Silt
Tompkins Ditch Tompkins Ditch Garfield 5673 New Castle
Wards and Reynolds Ditch Wards and Reynolds Ditch Garfield 5518 New Castle
Spion Kapp Ditch Spion Kapp Ditch Garfield 6014 Storm King Mountain
Mings Chenoweth and Wolverton Ditch Mings Chenoweth and Wolverton Ditch Garfield 5797 Storm King Mountain
Valcan Ditch Valcan Ditch Garfield 5718 Storm King Mountain
Roderick Ditch Roderick Ditch Garfield 6594 Storm King Mountain
Atkinson Canal Atkinson Canal Garfield 5797 Glenwood Springs
Cottonwood Ditch Cottonwood Ditch Garfield 6247 The Saddle
Clear Creek Ditch Clear Creek Ditch Garfield 5505 Long Point
Hobo Ditch Hobo Ditch Garfield 5564 Long Point
HVS and S Ditch HVS and S Ditch Garfield 5499 Long Point
Creek and Newman Ditch Creek and Newman Ditch Garfield 5298 Long Point
Conwell Ditch Conwell Ditch Garfield 5387 Long Point
Diamond Ditch Diamond Ditch Garfield 5105 Parachute
Cornell Ditch Cornell Ditch Garfield 5197 Parachute
Daisy Ditch Daisy Ditch Garfield 5134 Parachute
Parachute Ditch Parachute Ditch Garfield 5289 Parachute
Ruby Ditch Ruby Ditch Mesa 5292 Ruby Lee Reservoir
Larkin Ditch Larkin Ditch Mesa 4895 De Beque
Golden Hill Canal Golden Hill Canal Mesa 4583 Mack
Loma Drain Loma Drain Mesa 4485 Mack
Grand Valley Canal Grand Valley Canal Mesa 4662 Grand Junction
Kiefer Extension Grand Valley Canal Kiefer Extension Grand Valley Canal Mesa 4587 Mack
Government Highline Canal Government Highline Canal Mesa 4757 Corcoran Point
Orchard Mesa Siphon Orchard Mesa Siphon Mesa 4744 Cameo
Redlands Second Lift Canal Redlands Second Lift Canal Mesa 4751 Colorado National Monument
Hinderlider Lift Canal Hinderlider Lift Canal Mesa 4800 Colorado National Monument
Fruita Aqueduct Fruita Aqueduct Mesa 6184 Colorado National Monument
The Redlands Power Canal The Redlands Power Canal Mesa 4573 Grand Junction
Brandon Ditch Brandon Ditch Mesa 5768 Palisade
South Side Canal South Side Canal Mesa 6942 Lands End
East Divide Creek Ditch East Divide Creek Ditch Garfield 6247 Gibson Gulch
Atkinson Ditch Atkinson Ditch Garfield 6814 Carbondale
Town Ditch Town Ditch Garfield 6211 Carbondale
Thompson Creek Ditch Thompson Creek Ditch Pitkin 9819 Quaker Mesa
Bain-Thomas Ditch Bain-Thomas Ditch Pitkin 6427 Mount Sopris
Ella Ditch Ella Ditch Pitkin 6332 Mount Sopris
Silver Gage Ditch Silver Gage Ditch Mesa 6686 Collbran
Berthold Updyke and Landon Ditch Berthold Updyke and Landon Ditch Mesa 6516 Collbran
Bull Elk Ditch Bull Elk Ditch Mesa 9337 Porter Mountain
Elizabethe Ditch Elizabethe Ditch Mesa 8694 Porter Mountain
Castle Ditch Castle Ditch Mesa 8225 Porter Mountain
Overland Ditch Overland Ditch Delta 9104 Gray Reservoir
Noonan Ditch Noonan Ditch Grand 8038 King Creek
Kayser Mutual Ditch Kayser Mutual Ditch Routt 7684 McCoy
Stremme and Gates Ditch Stremme and Gates Ditch Eagle 6407 Gypsum
Casper Schumm Ditch Casper Schumm Ditch Eagle 6401 Gypsum
Schumm Ditch Number 1 Schumm Ditch Number 1 Eagle 6512 Eagle
Oneill Holland Ditch Oneill Holland Ditch Eagle 7034 Wolcott
Sherwood Ditch Sherwood Ditch Eagle 6975 Wolcott
Dodd Ditch Dodd Ditch Eagle 7323 Edwards
Brett Ditch Brett Ditch Eagle 7211 Edwards
June Creek Ditch June Creek Ditch Eagle 7887 Edwards
Howard and Winslow Ditch Howard and Winslow Ditch Eagle 7467 Edwards
Howard Ditch Howard Ditch Eagle 7365 Edwards
Terrell and Ford Ditch Terrell and Ford Ditch Eagle 7398 Edwards
Metcalf Ditch Metcalf Ditch Eagle 7464 Edwards
Staton and Cissna Ditch Staton and Cissna Ditch Eagle 7493 The Seven Hermits
McKenzie Ditch McKenzie Ditch Eagle 6962 The Seven Hermits
Graham Ditch Graham Ditch Eagle 8340 Fulford
Lui Hopper Ditch Lui Hopper Ditch Eagle 7693 Grouse Mountain
Bragg Number 1 Ditch Bragg Number 1 Ditch Eagle 8090 Grouse Mountain
Bolts Ditch Bolts Ditch Eagle 8199 Minturn
Mathews Ditch Mathews Ditch Eagle 6811 Eagle
Hernage Ditch Hernage Ditch Eagle 9363 Castle Peak
Squire and Hammond Ditch Squire and Hammond Ditch Eagle 9957 Castle Peak
Wilkinson Ditch Wilkinson Ditch Eagle 6670 Eagle
Oelsen Ditch Oelsen Ditch Eagle 8392 Eagle
Horseshoe Ditch Horseshoe Ditch San Miguel 5771 Dawson Draw
Lillylands Canal Lillylands Canal San Miguel 7946 Barkelew Draw
Lillylands Canal Lillylands Canal San Miguel 7949 Barkelew Draw
Last Chance Ditch Last Chance Ditch San Miguel 7903 Lone Cone
Lillylands Intake Lillylands Intake San Miguel 8238 Lone Cone
McCulloch Creek Ditch McCulloch Creek Ditch San Miguel 6247 Dawson Draw
West Beaver Highline Ditch West Beaver Highline Ditch San Miguel 9317 Beaver Park
Beaver Creek Ditch Beaver Creek Ditch Dolores 8763 Groundhog Reservoir
Terry Lake Inlet Terry Lake Inlet Larimer 5023 Fort Collins
Dixon Canal Dixon Canal Larimer 5216 Horsetooth Reservoir
Sherwood Lateral Sherwood Lateral Larimer 5000 Fort Collins
Josh Ames Ditch Josh Ames Ditch Larimer 4964 Fort Collins
Flat Collins Irrigation Ditch Flat Collins Irrigation Ditch Larimer 5003 Fort Collins
Dixon Canyon Lateral Dixon Canyon Lateral Larimer 4974 Fort Collins
Trilby Lateral Trilby Lateral Larimer 5092 Fort Collins
Muskrat Ditch Muskrat Ditch Larimer 4908 Fort Collins
Big Thompson Siphon Big Thompson Siphon Larimer 5525 Masonville
Little Barnes Ditch Little Barnes Ditch Larimer 5000 Loveland
Harbison Ditch Harbison Ditch Grand 8743 Grand Lake
Eureka Ditch Eureka Ditch Grand 11772 McHenrys Peak
Aspen Creek Siphon Aspen Creek Siphon Larimer 8281 Longs Peak
Pole Hill Canal Pole Hill Canal Larimer 7424 Pinewood Lake
Ide and Starboard Ditch Ide and Starboard Ditch Weld 5056 Berthoud
Old Ish Ditch Old Ish Ditch Larimer 5062 Berthoud
Rockwell Ditch Rockwell Ditch Larimer 4918 Berthoud
Lake Ditch Lake Ditch Larimer 5092 Berthoud
Willow Creek Pump Canal Willow Creek Pump Canal Grand 8127 Trail Mountain
Granby Pump Canal Granby Pump Canal Grand 8376 Shadow Mountain
Lehman Ditch Lehman Ditch Grand 8461 Shadow Mountain
South Ledge Ditch South Ledge Ditch Boulder 5371 Lyons
Toll Gate Ditch Toll Gate Ditch Boulder 5518 Lyons
Table Mountain Ditch Table Mountain Ditch Boulder 5371 Niwot
Lake Ditch Lake Ditch Boulder 5610 Lyons
Supply Ditch Supply Ditch Boulder 5161 Berthoud
Niwot Ditch Niwot Ditch Boulder 5013 Hygiene
South Flat Ditch South Flat Ditch Boulder 5016 Hygiene
Mill Ditch Mill Ditch Boulder 5052 Hygiene
Longmont Supply Ditch Longmont Supply Ditch Boulder 5144 Hygiene
James Ditch James Ditch Boulder 5118 Hygiene
Clover Basin Ditch Clover Basin Ditch Boulder 5059 Hygiene
Peck Ditch Peck Ditch Boulder 5092 Hygiene
Union Reservoir Ditch Union Reservoir Ditch Weld 4921 Longmont
Peterson Ditch Peterson Ditch Grand 7897 Granby
Meadow Creek Ditch Meadow Creek Ditch Grand 9396 Strawberry Lake
Boulder City Aqueduct Boulder City Aqueduct Boulder 8953 Ward
Gold Lake Fill Ditch Gold Lake Fill Ditch Boulder 8632 Gold Hill
Silver Lake Ditch Silver Lake Ditch Boulder 5577 Boulder
Boulder Feeder Ditch Boulder Feeder Ditch Denver 5167 Niwot
North Boulder Farmers Ditch North Boulder Farmers Ditch Boulder 5230 Niwot
Star Ditch Star Ditch Boulder 5253 Niwot
Hinman Ditch Hinman Ditch Boulder 5203 Niwot
Whiterock Ditch Whiterock Ditch Boulder 5046 Erie
Cottonwood Extension Ditch Cottonwood Extension Ditch Weld 5049 Erie
South Boulder Canyon South Boulder Canyon Boulder 5259 Erie
Lone Pine Lateral Lone Pine Lateral Montezuma 6637 Arriola
Garret Ridge Lateral Garret Ridge Lateral Montezuma 6522 Arriola
Highline Ditch Highline Ditch Montezuma 6224 Cortez
Rocky Ford Ditch Rocky Ford Ditch Montezuma 6076 Cortez
Lower Hermana Lateral Lower Hermana Lateral Montezuma 6345 Dolores West
East Lateral East Lateral Montezuma 6821 Dolores West
West Lateral West Lateral Montezuma 6801 Dolores West
Main Canal Number 1 Main Canal Number 1 Montezuma 6873 Dolores West
South Main Ditch South Main Ditch Montezuma 7083 Dolores East
Camp Ditch Camp Ditch Montezuma 7162 Dolores East
Summit Ditch Summit Ditch Montezuma 7303 Dolores East
Joe Moore Ditch Joe Moore Ditch Montezuma 7516 Millwood
Weber Reservoir Inlet Ditch Weber Reservoir Inlet Ditch Montezuma 8238 Rampart Hills
Long Park Ditch Long Park Ditch Montezuma 7936 Rampart Hills
Duncan Ditch Duncan Ditch Montezuma 5971 Mud Creek
La Plata River and Cherry Creek Ditch La Plata River and Cherry Creek Ditch La Plata 8491 Hesperus
Columbine Ditch Columbine Ditch Eagle 11483 Copper Mountain
Clinton Creek Ditch Clinton Creek Ditch Summit 11571 Copper Mountain
Fremont Ditch Fremont Ditch Summit 11279 Copper Mountain
Kester Ditch Kester Ditch Pitkin 6811 Woody Creek
Arbaney Ditch Arbaney Ditch Pitkin 6886 Woody Creek
Wheatley Western Ditch Wheatley Western Ditch Pitkin 6968 Woody Creek
Eli Cerise Ditch Eli Cerise Ditch Pitkin 7136 Woody Creek
Snowmass Divide Ditch Snowmass Divide Ditch Pitkin 7569 Woody Creek
Williams Ditch Number 2 Williams Ditch Number 2 Pitkin 7313 Woody Creek
Walker Wonder Ditch Walker Wonder Ditch Pitkin 7506 Woody Creek
Snowmass Ditch Snowmass Ditch Pitkin 7785 Woody Creek
Waco Ditch Waco Ditch Pitkin 7352 Woody Creek
Brush Creek Ditch Brush Creek Ditch Pitkin 7208 Woody Creek
Walthen Ditch Walthen Ditch Pitkin 7349 Woody Creek
Smith and Rex Ditch Smith and Rex Ditch Pitkin 7539 Woody Creek
Sawyer Creek Conduit Sawyer Creek Conduit Pitkin 10043 Meredith
Burton Ditch Burton Ditch Eagle 10574 Leadville North
Powell Mc Kenzie Ditch Powell Mc Kenzie Ditch Pitkin 8107 Highland Peak
McKenzie Wildcat Ditch McKenzie Wildcat Ditch Pitkin 8619 Highland Peak
Wiese Upper Ditch Wiese Upper Ditch Pitkin 7644 Highland Peak
Lemond Ditch Lemond Ditch Pitkin 7644 Highland Peak
East Snowmass and Brush Creek Ditch East Snowmass and Brush Creek Ditch Pitkin 8947 Highland Peak
Willow and Owl Ditch Willow and Owl Ditch Pitkin 10892 Highland Peak
Herrick Ditch Herrick Ditch Pitkin 8428 Highland Peak
Red Mountain Ditch Red Mountain Ditch Pitkin 8520 Aspen
Marolt Diich Marolt Diich Pitkin 7894 Aspen
Derry Number 1 Ditch Derry Number 1 Ditch Lake 9354 Leadville South
Warm Springs Ditch Warm Springs Ditch Park 10026 Fairplay West
Peart Upper Ditch Peart Upper Ditch Park 10079 Fairplay West
Rogers Ditch Rogers Ditch Park 9780 Fairplay West
Westerman Ditch Westerman Ditch Park 10088 Fairplay West
Fairplay Mining Ditch Fairplay Mining Ditch Park 10131 Fairplay West
Columbia Number 1 Ditch Columbia Number 1 Ditch Park 10243 Fairplay West
Fourmile Number 9 Ditch Fourmile Number 9 Ditch Park 9813 Fairplay West
Peart Lower Ditch Peart Lower Ditch Park 9947 Fairplay West
Pierce Lateral Pierce Lateral Weld 5069 Severance
Cowan Lateral Cowan Lateral Larimer 5246 Cobb Lake
Burger-Gault Lateral Burger-Gault Lateral Weld 5026 Antelope Reservoir
Wild Horse Ditch Wild Horse Ditch Weld 4918 Keota
Eaton Ditch Eaton Ditch Weld 4905 Eaton
Lakeside Lateral Lakeside Lateral Weld 5007 Severance
Town Lateral Town Lateral Weld 4869 Eaton
Greeley Number 2 Canal Greeley Number 2 Canal Larimer 4751 Greeley
Eaton Ditch Eaton Ditch Weld 4908 Windsor
Jones Ditch Jones Ditch Weld 4724 Bracewell
Grapevine Ditch Grapevine Ditch Weld 4885 Bracewell
West Grapevine Ditch West Grapevine Ditch Weld 4865 Bracewell
Company Ditch Company Ditch Weld 4882 Bracewell
Boomerang Ditch Boomerang Ditch Weld 4885 Bracewell
North Boomerang Extension North Boomerang Extension Weld 4826 Bracewell
Consolidated Law Ditch Consolidated Law Ditch Weld 4774 Bracewell
Latham Ditch Latham Ditch Weld 4632 Kersey
South Fork Ogilvy Ditch South Fork Ogilvy Ditch Weld 4593 Kersey
Plumb Ditch Plumb Ditch Weld 4593 Kersey
Longs Lateral Ditch Longs Lateral Ditch Weld 4626 Kersey
Empire Intake Canal Empire Intake Canal Weld 4541 Dearfield
Farmers Extension Canal Farmers Extension Canal Weld 4993 Johnstown
Evens Number 2 Ditch Evens Number 2 Ditch Weld 4806 La Salle
Platte Valley Ditch Platte Valley Ditch Weld 4833 Milliken
Union Ditch Extension Union Ditch Extension Weld 4705 Milliken
Lower Latham Drain Lower Latham Drain Weld 4665 La Salle
South Branch Union Ditch South Branch Union Ditch Weld 4682 La Salle
Speer Canal Speer Canal Weld 5049 Milton Reservoir
Neres Canal Neres Canal Weld 4849 Milton Reservoir
Bijou Canal Bijou Canal Weld 4472 Orchard
Putman Irrigation Ditch Putman Irrigation Ditch Morgan 4482 Orchard
Jackson Lake Outlet Jackson Lake Outlet Morgan 4413 Orchard
Fort Morgan Canal Fort Morgan Canal Morgan 4334 Fort Morgan
Last Chance Ditch Last Chance Ditch Weld 4823 Gowanda
Bucker Ditch Bucker Ditch Weld 4813 Platteville
Fulton Extension Ditch Fulton Extension Ditch Weld 4944 Platteville
Spear Canal Spear Canal Weld 4974 Platteville
Meadow Island Ditch Number 2 Meadow Island Ditch Number 2 Weld 4816 Platteville
Fulton Ditch Fulton Ditch Adams 5036 Brighton
Platteville Lateral Platteville Lateral Weld 5026 Milton Reservoir
Brantner Ditch Brantner Ditch Weld 5000 Fort Lupton
Lupton Bottoms Ditch Lupton Bottoms Ditch Weld 4924 Fort Lupton
Denver-Hudson Canal Denver-Hudson Canal Weld 5072 Keenesburg
Keen Lateral Keen Lateral Weld 5016 Keenesburg
Jim Number 2 Lateral Jim Number 2 Lateral Weld 4993 Keenesburg
Jim Number 1 Lateral Jim Number 1 Lateral Weld 5016 Keenesburg
Henrylyn Canal Henrylyn Canal Weld 5010 Sunnydale
Prospect Lateral Sub Number 2 Ditch Prospect Lateral Sub Number 2 Ditch Weld 4924 Prospect Valley
Saint Louis Number 2 Ditch Saint Louis Number 2 Ditch Grand 8747 Fraser
Crooked Creek Supply Ditch Crooked Creek Supply Ditch Grand 8838 Fraser
