Artesian Well Artesian Well Mono 6443 Sulphur Pond
Blackrock Well Blackrock Well Inyo 5919 Nelson Range
Browns Well Browns Well Modoc 4908 Knobcone Butte
Burgess Well Burgess Well Inyo 9147 Dolomite
Butte Well Butte Well Lassen 4678 Petes Valley
Cedar Well Cedar Well Siskiyou 4573 Bray
Dow Wells Dow Wells Lassen 5308 Spalding Tract
Eagle Well Eagle Well Merced 82 Ingomar
Fremont Well Fremont Well Alameda 46 Niles
Gordon Well Gordon Well Lassen 5827 Spalding Tract
Jacobs Well Jacobs Well Siskiyou 2976 Ukonom Mountain
La Honda Well La Honda Well Siskiyou 4610 Sharp Mountain
Lee Pump Lee Pump Inyo 6010 Jackass Canyon
Lower Well Lower Well Merced 312 Haystack Mountain
Midway Well Midway Well Inyo 66 Mesquite Flat
Mowry Well Mowry Well Alameda 66 Niles
Parsons Well Parsons Well Siskiyou 4383 Sharp Mountain
Rainbow Well Rainbow Well Siskiyou 5154 Sharp Mountain
Shaffer Well Shaffer Well Lassen 4432 Karlo
Soldier Well Soldier Well Del Norte 2943 Canthook Mountain
Stovepipe Wells Stovepipe Wells Inyo -49 Stovepipe Wells NE
Surprise Valley Mineral Wells Surprise Valley Mineral Wells Modoc 4514 Leonards Hot Springs
Upper Well Upper Well Merced 427 Haystack Mountain
Van Bremmer Well Van Bremmer Well Siskiyou 4921 Sharp Mountain
Wash Clark Well Wash Clark Well Yolo 2096 Esparto
Alfonce Well Alfonce Well Kern 938 Packwood Creek
Alvord Well Alvord Well San Bernardino 2057 Alvord Mountain West
Ambrose Well Ambrose Well Kern 1175 Packwood Creek
Ames Well Ames Well San Bernardino 2323 Hidalgo Mountain
Arrowhead Springs Arrowhead Springs Imperial 607 Buzzards Peak
Aztec Well Aztec Well Riverside 2008 Corn Spring
Baileys Well Baileys Well Imperial 0 Borrego Mountain SE
Barber Well Barber Well San Bernardino 3996 Columbia Mountain
Barth Well Barth Well Imperial 673 Tortuga
Beal Well Beal Well Imperial 1352 Lion Head Mountain
Bearclaw Well Bearclaw Well San Bernardino 3799 Colton Well
Bennetts Well Bennetts Well Inyo -266 Badwater
Benson Well Benson Well Kern 2546 El Paso Peaks
Bitterwater Wells Bitterwater Wells Kern 1207 Packwood Creek
Black Eagle Well Black Eagle Well Riverside 1234 Placer Canyon
Black Hills Well Black Hills Well Kern 3015 Saltdale NW
Blackhawk Well Blackhawk Well San Bernardino 2657 Red Mountain
Blackwater Well Blackwater Well San Bernardino 3494 Blackwater Well
Bonanza King Well Bonanza King Well San Bernardino 3930 Colton Well
Bradbury Well Bradbury Well Inyo 1772 Epaulet Peak
Browns Well Browns Well Riverside 896 Little Maria Mountains
Buckner Well Buckner Well Kern 2329 Edwards
Cantua Well Cantua Well Fresno 1384 Ciervo Mountain
Carsons Wells Carsons Wells San Bernardino 1913 Mohawk Spring
Castle Butte Well Castle Butte Well Kern 2805 Boron NW
Chambers Well Chambers Well San Bernardino 1601 Whipple Mountains SW
Churchwalla Well Churchwalla Well Riverside 1978 Chuckwalla Spring
Clark Well Clark Well San Diego 568 Clark Lake
Clemens Well Clemens Well Riverside 945 Red Canyon
Colton Well Colton Well San Bernardino 3159 Colton Well
Conejo Well Conejo Well Riverside 3481 Conejo Well
Cooks Well Cooks Well San Bernardino 3875 Fountain Peak
Cottonwood Well Cottonwood Well San Luis Obispo 1890 Orchard Peak
County Well County Well Imperial -20 Borrego Mountain SE
Covington Well Covington Well Riverside 4406 Joshua Tree South
Coyote Well Coyote Well San Bernardino 2467 Sunfair
Coyote Well Coyote Well San Bernardino 1755 Coyote Lake
Crutts Well Crutts Well San Bernardino 3025 Superior Lake