Crooked Creek Number 1 Ditch Crooked Creek Number 1 Ditch Grand 8612 Fraser
Saint Louis Ditch Saint Louis Ditch Grand 8638 Fraser
Goodhue Ditch Goodhue Ditch Boulder 5423 Louisville
Church Ditch Church Ditch Jefferson 5564 Louisville
Community Ditch Community Ditch Adams 5410 Lafayette
Coal Creek Ditch Coal Creek Ditch Boulder 5627 Louisville
Bear Creek Ditch Bear Creek Ditch Boulder 5413 Louisville
Dry Creek Ditch Number 2 Dry Creek Ditch Number 2 Boulder 5400 Louisville
Shearer Ditch Shearer Ditch Boulder 5400 Louisville
Upper Bear Creek Ditch Upper Bear Creek Ditch Boulder 5456 Louisville
Farmers Highline Ditch Farmers Highline Ditch Adams 5574 Golden
Berthoud Pass Ditch Berthoud Pass Ditch Grand 11286 Berthoud Pass
Rocky Mountain Ditch Rocky Mountain Ditch Jefferson 5508 Golden
Agricultural Ditch Agricultural Ditch Jefferson 5617 Morrison
Welch Ditch Welch Ditch Jefferson 5738 Golden
Lee Stewart and Eskin Ditch Lee Stewart and Eskin Ditch Jefferson 5571 Golden
Wannamaker Ditch Wannamaker Ditch Jefferson 5564 Golden
Crown Hill Ditch Crown Hill Ditch Jefferson 5577 Arvada
Kershaw Ditch Kershaw Ditch Adams 5226 Arvada
Allen Ditch Allen Ditch Jefferson 5453 Arvada
Johnson Lateral Johnson Lateral Jefferson 5564 Fort Logan
Clover Knoll Ditch Clover Knoll Ditch Jefferson 5525 Fort Logan
Salisbury Lateral Salisbury Lateral Jefferson 5558 Fort Logan
Ward Lateral Ward Lateral Jefferson 5673 Fort Logan
Nevada Ditch Nevada Ditch Arapahoe 5381 Littleton
Fairview Ditch Fairview Ditch Jefferson 5590 Littleton
Brown Ditch Brown Ditch Arapahoe 5325 Littleton
Byers Ditch Byers Ditch Logan 3789 Twin Buttes
North Sterling Lateral Number 44 North Sterling Lateral Number 44 Logan 3888 Twin Buttes
North Sterling Lateral Number 46 North Sterling Lateral Number 46 Logan 3868 Twin Buttes
North Sterling Lateral Number 47 North Sterling Lateral Number 47 Logan 3898 Twin Buttes
Johnson Draw Reservoir Johnson Draw Reservoir Logan 3786 Twin Buttes
Twin Buttes Ditch Twin Buttes Ditch Logan 3858 Twin Buttes
North Sterling Lateral Number 52 North Sterling Lateral Number 52 Logan 3852 Twin Buttes
North Sterling Lateral Number 52 B North Sterling Lateral Number 52 B Logan 3894 Twin Buttes
Settlers Ditch Settlers Ditch Logan 3629 Sedgwick
Highline Canal Highline Canal Sedgwick 3668 Sedgwick
Peterson Ditch Peterson Ditch Sedgwick 3842 Old Baldy
Ramsey Ditch Ramsey Ditch Logan 3766 Proctor
Pawnee Ditch Pawnee Ditch Logan 4032 Atwood
North Pawnee Ditch North Pawnee Ditch Logan 4003 Atwood
Schneider Ditch Schneider Ditch Logan 4012 Atwood
Batten Ditch Batten Ditch Logan 3960 Sterling South
Prewitt Inlet Canal Prewitt Inlet Canal Morgan 4104 Messex
Lower Platte and Beaver Ditch Lower Platte and Beaver Ditch Washington 4183 Brush East
Company Ditch Company Ditch Logan 4052 Merino
Sand Hill Ditch Sand Hill Ditch Logan 4062 Merino
Layton Lateral Ditch Layton Lateral Ditch Morgan 4452 Weldona
Weldon Valley Ditch Weldon Valley Ditch Morgan 4462 Orchard
Upper Platte and Beaver Canal Upper Platte and Beaver Canal Morgan 4265 Brush West
Brush Lateral Brush Lateral Morgan 4245 Brush West
Boreas Ditch Number 2 Boreas Ditch Number 2 Summit 11476 Boreas Pass
Lininger Ditch Lininger Ditch Park 10400 Jefferson
Highline Canal Highline Canal Douglas 5528 Highlands Ranch
O'Neil Ditch O'Neil Ditch Park 10144 Como
Fremont Ditch Fremont Ditch Park 9813 Como
Packer Ditch Packer Ditch Park 9613 Milligan Lakes
Whitten Ditch Whitten Ditch Park 9557 Milligan Lakes
Harlan Ditch Harlan Ditch Park 9593 Milligan Lakes
Randell Ditch Randell Ditch Park 9422 Milligan Lakes
Link Ditch Link Ditch Park 9340 Milligan Lakes
Alkaline Ditch Alkaline Ditch Park 9511 Fairplay East
Bonell Ditch Bonell Ditch Park 9550 Fairplay East
Park Ditch Park Ditch Park 9642 Fairplay East
Miller-Chapman Ditch Miller-Chapman Ditch Park 9705 Fairplay East
Anderson Ditch Number 3 Anderson Ditch Number 3 Park 9711 Fairplay East
Anderson Ditch Number 2 Anderson Ditch Number 2 Park 9764 Fairplay East
Anderson Ditch Number 1 Anderson Ditch Number 1 Park 9764 Fairplay East
Crooked Creek Ditch Crooked Creek Ditch Park 9741 Fairplay East
Sigafus Ditch Sigafus Ditch Park 9370 Fairplay East
Raynor-Edmonson Ditches Raynor-Edmonson Ditches Park 9377 Fairplay East
Malice Ditch Malice Ditch Park 9452 Fairplay East
D F Miller Ditch D F Miller Ditch Park 9705 Fairplay East
Parmalee and Shoemaker Ditch Number 3 Parmalee and Shoemaker Ditch Number 3 Park 9009 Garo
Parmalee and Shoemaker Ditch Parmalee and Shoemaker Ditch Park 9104 Garo
Nelson Ditch Number 3 Nelson Ditch Number 3 Park 9239 Garo
Nelson High Creek Ditch Nelson High Creek Ditch Park 9206 Garo
Rogers Ditch Rogers Ditch Park 9190 Garo
Kester Sweet Ditch Kester Sweet Ditch Park 9252 Garo
Milligan Ditch Milligan Ditch Park 9144 Garo
Alden and Milligan Ditch Alden and Milligan Ditch Park 9144 Garo
Guiraud Ditch Guiraud Ditch Park 9183 Garo
Prince Ditch Prince Ditch Park 9173 Garo
Berry Ditch Berry Ditch Park 9268 Garo
Bronlow and Stephens Ditch Bronlow and Stephens Ditch Park 9262 Garo
Antero Feeder Ditch Antero Feeder Ditch Park 9354 Garo
Bathouse Ditch Bathouse Ditch Park 8848 Hartsel
Big Thompson Ditch Big Thompson Ditch Park 8891 Hartsel
Reinecker Ditch Reinecker Ditch Park 8970 Hartsel
Fehringer Number 2 Ditch Fehringer Number 2 Ditch Park 8999 Hartsel
Fehringer Number 1 Ditch Fehringer Number 1 Ditch Park 8934 Hartsel
Fritz Ditch Fritz Ditch Park 8766 Sulphur Mountain
Harrington South Ditch Harrington South Ditch Park 8724 Sulphur Mountain
Toner-Taylor Ditch Toner-Taylor Ditch Hinsdale 8008 Oakbrush Ridge
Bear Creek and Pine River Ditch Bear Creek and Pine River Ditch La Plata 7165 Ludwig Mountain
Farrell Ditch Farrell Ditch La Plata 7431 Ludwig Mountain
Briar Ditch Briar Ditch Archuleta 7664 Pagosa Springs
Mesa Ditch Mesa Ditch Archuleta 7631 Pagosa Springs
Snowball Extension Ditch Snowball Extension Ditch Archuleta 7529 Pagosa Springs
Highline Ditch Highline Ditch Archuleta 7654 Pagosa Springs
Cottonwood Lateral Cottonwood Lateral La Plata 6824 Loma Linda
Pine Lateral Pine Lateral La Plata 6863 Loma Linda
Cedar Lateral Cedar Lateral La Plata 6844 Loma Linda
McClure Murray Ditch McClure Murray Ditch La Plata 6798 Loma Linda
Coop Ditch Coop Ditch La Plata 6909 Loma Linda
Ridge Ditch Ridge Ditch La Plata 6844 Gem Village
Ute Creek Lateral Ute Creek Lateral La Plata 6686 Bayfield
Pine River Bayfield Ditch Pine River Bayfield Ditch La Plata 6909 Bayfield
Ceanoboo Ditch Ceanoboo Ditch La Plata 6788 Bayfield
Pine River Southwest Ditch Pine River Southwest Ditch La Plata 6611 Ignacio
Indian Spring Creek Lateral Indian Spring Creek Lateral La Plata 6545 Tiffany
La Boca Ditch La Boca Ditch La Plata 6266 Tiffany
Servero Ditch Servero Ditch La Plata 6398 Tiffany
Darlington Ditch Darlington Ditch Archuleta 6260 Allison
Bull Ditch Bull Ditch Adams 9281 Bottle Pass
Bull Seep Bull Seep Adams 9619 Bottle Pass
Lee Lateral Lee Lateral Adams 5253 Eastlake
McCann Ditch McCann Ditch Adams 4961 Brighton
Moore Ditch Moore Ditch Adams 4764 Leader
Nile Inlet Nile Inlet Adams 4842 Leader
Highline Lateral Highline Lateral Adams 5325 Montbello
Sand Creek Lateral Sand Creek Lateral Adams 5230 Montbello
Lone Tree Ditch Lone Tree Ditch Adams 5190 Montbello
Arapahoe Canal Arapahoe Canal Douglas 6096 Castle Rock North
Benjamin Quick Ditch Benjamin Quick Ditch Douglas 6381 Dawson Butte
Shropshire Ditch Shropshire Ditch Mesa 4800 Whitewater
Kannah Creek Extension Ditch Kannah Creek Extension Ditch Mesa 4842 Whitewater
Lander Extension Ditch Lander Extension Ditch Mesa 5610 Juniata Reservoir
Laurent Ditch Laurent Ditch Mesa 6083 Juniata Reservoir
Bower Ditch Bower Ditch Mesa 5981 Juniata Reservoir
Dirty George Creek Aqueduct Dirty George Creek Aqueduct Delta 8228 Hells Kitchen
Hoosier Ditch Hoosier Ditch Delta 7779 Hells Kitchen
Sanburg Ditch Sanburg Ditch Delta 6335 Hells Kitchen
Eagle Ditch Eagle Ditch Delta 7044 Hells Kitchen
Lone Star Ditch Lone Star Ditch Delta 6056 Point Creek
Hoosier Ditch Hoosier Ditch Delta 5751 North Delta
Ironstone Canal Ironstone Canal Montrose 5381 Delta
C Q Lateral C Q Lateral Montrose 5682 Hoovers Corner
F N C Lateral F N C Lateral Delta 5154 Delta
F N Lateral F N Lateral Delta 5190 Delta
G H C Lateral G H C Lateral Delta 5210 Delta
G H D Lateral G H D Lateral Delta 5171 Delta
Lateral Ironstone Canal Lateral Ironstone Canal Montrose 5298 Delta
F G B Lateral F G B Lateral Montrose 5308 Delta
G F Lateral G F Lateral Delta 5157 Delta
C Canal C Canal Montrose 5535 Hoovers Corner
C P Lateral C P Lateral Montrose 5646 Hoovers Corner
C Q A Lateral C Q A Lateral Montrose 5689 Hoovers Corner
Reed-Chatfield Ditch Reed-Chatfield Ditch Montrose 5492 Naturita
BCD Ditch BCD Ditch Montrose 5459 Naturita
Smugglers Ditch Smugglers Ditch Montrose 6539 Norwood
Dearborn Ditch Dearborn Ditch Montrose 6775 Norwood
Gurley Ditch Gurley Ditch Montrose 6601 Redvale
Williams Ditch Williams Ditch Montrose 6831 Norwood
Nelson Ditch Nelson Ditch Montrose 7205 Norwood
Williams Truax Ditch Williams Truax Ditch Montrose 6900 Norwood
Sullivan Ditch Sullivan Ditch San Miguel 7165 Norwood
Issac Grey Ditch Issac Grey Ditch Montrose 7011 Norwood
Hill and Tracey Lateral Hill and Tracey Lateral San Miguel 8123 Oak Hill
Cornforth Ditch Cornforth Ditch San Miguel 7687 Gurley Canyon
Mesa Ditch Mesa Ditch Delta 6755 Cedaredge
Lone Pine Ditch Lone Pine Ditch Delta 7126 Cedaredge
Childs Ditch Childs Ditch Delta 6204 Cedaredge
Cedar Run Ditch Cedar Run Ditch Delta 5955 Cedaredge
Big Ditch Big Ditch Delta 7050 Cedaredge
Currant Creek Number 2 Ditch Currant Creek Number 2 Ditch Delta 6453 Dry Creek
Sooner Ditch Sooner Ditch Delta 8028 Dry Creek
Cow Creek Ditch Cow Creek Ditch Delta 7201 Dry Creek
Overland Canal Overland Canal Delta 7103 Dry Creek
Stull Ditch Stull Ditch Delta 7136 Dry Creek
Shindledecker Ditch Shindledecker Ditch Delta 7700 Dry Creek
Foote Ditch Foote Ditch Delta 6466 Gray Reservoir
Wakefield Ditch Wakefield Ditch Delta 8323 Gray Reservoir
Fire Mountain Canal Fire Mountain Canal Delta 5912 Hotchkiss
Norris Ditch Norris Ditch Gunnison 7995 Paonia Reservoir
Elkhorn Stomp Ditch Elkhorn Stomp Ditch Gunnison 8028 Paonia Reservoir
Fillmore Ditch Fillmore Ditch Gunnison 7963 Paonia Reservoir
G K B Lateral G K B Lateral Delta 5141 Orchard City
G K Lateral G K Lateral Delta 5131 Orchard City
Transfer Ditch Transfer Ditch Delta 5676 Orchard City
Gallant Ditch Gallant Ditch Delta 5735 Orchard City
Morton Ditch Morton Ditch Delta 5640 Orchard City
Fuller Ditch Number 2 Fuller Ditch Number 2 Delta 5216 Orchard City
E O Lateral E O Lateral Delta 5164 Orchard City
Aspen Ditch Aspen Ditch Delta 5981 Hotchkiss
Short Ditch Short Ditch Delta 5472 Hotchkiss
Needle Rock Ditch Needle Rock Ditch Delta 6076 Paonia
Turner Ditch Turner Ditch Delta 6227 Paonia
Minnesota Ditch Minnesota Ditch Delta 5955 Paonia
Castle Creek Number 1 Ditch Castle Creek Number 1 Ditch Gunnison 8793 Mount Axtell
Elze Webber Ditch Elze Webber Ditch Gunnison 8937 Mount Axtell
Fruitland Mesa Ditch Fruitland Mesa Ditch Delta 6913 Black Ridge
Virginia Ditch Virginia Ditch Gunnison 8970 Mount Guero
Eilebrecht Ditch Number 1 Eilebrecht Ditch Number 1 Gunnison 9167 Squirrel Creek
Little Mill Creek Ditch Little Mill Creek Ditch Gunnison 8940 Squirrel Creek
Cunningham Ditch Cunningham Ditch Gunnison 7805 McIntosh Mountain
Stratman Ditch Stratman Ditch Gunnison 8638 Squirrel Creek
Judy North Highline Ditch Judy North Highline Ditch Gunnison 8714 Squirrel Creek
Castleton Ditch Castleton Ditch Gunnison 8402 Squirrel Creek
Hope Resich Ditch Hope Resich Ditch Gunnison 8556 Squirrel Creek
West Lateral West Lateral Montrose 7067 Grizzly Ridge
East Lateral East Lateral Montrose 7054 Grizzly Ridge
Crystal Valley Ditch Crystal Valley Ditch Montrose 8074 Cathedral Peak
Raber Lohr Ditch Raber Lohr Ditch Hinsdale 10558 Weminuche Pass
Fuchs Ditch Fuchs Ditch Hinsdale 10567 Weminuche Pass
Shavano Valley Ditch Shavano Valley Ditch Montrose 6191 Montrose West
B N B Lateral B N B Lateral Montrose 6145 Montrose West
Garrett Ditch Garrett Ditch Montrose 6319 Montrose East
A H Lateral A H Lateral Montrose 6237 Montrose East
A M B Lateral A M B Lateral Montrose 6027 Montrose East
A C Lateral A C Lateral Montrose 6293 Montrose East
A B A Lateral A B A Lateral Montrose 6371 Montrose East
A B C Lateral A B C Lateral Montrose 6375 Montrose East
Hairpin Ditch Hairpin Ditch Montrose 8094 Cerro Summit
Veo Ditch Veo Ditch Montrose 7411 Washboard Rock
McKinley Ditch McKinley Ditch Gunnison 7638 Lost Lake
Dallas Ditch Dallas Ditch Ouray 7411 Ridgway
Alkali Ditch Number 2 Alkali Ditch Number 2 Ouray 7254 Dallas
Alkali Ditch Number 1 Alkali Ditch Number 1 Ouray 7444 Dallas
Sneva Ditch Sneva Ditch Ouray 7716 Dallas
Cimarron Feeder Garnet Ditch Cimarron Feeder Garnet Ditch Ouray 9941 Courthouse Mountain
Thompson Ditch Number 2 Thompson Ditch Number 2 Gunnison 9252 Alpine Plateau
Thompson Ditch Thompson Ditch Gunnison 8871 Alpine Plateau
Youman Ditch Youman Ditch Gunnison 8576 Alpine Plateau
Copeland Elk Creek Ditch Copeland Elk Creek Ditch Gunnison 8576 Alpine Plateau
S and M Canal S and M Canal Ouray 6316 Bondad Hill
Ridgway Town Ditch Ridgway Town Ditch Ouray 9104 Mount Sneffels
Cannon Ditch Cannon Ditch Ouray 9144 Mount Sneffels
Park Ditch Park Ditch Ouray 7182 Ouray
Halazon Ditch Halazon Ditch Gunnison 8901 Crested Butte
Dillsworth Ditch Dillsworth Ditch Gunnison 8747 Crested Butte
East River Number 2 Ditch East River Number 2 Ditch Gunnison 8684 Crested Butte
Imobersteg Ditch Imobersteg Ditch Gunnison 8537 Crested Butte
Teachout Ditch Teachout Ditch Gunnison 8104 Flat Top
Cottonwood Maxwell Ditch Cottonwood Maxwell Ditch Chaffee 8441 Buena Vista West
Wolf and Neerland Ditch Wolf and Neerland Ditch Chaffee 8327 Buena Vista West
Michigan Ditch Michigan Ditch Chaffee 8468 Buena Vista West
Arkansas Valley Canal Arkansas Valley Canal Chaffee 8159 Buena Vista West
Silver Creek Ditch Silver Creek Ditch Chaffee 8369 Buena Vista West
Mary Bray Ditch Mary Bray Ditch Chaffee 8405 Buena Vista West
McKenna Ditch McKenna Ditch Chaffee 8428 Buena Vista West
Riverside Ditch Riverside Ditch Chaffee 8366 Harvard Lakes
Johnson Ditch Johnson Ditch Chaffee 8008 Buena Vista West
Harrington Ditch Harrington Ditch Chaffee 7316 Salida West
Salida Ditch Salida Ditch Chaffee 7293 Salida West
Williams-Hamm Ditch Williams-Hamm Ditch Chaffee 7149 Salida West
Cameron Ditch Cameron Ditch Chaffee 7920 Maysville
Missouri Park Ditch Missouri Park Ditch Chaffee 7326 Salida West
North Fork Ditch North Fork Ditch Chaffee 8156 Maysville
Williams-Hamm Diversion Ditch Williams-Hamm Diversion Ditch Chaffee 9206 Frisco
Bowen Ditch Bowen Ditch Chaffee 8189 Mount Antero
Kraft Ditch Kraft Ditch Chaffee 7329 Salida West
Rio Grande Canal Rio Grande Canal Saguache 7703 La Garita
Needle Creek Ditch Needle Creek Ditch Saguache 8294 Doyleville
Tarbell and Alexander Ditch Tarbell and Alexander Ditch Saguache 9363 Cold Spring Park
Smith Ford Ditch Smith Ford Ditch Saguache 8947 Cold Spring Park
Cochetopa Meadows Ditch Cochetopa Meadows Ditch Saguache 10889 Stewart Peak
Reservoir Enlargement Ditch Reservoir Enlargement Ditch Saguache 7782 Saguache
Lawrence Ditch Lawrence Ditch Saguache 7805 Saguache
Big Meadow Ditch Big Meadow Ditch Saguache 7792 Saguache
Star Ditch Star Ditch Saguache 7818 Saguache
Turnbull Lunguen Ditch Turnbull Lunguen Ditch Saguache 7634 Hickey Bridge
Farmers Union Canal Farmers Union Canal Saguache 7644 Center North
Lateral Fortyseven Lateral Fortyseven Saguache 7585 Deadman Camp SW
North Central Lateral North Central Lateral Saguache 7575 Deadman Camp SW
Church Ditch Church Ditch Rio Grande 8264 South Fork West
Anaconda Ditch Anaconda Ditch Rio Grande 8130 South Fork East
Meadow Ditch Meadow Ditch Rio Grande 8064 South Fork East
Midland Canal Midland Canal Rio Grande 7867 Del Norte
Rio Grande Lateral Number 1 Rio Grande Lateral Number 1 Rio Grande 7746 Sevenmile Plaza
Rio Grande Number 1 Rio Grande Number 1 Rio Grande 7854 Del Norte
Prairie Ditch Prairie Ditch Rio Grande 7595 Hooper West
Monte Vista Canal Monte Vista Canal Rio Grande 7690 Fulcher Gulch
San Luis Valley Irrigation Drain San Luis Valley Irrigation Drain Saguache 7575 Hooper West
Anderson Ditch Anderson Ditch Rio Grande 7687 Monte Vista
Star Ditch Star Ditch Rio Grande 7690 Monte Vista
Billings Ditch Billings Ditch Rio Grande 7628 Homelake
Empire Canal Empire Canal Rio Grande 7615 Waverly
Getz Ditch Getz Ditch Rio Grande 7618 Homelake
Parma Drain Parma Drain Rio Grande 7608 Homelake
Sheridan South Ditch Sheridan South Ditch Rio Grande 7648 Fulcher Gulch
Sheridan North Ditch Sheridan North Ditch Rio Grande 7644 Fulcher Gulch
Meadow Ditch Meadow Ditch Rio Grande 7634 Fulcher Gulch
Berry Lateral Berry Lateral Rio Grande 7648 Fulcher Gulch
Valdez Ditch Number 5 Valdez Ditch Number 5 Conejos 8054 Centro
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch Conejos 7703 Capulin
Capulin Ditch Capulin Ditch Conejos 7756 Capulin
New Exchange Ditch New Exchange Ditch Conejos 7808 Capulin
Flintham Ditch Flintham Ditch Conejos 7684 Capulin
Scandinavian Ditch Scandinavian Ditch Conejos 7690 Capulin
Cottonwood Ditch Cottonwood Ditch Conejos 7680 Capulin
Manassa Ditch Manassa Ditch Conejos 7621 Serviceberry Mountain
Guadalupe Ditch Guadalupe Ditch Conejos 7894 Antonito
El Coda Ditch El Coda Ditch Conejos 7943 Antonito
Park Ditch Park Ditch Archuleta 7270 Jackson Mountain
Verzuh Young Bafand Ditch Verzuh Young Bafand Ditch Gunnison 8934 Crested Butte
Park Center Lateral Park Center Lateral Fremont 5587 Canon City
Park Center Pitch Park Center Pitch Fremont 5646 Canon City
Titsworth Ditch Titsworth Ditch Fremont 5469 Canon City
Oil Creek Ditch Oil Creek Ditch Fremont 5305 Canon City
Crooked Ditch Crooked Ditch Fremont 5367 Canon City
Pump Ditch Pump Ditch Fremont 5341 Canon City
Grandview Ditch Grandview Ditch Fremont 5354 Canon City
Freemont Ditch Freemont Ditch Fremont 5223 Canon City
Minnequa Canal Minnequa Canal Fremont 5187 Florence
Brush Hollow Supply Ditch Brush Hollow Supply Ditch Fremont 5525 Florence
Ciperts and Chapson Ditch Ciperts and Chapson Ditch Fremont 5846 Florence SE
Schultze Dettrick Ditch Schultze Dettrick Ditch Saguache 7848 Villa Grove
San Luis Company Ditch San Luis Company Ditch Saguache 7772 Villa Grove
Hogback Ditch Hogback Ditch Custer 8681 Beckwith Mountain
Upper Smith Ditch Upper Smith Ditch Custer 7900 Beckwith Mountain
Ula Ditch Ula Ditch Custer 8356 Beckwith Mountain
Lower Smith Ditch Lower Smith Ditch Custer 7861 Beckwith Mountain
James Jarvis Swift Creek Ditch Number 3 James Jarvis Swift Creek Ditch Number 3 Custer 8002 Beckwith Mountain
Freer-Beckwith and Kennicott Ditch Freer-Beckwith and Kennicott Ditch Custer 7864 Beckwith Mountain
Kick and Kint Ditch Kick and Kint Ditch Custer 7858 Beckwith Mountain
Howard Number 1 Ditch Howard Number 1 Ditch Custer 7844 Beckwith Mountain
Reed Ditch Reed Ditch Custer 7844 Beckwith Mountain
Shellabarger Eaton Ditch Shellabarger Eaton Ditch Saguache 7661 Mirage
Sanford Ditch Sanford Ditch Saguache 9153 Agate Mountain
Peterson Ditch Number 1 Peterson Ditch Number 1 Saguache 7782 Mirage
Wales Shellabarger Ditch Number 1 Wales Shellabarger Ditch Number 1 Saguache 7625 Mirage
Frazee Ditch Frazee Ditch Saguache 7608 Mirage
North Crestone Ditch North Crestone Ditch Saguache 7602 Sheds Camp
South Crestone Ditch South Crestone Ditch Saguache 7602 Sheds Camp
Crestone Ditch Crestone Ditch Saguache 7572 Sheds Camp
Medano Ditch Medano Ditch Saguache 9754 Medano Pass
Excelsior Ditch Excelsior Ditch Rio Grande 7566 Mount Pleasant School
Westside Ditch Westside Ditch Alamosa 7533 Alamosa East
Chicago Ditch Chicago Ditch Alamosa 7529 Alamosa East
Adams Overflow Ditch Adams Overflow Ditch Alamosa 7526 Alamosa East
Sangre De Cristo-Trinchera Diversion Canal Sangre De Cristo-Trinchera Diversion Canal Conejos 7936 Fort Garland
Feedline Canal Feedline Canal Conejos 7903 Fort Garland
Newton Ditch Newton Ditch Conejos 7949 Fort Garland
Butte Ditch Butte Ditch Huerfano 7392 Cuchara
Spanish Peaks Ditch Spanish Peaks Ditch Huerfano 7329 Cuchara
Echo Ditch Echo Ditch Huerfano 7956 Cuchara
West Branch Richfield Canal West Branch Richfield Canal Conejos 7605 La Jara
Lasauses Lateral Lasauses Lateral Conejos 7529 Pikes Stockade
Stewart Ditch Stewart Ditch Conejos 7520 Pikes Stockade
East Lone Star Lateral East Lone Star Lateral Conejos 7700 Manassa
West Lone Star Lateral West Lone Star Lateral Conejos 7693 Manassa
Stover Ditch Stover Ditch Conejos 7697 Manassa
Manassa Eastfield Ditch Manassa Eastfield Ditch Conejos 7671 Manassa
Cordova Ditch Cordova Ditch Conejos 7756 Manassa
Espinoza Ditch Espinoza Ditch Conejos 7720 Manassa
Lopez Ditch Lopez Ditch Conejos 7739 Manassa
Martinez Ditch Martinez Ditch Conejos 7720 Manassa
San Luis Peoples Ditch San Luis Peoples Ditch Costilla 7940 San Luis
Cerro Ditch Number 2 Cerro Ditch Number 2 Costilla 8038 San Luis
San Pedro Ditch Number 1 San Pedro Ditch Number 1 Costilla 8084 San Luis
San Pedro Ditch Number 2 San Pedro Ditch Number 2 Costilla 8064 San Luis
Garcia Ditch Garcia Ditch Conejos 7818 Lobatos
Sautiago Ditch Sautiago Ditch Conejos 7798 Lobatos
Seledonio Seledonio Conejos 7805 Lobatos
Valdez Ditch Valdez Ditch Conejos 7782 Lobatos
Starr Ditch Starr Ditch Conejos 7782 Lobatos
Lobato and Cordoba Ditch Lobato and Cordoba Ditch Conejos 7772 Lobatos
Taos Valley Ditch Number 3 Taos Valley Ditch Number 3 Conejos 7775 Lobatos
Jaramillo Overflow Ditch Jaramillo Overflow Ditch Conejos 7762 Lobatos
Lobato Ditch Lobato Ditch Conejos 7766 Lobatos
Cenicero Ditch Cenicero Ditch Conejos 7789 Lobatos
J W Floyd Ditch J W Floyd Ditch Conejos 7733 Lobatos
Braiden Ditch Number 1 Braiden Ditch Number 1 Conejos 7749 Lobatos
Reservoir Ditch Reservoir Ditch Costilla 7631 Garcia
Eastdale Canal Number 2 Eastdale Canal Number 2 Costilla 7671 Garcia
Consolidated Ditch Consolidated Ditch Las Animas 8507 Torres
Torres Ditch Torres Ditch Las Animas 8458 Torres
Cornell Ditch Cornell Ditch Las Animas 7999 Torres
Templeton Gap Floodway Templeton Gap Floodway El Paso 6217 Pikeview
Chilcotte Canal Number 27 Chilcotte Canal Number 27 El Paso 5558 Fountain
Chansler Canal Number 30 Chansler Canal Number 30 El Paso 5597 Fountain
Fountain Ditch Fountain Ditch El Paso 5709 Fountain
Cotton Slough Ditch Cotton Slough Ditch El Paso 5295 Buttes
Tom Wanlass Ditch Tom Wanlass Ditch El Paso 5315 Buttes
Arkansas Valley Conduit Arkansas Valley Conduit Pueblo 4987 Beulah NE
Hobson Ditch Hobson Ditch Fremont 4941 Hobson
Bessemer Ditch Bessemer Ditch Pueblo 4767 Southeast Pueblo
West Pueblo Ditch West Pueblo Ditch Pueblo 4718 Northwest Pueblo
Pueblo Intake Pueblo Intake Pueblo 4701 Northwest Pueblo
Tucker Ditch Tucker Ditch Pueblo 4951 Southwest Pueblo
Colorado Canal Colorado Canal Pueblo 4439 Fowler
Oxford Farmers Ditch Oxford Farmers Ditch Pueblo 4363 Fowler
Pollard Ditch Pollard Ditch Pueblo 5344 Muldoon Hill
Lamb and Smith Ditch Lamb and Smith Ditch Pueblo 5079 Verde School
Nepesta Ditch Nepesta Ditch Pueblo 4534 Flying A Ranch
Young Callaway Ditch Young Callaway Ditch Pueblo 5111 Pinon
Benesch Ditch Benesch Ditch Pueblo 5043 Pinon
Sutherland Ditch Sutherland Ditch Pueblo 5016 Pinon
Standard Ditch Standard Ditch Pueblo 7214 Rye
Orlando Ditch Orlando Ditch Huerfano 13373 Ophir
Pino Ditch Pino Ditch Huerfano 6240 Black Hills
Dan Mahan Ditch Dan Mahan Ditch Huerfano 6122 Black Hills
Gomez Ditch Gomez Ditch Huerfano 6073 Maria Reservoir
Duran Ditch Duran Ditch Huerfano 5928 Maria Reservoir
Gonzales Ditch Gonzales Ditch Las Animas 6394 Aguilar
Saiz Ditch Saiz Ditch Las Animas 6017 The Hogback
Windowfield Ditch Windowfield Ditch Las Animas 5886 Vega Corral
Chicosa Ditch Chicosa Ditch Las Animas 5840 Hoehne
Lopez Ditch Lopez Ditch Las Animas 6066 Trinidad West
Chilili Ditch Chilili Ditch Las Animas 5902 Trinidad East
Lewelling Mc Cormick Ditch Lewelling Mc Cormick Ditch Las Animas 5499 Patterson Crossing
Patterson Ditch Patterson Ditch Las Animas 5426 Patterson Crossing
Hollenbeck Ditch Hollenbeck Ditch Las Animas 5981 Abeyta
Quintanilla Ditch Quintanilla Ditch Las Animas 5987 Abeyta
Newcomb Ditch Newcomb Ditch Las Animas 5581 Trinchera
Hart Ditch Hart Ditch Las Animas 5922 Trinchera
Hale Ditch Hale Ditch Yuma 3615 Hale Ponds
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch Eagle 7041 Suicide Mountain
Ferguson Ditch Ferguson Ditch Eagle 6985 Suicide Mountain
Stratton Ditch Stratton Ditch Eagle 6795 Suicide Mountain
Ho O R Ditch Ho O R Ditch Eagle 6795 Suicide Mountain
Daggett and Parker Ditch Daggett and Parker Ditch Eagle 6644 Suicide Mountain
Swamp Drain Swamp Drain Eagle 6565 Suicide Mountain
McBrayer Ditch McBrayer Ditch Eagle 6539 Suicide Mountain
McBrayer and Fenner Ditch McBrayer and Fenner Ditch Eagle 6562 Suicide Mountain
West Ditch West Ditch Crowley 4347 Lake Henry
Colt Ditch Colt Ditch Kiowa 4239 Arlington
Adobe Creek Inlet Adobe Creek Inlet Kiowa 4140 Arlington
Pawnee Canal Pawnee Canal Kiowa 3875 Wiley
Comanche Canal Comanche Canal Kiowa 3858 May Valley
Curtis Lateral Curtis Lateral Crowley 4423 Olney Springs
Olney Lateral Olney Lateral Crowley 4403 Olney Springs
Lightburn Lateral Lightburn Lateral Crowley 4416 Olney Springs
Bradbury Lateral Bradbury Lateral Crowley 4419 Olney Springs
Auckland Lateral Auckland Lateral Crowley 4363 Olney Springs
Olney Wasteway Olney Wasteway Crowley 4347 Olney Springs
Rocky Ford Lateral Rocky Ford Lateral Crowley 4360 Olney Springs
Collins Lateral Collins Lateral Crowley 4377 Ordway
West Numa Lateral West Numa Lateral Crowley 4383 Ordway
East Numa Lateral East Numa Lateral Crowley 4370 Ordway
Boston Farm Lateral Boston Farm Lateral Crowley 4327 Ordway
Crowley Drain Canal Crowley Drain Canal Crowley 4318 Ordway
Clinger Branch Boston Farm Lateral Clinger Branch Boston Farm Lateral Crowley 4295 Ordway
Ochoa Branch Boston Farm Lateral Ochoa Branch Boston Farm Lateral Crowley 4295 Ordway
West Branch Dayton Lateral West Branch Dayton Lateral Crowley 4354 Ordway
East Branch Dayton Lateral East Branch Dayton Lateral Crowley 4347 Ordway
Lake Canal Lake Canal Otero 4199 Rocky Ford
Horse Creek Supply Canal Horse Creek Supply Canal Otero 4121 Lewis Ranch
Adobe Creek Reservoir Outlet Ditch Adobe Creek Reservoir Outlet Ditch Bent 4111 McIntosh Ranch
Kicking Bird Canal Kicking Bird Canal Bent 4327 Olney Springs
Lubers Ditch Lubers Ditch Bent 3901 Lubers
Marburg Ditch Marburg Ditch Prowers 3806 Wiley
West May Valley Drainage Ditch West May Valley Drainage Ditch Prowers 3740 May Valley