Cub Lee Well Cub Lee Well San Bernardino 2556 Shenandoah Peak
Davis Well Davis Well Inyo 2457 Tecopa Pass
Desert Queen Well Desert Queen Well Riverside 4301 Indian Cove
Dove Well Dove Well Kern 4587 Dove Spring
Dry Well Dry Well Kern 2398 California City South
Dry Well Dry Well San Bernardino 1952 Spangler Hills East
East Well East Well San Bernardino 3002 Superior Lake
Eugene Well Eugene Well San Benito 1929 Hernandez Reservoir
Ford Well Ford Well Riverside 367 Hopkins Well
Franklin Well Franklin Well Inyo 2192 Franklin Well
Freeman Wash Well Freeman Wash Well Kern 2858 Freeman Junction
Freeman Well Freeman Well Kern 4882 Walker Pass
Geophysics Well Geophysics Well San Luis Obispo 1535 Cholame
Gold Peak Well Gold Peak Well Kern 3635 Dove Spring
Gold Rose Well Gold Rose Well Riverside 1394 San Bernardino Wash
Graham Well Graham Well Kern 2323 Redman
Granite Well Granite Well San Bernardino 5121 Columbia Mountain
Granite Well Granite Well Riverside 1394 Desert Center
Granite Wells Granite Wells San Bernardino 4078 Pilot Knob
Grant Wells Grant Wells Kern 1076 Packwood Creek
Gravel Well Gravel Well Inyo -236 Mormon Point
Greens Well Greens Well San Bernardino 5289 Clark Mountain
Gulliday Well Gulliday Well Riverside 2821 Pilot Mountain
Gypsum Well Gypsum Well Riverside 902 Styx
Haggin Well Haggin Well Kern 3369 El Paso Peaks
Hancock Well Hancock Well Monterey 1480 Cholame Valley
Harpers Well Harpers Well Imperial -125 Harpers Well
Hayden Well Hayden Well Imperial 922 Tortuga
Hockett Well Hockett Well Kern 951 Quincy School
Hoffman Well Hoffman Well Kern 3671 Cinco
Hopkins Well Hopkins Well Riverside 358 Hopkins Well
Hytens Well Hytens Well San Bernardino 3484 Turquoise Mountain
Indian Well Indian Well Imperial 1696 Chuckwalla Spring
Inyo Well Inyo Well Kern 2566 Inyokern SE
Jawbone Well Jawbone Well Kern 2835 Cinco
Johnsons Well Johnsons Well San Bernardino 1929 Martins Well
Kelleys Well Kelleys Well Inyo 2087 Death Valley Junction
Lane Well Lane Well San Bernardino 3461 Lane Mountain
Langford Well Langford Well San Bernardino 2175 Langford Well
Langs Well Langs Well Inyo 5180 Coso Peak
Layton Well Layton Well San Bernardino 3930 Layton Spring
Lecyr Well Lecyr Well San Bernardino 4924 Ivanpah
Lone Tree Well Lone Tree Well Kern 217 Lone Tree Well
Lost Horse Well Lost Horse Well Riverside 4409 Keys View
Lurline Wells Lurline Wells Kern 230 Wasco NW
Martins Well Martins Well San Bernardino 2201 Martins Well
McDonald Well McDonald Well San Bernardino 2300 Lockhart
Means Well Means Well San Bernardino 2575 Melville Lake
Melson Well Melson Well Imperial 463 Tortuga
Mexican Well Mexican Well San Bernardino 4528 Mescal Range
Midway Well Midway Well Imperial 814 Buzzards Peak
Mission Well Mission Well Riverside 1411 San Bernardino Wash
Mission Wells Mission Wells Los Angeles 1129 San Fernando
Morgans Well Morgans Well San Bernardino 3225 Morgans Well
Mountain Well Mountain Well San Bernardino 3481 Klinker Mountain
Murphy Well Murphy Well San Bernardino 2641 Nipton
Murphys Well Murphys Well San Bernardino 2907 Superior Lake
New Redford Oil Well New Redford Oil Well San Benito 1545 Idria
Noble Well Noble Well San Bernardino 3501 Lane Mountain
Packard Well Packard Well Riverside 1637 Palen Pass
Pegleg Well Pegleg Well Imperial 1421 Pegleg Well
Pilot Well Pilot Well Kern 4236 Walker Pass
Pinto Wells Pinto Wells Riverside 1060 Pinto Wells