James Lateral James Lateral Prowers 3842 May Valley
Smith Lateral Smith Lateral Prowers 3822 May Valley
West Fork Wheatridge Lateral West Fork Wheatridge Lateral Prowers 3720 May Valley
East Fork Wheatridge Lateral East Fork Wheatridge Lateral Prowers 3734 May Valley
Wheatridge Lateral Wheatridge Lateral Prowers 3783 May Valley
East May Valley Ditch East May Valley Ditch Prowers 3750 May Valley
Amity Canal Amity Canal Prowers 3619 Granada NE
Dober Lateral Dober Lateral Prowers 3579 Holly NW
Coates Drainage System Coates Drainage System Prowers 3576 Holly NW
Millwood Ditch Millwood Ditch Prowers 3576 Holly NW
Holbrook Outlet Ditch Holbrook Outlet Ditch Otero 4153 Cheraw
McCauley Ditch McCauley Ditch Bent 3898 Las Animas
Consolidated Extension Ditch Consolidated Extension Ditch Bent 3904 Las Animas
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch Bent 3884 Kreybill
Levere Ditch Levere Ditch Bent 3832 Hasty
Verhoeff Ditch Verhoeff Ditch Bent 3793 Hasty
Keesee Canal Keesee Canal Bent 3711 Prowers
Fort Bent Canal Fort Bent Canal Bent 3665 Lamar West
Hyde Canal Hyde Canal Prowers 3596 Lamar East
South Granada Ditch South Granada Ditch Prowers 3474 Granada
Jones Lateral Jones Lateral Prowers 3553 Holly West
Crowley Lateral Crowley Lateral Prowers 3524 Holly West
Trotter Lateral Trotter Lateral Prowers 3514 Holly West
Sisson Canal Sisson Canal Prowers 3422 Holly West
Rocky Ford Highline Canal Rocky Ford Highline Canal Otero 4373 Elder
Catlin Canal Catlin Canal Otero 4236 Rocky Ford
Otero Canal Otero Canal Otero 4268 Rocky Ford
Poor Mans Ditch Poor Mans Ditch Bent 3940 Toonerville NE
Lamar Canal Lamar Canal Prowers 3576 Carlton
Two Buttes Canal Two Buttes Canal Otero 4373 Corbin Canyon
Sunnyside Park Ditch Sunnyside Park Ditch Chaffee 7346 Salida West
Bray Ditch Bray Ditch Chaffee 7805 Buena Vista East
Helena Ditch Helena Ditch Chaffee 7818 Buena Vista East
Trout Creek Ditch Trout Creek Ditch Chaffee 7841 Buena Vista East
Mikles Ditch Mikles Ditch Park 9964 Jones Hill
High Creek Ditch High Creek Ditch Park 9974 Fairplay West
Lilylands Intake Lilylands Intake San Miguel 8235 Lone Cone
Placer Ditch Placer Ditch Park 10072 Fairplay West
Columbine Ditch Number Three Columbine Ditch Number Three Delta 8471 Electric Mountain
Columbine Ditch Nuber Two Columbine Ditch Nuber Two Delta 8730 Electric Mountain
Columbine Ditch Nuber One Columbine Ditch Nuber One Delta 8796 Electric Mountain
Columbine Ditch Number Five Columbine Ditch Number Five Delta 8701 Electric Mountain
Twin Spruce Ditch Twin Spruce Ditch Delta 8720 Electric Mountain
Dyke Ditch Number Two Dyke Ditch Number Two Delta 8894 Electric Mountain
Bulk Park Ditch Bulk Park Ditch Delta 8983 Electric Mountain
Dyer Placer Ditch Dyer Placer Ditch Park 10715 Alma
Mosquito Creek Ditch Mosquito Creek Ditch Park 10489 Alma
Loveland and Greeley Canal Loveland and Greeley Canal Larimer 4941 Windsor
C C Ditch - Second Park Lateral C C Ditch - Second Park Lateral Montrose 5738 Nucla
C C Ditch - South Lateral C C Ditch - South Lateral Montrose 5741 Nucla
C C Ditch - West Lateral C C Ditch - West Lateral Montrose 5741 Nucla
Dove Creek Canal Dove Creek Canal Montezuma 6929 Pleasant View
South Canal South Canal Montezuma 6870 Pleasant View
Darr Ditch Darr Ditch Moffat 6135 Poison Basin
Woodbury Ditch Woodbury Ditch Moffat 6132 Poison Basin
Heeley Ditch Heeley Ditch Moffat 6129 Poison Basin
Trowel Ditch Trowel Ditch Moffat 6161 Thornburgh Gulch
Albert Clauson Ditch Albert Clauson Ditch Jackson 8441 Pearl
Carney Ditch Carney Ditch Jackson 8419 Pearl
Continental Ditch Continental Ditch Jackson 8428 Trent Creek
Bighorn Cattle Company Ditch Bighorn Cattle Company Ditch Jackson 8376 Pearl
Independence Ditch Independence Ditch Jackson 8907 Independence Mountain
Cumberland Ditch Cumberland Ditch Jackson 7953 Cowdrey
Hi - Ho Ditch Hi - Ho Ditch Jackson 7900 Cowdrey
Hills Ditch Hills Ditch Larimer 8002 Crazy Mountain
Timothy Ditch Timothy Ditch Larimer 8084 Glendevey
Lamb Ditch Lamb Ditch Larimer 8084 Glendevey
Munroe Gravity Canal Munroe Gravity Canal Larimer 5410 Laporte
Park Creek Lateral Park Creek Lateral Larimer 5643 Buckeye
Bellaire Ditch Bellaire Ditch Larimer 8838 South Bald Mountain
Mitchell Ditch Mitchell Ditch Larimer 8727 South Bald Mountain
Davy Ditch Davy Ditch Larimer 8386 Deadman
Medicine Bow Ditch Medicine Bow Ditch Jackson 8077 Shipman Mountain
Ute Pass Ditch Ute Pass Ditch Jackson 8337 Shipman Mountain
Queen Ditch Queen Ditch Jackson 8041 Cowdrey
Sanborn Ditch Sanborn Ditch Jackson 7943 Eagle Hill
Legal Tender Ditch Legal Tender Ditch Jackson 8123 Lake John
Independent Ditch Independent Ditch Jackson 8123 Delaney Butte
Hanson and Wattenberg Ditch Hanson and Wattenberg Ditch Jackson 8025 Lake John
Victor Ditch Victor Ditch Jackson 8028 Delaney Butte
Sixteen Ditch Sixteen Ditch Jackson 7963 Lake John
Dalom Ditch Dalom Ditch Jackson 7963 Cowdrey
Boulder Ditch Boulder Ditch Jackson 8412 Boettcher Lake
Briggs and Bohn Ditch Briggs and Bohn Ditch Jackson 8212 Pitchpine Mountain
Park Ditch Park Ditch Jackson 8090 Floyd Peak
Little Nellie Ditch Little Nellie Ditch Jackson 8123 Lake John
Bliler and Boswell Ditch Bliler and Boswell Ditch Larimer 7703 Woods Landing
Maybell Ditch Maybell Ditch Moffat 5945 Juniper Mountain
Powell Ditch Powell Ditch Logan 3783 Proctor
Lone Tree Ditch Lone Tree Ditch Logan 3796 Proctor
Iliff Platte Valley Ditch Iliff Platte Valley Ditch Logan 3845 Iliff
Tipton Ditch Tipton Ditch Moffat Unknown
Gibralter Ditch Gibralter Ditch Routt 6401 Hooker Mountain
Shelton Ditch Shelton Ditch Routt 6332 Mount Harris
Walker Ditch Walker Ditch Routt 6391 Mount Harris
Marshall Roberts Ditch Marshall Roberts Ditch Routt 6407 Mount Harris
Wisconsin Ditch Wisconsin Ditch Moffat 6286 Ralph White Lake
Deep Cut Ditch Deep Cut Ditch Moffat 6204 Castor Gulch
Brock Adair Ditch Brock Adair Ditch Routt 6270 Ralph White Lake
Homestead Ditch Homestead Ditch Routt 6296 Juniper Hot Springs
Connel Ditch Connel Ditch Routt 6949 Cow Creek
Rossi Highline Ditch Rossi Highline Ditch Routt 8382 Oak Creek
Niblock Ditch Niblock Ditch Rio Blanco 6161 Meeker
Hay Bretherton Ditch Hay Bretherton Ditch Rio Blanco 6785 Bald Mountain
Pease Ditch Pease Ditch Rio Blanco 6135 Meeker
Powell Park Ditch Powell Park Ditch Rio Blanco 6063 Buckskin Point
Granlee Ditch Granlee Ditch Garfield 5682 Forked Gulch
Keller Ditch Keller Ditch Routt 6962 Clark
Wolfer Ditch Wolfer Ditch Jackson 8369 Pitchpine Mountain
Wolfer Ditch Wolfer Ditch Jackson 8169 Pitchpine Mountain
Baker Ditch Baker Ditch Jackson 8337 Teal Lake
Easson Ditch Easson Ditch Jackson 8340 Teal Lake
Spring Gulch Ditch Spring Gulch Ditch Jackson 8209 Pitchpine Mountain
Higho Ditch Higho Ditch Jackson 8143 Pitchpine Mountain
Japanese Davidson Ditch Japanese Davidson Ditch Jackson 8212 Pitchpine Mountain
Erickson and Bohn Extension Ditch Erickson and Bohn Extension Ditch Jackson 8218 Delaney Butte
Lillie Ditch Lillie Ditch Jackson 8284 Pitchpine Mountain
Little Grizzly Ditch Little Grizzly Ditch Jackson 8061 Delaney Butte
Ward Ditch Ward Ditch Jackson 8169 Walden
Dryer Ditch Dryer Ditch Jackson 8327 MacFarlane Reservoir
Boyce Brothers Ditch Boyce Brothers Ditch Jackson 8120 Walden
Curtin Ditch Curtin Ditch Jackson 8261 Gould NW
Old S C Ditch Old S C Ditch Jackson 8251 Gould NW
Jakey Ditch Jakey Ditch Jackson 8143 Gould NW
Dry Creek Ditch Dry Creek Ditch Jackson 8107 Walden
Lowland Ditch Lowland Ditch Jackson 8422 Owl Ridge
Carden Dagle Ditch Carden Dagle Ditch Jackson 8366 Gould NW
Overland Ditch Overland Ditch Jackson 8776 Gould
Ravine Ditch Ravine Ditch Jackson 8491 Gould
Spear Ditch Spear Ditch Jackson 8386 Johnny Moore Mountain
Smith Ditch Smith Ditch Jackson 8576 Johnny Moore Mountain
Spear and Michigan Highline Ditch Spear and Michigan Highline Ditch Jackson 8464 Johnny Moore Mountain
Bradfield Ditch Bradfield Ditch Jackson 8638 Gould
Fox Ditch Fox Ditch Jackson 8671 Gould
Kermode Ditch Kermode Ditch Jackson 8560 Gould
Hot Springs Highline Ditch Hot Springs Highline Ditch Routt 7310 Rocky Peak
Ross Ditch Extension Ross Ditch Extension Jackson 8904 Teal Lake
Darby Ditch Darby Ditch Jackson 8264 Coalmont
Antelope Ditch Antelope Ditch Jackson 8235 Teal Lake
Mexican Ditch Mexican Ditch Jackson 8307 Coalmont
Koping Ditch Koping Ditch Jackson 8245 Spicer Peak
Damfino Ditch Damfino Ditch Jackson 8222 Coalmont
Eureka Ditch Eureka Ditch Jackson 8363 Spicer Peak
Badger State Ditch Badger State Ditch Jackson 8225 MacFarlane Reservoir
Coyote Ditch Coyote Ditch Jackson 8189 MacFarlane Reservoir
Wisconsin Ditch Wisconsin Ditch Jackson 8186 MacFarlane Reservoir
Clayton Ditch Clayton Ditch Jackson 8359 MacFarlane Reservoir
Mac Farlane Ditch Mac Farlane Ditch Jackson 8445 Owl Ridge
Midland Ditch Midland Ditch Jackson 8320 MacFarlane Reservoir
Everhard and Baldwin Ditch Everhard and Baldwin Ditch Jackson 8304 MacFarlane Reservoir
Little Chief Ditch Little Chief Ditch Jackson 8524 Rand
Ottawa Ditch Ottawa Ditch Jackson 8458 Rand
Owl Ditch Owl Ditch Jackson 8638 Gould
First Extension Owl Ditch First Extension Owl Ditch Jackson 8589 Owl Ridge
Owl Mountain Ditch Owl Mountain Ditch Jackson 8701 Owl Ridge
Suttle Ditch Suttle Ditch Routt 6844 Steamboat Springs
Slack-Weiss Ditch Slack-Weiss Ditch Jackson 8661 Buffalo Peak
Darcy Ditch Darcy Ditch Jackson 9422 Rand
Lost Ditch Lost Ditch Jackson 8694 Rand
John S Sutton Ditch John S Sutton Ditch Jackson 8737 Rand
Jay Ditch Jay Ditch Jackson 8806 Jack Creek Ranch
Arnold Ditch Arnold Ditch Jackson 8681 Rand
Garland Ditch Garland Ditch Jackson 8763 Jack Creek Ranch
Big Lake Ditch Big Lake Ditch Grand 7969 Parshall
Egry Mesa Ditch Egry Mesa Ditch Rio Blanco 8333 Dunckley Pass
Oak Ridge Park Ditch Oak Ridge Park Ditch Rio Blanco 6509 Rattlesnake Mesa
Coal Creek Feeder Ditch Coal Creek Feeder Ditch Rio Blanco 9403 Fawn Creek
Roaring Fork Ditch Roaring Fork Ditch Routt 8930 Trapper
Five Pine Mesa Ditch Five Pine Mesa Ditch Routt 8865 Trapper
Marcott Ditch Marcott Ditch Rio Blanco 6995 Big Beaver Reservoir
Beckman Ditch Beckman Ditch Rio Blanco 7611 Buford
South Derby Ditch South Derby Ditch Eagle 8904 Dome Peak
Grass Valley Canal Grass Valley Canal Garfield 6512 Rifle Falls
Last Chance Ditch Last Chance Ditch Garfield 5390 Silt
Rifle Creek Canyon Ditch Rifle Creek Canyon Ditch Garfield 5636 Silt
Davie Ditch Davie Ditch Garfield 5889 Silt
Lower Cactus Valley Ditch Lower Cactus Valley Ditch Garfield 5463 Silt
Ware and Hinds Ditch Ware and Hinds Ditch Garfield 5568 New Castle
Caughman Ditch Caughman Ditch Garfield 5882 The Saddle
Gibler Ditch Gibler Ditch Garfield 8199 The Saddle
Cannon Ditch Cannon Ditch Garfield 5725 Desert Gulch
De La Matyr and Anderson Ditch De La Matyr and Anderson Ditch Garfield 5764 Long Point
Bluestone Valley Ditch Bluestone Valley Ditch Garfield 4961 De Beque
Low Cost Ditch Low Cost Ditch Garfield 5495 Parachute
Reservoir Ditch Reservoir Ditch Garfield 5020 De Beque
Independent Ranchmens Ditch Independent Ranchmens Ditch Mesa 4531 Fruita
Main Line Grand Valley Canal Main Line Grand Valley Canal Mesa 4596 Fruita
Appleton Drain Appleton Drain Mesa 4564 Grand Junction
Orchard Mesa Canal Orchard Mesa Canal Mesa 5545 Cameo
Mormon Mesa Ditch Mormon Mesa Ditch Mesa 6867 Molina
Redlands First Lift Canal Redlands First Lift Canal Mesa 4682 Colorado National Monument
Mesa County Ditch Mesa County Ditch Mesa 4619 Grand Junction
Price Ditch Price Ditch Mesa 4741 Clifton
Stub Ditch Stub Ditch Mesa 4816 Clifton
Purdy Mesa Flow Line Purdy Mesa Flow Line Mesa 5364 Juniata Reservoir
Kannah Creek Flow Line Kannah Creek Flow Line Mesa 5485 Juniata Reservoir
Long Mesa Ditch Long Mesa Ditch Mesa 5364 Palisade
Porter Ditch Porter Ditch Garfield 6535 Hunter Mesa
West Divide Creek Ditch West Divide Creek Ditch Garfield 6322 Hunter Mesa
Multa Trina Ditch Multa Trina Ditch Garfield 5951 Hunter Mesa
Highline Ditch Highline Ditch Garfield 6617 Hunter Mesa
Kaiser-Sievers Ditch Kaiser-Sievers Ditch Garfield 6119 Cattle Creek
Sweet Jessup Canal Sweet Jessup Canal Garfield 6581 Mount Sopris
Glenwood Ditch Glenwood Ditch Garfield 5981 Cattle Creek
East Mesa Ditch East Mesa Ditch Garfield 6486 Mount Sopris
Rockford Ditch Rockford Ditch Garfield 6234 Carbondale
Home Supply Ditch Home Supply Ditch Eagle 7549 Basalt
Clear Fork Ditch Clear Fork Ditch Gunnison 9609 Quaker Mesa
Bear Den Ditch Bear Den Ditch Mesa 8058 Porter Mountain
Elk Creek Ditch Elk Creek Ditch Pitkin 8717 Highland Peak
Orchard City Aqueduct Orchard City Aqueduct Delta 9544 Grand Mesa
Twin Forks Ditch Twin Forks Ditch Gunnison 7963 Paonia Reservoir
Hockett Ditch Hockett Ditch Eagle 6522 Eagle
CKP Ditch CKP Ditch Eagle 8087 Wolcott
Chatfield and Bartholomew Ditch Chatfield and Bartholomew Ditch Eagle 6489 Gypsum
Hollingsworth Ditch Hollingsworth Ditch Eagle 6755 Eagle
Warren Ditch Warren Ditch Eagle 6722 Eagle
Love and White Ditch Love and White Ditch Eagle 6945 Eagle
Oleson Ditch Oleson Ditch Eagle 6854 Eagle
Nottingham and Puder Ditch Nottingham and Puder Ditch Eagle 7552 Edwards
Fleck Ditch Fleck Ditch Eagle 7562 Minturn
Creamery Ditch Creamery Ditch Eagle 7618 Edwards
Peterson Ditch Peterson Ditch Eagle 7775 The Seven Hermits
Bemis Ditch Bemis Ditch Eagle 7461 Fulford
Hollingsworth and Potter Ditch Hollingsworth and Potter Ditch Eagle 7011 The Seven Hermits
Johnson and Howard Ditch Johnson and Howard Ditch Eagle 7956 Grouse Mountain
Bert Siddel Ditch Bert Siddel Ditch Eagle 7851 Grouse Mountain
Townsend Ditch Townsend Ditch Eagle 7966 Grouse Mountain
Cash Ditch Cash Ditch Eagle 7703 Wolcott
Custer Ditch Custer Ditch San Miguel 6106 McKenna Peak
Desert Claim Ditch Desert Claim Ditch San Miguel 7447 North Mountain
Old Nelson Ditch Old Nelson Ditch San Miguel 8438 Gurley Canyon
Wolf Ditch Wolf Ditch San Miguel 8612 Gurley Canyon
Hughes Ditch Hughes Ditch San Miguel 9370 Little Cone
Gurley Ditch Gurley Ditch San Miguel 8799 Beaver Park
Ilium Flume Ilium Flume San Miguel 8678 Gray Head
Little Fish Creek Ditch Little Fish Creek Ditch Dolores 9137 Groundhog Reservoir
U Lateral U Lateral Montezuma 6857 Yellow Jacket
Skyline Ditch Skyline Ditch Larimer 9193 Boston Peak
Rawah and Lower Supply Ditch Rawah and Lower Supply Ditch Larimer 8694 Boston Peak
New Mercer Canal New Mercer Canal Larimer 5059 Fort Collins
Pleasant Valley and Lake Canal Pleasant Valley and Lake Canal Larimer 5128 Horsetooth Reservoir
Charles Hansen Canal Charles Hansen Canal Larimer 5259 Laporte
Little Cache la Poudre Ditch Little Cache la Poudre Ditch Larimer 5039 Wellington
Jackson Ditch Jackson Ditch Larimer 5075 Wellington
Larimer County Canal Larimer County Canal Larimer 5121 Wellington
Poudre Valley Canal Poudre Valley Canal Larimer 5243 Laporte
Windsor Ditch Windsor Ditch Larimer 5210 Cobb Lake
Upper Michigan Ditch Upper Michigan Ditch Jackson 10364 Fall River Pass
Buckhorn Highline Ditch Buckhorn Highline Ditch Larimer 5623 Horsetooth Reservoir
Charles Hansen Feeder Canal Charles Hansen Feeder Canal Larimer 5469 Masonville
Mail Creek Ditch Mail Creek Ditch Larimer 4961 Fort Collins
Home Supply Ditch Home Supply Ditch Larimer 5157 Carter Lake Reservoir
George Rist Ditch George Rist Ditch Larimer 5105 Masonville
Louden Ditch Louden Ditch Larimer 5075 Loveland
Big Barnes Ditch Big Barnes Ditch Larimer 5026 Loveland
South Side Ditch South Side Ditch Larimer 5082 Carter Lake Reservoir
Handy Ditch Handy Ditch Larimer 5177 Carter Lake Reservoir
Farmers Ditch Farmers Ditch Larimer 4941 Loveland
Hillsboro Ditch Hillsboro Ditch Larimer 4839 Johnstown
Flatiron Penstocks Flatiron Penstocks Larimer 5863 Carter Lake Reservoir
Highland Ditch Highland Ditch Boulder 5259 Hygiene
Upper Highland Ditch Upper Highland Ditch Larimer 5141 Berthoud
Ish Ditch Ish Ditch Boulder 5125 Carter Lake Reservoir
Culver Lateral Culver Lateral Boulder 5180 Carter Lake Reservoir
Culver Ditch Culver Ditch Larimer 5180 Carter Lake Reservoir
Sweck Lateral Sweck Lateral Larimer 5141 Carter Lake Reservoir
Saint Vrain Supply Canal Saint Vrain Supply Canal Larimer 5515 Carter Lake Reservoir
Mead Lateral Mead Lateral Weld 5072 Berthoud
New Ish Ditch New Ish Ditch Larimer 5079 Berthoud
Bunte Highline Ditch Bunte Highline Ditch Grand 7982 Granby
Red Top Valley Ditch Red Top Valley Ditch Grand 8409 Trail Mountain
Crocker Ditch Crocker Ditch Boulder 5499 Boulder
Haldi Ditch Haldi Ditch Boulder 5600 Boulder
Palmerton Ditch Palmerton Ditch Boulder 5210 Hygiene
Swede Ditch Swede Ditch Boulder 5223 Hygiene
Rough and Ready Ditch Rough and Ready Ditch Boulder 5138 Hygiene
Oligarchy Ditch Oligarchy Ditch Boulder 5026 Longmont
Holland Ditch Holland Ditch Boulder 5062 Niwot
Terry Lateral Terry Lateral Boulder 5167 Hygiene
Wiswall Ditch Wiswall Ditch Boulder 4984 Longmont
Boulder Feeder Canal Boulder Feeder Canal Boulder 5249 Hygiene
Rural Ditch Rural Ditch Weld 4865 Gowanda
Godding Dailey and Plumb Ditch Godding Dailey and Plumb Ditch Weld 4928 Erie
Liggett Ditch Liggett Ditch Boulder 5059 Erie
Anderson Extension Ditch Anderson Extension Ditch Boulder 5449 Boulder
Farmers Ditch Farmers Ditch Boulder 5331 Boulder
Boulder and Left Hand Ditch Boulder and Left Hand Ditch Boulder 5174 Niwot
Boulder and Whiterock Ditch Boulder and Whiterock Ditch Boulder 5161 Niwot
Empson Ditch Empson Ditch Boulder 5269 Niwot
Lower Boulder Ditch Lower Boulder Ditch Boulder 5023 Erie
Boulder and Weld County Ditch Boulder and Weld County Ditch Boulder 4980 Erie
Sullivan Ditch Sullivan Ditch Boulder 4984 Frederick
May Lateral May Lateral Montezuma 6299 Dolores West
Upper Hermana Lateral Upper Hermana Lateral Montezuma 6368 Dolores West
Moonlight Lateral Moonlight Lateral Montezuma 6791 Dolores West
Rush Creek Reservoir Rush Creek Reservoir Montezuma 8812 Rampart Hills
Crystal Creek Ditch Crystal Creek Ditch Montezuma 8724 Rampart Hills
Jackson Gulch Inlet Canal Jackson Gulch Inlet Canal Montezuma 7999 Rampart Hills
Turkey Creek Ditch Turkey Creek Ditch Montezuma 8491 Millwood
Lost Canyon Ditch Lost Canyon Ditch Montezuma 7415 Millwood
Ute Mountain Ditch Ute Mountain Ditch Montezuma 5968 Mud Creek
Big Stick Ditch Big Stick Ditch La Plata 8478 Hesperus
Hay Gulch Irrigation Ditch Hay Gulch Irrigation Ditch La Plata 7214 Mormon Reservoir
Big Stick Ditch Big Stick Ditch La Plata 7516 Kline
Pioneer Ditch Pioneer Ditch La Plata 6001 La Plata
Enterprise Ditch Enterprise Ditch La Plata 6020 Redmesa
Wurts Ditch Wurts Ditch Eagle 10686 Pando
Tie Camp Ditch Tie Camp Ditch Eagle 7503 Woody Creek
Salvation Ditch Salvation Ditch Pitkin 7930 Aspen
De Lappe Ditch De Lappe Ditch Lake 9646 Leadville South
Dunn Ditch Dunn Ditch Lake 9623 Mount Massive
De Lappe Henderson Ditch De Lappe Henderson Ditch Lake 9613 Leadville South
New York Collection Canal New York Collection Canal Pitkin 10604 New York Peak
Lincoln Gulch Connection Canal Lincoln Gulch Connection Canal Pitkin 10646 New York Peak
Arlington Ditch Arlington Ditch Lake 9898 Mount Elbert
Cactus Hill Lateral Cactus Hill Lateral Larimer 5220 Timnath
Lone Tree Ditch Lone Tree Ditch Weld 4964 Antelope Reservoir
Collins Lateral Collins Lateral Weld 5029 Severance
Good Lateral Good Lateral Weld 5046 Antelope Reservoir
Larimer and Weld Canal Larimer and Weld Canal Larimer 4974 Timnath
Windsor Reservoir Outlet Windsor Reservoir Outlet Weld 4852 Timnath
Timnath Reservoir Outlet Timnath Reservoir Outlet Larimer 5203 Cobb Lake
Fossil Creek Reservoir Outlet Fossil Creek Reservoir Outlet Larimer 4829 Windsor
Fossil Creek Reservoir Inlet Fossil Creek Reservoir Inlet Larimer 4885 Fort Collins
Lake Canal Lake Canal Larimer 4908 Timnath
Boxelder Ditch Boxelder Ditch Larimer 4849 Timnath
Mead Lateral Mead Lateral Weld 4879 Eaton
Petit Lateral Petit Lateral Weld 4954 Severance
Roulard Lateral Roulard Lateral Weld 4895 Severance
John Law Ditch John Law Ditch Weld 4842 Severance
Graham Seep Graham Seep Weld 4734 Greeley
Whitney Ditch Whitney Ditch Weld 4764 Windsor
Hill and Brush Ditch Hill and Brush Ditch Larimer 4806 Johnstown
Ogilvy Ditch Ogilvy Ditch Weld 4626 Greeley
Union Ditch Union Ditch Weld 4688 La Salle
Evens Town Ditch Evens Town Ditch Weld 4682 La Salle
Patterson Ditch Patterson Ditch Weld 4623 Greeley
Hoover Ditch Hoover Ditch Weld 4570 Kersey
North Fork Ogilvy Ditch North Fork Ogilvy Ditch Weld 4610 Kersey
Little Thompson Ditch Little Thompson Ditch Weld 4783 Milliken
Thompson and Platte Ditch Thompson and Platte Ditch Weld 4744 Milliken
Godfrey Ditch Godfrey Ditch Weld 4715 La Salle
Farmers Independent Ditch Farmers Independent Ditch Weld 4764 Milliken
Western Mutual Ditch Western Mutual Ditch Weld 4741 Milliken
Lower Latham Outlet Lower Latham Outlet Weld 4649 La Salle
Gilmore Ditch Gilmore Ditch Weld 4737 Valley View School
Jackson Lake Inlet Jackson Lake Inlet Weld 4452 Masters
Coal Ridge Ditch Coal Ridge Ditch Weld 4961 Gowanda
Stanley Ditch Stanley Ditch Weld 5108 Frederick
Lupton Bottom Ditch Lupton Bottom Ditch Weld 4882 Platteville
Beeman Ditch Beeman Ditch Weld 4813 Platteville
Platteville Ditch Platteville Ditch Weld 4859 Platteville
East Speer Canal East Speer Canal Weld 5010 Milton Reservoir
Beebe Seep Canal Beebe Seep Canal Weld 4872 Milton Reservoir
Bowles Seep Canal Bowles Seep Canal Weld 4987 Hudson
West Neres Canal West Neres Canal Weld 4839 Milton Reservoir
Thompson Ditch Thompson Ditch Weld 5036 Frederick
Bull Ditch Bull Ditch Weld 5033 Frederick
Stanley Lateral Ditch Stanley Lateral Ditch Weld 5049 Frederick
German Ditch German Ditch Weld 5125 Eastlake
Brighton Lateral Ditch Brighton Lateral Ditch Weld 5033 Fort Lupton
Brighton Ditch Brighton Ditch Weld 4954 Fort Lupton
Fulton Lateral Ditch Fulton Lateral Ditch Weld 4964 Fort Lupton
Box Elder Lateral Box Elder Lateral Weld 5036 Keenesburg
East Burlington Extension Ditch East Burlington Extension Ditch Weld 5056 Mile High Lakes
West Burlington Extension Ditch West Burlington Extension Ditch Weld 5049 Hudson
Highline Lateral Highline Lateral Weld 5066 Keenesburg
Lowline Canal Lowline Canal Weld 4813 Prospect Valley
Prospect Lateral Ditch Prospect Lateral Ditch Weld 4954 Prospect Valley
Nile Ditch Nile Ditch Morgan 4813 Leader NW
Big Six Ditch Big Six Ditch Grand 9012 Burns North
South Boulder Foothills Ditch South Boulder Foothills Ditch Boulder 5636 Eldorado Springs
McKay Ditch McKay Ditch Jefferson 6168 Louisville
South Boulder Diversion Canal South Boulder Diversion Canal Jefferson 6207 Louisville
Upper Church Ditch Upper Church Ditch Jefferson 5725 Louisville
East Boulder Ditch East Boulder Ditch Boulder 5279 Niwot
McGinn Ditch McGinn Ditch Boulder 5308 Niwot
Davidson Ditch Davidson Ditch Boulder 5528 Louisville
South Boulder Canyon Ditch South Boulder Canyon Ditch Boulder 5367 Louisville
Marshallville Ditch Marshallville Ditch Boulder 5420 Louisville
New Dry Creek Ditch New Dry Creek Ditch Boulder 5269 Niwot
Enterprise Ditch Enterprise Ditch Boulder 5292 Niwot
Highline Lateral Highline Lateral Boulder 5361 Lafayette
Dry Creek Valley Ditch Dry Creek Valley Ditch Jefferson 5492 Lafayette
Smart Ditch Smart Ditch Jefferson 6115 Golden
Equity Ditch Equity Ditch Boulder 5397 Lafayette
Bull Canal Bull Canal Adams 5177 Eastlake
Tuck Lateral Tuck Lateral Adams 5403 Eastlake
Niver Canal Niver Canal Adams 5440 Arvada
Fraser River Diversion Canal Fraser River Diversion Canal Grand 9413 Empire
Long Lake Ditch Long Lake Ditch Jefferson 6109 Golden
Reno Ditch Reno Ditch Jefferson 5466 Golden
Swadley Ditch Swadley Ditch Jefferson 5433 Golden
Juchem Ditch Juchem Ditch Jefferson 5377 Arvada
Croke Canal Croke Canal Jefferson 5548 Golden
Fisher Ditch Fisher Ditch Adams 5223 Arvada
Dike Ditch Dike Ditch Jefferson 5610 Fort Logan
Bergen Ditch Bergen Ditch Jefferson 5850 Indian Hills
Pioneer Union Ditch Pioneer Union Ditch Jefferson 10600 Georgetown
Ward Canal Ward Canal Jefferson 5702 Morrison
Warrior Canal Warrior Canal Jefferson 5554 Morrison
Harriman Canal Harriman Canal Jefferson 5636 Fort Logan
Bowles Lateral Bowles Lateral Jefferson 5623 Fort Logan
City Ditch City Ditch Arapahoe 5344 Englewood
Long Island Ditch Long Island Ditch Logan 3658 Julesburg Reservoir
Sprague Brothers Ditch Sprague Brothers Ditch Logan 3658 Tamarack Ranch
Carlson Ditch Carlson Ditch Sedgwick 3487 Julesburg
Liddle Ditch Liddle Ditch Sedgwick 3514 Julesburg
South Reservation Ditch South Reservation Ditch Sedgwick 3533 Ovid
State Line Ditch State Line Ditch Sedgwick 3481 Chappell SE
Chambers Ditch Chambers Ditch Logan 3753 Crook
Springdale Ditch Springdale Ditch Logan 3983 Sterling North
Cole Ditch Cole Ditch Logan 3924 Sterling North
Henderson Smith Ditch Henderson Smith Ditch Logan 3914 Sterling North
Lowline Ditch Lowline Ditch Logan 3914 Sterling North
Farmers Ditch Farmers Ditch Logan 3855 Galien
Bravo Ditch Bravo Ditch Logan 3881 Galien
Davis Brothers Ditch Davis Brothers Ditch Logan 4032 Merino
South Schneider Ditch South Schneider Ditch Logan 4003 Atwood
North Schneider Ditch North Schneider Ditch Logan 3983 Sterling South
Jackpot Ditch Jackpot Ditch Morgan 4475 Peace Valley School
Riverside Ditch Riverside Ditch Morgan 4318 Dead Horse Springs
Snyder Canal Snyder Canal Morgan 4229 Brush East
Prewitt Outlet Canal Prewitt Outlet Canal Logan 4062 Messex
South Platte Ditch South Platte Ditch Washington 4071 Merino
Work and Dragman Ditch Work and Dragman Ditch Morgan 4439 Weldona
Deuel and Snyder Canal Deuel and Snyder Canal Morgan 4272 Fort Morgan
Tremont Canal Tremont Canal Morgan 4216 Brush West
Haigler Canal Haigler Canal Yuma 3412 Laird
Laird Canal Laird Canal Yuma 3442 Wray
Denver Municipal Aqueduct Denver Municipal Aqueduct Jefferson 5558 Littleton
Platte Canyon Ditch Platte Canyon Ditch Douglas 5469 Littleton
Weston Ditch Weston Ditch Park 9941 Como
Slater Ditch Slater Ditch Park 9488 Milligan Lakes
Fourmile Ditch Fourmile Ditch Park 9393 Garo
Trout Creek Ditch Trout Creek Ditch Park 9226 Fairplay East
Elisha-Alden Ditch Elisha-Alden Ditch Park 9163 Garo
Miller Fourmile Ditch Miller Fourmile Ditch Park 9383 Garo
Harrington-Rikard Ditch Harrington-Rikard Ditch Park 8786 Sulphur Mountain
Western Ditch Western Ditch Park 8743 Guffey NW
Central Ditch Central Ditch Park 8704 Sulphur Mountain
Animas Valley Consolidated Ditch Animas Valley Consolidated Ditch La Plata 6644 Hermosa
Reid Ditch Reid Ditch La Plata 6611 Hermosa
Piedra Falls Ditch Piedra Falls Ditch Mineral 8166 Oakbrush Ridge
Fourmile Ditch Fourmile Ditch Archuleta 7566 Pagosa Springs
Dutton Ditch Dutton Ditch Archuleta 8327 Pagosa Springs
Florida Farmers Ditch Florida Farmers Ditch La Plata 7044 Loma Linda
Florida Canal Florida Canal La Plata 7132 Durango East