Powers Well Powers Well Kern 3474 Owens Peak
Priests Well Priests Well Riverside 981 Arica Mountains
Rinadis Well Rinadis Well Kern 3501 El Paso Peaks
Road Well Road Well Kern 4242 Pinyon Mountain
Ruby Lee Well Ruby Lee Well Riverside 3120 Porcupine Wash
Schoolhouse Well Schoolhouse Well Kern 3917 Cross Mountain
Seaburgs Well Seaburgs Well San Bernardino 3041 Superior Valley
Shavers Well Shavers Well Riverside 942 Mortmar
Shortys Well Shortys Well Inyo -256 Hanaupah Canyon
Sidewinder Well Sidewinder Well Riverside 466 Sidewinder Well
Sidewinder Well Sidewinder Well San Bernardino 3084 Apple Valley North
Skilling Well Skilling Well San Bernardino 3399 Klinker Mountain
Slocum Well Slocum Well San Bernardino 3022 Opal Mountain
Smoke Tree Well Smoke Tree Well Riverside 2979 Porcupine Wash
Soldier Wells Soldier Wells Kern 3681 Freeman Junction
Squaw Spring Well Squaw Spring Well San Bernardino 3537 Red Mountain
Steam Well Steam Well San Bernardino 3264 Klinker Mountain
Stoddard Well Stoddard Well San Bernardino 3465 Stoddard Well
Sulphur Well Sulphur Well Santa Barbara 436 Sacate
Sunrise Well Sunrise Well Riverside 1407 San Bernardino Wash
Twin Tanks Well Twin Tanks Well San Luis Obispo 1634 Cholame
Twisselmann Well Twisselmann Well Kern 1237 Packwood Creek
Walker Well Walker Well Kern 4662 Owens Peak
Warrens Well Warrens Well San Bernardino 3209 Yucca Valley North
Weavers Well Weavers Well San Bernardino 3123 Old Woman Statue
Well of the Eight Echoes Well of the Eight Echoes San Diego 778 Arroyo Tapiado
West Well West Well San Bernardino 771 Havasu Lake
Whipple Well Whipple Well San Bernardino 1434 Whipple Mountains SW
White Well White Well San Luis Obispo 1657 Cholame
Whitney Well Whitney Well Kern 4363 Pinyon Mountain
Wiley Well Wiley Well Imperial 577 Wiley Well
Williams Well Williams Well San Bernardino 3507 Williams Well
Willis Well Willis Well San Bernardino 3966 Ord Mountain
Willow Spring Well Willow Spring Well Kern 3875 El Paso Peaks
Wolfe Well Wolfe Well San Diego 141 Shell Reef
Yaqui Well Yaqui Well San Diego 1496 Tubb Canyon
Yuha Well Yuha Well Imperial 207 Coyote Wells
Rainey Well Rainey Well Imperial 1726 Chuckwalla Spring
Ben Eberli Waterwell Ben Eberli Waterwell Modoc 4255 Egg Lake
Butterbredt Well Butterbredt Well Kern 4400 Pinyon Mountain
Reche Wells Reche Wells San Bernardino 2949 Landers
Antelope Well Antelope Well Siskiyou 4790 Bonita Butte
Ashurst Well Ashurst Well Lassen 6289 Bullard Lake
Aspen Well Aspen Well Lassen 5630 Harvey Mountain
Badger Well Badger Well Modoc 4819 Lone Pine Butte
Deep Wells Deep Wells Mono 7027 Alameda Well
Dock Well Dock Well Siskiyou 4974 Bonita Butte
Fleming Well Fleming Well Lassen 5538 Champs Flat
Flukey Well Flukey Well Modoc 4245 Rimrock Lake
Grays Valley Well Grays Valley Well Lassen 5620 Poison Lake
Hambone Well Hambone Well Siskiyou 4239 Hambone
Lairds Well Lairds Well Siskiyou 4652 Bonita Butte
Little Antelope Well Little Antelope Well Lassen 5876 Champs Flat
McCoy Water Pit McCoy Water Pit Lassen 5397 Champs Flat
McIntosh Well McIntosh Well Siskiyou 4042 Bartle
Murphy Well Murphy Well Siskiyou 4964 Penoyar
Patterson Well Patterson Well Lassen 5817 Poison Lake
Potters Well Potters Well Modoc 4406 Rimrock Lake
Pumice Stone Well Pumice Stone Well Siskiyou 6404 Little Glass Mountain
Rock Cabin Well Rock Cabin Well Lassen 5584 Harvey Mountain
Sand Flat Well Sand Flat Well Siskiyou 4108 Hambone
Alameda Well Alameda Well Mono 6778 Alameda Well