Sullivan Ditch Sullivan Ditch La Plata 10659 Granite Lake
Womer Ditch Womer Ditch La Plata 7247 Ludwig Mountain
Los Pinos Ditch Los Pinos Ditch La Plata 7050 Ludwig Mountain
Schroeder Ditch Schroeder Ditch La Plata 6998 Bayfield
Thompson Epperson Ditch Thompson Epperson Ditch La Plata 7027 Bayfield
Pioneer Ditch Pioneer Ditch La Plata 6824 Gem Village
East Mesa Ditch East Mesa Ditch La Plata 6296 Loma Linda
King Consolidated Ditch King Consolidated Ditch La Plata 6883 Gem Village
Morrison Consolidated Ditch Morrison Consolidated Ditch La Plata 6693 Gem Village
Doctor Morrison Ditch Doctor Morrison Ditch La Plata 6699 Gem Village
Dry Creek Ditch Dry Creek Ditch La Plata 6621 Bayfield
Commissioner Ditch Commissioner Ditch La Plata 6529 Bayfield
West Lateral Spring Creek Extension Ditch West Lateral Spring Creek Extension Ditch La Plata 6637 Tiffany
Pine River Canal Pine River Canal La Plata 6604 Tiffany
Spring Creek Extension Ditch Spring Creek Extension Ditch La Plata 6683 Bayfield
Citizens Animas Ditch Citizens Animas Ditch La Plata 6145 Long Mountain
North Pine River Lateral North Pine River Lateral La Plata 6493 Allison
South Pine River Lateral South Pine River Lateral La Plata 6404 Tiffany
Miller Ditch Miller Ditch La Plata 6211 Allison
Colorado Agricultural Canal Colorado Agricultural Canal Adams 5148 Commerce City
Lower Clear Creek Canal Lower Clear Creek Canal Adams 5305 Eastlake
Signal Ditch Signal Ditch Adams 5194 Eastlake
O'Brian Canal O'Brian Canal Adams 5134 Commerce City
Burlington Ditch Burlington Ditch Adams 5108 Commerce City
Hopewell Ditch Hopewell Ditch Adams 5131 Leader SW
Smith Ditch Smith Ditch Mesa 4997 Whitewater
Brown and Campion Ditch Brown and Campion Ditch Mesa 4915 Whitewater
Kannah Creek Highline Ditch Kannah Creek Highline Ditch Mesa 6037 Juniata Reservoir
Doughspoon Aqueduct Doughspoon Aqueduct Delta 8747 Hells Kitchen
Cedar Park Ditch Cedar Park Ditch Delta 6253 Hells Kitchen
Dirty George Creek and Doughspoon Aqueduct Dirty George Creek and Doughspoon Aqueduct Delta 7247 Hells Kitchen
Granby Ditch Granby Ditch Delta 8136 Hells Kitchen
Hartland Ditch Hartland Ditch Delta 4944 North Delta
North Delta Canal North Delta Canal Delta 5007 North Delta
Bona Fide Ditch Bona Fide Ditch Delta 5000 Orchard City
Relief Ditch Relief Ditch Delta 5020 North Delta
Park Ditch Park Ditch Delta 5066 North Delta
Garnet Canal Garnet Canal Delta 5118 Delta
F N F Lateral F N F Lateral Delta 4967 Roubideau
G H B Lateral G H B Lateral Delta 5187 Delta
F N B Lateral F N B Lateral Delta 5230 Delta
F L Lateral F L Lateral Delta 5213 Delta
F K Lateral F K Lateral Montrose 5381 Delta
F J Lateral F J Lateral Montrose 5305 Delta
F G Lateral F G Lateral Montrose 5351 Delta
F D Lateral F D Lateral Montrose 5259 Delta
Dry Creek Ditch Dry Creek Ditch Montrose 7707 Pryor Creek
West Canal West Canal Montrose 6099 Dry Creek Basin
Parkway Ditch Parkway Ditch Montrose 5666 Redvale
Doing Ditch Doing Ditch Montrose 5646 Big Bucktail Creek
C C Ditch C C Ditch Montrose 5987 Redvale
Glencoe Ditch Glencoe Ditch Montrose 8031 Ute
Lilylands Canal Lilylands Canal San Miguel 7044 Barkelew Draw
Browning Ditch Browning Ditch Montrose 6775 Norwood
Japanese Ditch Japanese Ditch San Miguel 6991 Oak Hill
Bolinger Ditch Bolinger Ditch San Miguel 7293 Sanborn Park
South Lateral Ditch South Lateral Ditch San Miguel 7323 Oak Hill
Cone Ditch Cone Ditch San Miguel 8441 Lone Cone
Alfalfa Ditch Alfalfa Ditch Delta 5535 Orchard City
Highline Ditch Highline Ditch Delta 5646 Orchard City
Cedar Mesa Ditch Cedar Mesa Ditch Delta 7205 Cedaredge
Highline Ditch Highline Ditch Delta 6348 Lazear
Durkee Ditch Durkee Ditch Delta 6158 Lazear
Stewart Ditch Stewart Ditch Delta 5738 Paonia
Farmers Ditch Farmers Ditch Delta 5636 Hotchkiss
Oasis Ditch Oasis Ditch Delta 5771 Lazear
Lone Cabin Ditch Lone Cabin Ditch Delta 7720 Minnesota Pass
Deep Creek Ditch Deep Creek Ditch Gunnison 9062 Minnesota Pass
Acme Ditch Acme Ditch Gunnison 8589 Squirrel Creek
East Canal East Canal Delta 5331 Olathe NW
Selig Canal Selig Canal Montrose 5597 Olathe
Gould Canal Gould Canal Montrose 7208 Grand View Mesa
Aspen Ditch Aspen Ditch Delta 6279 Crawford
Crawford Clipper Ditch Crawford Clipper Ditch Delta 6388 Grand View Mesa
Grand View Ditch Grand View Ditch Delta 6391 Grand View Mesa
Cattlemans Ditch Cattlemans Ditch Montrose 7359 Cathedral Peak
Grand View Ditch Grand View Ditch Gunnison 9301 X Lazy F Ranch
Highline Ditch Highline Ditch Gunnison 9885 Squirrel Creek
Campbell Ditch Campbell Ditch Gunnison 8268 Squirrel Creek
Loutsenhizer Canal Loutsenhizer Canal Montrose 5869 Red Rock Canyon
A B Lateral A B Lateral Montrose 6348 Montrose East
A B E Lateral A B E Lateral Montrose 6079 Montrose East
Vernal Mesa Ditch Vernal Mesa Ditch Montrose 7405 Cerro Summit
Mesa Creek Ditch Mesa Creek Ditch Montrose 9806 X Lazy F Ranch
Dyer Fork Ditch Dyer Fork Ditch Montrose 8179 Cathedral Peak
West Canal West Canal Montrose 6171 Montrose East
Montrose and Delta Canal Montrose and Delta Canal Montrose 6020 Montrose West
South Canal South Canal Montrose 6237 Montrose East
McDonald Ditch McDonald Ditch Montrose 6296 Montrose East
A M Lateral A M Lateral Montrose 6086 Montrose East
Cimarron Ditch Cimarron Ditch Montrose 8310 Cimarron
Collier Ditch Collier Ditch Montrose 7342 Cimarron
Butte Ditch Butte Ditch Montrose 7867 Lost Lake
Big Blue Ditch Big Blue Ditch Gunnison 8724 Curecanti Needle
Verzuh Ditch Verzuh Ditch Gunnison 8894 Crested Butte
Lone Pine Ditch Lone Pine Ditch Gunnison 8104 Flat Top
May Bohm Ditch May Bohm Ditch Gunnison 8025 Flat Top
Gunnison Highline Canal Gunnison Highline Canal Gunnison 7949 Flat Top
Corbitt Ditch Corbitt Ditch Gunnison 8104 Parlin
Arch Irrigation Ditch Arch Irrigation Ditch Saguache 8172 Doyleville
Larkspur Ditch Larkspur Ditch Saguache 10925 Pahlone Peak
Mesa Ditch Mesa Ditch Saguache 9462 Cochetopa Park
Perry Ditch Perry Ditch Saguache 9025 Cochetopa Park
Taylor Ashley Ditch Taylor Ashley Ditch Saguache 7618 Hickey Bridge
North Main Canal North Main Canal Saguache 7638 La Garita
North Lateral North Lateral Saguache 7569 Center North
South Fork Highline Ditch South Fork Highline Ditch Rio Grande 8159 South Fork East
Minor Ditch Minor Ditch Rio Grande 8084 South Fork East
Raney Ditch Raney Ditch Rio Grande 7661 Center South
Rio Grande Drain Rio Grande Drain Rio Grande 7608 Center South
Hiline Lateral Hiline Lateral Rio Grande 7595 Hooper West
Rio Grande and Piedra Valley Canal Rio Grande and Piedra Valley Canal Rio Grande 7700 Monte Vista
Rio Grande and San Luis Canal Rio Grande and San Luis Canal Rio Grande 7661 Monte Vista
Rio Grande and Lariat Canal Rio Grande and Lariat Canal Rio Grande 7664 Monte Vista
Vano Ditch Vano Ditch Rio Grande 7644 Center South
Monte Vista Lateral Monte Vista Lateral Rio Grande 7644 Monte Vista
McLean Drain McLean Drain Rio Grande 7641 Homelake
San Luis Valley Canal San Luis Valley Canal Rio Grande 7598 Homelake
Lower Centennial Ditch Lower Centennial Ditch Rio Grande 7592 Homelake
Centennial Ditch Centennial Ditch Rio Grande 7592 Mount Pleasant School
Sanderson Ditch Sanderson Ditch Rio Grande 7602 Homelake
Leyden Lateral Leyden Lateral Rio Grande 7602 Homelake
Loveland Lateral Loveland Lateral Rio Grande 7585 Mount Pleasant School
Bowen Drain Bowen Drain Alamosa 7172 La Veta
South Farm Meadow Ditch South Farm Meadow Ditch Rio Grande 7625 Waverly
Resettlement Ditch Resettlement Ditch Rio Grande 7641 Waverly
Terrace Main Canal Terrace Main Canal Conejos 8067 Centro
Bowen Drain Bowen Drain Rio Grande 7608 Waverly
Brownlow Lateral Brownlow Lateral Rio Grande 7566 Alamosa West
Robison Seepage Ditch Robison Seepage Ditch Rio Grande 7641 Waverly
Carmel Drain Ditch Carmel Drain Ditch Alamosa 7562 Alamosa West
Denver Colony Lateral Denver Colony Lateral Alamosa 7569 Alamosa West
Spruce Lawn Ditch Spruce Lawn Ditch Rio Grande 7611 Waverly
Alamosa Creek Canal Alamosa Creek Canal Conejos 8405 Centro
Viejo Ditch Viejo Ditch Conejos 7854 Capulin
Norland Ditch Norland Ditch Conejos 7838 Capulin
Union Ditch Union Ditch Conejos 7671 Capulin
Morgan Drain Morgan Drain Conejos 7657 Capulin
Morganville Ditch Morganville Ditch Alamosa 7625 Capulin
North Alamosa Ditch North Alamosa Ditch Conejos 7651 Capulin
Spring Creek Ditch Spring Creek Ditch Conejos 7644 Capulin
Bountiful Lateral Bountiful Lateral Conejos 7713 Goshawk Dam
Romero Ditch Romero Ditch Conejos 7746 Goshawk Dam
Mogote Ditch Mogote Ditch Conejos 7949 Antonito
Las Mesitas Ditch Las Mesitas Ditch Conejos 8012 Antonito
Caņon Ditch Caņon Ditch Conejos 8012 Antonito
Romeo Canal Romeo Canal Conejos 7762 Manassa
Heads Mill Ditch Heads Mill Ditch Conejos 7854 Lobatos
Antonio Ditch Antonio Ditch Conejos 7848 Lobatos
Martinez Ditch Martinez Ditch Conejos 7854 Lobatos
Florida Radal Ditch Florida Radal Ditch Conejos 7858 Lobatos
Taos Valley Canal Taos Valley Canal Conejos 7867 Lobatos
Llano Ditch Llano Ditch Conejos 7982 Antonito
An Con Ditch An Con Ditch Conejos 7808 Lobatos
Fruitland Ditch Fruitland Ditch Fremont 5420 Canon City
Hydraulic Ditch Hydraulic Ditch Fremont 5581 Canon City
Canon Mills Ditch Canon Mills Ditch Fremont 5325 Canon City
South Canon Ditch South Canon Ditch Fremont 5371 Canon City
De Weese Dye Ditch De Weese Dye Ditch Fremont 5433 Canon City
Union Ditch Union Ditch Fremont 5187 Florence
Beaver Park Ditch Beaver Park Ditch Fremont 5407 Florence
Cotton Creek Ditch Cotton Creek Ditch Saguache 8107 Valley View Hot Springs
Hoffman Niedhardt Ditch Hoffman Niedhardt Ditch Saguache 7736 Mirage
Lohstroh Highline Ditch Lohstroh Highline Ditch Custer 7772 Beckwith Mountain
North Ditch North Ditch Saguache 7588 Mirage
Wales Travis Ditch Wales Travis Ditch Saguache 7579 Mirage
Gibson Ditch Gibson Ditch Saguache 7539 Deadman Camp SW
Hudson Ditch Hudson Ditch Saguache 10380 Medano Pass
Montez Ditch Montez Ditch Huerfano 7808 Red Wing
Garcia Ditch Garcia Ditch Huerfano 6703 Farisita
Hooper Lateral Hooper Lateral Alamosa 7582 Hooper West
Streator Lateral Streator Lateral Alamosa 7562 Hooper West
Costilla Canal Costilla Canal Alamosa 7552 Hooper SE
Maddux Ditch Maddux Ditch Alamosa 7543 Alamosa East
Central Lateral Central Lateral Alamosa 7549 Hooper SE
Garland Ditch Garland Ditch Costilla 7877 Fort Garland
Dyer Ditch Dyer Ditch Huerfano 7126 La Veta
Waverly Drain Ditch Waverly Drain Ditch Alamosa 7536 Alamosa West
Alamosa Farm Lateral Alamosa Farm Lateral Alamosa 7556 Alamosa West
Empire Lateral Empire Lateral Alamosa 7559 La Jara
Seamans Ditch Seamans Ditch Alamosa 7529 Alamosa East
South Lateral South Lateral Alamosa 7549 Hooper SE
Alamosa Ditch Alamosa Ditch Alamosa 7536 Alamosa East
Trinchera Canal Trinchera Canal Conejos 7903 Fort Garland SW
Highline Canal Highline Canal Conejos 8015 Fort Garland SW
Indian Creek Ditch Indian Creek Ditch Costilla 8271 Trinchera Ranch
San Luis Ditch San Luis Ditch Conejos 7592 La Jara
Richfield Canal Richfield Canal Conejos 7615 Manassa
Sanford Ditch Sanford Ditch Conejos 7608 La Jara
Twentyfoot Lateral Twentyfoot Lateral Conejos 7552 Pikes Stockade
Tenfoot Lateral Tenfoot Lateral Conejos 7543 Pikes Stockade
Lasauses Ditch Lasauses Ditch Conejos 7516 Pikes Stockade
East Bend Ditch East Bend Ditch Conejos 7598 Manassa NE
Ephriam Ditch Ephriam Ditch Conejos 7605 Manassa
Servietta Ditch Servietta Ditch Conejos 7798 Manassa
Fuertecitos Ditch Fuertecitos Ditch Conejos 7762 Lobatos
Rincon Ditch Rincon Ditch Conejos 7700 Manassa
Eightmile Ditch Eightmile Ditch Conejos 7713 Manassa
Cerritos Canal Cerritos Canal Costilla 7789 San Acacio
Eastdale Culebra Canal Eastdale Culebra Canal Costilla 7726 San Acacio
Mesa Ditch Mesa Ditch Costilla 7710 Garcia
Sanchez Canal Sanchez Canal Costilla 8340 Taylor Ranch
Jaroso Ditch Jaroso Ditch Costilla 7621 Garcia
Eastdale Branch Cerro Canal Eastdale Branch Cerro Canal Costilla 7687 Garcia
Chalifa Ditch Chalifa Ditch Costilla 7687 Garcia
Quatro Ditch Quatro Ditch Las Animas 8005 Torres
Clover Ditch Clover Ditch El Paso 5882 Colorado Springs
Jackson and Burke Ditch Jackson and Burke Ditch El Paso 5190 Buttes
Booth Canal Booth Canal Pueblo 4613 Northeast Pueblo
Excelsior Ditch Excelsior Ditch Pueblo 4547 Devine
Saint Charles Flood Ditch Saint Charles Flood Ditch Pueblo 5184 Verde School
Huerfano Cucharas Ditch Huerfano Cucharas Ditch Pueblo 4803 Doyle Bridge
Welton Ditch Welton Ditch Pueblo 4596 Avondale
Nepesta Farmers Ditch Nepesta Farmers Ditch Pueblo 4734 Chicos Well
Teller Ditch Teller Ditch Pueblo 5131 Swallows
Eder Bannister Ditch Eder Bannister Ditch Pueblo 5118 Pinon
Greenville Ditch Greenville Ditch Pueblo 4898 Pinon
Bradford Canal Bradford Canal Huerfano 5896 Huerfano Butte
Homestead Canal Homestead Canal Huerfano 6017 Walsenburg North
Homestead Canal Homestead Canal Huerfano 6060 Walsenburg North
Lake Merriam Ditch Lake Merriam Ditch Huerfano 6424 Walsenburg South
Holita Ditch Holita Ditch Huerfano 6165 Walsenburg North
Borrego Ditch Borrego Ditch Las Animas 6306 Aguilar
Model Intake Canal Model Intake Canal Las Animas 5843 Hoehne
Hoehne Ditch Hoehne Ditch Las Animas 5732 Hoehne
Johns Ditch Johns Ditch Las Animas 10361 Red Mountain
Picketwire Ditch Picketwire Ditch Las Animas 5945 Trinidad East
Model Ditch Model Ditch Las Animas 5722 Earl
South Side Ditch South Side Ditch Las Animas 5804 Mooney Hills
Mestas Ditch Mestas Ditch Las Animas 6368 Dale Mountain
Border Ditch Border Ditch Las Animas 6033 Trinchera
Trinchera Company Ditch Trinchera Company Ditch Las Animas 5961 Trinchera
Hale Ditch Aqueduct Hale Ditch Aqueduct Yuma 3632 Bonny Reservoir North
Douglas Ditch Douglas Ditch Lincoln 5197 Peace Valley
Boston Lateral Boston Lateral Crowley 4393 Ordway
Pelster Lateral Pelster Lateral Crowley 4393 Ordway
Swink Lateral Swink Lateral Crowley 4380 Ordway
West Brush Lateral West Brush Lateral Crowley 4390 Ordway
Brush Lateral Brush Lateral Crowley 4337 Ordway
South Ordway Lateral South Ordway Lateral Crowley 4334 Ordway
East Ordway Lateral East Ordway Lateral Crowley 4354 Sugar City
Sugar City Lateral Sugar City Lateral Crowley 4350 Sugar City
Lone Wolf Canal Lone Wolf Canal Kiowa 3937 Swede Lake
Satanta Canal Satanta Canal Kiowa 3937 Wiley
Drescher Lateral Drescher Lateral Crowley 4396 Ordway
Dayton Lateral Dayton Lateral Crowley 4357 Ordway
Hartman Branch Dayton Lateral Hartman Branch Dayton Lateral Crowley 4377 Olney Springs
Lake Meredith Outlet Lake Meredith Outlet Crowley 4258 Ordway
Horse Creek and Black Draw Ditch Horse Creek and Black Draw Ditch Crowley 4272 Meredith Hill
Lake Meredith Inlet Lake Meredith Inlet Crowley 4291 Sugar City
Lewis Lateral Lewis Lateral Otero 4144 Hadley
Horse Creek Reservoir Inlet Ditch Horse Creek Reservoir Inlet Ditch Bent 4111 McIntosh Ranch
Horse Creek Reservoir Outlet Ditch Horse Creek Reservoir Outlet Ditch Bent 4075 McIntosh Ranch
Lubers Drainage Ditch Lubers Drainage Ditch Bent 3852 Lubers
McClave Drainage Ditch McClave Drainage Ditch Bent 3783 Prowers
Sunflower Ditch Sunflower Ditch Bent 3845 McClave
Wiley Drainage Ditch Wiley Drainage Ditch Bent 3714 Wiley
Riverview Ditch Riverview Ditch Bent 3766 Wiley
Pleasant Valley Drainage Ditch Pleasant Valley Drainage Ditch Prowers 3750 Wiley
Clover Meadow Ditch Clover Meadow Ditch Prowers 3832 Wiley
Deadman Ditch Deadman Ditch Prowers 3540 Granada
Chenoweth Lateral Chenoweth Lateral Prowers 3566 Holly West
East Fork Dead Ditch East Fork Dead Ditch Prowers 3527 Holly West
Swede Lateral Swede Lateral Prowers 3576 Holly West
Hart Lateral Hart Lateral Prowers 3547 Holly NE
Jackson Lateral Jackson Lateral Otero 4170 Cheraw
Wasson Lateral Wasson Lateral Otero 4167 Cheraw
Las Animas Town Ditch Las Animas Town Ditch Bent 3911 Cornelia
Jones Ditch Jones Ditch Bent 3947 Cornelia
Consolidated Ditch Consolidated Ditch Bent 3927 Cornelia
Vista Del Rio Ditch Vista Del Rio Ditch Prowers 3589 Lamar East
Manvel Canal Manvel Canal Prowers 3540 Carlton
Granada Ditch Granada Ditch Prowers 3451 Granada
North Granada Ditch North Granada Ditch Prowers 3491 Granada
X-Y Canal X-Y Canal Prowers 3494 Granada
Buffalo Canal Buffalo Canal Prowers 3442 Holly West
Holly Ditch Holly Ditch Prowers 3405 Holly West
Rocky Ford Canal Rocky Ford Canal Otero 4183 Rocky Ford
Old Otero Canal Old Otero Canal Otero 4167 Thompson Arroyo
Highland Canal Highland Canal Bent 3993 Hackamore Ranch
Eagle Rock Ditch Eagle Rock Ditch Bent 4065 Gilpin
Scott Pierce Ditch Scott Pierce Ditch Bent 3822 High Rock
Ninemile Canal Ninemile Canal Otero 4219 Higbee
County Canal County Canal Bent 4242 Toonerville
Franklin Eddy Canal Franklin Eddy Canal Alamosa 7536 Medano Ranch
Grand Ditch Grand Ditch Grand 10226 Fall River Pass
King Ditch King Ditch Archuleta 7671 Chama Peak
Eaklor Ditch Eaklor Ditch Archuleta 7671 Chromo
Snowball Ditch Snowball Ditch Archuleta 8225 Saddle Mountain
Old Carr Ditch Old Carr Ditch Archuleta 6191 Pagosa Junction
Chapson Ditch Chapson Ditch Mineral 7716 Saddle Mountain
Highline Ditch Highline Ditch Archuleta 7346 Jackson Mountain
Lake Creek Lake Creek Mineral 9629 Wolf Creek Pass
Mesa Ditch Mesa Ditch Archuleta 7192 Jackson Mountain
Snowball Extention Ditch Snowball Extention Ditch Archuleta 7087 Pagosa Springs
Virginia Ditch Virginia Ditch Archuleta 6545 Trujillo
Elmer Ditch Elmer Ditch Archuleta 7526 Chromo
Southside Ditch Southside Ditch Archuleta 7401 Chromo
Enterprise Ditch Enterprise Ditch Archuleta 7467 Chromo
Underwood Ditch Underwood Ditch Archuleta 7287 Chromo
Midland Ditch Midland Ditch Archuleta 7382 Chromo
Loback Ditch Loback Ditch Grand 7362 Kremmling
Barger Ditch Barger Ditch Grand 7352 Junction Butte
McMahon Ditch McMahon Ditch Grand 7674 Hinman Reservoir
Smith's Irrigation Ditch Smith's Irrigation Ditch Denver 5308 Englewood
Terrell Ditch Terrell Ditch Jackson 8340 Gould NW
Eaton Ditch Eaton Ditch Larimer 10174 Deadman Park
Troy Ditch Troy Ditch Jackson 8517 Owl Ridge
Buckeye Ditch Buckeye Ditch Jackson 7992 Cowdrey
Park Ditch Park Ditch Jackson 8104 Lake John
Dry Creek Ditch Dry Creek Ditch Larimer 5085 Wellington
Evans Number 2 Ditch Evans Number 2 Ditch Weld 4813 La Salle
Evans Town Ditch Evans Town Ditch Weld 4678 La Salle
Horsetooth Supply Canal Horsetooth Supply Canal Larimer 5476 Masonville
Lateral Number 1 Lateral Number 1 Larimer 5702 Livermore
Lower Platte and Beaver Canal Lower Platte and Beaver Canal Morgan 4219 Brush West
New Mercer Ditch New Mercer Ditch Larimer 5062 Fort Collins
Number 8 Outlet Number 8 Outlet Larimer 5043 Wellington
Silverheels Ditch Silverheels Ditch Park 9951 Como
Sterling Number 1 Ditch Sterling Number 1 Ditch Logan 3930 Sterling North
Tamarack Ditch Tamarack Ditch Logan 3694 Crook
West Speer Canal West Speer Canal Weld 5013 Milton Reservoir
North Poudre Supply Canal North Poudre Supply Canal Larimer 5417 Laporte
32 South Ditch 32 South Ditch Saguache 7598 Hickey Bridge
A Bar A Ditch A Bar A Ditch Jackson 7835 Northgate
A J Anderson Ditch A J Anderson Ditch Otero 4101 La Junta
Abbott and Prengle Ditch Abbott and Prengle Ditch Fremont 7585 Hillside
Aguirre Ditch Aguirre Ditch Huerfano 7562 Little Sheep Mountain
Ahlmaaz Gove Ditch Ahlmaaz Gove Ditch Douglas 6562 Larkspur
Alamos Altos Ditch Alamos Altos Ditch Costilla 8399 Trinchera Ranch
Alamos Ditch Alamos Ditch Conejos 7969 Vicente Canyon
Alderman Ditch Alderman Ditch Douglas 7077 Cherry Valley School
Allen Anderson Ditch Allen Anderson Ditch Park 8681 Farnum Peak
Alma Ditch Alma Ditch Jackson 7959 Cowdrey
Almeda Ditch Almeda Ditch Jackson 8061 Northgate
Amy Ditch Amy Ditch Fremont 6798 Howard
Amy North Ditch Amy North Ditch Fremont 7405 Wellsville
Amy South Ditch Amy South Ditch Fremont 7375 Wellsville
Anderson Allen Ditch Anderson Allen Ditch Park 8681 Farnum Peak
Anderson Brewer Ditch Anderson Brewer Ditch Park 9800 Como
Angustura Ditch Angustura Ditch Conejos 8835 Fox Creek
Anson Allen Ditch Anson Allen Ditch Park 8668 Farnum Peak
Archibald Upper Ditch Archibald Upper Ditch Las Animas 6270 Barela
Armenta Ditch Armenta Ditch Las Animas 5613 Earl
Aspin Ditch Aspin Ditch Jackson 8422 Pitchpine Mountain
Atencio Ditch 2 Atencio Ditch 2 Rio Grande 7766 Sevenmile Plaza
B F Patterson Ditch B F Patterson Ditch Pueblo 5220 Muldoon Hill
Baker Draw Ditch Baker Draw Ditch Jackson 8084 Delaney Butte
Ball Brothers Overflow Number 1 Ball Brothers Overflow Number 1 Conejos 7510 Pikes Stockade
Ballejos Ditch Ballejos Ditch Huerfano 6056 Maria Reservoir
Barber Ditch Barber Ditch Jackson 7940 Lake John
Batton Ditch Batton Ditch Routt 7142 Steamboat Springs
Beer Ditch Beer Ditch Lincoln 4514 Scott Draw
Belardi Ditch Belardi Ditch Las Animas 5882 Abeyta
Bernard Ditch Bernard Ditch Jackson 8008 Delaney Butte
Berrien Ditch 2 Berrien Ditch 2 Park 8996 Meridian Hill
Berrien Ditch 3 Berrien Ditch 3 Park 8966 Meridian Hill
Biedell Ditch Number 10 Biedell Ditch Number 10 Saguache 7841 Twin Mountains SE
Bigbee Ditch Number 1 Bigbee Ditch Number 1 Archuleta 7543 Chromo
Bison Ditch Bison Ditch Park 8884 McCurdy Mountain
Boggs Ditch Boggs Ditch Prowers 3501 Granada
Bonus Ditch Bonus Ditch Boulder 4934 Longmont
Bradford and Swire Ditch Bradford and Swire Ditch Huerfano 8084 Devils Gulch
Braun Brothers Ditch Number 1 Braun Brothers Ditch Number 1 Saguache 7611 Hickey Bridge
Brett Gray Ditch Number 1 Brett Gray Ditch Number 1 Lincoln 5131 Peace Valley
Brubaker Ditch Brubaker Ditch Park 9724 Jefferson
Burns and Duncan Ditch Number 10 Burns and Duncan Ditch Number 10 Las Animas 5568 Earl
Burns Ditch Burns Ditch Jackson 8510 Teal Lake
Burns Ditch Number 2 Burns Ditch Number 2 Huerfano 7178 Gardner
Burton Hass Ditch Burton Hass Ditch Elbert 5433 Kutch
Butler Ditch Number 2 Butler Ditch Number 2 Jackson 8284 Pitchpine Mountain
Butler Ditch Number 3 Butler Ditch Number 3 Jackson 8402 Pitchpine Mountain
Butler Irrigation Ditch Butler Irrigation Ditch Rio Grande 7710 Monte Vista
C H Mallon Ditch C H Mallon Ditch Lincoln 5285 Punkin Center NW
Caeradock Ditch Caeradock Ditch Fremont 6781 Howard
Campbell Ditch 5 Campbell Ditch 5 Saguache 7595 Hickey Bridge
Campbell Number 6 Campbell Number 6 Saguache 7592 Hickey Bridge
Carpe and Reekers Canon Ditch Carpe and Reekers Canon Ditch Conejos 8333 Fox Creek
Carr and Tyler Ditch Carr and Tyler Ditch Weld 4911 Erie
Chace Ditch Chace Ditch Jackson 8189 Eagle Hill
Chaffee Ditch Chaffee Ditch Larimer 4915 Fort Collins
Champion Ditch Champion Ditch Jackson 7982 Cowdrey
Cheyenne Ditch Cheyenne Ditch Bent 3953 Cornelia
Christensen Ditch Christensen Ditch Conejos 7621 Manassa
Clayton Rich Ditch Clayton Rich Ditch Jackson 8392 Kings Canyon
Coleman South Ditch Coleman South Ditch Saguache 7598 Hickey Bridge
Collier Ditch Collier Ditch Pueblo 4491 Avondale
Commodore Ditch Commodore Ditch Saguache 8428 Trickle Mountain
Cottonwood Ditch Number 2 Cottonwood Ditch Number 2 Boulder 5315 Louisville
Cowdrey Ditch Cowdrey Ditch Jackson 7949 Cowdrey
Crosier Hawxhurst Ditch Crosier Hawxhurst Ditch Park 9314 Milligan Lakes
Crow Drainage and Seepage Ditch Crow Drainage and Seepage Ditch Saguache 7595 Swede Corners
Curtis Ditch Curtis Ditch Douglas 5928 Sedalia
Dakan Ditch Dakan Ditch Douglas 6348 Devils Head
Davis and Downing Ditch Davis and Downing Ditch Boulder 5102 Hygiene
Deadman Gulch Ditch Number 4 Deadman Gulch Ditch Number 4 Elbert 5955 Holtwold Store
Del Norte Town Ditch Del Norte Town Ditch Rio Grande 7897 Del Norte
Deus Pass Creek Ditch Deus Pass Creek Ditch Huerfano 7566 Little Sheep Mountain
Deus Pioneer Ditch Deus Pioneer Ditch Huerfano 7693 Red Wing
Dike Ditch Dike Ditch Jackson 8113 Gould NW
Dissmore Ditch Dissmore Ditch Custer 7812 Cotopaxi
Dora Ditch Dora Ditch Jackson 8156 Pitchpine Mountain
Dorn Ditch Dorn Ditch Las Animas 6913 Little Pine Canyon
Dotson Ditch Number 1 Dotson Ditch Number 1 Pueblo 6227 Beulah
Doyle Arroya Feeder Ditch Doyle Arroya Feeder Ditch Pueblo 4816 Chicos Well
Dry Creek Davidson Ditch Dry Creek Davidson Ditch Boulder 5203 Niwot
Dulaney Ditch Dulaney Ditch Jackson 8008 Eagle Hill
Dunbar Number 1 Ditch Dunbar Number 1 Ditch Park 9642 Milligan Lakes
East Plum Creek Ditch East Plum Creek Ditch Douglas 6919 Larkspur
Eaton and McClellan Ditch Eaton and McClellan Ditch Weld 4800 Eaton
Echo Waste Water Ditch Echo Waste Water Ditch Archuleta 7359 Serviceberry Mountain
Eggleston Number 1 Ditch Eggleston Number 1 Ditch Boulder 5702 Louisville
Elledges Ditch Elledges Ditch Conejos 7723 Manassa
Ellis Ditch Ellis Ditch Pueblo 4764 Doyle Bridge
Erika Ditch Erika Ditch Jackson 8346 Pitchpine Mountain
Experiment Ditch Experiment Ditch Jackson 8701 Spicer Peak
Farnum Ditch Farnum Ditch Park 8704 Farnum Peak
Fazzio Ditch Fazzio Ditch Douglas 6493 Larkspur
Fish Ditch Fish Ditch Rio Grande 7657 Monte Vista
Flume Ditch Flume Ditch Park 8284 Tarryall
Flynn Bottom Ditch Flynn Bottom Ditch Moffat 5361 Lodore School
Foothills Inlet Ditch Foothills Inlet Ditch Boulder 5220 Hygiene
Ford Ditch Ford Ditch Saguache 7956 Lake Mountain NE
Francisco Mestes Ditch Francisco Mestes Ditch Huerfano 7313 Gardner
Freeman Ditch Freeman Ditch Jackson 8100 Johnny Moore Mountain
Friese Ditch Number 2 Friese Ditch Number 2 Saguache 8130 Lake Mountain NE
Fullerton Ditch 2 Fullerton Ditch 2 Saguache 7851 Saguache
Gallegos Ditch 1 Gallegos Ditch 1 Conejos 7923 Centro
Galvan Ditch Galvan Ditch Huerfano 7356 Spanish Peaks
George Simpson Ditch Number 2 George Simpson Ditch Number 2 Bent 3924 McClave
George Ward Ditch George Ward Ditch Jackson 8081 Walden
Gibson Ditch Gibson Ditch Park 9357 Milligan Lakes
Gimlet Ditch Gimlet Ditch Huerfano 7890 Little Sheep Mountain
Glade Ditch Glade Ditch Huerfano 7913 Creager Reservoir
Glen Plym Ditch Number 1 Glen Plym Ditch Number 1 Jefferson 6043 Indian Hills
Goodrich Ditch Goodrich Ditch Douglas 6755 Russellville Gulch
Gordon Spring Ditch Gordon Spring Ditch Huerfano 7907 Little Sheep Mountain
Goss Private Ditch Number 1 Goss Private Ditch Number 1 Boulder 5184 Hygiene
Gotthelf Samora Ditch Gotthelf Samora Ditch Saguache 7697 Saguache
Graveyard Ditch Graveyard Ditch Bent 3697 Prowers
Green Ditch Green Ditch Boulder 5151 Niwot
Grout Ditch Grout Ditch Pueblo 5390 Muldoon Hill
Guadalupe Sanchez Ditch Guadalupe Sanchez Ditch Costilla 8527 Taylor Ranch
Guthrie Thomas Ditch Guthrie Thomas Ditch Summit 8924 Mount Powell
Hall Valley Ditch Hall Valley Ditch Park 9065 Mount Logan
Hamilton Ditch Hamilton Ditch Jackson 8218 Eagle Hill
Hamlet Ditch Hamlet Ditch Huerfano 7142 Gardner
Hard to Find Ditch Hard to Find Ditch Jackson 8415 Boettcher Lake
Harry Hadden Ditch Harry Hadden Ditch Jackson 7976 Cowdrey
Hay Creek Ditch Hay Creek Ditch Park 8592 McCurdy Mountain
Hayden Supply Ditch Hayden Supply Ditch Pueblo 6125 Colorado City