Toad Well Toad Well Siskiyou 4632 Horse Peak
White Deer Well White Deer Well Siskiyou 4577 Hambone
Windy Gap Well Windy Gap Well Lassen 5587 Harvey Mountain
Agua Dulce Well Agua Dulce Well San Diego 5522 Mount Laguna
Cane Well Cane Well Kern 3409 Cane Canyon
Chollo Well Chollo Well Kern 3327 Cane Canyon
Horse Canyon Well Horse Canyon Well Kern 3766 Horse Canyon
Pinyon Well Pinyon Well Kern 3888 Cane Canyon
San Sevaine Well San Sevaine Well San Bernardino 5508 Cucamonga Peak
Short Canyon Well Short Canyon Well Kern 3054 Onyx
Taylor Well Taylor Well San Luis Obispo 2119 Branch Mountain
Teague Well Teague Well Riverside 430 Hopkins Well
Turkey Camp Well Turkey Camp Well San Luis Obispo 2293 Chimineas Ranch
Sage Brush Well Sage Brush Well Kern 239 Lost Hills NE
Lost Iron Well Lost Iron Well Siskiyou 4888 Horse Peak
Water Tank Number 1 Water Tank Number 1 San Bernardino 4445 Cow Cove
Water Tank Number 2 Water Tank Number 2 San Bernardino 4249 Cow Cove
Water Tank Number 3 Water Tank Number 3 San Bernardino 4032 Cow Cove
Bray Well Bray Well Siskiyou 5666 Little Glass Mountain
Government Well Government Well Shasta 4987 Murken Bench
Wisdom Well (historical) Wisdom Well (historical) Fresno 272 Broadview Farms
Burgess Well Burgess Well Lassen 6037 Harvey Mountain
Columbia Well (historical) Columbia Well (historical) Madera 157 Firebaugh NE
Kentucky Well (historical) Kentucky Well (historical) Madera 167 Firebaugh NE
Rattlesnake Well (historical) Rattlesnake Well (historical) Madera 180 Firebaugh NE
Island Well Island Well Lassen 4012 Herlong
Foster Well Foster Well San Bernardino 3366 West Ord Mountain
Fourmile Waterhole Fourmile Waterhole San Bernardino 1611 Manix
Granite Well (historical) Granite Well (historical) San Bernardino 3957 West Ord Mountain
Hadden Well Hadden Well San Bernardino 3747 Ord Mountain
Ashford Well Ashford Well Inyo 16 Shore Line Butte
Schweitzer Well Schweitzer Well San Bernardino 2362 Lockhart
Hightower Well Hightower Well San Bernardino 4419 Hart Peak
Mesquite Well Mesquite Well San Bernardino 2657 Mesquite Lake
Yates Well Yates Well San Bernardino 2612 Ivanpah Lake
Eagle Well Eagle Well San Bernardino 3989 Grotto Hills
Holliman Well Holliman Well San Bernardino 5269 Mid Hills
Leppy Water Tank Leppy Water Tank San Bernardino 4094 Mid Hills
Payne Well Payne Well San Bernardino 4921 Pinto Valley
Tank Four Tank Four San Bernardino 3760 Marl Mountains
Tank Nine Tank Nine San Bernardino 1663 Seventeenmile Point
Tank Six Tank Six San Bernardino 3245 Indian Spring
Tank Seven Tank Seven San Bernardino 2447 Indian Spring
Watson Well Watson Well San Bernardino 4603 Woods Mountains
White Rock Tank White Rock Tank San Bernardino 4623 Cima
Willow Well Willow Well San Bernardino 4856 Columbia Mountain
Gervias Well Gervias Well Inyo 1106 Craig Canyon
Surveyors Well Surveyors Well Inyo 52 Mesquite Flat
Winerton Well Winerton Well Inyo 3806 Blackrock
Gruendikes Well (historical) Gruendikes Well (historical) Riverside 522 Corn Spring
King Well King Well Monterey 738 Bradley
Pleyto Well Pleyto Well Monterey 597 Bradley
Deter Well Deter Well Siskiyou 4747 Rainbow Mountain
Diamond Bar Test Well Diamond Bar Test Well Imperial 72 Kane Spring NW
Fraziers Mineral Well Fraziers Mineral Well San Diego 49 San Luis Rey
Chuckwalla Well Chuckwalla Well Riverside 1959 Chuckwalla Spring
Well Number Four Well Number Four Los Angeles 1923 Simi Valley East