Heiser Ditch Heiser Ditch Douglas 6936 Cherry Valley School
Henry Belknap Ditch Henry Belknap Ditch Fremont 7398 Hillside
Herman Klinkerman Ditch Herman Klinkerman Ditch Bent 3973 Cornelia
Hersch Ditch Hersch Ditch Archuleta 7415 Pagosa Springs
Hicks Number 5 Ditch Hicks Number 5 Ditch Clear Creek 7549 Squaw Pass
Highland South Side Ditch Highland South Side Ditch Weld 4882 Gowanda
Hodding Ditch 3 Hodding Ditch 3 Saguache 8182 Lake Mountain NE
Hodding Ditch 5 Hodding Ditch 5 Saguache 8192 Lake Mountain NE
Hodgson Ditch Hodgson Ditch Jefferson 5413 Fort Logan
Holland Ditch Holland Ditch Saguache 8100 Twin Mountains SE
Hollingsworth Ditch Hollingsworth Ditch Las Animas 5285 Lambing Spring
Holst Ditch 1 Holst Ditch 1 Park 8907 Eagle Rock
Holst Ditch 2 Holst Ditch 2 Park 8914 Eagle Rock
Holst Packer Ditch Holst Packer Ditch Park 8898 Eagle Rock
Home Ditch Number 1 Home Ditch Number 1 Saguache 7874 Twin Mountains SE
Homestead Ditch 1 Homestead Ditch 1 Larimer 8179 Crazy Mountain
Homestead Ditch 2 Homestead Ditch 2 Larimer 8205 Crazy Mountain
Hougland Ditch Hougland Ditch Saguache 8163 Lake Mountain NE
Howard Ditch Howard Ditch Boulder 5321 Louisville
Hubbard Ditch Number 1 Hubbard Ditch Number 1 Jackson 8166 Walden
Hugh Griffith Ditch Hugh Griffith Ditch Jackson 8143 Gould NW
Hugh Griffith Ditch Number 2 Hugh Griffith Ditch Number 2 Jackson 8156 Gould NW
Hunter Ditch Hunter Ditch Pueblo 7005 Rye
Hunter Ditch Number 1 Hunter Ditch Number 1 Jackson 8081 Walden
Illinois Ditch Illinois Ditch Weld 4534 Hardin
Independent Ditch Independent Ditch Alamosa 7549 Mount Pleasant School
Independent Ditch 2 Independent Ditch 2 Rio Grande 8012 Indian Head
Independent Highline Ditch Independent Highline Ditch Jefferson 6099 Indian Hills
J Higginson Ditch J Higginson Ditch Jefferson 6716 Pine
J M Espinosa Ditch J M Espinosa Ditch Conejos 7730 Manassa
Jack Allen Ditch Jack Allen Ditch Huerfano 6089 Black Hills
Jacks Irrigating Ditch Jacks Irrigating Ditch Conejos 7733 Manassa
Jake Wells Ditch Jake Wells Ditch Fremont 7523 Hillside
Jeffries Crawford Ditch Jeffries Crawford Ditch Park 8750 Shawnee
Jim Eglin Ditch Jim Eglin Ditch Larimer 5013 Berthoud
John G Coy Ditch John G Coy Ditch Larimer 4964 Fort Collins
John Jones Ditch John Jones Ditch Douglas 6142 Castle Rock South
Johnnie Smith Ditch Number 1 Johnnie Smith Ditch Number 1 Saguache 7680 La Garita
Jones Donnelly Ditch Jones Donnelly Ditch Boulder 5223 Niwot
Juan Trujillo Ditch Juan Trujillo Ditch Saguache 8012 Twin Mountains SE
Kenosha Ditch Kenosha Ditch Park 9042 Mount Logan
Kirchner Ditch Kirchner Ditch Larimer 5561 Buckhorn Mountain
Kountz Ditch Kountz Ditch Douglas 6535 Larkspur
Krebill Ditch Krebill Ditch Park 8277 Tarryall
L D Eskridge Irrigation Ditch L D Eskridge Irrigation Ditch Conejos 7628 Capulin
L D R D Ditch L D R D Ditch Huerfano 6863 Ritter Arroyo
La Garde Ditch La Garde Ditch Larimer 7940 Crazy Mountain
Laddie Ditch Laddie Ditch Lincoln 5249 Punkin Center NW
Landhurst Ditch Landhurst Ditch Jackson 8045 Cowdrey
Last Chance Ditch Last Chance Ditch Jackson 8576 Rand
Last Chance Ditch 2 Last Chance Ditch 2 Arapahoe 5417 Littleton
Latter Ditch Latter Ditch Jackson 8199 Kings Canyon
Legard Ditch Number 5 Legard Ditch Number 5 Custer 7966 Horn Peak
Leonard Ditch Leonard Ditch Jackson 8438 Owl Ridge
Lewis Ditch Lewis Ditch Huerfano 7631 Little Sheep Mountain
Lincoln Ditch Number 2 Lincoln Ditch Number 2 Huerfano 8300 Devils Gulch
Lodore Ditch Lodore Ditch Moffat 5348 Lodore School
Los Ojos Ditch Number 2 Los Ojos Ditch Number 2 Conejos 7566 Pikes Stockade
Lowland Ditch Lowland Ditch Conejos 7585 La Jara
Ludlow Flower Ditch Ludlow Flower Ditch Jefferson 8025 Meridian Hill
Lytle Ditch Lytle Ditch El Paso 6260 Timber Mountain
Mac Farlane Meadows Ditch Mac Farlane Meadows Ditch Jackson 8304 Gould NW
Malone Ditch Malone Ditch Saguache 7723 Saguache
Manzanares Ditch Number 1 Manzanares Ditch Number 1 Huerfano 7851 Red Wing
Manzanares Ditch Number 2 Manzanares Ditch Number 2 Huerfano 7880 Red Wing
Martin Ditch Martin Ditch Jackson 8189 Gould NW
Mathews Ditch Mathews Ditch Jackson 8258 Gould NW
Mathews Ditch Mathews Ditch Boulder 5456 Lyons
Maxwell Ditch Maxwell Ditch Park 8510 Windy Peak
McCabe Ditch Number 1 McCabe Ditch Number 1 Crowley 4623 Box Springs
McCracken Ditch McCracken Ditch Douglas 6903 Cherry Valley School
McDonald Ditch McDonald Ditch Las Animas 5741 Hoehne
McDonald Ditch McDonald Ditch Rio Grande 7749 Sevenmile Plaza
McIntosh Arroyo Ditch McIntosh Arroyo Ditch Rio Grande 7802 Del Norte
McLaughlin Ditch McLaughlin Ditch Park 8225 Tarryall
Meadow Creek Ditch Meadow Creek Ditch Jackson 8268 Gould NW
Meadow Ditch Meadow Ditch Douglas 5873 Kassler
Meadow Ditch Meadow Ditch Huerfano 7736 Creager Reservoir
Medina Ditch Number 3 Medina Ditch Number 3 Huerfano 7224 Gardner
Medina Felipa Ditch Medina Felipa Ditch Huerfano 7356 Gardner
Merriams Rock Creek Merriams Rock Creek El Paso 5784 Cheyenne Mountain
Michael A Mahoney Ditch Michael A Mahoney Ditch Park 8533 McCurdy Mountain
Miguel Gurule Ditch Miguel Gurule Ditch Las Animas 6588 Fishers Peak
Miner Longan Ditch Miner Longan Ditch Weld 4852 Johnstown
Mitchell Weymouth Ditch 1 Mitchell Weymouth Ditch 1 Larimer 5912 Livermore Mountain
Molla Ditch Molla Ditch Huerfano 6795 Badito Cone
Montoya-Mexican Ditch Montoya-Mexican Ditch Rio Grande 7956 Indian Head
Morrison Ditch Morrison Ditch Saguache 7890 Saguache
Munro Ditch 2 Munro Ditch 2 Saguache 8130 Lake Mountain NE
Mustang Reservoir Canal Mustang Reservoir Canal Pueblo 4606 Apishapa Bridge
Nancy Jane Ditch Nancy Jane Ditch Jackson 8120 Gould NW
North East Island Ditch North East Island Ditch Costilla 8412 Fort Garland
Northside Vigil Ditch Northside Vigil Ditch Las Animas 7221 Gulnare
Northwest Mutual Ditch Northwest Mutual Ditch Boulder 5046 Hygiene
Notley Ball Overflow Ditch Notley Ball Overflow Ditch Costilla 7510 Lasauses
Notley Ball Overflow Ditch 1 Notley Ball Overflow Ditch 1 Costilla 7516 Lasauses
Osborne Caywood Ditch Osborne Caywood Ditch Larimer 4970 Berthoud
Osborne Ditch Osborne Ditch Otero 4147 Lewis Ranch
Overflow Ditch Overflow Ditch Conejos 7802 Lobatos
Owl Creek Ditch Owl Creek Ditch Weld 4856 Eaton
Packer Bonis Ditch Packer Bonis Ditch Park 8881 Farnum Peak
Park Green Ditch Park Green Ditch Rio Grande 7930 Indian Head
Parmalee Ditch 2 and 3 Parmalee Ditch 2 and 3 Park 8760 Bailey
Paul Ditch Number 1 Paul Ditch Number 1 Jackson 8159 Gould NW
Paul Ditch Number 2 Paul Ditch Number 2 Jackson 8182 Gould NW
Petrie Ditch Petrie Ditch Park 9390 Milligan Lakes
Phelan Ditch Phelan Ditch Jackson 8186 Johnny Moore Mountain
Phillips Ditch 1 Phillips Ditch 1 Saguache 7605 Hickey Bridge
Phillips Ditch 2 Phillips Ditch 2 Saguache 7605 Hickey Bridge
Pino Real Ditch Pino Real Ditch Conejos 8104 Vicente Canyon
Pioneer Ditch Number 1 Pioneer Ditch Number 1 Las Animas 6581 Trinidad East
Platte Station Ditch Platte Station Ditch Park 9846 Jones Hill
Pleasant Park Ditch Pleasant Park Ditch Douglas 6348 Dawson Butte
Prengle Ditch Prengle Ditch Custer 7690 Cotopaxi
Proffitt Company Ditch Proffitt Company Ditch Saguache 7677 Hickey Bridge
Proffitt McDonough Ditch Proffitt McDonough Ditch Saguache 7661 Hickey Bridge
Punche Ditch Punche Ditch Conejos 7838 Lobatos
Quartet Ditch Quartet Ditch Saguache 7661 Hickey Bridge
Raber Ditch Raber Ditch Rio Grande 7808 Del Norte
Ratcliff Plum Creek Ditch Ratcliff Plum Creek Ditch Douglas 6135 Dawson Butte
Rattlesnake Diversion Rattlesnake Diversion Costilla 7680 Blanca
Ravine Ditch Number 2 Ravine Ditch Number 2 Jackson 8602 Owl Ridge
Reno Juchem Ditch Reno Juchem Ditch Jefferson 5479 Golden
Richmond Ditch Richmond Ditch Jackson 8159 Walden
Rio Grande Ditch 2 Rio Grande Ditch 2 Rio Grande 7858 Del Norte
Riverside Dairy Ditch Riverside Dairy Ditch Pueblo 4698 Northwest Pueblo
Roberts Company Ditch Roberts Company Ditch Saguache 7608 Hickey Bridge
Roberts Company Ditch Roberts Company Ditch Saguache 7608 Hickey Bridge
Robran Ditch Robran Ditch Rio Grande 8058 Indian Head
Rocky Hill Seepage Overflow Ditch Rocky Hill Seepage Overflow Ditch Saguache 7648 La Garita
Rough and Ready Ditch Rough and Ready Ditch Jackson 7946 Cowdrey
Roy Ditch Roy Ditch Huerfano 6998 Gardner
Russell Ditch 4 Russell Ditch 4 Saguache 7766 Saguache
Saint Frances Ditch Number 1 Saint Frances Ditch Number 1 Jackson 8048 Eagle Hill
Saint Frances Ditch Number 2 Saint Frances Ditch Number 2 Jackson 8048 Eagle Hill
Saint Frances Ditch Number 7 Saint Frances Ditch Number 7 Jackson 8005 Eagle Hill
Salazar Ditch Salazar Ditch Conejos 7726 Manassa
San Francisco Ditch San Francisco Ditch Costilla 8556 La Valley
Sanchez Ditch Sanchez Ditch Huerfano 7201 Gardner
Sandoval Ditch Sandoval Ditch Las Animas 5991 Barela
Sangre de Cristo Ditch Sangre de Cristo Ditch Costilla 7854 Fort Garland
Sefton Ditch Number 2 Sefton Ditch Number 2 Huerfano 7940 Red Wing
Seitz McClure Ashley Ditch Seitz McClure Ashley Ditch Saguache 7628 Hickey Bridge
Sessions Ditch Sessions Ditch Park 9478 Milligan Lakes
Seven Cross Ditch-Mapelli Filling Ditch Seven Cross Ditch-Mapelli Filling Ditch Weld 4862 Briggsdale
Seymour Ditch Number 1 Seymour Ditch Number 1 Jackson 8264 Spicer Peak
Sheep Rock Ditch Sheep Rock Ditch Park 9803 Jefferson
Sherman Ditch Sherman Ditch Jackson 8222 Eagle Hill
Silva Ditch Silva Ditch Rio Grande 7766 Del Norte
Six Mile Ditch Six Mile Ditch Jackson 8077 Independence Mountain
Slew Ditch Slew Ditch Jackson 8484 Rand
Smead Ditch Smead Ditch Boulder 5269 Hygiene
Smith and Emmons Ditch Smith and Emmons Ditch Weld 4882 Longmont
Smith Brothers Ditch Smith Brothers Ditch Conejos 7618 Manassa
South Side Ditch South Side Ditch Huerfano 7497 Red Wing
Southside Ditch Southside Ditch Elbert 5955 Holtwold Store
Spaulding Ditch Spaulding Ditch Jackson 7884 Northgate
Spring Creek Ditch Spring Creek Ditch Jackson 8189 Independence Mountain
Stevenson Ditch Number 4 Stevenson Ditch Number 4 Jackson 8543 Rand
Strobel Ditch Strobel Ditch El Paso 6384 Mount Pittsburg
Sudduth Ditch Number 5 Sudduth Ditch Number 5 Jackson 8104 Johnny Moore Mountain
Sunset Pond Sunset Pond Teller 8711 Wrights Reservoir
Taylor Ditch Taylor Ditch Park 9344 Milligan Lakes
Taylors Jefferson Creek Ditch Taylors Jefferson Creek Ditch Park 9370 Milligan Lakes
Tetsel Ditch Tetsel Ditch Morgan 4114 Messex
Thirty Six Ditch Thirty Six Ditch Jackson 7907 Northgate
Tijeras Ditch Tijeras Ditch Las Animas 6368 Valdez
Torcido Ditch Torcido Ditch Costilla 8520 Sanchez Reservoir
Triple Lakes Ditch Triple Lakes Ditch Crowley 4573 The Pinnacles
Trout Creek Ditch Trout Creek Ditch Park 9600 Como
Two Springs Ditch Two Springs Ditch Elbert 5856 Holtwold Store
Upper Craig Creek Ditch Upper Craig Creek Ditch Park 7949 Windy Peak
Upper Huerfano Ditch Upper Huerfano Ditch Huerfano 7769 Red Wing
Upper Huerfano Number 3 Ditch Upper Huerfano Number 3 Ditch Huerfano 7428 Little Sheep Mountain
Viaduct Ditch and Reservoir Number 2 Viaduct Ditch and Reservoir Number 2 Elbert 5984 Holtwold Store
Victor Ditch Victor Ditch Jackson 8855 Rand
Victory Irrigation Canal Victory Irrigation Canal Larimer 5298 Masonville
W R Blower Ditch W R Blower Ditch Boulder 5115 Carter Lake Reservoir
Wadley Ditch 1 Wadley Ditch 1 Park 9596 Como
Wadley Ditch 2 Wadley Ditch 2 Park 9613 Como
Walker Ditch Walker Ditch Jackson 8081 Northgate
Ward Ditch Number 3 Ward Ditch Number 3 Jackson 8163 Walden
Ward Highline Ditch Ward Highline Ditch Saguache 7982 Lake Mountain NE
Watson Ditch Watson Ditch Jackson 7854 Northgate
Weist Ditch Weist Ditch Conejos 7618 La Jara
Wells Kerber Ditch Wells Kerber Ditch Saguache 8120 Villa Grove
Werner Clark Ditch Werner Clark Ditch Saguache 7595 Harrence Lake
West Arapahoe Feeder Ditch West Arapahoe Feeder Ditch Jackson 8553 Spicer Peak
West Arapahoe Feeder Ditch Number 2 West Arapahoe Feeder Ditch Number 2 Jackson 8514 Spicer Peak
Wheeler Ditch 1 Wheeler Ditch 1 Teller 8904 Woodland Park
White Ditch White Ditch Saguache 8609 Graveyard Gulch
Willford Ditch Willford Ditch Jackson 8556 Pearl
Windmill Lake Ditch Windmill Lake Ditch Crowley 4554 Windmill Lake
Wonder Ditch Wonder Ditch Park 8671 Shawnee
Woodard Brothers Ditch Woodard Brothers Ditch Saguache 7723 Saguache
Yarnell Ditch Yarnell Ditch Rio Grande 8405 Horseshoe Mountain
Yle Ditch Yle Ditch Huerfano 6982 Badito Cone
Yoxall Ditch Yoxall Ditch Weld 5023 Frederick
Zelma Darcy Ditch Zelma Darcy Ditch Jackson 8822 Rand
Koerber Ditch Koerber Ditch Grand 8609 Trail Mountain
Barker Number 1 Ditch Barker Number 1 Ditch Grand 8783 Ute Peak
Chester Ditch Chester Ditch Grand 8560 Trail Mountain
Brinker Ditch Brinker Ditch Grand 8799 Sylvan Reservoir
Dale Ditch Dale Ditch Grand 8602 Battle Mountain
Dennis Ditch Dennis Ditch Grand 8346 Hot Sulphur Springs
Jones High Line Ditch Jones High Line Ditch Grand 9600 Hot Sulphur Springs
Keyser Ditch Keyser Ditch Grand 8441 Sylvan Reservoir
North Skylark Ditch North Skylark Ditch Grand 8684 Battle Mountain
Rohan Ditch Rohan Ditch Grand 8241 Battle Mountain
Sylvan Ditch Sylvan Ditch Grand 8546 Sylvan Reservoir
Walden Hollow Ditch Walden Hollow Ditch Grand 8724 Strawberry Lake
Johnson Ditch Johnson Ditch Grand 8602 Trail Mountain
Wood Number 2 Ditch Wood Number 2 Ditch Grand 7969 Hot Sulphur Springs